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Seeking Bust’s Return, Egypt Cites Diary Entry

"They don't realize"

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year (Im off to the beach)

If the health care bill dies in committee, who gets the blame?

I know we don't like to talk much about the Bush/Cheney

Thanks, Ben. No. Really. Thank you, Ben Nelson. Seriously, man. **Thank You**

No lie! S.C. voices dominate '09 top quotes list

Guardian UK - "Rupert Murdoch accused of using Wall Street Journal to 'play politics'"

So where are the battle lines, the ramparts to be charged, the battles to be fought...

fuck you

Sheffield teacher charged with rape after being caught with ninth-grader

GOP Voted To Delay Funding For Troops -- As Part Of Health Care Debate

Tough choices for states on jobless funds

So I guess we can stop teaching the old adage "it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it is how you

Archaeologists to explore feasting habits of ancient builders of Stonehenge

wow! DU just went crazy!

Can we please dispense with the BS talking points

Remember how good we felt after 11/08? Lets all take a breath.

Want Universal Health Care? Move to Vermont

Number of homeless deaths continues to rise

Here's a cause you can believe in.

Bernie Sanders due on MSNBC in next two hours (as of 7 am)

Ben Kennedy - A hero you don't know

Louisiana Has Much at Stake in Health Care Debate

A Very Interesting Article about Medicaid and HCR and a Question

Did Osama Try to Kill Bill Clinton?

'The fact is the U.S. government always has and always will subsidize abortions.'

Obama’s Senate Health Care Bill: A “Uniquely American” Idiocy

Urgent poll.

Shot Robber Has Extensive Criminal History

Health care reform should have taken the form of a constitutional amendment

Bernie's view on Joey Scabs

Never, Ever Give Up (or make the most of what you have)

Retailers: WIMPS !!! You let 2 feet of snow prevent you from Christmas shopping?....You SUCK !!!!

Sixty Headless Skeletons -- 3,000 Years Old -- Discovered in Pacific Ocean Archipelago Vanuatu

**HEADS UP** Senate session opens in 5 minutes. Voting at 7:20.......

The Stories of the Two Somalis Freed From Guantanamo

I love that commercial.......

Larry the Cable Guy donates $1.2 million to Lincoln NE hospital

Where's jesse Jackson been?

Should the Senate and House have different and separate responsibilities in terms of policy

How is it possible to communicate with Senator Ben Nelson?

Obama Won't Push Equal Rights Law in the Right Direction

14-Year-Old About To Reach Lifetime Limit On Insurance Policy

Why do so many DU-ers want to please Republicans?

Our local news here in Okla.

DU, I think I've just stumbled on the solution to our troubles: Pony mandates!

These Republicans who are now so irate over HCR...

Taylor Swift, the androgynous ubiquitous marginally country pop singer is

Jesus' Neighbors' Home Discovered?

Jesus' Neighbors' Home Discovered?

The War on Christmas and Media Reports

"Putin: US hindering Russia's WTO bid". I didn't realize Russia was trying to get into the WTO.

US Forces Mounted Secret Pakistan Raids in Hunt for al-Qaida

A simple fun challenge that I hope every DU'er will take. You may learn something too!

Pork greased reform's passage

Pork greased reform's passage

The more I hear about the sweetheart deals and special provisions in the senate

Huffington Post: Even In Recession, DC Influence Industry On Track To Shatter All Spending Records

November home sales soar 7.4 percent, highest in 3 years

This Modern World: 2009 - The Year In Crazy (Part 1)

Scrooge Lives: Taxpayer Bailout of Underfunded Teamsters Pension Funds

Russians Aim to Send Monkey to Mars

Anyone else noticed a change with DU's spell checker?

So lets work the opposite approach: Any positive suggestions for handling pregnancy in the military?

Worst of the worst from the birthers, tea baggers, homophobes, anti-choicers, etc., in 2009

What more do you suppose they will give away before this becomes law?

Vegans: Vegetable Assassins of the New Era

Leaving Me Behind-HCR treats women & progressives as expendable objects...

Leaving Me Behind-HCR treats women & progressives as expendable objects...

Politico tweet: Rep. Parker Griffith (D-AL) switching to Republican party today

POTUS: Public option 'symbolic'

Midlands museums face Vatican battle for Staffordshire Hoard

Lou Engle and "Senator Brownback": roommates in martyrdom?

To Get Ben Nelson’s Health Care Vote, Nebraska To Receive Kansas

To Get Ben Nelson’s Health Care Vote, Nebraska To Receive Kansas

Same ones screaming about health insurance stocks going up now would be screaming if they fell?

Who's the Mountie

Barrasso & Corburn & those MDs who are in the Congress just are plain evil.

The Battle for Tora Bora-December 10 2001 (New Republic "The Definitive Account ")

Rasmussen, 12/22: "lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this President"

Lawrence O'Donnell just did a great job in pointing out an Achilles heel to Claire McAskill

Greenwald: Yemen Cruise missile attacks part of a never-ending, self-perpetuating cycle

I wish I was Evan Bayh's wife right now

In a way I admire Ben Nelson

In a way I admire Ben Nelson

Americans More Upset By Tiger Wood's Sexual Affairs Then Bush/Obama Destruction Of Civil Liberty

Do you want anti-cancer drug in junk food?

Do you want anti-cancer drug in junk food?

Graham says 'sleazy process' will damage Congress

Rationing? Then Look to Women's Health

Awesome! The republican party is on the verge of self destruction

They can charge older people 3 times more based on age!!!!!!!1!!!111

While claiming to support a Pub Opt, why did Obama HIRE "adviser" who wants to PRIVATIZE MEDICARE?

Fundies are right. Man and dinos co-exist.


A Different Christmas Poem

Burris's 'Night Before Christmas': Senator Backs Reform With Rhyming Poem On Senate Floor

Unemployment Programs In 40 States About To Go Broke

An analysis, of sorts.

Whooooeee! Teabagger on Wash Journal this morning said they prayed

Christmas gift list for various Americans.

Are there some who will fight against the people in power/the system

LOL! C-Span Caller To Repubs: "How hard did you pray because I see 1 of our members was missing...?"

Reasons Not To Kill The Bill

States' jobless funds are being drained in recession

Don't tell me how to feel!

OMG!!! the blond on The View is trying to show off her Mrs. Obama arms!!!

How long should it take to recover from the Bush/Republican recession?

OPEC Meets to Discuss ‘Public Exchange’

Another letter - Can we get a new Chief of Staff for Christmas Mr. President?

Congressman switching parties is a major break for RNC's Steele & helps bury this embarrassing story

Congressman switching parties is a major break for RNC's Steele & helps bury this embarrassing story

Ridiculous "Study" Supposedly Finds Widespread Anti-Semitism on Progressive Websites

Feline Found At Owner's Work Place - Cat Disappeared 2 Weeks Ago

Rick Sanchez Gets New Show "Rick's List" On CNN, Cuts Into "Situation Room"

HP computers are racist? ROFL - and HP acknowledges the problem...

HC expert: Nelson will have 'chilling' effect on coverage, extends beyond Hyde

Michele Bachmann: Welfare Queen

Besides me... How many of you have your representatives on speed dial?

Besides me... How many of you have your representatives on speed dial?

Leadership, Obama style, and the looming losses in 2010....

Laredo (Tx.) could be largest US city without bookstore

Conservadem Congressman from Alabama switching to GOP

A few questions on TEA PARTY protests

The Happiest Man On The Planet In Regard To HCR Being Passed - RUSH LIMBAUGH

Holy shit. An old high school friend just became a fan of Blackwater on facebook. nt

An Unconstitutional Exercise of Congressional Power

I don't like the deal, but I like this picture

First-known venomous dinosaur lived 125 million years ago, say scientists

Iran projected to experience massive unrest next Sunday

I support Federal Mandates as Progressive Legislation

A Worthy Cause?

A Worthy Cause?

I thought this songs relevance had passed - Unfortunately Not

I Have A Question About HCR, As If There Could Be More Questions... BUT

Disarming the auto vs health insurance meme.

Disarming the auto vs health insurance meme.

An honest question about the HCR bill, filibusters and reconciliation...

John Ensign: constitutional scholar

dont take this seriously

An article to reflect on going forward

What Happens to Blue Dogs?

EMTs suspended as officials look into allegations they refused to help pregnant woman who later died

Top House Liberal Suggests He Could Accept Deal On Senate Bill

If you were going to run for office as a Democrat now, would you be more apt

"Stop Wall Street's Economic Rampage"

Pleasure #57 of lurking on RW boards:

Online posting of women's abortion information challenged in Oklahoma

Will this Health Insurance Reform Work?

I give up. The Corporations and Lobbyists control EVERYTHING!

Future 2010 campaign ads for both Republicans and Democrats

The only thing I love more than Democratic Underground

Economic observation from the Mall of America: "The place is packed but no one's carrying any bags!"

Democrats in the Senate have an Epiphany: Republicans are obstructionist..

What if you're wrong? Will you cop to it?

Here are the disgusting pigs (all male, all Repug) who voted against the Franken anti-rape amendment

I am normally against violence, but

What is politics?

Mormon candidate touts Mormon-only male-only campaign rallies


Michelle Bachman: Welfare Queen

I went to the tire shop today

Gov. Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg and other NY pols: Health care bill is prescription for disaster

Hardest Partier in the US Senate? Richard Burr of North Carolina

I think we need a "moran guy" photoshop thread!

We have two years to develop a movement around a primary candidate against Obama

Compromise means sometimes you get only half a loaf...

Dean For President

Anti-socialist Bachmann got $250K in federal farm subsidies

Toronto breaks ground on ambitious "Transit City" project

Former speaker gets pricey perks - Dennis Hastert

"I will not leave until my friends in the Senate have completed their work.

insurance companies spent millions a day to ensure we got no reform this go around.

So they ran out of stupid names.. Now I need to lay off the Mushrooms.

Judge easy on medical marijuana crusader "no real victims"

The health insurance plan the religious right has bought into

Forty-year-old air sample found

Forty-year-old air sample found

For Sale

Is there a legitimate summary of highlights for the Senate Health bill?

Jesus joins the war on Christmas

The "economic crisis" predates September 2007.

Have We Ever Had A Discussion Here About The Ramifications Of Doing Away With Health Insurance .....

Shiny City of corruption, death, and destruction on a hill

"Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays". Vote in this poll!

FDL warning to "pass anything" camp: Reforms Don’t Always Magically Get Fixed Over Time

Good Riddance! Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama Switches To R

Ala.'s Parker switches from Dems to GOP

While we argue Health 'Insurance' Reform, the Wall Street Banksters make their Big Getaway...

Conservatives Not Ready to Embrace Party-Switcher Parker Griffith

Odd how easily I see my mental illness in DU’s reaction to HCR

US Reps Barbara Lee and Jim McGovern to ask for up-or-down vote on escalation in Afghanistan

Corrupt gov't, propaganda and pure greed = Goodbye USA

The Rude Pundit: Harry Reid and the Sad Facts of American Compromises

Colombia admits new "false positives" killings

Denmark the world leader in Green Technology

Heath Care: One thing to remember

Ugh... who else is tired of Hal Sparks' endless spin for the current Healthcare fiasco?

This is the Netroots' Waterloo.

Rep. Maxine Waters: House liberals to put up tough public-option fight

Gov.-elect Chris Christie compiles plans to slash N.J. spending up to 25 percent

Nation's Largest Nurses Group: Senate Bill 'Could Actually Exacerbate The Health Care Crisis'

Save Janet Jackson, Kill the Gays?

Demogogic Underground

The reason the republicans are so much against this bill is because they know it will get better

(106 Year Old Obama Voter) Ann Nixon-Cooper dies at 107

Local official wants Rep. Shea-Porter banned from town hall

Obama Calls local talk show: DU Outraged

If no Republicans vote for this...

Thought I'd take stock of how busy the Grim Reaper has been this year.

Governor Jim Gibbons' divorce case: New documents show alimony, property values are sticking points

Peace Activists Set up Encampment in Washington

WWTD - What Would Teddy Do?

Court bans sale of Word; Microsoft has fix ready

Bankers 'like Scrooge' says Charles Dickens's great-great-grandson

At long last, pilot returns - after 50 years...

I'm fixin' to get me some of that old time "Health Care" in a few hours.

Out of the Blue, DARPA Seeks Means to Manipulate Lightning

A delicious rant on the "War on Christmas" ---

General Cucolo backs away from controvertial move on pregnant soldiers

Question: Should we have Nelson and other DINOs in the conference committee?

Window Rock (Az) Dem. Chris Deschene (Navajo) eyes Sec of State run

Baucus is ripping the NOP a new asshole

I just really don't understand republicans


Passengers spend the night on the Long Island Railroad

The only way to change this country...

Catholics in Philadelphia archdiocese aren't going to Catholic hospitals to have babies

Politics is a negotiation. If we, the left, have nowhere else to go, we have no power.

self-delete n/t

Christmas humor.

I guess I'm the last to post this, but I've made a hard decision about Obama.

Police allege that karate-coach cop sexually abused girl, from age 12, for 8 years

Ah readying more into early colonial history, they were SOCIALISTS

There is far more uniting us than dividing us

Michelle Bachman, welfare queen..

Defeat inevitable, GOP gives in on timing of health care vote

IMHO: The REAL reason the senate vote has been moved up to in the morning 8am Thursday...

Is this wrong?

CNN Video: Ft. Lauderdale, MC Hammer & Big Mama Toy Giveaway

If they pull off this corporate control over health care, SS and Medicare will be next...

Palin: Santa is a socialist..

Public Option or Anti-Trust Exemption?

AP: A comparison of House, Senate health care bills

Obama rejects criticism on health-care reform legislation

Scrooge of the Year Award

Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith announces switch to GOP

Pilot for 9/11 flight school considered "Grave threat to national security"

Right wing manipulation

Roeder's "necessity defense" HAS to be stopped

I look forward to all the DUers who are going to eat crow when this bill is proven helpful.

I look forward to all the DUers who are going to eat crow when this bill is proven helpful.

Small Positive Signs, from Personal Experience

What will happen when 30,000,000 newly insured people start

Urban Communities Seek Lift Through Living Wage

It's revolting!

LDS candidate touts Mormon-only male-only campaign rallies

LDS candidate touts Mormon-only male-only campaign rallies

Signs Staggering Economy Could Stumble

DK - letter: Values of Health Care Stocks Increase Fearlessly as Public Option Is Dead

What is the latest news on ethanol? Was it a just fad or what?

Griffith donated to Dean's presidential campaign

Hail Mary: Racist E-Mail Doc Reaches Out To Liberal Critics, Quoting Dean, Greenwald, Ed Schultz

We voted for change. This is clearly not the change we voted for.

Federal Judge Rules U.S. Agency Has Waived Right to Appeal Order Requiring Health Insurance for Wife

Two Candidates. "Thanks, but no thanks!"

Are there any interesting primary races anywhere?

Congressional Research Service: ACORN Videotape Makers May Have Violated Federal, State Law.

Go vote at Urban Dictionary for my entry about DFH

Women Soldiers Forced to Resort to Back-Alley Abortions: Why Are Their Reproductive Rights Denied?

Great news. The less of these we leave laying around for the next rapture ready Rethug the better



Teabagger fears he prayed Inhofe to death (Daily Kos)

What's Next On The Agenda?

Has anyone actually read the Senate or House Health bills?

The peculiarities of our news reporting . . .

The Heene family to pay $42,000 to cover rescue costs

3 1/2-fer: OBAMA set for Time Mag covers. SHRIVER's lawless. IFILL to replace Geo.STEPH?

Michigan Medical Marijuana Law Gives Rise to Industry, Causes Worries for Law and Health Authorities

Anyone else conflicted about whether to support the current HCR bill?

Hatefilled Christian Book Store?

Brownback hopes abortion will kill health-care reform

My Thoughts on Lindsey Graham and Health Care

CIGNA CEO leaving post w/$73M parachute. Not-for-profit insurance anyone?

Pot-Laced Tour Bus Becomes Property of FDIC as U.S. Banks Go Up In Smoke

I'm confused. Does anyone have an explanation???

Late night, closed-door deals will shape final health bill

I am glad it was no on reimportation on drugs, and heres why.

Per TPM: House progressives prepare to accept Senate bill.

Jesus-era home found in Nazareth


Promises Broken

Obama appoints Bush adviser as national cybersecurity coordinator

Um, huh??

Need help with Gibbs' comment on Michael Steele today.

Hey Progressives, the Health Care Fight Is Still On: Time to Push Back

Sarah Palin on Oprah

Subjects that should be unrecommended are:.

Two brothers drown trying to save dog

This is probably a stupid question

They were going to postpone the HCR vote until Hell froze over and they were skating on the ice...

VR Press Release: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Wins National “Scrooge Of The Year” Award

Why aren't Wal-mart and other big boxes part of health care reform?

NY State Republicans using PI's to kick Part Time Residents off Voter Rolls

I can't believe they're making this mandatory.

Anyone know if the Senate changed the financial hardship exemption?

Recognizing Reform

Obama Lifts 20-Year Ban on Needle Exchange

So this afternoon I decided HCR isn't at the top of my priority list

Fed announces "airline passenger rights" - will they force us to buy tickets, now?

Investors flock to health insurance stocks


Quarter of a million children in Haiti are slaves

Head Count - Who wrote and asked that LIEberman be stripped

How Quickly We Forget - Re: Obama and the Public Option

Sen. Fritz Hollings: They're All Against Jobs

The horrors! The horrors! Why the WSJ hates the health care bill. HATES, HATES,

Where I come from, I was taught that a man is only as good as his word.

$99 laptop, the Cherrypal Africa. It is not fast, not

Happy Christmas

BANNED! Making it on Sarah Palin's Enemies List

"Sarah Palin: 'Death panels' may be in final healthcare reform bill"

If Obama is a Corporate Stooge

The public option 180 is proof that GOPers aren't the only ones who engage in revisionist history

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

We block drugs coming from Canada, but yet we don't control the drugs in our water?

Anyone Blaming Obama for the Loss of a Public Option Should be Ashamed of Themselves

Anyone Blaming Obama for the Loss of a Public Option Should be Ashamed of Themselves

How Walmart games the system to avoid paying taxes:

Toronto Star: Rugby icon Gareth Thomas's outing a shocker

We are no longer a country of Majority Rule

GOP Rep. Foxx Denounces Liberal 'Character Assassination,'

What would you tell President Obama if you could talk to him about the HCR bill.

Maybe I'm whistling in the dark, but it seems to me that a couple of very good things

I apologize but...

D.C. Mayor Signs Gay Marriage Bill

What's Wrong With the Healthcare Bill? Ask a Nurse.

What's Wrong With the Healthcare Bill? Ask a Nurse.

Job-related health care, gone. Jobs, gone. Health insurance opt-in, mandatory. Income, gone.

The populist path versus the collaborationist path: again, The People are led astray.

What part of women should not be penalized for not having penises don't you understand?

I really don't understand about 60% of the people on this site ...

School board votes to keep challenged book in elementary libraries

Obama picks former Bush administration adviser Howard Schmidt as cyber-security chief

After RIPPING Clinton & McCain, Obama EMBRACES Their Policies

For those of you who think that this is the first step, that we must progress incrementally

So this is the scourge of the drug leaders

Flashback: GOP Accused Griffith Of Abusing Cancer Patients, Cheering For Radical Islam

Obama: Lying, Delusional, Accurate, or What?

Don't you see, it's part of the plan: Take it off the public budget and pile it on the individual:

Balloon Boy parents hit with $42,000 tab for October stunt

Peace Activists Set up Encampment in Washington DC- Truthout

Peace Activists Set up Encampment in Washington DC- Truthout

Can the unrec feature be disabled for the first hour or 2 of a new post?

Not long ago, there were more than a few posts on DU about the demise of the republican party

GOP Again Opts Out of Making History

Center For American Progress: Let the Bush Tax Cuts on the Wealthy Expire

Christmas on hold for the Midwest???

The easy part is over. The next 3 years will probably be tough on liberals.

I just got a call from the DSCC asking for money

This HCR Bill: 45,000,000 Get Single-Payer Vermont Health Care

A More Perfect Union

I advocated killing the bill because I really, really resented the gift to insurance companies

Kill the Mandate, Save the Bill

When we reminisce about the road signs along the way- please don't forget the House Parties

French identity debate is getting out of control

CIA breaking ties with BLACKWATER: You betcha!

Blame the Swiss...

does anyone have a post, links saved you can give me on the Bogus Climategate nonscandal, my AssWipe

Interesting and relavent post I ran into on another message board.

My Flash video Ode to Joe Lieberman & his forthrightness on HCR "THE FRIGHT BEFORE XMAS"

Jon Walker, on the flawed "But the Netherlands has a mandate too!" argument

Christmas gifts when you have almost no money

"judges to charge jail and prison inmates $50 a day" (Fl.)

The fierce urgency of Santa.

"I wanted Medicare for all / Public Option / Single Payer, BUT..."

I just had to make a rare trip to the city and all I can say is: What economic crisis?

Obama the Comedian in Chief: the Senate showed it could "stand up to the special interests"

By making it personal, the Democratic Party will be playing with fire.

A mind exercise for the tough-on-crime types.

What is it that makes Law Enforcement trend towards the right(politically)

Executive Order -- Amending Executive Order 12425

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. #9. And a new pic, also.

A serious question on 'unrecommend'. What is its purpose and how does it work?

Imagine if we had a "far left" president and a "far left" congress doing "far left" things.

Why I am thankful for Obama

Drinking Tequila Shots Leads To Life-Saving Discovery For 13 Year-Old

What Happened When an Anti-Choice Catholic Woman Needed an Abortion at Dr. Tiller's Clinic

ACORN Cleared YET AGAIN of Wrongdoing...

Jane Hamsher (firedoglake) is an arch racist who just can't stand seeing a black man as president

Q About Nelson, Landreiu & Other Dems Who Got Paid Off For Their Votes on HCR

Obama is not FDR and he DID support a public option until......$$$$$$ arrived

Scientist: Angels can't fly

Christian leader supports death penalty for gays

Owning a dog is worse than owning an SUV...

AlterNet: How Wall Street Bought Barney Frank

The real Rain Man dies of heart attack in home town of Salt Lake City, aged 58

The real Rain Man dies of heart attack in home town of Salt Lake City, aged 58

Dear Mr. President......One Simple Question and I will Shut Up

Let me be Very Clear about my position on the HCR Bill. I don't support it.

Can Someone Help Answer A Question For Me?

'Sesame Street,' '227' star Alaina Reed-Amini dies

If economy is so bad why are stores so full?

If economy is so bad why are stores so full?

And today it appears much like a slowing, sadly waving ..........

Five Critical Flaws in the Senate Health Care Bill (from

Current average credit score in US?

I rebut Ezra Klein's rebuttal.

I rebut Ezra Klein's rebuttal.

Are residents of Red states happier than people in Blue states?

"Everybody sort of likes Bush, except for the real whack-jobs, maybe on the Left"--Chris Matthews

What Else Did Obama Not Run On?

What Else Did Obama Not Run On?

Looking for advice on something from my friends here on DU-and maybe it will help others as well

Ok the anti-Obama stuff is getting a bit over the top

Breaking News, FLASH FLASH, OMG, This just in.....

One of the seven habits of highly successful people is to see the end first.

Anyone else see Mary Landrieu on Washington Journal this morning?

B. Sanders on MSNBC: "Let me break the truth to you. BIG MONIED INTERESTS CONTROL CONGRESS.

We need a hero

Indiana couple adopts pugs (owner committed suicide they were on their own 2 weeks)

I have to make an apology to the GLBT community.

Hell I was wrong about everything else...

Cat Saved After Being Superglued To Highway

Check in if you are glad Obama is President

Polar Bears At San Francisco Zoo Celebrate The First Day Of Winter With Snow - lots of pics

Even TruthOut and Buzzflash are tsk tsking Dean for speaking out. That surprises me.

Anyone Else Hear Wendall Potter This Evening On Countdown?

Diane Sawyer's Wrong Report about the FAA

God I hate this country.

The Largest Expansion of Medical Coverage since Medicare

Assessing Obama

Can we PLEASE stop using "poutrage," "concern trolls," etc.?

Senator Bernie Sanders new health care poll link - only 10 questions. Take it!

Senator Bernie Sanders new health care poll link - only 10 questions. Take it!

I am torn by the conflict between DUers that I respect and....

I keep saying this

How does your personal situation relate to your views on the HCR bill?

Nurses Say Senate Bill Entrenches Chokehold of Insurance Giants

Obama calls local talk show: 'Barry from DC'

Obama calls local talk show: 'Barry from DC'

Anyone else live in a rural town who shops at Walmart? That will admit it?

Leading Climate Scientist James Hansen on Why He’s Pleased the Copenhagen Summit Failed

I really don't understand how bills are passed in America

It's time to increase the penalties for animal abuse.

Oklahoma Couple Want to Return Troubled Adopted Son to State

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

Krampus of the Year: Joe Lieberman

Democrats Want To Energize The Base In 2010? Legalize Pot

What was your very first impression of Obama?

Nation’s Largest RN Organization opposes IR (Insurance Reform) legislation

Healthcare bill experts.....What happens to my family?

President Obama seems to be reading DU...

"Tea Partier Calls C-SPAN, Worried His Prayers For Byrd To Die Got Inhofe Instead"

Hamsher Proves She's Not Progressive - Violates Principles to Go On Fox

Jane Hamsher: 'Why I Went on Fox and Friends'

Damn!! I WANT to support the Democratic party AND this president, but every time I get close to

We really can't blame President Obama.

What would happen if ONE Senator stood before his colleagues and said:

Huff Post: Leadership Obama Style: Pretty Speeches Compromised Values and the Quest...

Quelle Surprise! GDP growth for last quarter was revised.....downward.

Impact on the Arctic - GLOBAL WARMING (2009 report summery)

O Rahm, O Rahm Emmanuel

Nader: Obama in the Shark Tank

Obama: "I didn't campaign on the public option"

Nine ways Obama didn’t fight for the robust public option he once promised us.

Officials: Guantanamo unlikely to close "until 2011 at the earliest"

The Gift America Needs Most: Manufacturing

Boxer said the bill is good because left and right dislike it. An insult to your base.

It is official, we now live in a corporately controlled country

Youtube - Opeth's "Damnation" album live in its entirety.

Frank would have turned 69 today.

Are you interested in Ivy League football, Tommy Lee Jones, and Shrub's college roommate?

Joe Strummer 1952-2002

A new poem: The Road

Late-night heartburn. Not fun.


I've been up since 4.

I'm a tough old monkey

If you are going to follow 1 person on Twitter...

TMZ photo: A Christmas Story's Zack "Scut Farkus" Ward, 2009

Everyone please shut the hell up until the holidays are over.

Fark year end headline contest - just for fun. (

There are no "merry gentlemen" in that carol.

This may seem like a dumb question...

'tis the season for highway folly

Long black veil

"Selbtsbildnis mit Judenpass"

Urgent poll.

The University of Kentucky becomes first college basketball team....

Long black veil (covers)

James Brown - Funky Drummer

James Brown - Superbad

Lieberman claims Obama tried to push him under the bus.

James Brown - Sex Machine

James Brown - Get Involved/Soul Power

James Brown - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag & I Feel Good

Techno D-Day

James Brown - Hot Pants

Kohaku Utagassen Akagumi (New Year's Eve Song Contest--Red Team) (pic heavy)

Kohaku Utagassen Shirogumi ( New Year's Eve Song Contest--White Team) (pic heavy)

Café del Mar

The Supremes - My Favourite Things & Silent Night !

Christmas in the Trenches

Kim Peek, the savant whom "Rain Man" is based on, has died.

Carrie Underwood to become Carrie Fisher?

Vince Guaraldi Trio - O Tannenbaum

Goddamnit, when did aluminum foil become so expensive?!

Police find pot plants at fortune cookie factory

When the heck did all my high school classmates turn into raving religious wackos?

BREAKING: Cookie Monster Tries First Scone, Enjoys It, Legally Changes Name To "Scone Monster"

Mike Ness - You Win Again

I hope the new health care bill has mental health care coverage for Reid's sake....

"chicks dig me, 'cuz I rarely wear underwear...

I wonder how many of the "Cameron works for the Evil Empire" people are Star Wars fans?

What animal represents your love for DU?

Ouch! Woman arrested for yanking, tearing man's genitals

Which of these performances would you vote for?

Every Day The Same Dream

I'm sending Chesterfields to all my friends. That's the Merriest Christmas any smoker can have.

It's Festivus Eve!!!

"Stupid, full of shit, and fucking nuts"

I got an early gift. It is making me very happy.

Human error we agreed, it was a careless oversight

Do you have more than one monitor hooked up to your computer? If so, what do you use it for?

Now about the movie Lesbian Vampire Killers

James Cameron won't stop leaving dirty messages on my voicemail.

Send this cartoon to the deer hunters!

Let Me Know

The greatest world of warcraft music video evar


If we're in love

Front the slope steep please lose headway

Best Holiday Figurehead: Santa, Hanukkah Harry, Kwanzaa Bot?

The Kim Kardashian Carl's Jr. Cranberry Apple Walnut Grilled Chicken Salad Commercial

Bert and Ernie playng the drums

Lady Wallace sings

My friend Jeff Goley is running for state senate

Christmas shopping is finished we have money left over!

I'm bored. If you are also, check out picks of my cool new set up.

Primitive (live)

Update on Charlotte...

The DU cat people will love this video

In after the lock (IATL)

Thom Yorke - Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

8 pm Eastern, Thursday, TBS!

Martians have kidnapped Santa Claus

Mr Blotto - wow!

How did people change their profile names last year?

Can anyone name this Christmas tune?

White Christmas forecast for here

Saw Avatar , and while I will admit I had fun ...

Any one down tonite? Come and pick a present from our Santa bag!

last meaningless post for a while, I swear.....A or B

Beluga whale born at Shedd Aquarium this week dies

The greatest calendar idea ever!

Good citizens check for duplicates!

Good citizens check for copycats!

200 Posts!

What American English sounds like to foreigners

Puddy cat rescue doesn't go as planned

Why do my cigarettes go out all the time?

Okay, calm my nerves. I am a little nervous about tomorrow

I have anal glaucoma tonight.

Do you have a live tree this year?

"Waiting for the Man" - who did it better? Velvet Underground vs. David Bowie

Worst Christmas Song Rendition Ever Thread

What's your computers uptime?

Taylor Swift, the androgynous ubiquitous marginally country pop singer is

Skinner just got TSed

Early musical christmas present for lounge lizards: One of my favorite tunes, ever;

What's your local government?

I've decided to minimize the drinking over the holidays.

Sorry, Vegans: Brussels Sprouts Like to Live, Too

Fragile. Need respite from GD/P

My new years plan

I was at a chain drug store last night. They had a Valentine's day display

How would like a pair of HD ... wait for it ... SUNGLASSES!?

I have 18 dollars in my checking account.

The best "The Phantom Menace" review you'll ever see.

A Snowy Christmas Eve in Hershey (True Story About Mr. Hershey During the Depression)


who are your favorite 'supporting' tv cast members?

"I Believe in Father Christmas"

What was your favorite part of "The Gong Show?"

What is this called?

How American English sounds to foreigners

Sayings that you hate?

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

And you thought all they did here in Brussels was make chocolate

Does David Caruso have a large flute?

I had three spine MRIs today. First, the good news:

I just got fired over a french fry!

Free Association (word game) time!?!?! Start with : Holiday

Special Colonel Klink Poll. Has Hogan gone too far this time?

Mike Lupica: Grifter politicians Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman do number on health care bill

Andre Bauer gets Huckabee's backing

Senate Health Care Bill Built on Obama’s Broken Promises

Spratt says he will seek re-election

Don McCanne, MD gives the skinny on the administration's & health insurance industry's plan

Pat who?

NY-Sen-B, NY-Gov: Goodbye, Rudy (Tuesday)

It may make more sense to pay the penalty and pick up health insurance if you get sick.

As deadline approaches, Obama speeds up Guantánamo Bay closure

Tell me again why Sen. Nelson doesn't want Public Option but

A progressive divorce? What the Democrats can learn from the Republicans about managing

Senate Health Care Bill Clears Another Hurdle

Economists see no need for more stimulus

Analyst, on soaring health insurance stock prices

The $2 Trillion Man-How Obama saved Brand America.

I am going over to the dark side.

"Dem senators to get good polling news."

When next Republicans gain a majority in the Senate


Support for HCR Increasing, Particularly Among Dems

House Braces For Final, Painful Compromises But Leadership Confident They'll Win Over More Blue Dogs

For the Uninsured, a Ray of Hope

*****************Live: Senators debate health care bill*************************

On the bright side, Byrd can go back to the hospital Wednesday if needed

How about letting those 64 and 3/4 buy into medicare....

Recovery on track to strengthen at end of 2009

Quinnipiac Poll: Only 36% approve of HCR bill; 56% want public option; 64% want Medicare for all

US envoy arrives as Scrooge

He just said

Ha! The pugs have magically added the annual medicare fix to the CBO numbers

Social Security> Medicare/Medicade> Health Care Reform

Bookmark this and look at it the next time you dont feel like going to work.

Impending Mid-West Ice Storm Could Move Final Vote to Wednesday.

Obama: No Vacation Until Senate Passes Health Bill

Question: Are republicans happy with the senate or house bill?

President Obama marking the death of Ann Nixon Cooper

President Obama marking the death of Ann Nixon Cooper

Obama Appoints Issaquah resident to lead national cyber-security effort

TPM:Hail Mary: Racist E-Mail Doc Reaches Out To Liberal Critics, Quoting Dean, Greenwald, Ed Schultz

Do Conservatives/Republicans REALLY support HCR?

One silver lining -- I disagree witrh Bernie on HCR-- But he is expanding the power of Progressives

Obama calls local talk show: 'Barry from DC'

finish this sentence

My greatest fear is we won't attempt Medicare buy in before we lose the house or senate

Problem: No denail for pre-existing conditons doesn't work without mandates

Exclusive: Blue Dog Rep. Parker Griffith switches to GOP

Parker Griffith (Turncoat- AL) opponent: "Was he lying then, or is he lying now?"

Mr. President: Please think about the people you tried to help as a community organizer.

Anti-Abortion health care: brought to you by Olympia Snowe

Senior Republican Lawmaker Urges US, NATO To Consider Rearming Georgia

Regarding the Public Option....we lost it because...

Paid into Medicare\caid for 35 - 65yr olds via reconciliation makes 2010 a slam dunk for dems...

It just seems to me it it no longer about HCR - It's about people painted into corners

Republicans agree to destroy America in exchange for easier travel arrangements

Barack Obama: I Never Supported The Public Option

Handy Dandy Chart on HCR

Drug importation in the health bill would have been a poison pill

Morning Jokesters loved Bernie Sanders straight talk on the health care bill which Sanders supports.

Agree with Obama?

Reality Check: Most rich people only "care" about poor people up until the point

Politico: Parker Griffith, freshman Democrat from Alabama, will switch parties this afternoon.

Obama rejects criticism on health-care reform legislation (WaPo)

President Obama: "The public option has just become symbolic of ideological fights" !!??

OK, now I am pissed

Bombshell: Diaz-Balarts call it quits with Charlie Crist

Handel quits as Secretary of State, says she’s “all in” for governor’s race


Public Plan mentioned in "Change We Can Believe In"

That depends on what your definition of "on" is...

Sometimes we hear about how awesome a movie is, but then the movie turns out to be just OK.

Senate Health Bill: The Economists Are Happy Again

TX-10: Top Dem Challenger Drops Out

We're all accusing each other of acting like Republicans.. GOP Underground?

Health Care Reform:

So here we were, calling Lieberman a liar for saying Obama didn't press him on the public option...

Gibbs: Obama 'Absolutely' Did Everything To Get Public Option, Despite No Talks With Lieberman

Ezra Klein: Jacob Hacker offers suggestions for making the health care bill better in conference

MN-06: Bachmann Looks Comfy

Nurses Slam Healthcare Bill, Say It Entrenches Chokehold of Insurance Giants

3-term breast-cancer survivor tougher cookie than the President of the United States

Earlier Benefits Could Be On The Table In House/Senate Health Care Conference

Does Robert Gibbs Calling Michael Steele "Delusional" Make Up for Calling Dr. Dean "Irrational"?

Dem Memo Says: 'Good News' Is That Democrats Haven't Done Enough On Health Care Reform

ROLAND MARTIN: Mr. President, TALK IS CHEAP To Bankers

Most adorable video ever. Happy Holidays

KY-Sen: Paul Takes a Huge Primary Lead Over Grayson, Conway Leads Mongiardo

Obama gets flu shot (photo)

CQ Race Rating Change: AL-5 (to "Likely Republican")

deleted by OP

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish (corrected)

Sign in HERE to oppose ANY U.S. intervention in the Colombia/Venezuela dispute.

Top House Liberal Suggests He Could Accept Deal On Senate Bill

Evan Bayh's Wife Reaping The Benefits Of Health Care Reform

Woman held in Hawaii after Michelle Obama threat

PHOTO: Wheels When You Need Them

'Barry From DC'

Joe Madison, on Ed Schultz's tv program, Just called for Rahm Emmanuel to resign

Hey-if YOU want to associate with a person who finds things like nuking Iran clever, be my guest!

Final Vote on Senate Health Care Bill Scheduled for Thursday at 8:00 am (ET).

Dem Game Plan: Force GOPers To Say Whether They Want Reform Repealed

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises

How can the republicans still be allowed to claim they are fiscally responsible

Someone Tell Lindsay Graham That White People Get Medicaid

How Obama Captivated Ted Kennedy

Bitch may be the new black, but black is the new President

Christmas at the White House. Oprah hits it out of the ball park again.

Why do you trust "John Doe just said X on a TV show" threads?

Who will the anti-obamites turn to as their new hero now that Dean has caved?

I'd rather help out a problem child than kill it in its footsteps

Obama signs a law protecting women. Say it aint so.

PROOF Obama Did Not Campaign on Public Option (Videos)

A Bill Well Worth Passing

Under the old saying that a broken clock is right twice a day, Chris Matthews actually make sense...

Dean is resigned that we are getting a poor bill. Doesn't support it. The Rachel Maddow video.

A simple thanks

Eugene Robinson: Winning Ugly

I Have A Question About HCR, As If There Could Be More Questions... BUT

Obama delays Hawaii vacation over Senate vote

The Obama administration did a very good thing!

Who is the Hamster and what does she REALLY stand for?

What's wrong about progressive lines of attack on the health care bill

After Ripping Clinton And McCain, Obama Embraces Their Policies

Howard Dean: "if the Republicans hate it so much, there must be some good in it."

Progressives are asking progressives to side with teabaggers?

Why I, and many others, are so pissed

PHOTOS: The Obama Ladies (and Bo) visit Children's Medical Center

I wonder how many people on DU will come out and admit they were right or wrong about this HCR bill

As Health Bill nears passage President Obama's support among Liberal Democrats still high 86%

Senate healthcare bill includes gun ownership rights! Gun lobbyists win another victory!

"How Can We Make it Better if it doesn't Exist?"

"How Can We Make it Better if it doesn't Exist?"

Jacob Hacker's take on the Senate Bill...

Stupak grants interview w/ right-wing CNS, complains about "pressure" from WH on abortion language

Federal Ban on Needle Exchange has been lifted

Hey-if YOU want to associate with a person who finds things like this clever, be my guest!

Sanders lays foundation for a National Health Service in Senate Bill

Ezra Klein responds to Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher's 10 Reasons to Kill the Health Care Bill

Bottom line :Obama has bent the truth and changed his tune many times on HCR.

Except for the Senate's exclusion of a public option, the current bills mirror Obama's proposal

The latest outrage from the wingnuts is about the ornaments on the WH Christmas tree

Progressive Cannon Fodder

PNHP Physicians on the Senate Bill: 'More Harm Than Good'

Obama administration does something excellent! Ends ban on needle exchanges.

Here's what Obama actually said.

Bottom line... Ted Kennedy would enthusiastically be behind this bill

Several prosecutors probing health care deal

We need a "Christmas Truce" ala 12/24/1914

Go here to sign Hamsher petition to kill the bill

Sen. Sanders "At the end of the day 25 million more people will get health insurance"

Bipartisan deficit commission

Saudi air strike kills Yemen rebels as US drawn into fight (second air strike in a week)

"We must hang together, gentlemen...

There has been a lot of talk about what Pres. Obama promised on health care- here are the facts

Chafee announcement coming?

Ooh. Obama's "I didn't campaign on the public option" is cringeworthy

They need to clean house in the FAA

Why Obama will beat the haters from both sides

Why Obama will beat the haters from both sides

Jane Hamsher Goes On FauxNews To Promote "Kill the Bill" (VIDEO)

"we're about to pass a $900 billion bill to help low-income Americans afford health-care coverage"

Obama needs to offer SCALPS to mend fences with progressives

#1 rated diary at Daily Kos: "How to Change the Subject: Manufacturing Hatred of Jane Hamsher"

Think what those billions of dollars in subsidies could do towards a real Social Insurance program

Revisionist history, and when did mandates become unconstitutional?

Where I grew up, if a person told a lie, he/she was considered a liar.

Medicaid is not "free" and it is not "insurance"

Politico: Party switcher Dem Parker Griffith Donated to Dean's Presidential Campaign.

Rewarding Failure at the Fed

GOP Voted To Delay Funding For Troops -- As Part Of Health Care Debate

Key Dem: The Public Option Will Be 'Revisited'

Mich. files suit in US high court over Asian carp

Iran 'holding bin Laden relatives'

French identity debate is getting out of control

Serbia submits EU membership application

Russia-U.S. strategic deal demands 'radical' arms cuts

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood conservatives win vote

Taxpayers Help Goldman Reach Height of Profit in New Skyscraper

Pork greased reform's passage

POTUS: Public option 'symbolic'

2 sheriff's officers badly hurt in Wash. shooting (ambushed)

2 Pierce County deputies shot, critically injured

Americans' Views of Health Care Steady This Year

Nurses Say Senate Bill Entrenches Chokehold of Insurance Giants

Giuliani to back rival in NY gov. battle, forgo run of his own

States' jobless funds are being drained in recession

Political activist pleads guilty in window-smashing

India welcomes Copenhagen accord (BASIC 'defeated' 2050 targets)

Obama calls local talk show: 'Barry from DC'

Rahm Emanuel's a pretty cool guy. Eh fights Republicans and doesn't afraid of anything.

Senate leaders will return next week to plot health conference

AZ activist agrees to community service, not jail

First Solar opens largest California solar power station

Pakistan court orders men's ears, noses hacked off

Leading Climate Scientist James Hansen on Why He’s Pleased the Copenhagen Summit Failed

'Sesame Street,' '227' star Alaina Reed-Amini dies

ACORN Cleared YET AGAIN of Wrongdoing...

Existing U.S. Home Sales Rose in November to 6.54 Million Pace

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 22

Ford shares hit highest price in 4 years

East Palo Alto cop killer sentenced to death

Nestle made misleading drink health claims: FDA

NATO says no deadline for Afghan troop withdrawal

Lithuania hosted secret CIA jails

Former Argentine leader Menem indicted for graft

Employees: Tulsa's Arrow Trucking Is Suspending Operations

Top SC Prosecutor, Others Probing Health Care Deal(Nebraska Funding Break)

Senators overseeing health bill debate get dose of PAC money

Massive bet on RBS and Lloyds helped financier earn $2.5bn

Lithuania hosted secret CIA prisons

US woman held after 'threat to kill' Michelle Obama

Barack and Michelle Obama get vaccinated against A/H1N1 virus

Exclusive: General Backs Off on Court Martials for Pregnant Soldiers

U.S. expands efforts to regulate meds in water

Final Senate vote on health care set for Thursday morning

Honduran election turnout lower than first estimated

Obama rejects criticism on health legislation

AT&T Workers Seek Nearly A Billion Dollars In Overtime Pay Suits

Fund Boss Made $7 Billion in the Panic

Iranian crowd stops execution and frees convicts

Pelosi takes on Palin over 'death panel' claim ("Lie Of The Year")

Republicans Lodge Constitutional Challenge to Health Bill

Judge rejects 'necessity defense' in abortion case

Contraception is 'greenest' technology


Documents come to light relating to secret nuclear pact between Japan, U.S.

Geithner: There will be no 'second wave' crisis

Court: Microsoft violated patent; can't sell Word

Rep. Parker Griffith (D-Ala.) switches to GOP

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says US fabricated nuclear documents

Indians are head-and-shoulders above other immigrants in US: Forbes

Slaying Of Drug War Hero's Family Shocks Mexico

Xe aims for a piece of expanding Afghan contracts

Saudi air strike kills Yemen rebels as US drawn into fight (second air strike in a week)

British Army 'waterboarded' suspects in 70s

From Roman to Third Reich: anti-Semitism has long history

America's Greediest: Our Picks for the 2009 Top Ten

The Man Who Conned The Pentagon

There must be a line…a wall to hit…or the struggle for reproductive justice is merely a suggestion.

Juan Cole: Top Ten Worst Things about the Bush Decade; Or, the Rise of the New Oligarchs

To Obstruct Health Bill's Xmas Deadline, GOP Plans to Kidnap Santa Claus

"On TREASON you can wretch on" ...The War on the Public Option

Harkin 'Surprised' By Lieberman Claim He Wasn't Pushed On Public Option

How Myths Can Kill - ROBERT PARRY

China's Export of Labor Faces Scorn

Avoidable hospital deaths in the UK. Yes, we have our health-service problems in the UK, too,

A Peek Inside Sarah Palin's Diary

Who Put Christ In The Solstice?

Asked About Charge Of Meddling, Gibbs Says FDA Drug Imports Stand Hasn't Changed

How to Change the Subject: Manufacturing Hatred Against Jane Hamsher

Sen. Graham says he can't explain why there is no bipartisan support for HCR!! REALLY???!

In These Times: Free Speech, for Art’s Sake

Developing nations label climate accord a 'farce'

Afghan war hurts domestic agenda, Mich. peace leader says

Nation’s Largest RN Organization Says Healthcare Bill Cedes Too Much to Insurance Industry

An Angel in Memphis

Parker Griffith Blows Chance to Switch to 'Andy Griffith'

AlterNet: The "Slow Money" Movement May Revolutionize the Way You Think About Food

Several prosecutors probing health care deal

After Ripping Clinton And McCain, Obama Embraces Their Policies

The Elephant in the Room: The U.S. Military is One of the World's Largest Sources of C02

The Truth About Why the Public Option Went Down...Investigative Report..

DREW WESTEN: Leadership, Obama Style, and the Looming Losses in 2010

Beyond the NRA's absolutism

I'm Starting a Left Wing Militia. Wanna Join?

Leftists, Liberals—and Losers? .... How and why progressives must unite for real change

An email I got from Dennis Kucinich

President Obama: "I Didn't Campaign on the Public Option."

Jonathan Chait (TNR): The Rise of Republican Nihilism

Colombia: ex-para names US banana companies in murder of trade unionists

The real war on Christmas

Lean On Me

Inside Story - Foreign intervention in Yemen

Lazy Afghanistan Army: Afghanistan’s Toking Troops Not Exactly Battle-Ready

Eisley Live in Concert with JTMP!

President Obama Makes Surprise Call to Gov. Kaine Radio Show - ''Barry from DC is Calling''

Nader: Dubya and Obama are "a Seamless Transition" on the War

Raw Video: Darth Vader Opens Wall Street

Reid Promises to Pass Health Care Reform

Papantonio: Wal-Mart Sweatshops, Unions Fight Back

President Obama on WTOP's Ask The Governor Program

Papantonio: Climate Change & The Flat Earth GOP

Happy Christmas

Matalin: Watch Out For Health Care Jihadists!

Dean to Schieffer on CBS today: Dems need to toughen up.

Repost of MSNBC video about Dean's interview that was misrepresented.

Play Lieberman Off, Keyboard Cat!

AP Raw Video: Obama Girls, Bo Visit Children's Hospital

Roland Burris: The Night Before Christmas (Republican Obstructionist Remix)

NRCC ad blasting Parker Griffith resurfaces.

Lou Engle's (Mr. GLBT are demonically possessed) condo mate Sam Brownback (R-C Street & Opus Dei)

I'm A Democrat, And I'm A Republican, "Price Tags"

TYT: Cenk Slams CNBC's John Harwood For 'Libs Need To Lay Off The Drugs' Nonsense

Dean on MSNBC today...the disinformation at DU on this interview is stunning.

Sanders: Insurance, Drug Companies Will Make Out Like Bandits, "Laughing All The Way To The Bank"

Tearful teabagger calls into C-SPAN, worried he prayed Inhofe to death instead of Byrd

Media Matters: Disinformer Of The Year 2009 - Glenn Beck

Oilwatch Monthly December 2009

Peak oil review - Dec 21

Drumbeat: December 22, 2009

Glitter-sized solar photovoltaics produce competitive results

Single King Tide Ruins Year's Crops On Ifalik, Micronesia - Sea Level Up 4" 1993 -2008 Per NASA

Alaskan Coastal Erosion (45 Feet/Year) Threat To Oil Production - Reuters

SYNTHe: An Urban Rooftop Garden Prototype in Los Angeles


Digital Quantum Battery Could Boost Energy Density Tenfold

You could be supporting poaching........

Confirmed 2008 Case Of Marburg In CO Woman First In N. American Resident - NYT

After The Ice: Life, Death And Geopolitics In The New Arctic - LA Times Review/Interview

The Rape Of Madagascar - Armed W. Stacks Of Cash, China Builds Fake Ming Furniture From Rosewood

Housing growth near national parks may limit conservation value

Peak Oil is an immediate issue, but why is no one talking about it?

Metal-Air Battery Could Store 11 Times More Energy than Lithium-Ion

Kentucky Basketball is first team to reach 2000 wins

I broke my TV

Bob Ryan:Final tally? We went 6 for 10

NFL Playoff race

Florida's Senate candidates agree on Cuba (byline: grubbing for dollars)

Colombia to Chavez: Maybe 'spy plane' was Santa

What's next for Honduras in the US game plan?

Former Argentine leader Menem indicted for graft

It's official: Lobo elected, turnout under 50%

Colombia: ex-para names US banana companies in murder of trade unionists

Colombia: Peace Community called "FARC haven"

Former Argentine leader Menem indicted for graft (Bush #41's friend)

Colombian troops hunt for kidnapped state governor

Assassination of governor confirmed. FARC scum

Israeli pullout bad for Mideast security

Palestinian ex-PM against immediate resumption of talks with Israel

MK Tibi: Israel is democratic for Jews, but Jewish for Arabs

Growing pains

Here's one that appeared in "States" forum. Deja vu Kellerman?

Shot Robber Has Extensive Criminal History

Thank you to John Murtha!

Confessions of a liberal who supports the right to bear arms: Commentary

Police: Texas City woman turns tables on masked home intruders

Houston police officer shoots burglary suspect

Judge Sentences Female Straw Purchaser to Warn Other Women About the Crime

Some good advise for us Civil Rights advocates here...

Roane homeowner kills burglar; second suspect charged

US cops; Gunfire Fatalities UP 26% in 2009

Burglar's Loved Ones Want Charges Against Shooter

We urgently need ice pick control!

Today in Labor History Dec 22, 250 deported marking the beginning of the so-called "Red Scare

The AFL-CIO Says The Health Care Reform Fight Continues – Senate Bill Isn’t Final Product

One Year After Republic: Workers’ Hidden Sit-Down Strike Tradition

Steelworkers Locked Out at Carquest

When Miners March: West Va. Coalfield Tales Still Resonate

Check out this chart from Andrew Sullivan

White picket fence

Don't miss this one. Give it some love.

President Obama's numbers for Liberals and Democrats go up (12/22)

A bit of fun: a Barack Obama mural in the East Village, NYC

Please sign in.

Single Payer for all = De-facto Mandate?

This morning's votes:

Hi, Kids!!!

Obama Will Win: Why and How His Critics from the Left and Right Will be Proven Wrong

There's a thread that needs attention in Editorials, explains how Congress is to blame, not Obama.

Here is a very useful link


The Twelve Days of Obama- Post Some Positive Links Everyday

Why do those here who support gun control think the criminal is a nice guy down on their luck?

I'm really sad.

The Health-Care Ultimatum

Hugin, a free panorama stitching software.

Tuesday votes pass, New schedule for final vote Thursday morning

Machine Translates Thoughts into Speech in Real Time

Base8: Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing & Hunting Section Now Up!

Help to preserve marriage equality in Washington, DC!

I was watching the West Wing the other day, when CJ got really worked up

This healthcare debate has reinforced just how indifferent many liberals are to our equality

Small-business bankruptcies rise 81% in California

Slow money promotes slow food

Bernanke Tightens the Noose ,By MIKE WHITNEY

Greek Woes Rattle European Financial Markets

Obama urges small US banks to lend, eyes red tape

70% Of The Q3 GDP Growth Was Cash For Clunkers

Must Read: Treasury Cover-Up of Goldman's Role in AIG Crisis?

Less than 10% of our economy is related to the production of basic goods and services.

"We are searching for love because we have learned to believe that love...

Strange communication

And yet ANOTHER adrenal/thyroid thread! :) Specific question:

I received a STAR from someone during the Solstice..... Thank You ;=D

H1N1 Cases Still Increasing In Many Countries; WHO To Begin Shipping Donated Vaccines Within Weeks

A Common Set Of Genes Responsible For The Use And Misuse Of Alcohol And Marijuana

Warning of cancer link to certain herbs

Pomegranates could be used to fight MRSA

Doctors Giving Cancer Patients Vitamin D

NYC Schools Under Bloomberg/Klein: What Parents, Teachers and Policymakers Need to Know

A diversion from politics. This is really cool.

A Pagan Christmas to All

Turns out Mormons might not be Christians after all...

English Priest Says Shoplifting Okay At Times

Since we're nearing Christmas

A joyous Christmas to all!

Angels can't fly, scientist says

Anthony Bourdain dishes about No Reservations, Rachel Ray, and turning veggie!

Biscotti in Pictures! (dial-up warning)

Best Stollen Ever

Oh, Stinky! Paging Mr. Stinky!!