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Puddy cat rescue doesn't go as planned

60 to 40: A Powerful Divide That We Could Use


India is Abusing Human Rights to 'Clean Up' Delhi in the Runup to the Commonwealth Games

FBI files on Michael Jackson published online

It's time

"Blueprint for Change - Obama and Biden's Plan for America" - Excerpt On Healthcare

Good news for Mr and Mrs Sarkisian!

We need to move on

Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman

Rick Sanchez Gets New CNN Show; 'Sit Room' Loses Hour

What if home, auto and health insurance commingle?

There is no way to earn Valedictorian of Mourning, & so long as it's not a contest who f****** cares

There is no way to earn Valedictorian of Mourning, & so long as it's not a contest who f****** cares

The remaining conference committee fights - a partial list of items to be reconciled

Report: ICE using unlisted detention centers for immigrant prisoners

Plane overshoots Jamaica runway; more than 40 hurt

US home foreclosures top one million mark

CLASS Act Insurance program for elderly and disabled included in HCR

Health care profiteers: A billion-dollar lobby

Make sure Tony Blair faces tough questions in public on Iraq

When you gotta have a cup of coffee, you gotta have a cup of coffee

Why being pissed off at Bush will not go away . . .

Thank god for Carl Bernstein!

Mystery of the golden ratio explained

The Nation: Sanders Strengthens Senate Health Bill

What Will Unemployment Be In December 2010?

enjoy happy christmas days - friends DUers, admins and mods...

Bill Press Becomes Intern For Bernie Sanders

Donated to turncoat Rep. Parker Griffith? You can get your money back.

How do you feel about this country?

Study reveals Bachmann to be ’something of a welfare queen’

New York Times: Giuliani Says Farewell, for Now, to Politics

This one must be seen by EVERYBODY (cartoon about US Health Care)

The Battle Inside

The Battle Inside

Relative prices of different liquids:

What's Needed To Get Things Done In Washington

But he did run against "mandated" insurance

We need a new Poor People's March

Four page letter from Bank of America yesterday.

Does anyone know the political history of this guy on Morning Joe

Today is the last day for debate on HCR bill. Session begins at 9:45 and I don't plan to miss

Why Democrats must pass healthcare reform - Thoughtful Salon article by Joan Walsh

All I want for Christmas

At what point do we acknowledge the gang rape we have just witnessed and fight back?

TERRORISTS that took part in deadly attacks on civilians to be freed?

Pray HARDER!!!!!!

It's a telling sign when Senators...

OBAMA Promised

Taliban Blow Up Pakistan Girls School (9th in 6 weeks)

This whole siding with the enemy crap also hold true for the escalation of the Afghan war?

Barbara Boxer stated on Countdown tonight that states will be allowed to establish a "public option"

How long before Republicans tell Reid to try and confiscate Al Franken's backbone?

Tom Donohue Meets With President Of China To Outsource American Jobs.

Tom Donohue Meets With President Of China To Outsource American Jobs.

If You Were Planning On Using Reconciliation To Get A Public Option

A big hug for independent bookstores.....

I'm Going To Start Claiming That It's MY PRAYERS That Are Responsible For HCR Passing

Sen. Landrieu on healthcare vote: 'I can't be bought'

NY emt's investigated for failure to aid woman

In Russia, foreboding about America's war in Afghanistan

Campaign Finance Reform? Is it possible?

The Rude Pundit: A Few Random Thoughts Regarding the Tone of Debate in the Senate

Geithner: Job growth should resume by springtime

New home sales fall 11.3% as subsidy ends

Why as an activist and former Obama delegate, I am against the Senate Bill.

Arrow Trucking suspends operations, but talks reported

“Every single criteria for reform I put forward is in this bill.”


Party-Switcher Rep. Parker Griffith not a shoe-in for his new party's nomination.

The hole

Ready to give? The george w bush institute = ideas into action

teabagger, my new friend (good luck in your social committee)

DKos: All I Want for Christmas

I'm comfortable enough with this president

A Conspiracy of Hate - Resurgent Right-Wing Militias

Teresa Heinz says she's fighting breast cancer

Some of bin Laden's family living in Iran

Canada has nuke plant event - "Negligence" happened

The Empty Decade: Smoke and Mirrors

w4rma deserves a lot of credit

Anybody watching the senate debates?

Feingold one of few who claims to read entire reform bill

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream

Obama makes surprise call to US radio phone-in show

Does Santa Exist? A Scientific Investigation (WARNING: Spoilers)

The video RATpubliCON Free Traders don't want you to see

Teresa Heinz Kerry has breast cancer.

Acoustic listening devices developed by the Dutch army- part of air defense research btw WWI,WWII

Careful with that Tylenol - Cold remedies kill Ft Bliss soldier

I have to admit that Gibbs handled Steele pretty well today.

Would the bill be better or worse if

Franken live on CSPAN

What would be the most popular legislation Obama could introduce?

The NERVE of Max Baucus

Paris to compensate nuclear victims

Nelson May Ask That His Nebraska Deal Be Removed

Franken speaking now...

Jellyfish invasion a sign of trouble to come

Lining Up to Buy Air Jordan Shoes, Fights Break Out

Gross National Happiness just asked me for $4 to circulate a hit piece on the president.

Why middle east peace is not on the horizon

FBI Probes $Major$ Hack at Citibank

So what to do about obstructionist Dems?

Local marriage expert to visit troops (fundy marriage expert)

Local marriage expert to visit troops (fundy marriage expert)

Are DUers three times more likely to not have health insurance/coverage?

MJ: Gun Owner Nabbed Near Obama Was Bush Employee

Looking back at the things that didn't happen this year...

If you would be granted any one wish for Christmas what would it be?

Perhaps it would be wise to revisit the following in order to gain perspective...

It seems as though all is going according to plan

It seems as though all is going according to plan

Visions of Sugar Plums

What will be the next big divisive Big Issue on DU?

Can you name any politicians who have said they expect this bill to improve in Conference?

Companies ranked on efforts to cut emissions

Obama's Af-Pak War is Not Just Deadly and Counterproductive: It's Illegal

Does anyone here really believe if lieberman was asked by Obama to support the public option he

What if???

Thom Hartman, his version of the Health Care problem, how to still have a chance at Public Option

the latest in the Great Lakes/Mississippi River water war

Mall Santas: "Kids are asking for socks this year." (Wall Street Journnal)

Feinstein blocks solar projects in desert; RFK Jr. and other environmentalists disagree

I think they should pass a windfall profits tax on the Insurance Industry

Garrison soldier fighting the "War on Christmas"?

Garrison soldier fighting the "War on Christmas"?

"All we need is one Senator to be a profile in courage..."

HUD issues Chinese drywall guidelines

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, Oh what a christmas we'd have

Inexpensive last minutes presents that please. Got any recommendations?

Dick Durbin gives Top Ten list of what we can expect within 6 months:

Ensign: The Congress could fine people for.... not eating their vegetables

Politics is all about compromise each side has to be willing to sacrifice a little.

Dried distillers grain proposed for bread

The GOP Sucks!

I really like this part of the bill.

Another Orthodox priest killed in Russia

Howard B. Dean should be...

Caller asks GOP senator if he prayed hard enough for other senators to die

If OBAMA Was A LIBERAL We'd Have A Better Bill

In any other nation that has private mandated insurance, is a corporation considered a person?

Obama: "I've Always Opposed NAFTA"

Christian Story of Jesus's Birth Is a Myth Born of Politics

Blame the Uterine Brigade!

Simulating single-payer (by Paul Krugman)

Every state will demand and get the same deal Ben Nelson got for Nebraska?

New Senate HCR bill forces construction firms with FIVE or more employees to provide

Funny Facebook Statuses

Live thread for Senate healthcare debate. Yeah, I know this will sink

GOP attacks on health care were all for fun says Inhofe, but don't fool with my Christmas!

One major coming Obama accomplishment hopefully we all can agree on

Well looky here members of congress must get their coverage ....

How come when Arlen Specter became a Democrat

Child asks for Heater in Letter to Santa Claus

Crackpot the Clown Hayworth wants to run against Grumpy Ol' Man McCain

Pro-Single-Payer Physicians Call for Defeat of Senate Health Bill

Lou Engle's DC House of Prayer

Rahm Emanuel should be....

It is arguable whether the USA is a Center right country or a Center Left country but

NY Times - "Last Call on Reforming Health Reform Bill"

Bernie Madoff Moved to Hospital

Judge Rejects Mandatory Condoms On LA Porn Sets

NY Times - "Comparing the House and the Senate Health Care Proposals"

Why can't Americans make things? Two words: business school.

Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) [now Lee and Woolsey too] oppose the Health Care Reform bill.

Blippy Already Showing Off $1 Million Worth Of Your Credit Card Purchases

I am sad one has to be a donor to post in the Groups area

I propose a Christmas truce

CRS: ACORN Videotape Makers May Have Violated Federal, State Law.

Boys Choir of Harlem ends after 41 years

Boys Choir of Harlem ends after 41 years

Hmmm. Since I cannot reach you, you cannot reach me.

'Balloon boy' parents sentenced

Moyers, Moore and Maddow are the Most Influential Progressives

Moyers, Moore and Maddow are the Most Influential Progressives

Moyers, Moore and Maddow are the Most Influential Progressives

Comcast To Compensate Throttled BitTorrent Users

WTF on C-SPAN2...?

Happy Holidays!! Deranged Snowmen

Haven't you been saying Obama never promised this?

Haven't you been saying Obama never promised this?

Guantanamo may have to stay open until 2011

Guantanamo may have to stay open until 2011

Move On is still working

Why Democrats Couldn't (Read: Wouldn't) Save the Public Option

Caption this photo of Pope Ratso

US criticizes Sudan parliament on referendum law

Steam train rescues ice-bound passengers in the UK

8th-grader strangled in band class now has headaches--help!

We need an "unkick" to go along with unrecommend.

Strange Bedfellows Unite to Fight FISA Deal

Senate Clears Bill Extending Trade Preference Programs

Gun Owner Nabbed Near Obama Was Bush Employee!

Check in if you stand with Jane Hamsher

Senate moves up healthcare passage by hour

Griffith Press Secretary Resigns in Wake of Party Switch

Jordan’s King Remakes His Government

What we learned: Rethugs talk tough but when it comes down to it they fold up like a cheap accordion

FAA Looks To Technology To Train Air Controllers

Problems with iPhone after upgrade to 3.1.2 software?

FDA Cites Denver Airline Caterer For Roaches, Bacteria

FDA Cites Denver Airline Caterer For Roaches, Bacteria

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Have you heard the "U.S. has the best health care in the world" meme lately?

Attn: DU folks...Never fly Northwest Airlines/Delta

Attn: DU folks...Never fly Northwest Airlines/Delta

Is the DU Unrec Patrol right for you?

McChrystal Faces a Tough Road Ahead in Afghanistan



Incomes and Spending Post Solid Gains

I did it, I finally did it!!!

Unemployment In Florida To Remain Over Ten Percent Until 2013?

Squirrels eat LED lights, but not red ones

Comcast To Compensate Throttled BitTorrent Users

$1.4 billion grants will help fight homelessness

Ceausescu's Son Recalls Romanian Revolution


Oh look 3rd quarter GDP estimate revised down yet again, sorry this isn't Health Care related

Oh look 3rd quarter GDP estimate revised down yet again, sorry this isn't Health Care related

House Rep. stole voter data before defecting to GOP, Dems say

As Procedural Votes Continue In Senate, Louise Slaughter (D-NY) Says “Kill The Bill”

Media On Palin's 'Banned List' Ejected From Going Rogue Event

Santa’s best Christmas - "It was the toughest thing I’ve ever done as Santa"

Republican Sen. Hatch cites liberal blogger (FDL) in healthcare speech

EURO DESIGNERS Pimp Santa's Ride

Want to increase your good Karma? Consider inviting a stranded trucker to Xmas dinner...

Ask me anything: I did all my Christmas presents for under $75- for 14

McCain, GOP secretly courting another Dem to switch

McCain, GOP secretly courting another Dem to switch

Ask me anything: I did all my Christmas presents for under $75- for 14

Very Surprising Results on Catholics-United Poll re HCR

Is the MSM changing news stories around again?

ATTN: Prez Obama interviewed on NewsHour NOW!

UConn gets $100 million from this Senate Bill, and Lieberman STILL wouldn't

It dawns on Druids they're a day early for solstice

Attention Smokers, need some feedback.

Doctors No One Needs

Has anyone written a tell-all book yet on how the Air Force was commandeered?

Slaughter, Lee, and Woolsey walkiing back prior threats over Senate bill

GOP gives Hispanic kids the bird.

DU loves its heroes

Thank you for the donor star

Christmas at the Steeles'

San Francisco's plan to help homeowners go green

Twas the Night Before Recovery

Heene gets four years probation and cannot

Israeli Study Finds Marijuana May Help Alleviate PTSD Synptoms

Israeli Study Finds Marijuana May Help Alleviate PTSD Synptoms

Trucking Company Shuts Down With No Warning, Employees Say (Arrow trucking)

Lithuania revises gay ‘promotion’ law, rights activists still wary

Are The Repugs Going To Take This HCR Bill To The Supreme Court?......

"The Democrats disgust me more than the Republicans"

Phoney McCain sees HCR debacle as chance to "take back" the reform mantle

Uganda government softens propsed anti-gay law

Obama NPR: Once senate votes I'll 'roll up my sleeves' & get involved in reconciling House & Senat

Can we get Thom Hartmann to PLEASE reconsider his support for the mandate

Right Outraged Over White House Hedda Lettuce Christmas Tree Ornament

On MSNBC: Hamsher told Schuster that she had formed common cause with Grover Norquist

How important is a sense of humor in politics?

For the holidays - to the good folks here on DU - thank you, for this and other things:

Heads up news junkies.. until after the new year BBC America will actually be BBC LONDON

Aide: Brazilian family giving up fight for US boy

UK: Jailbreak fugitive updates Facebook page regularly

Activist Pleads Guilty In Window Smashing At Colorado Dem Headquarters

Ex-Va. Tech student pleads guilty in decapitation

American Airlines breaks in three at Norman Manley Airport

Dear Santa...

Why is that when State and Religion clash, women are always the pawns?

TPM: Was C-Span Caller A Prankster -- And Has He Done It Before?

I think I figured out something about message boards

The "helper"

Looks Like Someone Only "Kind of" Supported Obama from the Outset....

Poor babies.. they have worked for 24 days in a row..

A lesson Democratic Senators must learn - SHARPISH

Fundies: Health Care Reform is nothing but a plot to funnel money to ACORN


"B-Movie" by Gil Scott Heron - Maybe the most prophetic song ever-

The messenger may have been discredited, but the message of "Two Americas" still resonates.

re: state and senator payoffs -- we have not even begun to dig into DHS funding

re: state and senator payoffs -- we have not even begun to dig into DHS funding

So the FBI found nothing on Michael Jackson

They got theirs...

Jane Norton, GOP Senate Candidate, Sits Silently As Obama Called A Muslim

Maybe we should march on Washington in January.

Maybe we should march on Washington in January.

From Harry Truman's autobiography and why it's relevant to now

From Harry Truman's autobiography and why it's relevant to now

Santa Ynez teen honered as "Awesome Kid"

Boycott the DSCC, DCCC and DNC and let them know that you will be giving directly to PROGRESSIVE

Bachmann in good shape for re-election

If You Are FOR Killing The HCR Bill, Please Vote NOW!

Dr. Dean now supports the health care reform bill.

Life imprisonment for gays means death.

Tiger Woods

I Was Just About To Ask If Anybody Thinks Sarah Palin Tweets Her Own Stuff... And Then I Found This

I Was Just About To Ask If Anybody Thinks Sarah Palin Tweets Her Own Stuff... And Then I Found This

Sir, can you spare eighty-seven cents?

5th grader takes $10K from grandparents' safe. Hands out it on bus

Today at work, a co-worker was talking freeperish.

NPR Obama: Once senate votes I'll 'roll up my sleeves' get involved reconciling House & Senate bill

"A dutiful father is distressed to find his son mourning the death of his pet cat."

Happy Holidays!

Once Upon A Time

Mother of 4, Progressing MS, Son with Type 2 Diabetes...

My dearest Rachel Maddow just did the lovliest tap dance

My dearest Rachel Maddow just did the lovliest tap dance

American Health Care Has Its Roots In Calvinism

Jane Hamsher: Why I've Joined Forces With Lynn Cheney

How many more years has this nation got?

I think the solution might be a Government Accountability Forum

Banks Bundled Debt, Bet Against It and Won (Goldman under investigation for swindling customers)

Back Together Again

What this country really needs:

Everyone has seen President Obama's address where he promised the Public Option... Right? (link) - Candidate Barack Obama On Healthcare

Since folks are playing the enemy of my enemy is my friend re: HamsherNordquistEmanuel

Husband choked back tears, strict probation, wife did not speak....a friggin' MEN.

Campaign finance reform question.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Carter Center Nears Goal Against Guinea Worm

Jane Hamsher: Why I Reached Out to Grover Norquist on Fannie/Freddie

AP: War Vets, Shelter Dogs Heal Together In Program

2009 Census Report: Michigan Is 1 of 3 States To Lose Residents

Have you ever lied to your child to get them to stop throwing a tantrum?

The Doctrine of Manifest Dystopia

Incrementalism in a time of rapid change

Cold-hearted EMTs showed no remorse after pregnant woman Eutisha Rennix's death, say co-workers

Harpers: "The wrecking crew: How a gang of RW con men destroyed Washington and made a killing"

7 Arrested In Savage Attack On N.J. 8th Grader

Oh noes! Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have split up!

Why do you believe the Republicans didn't filibuster

Parents of Boy, 7, Dying of Brain Cancer Granted Christmas Wish (Story Update)

Ben Nelson's health care vote deal under investigation.

Why you should buy music directly from the artist.

Grover Norquist: Estate Tax a Holocaust for the Rich

Can we make sure the DCCC and DSCC never recruit any more NON-progressive candidates?

Two out of the ten finalists for AP Female Athlete of the Year are...Horses

If this bill is "VERMONT STYLE SINGLE PAYER", then why are the doctors for single payer opposing it?

Why did Barack Obama form a partnership with a virulent Oklahoma right winger????

Jindal cuts $248M to Health Care and Education

In Afghanistan, pre-CIA, locked doors were rare and foreigners were welcomed and protected. Even a

Favorite Norquist Quote:

Pediatrician accused of ‘brutal attacks’ on kids: maybe as much as 100 victims..

Why Should Good Health Care Be A Privilege?

Obama on health care bill: "I'm getting 95% of what I want. It might not by 95% of what some OTHER

For Obama, No Opportunity Too Big To Blow

Reaction to the Tim Robbins-Susan Sarandon split

Is it true that there are no limits on what insurers can charge you if u have a PRE-existing condi-

More On Obama and the Public Option

some people fail to understand that there are certain issues that transcend "left" and "right"

We Have Plenty Of Money To Drop Bombs On People And Incarcerating People

Republicans: Al Franken Is Too Serious

For those that still want to fight for the best health care bill possible,

This is NOT how the Senate is supposed to work:

Christmas Eve DU Prediction

A Canadian on Huffpost hits the nail on the head.

No, I will not channel my anger towards Republicans.

The Enemy of My Enemy...

New York Times: Whites Smoke Pot, but Blacks Are Arrested

"Republicans thought they had the ideal Republican woman in Terry Schiavo"

*Hi, I find you totally offensive /By Mark Morford/

The Repugs Are Successful & We Let Them Do It.......

Should I give $$$ to Rupert Murdoch, Fox News and Glenn Beck

Ed Schultz Being Bone-Headed on HCR With Rep. Elijah Cummings

Is anyone watching Countdown?

Check in if you support a strong middle class!

Uh Jane---You've gone a bit to far with this Grover partnership.

Osama bin Laden came within minutes of killing Bill Clinton

"And I Jizzed In My Pantz"

"And I Jizzed In My Pantz"

the concerted offensive against progressives who oppose the health insurance giveaway...

To those who want to "kill the bill", I'll re-ask my question...

a small request

Massive effort underway to help stranded Arrow Trucking drivers

Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist

Will more government regulation of corporations stem their power?

Will more government regulation of corporations stem their power?

Obama and the Permanent War Budget

Miles Mogulescu comes out and says it.

Which "Cadillac" health plans would Obama want to tax?

The real issue at hand is this: Rahm Emanuel is attempting to create an $800 billion slush fund

I want to just talk

George W. Bush Think Tank (not from the Onion)

When were our National Parks privatized???

Wow- Lawrence O'Donnell on Countdown is breaking out all kinds of clips of Obama

Who here has actually HAD European style socialized health care?

Pro-single-payer physicians call for defeat of Senate health bill

Michael Vick Recipient of Courage Award

Michael Vick Recipient of Courage Award

Paul Krugman thinks $44k a year for an individual and $88k for a family is "high income"

Today is General Wesley Clark's 65th Birthday!

Blue Dog House Rep Shows True Colors: Defects to the GOP

COBRA Subsidy Extended

Calif. county orders removal of religious decorations from county Christmas trees

K&R if you are thankful DU gives us a place to speak our minds

If you lay down with tea baggers.....

Los Angeles teachers' union sues school district over charter plans.

Robert Scheer: Demonizing Dean Won’t Absolve This Health Care Sham

How to solve the healthcare crisis in a nutshell:

How to solve the healthcare crisis in a nutshell:

How to solve the healthcare crisis in a nutshell:

It’s Not Even Good Kabuki-by One Pissed Off Liberal

Question about mandates.

Why mandates are being shoved down our throats.

More and More I see the Republican Talking Points masquerading as lefty rhetoric and I am scared...

More and More I see the Republican Talking Points masquerading as lefty rhetoric and I am scared...

It Seems Most Who Are Disappointed Have No Clue How The Senate Works.

Man Killed Neighbor For Playing Same Song One Too Many Times

France proposes ban on Islamic veils

Husband Beaters



So, we are now all in favor of NAFTA?

About a day ago, I started a thread titled "God I hate this country

How to solve the economic crisis: Tax all income over a million dollars at 95%.

Healthcare Mandate vs. U.S. Constitution

This HCR Bill Was Never About Us….

Recent photos of the Universe

Yes or No: Rahm Emanuel Needs to Go.

Father forces sex on son

800 horsepower. I am a hypocrite and I really need your help.

Obama names conservatives to Legal Services board

Obama names conservatives to Legal Services board

Carp v. Cox - Put your money on the carp!

I think I'm being monitored by the NSA

The Lady and the Snake

Just reported that Obama told NPR that taxing the Union Cadillac

Beware the Progressive Democrat: It's not going to stop 'til you wise up

I resent being told the Public Option was just a figment of my imagination

It's lightly snowing outside, and I'm sipping on some hot chocolate.

My laptop almost died today

Best version of "White Christmas" I've heard in a long time...

Run Run Rudolph Santa's gotta make it to town

A Halloweenish kind of Christmas present...

An hour ago I woke up from a nightmare about a plane crash landing in front of me.

Any Dan Simmons fans? Reading the 'The Terror"

I am for the trash can but I just done care.

"Ninotchka" coming up on Turner Classic Movies...

I'm bored. Somebody talk to me.

Did J.J. Abrams inadvertently Kill off All the Vulcan's?

I'm having a great Christmas and hope you do too!

goodnight du

"Father Christmas, give us some money!"

I can't sleep...I guess I am a little more scared than I thought

Christmas Cake Recipe

What the hell did Danny do?

I learned my lesson...

DU needs an "Ignore Forum" feature

My gift to the Lounge: two bands you've never heard of

A Great Read - George Carlin

I have my IPOD working, even the Wi-Fi.

My one and only GD post of the day.

Still in India

Seeking Advice From Big D Democrats

Swedish Christmas straw goat burnt

FOR SALE: Cher's $20 million, 8,821 sq. ft. Kona Coast home expected to fetch $8-$12 million

Woo hoo! Lawrence Humane won $1000 grant from The Animal Rescue Site!

I've never been so proud of a negatively rec'd thread in my life.

Netflix members. Is it worth getting a Roku player?

i don't care what i get for christmas, i'm so thrilled i could afford this for my husband

Please...please..jus make him stop.

Sorry...can someone help me out here?

Rebel Christmas Card 2009 (Good stuff!)

I couldn't sleep last night because I watched Funny Games and it was horrific

I'm recruiting candidates for the DU Unrec Patrol.

Computer question

Anita O'Day sings Sweet Georgia Brown and Tea for Two

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth? Fuck that.

Honoring the great Dems we lost this year

Your Christmas Present

International Soundex Reunion Registry - a free service to reunite adoptees & birth family

The fine line between "confidence" and "asshole"

Airline horror stories?

Winona woman accused of grabbing man's genitals and yanking hard enough for him to need stitches

Problems with iPhone after upgrade to 3.1.2 software?

What did Kirstie Alley ever do to piss off the tabloids?

Check out the big smiling radar pic before it disappears...

I saw this cartoon in today's paper and I couldn't help but think of the Lounge.

And now... The Airing of Grievances...

Want to see some recent photos of the Universe?

I feel like the Grinch

Only sailors use condoms, baby...

Happy Birthday Esther Phillips

Jobycom is an Obtuse contrarian for not agreeing with me as to the Sherlock Holmes movie.

Not to gobble up the next 45 minutes of your life or anything...

I asked Santa for a job for Christmas and I got an interview

Massive effort underway to help stranded Arrow Trucking drivers

I feel bad that I can't get anyone anything for Christmas

Steve Tyler is in rehab.

Good morning Lounge and Merry Christmas

Wife allegedly calls 911 after husband refuses to eat dinner

Do you like candy canes?

Question for you FBers: exactly how much can you delete or cover your tracks after...

Hi my name is Hello

I have found my favorite response image, and now need a place to use it.

Help! Can I stuff the turkey tonight if I am not putting it in until tomorrow

Merry Christmas from Angry Grandpa

Bookends (pics)

Rest in Peace Wolfgang

Fuck it. I was going to go work out, but I think I'm going to get drunk instead.

It saddens me that SARANDON-ROBBINS are splitting, but at the same time, who cares. n/t

We spent the night in Argentina. Signs of Mark Sanford everywhere.

In this thread, I complain about the fact that no woman has wanted me for years. (Warning: long.)

I need to go on a vision quest.

Rachel Maddow reminds me of this person:

I'm drinkin' ein brewski.

PBS is braodcasting La Boheme ....

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Split

favorite music video of 2009?

I've decided to maximize the drinking over the holidays. The only question is,

I just had deer sausage....and I liked it....

Lesbia and Her Sparrow.


Who's in the mood for a good time?

It's That Time of Year Again...Time to Rewatch LOST from Start fo Finish.

I just got my wife these beautiful combs for her hair this Christmas

A Happy Festivus! (for the rest of us!)

Inglorious Basterds was not the movie I was expecting.

So A Cat Walks Into A Bar....

OMG fried cheese curds at A & W!

What is this called?

I've found a most wonderful cheese

Ever have one of those days when you just don't want to go to work?

Yikes , Carreras , Pavarotti and Domingo doing songs they can probably reproduce with their farts

A Moral Question For the Lounge

Poll question: Who Was The More Influential Musical Figure And Why?

Catnuts roasting on an open fire.....

Santa can visit boys and girls all over the world because he freezes time.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

I was just over in GD

I just bought all of my Christmas presents at the convenience store.

Seven tips to not be "The Asshole" in holiday traffic.

Match Game Story: "Xmas 2009 went bad when Santa began ____, kid's bodies piled up like cordwood."

We spent the night in South Carolina. No sign of Mark Sanford.

Well, my very old boy cat Tuna is passing tonight.

stiff shirt

Retro '70s style TV clip

My family is doing some sort of gift exchange thing and I need input

Not the smartest pooch...

Jesus vs. Santa Claus

Does anyone remember LitKicks?

How can anybody possibly not love Dolly Parton? She sings like

NORAD Tracks Santa (T minus six hours!)

Hey everyone! It's going to be 80 tomorrow in SW Florida!!1!!

The Cat Always Knows

Who is spending Xmas alone?

Go see Avatar on IMAX

"on health care, Obama is consistently running to the right of his rivals."


"Blueprint for Change - Obama and Biden's Plan for America" - Excerpt On Healthcare

Turns out Mormons might not be Christians after all...

My one tiny method of protest to the Democratic Party

Why are Pro Hamsher posts still open but anti ones are

30 Day Moratorium On Source Articles From The Huffington Post?

Concessions lawmakers won in the health bill

I just unsubcribed from

It kind of makes me laugh when dems tout cost containment and

17,000 Progressive Physicians Call for Defeat of Senate Health Insurance Industry Bill!

My football team sucks!!

Couldn't the public option be added later via reconciliation?

"Tea Partier Calls C-SPAN, Worried His Prayers For Byrd To Die Got Inhofe Instead"

Woman arrested for threats against Michelle Obama

K, I'll ask again; What can Obama LEGALLY DO to FORCE Lieberman & Nelson vote his way? FORCE THEM

Since the primary battles have been reopened in the healthcare threads, I'll just say it

Senate bill significantly expands and funds Medicaid

Need copy of bill quick, wingers are telling folk taxs will go up 9,000 on TOP OF current employer

So you really think Lieberman landrieu and Nelson want to "improve" the bill?

A 'lot' of Blue Dogs may flip to vote for Senate health bill says member

First Dog Bo grabs spotlight at Obama girls' Christmas (VIDEO)

Politico claimed the WH may not be able to get HC bill before his SOTU speech

Article 1, Section 7, US Constitution

FACT NOT IN DISPUTE: Obama's TRUE base doesn't blame him for the short comings of a few senators

K&R if you get the feeling that at least SOME of this Obama hate is orchestrated

I'm OFFICIALLY declaring myself the most progressive and only true progressive on DU

What should I post for my 35,000th Post? A Poem? Okay!

I'm so "so disappointed" that we are getting the FIRST FUCKING STEP of health care reform

"Any plan I sign must include an insurance exchange

Ease up on the President's healthcare reform dissembling

Can reconciliation be used after the bill comes out of conference?

Why the Health Care Bill Will Destroy the Conservative Movement

I found a picture of my car on the internet today

Most Americans Are Not Obsessed with Public Option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama Accused Of Abandoning Health Care Principles In New Ad

CNN Poll: More Americans think Dems' policies better than GOP's - Lieberman's hurtin'.

If the GOP gets majorities in either the house or senate, shouldn't liberals just move to Canada or

Will Republicans fight the Obama Tax Cut Bill of 2010?

Which of these two is a more fundamental progressive belief?

The Emperor Has No Clothes (and is acting stupidly)

Senate Votes Again And Just One Vote Left On Health Care - Tomorrow at 7:00 am (ET)

"The changes the president have made, are close to remarkable"

I Wish Dean was Fucking President!

Hamsher's racism vs. Andrew Sullivan's misdeeds

Most Blacks & Many Evangelicals Are Likely To Agree With Liberal Policies. Teabaggers are not.

Round 2 is done I almost passed out during the IV stick

Listen for two minutes

Happy Holidays GD-P!

What do Herbert Hoover, JFK, Gerald Ford have in common?

Forum Suggestion

The repigs are now arguing that the HCR bill is unconstitutional

Sometimes I just think we are never, ever going to get universal health care

Teresa Heinz says she's fighting breast cancer

How is this different?

Perhaps we can hold out hope that the President/Pelosi/Reid working together, will alter this bill?

Krugman: The glums of August

The Democrats' Authoritarian Health 'Reform' Bill and the Ascendency of Corporatism

Health care bill clears last hurdle before passage

Now that HCR is all but a done deal, I'd like to offer a thought for which problem Obama can solve

I get bored with people who disagree with me and find their arguments less than convincing

Darn that Louise Slaughter. We get Dean in line, and now she says kill the bill.

I get my pony tomorrow at 4 a.m. PST!

"Today is a victory ... for American families," Sen. Max Baucus, "Americans won"

It is so nice to have a President who believes in Science!

Will WE Win?: A Reply to Frank Schaeffer's 'Obama Will Win'

One of the most frustrating things about the bush years

The Right Seizes On Ed Schultz Line

We know the problem is corporate control of what?

Obama Double-Crossed Progressives on Health Care

DOD Announces Casualties 22-Dec-09

Transcript: Obama Talks With PBS' Jim Lehrer

What if?

"I got my birth certificate to prove it..."

(NY Minority Leader) Skelos to Dems: Sue over health deal

The Senate bill includes community health centers, state exchanges and this:

Merry Christmas Cigna! Merry Christmas Humana!

Talk about playing chess: Obama saved his "I didn't campaign on the PO" comment until now

Countdown showed a lot of video of Obama campaigning on the Public Option......

The diary at the top of DK rec list

Teabagger riot tomorrow..

Texas to Gain Four U.S. House Seats Under Reapportionment, Analysis Shows

Jane Hamsher and Grover Norquist: Two great tastes that taste great together!

Jane Hamsher and Grover Norquist: Two great tastes that taste great together!

President Obama Walks Back Public Option Bashing

It's a shame

Liberal Revolt against Obama? Yea, right.

Reframing -- "Kill the bill" is not it..... It is "Don't Kill Real Reform Prematurely."

Maureen Dowd lets McCain have it. Right in the kisser!

CNN: Support for Lieberman drops 10 points

Howard Dean is happy he isn't the one who killed the bill.

'A Tougher Assignment'

Immigrant Waiting Period for Medicaid Elminated in Reform Bill

I do not love Obama, I am just profoundly proud of him.

This Place looks like a fucking Hatefest

Y'know why the President says he didn't campaign on the public option?

Could the president issue an executive order

Woman held in Hawaii after Michelle Obama threat

OK, I give up, I think the bill sucks but it is a starting point. Sign it and work on improving it.


Ready for the campaign against Bernie Sanders

**Attention: The Vote is at 7am EST Tomorrow!!**

Tax on Workers’ Health Insurance Plans a Bad Idea

Reforming the health care system was always going to be a monumental task.

President Obama Responds To Progressive Attacks!!

Photos: The Obama Presidency December 23rd, 2009

Did Obama campaign on public option?

Can your conscience live with killing the bill?

The house has passed HCR, the senate will in the morning.. Not even FDR got this far

Obama campaigned on everyone having the same insurance option that he and congress have

Obama campaigned on everyone having the same insurance option that he and congress have

I am for single payer, but I will accept this bill as a start.

If this was 1935, many DUers would be against FDR's Social Security Plan

Krugman: Annoyed at people who say that the plan isn’t really covering the uninsured

AL-02, ID-01, PA-10: Bright and Minnick Won't Switch, but Carney (!) Mulling It

Sandra Day O'Connor wants to drop elections for judges and replace them with merit selection

The real enemy to health care reform is the GOP

Andrew Sullivan in the tank for the truth

Do you support or oppose passage of the current Senate health care bill?

While I agree with the errand, what did he expect, showing up at WH 5AM with an envelope?

Do we have any idea who Pelosi will appoint to the Conference Committee?

VP Biden to preside over final passage of health care legislation tomorrow.

Obama -- speaking on the use of Filibuster...

Micheal Moore for I am serious

You're The President -- It's Your Choice

If you didn't know then what you know now, would you have

Obama: Filbuster Making Nation Ungovernable

X-posted from GD: Mandate Poll. Love to hear your thoughts.

An Incredible Acomplishment!

Candidate Obama - "Cutting Costs and Covering America: A 21st Century Health Care System"

Government has PROFITED 16 billion so far from TARP.

Feingold: "U.S. Senate will vote on passage of the most sweeping health care reform in generations"

Check, and mate.

Ummm, Lieberman is NOT a Democrat

We do not hate Obama we are profoundly disappointed with him

"President Obama's advisors are enabling his most troubling character flaw, his conflict-avoidance"

Mr. President, We Hardly Knew You: Article on the branding and public marketing of President Obama

Pennsylvania: Not Guilty Plea in Hate Crime

City Of Chicago To Shut Down Christmas Eve To Save Cash

Clashes at Montazeri ceremony, Iran opposition says

How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room

Another Orthodox priest killed in Russia

Flight from Miami crashes in Jamaica

Obama makes surprise call to US radio phone-in show

U.S. financial crisis panel sets first hearings

Alabama "dem" defecting to GoP

Companies ranked on efforts to cut emissions

Bombs target Iraqi Christians, Shiites

Swedish Christmas straw goat burnt

Acetaminophen for mental health relief

Court orders Brazilian family to relinquish boy (has until Thursday at 9AM)

Jail for (both) "balloon boy" parents

Fighters 'sent to Afghan Taliban'

FDA Cites Denver Airline Caterer For Roaches, Bacteria

Comcast To Compensate Throttled BitTorrent Users

UN climate chief appeals for calm after Copenhagen bustup

Okinawa Mayor Race May Hold Key to U.S.-Japan Base Spat

Fresh protests, clashes reported in Iran

US criticizes Sudan parliament on referendum law

Corruption Ignored, Deplored In Afghanistan

Jordan’s King Remakes His Government

At least 5 Shiite pilgrims killed in Baghdad

California National Guard troops help Afghan farmers

Sen. Galluccio placed under 24-hour house arrest

FAA Looks To Technology To Train Air Controllers

Prominent Chinese Dissident Is Tried

More African immigrants finding a home in Latin America

Witness in Richmond gang rape case vanishes

Ceausescu's Son Recalls Romanian Revolution

Second Irish bishop resigning over abuse scandal report

McChrystal Faces a Tough Road Ahead in Afghanistan

Guantanamo prison may have to stay open until 2011

China tries leading dissident on subversion charge

Plan to Move Guantánamo Detainees Faces New Delay

Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Split

2 face charges related to Dillon (Dem Speaker of the MI House) recall attempt

Captain of Jewish immigrant ship the Exodus dies

Madoff moved from federal prison to medical center

Afghan member of parliament killed by police

5 held hostage at rural Virginia post office

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 23

Senate clears last hurdle before final health vote

Facebook sex-scam US teenager convicted

Congress pressures Pentagon on eve of gays-in-the-military debate

BlackBerry users hit by eight-hour outage

Ford agrees Volvo sale to China's Geely: report

Geithner: Job growth should resume by springtime

Texas man freed by DNA sues over 'excessive' fees

Kidnapped Colombian governor found with throat slit

Taliban Blow Up Pakistan Girls' School: Official

DNA sampling upheld for all felony suspects

Balloon boy' dad sentenced to time in jail

CNN Poll: More Americans Prefer Democratic Policies

Obama says disappointment at Copenhagen justified

Teresa Heinz (Kerry) says she's fighting breast cancer

Gun Owner Nabbed Near Obama Was Bush Employee

Steam train's snow rescue 'glory' (the little engine that could)

Reps. Woolsey And Lee: Final Bill Must Have A Public Option; Rep. Louise Slaughter: Kill the Bill

Andrew J. Bacevich: Obama, tell me how this ends: Is Afghanistan just a new war of attrition?

Senate Health Bill Creates New Insurance Program.

2009, The Year in Pictures

Forget the Happy Talk: Longer, Deeper Recession Ahead, Execs Warn

A Progressive Marriage? - Michael Lind

The Daily Dish--self-destructing GOP

Medicare Prepares Reversal on Covering All Antidepressants and Antipsychotics

Corruption Ignored, Deplored In Afghanistan

Yemen is growing front in al-Qaida battle

Wal-Mart shouldn't turn felony convictions into life sentences - Jeff Garrett, DFP

It happened in Bizarro World

CRS report: ACORN didn't break law

Pressure on poor at Copenhagen led to failure, not diplomatic wrangling

Health Care Reform CAN PASS using Reconciliation process. The reconciliation

In Senate Health Vote, a New Partisan Vitriol

The Democrats' Authoritarian Health 'Reform' Bill and the Ascendency of Corporatism

Tax on Workers’ Health Insurance Plans a Bad Idea

Osama bin Laden came within minutes of killing Bill Clinton

Media Matters: 2009 - A Year of Fox News Political Activism

The Nevada gambler, al-Qaida, the CIA and the mother of all cons - Guardian, UK

Obama, Senate Dems Explain Why 'Public Option' Unnecessary

Without a public option, Senate bill is a sop to the insurance industry. By David Sirota

Where Does US Military ‘Aid’ to Colombia Go?

How do I know China wrecked the Copenhagen deal? I was in the room

Top Ten Worst Things about the Bush Decade; Or, the Rise of the New Oligarchs - by Juan Cole

How do you like that? The military does have a strategy for Afghanistan.

MUST READ: Why conservatives are always WRONG

District Court Preliminarily Enjoins ACORN Defunding Law as a Bill of Attainder

A Democrat's view from the House: Senate bill isn't health reform

AlterNet: Is Obama's Problem That He Just Doesn't Want to Deal with Conflict?

The Senate Insurance company subsidy bill is a monster only Dr. Frankenstein could love -

Study Reveals "Revolving Door" Between Capitol Hill Staffers and Healthcare Lobbyists

'Twas the morning before Christmas

Progressive Power to Change the Debate

Ex-Palestinian premier urges an end to differences on Mideast

Valdai conference brings world community closer to Arab-Israeli settlement

We The People (Ray Stevens)

The Christians and the Pagans

Former Russian PM Primakov blames U.S. for Middle East imbalance

Dean accepts that bill will pass, warns of battles trying to regulate insurance. Rachel's show.

Greetings from the ACLU!

Faux's Bret Baier Takes Gratuitous, Partisan Swipe While Reporting On Obama's Surprise Call To WTOP

Papantonio: Optimism Driving the Economy

Obama Dresses As Santa, Meets With Children

Afghan training a challenge for US marines

Sen. Obama in debate: Mandates bad - President Obama now: Mandates good.

Obama On The Meaning Of Christmas

Cenk Interviews David Sirota - Progressive Pressure Can Improve Healthcare Bill

The 2000 Election: Revisiting the Lack of Outrage

Papantonio: Wall Street Perp Walk

Organizing Progressives after Obama

The Untouched Story of 2009: Race

Papantonio: Is Rasmussen Wrong Again?

Sen. David Vitter And Republicans Block Earlier Christmas Eve Vote

Thom Hartmann asks anti-gay Robert Knight - What is the real goal of the hate the gays movement?

AP: Health Care Bill Deals & Disappointments

Naomi Klein Implicates Corporate Climate Lobbyists @ COP15

Rachel Maddow: McCain hypocrisy recovered from C-Span archive - Missing Video Found!

TYT: Why Did The Family Research Council Send Gay Porn?!

TYT: Republicans Weaken Healthcare Bill, Then They Bash It On TV

Countdown: President Obama's Claims Of Not Having Campaigned On The Public Option Debunked

This Is Not Healthcare Reform in D minor

Rachel Maddow Smacks Down the John Birch Society

Drumbeat: December 23, 2009

How China gutted Copenhagen

3 Months Before Next CITES Convention, Fight Brewing Over Ivory Sales From Some African Nations

Forest Fires Out Of Control Near Port Lincoln, NSW - High Winds, 104F Temps Boost Danger

Fish W. Antifreeze Blood But No Red Blood Cells; Sea Pigs, Stars Among Bounty Of Antarctic Ocean

Scientists Suspect Oil In Indonesian Waters From Damaged Rig Off NW Australian Coast

New Prudhoe Bay Spill Blows Back Off Well House, Covers 17K SF Of Pad, Plus Tundra With Oil & Water

World's largest solar project prompts environmental debate


Soil studies reveal rise in antibiotic resistance

World looks ahead post-Copenhagen—A weak international climate agreement leaves room for science…

James Hansen on Why He’s Pleased the Copenhagen Summit Failed

Aircraft Vapor Trails Responsible for 15-20% of Arctic Warming

New South Wales prepares for floods

The relevant number really is 42

PM Kevin Rudd - Australia Will Do "No More And No Less" Than Other Nations To Fight Climate Change

Powerspan Announces CO2 Capture Technology Pilot Test Results

At the risk of being laughed out of town again.... this job posting

Yep. We are definitely on the way to becoming a burning inferno.

TCU's Patterson is AP's top coach

Tiger Woods

UCONN Women Rout Stanford

Who will be the AP Athlete of the NEXT decade?

Third Annual Academic Bowl Championship Series Rankings.

What's the logic with the Pro Bowl scheduling this year?

Childress & Favre

NFL Week 16 (with point spreads)

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao dealbreaker?

Extradited Colombian death-squad leaders leave valuable information behind

HONDURAS: The Coup That Never Happened

Honduras: Reporter, Dick Emanuelsson, Threatened Over Election Story

Getting Hot in HAITI: On the Ground Report from Journalist Kevin Pina

Where Does US Military ‘Aid’ to Colombia Go?

Ecuador revokes Shuar radio broadcast license

Lobo's solution to inaugural illegitimacy...

Killing Activists in Honduras

No peace in Mideast in next decade

Danger: Popular struggle

Captain of Jewish immigrant ship the Exodus dies

Jerusalem cop caught on tape pepper spraying detained leftist

2 types of Zionism

Jimmy Carter Apologizes For Criticizing Israel

Israel opens organ theft hearing

Armed Robber Pistol Whips Employee, Killed By Another Employee

Peoria might be a pilot city for concealed carry in Illinois...

Utter failure of "gun free zone" in my hometown....

FBI: Gun Sales Up, Murders Down...

A gun-related topic posted in Latest Breaking...

2 dead, 1 wounded in Louisiana office shooting

These people did not resist the criminal, but died anyway.

Worker Productivity Jumps 8.1 Percent--Wages Don't

Today in Labor History Dec 23 President Harding issued a "Christmas amnesty," freeing Eugene Debs

Definition of a media echo chamber

Some love needed over here.........

Great post here:

Remember this?

They are actually comparing HCR to gang rape

Interesting Poll...If I say so myself

Mind if I join you?

Another one:

Here's the pattern up there. . .

I know I'm the noob here and all, but this guy needs advice

If you haven't been over there yet >> take a look.


Gobsmaked by Irony...

Excellent Andrew Sullivan article posted in GDP ----

Would A Really Effective Activist Spend HOURS Posting Trash About Dems On DU?

Hi everyone - mind if I join you?

Listen here to corporatist DLC loving cheerleader, get your pom-poms out of my grill

Holiday Video

Oh, man. Who gave me the star?

The Commute, as seen from Battery Spencer

some of my kids


A few scattered thoughts about Triage.

Opening new frontiers: First volume of microbial encyclopedia published

Cassini Holiday Movies Showcase Dance of Saturn's Moons

Tonight Boxer raises state public options - which was raised here yesterday

The Earth in Winter

feeling frustrated and burnt-out by HCR? Here's something therapeutic. (warning: many photos)

Kinko's for Kidneys: 3D Printing Your Own Body Parts

This pretty much says it all...

I forgot what a nice place DU can be sometimes,

Passages: Notables Who Died in 2009

I wish you Peace in 2010

Incredibly, Andrew Sullivan tries to give Obama credit for civil marriage in DC

For all those who wonder why I still call myself a Catholic:

Group Pushes to Overturn Iowa Marriage Equality

thoughts on the mandate

Did you guys see Harkin... I almost cried..

President Obama will be interviewed on Jim Lehrer tonight

i have been on facebook and DU almost all day...LOL

Michelle, Malia, Sasha and Bo make Christmas visit to Children's National Hospital

Countdown to Health Care!! I Don't Know About You, But I'm Excited As Hell

Would they miss us?

NAFTA has not been fixed!

4 AM!

What if?


USA Today Global Insight index shows 2.4% Real GDP growth in first half of 2010.

Feminomics: Women and Bankruptcy

We seem to be getting attacked

Wells Fargo repays $25 billion in bailout funds also paid dividends to the Treasury of $132 million

Bernanke is taking us into uncharted waters.

Spirit Media Network

Down and out at Yuletide

my winter solstice celebration

How about a good laugh or an hoorah for creativity?

Your experience regarding going public with spiritual skills?

Johns Hopkins Scientists Find A Source Of Nonallergic Itch


More Homeopathy Apologetics

My letter to OBAMA via the White House website

The end of life controversy -- how much is too much money to spend?

Acetaminophen for mental health relief

Sleep Therapy

How about this then? A man's eye replaced using stem-cells from his

American Dental Association Being Held Accountable for Greed

Christian Story of Jesus's Birth Is a Myth Born of Politics

Why do people think being an athiest means you also don't believe in an afterlife?

As a solid atheist, I will change and believe in the existence of

Okay, brilliant bakers, how would you personalize an individual gingerbread house?

how long is fruit filling good for? (not canned the "fresher" kind in a bag)