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Police: Pa. pastor shoots son during fight

Original blueprints of the Eiffel Tower

So when does the occupation end

How President Obama can destroy the GOP for good.

on interest rates: are low rates designed to discourage saving and encourage investing?

Boyfriend pillow for Japan singles

SIGN: Construction site and unintended truth in advertising

I am looking for a recording from a Physics Class in Berkley that focused

GOP Rep. Sessions to Ponzi-schemer Stanford: "I love you"

GOP strategist Matalin: Bush "inherited" 9/11 attacks from Clinton

Another peril for women in war zones: sexual abuse by fellow GI's

Police reform in Russia: the British way

TSA goes TNA: Security Directive Number: SD 1544-09-06 Nelson Gets Around The Vote, And Sexism Still Thrives In America

"FAA Considering Passenger Ban"

Isreal -- Iran To Have The Islamic Bomb By 2011

Toon: "There's no problem we can't solve..."

Looks like Doonesbury's going to be good this week

Watch today's demolition of the Champlain Bridge live online

R/W:‘There Should Be A Separate Line To Scrutinize Anybody With The Name Abdul'

Blogger Atrios on this morning's Mary "Full of Shit" Matalin's Bush Revisionist History Lesson

What Are Your Top 5 WORST TV Ads of 2009?

China launches the world fastest train.

a look of determination and stamina

Danziger Toon- Smoke on the plane

I'd pay a dollar or two for a du iPhone app

Honestly, do any of you DUers think this sounds "corrupt?"

GOP leader email to Allen Stanford: “I love you and believe in you”

I bet there is 10 times as much pedophilia among fundamentalist churches...

Fighting Them Over There So We Don’t Have To Fight Them Here”

A stray kitten (and happy) Christmas story

1000 th post

DNA Hearing Canceled for Nigerian Held in Northwest Airlines Terror Attack

Homeless man charged with stealing, crashing plane

Without Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC this morning, not worth turning TV on

Without Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC this morning, not worth turning TV on

Athiest sign causes uproar at Illinois State Capital building

On the plus side, at least we didn't get the obvious knee-jerk reaction BushCo would have done.


Bush/Cheney accomplished far more than Osama bin Laden (dead or alive) could have hoped

Man convicted for killing and eating China's last Indochinese tiger

Joseph Lieberman's Contempt for Muslims is a Discredit to the United States.

Paul Krugman:The Big Zero

Head of Foreign Agricultural Service reassigned

Why is Obama afraid to listen to his base?

Hoekstra and King don't think the Obama administration became hysterical enough?

A reminder about Grover Norquist.

Death Panels Lie On Factcheck.Org's 'Whoppers Of 2009'

Republicans try and fail to justify voting for Medicare Part D

The GOP Christmas Wish List

China shopping centre builds 'car park for women'

China shopping centre builds 'car park for women'

WW 2, Biggest Stimulus Package Ever

I cannot imagine anything more tragic than being blown up in the last hour of a flight.

In the late 70s my brother was quite surprised to see the Carabinieri carrying Uzis at DaVinci

So the neocons went to Iraq to fight the Taleban in Afghanistan and now

Looks Like We're Secretly Spreading The War To Cambodia

Israel To Outfit All Residents With Gas Masks

Joe LIEberman, War Chief...

At least 10 Afghan civilians, including eight school children, killed by NATO forces in Afghanistan

Republican congressman says "I love you" to Wall St. crook

Detroit Explosive Common, Easily Detectible

60 whales beached in New Zealand

Late Holiday Shopping Puts Retailers Ahead (up 3.6% over 2008)

Message from fellow DUer

Dems in the House cave like a house of public option says Clyburn.

Media Preparing Loss for Democrats in 2010

AlterNet: Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009

Afghanistan Escalation Will (and Should) Hurt Congressional Democrats in 2010

Where's The Outrage (and Fear)?

Which 'world' leaders have sold out to Rupert Murdoch?

U.S.-bound passengers cope with airport delays

Yemen---food for thought.

Jib-Jab 2009 in review..

Fox News Cranks Up The Anti-Islamicism In Wake Of Christmas Terrorism Incident

"Out of the Weeds"

Tim Costello, Truck Driver, Labor Activist, Intellectual

AlterNet: Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009 (Lies that justify screwing over Main Street)

Then: Reagan abandons goal of energy independence. Now: U.S. in middle of Mid East fire.

California Auto Insurer Trying to Trick Voters Into Paying Higher Premiums

Why do we make a big deal out of this fire on the Detroit flight?

Iranian Official: Arrest Anti-Government Demonstrators

Conclusive Proof a whole lot of DUers got duped

Ted Kennedy got on the No Fly list, but not a guy whose dad reported him as possibly dangerous?

Just for fun... Caption This Photo

What are the chances of...

Department of Homeland Security Issues Terrorist ID Cards

Beyond Magical Thinking: How to Really Make Change Happen

No Mandate, Perhaps Redefinition of Emergencies

So when did Yemen become the #2 hot spot for

Huh... we won one! TSA rolls back moronic new rules

Huh... we won one! TSA rolls back moronic new rules


Tiger: you were born too late (The JFK Photo That Could Have Changed History)

I'm looking forward to the next flight we take....

Anyone gone from being unhealthy/unfit to healthy/fit?

Tom Harkin May Reintroduce Legislation To Kill Filibuster

Tom Harkin May Reintroduce Legislation To Kill Filibuster

President coming up at 3 pm eastern

Oh no. Now they'll ban food stamps

Arab Dictatorships Take 4 of Top 5 Spots in Purchase of U.S. Weapons and Services

"Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" - I see they are franchising again.

List of Notables Arrested in Iran

The solution to this underwear bomber thing?

Yemen and Joe Leiberman.

Bush still wrecks our country's credibility

The Rude Pundit - Our Destruction Seeds Sown: A Final "Fuck Off" to This Awful Decade (Part 1)

I am praying that HCR will prevent something like this from ever happening again!

I am praying that HCR will prevent something like this from ever happening again!

Self-delete (Accidental Dupe)

Human Events posts, and then removes and "apologizes" for, racist song

That would be bomber. How did we screw up again?

Bigot Mike Gallagher has his solution to airline security...

The local right-wing nutjobs are out in force in today's paper!

Oklahoma Couple Want to Return Troubled Adopted Son to State

Since this bill requires private health ins. companies to put health care before profit

I cannot fault Homeland Security for missing warnings from the bomber's father...

Must see! Jonathan Safran Foer Reveals Surprising Facts About Our Food on Ellen

Republican Nazi Apprehended in Houston Killing

JFK Photo That Could Have Changed History

White Christmas: Pretty or Life Threatening?

"The Checklist Manifesto"

Radio host Mike Gallagher's TERRA solution: Put "known Muslims" in a separate airport line.

Are US Wars Fueling Domestic Terrorist Threats? - The Nation

What is going on here?

Should a Major interviewer on Programs like Meet the Press or

Wow Pete Sessions love comment to Stanford, the ponzi king made

Investors cheer as Treasury promises more free money to Fannie, Freddie

BREAKING: Obama is "strongly condemning" violence against Iranian demonstrators

President Obama Speaks Out on Iran Violence

President Obama Speaks Out on Iran Violence

American Indians designated a priority group due to higher risk of H1N1 death

Roy Blunt, other GOPers voted AGAINST funding Homeland Security

Roy Blunt, other GOPers voted AGAINST funding Homeland Security

Dirty Diaper Bomb

The High Cost of “Affordable” Health Care

"we’re essentially looking for needles in haystacks. "

Wonder about Unidentified Phone Numbers on Caller ID?

Weasel Words

Ill-informed? ..... Or Just Stupid?

Cop Went Wild With Taser, Diabetic Says

Gibbons (Nevada, Republican) divorce negotiations continue as Monday morning trial looms

Ed Henry Just mentioned this, ambulance leaving Obama's rental home, President and family OK

Senate: Shelve cap and trade climate bill. Too "controversial" for an election year.


Breaking news: Ambulance speeds to 1st Families compound in Hawaii (AP)

Exposure to Young Triggers New Neuron Creation in Females Exhibiting Maternal Behavior

HEY! Blogslut found Premium Calculator telling what you'd pay f/Health Insurance. How do you fare?

25 Years ago: Soviet invasion of Afghanistan enters fifth year

Check in if you hope the Iranians succeed at overthrowing their illegitimate government.

Infrastructure: A Bright new Future

Senate GOP Candidate Questions Rival's (Mark Kirk) Sexuality

Health reform and you: A new guide. How do the House and Senate

I'm not flying overseas for the next year.

Chris Jansing on MSNBC teased for a solid hour about an R blocking an appointment

Damn Tweety is working during a holiday week

Help recommend more useless shit for me to memorize!

Pardon my cynicism but WTF is

Disturbing questions in thwarted US plane bombing

LOLiberty University professors go to Turkey to find Noah's Ark

Phone Scam alert: 610-404-3141 and info

The Most Popular 'MTP' Guest Of The Year

How can there be an actuarial value of X% AND an out of pocket cap?

Unhealthy habits are what's killing us

TSA: Two men talking "suspiciously" removed from plane.

Well, at least Tiger Woods gets a break for awhile, huh?

Sharon Lubinski: Senate Confirms First Openly Gay US Marshal

"Many Highly Profitable Companies Cut Jobs"

Merit Is Irrelevant In The Corporate Boardroom

Why there's no one in charge at TSA-DeMint is blocking the nominee

Key Dates Surrounding the Christmas Day Attack

The terrorists have indeed won. Our airline travel response is bullshit.

Niger vows to arrest exiled opposition leaders

U.S. Troops' Death Toll in Afghanistan Doubles in 2009

Thailand deports thousands of Hmong to Laos

OH mall store displays teabagger shirts, implicit calls for violence.

OH mall store displays teabagger shirts, implicit calls for violence.

Great Tourist Promotion! Visit the USA now

If Lieberman runs again in 2012, will OUR Senate leadership finally do the sane thing

Jon Gosselin, balloon boy redux?

A Mass. mother's wish to be buried with son killed in Iraq could alter VA burial policy

Banksters: What if...?

Therapy Dog Visits...just what a young heart transplant patient needed (to keep up strength)

Where's the petition to keep the public option in the final bill?

GSM, the encryption scheme protecting most cell phone calls, has been cracked.

Can anyone tell me what a single 38yr old earning $35,500 will get from the HCR bill?

Obama details new anti-terror steps

Putting terrorism in perspective: More American's will die.

Am I wrong or was it progressive's pursuit of "sueability" for corporations that led to personhood?

How does one get on an international flight without a passport?

Judge in Roeder case will consider ‘defense of others’ argument

Guardian UK: New laws put prostitutes at risk, claim escort agencies

Colorado can lead the way

Colorado can lead the way

Seniors worry about Medicare Advantage cuts

I wonder if NYSAG Cuomo (D) will go after Nebraska's health care perks..

How to fix the filibuster.

CIA said "no doubt" an attack would occur in US before PYRO-PANTIES struck airbus

Yemen terror camps attract 'stream of Britons'

Maf54 slams Baucus, compares scandals, still pissed that "they had me run out of town"

Illinois GOP Rebukes "Bizarre" birther Andy Martin

Pastors in Rifqa Bary case knew they broke law, ex-church official says

Idiotic Republican Libertarian scared of a US NHS.

Tiger Woods's $13.6b 'infidelity bill' (celebrity sponsorship risky for shareholders)

R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt, Songwriter: Another Casualty of America's Health Care Insanity

NYT: Legislative Limbo Strands Many of Obama’s Nominees

Six years ago, "it was standard practice NOT to pay for things," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

Argentine gay couple becomes first in region to marry

Tattooed Roseville Air Force Recruit Sworn In (Story update)

I don't remember Hoekstra and King out demanding we call this good ole boy a terrorist

Republicans Poised To Run On Health Care Repeal Campaign

Bill Moyers with Mat Taibbi and Robert Kuttner: Something's Not Right Here

Thank You All.

QUELLING Progressive Rebellion: " Here, Have A Cookie, After Tomorrow You Won't Remember A Thing "

Crotch Bomb Could Have Changed My Life

Economy Poised for Surge as Most Accurate Economist Sees U.S.

Crooks & Liars Video: Bill Kristol Upset That Attempted Air Plane Bomber is 'Lawyered Up'

For GOP, Short Memories on Terror Plots and Bush Vacations

Of Girls and Geeks: Environment May Be Why Women Don't Like Computer Science

"Year in Review: A Heartbeat and a Guitar,"/ GRITtv Sunday December 27

New York City crime rates at record low: police

Video: How Globalisation Destroyed Argentine Economy

Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009: Lies that justify screwing over Main Street

Iran Detains Nobel Laureate's Sister

Do you think twice before posting certain ideas or commentary...

I am moving to a smaller place and need to downsize. I have some books

Gallup: The president gets demographic bump:

I dropped a chemical bomb on a million people.

Fannie, Freddie Pay: Execs' Multi-Million Dollar Salaries REVEALED

Tucker Carlson on Fox?!?!?

Dana Perino: Napolitano "missed the mark" with her tone, needs to "turn up the urgency just a tad"

Landrieu Cares: Controlling Health Costs by Helping Millionaires, Hurting the Working Class

Hey Fucknut Teabaggers, There Is NO WAY You Can Repeal HCR, HAHAHAHA!

Hey Fucknut Teabaggers, There Is NO WAY You Can Repeal HCR, HAHAHAHA!

Philadelphia teabaggers splintering into North/South groups

A shout out to missing and dearly departed DUers!!!!

I read an article today that no scanning device would detect something

Shannyn Moore Videos

Why would TMZ want to Defame a Great American President

Update On Dante

The Recession Begins Flooding Into the Courts

China shopping centre builds 'car park for women'

Just what I needed to know...boxers or briefs?

I like the fact that the President's term is already in the crapper.

PSA for DU'ers with elderly parents

The GOP.....

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Sen. Maria Cantwell Should Not Trust John McCain On Reinstating Glass-Steagall - Foreclosure Phil!

Briton Akmal Shaikh Executed In China

7th Grader Surfs Porn at Grandma's House...Uff da!

Evidently some people are believing their own noise

Bristol Palin seeks full custody

Dubai Folly: Half a mile high cloud scraper (Pic heavy)

Newsweek - "Obama's Smart Sex Education Funding"

Commenter says he was aboard NWA Flight 253, saw suspected terrorist board the plane

Majority Of Tea Party Group's Spending Went To GOP Firm That Created It

Esquire - "What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff?" - Belated Christmas Message...

Champlain Bridge Demolished at 10AM this morning (video included).

If we decide to invade Amsterdam...

Bristol, Levi Custody Fight Brewing

Cow thinks he's a dog

Idea to fight airline terrorism: Everyone must fly naked!

Orly Taitz: "It Might Be Time Now" for "Bare Arms"

A quandry: Should I listen to Sarah BRIGHTMAN or KKKarl being interviewed by Fucker CARLSON?!1 n/t

Democrats Do Not Need to Become More "Moderate" to Win in 2010 - Robert Creamer, HuffPo:

Update to my kidney surgery

New Deal and the Second Bill of Rights.

UNDER THE RADAR: TARP doesn't pay for itself, and we told you so.

Let's make a list ~ Anderson's Cooper's mother is....

Mexico City: More progressive than California or New York

Is there still a chance that the House will rescue the Public option?

Homeless man charged with stealing, crashing plane

Obama refused air strikes requested by Yemeni Government

ABC: Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by Bush in 2007

CNN: Public option may be dropped from final health care bill

Who is the dumbest terrorist?

Jesus sure shows up in the weirdest of places

who would you like to see go away in 2010?

WilliamPitt...Salute to DU'ers... (Dragged Kicking & Screaming from Archives)...

We lost a DUer

Half of American tax payers earn more money than 95% of the world's population

DIY health care reform: Ordering cheap prescription drugs online

Do we really want the Muslim religion or Chinese Communism taught in our schools?

Dan Lungren (R-CA) looks like a person who never met an adult beverage he could pass by.

Invisable Front...

Do all children need to learn to read?

The "underwear bomber" story fails the smell test

Vitter blocks release of EPA report determining formaldehyde is dangerous, blocks EPA nominee

Did I SEE that? Mary Matalin saying Bush INHERITED 9/11??????????

If congress sent a single payer bill to President Obama, he would sign it

Fundies issue fatwa on Mexico City

War on drugs?The raw (and ugly) truth.

War on drugs?The raw (and ugly) truth.

So the Nigerian's father informed the world that

Here's a list

Is Microsoft having a hard time selling Office 2007?

TahitiNut - How is he?

TahitiNut - How is he?

David Simon On Health Care Bill: "Only One Thing Can Make People This Stupid, And That's Money"

APD Clears Officer For Shooting Family Dog

This SHOULD scare the hell out of you.

PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate)

Criticizing the President on Health Care is “Naderite” and “Hurts the Progressive Agenda” - FDL

Should Napolitano either resign or be fired?

heating home with charcoal briquettes, 87 yr old woman dies, gas was shut off

Dumbest Tweet of the Year

Dumbest Tweet of the Year

That's all they had to do.

Real-Life Synthehol Will Get You Buzzed, But Never Drunk

When do half-dazed goofballs carry out terrorist attacks?

What Would You Do For Food?

For the non-pot smokers--- If Pot was legal would you smoke it?

Winchester to Deliver 200 Million 40-Cal. Rounds to Homeland Security

About that list of 90 accomplishments ..... its quite a reach, isn't it?

Couple stranded 3 days after GPS leads them astray

Tangerine LaBamba, Old Lefty Lawyer.

Question about marijuana and employment.

Ivana Trump curses at children running and screaming on plane

This Modern World -The Year in Crazy, part the second -Tom Tomorrow

What if The People had Lobbyists?

Reactionary Stupidity at its FINEST

Your thoughts on President Obama's Golfing

Top 1 Percent Control 42 Percent of Financial Wealth in the U.S.

An Avatar Awakening

Tahiti Nut

A travel internationally after the fun

Bush's Roosting Chickens Still Coming Home: Ex-Guant. Prisoners Behind 253 Attack, sent to SA in 07

A list of DU'ers we have lost, links to threads, a song, and my own thoughts

China shopping centre builds 'car park for women'

Half of American tax payers earn less money then I do

Don't ask, don't call home - - fiercely serving the US while gay & afraid to write home

My son was here tonight, up from ft hood - and showed me this video (on his channel)

Savannah GA spends millions to end poverty, wins national recognition for efforts

Man Arrested After Walmart Greeter Beaten

Kiplinger - "How Your Income Stacks Up" - Median Income Is $33,000

Soldier killed on Christmas was cousin to a friend of mine

Democrats Excluded Gays From Immigration Reform Bill

For the non-pot smokers--- If Pot was legal would you smoke it?

For the non-pot smokers--- If Pot was legal would you smoke it?

Babies in U.S. More Likely to Die than Those in Cuba or Europe

Are US Wars Fueling Domestic Terrorism?

Smoke It Up, Marijuana May Soon Be Legal In Four U.S. States

"Affordable" Health Care or "the road to Neo-Feudalism"?

Health Care Reform NOW ( by Administrative Decree)

Conclusive Proof JFK photo is a hoax

AlterNet: Why Is Crappy Fast Food Safer Than School Lunches?

Compulsory Private Health Insurance: Just Another Bailout of the Financial Sector?

Do I understand this correct?

Pressure builds to end Web users’ free ride (Rupert Murdoch strikes again)

I'll explain the objection to "corporatism" once and only once

I'll explain the objection to "corporatism" once and only once

I'll explain the objection to "corporatism" once and only once

Toon : I miss newspapers....

Women Tend to Have Better Sense of Touch Due to Smaller Finger Size

Denied Employment for Having Declared Bankruptcy

Because I Am a Life-Long Democrat, I Will Support a Primary Challenge to Obama from the Left in 2012

Because I Am a Life-Long Democrat, I Will Support a Primary Challenge to Obama from the Left in 2012

Los Angeles charter operators want "actual building titles for the public schools"

Los Angeles charter operators want "actual building titles for the public schools"

Hottest topic among my low-info voting "centrist" friends this xmas--we're being FORCED to buy insr?

Marshall Masters on 2012

Lawyer reveals forbidden love for Orly Taitz

HEY!! the guy who's providing matching funds for the drive

2 passengers talking ‘suspiciously’ removed from plane

Would you like to see a DU memorial page for those DUers who have died?

So this guy in Nevada told BushCo he could decode terra messages in al Jazeera broadcasts

So this guy in Nevada told BushCo he could decode terra messages in al Jazeera broadcasts

I can't believe how little we expect of our students

I lost a very dear friend...

Privatizing Benefits, Socializing Risks: The Roots of our Economic Crisis

FOUND IT. The fake "JFK" photo source, Playboy, November 1967 (PHOTO)

I am trying to get a state social services job

I'm Converting to Russian Orthodox

The top story of 2009 in our region is the "derecho."

Took a sleeping pill

I'll tell you why fucking Cowboys is ....

I Knew the Bride (live)

Alien starship arrives in the solar system - Photographic proof!

Zappa to head Disney's comic book empire

SO ANGRY I COULD spit nails ...

Guss I have to change my avatar.....from the good ol' christmas wreath

The Band - This Wheel's on Fire

The Band - In a Station

I love fucking cowboys.

Avatar in IMAX 3D..

Avatar in IMAX 3D.. Did it give anyone else a bit of vertigo?

i'm back. anybody miss me?

The OBVIOUS BushCo solution to the crotch bomber incident...

Do you think dreams mean anything?

It smells like bacon and cheetos in here.

It's magical!

Redbox is the new best thing...

Love's in Need of Love Today

Do you like my Fucking Cowboy Hat?

Well, I got both the H1N1 and the seasonal flu shots, and they worked!!

ARRGH! I just need a good reliable web hosting company!!

Do you think some people really enjoy feeling personally offended?

Ricky Gervais Sings Elmo A Terrifying Lullaby

When was the Bannana Hammock invented and what kind of tan lines does it leave?

David Tenant as Catherine Tate's Professor for Comic Relief

Thank God for the Lounge...

Christmas Loot

What would Lee Mercer have done about the latest terrorism threat...

Star Trek Gorn cannon on Mythbusters tonight

Who likes nunchucks.....We like nunchucks. Chuckie Wuckie has no suckie.

"It never snows on Martha's Vineyard.....

I am looking for a recording from a Physics Class in Berkley that focused

Thinking of using the AutoTrain for my move up North ,anyone tried it ?

Foster Brooks roasts Johnny Carson vs. Foster Brooks roasts Lucille Ball

Please vote on my (McDonald's based) submission to FAILBlog. (This one's really funny, trust me.)

Joan Crawford in Torch Song vs. Bette Davis in Beyond the Forest

Raman Noodles vs. Rahm Emanuel

Italy....Pic thread

people want to pay me as a designer, for real.....crazy

DU needs a Pfew! forum

I like the way the line runs up the back of the stockings

fucking cowboy pimp

Usually GD depresses me...but tonight, it actually puts a smile on my face!

Now please vote for my submission to!

Patrick Warburton vs Michael Madsen

The Sopranos (no not the ones you're thinking.)

2001: A Space Odyssey vs 2010: The Year We Make Contact

Why can't I post a photo taken by a cell phone on DU?

Editor and Publisher's Top Ten Overlooked Books of 2009

Texas Flood

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

gonna be a strange winter

When the Revolution comes, which Emoticon should we shoot first?

Post your desktops.

GD is arguing about bikinis.

Worst movies of 2009

Jib Jab looks back at 2009

Super Milk Chan Question

If I'm on my period, and they do a full body scan at the airport...

My keyboard has some kind of mold....

I want to thank the dozens of you who PM'ed me earlier expressing concern...

I'm really depressed today :-(

I heard a good idea on the radio today

West Side Story vs Oklahoma

If I was George Bailey...

Avatar vs Bacon

My dog Orchid is sound asleep - and snoring very loudly.

THIS is what SNL thinks is funny?

I got a blue snuggie for christmas and a another gift care to Olive Garden.

R.I.P. Sweetie Pie The Snuggle Puppy

OK. There are only three days left to name the decade

PHOTO: McDonald's Japan features "The Mega Tamago" (3 patties, fried egg, bacon)

Red Lobster vs Red Robin

Fletch is a cult classic?

Red River vs. Red Dawn


Some post-holiday fractal art (dialup warning)

What is your town doing for New Years?

New years eve - we decided to stay home this year. Looking like

My new poem: Nature and Death

Have you ever simply dumped everything by a performer you had, because of the performer's politics?

Anyone gone from being unhealthy/unfit to healthy/fit?

Stupid Milk Question

So I go to Gainesville, and Urban Meyer decides to retire and then unretire in consecutive days.

What would it be like if men had periods??

Am I out of line here?

Cole Porter vs Irving Berlin

Somewhat awkward situation- And an unusual question...

RIP to Tangerine LaBamba.

"A clean house is a sign of a wasted life."

Walked out of "Avatar"

"What do we want?" "BRAAAAINS!"

I don't get tanning...

My father-in-law had to lower his pants for airport security

American Masters: Louisa May Alcott, tonight, on PBS.

Obama Official Blasts Israel Envoy's 'Unfortunate' J-Street Remarks

Will the president take the obvious lesson of the HCR disaster and give up"bipartisanship"?

The Big Zero By PAUL KRUGMAN - "the decade in which we achieved nothing and learned nothing."

Legislative Limbo Strands Many of Obama’s Nominees

Who in the Senate will introduce a bill for the "draft" in January?

Why aren't Hamsher et. al. screeching about Medicare Part D?

Predicition: Republicans will treat health care reform the same way they treated the stimulus

MSNBC idiots giving major air time to DUMB ASS Peter King

Tough But Still Hopeful

Obama’s 'team of rivals' Cabinet following his 'no drama' mantra

Will oil hit $100 per barrel by March 1?

Nobody likes a dictatorial government and people hate health insurance companies.

RW screaming Obama should come back to DC

From the NYT's, Chart of the past 10 years:

Senate approves Lubinski, nation’s first gay U.S. Marshal

Senate approves Lubinski, nation’s first gay U.S. Marshal

Krugman: What not to run on (advice for Republicans)

President Obama nominates prosecutor whose promotion was quashed by Bush DOJ

Conservative GOP thought Bush/Ashcroft were doing a good job with the Shoe Bomber caper

Sparks' decision on Alabama race coming quick

Despite Environment, Boyd Seems Secure for Now

Blame It On Antigua! The Forbidden 'Love' Of Pete Sessions And Allen Stanford

Texas prosecutor who brought down Tom DeLay to run for lieutenant governor

Illinois Republican Bases Campaign on Opponent’s Sexuality Rumors

DOD Announces Casualties 27 & 28-Dec-09

GALLUP: Top three "political winners" of 2009: Hillary, Sotomayor, Michelle Obama.

Poll Names Pelosi, Congressional Republicans 'Losers'

Ambulance Rushes To Obama Compound In Hawaii - Medical situation with family friend.

Cowboy hats, boots, Saddam's pistol headed to Boosh presidential library (WaPo)

OBAMA Needs to SAY!!!!!!!!!.....

U.S. retail holiday sales up 3.6 percent: report

A Place Called Hope

Candidate launches anti-bailout ad in N.Y.

Candidate launches anti-bailout ad in N.Y.

Napolitano should not quit or accept any blame, because her position has been dumbed down and

Who's running the TSA? No one, thanks to Sen. Jim DeMint

From Congress.Org..."Five notable bills from '09"

Regarding the term "Bully Pulpit"--I don't think it means what you think it means

Someone posted earlier that we need to have a Primary challenger for Obama

How would current security, without body scanners, detect a liquid taped to my leg?

Economy Poised for Surge as Most Accurate Economist Sees U.S. (Krugman disagrees)

Barack Obama nt.

First Read: Making sense of President Obama

Emergency rooms should send their bills to Sean Hannity

How deep does all this run? HCR opponents, how do you feel about supporters here?

Michelle Obama says Lincoln Bedroom Now Off Limits for Sleepovers

Obama: Flew back from Hawaii. GWB: Played guitar.

Peter King (R-NY) is practically joyful that he's politicizing terrorism for the GOP

Popularity of the Healthcare Bill and 2010 Elections

Matalin's Alternate Universe

Push begins in Vermont for state Universal Single Payer Insurance

Health Care Bills "Making Private Insurers Unnecessary"

DeMint holds up nomination for TSA chief - to prevent workers from unionizing (WaPo)

Why are the wingnuts going crazy over Napolitano's comment that "the system worked"?

Why are the wingnuts going crazy over Napolitano's comment that "the system worked"?

Third-grade photo capture's Obama's grin

WH posts statements from groups endorsing health care reform

Obama's strategy to stabilize the economy and press health reform was brilliant

Children killed in Afghan offensive

Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Terror Plot Were Released By Boosh Administration in 2007

This article from tpmcafe trying to convince that the bill is good had the exact opposite effect

"McCain guru linked to subprime crisis" - Repeal Glass-Steagall, But Don't Trust McCain!

POLLS: Recent Presidents' First Year

Opinion-Huff: "Pretty Speeches, Compromised Values, and the Quest for the Lowest Common Denominator"

Jerry Springer Anyone? Sarah Palin's daughter seeks full custody of baby

"Alienating Blacks with Progressive Kneejerking"

"Alienating Blacks with Progressive Kneejerking"

Tea Partiers To Republicans: You Better Call For Full Repeal of Reform, Or Else

Progressives and liberals are as much in the mainstream as anyone

I Vehemently Disagree With The HCR Bill, But Tearing Down Obama Is Pointless and Incredibly Stupid

Gallup: President's standing among self identified "Democrats" "Liberals" "Liberal Democrats" UP

Airline gets on the Lieberman Full Body Scan Train with new ad!

Airline gets on the Lieberman Full Body Scan Train with new ad!

Why do Obama's critics think they own the rights to the label "progressive"

Barack Obama's job approval rating to be 50.0% or more at midday ET 31 Dec 2009:

If Obama is challenged in the primary

Naughty Newsmakers

Death toll in Tehran street battles rises to 15

U.S.-bound passengers cope with airport delays

In Southeast Asia, Unease Ahead of Free Trade Zone (China and ASEAN)

Commenter says he was aboard NWA Flight 253, saw suspected terrorist board the plane

Jack Straw to review Britain's libel laws

Death toll in Tehran street battles rises to 15

Feds probe banker Allen Stanford's ties to Congress

Holocaust survivor stages hunger strike for Gaza

Over 100 beached whales die in New Zealand

Putin launches Pacific oil pipeline

Suicide bombing in Karachi kills 20

Hunt for terror cell behind Christmas Day suicide attack as Home Secretary reveals jet bomber 'did..

Aides to Iran’s Opposition Leaders Said to Be Arrested

Proposal would extend cash grant for renewables to 2012

Seven opposition leaders arrested as Mousavi nephew's body 'missing'

China shopping centre builds 'car park for women'

A Mass. mother's wish to be buried with son killed in Iraq could alter VA burial policy

They said it....

Senate approves openly gay U.S. Marshal for Minnesota

China finds likely tomb of 3rd century general

China finds likely tomb of 3rd century general

Homeless man charged with stealing, crashing plane

Yemen terror camps attract 'stream of Britons'

Majority Of Tea Party Group's Spending Went To GOP Firm That Created It

Obama Promotes Prosecutor Mistreated By Bush DOJ For Wife's Dem Ties

Two al Qaeda Leaders in Yemen Released by U.S. (in 2007) from Guantanamo

N. Korea: American Detained For Crossing Border

Argentine gay couple becomes first in region to marry

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 28

Public option dealt blow

Yemen vows not to become new Qaeda battleground

Obama Says ‘We Will Not Rest’ Until Plotters Found (Update3)

Gay marriage in Argentina is 1st in Latin America

Children killed in Afghan offensive

Brockton police draw guns, take man making threats into custody (Father of Anti-Obama Spree Killer)

'There are many more like me': Jet bomber's chilling warning as MI5 hunt terror cell behind failed a

U.S. Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged

BREAKING NEWS: Ambulance speeds to first family’s compound in Hawaii,

China may surpass Germany as world's biggest exporter

GOP Rep. King: ‘Bored’ Napolitano needs to show ‘emotion’

High expectations? States weigh marijuana reform

War on Wall Street as Congress Sees Returning to Glass-Steagall

‘No idea why’ bomb suspect quit Dubai college

Briton Akmal Shaikh Executed In China

Wild horse roundup drawing fierce opposition

Who's running the TSA? No one, thanks to Sen. Jim DeMint

EXCLUSIVE: Photos of the Northwest Airlines Bomb

Scientists discovery antibody that kills prostate cancer

Chavez Says Colombia Preparing to Attack ‘Fake’ Venezuelan Base

US Army boots finding their way to Uzbekistan's markets

The moment that changed Afghanistan

Why Almost Nobody in Cable Is Talking About Iran Today

Student abandoned as newborn thanks pair who found her.

An Avatar Awakening

Mobilized in Motor City: How Detroit DSA works in the Democratic Party to affect change

The Big Zero

Will An Anti-Filibuster Campaign Have Legs? Should It?

Remember, The Party of No Voted Against TSA Funding

Glen Beck named Misinformer of the Year!

“Is Blaming AAA Investors Wall-Street Serving PR?”

Might the recovery be more robust than widely expected? ...most respected pessimist thinks so.

One Day We’ll All Be Terrorists

Indigent burials, and cost to public, on rise

Stunned Silence

Wall Street's 10 Greatest Lies of 2009

Maureen Dowd 'Gifts' Column to Wingnut Brother, But What Did Mo Get in Return?

Mr. President, as you yourself have said HCR isn't about you. It's about what the American people

Peyton Manning Pulled Midway Through Mastercard Commercial

HartMax, Maker of Obama's Inauguration Suit Files for Bankruptcy...Unions Fight!

2009: recession and class struggle

Year in Review: Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald on the Media’s Wars

US citizen loses Constitutional Rights

Specter: Republicans Plotted Early To Stop Bipartisanship, Beat Obama In 2012

Iran: Protest That Refuses to Die

Bob Herbert: A Less Than Honest Policy

Kerry, Tierney lost credibility by funding unneeded engine

A Convenient Delusion - Grandma Video

This Week - Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) discusses campaign strategy

Mitch McConnell does not want to campaign on repealing health reform

Naomi Klein on Obama (Aug 08) Does She Speak Truth to Power?

The Fight for Freedom in Iran - Tehran in Blood and Fire - 27 dec

David Brooks prefers single-payer to status quo

President Obama Remarks On Failed Airline Attack - 12/28/09

Are there any paranoids in the audience tonight? Anyone who worries about things? Pathetic.

Tehran, Dec 27: Mob attacks riot police

Former CIA Agent Bob Baer: Lieberman's Ideas, "Frankly Impossible. It Would Take Millions Of Troops"

The Fight for Freedom in Iran - 27 dec

The Fight for Freedom in Iran - People Attack Anti-riot Motorcylce!

The Fight for Freedom in Iran - Taking over Police Station! - 27 Dec

The Fight for Freedom in Iran - Police Car Set on Fire - Protests Spreading Across Tehran - 27 dec

Lieberman: If We Don't Act Preemptively Yemen Will Be Tomorrow's War

Mary Matalin: Bush inherited a recession and the 9/11 attacks from President Clinton

Senator Baucus - seemingly drunk on the Senate floor

Ed Schultz - Psycho Talk: Mary Matalin Claims Bush 'Inherited' 9/11 Attacks

IRAN: Multiple police bikes on fire - 27 dec

27 Dec 09 Tehran Anti-riot police cornered by protesters asking people for forgiveness

Peak oil notes

Drumbeat: December 28, 2009

To save the planet, save the seas

Wind Turbine Becomes Colossal LED Christmas Decoration

The Plastic Bag That Dissolves In Water

Often-Cited Climate Skeptic Refuses To Provide Computer Code He Used To "Prove" Sun Behind Warming

Nuclear Power Expansion in China Stirs Concerns

Someone on the Joe T radio show just seriously suggested exorcism for the 'Skins.

The New York Football Small Men after choking against the Panthers

The NFL Should Require Teams To Disclose When They're Going To Play Starters

Which team will win the NFC East?

I'm Gonna Enter This One In The January Photo Contest Here At DU:

I Already Posted this In GD and The Education Forum, But Believe Me, It Fits:

College Football TV Revenue by Conference....... What else can you say???

Sports broadcaster Dave Diles dead - Hosted ABC Wide World of Sports and College Football Scoreboard

Texas Tech suspends Mike Leach

Chile confronts past with new museum

Modern Day Slavery in Mexico and the United States

Breaking Palestine's peaceful protest - Neve Gordon

(85 yr old) Hedy Epstein begins hunger strike to pressure Egypt on Gaza - ADAM HOROWITZ

Cast Lead 2 – Uri Avnery

Israel to build 700 units in J'lem area settlements

Israel To Outfit All Residents With Gas Masks

Holocaust survivor stages hunger strike for Gaza

The meaning of 'milita', Iran

Gays, lesbians should be able to serve openly in the military

Would-be robber shot in home invasion on Hilltop

Lowest Murder Rate in NYC: Fewer Guns...Fewer Murders. Shocking, I know.

Are the media finally getting it?

Shot Robber Has Extensive Criminal History

Mass Shooting Changes Chiropractor’s Life

Las Cruces, NM, Resident Shoots, Kills Burglar

Pizza Hut employee shoots would-be robber

County can't trim health benefits (by court order)

Uptick in Japan’s Union Members Mirrors U.S. Trend

Today in Labor History Dec 28 Auto workers begin sit-down strike for union recognition at GM (1936)

New Year Will Bring New Senate Jobs Bill

Ford (Kentucky Truck Plant) worker mourned as death investigation begins

Netroots vs. Unions: Labor Pushing to Fix Rather Than Torpedo Senate Health Bill

Urgent Action: Mass protest of former Turkish tobacco monopoly workers continues

Law abiding permit holder stops mass murder in progress in a BAR.

Snow removal accident kills one

White Christmas in Southern Texas

View from the Forward Observer's Bunker at Battery Mendall

pants in snow

Another Creepy Snowman

can I ax you sumthin?

San Diego / La Jolla pics... (dialup warning)

American Pompeii

Christmas in Yosemite

Oh my god -- Aiman!

Day late & a dollar short, as usual. Occurred to me that I never posted any night shots

I am looking for a recording from a Physics Class in Berkley that focused

Sutro Tower and Fog

Sheep farmers still stuck under a Chernobyl cloud

Gravity Wells scaled to Earth Surface Gravity

Gay marriage rallies to open Iowa session

Argentine gay couple becomes first in region to marry (BBC)

Gay candidates getting support that gay issues do not

These are a few of my favorite shots...

Has Obama been a success despite suspicions of crony capitalism?

Forecast 2010 By James Howard Kunstler

Chinese Defiant Over the Value of the Renminbi

The banksters are still storing oil in tankers to keep the price up

Riddle me this, ASAHers, the sequel (emphasis on "eeeek!")

Please pray for precious Daisy

Biopsy Results......

Amazon: Kindle books outsold real books at Amazon this Christmas

Are there any dentists and/or oral surgeons that would be willing to answer a quick question?

Hard Choice for a Comfortable Death: Sedation

To get federal funds, schools must apply stronger measures to struggling schools

Troubles persist at several charters (widening web of corruption in Philly)

Charters' funding is the fly in ed reform ointment

Update On Dante

what happened to this poor student, raped by charter school teacher?

Vatican tries to calm anger over Pope Pius XII

What do you call a literate fundamentalist?

The Ladybird Book of Atheist Buses

Berkeley High School Allegedly Cuts Science Program Because It Primarily Benefits White Students

Jesus Hated War -- Why Do Christians Love It So Much?

good chicken mole recipe?

Sad post re our dear friend Ms LaBamba

Anyone know how to make a sweet & salty calimari?

In case anyone missed this ---- a great loss.

quinoa and hazelnut-stuffed acron squash...drool

I want to cook a duck.