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The Kerensky offensive

No health care. War. 45,000 dead every year from no health care, they get fined! Which crisis gets $

ON Larry King NOW, General Wes Clark

Cardinal Edward Egan: He found it "marvelous" that so few priests had been accused over the years.

Tiger Woods: waitress claims affair and says she has text messages to prove it

In 2011, I wonder who will be saying I told you so? /nt

Rachel (and others) on Charlie Rose.

Rachel (and others) on Charlie Rose.

discuss: how do we avoid Pakistan losing control of its nukes ?

RW Blog tries to make the case for nominating JEB for 2012

profile of officer who shot clemmons

Another Wal-Mart "Shoplifting" Nightmare (READ this story-awful)

Obama failed to mention the killing of women and children by the Coaliton forces

Obama failed to mention the killing of women and children by the Coaliton forces

people who drum their fingers on the table: what is their problem?

Does "eat shit and die"...make you giggle?

The journalist who was imprisoned because the Daily Show interviewed him: Article here:

I like them french fried taters - Man Jailed In 'Sling Blade' Incident

I'd like to believe the Peace Prize gave Obama a twinge of guilt tonight

Isn't this really a collective USA ego problem?

California: College faculty suspended for protesting budget cuts

Risky sexual behavior fuels HIV increase

Boston teen panel: Lady Gaga, Foxx songs unhealthy

American Indians stand to gain in health care overhaul

Malalai Joya -- Afghani, who might actually deserve the Nobel Peace, on Obama's War

PA house considering legal medical pot. Link:

PA house considering legal medical pot. Link:

"Even if they bring the whole of America, they won't be able to stabilize Afghanistan,"

Troops into Pakistan, where terrorists are, and troops can't be sent

Harlem choir leaves Glenn Beck hanging: Gospel group pulls out of scheduled performance

D.C. Council Votes to Legalize Gay Marriage

white house crasher bio on while still available

War is for Republicans. Unnecessary war is for radical right-wing neo-cons.

BlueCross BlueShield's HCR Fight

Peru officer suspended over human fat killers 'lie'

Brezinski agreeing with Obama on Morning Joe


War forever and ever, amen

Obama to set nuclear deadline for Iran - Russian analyst

Blame Canada!

Democratic Underground needs a name change

Experts fear ousted Afghan Taliban will simply cross the border

Goering: "Naturally the common people don't want war... "

US Supreme Court suppresses torture photos

Whatever happened to Jason Leopold after the "24 business hours" Rove indictment business?

Bush Admin: Too many right wing terrorists in the news, we need more left wing radicals covered

Rupert Murdoch: 'There's no such thing as a free news story'

Feds ‘Pinged’ Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over a Year

What do Rove, Lieberman, Kristol, Obama and Michael Steele have in common?

FYI- Recalled cat food sickens 21 cats

Randall Terry issues threat of violence over abortion funding and health care reform

Me and my brother against my cousin; me, my brother, and my cousin against the other.

"We have no interest in occupying your country."

Think about a war, waged on your country... on your own soil.

Abortion policy gets conservative approval

Home movie said to show Monroe smoking pot

Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's Latest Most Importantest Speech of the Millennium

How much does it cost to run a Congressional office and pay staff?

DU in 1776


If Afghanistan is soo crucial to national security then there should be a military draft

For those who need decompression after Obama's West Point speech

When it comes to war and destruction, Obama is a man of his word.

In Afghan Debate, Few Antiwar Op-Eds in Nation’s Two Leading Newspapers


FDIC points to those under-served (53% of African-Americans, 43% hispanics use payday centers/pawn)

Armed Forces with Low Morale

For those who need catharsis after Obama's West Point speech (WARNING: disturbing imagery)

Little Dick Santelli is pissing me off.

Actress Meredith Baxter reveals she is a lesbian

Orwell had it nailed.

The Word "Lie"

MSNC Beats CNN In Primetime In November

Get out there and shop till you drop, folks. We just found out lastnight that

I knew once Bush decided to go into Afghanistan and Iraq that we'd NEVER LEAVE!

I think the Obama doctrine is an utter failure. And I support it fully

Colleagues urge investigation into Russian journalist's death

Gonzo Warns: "Dream big but be patient"

Should anti Af/Pak surge congress people be primaried? Or, at least, threatened with it

Food stamps should be ended, as they are nothing more than a giant industry bailout.

any updates on cleveramerican? haven't been able to check all posts the last few days

Andrew Sullivan essay on leaving the Right.

Michaele Salahi and Ann Coulter sisters?

I am trying to figure out who I should start supporting for 2012. I am a Liberal. Anyone stand out?

Denver Begins Collecting Sales Tax on Medical Marijuana

Pro Taliban DU'ers check in here!

After 9/11, I said we would be in Afghanistan for a generation

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Dick Cheney Hates You

A cultural oddity, the carefully crafted euphemism.

Proposed NATIONAL ANTHEM change...

I slept with Tiger Woods

I slept with Tiger Woods

GOP Firm's Latest Bid To Suppress Minority Votes Fails

Good grief! Wild-eyed hellion Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is being primaried by teabaggers!

Time will tell...

Crist, others get major medical subsidy

some interesting stuff about Huckabee

Disruptive Jesus Christ Dumped From Jury Pool

In Houston, toys for needy kids may come with immigration checks

Harlem Gospel Choir pulls out of Glenn Beck event.

Sen. Whitehouse: Fed Needs To 'Start Giving A Red Hot Damn About The American Public'

The Two Progressivisms by Nate Silver

Man revenge rapes son’s rapist

In stunning editorial, Irish newspaper slams bishops over child sex-abuse scandal

$79,000 USD for 4,090 sq ft home.. $280 per year health insurance premium..full coverage

you will never guess who will protest against same sex marriage in N.J.

Georgia elects nation’s first black lesbian state legislator

If America is going to babysit Pakistan for the world, should we not get paid for it?

Gates, Mullen & Clinton argue for new Afghan plan - AP

I'm cutting GD some slack due to the full moon.

CNN panel discusses what they thought were the key points in President Obama's Afghanistan speech.

So ...... you've had a night to sleep on it ....... ya feelin' all surgy an' such? do you do that?

Sarah Palin to Keynote Bowling Expo

Rethugs are using an 'esoteric procedural tactic' that could send the HCR bill back to committee

Air Force Relents on Tattoo Ban

How Republicans Hope to Tie Up the Senate

Cutting jobless will take time: Summers

Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate Version 2.0

Fuck you, Micheal Steele! (OK it's a rant)

So should we go into Somalia too?

Two Jobs Not Enough

Does anybody have citation for this statement Obama made last night?

What happened to the bumper sticker contest?

TigerWoodsGate - Time to remember what's really important ('toon)

Microsoft a noble company? About fighting evil pirates and software thieves?

Gender double standard in Tiger Woods' situation

$$$$$: The Campaign Cash Behind the Afghanistan Escalation

Who here supports the troop escalation...

Gallup Economic Weekly: Thanksgiving Week Disappoints

LA Times: Risk, opulence and reality in Dubai

DOW reaches 10,500.....something going down right....

Gay-bashing woman humiliated for wearing hideous skirt

Now watch President Obama's poll numbers go up like a rocket ship

Ex-Con Who Claimed He "Took Drugs And Had Homo Sex With Obama" Running For Office

We made this bed; now we need to sleep in it.

Not all stories about athletes are bad - Charles Woodson and Mott Children's Hospital

Tiger Woods sleeps with Nike and nobody bats an eye. He sleeps with another woman and

Poor Disguise.....DICK (cartoon)

Hearts And Minds Afghanistan Redux

Finishing The Job In Afghanistan

Can someone tell me when the President's optimism has proven to be true

Oooooo!! SNAP!!!

Anybody here deal with Sallie Mae? What is the point behind the Upromise racket?

Am I The Only One Who Thinks tiger Isn't "All That"?

Lou Dobbs Explodes: ‘Who The Hell Does This President Think He Is!?!’

New York State Senate debating Marriage Equality Bill now...

Lives in the balance....

MSNBC: How will Congress pay for the $30 billion Afghan surge?

Why is a 21st Century "War on Terror" so oldhat 19th/20th Century Occupation based?

Wonkette: Perhaps This Is Rick Warren’s Revenge!

I have noticed something I haven't seen in a while....

Wikipedia ordered by judge to break confidentiality of contributor

Most frequently used words in President Obama's speech

****FOOD FIGHT****

H-1B demand spike may signal improving outlook for skilled pros

Europe's Biggest Banks Grow Even Bigger, `Sowing the Seeds' of Next Crisis

Huckabee’s Arkansas Coordinator Quits

Where can we get the money for health care??

Ignorance and bigotry combine yet again. Moran flies Nazi flag in *Santa Cruz*.

Dehumanization and War

This not news but it is a sad commentary. Started Xmas shopping this AM.

Supporting escalation of war is so out of character for Rove, Palin, Lieberman, etc...

"...the nation that I am interested in buildling is our own"

Ike's "military industrial" complex speech, on federal research

and if that happened today . . . well, it never would

BTW, Karzai stole the Afghan election.. no biggie...

Will more troops really work?

Ehrenreich: Where were they when Stupak passed?

In Praise of Stigmas - "Seems like there ought to be a stigma attached to the use of welfare. "

To those Americans oppose but remain silent: I hope you realize you are financing these wars.

Dutch scientists grow pork meat in laboratory

Eric Prince of Blackwater fame cuts ties with company. Link below...

Just Another Day At Walmart, "...concussion, lacerations and bruises." LINK

Hmmm...protest idea - how about we all send Rahm a dead fish?

US foreign policy is Organized Crime on steroids...

Peace coalition calling for nonviolent, direct action

Afghanistan is not Iraq or Vietnam. It might be more like Bosnia....

The Sad Truth: The Democratic Party is Pro War.

Quelle Surprise !!!: Supreme Ct likely to take another crap on the Commons in favor of the wealthy

BREAKING: NY Senate to vote on marriage equality legislation today

Afghanistan escalation costs in perspective

If you support the Afghanistan surge, you are a WAR PIG

Al Franken fallout has GOP fuming

With New Surge, One Thousand U.S. Soldiers and $300 Million for Every One al Qaeda Fighter

Banks ripping you off? You think it's time to go kick some banker ass?

Russia Welcomes US Troop Surge In Afghanistan

A Response to the Afghan Troop Surge (IL06 Candidate)

Seeking Common Ground: A Call to Service

Jesus' General: A Nativist's Nativity

2:20 PM - NYS Senate about to vote on Marriage Equality

The journalist who was imprisoned because the Daily Show interviewed him: Article here:

Why has no US general or defense secretary...resigned over civilian deaths?

Ol' Lieberman is FIRED UP and READY TO GO

Obama is fighting a war of PREEMPTION.

Did Obama just GIVE US A 3RD WAR - now in Pakistan? Did he mention this when he was running? nt

Huckabee: "many people of color who are uneducated & living in abject poverty are civil & honest"

Number of H-1B petitions soars as employers increase hiring ... of foreigners

BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

U.S. credit card defaults seen testing highs

What if DU was around for Clinton in 1995?

Didn't we already bring democracy to Afghanistan??

America, without an anti-war Party, will be continuously at war..

Has all the blood been worth it? Do you feel more "safe and secure"?

We are running out of room for War Memorials in DC

Governor says no more Arkansas prisoners

Credo petition:Tell Congress to vote NO on any spending bill for sending more troops to Afghanistan.

Why do people do things like slapping themselves?


This is all YOUR fault

Meredith Baxter: Yes, I'm gay

Tom Friedman to Jon Stewart: 'After 9/11, I Overreacted' (VIDEO)

This Salvation Army Fracas reminds me of Halloween this year

A Good Doctor

It's time to strip the Obama sticker off my car. - Tom Hayden/The Nation

A question for continuing the war supporters; what is the objective of adding

Answer: Natural Gas Pipeline is to Afghanistan in the 2000's as...

CREW Goes After the ‘Secret Hold’

There's no stupid like freepwad stupid:

The 24/7 Protest Demonstration

Vietnam-lite is unveiled - Asia Times

How long must we go on and on ????

Fixing Jobs: Normal Isn’t An Option

Far-right fundraising tack: Obama plans to ‘impose homosexuality’

San Francisco Chronicle: California's water delivery outlook is grim

Why I support President Obama's Afghanistan policy.

For Millennials, It’s the Economy Stupid

My simple thoughts on War

All Staff Meeting @Washington Times Called at 2:48 pm.... LINK

All Staff Meeting @Washington Times Called at 2:48 pm.... LINK

North Korea and Currency Devaluations

All together let's sing........

'Kandahar is critical' to the war's success

Code Pink returns

Climate Research Unit Update 1 December

READ IT: GOP Senator Pens Obstruction Manual For Health Care

Congressional Staffers EXEMPTED from new HC Insurance Bill???

"The damn peaceniks refuse to have polite, reasoned, discourse about

He took the hit for us last night. Period.

"Pirate" turns himself in to police ...

The Bowling Expo has released photos of the location where Sarah Palin will be speaking

Coalition Deaths in Afghanistan by Year:

Labor Watchdog Slams Wal-Mart for Chinese Suppliers’ Abuses

Dan Savage on Levi Johnston (LOL!)

Breaking: Obama meets with Security team to develop strategy to

Michigan Regional Jobless Rates Down In 14 Of 17 Markets

Afghan Women Say NO to the Surge—Stand with Them:

Ex-Con Who Claimed He "Took Drugs And Had Homo Sex With Obama" Running For Office

Ex-Con Who Claimed He "Took Drugs And Had Homo Sex With Obama" Running For Office

3 year old in high heels?

Spam, I love spam. spam spam spam!

Adopt the "Deficit Neutral" mentality regarding war funding.

Once upon a time there was a country called Vietnam,,,

What do you all think of the escalation in Afghanistan?

War... (Graphic and dial up warning)

Rather: "No one should kid themselves. This is not going to make a major difference in Afghanistan"

Same-Sex Marriage Bill REJECTED in New York State Senate

Republican memo outlines healthcare delay tactics

How many here support completely fucking up a country and then doing it again?

What are Obama's ties to the Defense and Energy industries???

Army Times: ‘Trigger-happy’ private security undermines Afghan mission

AARP, seniors groups oppose McCain amendment

AARP, seniors groups oppose McCain amendment

Caught On Camera: 72 Year Old Walmart Greeter Punched In Face-Serious Injuries

Remember the organization "World Without War"?

I urge you to stroll on over to videos and watch Maxine Waters on countdown!

OMFG...Isikoff's BS piece 'The Impeachment of Al Gore"

Daily Kos: The Straw Men Of War Escalation Supporters

Well, as usual I'm in the minority.

Language Wonks: Was bedeutet das wort "EXTRA"

Language Wonks: Was bedeutet das wort "EXTRA"

In today's paper: vegetarians are "ANTI GOD", and people should "repent" and vote Republican.

I could support this escalation, if:

Tonight's J. Danforth Quayle Award For Republican Stupidity goes to JOHN MCCAIN

I'll roll a donut for the schmucks spreading the "if you support the surge, go enlist" meme

Former Fox News Host Calls Fox A ‘RightWing Partial News-But-Mostly-Opinion Network’

Former Fox News Host Calls Fox A ‘RightWing Partial News-But-Mostly-Opinion Network’

Comment section on this AP story of Obama officials defending global warming science needs help

Kucinich: “We’re Acting Like a Latter Day Version of the Roman Empire”

HuffPo: "Lou Dobbs Urged To Run For President By His Imaginary Friend, Moo"

Log Cabin Republicans Blame Democrats

Financial overhaul bill clears hurdle, moves to full House

Financial overhaul bill clears hurdle, moves to full House

Want to laugh your ass off? Read this.

Toon: "Hey, is everything fixed yet?"

The Smallest Universal Units (Palinon, Cheneyon, etc.) LOL

Child sex abuse in gay hating Lakewood Orthodox Jewish community.


The mathematics of war, or why I'm hopeful that Obama's right.

You stay classy, Spirit Airlines.

"Obama's War" by Jim Hightower

DU support for Afghan war is classism in action.

The Nation: Waffling Democrats' Healthcare Hypocrisy

What to make of the Pakistani reaction heard on NPR this a.m.?

Wow, has everyone pretty much stopped hyperventilating over the Afghan "surge" already?

Does President Obama deserve the benefit of the doubt?

Deja Vu--- a Bush Derangement Syndrome Flashback

officer who shot cop killer clemmons, likely was being set up for assassination

Is voting for the "Lesser of Two Evils" an endorsement of evil?

I look at a $25 Globe and here is what I see.


Secretary Gates just now on PBS....

Tell-all book could embarrass Christian right with stories of sex, scandal

Victory Science - The war in Afghanistan explained by the warologists.

Atlanta mayor: Reed maps plans, but Norwood not conceding

We take it right out of the mouths of our babies, take it away from the hands of the poor

Testoterone, drugs, and oil. they RULE !!!!.

Shared Sacrifice and Responsibility

Hunter ends up on school land in Kent: Man with shotgun seen near Roosevelt, removed by police

Boxer wants climate e-mail hacking probed

Glenn Beck promotes gold to audience while profiting from gold investment firms

Gates: U.S. troop withdrawal may not begin in July 2011 - statement president's 'strong intent'

So Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, and all the usual suspects claim that the Corps of Cadets was "cool" ...

on the daily show last night

So now "dead cell phone battery" replaces "it is in the mail"?

So now "dead cell phone battery" replaces "it is in the mail"?

Obama may need GOP help in funding troop increases

Obama may need GOP help in funding troop increases

Rush Limbaugh debates Healthcare Reform...with Captain Kirk?

Rush Limbaugh debates Healthcare Reform...with Captain Kirk?

Why yes, it is another Obama/War Thread

Comparing the war in Afghanistan to the Soviet war or....

Progressive imperialists & Afghanistan

Good film about the Civilian Conservation Corp. PBS video.

If Obama didn't escalate the war in Afghanistan, he would be a liar.

Court Denies GOP Effort to Re-Institute Voter Caging/Suppression

Escalating a war without an Osama Bin Laden taped message is like eating cookies without milk!

Read about a prior surge: (Beware: serious poetry!)

LOL: Glenn Beck is wearing Mom Jeans.

Alright! Who's Ready for "Sarah Palin --Going Rogue" THE MOVIE? Who Plays Her? LOL

Someone catch me up to speed please:

Our troops in Afghanistan

If people are expected to enlist if they support the war, what do we do if we support...

WAR: It's Not President's Decision

What is next year?

So, Turd Blossom says Obama took 80 days to decide on troop increases

California looks like it's poised to have its first-ever gay Assembly Speaker.

Will democrats replace their pro-war president?

Afghan surge

“No You Can’t!” Rally at White House December 12 Opposing Obama War Escalation

I'm going to retire the word "disappointed" from any further posting

US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 851 as of December 1, 2009

Tell-all book could embarrass Christian right with stories of sex, scandal

Get out your violins....Erik Prince whines about $2 million a month in legal bills for civil suits

blue whales aren’t singing like they used to, and scientists have no idea why

Admin's Strategy for Afghanistan, Clinton remarks to Armed Services committee (today)

Tesla coil enthusiasts: Danger and drama part of allure

We are rewriting history, Bush may will be remembered as one of the best presidents ever

GOP senator unveils how-to guide for obstructing health care reform

I don't agree with her

London doubted legality of Iraq war. US officials "was all going to be sweetness and light."

House OKs bill to ban imported radioactive waste

I made a special donation to keep him going.

"So she's had a couple bad interviews. She's human, that's what we like."

AARP Backs Democrats in Senate Health Care Fight

"He is not Tinkerbell. He does not need us to clap."

Air board's cover-up casts pall on diesel rules

My son drove me to Mexico today for a tooth extraction - $40 US

The voters delivered and the elected haven't

Elizabeth Warren, HuffPo: "America Without a Middle Class"

One of the 7 most inspirational videos

Can someone be too fat to fly?

Can we please start a 'Sarah Palin for President!' campaign?

Dear President Obama: New Orleans Needs a Surge--HuffPo's Karen Dalton-Beninato

Speaking of Kos (On KO right now)..

Why I don't support President Obama's Afghanistan policy

Erik Prince quitting Blackwater to teach high school history and economics.

Michael Musto coming up on Keith about the Tiger Woods situation.

More casualties of these wars? The ones at home

Seriously, so what are the generals/intel telling Obama that's convincing him this is a good idea?

John Brown was hanged 150 years ago, today.

Obama inherited a fire and so to put out the fire he's going to .....

Guess what? I cross-posted an OP here and on DKOS, and Rep. Massa responded!!! Here is what he said

A Speech Bush Would Have Given?

"Has there ever been a bigger dick in the history of dicks than Karl Rove? I mean, really."

Florida I-4 corridor is getting whalloped right now

I didn't vote for war, repeal of a woman's right to choose, or ignoring gay rights

I didn't vote for war, repeal of a woman's right to choose, or ignoring gay rights

Al Franken fallout has GOP fuming

I didn't vote for war, repeal of a woman's right to choose, or ignoring gay rights

Al Franken fallout has GOP fuming

For those using Windows and Avast antivirus, the latest update is causing numerous false-positives.

Sundance Film Festrival 2010 - U.S. Documentary Competition

Anyone catching the Daily Show?

Study says most college linemen are obese

The 'plotting' thing in the president's speech . . .

Are there enough members of the National Guard in this country to

Tiger: makes deals that benefit dictatorships and unaccountable corporations

"Wolf Hunt"

"Cloistered Halls"

So, Has Obama Energized His Progressive/Liberal Base?

Meredith Baxter just came out

Meredith Baxter just came out

NYS Senate floor speeches on gay marriage bill

Obama, the great disappointment? By Mark Morford

Don't Ask + Don't Tell = Don't Serve.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Obama's Approval Slide Finds Whites Down to 39%

'Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling' (UK Guardian)

The question that must be tied to "Do you support the Afghan War?"

remember this?

Winter Walking

With apologies to The Syndicate of Sound

Mark Pittman, Reporter Who Challenged Fed Secrecy (and won), Dies at 52

Mark Pittman, Reporter Who Challenged Fed Secrecy (and won), Dies at 52

In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap

Lessons in Disaster

E-mails show Washington state battled to keep Clemmons in custody

I notice the stimulus funds are being used on Toll Roads

Snopes alert: If you get this RW Email that is going around, Obama never said this.

So at the store I told the guy ringing the bell why I won't give to the Salvation Army

cutest thing ever!

Has Kucinich ever explained his pro-war vote?

Russ Feingold: "I do not support the president’s decision to send additional troops"

Erik Prince blames Democrats in Congress for leaking Blackwater covert assassination program

Just got home, want to hear all of President Obama's speech- any podcasts out there?


For those who want to help with the war effort, here is a link on help enlisting

I voted for a president that said he would increase the troops, and was against gay marriage

Toy drive organizers in Houston checking kids for immigration status before giving them toys

Did we elect Alan Colmes as president? It sure seems like it.

Damn I'm Tired... What Say You Marcus Aurelius ???

May I just say that I'm ecstatic that no one on this board is President of the United States

May I just say that I'm ecstatic that no one on this board is President of the United States

Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation

We Told You So

Senator Sanders puts hold on Bernanke nomination

Mom critical of military policy receives letter to her son back marked DECEASED


The Afghans did not defeat the Soviets on their own

Tiger comments on current events

Regarding my yesterday's post: I want to thank everybody.

Regarding my yesterday's post: I want to thank everybody.

One mother sues Delta for kicking her off a plane for breastfeeding without

Lessons from Viet Nam? Goddammit! I'll give you a lesson from Viet Nam

Bank of America to repay TARP ($45 billion), raise cash

President Obama is losing my support and many in my community

General questions about the Bin Ladin "videos"

I voted for a President that supported the war in Afghanistan and opposed the war in Iraq

Dubai mega-tower `last hurrah' to age of excess

Tiger Woods - I don't think what happened to him is necessarily a bad thing - for society and more

I'm not much of an Unrecc'er

Rich People's War

Stopped by Target on the way home tonight.......

Yahoo, Verizon: Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers

Q. What is the single most effective way to get everybody to become anti-war?


A horrificly sad coming out story

Even if you are not a fan of The Onion, you must watch this.... Ronald Reagan as candidate

Arthur Silber's take on tonight's speech is a must-read... if you can handle the truth

Dems To GOP: Obstruct Health Care Debate, And We'll Be Here 'Til Christmas

Dying American City Marion, Indiana Invites Al-Queda To Consider Relocating To Their City

via Boing Boing: One More Reason To Hate The Salvation Army:

via Boing Boing: One More Reason To Hate The Salvation Army:

If I was President I would take a similar position on Afghanistan

DU has been highjacked...not by a diversity of opinions but by a group

DU has been highjacked...not by a diversity of opinions but by a group

Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil

How many here support completely fucking up a country and then leaving a mess behind?

Warning: METADU rant: My two cents about two cents

Journalist shield law: for bloggers or only for employees of Big Media?

I can never find the anthropology group - does anyone know how

The Taliban

The Taliban

Comcast Rolls Out ‘Data Usage Meter’ to Broadband Customers

I've been out most of today so I just heard the news about NY State.

Just because I disagree with one policy, does not mean I can't vote for a candidate!

How long will it take Whitacre to move GM headquarters to Texas?

I say it's an escalation, a ramping up of war and I say to hell with it.

If you don't agree with Obama's Afghan troop escalation - why did you vote for him??

Why I don't really buy the "threat" argument

Are escalation and chaos the only two options?

Do you believe the main reason we're in Afghanistan is al Qaeda?

Chinese-Made Turbines to Fill U.S. Wind Farm

"Charlie Brown" is Nazisit, communist and Bigoted! Fucking spy!

HOORAY! MoveOn.Org breaks with Rahm's "Message Discipline" Team

Can anybody tell me what the GOAL is in Afghanistan?

Since So Many Here Keep Asking This Question, I'll Answer It.

So when did this place become "War Underground"?

Vallejo (CA) mayor's "Gays won't go to heaven" remark draws protests

I'm against the escalation. BUT I don't think DUers who support it

The Nation: Exit 2011?

Ya know something? I think I could stomach our endless war policies

An over-generalization regarding society and ethics.

There's a thread over in GD-P that scares the living hell out of me

What was then the worst mass murder in this country--was not called terrorism

In Job Hunt, College Degree Can’t Close Racial Gap

Photo Of The Day

Supporting a President is not a case for supporting a war....

Woman says both twins would have died under Stupak amendment. Instead one was saved.

Climatologists under pressure

Kucinich: "“The people of Afghanistan don't want to be saved by us. They want to be saved from us."

Here are the Democratic bigots who voted against marriage equality in NY

Michael Moore: "This Is Absolutely INSANE"

I Just Want To Publicly Proclaim My Love For Senator Franken

Feeding and caring for the FOURTH TRIMESTER FETUS

Equal Marriage fails in NY. When do we stop putting civil rights up for a vote? FU-NY.

104,000 !! Number of private contractors in Afghanistan NOW

WTF? USDA Classifies PETA as a Terrorist Threat

If Al Queda really wanted to kill Americans, they should have formed as a health insurance company.

Bilingual instructions in California.

Why don't we just bulldoze the Himalayas between Pakistan & Afghanistan?

Floating down the current, singing...

This is why I will vote for this man in 2012..

Having just watched President Obama's speech the second time, I've changed my opinion.

Would Draft Really Prevent or Reduce Wars

Accusatory post alluding to an unnamed gang on DU

one of the most beautiful Christmas movies

At least 10 countries still practice whaling. (graphic picture)

Palin Lauds Obama's Afghanistan Decision

a call for DUers who support president Obama's Afghanistan plan...

So we needed to send armed troops instead of the Peace Corps? Why?

Conventional wisdom has it that anti-war demonstrations caused US politicians to end the Vietnam War

Andrew Sullivan formally declares independence from the right

Boxer: Hacked 'Climategate' emails may face criminal probe

What would Reverend Jeremiah Wright say about Obama now?

I'm going to dicate a DU post from my father sitting beside me - disabled vietnam vet.

Reality Check.

"Eat This Birthers": Obama Related to all but one US President!

The Taliban are a bunch of well-armed, in-bred, Islamic hillbillies...

BBC 1965: US orders 50,000 troops to Vietnam

Dodge Charger coming to the rescue of the Alfa Romeo brand? Bet on it!

Full Moon Tonight - A Rant Long Overdue

To Blu Ray, or not to Blu Ray

Tiger Woods says he has let his family down and regrets "transgressions"

Sexting-related bullying cited in Hillsborough teen's suicide

For Those Of You Who Support The Afghan Escalation

Girl, you have no faith in medicine.

Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying damn about Tiger Woods?

Am I the only one who doesn't give a flying damn about Tiger Woods?

So why, if your goal is to weaken Al Qaeda, are you attacking the Taliban?

Obama repeated Bush line that Taliban refused to turn over bin Laden.

Obama repeated Bush line that Taliban refused to turn over bin Laden.

The doctors say "start over" with Medicare For All

The doctors say "start over" with Medicare For All

I was so moved by what Rep. Massa (D-NY) said re: Afghanistan that I transcribed it from Tivo for DU

TOONS:A sad day for peacelovers

300 Demonstrate Against Afghanistan War at West Point Tuesday 12-1

2 nuke plant events - France and Japan

Senator Sanders Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation

Thank you Bernie Sanders

Do you support the President's Afghanistan decision?

Change your icon to the peace symbol.

...All we are saying, is give WAR a chance.......

Dreadful right-wing Salvation Army checking 'residency' of kids who need toys in El Paso

oh no!! it`s the new season of--"the bad girls club"!

Did anyone watch that HBO musical special my s-i-l taped for me?

I am sorry folks, but, I don't think I can stay.

The DU Lounge is revolting.

Does "eat shit and die"...make you giggle?

Yes, they are remaking "True Grit."

Anyone in the Washington DC area wanna go to a Christmas concert?

Obama is pulling out immediately...

The DU Lounge is re-volting

You must pick another ONE restaurant to eat at...

Spinal Tap Amps

My favorite thread today!!!

Disruptive Jesus Christ Dumped From Jury Pool

Raptor Jesus disrupts blah blah

Who gets their bangs cut and how much does it cost?

I Remember When They Use To Serve Drinks In The Lounge

AngstRadio Taverner: Today its all angry grunge

Lost Windows XP Key....HELP NEEDED

Here's an interesting way to look at meal time.

Board War: The Battle of the DUlge

I want to cast Tobey Maguire in the Wally Cox story.


for the first time ever, Jeff Goldblum was mistaken for me

I love L.E. Modessit, Jr.

"FAIL" - what an absolutely stupid way to refute someone else's point!

Christmas Vaction - THE most quotable Christmas movie ever made?

Funniest videogame weapon?

Can't post this in LBN yet, because it hasn't hit the wires...

Quick question. If I ut two batches of brownie in at the same time...

The other day I asked a question which puzzled a few of you.

3 year old in high heels? do I move to the UK and become a permanent resident?

Quotation marks

When I awoke today suddenly nothing happened.

Match Game Story: "After reading Twilight, Bruce Bollocks, MFA, drank heavily and ____ a horse."

people who drum their fingers on the table: what is their problem?

I just bought a glow in the dark

For guitar players: An EASY C to F chord progression

Lionel Hutz:

What? Nobody posted this yet? Marilyn Monroe smoking pot?

They're already doing retrospectives of the music/movies/culture of the "2010s"......

"Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful."

EXTRA-SPECIAL Fleabit Peanut Monkey Poll: HOW MANY of your friends are junkies?

YouTube - John Lee Hooker & Bonnie Raitt, "I'm In The Mood"

YouTube - Early-career hit from Seiko Matsuda, "Marrakech"

YouTube - More classic Seiko Matsuda - "Kagayaita Kisetsu e Tabidatou"


YouTube - Seiko Matsuda "heavily borrows" from Eric Clapton's "Change The World"

Well, the big 5-0

LynneSin has been away at Delaware's BIGGEST Sporting Event for the last couple of weeks.

YouTube - Classic Buck Owens & The Buckaroos (1966), "My Heart Skips A Beat"

YouTube - "Everyone I know goes away in the end" (The Man In Black, "Hurt")

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

YouTube - Dr. Winston O'Boogie, "Do The Oz"

YouTube - Dr. Winston O'Boogie, "Do The Oz"

Eewwww...Tiger did a bad thing.

Stephen Malkmus-Pink India

Is there any accessible THC in pot that has been vaporized?


Happy tonight

If you aren't a fan, you will be after listening to this Rory Gallagher clip.

Oh, Tiger.

Discrepancies between CBS's "Rudolph" and the Bible's version (it is on now)

YouTube - Captain Trips: "Asked me for a dime, a dime for a cup of coffee...I got no dime, but..."

We got our Christmas decorations up down here in Alabama. Dial up warning.

Doggie can't roll over- video

Gosh, where would I be without all my crazyass friends and family.

For world travelers: An EASY C to F (reciprocals) temp conversion.

adobe tv

Damn it! I wish you could control who you love

Just realized I have three ex-boyfriends friended on Facebook..that's pretty good, right?

Doctor Who Fans: What age would you start a kid on the show? And which doctor?

How long fdoes it take mail to be forwarded?

So who's got my free California cat? I need a miracle!

Sit back and enjoy....smoke em if you got em

All men watch porn, scientists find

Will people still yell "Get in the Hole" when Tiger hits a ball at his next tourney?

A phoenix in love

dance fans, check "league of extraordinary dancers"-amazing "so you think you can dance" appearance

John Milton waxes poetic about GD/GDP

I was

What is the greatest loss?

For those using Windows and Avast antivirus, the latest update is causing numerous false-positives.

breastfeeding on a plane!

All kittens are cute, right?

Gee, wonder when Tiger Woods will be on the Letterman show....nt

Stephen Colbert a Canadian?

Stories from the Road: Thirteen Years and the American Dream

Eric Woolfson died

NJ Nets break a record by losing 18th straight game to begin the season

Supertramp-Take the Long Way Home

The Police Kicked In The Door And Found My Mother Dead Yesterday

If you had to pick one of these, which one do you think you could accomplish?

Flavgan! Or someone who knows dogs! My chihuahua won't stop chewing leather!

Please send me some of those famous DU vibes...

Actress Meredith Baxter reveals she is a lesbian

Anyone else waiting for unemployment money?

The Orangutan and the Hound - someone sent it to me and I just LOVED it

I'm cutting GD some slack due to the full moon.

Would you be the "good wife" or "husband"

Rachel Bilson's deleted topless sex scene hits the web

I get to close out 2 credit cards tomorrow when the electronic transfers

Car question: Lately my car has been making drum beat like noises

Sew A Snuggie For Your Barbie!

Ya gotta love (hate) Texas weather sometimes...


How can I get printouts of checks cashed on a closed account?

Any loungers have any ideas/experience re: dating sites?

Please explain how on this sweet earth anything related to Steven Seagal can be associated with:

I bet I have the only cat in the world who ruined a toaster oven.


Humor finally rears its head in GD

A pretty random question, I know....

Average price for website development?

CLeaning out the refrigerator: how can you tell if blue cheese is moldy?

Who else has snow?

All Canadians are cute, right?

Johnny Depp and Angelina to do saucy sex scene!

Top Chef Finals Tonight, Who wins?

Who's your favorite insufferable asshole/true genius?

has anyone else has brain sugery

Your Favorite Quotes from Christmas Movies: Post 'em if you've got 'em

It is snowing, right now, (9:00AM Wednesday, Dec 2, 09) in Dallas, TX.

is this weird

I slept with Tiger Woods

kitteh for adoption in DFW -- cross posted from Texas forum

List depressing movies here.

DOD Announces Casualties 30-Nov-09

Sucks that Obama used the fate of the women of Afghanistan in such a cynical way to push his war

Photos: The Obama Presidency: December 1, 2009 (An alternate view)

Wanna "fix" Afghanistan, start with holding the U.S. war criminals accountable

Lieberman: Obama made "right decision" tonight on Afghanistan

President Barack Obama

Colbert opening: Only 24 more shopping days til you have to decide

Could we maybe have thought more about fighting them here so we wouldn't have to fight them there?

President Obama may be right or he may be wrong about his decisions

Is 30,000 the TOTAL number of troops?

This Is All About Pakistan

MY President has decided to send at least 30,000 more troops to a country far away.

Photos: President Barack Obama greets West Point cadets

President Obama has been helped politically as much...

To "win" in Afghanistan the burqua must go. It's that simple. On paper maybe.

Yea Verily, the Shitstorm Doth Rage!

So many are pissed at Obama for not acting decisively, well, he did...

Joe Madison: By the middle of 2010 there will be a half a million troops between Iraq and Afghanistan

Photos: The Obama Presidency: December 1, 2009

TN-08: Tanner to Retire; Herron Will Run

Clinton, Gates and Mullen to Testify before the Senate Armed Services Commitee Wed. 9am.

The Case For Escalation

How many times can we keep sending the same soldiers to war?

All you conspiracy theorists: am I on the right track?

I found a plot showing the troop increases in Afghanistan over the years - Obama consistent

I wish I could.

Pelosi: Obama Articulated a Way Out of War Bush Administration Left Him

I don't agree with Obama on Afghanistan but he meets my expectations by outlining an end to the mess

What Joe Biden said on the Af/Pak strategy.....

We will execute the transition responsibly "taking into account the conditions on the ground."

We will execute the transition responsibly "taking into account the conditions on the ground."

Defense Secretary Gates

Two Quotes......One from Bush, One from Obama.....

On the Obama speech/escalation: I think people here are misunderstanding each other

Knowing what you know now about US plans for Afghanistan-Support or oppose 30,000 more troops?

Sen. Bernie Sanders statement on Afghanistan

There is a shit load of gullible people here!

There is a shit load of gullible people here!

All of a sudden Palin's chances look pretty good.

WI-Gov: Total Tossup

Some congressional Republicans echo Democratic liberal opposition to Afghan war escalation!

Because It's MY World - It's All About ME

Sounding Like Bush Or Blaming Him?

Lots of pontificating.. but where are the solutions..

Afghanistan: the Roach Motel of Empires "They check in, but they don't check out"

Are you a pacifist?

U.S. Veterans and Afghan People Urge President Obama To Not Escalate The War

**Heads Up: Clinton, Gates and Mullen Head to Capitol Hill, Live. **

**Heads Up: Gibbs Daily Briefing, Live!**

The National Freakin Review Thinks that Chris Matthews Crossed the Line Last Night

Why Do I Oppose War? (posted by request)

“No You Can’t!” Rally at White House December 12 Opposing Obama War Escalation

Obama doesn't always compromise...

If there was a Draft or Gas War Tax this whole country would feel very different!

"support" pedantic pet peeve.

If you give away the public option, what do you get? (Ezra Klein)

frigging mccain

Guarding Obama

The problem with having this Democratic president...

It's almost surreal - I just saw a car with an Obama '08 bumpersticker and right next to it was

Since when is opposing an unwinnable war "all about ME"?

There is something odd about escalating a war just before receivng the Nobel Peace Prize

"A Very Obama Christmas"

The promised speedy wind-down is a farce... which is fine

Joe Biden is a Good Man who gets a Bad Rap

The "Just War" theory.

Labor market marks slight improvement in November

TPM: Judd Gregg Lay Out Maximally Obstructive GOP Game Plan on Health Care

It's official: Rachel Maddow is an idiot.

Is Afghanistan the only thing keeping Pakistan and India from dropping nukes on each other?

Did hearing the speech make you change your mind on escalation at all?

Oh noes! There's a nativity scene in the Obama White House. Teh outrage!

Skeptical Dems resign themselves to Obama war plan (AP)

Blackwater's Erik Prince whines

Obama gave a timetable. Thats reality. No amount of denial changes that.

Presidential math

The White House Takes On Politico

Why THIS war is Different

Balboni weighing Gillibrand challenge

Utahns growing tired of Bennett

Reetz to Challenge Yarmuth

Is having voted for Obama in 2008 a requirement for membership on DU?

Is having voted for Obama in 2008 a requirement for membership on DU?

Republican eyes Matheson challenge

Culver: Campaign manager departure “much to do about nothing.”

New Chair Markell Outlines DGA Offensive For 2010

It's a "Good Thing" (as "Martha the Jail Bird" would say) that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize!

TPM: Dems to GOP. Obstruct Health Care Debate, And We'll Be Here 'Til Christmas

Searching in Vain for the Obama Magic

Why Are Folks Pretending The Only Component Is Military?

What President Obama said:

"My Plan for Iraq" by Barack Obama, and Other Very Real Fables

How Obama could improve his approval rating.

RE: Cadets reaction to Obama's speech- Just before the speech I watched and there was a

Letter from Vice President Biden Regarding Afghanistan

Obama will have accomplished more in his first year than any president in the history of the world,

Thread For DUers Who Oppose Afghanistan Troop Increase, But Still Generally Support Obama

Thread For DUers Who Oppose Afghanistan Troop Increase, But Still Generally Support Obama

Name some foods that you just love, but can never ever have ever again.

An Alternative to Sending in Troops

Planned Parenthood: Pass health care reform. Stop Hatch, Nelson and Stupak

My question post 2011, How many troops will be permanently stationary in Afghanistan?

Desertions undermine Afghan army

Ezra Klein: If You Give Away the Public Option, What Do You Get?

Here we go again

Bernanke Was Appointed By Bush

I support Obama and here is a list of reasons why....

Bang For The Buck

I heard that this is one of the oldest Senates, true or not we will lose at least 5 seats

My assessment on Obama's Afghan War speech is that it really is a clean-up operation in disguise

President Obama who a little less than a year ago was candidate Obama

If you supported Hillary (like me) you shouldn't crack on Afghan policy too much

Obama 02: Let's finish the fight with Bin Laden and al-Qaeda

Susan Rice was terrific on Rachel's show

Robert Fisk: 'This strategy has been tried before – without success'

President Obama will have tripled U.S. troops in Afghanistan by this summer!

Just using logic - the President must be doing right, if both sides

Afghanistan: the Roach Motel of Empires

Ray Taliaferro was the last person I expected to be deeply disappointed with O's decision

DOD Announces Casualties 02-Dec-09

Cool Obama Children's Book

West Point Cadets React to the President's Speech

Orszag Calls Senate Health Care Bill Biggest Cost-Container Ever Considered


Does the United States military have any valid purpose other than the ACTUAL defense of the USA?

Democrats put hope in the 'Great White'

Congressional Democrats threatening to organize a march on Washington of jobless Americans!

"you can file this one under you-can't-make-this-shit-up"

"you can file this one under you-can't-make-this-shit-up"

Arlen Specter breaks with Obama... Ow! my head hurts

Blue city. Blue state. Blue convention?

White House: July 2011 Is Locked In for Afghanistan Withdrawal


It's Obama's war now

Do any of you buy into the theory that the President of the United States

Zogby: 70% of Americans believe they're 1-3 paychecks away from poverty

Obama: "Troops WILL start coming home July 2011. Period. It's etched in stone".

Obama takes heat from Democrats over jobs

History 101 The 9/11 Operation Started in Afghanistan and the first casualty was an Afghan.

National Institute of Health Approves 13 Embryonic Stem Cells for Research

GDP is an island

Obama is NOT Bush, or even Bush lite

To be honest....I think there really is No Answer to the Afghan situation

A handy link for everyone supporting the President's Afghanistan strategy

Would you support Al Franken as a Presidential candidate in 2016?

I am not well informed

Is General Petraeus seriously considered to be a possible Republican candidate in 2012?

My 2010-2012 advice for the pissers & moaners: "Dance with the one that brung ya."

Must Watch Video: Ambassador Susan Rice on Rachel (re: Afghanistan)

The one particular person who has been let off the hook in this whole bloody mess

Obama 07:The best way to protect our security to immediately begin to remove our combat troops

Disagree all you like, DU, but I sincerely hope no further Bush/Obama Photoshop posts are made.

I was right-they're using the WH gatecrash to go after Obama

Bank of America to repay $45 billion to US (TARP)

The BBC (British television) reveals that Al Queada doesn't really exist

Rant: What the hell is wrong with us?

Sarah Palin sticks the knife in Obama

It's nice to know hypocrisy isn't limited to republicans.

Wow -- Susan Rice and Rachel Maddow -- the most substantial discussion I've seen so far re Afghan.

What if people had been "disappointed" with Roosevelt after only 10 months.

Andrew Sullivan: The Morning After

NYT: President Obama's "Timetable for Drawdown Sets Off Afghan Alarm"


British yachtsmen 'freed by Iran'

Russia shifts stance on Iran, Ahmadinejad defiant

Top Iranian economist jailed for nine years: lawyer

India suspends flights of Russian-made fighters over accident

World's news agencies join in interactive hub for Copenhagen climate conference

Bomber kills anti-Taliban lawmaker in Pakistan

Rupert Murdoch: 'There's no such thing as a free news story'

Google to limit free news access

Colleagues urge investigation into Russian journalist's death

Wikipedia ordered by judge to break confidentiality of contributor

Caucasus Islamists claim Russia train bombing

EU finance ministers agree new European regulation deal

Actress Meredith Baxter reveals she is a lesbian

Blackwater founder cutting ties with company

INTERVIEW-Pakistan's Karachi the Taliban revenue engine - mayor

HuckPAC coordinator steps down, citing clemency decision

Harvard Business School Dean to Step Down

Same-Sex Marriage Vote Today In (New York) Senate

Reports Find Lapses in Immigration Detention System

U.S. credit card defaults seen testing highs

Military Veterans Seek Inhofe Apology over Global Warming Remark

Documents reveal new information about destruction of torture tapes (& Bush WH Role)

NATO chief: Allies to send 5,000 troops to Kabul, it's 'not just America's war'

Floating oil tankers here to stay

Fort Hood suspect charged with attempted murder (32 counts)

NIH authorizes use of first human embryonic stem cells under new policy

Man Cited For Flying Flag Upside Down

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure. 'Birdy bread-bomber from the future' involved?

Australian Senate defeats carbon trading bill

U.S. losses in Afghanistan in 2009 rise to 300 servicemen

WashTimes cutting staff up to 40 percent

Blackwater founder Prince feels thrown under bus

Atlanta mayor candidate calls for recount

Obama's proposed financial overhaul takes a step forward

Bank of America announces plans to repay $45 billion in bailout funds

Separation of Powers Cited for W.H. Social Secretary

Desertions undermine Afghan army

Judge won't end order targeting voter intimidation

Rumsfeld Cries Foul on Obama Claim Troop Requests for Afghanistan Were Denied

First Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Approved for Use Under New NIH Guidelines

Cigarette Maker Buys Quit-Smoking Company

Fed Survey: Recovery Gaining Traction As Shoppers Spend More, Factories Bump Up Production

Palin Book Tour Host To Foreign Press: Stay Away

Unemployment Up In Almost Half Of Metro Areas

Witness Immunity Sought For Gay Service Members

Prosecutors said family received millions in bribes for Army supply contracts

Iran whistleblower died from drug-laced salad

E-Mails Show Salahis Never Got White House State Dinner Invite From Pentagon

White House Blocks Testimony on Crashers

McChrystal "Absolutely" Backs Afghan Plan

Governor says no more Arkansas parolees

Pelosi wants entire House to get a war briefing

Newt Gingrich praises Obama on Afghanistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 2

Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says top [global warming] scientist

Palin Lauds Obama's Afghanistan Decision

Struggling media will need government help: US congressman

Blackwater founder cutting ties with company(Erik Prince)

Gatecrashers decline invitation to testify

Gays 'will never go to heaven': cardinal

President Obama's Secret: Only 100 al-Qaeda Now in Afghanistan

BREAKING: Sanders Puts Official Senate Hold on Bernanke Nomination

Honduras Congress rejects Zelaya's reinstatement

Muslim scholar: France should not ban burqas

Al Franken fallout has GOP fuming

Obama science advisers grilled over hacked e-mails

Honduras: More Evidence of Election Fraud

I trust our Commander in Chief

Peter Mandelson declares war on Rupert Murdoch's media empire

Bill Clinton supports Obama's Afghanistan decision

Gay Marriage Fails (NYS Senate), 24-38

How America Holds Court: The Seedy Dealings Underpinning Our Legal System

38 Antiwar Groups to Obama: No Escalation! Troops Home Now!

The Campaign Cash Behind the Afghanistan Escalation

Waiting with 45,000 People Afraid of Losing Their Homes --Ground Zero in America's Mortgage Meltdown

The Sad, Boring Job of the U.S. Poet Laureate

An Italian Town's White (No Foreigners) Christmas

Desertions undermine Afghan army (VIDEO at link)

Bob Herbert says it for me - a mistake

Failure to Embrace Power; Obama's, Democrats' Betrayal

Surge, then leave

President Obama's Trust Deficit (re: Afghanistan)

Honduran "elections" threaten democracy - Ottawa should refuse to recognize illegitimate polls.

The Taliban's Campaign for Kandahar

Thomas Frank: Conservatives Want Republican Purge Trials

President Obama's speech on Afghanistan sober, pragmatic

Why Is Politico Coddling Dick Cheney Again?

Here We go Again

Another Tiger Shocker: Paid by Nike to Wear Gear During Affair

Glenn Greenwald: The commendably missing element from Obama's speech

Afghanistan or President Obama can’t wash away Vietnam War

Iraq vet forced interrogation threatened beating for defending health rights

To Surge or not to Surge

It's Obama's war now

Wall Street Journal Debunks Wall Street Journal on Recovery Act

Resisting the Forces for War over Health

Obama with Blood on His Hands (Consortium News)

Let's Get Rolling on Unemployment -- We Need a Direct Govt. Jobs Program

The Jobs Bill – Is There Any Hope?

Keep Tim Geithner

The Tiger Woods Voicemail That Really Did Him In

Harry Reid's Great-Great Uncle Remus Was An Notorious Outlaw!

Bernanke confirmation whip count

Garrison Keillor: Republicans play Scrooge, minus the change of heart

Early fireworks in Bernanke confirmation drama

Obama to Send 30,000 U.S. Afghan Hounds to Train AFGHAN Afghan Hounds

Sahalis Refuse to Testify in Congress, Unless NOT Invited

Here we go again

Afghanistan: the Roach Motel of Empires

Find God, get out of jail, slaughter again.

The World’s Least Powerful Man: The Obama Puppet By Paul Craig Roberts

Playing with soldiers' lives

Stuck in the Middle With You

Amy Goodman: Canada’s Olympic Crackdown

TPM: Drug-Makers Paying Off Competitors To Keep Cheap Generics Off Market

What Empires Have Said Throughout History: "One More Surge"

former UK ambassador: Afghan surge shortly before pipeline construction starts

Elizabeth Warren: America Without a Middle Class

War is a Racket by Major General Smedley Butler, USMC.

President Obama, The Sermon on the Mount and the War in Afghanistan

Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution

"We are the Keepers of the Light" - Candlelight Vigil for Drug War Prisoners

Aggressive atheism

Rachel Maddow w/ Ezra Klein - the GOP back to scare tactics on HCR

Matthews: Cheney Is A 'Troll'

Matalin Laments That Obama's Speech Was Just 'A Rehash of the Bush Doctrine'

M C Miller, D Swanson, J Nichols on Escalation Eve

U.S. Veterans and Afghan People Urge President Obama To Not Escalate The War

Defending the Afghanistan plan

TheRealNews: Obama's "Empire"

Protesters at West Point last night

Shut Up Dick!!!

TYT Reaction To Obama Afghanistan Speech (& Cenk w/ Keith Olbermann)

Lou Dobbs: Who The Hell Does The President Think He Is?

Matthews offers apology for calling West Point Obama's 'enemy camp'

All-Too-Familiar Line on Afghanistan

Black Sabbath - War Pigs w. Ronnie James Dio (Luv u 2 Ozzy)

Ron Paul asks Hillary Clinton if she supports the Bush Doctrine

Sen. McCaskill Questions Admin. Officials on Afghanistan

Should Obama Push Harder for Health Care?

Obama On Demoralized Democrats

The Tiger and the Lady

First Lady Michelle Obama Unveils White House Holiday Decorations

Afghanistan: All About The Pipeline

Feingold Leads Bipartisan Group of Legislators in Opposing Afghanistan Escalation

This Is Absolutely Insane! Michael Moore Responds To President Obama's Afghanistan Speech

Recession Santa

Republicans for rape

Jesse Ventura Walks Off The Opie & Anthony Show

Britney Spears interview about George Bush

Silence is betrayal (MLK anti-war speech)

John Foster-Pipelines-the new Great Game 2 of 9

Solar Powered Rock & Roll [video]

In Denmark, Ambitious Plan for Electric Cars

EPA delays action on more ethanol in gasoline

First comprehensive review of the state of Antarctica's climate

Drumbeat: December 2, 2009

Study finds logging effects vary based on a forest's history, climate

This may not have anythng to do with Global Warming

CA High-Altitude Dams (1,000 Ft. +) Face Generation Loss Of Up To 20% As Climate Dries, Warms - NYT

In Bangladesh, One Of SE Asia's Largest Mangrove Forests Gone For VIPs' Salt Ponds, Shrimp Farms

Welcome to the age of extremes—Recent weather disasters are consistent with a warming planet…

Time to confront the invisible enemy that threatens us all

Chinese Meteorological Agency - W/O Effective Climate Measures, PRC Grain Output Down 37% By 2100

No Widespread Impact of Wind Power Projects on Surrounding Residential Property Values in the U.S.

CA State Water System Predicts Delivery Of 5% Of Requested Amounts In 2010 - Some Increase Possible

(Cape Cod) Wind power survey shows shift (reversal) in opinion (57% now favor offshore wind)

Solar panels will provide clean energy to (four) affordable housing developments (in California)

Mother Jones: UN Targets China's Wind Farms

SciAm: President Obama Launches Secret Green Partnership With India to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions…

Most world leaders to attend U.N. climate summit

Website appeal to fund family planning 'to cut CO2' (BBC)

Time Magazine: As Climate Summit Nears, Skeptics Gain Traction

Copenhagen climate summit: 50/50 chance of stopping catastrophe, Lord Stern says India reveals carbon emission targets (24% cut in "carbon intensity" by 2020)

Barclay's - Cantarell No Longer #1 Field Even Within Mexico - FT

NYT: Answering Your Questions About the Chevy Volt

Good film about the Civilian Conservation Corp. PBS video.

Whoa: Racier Nude Joanna Krupa Ad Is Sure To Offend Someone

Copenhagen climate change talks must fail, says top scientist

Monbiot: The Urgent Threat to World Peace is … Canada

UF football star Dunlap charged with DUI

Tiger Admits to "Trangressions"

France miss out on World Cup finals seeding

Barca's Messi Ballon D'or Fitting Tribute To Little Genius

Ron Artest admits to drinking Cognac during NBA games

Charlize Theron - in pulling teams for World Cup - pretends to pull...IRELAND!!!

Daily Report #15 - Larry Kuehn

Honduran "elections" threaten democracy


QC: Honduras Action Alert: This is not the change we wanted

“Your only crime was walking down the street.”

Any ex-Pats living in Ecuador?

Zelaya reaction

Honduras Congress debating restitution of Zelaya at this moment

Gaza group vows jihad against Israel

Haaretz's Amira Hass awarded journalism prize by media watchdog

Israeli army to fight Facebook enemies

Report: Pollard proposes killing Palestinian prisoners until Shalit freed

Armed Female Marine Protects Home from Burglar

FBI wants two 20mm mag-fed rifles with suppressors

Today in Labor History Nov 2 $50 bounty on scabs & 4 U.S. women were murdered by soldiers El Salvado

U.S. Labor Against The War: Obama’s War Escalation Must Be Protested

Pig Brain Mist Caused Illness In Slaughterhouse Workers

After Massacre in Phillipines, It’s Workers Against Warlords

Canadian Federal Government Moves To Force Rail Strikers Back To Work

COBRA Subsidies For Millions Of Jobless Have Expired

Reality Check

GD Shitstorm! I did get a kick out of Nance Gregg's post last night and one or two others.

The straightforward, no-nonsense facts about Afghanistan

Is anyone bored with the baying & braying on DU? Here's some music:

Hubble Explains Nebula’s Ruddy Complexion

The Deep Sea World Beyond Sunlight

What are you looking at most in the Photo of WannaJumpMyScooter's workroom?

LHC Knocked Out By FutureBird-Caused Power Failure

Four from the Toronto Necropolis


There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Simple’ Organism

"Playing Tricks With The Speed of Light"

I think this might beat the infamous Robb's desk....I show you my workshop

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure. 'Birdy bread-bomber from the future' involved?

Rally in Trenton (NJ) for marriage equality tomorrow

Simone Bell, Alex Wan celebrate victory (Atlanta, GA)

What's a good pro-gay advocacy group in Ohio to support?

Brian Brown, NOM: DC residents have a "God-given right" to vote on marriage

NY Senate voting TODAY on marriage

Campbell (CA) Elects Nation's Youngest Openly Gay Mayor

Marriage Equality Protest Tonight, NYC, Times Square, 6PM

Primary elections may be key to NY equality

Marriage Equality Act fails 24-38.

Sprint’s 50 Million Customers Geo-Tracked 8 Million Times–by Law Enforcement-in the Last Year

My thoughts on the speeches today.

Paterson?!?! What about * Bloomberg*?

You want marriage equality in New York? Here's your chance.

So, who was the genius that thought Marriage Equality would be an easy win for New York?

Governor Patterson on Marriage Vote: "I Understand The Anger"

***December Photo Contest Theme - A SHOT IN THE DARK***

Meredith Baxter comes out - late-in-life self-discovery as a lesbian.

Post your Christmas lights pictures here

ADP: Private Employment Decreased 169,000 in November

CBO report: Stimulus Bill Helped Create Up To 1.6 Million Jobs

Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation (Go Bernie!!)

The Path to Full Employment

Geithner says $700B bailout program will end soon

Familiarize yourself with the Guidotti-Greenspan rule...

Lunar Living Astrology: Full Moon December 2, 2009

oops...duplicate...self delete

Groundlessness, the basic Emptiness of things, and Acceptance.

Starcodes for the month

1 in 5 low-income women haven't visited a doctor in the last year

'Arthritis risk' for middle-aged exercise addicts

What do you know about inflamatory breast cancer?

Why real women are ruining their health and why they shouldn't be...

Barbara Ehrenreich -- Not So Pretty in Pink: The Uproar Over New Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

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