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Israel Harvested Organs in ’90s Without Consent

Bart Stupak - Is He Being Challenged In The Primaries, And By Who?

So if the HCR Act wins, what does it say about coburn's and other pseudo-christian rebpulicans god?

mccain is an asshole /nt

Please support DU member Mirrera in getting her video back on DU!

Im starting to become convinced there are 2 CBOs

McCain is natering on.

Is Senate Healthcare vote in 30 minutes?

Is Senate Healthcare vote in 30 minutes?

Reid is reading letters from his constituents begging for healthcare reform. What do the republicans

What's going on now? All this silence??? nt

Joe Lieberman just voted Aye /nt

We Never Saw it Coming-Of Course the Corporatists Wanted Our Party

The number of filibusters in the Senate 1947 to 2008

Childhood hunger’s many fronts

CNN & Fox Are Reporting On This Historic Vote - MSNBC Has......

CNN & Fox Are Reporting On This Historic Vote - MSNBC Has......

CNN & Fox Are Reporting On This Historic Vote - MSNBC Has......

Bill-O, you'll love my war on Christmas

Uh, when the hell was McCain ever for reimportation of prescription drugs?

Just curious...why does it take politicians so long to get on the floor to vote?

Women's medical information will not be posted online in Oklahoma -- for now

The American People will be wrapped up with a bow on top and under

The American People will be wrapped up with a bow on top and under

How many republicans voted for social security and medicare? /nt

Do yourself a favor and go see Avatar.

Hey Repubs! Don't like long bills? Maybe you shouldn't have given us the PATRIOT Act!

its official, 60 Aye's

A Sense of Community Exemplified

For Jews, Yemen no longer a place to call home

Arms-laden plane seized in Thailand 'was heading for Iran'

As someone pointed out, the health care coverage I receive is what we'll be getting

Aryan Nations and Senator praying his enemies will suffer - welcome to the US healthcare debate

The Spirit Of The Season

Obama 'Controlled by the far left'?

God damn, I hate listening to Mitch McConnell.

Limbaugh syndicator, Citadel, files for bankruptcy!

is this worth a look?

Does anyone know? Do mandates kick in before subsidies?

Veterans for Peace looking for executive director

WJ this morning - Senate Votes on Health Care

If I hear praise for the Senate working this late like it's a miracle one more time...

Left and right finally have discovered a common foe. Too bad for the country that his name is Obama.

Left and right finally have discovered a common foe. Too bad for the country that his name is Obama.

2 November Days & Crunching Leaves

I'm listening to axelrod on mtp and all I can think is

Remember how capitalism is supposed to work?

Really? You think the repubs want this legislation?

Obama should do a Bush

K&R if you have seen the movie "Avatar" and think it rocks.

the pres. is in deep doo-doo. he's lost Mark Slackmeyer!

All of our little crystal balls aren't worth jackshit.

well, this has all been very educational

Israel Harvested Organs in ’90s Without Consent

Spanish quest to identify black soldier who fought against fascism in civil war

Spanish quest to identify black soldier who fought against fascism in civil war

SEIU's Stern Softens Tone And Outlines What He Wants From Final Bill

Want to know what's in the Senate healthcare reform bill?

In support of the Filibuster

Republicans Test New Delay Tactic On Al Franken: Farting


By the way, did Rachel ever get an answer from C-SPAN?

Here is some really great bullshit!

Matt Taibbi, Bill Moyers and Robert Kuttner: Why Can't Democrats Do Anything Right?

Q: Why doesn't the (health care) free market work in Libby, MT?

Spitzer: expansion not reform

HP ponders opening technical support call center in Africa (guess India is getting too expensive)

Soon enough in time, we will accept what will be dealt us in health care legislation.

Soon enough in time, we will accept what will be dealt us in health care legislation.

an open rebuttal to sen. mitch mcconell

Canada's healthcare timeline- it was not accomplished overnight.

Conn. has a nuke plant event

Firedoglake: Kill the Senate Health Care Bill

Despite everything HCR will be the most progressive legislation passed since the Great Society.

"White House comment line is closed due to inclement weather" But not the Senate. Unbelievable. nt

10 Reasons to Kill the Senate Bill

We Should End The Filibuster

GI Resistance

18-Gigapixel Panorama Offers Breathtaking View of Prague

A timely message for many of us...

American People: Current Decade Rates as Worst in 50 Years

I call for a moratorium on Democrats sniping at Democrats.

Stuck on the Tarmac? Passengers Have New Rights

I can't help but feel in many ways the health care reforms focused on the wrong targets

I can't help but feel in many ways the health care reforms focused on the wrong targets

More Ted Rall

Picks for Afghan Cabinet show little sign of hoped-for reform

From Senator Bernie Sanders site on HCR

GE sends message that-it will not tolerate doctors raising health concerns about its products

When did progressives start to care more about destroying corporations

"Operation White Christmas" in Italy, performing house-to-house searches for "illegals"

To Deal With Obsession, Some Defriend Facebook

The Man Who Conned The Pentagon (Con-man convinced Bush White House he had a secret decoding tech)

Martha Stewart Celebrates First Gay Wedding Ceremony

Political and Economic Elites...

Chavez OKs shooting drones over country

"Hope and Change" - Not for us - for the insurance industry! HaHaHa! nt

Might Obama had this in mind? Joint conference bill can't be fillibustered

MSNBC: Target rehires the 7 employees who were fired

Ha! Dylan Ratigan just apologized to Rep. Wasserman-Schulz

Maine to consider cell phone cancer warning

Could Obama have ended the for-profit insurance industry?

The Fate of California's Forests - The Economics of Cut-And-Run

Video: Four Seasons, Winter (part 2) with Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto

DC Cop Pulls Gun On Snowball Fighters

republicans hate liberals

If you are following the chain of disappointments here's what comes next

Law & Order in Pennsylvania - Corruption, Murder and Race Hate

'Sesame Street's' Olivia dies of cancer

Will President Obama and Congressional Democrats allow the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010?

ok, i've been educated

Report: Bush Admin Raised Terror Alert Based On Con Man's Al Jazeera 'Decoding' Scam

Report: Bush Admin Raised Terror Alert Based On Con Man's Al Jazeera 'Decoding' Scam

Top US Officer (Mullen): Force Must Be Option for Iran

Copenhagen climate summit: Five possible scenarios for our future climate

What leverage do we have over Lieberman?

Stay-at-Home LGBTs in 2010

Procedural question: When the Senate and the House bills are reconciled...

Pregnancy as punishable offense

wowzer. denny hastert gets $40,000 a month in taxpayer monies

wowzer. denny hastert gets $40,000 a month in taxpayer monies

FBI Linguist Guilty of Leaking Classified Documents

Why HCR, why now?

The time to kill the bill is passed.

Well, at least there's this...

"The only good liberal is a dead liberal"

Judge to decide whether Scott Roeder can use "necessity defense" tomorrow

Who can answer this question ?

Washington Post: Dodd got $100M project for his home state added to HCR bill

Pittsburgh mayor drops tuition tax push

You want to fight the HCR bill, unite and start our own healthcare COOP

Senators want drunk driving convicts to pass breathalyzer before starting cars

What Congress Critters don't understand about Medicare and the health care issue.

Why did the Senate allow insurance companies to exclude pre-existing conditions for adults

The Christmas Pickle...

It is time to go nuclear.

A joyous Winter Solstice to you all..

Are the Dixie Chicks back from banishment?


Fugitive doctor found living in tent on Mont Blanc (fraud, malpractice)

Pastor warns of 'Goth' culture after plot

Pastor warns of 'Goth' culture after plot

cheney named asshole of the Year

Health Industry Stocks up 1.05% today. No more than the general market.

Let me ask you all a question about your Progressive and Conservative friends

Re- HCR, Anyone Else Reminded of Something?

Notice how you're called a Republican if you criticize the HCR Bill?

I basically told the DSCC to go to hell this weekend when they called asking for my money again!

It makes me sick to see many here turn on Bernie and Russ. Just pukable.

Which things in the Senate bill wouldn't you think were good if they

Glenn Beck vs. Dale Gribble

Explain to me how public funded abortions are any worse than...

Setting up an openly-fake insurance plan?

Anyone else feel that many here who claim to speak for the poor are advocating against them?

Media Matters Misinformer of the Year 2009

Museum exhibits pictures drawn by Delta passengers-they were given crayons to ease nerves after 9/11

Would you support HCR?

The Senate Bill, formerly known as Crappy Bailout for Insurance Industry has passed.

Pulse of the economy ( pic)

Interesting Point from Paul Krugman's Op-Ed

Sen Coburn PRAYS A Dem Senator Will Die--Or At Least Become Incapacitated Before The Vote Tonight

Has the Speaker had anything to say about Conference

For all the uneducated about medicaid and welfare,

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann kick this fundie loony's ass with Scripture?

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann kick this fundie loony's ass with Scripture?

Who Needs Facts? Glenn Beck's Dishonorable "Lie of the Year" Award

Senator decries delays on Hispanic claims

Please, everybody. Can we agree to pass the Senate version and direct our energies

The anchor on MSNBC right now...

Ginger Conspirators Throw Support to Senate Bill

Today, December 21 is National Homeless Person's Memorial Day

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

A step toward regulating the health insurance industry.

Combat veterans going deaf (Afghan.)

I understand there are 2 more procedural votes requiring 60 votes this week. What are those about?

What do you feel is the main reason the Dems won by such big margins in 2008?

Why Obama was Right to Allow Congress to Make the Bill

The REAL Reason Health Insurers Stock is SKYROCKETING

Deer Shot At Woodlands Zoo - Animal Shot While In Pen

Darn it Obama and the Democrats!

Not to go all Ron Paul or anything, but the fire-safety cigarette makes me kinda hate government

Last Marine battalion set to leave Iraq

Medicaid expansion in the new bill.... any details?

So apparently if you don't back democrats 100% you shouldn't post here

Do DUers who support this healthcare legislation do so out of loyalty to President Obama?

If you are positively affected by the HRC bill, post here.

Ruling Class Graffiti

Stocks go up. Stocks go down.

The right-wing health care "solutions" all come down to cutting taxes

Has anyone posted here yet that Brittany Murphy played the dead girl in "The Dead Girl"

Those who support Obama and the "HCR" bill that we will wind up with are now touting

How Barack Obama undermined the Obama presidency

HCR-IT'S NOT OVER-Conyers: "Without Material Changes-This Legislation Will Be Reform In Name Only"

Does anyone else wonder...

How do we get rid of the filibuster? /nt

Read My Lips, No New Taxes

What exactly are these people celebrating?

Dean, Lieberman Point To Obama for DEATH of PUBLIC OPTION

Dean, Lieberman Point To Obama for DEATH of PUBLIC OPTION

How long can one Senator possibly filibuster?

Q: Couldn't Obama Negate Stupak/Nelson Thru A Signing Statement?

USA Today: Officer accused of pulling gun at snowball fight on desk duty pending investigation.

I've worked on Christmas Eve, I'm sure many of us common folk have...


What is becoming obvious as the shit hits the wall

What do you believe the Democrats can accomplish without any Republican support?

60 votes... now what happens? n/t

Its like buying your gold coins from a TV ad

Happy Solstice, everyone!

Virtual HCR townhall going on now

A Great Response To This Ridiculous Chuck Norris Quote

Stop blaming Obama for the problems in the HCR bill.

"No Opportunity Too Big to Blow" Naomi Klein:

just a minute!!!!!

I just learned a new trick

Busted for his acts of kindness, Freeland teen to get award

100s' gather in field to protet global Warming (Photo)

Looks like Big Ed Schultz is beating the tax on tanning booths.

Signs of class war as Senate plans health care vote

Letter - Day 3 - Where is yours?

Video: Lindsey Graham accuses Obama of 'seedy Chicago politics, backroom deals, bribes'

Comparing the Senate and House Healthcare Bills

Obama Empowered Lieberman: The Nation

Robert Byrd's Death Seemingly Prayed For By Tom Coburn

It's time for us progressives to accept some simple realities.

Mexico City assembly legalizes same-sex marriage



Where does the majority of DU stand on the healthcare legislation?

"479,640 minutes later"

I have a question if the deal for Nelson's vote is unconstitutional?

A quick summary of my ideology so people will understand my anger at the bill

Boston mom calls 911 over over son's video game habit

Viagra/Cialis causing marital problems instead of solving them?

Deep in Health Bill, Very Specific Beneficiaries

Secretary Sebelius Takes Questions from BlogHer on Health Reform

They are going to start rounding up and jailing American Citizens

So...ummm...when are we going to actually go UNDERGROUND again?

Another miscalculation of the Obama Administration

Pedophile laws are unfair and punish people who like under aged kids.

oops - duplicate (except for my own comments) -- apologies to "upi402"

Little Boxes

AMA backs Senate healthcare bill

When This "Thing" Passes It Will Be Quite The Cathartic Moment

The truth of what happened at the summit by Fidel Castro

Privatization with subsidies vs privatization without subsidies.

Fuck Tweety!

Medicare buy in.. NOW!

Is Alterman right?

Conservative Christians in New Zealand are all hot and bothered about this

Wow! I think there are going to be lots of unhappy people on DU when Obama is re-elected handily

People can trick mind to do hated things

Should fines be tied to income?

Senator Lindsey Graham Lists African-Americans as a Problem in His State

What is the next step for your healthcare biil???

SCAN (Medicare Advantage plan) starts $25/month premium


DUI laws are unfair and punish the poor

Maine bill would label cellphones as risk

Brittany Murphy apparently ill with flu like symptoms days before death

The vast majority of the world's population is now in the dark.

There is Gross Profit, and Adjusted Gross Profit, and then there is Net Profit

Found this on Blue Cross/Blue Shield website. Here is how they see you

On "Cooling the Mark" Out- for those feeling betrayed

Have Progressives been the one's "stalling health care reform for decades"?

Important!! - Be a part of Rep. Weiner's Online Chat Tomorrow (12/22)

Mexico City 1st in region to approve gay marriage

McCain on Dems & health care: "It's one of a great Bernie Madoff gimmicks that anybody's ever seen"

March 20, 2010. March against War in DC

Frank Capra's "State of the Union" With Tracy & Hepburn On TCM Now

r/w blogger Bob Owens: "All I Want Is A Byrd Dropping For Christmas":

So Jebus turned against Coburn and

Cat rides roomba, smacks dog at every opportunity. Enjoy!

"Insurance Executives For Obama"?

Psst, Teabaggers, HCR soooo "socialist" that...

Leadership, Obama Style: Pretty Speeches, Compromised Values...

Oh Senator Harkin, you are so sweetly naive.

Bulletin from ILWU: Health Care Bill

Bulletin from ILWU: Health Care Bill

Play Lieberman Off, Keyboard Cat

Parents: Religion Led To Children Being Taken Away

I need help that I fear is never coming

Pope passes special Vatican copyright giving him exclusive right to use his name, title, image

Nate Silver: Why progressives are batshit crazy to oppose the senate bill

2000 page laws

2000 page laws

Sarah Palin lied!

Regarding the millions of citizens that would be "covered" by this HCR bill

Obama, 2007: "I out Tom Coburn. He has become a friend of mine."

Guardian UK names "Fahrenheit 9/11" one of the 10 best films of the decade

Why do the Republicans hate America and the troops?

Can anything destroy the Democratic Party faster than a phony "reform" that destroys the middle...

Relax, contributions to corporate tyranny are completely unenforceable. Taxing isn't collecting.

Revealed: Bush White House Raised Terror Alert Based On Con Man's Wild Al Jazeera "Decoding" Claims

When Obama said he thought the public option was best, was he flat out lying?

Is this nannyism?

There is a very good reason why a HRC bill needed to be done this year. We have some Senators

The Nation: Taxpayers Lose in Citi's Payback Plan

President Obama reads Polar Express to children at Boys and Girls Club of Washington - pics

If you don't have serious misgivings about this bill, you're not being honest.

Economists see no need for more stimulus (Allentown - this is for you)

Does the House bill eliminate the anti-trust exemption?

A wild theory about why we couldn't have a public option.

Sen. Whitehouse: There Will Be A 'Reckoning' For GOP's 'Desperate, No-Holds-Barred Mission Of Propag

A Man who Drives a Car in Circles was AP's Athlete of the Year.

"It's like flying from the Jetsons to the Flintstones.' - Thomas Friedman on Rachel Maddow.

To my ideological adversaries and dear friends on this day

Osama bin Laden nearly killed Clinton in 1996, book claims

Teen charged with ice pick attack on motorist

Does this bill help or hurt the poor?

No one is talking about the worst aspect of the Senate bill - another of Obama's failures

Howard Dean now for passage of Senate Health Care bill?

Just plain tired of it all

So, HCR supporters - how's that a Vagina Tax gonna go over with females?

President Obama gets H1N1 vaccine - pic

Obama Last Chance With Progressives - Pick & Win A Fight And Give Progressives a GOD DAMN Victory!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

PMRC Senate Hearings: Just a little flashback.

Sen. Franken Nails It

Can I ask a dumb question about the Health Care Bill?

Ugandan Pastors Demand Apology from Rick Warren

Pardon the interruption, but here's some good news from LBN:

FireDogLake: "kill the healthcare bill" - is this REALLY happening?

Howard Dean says pass the Senate bill!

Could we have a discussion section dedicated to "Obama = epic fail" so the rest of us can come back?

It's the modified filibuster rule that causes a lot of the problems.

Still behind on your Christmas shopping? Hate the shops? Here's an easy solution.

Serving U.S troops could face prison if they fall pregnant while active

Our next issue should be .....

Destroying the Everglades at 25 Cents Per Ton

Your Forthcoming Holiday Present:

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. # 8 And a new word, also.

Midnight In The Food-Stamp Economy

Sometimes I don't have words

Great web site on inequality

From June 2009. 313 billion cuts to Medicare to pay for new health care plan.

Merry F%$#@!& Christmas Freepers!

And The Progressives Are Doing PRECISELY What The Republicans WANT THEM TO DO!

91 Year Old Man Accused Of Trying To Kill Wife Pleads Guilty

The Unconstitutionality and Ramifications of a Health Insurance Mandate

How different you would life be if we had some form of national health care.

Post on Kos: Jane Hamsher convinced me...pass the bill

My disgust for the Repukes just spun out in overdrive

If you are not happy with what has happened to health care reform...

OK, so Tweety says we are not Democrats, Emanuel says we don't matter,

"But an additional step we can take to keep insurance companies honest...

Another Sorry Episode in American History: Agent Orange

If you are a progressive who is pissed about what happened with this bill

NDP: The "Huckabee" rally in Omaha on Sunday was really a "Huckleberry Rally."

Payments for cardiovascular Medicare patients may go down by 50% under HHS new rules on January 1.

Callers give Nelson (D-Ne) an earful

Show Santa you meant well. . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

M.Baucus secured universal health care for the residents of Libby, MT

TAVIS SMILEY Calls Obama’s Health Care Victory “SMALL CHANGE”

Study shows one dose of H1N1 vaccine may be enough for children

Obama Follows a Proud GWB Jr. Tradition With Warrantless NSA Wiretapping

Cruel And Unusual Punishment? -- No More Coffee Served To Inmates

DU THIS POLL! "Are you disappointed Rudy Giuliani isn't running for the U.S. Senate?

DU THIS POLL! "Are you disappointed Rudy Giuliani isn't running for the U.S. Senate?

Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments 1848

Have you ever thought about the concept of a 'Worker's Paradise'?

Have you ever thought about the concept of a 'Worker's Paradise'?


Pot found in Manti-LaSal thought to be several centuries old

When Insurers Violate The Health Care Bill, What Will Happen?

Shadow's annual Happy Winter Solstice thread. If that's possible this dreary year.

US demanded lots gave almost nothing

A Rahm's Eye View of the Democratic Base

Far right Christian group endorses Ugandan "death penalty for gays" law

True reform, I repeat, will not occur until healthcare is removed from

This midnight session looks really bad

Let's hear it for all of the republicans who helped pass HCR.

Letters to Santa

Harsh Realities of the Senate Bill from FDL

Co-Pays, Deductibles, Out of Pocket Expenses, and Me

Co-Pays, Deductibles, Out of Pocket Expenses, and Me

Sarah Palin did not lie! (At least this once.)

The Senate Bill Saves Families Money

Parents, please watch your kids when you are out shopping

Hooray! Celebrate the Winter Solstice. It is hereTODAY!


If you ask me, we'd be better off keeping those 30 million uninsured.

If you ask me, we'd be better off keeping those 30 million uninsured.

Priest outrages police by telling congregation: 'My advice to poor is to shoplift'

Michigan Rental Homes Needed For Tennessee GM Transplants

I'm switching to Republican

Does the House bill eliminate the anti-trust exemption?

Firefox 3.5 is now the most used browser version worldwide.

Nate Silver adds "global warming denialists" to insults hurled at opponents of Senate health bill

Chávez: US Military Aggression Against Venezuela Escalating

For those who like to insist the poor get medicaid

OK DUers help me out

At first I was totally disillusioned, but when I found out that

Fighting Fascism (Do You Know This Man?)

Tom Coburn Prays for Robert Byrd's Death

If A Picture Says A Thousand Words... What Does This Graph Say ???

D.C. Detective underfire for pulling gun at mass snowball fight, snowball hits his Hummer

China to execute British man for heroin possession

ABC News: Nation Suffers 230 Million-strong Prolapsed Rectum from Constantly Being Fucked Over.

Famous Flames

So... Does The "Little Guy" STILL Turn To The Democratic Party ???

Mayor blasts EMT who refused to help: Pregnant woman collapsed while they were on break. Woman dies.

RW radio guy said the reform will kill the insurance industry

This Tom Coburn thing is kind of lame, methinks.

US President: "The masters of the gov't...are the combined capitalists and manufacturers of the US"

Dear MSNBC, Please stop calling it the "Roman Polanski sex case"

"Obama Refuses to Lead"

Obama Defends Self Against Black Critics, Says He's President Of The Entire United States

The Gospel of Consumption: Of Subservience to Machines, Human Welfare, and Kellog's Six-Hour Day

He Gives Good Speeches.

The Thrill of Victory; The Agony of Deceit! United Health's stock up big today.

The Thrill of Victory; The Agony of Deceit! United Health's stock up big today.

The Thrill of Victory; The Agony of Deceit! United Health's stock up big today.

Hope it's OK to post the whole E-mail I received from our President

On Big Ed: Jane Hamsher Just Declared A Devastating Blow to the Progressive Movement

Holy crap! Mandate not Mandatory!!!

LIVE: WATCH Nation's largest Health INSURER'S Stock Price SKYROCKET! (Somebody get a screen pic!!)

"Limbaugh: McConnell Told Me Republicans Are Proposing Amendments In Order To Stop Health Care Bill"

Obama Will Win: Why and How His Critics from the Left and Right Will be Proven Wrong

I have a question for the legal minds

"The Race to Nowhere"..A NYU professor and historian looks at push for charter schools.

Jailtime for pregnant soldiers? The Army has made getting pregnant a punishable offense

Wish Teddy was there!

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine: The Audacity of Hype

Yes, Obama’s Af-Pak War is Illegal

Rahm Emanuel is a punk. I just had to put it out there.

Resolutions, Not Hopes

Hartmann was brilliant as usual today. His view - our "culture" is broken.

mzmolly appreciation thread!

Evolution of the President's thinking on Health Care

One of my diaries at DKOS got quoted in NYTIMES opinion page. Just goes to show you --

Simply gone.

Huffington Post: Health Care Industry Stocks See Double-Digit Growth Since Death Of Public Option

Check-in if you agree that we have been sold out again to corporate America

Are the SNL skits where men kiss each other funny?

A Dangerous Dysfunction By PAUL KRUGMAN

SOLSTICE! 'Tis the Reason for the Season!

Swallow this bill, we'll improve it later is BULLSHIT!

Christmas gift suggestions:

Christmas gift suggestions:

There's a certain mentality I just don't get.

Why are Progressives falling in line?

America practices FALSE Capitalism.

War Criminal Dick Cheney 'Conservative Of The Year,'

One thing I am certain about the final bill and a Public Option

DANNY GLOVER: I See NO Difference Between BUSH And OBAMA Policies

Why are all the congressional "progressives" suddenly on board?

Homeland Security signs contract for 200 Million rounds of ammo...

Mandatory corporate insurance is NOT a "small step forward". It is a BIG step BACKWARDS.


There Were Lots of Clues

Systemic problems of the Medical System

Obama: "Public option is an area that has just become symbolic"

Mexico City assembly legalizes same-sex marriage

You want more progressives in Congress? Then help with this special election in Hawaii.

Do you celebrate Christmas?

The "LoZoccolo" account you see on the conservative message board isn't me.

Things that happened while "the left" was being battered by party leadership.

Things that happened while "the left" was being battered by party leadership.

Planned Parenthood nails it

It's time for this cheerleader to lay down her pom poms.

Universal Mandatory Health Insurance In The Netherlands: A Model For The United States?

I know from experience that if I wrote an honest title on this thread, most people would ignore it.

The Percocet just kicked in. Ask me anything.

Water bears

I Saw 'Avatar' (in 3D) AFTER My Kids Played The Videogame...


OH! What the hell?!?!?

Whew. Just got back from GDP

Happy winter! Have a great season!

Going to give that old sleep thing another try, so I leave you with some Charlie Parker.

My Favorite Things

Am I the only one depressed this season?

Snow Day - Fed govt closed in DC

Good morning, Lounge, Miss Honeychurch. nt

Just got home from ER with pain pills. OMG I finally feel soooo much better.

BREAKING NEWS: Entire Washington DC traffic grid covered under 2 feet of snow.

Can someone please cyberstalk me?

Rigging up the lights...

FUNT - A new DU game anyone can play.

Cold Cold Heart

Nancy - November 7, 2006

self delete/repeat of same post below


Best TV show ever? I'm gonna say "Lou Grant"

It's coming on Christmas, they're cutting down trees

The Balls of the Tiger

There's foxes in the hen house, cows out in the corn

Rage Against the Machine topples 'American Idol's Simon Cowell

Pa. man dies after snowmobile hits buggy

Why are some DUers allowed to continue locked threads?

These are the best sweat pants EVAR!

I'm not leaving my house until Jan 2.

I am SO SORRY for posting that drunken rant last night.

Bitter feminine age. You

22" of snow

She's My Rock

Just wanted to tell all of you.

favorite Christmas carol mondegreens?

Remember the jokes about Microsoft making cars?

Kitteh van Gogh

teds hamburgers in meridan ct

David Caruso appreciation thread

Having trouble with holiday decorations

Having trouble with holiday decorations

Some people are saying that Glenn Beck (CENSORED) with a goat while listening to Rush.

At long last, can we please have a David Caruso appreciation thread?


Linus Forest challenges Tiger Woods to putt-putt contest in Jersey; winner to get choice of name

Step aside, Kinkade. Here's true Winter Wonderland (dial-up warning)

I need a new humpage.

The People Have Spoken!

Happy Agnostica!

2010 Boobies Calendar

Magazine editor sues Tom Cruise for $5 million for hiring P.I. to "allegedly" wiretap his phone

Well, it's time for winter depression to set in. The days start getting longer now.

Some tech-support people are completely useless

Ticked at Time Warner- Sorry I enjoy TV

Three Dog Night

Silver or Gold?

What's the most fantastically super-amazing wonderfullest film of all time ever?!?!?

There Goes Another Love Song

BREAKING CNN: Facebook to cease operations on 1/1/2010.

Mr. Smith goes to Washington- tonite on TCM at 9:15CT...

Posting Political Video Threads Broken

I have this weird theory about Brittany Murphy...

The internet tough guys around here crack me up.

I'm a total last word freak on DU.

What's the farthest you've made it through "The Abyss" in one sitting

10th annual Santa Speedo Run

What's My Line? videos

We Do NOT wag our genitals at each other to make a point!

My spouse is a permanent resident of Canada as of 8:39 this morning

Gigantic Robots.. in Asia!!!!

I just ate a McRib.

Under the tree: Video games, nerf guns, and board games...

Poor dog gets beat up by a cat riding a roomba.

Tarren Mill is under attack! nt

Is it too late for me to apply for the Summer Olympics?

I skated with 1992 Olympic silver medalist Paul Wylie today!

I have cold feet

How do you interpret Rammstein's "Amerika" music video?

Am I the only one who thinks this song is catchy beyond belief? Zing a Ding Dong Day!

Must go and retard

Naughty or Nice?

Two Bumbling Bandits Beaten By Family That Own Medical Pot Dispensary

Could this day get any better?

YouTube - Grand Funk Railroad, "I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home," Shea Stadium 1971

YouTube - Paul McCartney, "My Brave Face"

You know what the Airplane's downfall was?

What would happen if all GD posts were parodied in the lounge?

YouTube - Sun Ra, "Calling Planet Earth"

I deserve the Mother of the year award for this

Vintage Holiday Cheer from 1927 and 1938

Today Is Our 18th Anniversary

YouTube - Artist paints Elvis portrait on black velvet with Cheetos

Festivus for the rest of us!!!

Fuck you, Mason Crosby.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/21/09

It's a boy!

Favorite "snow" movie

Has anyone seen elshiva lately? I'm worried about her again.

Kitteh video

YouTube - Rihanna w/ Young Jeezy, "Hard (So Hard)"

Happy Winter Solstice!

YouTube - Arthur Lee w/ Love, "Alone Again Or," Later with Jools Holland 2004

Don't honk at old people!

Happy Festivus!! Today post your "Feats of Strength" from year 2009

Cat rides roomba, smacks dog at every opportunity. Enjoy!

My little wish

Greetings from India

I am a little embarrassed to have to ask this after being here so long...

Why is it so difficult to find a tuning fork?

"I fell 6,000 feet and survived."

Merry Christmas

Best Weekly World News Headline ever?

My keys don't fit the door... You know, my thoughts don't fit the man. (They never can.)

Facebook is going to start charging?

So I'm sitting here stirring my Smucker's.

K&R if you have seen the movie "Avatar" and think it rocks.

YouTube - Beatles on the roof, "Don't Let Me Down"

A good time to look back on 2009 resolutions.

Cooks. What is a good substitute for Maderia?

TMZ Photo: Ken "Eddie Haskell" Osmond, 2009 (plus bonus Eddie Haskell quotes from IMDB)

Round 2 of Chemo is Wed. Finally

Good "girlie" name for a stuffed grey wolf?

Oh geez, this was Brittney Murphy beginning of December?

Is Chex Mix, christmas cookies, and rum a good dinner?

Renee Descartes?

Poor redskins.

Best 80s TV Show Theme Song?

Boy, am I glad I bought a convertible...

post your facepalms/not this shit again pics here

Which smilie should be the ***OFFICIAL*** smilie of GD(and/or P)

Memories of Christmas Past......EVERYBODY SING...

Paging some old DUers!

Watching Arrested Development on my IFC channel.....


Medicade co-insurance. Anyone with first hand knowledge?

What is your favorite machine, fictional or otherwise?

Maine Coon Kittehs attack a Christmas tree, drink Santa's cookeh-dunkin' milk (video)

we didn't know what to think of him till he sang 'Feliz Navidad'....

I swear, some of you on here are NO different than the teabaggers on the right

Fill in the blank. With friends like these, ___________.

First time I'm seeing McCain after midnight and it ain't pretty

All this love for Dean, and he still can't manage to win a primary

Somebody please answer these questions

Winners and losers in the Senate bill:

Obama plan could limit records hidden from public

Which dems will vote against the actual bill? (in the Senate)

Joe Scarborough Bashes Dems - Reps For Selling Out

Why Obama Is Failing

A Bill Fit for a Kennedy

Ominously dysfunctional- meet some of the policy makers

Figuring out Obama and the future of health care reform

The End of Polling. (Tom Toles)

Party of Quit may quit stalling on HCR

Please think about the past and how the Democrats have voted and compromised

**Heads Up: HHS Secretary Sebelius Answers Questions on Health Reform from, 9:30am **

States can now opt-out of women's reproductive health care--The Democrats agree!!

Is this bad? Is it worse than the status quo?

I am on sabbatical from DU for the holidays.. but I think I know why insurance companies stock rose

Many Democrats today sound the same as W enablers.

How Pres. Obama Wins By Vetoing The Senate Bill

Article: How lobbyists and the revolving door shaped health care bill

The real losers are the people from states who are not in on Nelson's deal....

"Vote your hopes, not your fears. Seize the moment," Senate Dems clear hurdle on health care

Senator Sanders: Health Care Landmark legislation backed by President Obama passed...

The 50 state strategy.

It's sad that a 60-40 vote is considered a "squeaker."

While the bill may not be close to what all liberals want, it is close to what Obama promised (Ezra)

See Wellpoint, Inc. (WLP) Soar! Up almost 4% when market opened today!

Proof Pres. Obama Always Wanted The Current Senate Bill

If I were a senator I would vote for this bill... but why?

Feingold: Obama Responsible For Loss Of Public Option

Obama Administration imposes 3-hour limit on tarmac strandings!!

Creator of the "public option" still backs current health care bill even though it was eliminated

If you want the health care bill to pass, you really need to act

"Howard Dean's Op-Ed Entered Into Senate Record - By GOP"

"Howard Dean's Op-Ed Entered Into Senate Record - By GOP"

Obama's Constitutional Moment, Part Two

(who will) ....... "Win or Lose?"

Obama Has United The Left And The Right On Wall Street + HC

E. J. Dionne: Progressives: Don’t Scream, Organize

UPDATE 1-Healthcare shares rise as US reform bill progresses

Sen. Whitehouse: There Will Be A 'Reckoning' For GOP's 'Desperate, No-Holds-Barred...Propaganda'

AMA announces support for passage of Senate health reform bill

hyperbolically challenged

Ed Schultz (Live)

Right-wing blogger Owens wants Byrd to "do the right thing, and expire" before health bill passes"

OMG! Oasis!


Obama will sacrifice his second term on the altar of HCR. Come and worship.

Guys, projections from the CBO on premiums are the only ones to be taken seriously

Why can't one of these reporters who interview Obama ask him about the public option and drug import

I'm Sorry, Secreatary Clinton.... I WAS WRONG

Obama's Promises Kept

Jon Walker on Ezra Klein's "absurd claim that Senate bill closely resembles Obama's promises"

Lieberman: Obama Never Pressed Me On Public Option

Like it or not we have to remember what Obama promised in 2008

David Sirota: Are Progressives "Special Interests Who've Prevented Health Reform for Decades"?

McCain: Ted Kennedy Would Be Disappointed Health Care Bill Not Bipartisan

McCain: Ted Kennedy Would Be Disappointed Health Care Bill Not Bipartisan

Oops! Dupe, pls delete. nt

CNN Poll: 6 point jump in support for health care bill - Obama approval also +6 (54%)

So, When You Go To Jail For Failing To Buy Corporate Health Insurance

OK I gotta scrounge up the cash next month...

To those who don't like my position in support of passing the Senate Health Care Bill

Sargent: "Journalists Cheerfully Urinating on Senate Bill's Critics"

Can the actual conference bill be filibustered or just the conference report?

Paul Krugman: Coverage and costs

This is why many are so sad and angry about this bill

Which Obama Official Would You Like To See Let Go And Why

Obama--lead or lose--well, obviously he's leading

Obama: Senate health care vote 'big victory for the American people'

The cruel Senate

My worry, the 2 or 3 year delay gives the Insurance Companies time to screw us over!

Republican files lawsuit against Obama administration

Up until the 1940's fire companys were run by insurance co. You called your fire ins co when you

Anthony Weiner Online Chat, Tues 12/22, 7 pm EST

Health Reform: Help for Families in 2010

Where we stand

Are you pleased or not pleased that the Senate approved cloture on the health care bill?

Krugman: Down memory lane

Perhaps health insurance stocks have gone up because the Dow has gone up at the same pace. Let's see


Reasons Not To Kill The Senate Bill

"Saving Your Tax Dollars, Bottom-Up"

"Giving Thanks and Giving Back"

Sarah Palin told 'biggest lie of the year'

For President Obama, No Opportunity Too Big To Blow

"Will Work For Change"

"Centenarian honored by Obama dies."

A proposal: if Nelson does not vote for the final bill

Ooopsie! US airstrike goes all wrong in Yemen. Many children and women killed.

Obama's Message on Health Care to Organizing For America

The Washingfton Concensus rears its head once again

Another way to deal with global warming (Fareed Zakaria)

Who from DU is running against Obama in 2012?

So About That Public Option With a Trigger...

I stand with President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the entire progressive caucus. . .

Photos: The Obama Presidency December 21st, 2009

Will the House be able to materially change Senate bill, or accept it relatively unchanged?

Tom Harkin: The Public Option Will Be 'Revisited'

Ex-RNC chiefs rip Steele speaking fees - Party chairman charging $8,000 to $20,000 (Moonie Times)

I'm sorry, but because of the vitriol on this board I'm FORCED to do this... (photos)

Flash Forward to January 2014: An Ohio Couple Frank and Anne Duggan Open Their Mail

For the 1000th time, you can DISAGREE with Obama on HCR and the WAR and still vote for him!

"Of course, the great omission in the 1935 Social Security Act was health insurance."

Maybe it was a good thing that happened this last week. It showed the mentality

Kill Bill or vote it through


Frustrated liberals voice discontent with Obama

Ann Nixon Cooper passed away

Obama naming Hispanics to top posts at record pace

If the mandate was taken out of the HCR bill, would you support it?

The HCR bill is historic

Obama signs Franken’s anti-rape amendment into law.

I agree with Big Ed -- Mandates for private insurance are UnAmerican

Giuliani will take a pass

Another reason not to kill the bill

Media declared PO dead for weeks, now asking if no PO is a Gift to Insurance Cos?

"In an MSNBC appearance Monday, Dean reversed his opposition to the Senate bill from last week"

Exposure of a "good" Republican. The lies and duplicity of Senator Snowe

Leadership, Obama Style: Pretty Speeches, Compromised Values (Drew Westen)

Yep, Dean's right kill the Senate bill...

Economists write to Reid in support of health care reform

it's all about the conference.

Howarfd Dean's second thoughts.

Seven-year-old challenges Obama to game of foosball

Reid and Pelosi do not deserve our scorn on HCR

E.J. Dionne: We are no longer a normal democracy

"Governance is the art of the possible."

Really, let's all take a breath and imagine what would be going on to Obama if this bill failed...

Obama talk about Public Option.

Ezra Klein: The Most Important Table You'll Read Today

CNN puts negative spin on improving poll numbers

Nate Silver: debating the kill-billers has debating the global warming denialists

Nation’s Largest RN Organization Says Healthcare Bill Cedes Too Much to Insurance Industry

Administration: Obama to Push for Allowing Drug Re-Importation

Top 10 Reasons to Kill the Senate Health Care Bill

Here's why the public option had no chance.

Reasons Not To Kill The Senate Bill - A Graphic Representation

Reasons Not To Kill The Senate Bill - A Graphic Representation

Do any of the Anti-Health Insurance Reform folks here actually have a Pre-existing condition??

American Nurses Association supports health reform

Andrew Sullivan: Obama achieved a "substantive, enduring legislative victory" not seen since Reagan

Nations largest Nursing professional organization says "Pass the Bill"

Let's put this in as simple terms as possible.. you turn against the Democratic Party in 2010 & 2012

The Senate Bill Saves Families Money

Who from DU is planning to volunteer, organize, donate, and work for Obama in 2012?

Victoria Kennedy at Senate: "I feel fantastic"

Political branding ideas for 2010 and 2012 elections

Jane Hamsher convinced me: Pass The Bill!

Joe Klein: Coburn's comments are "borderline sedition...dangerously close to incitement of violence"

State Public Options

I want to post some things that some might find a little upsetting...

I want to post some things that some might find a little upsetting...

Many on DU are now experiencing the same sense of betrayal/frustration us GLBT have felt for years

Health Bill PASSES Key Test in the Senate With 60 Votes

Israel admits to harvesting Palestinians' organs

Rockwall auto shop has slick promotion: Nobel with every oil change

Clashes reported at funeral of Iranian dissident cleric

Arms-laden plane seized in Thailand 'was heading for Iran'

Stolen Auschwitz sign recovered

This Illiterate Wants to be President

The Man Who Conned The Pentagon (Con-man convinced Bush White House he had a secret decoding tech)

Senate Dems clear hurdle on health care

Rage Against The Machine become Christmas Number one in The UK

Serving U.S troops could face prison if they fall pregnant while active

Possible Volcano Eruption Threatens Philippines

Insurance stocks lead rally on Wall street

China loses WTO media imports appeal

Tom Coburn Prays for Robert Byrd's Death

BT to complete super-fast broadband network by 2012

Health sector leads Wall Street higher

Social unrest 'on the rise' in China

China targeting 8% growth in 2010

North Korea declares disputed waters 'firing zone'

Mousavi's car 'attacked' on way back from funeral

Japan's decline in exports slows

Brazil top judge to rule on U.S. custody case (Ruling Delayed)

thom hartmann "gets it"...

Coast Guard vessel hits pleasure boat, killing boy

Mexico City lawmakers approve same-sex marriage, first in Latin America to do so.

Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell be GM CFO

Senate Democrats’ health overhaul bill passes tough test in party-line vote

Iran cleric's funeral becomes opposition protest

Passengers win as government imposes 3-hour limit on tarmac strandings

US forces mounted secret Pakistan raids in hunt for al-Qaida

South Korea let off for nuclear deceptions

Legislators demand arrest of Benazir’s killers

Russian experts say nuclear-free Middle East unlikely

China rejects UK claims it hindered Copenhagen talks

Obama signs bill for defense, jobless benefits

Ford offers incentive packages to cut US staff

White House picks new cyber coordinator

Report: Guinea massacre 'crime against humanity'

Lieberman: Obama Never Pressed Me On Public Option

DOT imposes 3-hour limit on strandings

Crime Drops In First Half Of 2009: FBI

Russia's Communists mark Stalin's birthday

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 21

Egypt to demand Germany to return Nefertiti statue

Key Dem (Harkin): The Public Option Will Be 'Revisited'

Top Cuban official says Obama lied in Copenhagen

White Conn. firefighters seek back pay, damages

Cuba President Raul Castro lashes out at Barack Obama

Maoists threaten more action in Nepal

Columbia to Chavez: 'Spy drones' may have been Santa's sleigh'

Obama signs Franken’s anti-rape amendment into law.

Appeals court denies Roman Polanski's bid to throw out sex case

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani expected to announce Tuesday he will not run for U.S. Senate

Russia decries demolition of war memorial

Italian town where a White Christmas is a police matter

First house from Jesus' time found in Nazareth

World Jewish Congress criticizes Pope's decision to beatify Pius XII

Glenn Beck: Media Matters' 2009 Misinformer of the Year

(U.S.) Army General Makes Pregnancy Punishable Offense in Iraq

President Obama tightens reins on contractors

Senate passes Health insurance Profits subsidy act. For-Profit Insurers party all night.

Sonia Sotomayor doesn't like commercialization of "wise Latina."

Sarah Palin told 'biggest lie of the year'

My Initiation at Store 5476 / Will Steve Carrell or Will Farrell play the lead

To Get Ben Nelson's Health Care Vote, Nebraska To Receive Kansas

Deal-making called corruption by Republicans when it's for people who can't afford insurance but

Credit Unions and Development Financial Institutions Get Short End of Stick

'Dr.' Coburn Finally Tempers His 'Bye, Bye Byrdie' Remark

A Dickens of a Problem: Interesting facts on the Christmas classic.

Copenhagen's failure belongs to Obama

Guardian: Strategic Balochistan (Pak) becomes a target in war against Taliban

Leadership, Obama Style, and the Looming Losses in 2010: Pretty Speeches, Compromised Values, and

If you want to know who's to blame for Copenhagen, look to the US Senate

Rewarding Failure at the Fed

America's most wanted: doctor found living in tent on Mont Blanc

Glenn Beck wins Media Matters' Misinformer of the Year award

The artifice of authority

Blockbuster Avatar Delivers Massively and Offers Anti-War Activists an Opportunity for Street Theate

A Holiday Special: The Pagan Roots of Christmas

Lieberman: Obama Never Pressed Me On Public Option

A Leprechaun Riding a White Unicorn

CVS Goes to Generation Health for Caremark Head.

Goldman Threatens to “Move” 20% of UK Staff to Spain to Escape Bonus Supertax

What the Media and Obama Never Understood About the Public Option (Cenk w/ #1 Diary @ Dkos)

After 20 years, US invasion of Panama leaves bad aftertaste

Capitulate and lose the left and center

Famous Ted Kennedy Healthcare Speech in 1978

Famous Ted Kennedy Healthcare Speech in 1978

The Housing Collapse of 2010 Will Be Worse Than 2008


Holy Crap! I agree with John McCain!?!

No Public Option, No Bill?

US Healthcare: Republicans admits they cannot block passage

'Twas the Congress Before Christmas

Who You Callin' Moderate?

Coburn: "People ought to pray" that a senator can't show up and vote

Whitehouse: GOP Have Embarked On A Desperate Mission Of Propoganda, Falsehood, Obstruction & Fear

CNBC's Harwood to Liberals: "Lay off the hallucinogenic drugs"

Satan Stole Right-Wing Pastor's Money (McCain's "Spiritual Guide" Rod Parsley)

Senator Lindsay Graham on the real health care problem - 'African American population'

O'Reilly's 'Dumbest of the Week' wishes a Catholic 'Happy Hannukah' (too funny) 1:55

The Take

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Apologizes for Outburst at Florida Congresswoman

Sen. Whitehouse: GOP's Ardent Supporters Are Birthers, Right-Wing Militias & Aryan Support Groups

Interview with Vietnamese parents of 28 yr old Agent Orange victims.

Amazing Speech by Iraq War Veteran

HP computers are racist

COP15: Climate Justice, climate shame

BBC: India's wettest place 'lacks water'

ODAC Newsletter - Dec 18

Drumbeat: December 21, 2009

San Diego Gas & Electric Selects Lockheed Martin to Support Beach Cities Microgrid Project

China to blame for failure of Copenhagen climate deal, says British Secretary of Energy

Florida Manatee Deaths 1/1/09 - 12/11/09 Hit Record High - 419

Polluting pets: the devastating impact of man's best friend

Did we just wave goodbye to last new Florida coal plant?

Another Wave Energy Project off the Coast of Scotland

Science Daily - Africa's Leaf-Eating Primates "Likely To Be Wiped Out" By Climate Breakdown

Dozens of Bird Species Nesting In Holland Declining Since 1984 - Trees In Leaf 2 Wks. Earlier

The Fate of the Endemic Species of Madagascar

Four Remaining Fertile Northern White Rhinos Leave Prague For Kenya - Last Hope For Breeding

Environment: Rio de la Plata Fish and Fisherfolk Under Threat

Free electric car(t)!

Anaba Wines: Making Wine with Wind Power

Folsom - Palladio 16 theater opens plans largest solar powered movie theater in the world...

Into the heart of the climate debate—What’s warming us up? Human activity or Mother Nature?

Carolyn Baker: Winter solstice reflections

Climate change: Copenhagen fizzles, California forges ahead

First Solar and NRG Energy Open Largest (21 MW) Solar PV Power Plant in California

100 mpg: What we'll drive next

How many gas engines do you own?

NFL to ask its players to donate brains for study

Jerry Jones shooting for 100K at NBA All-Star Game "It will be intimate."

Lowell trade is off

No Belmont Stakes next year?

(Upton's) Playoff Dreams End In Philly

Lionel Messi wins FIFA World Player of the Year award

Cowboys sign ex Redskin placekicker Suisham

Fuckers did it again. Yankees face $25.69 million penalty for going over salary threshold.

Good Grief. The Bulls (nba) stink


Holmgren agrees to deal with Browns

Washington just got screwed on the fight/penalty. Giants grabbed a facemask and threw first punch.

Watching this atrocious shit, I'm thinkin' maybe it's not so bad being a Chiefs fan.


The Redskins suck and so do the Reds of Liverpool. When it rains, it pours.

Nats sign Jason Marquis--2yrs. 15 million--per ESPN

Childress tried to bench Favre but couldn't

Virginia Beach man charged with bribing Panamanian officials

Nice of Amb. Llorens to Drop by to Tell Zelaya of his Christmas Plans

Urgent Action Alert for Honduras

New Honduran leader's promises lack specifics to help poor

Amy interviews Hugo Chavez @ Copenhagen, aired today.

Colombians Refuse to Be Displaced: Over 5,000 Occupy the Piñuña Negro Police Inspectors Office in Pu

Angel Falls is no more; now it's Churún-merú.

20 years later, Panamians reflect on US invasion

Is the new Colombian base, at a very threatening spot re Venezuela, going to be a **U.S.** base?

Israel threatens to use force against settlers

Former Israeli premier Olmert pleads not guilty

Lebanon PM on 1st Syria visit since father's death

Israel admits to harvesting Palestinians' organs

World 'failed Gaza over Israeli blockade' - aid groups

More "Big Lie", heavenly deception, or cooked stats?

FBI: Murders fell 10 percent in first half of 2009

Investigators: Woman beaten to death during home invasion

County workers carrying guns? NM Otero County

Gun Owners, Unfiltered

Today in Labor History Dec 21 Powered by children 7 to 12 years old working dawn to dusk $1 per week

"Ford offers incentive packages to cut US staff " - bbc

Okay, this Gawker

Thanks for the invite...

The Deadly Cost of Blocking Health Care Reform

Great Post on GDP for any late sleepers who may have missed it.

Hey, Obama group--my daughter and I saw "Invictus" tonight. Highly recommend!! Uplifting!!

Evidence of "Moles":

"Have you ever written a post without "DLC" in it?"

The one phrase I simply cannot stomach on DU ...

Doesn't feel safe to post this elsewhere

sign of the times

mailbox snow dragon

more selective colorization/desaturation

Second ...

Try #1

snow dog to the rescue!

Can someone give me easy step by step

Prague 360 gigapixel

A friend sent this to me. Hope y'all enjoy it.

beagle hits snowpile


Do you understand the difference between complex and imaginary numbers?

Scientists discover natural flu-fighting proteins


Is the GLBT community in an abusive relationship with the Democratic Party?

Don't worry guys, we're STILL responsible for everything wrong with the democratic party

Mexico City Legalizes Gay Marriage, Becomes 1st Latin American City to do so.

Has anybody ever come out as bi?

No gay change for the Salvation Army


OMG! Sapphocrat is back!

Marijuana, Alcohol Addiction May Share Genes

Spyker submits a new Saab offer to General Motors (BBC)

(Oh, Commercial Real Estate)

Looks like Citi is still stuck in TARP, afterall.

Beyond ecological imperialism

Blue Christmas By James Howard Kunstler

Healthcare Stocks EXPLODE Higher After Big Vote On Reform

Last Lunar Cycle of 2009: Time to Do Something Adventurous

Dance to bring back the light

Winter Solstice 2009

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/21/09

Volcano about to erupt

Does imbibing possibly lower one's defenses enough to make one super-sensitive (empathically)?

Look what I found on YouTube

I was struggling to remember this thought I had just as I woke up

The Epic End of Year Scream Therapy and Pillow Fight of 2009! join the fun!

Astrological Configurations and Marriage Endings

Rasul v. Rumsfeld

BCBS "Medicare Blue Private Complete" Plan

is the problem really the mandate?

Post vaccination soreness... can anyone offer tips?

Why I Still Believe In This Bill: Jacob Hacker on the Senate health care reform bill

The Holidays and Sleep Apnea: Change a Life

Give me all the facts on Obama's education platform.

The $400 million question

In my kids' classrooms, it's All Christmas, All the Time

Do you celebrate Christmas?

I picked up my ducks today!

Sorry vegans; Brussels Sprouts like to live too.