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Archives: January 11, 2009

AP/CBS: Beginning To Look At The Bush Legacy

CNN advert: The Maddoff Scandal: How could so many smart people be fooled?

U.S. seeks ship to move arms to Israel

Israel 'shelled civilian shelter'

Imagine ALL the people... living for TODAY

The only thing Ive been able to call even remotely funny about Bushčs Iraq claims also reminds me

Senate to Consider Expanding Wilderness Protection

Report: U.S. rejected Israeli plea to attack Iran

Israel Rejected Hamas Ceasefire Offer in December

at least we don't have to take this from Republicans any more

Today's Non-Sequitur

Take 2: Treating incidents of racism against whites as the same as institutional racism


Axe Grinding 101, a sure cure for the congressional Mitch Itch

Very Cool: Short video detailing Toronto's "Transit City" plan

Bernie Madoff 'in hell' hot sauce launched

Gaza protests draw thousands across Canada

Meet the Samounis, or who's left of them

Republicans hating Franken-Limbaugh

Another Bush Legacy: 84 Percent More Unemployed

Israeli Troops Push Into Gaza City in Fierce Battle

Freeper Follies - "Birthers" still optimistic (great kos diary)

SCOTUS Agrees To Hear Challenge To The Voting Rights Act...

NR's Brian York replaces Ann Coulter on C-SPIN 1

You cannot become Attorney General unless you unequivocally support torturing human beings.

Should religion be considered a mental illness or a crime?

Frank Rich in NYT: 8 years of corruption, cronyism & incompetence...

now we're getting the story that bu$h* squashed an israeli attack on iran

Bush reportedly rejected Israels request to raid Iran

So, who is up today on the shows?

GOP sees Franken as top public enemy

Lynn Sweet on Bloggo (C-SPIN 1)

All the Presidents' Literature

underrated presidents

I Hope Bush Is Never Invited To Set Foot In The White House Again

Don’t forget to scrub under fingernails

UPI: "Obsessed": Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Teen 300 Times

As the USA psyche worships wealth...

Try to catch CBS Sunday Morning - they are doing a number on Bush - all

Geo"StolenDebateBook" WILL just admitted Shrub mal-administration as CRIMINAL as Tricky Dick's

Call me depraved: When my son was 15 he had sex with a girl 3 years older

Economists see longest recession since World War Two

The American Debate: He damaged party in two fundamental ways

Tactically a Special Prosecutor makes a lot of sense

They've gotta get a real announcer for MTP...

Obama Team Defends Job-Creating Potential of Stimulus Plan

Woohoo! inauguration parade rehearsal. 9 more to go!

Obama and Bush Pass by 40 Feet Away

Roadside bomb kills US soldier in Baghdad

One of the many injustices inherent in this system, irregardless of who controls it...

This Week had the worst roundtable group ever...

Macy's Store Closings

So in all the review of the * legacy, I haven't seen any mention of that time

Sense of DU

The American Prospect: Would the National Popular Vote Advantage Red State Republicans?

Obama promises new tack on Iran

St Mary's priest will take his flock with him in Brisbane

Bush kept us safe? Really?

"Black Blizzard" is now showing on one of the History Channels. Worth watching.

Republican thrift unwise and ill-timed

Afghan Militants Cross Border To Attack Pakistan Army

Obama not ruling out prosecution of Bush officials for crimes in office

Detroit Goes for Electric Cars, but Will Drivers?

Ron Paul: Israel created Hamas

i find it interesting that the media hasn't mentioned 'deficits' for eight years

One of the stupider things Obama could do is declare open war on the rethugs

If you had to come up with a list of things that defined Bush's Presidency...

Damn I forgot how much I love Maxine Waters until she reminded me this a.m.

Chaos: Reply-All Email Storm Almost Crashes State Department Communications System

Is there any way people like us can influence the MSM

A caution to keep in mind as the Obama pooch search moves forward

Can banned DUers be pardoned and reinstated?

I don't see a flight/parachuter forum... don't know where this goes, but

Jerry Brown appoints prosecutor to oversee BART probe (Oscar Grant killing)

NYT’s Sanger Sure Gets It Wrong - US Did Sell Israel Bombs for Iran Attack

People seem to be getting confused on what Republicans term a "deficit."

An Insightful Statement by george w bush. No Shit!

A Question To Throw At The Birth Certificate Cultists (YEs, They're Still Out There)

You Might Be a Liberal If...

Propaganda 101: BART cop recalled as 'gentle giant' as a kid

Marching band takes Chiefs name to D.C. after all

"We beat the banking lobby!"

Budapest has Smog for the 1st time due to Russian gas turnoff

Will Holder be asked the most important question during his Confirmation Hearing?

Wanna glimpse of MSM punditry during the Obama Admin. ?

Oh boy is Arizona fucked! LOL

His Majesty the Baby or George W Bush

Before a decision on Stimulus--The Country must first decide

Cardinal who pushed Bush to avert US-Iraq war dies

cheney lying his ass off to wolf blitzer on cnn and wolfie is taking it hook, line & sinker

Fareed Zakaria has a good panel on about

MarketWatch: Consumers not consuming

Wasn't there supposed to be a Senate session on the Wilderness Package today?

How long into Obama's administration will he realize you cannot work with Republicans?

Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon live on Media Matters with Bob McChesney - 2pm ET - streaming

Serious question...can Bush pardon himself for war crimes before he has been formally charged?

Second hand googling - do we need to ban that in internet cafes/bars now too :)

Bad economy? Anecdotal observation: re: Walmart

TV Ad Combats Transgender Restroom Rule

My wife just gave DU a compliment regarding my education.

If you want some really scary comic relief, here's a psycho to laugh at.

Anyone know who the sheriff was that was pocketing dough intended to feed inmates?

Anyone know who the sheriff was that was pocketing dough intended to feed inmates?

Anyone notice the libertarian commentator over on economy?

By Haaretz Editorial - A big shudder on the wing

Political mold abatement

DU this poll: Would you prefer to see Obama or Bush oversee the second half of the bailout?

Sheriff Joe admits to torture on Conan O'Brien.

Boehner: Stimulus may not be done by Presidents Day

Oh brother, look what those nutjobs have cooked up now:

Poppy Bush: Junior was "...tested unlike any other president with 9/11. So he passed the test."

What happened to PNAC? I googled them again to show someone

What happened to PNAC? I googled them again to show someone

Were Troops Poisoned? Vets Demand KBR Come Clean on Toxins in Iraq

DU Californians: Who still has their "No on 8" still up?

Alcohol-based mouthwash linked to cancer

What's wrong with CIA interrogators spending their time looking over their shoulders and lawyering?

Help a progressive replace Rahm Emanuel in congress

Biden: US will help fight terror in Afghanistan - AP

How to get us out of this in a heart beat..economically

watching 'this week' you'd think they could get the voices and pics in sync

New Michigan law allows police to take, keep DNA before convictions

Bush: I Personally Authorized Torture Of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (video)

Moderate drinking may reduce dementia (Can I get a prescripton for beer?)

Today.. Tom and Jerry Marathon on Cartoon Network. Now in 16:9 HD!

Wanna Know What It's Like When Elected Officials Actually Do RESEARCH On A Problem?

Wanna Know What It's Like When Elected Officials Actually Do RESEARCH On A Problem?

Dick Cheney puts Beanie Madoff to shame in the cost of their scams.

What is happening with Wolfe Blitzer on CNN? I heard him say something about he has enjoyed hosting

Senate thwarts Coburn filibuster of lands bill

25 large pics of forming fetus to line inauguration parade route

Jay Nixon (D) to be inaugurated as Missouri governor on Monday

Measure would ban phosphorus from lawns

Kim Fellner Author of Wrestling with Starbucks.

Tamiflu Helpless Against Most U.S. Flu Infections This Season

Jerry Brown appoints prosecutor to oversee BART probe

City Council to vote on alcohol bans

Hey OxyRush .... Blow it out your ass.

what's up with the slimy "Is Israel being too compassionate in Gaza?" ad running on DU?

The inaugural store is up and operating

Sex in 2009: Five Predictions From HBO's Sexpert

Hey, John McCain

Obama: 'Determined' to break Mideast deadlock

Once Dumbya is out, will the programming on CSPAN be changing?

The enormity of Bush's pettiness

US Attorney Firings and Game Theory.

Can someone give a snark-free explanation of why we ought not prosecute crimes by the past admin?

Investing for a Hungry Planet

GOP sees Franken as top public enemy

Ha ha! Shrubbie's portrait is a perfect symbol of is presidencyt - not really ready

There will be some hard reality come home next week

12 ... 11 ... 10 ...

Hey, did you see "Rachel Maddow" on SNL?

CNN Reporter in Cannes Says "Tina Palin will be here tonight."

Why do we need to rebuild our economy?

K&R this thread just because you feel like K&R because everyone else starts a K&R threads (or not)

Just tuned into "A Clockwork Orange." Wow. How current.

Anyone else with really small font on DU only?

Joe the Dumber reporting in:

Missing Kansas boy's uncle regrets not taking action

Radio City Music Hall Speaker's Series (something to offend everyone...)

If you had a high level security clearance in the military, read this...

Three NYT op-eds on what to do about Bush crimes

Trivia Question:

The Golden Globe Awards should be good tonight

What was the worst advice you have found on the Internet?

Pix of DUer who is not happy w/ something that Obama did or did not do

Dear SEC - Biggest Hedge fund is a fraund (November 2005)

Report: Madoff Scammed His Own Sister Out Of Millions

Does anyone outside of a small circle of friends really take the Washington Times

+++ 4,224 +++

For those that have asked about my Smart car in other posts

How many DUers know about the DU Gallery where you can post your pic - like your face (hopefully!)

David Gregory is a flame baiting racist

Healing Cancer From Inside Out

Dr Daniel Kammen PhD Nobel winner Ecopolis Series is on Disc channel

In case you were wondering what a Portuguese Water dog looks/is like...

The Sunday Paper (Virtual Daddy Edition)

Glenn Greenwald: Obama's allegedly "new" centrism and his ABC interview today

King Nut recalls salmonella-tainted peanut butter

Why the double standard when it comes to firearms?

"Don't put that in your mouth" ((audio)) about GMO food.

Lie of the Day: "Presidents Can Only Do A Few Big Things"

Consumer spending is 70% of our GDP.

Obama to decide soon on bailout funds, Kerry says

re: cancer. people, please, *please*

Quakes unleash fear over Yellowstone volcano

How is it that there is such a small window of attention?

How is it that there is such a small window of attention?

The Difficulty of Being an Informed American

Latest BS efforts to distort Global Warming science ...

Watch: The 23/6 Ultimate George Bush Retrospective (Must see)

Joe the Bummer "reporting" from Israel: Journalists shouldn't be anywhere near a war!

Some people still don't have a clue

The little inauguration band that could

Bush cautions GOP to stay open-minded

Madoff: Secrets of a Scandal - CNN special now 8pm ET

Another Ann Coulter voting fraud?

Another Ann Coulter voting fraud?

Consumer Activists Get Chance to `Play Offense' on Obama-Era Legislation

Anna Paquin

Africam - A website to sleep by

Solar power plants to spring up in China

America Sure Has Changed in the Last Century…

It's time to get real. Let's update the Pledge of Allegiance

History channel, so we go from the WW II all the time to the end of days channel?

SNL Maddow Skit was homophobic drivel

The prediction of Rose Cherami (JFK assasination as seen in JFK) UPDATED- CORRECTED

Glenn Greenwald: "Both parties cheerlead still more loudly for Israel's war."

Citigroup May Book $10 Billion Gain From Morgan Stanley Deal

HAHAHa Janeane Garafalo is apparently on the new "24" cast.

The, (so far) Complete List of Bush's failures- 128 documented cases

Way cool houses - I want one of these!

NY Times: Nashville, TN councilman proposes English only ballot.

U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site

Can someone give a snark-free explanation of how bipartisanship is a good thing right now?

OMG! OMG OMG! Best. Weekend. EVER!

How will you celebrate Inauguration Day?

Heres to you Mr President...Jesus got some boots for you...wooo woo woooo

Say these words very slowly and think about them ..............

Okay, I've fucking had it. New rules by GOD!

So Will We Fill The Three Senate Seats

Plumber Says He's 'Expert On Media Bias'



46 Die as Afghan Militants Pour Over Border Into Pakistan

Did I do something really, really dumb today?


Bush 41 chokes up over Bush 43’s legacy.»

200,000 American farms seized....

This video was banned in Congress (link to entire video):

Might I suggest a DU Lexicon?

Christian Car Tag Controversy Heats Up

Christian Car Tag Controversy Heats Up

OK, talk me down.

In desperate times, people turn to ..... The Lottery

PRESSTITUTE ALERT! AP Reporter's Tough Gaza Questions Disappeared

Nevada bests Missouri for the title of Presidential "bellwether state"

Keep 'journalists' away from war,

Israel Wanted To Bomb Iran?

At the risk of perpetuating stereotypes . . .

Bush Prepares Request for Rest Of Bailout Funds (Obama will go along with it)

Iran using fronts to get bomb parts from U.S.

The United States needs to grow up and turn off the nitelight

Glenn Greenwald: Obama's allegedly "new" centrism and his ABC interview today

Safe Canadian Prescription Drugs

I Am An Addict!

Never let it be said Big Pharma isn't *big* on war on terror: U.S. gives Viagra to Afghan warlords

Why Family Doctors Are Dying


corollary: would private schools be better than public if required to admit all comers?

FReepers are furious about press treatment of Palin! Decide teen pregnancy is terrific!

" A visual Guide to the Financial Crisis" A clear and easy to grasp flow chart

Human Rights Watch: IDF using White Phosphorus in Gaza.

Taser lawsuit settled for $1.95 million


This comment from Obama is concerning me.

Calling PE OBAMA...Please see what you can do to rid our Nation from Taser Guns

Support for Employee Free Choice Act continues to grow

Bush will write memoir: "It's very hard for people to remember what life was like right after 9/11"

Ponzi schemes ...

MONSANTO investigator laughs they are doing "RURAL CLEANSING."

Newly Unemployed

Have you ever changed the tv channel solely because of an annoying commercial

Oh, NOW They're Deficit Hawks

Am I right to be upset about this?

are private schools superior to public? for any specific population?

Just for the fun of it - Which breed of dog would you want the Obama's to adopt? Or both?

60 Minutes. Discussing the oil speculatoring game. Segment is done now.

OFFICIAL - Inaugural Party? POST IT HERE!

Mitch Albom's brilliant piece in SI is the headline article in today's Detroit Free Press

Stephanopoulos round table: Gingrich, Noonan, Will and Friedman. WTF?

Stephanopoulos round table: Gingrich, Noonan, Will and Friedman. WTF?

A cartoon that reminded me of DU

Sunrise over Gaza - Live streaming webcam...

Obama Nominee Admiral Dennis Blair Aided Perpetrators of 1999 Church Killings in East Timor

A New Day - From Andrew Sullivan

Bernie Sanders Sets The Smithsonian Straight

I am so f*ing mad at Hospice - and this pathetic country

Bikers rescue stuck kittens

Joe the plumber in Israel: "when someone hits me, I'm going to unload on the boy"

So, apparently, the GOP has been trying desperately to revise history ...

They're lying to us about the economy

New Honda Hybrid Contender Challenges Champ Prius (GM eats rice yet again, goes to cleaners)

A Sunday Cartoon

DU THIS POLL: Best Middle East or Africa Blog (Neocons leading)

DU this poll: "best UK blog" currently led by the awful Melanie Philips

The history channel and control of a population

17 Year Old Tasered to Death by Cops

Kucinich addresses the 1976 Arms Export Control Act for the record

Hey car owners: feeling jerked around yet?

The World According to Monsanto

It's time to create the "Big List" of campaign promises for accountability

Where are the DUzy's? n/t

School finds gun on 6 year old when they helped him adjust his sagging pants

Obama's rhetoric on Iran sounds a lot like Bush's 'mushroom cloud' nonsense about Iraq

Obama choice: Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog

To the fine feminists here at DU...

What to Ask Eric Holder

Please, please . . . read The Road by Cormac McCarthy . . .

Don't throw away leftovers, warn 'food police'

Only nine more days. C’mon, Obama, time to get real.

Sex offender wins Alaska lottery that aids sex abuse victims

Women: Is it time to stop the Ms./Mrs. bullshit?

Thank you Jon Stewart ...!!!

What $315 Billion looks like

Salmonella prompts peanut butter recall in Ohio

Moran of the week award goes to: Man with 21 guns at airport

Fundies: Protecting gays and lesbians with hate crimes laws is "Constitutionally Dubious"

Do you think there is only a small segment of the USA population that would like

Gay City News: Obama's First Gift to Africa: Rick Warren

LAX Cops catch another "Moran" with 2 unloaded shotguns in SUV

Can someone answer some questions re. the digital TV switchover?

To fine feminists here at Du, and others, ...what do you consider pornography?

Why do right-wingers continually say that liberals are "afraid" of Sarah Palin?

Hilda Solis Will Stand for Justice, Open Doors for Millions of Workers in America

Hilda Solis Will Stand for Justice, Open Doors for Millions of Workers in America

My tax money is sending 42,000 Florida students to private schools.

Have to say, the hateful anti-cop crap is BS - And I'm a big boy, so flame away...

ook! ook! ook!

A Bill to Kill All the Pit Bulls in Montana


I am on Asteroids! What should I do with this burst of energy?


Have you heard of the Unseen Bean?

What are you listening to right now?

Kurt Warner says it's God's Plan...that he and the Cards won tonight....

Kurt Wagner says *BAMF* and disappears

Orrex says *How many is a brazilian* and disappears

I'm making tacos now. Who's with me?

Smart Fortwo four-seater

I can't believe the only SNL threads I see are about the opening Rachel Maddow sketch

Well, I have been out of state for a week so glad to be back in Texas.

I got carded today

"Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw"

I am so proud of my husband..he is spinning his ass off.

Need help identifying a song on the radio.

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies: Recipes from the 2009 Inaugural Luncheon

Holy Cow. I just realized that I'm out of beer!

Great Yoda lines from Star Wars

My NFL prediction... bank it.

I missed it when the ending to Gran Torino was given and I don't want to have to pay to see it.

The lounge is not as good as the old days.

Giants will win the series in 5 games.

Gran Turino: The quintessential rust-belt movie

How the city hurts your brain By Jonah Lehrer (Boston Globe)

One more week to go .......

OK. I need your advice, my dear Loungers...

let the fun begin....

Wanna come to my house

Conversation with GF on where to go and what to do this summer.

Dear DU Decorators!!!!1! What's a flattering color to paint the master bath?

Greatest show that only lasted one season...

My New Year's Resolutions

24 !!!

I just did my first Wii Fit "workout".

Lines from Star Wars by Yoda, great that are


Post here if CRAP!

DU Lounge Picture threads-Photo ID for CIA/DHS Detention Camp Roundup?

Cute things falling asleep.

My husband has now officially been in bed for 11 hours.

So much for the All-Confederate Super Bowl

"The people who have been running the country are liars and cowards"

I fulfilled a lot of people's predictions about me. I've become a real scumbag.


Let's go Iggles - who is with me?

Only four words describe this video

How to wear leather.... slide show

Needs somebody to play with............

probably not the best wallpaper for someone trying to lose holiday poundage


i thought I was through with" blue screens of death"for good.

Haruka and I are having to watch the Eagles-Giants game in different houses *spoilers*

Eagles defense is damn tough this year

YES, OH YES!! It's snowing in Pittsburgh as they're playing against the San Diego Chargers

I'm making Chex Mix for the first time...ask me anything

I highly recommend "Man On Wire" the documentary on Philippe Petit's high wire walk...

Frankenstein or Fronk-en-steen?

A frats as big in the USA as they are in Movies?


Little girl climbs into a Claw Machine

"It tastes like it came from a can!"


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 1/11/2009)

Where's PeaceNikki at?

Did you ever watch a medical drama and find out you had a similar

Any weight watchers here? Just ate a beautiful bird I can't identify.

Watch your fucking language.


Hey Lounge, I need everyone to put someone on selective ignore

Just had a dozen Bon Secours

As a big time Giants fan... All I can say is...

Oreo cookies led to the downfall of the Manning brothers

Anyone feel like posting some Tebow fan-fic?

Okay, I'm going in for my second Root Canal in th last three

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

WOW!! The Arizona Cardinals will be hosting the NFC Championship

Have you noticed this about films aired on tv?

Can somebody explain Comcast "On Demand" to me?

San Diego Chargers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Who is that future is now guy on the front page ad who looks a million years old?

there's an OTTER living in our river!!! It is so cute!

Come celebrate my 25 days smoke free!

Bwa! Robert Downey Jr. Demonstrates How to Lose An Annoying Media Whore Question

Does anyone else here think that Urban Peasant is a spoof of a cooking show?

Head cold that is kicking my BUTT

Any bird watchers here? Just saw a beautiful bird I can't identify.

heh, you'll never guess who's starring 24 this season!

If wishes were horses...



What are you looking forward to in 2009?

Ack! My headphone cables for my earbuds are always getting tangled in my pocket. Any solutions?


Study: Americans' Mental Fitness Declined during Bush Administrations.

I Want To Create A Thread That Never Flies...

Your Sunday LOLcats. Multiple Awwgasm Edition (dial-up warning)

I'm dedicating this old punk tune to Joe the plumber

Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz....

Screw this dying shit, I plan on living forever!

The Wrestler (and Bruce Springsteen) gets its first Golden Globe.

Super Bowl XLIII: Now 100% Manning-free!

Eagles fans: Lets discuss trading Donovan McNabb

Pick Your Superbowl Matchup

Ralph Fiennes Appreciation Thread.

I got a shiny new cell phone that's also an MP3 player.

The official GOLDEN GIRLS fashion thread (photo heavy!)

For all the homemade bread makers out there...

Can you please all keep LostinVa in your prayers. She'll need your support

John Q. Public and Joe Sixpack walk into a bar. They sit next to John Q. Citizen and Joe Lunchbox.

Latest Hollywood rumor: Brad Pitt as WHO??!!??

Peep my ride

Cheating Wife..Sigh... I need Help.

Ditka's? Really? The things we do for our family.

Today's NYT crossword puzzle

Who is (still) Hip? Post your last concert!

caption .. beause my brain is wore out

Mickey!1 n/t

The Saints will battle the Cowboys for the NFC Championship!

I read the entire Wikipedia article on Cat STEVENS because

So I have started smoking again...

Just saw Grand Torino. What a great flic. I cried at the end, What a great

The official GOLDEN GLOBES fashion thread (photo heavy!)

Note to Arby's

The beagle chewed up another pair of underwear while I was at church.

Do you buy your whiskey in the bottle or the can?

If you see something, say something.

What TV characters would make up your Presidential Cabinet?

George Carlin leads PBS poll for favorite 'classic' comedian.

I think 'Wall-E' should seriously be considered for 'Best Picture' at the Academy Awards this year.

The Buffalo Beast has released its top 50 most loahtsome people of 2008!

Watching the Golden Globes

Sign this petition for Skinner to rename the Lounge to 'PreTeen Slumber Party'

Awesome. My clothes dryer just crapped out.

A complete stranger wanted me to hug her today.

take the time to interview your parents.


Ray Lewis says it's God's Plan...that he and the Ravens won tonight....

I have a confession to make. I'm a Giants fan who also likes the Eagles.

Poll-Funniest Euphemism for Cocaine?

Question about W-2 and W-4 tax forms...

Rockford Files or Columbo?

I want a Tiddy Bear! Who else?

My Republican neighbor kicked her kid out and guess where he came?

If I post a photo, can someone help me retrieve the metadata?

Homemade HD Antenna...

If any one wants to add me, I just signed up for facebook.

Our new President's new ride. Cadillac One. Impressive!

Annoying phone calls

What's the next concert you'll be seeing?

To all you Eagles haters out there I have this message to share with you....

Official Golden Globes AWARDS Go To Thread (Spoilers)

The epicurian statement

What's the big deal about being a player in the NFL?

Is this a Red-breasted, green-tailed Pepper Quail?

I'm having surgery on Jan. 19.

Need link to dog medical info

kitten picture of the day for monday january 12

24 season premiere is tonight!

When did the surname as first name start catching on?

The abject horror of 1970s fashion

It's occurred to me today that the Barack Obama group is still active on DU.

The Activist: a statement for the new president

Shape of the Office: Obama and Executive Power

Obama's First Foreign Trip as President will be to Canada

Obama appointments that I really, really like

******************* 9 MORE DAYS! *******************

Stopping the Gaza Slaughter ASAP by withholding all payment to them Israelis


I have discovered where Freepers get their talking points!!!!!!

Obama on George Snuffalupagus RIGHT NOW

Bird Bowl, or Pennsylvania State Football War?

Thanks President Obama! Arizona here, this is what we are spending OUR cash doing that you will give

San Diego? Your City? WTF?

PHOTOS: Vice President Biden in Afghanistan

So once again I've fond myself bouncing between hope and despair.

9=11-01. Today is 1-11-09. Is this an auspicious day?

"...scholars skeptical that history will redeem [Bush]"

Watch Now Live The Inauguration Rehearsal!

HOWARD DEAN, what have you done?!

Obama is negotiating with Democrats, not Republicans on the Stimulus Package.

New Romer explains a new report about job creation

Guaranteeing Americans enough money for Food, Shelter, and Health is best way to spend the bailout $

Good news if you're having trouble getting a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #583

Obama: Guantanamo Likely Won't Close in First 100 Days

Need Massive Vibes, Prayers etc....

Forget his race, age, oratory, wonderful family....

Hurry up, January 20th!

If Obama doesn't understand the rule of law, then he, like bush, is unfit to be president.

Inaugural Ball Questions

9 days left! Dance like Zorba!

The GDP song, by Aimee Mann

Voinovich to announce retirement on Monday

Barack, it's now up to you to do what Democrats failed to do in 2006-2008

My stomach feels so queasy as January 20 approaches

My stomach feels so queasy as January 20 approaches

are you waiting for your pony?

BUSH=112.5 million GORE+KERRY=110 million

One thing I owe to Bill Clinton (inaugural related)

Voinovich and Bond are retiring... who will the Dems run?

I like pie! so put that in your pipe and smoke it

I voted for Obama because I wanted a Democrat in the White House and he inspired me.

The Myth of Bush As The Hero of 9/11

Obama "evaluating" whether or not to investigate Bush admin crimes

The Obama Puppy Bowl May be Down to 2 Finalists

On a Sunday, the Senate Votes Yes on a Lands Bill

Searching for the Cure to the Bush Era Hang Over

George W Bush. The best President ever?

Perhaps you have all watched this but I just rec'd it from a

George Will: Obama on torture like Ford pardon of Nixon

There's a little too much drama in this forum.

Speaking of Obama merchandise, who published the 2009 Inauguration Special Edition magazine

I am glad Obama is about to become my President.

One thing I really, really like about Obama is...

Inaugural dinner 2005: Coca Cola brined turkey with dunkin' donuts stuffing.

Unlike Pelosi, Obama is NOT taking indictments against Bush & Cheney off the table

In 9 days it's adios to that jabbering monkey in the White House

I want to see Bush pay for his crimes BUT that is so low on my list of priorities right now

Is it just me or has David Gregory changed (again)?

Why was James A. Farley dissed? Did he have a going away party?

If you want to understand what boobs the birthers are read this thread

EFCA would make it easier for US workers to form unions. Can Barack Obama get it passed?

May I Present: Political KABUKI At It's FINEST!!!

Some friendly advice to Move On on how to be taken seriously by Congress:

Am I the only one who is annoyed with the merchandising of Barack Obama?

Malia and Sasha submit a question to Stephanopoulos to ask their Dad

Breaking News... George Voinovich Republican Senator from Ohio

PHOTOS One more time, Obama by Callie Shell (VERY, VERY, VERY pic heavy)

Relationship between GHW Bush and Bill Clinton?

A prediction I feel comfortable making

I'm going to call for Obama's impeachment....

I dislike How Reid handled Burris.. but I'm glad that he & Durbin are taking their time..

Summary of today's Poutrages on GD:P

Newly Discovered 1996 Le Monde Obama Interview!

Newly Discovered 1996 Le Monde Obama Interview!

Big changes to Obama stimulus plan

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't. What's a president to do?

According to Senate Democrats, Obama team making significant changes to package

Anyone watching 60mins ????

I'm No Conspiracy Nut, But...

Funny NPR archive collection of Obama appearances

Got any Fun Facts?

In bitter retaliation for Prop 8 and the Warren issue,

The problems with the Civil Unions are easier theory

Bacon Cupcakes. Wait, what?

PHOTOS: Inauguration Practice

Will He Or Won't He?...Pardon Watch

If the Pervs get Lucky does that mean

For crying out loud! He cant have a computer either?

Did you see this? Apparently Bush convinced Israel not to attack Iran in 2008.

You may not like Huckabee...

Obama once said that a President has to be able to do two things at once

Polls have shown that civil union/domestic partnerships legislation would pass fairly easily

Memo to PE Obama: Do not let shrub fly home to Texas on Air Force One.

UPI: "Obsessed": Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With Teen 300 Times

This country has ENOUGH problems to deal with!!! Lets's not go after BUSH and derail real solutions!

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America broadway show opens 1/20/09

Will Ferrell: You're Welcome America broadway show opens 1/20/09

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The huge celebration for Terry McAuliffe when he stepped down as chair in 2005

Bush is lucky he's not being succeeded by Nikita Khrushchev

So, some creep sexually harassed my daughter (great ending though).

So what's the deal with the binary thought processes here?

Good news for the Inauguration in DC: It's going to be cold but looks like no snow!!!

I'd like a good TV series to sink my teeth into.

This is My "I Love Rasputin 1952" Thread. What a Mod !

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Report: U.S. rejected Israeli plea to attack Iran

when the Gators are National champions

What is your favorite comfort invention. I have a back scratcher. Best invention ever!

AP Video: Inauguration preps hit emotional chord (you should watch this short video)

Any bird watchers here? Just saw a beautiful bird I can't identify.

Midnight 1/19/09 Join me @ the White House to sing:

ZombyGrandson (Cuteness Alert)

Songs About Memphis -- Post them here!


Which Rock & Roll band should be in the Hall of Fame, but isn't?

Venezuela's Chavez threatens to expel U.S. diplomat

Activists ready for another aid boat trip to Gaza

Dont mistake Pakistan as Gaza: Pak military officials

Chinese FM, UN chief discuss Gaza conflict

GOP sees Franken as top public enemy

Fighting Escalates as Israeli Troops Push Farther into Gaza

Iran using fronts to get bomb parts from U.S.

Economists see longest recession since World War Two

Israelis accused of gas strike on Gaza citizens

Israeli bomb shrapnel wounds 4 Egyptians

Sri Lankan air strikes hit retreating rebels: govt

Pakistan NW Frontier Corps attacked

States ponder early release for some prisoners (Budgets)

Obama to Visit Canada in First International Trip as President

Chavez says US heating oil program never suspended

Inauguration, Parade Rehearsal Take Place in D.C.

700 arrested on suspicion of rioting since start of Gaza op

Gush Katif evacuees implore gov't to let them resettle Gaza

Israel pounds Gaza City after warning of escalation

Obama Says Sacrifice Needed to Fix Economy, Some Promises Must Be Delayed

Israel's Gaza war adds psychological operations

Israel protest targets US consulate in Pakistan

IDF begins deploying reservists into Gaza as part of ground op

Fourteen scheduled for execution in Texas

US VP-elect Biden promises help in Afghan visit

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit and Democrat Party gains in by-elections

More than 100,000 in pro-Gaza march in Spain

Ford Won’t Seek Federal Loans Unless World ‘Implodes’

Leading British Jews call on Israel to halt 'horror' of Gaza

Senate thwarts Coburn filibuster of lands bill

Voinovich to Retire

Bush okayed covert US action on Iran N-plant

Ferry carrying 250 capsizes in Indonesia

US may cut Colombia budget

Somali pirate's body washes ashore with $153,000

Bad Economy May Fuel Hate Groups, Experts Warn

Unions see good shot at winning change in federal labor law

Bush says torture still necessary

Dodd Says Obama to ‘Re-Brand’ TARP If New Funds Are Released

Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years, Eight-Year Period Is Weakest in Decades

Bush Advises Republican Party to Be 'Compassionate'

Ann Coulter Faces New Voter Fraud Allegations

Canada, U.S. should leave Afghanistan: expert

Obama: Gitmo Likely Won't Close in First 100 Days

State gives nod to medical marijuana dealers

Pro-Palestinian rally in New York turns violent

Obama Plans to Keep Estate Tax

Obama: Time to look forward, but Bush aides aren't above the law

Prince (Harry) mocks gays and Asians in secret video

UK Jews demand Israeli ceasefire

Obama: $350b bailout needs to help people

Radical cheap: $1,000 homes

Palestinians under fire, under nourished in Gaza..Farmers fear going to fields to collect produce

James Zogby: How Israel's Propaganda Machine Works

Welcome to Hell: Gaza's unending misery

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is not self-defence – it’s a war crime

Naomi Klein: Enough. It's time for a boycott

Medallion man (FT re: Blair's medal)

Frank Hope: Israel uses experimental genotoxic weapon (DIME) against civilians in Gaza

Dennis Ross Watch: "Super-Envoy Post May Not be Done Deal"

Laugh? We nearly cried - George Bush's comedy of errors

Most Consequential President Since Reagan

Open post to moderators on unsubstantiated articles about the Israel/Gaza conflict.

President Bush's Legacy: One of Our Greatest Presidents

Moment of Truth: Bush Prepares Pardons, Obama Prepares Torture Ban

Analysis: Bush Legacy _ Grim Times, Gloomy Nation

Chris Floyd: Moloch's Altar

The Enigma in Chief

Finding Russia's place in Europe

Obama and NAFTA

An Open Letter to Jane Hamsher and Markos Moulitsas - Re: Caroline Kennedy and "Dynasties"

Religions have the power to bring a passion for social justice to politics

Yes. American Presidents Have Tried To Bring Peace in the Middle East

Audacity itself as economic experiment: "an unparalleled test of Keynes' decades-old idea"

Gaza's off shore $4 billion gas - is this a reason Israel invaded?

The Blair House Project

Listening Post - Assault on Gaza - 9 Jan 09 - Part 1

Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years - Eight-Year Period Is Weakest in Decades

{Rachel Maddow} Ms. Information: Slippery Slope/Cost of Freedom. Obama appointing lobbyist

Rachel Maddow & Glenn Greenwald on closing Guantanamo

Paul Krugman: Ideas for Obama

Gaza Protesters Take to Washington Streets

Christina Romer explains a new report about job creation

(CBC) Israeli Army Kills Mother Of Two In Gaza

Bush before and after on FISA (video wasn't on YouTube???)

Warner Bros. Plans Layoffs, Outsourcing To India

Bob Schieffer comments on how Obama's upcoming inauguration evokes great memories for him

Hiring bleak? Here are jobs for Satyam employees (IBM, Microsoft, etc.)

Young Turks: What Happens When You Mess with the Wrong Panda!

Rafah Razed - Guardian Footage from 1.08.09

Johnny Cash - San Quentin

SNL: Rachel Maddow

George Galloway: Victory to the Palestinian Resistance!

Johnny Cash-i walk the line at san quentin


The Week In Cartoons 01/10/09

Johnny cash - Personal jesus

Deepak Chopra on How to Convert to A Peace Economy

Annie Lennox Stands Tall for Gaza

More Gaza cities lose power

In Obama, Many See an End to the Baby Boomer Era

Frank Rich: Bush's presidency is being forgotten by the public already, even though he is still here

Christian Broadcaster Reports From Gaza Border

Cheney: Doesn't matter that we haven't captured bin Laden.

Frank Rich: Eight Years of Madoffs (eight years of Bush administration bamboozles)

Joe Plumber: Media Shouldn't Report War

Helen Thomas: History Cannot Save Him

CBS News: The Bush Legacy

Joe Plumber: Media Shouldn't Report War

Israel Bombs "SAFEHOUSE" It Told Civilians To Go To With 55 Children Inside!

Rachel Maddow & Jon Turley: the dire importance of prosecuting American torturers

Brian Eno calls for end to Violence in Gaza

Inauguration Preps Hit Emotional Chord

TYT: Is It Hard Not To Be Angry With Israel?

Rachel Maddow: Feinstein mad that Maddow show implicates her in Bush intelligence crimes

Young Turks: Franken Win In MN Really Bothers Bill O'Reilly!

TYT: O'Reilly/Rove Lay Out Blueprint On How To Attack Obama (Cenk Reacts)

Obama Evaluating Possible Prosecution Of George Bush

Young Turks: Fox News Guy Humiliates Himself On The Air!!

Bush: I Authorized Torture

Air Force Makes Change to Embrace Web 2.0

Class Fills Void Left By Personnelist Cuts

NATO Chief: Stalemate in Afghan South

AFMC Begins Search For New Air Force One

Actions in Ramadi Earn Soldier a Silver Star

Sergeants Major, Warrants May Study at Leavenworth

Riley to Build Complex For Wounded Soldiers

Army News: Links to short articles of interest

2 Soldiers Dead in Afghanistan Bombing

New Orleans Embarks on Maiden Deployment

Marine Mom Turns Ankle Cast Into Corps Tribute

Okinawa-Based Gunny Receives Silver Star (big pic alert)

Corps Bids Farewell to ‘a Man of Integrity’

2-star: Anbar Lacks Iraqi Government Support

Biden Promises More Troops in Afghanistan Visit

Early SEAL Officer Dies

Panel: Continue Search for Pilot Lost in Iraq (Scott Speicher)

Reports: Air Force Worst In Dealing With Nukes

Soldier’s Bones Found at Civil War Site

Report: Bush Rejected Israeli Plea to Raid Iran

Al Jazeera English: Debate rages over Bush legacy, 79% of Americans not sorry to see him go

PTSD victim booted for ‘misconduct’

A socialist answer to the Gaza crisis

Israel can't ignore int'l opinion, statesmen say

Stressed medics recount Gaza horrors

Gush Katif evictees ask to return

Children of Gaza, Run to the Angels

Death, destruction continue on Gaza Strip by Israeli troops

Israel May Be in Violation of Arms Export Control Act , Kucinich Requests Report to Congress

Blue Star Rampage: Israel's dress rehearsal for Lebanon

Children of Gaza, Run to the Angels (Suzanne Baroud)

'Phosphorus' fears over Gaza wounds

Israeli Diplomat Hits Out At Swiss Stance On Gaza

CBC reports on Israeli military killing of civilians with...footage that Israeli television leaked

Israeli troops meet Hamas resistance deep in Gaza

Israelis fired upon from Syria

European Parliament Delegation Enters Gaza - Lawmakers

Bridges to peace in Gaza

Israel's Insane War in Gaza

Did Israel reject Hamas ceasefire offer last December?

Two Egyptian Policemen Wounded In Israeli Airstrikes


Casualties of War: Palestinian Moderates

Israeli planes fly over Egypt to bomb Gaza - witnesses

Israeli Reservists Enter Gaza, Signaling New Phase

Israeli Airstrikes Damage Egyptian Rafah Crossing

Olmert: Gaza goals almost achieved

U.S. seeks ship to move arms to Israel

Megan G. Kennedy: Attacks on Gaza will only perpetuate conflict

By Haaretz Editorial - A big shudder on the wing

How has Hamas' actions helped the Palestinians?

Israeli dissent: ‘Israel is like the abused child who grows up to be the abuser.’

Israel Says Gaza War Nearing End As Fighting Rages

(SHOCKER) IDF uses live ammo to break up West Bank protests

Israel Has Chosen To Hoodwink The World, US Over This War

More than 100,000 in pro-Gaza march in Spain

Gaza: Psychosocial well-being of Gazan children in real danger

Gaza City Under Attack; Israeli Missiles Hit Village

Jordan urges world pressure on Israel to stop Gaza attacks - Summary

Battered Hamas Puts Faith In Street Fighters

It is 1-11-09, not 9-11-01. Are you aware of this? Iranian aid / Red Crescent.

Sad Days in Israel - How have the Mighty Fallen

Israel resists ceasefire call, pushes deeper into Gaza

Gaza rocket hits car in Be'er Sheva just as high-schoolers return to class

Two Egyptian children injured by Israeli bombs with another 29 Palestinians killed in Gaza

Iran warns Hamas not to accept Egyptian truce proposal

AP: Iran to boycott companies dealing with Israel

Rights group: Israel uses incendiary bombs in Gaza

'Soon we'll have nowhere left to run. Nowhere in Gaza is safe'

Gaza's burn victims add to pressure on army over phosphorus

Israel's Gaza war adds psychological operations

Rami G. Khouri: Moving Toward Gaza-Israel Diplomacy

MEP allowed to enter Gaza Strip

Most MKs oppose postponing elections over Gaza fighting

Blame the Likud party not Israel for Gaza!

Glenn Greenwald: "Both parties cheerlead still more loudly for Israel's war."

Fierce battles as Israel claims it is close to 'achieving goals'

Reservists picnic before battle

Also responsible for Gaza incursion is...Rice

Say thank you, Jon! (RE: The Daily Show's January 5 "Strip Maul" segment)

At Least 860 Palestinians Killed, Israel Says Bombings Will Continue

Jonathan Cook: Offensive traumatises generation of children

Left-wing activists: IDF uses live ammo to break up West Bank protests

The Blame Game in Gaza... Erasing Israeli actions to fault only Hamas

Olmert, Foreign Ministry officials support Livni over UN vote

Madonna targeted by Muslim fanatics over Israel's attack on Gaza

Welcome to Hell: Gaza's unending misery

Gaza slaughter is ennobling Hamas

Israel sets up mini-Guantamo for Gaza Palestinians

Anthony H. Cordesman: The War in Gaza -- Tactical Gains, Strategic Defeat?

U.S. sending millions of pounds of munitions to Israel

Ending the West's Proxy War Against Israel

Rights group: Israel is using white phosphorous in Gaza

How Gaza is alienating Britain's Jews and Muslims

IDF uncovers booby-trapped school next to zoo in Gaza

Occupation of Palestine the root cause of conflict

IDF investigation shows errant mortar hit UN building in Gaza

Patrick Seale: Drawing the Lessons of Israel’s Gaza War

Iran warns Hamas not to accept Egyptian truce proposal

Don't play into the deadly, cynical ploy of Hamas and blame Israel (Dershowitz)

Peak oil notes - Jan 08

NYT: A Gaza war full of traps and trickery

Senate boosts wilderness protection for 2M acres

Affordable electric car to 'hit streets in 2012'

A look at key provisions in Senate lands bill

Cape Wind, Barclays Ready Financing

BLM bidding prankster gets enough money to make his down payment

Is Gaza Israel's My Lai?

Gaza: Some Israelis cry out for peace

Israel Is Losing This War

Global warming or Ice Age?

Defining Corporate Calculations

Outsourcing Firm Stealing American Money and Jobs

The Cycle of Economic Deflation During 2009

The worst thing about right now...

I don't see continual deficit spending as a cure

The Great Depression - Historical Blog Series

Russian Roulette

2008: Five stories that defined a momentous year in the Campaign for Fair Food...

US unemployment rate at 7.2 percent after biggest yearly job loss since 1945

Today in labor history Jan 11 “Bread & Roses” textile strike of 32,000 women and children in Ma.

The past present and future of the American labor movement

Black Lung Disease on the Rise (not enforcing the safety rule that set a limit on how much coal dust

The Union Edge Talk Radio ONLINE!

SEIU Plans to Spend Big on Its Agenda ($10-50 million for legislation championed by the organization



2 deaths spur call to action

Ever wonder what a union contract looks like? Here is mine

Republicans Make Case for Confirming Hilda Solis

BCTGM-Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert, 1/9/09

Obama Economic Plan: Create Made in America Jobs

Bloomberg: GM Chopping Costs to Boost Cash Until Demand Revives

Today's working family Carol Simpson cartoon: Vegas

Boeing plans to cut 4,500 jobs this year; mostly in Pacific Northwest

Labor quote for the week of January 5, 2009

Hilda Solis' Belief in Unions Runs Deep

Worker to experience a week working in all 50 states

Vietnam hit by 762 strikes last year, union official says



Venezuela's Chavez threatens to expel US diplomat

US may cut Colombia budget

Oh well so much for the "Subway Super Bowl" huh?

Another Manning boy down the tube.

The Ravens and the 49ers were both 5-11 in 2007



A Simple way to determine which college team is The National Champion...

Tebow to return for senior year

Ravens and Cardinals make it to the Super Bowl...

Josh McDaniels, 32 new head coach of the BRONCOS

This is what I told the lady asking for donations for children's diabetes research:

Is there a brain tumor virus?

CDC director is leaving with a mixed legacy

Healing Cancer From Inside Out


The “Right and Duty to be at All Times Armed”

BATFE running out of Form 4473's...

Why the double standard when it comes to firearms?


If you are awake..

How do things read for the arrival of the Iranian aid ship tomorrow, Sunday?

Memos to Obama: Peace Deepak Chopra

Shiva laughs. Who else is joining him?

The Stars This Week: for weeks of January 5,2009 & January 12, 2009

Pluto (transit) conjunct Ascendant, relationship woes

Gun control, DU, and the 'sacred value protection model'

Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months


Sebastian and his dad...

Photo #18 with my new Christmas present

re: cancer. people, please, *please*

Law of Attractions 2

Poll: Please help choose an exhibit submission.

A personal shift seems to be at hand

Any good football game meals for today?

For all the homemade bread makers out there...

Brandied Cherries

NPR: The current trend in food is "comfort and value"

What do you call the things you cook French Onion soup in, and,

Inaugural Dinner 2005: Coca Cola brined turkey with dunkin' donuts stuffing

Heads up on The Oriental Institute in Chicago, a magical museum.

Life As We Know It Nearly Created in Lab

Large Earthquakes Trigger A Surge In Volcanic Eruptions

Question about light speed and relativity

Favorite omlette fillings?

Inauguration Live on

Teachers, will your students be watching the inauguration in class?

Israeli wiretappers, the NSA, Americans

BBCode Firefox Add On

Vinyl to Digital Headaches

I recieved a unique gift this holiday. A HP95LX

The Crash

Firefox issue

Need help with admin permissions on my laptop

Finally going Mac....

Know anything about MagicJack??

Did VP-Elect Biden stop in Israel on his trip?