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Cindy Gallop's short 4 minute Ted speech (NSFW)

Japan says China cuts must be binding

Seems like this Cohen guy on Rachel is using hug therapy with guys to satify his repressed

Climate change talks to end in roadmap - Kremlin aide

Don't panic - welcome to the Crazy Season

Flashback: Harry Reid in September: Trigger "a pretty doggone good idea"

Some climate change deniers base their claims on a book that was a hoax....

Huckabee supporter behind homophobic attacks on candidate in Texas

10 best brands to buy this season

Killer Duck on the loose!

Japanese minister says talks on US base suspended

Toon: Doonesbury strikes again!

Jewelry is Stupid

CBS - "Boehner Plays a Round with Tiger and Tony Romo"

C-Span NOW. Joint economic committee, Regulating Financial Markets.

It's the coldest night of the year and tomorrow Sarah Palin comes to town.

How many people work in the health insurance industry?

General: Bin Laden capture key to U.S. efforts

Lieberman is probably going to demand a complete rewrite of the bill

Congressional Candidate Robert Dobbs Responds to Afghanistan President Karzai’s 15 to 20 Years

The Iraq War

Medicare at 55 would probably save my ass...BUT...

How to fight terminal perkiness

Alongside of an audit or before an audit of the Federal Reserve takes place..

Former Guantanamo Prosecutor Loses Job for Criticizing Military Commissions

Climategate (on global warming, or not)...

"The climate denial industry is out to dupe the public. And it's working"

Tie $ to Bin Laden

hey... can someone post the weather forecast for NYC and vicinity?

News snackers

So what has happened to the National High Risk Pool that was supposed to be available Jan 1

Pointing out GOP/CON flaws is easy

Where were you when you heard John Lennon was killed.

Where is a hard-assed Parliamentarian when you need one?

Here's why the "Medicare buy-in compromise" isn't what it's touted to be...

Is anyone else watching Cspan right now?

McChrystal: ‘I don’t view July 2011 as a deadline’

Gay group to cosponsor 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference

Watchdog Says TARP Helped End Economic Panic

Sudden thought: The economy is like "Bldg. 7" -- it was pulled down on purpose

I don't hate anyone.

WTF do Petraeus and McCrystal think we are?

Six arrested over murder of former Chilean president

The US Congress doesn't bat an eye...

House Republicans Huddle With 100+ Lobbyists to Kill Financial Reform Bill

Misogyny: "You can't be a little bit pregnant, or a little bit of a whore"

Isn't Blue Cross a non profit? They are a RIP OFF. Why will these new "non profits"

Isn't Blue Cross a non profit? They are a RIP OFF. Why will these new "non profits"

Mars Orbiter taken out of 'safe mode'

Holiday Health Insurance Reform Carol!

ACLU Loses $20 Million Donor


Just got a letter from Bank of America

Stop Following the Advice of Strangers...NOW!

Straight NY Woman Auctions Her Right To Marry On eBay - Proceeds donated to LGBT scholarship fund.

Group uses Lieberman's political party to assail him on health care

Asian students vow to continue school boycott

That jackass "Obama blocked Charlie Brown" mayor: now out of a job?

I don't like Bacchus but he is making a good point in the Senate this morning

i had a dream last night that howard dean had a radio show.

Miles for Nothing: How the Government Helped Frequent Fliers Make a Mint

Suppose we had gotten single-payer. Who was going to pay for it?

Gate-crashers to take the Fifth if subpoenaed --who the fuck do these people think they are?

Federal employees earn 2% pay raise

Hey, Hotmail, is something wrong with your "Smut" filter?

Tonight we'll go to -17.

What the OPR Torture Report Will Not Say

NBCNooz' Jim Miklaszewski sez the Pentagon is planning a minimum of 5 years in Afghanistan

Winter Storm Dumps On Wisconsin

College Degrees More Expensive, Worth Less in Job Market

Britain's Taking Back Bonus Cash From Bankers - Why No Recs Yet?

Rachel Maddow is wicked smart.

A simple proposal to repair the Senate.

Andy Schlafly is an idiot and Steven Colbert is handing this half witted

Going Rogue--condensed--Dkos

Where do you put yourself on the spectrum from archconservative to radical?

Department of the Army cites "competitive position in gaming industry" in denying FOIA request....

Department of the Army cites "competitive position in gaming industry" in denying FOIA request....

Ga. has a nuke event

Church Cross To Hide Cell Tower

Where America's gay couples live.

Confronted with clear falsehood, Fox News scraps its "zero tolerance" policy

Professional Womb Airlifted to Hospital

Why do you think Eisenhower waited for his Farewell Address to the Nation to warn us about the MIC?

Gates Dissembles on Afghan History

Attention Disgruntled Obama-Voters!

Company loses security contract for Kabul embassy

Eye witness in Kandahar Afghanistan: Domination is Futile - A Sad and Simple Report

Unrec trolls strike again

Captain Tuttle- "Obama's Afghanistan stategy a terrible mistake"

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1- The Climate Change, it is a-comin'

Thank god Jon Stewart decided to attack climate researchers again

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3- The Rest

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3- The Rest

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2: War Train

Federal employees earn 2% pay raise

"Are the `Progressives’ a front group for restrictive immigration?"-Sun Sentinel article

Is it me or is the Medicare idea another under-the-bus issue for women?

Congress: CUT ALL WAR funding until strong healthcare reform passes. Remember the word Solidarity?

Reno line forms 24 hours before Sarah Palin book signing

Selfishness on a small scale...... still troubling

Clarence Thomas takes "swipe" at Sonia Sotomayor in her first Supreme Court opinion.

Ohio House approves required autism coverage

Here's hoping that healthcare "reform" legislation fails.

Healthcare moment in time poll

Oh, Jon Stewart. Maybe a cabinet post for you, someday.

STERLING, Conn. - A holy cow in Connecticut, perhaps? Or maybe a divine bovine?

Bruce Springsteen refused Chris Christie's request that he paly at his innaugeration

Well, my dental insurance, at work, is no longer "free"

Well, my dental insurance, at work, is no longer "free"

How health care reform should have been handled.

Damn congressional staffers leak like a sieve

Buzz Grows for Thune Presidential Bid

Weiner E-Mail: Medicare Buy-In Is Path to Single Payer

War Hero Can Keep His Flagpole

Nonprofit Groups Say Report Shows Congress 'Rushed to Judgment' on Acorn

Washington Post under Fire for running Palin Op-ed:Calls for media boycott

Help. Looking for the video posted here on the TRANS AFGHANISTAN pipeline

This is cool -- Andrea Mitchell has Rachel on as a guest to give her take on

This is cool -- Andrea Mitchell has Rachel on as a guest to give her take on

Error: You've already recommended that thread

Ya Know, if a Person is Really Going to Quit Supporting Democrats and the Democratic Party,

California Shelters Crowded With Chihuahuas

NATO Sees Pick-up in Afghan Combat, Warns on (Increase in Civilian) Deaths

Petraeus: 'No quick success in Afghanistan' (Withhold Judgment Until December '10)

The Rude Pundit: Limbaugh Doctored Jesse Jackson Quote to Make It Look Like Jackson Opposes Obama

Apparently, elections DO NOT MATTER-F*** the Dems-Bush gets away with it & they're letting GOP win

If they're going to kill off the public option and put in a trigger

Fast Food Safer than School Lunches

Pentagon chief warned over Afghan army problems

What is with MSNBC flogging this Obesity Map/Unemployment Map today?

Target Lincoln: Potential Challenger Takes Steps Towards Primary Against Arkansas Senator

pat buchanan...a total climate denier

pat buchanan...a total climate denier

Make a difference for a kid this holiday season.

Behind my continued sense of anonymity, and deep feelings of kinship,

Your ass is killing me

The Money Party

"The War in Pashtunistan"

Credit card firms prepared for new law

Rush Limbaugh Weighs In on VR's 'Stop the Chamber' Campaign

Democrat compromise means victory for the insurance industry

Obama On Senate Deal: 'I Support' This 'Creative New Framework'

Thousands of Stimulus Reports Missing, Resulting in Potential Undercount of Jobs Created

Tamron Hall: Why can't taxpayer money go to helping taxpayers get jobs?

Britain Unveils Whopping Tax On Bank Bonuses; U.S. Windfall Tax Proposal Going Nowhere

"Members are expected . . . to support Democratic candidates.. ."

Bruce Springsteen backs gay marriage in NJ

Truck Convoy Protests Emissions Regulations - CA Air Resources Board To Consider Moving Deadline

Scientists create instant nanobatteries

tax money for jobs in private sector? for every $1 employee gets, boss gets $2

Lieberman: I Continue To Oppose Any Kind Of Trigger

Lieberman: I Continue To Oppose Any Kind Of Trigger

Bruce Springsteen backs Jersey's gay-marriage bill

Kill Osama to Defeat Qaeda: McChrystal

The man made Health Care Reform a major issue. He raised it

House Panel Passes College Football Playoff Bill - Our tax dollars at work?

sarah palin trashes copenhagen climate summit via the washington post editorial

Bruce Springsteen gets it! Will Christie get it?

Is a hefty fine possible for the WWII veteran who just returned a book?

White House reviews policy banning Obama from sending condolence letters for military suicide

Can Gays Get Divorced In Texas

The Senatorial Health Care Two Step With Two Left Feet.

breaking news...south carolina lawmakers to let gov. sanford off the hook

Why all the whining about the deficit? Especially from blue dogs

5 Americans Detained in Pakistan Raid

Good grief! I'm under a tornado warning.

Gonzo Being Gonzo

Question About Possible Medicare For 55-64... Will These People Who Become

Question About Possible Medicare For 55-64... Will These People Who Become

GREAT Colbert last night: Bernie Sanders!

Teen scientist's cancer research earns $40,000 prize

Is this the Senate Health Care Proposal?

who IS this asswipe on m$nbc ?

Why I oppose the Afghan Surge - Arlen Specter

Pardon me while I check out a rumor that Bill Clinton will appear in the lobby of my office building

Rethug hack Danny Vargas says KSM must have a quick and speedy

UK slaps huge tax on bank bonuses.

Just how “nice” of a guy is Obama?

China cheats on steel - Arlen Specter

After the BS we have seen from Congress these past few months,

Franken Challenges Napolitano on Imprisonment of Asylum Seekers

cheney has new interview....he's trashing attorney general eric holder over ny trials

Yowza! Another Tiger Woods mistress surfaces!

Homeowners in U.S. Lost $5.9 Trillion Since 2006 as Defaults Cut Values

Homeowners in U.S. Lost $5.9 Trillion Since 2006 as Defaults Cut Values

Menorah becomes issue in Florida town

Ya know, Barack Obama himself would be banned as a member if some here had their way.

SC voted NOT to impeach Sanford. Je will be censured

Democrat compromise means victory for the insurance industry

Neo Nazi ordered to cover up swastika in court..

Ezra Klein: Republicans for single-payer health care

Bruce Springsteen Rocks Gay Marriage Vote - "for the rights of same-sex couples"

Did the Orange-Osceola State Attorney's office cover for Tiger Woods?

Over twenty thousand people attended the memorial for the four police officers

Another nasty repuke bites the dust

Could the GOP have screwed up in reverse? Will we get Medicare for All?

That crazy party-crashing couple will be subpoenaed by House,

When Television Makes History: "The People Speak" on the History Channel December 13th

When Television Makes History: "The People Speak" on the History Channel December 13th

Bernie Sanders... has been all over the airwaves

New York State Assemblyman George Michaels:-If only some Blue Dogs have as much good conscience.

Good recap on where insurance reform stands from mcjoan at Kos

Suzuki, VW agree to form world's largest auto alliance

Great Appliance Swap-Out Program a go for New Yorkers

LIEberman: You heard it here first.

SFSU Students Take Over Building in Protest - my step-daughter is one of them

Caption Sen. McConnell

How much does Congress pay, each, for family coverage?

Facebook privacy in transition--but where is it heading?

Obamas' speech on Afghanisan was the first time I heard him lying to us

Musings on Ari Melber's Speech and the State of TV News

Isn't it funny that for 8 years you couldn't find Cheney anywhere?

Gitmo Detainee Is Returned to Kuwait After 8 Years

Hey Obama, you didn't mention the line - "if we were starting from scratch"....

dick cheney has accused President Obama of ' giving aid and abetting the enemy'

Scientists find way to block fearful memories

The Felonious Five prepares to take another crap on democracy

A seasonal reminder from the hardware folks

delete dup

You Should Know What Your Insurance Premium Actually Buys

What's up with all the "public option is dead" headlines? WGN reported it

Homeowners in U.S. Lost $5.9 Trillion Since 2006 as Defaults Cut Values

Film about the 1961 US Figure Skating team

House Repubs: Whereas Christmas is a national holiday celebrated on December 25; and ...

Congress involving themselves in the BCS is a WASTE of our money

NJ Gay Marriage Bill- Proof there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats

Logic Part 2: How to argue better and recognize fallacious arguments

Only 55-64 year olds who are high-risk and uninsured and don't need subsidies...

A very dangerous and radical manifesto--Part II--DKos

Matt Taibbi is on The Colbert Report tonight

The more McChrystal talks about the "new" Afghan strategy

Do I have this right about Medicare @55?

Dean: Senate Bill Is 'Real Reform,' A Needed Antidote To GOP Propaganda

Gibbs, on asked if Obama would have rather had public option: "Hypothetical".

This crap about cheenee saying Obama has disparaged our country .......

The Real Santa Claus

Climate talks resume in Copenhagen after two-hour halt

A couple of questions on the new HC ideas.

Tweety has Ron Reagan and the cross-eyed

Why do pundits who never sat in the same room as the former President insist on lecturing Ron Reagan

Turkey Watch

Strange request from a convicted Murderer

Strange request from a convicted Murderer

Number two commander on the ground in Afghanistan concedes civilians may have been killed this week

there is no law against calling the President a traitor.

I'm Tired, I'm Numb And I Just Cannot Believe How Many Climate Change Deniers There Are.

Testosterone Does Not Induce Aggression, Study Shows

Ex-GI describes running bootlegging ring in Iraq

Man arrested for pulling gun on boys ringing doorbells--Good ole Texas story.

Two circulating beams bring first collisions in the Large Haldron Collider

If we are adding ten years of medicare coverage, why not cover people aged 0-10?

Dear Fox News, Math is really not your strong suit. Please stop trying.

The national "grass roots" almost won with Ned Lamont. Who should this group focus on now?

The national "grass roots" almost won with Ned Lamont. Who should this group focus on now?

Checking in I made it to Work and Back Home (wind chill warnings start now)


Some historical perspective on climate change

Dollars & Sense: State Budget Blues

Glenn Beck's gold-gate we go

Anybody Know This Guy?

Despite Security Worries, NRA Seems Set to Prevail in Shoot-Out Over Guns on Trains

Playgirl may have nude photos of Tiger Woods

STFU Cheney...says Grayson.

Markos Moulitsas (DailyKos) comes out AGAINST Senate Health Plan on Olbermann

Tiger Is In Real Trouble've got 60 m*fers on your side, give or take, and 40*mfers on the other side...

Shhhh... Don't tell anyone, but... the Medicare buy-in IS a public option...

Carter grandson to enter politics

Carter grandson to enter politics

Public option?

Trane plant to close Springhill, LA site after 20 years

*****Heads up DU!*****

THIS is "the best of the public"? -Schlafly exposed by Colbert, letting him on air

THIS is "the best of the public"? -Schlafly exposed by Colbert, letting him on air

We Can Do Both - by Gov Howard Dean MD

Why don't we take in gay Ugandan refugees and house them in the "Family's" headquarters

Bravo Greenpeace

Since Dexter has such a well defined "killing code"

So if healthcare reform becomes law - what happens to SCHIP and the smoke taxes?

Health-care "reform": a clusterfuck you can believe in

General Mills lowers sugar in kid's cereal

From the world of the Rabid Dog Right: Hypothetical 'Tea Party' Outpolls Republicans

Bloomberg: Uganda To Drop Death Penalty, Add Forced “Conversions”

Paul Krugman: Darling, I love you

The talent lost to AIDS Remembering the black personalities that have died due to the HIV virus

Former Phila. nightclub manager charged in Mumbai massacre

Alan Grayson and Tweety just now: speaking about Dick Cheney

My article summarizing the 2009 healthcare debate

Kucinich's Letter to Pres Obama: Withdraw from Afganistan Now: sign & send:

Just thought I would share two songs for tonight

Just thought I would share two songs for tonight

Just thought I would share two songs for tonight

I'm confused about Medicare buy in?

Gramps Grassley opines that it is not a good idea to put gramma and your family on the boat

Thank you Jonathan Turley

Mass. driver convicted of running over mother duck

The American Hospital Association at Work....lobbying Congress, screwing the people.

Email from Rep Alan Grayson: Change Obama's Mind, Change the World (Afghanistan)

Americans Want Government to Spend for Jobs, Send Bill to Rich

War Is A Racket By Major General Smedley Butler

This morning on MJ on MSNBC, I heard a brief part of a story about some R congress members headed to


Honduras to let Zelaya leave country for Mexico

Climate Change's Orphans: Rogue iceberg floating toward Austrailia

American Exceptionalism: When you hear this phrase, it is important

I'm using Obama's advice to win the war on Christmas...

I'm using Obama's advice to win the war on Christmas...

Do you agree with the idea of spending TARP money - at this time - to pay down some of the debt?

The free clinic Keith O is supporting is here for the next two days

Idiocy - Markos Moulitas

U.S. launches new bid to hunt bin Laden

Why do Dean, Krugman, Sanders & Weiner seem to like the new healthcare compromise?

You just gotta love the president, eh?

Goldman Sachs execs arming themselves for popular uprising?

White House party crashers stiffed a hotel after leaving White House event

Congressman in California drops effort to honor Tiger Woods with Congressional Gold Medal

Medicare: A victim of its own success?

It's simple. Those who truly love this country are not represented by any political party.

Atheists at Christmas: Eat, drink and be wary

Who is 'the Family'

It took Al Gore and Bill Clinton to get NAFTA

Government to settle with American Indians for $3 billion...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Coming soon to a security checkpoint near you - DHS super-duper emotion reader

Can someone explain to me why my niece can't get MediCal?

Do you ever get the feeling we look like this to them?

Medicare buy-in? by Don McCanne MD

LOL!! My future husband to Dick Cheney - STFU!!!

Senate Judiciary Committee schedules hearing for 2 Obama 4th Circuit nominees (SCOTUS prospect?)

No crying in baseball, and no Congressional Gold Medals for golfers with 10 mistresses and counting

Two intrinsic features of the American system of govt. come together to threaten a social disaster

Jon Stewart Calls Out Gretchen Carlson For "Dumbing Herself Down" (VIDEO)

Man... The Un-Rec Crew Sure Is Busy Tonight...

Here is how I understand the Republicans feel about the democrats

'Friends with Benefits' sex does no psych harm - profs

College Degrees More Expensive, Worth Less in Job Market

More U.S. Christians mix in 'Eastern,' New Age beliefs

There's a thread in the Lounge that's a must see for all of our 'cannabis enthusiasts'...

Do you suppose there will be an investigation of "The Family?"

Any one seen "The Road" yet?

When are the Dems going to strip Lieberman of his chairmanships

How the useless parasite insurance companies witll get around pre-existing conditions

Selling out health care reform

I really wanted to be proved wrong about Health Care reform

I really wanted to be proved wrong about Health Care reform

Gore responds to Palin

Millions to lose Unemployment Benefits if Congress doesn't act now.

Trampoline flies, then lands on a roof.

Ireland's abortion law challenged in European court

Aside from Climate Change or Global Warming, When was Pollution Good for Us?

Aside from Climate Change or Global Warming, When was Pollution Good for Us?

*Confused naked teens click here! By Mark Morford

Map of World Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The City of Berkeley sends wire hangers to politicians

If the Senate thinks that "US Americans" will be happy about paying $865 a MONTH for Medicare @

Sotomayor Draws Retort From a Fellow Justice (Thomas gets snippy)

Ronald Reagan meets with the Taliban

Group sues for Obama White House visitor list

I hear the president is going to explain his militarism when he accepts his peace prize

I hear the president is going to explain his militarism when he accepts his peace prize

I hear the president is going to explain his militarism when he accepts his peace prize

Live blogging from the C.A.R.E. Clinic here in KC. I'm here to volunteer!

Corruption is destroying the soul of US society, warns FBI agent

Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley wins four-way Dem primary to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat

Uganda's Draconian Anti-Gay Bill: Inspired by the U.S.

Americans: Eat the Rich (Or at least tax the hell out of the worthless scumbags)

Medicare Buy-in a great Idea -- But for whom???

If I were president, one of the first things I would do is work to raise taxes. A lot.

Are federal employees subject to state labor law?

Former BOE Official Buiter Says Greece May Be First EU Default

Old Farts, unite!

I don't see any plan to help renters

Too clean kids, heart disease as adults

Obama cancels lunch with Norway's king

Obama FAIL

Obama FAIL

Should the US withold government aid from Uganda if they pass the kill the gays law?

Tea Party saint Ayn Rand would have hated those low-life, low-brow, sanctimonious scumbags

The DNC wants money for enabling corporatist Democrats to destroy hc reform; will you bite?

Things Should Have Been So Very, Very Different

"The good, they die young"

"The good, they die young"

F**king hell, OBL is DEAD.

These 14 Senators are members of the DLC's New Democratic Coalition

Fox & Friends Gretchen Carlson Is Not So Dumb After All

Hatch just spilled the partisan beans to Ratigan and I hope this goes viral.

Just realized I haven't heard Randi Rhodes lately (Seattle). Is she MIA? Again? Thanks. nt

Elections Do Matter: An Example --> New stem cell lines approved for tax-paid research

House panel passes college football playoff bill

Outline Of Senate Health Bill Agreement Emerging

I have a question regarding Medicare

Who wants to take a stab at captioning this?

Homeland Security Embarks on Big Brother Programs to Read Our Minds and Emotions

Hundreds line up for Palin's Reno book tour stop

It's One Thing To Win A Nobel Peace Prize, Another To Earn It

Rep. Steve King uncovers the PROOF that ACORN has infiltrated the government

Homeowner Explains 'Hitler' Graffiti

Injured 550-lb man, unable to afford health care, dies waiting for a 'Job miracle'

UFO Over Norway: Residents Baffled By Mysterious Swirling Blue Light In The Sky

Atheists are not allowed to hold office...

Religious foes try to nullify election of atheist in North Carolina

Is it possible that Obama's doing Bush-lite because the US Empire might fall?

The Nuts and Bolts of Health Care Subsidies and Federal Poverty Levels

Does anyone else's head explode at the $$$$$ spent for our representatives to do NOTHING

I'm holding out HOPE until the last dog dies...

My day volunteering at the C.A.R.E. Clinic in KC today

Cheney can barely breathe

Group sues for Obama White House visitor list

Iceberg a 'once-in-a-lifetime' sighting

Chihuahua glut: Chihuahuas flooding CA shelters. Plane to be charted to fly them to other states.

More girls in India are refusing to become child brides

Ed Schultz just said it so much better than I can/have ........

Here's what I'm thinking- TIME FOR A L.A. DU MEET -UP!

Out of proportion? Florida in line for as much as $1 billion of Arne's $4.35 billion?

The Democratic Party Has Not Failed Us On Healthcare Reform

How low can you go.

Don't let the Holiday Blues set in . Play the DU College Football Bowl Pool!

I shoveled 150 yards of 18 inch snow that was very heavy. Ask me anything.

If you want to know why banks are slow to modify default loans, check this out. It is sickening

Are you watching Rachel? Holy cow.

How do you deal with telemarketers?


A Poll on Scientific Transparency

Is our children eating? USDA approves school lunch meat that KFC & Jack-In-The-Box would refuse.

Woman who challenged her foreclosure illegally locked out of her home during blizzard

Shifting Trends Towards Fair Trade in the United States

Bank-Friendly Dems Shut Down House, Threaten To Kill Wall Street Reform

‘KGB destroyed Hitler’s remains fearing birth of a Nazi shrine’

The Demoralized Democratic Base

Cheney for President?

US Air Force confirms 'Beast of Kandahar' drone

What's the most patriotic car?

Language teachers caught by janitor having naked romp in HS classroom

Shhhh, let me tell you a little secret

Just how bad was it when President Obama took office ?

I got a ticket for driving while using a cell phone today

VOTE HERE: DU December 2009 Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest Finalists!

Dear Barack, Spare Me Your E-Mails - By Robert Scheer

Dear Barack, Spare Me Your E-Mails - By Robert Scheer

Gen trumad: Bin Laden is dead---D----E----A---D---Dead!

Who's Funding and Pushing Climate Change Denial:

Some peoples ability to perform mental gymnastics amazes me

Whatever happened to DUer ColbertWatcher?

Get ready for the Geminid's meteor shower, the years best!

Now I know why they let him win.

I don't want a legal mandate for a rotten product whose prices will skyrocket with no controls!

Of laotril and ex gays

+ 73% Back Pain

So TCM is showing "The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse" in a few hours.

Anyone See A&E's Show, "Hoarders"

Going to sleep at 6:30 am isn't a good sign

i attempted to throw stuff at the trashcanb ut i missed and its on the floor and it stays theres on

Ay Ay Ay, It's Christmas!

Cool art -- the manmade blue crystal cave.

hey... can someone post the weather forecast for NYC and vicinity?

Well, my wiener dog just peed on the bottom step of our house...

How does Mac treat Yahoo Messenger?

Lady rides the crazy train on the NYC Subway

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/09/09

How do you determine winter weather in your area?

I was watching CNN this morning and they said "Closed Captioning sponsored by Michael McDonald's CD"

Fla. taxpayers pay to cover up neo-Nazi's tattoos

High Winds in Winter Make Me Nervous

math question from a math dunce

It had to be an image of Christ..

When I got gas this morning, Elvis and Osama pulled up next to me in an SUV.

Poll question: will local vampires take your blood?

delete- I figured it out

Best, Worst, Weirdest Xmas Trees in the World (link to pic page)

LynneSin doesn't get it. Do you?

For the good of the Lounge, please stop doing that

For the good of the Lounge, please stop doing that

Full Circle

Because all of you in the lounge have meant so much to me, I made an Xmas donation just for you.....

it's anywhere from -6 to -10 here, depending on what source you use

17 below zero. No, no, no.

Has anyone ever had their alarm clocks be a part of their dreams?

It was yesterday or the day before when I asked why Google doesn't crush the "Google Biz Kit" people

Coldest temperature you've ever been out in?

Match Game: "Birthday boy Rabrrrrr heroically saved ___pile of Das, Gus, and blood-coated children."

Last night I dreamed I was telling someone about one of my earliest memories.

Attempt to get free wireless Internet triggered Carlisle bomb scare, police say

Bizarro revelations about other DUers you wish you never knew about them.....

I am thankful for the writing of Charles Bukowski

I bought a car about a month ago that has an automatic transmission

So who else is loving their temps in the 70s/low 80s and the sunshine right now?

I'll tell you what...I'm sick of having to wear these green Playtex gloves on job interviews.

Adapt or perish

Sometimes,I think I can feel my armpit hair growing.

Got yelled at today.

Does anyone use the expression "say," anymore ?

Official DU Meetup Restaurant

Help! Quick baking question --

Man allegedly dresses like mom to withdraw cash

Do I make more money for DU this way?

Tiger Woods sex tape released

TOP CHEF Finale! And People magazine spoiled it!

How would you find out if you have an underachieving Trojan in your bowl game?

CH-CH-CHECK. test n/t

Can you watch others mistake "your" and "you're" and not do so yourself?

A teabagger goes into a drug store to buy condoms...

Can you watch others do their package and not do so yourself?

Can you watch others do their DUCK and not do so yourself?

On the Trojan thread theme - true story from jr. high - 1976 or so. Homecoming game

cat game question

Soccer player gets yellow card for farting in referee’s face (UK)

How would find out if you have a keylogging trojan on your computer?

The Apocalypse is indeed upon us...

If I could marry anyone, I'd marry Betty White.

I'm Not a Whore, I Love Dogs and Twilight


spanish help please

Bad Girls Club on Oxygen

I hate the itching....

I Want To Start A Philathropical Foundation That Supports Other Philanthropical

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

Some wonderful little stop motion movies

STFU incident on Hardball

A toast to and for you with an 80 year battery....Watch it and Howl

Well, I try not to do this too often, but if you would not mind...

Crap - I'd hoped to have three Martinis done by noon, but just finished number 2

Is beer food?

Rolling Stone's Top 100 songs of the decade... what a fuckup.

Bumper sticker

Does anyone get really itchy when they swim in a chlorinated pool?

Lay back, relax, apathy's back in style...

What is the definition of "gibberish"?

Silver moons and paper dreams - wtf are those?

I don't mind the birds eating from the bird feeder, but I wish they'd dispose of husks elsewhere.

For my 2000th post...A very cool Weezer tune. :)

I saw something disgusting in print today: "Texas Fish Tacos"

Charlotte found a way to stay warm...

I really hope this guy never reproduced.

Legendary Guitarist ROY Buchanan, BAY Buchanan, or Petticoat Junction's beloved EDGAR Buchanan?

Rudolph's Shiny New Year

Well, the Jerk store called.....

Two DUers have requested help with Mafia Wars on FB

Washington requests 2012 Giro start

Question for Nautical Experts or Antique/Historians

The King of Rock & Roll, The Killer, The Georgia Peach. Post YOUR 50s rock nickname for yourself

remove please

This has saved my life

Someone give me some cool ideas for Xmas gifts for myself.

With The Demise Of Soaps; What Will We Clean Ourselves With?


These are a few of my Christmas Cravings...

The view out my front window...

I love jewelry

Stuck at home for 2 days now. Anyone else getting cabin fever?

R.I.P. Imeem :(


All I want for Kurisumasu is

UFOs, Revolution, Unrec Wars, Health Care, Reform, Compromise, "Real" Americans...

Looking for music and music videos fit for a 10 year old boy...

Applying to Jobs on or Career Builders or Dice Is Like Playing the Scratch Off Lottery

The song from the Kindle Commercial & Free software to convert youtube videos to mp3

Who knows from RAW video files? I have...

Why is it that storm winds can knock down utility poles, causing power outages, yet

Jesus in a Santa cap, riding a dinosaur! For your Xmas greeting pleasure!

HEADS UP, Reno 911 fans: "Thomas Lennon is Guntram Müller - MüllerCize It! part zwei"

Wow. Just wow. Aretha just sang "O Holy Night" on The View. Will look for YouTube n/t

I just can't think of anything or clever, intriguing, disruptive,

In the spirit of Christmas, I propose a moratorium on all posts attacking alleged "rock band" Rush

Opponents of PETA need a Non-Human Privilege Checklist. I will get it started. You can add to it.

with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes and a bone in her nose

If you made turducken out of tofurkey.....

Possibly the worst day of my DU life.

I have to admit, Modern Family just had one of the best Christmas episodes ever

Well, I had a fun evening. *GRINS*

Rec if you think it's a good idea to drink a lot of beer and then post on DU

I've been thinking about death

Live on Tyra: A Colonic.

The Snuggie Sutra. I shit ye not

Ok you blizzard survivors - how did it go?

OK, whichever one 'a you schmucks gave me a star...

Sexuality of the guitar

Obama urges major new stimulus, jobs spending

Just to piss off Christmas Warriors, I'm now telling people "Happy Thor's Birthday!"

Senate Democrats Dump Public Option in Health Care Bill!

White House seeks federal oversight of rail-transit safety

Climate gate was headline news, but the Gotcha Media seems to be ignoring Durbin's find

President Obama to Detail More Than $500 Million for Local Health Centers

Health care: It doesn't matter what passes out of the Senate

Does the President have the monarchistic powers of a King than can decree laws at any time?

In jobs speech, Pres. Obama takes tougher line on GOP

My New Proposed Trigger

How many seconds do YOU use for the "5 second rule".

That ending of Top Chef... (spoilers)

"Health Care by the Numbers"

Obama Job Creation Package. See the President's Key Proposals

Question About Possible Medicare For 55-64... Will Those People Who Become

*Karzai says Afghanistan Army Will Need Help Until 2024*

I like puppies

God bless Howard Dean, but he's a little hope-struck at times

Do You Love Netanyahu? If Not, No US Government Job For You

"Senate plan to tax health insurance premiums would mean benefit cuts and higher costs for workers"

I just realized that my keyboard has no "Scroll Lock" key.

The crucial element of the medicare buyin: reimbursement rates.

What We Don't Know Can Hurt Us: The scariest thing Gen. McChrystal told Congress about Afghanistan.

Chronic Art: Making Amazing Mosaics From Roach Papers (dialup warning)

Krugman: New health plan "good enough to go with"

Guardian: Spanish fan calls police over saxophone band who were just not jazzy enough

Primary War Reruns -

If, in the end of it all...there is no Public Option.....I am done with all politics.

What would the economic effect be of giving one million random households a check for $200K?

What if ... Obama never proposed healthcare reform in the first place?

Coverage versus Cost (as measures of goodness)

Do you do anything better when you're high/drunk?

"Buy-in" for Medicare prob. start in early 2011 and " not be subsidized."

Conrad: Medicare Buy In Not A Deal Breaker

"Obama On Senate Deal: 'I Support' This 'Creative New Framework'"

A spasm is not a realignment (Hardcore Rant)


Top Chef finale tonight - who will win?

"Weiner, a fan" (of the mysterious Senate Gang of 10 agreement.)

"Obama to GOP: 'Stop trying to frighten the American people'"

Here is an absolutely crazy and stupid idea that will NEVER fly.....Oh wait a minute...

Anyone have any suggestions for some awesome pillows?

AP: Dean Embraces the new Senate Plan. Time to throw him under the bus?

Public option keeps a toehold in Senate Health Care Deal with a trigger and state opt out.

175 Billion in TARP bank bailout money will go for deficit reduction, not public works job programs

Krugman, Dean, Weiner All Seem To Be Somewhat Supportive Of The "Compromise Plan"

No one gets their own special set of facts to prove a point..not me, not you, not them

People over 55 have a high percentage of registered voters. it's going to be hard for repubs

I could support this bill. All I want is my $2,500 premium savings

What Not to Do for December Birthdays

Politics is not a team sport

Potential Challenger Takes Steps Towards Primary Against Arkansas Senator

Samuels joins governor's race, says he'll eye oil taxes

Quinn picks up endorsement from Chicago leaders, Cong. Davis

Quinn picks up endorsement from Chicago leaders, Cong. Davis

Testerman steps into the ring in governor's race

Jason Carter to run for Adelman’s seat

Question about Festivus

I'm givin' up on givin' up!

President Obama just endorsed Senate health care compromise even without a public insurance option!

President Obama just endorsed Senate health care compromise even without a public insurance option!

Sotomayor’s opinion marks the Supreme Court’s first use of the term ‘undocumented immigrant.’

Jenkins Gets Primary Challenge in Kansas 2

Democrats are supposed to believe in government....Er nevermind

Who here can tell us definitively what the "full, unsubsidized" cost of Medicare is?

Thousands of Afghan students protest against US forces

Americans have shorter memories than I thought possible

Then senior Senator for Utah has written a "Hip_Hop Hanukuh" song and there's video!

There's a reason I won't even apply to be a moderator: my opinions are too controversial.

To Have Been A Fly On The Wall

Who Likes The Public Option Deal, Who Doesn't, And Will It Win 60 Votes For Health Care

Is there a way for Obama to get Scooter Libby to give up Cheney?

Well.. There's At Least One Guy From Illinios Is Standing Up For The Public Option

Obama FAIL -FiredogLake's Jane Hamsher comes out AGAINST the Senate Health Plan - Blames Obama

O.K., I'm Gonna Take A Chance Here

Obama to GOP: 'Stop trying to frighten the American people'. GOP whines some more...

Anyone know the answer to this health care reform question about kids?

TUNE IN live: Olympia Snowe on C-SPAN supporting drug re-importation

Questions I have about the proposed medicare buy-in

Obama Far Outdoes Bush in Escalating War -- The Numbers Will Surprise You

Obama on '60 Minutes' this Sunday

Does Palin provide a false sense of security?

Darn! I soo wanted to watch the George Carlin video this morning.....I saw only 3 minutes

Financial reform bill debate begins in U.S. House

WA-03: Baird Will Retire

It's too fucking cold

I just checked Teddy's grave.

Yes or no: Amend the Constitution to make illegal any corporate lobbying of elected officials?

Every time Cheney opens his mouth, I like Obama more and more.

Rep. Grayson tells Cheney to 'STFU'

Young Obama Statue Officially Unveiled In Indonesia

Senator Dorgan is a perfect example of Democratic schizophrenia

There is a neighborhood in Ottawa called Westboro. There is a big baptist church there.

Howard Dean: We Can Do Both (and other reaction to the Senate health care deal)

HEADS UP-Obama speaks to press at 11:50am ET on Economy

Does there exist anywhere a message bd. that is 100% unabashedly unapologetically TOTALLY pro-Obama?

Get ready: There’ll be a price for health benefits

If the survival of capitalism were in a Democratic president's hands, what should she or he do?

Why complain when things are so good?

Citi Races to Pay Back Bailout Aid

The Obama Presidency: December 9th, 2009

Group gathers to urge Sen. Bayh to make stand for public option

Medicare Buy-in. Good for those 55 and over, but what about everyone else?

Shhh! Another poll spike for Obama. Or, good news is no news

Do me a favor, folks, and at least agree on something...

The Bottom Line Reality on Abortion and the GOP...

PSA: Reduced-fat Skippy is NOT peanut butter.

Democratic Underground Members for Sarah Palin

Keith Olberman --- A-Fricking-Men..

Dean: Senate Bill Is 'Real Reform'

Pres Obama opposes Senate drug importation amendment!...

President Obama supports re-importation, but the FDA does not

Question for folks who pay for their own Private Insurance...

(If you don't like considering gloomy scenarios, skip this post)

Insurers must pay 90% of premiums to medical care under deal

President Nelson: No Serious Objections To Public Option Package Sent To CBO

Obama taps ex-Palin aide to oversee natgas project

TPM: Shh, Anthony Weiner -- The Moderates Might Hear You (he is coming up on Rachel soon)

We haven't had a real Democratic president since Andrew Jackson.

Obama's TSA appointment hasn't been confirmed yet. Where the hell is the media

Instrumentalists are often good singers.

Ms. Perfume Lady has joined my work group

I miss NYPD Blue...

See's Candies: L.A.'s finest contribution to Christmas

It's time for someone to find a cure for idiocy.

Health Care Bill (compromise version) or No Bill?

I think some us need to be reminded what the Goals of Health Care reform always were!

Things you don't see in the SEC or Big 12

Dean: Senate Health Care Compromise a "Positive Step" - "Real Reform"

what is pissing ME off is the everyone but the Republicans,

People bitching about Larry Persily appointment don't even know who he is.

It's worse than 93-94.

Health Care Reform vs Social Security, Why the Democratic Party should be pleased with PROGRESS.


****Watch the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony, Thursday 7am EST****

The health insurance companies have to go

What's the WORST Christmas gift you can remember?

I will not make the same mistake I made in 2000, in 2012, or in any

Obama signs off on increasing funding for Community Health Programs.

With the demise of the soaps, does anyone listen to radio theater?

Medicare premiums info

Obama has failed on healthcare reform.

Obama has failed on healthcare reform.

"Huckabee: 'Big Tent' Philosophy Will 'Kill The Conservative Movement'"

This Medicare thing in the healthcare reform bill could be VERY good news for single-payer advocates

Why do some on this board assume, those who oppose the President

Bernie Sanders, join Dean and Krugman under the pure bus. Obama is there since January

"Let's air our dirty laundry all over the world, shall we?"

Meet the Billionaire Brothers Funding the Right-Wing War on Obama

The proposed new Senate Bill opening Medicare for 55-65 year olds makes Single Payer more possible

Jewish lobby wages war on Christmas trees

I think about death.

"Medicare buy-in is not really a buy-in ... or really Medicare"

**Vibes for greenbriar**

Is a 30 year old married man going to the movie "New Moon" alone creepy?

I have a dry erase board. My daughter left this for me.

THE definitive Christmas movie...

MTV's "Jersey Shore"...filled with more a**holes than a proctologist's office at rush hour.

I hear a lot of talk about the elite global ruling class today

Japan Economy Grows 1.3%, (3.8x) Less Than Initial Estimate of 4.8%

Iran says former deputy defense min held by U.S.

Obama Offers Help for Small Businesses

Calls Mount for Resignation of Canadian Defense Minister Over Afghan Prisoner Torture

Action on job proposals may wait till next year

Ford seeks tax credits to make batteries

Congress readies huge year-end spending bill

Winter Storm Dumps On Wisconsin

Geithner: bailout program extended to October

Top China dissident faces subversion charge: lawyer

China closes file-sharing sites in crackdown

Eyeing India Market, VW Buys 20% of Suzuki

Bruce Springsteen backs gay marriage in NJ

Global stock markets fall amid recovery fears

Los Angeles restricts medical marijuana outlets

Broadcom co-founder testifies he didn't know backdating stock options was improper

China remains top investment spot for U.S. firms: study

Police: Five U.S. citizens detained in Pakistan

Cheney Calls Obama "Radical," Says 9/11 Trials a "Huge Mistake"

China says it detains 94 who fled July rioting

Peru army plans arms purchase, tests Chinese tanks

(IL Gov) Quinn signs campaign finance reform into law one year after Blagojevich arrested

Sound familiar? US refuses to allow UN inspectors to investigate its WMDs

Embassy Guards Gone Wild Get Fired

Doctors query ability of Tamiflu to stop severe illness

U.N. agency sees severe food shortage in North Korea

HMO stocks rise as public option wanes in U.S. reform

US mortgage applications driven up by refinancings

Thousands march against corruption in Indonesia

Tighter visa rules for UK-bound Indian IT workers

First the Problem Was Toyotas That Won't Stop. Now It's Toyotas That Won't Go

Japan to give US base relocation plan next week

Obama FAIL

Iceberg a 'once-in-a-lifetime' sighting

L.A. court hearing could set the stage for Roman Polanski's freedom

‘KGB destroyed Hitler’s remains fearing birth of a Nazi shrine’

Violence, turmoil in Afghanistan to rise: Petraeus

Bruce Springsteen Rocks Gay Marriage Vote - "for the rights of same-sex couples"

North Korea Reports Swine Flu Outbreak

California growing green jobs

TSA officials put on leave over airport security breach

Audit Finds TARP Program Effective

WHO: Smoking kills 5 million every year

Great Appliance Swap-Out Program a go for New Yorkers

U.S. Training Commander Reports Burst in Afghan Recruiting

Obama to Accept Nobel Peace Prize as War President, Address Afghanistan Troop Surge

Obama rights record questioned ahead of Nobel prize

Russia seeks U.S. help in fight against heroin epidemic

CREW Files Ethics Complaint against Sen. John McCain over Robocalls in Five States Paid for by NRSC

S.C. panel nixes impeachment measure for gov.

‘Wake up, gentlemen’, world’s top bankers warned by former Fed chairman Volcker

Berkeley sends wire hangers to politicians

Thousands of Afghan students protest against US forces

Thousands of Afghan students protest against US forces

Jenny Sanford wouldn't stand by her man

Howard Dean: Senate Health Care Compromise a "Positive Step"

(ABC News) Exclusive: AG Eric Holder in NYC for Terror Trial Summit

Canada knew of Afghan detainee abuse risk -general

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 9

Gen McChrystal: Bin Laden is key to al-Qaeda defeat

Britain to Levy a One-Time Tax on Banker Bonuses

Iraq war veteran who pointed gun at Boise police makes plea deal

Brazil working to reclaim Amazon rainforest

Mark Penn's two firms got $6 million from stimulus for PR campaign

Statue of Ten-Year-Old Obama Erected in Indonesia

War Hero Can Keep His Flagpole

Spill is among worst ever on North Slope

5 Americans Arrested in Raid in Pakistan

(Rep. Brian) Baird Retires in Washington State

Climate Deal Likely to Bear Big Price Tag

UNASUR invites U.S. to discuss military agreement with Colombia

Arizona officials searching for more than 30 hunters reported stranded after snowstorm

Economists hail 'extraordinary' (Australian) job surge.

Reid: 'Very dramatic' Obama to GOP: Stop scaring U.S.

Kucinich to force House vote on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and Pakistan

Somali pirates hijack Pakistan-flagged ship

'Blackwater' men nabbed, released (Pakistan)

Carbon Credit fraud causes more than 5 billion euros damage for European Taxpayer

Berkeley sends wire hangers to politicians

No one hurt in college classroom shooting in Va.

Congress: Passengers Can Bring Guns on Amtrak Trains

Gore says 'Climategate' emails taken out of context

Health Insurers Caught Paying Facebook Gamers Virtual Currency To Oppose Reform Bill

Democrats: Private Medicare plans waste billions

Why God created politicians

Cancellation of 'As the World Turns' Celebrated by the 'Flat Earthers'

FOX News' Gretchen Carlson Strikes Back at Jon Stewart

Hatred and Ignorance are the main features of the teabaggers

Rachel Maddow Turns 'Gay Therapist' Back to Gay

Global warming plagues Australia's Outback. (Photo Gallery)

Support Up for Democratic Health Care Compromise

Afghanistan’s 'Bravest Woman' Pins Hopes on USA, Not Obama

Nothing ‘Third World’ about Italian justice

Obama's war and peace prize

Homeland Security Embarks on Big Brother Programs to Read Our Minds

In These Times: Death by Privatization

Obama 'doesn't deserve' peace prize

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders: Bernanke must go

"Climate-gate" time line

World’s top bankers warned by former Fed chairman Volcker

War & Peace

Repression and Resistance: The Communist Party From 1949-1959

All That Glitters

Why Journalist Gary Webb Died

Bad Choices- Hendrik Hertzberg

Guardian UK: In Dubai, they still don't get it

Obama to GOP: 'Stop trying to frighten the American people'

The health insurance companies have to go

Senate sell-out of Public Option? - to get the Senate Republican-Dems to agree to vote for it?

Class War in America, the Ongoing Assault

President Obama: Job Creation and Economic Growth

Jon Stewart Talks Climategate

Steele won't debate Donny Deutsch

Rachel's Wrong - Gays Can Be Cured

Democrats Drop Government Public Option In Health Care Plan

Man in Need of Double Lung Transplant Rejected by Insurance Death Panel

Senator Bernie Sanders on Prescription Drug Prices: Somebody Explain This To Me! pt.1

TYT: Fox News Busted For Distorting Poll On Global Warming

Christopher Hitchens weighs in on Obama's Afghanistan policy

Rachel Maddow: Not to be confused with Gang of Four

TYT: Why Did Sarah Palin Jump From College To College?

TYT: Copenhagen Hookers Offering It Up For Free

We Got That B Roll!

JFK speech on secret societies + transcript/subtitles

TYT: Email Shows GOP Deal w/ Banks To Screw Homeowners

Thom Hartmann & Bay Buchanan - Should there be a moratorium on legal immigration?

Maddow features PCCC Lieberman- SPECIAL REPORT

I'm A Democrat, And I'm A Republican,

Fucktard Ann Coulter: US Missed It's Chance On Iran

Sarah Palin vs. Miss Teen South Carolina: Presidential Qualifications Edition

Orrin Hatch reveals GOP partisan strategy on HCR to Dylan Ratigan

TYT: Cenk & Jayar Explain Why Glenn Beck Compared Tiger Woods To OJ Simpson

Is Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty?

Man in Need of Double Lung Transplant Rejected by Insurance Death Panel

Rachel Maddow: People Are Upset That Teabagging Is Dirty

Hardball - Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL08) has 'a few thoughts' about Dick Cheney

A Christmas Bonus: Christopher Hitchens' analysis of the Nativity Story

Holiday Songs For Scientologists

TYT: Wars Don't Have To Be Deficit Neutral But Healthcare Does?

Gibbon 'dating agency' saves apes

Drumbeat: December 9, 2009

Vestas to Temporarily Halt Output at Colorado Plant

Last Six Months Hottest Such Period Ever Recorded In Australia - WMO

Should Earth Scientists take a "Hippocratic Oath?"

The Washington Post can't go out of business fast enough

"There's No Denying That Casinos And Kunstler Are Great Entertainment " - Guy McPherson

The Fisherman's Dilemma Comes To Mongolia - Falling Prices, Overgrazing, Habitat Destruction - NYT

CPS Energy Board Chair resigns after weeks of pressure

50 (50!!) Scientists & Lobbyists Meet To Blame Melting On Sun, Volcanoes, Geothermal Activity

Greenpeace reports on Exxon Mobil's funding of Global Warming denial - 2007

Boycott Copenhagen

Naomi Klein and Martin Khor on the Growing North-South Divide in Copenhagen over Kyoto, Climate Debt

Tiny Nuclear Batteries to Power Micro Devices

Our oilsands, climategate and home conversations

The Madness That Is American Christmas - "Tinsel" Excerpted From Salon

Brazil working to reclaim Amazon rainforest

Clean-Coal Debuted in Germany - in Sept 2008.

Germany Will Repatriate & Destroy 75 Tons Of Pesticides, Methyl Bromide From Remote Nepali Locations

Going Cheney on Climate

Duke Energy's Large-Scale Battery Storage Project

Climatologist Tom Wigley Now Receiving Death Threats - FBI, UK Police Investigating

After 13 Years Of Drought, Farm Losses, Suicides, Most Oz Farmers Refuse To Believe Warming Real

The dark side of the natural gas boom

Sharon Astyk Demolishes Jared Diamond's NYT Op-Ed - Energy Bulletin

A historical perspective on climate change

World Cup games to be filmed in 3D

Drew Brees on Leno Tonight (Wednesday)

Ruh roh!

YouTube of Howard Cosell announcing John Lennon's death.

House subcommittee OKs college football playoff bill

Here's my model for a playoff, with this year's teams factored in...

The JerryTron Goes 3D, Players To Appear Even More Lifelike At Stadium

I dont want a playoff

Boras says Giants should go after Beltre

Tiger Is In Real Trouble

MLB All-Decade Team: something for everybody to love, and to hate.

F***ing College Football play-offs?! Here's some reasons to keep the Bowl system, at all costs!

Peru army plans arms purchase, tests Chinese tanks

Photo of Elian Gonzalez from 2008!

Test Case for Inter-American Human Rights Commission Could End Widespread Criminalization of Activis

Honduran Youth under Attack

UNASUR invites U.S. to discuss military agreement with Colombia

Guatemalan press prints leaks from sensitive murder probe

Colombia: 195 teachers killed, no one guilty

HONDURAS: Starting to Miss Hillary and Ian? They’re Back!

Never mind. There's another post about it n/t

U.S. delivers reconditioned jet boats to Ecuador to strengthen border control

Is President Zelaya leaving Honduras? VanW has some info:

Porfirio Lobo Wants Amnesty for All Involved in Coup

It's Chile's turn, and outsider throws election wide open

Palestinians struggle to build in West Bank

Israel bans EU MPs from Gaza

Israel has made settlers of all its citizens

The Case for U.S. Distancing From Israel - THE ATLANTIC

US-born Israeli settler on trial for murders

Egypt building iron wall on Gaza border to stop smuggling

Let's face the facts, Israel is a semi-theocracy - Gideon Levy

Do You Love Netanyahu? If Not, No US Government Job For You

Man arrested for pulling gun on boys ringing doorbells--Good ole Texas story.

Ability of local LEO's to arrest BATFE agents

Another Floridian [apparently] with a concealed license.....

Despite Security Worries, NRA Seems Set to Prevail in Shoot-Out Over Guns on Trains

New York Administration Announce Tougher Penalties on Toy Gun Sales

Amendment II Democrats - Cheap Shots for 2009

Today in Labor History Dec 9 Lech Walesa, leader of the Solidarity union elected president of Poland

Forging International Labor Solidarity in Wartime No Easy Task

Brand-New Nurses Union Aims to Ramp Up Organizing, Push for Single-Payer

Circle Dec 29th on your calendar (I have a front row seat in labor history (again))

President Obama's schedule for Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is there a site somewhere

Encore of a crosslink. A new kind of camera presented

Mysterious Radiation May Strike Airline Passengers

Richard Dawkins Was Right!

Boom! Hok! A Monkey Language Is Deciphered

I've got the Frisbee & you can't have it

Shot in the Dark, comments welcome

Strange 'Norway spiral' likely an out-of-control missile

Saturn's Mysterious Hexagon Emerges from Winter Darkness

Colossal Flood Created the Mediterranean Sea

When I was young and in the closet...

McDonald’s fires anti-trans manager

Can you donate to the LA Gay & Lesbian Center?

Uganda to Drop Death Penalty, Life in Jail for Gays

Anti-gay marriage group eyes Maine gov’s race

About Uganda--Political Asylum?

Obama Is Criticized on AIDS Program

Bruce Springsteen backs gay marriage in NJ

Neo-Nazi on trial for hate crime murder gets makeover

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/09/09

Another reason NOT to have a 2nd mortgage. Lenders screwing homeowners on 2nds.

What fun!!! Bankers turning on each other over bad loans.

Larry Summers is Steering U.S. Economy Towards Structural Adjustment

Bernanke must go

Deficit-hit Ireland slashes salaries, welfare pay

New Jersey to default????

America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system,

The Quiet Coup


Come on in and join the Birthday Party in Progress.... Celebration for: Ta^Da! *Grateful for Hope*

"Spiral UFO Puts Norway In A Spin"

No Public Option-- No Deal!

Novel Strategy Adopted By H1N1 Influenza To Enable It To Move From Birds To Humans

Huge AIDS Breakthrough From UCLA Announced (Application, Though, Still Likely Far Off)

No need for specs: eye implants offer ‘super vision’

Prospective Study--Vitamin D supplementation, cancer, graphically shown

WHO: Smoking kills 5 million every year

Bloomberg/Klein wage war on traditional public high schools

Senate votes to allow firing of tenured teachers


Obama and Duncan Launch NCLB 2.0

Race To The Top: Leaving Teachers Behind?

Foes try to nullify election of atheist in N. Carolina

Shining a Candle on the Miracle of Our Wonderful Life

Survey: Americans Mix and Match Religions

More proof that the Abrahamic god exists.

Armstrong's answer to the new atheists: Apophaticism

But heads? PZ Myers on the 'Atheist Buts' and 'God Buts' (the DLC of theology)

Religion kills another person.

Sous Vide Moves From Avant-Garde to the Countertop.

Great Depression Cooking

Any one here cook with a tagine?

Roasting vegetables...please give me advice!

Holiday Cookie Recipes