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So Harry is going to force confirmation of Southers to TSA.

Help me!

Karl Rove: champion of 'traditional" divorce

‘Stay Union-Free’ Pushed by Target, Michaels as Obama Law Looms

I would really like to know why this post was locked? I remember the original posting it was great!

Help- link to 12/29/09 Don Wright cartoon?

The right needs to stop referring to terrorists as "enemy combatants" or "enemy soldiers".

The right needs to stop referring to terrorists as "enemy combatants" or "enemy soldiers".

(Reid) Managers Amendment re: Non-profit insurance entity stipulation -

Why We Should Butt Out of Yemen Now?

So basically most who are AGAINST the HCR bill have either never read it, GOPrs, M$M believers or..,

Outback Steakhouse fined $21m for sex discrimination

Japan planned 'karate ladies' escort for Margaret Thatcher

Elephants are from Kenya

The Real Chicago Way: A Privatization Scheme That's A Loser For Taxpayers

Dubai: the downside of the boom

Conservative thinking is bizarre the world over

Hey kids! Love will destroy you! By Mark Morford

The D Party Needs Revolution/The D Party Needs Evolution

Dan Senor on MJ just now: The President looked "panicked" yesterday when he addressed the nation

The Undead Dick has crawled out of the basement

Before AA331 crashed: Pilot opted against mis-approach

Fuck you Dan Senor

republicans see political opportunity in Obama response to failed airplane bomb

In case no one has said this. I'm relieved Barack is our President

UN to Produce Bullion Coins as World Currency

Ponzi collapses nearly quadrupled in '09

Dan Burton calling on Napolitano to resign ?

The GOP is ecstatic over the attampted terra in Detroit!

War is wrong.

Fran Townsend is a CNN "Security Advisor now???!?

Wow these Fox corespondent are good.

Terrorists don't need to get through security to kill planefuls of people.

Best photos of the decade from the Associated Press

Fran Townsend is a CNN "Security Advisor " . . ???!?


NY Times Editorial - "The Case for Reform"

Dutch to use full body scanners for US flights

Why all the media coverage on what is happening in Iran and Venezuela.

Sorry to interrupt the angst, but.....(STFU Donnie edition)

Governor Of Katrina-Ravaged Louisiana Tries To Block Climate Change Regulation


Republicans see political opportunity in Obama response

Fatal Flying on Commuter Airlines No Accident in Aviator Complaints to FAA

Administration Rejects Calls to Reconsider Guantanamo Closure Plan (FAUX)

Claiming the system works vs.

Toon: The Afghanistan Jobs Program

Toon: The Afghanistan Jobs Program

How, exactly, does the attempted bombing represent a failure in US screening systems?

Homeland Security

CHENEY PRAISES OBAMA? "The Goal Of His Presidency-Social Transformation"

Have du'ers heard of If you have something

How the fugg is Napolitano the new 'Brownie"

Official silence on US plane plot helps investigation: experts

Price to See Palin

Price to See Palin

Newt Gingrich shows up FIVE times on Meet The Press this year

Most ridiculous news story of 2009?

N.Y. has a nuke plant event

AARP Bulletin - "Rising Health Care Costs Mean Less Pay, Fewer Raises, Lost Jobs"

Facebook status of a young muslim student I read today

Volunteer and get a free Disney park pass

Bush's legacy is a failed state

We need a micro wave scanner that will set off anything someone has hidden.

TIME has taken an interest in Florida GOP political doings

Federal appeals court sets limits on police use of Tasers

Powering A Nation



men in shorts have done it again and still - 3 ships highjacked

Can DUers explain the relevance of telling us that Rove and his ex-wife

The Global War on Stealth Underwear-By Robert Scheer

Pssst ...... c'mere ........ hey buddy ..... wanna buy a new car real cheap ....... ?

Immigration Reform is next on the Agenda (MSNBC reports)

Mich. sex offender may have parole revoked

Who *is* this Dan Senor(?)

Should Michele Bachmann R-Mn be the poster child for the 'dependency class'.

Any possibility that GE has a financial stake in the company/companies that produce 'Body Scanners'?

Cenk Uygur: If you think Howard Dean's too far left on HCR, you're a is Obama.

Things I Wish For In The New Year

So easy a caveman could do it.

Move Your Money: A New Year's Resolution

Funding Healthcare Reform

Who actually does the screening in foreign countries? We know it isn't TSA

No Charges Against CA Officer Who Kicked Suspect

If Underwear Bomber=Obama NOT Keeping US Safe-THEN-Shoe Bomber=Bush Did NOT Keep Us Safe After 9/11

What were the top 10 news stories of the decade, in your opinion?


Devastating Pentagon Report, Afghan Army Rife With Corruption, Incompetence

US Lawmakers Seek Probe Into More Treasury Aid For Fannie, Freddie

Nasdaq Evacuates Midtown Offices Due to Police Investigation

When we were in Paris a few years ago, we got caught in a bomb scare at the Eiffel Tower.

Do you expect your life to get better or worse in the next decade?

The Rude Pundit - Our Destruction Seeds Sown: A Final "Fuck-Off" to This Awful Decade (Part 3)

How I'd win in Afghanistan

How I'd win in Afghanistan

Philadelphia Faces Rising Toll of Domestic Violence

Can Jim DeMint be prosecuted right now under PATROIT ACT?

Handicapping key 2010 House races - SF Chronicle

bu$hco fucked it up: Internal Army Report Finds Early Missteps in Afghanistan

To all of the new found torture supporters

Hoekstra uses failed terrorist attack to raise campaign funds ("We don't have much time...")

Top Republican Myths about the Crotch Bomber Affair

Lesbian's Custody Fight Stirring Marriage Debate (California)

The Comity of Eras

end of the world coming up: New Year's Eve to have rare blue moon

Kucinich to Investigate Fannie/Freddie Bailout

So I hear that fuck, cheenee has made another "statement" telling us how fucked up Obama is.

Ever been in one of those airport full body scanners?

Why, aren't the privately owned airlines responsible for our safety when it comes to air travel?

'how is the administration responding to ALL this outcry over Napolitano'

More Good News: Obama Reverses Bush Policy on Immigration

Ya know?

The Decade That Wasn't

Anybody remember the name Alger Hiss?

Unhappy, unloved, frustrated, horny young men, driven mad by rigid theocracy

Barack Obama, the Hawaiian Hammer, Took a Dive

Bush Waited Six Days To Discuss Shoe Bomber With No GOP Complaints

Terra Terra Terra


Report: Traficant says 'beam me up' in 2010

One Day We'll All Be Terrorists

Shuster on the GOP flip flop

This conflict will create a hundred bin Ladens, Mubarak warns US - April 1, 2003

Federal agents take custody of man arrested with bombs, assault weapons

Sessions (R-Texas) collected more than $24k in '04 from Ponzi scheme-related firm

Interactive: Try to spot the threats -

We should have a celebration here on DU in January to acknowledge that we finally have a worthy Pres

2000 - 2009 America's lost decade -- chronicled by Bob Burnett

4 Wisconsin anglers cited for 40 extra walleyes

Ok, assuming Mr. Knickers-Bomb *is* affiliated with some shadowy al Qaeda group

what does it tell us about politico that cheney released his last Obama diatribe thru them?

Dominoes Pizza must be hurting - air commercial admitting 'you said our sauce tastes like catsup'

Poll: Americans most admire Obama, Clinton, Palin (!!!) (USA Today/Gallup)

Clearwater girl, 11, and teen boyfriend tried to set mom on fire

I Am Calling On Jim DeMint To RESIGN!

3 court rulings settle dog dispute (dog lovers must read)

Proud to be a card-carrier........

Iran Jams Satellites to Block Transmissions by VOA, BBC

Obama on Abortion - a blast from the past

Real Life Economics of Health "Care" "Reform" Subsidies: The Great Proletarian Toaster

Passengers again free to move around cabin - or not.

Mr. Fish, the plane truth...

May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot and Never (I mean f**king never) brought to mind

Brent Littlefield just got the crap smacked out of him on MSNBC over Cheney double standard

LETS just NUKE Afghanistan

Ugh. Brown (R) Makes the JFK Comparison

House Democrats pessimistic about public option

An old word revived: Snollygoster

I'm glad this decade is over

It's like the cult has come full circle.

Midwest business jumps near four-year highs in December

Scott Brown (R), MA, running for special senate election thinks he's JFK

Speculation: If you don't see Tin Lizzie Cheeneey on any of the

Obama quietly reverses Bush' brutal Immigration policy

New Year’s Resolution: Don't defend Democrats when they don't deserve defending

Repubs forget that all the harsh treatment they would impose on others will be used on our troops

The Public Option is Not Symbolic; It is Foundational

Republicans ten times worse than Democrats, therefore we must constantly support any Democrat?

This would be a REAL threat

The Bush Decade

You know what's kinda sad .... it is possible (likely?) that legal pot will be more widespread .....

Tweety is about to skewer the undead Dick

Schizophrenic mouse developed

Eugene Robinson: Cheney Goes Farther Off the Rails

ron christie predictably defending cheeney on m$nbc's political headline of the year contest

Hamsher on Shuster to discuss the Rove divorce


A question about the health care bill and the future of single-payer

Oh My! The Teabaggers have been hijacked...

DU this poll for Ted Kennedy

Dick Cheney betrays America -- again

Kucinich vs a woman's right to choose - a blast from the past

Damn, there are some people telling out and out lies here

Salon: McCain, Graham & Lieberman try to get some press, send letter to Obama without checking facts

When the hell is one Democrat going to stand up and accuse

Thanks for the donor star, whoever you are.

A good reason to subscribe to Time-Warner cable....

When is your state primary? I just realized that some are coming up VERY fast.

Remember when the Democratic Party sold itself and legislated as a party of new ideas?

Corporate News..both local and National refuse to report AMericans being detained in Egypt

A modest proposal

Walmart and cell phones - restrictive on purpose?

Hey DICK...where's Osama?

The University of Nebraska and Afghanistan

The one word that defines the decade (from 2000-2010)

Google loses Canadian Groovle domain name claim

Photo: Village Voice's Michael Musto as...CARRIE PREJEAN???

3D 'Nude Body' scans: Lost in the uproar, Dutch moving to computer reading of images.

Shut the fuck up Ron Christie... you're a liar too you weasely little minion of the antiChrist.

Khameini fleeing to Russia? But I thought he was dead! (Fake document/bogus story alert)

Iran Oppostion Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi 'Flees Tehran'

There is slight hope for America- Hillary tops Palin for most admired woman

Clearly Bush handled the shoe-bomber better than Obama dealt with the tighty-whitey terrorist.

How come?

US moves to place new duties on steel from China

Beyond Magical Thinking: How to Really Make Change Happen

CIA rejects charge it failed to share bomb suspect intelligence

ABC evening news reporting that security problem is communication

Families Struggle to Buy Bare Essentials

Federal court in California limits police use of Tasers

Dick Cheney: Not just wrong, but mirror-universe wrong.

Dick Cheney: Not just wrong, but mirror-universe wrong.

Dick Cheney: Not just wrong, but mirror-universe wrong.

Timeless Zinn

Swoopo ... anyone here ever heard of it?

Nate Silver on the Senate Bills Affordability


Dulles LOUSY Airport Security

Rules would ban buggy smoking

Kucinich to work with Norquist to dismantle the Obama Administration - Are We Going to Applaud This?

2 words for Dick Cheney and the repukes: SHOE BOMBER.

An Upside To The Undie Bomber

Vote for the DUer of the year

Kucinich to Investigate Fannie/Freddie Bailout

Supercilious Little Man (A quiz .... Of whom am I speaking?)

Full Disclosure: White House Releases Names of Visitors. Every One.

Minimum Wage.

Where do you think you are? Who do you think is in charge?? (LONG)

Fannie and Freddie are private entities under government control


Are body scanners duct tape?

In the spirit of tonight's Art Bell Show: What are YOUR predictions for 2010?

i wish President Obama would sic a rabid dog on's overdue imho

Gah! I have been trapped in SC without the interwebs.

After reading this poll, I know for a fact, beyond a reasonable doubt, that we are SCREWN!

Women play harder than men in online games, study finds

Profiling is not necessarily a bad thing

Russia considering sending spacecraft to knock asteroid off path and prevent Earth collision

Oops! Delete.

Sen. Hatch admits GOP ’standard practice’ was to run up deficit

Ron Christie, who was just on Chris Matthews, is an ass.

Ron Christie, who was just on Chris Matthews, is an ass.

'Being Lectured By Cheney On Terrorism Is Like Being Lectured On Fidelity By Tiger Woods'

I dunno shit ..... you dunno shit ..... but lets speculate about Skivvy Bomber

I think I'm about to go hunting .

2010 WISH LIST: What would you like to see happen in 2010?

Special News Update: Ian Fleming Experts Predict End Of The Double Oh Era!

A War Crime In Afghanistan?

Today, I Am An Iranian in Heart & Support the Green Revolution!

Why I fought so hard for, and was so happy to see pass, an anti bullying bill in NC

Eight GOP Senators Opposed Bill That Funded Airport Screening And Explosive Detection

GOP Hijacks the Hijackers Whom they Hijacked? WTF?

FBI Probes Account Of Michigan Couple In Flight 253 Case; Agents question whether suspect had help

Eight Americans killed in Afghan attack

Why Jane Hamsher and Howard Dean Can’t be Wrong - By: Cenk Uygur

Climate Change Helps Growers of Cotton, Beans and Tomatoes

The sky was blue

The sky was blue

Latest RWTP on undie bomber: It was "a war on Christmas" so Obama should have spoken up right away

Latest RWTP on undie bomber: It was "a war on Christmas" so Obama should have spoken up right away

Skateboarding is Not a Crime Two brothers, arrested at Fresno City College on September 25, 2009, a

" ........ couldn't even succeed at blowing up his own junk ....... "

President Obama needs to FIRE some CIA peeps for this eff-up...

Full-body security scan. Is anyone here old enough to remember those machines in shoe stores

Pickle head alert! Pickle head alert!

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than......

Brilliant Rachel - you are the best

How can anyone...called "Dick"...........ever be taken seriously?

How can anyone...called "Dick"...........ever be taken seriously?

Plans that need to change to reflect changing times.

Pardon me, Mods, but...

I'm sort of "speechless". Someone gave me a star!

Washington Times (aka Mooney Times) cuts journalists, sections

How would you smuggle weapons onto a plane?

What a horrible frigging year this was

Question for the HCR (alleged) Bill Supporters.... *

They Should Tax The Health Insurance Companies, Not the Workers!

I had a long talk with my brother who might or might not be in a militia.

Cheney wants more war talk: "Smoke 'em out" - "Dead or Alive" - "Bring It On"

Tom Tomorrow: A personal year in review

*flamesuit-on* Who else can we get to replace Napolitano?

Aren't the pictures of..

Heads Up! Must See TV: The Crumbling of America on NOW on History International (271 DTV)

Impeach The Sun!! Do It Today!!

So I ain't gonna fly anymore...

For Art Bell fans: Art is doing his annual New Year's prediction shows tonight and tomorrow night

I was denied coverage for a pre-existing condition today

If anyone is looking for a job check out the air ports

Stephen Harper, two-bit dictator

If President DICK (Cheney) wanted us to be at war he should have sought a DECLARATION of war.

Accusing your opponents of being paid operatives

The most admired man in America is ...

The most admired man in America is ...

Uber wealthy cling to life, embrace euthanasia to beat estate taxes...

According to the Army Corps of Engineers, 177 levees in dozens of states are at risk of failure.

Damn Walt Jr. WTF

Ugandan Tabloid Invites More Anti-Gay Vigilantism

Where is the news on RL coming from? All the cable networks are totally silent about it.

Magnitude 4.9 aftershock follows 5.9 quake on Mexico-California border - developing

How would you describe your interest/obsession at DU

Breaking - deadly attack in Afghanistan - eight Americans killed


Here's a good thing: WH releases all visitor logs for first time ever

Kevin Madden: "Hawaii seems like a foreign place."

Maddow -- the parrot is back!

Left & Right Agree: Health Care Mandates Are the Road to Neofeudalism - Jane Hamsher/HuffPo

I PRAY To The Deity Of My Choice That Limbaugh's Kidneys Do Not Fail During His Emergency

If Rush bites it, they'll blame Obama because he's IN Hawaii too

Afghanistan’s Pentagon Paper-Country's Tragic State Caused By Years Of BUSHCO Neglect

Ugandan Religious Leaders Announce National Anti-Gay Rally

What a weird day on GEM$NBC

Mother and son come back to life after 'dying' during labor

Banks Hoard $1 Trillion in Reserves…and the Federal Reserve "Solution"

U.S. pledges $16 billion to train, equip Afghan army: Kabul

Walmart Beating Suspect Claims Self-Defense

gingrich: 'Time to Know, to Profile, and to Discriminate'. i think newt lives in the wrong country.

gingrich: 'Time to Know, to Profile, and to Discriminate'. i think newt lives in the wrong country.

Watching "Countdown." It was Bush/Cheney that issued the visa to the undiebomber.

If Limbaugh buys it.. what's the order of succession amongst RWnut radio talking heads?

caption time!

And in other news....

I Dedicate this Next Song to Comedian Rush Limbaugh...

Obama faces double standard on terrorism because Dems won’t speak up

The Number #1 lie of 2009....

Ummm, what???

Famous San Francisco sea lions leave in droves (Peir 39 had more than 1500 a month ago, now just 10)

I really wonder where we would be today IF.

For those who have had swine flu...

Looks like Limbaugh may have had a heart attack

Looks like Limbaugh may have had a heart attack

Man, 71, completes 2,105-mile walk

What are the symptoms of OD'ing on Viagra?

What are the symptoms of OD'ing on Viagra?

What are the symptoms of OD'ing on Viagra?

A Twitter gem worthy of its own thread.

A Twitter gem worthy of its own thread.

Mailman to deliver aid in case of anthrax attack


Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

'But, forget investigating Freddie Mac.... it's already had 3 investigations.....'

The true base of the Democratic Party.

Obama is NOT just like bush.

HIV experts call for declassification of transgenderism as mental illness

Immigration Reform "Next On The Agenda"

I don't believe it... there's no way in hell that Limbaugh had a heart attack

So let me get this straight about the excise tax on health plans:

13 dead in Afghanistan - 5 Canadians and 8 Americans

Good luck with your health, Rush, but nothing is forgiven (Quotes)

58% oppose healthcare plan: Rasmussen. But 39% support it!

58% oppose healthcare plan: Rasmussen. But 39% support it!

Rush Update. Was he back on the pain killers?

On this day in 1999...

Dorgan to GOP: 'Knock it off' on plane attack criticism

Colorado the state with the highest registration of organ doners at 64%

Crazy footage from Iran -- Baseej on motorcycles disarmed. (youtube via A. Sullivan's site)

NY's Tavern on the Green restaurant bites the dust

News Corp. Says Deal on Fox Signal Is Unlikely

Do You Still Watch MSNBC Politcos? Rachel, Keith & Ed?

Do You Still Watch MSNBC Politcos? Rachel, Keith & Ed?

Today's youth concerns me a lot

Guess who came to the White House?

Schoolboys and CIA Operatives Dead in Afghanistan

When imperfections in our legal system have deadly consequences

Maybe I'm a bad person... I have no good wishes for Mr. Limbaugh

The average age of our 1 million miles of sewer pipes is 50 years old.

Like many here, I am "torn" by the news about Rush's chest pains.

Ha! The Lead On Cheney's Latest Bloviating = "R Hypocrisy/* Took 6 Days To Respond To Shoe Bomber"


Woman maimed by suitor. Assailants sentened to same maiming

Wow! There really is NEED out there!

3 hour conversation with my little brother

3 hour conversation with my little brother

Myth: Flight NW253 Terrorist Boarded The Flight With No Passport

We are 2.2 trillion dollars in the hole infrastructure-wise.

We are not cheerleaders for the Democratic Party – we are the Democratic Underground.

Who has the most clout with the Admin's?

'MythBusters' regular Erik Gates dead in accidental fall

Hey Dick, Go F*** Yourself.

I'm a convert. I luerve Libs, but didn't like MADDOW. NOW, I *do*!1

Proposed health care reform... can this really pass a Constitutional challenge?

Go to the light, Rush. Go to the light!

Liberals urge Sanders to hold out for public option

Revolving Door Brought Us Too-Big-To-Fail (FireDogLake)

"Amazing" OBAMA Tops Bestselling Comics of the 2000's

I thought Homeland Security was created to make sure agencies talked to each other?

Israeli nuclear whistleblower under house arrest pending new criminal charges

Come on, repubican bleaters .........

Tomorrow is the last day of this year and decade, I will spent it fishing.

Eight Americans killed in Afghanistan today were CIA agents

Question for those who do not plan to support Obama in 2012


Please read a little before you fly off the handle on Dennis and Fannie and Freddie

Afghans shout "death to Obama" at demonstration over civilian killings

Questions need to be asked WHY did the hotel take "drastic measures" to sneak Limbaugh out?

Rachel is STUNNING tonight. Anybody else notice how confident she is lately? She is REALLY getting

Full body scans won't work; explosive powder can be put into a container of any shape.

Texting while driving, smoking target of '10 laws

Nationwide 800,000 miles of drinking water pipes are literally bursting apart.

We've got one more year to go in this Decade

Response to a letter from a good friend defending the President

SpongeBob Scorched Pants

Hugo Chavez mocks Venezuela coup, Fidel Castro death forecast

I am antiwar

Toronto Star: We have a PM who is ... neutralizing the safeguards put in place to protect the public

Witch Hunt

Should President Obama visit Mush Limpdick in the hospital?

Cheney's Game

TSA Subpoenas Bloggers, Demands Names of Sources

Do you believe the Flight NW 253 incident was a False Flag operation?

What would you do if you knew Cheney was running 2012?

Free funerals for drunk drivers

2010 vs 2012

Solution to killer superbug found in Norway

"The biggest success of it all has been bringing out the "Inner Facist" of a few underpaid workers"

Anyone else miss Howard Johnson's?

DUer of the year?

Caller to Hartmann: It's over

Former Wellpoint VP is lead author of Senate healthcare bill

Iran - Ayatollah Khamenei's jet put on standby - Radio Netherlands

Iran - Ayatollah Khamenei's jet put on standby - Radio Netherlands

Need a response to a Freeper type on Al Gore

Justifying your Existence - (a new year's thought)

Chest pains

No Bailout for Monica Parchment: works to negotiate mortgage problems with bank, but is declined

How can a tax ("mandate") on the middle class BY & FOR CORPORATIONS be called "reform" by Democrats?

Ah quake and pets

I don't care what side you're on .......

If you didn't call for Impeachment of Bush and Cheney, please don't complain about Cheney now

My only wish for Rush Limbaugh is

If Cheney has something public to say, let's start with his 9/11 testimony

Bringing 30 million people into a failed system is not a victory.

Imagine every citizen in the US functioning as a pneumatic tube of dollars into a single industy

Have you ever spent NYE at Times Square? Before I die, I want to do this

Breaking - Rush Limbaugh denied emergency treatment for preexisting heart condition

Interesting Youtube find: Sarah Palin Singing

the dow jones averages are up almost 2,000 points in Obama's first year

Miracle at Memorial: Mom and Baby Die During Labor, Revived

"vivir bien — living well — food enough for all and living in harmony..."

Suicides due to "bullying". Are we just becoming a society of wimps?

Exposed: The Carlyle Group

Charter School entrepreneur Eli Broad in 1996: "We have our cake..and are eating it, too."

Progressive candidates can beat almost any Rethug in the general and any DLC'er in a primary.

Toon "You got everything you fought for" - Ouch!

Toon "You got everything you fought for" - Ouch!

For Tangerine LaBamba, OLL, Annette Appollo:

Article -- A simple way to help fix the economy -- "Move Your Money"

The administration should tell the whining pilots to shut up and fly the planes

10 words you need to stop misspelling - Funny!

Sources: Limbaugh Rushed To Honolulu Hospital

After Democratic victories, liberals become the Republicans' best friends

Isn't it time for another nonsensical UFO craze?

Special end-of-the-year gift for EarlG and DU ..

A capitalist/socialist balance...

J'accuse! Pharma is trying to kill off the generic drug industry & getting lots of help

White House Responds to Cheeneey's Latest Flak About al Qaeda

This year I resolve not to castigate the lazy folks who use automobiles for transportation

Let's fight them over there, before we have to fight them here....INVADE AMSTERDAM !!!

Find your local bigots!

What NOT to post in the Lounge: A Pizza Story


Does "Avatar" suck?

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

What if all men had to wear BACON BRAS?

I just wonder about....

I just added Carlos Vamos to my music blog

I'm debating on rooting my new Android phone

Tim Hart, founding member of British folk-rock group Steeleye Span, dies in Spain at 61

I got hit up on in one of the strangest places

Dave Barry covers another "guy event"

Good morning Lounge

What is your favorite brand of sauerkraut?

do you play your "BLACK EYED PEAS" CD on New Years Day?

YouTube: Black Uhuru, "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"

Who is your REAL Friend?

Makeshift Wolverine Claws Seized by UK Officials (photo)

Ready for an overload of cuteness? Kittens at Lunch

work out clothes advice

YouTube: Third World - "Try Jah Love," Live at Sunsplash 83

End of a shitty year Keyboard Cat playoff

I went sledding last weekend. Who wants to see pics?

Ugh... I wish I could have a veto on who can have kids.

Best British prog/space/dream rock album of 1997

Shopping....damn you.

ZAPPA FANS: Zappa Family Trust releases new 2-CD "Philly '76" Concert Set

ZAPPA FANS: Zappa Family Trust releases new 2-CD "Philly '76" Concert Set


Let's be friends.

The sky was blue

Calling a crisis hotline

I am going to a potluck for new years, cos i am boring and old

Why do I have to put up with this little shit...

YouTube - Prairie dog extracts REVENGE for ridicule at the hands of TV hosts

YES WE CAN - alternative energy, not healthcare, is the magic bullet for ALL other Obama objectives.

best nsfw trekkies picture

Today's fail pic

New Year's gift to lizards ; Power Station clip, featuring one of my all time

Craig T. Nelson is a prick

Interesting pics of how dogs actually see colors - link-

Anyone watching Letterman? He is just bagging on Palin tonight

Must have been one hell of a party...

What if monkeys flew out of my butt?

BBQ Meatballs recipie. What I am serving for New Years Eve

Eva Cassidy

Good riddance to bad rubbish -

This will be my LAST fucking post on this website...

New Year's eve traditions at your place?

iPhone for other services?

Is regular 3D vs IMAX 3D that big a difference?

If you didn't oppose bombing the moon, please don't complain about this:

New Years Eve will feature a Blue Moon

In need of some knowledgeification

PHOTOS: "Slice" (Pizza Blog) presents the "Top 8 Pizzas of 2009"

Can I just say I hate Gmail with a passion?

New Year's Eve is my birthday...

caramelized onions yea or nea

Picture Thread: Some old, some new

Board games

The mailman just told me how wonderful I look ?!

technology sucks

find crazy gifs and post them here!

My microwave just caught fire & melted.

May I add yet ANOTHER thread saying how awesome Avatar is?

Update on Pickles the cat

Happy BIrthday Patti Smith!

My aunt turns 96 tomorrow...

So how many here are going to stay home on New Year's Eve.

Send out some powerful DU thoughts and prayers to a friend who just went into rehab please.

who here thinks C-Peg is just one AWESOME lady

SO do you have any new years resolutions? Mine is to be more positive

Divorce and separation were just discussed

Top singles of 1966....

Check in if New Year's Eve and Day mean nothing to you.

Boy (age 7) Paints Like Old Master

Minna san, Rainen wa ii koto aru kana?

OK folks, coming up is the Twilight Zone marathon!

What is with the red dining rooms?

do you do the "BLACK EYED PEAS" superstition on New Years Day?

It's Time, Again, for the Movie Quote Game.

Woo hoo! There is a God! Jeff Dunham's show not being renewed for a second season!

What's the difference between "the public option" and the OPM plans in the latest Reid bill?

What's the difference between "the public option" and the OPM plans in the latest Reid bill?

Jonathan Chait of TNR on the health care bill:

TNR guy who supported Iraq war from the beginning calls Senate bill opponents "insane"

It's moments like this that I really wish Obama would get in front of a camera and tell the GOP to

(I knew his silence was temporary) Dick Cheney: Barack Obama 'trying to pretend'

Think about how desperate and pathetic Republicans have become (updated)

Poll: Americans most admire Obama, Clinton, Palin

WTF??? !!! "Obama put out an audio tape that was very Al-Qaeda like"

When Scott Met Barry

Most admired men and women

Suggested talking points

digby: Glitch

Um, Cheney... buy a newspaper. We are blowing people up every day.

President Obama - Most Admired Man In America in 2009

ACLU Congressional Scorecard

Did anyone hear the guest on CNN refer to "Obama Bin Laden" this morning?

McCain, Graham and Lieberman Twist Facts for Political Gain

Dick Cheney Is Falling Off

So Bernie, Sherrod, Al, Barbara, Anthony, Debbie, etc. are all sellouts ?

The Wingnut Payback Game

Obama really should not stand for the GOP trying to panic people.

New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Apologize for Democrats

Hope you're enjoying your vacation Mr. President.

The Same Old Washington Blame Game

Louisiana GOP Legislator Files For Rep. Melancon's Seat

Brown Launches First Ad of Mass. Senate Race

Radanovich Retirement Reduces Ranks Of '94 GOP Freshmen


CNN Blog responses to Cheney are

Midwest business jumps near four-year highs in December

This idiot is the face of the Republican party in the Senate and is blocking Obama's TSA nominee.

White House stands firm on Gitmo closure

Kucinich to Investigate Fannie/Freddie Bailout

Wall Street Waits as SEC Fails to Bring Madoff-Inspired Reforms

Is the TSA currently unionized?

Govt gives GMAC $3.8B in new aid, boosts stake

Susan Parker Says She Won't Seek Congressional Seat

Fux Noise strikes again

DCCC: Obama 'more aggressive in fighting al Qaeda' than Bush

Dan Pfeiffer: The Same Old Washington Blame Game

Preparing for Pombo

Gen. Clark Interviewed on terrorists and Gitmo

Dems Blame Bush Admin For Terror Attempt

Article: Move Your Money to Help Fix Economy

Dems Blame Bush Admin For Terror Attempt

Just imagine how pathetic the GOP will be if another terrorist strike happens in the US

Traficant: "I'm Going to Run for Congress Somewhere"

We should have a celebration here on DU in January to acknowledge that we finally have a worthy Pres

Move On Ad -- Protect those Poor Insurance Companes: Stop the Public Option

Obama - Tell Cheney to F Off Now!

I'm going to defend President Obama (and I'm going to use some bad language)

Hayworth 'may' be ready to test Senate waters

Eugene Robinson: Dick Cheney's lies about President Obama

ACLU: President Obama Issues Orders To Reduce Government Secrecy

Eugene Robinson: Dick Cheney's lies about President Obama

James Carville is sending me E-Mails asking me to Donate to DCCC.

WH fires back at Cheney: POTUS knows we're at war but “doesn’t need to beat his chest to prove it"

WH fires back at Cheney: POTUS knows we're at war but “doesn’t need to beat his chest to prove it"

WH fires back at Cheney: POTUS knows we're at war but “doesn’t need to beat his chest to prove it"

Obama Quietly Changes U.S. Immigration Policy

The modern day GOP should be ashamed of themselves.

Tom Harkin: The Senate's "Starter Home" Health Reform

White House Releases Name Of Every Visitor For First Time Ever

Helping Obama with Helpful Character Attacks!

White House To Lieberman And GOP: Sorry, We’re Still Closing Gitmo

Obama takes the heat Bush did not

The Left's Idiocy on Health Reform, By Joe Klein

Does Fed Chair B. Bernanke's reappointment equal CHANGE THAT YOU CAN BELIEVE IN?

Joe Klein: liberals' message is that we hate America

"Dick Cheney is a coward and a disgrace"

Ezra Klein interviews Bernie Sanders about the community health centers he added to Senate bill

Put off cap-and-trade, immigration reform, and other agenda items

No Reward For Being A Grown-Up

Rush Limbaugh rushed to a Honolulu hospital with chest pains

all this talk about primarying Obama

Wait wait wait... Dana Perino is Karl Rove's "family spokeswoman"?

White House Piles On, Demands GOP Say Whether They Back Full Repeal

Oooops. 53%.

If leftist critics of HCR are so irrelevant, according to Joe Klein et al.

If terrorists cared about profit, would they cease to be terrorists?

PG&E Customer Revolt Over Meters May Slow Deployment of Obama's Smart Grid

No Democrat should ever court votes of Senators who want to drop daisy cutters

Could a primary challenge make President Obama adopt MORE progressive policies?

"CNN (The Most Trusted . .haha): Blacks no longer thrilled with President Obama"

The Senate healthcare bill will cut benefits, reduce access and increase costs for the middle class

White House Response to Cheney

Clinton Edges Out Palin as Most Admired Woman

I live in an impoverished inner city that is mostly populated by minorities

If you back escalalation, you need to answer this question....

Iran 'close to deal' for Kazakh uranium

As standoff with Iran continues, U.S. prepares targeted sanctions

Consumer confidence picks up, but home prices flatten out

Blackwater 'hired' Pak's intelligence, army officers: Khwaja

Kazakhstan denies uranium deal with Iran

Passenger says accused terrorist got help boarding

Roscosmos to consider project to save Earth from asteroid

Now Iran turns its fury on Britain

Somali arrested at airport with chemicals, syringe

Official silence on US plane plot helps investigation: experts

Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid

Firms move production back to UK

Employers see uptick in hiring in 2010

Obama's (Politically) Risky Golf Obsession

Liberals urge Sanders to hold out for public option

Iran urges supporters to take to streets

E-mails inside AIG reveal executives struggling with growing crisis

NYPD: No bomb inside van abandoned in Times Square

Nelson (D-Ne) takes to airwaves

Philadelphia Faces Rising Toll of Domestic Violence

Dutch to release results of probe into failed attack

Republicans see political opportunity in Obama response to failed airplane bomb

Former Guantanamo detainees fuel growing al-Qaeda cell

Companies in U.S. Expand by Most Since 2006 as Orders Increase

Florida Girl, 11, and Boyfriend Set Mom on Fire, Cops Say

Iran oppostion leader Mir Hossein Mousavi 'flees Tehran'

Firms move production back to UK

No Apologist Here

Afghans Protest Civilian Deaths

Hugo Chavez mocks Venezuela coup, Fidel Castro death forecast

Iraq hostage Peter Moore released alive

BREAKING NEWS: Former Police Chief Gets Jail Sentence For Crimes In Surrogate Scandal

Google loses Canadian Groovle domain name claim

King will continue to fight health-care bill

Arrest order issued for Bolivian leader's political foe

White House Releases Name Of Every Visitor For First Time Ever

Putin Seeks To Slap Curbs On Inflow of 'Hot Money'

Pirates hijack British tanker in sea ‘safety’ zone

Toyota's 1st in safety recalls for 1st time

State, Local Tax Revenues Decline 7%

Parliament calls for arrest of Moussavi, two other opposition leaders

The Same Old Washington Blame Game (WH Responds To Cheney)

Regime Wages a Quiet War On 'Star Students' of Iran

French Constitutional Court Rejects Carbon Tax

CIA rejects charge it failed to share bomb suspect intelligence

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 30

NY's Tavern on the Green restaurant bites the dust

APNewsBreak: 13 AGs threaten suit over health care

Yemeni forces raid al-Qaida hideout, clashes erupt

MKO admits involvement in Iran's protests

Argentina media heirs take DNA test in Dirty War abduction row

Belarus to toughen control over Internet

Iran police still holding 300 over Sunday protests

Supporters of Iran's Government Stage Big Rallies

Attacks kill 8 purported CIA employees, 5 Canadians in Afghanistan December 30, 2009 9:43 p.m. EST

Ex-archbishop sentenced in Argentina over sex abuse

N.J. Senate President calls for resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano

More than 25,000 Additional White House Visitor Records Posted Online

Revealed: hand of Iran behind Britons' Baghdad kidnapping

Suicide bombers kill 23 in western Iraq

PM seeks Parliament shutdown until March

FCC Moves Toward Net Neutrality Rules

Blast kills 5 Canadians in southern Afghanistan

GOP Rep Has No Explanation For GOP Hypocrisy

Prop. 8 backers say TV coverage of trial unwise

U.S. taking majority ownership of GMAC

Iran hardliners call for killing rivals at rallies

Iran Jams Satellites to Block Transmissions by VOA, BBC

Report: FBI questions Haskell family about alleged Flight 253 passport accomplice

Dick Cheney: Barack Obama 'trying to pretend'

8 Americans Killed in Afghan Bomb Attack

Apple wins iPod hearing loss lawsuit

Venezuela criticizes US "attempts of destabilization" in Iran

Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid

[Iranian] Parliament calls for arrest of Moussavi, two other opposition leaders

Poll: Churchgoers disagree on immigration

Quinn says he's ending controversial prison early release program

Second airport arrest unrelated to terror suspect

Hugo Boss to Close Cleveland Plant/Union vows to fight closing of Brooklyn plant

Afghan probe says NATO fighting killed children

US 'stopped Dutch installation of full body scanners'

US to impose tariffs on imported Chinese steel pipes

AT&T wants out of landline business

Practically Every Security-Related Industry Is Unionized, Sen. DeMint

The noughties are defined by fakery

America the Traumatized: How 13 Events of the Decade Made Us the PTSD Nation

"Yemen as quagmire" (from Patrick Lang's blog)

The New Decade: Billionaire Bailouts or Progressive Resurgence?

Democrats: GOP politicizing failed airline bombing

Robert Scheer: The Global War on Stealth Underwear

My "Avatar" Explainer

Amy Goodman: The Poetic Justice of Dennis Brutus

Woodman's drops mental health coverage

Internal Army Report Finds Early Missteps in Afghanistan

Obama's (Politically) Risky Golf Obsession

'On Call' For Collapse (Carolyn Baker and Kathleen Byrne)

The New Robber Barons

Truthout: Iraq Veteran Finds Sanctuary in Canadian Church

Man, Do I Hate Holiday Travel

Demint says Obama administration trying to "rush" TSA nominee approval - nominated in Sept. -

The Entitlement Hypocrisy of the Powerful

Demand Global Medical Assistance for All; Sponsored by: AmeriCares (

COLOMBIA: Farm Subsidy Scandal Exposes Corrupt Policies

E-mails inside AIG reveal executives struggling with growing crisis

You don't think your really on the team, do you?

State-Level Data Show Recovery Act Protecting Millions From Poverty (

Cheney Claims Truman Pretended We Weren't at War With Japan

Spy Agencies Failed to Collate Clues on Terror

Fooled ya again!

Move Your Money: A New Year's Resolution

BREAKING NEWS: Rush Limbaugh was rush to the hospital in Hawaii.

Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go? (

Limbaugh Rushed To Honolulu Hospital

US Trying To Reverse Re-Development Aid Corruption In Afghanistan

Rachel Maddow: OH THE HYPOCRISY!

Third Annual Good Riddance Day - public shreds bad 2009 memories in Times Square

Oh, that Dick! Cheney - President Obama Is Trying To Pretend We Are Not At War

US bomb plot puts Yemen in spotlight

Lula's reign sees Brazil move upwards

Being Lectured By Cheney On Terrorism Is Like Being Lectured On Fidelity By Tiger Woods

Support the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act

It wasn't Just A One Dayer In Tehran, Huge Protest Today Outside Islamic Azad University

AP: Reports - Limbaugh Rushed to Hospital With Chest Pains

Incredible video from Iran

Karl Rove Discusses His 2nd Divorce

Rep. Eric Massa challenges Vice President Dick Cheney on National Security

Scott Brown (R) MA

Rachel's Opening CHENEY Smackdown 12/30/09. An Instant Classic

Sell Pot In Liquor Stores

Ackerman and Buchanan Square Off Over the Treatment of Alleged Flight 253 Bomber

Prepare To Get Naked

Huh?-waii: Former Romney Spokesman Says Americans See Hawaii As 'Foreign Place'

Rain sparks 'refilling process' for Murray River

Drumbeat: December 30, 2009

French high court tosses carbon tax plan

Der Spiegel interviews German Environment minister on the Copenhagen Conference

Authorities Urge Evacuation Of Areas N. Of Perth - "House-High" Fires Reported - AFP

Don't Tell Bobby Jindal - USGS To Receive ARRA Funding To Improve Volcano Monitoring

In Past 100 Yrs, Taiwan's Isotherms Moved N. By 100 Kilomters - Nighttime Temps Up More Than Daytime

China To Increase Kuwaiti Oil Purchases By 50% In 2010 - To 240K BPD - Reuters

CPS Energy and its nuclear-expansion, the $32 billion lawsuit spawned by the now-faltering deal.

On Thai-Cambodian Border, Malaria Emerging That Resists Artemisinin - Last Drug Poor Can Afford

Rate of deforestation in Amazon dropping

How Algal Biofuels Lost a Decade in the Race to Replace Oil

Warm Atlantic Water Rapidly Replacing Arctic Sea Ice

NYT: Loan Program May Stir Nuclear Industry

Rachel's Opening CHENEY Smackdown 12/30/09 Part II

Malaka of the Week: Tim Tebow

Exciting Bowl Game on the Blue Turf

The 16-month old niece of LisaM and 1gobluedem is a genius

Texas Tech has now fired Mike Leach

See Suh (Player of the Year) play tonight

South Beach here I come--- Plus the Steeler/Phin game as an added bonus.

Hockey linesman seriously injured in Canada -- throat cut

Pac-10 absorbs yet another bowl beatdown

20-14. How about them Badgers (Big 10). Put a pretty good smack down

NFL Week 17 picks (with points spreads)

FARC says Colombia has plans to destabilize Ecuador, Ecuador disagrees with FARC

8th International Witness Delegation to Honduras - Report on "Elections"

COLOMBIA: Farm Subsidy Scandal Exposes Corrupt Policies

Argentina media heirs take DNA test in Dirty War abduction row

Venezuela criticizes US "attempts of destabilization" in Iran

Protesters Gather in Cairo for March to Gaza

Israeli Women Fight Relegation To Back Of Bus

Gaza: many Israelis believe attack was justified, but ended too soon

Lebanon fires on Israeli jets

PCBS: 10.88 million Palestinians in the world, half in diaspora

Mistaken address ends in shooting of 2 home invaders

Man turns over live grenade to San Antonio police

Home invader was killed with his own assault rifle,

Dayton, TX burglar killed by homeowner

The great gun control bamboozle, race and income discrimination.

You are 27 times more likely to be struck by lightning that killed by a CCWer.

Why gun lovers love guns - NRA says "The guys with the guns make the rules"

Is this case a waste? (permanent injuries after contracting the mosquito-borne West Nile virus)

Big UFCW Organizing Election Coming In January

Today in Labor History Dec 30, Immigrants were being lured to the US under false pretenses, sit in

South Africa Coke Workers Stick To Their Guns On Raise Demand

Florence, South Carolina City Workers To Be Docked For Tobacco Use

WIN Looks Back At A Year Of Massive Jobs Loss As Workers And Unions Struggle For Change

Union: Conn. Red Cross layoffs ‘act of reprisal’

LAPD gets swindled, buys back de-milled movie replicas

Some Color

Some Black & White

Less disturbing, and truer to the reality

A flashy sunrise from my front doorstep

Help me out folks, I can't decide (poll)


Walkin' the dog

Another fabulous mini-vacation in Crawford, Colorado.

Dec. 30, 1924: Hubble Reveals we are not the center of anything

Same Sex Marriage, Environment & Jobs: Lincoln Chafee Should Be Rhode Island's Next Governor

Send your Name and Message in space to Venus on a Japanese Spacecraft

Photo of the Day from NASA -Spitzer's M101 Galaxy

Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid

Please Stop Laughing at Us, and bullying as a political tactic

Retrospective 2009

Roscosmos to consider project to save Earth from asteroid

I am a big, gay thread-killer. Ask me anything.

Greece: Corruption, Nepotism and the Wellfare State

The New Decade: Billionaire Bailouts or Progressive Resurgence?

Bankers Get $4 Trillion Gift From Barney Frank

Move your money.....

It's not just our imagintion; Obama's economic team really does suck.

Okay, I Just Saw A Person On MSNBC Talking About A New ROTH IRA Option!

2009 has been a really hard year for me and a lot of my friends....

Where the Wild Things Are OT? Maybe, maybe not

Unusual dreams.....

quick hi-tech vent

Sending a big ol' shout out to a kickass ASAHer

Some thoughts about the miracle baby.

Economist Says Health Care Bill “Is Just Another Bailout Of The Financial System”

Crime skyrockets in Washington, DC after Heller allows private handguns (read the details in the OP)

Free Tropical Vacation! (If You Try an Experimental Diarrhea Drug)

Will the new Health Care Reform lower my insurance costs at work?

A new pain-free blood sugar test can gauge blood glucose levels without pricking the skin.

Ginkgo biloba – No Effect

Well, it looks like I've got MRSA.

charter school student hangs self following repeated bullying at school

NY's Tavern on the Green restaurant bites the dus

Repost: Moroccan braised lamb shanks with prunes and preserved lemon

Okay, about these lobsters.