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Archives: December 24, 2009

Remarks by the First Lady and Sasha and Malia at Children's National Medical Center

Dog saves kitten from freezing to death

breaking: Plastic Santa stolen, baby jesus dumped in yard

A Very Radical Christmas Season's Greeting

Drug Makers Hope to Avoid Bitter Pill in Final Legislation

It's Not Even Good Kabuki

Landmark deal protects artifact-rich Utah canyon

Christina Romer - "Op-Ed: Will health care reform reduce the relentless rise in costs?"

ron popeil is a fucking genius. my *american made* "showtime rotisserie" is cooking tonight...

Golf Digest suspends Woods how-to column

This week in history: 25 years ago: Phelps Dodge strike in 18th month

Ancient clone saw out the last ice age

I am already under a "Death Panel" of sorts...

Republican Party , noun...

Seeking Evidence of Tribal Fires

Sherry Johnston(Levi's Mom) released from prison, now under house arrest

Australian Labor government extends Aboriginal intervention (= fascist)

Lawsuit fear linked to more antibiotic use

I have decided it is better to support the health care bill than to oppose it

Norad Tracks Santa - "Just a few more minutes and Santa will take off!"

How Harry Reid shepherded healthcare reform through the Senate

Disturbing ObamaCare article...

Sen. Feinstein Fights Against Solar and Wind Farms in Desert

As I understand it, the health care legislation gives the states a fair amount

As I understand it, the health care legislation gives the states a fair amount

Whatever happened to liberal Republicans?

Challenge to health bill's constitutionality fails, 39-60

CSPAN2 coverage of final senate bill vote starts at 6:45 (in 20 minutes)

A Tradition of Dubious Choices

To the victors go the (political) spoils

Build-A-Bear catches heat for Web site videos on global warming

Mystery Santa hands out $10,000 in Maine thrift shop

When a final bill is presented to the house and senate, do they still need 60% to pass it?

Boy Finally Reunited With American Dad in Brazil

I wonder how many repub senators regretted their "no" votes before they even placed them.

I love David Schuster!


Merry Christmas to my Peeps at DU!

OECD study: Immigrant children do better in "new world" than in Europe.

Poll: Lieberman’s favorability rating has plummeted in the past two weeks.

Buh-Bye! Democrats Take Away Parker Griffith's Cmte Assignments

Now that HCR passed, what things could be done in reconsiliation

The problem with Jane is that she can't distinguish between Rahm and Bernie

Obama Defends Health Bill Against Attacks From Left - NPR interview from yesterday

The Nevada gambler, al-Qaida, the CIA and the mother of all cons

Top 10 Ethics Scandals of 2009

We can agree with the Freepers every now and then

Merry Christmas everyone!

I heard him exclaim as he rode outta sight,

Do you REALLY believe hard line liberals and progressives

OK, The Health Care Reform Bill Has Passed in The Senate.

What a Teabagger really is........ (my Son told me)

I Think There are Two Senates...

New US jobless claims unexpectedly fall to 452,000

Blackwater, Already On The Ground In Afghanistan, Now Gunning For More Contracts

Gay GOP Group Co-Sponsors Conservative Political Conference, But Not Allowed to Speak at It

Nebraska governor to Ben Nelson: Keep the money

My favorite Obama quote and why I can't feel good about this bill

The real issue at hand is that Rahm

steve forbes is on Bloomberg talking against the current HCR, saying free enterprise is the only

Moving Beyond Race on the Gay Rights Debate

Is there anything in either of the new HC bills that will prevent

The Numbers Don’t Lie--GOP Obstruction Efforts Unprecedented in Senate

The Numbers Don’t Lie--GOP Obstruction Efforts Unprecedented in Senate

Afghan military health care shame

Racist teabagger complains about Racism- but look at his Twitter avatar

Medical service in India

"Mr. President, this is for my friend, Ted Kennedy. Aye."

Eagles teammates vote to honor dog-killer Michael Vick with Courage Award

This is what a Teabagger sent me about AVATAR and why his kids are NOT allowed to see the movie

Senate passes Health care legislation, 60-39.

Congratulations Aetna, BCBS, Prudential, Humana etal,,,

All throughout this HCR "debate"...

Dear Senator xxxxxxx

A song for Barack on his triumph in the Senate

Schwarzenegger to seek federal help for California budget

This much (about the HCR legislation) I know:

Pick me! Pick ME! PICK ME!!!

People who believe libertarians are wingnuts might want to read this

Obama: the left am the enemy of the good

Missing Cat Walks Home With 2 Broken Legs-Animal Struck By Car Was Missing For 11 Days

The Healthcare Reform Split

& the Party of Quitters, Reactionaries,Nazis, and No rolls on (TX Atty Gen to sue over Health Care)

Hardball will be on at 2:00 p.m. today for those who care..LOL....n/t

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY (a year in quick review)

Step-by-torturous-step, A Patient’s View of the Senate Christmas Healthcare Gift

My political wish list

My political wish list

All the naysayers about the health care bill that just passed

The persistent myth that Bernie sold out for goodies for Vermont.

Labor is superior to capital

For people who are pissed off about the HCR act then work to get progressives elected

A small economic victory for a little guy.

Comparison of actual health care stories-US/Europe by BBC-link:


It's worth noting once again that the Republican opposition on this whole issue is a sham.


"The president will be very involved in the process ...... "

New Mandate: Obama Must Reply To Every DU Post With 100+ Recs

Think of the children before you fight with your teabagger relatives this weekend.

Close Encounters of the Progressive Kind

Biggest News Story of the year

Comming to Minneaplolis for C-MAS....Dont Bother...Stay AWAY

War in the east...war in the west...war up north...war down south"

Is regretting that a former democratic president wasn't assassinated against DU rules?

Before modernity was, Conservatives are.

5 years from now...

Do you know the story of how the angel came to be on top of the Xmas Tree?

The year is almost over

At Fort Hood, Reaching out to soldiers at risk

Airport Employee Hurt In Otter Debacle That Delayed Flight

Will the current HC bill, as it is now...

Does DU Have any Grover Norquist Avatars?

Maybe we should just give it all back to the Republicans ??

Happy Jesus Day

Mary Schiavo

With all the Senate HC Bill's "warts"...

Anyone else see an uptick in Violence and Crimes in their small towns?

Rude Pundit: Christmas Cards That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Yell, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Motherfucker" ...

Disambiguation -- a Whimsy

Look out! - George W. Bush Institute To Co-Produce Public Television Show "Ideas In Action"

*For the Troops*: A holiday idea from a Facebook friend....

RIP George Michael (March 24, 1939 – December 24, 2009) The George Michael Sports Machine

Did the Republicans ever come up with an official plan of their own

The Entire Republican Agenda

Aviation mishap. Totally wrecked airplane. No deaths and few serious injuries.

The liberals and progressives in the Senate would NOT have voted for the HCR act if they

Commitment: Robert Byrd makes the vote, Kentucky's finest sleeps in

Constantly Fighting Yesterdays Battles, Never Working For Tomorrow's Victories

Congratulations President Obama and all the Democratic Senators

No Merry Christmas for Bernie Madoff.

I hadn't heard that Arnold Stang died

I really hope that you all understand that the co-called conservatives who

Do you know who invented the suicide vest?

If Rick Warren marched in your "Kill the Bill" parade, would you stand with him?

Who processes the claims for Medicare and Medicaid?

In which I wander into Freeperville to see the response to the Senate passing HCR

Onward Christian Warriors! (Taibbi Blog)

What it takes to get your way . . . .

My white Christmas is ruining my Christmas

Just wanted to say to everyone here

Just wanted to say to everyone here

Stocks end shortened session at new 2009 highs

Pleasant break from HCR debate

Public option vs. non-profit option

Lieberman Suffers Big Ratings Drop


How the health care bill is different from automobile racing

Should there be two sets of laws, one for the wealthy and one for the rest of us?

Oh Shit

Time To Spring Plan X On Them Now

Time To Spring Plan X On Them Now

Time to unleash the viral vast left wing conspiracy....shhhhhhh!

Guess who slithered out from under a rock this week?

Can we have private insurance involved in health care...


The Greatest Social Achievement Of Our Time

Happy Holidays DU! (part 2) - Lots of Pics

Go see Avatar on IMAX

Reforming *access* to health care was never about changing *health care*.

I have a question. Has any Republican ever apologized?

Wingnuts declare war on Christmas!

Police arrest GOP candidate, Meridian teacher on felony burglary charge

U.S. Conference of Mayors Congratulates the U.S. Senate on Passing Historic Health Coverage Legislat

at least Democrats are unified on Healthcare vote in DC

White House as helpless victim on healthcare


The Democrats' Authoritarian Health "Reform" Bill and the Ascendency of Corporatism...

Global Warming Protest!

Click to give free mammograms

No class. No class at all.

The last thing I will post on Health Care is my view from the Ground

Hey, Orly Taitz made TIME Magazine's TOP TEN!

Right wing bullies Build-A-Bear into removing videos about manmade climate change

70% Of The Q3 GDP Growth Was Cash For Clunkers

Obama: "We are incredibly close to making health insurance reform a reality in this country."

I just shut up a right wing wacko-

An Interview with Cindy Sheehan: Obama, Progressives and the Press

Public transit ridership declines

I saw the strangest bumper sticker today...?

Keith Olbermann's "Countdown Favorites of 2009" is having a stealth airing NOW on MSNBC!

Health care win

Worried that the Health Care reform bill doesn't address high cost of Medical care in US?

How much can HCR be further watered down before you say,

The best picture of the American Airline crash

Today was my mother's birthday.

'Twas the night b4 Christmas (A health care revision)

Is this really necessary?

I'll give Sarah Palin credit where credit is due...Only in America

As a thief I guess the GOP was a better fit for him

Worldometers - world statistics updated in real time

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!!!!

Obama must plan on writing one hell of a Signing Statement.

Hordes of Angry Activists and a $27 Billion Court Case Is Making Oil Giant Chevron Pretty Nervous


Care for a Schadenfreude fix? Check out Free Republic this morning!

Nancy Pelosi: Is there ANYTHING you expect her to fight for in Conference? (NT)

Nancy Pelosi: Is there ANYTHING you expect her to fight for in Conference? (NT)

So criminal insurance corporations are "the best we can do now"

Is it too soon to apply for a job as a death-panelist?

Is it too soon to apply for a job as a death-panelist?

The Nation: Surge in the War on Christmas

If Feingold kills this bill tomorrow how many more thousands or people are going to die

can someone tell me why the Democrats raised the debt

Do Republicans really think the current health system is fine?

Pat Buchanan is on my TV telling me what Speaker Pelosi ought to do now

Police: Man threw Molotov into wrong house

S.C. in line for additional House seat

Eagles players honor Michael Vick with award for courage

Military to ditch policy punishing pregnant soldiers.

Military to ditch policy punishing pregnant soldiers.

House Rep. stole voter data before defecting to GOP, Dems say

Health Caroling!

Happy Christmas (War Is Over) Lennon/Ono

American Incarcaration Level is swimmingly HIGH....Energy wasted , canardly see any returns

Wow! I never thought in a million years I'd see a white Christmas here...

A picture from Afghanistan...

Lester Rodney, Early Voice in Fight Against Racism in Sports, Dies at 98

What is the carbon footprint of Christmas? Should we tax it?

Demand for heating fuel assistance spikes: driven by unemployment, not oil prices

NORAD tracking Santa...

OMG! I never thought I'd live to see the day this headline appeared. The Rapture is nigh!

Documents: Gov. Gibbons used Dawn Gibbons to build his career, dumped her for another woman

NORML's Top Ten Marijuana Stories of 2009 -- Reasons for Hope in 2010

FAA Proposes Maximum Fine ($11,000) in Balloon Boy Case

Woman Knocks Down Pope Benedict At Christmas Mass

A MUST-SEE for all fans of '70s Sesame Street:

A simple rein until midnight to gnash teeth and wail, but afterwards, let's give it a

Congress didn't pass anything important today

MPAA ratings spat over the new movie "It's Complicated"

Merry Christmas

Madoff likely assaulted in prison

Fresno Co. deputy drove with suspended license

The Grinch who Stole DU Day .... Much Love Ted Geisel

Hahahahahah American Airlines

I blame all of you.

the freepers are over there laughing at us. unrec and kick

New York Times: unclear whether final health bill will slow or accelerate the rise in premiums

Where do you stand?

DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old...Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

In the first 11 weeks of the 2009/2010 flu season H1N1 has killed 162 kids.

Let me give a lesson in framing the argument

Let me give a lesson in framing the argument

Administration alters stimulus job counting formula (existing jobs saved w/stimulus to be counted)

Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby (R-AL) "working closely," "broadly agree" on some things

HP camera 'can't see' black faces

Are democracies imperialistic inherently and historically?

Prankster decorates yard with 'ManFinder'

To All Our DU'ers: Whatever your Faith..something more Spiritual than Religious

Just what I needed on Christmas Eve...

Just what I needed on Christmas Eve...

Okay, I agree he shouldn't have used a taser.

A federal holiday poem

Heads up, Kansas City

Howard Dean cites GOP opposition as reason to pass Senate health bill

Raw Story: Robberies across US target organizations set up to help the needy

Raw Story: Robberies across US target organizations set up to help the needy

Good or Bad? Naming your new daughter Mary Christmas?

Pay Me Millions But Not With My Company's Bad Stock

Palin: I'm Not the Biggest Liar of the Year

What Are The Strategies Now That The Kill-The-Bill Crowd Has Lost?

A video worth watching

Good luck with this Health ins bill

Are you disappointed there was no single payer or public option? Sick of Blue Dogs?

Are you disappointed there was no single payer or public option? Sick of Blue Dogs?

I am down this Christmas Eve - But am also very happy - My top 10 reasons this is my best Christmas

Thank you, Mods!

The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole

Michael Vick on Winning the Courage Award from the Eagles: "I've Overcome a Lot...

Merry Christmas Eve, my DU friends (cartoon)

A single-Payer HC insurance is good for business,...

My Simple Solution to Health Care Reform

Dr. Nancy 12pm show Cancelled..

Mortgage Titans Resist Shrinkage

Is this bill,if passed as is in the Senate, going to get court challenges?

Fuck Christmas!

This was supposed to be the year of loan modifications: plan is widely considered a bust.

To the citizens of nations with true universal health care

Teresa Heinz Kerry reveals she has breast cancer

For those who believe the Democrats will lose the majority in Congress in 2010

Norad's Santa Tracker: Merry Christmas and, no, he's not carrying WMD

Feel The Christmas Spirit At Free Republic!

Soldier jailed for angry "Stop-Loss" hip hop song

Hilarious Half-Bakery invention.. The "Evil laugh activated hand dryer"

A lot full of Christmas trees on Christmas Eve

9/11 suspects are meeting to lay out strategy for New York trial

To react or not to react, that is the question....

I'm just about to read "NO LOGO". Do you think it will stand the test of time since

Is The U.S. Economy Turning Around?

The COBRA subsidy has now been extended, helping millions of unemployed.

Ancient Mayans Likely Had Fountains and Toilets

Obama launched more drone attacks than Bush?

Please help me out DUers - re Benedict and the 10.00pm midnight mass

Jacob Hacker (Creator Of Public Option) - "Why I Still Believe in This Bill"

Pope attacked while holding midnight mass

A Message of Encouragment for Those Less Fortunate During The Holiday Season!

Girl, 10, suspended over peppermint oil

I'm sorry but after six decades

Are you fed up?

Merry Christmas: Some cards for your Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas: Some cards for your Christmas Eve.

I didn't buy any Christmas presents this year.

When you look at Elizabeth, you've gotta hand it to Dennis.

we of the left, happily join our comrades the GLBT and Women under the bus

Christmas Eve marks the 3,000th day of the war in Afghanistan

No One Listened

Why I will celebrate Christmas Tomorrow

Talk me down on HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan). What am I missing?

"Darwin Awards": The text of an e-mail I got.

Whatever. I trust Sanders, Feingold, Franken, Leahy, Boxer, etc...

Some raw numbers for publicly traded greedy insurance co's & their greedy CEOs

Where all my Jews at tonight?

It's not cute!

U.S. Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan at Christmas - pics

Ehhhgh! ...frickin' snowin'. Crazy repub relatives all over the joint. Stupid presents Bah-humbug!

How can they fix the stoned Afghan Military? I was as upset as many

Defending mandatory insurance in 2010

Democratic Party Platform of 2008, and I quote:

To hell with Byrd. Kennedy would have "evacuated" on this bill

Music Has Always Been My Favorite Comfort After My Pets.

People here are missing the boat

Jobless claims, goods orders signal modest rebound

Light it up!

If, during the campaign, Obama had said he would mandate that everyone be required to purchase

Taliban orders its own Afghan surge

How the other 0.000003 percent lives: serial polluters, right-wing nuts, union busters & more

What is really twisted and sick to me .

Christmas Every Day! (For Corporate Campaign Donors in 2009)

If you had to choose a program to ensure your children's future

The gift of readying

I am an Obama supporter and was there from the get go in Iowa..

Excuse this "copy & paste" but...

A monumental shift of subject and a note about something everyone missed

There are those celebrating what they call a victory over the left wing of the democratic party


The very best thing about this is we whooped the Republicans

Please help me wrap one more Christmas present...

Bill Clinton

Ex-President Carter offers apology to Jews

The (Fading) Call of Obama: Have liberals embraced a "deeply conservative" President?

Michigan Muslims join Jews for Christmas Day Mitzvah

Michigan Muslims join Jews for Christmas Day Mitzvah

"A Christmas Story" meets up with HCR - Mike Thompson's take

Top 10 Reasons to Spend Some Time at DU on Christmas

More information about the Southwest VA post-office hostage-taker

Silent thread in appreciation of Senator Bernie Sanders.

The DIFFERENCE between Social Security in 1935 & HCR in 2009 . . . . . :

How do I delete my account at Organizing for America(

"... and a partridge in a pear tree" - A holiday card to my pals at DU

CSPAN Call: I'm so mad about health bill passing, I took my Xmas tree down!

Sun, moon causing tremors deep in fault

I went to McD's tonight, bummed me out a bit

Protect Women’s Access to Abortion in Health Care Reform (ACLU petition)


OK, but...

Health reform subsidy calculator for those without employer coverage

Still like the Public Option?

Thread to list progressive primary challengers to anti-healthcare Dems

The problem the Democrats are having with this bill

Pope knocked down by woman at Christmas Mass

George Michael, Sportscaster, Is Dead

What other things should be "mandated" as a "solution" to those problems?

The Raw Story - "GOP aide busted for fake blog posts on liberal sites"

The CLAIM that Obama Lied is a Lie (and the republicans love that we are dumb enough to fall for it)

Did Mr. Zevon have a duty to ascertain whether or not the waitress was with the Russians?

2007: "We're going to set up a public plan that all women can access if they don't have insurance"

Fuck christmas cat just died.

The night that Christ was born...

The night that Christ was born...

Yes, this was historic

Can you say with 100% certainty that you will be paying more (or less) for healthcare?

Can you say with 100% certainty that you will be paying more (or less) for healthcare?

Why is Santa always portrayed as being white??

Swine flu: the plague that never was

PSA for those angry about Afghanistan

Those looking to find enemies re: HCR, add Wendell Potter to your list, he wants the bill signed!


The last compromise - Kill the mandate, pass the bill?

Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation


How much longer before we start to see massive strikes, and civil disobedience?

Give me your favorite Christmas song while driving home on Christmas Eve?

the Patriot Act was only going to be in force until we rescinded or amended it to make it perfect

The importance of Christmas family traditions...

Disclosure of wrongdoing at the highest level, and only 16 views

No Corporate Personhood. Real Campaign Finance Reform. No Illegal Wars. Health/Education For All.

You're all fucking nuts and I hate you.

Note to the apologists of this shit bill: Health Insurance is NOT Health Care.

I Don't Remember So Many Democrats Being Angry at a Democratic President Since LBJ.

OMG. I finally realized WHY OBama LIED so Publicly about the Public Option!

Obama campaign website: “Any American will have the opportunity to enroll in [a] new public plan.”

Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free

Greenwald: Wes Clark, John Podesta and Grover Norquist fight for a common cause

Dress it up however you want, forcing people to buy insurance from private companies is a SCAM

Happy Birthday Horus, Osiris Dionysus, Mithras, Sol Invictus, Attis and Jesus! Happy Holidays!

Stop using the words "live in reality" to justify what Congress passes.

New Senate bill contains $50 million for "abstinence only" education?

Raleigh Ringers do TSO -

Good night, sweet Lounge! *blowing kisses* I'll be back here tomorrow trying

GD is no Longer Merely Toxic. It's Become a Superfund Site

FUCK!!!! I just bit my tongue!

I never, ever bring pop music into teh Lounge, but...

For someone was a hell of a ride, thanks...

ron popeil is a fucking genius. my *american made* "showtime rotisserie" is cooking tonight...

God Save the King

Do you give out DVD's from your own collection as Christmas presents?

Good news, everyone!!! Apple is planning an event in January.

I am officially 18 years old.

Do you judge your own weight while sitting on the toilet? (think, rolls)

Who was better on MST3K: Mike or Joel?

I spent the night in Florida. No sign of madinmaryland.

Ack! Missed Darlene Love on the Letterman show last night. Link(s), anyone?


It's that time of year: What Stinky Cheese is on the Menu at Your Festivities?

Click to give free mammograms

The automobile reaches perfection...

Being on the roads today in DFW is not a good idea

leave it to boy spawn to immediately discover the female


Video Gamers! Your 5 "desert island" games =

Who says "Oh, oh, oh?"

The calendar year 2009...or as I like to call it, "The 21,900 Hour Proctological Examination"

Look into the eyes of Santa and despair!

Would I be a bad Jew for going to a Christmas Eve service tonight?

RIP George Michael (George Michael's Sports Machine)

Grinch vs. Scrooge

Ok it's 12:22pm is it to early to tap the Tom & Jerry mix???

Merry Christmas everyone!

**Happy Birthday** lightningandsnow

I just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates

Fairytale of New York

Pleasant break from HCR debate

And the visiting dog got into the homemade chocolates.....

Happy or Determined?

Ready for xmas dinner with the fam. sigh. How do I look?

Just started snowing/flurries in Plano TX

Uncle Oscar or George Sr

Chritmas with Cats: Tree Decorating 101

On the first day of Christmas, the DU Lounge gave to me...

Bob & Doug's 12 Days of Christmas

Barry in DC vs. Bunny in Parsons

Da 12 Yats of Christmas

I'm stuck in an airport after 30 hours of traveling

Merry Christmas, all!

chet deserves one more hit

Christmas Humor

Kim Peek, 'Rain Man' inspiration dies at 58

Merry X-mas!

She talks to herself. ALL THE TIME. n/t

URGENT MESSAGE FROM SANTA - Please respect his wishes.

Time To Spring Plan X On Them Now

Alone on Christmas very alone...

how come my cat won't dance with me?

macaroni and cheese for Christmas

Global Warming Threatens North Pole Factories

Best way to prepare a dog for the holidays?

A question for Canadians. Is tonight the Queens address?

Admiral Ackbar pictures thread!!!!

Hurry! Stocking stuffers for SO to ensure holiday excitement!

So how will we refer to the decade just passing? The Zeros? The Nadas?

7 loaves of bannana bread

Finally...One more day of hearing "It's O.K. to say Merry Christmas"

Why do I like this video

Who's goiung to the movies tomorrow, and what are you going to go see?

Deck Us All With Boston Charlie


The stupidest items you've ever seen in a store?

Yea, I hate to see them work so hard.

Which is BETTER...a marvelous NIGHT for a Moondance, or a nice DAY for a White Wedding?

Merry Christmas, Mr Bean - video

We Wish You A TMNT Christmas - Wrap Rap

Can someone recommend an internet radio station streaming Xmas music?

Place your bets

The Bugs Bunny Show Theme (Deutschland Stil!)

Lee God Bless The USA Greenwood is coming to YOUR house for Christmas! What's for dinner?

G.I Joe vs. Major Matt Mason

This is the Bugs Bunny Show!

YouTube - Tom Petty, "Jammin' Me," Rockpalast, Hamburg 1999

so we get one present x-mas eve

Gobs Program?

A little music for tonight:

'talk talk' - 'life's what you make it' live in spain '86

listening to.."easter everywhere" vinyl by the 13th floor elevators

Tears for Fears - Shout (live)

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Well, all of Oklahoma's now under a state of emergency--it's SNOWPOCALYPSE!!!!!

Santana, "Toussaint L'Overture," live @ Budokan 1973 (this version smokes like a M*TH*RF*CK*R).

And now ... what I know you've all been waiting for -

don't need no stinking oven

Carlos Santanaclaus

Talking Heads - This must be the place (Naive Melody) [live

happy holidays

so anyone else have a sidewinder 6 and how the hell

X-Mas Origins

I have to say that I hate Xmas and this whole time of year.

I've Been Thinking by Handsome Boy Modeling School

YouTube - Quicksilver Messenger Service, "Mona," from KQED's "Go Ride the Music" (1967)

Róisín Murphy - The Truth

Post your favorite song about a woman who wanted his body so much she ate his brain

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra- Kiss The Sky

I'm really enjoying the NORAD Santa tracker

My cat, Ozzy Obama, is in the Christmas spirit.

Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Live Them Changes


Astrud Gilberto - Light my fire

Shirley Bassey LIGHT MY FIRE

Please help me wrap one more Christmas present...

Merry Intoximas!!

Pablo Gilberto--Green Tinted Sixties Mind

You know, I may not be Christian...

Santa Dog - The Residents

To all my DU friends shivering in the snowy East Coast and Midwest.

Just wanted to drop in and say Merry Christmas to everyone here.

The Night Before Christmas-John Cleese Version

Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 - Going Out Of My Head

Do you suppose that after they got married

Meri Kurisumas, Shen dan kuai Le - Happy Holidays everyone

anyone go to school with Henauder Titzoff?

Holy Crap! NORAD is tracking Santa?

What a mixed bag Christmas can be.

I got an Obama 44th President collectible plate for Christmas

De Facto vs De Jure


In "Avatar," a human becomes a non-human.

Man admits killing wife with TV remote

This Amuses me

Talk Talk vs Simple MInds

Shakespeare on Christmas

tomorrow will be the first Christmas in 15 years where I wake up

If you were a transformer what would you turn into?

Bad lessons from Christmas movies...

HR Puffnstuff

I come, O, bearing tidings of comfort and joy,

Smart But Ugly vs Pretty/Handsome But Dumb

Anyone want to help keep me awake?

Anyone want to help keep me awake?

Lounge Boys bring Xmas cheer to DeSoto, KS....(pic heavy)

So this is Christmas.......

Lounge Boys bring Xmas cheer to DeSoto, KS....(pic heavy)

Best way to prepare a duck for the holidays?

Best way to prepare a duck for the holidays?

‘Unstable’ woman topless pope, but he's OK

My Christmas present to the Lounge.

Great premises in science fiction...

I and two of my kids just got our H1N1 shots plus 1 kid got a

It ain't easy being an elf

I have 25 more posts to go before I'm out of the 700 club (second go around).

What our pets are willing to put up with...

I am thinking of doing something potentially dangerous with my old girl cat :^(

Merry Christmas, you left wing lizards.

Office Christmas Present

Anyone else having a lousy xmas eve?

Nollaig shona duit!

The Most Offensive Christmas Song Ever?

"It's, it's - it's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the 4th of July!!"

RIP James Gurley (Big Brother and the Holding Company)

A Message of Encouragment for Those Less Fortunate During The Holiday Season!

Do you have a favorite movie to watch on Christmas Eve?

The Man Who Planted Trees

Anyone else spending Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with an "X"??

So I went to see AVATAR tonight - AGAIN!

My first Christmas alone in 8 years; I'm fine with it so far

My cat is in his final stages. He is lying at my feet.

Advice please...I have a very old cat...

Which band is worse? The Beach Boys or The Eagles?

James Cameron tells autograph seeker "I don't owe you a fucking signature"

My final short film for my first semester at NYU

New Reapportionment Studies Are Good News for MO & WA

Grover Norquist: "We don't have annual parades for gun owners..

"Patient bill of rights on steroids"

I want my Vote back

Why don't they just fund the medicaid mandate?

Obama 'Absolutely' Will Help Merge Health Care Bills

Can We Be Real for a Moment?

***HEADS UP*** Democratic Senators Press Conference Coming Up

I Was In The Room When China Purposely Ruined Copenhagen To Humiliate Obama

"Why the health care bill is the greatest social achievement of our time." (Chait)

Please tell me what the mechanism is for holding down costs of CARE in the

Is (CNBC) John Harwood A WH Shill

Reid Takes Full Ownership Of Bill For Dems

It passes. 60 - 39.

Slaughter spokesman...said she may still vote for the final bill even without her favored provision

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Comments on Senate Passage of Health Care Bill

Republican Meme for Next Few Weeks: Death Panels and Payoffs

Next year is essentially an election year?

All I hear from the news media is DOOM and Gloom on healthcare reform

60 House Dems Sign A Pledge To Vote No On HCR With No Public Option

Cuba among Top Ten Tourist Destinations Worldwide

Is Obama Growing Weary Of The GOP's 'Filibuster Everything' MO?

Senate health bill: 51 to pass, 60 to signify a historic vote

Is the senate version of the HCR bill a "good start" for healthcare reform?

How often does HCR get put on the floor?


Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President

Ask yourself GOP, would Jesus want Health Care For Everyone?

RJ Eskow: The Killers Among Us (And Other Weak Arguments for the Senate Health Bill)

***HEADS UP*** Senate Vote on Health Care Reform Bill

Krugman on the health bill

It was 60-39. Who was missing?

Is Senator Byrd being a little selfish by not resigning?

My first Christmas in PA and I'm a bit homesick-"Christmas in Dixie"

Obama calling 14 people

My prediction is the rethugs will not win the many house seats as the NEWS MEDIA is predicting

Obama: Health Care Bill Most Important Social Legislation Since Social Security And Medicare

Obama Defends Health Bill Against Attacks From Left

Something for the Fundies to get their bloomers in a wad about..

Do both houses have to have a full vote on the final compromise?

Ya Gotta Love Local Call-in Talk Shows.

LETTER TO OBAMA: Give us real health care reform for Christmas (& insurance industry a lump of coal)

The Senate & House Health Care Differences Quick Comparison


What to my wondering eyes did appear?


No one in the media has mentioned Lizard mans poll numbers are dropping in Conn.

radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki Killed in Yemen

Rep Dingell gets it

Sheer nonsense

Reposted with link...Pres. Mustache?

What the F........

Who said the public option is dead

Senator Evan Bayh on the passage of the Health Care Bill

1 trillion dollars every 5 years - if they pass the mandate, it will give big insurance enough cash

The Party of No becomes the Party of Oh No.

What the heck is up with MSNBC with there DOOM and GLOOM on the dems and Obama

Kucinich: 'Class War Is Over, Working People Lost'

Someone angry about Health Care on Website

In tribute let's name it The Ben Nelson, Max Baucus, Joe Lieberman Health Act of 2010

We All Wanted A Touchdown On That Drive.....

Mark Knoller is following the Obamas during their Hawaii vacay

So if the 2012 election is between Obama and some Republican, how will you vote?

The President Said We Probably Won't Agree With Everything He Does.....

Is it true that the conference committee is meetiing behind closed doors in the west wing?

Obama plays Santa not just for insurance co and Big Pharma CEO's, but also for Fannie/Freddie execs

Time to Make a Polite Exit

We only needed 51, but instead, we got 60!

No Hawaii vacation for Bo the Obama dog. He's been left home. Hawaii has strict rules about quaranti

Today, I stand with Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, Vicki Kennedy and others in supporting this HCR bill

"On Dec. 24, in an early morning vote, the United States Senate passed health-care reform."

DOD Announces Casualties 24-Dec-09

Pelosi and Reid.. you guys just rock.. and President Obama.. smart move

If they had chosen Universal Coverage instead of whatever it is they came up with...

Victoria Kennedy, with Senators Christopher Dodd and Harry Reid on Capitol Hill, Thursday (Image)

"Sen. Hatch is on TV getting cornered by a host on just what in this bill he'd be for "

"I didn't campaign on a public option."-The Truth-O-Meter Says:

Oops! Reid votes 'no' on bill

Conservatives Attack Health Bill Passage...Threaten To Take Down X-Mas Tree

Comparing health care bills: House vs. Senate

Pro-democracy program in Cuba questioned after man detained

Concerned? Worried? Watch

I feel a huge sense of pride in being a Democrat this morning.

I predict that, with Obama's leadership, we WILL have HCR signed into law before his SOTU.

Congratulations, President Obama

Escalation "crosshairs"

OFA: Early Reactions to the Senate's Historic Vote

Please help me wrap one more Christmas present...

Today is a historic day, those who wish to please keep this kicked for positivity re: HCR!

It just occurred to me - Jane Hamsher teaming up with the right-wing is not surprising

The votes in senate among Democrats: 60-0 *FOR*... among Republicans: 40-0 *AGAINST*

CHC's are going to triple could they be answer to cost controls or even better than Public Option?

In a capitalistic society it is imparative and moral to have a progressive income tax.

Happy Christmas DU

So how well did kill the bill work last time? Sixteen wasted years.

Robert Byrd: "Mr. President, this is for my friend Ted Kennedy. Aye."

Progressives pointing out when Pres. Obama breaks his campaign promises . . .

Photos: The Obama Presidency December 24th, 2009

Kerry on passage of health bill

I heard the spokesperson for the insurance industry on NPR yesterday

The best thing about today's vote:

Cenk Uygar: Progressives Have To Move Obama's Island

No Churchgoing Christmas for the First Family

Welcome back, Obama

I just called and thanked Sanders ! GOP Waterloo Coming In 2010.

Early Thoughts on how you'd vote if the 2012 presidential primary was contested

Those who blame the left: can you show how the left has influenced this legislation AT ALL

We were told to shut up and sit down: There WILL be a public option in the final bill

While SOME spew hate at Obama, Bernie Sanders tells us WHY we should support Obama and this bill

And oh, by the way, the number of new jobless claimed dropped again.

Jane Norton, GOP Senate Candidate, Sits Silently As Obama Called A Muslim

Obama Stuck on salute to way for Air Force One?

Hearing arguments here that say expanding Medicaid is bad

Nate Silver's Postscript - Reiterates benefits of health reform bill which have not been rebutted.

So I bought "Modern Warfare 2" two days ago...

A great article exploring the Republican "HCR Bill is unconstitutional" meme

Including the repeal of the insurers' anti-trust exemption in the merged bill would be very useful.

Firedoglake: Senator Sanders, your seat is in trouble

I wonder what Ted Kennedy would be thinking today?

Quick question: Are there out-of-pocket limits in the bill?

Quick question: Are there out-of-pocket limits in the bill?

A Patient’s View of the Senate Christmas Healthcare Gift

Woman Severely Beaten After Ice Cream Spill, Police Say

Peru woman trampled to death at Christmas giveaway

Suicide bombers kill five in northwest Pakistan

Bolivians learn Chinese to boost their trade options

Cyber Attack Hobbles Major Sites(Including Amazon)

Russia paid small price in crisis - Medvedev

Russia successfully launches heavy Voyevoda missile

George Michael, Sportscaster, Is Dead

Lester Rodney, Early Voice in Fight Against Racism in Sports, Dies at 98

Bombings in Iraq kill 13 ahead of Shiite rite

Public transit ridership declines

Administration removes current $400 billion cap on bailout support for Fannie and Freddie

Jobless claims, goods orders signal modest rebound

Health Care Polls Reflect Opposition and Confusion

Pope attacked while holding midnight mass

Senate OKs health care measure, reaching milestone

Kerry Floats Plan to Visit Tehran

Shoppers give stores last-minute sales surge

Deaths in Yemen raid on al-Qaeda

Storm turns holiday travel dangerous in Midwest

Post office standoff suspect was angry at feds

Judge strikes down Richmond's Chevron tax

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 24

Boy reunited with US father after Brazil custody fight

How the Senate Bill Would Change Healthcare

Madoff treated for facial fractures, broken ribs

H-1B visas see slow demand but finally reach limit

Fannie, Freddie Executives Get Big Payday

Venezuela's Chavez threatens to kick out carmakers

500$ Million In Sunken Treasure Returning to Spain

Imam Tied to Fort Hood Shooter "Killed"

Madoff Was Not Attacked, Prison Says

Auschwitz sign stolen for Swedish Nazis

Obama curbs trade benefits for several African nations

Congress raises debt ceiling to $12.4 trillion

Illinois police protect atheist sign

The Student Center

Christmas Eve Is the 3,000th Day in Afghanistan and 30th Anniversary of the Russian Invasion

There is much to be cheered in the Senate’s health care package

Instead of a public option, what does the Senate bill contain?

Festivus: I air my gripes

Donor Walks Into Motel, Rents Rooms for Homeless

For Xmas, Teabaggers Take Break, to Become Eggnoggers

Declaring War on Yemen? Assassinations, Air Strikes, and Al Qaeda

Wendell Potter: Why I'm Not Joining the Call to "Kill the Bill"

Why the health care bill is the greatest social achievement of our time.

How Progressives Can Move Obama to the Left (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

Banks Bundled Bad Debt, Bet Against It and Won - NYT front page above the fold

Are you fed up?

Christians United for War

Are you disappointed there was no single payer or public option? Sick of Blue Dogs?

Health care debate is the best civic lesson since Watergate

There’s Only One Way to Stop Iran (NYTimes oped)

Killing Activists in Honduras

5 Years On: Lessons From The Tsunami

Valdai Club turns attention to Middle East problems

John Lennon Merry Christmas War is Over

TYT: Is Senator Graham Racist Or A "Racialist"?

VP Biden announces Health Care Bill Passes

Highlights of Reid's Healthcare Floor Speech

Goldman Sach's Secret Bet on Housing

Did Harry Reid vote 'no' on his Healthcare bill?

Notable Moments During Health Care Vote - Sens. Reid and Byrd

Soviet veteran recalls Afghan war

Activists Protest Anti-LGBT NY Senator Monserrate's Christmas Party

Joan Baez singing Tom Waits' The Day After Tomorrow

The Muppets & John Denver do "12 Days of Christmas"

MADtv Darlene McBride X-mas

Best Christmas Song EVER!!

Comedian Patton Owsalt takes on "Christmas Shoes"

TYT: Devastating Healthcare Quotes From Obama's Campaign

Senate passes Healthcare Reform

Twilight Zone Christmas - Night of the Meek: A timeless message

War is over if you want it

TPM: CSPAN Caller: I'm So Mad About Health Care, I Took Down My Xmas Tree

Schwarzenegger Seeks Obamas Help for Deficit Relief: Video

Christmas Piano MashUp

Jona Lewie-Stop The Cavalry

TYT: How Pressure From The Left Helps Obama

Noam Chomsky - America is not a Democracy

7 Tipping Points That Could Transform Earth

Drumbeat: December 24, 2009

Mother Jones: Climate Change Deniers Without Borders

Global warming spreading across world at a quarter of a mile per year

The Bomb at the Heart of the System: a good analysis of Copenhagen

Global Warming Threatens North Pole Factories

Wanna Talk Sequestration? One Route: Carbon Dioxide In USE.

Deniers vs Consensus, neat image (read authors comments):

(Northern NYS) Climate Change indications on ice

Grist: The coming climate panic?

SunEdison, Xcel announce (50 MW) solar project (in SE New Mexico)


I love Mark Schlereth


Steroids in Baseball: AP Sports Story of the Year

Merry Christmas Y'all!

George Michael, DC Sportscaster and 'Sports Machine' host Dies at 70.

Who is your own athlete of the decade?

Little Diss, Big Implications: Why The Diaz-Balarts Turned Their Backs On Charlie Crist

Cubans and Canadians: A look at Cuba through a Canadian Lens

Peru woman trampled to death at Christmas giveaway

Vision of Democratic Cuba unifies Democratic and Republican Senate candidates

Cuba among Top Ten Tourist Destinations Worldwide

El Salvador sacks ambassador to Honduras for accepting decoration

Cuba’s humane policy

Bolivia intends to hold climate summit in April

Does The 'Freedom To Travel To Cuba Act' Have a Chance?

Venezuela orders power cuts for industry

Can’t Hondurans Just All Get Along?: G-16 Calls for Reconciliation Process

Feliz Navidad, corazones.

Cuba's "Rolling Stones of Salsa" Set for U.S. Tour

Netanyahu's bid to split Kadima is pure corruption

Settlers slam government over shooting attack

Guardian: Headline on Israeli organ harvesting was serious error

Robber attacks wrong victim, gets fatally shot.

Who is it that's really afraid?

Hunters Suspicious of Chuck Schumer

Another TSA Security Goof? Details of Air Marshal Guns

Cuba’s humane policy

Today in Labor History Dec 24, 72 copper miners’ children die in panic caused by company stooge

Click to give free mammograms

Michael Vick aides told: hands off pensions

Cougars pound Beavers.

It's fun to watch our snow melt

Have a Happy Christmas, peeps!


The January Contest theme is "Things On Robb's Desk"...

New Hubble pic of Star Cluster: Stellar Ornament

Snowflake Gallery: No Two Alike, of Course

"Single Man" looks to be a "Don't Miss" film

Merry Christmas Guys !

Happy Holidays my LGBT friends!!

States that allow same sex marriage

Happy Holidays, My Friends

Alone on Christmas in LA and looking to volunteer. Any ideas?

This GD-P post got locked, but it's WELL WORTH reading. Enjoy >

President Obama Talks to Kids: The Meaning Of Christmas

remember this...i am sure you do.l

Christmas Eve, HCR has passed the senate and all I can do is

You people have inspired me. . .

Click to give free mammograms

Rockefeller's Health Care List

This post could use a little boost >

Interesting Phenomenon This Morning....

How the Senate Bill Would Change Healthcare

Tanning beds will see 10% increase in fees due to health care bill!!11!

And the rest is just noise

Hope for HCR - I thought this was cool and very good reading.

No more Christmases in Crawford...we're going to HAWAII, baby!!!!

"when I called into the local supermarket yesterday

Russia paid small price in crisis - Medvedev

******* GET UP YOU BUNCH OF CLOWNS ******* CSPAN2 coverage starts in 9 minutes.

from the GDP forum..positive

Happy Holidays, Economy Forum!

Milk and Cookies for everyone!

When I get frustrated, I try to remember this

Seriously, how huge is this?

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/23/09

Our President & First Lady's First WH Christmas tree...

Being critical of the HCR is one thing, but the constant trashing of the Democrats and President is

707 post DUer Is Questioning whether Obama is a Muslim or Christian.

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Holiday Season, etc, to All in the Barack Obama Group!!!

IONS has made research info easier to access on their site

Hope for HCR -- ot

Wow, just Wow, Wendell Potter.

Anyone else have RW family members/friends over tonight?

I think I'll spend more DU time here through the SOTU speech.

It's called PROGRESS

Traditional Indian remedies digitised

Need help finding the name of a speech/comprehension disorder

No vomiting and no nausea brought to you by big pharma.

Christmas Eve Message from President Obama & a "Thank you"

Face It, The Real Progressive/Liberal Fight In This Country Is Fighting Christianity

Why Interest Rates Will Rise in 2010 (December 24, 2009)

So, Bill talked me into making cookies the other night. (Three pics.)

Merry Christmas to the C&B Group.

Can I substitute Frangelico for Brandy in Tiramisu?

I need some opinions on changing my recipe for 24 hour salad.