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Archives: January 10, 2009

Charlie Rose? Ignasius is interesting.

Illinois Legislature is showing Redid and Pelosi was balls are for.

If even the Wall Street Journal allows "Israel Is Committing War Crimes" as a headline

check out this beautiful couple

"Remember the Roman Empire. For a long, long time the state of Judea...

Catholic girls not opting for HPV vaccine: 19% vs 70% of public school girls

Which side of the fence are you on

Husband wants kidney back from wife, or $1.5 million divorce settlement

We know where George is headed but where's Dick going?

McCain: GOP Must Work With Obama Sam Stein Huff Post

I have proof that PE Obama is already different than Bush

Bush Requests Balance of TARP Funds..before he leaves...

21 million unemployed?

The Poverty Trap in Palestine: “Our only way out is for Israel to keep bombing us until we die.”

Italian Pensions Sapped by Private Funds Bush Backed (Update1)

Editorial in Wall Street Journal says: "Israel Is Committing War Crimes"

Best of 2 Worlds for Immigrants in Charter Schools

Turkey probes massacre petition

If the Merry-Go-Round is making you dizzy, jump the fuck off.

Another Great Clay Bennett Cartoon

Israel: Gaza offensive will be 'escalated

I've got to "brag on myself."

Blagojevich should have appointed himself Senator

Reminder: ' Let Gaza Live' march in DC today

Blurred Out: 51 Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps

Want To Vent? Add A Failure to Public Integrity's 'Boken Government' List

The first order of business for PE Obama......

Random Bushism Generator

Superbowl. Who might be there in your opinion, if you care?

Not a Company Man

Think of all the money being siphoned off right now

alex witt msnbc twit

Has Obama picked a FEMA nominee yet?

Fire them All ! Every damn one of them.

Baltimore mayor allegedly pocketed gift cards

CNN says the pelicans are pooping out.

Did you know we have US soldiers protecting a terrorist organization in Iraq?

Economic Stimulus Proposal

Obama Under Pressure On Interrogation Policy-Some See Harsh Methods as Essential

Obama Under Pressure On Interrogation Policy-Some See Harsh Methods as Essential

Do they think people will pay to see these assholes?

Looking for a DISTRICT BY DISTRICT breakdown of the Franken Coleman race.

U.S. makes U-turn on U.N. Gaza vote

Man dies in Swissvale after being tasered

Innit funny that now, in the waning hours of the bush years, we get favorable court rulings ........

This is how Hamas thinks: Fighter Sees His Paradise in Gaza’s Pain

Waste spills at second TVA site

Palin will be toast in all due time...

National universal health care call-in day 1/15

Israel drops leaflets on Gaza telling them

Inauguration chant--"Prosecute Bush and Cheney"

Bush Radio: "When Laura and I depart for Texas later this month..."

Amy Goodman: The Plot Against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them

Amy Goodman: The Plot Against Pensions and the Plan to Save Them

Banana Republic

Sunday talk show lineup for January 11

What will be your celebratory imbibation on January 20th?

Palin's local paper: Comment section has someone blaming DU and Daily Kos

bu$h* policies lose 2.6 million jobs in 2008

alex whit just said bu$h* 41 was a war hero....oh really?

The deaths, rip offs, scandals, treasons, wars, tortures, how did they get away with it all?

WSJ: "Israel Is Committing War Crimes"

There's 1 Thing WH Can't Stand--Snotty Reporters Who Don't Recognize Success When They See It

OK, idiot son lying on cable-again.

Friday the House gave women powerful new rules - hooray!

Iraq's Minorities Facing Extinction in Current Crisis - Current Crisis is the US occupation

Wingnut Apoplexy

Kansas Politicians Standing In The Way Of Closing Gitmo»

Washington loses a vital link

U.S. seeks ship to move arms to Israel

Estimated War Costs for 2009 is $136 Billion

Women Appointed to Key Department of Justice Positions (Yes!)

2008 Weblog Awards - Vote For Informed Comment For Best Middle East or Africa Blog

Did anybody watch the commissioning of the GHW Bush aircraft carrier?

Super-bowl Poll

Hagel, Nye said possibles for U.S. ambassador post

Junior dedicates new aircraft carrier USS Poopdeck Poppy

Show civility or claws? GOP at a crossroads in Congress

Why is George Bush so interested in places with deep water?

August 2005: Dan Bartlett makes mix DVD of Katrina news reports to get clueless Junior up to speed

August 2005: Dan Bartlett makes mix DVD of Katrina news reports to get clueless Junior up to speed

Israeli War on Gaza 'Killing Peace Prospects'

I see the warmongers are having a party

Bush library and ‘Freedom Institute’ to be housed in same building.»

It's the Jobs, Stupid!

13 ... 12 ... 11 ...

Obama’s Guam Option - A hundred million dollars to resettle forty thousand Iraqis

Sderot War Diary-Not in my name and not for me you went to war.

World stocks drop as US jobless rate hits 7.2 pct

Pat Buchanan's advice to Obama: Reagan bet on private sector & succeeded, FDR bet on gov't & failed

U.N. wants to know if war crimes were committed in Gaza

Palin casts herself as a bullied Cinderella, Caroline Kennedy as an evil stepsister

Obama's Justice nominees signal end of Bush terror tactics

Gaza: A Real History-US & Israel Have Spent Last 3 Yrs Trying To Recover From 2006 Elections

Ordinary Arabs fume over Israeli invasion

Well here is a casualty of Bernard Madoff that I am truly sad to see go.

A city that gets it when it comes to mass transit: Toronto

Gaza kids: ‘When’re we going to die?’

Olympics still beating the ever lovin' shit out of Vancouver taxpayers

House passes bill recognizing Israel's right to defend itself

Digital TV switch question....

Peace through Superior Firepower

AP's Ben Feller on Bush's legacy: "He seized a bullhorn and united a country"

"Tetris" might blunt mental trauma

'We Are Very Violent': Israeli War Crimes Mount

Former Drug czar warns of "invading hordes"

Is it true that the Reagans hated the Bushs?

Richard Clarke Assesses Obama's Intel Team

"Eternal flame" at veterans' memorial not so eternal after all.

Obama's Attorney General Pick Faces Growing Criticism

USS George H.W. Bush commissioned today... It's first mission

Saturday Night Special: Biggest Full Moon of 2009

Taylor's son jailed for 97 years -- for TORTURE! (BBC)

Pat Buchanan: "New Deal was a bust..."

Franken to attend Obama inauguration

Sanjay Gupta: What the Next Surgeon General Doesn't Know About Pot

Gaza Strip conflict engendering wave of anti-Semitic violence in Europe

5 U.S. troops slain in series of Afghanistan blasts

4 year left in unheated car at night ,at 14 below while 22 year old dad 'visits' 13 year old

Senators say no witch hunt aimed at spy agencies

Live Web Cam...


Has anybody ever seen statistics on how many Raptureheads there are

I'm watching a repeat of the Confirmation hearing of the new Labor Secretary

Question: For what year will these tax cuts be effective?

Hey skinner

Saturday TOON Roundup: Bush and the new team...

(Helen) Thomas: Bush is a nice guy but he flubbed 9/11 twice

9 days 19 hours . . .to go

How do totally unqualified idiots like bush & palin ever become governors?

U.S. Army recruiting at the mall with videogames

Burr backs Burris

Teen Sex - Inequality Anyone?

[Video] Take A Good Look America

Raw Story confronts White House about surge in terror since Iraq war

Would-Be Bank Robber Wore Mask While in Line

Palin: Media Portrayal Would Be 'Prettier' If She'd Been Dem VP Candidate

"On Sunday, the 25th of January, I will be organizing civil disobedience in East Tennessee."

Yes, Israel has a right to exist. But so did those blood-soaked Palestinian toddlers on the mortuary

Web startup to offer foreign news as papers cut (AP)

Universal Health care!!

I hate the censorship at DU.

Wow I love how simple the world of repukes can be

Juan Cole asks for your vote in the 2008 Weblog Awards....

Crimes of Blago vs crimes of Bush...

Obama-Bush teams to stage 'disaster' exercise

Nebraska GOP aims to freshen up its image

I have the solution to our economic woes!!!!

If you have BBC International a program

Those Who Voted Against H. Res. 34

$300,000,000,000 = 4,000,000 X $75,000

How do you define 'liberal'?

Hemorrhage of U.S. Jobs Is Likely to Persist After Biggest Loss Since 1945

Oklahoma First To Push Flat Earth Legislation in 2009

Ten Days and a Wake Up

Israel - the new Czechoslovokia Another Perspective

Bush was like a second father, says press secretary

A brother was murdered by cops


Hamas in its own voice (for a little fairness)

Bush reportedly rejected Israeli plea to raid Iran last year

Ahhhnuld continues to Terminate California

Dollars & Sense: Dec. Job #s: Even Worse than They Look

In Gaza, the schools are dying too

Glenn Greenwald: Bill Moyers on Israel/Gaza

About health care

NBC evening news just reported that 40% of the population of Gaza is under age 14.

Israel is not flavor of the month with most countries of the world right now

Goodbye George

Is Ann Coulter on record for saying the word "penis"?

New - BBC VIDEO: Former guard Details Guantanamo 'torture'

CA Avocado Commission employees use $2 million for personal crap

Can we please start locking K&R titled threads?

Savoir Faire is Everywhere!

Hypocrisy 101 - how the world views the Jews

What the job figures don't include is all the people entering the job

Social Security "Reform": The Undead Return

Why are grand jury indictments sometimes sealed?

Grant Money - did anyone ever got one?

Raw Story : White House: Increase in terror attacks since 9/11 a success

When is the exact moment Bush is leaving the Whitehouse?

Al Jazeera interviews Congressman Kucinich on Gaza

Obama and Spider-Man appear in comic together

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) Decries Pentagon Rejection of Purple Hearts for PTSD

What's on George and Dick's iPods? ..... Help them out. Suggest songs for our outgoing Exec branch.

Which Bailout Would You Approve?

'I can't feel my legs,' crash victim sobbed

Nee suggestions for a small inaugural party at my home to celebrate our new President.

Immigrants See Charter Schools as a Haven

Our Canuckistanian friends need some help with this war resister poll

Have fun while he lasts: The 50 Dumbest Bush Quotes of All Time

Toronto Star: Obama to visit Canada first

Clearly, the way to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict is over Facebook.

A Porno Bailout?

Grave adds 6,000 years to Istanbul

If you've watched any of these Casey


Wow did you know the New Deal made the Great Depression much worse?

U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site

Army recruiting at the mall with video games

Israel’s Supreme Court petitioned over Gaza's Water and Sewage System

Those George Bushisms in full

Small business woes have big impact on economy

Asia Times: Panic could herald dollar rout

Goodbye DU

Nate Silver strikes again: Obama's Price is Right Negotiating Strategy?

Any word on the Iranian Aid Ship heading to Gaza?

Can we please start locking threads that request certain types of threads be locked?

So what can be done to promote mental health care

The Decider

The Decider

If Obama started from the beginning bringing the taxes back for all the billionaires

Caroline Kennedy interviewed by Gov. Paterson for Hillary's Senate seat

Depressing Economy TOONS

GM cleans out its garage - automaker is selling vehicles from its 'Heritage Collection'

If America were run by Microsoft...

OMG! Have you seen Fargo?!

One last thing before they go: Supremes try to change civil rights laws.

One last thing before they go: Supremes try to change civil rights laws.

Even if we had done nothing, do you think the terrorists had a plan to attack us again?

what if Martin Luther King ,Jr were alive today?

14 points Of Fascism.. The Warning Signs.....

Do you think Blago is mentally ill?

Check out the other presidents in comics over the years.

I am pissed that the Obama's are denied temp. residence at the Blair House

Thank God for the Democratic polices of the past...or we would be totally shafted

Wink and a nod.

It must be really, really bad if the Repubs can't spin it...?

Should the US try to pass the ERA again?

I'm missing an essential fix, where's Nance?

Anyone listening to CNN..Bush is authorizing covert

This is my 1000th post and I'd like to make it meaningful.

Part-Time Government Employees Earn $160,000 a Year

Tonight on nbc's Law & Order: Rape of Female Military True to life. Watch it

My response From Senator Herb Kohl about the crisis in Gaza

Still think Prop 8 wasn't an issue of life or death

Current depression caused by illegal aliens!

The New Attorney General Rules

Lifting veil of privacy, friends discuss Kennedy

WTF is it with the suicidal posts tonight?

Traveling thru Brentwood, TN? Make sure you BOYCOTT the Artee Hotel: They FIRE gay employees!

Ron Paul on H Res 34, Recognizing Israel's right to defend itself

Remember how that $600/taxpayer stimulus last year kept the economy from going down the tubes?

First Victory for Women and Working Families in the 111th Congress!

DUers collecting warm Winter clothes for Squatch's people in Kandahar: tonight, "Reza".

world protest

A Klan Initiation Murder: A Backlash to Obama's Victory?

What's up with the asterisk next to Bush's name?


Would it be possible to discontiue the flashing, moving , blinking, animated ads within the OPs?

The roles jail will serve in the upcoming years if the current economics continue.

I'm bored. should I have another beer or go to bed?

UK protests today - Bravo Brits

NYT: Bush reportedly rejected Israeli plea to raid IRAN

About the so-called 'death tax'

Karl Rove sets the GOP Senate Strategy

Another $350 billion: bu$h* may soon request rest of bailout.

Southern California-Based Atheist Group Joins Inauguration Suit

Germany offers support to Obama

Campaign For Special Torture Prosecutor Takes Site By Storm

Get off your ass and do something!

Why doesn't Egypt open their border to rescue the people of Gaza?

Saturday night special: Biggest full moon of '09

5 Somali pirates drown with ransom share

I'm are leafing teh Deee Yooooooooo...

Is New Admin Going to Get Rid Of 'Don 't Ask, Don't Tell' - One Word Answer: YES!

Condi Rice: 'Hard' for Israel to spare Gaza civilians

Inauguration balls for the rest of us.

Bushitler won't be sitting his ass on AF 1 any more!

our inaugural invitation came yesterday- check-in if you got yours...

Death toll tops 850 as Israel warns Gaza blitz may go on for weeks

one in seven americans can barely read (can't participate in DU)

Getting Rich Helping the Poor

If an advanced Alzheimer's patient has an increased risk of dying from pneumonia

We saw pictures from Iraq from a paper in Norway in 2003. We knew we were tormenting them then.

Poppy can shove that great big carrier right up his facist fucking ass

"To kill the big rats, you have to kill the little rats.”: Children and War

“I don’t know if we’ve ever had an opponent who is so disliked by Republicans as Al Franken."

AlterNet: Barbie's Sordid Sexual History

please critique my 200th ltte,If MLK was alive today

Frank Rich: Eight Years of Madoffs

Want to boost consumer confidence? . . .Want to stimulate spending?

FDA is "fundamentally broken" ... "compelling evidence of serious wrongdoing"

"Laura an' I are HONORED to help commission an AWESOME ship an' honor an AWESOME man..."

Today was Bush's last flight on AF1. He didn't know. LOL.

Am I the only one constantly reloading the page, hoping for Duzy Awards?

For Kurdish Girls, a Painful Ancient Ritual

Letter to Tom Daschle from Dr. Quentin Young regarding National Health Care.

SNL's opening- Rachel Maddow parody!!

Toyota unveiling electric concept car in Detroit

Town officials extinguish 'eternal' flame at Veteran's Memorial when $961 gas bill arrives

Tattoos come of age in Asia at Singapore show

Here's what the folks at the "Rapture Ready" site think of Gaza: (sick)

The real Palin problem

Warren offers refuge to homophobic Anglicans who left Episcopal Church over gay issue

Best bumper sticker seen in a while...

It's the Sixth Annual Rocknation/LBN "You Call This NEWS?" Awards!

I just noticed this "This Modern World"...hilarious!

In-State Tuition For Illegal Aliens?

I am posting using Windows 7, it actually works, screenshot to follow

Windows 7 Beta now available for download (not for novices)

Don't they have to be dead before we start naming shit after them?

joel stein -"nut allergies-a yuppie invention"

I bought 1/2 of a book today

I just had a customer who did not know what a colon is. (Punctuation, not body part.)

Damn. I have an ingrown nose hair, so now I can smell my brain.

So I Was Discussing Porn With Someone In Text Messages

PLO fans check in.

I'm Thinking Of Tampering With Philboy's Urine Test

I'm thinking of tampering with my urine test.

Plo fans check in!

Is tampering a bad word?

so where's all the picture threads I keep reading are here

The board is getting blurry, message board that is, you knwo DU

The board is getting blurry, message board that is, you knwo DU

Time for Craig

Kevin Bacon gets six degrees of seperation from his money by Madoff

Oh fer chrissakes good night

Oh fer chrissakes good night


K thought the earthquake yesterday was funny.

I would love to know who filled up my candy jar with all kinds of chocolates.

If everything tastes like chicken

I just ate some chicken.

Photo thread for nude people

Is this video the greatest thing ever or a sign of the end times?

When you visit GD-P by accident, how long does it take for you to realize

I burned a book today

Jonathan Turley -- Indiana Jones of law school?

Met a new friend today...

Is Gizzmullet a word, and should it be tampered with?

Gran Torino

For: liberal trucker

Who's God pulling for in this weekend's NFL Playoff games?

Thank You my friend, liberal trucker ....

And He Could Sing Too

Baby moose crashes through Washington family's window

The perfect video for the lounge pevs

Is "mullet" a bad word???

Superbowl. Who might be there in your opinion, if you care?

Who the hell puts pastrami on a burger?? Carl's Jr., that' who.

"Big things coming in future. Only matter of itme."

Venting: Having to buy tires at Walmart

Aw....Geez...Duped again!

'Hee-Haw' comedy duo member Jon Hager dead at 67

Bob Saget!!!

John Lennon, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Mitch Mitchel = Pure GOLD!!

One of the best artist blogs on the web; "Gurney Journey"


Heidi! You up yet? I've got a smoocher for ya!

What is Sonico?

Find the nude dude

Okay, now I'm pissed!!

Who uses a broadband air card for their only internet use. Like a Verizon card?

Major Saturday morning bummer: my cat locked herself in the bathroom.

George Straight "Troubadour" video and lyrics

The Sam Adams/Fried Fish Experiment

kitten picture of the day for saturday january 10

This is a first, but I am starting a picture thread. Here goes.

It was the only thing I could do half right Look what they done.

I've been ugly for nearly two years now, and I have something to confess:

gblady, please report to this thread immediately....

If Super Mario had been made today... (Dialup warning)

My advisor did a really generous thing for me yesterday

Any fans of the group "Blue Merle"?

'May You Stay Forever Young... Baby'

Nothing Compares 2 U

Is there a premade sauce I can use for sesame chicken...

Awesome cartoons about the old SEC

I just returned from dropping a c-note at Work N' Gear

Bands with punctuation in their names

Psst...Hey kid! Wanna go to a concert? (DC/Baltimore areas)

Software serial number question

James Gang

Dedicated to all the pissy motherfuckers

Get off your ass, you Lounge lizards!

Larry King: Still Juicy

Random question: Last time you visited a foreign country?

My 2-year-old son can identify Trogdor and The Cheat by name.

The OTHER Kitten Picture of the Day

you idiots have no fucking sense of humor

I'm Going To See "Revolutionary Road"

Vintage loaf of bread for sale.


One of my favorite movies is on

I just bought my champagne for the 20th.

We just moved to the coolest neighborhood in town - they sell bongs at the convenience store

Home from a funeral, and so glad to see my house!

In case you want to avoid being a failure in life, always remember Marvin Frankleberg...

Since there're only 35 days until pitchers and catchers report — a music-video baseball quiz!

I am 563 posts away from 40K

Going to see the .357 String Band tonight

So I'm driving in the car today with my kids, and a car ahead of us is swerving

So I haven't been around much....

Tonight is supposed to be the biggest full moon of the year over here

I haven't seen anyone open the bar, so I'm opening the bar.


My stuff keeps breaking

Two roads, two paths, I choose neither and left a trail.

the whole earth catalog is now on the net

For only $99.99, this magnificent work of art can be yours

WTF is going on with the Titans tonight?

Vegans/vegetarians: What is your primary source of protein?

I hate my neighbour......

I hate my neighbour......

Here I am....Sat night pic thread.....drinking my Killiian's Red

Some chicky keeps starting threads

A thread too cool to miss: Obama drops into a DC eatery. Video at 10

I just heard Laura Branigan on the radio

2009's Klondike Kate

Cats are natural comedians

night to watch a movie

Is Bristol Palin breastfeeding the little Tripster?

Record snow: Nature's way of saying, "See, I told you to trim the bushes"

I just found out that my 3-year-old nephew....

Ahhh, I love the sound of police choppers circling overhead.

Decided to upgrade my iPhone headphones, and WOW.

Why all the "ugly" threads? What started it? Isn't it ugly?

Anybody else get really mopey after watching WALL-E?

Note to self: When going to a massage therapist, do NOT wear the smiley face underwear

My girls are holding the TV hostage

Drunk Cat.

Is it bedtime yet?

Saturday night special: Biggest full moon of '09

Holy shit, I could swear Pandora reads my mind...

I am listening to Michael Jackson.

Spreadsheets, agreements, divisions of real and personal property

Start wearing purple, wearing purple!!!!!!

what would you do about this neighbor situation?

So, we're going out to dinner with leftyclimber and Betaben tonight.

35 days

Is that a bright moon or what?

Dragon cake!

god damn a fucking heart ache

I won't create a thread that never dies.

Asia . . . the World's Home of Teh Bizarre (some images might keep you up at night).

When it is time for your thread to die, will you be ready?

Update on the death of the hard drive

Pineapple Express (no spoilers here)

The BCS (for Orrex)

Is anybody watching the Cardinals and Panthers game?

Hey, DU green tea fans, a question

HDTV Challenged Seeking HDTV Guru

What's on your mp3 player/stereo/ TV?

While watching some Hardcastle & McCormick I realized one thing.

Fuck You, Baltimore!

PSA - Be careful what you post on Twitter

If "Blazing Saddles" was produced today.....

If you're not ready when you die...

Frampton Comes Alive

YOu know my husband could have waited for me to watch Tropic Thunder!

Things you never thought you'd say. The Arizona Cardinals are going to the NFC Championship game.

one of "those ahhhhh" moments

WTF??? The Brazilian media thinks Karolina Kurkova is FAT.

I'm ba-ack!!! Posting from my new condo

I give up

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 1/10/2009)

Well, at least the Giants aren't fish or cats

Inchworm's Saturday night semi-pevvy random questions

god I want a cig

As a resident of the State of Maryland I am sure turtlensue is thrilled about her state's NFL team

If the Ravens do end up winning the Super Bowl, I'm buying the rights to the DU Lounge

Lita Ford : Kiss Me Deadly


kitten picture of the day for sunday january 11

WHy Do People Like Burberry Stuff

BALTIMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAVENS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WOLVERINES!!!!!!!! - "Red Dawn" on SpikeTV at midnight

I am on steroids, what should I do with this burst of energy?

Girl Scout cookies


This is my last post...

Prince------Yes or No?

Urchin galls

Went book hunting today, found legitimate FIRST EDITIONS of Mark Twin, Norman Mailer!

What is Hip? Post your first concert.

Who's looking forward to the Super Bowl, for one reason only?

When it's time for you to die, will you be ready?

Am I wrong to want to strangle the "ShamWow" guy?


Weather report cat - video

Am I the only one who finds the Subway commercials pevvy?

"Heroes" TV show aficionadoes, help me out.

At what age do people usually learn to ride a bike?

Car insurance question

Are you going to love Vince's nuts?

I ate my neighbour......

I am jonsin' for "The Top 10 Conservative Idiots". How about you?

Ikea: worth it?

I've been here for almost 2 years now, and I have an ugly secret to confess.

I am experiencing x-treme hardcore shitty week syndrome.

What should be the title of GWB's autobiography?

Picture Thread. Your latest pic please!

The President Meets the King...

Apple Introduces Revolutionary Laptop With No Keyboard

Hannity Post - Who created more jobs? Carter or Bush Admin?

Recipes for inauguration luncheon menu

Feb Vanity Fair: Bartlett "Katrina Final Nail in President's Coffin" Must Read...

Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

Who cares that American is in the toilet!! Thank God that gays can't get married!!

Will Sanjay Gupta Hassle Barack Obama Over Cigarette Smoking?

10 days left! What a Feeling!


Obama now says plan could create or save 4 million jobs. Obama Report released

The Bush/Cheney/Republican "torture first, ask questions later" era has come to an end.

History calls on Obama to uncork a great speech

Palin v Kennedy: The Quiz

Despite all the naysayers, Barack Hussein Obama has GOT THIS!

Obama's inauguration by the numbers (bison?)

We need more government jobs

Are you comfortable with a president less wedded to ideology?

Am I the only who sees the name Sanjay Gupta and thinks folks are mocking Sonjay Gupta by. . .

Jocelyn Elders: Gupta is a Really Good Choice

********************** 10 MORE DAYS **********************

Unarmed resistance to Israel

Here's my naive, best possible scenario speculation on Obama's pre-inaugural choices.

When did we become the Republicans?

Perinatal asphyxia

The okey-doke: Trying to Change Its Face, G.O.P. Weighs a Black Chairman

Caroline's Inexperience a "Minus", Gov Says

Even though it's less than two weeks before the new president, we are doomed.

Congressman Paul Hodes rocks

MP3: Calvin Trillin's poem about the Inauguration

United Kingdom has become an Orwellian police state...

Dick Cheney finds Obama's inauguration historic, remarkable, also exciting

stlsaxman on "Wha'dya Know?" during "Happy Talk" segment!!!

Obama Administration Team

Will DU still be able to support Obama if he decides to become an independent

Here's a big tease... "Will Obama Administration Prosecute Bush Officials?"

Obama invites George W. Bush to continue to work with him in the White House

Bush History-Bush's Idea of Supporting the Troops: No Wonder the GOP Runs from Bush, 1/10

Bush History-Bush's Idea of Supporting the Troops: No Wonder the GOP Runs from Bush, 1/10

"Yes Pecan"

It appears there is mimimal interest in hearing Chimpy's historic revisions

K&R if you don't like this other thread that people are K&Ring.

Obama aide denies report he will launch low-level contact with Hamas

There is a message to the world if we don't have an investigation

If Dean loyalists want to throw temper tantrums FINE, I'm a Plouffe loyalist throwing 1 too . .

ZOMG!! I heard Obama ate meat today

What Do You Serve With Moose Stew?

Dubya, Drawn and Quartered - Slide Show - Vanity Fair.....

Did we establish whether these "invitations" are a scam or not?

THE PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL COMMITTEE requests the honor of my presence

Obama economic team, key lawmaker work to redo financial bailout and shift Bush course

What a scalper just told me after I offered him $400 per ticket for Inauguration Standing

The advertising for big trucks is out of control right now. Unfucking real

Obama's Justice Nominees signal end of Bush Terror Tactics

Next Solicitor-general: Impressive 1st Amendment Resume - So Why Should You Care?

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund Exec. Dir. to Serve as WH Public Liaison

George's Farewell Speech to Congress: wordy but worth it

Conseco Arena, home court for Indiana Pacers, to host telecast of Obama's Inaugural

Today in History: Kerry endorsed Obama for President one year ago

Bush asking for the other 350 billion

SNL-Opening skit-Rachel Maddow/Burris skit

Sacre Bleu! Le Monde Publishes Never-Before-Seen 1996 Interview With Obamas About Their Marriage

Time for Grades already? Really? OK in that case I give . . .

Congress stands up to Obama's Reaganesque economic policies

Rule No. 1, Do Not Call Him ‘Ball Hog in Chief’: Basketball comes to the White House

Just an observation, a small rant...

Is Rahm Emmanual driving the Obama transition decisions?

Re: Gupta. I'd be pissed/upset/outraged if Obama replaced Gerberding with the likes of him

Sunday talk show lineup for January 11 (Obama Alert!)

ABC's "This Week": Obama braces for 'heavy lift'

The Internet...cutting edge shit. ..OBAMA will do himself a favor if he cruises the Net

PHOTOS Obama at Ben's Chili Bowl (Jan 10)

Cafe press has some great Inauguration Stuff...

The rise of Jaws-economics: "We're gonna need a bigger boat!"

When will Barack send Hillary on her first SOS mission?

Does Obama have close gay friends or family members?

PHOTOS Just one more week............

How do we join, what do we do?

Dedicate a song to a fellow DU'er (ya know, if you feel like it...

Obama to end military's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy

Barack Obama on LGBT RIGHTS

Obama: "If somebody has an idea...that is better than a tax cut we’ve proposed, we will embrace it."

k&r if you think I'm an attention whore for asking you to k&r my thread!

A Return to Professionalism

PHOTOS Obama and family visit Lincoln Memorial

A great kitty crossed the bridge yesterday: our 16 yr old Thomas

Obama is a DUer and is tuned in right now....

75% agree that Obama should wait till he takes office to articulate his position on Gaza/Israel

Sorry: But given the mess we have, Pragmatism trumps Principle and Partisanship

I think back to 2004. Did we work hard enough for Kerry? Even I didn't expect this.

K&R is you are THRILLED to see so many on DU put TRUTH over Party

Most encouraging Obama cabinet pick

Fightback against Racism. NoQuarter goes over the edge with their most vile posts yet.

He isn't running the country...yet...

Time for the U.S. to prove it doesn't have a double standard on torture

Time's The Swampland. Karen Tumulty posts. Also makes interesting comments on Dean's situation.

So are the Eagles going to kick the Giants' asses tomorrow?

The slippery slope toward gradually giving up women's rights, bit by bit.

Bush Prepares Request for Rest Of Bailout Funds

Family suffers greatly during shelling in Gaza

Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'

Mexico's Cemex closes U.S. plant, lays off workers

Best of 2 Worlds for Immigrants in Charter Schools

Obama advisers say plan would create 3.5m new jobs

GOING. SELLING. GONE. (Richmond’s changing economic climate.)

Israel drops leaflets over Gaza warning civilians of 'escalation' in violence

CDC director resigns effective January 20

Burris gets OK from Illinois sec. of state

Feds have plan if Mexico drug violence spills over

Protesters clash with police as 10,000 strong London Gaza demo descends into violence (inc. pics)

China to send envoy to Middle East over Gaza

Bush call halted US voting for ceasefire

First ladies plead for peace in Gaza

Thousands of candles lit in Gaza vigil

A Klan Initiation Murder: A Backlash to Obama's Victory?

Obama Says Stimulus Package Creates 4 Million Jobs

Peanut butter eyed in salmonella cases

Mass protests in France over Israeli action in Gaza

Russia, EU sign deal to help end gas crisis

Auto loan terms could drop UAW givebacks

Japanese Harpoon Vessel Forced North for Repairs

Obama Under Pressure On Interrogation Policy

London News: Over 100,000 people march through Hyde Park towards the Israeli embassy in Kensington,

House Passes 2 Measures on Job Bias

Red Cross warns of deteriorating situation in Gaza

Quakes feed fears of Yellowstone eruption

Report: Israel sought help for Iran strike

Fears in US about Mumbai-type attacks

Zimbabwe introduces new $50 billion note

'A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery'

Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men

U.S. reportedly refused Israeli plea to raid Iran

Chavez says US heating oil program never suspended

Colin Powell Endorses Obama Service Initiative

Gaza sources: Girl killed, 49 burned after Israeli shelling

20-pound Lobster Sprung From City Restaurant

Obama to honor McCain with pre-inaugural dinner

Gas prices heading back up

Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation

BREAKING NEWS: Hamas leader says Israel offensive has killed last chance for negotiations

Blagojevich faces tough trial in Senate

Thousands descend on White House to protest Gaza war

Obama provides internal analysis of economic plan

U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site

Coleman: Dems Broke Deal

Christian challenges atheist bus advert

Obama Going To Canada For First Foreign Trip As President

Cheney, in last days in office, still hopes to catch bin Laden

"Tetris" might blunt mental trauma

Bush makes final flight aboard Air Force One

Venezuela's Chavez threatens to expel U.S. diplomat

Divorced couples fight over shrinking assets

5 Somali pirates drown with ransom share

Israel accused of using white phosphorus in Gaza

Obama spends his Saturday 'half-smoking'

Obama Will Eat Like Lincoln on Inauguration Day

Bush, 30 Officials, To Be Named In Complaint On Torture To Go To Obama Administration

Synagogues defaced in Chicago, Lincolnwood

Giant plasma TVs face ban in battle to green Britain

Man with 21 guns at airport: I'm law-abiding

Details released on police shooting

Obama Calls for 'Grand Bargain' on Economy: 'Everybody's Going to Have to Give'

Obama Names Minister to Lead Prayer Service: Rev. Sharon E. Watkins

PTSD victim booted for ‘misconduct’

opinion: Bush’s dying days in Gaza —Álvaro De Vasconcelos

Obama’s Biggest Challenge

The Myths and Realities of Bipartisanship in D.C.

Spiderman to the Rescue at Obama’s Inauguration

Inquiry into Spain's missing children

In U.S., war of words over Gaza

Posh-squat artists take Mayfair (London) mews (organize workshops and teach skills)

Leon Panetta: Speaking Truth to Power

Zakaria: What Makes Ahmadinejad Smile?

Blago the Delusional Poet Specializes in 'High Coo'

Obama and Israel

Opposing view: Seat Burris now (Lee D-CA, chair, Black Caucus | USAT)

An Analysis of Leading Congressional Health Care Bills, 2007–2008: Part I, Insurance Coverage

From east to west, a chain collapses (Recycling industry falling apart)

Dennis Ross is Not the Change We Can Believe In

NOW Toronto: Gutless Canadian Pols Know It's Not a Vote Winner to Take on the Israel Lobby

Guess What? Lots Of Oil, Natural Gas In Gaza!

Obama-Solomon 'Bridges' the Divide Between Spending and Tax Cuts

Independent UK: The wheels come off Maggie's revolution

According to Constitution, Burris should be a senator (Reisert | Kennebec Journal)

The Worst Pakistan Nightmare for Obama

John Dean: The Damaged Institution of the Presidency

Bob Herbert: Obama’s Biggest Challenge

Robert Parry: WPost Again Flacks for Bush's Crimes

In Washington, All Roads Lead to Tehran

The Founders’ Great Mistake

Exposing the Myth of Clean Coal Power; "We can't really talk about clean coal — it doesn't exist."

NYT editorial: Leon Panetta, Not a Company Man

Blessed are the geeks, for they shall inherit the Earth

Who Owns White House History?

To all the despairing and bewildered.... progressives....

Goodbye George

Bleed The World

Israeli intel targets Israeli protesters

Ron Paul Opposes House Resolution Supporting Israel's Attack on Gaza

Sunday Herald: "..the street was full of blood, the nails from the shells were as long as your hand"

Tariq Ali | Stop the Gaza Massacre Rally in London | 8 January 2009

Leading British Jews call on Israel to halt 'horror' of Gaza

Gaza City Diary: Safa Joudeh

Is There a Pill for Regressive-Induced, Hypocrisy-Produced, Chronic Nausea?

Asia Times: When the pawnshop has it all

Irish Times: Gaza conflict a template for US policy on Iran

In These Times: Bush’s Final Purge

In the US, Gaza is a different war

Ring of Fire's Weekly News January 10th Part 2

Robbie Tolan was shot by the police

Robert Fisk: Wherever I go, I Hear the Same Tired Middle East Comparisons

Karma Kitchen

Israel Is Committing War Crimes (Wall Street Journal)

Rachel Maddow has an informative discussion with David Cay Johnston on the auto bailout

'Luxury Item' Stops Aid From Reaching Gaza

911 Call from Gaza Sorry All Circuits are Busy Now, Please Try Again Later

Hillary Clinton Loses Her Title as Most Hated By GOP

Obamas Plan for The Draft

CNN: David Sirota on the good, the bad and the ugly on Obama's economic plan.

'Obama-- don't be a slave to AIPAC,' Israeli veteran pleads

Shot 12 Times in The Back - By Police

Gitmo whistleblower talks to the BBC

Open for Questions-Response

Bias and Distraction in American Media - Discussing Gaza Crisis

Pay To Play (But Keep Love In Your Heart)

Mr. Cool's Centrist Gamble

Ring of Fire's Weekly News January 10th Part 1

I Want My Bailout Money by Michael Adams the Health Ranger

President-Elect Obama's Weekly Address (Turning around unemployment)

Robert Fisk’s World: Wherever I go, I hear the same tired Middle East comparisons

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Gareth Porter: Israel Rejected Hamas Ceasefire Offer in December

David Shuster vs John Ziegler Round 2

NBC News: Opening clip of the Feb 7th, 1972 newscast (Kissinger in Vietnam)

maxkeiser BBC World The Oracle episode 1, jan. 9th; good colin powell parody included

The lonesome death of William Zantzinger

Abstinence-only was a $1.5 billion failure

Young Turks: 5 U.S. Presidents Meet, Cenk Reacts. LOL!!!

What the Gupta Are They Thinking?

Countdown: Bushed! Jan. 9, 2008: American citizen gets renditioned by KGB. Holy sh!t

TYT: Consider The Israeli Perspective

Onward Christian Zionists (Quasi-Fascist Evangelicals in Britain & America)

Letterman - Dick Cheney Lie Count - 01-09-2009

Cheney never exceeded his authority. (Maddow)

Young Turks: Should The Porn Industry Get A Bailout??

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make: The final Hannity & Colmes

Al Jazeera interviews Congressman Kucinich on Gaza

Obama Anointing Prayer for Walkway to Inaugural Stage

Fired for Working While Gay

KO: John Dean On Obama, War Crimes and Commissions

Primetime Torture

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Bill Moyers on Mideast Violence | PBS

Letterman - Dick Cheney Lie Count

Children of Gaza, Run to the Angels

MONSANTO investigator in Illinois laughs they are doing "RURAL CLEANSING."

TYT: Who created more jobs? Clinton or Bush?

GOP sees Franken as top public enemy

Gaza living

Hardball: Matthews speaks with Dem congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Jim Moran

Red State Update: Senator Franken, Kennedy, Burris?

Barack Obama drops in on Ben's Chili Bowl in D.C.

This Palestinian Chick Has Got Brass Ones...

A socialist answer to the Gaza crisis

Family suffers greatly during shelling in Gaza

"Remember the Roman Empire. For a long, long time the state of Judea...

Israeli Troops Close In On Gaza City; Livni: "(Israel) Is Not Going To Show Restraint"

Israel Tells Gazans To Brace For War Escalation

Haaretz editors sensationalized reporting sparking rumours of executions in Gaza

on Apartheid

'Israel Is Not Going to Show Restraint'

Palestinians under fire, under nourished in Gaza..Farmers fear going to fields to collect produce

This is how Hamas thinks: Fighter Sees His Paradise in Gaza’s Pain

Children of Gaza, Run to the Angels


In Gaza, no one is winning

NPA (Norwegian People's Aid) car hit by missile in Gaza

"It Can't Happen Here": Israel and the Global Financial Crisis

Afghans sign up to fight Israeli troops in Gaza

Pentagon denies arms shipment to Israel linked to Gaza fighting

Gaza: A Real History-US & Israel Have Spent Last 3 Yrs Trying To Recover From 2006 Elections

A top Hamas commander, Palestinian family of 7 die in Gaza attacks

MIDEAST: Israel Rejected Hamas Ceasefire Offer in December

NYTimes: U.S. Rejected Aid for Israeli Raid on Iranian Nuclear Site

Very good overview of the history of the I/P conflict from The Economist

A top Hamas commander, Palestinian family of 7 die in Gaza attacks

Death Toll in Gaza Exceeds 800; Over 3,300 Injured

Rabbi Arthur Waskow: Underdogs and Uber-dogs in Gaza, and what American Progressives can do

7,000 Palestinians join largest Hamas rally in years at Israeli-controlled area of Hebron

In Gaza, the schools are dying too

Glenn Greenwald: Bill Moyers on Israel/Gaza

The International (2009) - (BCCI)

Welcome to Hell: Gaza's unending misery

BG Group at centre of $4bn deal to supply Gaza gas to Israel

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is not self-defence – it’s a war crime

6 injured in violent Gaza protests in Oslo

Mercy mission heads for Gaza as the world protests at slaughter

U.N. rights chief calls for Gaza war crimes probe

Hamas: Abbas no longer president

Dead Gaza fighters "bulldozed into piles"

Israel Is Committing War Crimes (Wall Street Journal)

'A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery'

Hamas Rejects International Observers in Gaza

Aid Groups Dispute Israeli Claims in Gaza Attacks

Gaza kids: ‘When’re we going to die?’

Israel Is Committing War Crimes (Wall Street Journal)

Q & A on Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza

IDF uses live ammunition to break up West Bank demonstrations

A Sderot Woman Speaks out Against Gaza Operation

Israel tells Gazans to brace for war escalation

British Jews call on Israel to halt 'horror' of Gaza

Israelis protest Gaza offensive: Our Zionism does not make us crave blood and war

Jews, Arabs hold peace rally

NBC evening news just reported that 40% of the population of Gaza is under age 14.

Hamas Leader Accuses Israel Of Gaza Holocaust

Iranian ship loaded with relief supplies to sail to Gaza port tonight

Ordinary Arabs fume over Israeli invasion

Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction

Gaza rocket strikes Ashkelon, injuring 14 Israelis

Editorial in Wall Street Journal says: "Israel Is Committing War Crimes"

Naomi Klein: Enough. It's time for a boycott

Vivian L. Hayward lived to teach about the earth

Will Obama Save Offshore Wind Power--Or Kill It?

Video Reveals that a Lack of Moral Center Is Central to Hamas's War Strategy

Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men

What's the difference between entitlements and

Interesting money -resource/site

Another perspective on the depression

Senator Byron Dorgan:Federal Reserve Refuses To Identify Recipients Of 2 Trillion In Emergency Loans

the formerly unthinkable -- is a military career the best option for grads?

Money can't be destroyed.

Today in labor history Jan 10 Mill collapses, trapping 900 workers, mostly Irish women, over 100 die

NYT letter to the editor from NLRB member Wilma Liebman

Starbucks union-busting complaints brewing (11 new charges filed)

Will SEIU obliterate a California local?

CONSTRUCTION UNEMPLOYMENT REACHES 15.3% 893,000 construction jobs lost in the last 2 years


Proposal would drop labor targets in auto bailout

LA Times: Hilda Solis deflects Republican questions over union issues

W Post: How the Government Tallies That Grim Jobless Rate

NBA players union to file grievance for Darius Miles

Ida Kinney, oldest African American in the San Fernando Valley, dies at 104 (integrated the union)

CNN: Government fights slave labor in Brazil (former rainforest now desert too)

Behind The Labor Merger Talks

College grads avoid brunt of layoffs

Finding a new job becomes harder as layoffs mount

USA Today: Labor board denies Delta Air Lines union request

S&P upgrades YRC after Teamsters vote

Taylor Teamster to be among 40 on Obama train trip

Le Grand woman helped United Farm Workers

Dunmore pension in trouble

I need some hints on "HOW TO" for our first local newsletter

Madoff Exposure Spreads to Labor Union Pension Funds

I've just been invited to speak to a Veteran's group about labor on MLK Day 1-19-2009

HPOU seeks perjury charge against NFL player's dad

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Labor (keep this kicked) 1961-1968

As a man of the minority: why are my rights worth less than any other American's rights?

Why don't you just sit down and shut up?

Looking to traditional texts, transgender Jews cross halakhic lines

I'm the Sofa KIng.


The definition of hypocrisy

ok this takes the fuckin cake...

Might any of these 'new' words describe you?

majority now says "get religion out of politics"

Is this what happens at "pray away the gay" camp?

Man fired for being gay dared by former boss to sue

My sermon tomorrow morning

Former Victory Fund executive director to serve as deputy director of WH Office of Public Liaison

Sacha Baron Cohen's black Jesus to shock America

I'm confused as to gay demographics.

What is the action plan?

Why Arguing With Fundies is a Waste of Time

Argentine president delays Cuba visit due to illness

COLOMBIA: Conditions in Place for New Hostage Release

Protesting Rick Warren in Atlanta 1/19 @ Ebenezer Baptist

Life ends at 50 for deluded acolytes of Castro's revolution

As a Titans fan

Fer Fuck's Sake - Get Jake Out Of That Press Conference!

I see a "Battle of the Birds" next Sunday for the NFC title...

Fan's blast Fox broadcast crew and their reach-around of St. Tebow.

How Dumb Are Fox's NFL Analysts?

Florida vs. USC? It’ll happen one day

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (January 10): Youngsters Shine in Stockholm

recovery time for kidney infection?

No such thing as a righteous shooting, I must disagree.

The big picture of Karma

A personal story and my research into Pranic Healing ;=D

This morning I woke up to the clock saying 5:55.

Obama swearing in ceremony during MFR (Mercury F'ing Retro)

Can anyone help me with insight about my daughter?

Think the Egyptian gods like a good laugh?

In my kitchen on a late winter afternoon

Pics I took this morning...

I got such a rush of energy today as I asked for wrong doers in US gov to be brought to justice

Jesus' Twigs and Berries

"The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating"

In case you missed this in GD, the recipes for the Inaugural Luncheon

Tilapia Recipes?

Venison eaters: a stew for you

Raising Moral Kids without Gods: The Wisdom Commons

Why I believe it is in my own best interest to put down all religions,

Quakes feed fears of Yellowstone eruption

Biggest Full Moon of the Year Tonight

Rick Warren offers support to homophobic conservative Episcopals

Istanbul's ancient past unearthed (BBC)

thoughts about what was said about a sick child.

Wouldn't it be less hypocritical for the Dali Lama to personally kill the animals he eats,

Been reading a fascinating book called, The History of Christianity,

Roland Burris and St. Augustine (Stanley Fish / NYT)

An extremely nummy nummy soup recipe

9/11 Conspiracy Theories 'Ridiculous,' Al Qaeda Says

My letter to Gov. Kaine

Al Qaeda vs. Saudi Arabia and the US

'Single Plane' Theory

Still Living: The Hole Tribute Band, starting in Hackettstown, New Jersey

I am downloading Winblows 7 Beta as I type this

Not to impressed with the new Monk show last night.....

Chretien's confidant dies of cancer: Jean Pelletier

Talk about trying to create artificial dissensions.