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Letter from Anthony Weiner about his live online chat this Tuesday!


League of Conservation Voters Praises Climate Deal

New Materials Tell Story of H-1B Visa Program

Contested climate deal under fire

Low targets, goals dropped: Copenhagen ends in failure

Low targets, goals dropped: Copenhagen ends in failure

There is a possible strategy what the Senate is doing with HCR which may work

Kinder Surprises: Banned in the U.S.A.

Do not trust or believe ANY articles written by Jonathan Weisman unless confirmed

Jon Stewart Nails Laura Ingram for Holocaust comparison

Human Ancestors Were Homemakers

A Tour of Glenn Beck's Former Fortress of Crazitude - Gawker

LATIMES: Anti-Choice deal in sight in Senate healthcare negotiations

George Monbiot despairs at the chaotic, disastrous denouement of climate summit

The Pentagon is muscling in everywhere. It's time to stop the mission creep.

Climate Change: no real deal, and no exit

What is anti-X Factor song Killing In The Name all about?

It is quite simple how the Democrats can get out of the situation they are in

What party does Bernie Sanders belong to?

New York: payments to cities, schools cut as Wall Street profits soar

Science's breakthrough of the year: Uncovering 'Ardi'

BALTO-DC Weather Advisory

There ain't no lite in George Bush lite.

NO MORE BULL -- a powerful video on MSNBC

An AM laugh before the sturm and drang:

I think the health care fiasco is just a red herring so we don't see what's REALLY going on

"Neocons Must Be Pissed; China and Russia Are Getting the Sweet Oil Deals in Iraq" by Pepe Escobar

Girl Says 'Superman' Neighbor Lifted Car To Free Her

Here is the video of John McCain objecting to granting Dem senator more time

The problem is not just that Nelson is a conservative Democrat, resisting a progressive policy goal

Boehner offers to help Obama on Afghanistan

This is so wierd. Democratic party is splitting just like the GOP did.

Lawyer From Far-Right Group Picked For Key Legal-Aid Post

Didn't Cheney lie to Patrick Fitzgerald

Top 10 PETA protests of the decade (11 images)

Experts bid to decode Roman altar

Reward-hungry mom: Carrollton woman waiting to hear on payoff for turning in 6-year-old

After the embarrassing display from her repub colleagues over the last months, Olympia Snowe

After the embarrassing display from her repub colleagues over the last months, Olympia Snowe

any word yet on the OK abortion info law taking effect yesterday?

How the left has benefitted the healthcare debate...

VICKI KENNEDY SPEAKS OUT - Pens WaPo OpEd - Endorsing "Imperfect" Health Care Bill

Should an "unreccomend" vote require a comment in order to cast "unreccomend" vote?

Past Pat 'Marion' Robertson predictions

So...McCain lied. I'm not surprised

Quick question about HCR - signing statements

Breaking: Manager's amendment unveiled. 85/80 medical loss ratio in the bill.

Victoria Reggie Kennedy: Pass Health Care Reform Bill

COBRA help for laid-off workers may come by Christmas

Local 4 year old boy still missing..

3 Simple Rules of Health Insurance, Obama Style:

Florida man sentenced for threat to kill Obama

Has Obama Completely Abandoned Attacking Republicans on HCR?

Washington's winter wallop

Dems just should have dusted off Nixon's healthcare proposal and called it Nixon's HC proposal!

Will the Senate ratify a new climate treaty that comes out of Copenhagen?

Who Was The More Influential Musical Figure And Why?

They're smiling cause Joe is keeping their spirits up. But they're facing a winter of discontent

Somebody tell me to stay home today- it's better to be safe

I guess progressives can now stop paying our taxes...

The bill doesn't kick in until 2014 as I understand it, and two elections will have gone by then /nt

thanks to mitch mcconnell the senate has spent 2 hours reading an amendment

Dear President Obama: How Much Do You Want?

Reading Page 113 of 383 - should be finished around 3:00.

Anyone else think Lieberman is going to bail on whatever agreement

NYT: Persistent absence of women in creative roles in film and theatre

CNN's saying there may be 60 votes...

We Americans are not too sophisticated for prophylactic sympathetic magic

What if they finally rounded up the votes for cloture - but then didn't

Part time employees under the HC bill

we should learn from history

We need to bring back the Equal Rights Amendment!

White House Will Try To Pull Health Care Bill Closer To House's Version

To President Obama and Harry Reid, thanks for caving in to Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman

Lil Wayne detained by Border Patrol

Full Text of the Managers Amendment!

Full Text of the Managers Amendment!

PolitiFact's Lie of the Year: Sarah Palin's "Death Panels"

Inflammatory vitriol is unlikely to lead to any constructive or civil discourse.

Don't Give Up

can we stop calling it a conspiracy now?

can we stop calling it a conspiracy now?

Fuck Ben Nelson, I hope his bullshit demands get ERASED in conference

Nelson has stated that if material changes made in House, he won't vote for Cloture in Conference

I think it's pretty obvious that most of our congress persons are bought and paid for

I think it's pretty obvious that most of our congress persons are bought and paid for

Hey, snowbound DUers, how are you doing?

Well, nice presser Harry - thanks for the royal fucking

Senate: "Fuck you, America." ...... Pissed off Clown: "Fuck you, Senate."

CSPAN just reported lots of cheers coming from the room where the Democrats are meeting

Open letter to Bernie Sanders:

I'll get flamed for this - but these guys could fuck up a wet dream

I'll get flamed for this - but these guys could fuck up a wet dream

I don't understand what Nelson wants....

The USA is a country that KILLS it's own people!

Can we change the name to Democratic Socialist Underground?

Boxer praises Nelson "compromise" on abortion.

Why They "Managed" To Reach A "Deal"...Their MASTERS Got Everything They Wanted.

When and if this bill comes out of the Senate, and into conference, how many votes are required?

Why the US Economy Failed & what we must do to fix it

There's a new scam in town

There's a new scam in town

There's a new scam in town

Climate summit avoids collapse by acknowledging US-led deal

Will Marshall DLC co-founder - "Shut up" & help Obama "bring home the prize"

Number of obese kids decreases among all ages of 5-to-17 group (JAPAN)

Population of NE: 1.7M Population of LA County: 9.8M

White House blanketed in SNOW!

Mitch McConnell (R-lying bast*rd) is live on MSNBC bitching and whining

We have been used by a con man

The Audacity of NOPE!

Climate deal a tough sell in US (especially in Texas)

I have a question - since the Repukes are making the clerks read the entire new bill---

The snowstorm in DC is easily explained:

Sen. Reid mentioned that Senate aides are going to meet with the press, 1 PM EST.

So war escalation with bombings in Pakistan and Yemen.

Well, now we will get to watch "our" Senators praise and congratulate each other for

As crappy as are the Dems, The Repubs are, far, far, FAR worse

As crappy as are the Dems, The Repubs are, far, far, FAR worse

As crappy as are the Dems, The Repubs are, far, far, FAR worse

Roseville Karate Instructor's Taco Bell Takedown, Arrest Raises Eyebrows

Roseville Karate Instructor's Taco Bell Takedown, Arrest Raises Eyebrows

Does anyone know if the President was flying back to DC

Mitch McConnell Just Now: "They're (The Democrats) Playing Games With The Nation's Health"

We've been had

Happy Holidays, DU!

Taibbi,Kuttner Debate Health Care Bill On "Bill Moyers Journal" (Video)

Time to kill the beast....3rd party or pull one very long thread???

Flawed climate accord good for Obama at home

SAD Failure: No Protection for Endangered Forests in Copenhagen

The state of the president's health initiative in Congress isn't surprising

The state of the president's health initiative in Congress isn't surprising

Must See: Matt Taibbi And Robert Kuttner On Bill Moyer's Journal

I wonder how many "pre-existing condition" adults will die before 2014

Dodd: 'We are about to pass into law a bill that makes healthcare

We need a facepalm smiley.

How can one senator from a state of 1.75 Million people have this

Post facts about the Health Care bill in this thread, please?

Is there anything our political "leaders" won't do for the NRA? (Gun Protection In HCR)

Sign of the times>? synchronicity? I just answered my doorbell

Mitch McConnell - We don't know what is in it but we are against it and will filibuster it

So how do we start to organize mass resistance to the forced insurance buy-in?

CBO: Senate health bill costs $871 billion, reduces deficit by $132 billion

So, has FOX had "experts" on yet to explain how this storm proves that global warming is bullshit?

Political Atlas arrows Senate Races in 2010

Politicians rank low on 'public good' poll

So... Did We Take Away The Insurance Industry's Anit-Trust Exemption ???

How have Democrats done on health care (insurance) reform?

Sci-Fi screenwriter O'Bannon dead at 63

You know what this is like?

So, this is what lies and hate will buy ya?

Some wisdom from the two greatest philosphers of the 20th Century

this health care bill is the most wondeful victory the DLC has had to date!

Thought about Medicare expansion

People who claim they are "true progressives" and then turn around claim others they are not. . .

People who claim they are "true progressives" and then turn around claim others they are not. . .

Pres. Obama Asks for "Up or Down Vote" on Current "Deal" on HCR:

Majority of U.S. Cocaine Supply Cut with Veterinary Deworming Drug

Going Vogue..


Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are cousins, I hear.

When does the mandate kick in? Insurance companies have until 2014

Make it Sir: Star Trek's Patrick Stewart to be knighted

The Time for Political Games is Over (money for troops set to run out Sat night?)

Here's the Obama Doormat for Progressives I Provided Back on September 1st.

Meanwhile, fetus-fetishist Ben Nelson threatened to KILL THE ENTIRE BILL

Stupak, working with GOP, trying to sink abortion compromise

Obama Says Health Insurance Reform Will Protect Patients and Hold Insurance Companies Accountable

Rahm Emanuel Assures WSJ: Don’t Worry About the Left

Obama is Live on CNN, 1:40

Kit Bond makes an ass of himself & a mockery of a good poem

The details of the Senate/Reid HCR Bill revealed

Last night, in a small right wing back water town in Texas, the

ok - now I'm starting to get a little

If Dems knew the Pubs were going to require reading, why didn't they get that

If Obama's deathcare passes, almost everyone on DU will die immediately of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stupak, working with GOP, trying to sink abortion compromise

How to convince voters all the RW smears they've ever heard about "Lib-rul Big Govt Dems" are true:

One Premium, Two Checks: How Abortion Will Be Paid For Under The Nelson Compromise

The "Netroots" Are Also MSNBC Viewers

To hell with the people stranded on the highway or the elderly trapped in their houses.....

Reid Hails Passage of Defense Appropriations Bill Bringing Nearly $90 Million to Nevada

Reid Discusses Lower Health Insurance Premiums in Reform Bill

Nice try, choir teacher who took 40 students to a Hooters for lunch, but Tiger is still on top

Thanks Mods.

Nelson on now. Bill will go to a very limited conference with the House

McCain/Palin. Those four syllables

So I'm a whiner... deal with it

Progressives need more leverage

"Suzanne" is homeless.

Freepers are melting down about the healthcare bill

Things you can actually DO to protest the Senate bill and fight back, move on petition link included

On Reproductive CHOICE (and HCR)

Link to contact the Democratic Leadership Council here. They have

Harry Reid's people need to double-check that spellcheck

Is there a link to the final bill?

Republicans without the wacky Christians and the NRA nuts...

Hey gun owners - Health Care Bill has a little something for you too!!

=== msnbc "live" internet stream is working again at ...

Would Senator Kennedy vote for this bill?

Reading Page 335. Almost there kids.

Just a dumb question

Just a dumb question

After conference committee, how many Senators are needed to vote yes on the HCR bill?

Government at every level in this nation is totally and thoroughly corrupt.

How do WE do it?

Is it me: Democrats and their base vs Republicans and their base...

I'd rather have Olympia Snowe and Susan Collin's vote than

Speak out against Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill

The fallacy of "medicare and SS weren't perfect at first" argument

Like to sec 2200 of the bill: Ensuring essential and affordable health care

Air America - "Eric Cantor's Horrible GOP Ideas For Job Creation"

"Media Matters: Dragging down the health care debate"

I remember when Rupert Murdoch was cool...

I remember when Rupert Murdoch was cool...

Is there a DU type site for progressive liberals?

HCR: Best Idea Yet

San Jose police don head cameras-to record their interactions with the public

What a downer.... FAIL !!

Two and a third pages to go.

Jay Leno Interviews Glen Beck

No Single Payer? No public option? No Medicare-for-All?

If you are still confused about Afghanistan, consider Obama's handling of the health care reform

What Would be the Pupose of Industry Shills, et al Posting on DU?

What is covered by this insurance people will have to buy? What does the bill say?

What is your definition of a disruptor? A troll? A zombie?

Is not the collusion of corporate & government control the essential economic principle of fascism?

Is not the collusion of corporate & government control the essential economic principle of fascism?

Sen. Sanders Obtains More Funding For Health Centers

*** HEADS UP - Senate in session now ***

Do they still have 60 votes ???

Now that it's a done deal- and it is a done deal- I'm going to

Is there any dem running against Stupak?

For all those who believe this is the best obtainable health care bill


I regretfully rescind my earlier post, and my blog

Candidate flip, president flop

What happens after conference??

Another major defeat with this bill: states can't regulate HMO's

R. Sen. Tom Coburn saying on C-span that we're broke. So how can we continue

Is there any reason a not for profit health insurance company couldn't be formed?

27-Year Trial in Turkey Finally Ends with Mixed Verdict

Joe Lieberman is MY SENATOR.

Calling on Nebraska women and those from surrounding states.

Media Matters - "Limbaugh calls for "massive bombing raids" to "pound Iran into submission"

Senators Who Took Money From Insurance Companies Recuse Themselves From HCR Vote

How much power does Pres Obama have? And 3 other questions...

So when do we start paying for this shit sandwich?

Thanx a shit load Harry R. for this email

Michelle Bachmann Leads Prayer Meeting

"Senate Bill As Is Will Die In The House" says Head of Most Powerful Union

"Senate Bill As Is Will Die In The House" says Head of Most Powerful Union

There won't be one liberal or progressive Senator who will vote against the HCR act

Just for fun, the McCain Hypocrisy of the Day (re: Franken shutting Lieberman down)

Delete: Data Error

The real pay off to Ben Nelson--Fed Government will pay Nebraska's

You guys are just going to LOVE the Nelson compromise.

So they yanked out all the coverage for male reproductive health, too, right? Viagra? Prostates?

Foreign Interpreters Hurt in Battle Find U.S. Insurance Benefits Wanting

In Celebration of the passage of the Health Care bill, I plan to have my Car worked on.

Lieberman to star in

Democratic Senators opposed to drug reimportation receive 76% more Pharma $$ than those voting Yes

All your base are be screwed by me!

A question. There was a report where the Obama administration refused to accept an appellate

OK, this is really series. Who's teh shortest guy in the Senate?

Wind turbines 3x more efficient, resemble jet engine

Wind turbines 3x more efficient, resemble jet engine

I know there are anarcho-capitalists and libertarian socialists, but what about centre-libertarians?

Good article at Huff Post by Ryan Grim with latest on Senate bill

When the health care industry is writing checks to our senators

Wait a darned minute yet...this fight isn't over yet....right?

Joe Lieberman wants you dead

Mike Lux: That Gollum-Like Feeling on Health Care

Exemptions from individual responsibility requirements in Health care bill:

"10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who've Been Screwing You" by Scott Thill

It's a given that this is HCR bill is going to get rammed through and the Democrats in Congress will

Does the bill about to be voted on contain anything regarding the raising of taxes on top brackets?

I would like for Senator Kerry to speak about this Bill, I trust him.

dusmcj has presented us an action plan, and I say let's get on board: BOYCOTT

dusmcj has presented us an action plan, and I say let's get on board: BOYCOTT

No deal with Spyker due to Russian owner

Defining healthcare affordability and a possible solution

Well, "Something" Is About To Pass in The Senate.

Will you call Al Franken a DLC/Blue Dog sellout now?

Prediction thread: What are the Republican talking points about the HCR bill going to be?

Reid has filed for cloture

the most advanced, high tech solar

NY Times summary of the 2010 Statistical Abstract

So what did y'all THINK was gonna happen?

Catholic Online: "Sen. Nelson Caves In to Democratic Party Pressure"

Current HCR bill Protects Gun Rights, but may threaten Abortion funding:

Pride makes Yankee go home (St. Augustine Mission School on the Winnebago reservation)

Pride makes Yankee go home (St. Augustine Mission School on the Winnebago reservation)

Rahm just mailed out his cards

CSM: Why has Congress set a Christmas deadline for healthcare reform?

Quick summary for my political oppositions to this bill


Partisan Stocking Stuffers to Annoy Your Friends

20 Uighurs Are Deported to China

iPhone icon :)

Where are WE GOING FROM HERE....Friday Night Question/Music

Limbaugh Calls For "Massive Bombing Raids," War With Iran

Is anyone watching Ben Stein's "Expelled" on Showtime? Darwinism enabled Nazism is

Is there a Democratic Chat room? not a dating room...a Chat room?

Why Is Frank Burns Now Minority Leader In The Senate?

Deleted Post Post.

Ben Nelson's statement on the health care bill

Police expect Mumbai-style terror attack on City of London

I say PASS the Senate HCR bill

Has Joe Klein ever shat on teabaggers? (Please refresh my memory.)

Would you rather that 25 percent of the food you buy didn't have

Is it possible for the (weakened) Public Option to survive with reconciliation?

Medicare Participants Grapple With Selecting Best Drug Plans

VOLUNTEERISM: If your employer asks you what organizations you volunteer for, try these!

GOP's latest God guru says gays are "possessed by demons."

GOP's latest God guru says gays are "possessed by demons."

So let me get this right. I am in the donut hole of the new Health Care Proposal???

Congress should include strong 'Buy American' rules in new spending

I may never eat sausage again...

Where does the second check go? Does it go to another insurer?

Franken Family Values

Well Shit... THIS Explains Everything...

Study says that the so-called 'liberal' media may help in perpetuating racism

Study says that the so-called 'liberal' media may help in perpetuating racism

Study says that the so-called 'liberal' media may help in perpetuating racism

Was Cantor one of the guys in 'REVENGE OF THE NERDS'?

Looks to me like the most important person in the HCR debate now is Nancy.

I'm more sad than angry. Since the 1972 Presidential election,

What are the BEST provisions of this health care bill (for those who defend it)

What Happens If The Bill Doesn't Pass (From Krugman's Blog)

I am having so much trouble buying this .

Wis. teen will need legal permission to date girls

The HRC bill will most likely become law. So what are you going to do about it?

Happy Holidays from America's Banks!

A Heartbreaking Decade

"War on Christmas"? We need a "War on Assholes".

"War on Christmas"? We need a "War on Assholes".

OK, DUers, I need a civics' lesson............

Here's the language of the abortion amendment that won Nelson's vote on HCR

The Republican (yes Republican) Health Care Blunder

Doesn't Barack Obama have TWO daughters?

Should anti-choice Democrats be invited to leave the party?

This corporatist HCR bill won't be Obama's Waterloo- it will be his Iraq.

Thats a new low

Did the White House have anything to do with the Vicki Kennedy Op-Ed?

If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one...

What country best fits the term "Post-Faith Society"?

Kill/Pass + Level of Enthusiasm

Sunday talk shows

New Senate health care compromise co-opts a portion of Dean's 2004 campaign idea.

Draconian English Libel Laws used by GE to stifle criticism

A few little comments from Howard Dean and that HRC bill gets catapulted to the front

Man, this right wing propaganda is insane.

Fuck it. I might as well just keep smoking.

Fuck it. I might as well just keep smoking.

If the bill fails to pass the Repubs and FOX will declare victory. The "Obama's Waterloo" meme...

11 years ago today...the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Clinton

What our community activists did today

Sticking out your tongue ruled illegal (Rome)

GOP's New Prayer Guru Says Gays Possessed By Demons

I Sometimes Think...

To those (like me) stuck in the snow in the Northeast...

Judge To Hear Motions In Roeder Case Next Week

Every Single D In The Senate Will Vote To Pass The HCR Bill, So, Who's A Sellout?

This is NOT the final bill folks.

I just want to be clear with the statement the Senate is about to make

Can Obama do the unthinkable and come out a winner? Just like Dallas did to NO? n/t


I just had a very disturbing thought brought on by the Yemen bombing

Happy Birthday Federal Reserve....Dec 23, 1913.....

Happy Birthday Federal Reserve....Dec 23, 1913.....

Once-homeless man driven to share his art

Can I get a DU Health Care Bill Head Count? (Poll)

Another Obama war, this time in Latin America

I'm throwing a big party to celebrate when Obama signs the Health Care bill.

If someone currently fits the criteria for the health care mandate but later on ...

Ted Rall

There Is No Way Out Of This Box....

Elin Nordegren could be paid more than $50 million extra for sticking with Tiger Woods

Big Tent vs. Small Tent

Valley in Jordan Inhabited and Irrigated for 13,000 Years

Valley in Jordan Inhabited and Irrigated for 13,000 Years

4 face sex-trafficking charges; children involved, feds say

No defense for the indefensible.

The Deed Is Done

California’s water woes worsen (and geothermal news)

California’s water woes worsen (and geothermal news)

Lemme know if you think you need some to survive.

Monica Lewinski

Were your expectations of CHANGE after only one year realistic?

Some Howard Dean quotes

*sigh* Now CNN is getting in on the "War on Christmas" fun.

Dear Rahm: F-You. Love, Pete.

Some good news on the economic front...San Diego and California Jobless rate declines


Can Joel Osteen help you pay your bills?

If you were a senator, would you vote for this bill?

When the needs of the people are as quantifiable

Sign the Damn Anthony Weiner Public Option Petition.

Repug Inhofe goes to Copenhagen and makes a complete fool of himself

Man Arrested After Being Caught On Video Throwing Paint On Las Vegas' Famous 'Welcome' Sign

Should information about women who get abortions

Reduces Costs - most Americans will see their health care costs reduced relative to projected levels

This is the most backwards-assed legislation ever to pass through the bowels of Congress

Poll Reveals Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.

Disabled mom fighting to keep her son

Some things this party needs to do to win back the people it's lost this month:

Some things this party needs to do to win back the people it's lost this month:

MP3 of interview with Russ Baker, author of Family of Secrets (book about the Bush clan)

How Ironic!

Ben Nelson's state of Nebraska will got more Medicaid $$ than the rest.

Ben Nelson's state of Nebraska will got more Medicaid $$ than the rest.

Peace Grannies Invade Brooklyn's Target Store with Song and Protest Regarding War Toys

This thread is meant to unify DU

Mandates, subsidies, show me your poverty... Prove you need it

Upset About Bernanke as Time's Person of the Year; Try Elizabeth Warren

Harry said he "spoke out, loudly and strongly" about the "public option"

Remember how we got here---Every single compromise---at every stage---has been to strip away

If we kill the bill when will it come back up? Especially with the GOP handing Obama defeat


Reducing Healthcare Costs in America

Reducing Healthcare Costs in America

Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Anyone who defends mandates without a strong PO and regulations is no liberal.

Cereal for dinner? Recession boosts General Mills

Bah-HUMBUG!! check-in here if you are OVER it!

Let me tell you all about a Xmas Card we received yesterday, opinions wanted

'They decided that they couldn’t serve food to the homeless with those who thought gays had rights'

How much money comes out of your paycheck to pay for health care benefits?

OK I'm feeling pretty good about an accidental project

Newsweek: 'Mapping the God of Sperm'

UFO over Kremlin goes viral on Russian YouTube

Pregnant soldiers could face court-martial

West Virginians. Need Help for Travel

West Virginians. Need Help for Travel

The fucking horrific is also the enemy of the good.

I will not obey a mandate. I will not pay a fine.


I just got my premium notice.

Voices I Can't Stand To Listen To

I am 64 years old, and I just paid my quarterly health insurance

Has anyone here actually read the entire bill?

Reid & Obama get their 60 votes. "Bernie brought onboard for $250m in Medicaid funds for VT"

A Rebuttal to Howard Dean: I Am a U.S. Senator, and I Will Vote For This Bill

A proposal: suspend any U for two weeks

This thread is meant to unify DU

This HCR as it stands

Why I'm Supporting Passage of The HCR Bill

Infamous sign at Auschwitz extermination camp stolen - possibly by Holocaust deniers.

Humanitarian Service Medal (new avatars for those who want it)

Humanitarian Service Medal (new avatars for those who want it)

Senate HCR Bill: "is a legislative train wreck of historic proportions"

I would encourage all DUers who are sick of all this whining to get involved in real-life politics.

Abortion Compromise Unconstitutional? Key House Members Raise Objection

A Few Words from Our Founders about Disloyalty and Patriotism…

WARNING! Fine print in Obama's mortgage modification program contains a booby trap

$10 Billion More for Community Health Centers will Revolutionize Care (Bernie Sanders)

One good thing about the HCR bill - it makes Lipless Mitch McConnell sad...

Fake rifle brings all-out police response

Is it time?

I knew we were lost, when ONE word changed.

Rock Art Redefines ‘Ancient’

Rock Art Redefines ‘Ancient’

Why do *people* ~ flesh & blood "real people" support corporations and their wayward 'way'?

Beer-drinking boy in dress 'wants to go to jail ... where his daddy is'

Beer-drinking boy in dress 'wants to go to jail ... where his daddy is'

An easy way to learn geography with this blank, interactive world map.


Smoke gets up your butt

Smoke gets up your butt

Let's not fight with each other, eh?

Must Read: Obama Just Ran Out Of Slack

Today we paid a visit to United HealthCare CEO Stephen Hemsley

Apple seeks patent on reality

NY Times - "Glenn Beck’s Gold Deal Raising Questions at Fox"

Project Censored's latest list of important news stories MSM thinks it best not to cover.

American women are the price for Ben Nelson's vote...

So to all those who think Politico is a right wing news source that should never be cited

Are the unemployed forced to buy health insurance? ....and other questions

Are the unemployed forced to buy health insurance? ....and other questions

Remember in May? The Finance committee was busy arresting single payor advocates...

Earth on track for epic die-off, scientists say

Is Obama what a feminist looks like?

Is Obama what a feminist looks like?

Swallow Hard and Support the Healthcare Bill

Dr.Dean photo appreciation thread

Any lawyers out there that could offer some pointers? My mother is being sued.

Any lawyers out there that could offer some pointers? My mother is being sued.

One Premium, Two Checks: How Abortion Will Be Paid For Under The Nelson Compromise

Most humorous will be in 2011 when Obama begins campaigning on this "triumph"

How the White House Misjudged the Political Landscape - FDL

Looks like Rahm's "Message Discipline" Program isn't working out so well.

Markos Moulitsas Slams Chris Matthews

I'm going to reenlist. I know this blows my liberal credentials...

A BIG Thank you to Boxer, Di Fi, Patty, and all the Dem Senate women who say they will filibuster

Check in here: If you've ever been DINO, R-Lite, scorned The Left, voted Repug or not voted at all

My Letter to the President - Where is yours?

The OOs - "Decade from Hell" - Time Magazine

Look at DU's Greatest Page ..... wow .......

Look at DU's Greatest Page ..... wow .......

This Health Insurance bill is really for the other corporations who pay for employee benefits

Quick comparison chart between the Health Care bill versions

If any of these Democratic Senators vote for this, they'll be out in 2010

Most annoying thing about Christmas

Avatar is great. (no spoilers)

I'm confused about Obama

This is Bizarre. Burris could end up being the most ethical guy in the Congress

U.S Kill 63 Civilians, 28 Children in Yemen Air Strikes

Team DU: Folding@Home - We've reversed the trend!

Blogger conference call with Dean, Wendell Potter, and Mike Lux..

Catch a Fire

Aren't you glad Obama got Congress to declare war on Yemen before air strike kills 63 civilians?

Could 'Avatar' Bankrupt Fox?

Get Your Own Al Franken! Please!

Mazzy Star - Into Dust

UNKLE - "Eye for an Eye" Global Underground

lights over Norway ? Pyramid over Kremlin ? dead cows ? crop circles ?

Does DU have a Shameless Self-Promotion and Bragging Forum?

The Psychedelic Furs - Love my Way

For the D & D buffs, this comic strip cracked me up.

Taupo (Oruanui eruption) vs Yellowstone (Lava Creek eruption)

Monty Python (w/subtitles)

Earth Final Conflict vs Gene Roddenberrys Andromeda

I think this whole healthcare/climate/war thing is covered in jam, made of tin-with parts of rabbit

Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby,

To hell with Christmas.

The Reverend Horton Heat - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Check out this animated short "alma" .

It's not snowing yet, but...

I'd just like to say: "Fuck Armageddon.....This is Hell!"

Dildos, strapons, and other toys for sale on Oxygen...

I live in SE Pennsylvania. I'm supposed to play at a wedding reception today.

jingle bells and Batman smells and Robin laid an egg,

I really want to ask the Weather Channel if "Winter Wallop" is a scientific term

I'm on a diet. I'm hungry for a midnight snack. Should I ......

It's still snowing here...and I see something strange in the distance

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

Okay, people. This is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. Click here to die laughing!

Shovel now or wait until it's over?

over a foot of snow so far in Batesville Virginia!!! and it's still coming down strong!

My flat is cold and needs to be winterized STAT..

It was Christmas in prison, and the food was real good

uncharted 2: among thieves

nothing has changed

Which means more to you?

What's a good song to get dressed and ready to?

DirecTV under suit for humongous list of deceptive business practices

What's a good song to get UNdressed and ready to...

well, i've gone into therapy

Journal: Day one of the Blizzard of 2009

Jingle Bells, Santa smells, Rudolph ran away

Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World [Winterland '74]

Last day to vote for the DU monthly photo contest - beauties!

DIE of cuteness here:

I you enjoy Johnny Mercer's lyrics, tune into TCM untl 4 PM EST ..... never mind .... ending 3.30

The perfect gift idea - Toilet Paper Dispenser

Best/funniest DU sig line?

Black diamonds and pearls

Dio has rocked for a long long time...

#$%@. I think I just saw a %$^&*@#$%$!@$ snowflake.

Bozo in your eggnog: Funny, or not Funny?

Google Searching for ♥ in all the wrong places

Best LOCK of the day in GD, from cbayer to the OP that asked this...

BerthaVenation--how much snow did Southern Maryland get?

DIE of cuteness here:

What is this man thinking?

H1N1 Vaccine

1nce Again


Homemade brownies baking, homemade turkey soup simmering and a snowstorm tonight

Flobots - Handlebars

Doritos and eggnog. What a combination!

Are "roll out the barrel" and "the gang's all here" from the same song?

Rene Russo to be cast as MIGHTY THORS step mother.



Any good Mid-Atlantic Snow storm pics you folks want to share?

I tell you, bad movies where they have southern accents are just flat out

Ugh, the guy in the apartment above me TALKS REALLY LOUD!

That kid who's buying shoes for his mamma to be meetin' Jesus in

Diana Krall in Concert in Paris on Ovation TV. WOW!

Do you like the Pixar shorts?

If anything God forbid happens to me--DU-wise, that is--who will take up the Chuggo mantle for me?

Need ideas please. 16th b-day party....

"12 Days Of Christmas" sung by the Kenosha WI police department.

I had some eggnog! Ask me anything!

Motown records were the shit.


Came across an old ST: TNG ep last night...

Where-to-eat flowchart.

Tui comes home ( new puppy pictures/pic heavy)

how much snow do you have now?

March of the Wooden soldiers

ST: TNG question...

My Favorite Xmas Song

For my friends out East - "Here comes Suzy Snowflake"

Against Nudity Ban, Ore. Gallery Takes It All Off

Post here if you are all hopped up on some intoxicant.

East Coasters: check in, how much snow you got now?


My dog is trying to sleep, but I keep playing cat noises through my PC.

Ha Ha HA This is funniest xmas video EVAH! People watch this

I'm at Olive Garden right now.

Can anyone recommend some Polish Folk music?

Things to do in Dinwiddie, VA, when I-95 is closed.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tin Pan Alley

Fantasy football players: Brady or McNabb in Week 15?

Back in the day.

Do you think anybody could survive this?

Who Remembers Blue Chip Stamps??? And the Blue Chip Stamp Catalogs and Stores???

Rabrrrrr, we are not alone

Jonathan Coulton - Codemonkey

Photos of today's snow from the DC area

HOLY SHIT! It took him 3 1/2 years, but our rabbit finally figured out how to unlatch his cage!

When vegetarians quit smoking, do they ever go cold tofurky?

When vegetarians quit smoking, do they ever go cold tofurky?

anybody experienced in sign language?

Silent Night by Tom Waits

New entry on my Music Blog. Feedback welcome.

Santa came early and brought me a IPod Touch 32GB, need advice on what to do first.

Has anyone figured out why folks MUST buy bread and milk if a snowstorm is coming?

So--here's a story about my household I need to tell--

Christ, are ther NO book editors anymore? I just started reading a book, and

Need help with format and size for digital picture frames

Good Tidings, All

PHOTOS: Food shots for my new client's restaurant, taken earlier today

Lots of snow! (pic heavy)

Songs about New York. Post 'em here!

The problem with this Droopy cartoon is that there were no lobsters in the Wild West

Elvis, Cher, Sting, Bono, Lemmy...Your favorite ONE-NAMED performer

When choosing books or movies to see do you ever look for awards won?

It is such a beautiful day here!!

It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank

if you ever played with hot wheels/matchbox cars, i defy you not to love this:

What sane person would want a white Christmas?? Snow is ugly.

Are you sad that SAAB is going to die?

Redneck Christmas Lights (Warning: Graphic)

So my daughter has decided to become a vegetarian on the grounds

Drone attacks in Pakistan are having unintended consequences (what a surprise!)

Obama Emerges From Climate Talks With Slender Pact And Bruised Stature

Don't think that those of us here who are fighting against the problems in the HCB aren't wanting

48% feel requiring people to buy insurance isn't the same as "providing" insurance.


Reid to reveal final bill

Good blog post re: Michael Moore's threatened boycott of CT

****Heads Up: Reid About to Announcing Changes to Senate Health Bill.****

How many states will opt out of allowing women to purchase coverage

Bill Moyers Journal: Robert Kuttner and Matt Taibbi

Did Obama and Rahm conduct a 'Dr. Strangelove' analysis of a mandate plan?

Read the Manager's Amendment to the Senate Health Bill Here

Obama slams insurance industry going into health reform's home stretch

The stall tactic of reading going on in the senate now shows the republicans actually control

Reforms in the Manager’s Amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

"Sir, we've got a situation down here...."

Hold that bus! Anthony Weiner is coming!

My 2010 Predictions

Politico: Botax Out, Tanning Tax In

Ben Nelson on CNN live

Barack Obama: I threw him on the GROUND!

Post evidence, please, that the bill will harm more individuals than it will help

Batshit Crazy!!!

Let's tell President Obama we need to have a chat!

Tall, skinny chicks: why can't we find clothes that fit us?

When a media person asked Reid if he had 60 votes, he said "it seems that way". But Lieberman

Murray and Boxer about the Nelson compromise

Wasn't Obama brilliant in Copenhagen?

Will Obama and Democrats become a laughing stock over health care?

**HEADS UP** Reid, Bacus, Harkin And Dodd Holding Press Conference At 10:45 A.M. ET

Confront that which you fear

When bill passes, don't forget to call McCain and congratulate him!

HCR has become a class issue

Rep Grayson wants a critic thrown in federal prison

96 percent coverage is universal health care

New Shocking Details of Senate Healthcare Plan Revealed!

Breaking: CBO scores Senate health care bill at $871 billion

Houston, I think I've discovered the problem

Notes From The Realistic Wing Of The Progressive Wing

The taste of pure, shitty pragmatic politics...

Ezra Klein: Nelson secured promise that his compromise would not be undone

Israel poised to strike Iran?

I wish I had the champagne franchise on K Street right now

"Business As Usual" from Bill Moyers Journal:

Killing friends to spite the enemy

Can there be changes to HCR bill with Up or Down Vote?

"Obama leaned closely in to Lieberman, whose back was literally up against the wall."

This bill will make my ins. costs go UP...

( VT- I ) Sen. Bernie Sanders Became A Corparate Dem. Today

The only and I mean ONLY way this can be turned into a victory is ramming thru a Public option or...

Finally! A HC bill that can pass. Here's 5 Other things that can pass..

PUMAs are always warmly welcomed on DU

The Senate's health care fiasco

Being the sole super-power makes a nation conservative

Obama's Weekly Address: "toughest measures we’ve ever taken to hold insurance industry accountable"

Thank You President Obama,,,and our Democraticly controlled congress

According to what I read, Nelson's abortion language is much weaker than Stupak

This makes it clear that YOU don't drive the agenda.. Only Big Business.

New Senate Bill Achieves Greater Deficit Reduction, On Track To Pass By Christmas

FIGHT!!!!!!! Bob Cesca and Lee Stranahan going at it on twitter re: senate healthcare bill

New satelite photos of Obama's INSURANCE JAILS!

Oh Boy! We get an Insurance Shopping Web Portal! Happy Day!

"No one will ever again go broke just because they got sick..."

Help us Nancy Wan Pelosi... you're our only hope.

Two good reasons I want this healthcare bill passed NOW.

Whether one can go to jail for refusing to pay insurance is yet to be decided

Villian DeJour: Bart Stupak. Aide working with GOP to derail HCR

One Premium, Two Checks: How Abortion Will Be Paid For Under The Nelson Compromise

One Premium, Two Checks: How Abortion Will Be Paid For Under The Nelson Compromise

Low-key sober question: Is the Nelson choice language tolerable?

Senator Reid's "Manager's Amendment" To Senate Bill Unveiled: Read the full text here

At least Glen Beck only accused President Obama of hating white people

There is an attempt to make poor SCHIP families transfer to private insurance

Obama campaign promise: Yes, to PO; no, to mandate. Obama as President: No, to PO; yes, to mandate

Reid's HCR protects our GUN RIGHTS people!

Fox News releases new game show relating to healthcare reform

Making a Good Bill Even Better, by Nancy-Ann DeParle (Obama's Heath Care Adviser)

A Sliver of Positivity: $$$$$ for Everglades Restoration:

Y'know what I've never understood? Why are we so scared of a filibuster?

Dodd says I won't die from not being able to afford health care? Really?

So, they can wire the guy's brain into a 10-foot tall smurf

Portion of Kerry's statement on Senate floor

If Obama treated health insurance like he did student loans, we'd have single payer

Making a Good Bill Even Better

Aren't subsidies actually tax credits? Would familes/people still have to have the money up front?

I hate the term Pro life,so why are people who are against a woman's right to choose not in the GOP

Coburn: Nelson agreement with leaders 'threw unborn babies under the bus'

Making a bad bill worse (a caution tale on DeParle's defence of HCR)

Still time to think small

If Obama was bought off by campaign donations remember his number one donor

John Kerry Breaks Out Oppo, Takes On Howard Dean For 'Kill The Bill' Comments

The Democrats will be needing all the extra $$$ they'll be getting from the insurance industry now

In the parallel universe, this bill is introduced by Republicans and the Democrats are fighting it

Just got an email from Nancy-Ann DeParle (White House.Gov)

Folks, Obama is basically saying "This HCR Bill is the best my leadership can get!"

The Health Bill, The Price of Everything, and What to Do Next

The revised bill against the previous

BREAKING: NARAL Pro-Choice America Statement on Health Reform

A Health Insurance Reform Bill Will Pass The Senate Next Week (12/20-12/26)

Better to Start Over Than to Pass These Bills

I'd like to know who knocked Rockefeller's Medical loss ratio from 90/95

News Flash: John Kerry was our party's presidential nominee in 2004

Nice Summary of the House and Senate Bill And Possible Fixes 12/19

Obama, 4 Oct '08: "We'll allow the safe reimportation of low-cost drugs from countries like Canada"

Dear President Lieberman:

Breaking: Dems have 60 votes for Cloture

During the campaign I heard Obama say he'd like single payer, but he said it was just not

What’s In The Manager’s Amendment

hey this is just my opinion, I have no facts but I think they

Of course Senators who voted YES for this Bill will promote it.

Explain to me why Obama didn't go with the Healthy Americans Act?

Krugman: The insincere center

Reid's HCR is a major tax increase on the middle class!

MoveOn opposes Senate health bill, urges Democrats to block legislation

The Devil is in the details

Does The Current Bill Still Allow Insurers To Discriminate Against Children Based On Pre-existing...

He’s not perfect but Obama deserves at least a B

N.O.W. opposes current HCR:

Thanks President Obama and Sen. Reid for HCR!

Is the current bill back to Baucus? (In all the excitement I lost count myself...)

I'm with Krugman, Kerry & Franken on the HCR bill - PASS IT!

Pass the bill!

There are some people who just don't want it to be Obama

The real fact is that those who want to kill this bill don't really give a shit about the bill.

If you can require separate riders for abortion why can't you demand riders for birth control or

Pressuring Progressives?

A Rebuttal to Howard Dean: I Am a U.S. Senator, and I Will Vote For This Bill

Release: Primary Health, Dental Care for 25 Million More Americans

It never was the way you thought it was.

Okay, so now that we finally have a bill with 60 probable votes... For or Against?

Sen. Bernie Sanders: $10 Billion More for Community Health Centers will Revolutionize Care

HCR: Proof We Live in a Plutocratic Republic - A Full-Fledged Corporate State

I need some help please?

This is who we are sounding like on DU-Dr. Howard Dean Makes Our Case for Blowing Up the Health Care

This Bill has to be compared to the current Status-Quo, not to some other Bill that cannot pass!

My prediction: A variation of Single Payer by 2016 in the US

Why the Senate Should Vote Yes on Health Care, By JOE BIDEN

Why are people so upset with Obama? He's doing EXACTLY what he always said he'd do

I will reluctantly venture to say this: Obama looks VERY smart (health care bill passage)

Ezra Klein: "This is a good bill. Not a great bill, but a good bill." Imagine...

Because you are being forced to buy health insurance every gripe you have about it

Obama Raced Clock, Chaos, Comedy for Climate Deal

Karen Tumulty: Putting Some of the Reform Back Into Health Reform

We Are Witnessing The End of The Democratic Party As We Know It

Please Sign Emily's List Petition to Protect Women's Rights:

Attention please. Paul Krugman's status has been upgraded to "hero"

A Rebuttal to Howard Dean: I Am a U.S. Senator, and I Will Vote For This Bill, by Paul Kirk

If It's a Bad Bill...It Shouldn't Be Passed

Sellout your base so you can gain... nothing on the right.

Why is this bill paying for Cialis and Viagra?

Franken, Sanders, Kerry, Boxer, Obama...

Jane Hamsher engages in nothing but distortions.

The Republican Health Care Blunder (they managed to turn even Evan Bayh into a "raging partisan")

Fuck your Mandates

Bill Moyers takes on the political cynicism of now or never for health care

John Kerry is a brazillionaire. He could self-finance his campaigns until he is 120 years old.

Choice-defense tsunami headed for DU tomorrow

We're killing Social Securiy.You are mandated to buy an investment fund at Goldman Sachs"

Oh, the irony

I just unsubscribed from after getting an email

Please stop suggesting/claiming that the senate bill can be substantially improved in conference.

MSNBC: Pre-existing conditions takes effect in 2014

Who Was The More Influential Musical Figure And Why?

Planned parenthood opposes senate hcr bill

Can someone explain what a managers amendment is?

FYI - Sunday nite HGTV is going to have the Christmas at the Whitehouse Special.

If Barbara Boxer is still on board with the HCR bill, then so am I

How much will health insurance premiums cost and what benefits are provided under the Senate plan?

My mother, a Republican suffering from cancer, has some interesting thoughts on healthcare reform

We Are Witnessing The Beginning of The Democratic Party Kicking Ass in 2010 As We Know It

If only the "herd mentality" in Congress to pass this had been there when it counted

**Reminder: Axelrod and Dean on "Meet the Press" Sunday Morning!**

Obama’s Foreign Engagement Scorecard

Sen. Al Franken comes out in big support of the Senate bill

Nelson has caved. He's chosing to stand with Obama & Reid instead of with his state and the nation.

Senator Nelson says there will only be a "limited" House/Senate conference on Senate health bill!

Well now we know the price to sell out a woman's right to choose.

Stupak disavows emails coordinating with Senate GOP on abortion - they were "unauthorized"

Obama Administration refuses to follow Fed Judge's order to provide insurance benefits to family

I predict that what we're seeing with the administration is part of a pattern

Obama 'Burst' Into Meeting Of Chinese, Indian, Brazil Leaders

Jane Hamsher: "who is the Democratic Senator who's taken the most money from the Health Care sector?

The Defenders of the Senate HC Bill are starting to remind me of Defenders of the IWR


Spoiler Alert!: Avatar The Movie In Five Panels. LOL!

If President Obama is a corporate sell out, why did he become a community activist?

Howard Dean Speaks For Me - Sign In If He Speaks For YOU!

Feds defy order to provide same-sex benefits (NO to Judge's Order-For Insurance to Lesbian Couple)

Senate passes critical Pentagon budget bill

Afghanistan unveils new cabinet, technocrats stay

Copenhagen deal: "meaningful" or "abject failure?"

20 Uighurs Are Deported to China

Cop Pulls Gun on People Having Friendly Snowball Fight

Calif. city's police to wear head-mounted cameras

Revised Senate health bill cuts deficit: CBO

Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border

Stupak, working with GOP, trying to sink abortion compromise

Four Eurostar trains stuck in Channel tunnel

Weekly Address: Obama demands up or down vote

6 Detainees Are Returned to Yemen

Former UN envoy blasts new Hamid Karzai cabinet as 'corrupt' - Galbraith launches withering salvo

BP oil refinery workers in Texas win damages of $100m

Storm expected to bring 20+ inches of snow to Northeast

Obama Ordered U.S. Military Strike on Yemen Terrorists

National Organization for Women opposes Senate health bill

Test of newest U.S. missile defense technology will simulate attack by Iran

(60) Schumer: We've Reached Agreement With Nelson

Obama hails 60th Senate vote for health care

Anthony Weiner: ‘Howard Dean Is Wrong,’ We Shouldn’t ‘Let The Perfect Be The Enemy Of The Good’

Senate healthcare bill set to pass by Christmas

Do you want someone to run against Obama in the 2012 Primary?

Seattle Times: President Obama, Congress should set health-care reform aside

"Auschwitz Sign Stolen: The Historical Implications are Disturbing" by Daniel Levin

The Pentagon is muscling in everywhere. It's time to stop the mission creep.

Sarah Palin's climate change flip-flop

Congress Must Resist Health Insurance Lobby: Obama

Senate Approves $636 Billion Military Spending Bill

Reform Flashback: The Secrets to Healthcare Political Profiteering

Venezuelan Government Continues Restructure of Banking Sector

The centrifuge that betrayed boligarchs

Top 10 Environmental Issues Copenhagen Failed to Address

Pass the Bill.

What are effects of electromagnetic weapons? Human Rights info 101

Defense Bill Raids Personnel Funds to Pay For Weapons

All Hail The Almighty CBO And Its Crippling Of Medical Loss Ratio

The Senate's health care fiasco

AlterNet: 10 Ways to Screw Over the Corporate Jackals Who've Been Screwing You

Teabaggers target global warming

Democracy & Theocracy -- Part I: 'People’s Power' Usurped By Elites (Jim Miles)

Democracy & Theocracy -- Part II: From Communalism To Occupation Subjugation (Jim Miles)

AlterNet: Pockets of White America Are in the Throes of an Existential Crisis

Insurance Exec Reid Comes Out of the Closet with Fellow Senate Criminals

Nations Hail Copenhagen Accord on Limitation of 'Meatballs'

The Health Bill, The Price of Everything, and What to Do Next

Bank of England Calls Bluff of Bankers Who Threaten to Depart UK to Avoid Taxes

Why does Reid have 60 votes? Why? Where are the screaming progressive Senators?

How bad biology killed the economy

The end of American exceptionalism

AHIP Stands Down

Copenhagen: our lost chance

Fears Become Reality for Oakland Democrat (Barbara Lee)

Reid confident revised health bill will pass (Reid to reveal final bill)

Support Obama? Then oppose him...

CARL HIAASEN: No reason for optimism about war in Afghanistan

Drone attacks in Pakistan are having unintended consequences (what a surprise!)

Think like me, agree with me

Health Insurance Stimulus

Neocons Must Be Pissed; China and Russia Are Getting the Sweet Oil Deals in Iraq

Stunning Statistics About the War Every American Should Know (Jeremy Scahill)

If Democrats kill health care bill, Lieberman and Republicans win

Dummies Protest the Hard Knock Life

Young Turks: Dem Senator Figures He Can Push Obama Around

Protest in Iceland - December 12th 2009

Greece caught between voracious bankers and militant workers

Cornel West: Obama is for Big Business not Jobless

It's a lousy bill - and the best we're gonna get

Flag burned at a protest in Iceland - December 19 2009

President Obama Weekly address 12/19/2009

Rachel Maddow: Hypocrite McCain Denied Sen. Dayton "30 Seconds" To Continue During Iraq War Debate

Politics Meets The Arts

Banks of Marble

Conservatives Have No Voice In the Media?

Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Adventures of the Town Electrician; Front yard health-care summit.

TYT: Internet Wars Between TYT and Alex Jones

Crackhead Preacher makes just as much sense as modern conservatives

The Real Meaning Of Christmas

TYT: Jane Hamsher Drops An Elbow from The Sky On Lanny Davis

Palin On Blacking Out McCain Visor With A Marker

Young Turks Interview Glenn Greenwald of on Peace Prize & Healthcare

Top US General Bans Pregnancies For Soldiers Under His Command!

GOP's New Prayer Guru Lou Engle Says Gays Possessed By Demons

U.S Kill 63 Civilians, 28 Children in Yemen Air Strikes

Merry F*%#-ing Christmas

TYT Destroys Chris Matthews

In Bhutan, 26 Glacial Lakes, Swollen By Melt, Pose Immediate Threat To Downstream Towns & Temples

Dutch Gov. Orders Slaughter Of At Least 30,000 Goats & Ewes After Q Fever Outbreak - AFP

Of 1,500 Youth Advocates Accredited For COP 15, 12 Allowed To Attend Final Session

Gas tax on Electric cars?

After Copenhagen - Five Degrees, Five Scenarios - Guardian

New Scientist - 3.5C Increase - It's The New Black, Fresh From Copenhagen

Graph Of The Day - Hardiness Zone Changes - 1990 - 2006. Wow.

Millions Will Die Because Of This Decision


MIT invents hybrid bicycle that stores braking energy in a battery for reuse

I try debunking Pat Boone's latest liberal-bashing rant

How 'bout them Cowboys???

The Saints are going down!

Photo series: First skate at Fenway

America's ex-favorite team vs. Saints

Hey, mad. How many inches you got???

Penn St comes from behind to beat Texas for it's 3rd straight National Championship(102 straight win

Barça Wins Club World Cup

Lousy day for UT..both the over-rated women's team and the over-rated

Fuck Them Cowboys!

Record drug busts of the Chavez government in Venezuela

The Big Winners in Honduras Are Lula and Brazil's New Moral Authority in LatAm

Text of my interview with Cyril Mychalejko

"Pragmatic" Human Rights

From Bebelplatz to Cinefilia: The #1 enemy of Fascism.

Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border

From Isis Obed to Walter Tróchez

Colombia to build new military base on Venezuelan border

Are we like Sudan?

The Ongoing Repression of Palestinian Protesters

Jimmy Carter - Gaza Must Be Rebuilt Now

Israel settlements: rabbis say soldiers' loyalty to God trumps army orders

Two Qassams hit Israel, in second Gaza rocket attack this week

Hamas spends $2M on anniversary celebrations

The worst pro-gun video ever made

Amicus States’ Motion for Leave to Participate in Oral Argument in the 2-A Incorporation Case

21 of 32 Democratic State AGs sign Amicus brief in McDonald case.

I-90 AK-47 Shootout Video Released

Reid's HCR protects our GUN RIGHTS people!

Today in Labor History Dec 19 Worst month in US coal mining history, with over 3,000 dead, bus strik

Today in Labor History Dec 18 Agricultural laborers who fought for a minimum wage were executed

Artistry and activism: Stonecutters have made their mark in communities, workplaces

Minnesota law failing to improve meatpacking safety, survey finds

USW President Gerard Mad As Hell At “Insurance Democrats”

Nightmarish Unemployment In Detroit – Officially 27% While Mayor Says It’s Closer to 50%

Fusion Vs. Prius

Trumka blasts Senate health bill as favoring insurance companies

"BP oil refinery workers in Texas win damages of $100m"

Hey guys did you hear that Rahm Emanuel is the devil?

Under The Bus!


More Snow

back in business, we have (so far) survived


Military to Hack Stormy Skies to Lord over Lightning- Testing begins in the States

'Boat' could explore Saturn moon

Modellers claim wars are predictable

Clearest sign yet of dark matter detected

Cattle plague: An extinction worth celebrating

The Ultimate Star Wars

Gay activists praise rugby star Gareth Thomas's decision to come out

Thorium-fluoride reactor advocacy in 16 blistering minutes

The Known Universe (video) by AMNH

Harder to buy US Treasuries

The HCR bill reminds me an awful lot of the creation of the Federal Reserve.

New site; TheSpiritGuides in UK. (Moscow UFO coverage here too, btw)

Shroud of Turin

From GD: video of putative UFO over Moscow goes viral on Russian Youtube

So are all the Cappys here unhappy?

2012..."But will people actually be any different?"

Can we chat about ASAH?

Mars, the planet of action, turns retrograde

What part of you is not worthy of being loved?

Did y'all see this: Adventures of the Town Electrician; Front yard health-care summit.

Stem cell therapies for hearts inching closer to wide use

Has Bernie Sanders pulled a fast one?

Are the 30 million w/o health insurance now being forced to 'buy-in' going to vote Democratic ?

Richmond, California, teachers union pushes through concessions contract

An Exchange on School Business/Busyness

Local school principals' pay reaches new heights: new orleans charters

The ATR Crises

Prayers/Good Vibes Requested For A Little Boy In My School Who May Not Make It Through The Night

Low bar for lifetime job in L.A. schools

low life vermin steals baby Jesus and holds him for ransom.

low life vermin steals baby Jesus and holds him for ransom.

"Ditchkins! You Ignorant Twit!"

Making jam from canned fruit?

Anyone have an easy apricot filling recipe. Want to fling it into store bought pastry and still

We're having a weird dinner tonight.

Year end as it started

So I started a food blog