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I'm going to kill myself.

Ya know what's fun? Picturing a guy with a toupe .... without his toupe

Man wins lotto, leaves wife, then she is evicted from her home

The dangers facing Russia's human rights groups


Lieberman is after Dean and the Deaniacs for 2004 defeat.

Obama's gift to us all

Writing an oped, please let me know if you think this is a good argument:

Tibet's glaciers in danger of disappearing


I have been in a coma for the last year

Palin: A disgraceful opportunist and a real moral coward...

Study Shows Religious Belief Caused By Dysfunctional Social Conditions

Lieberman's stance reinforces my pride in voting Nader in 2000

I got a Christmas card from the White House.

Suppose the current Senate health plan -- without a public option -- is put up

Obama Craigslist listing

"If I wanted John McCain's health care plan, I would've voted for John McCain"

Still in search of a message board that is 100% unabashedly unapologetically TOTALLY pro-Obama?

If Mike Gravel was President, he wouldn't put up with any of this shit!

Faith healing case to go to trial

Why Lieberman knows he won't be punished for ruining HCR

Iran test-fires improved missile, state TV says

Will there be a secret plan to use reconciliation to expand Medicare to everyone?

ROFLMAO: "Stop Obama's Radical Transformation of America!!!"

An oldie but a goodie from 2007 - "10 Reasons Why Joe Lieberman Sucks"

I will not be Joe Lieberman.

MODS: I think people sometimes hit the "unrecommend" link accidentally.

A 'customer' was seriously pissed at the shoes and handbags on sale:

Congressional Progressive Caucus Principles for the Health Care Reform Bill Conference Report

30. 30 Dem Senators voted against drug reimportation

MoveOn Launches Fundraising Drive For Anti-Lieberman Ad Campaign

DOD: Obama's Afghan Surge Will Rely Heavily On Private Contractors (56K)

Is anyone listening to the Bill Press Show?

OpEdNews seems to have been attacked..

Connecticut colleagues ‘fed up’ with Joe Lieberman

Army bishop praises Taliban's 'conviction to their faith'

Lieberman's head has swollen up so big that he's ruptured his sphincter wall.

1 corrupt and moribund Senate + 1 weak President

Calm Down People--and Let's Get Organized

Do you realize that all of us are a great gift to Lieberman?

Schwarzenegger slams Palin

Schwarzenegger slams Palin

Ben Bernanke?

Koalas Dying From STDs, Loss of Habitat

Koalas Dying From STDs, Loss of Habitat

Some pretty interesting povs expressed by folks on Washington Journal.

It's getting harder to keep turning my head.

Ebenezer Lieberman?

Bank's antifraud tactics stun security expert: How much do they know?

Hey Mainstream Media

Hey Mainstream Media

Obama Supports Government that Murders Gays

Tomatoes Removed for Palin

At the very least it should be named the Lieberman/Snowe/Blue Dog Healthcare bill

Unwitting tourists attend White House event -

Arpaio, Unfazed by Prior Lawsuits, Will Force Jail Inmates to Listen to Christmas Music All Day Long

The Price of Pushing Our Troops Too Far

The Senate bill allows for annual caps, terminating coverage for very ill patients

Who originally came to Lieberman's rescue in 2006? Sen. Barak Obama, with a ringing endorsement.

police confirm seven horses dead in possible neglect case

Question about how the House/Senate bill reconciliation works.

Dean 2012

Toronto Star: Gloom turns to doom in Copenhagen

Chamber of Commerce Campaign: FIGHT HEALTH CARE REFORM -- And WIN A Trip To HOOTERS!

Chamber of Commerce Campaign: FIGHT HEALTH CARE REFORM -- And WIN A Trip To HOOTERS!

You Can Set Your Watch To Dismantling New Feature (Bwahahahahahaha!)

Now they're just laughing at us behind our backs.

I just had to respond. I couldn't keep silent anymore.

If the Senate passes it's non-HCR, what happens in the House?

Health Care on the Road to Neo-Feudalism

Howard Dean: Health Care Bill 'Bigger Bailout for the Insurance Industry Than AIG'

Many with mental disorders not treated

Bwah-HAH Gawker had a "crazy-off" of PALIN-ites vs Scientologists!1

Fuck the Democrats? Fuck DU. Hello GOP majorities!

Jobs ..Jobs..Jobs available

Advice needed about contacting representatives:

Bachmann Invokes 'Charge Of The Light Brigade'

Ran Prieur and Ecclesiastes

House Discussing Glass-Steagall Revival, Hoyer Says

Lieberman: 'Unlikely' That I'll Run With GOP In 2012, 'But I Wouldn't Foreclose Any Possibility'


If the Senate HRC passes, when the GOP takes over they will...

U.S. gave up billions in tax money in deal for Citigroup's bailout repayment

Straight Couple in Brooklyn Challenges Legality of Opposite-Sex Marriage

How about this idea?

Max Baucus

Really Operation Rescue?

The Senate is Lucy, HCR is the football

The Senate is Lucy, HCR is the football

Some people here seem discouraged that Obama hasn’t made mucho changes since he’s taken office.

Does anyone know what is in the Senate health care bill?

Senate rejects low-cost drug imports

How'd you like to fight government-run health-care -- and get a free gift card to Hooters out of it?

OK, I love Sanders and Feingold, but why isn't one of them-

President Obama's "Grade" - a teacher's incomplete

President Obama's "Grade" - a teacher's incomplete

How can it be so hard...

Check in here if you think TIME should be punished for making Bernanke person of the year

Let's join in a general strike in support of meaningful HCR!

Let's join in a general strike in support of meaningful HCR!

Someone needs to tell this poor woman what teabagging means

Devil of your own making... Obama backed Lieberman

Tom Harkin on Rachel Maddow last night talking up the senate bill

Here is what evil looks like:

The spite of a deeply immoral senator

Is it me, or are most of the people telling folks to calm down

Does anyone have a list of Republican and Blue Dog senators

O.K. so help me Glass Half Full People...

BBC: Copenhagen police battle climate protesters

"Obama, The 'Just War' President" - in Two Acts

A castle made of popsickle sticks...

TonyKornheiser just called the Washington Post the "Wall St. Post!" nt

TonyKornheiser just called the Washington Post the "Wall St. Post!" nt

Will Senate progressives sit silently by as the public option dies? (Credo Action petition)

State Officials Looking At Rise In PG&E Shutoffs - up 40% for low income customers

The NY Times Calls out Joe LIEberman...

Another WTF? moment: Citigroup gains huge tax break, offsets TARP repayment

35 Great Quotes On The Subject Of Religion (Sure To Enrage All Fundies)

More dispatches from the world of 'Chickens for Col. Sanders'

Why shouldn't healthcare reform be a national referendum?

Please tell me why this post would get blocked?

NY Times Twitter Freudian Slip!: 'Please beat back protesters in Copenhagen.'

Walmart supports the troops,unless there's cash is involved.

How many more HCR votes must be 60?

It's isn't being anti-science to distrust big pharma and their wares a bit

It's isn't being anti-science to distrust big pharma and their wares a bit

Damn but a lot of the temper tantrum brigade is begging for pizzas today.

It's been a bad year for the Washington Metrorail system....Even for its feathered customers

WTF! Drug Reimportation Killed Too? 30 Dems Vote To Strip It!

Petraeus Accuses Iran of Aiding Afghan Taliban

For the HCR Bill - how many times is 60 votes required?

For the HCR Bill - how many times is 60 votes required?

The secret formula for being pleased with Obama

Los Angeles Times: Asian Americans drive Army recruiting boom in L.A.

"Playing Us for Chumps" -A Senate Democratic Chief of Staff weighs in ...

Why does the Today Show insist on having Jenna Bush on each week??

Toons: Crappy health care bill


Budding cartoonists -- can you picture "Tail Gunner Joe (Lieberman)"?

Budding cartoonists -- can you picture "Tail Gunner Joe (Lieberman)"?

Joe Lieberman is a pharisee

US billionaire indicted for fraud

US billionaire indicted for fraud

What if the Rapture really did happen,

Enough is Enough? Ford Executive Demands An End To Japan's Automotive Trade Barriers

I get it now! The slogan Change We Can Believe In really meant

I get it now! The slogan Change We Can Believe In really meant

Glenn Beck Defends Founding Fathers' Decision to Count African-Americans as Three-Fifths of a Person

Military Tribunals Will Be Held at (Illinois) Prison

UK Newspaper runs story: "Climate Change is Natural: 100 Reasons Why"

Obama at the Bat - A Parody

Weiner: Snowe? Stupak? Lieberman? Who left these people in charge?

Weiner: Snowe? Stupak? Lieberman? Who left these people in charge?

the world hates Gitmo because of TORTURE

'Playing Us for Chumps'

'Playing Us for Chumps'

ACLU Calls “Gitmo North” Near Iowa Border “Alarming”

ACLU Calls “Gitmo North” Near Iowa Border “Alarming”

Public cooling to health-care reform as debate drags on, poll finds (no shit!)

Lieberman is Mikey from the Life cereal commercials

Is the Washington Times Preparing to Shut Down?

Is the Washington Times Preparing to Shut Down?

The Rude Pundit: What Would Jesus Lie About? (Health Care Reform Edition)

I fear we've elected President Lieberman. Just younger, better looking, and more articulate.

Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL): Yes, we tortured detainees and we should do so in future.

Guys! Guys! Look at us! Squabbling! Bickering, like children.

Chamber of Commerce Campaign: Fight Health-Care Reform -- And Win A Trip To Hooters!

Nate Silver: Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill

About the "it takes time to fix things" talking point

The Next Most Underreported Health Reform Story - What will happen to SCHIP?

DU brain drain

Feeling suicidal (figuratively) about the loss of the public option? Read this.

Obama Sides With Blind in Copyright-Treaty Debate

Would we be better off if a Republican were President right now?

My letter to Wesley Pruden (Moonie Times)

From Democratic Underground to underground democrat.

Does this meet "all of your criteria"??

California's plan to curb mammograms for lower income women sparks protests

"The liberals are angry that..."

Poll: Americans Reject Big Oil's Big Money Blitz

Susan G. Komen Foundation Still Doesn’t Get It

Recruiting stations are, like, so Vietnam-era

'You Lie!' On Yale List Of Year's Memorable Quotes

How about a constitutional amendment for term limits?

Question. If the HCR bill goes to conference, what members of the Senate

A Rhetorical Question about Smoking (tobacco, not pot).

Ex-trainer accuses circus of elephant cruelty...from the grave

With one exception, the House completely outperformed the Senate with HCR

So let's look at what Vermont's Health Care Reform has brought to their state........

So let's look at what Vermont's Health Care Reform has brought to their state........

50 needles inserted in a two year old Brazilian boy

Gun Arrests Galore, No Convictions At All

Yes, Democrats are politicians, but...

Ted Klaudt, 49, a Republican rancher from Walker(despicable pig)

November housing construction up 8.9 percent

Jailed Ex-State Rep Tries To Copyright Own Name, Wants $500K Per Use

Upset? Let the President know how you feel via his social networking sites.

I'm stuck...and I'm staying stuck

Rumsfeld told Army commanders that they didn't have to stop the looting early in the Iraq war

Don't Act Now, It's Not Too Late Yet

So who is this DLC shill on the phone with Thom Hartmann right now?

I am so mad that Republicans have blocked true reform and yet,

'He's a Total Lieberman, Don't Turn Your Back On Him.'

Who are they trying to convince?

Did you all know McCain won the election & put Lieberman in charge of HCR?

Tape of Captured US Soldier Due

TIME's Person of the Year: Ben Bernanke

Man Murdered in fight over time on Nautilus Machine at gym

Man Murdered in fight over time on Nautilus Machine at gym

Why is it that Dems need 60 votes, but repukes only need 51?

Call Senator Coburn and thank him for slowing down the health care process!!!!

email from Democracy for America: No Public Option? No Mandate!

Republican congressional candidates lead Democratic rivals in poll

Not everything about the HCR bill is bad... CIGNA UP 2.25% IN ONE DAY!

Defense bill breathes new life into canceled programs

DNA sets free D.C. man imprisoned in 1981 student slaying

Report: Pelosi will insist Senate act first on controversial bills

There is still hope for decent HCR

Amazing how we can lose when a majority of the Senate and the House

Revealed: Bush officials e-mailed bogus rumor blaming Gore for failure to kill Bin Laden

Starting Over

Lieberman, Rockefeller, and Whitehouse's: Medicare Commission

Skinner, Elad: can we get some new smileys?

Dick Durbin is a real DICK....

A year ago the price of diesel fuel was over a dollar more then unleaded regular gas per gallon

? To Axelrod On A Plane: "Is this 'change we can believe in'?"

I hope DUers who mindlessly attacked Nader and his supporters GET IT now

DFA says "No Option? No Mandate"

Sarah Palin Hits Back at Schwarzenegger

Voting Present

For 8 long years, I waited for an Obama

So... what will be the state of health care 2-3 years from now?

So... what will be the state of health care 2-3 years from now?

In light of Bernanke's "Man Of The Year", I wish to formally file a Missing Person report .......

How to dissect a Glenn Beck broadcast:

How to dissect a Glenn Beck broadcast:

why not kill the bill?

Best News I've heard all day: Lieberman considers joining GOP

A thought about the polls measuring the pubic's support for health care reform

I keep hearing that if Obama were more like LBJ we would have a stronger bill...

I'm willing to hand Obama a defeat.

AZ RNC Treasurer defends GOP Director's Use of Voter Database to Stalk Women

So if the Senate passes a weak bill--won't the House vote it down in the end?

Coburn ties up Senate by having 790+ page amendment read ALOUD - MSNBC breaking

Fla. Wants Citizens To Report Tobacco Tax Cheats - will pay informants

So I take it that Coburn's constituents are satisfied with their health care and can afford coverage

South Carolina's Henry Brown Votes Against Taxpayers and Military Families!

How Top Chefs Stay Thin

How Top Chefs Stay Thin

Folks.... WTF are you buying this 60 vote talk for?

The way to win the party back

I missed the interview (Andrea Mitchell, Jay Rockefeller) -- why did Rockefeller

I respect the Republicans for their ability to get what they want done - including blocking

Howard Dean on Thom Hartmann show NOW

So how would any president including a President Kucinch get a Public Option thru Senate?

From the beginning, I thought the individual mandate to buy health insurance was a mistake

Finally: Why Lieberman opposes healthcare - Revenge for 2006

Kimbo! and a prediction

Since any reform we do get will probably not solve our long-term problems

Curbing Big Banks: Draw the Damn Line

I really wish that Matt Taibbi would write an article on the HCR

I really wish that Matt Taibbi would write an article on the HCR

Dr. Dean is wrong -- maybe because they don't have the filibuster in Vermont.

Brazilian tot has 50 sewing needles inside body

THIS is why I voted for Hillary over Obama in the primary..

This is a war on Christmas I could actually support...

Lieberman: ta major question that remains for me....

Why won't the house of representatives do their job, and NOT accept the Senate version? /nt

This just in.. from the War on Christmas...Zombies

Anyone know why Sanders is now withdrawing his SP amendment? n/t

Digby: The Best We Can Do?

Digby: The Best We Can Do?

Democrats Lash Out At Obama Over Health Care Disappointments

Gee. I wonder if dropping the public option has anything to do with the public's souring on HCR.

I seem to recall during the 1994 storming of Congress by the GOP that

The White House and Obama can go F-OFF

Suspicious package found at Sen. Baucus' office

Ending the fillibuster...Good idea or bad...discuss.

Right-wing "24" creator Joel Surnow will produce mini-series about the Kennedy family

"God bless Cecil Bothwell" I'm lovin' this Asheville NC story.

LBJ once famously said of Hubert Humphrey, "Pardon me boys, I've got to remind Hubert ...

New immigration bill introduced in House

House Likely to Vote on COBRA Subsidy Extension Today

Sander's on FIRE on CSPAN. He appears to be withdrawing his ammendment to end the GOP nonsense. nt.

Adding Insult To Sodomy

Time magazine names Bernanke 'Person of the Year'

the bills still hang over my head like a thundercloud...

Please explain what I've got wrong

HCR bill being delivered to President Obama......

Up to 56,000 More Contractors Likely for Afghanistan, Congressional Agency Says

Bernie Sanders For President In 2012......

Brazil toddler has 50 sewing needles inside body

Live Webchat now going on w/ DSCC

Obama Must Persuade Democrats on Troops, Pelosi Says

Franken's Anti-Rape Amendment Survives

So Joe Wilson was right???

The Decade In Pictures

Is Dr. Dean interfering with the legislative process?

Some very surprizing comments from my fellow worker-outers at the gymnauseous

If a Senator votes for the current senate bill is he or she a sell out?

As predicted on DU, Rush is using Dean's words as ammo against HCR and Liberalism.

If 2012 were here, who'd you vote for?

CNN reporting

This Toon sure sums up the senate "debate"

My call from the Democratic Party

The more I look at it, this is actually a good HCR bill

Carlin: We LIKE War

Death row inmate wants to donate organs

I AM one of those Far-Left Liberal crybabies who is pissed off at our Government

Obama Administration Cleaning Up the Bush Email Scandal

Obama Administration Cleaning Up the Bush Email Scandal

Why Progressives Are Batshit Crazy to Oppose the Senate Bill

Toon: the three party discussion

Blame the Media as much as anything! If we had a Free Media

Rod Blagojevich to debate merits of Elvis & the film Viva Las Vegas tonight

Rod Blagojevich to debate merits of Elvis & the film Viva Las Vegas tonight

I watched a Nature show the other night about dogs

Ben Bernanke is Time's person of the year.

Health Care (without public option) on the Road to Neo-Feudalism

Important discovery that I hope distracts us and teaches us a lesson

Has the CBO reported on the impact of the health care bill in the meantime, while those of us WITHOUT healthcare continue to get sick...

MS Office 2007

Next Up, US to Reinvade Vietnam

Reid needs to go. Discuss.

According to Thom Hartmann, Jeff Merkley (Oregon) is going to vote NO on health bill...

Christian Group Launches New Attack on Christmas Commercialism

Christian Group Launches New Attack on Christmas Commercialism

As the GOP crumbles, Dems wilt. Nice timing.

"Till I Collapse" - edited for political message:

Has anybody on DU actually looked at the health insurance reform bills? There must be a

Poll: Public sours on Obama's overhaul plan

Man's blood donations reach 80 gallons

If you really want a more Progressive America....

Mocking what could have been genuine Health Care Reform

New law lets Lynn GE avoid paying personal property taxes

Has AZ Maricopa County turned into BIZARRO WORLD? Sheriff Arpaio Investigates Judges Who Cross Him?

ABC News/Washington Post Poll: Obama 50% approval, 46% disapproval

The American People are the stone that you can't squeeze blood from...

FYI: Bernie Sanders

It sounds like Dean will be on Hardball with Tweety this afternoon

Today Organizing For America Emailed Me, Asking For Support ....

Blue Cross of California threatens to revoke the coverage

Toby Keith Targeted for 'Racist' Gesture

Wall Street Journal: American Dream 2: Default, Then Rent

House passes $636B defense bill

I Refuse To Give Up....I Won't Pack Up And Go Away...However....

Dean on with Chris Matthews now on MSNBC 5 pm EDT.

I'll remember - and I'm sure many others will (RANT)

Why are all the talking heads insulting money going to study irritable bowel syndrome?

I just gave $20 to moveon to organize against Lieberman

Democrats Lash Out At Obama Over Health Care Disappointments

Something mom said in 1984 about politicians:

Tiger Woods Wins AP Athlete of the Decade

I need a GPS locator for my ass

I need a GPS locator for my ass

How shellfish saved the human race

Tweety is back on the dark side again.

Government functions!!!! House Approves $636 Billion Pentagon Budget Bill

remember the bush tax cut bill, with its much-hyped $300 credit for "everybody"?

It's time to put a huge counter up like the 'Deficit counter.'

Heads up - Chris Matthews is going to have Howard Dean on.

What happened to all the Dems who said they "won't vote for a bill unless it has a public option?"

The Holiday shopping business must be really bad

Mary Landrieu and Howard Dean - Saturday Night Fights!

Fox once again shows their "journalistic standards"

Our political system has many, many flaws. But I am thankful for this feature.

Hey Nancy Pelosi

This one of those moments. It is all converging.

Consensus eludes climate talks

Mary Landrieu: Lying SOS, OR Lying POS

The DU "Regressive" movement

write your own health care bill ... or is it doomed?

I'm hearing on the news channels this morning that the WH is upset with Dr. can we get

The Republicans have exactly one goal: regaining power. Shouldn't this be a time to KEEP POWER?

So...Jesus was illegitimate?

After Senate dropped the public option, a poll by NBC found...

Perhaps Liberals in senate should use the fillibuster to their advantage


Microsoft ends 10-year fight with Europe on browsers (BBC)

Microsoft ends 10-year fight with Europe on browsers (BBC)

Do you think sixteen year olds are able to fight and be drafted into the military ?

Black Lung on Rise in Mines, Reversing Trend

Intel being sued for using size to keep out rivals (BBC)

Health Care Humbug....

Nearsightedness Increasing in U.S.

My conversation with Lieberman's office

The two faces of Prez. Obama

Early Bipartisan Support for Resolution to End War in Afghanistan- Kucinich Announces 12 Cosponsors

FYI: Fresh Air (NPR) 12/16/09--Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater: Private Army In The News Again

Corporate whore Woods whores around with golf whores, News At 11

Microsoft admits code theft for Chinese blog Juku (BBC)

The Democrat and Republican politicians are both like huge violent butt-rapists, the difference..

Use reconciliation to expand Medicare - forget any industry reform

If he forces reconciliation the R's get to say "dictator" and the

I'd like to know who when and how the annual cap was put back into the Senate bill.

Just curious..why didn't the Dems just let them read the 800 page/10 hour long

US Silent About Taliban Guarantee Offer on al Qaeda

Palin's McCain Cover Up!

The often disturbing reality of social media

Last night on Countdown Howard Dean said something that didn't quite make sense

Ed Schultz tearing them a new one right now on MSNBC.

Merry Christmas, America!

Rep Kucinich: Expanding the Debt for War and Wall Street - The ‘Bailout Generation’

Salt Lake City Costco Removes Tomatoes Ahead Of Palin Event

Torture suit too hot to be heard, admin. accused of trying to cover up wrongdoing

Progressives!!! The "Critical Path" to passing ANY real Progressive reforms...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forces Inmates To Listen To Christmas Music All Day, Ignoring Lawsuits

So do we get to set the salaries of insurance company CEOs?

New AP/ Roper Poll out today has Obama approval rating at 56%

HCR, CitiGroup, Afghanistan, DADT, too big to fail, and the little guy is on the street broke

Next time I see President Obama on TV, say at a soup kitchen handing out food during a holiday...

It's not about vindication, it's about prevention of the next royal fucking.

This is a one-sentence post.


Rod Parsley (Christian Rightist in Ohio): The demons have taken my money away! Please help!

I've got a better idea than allowing drug reimportation

Well heads up folks from district 22 of Florida, the republicans have found their man

I think the Democrats have now figured out where the line is.

anyone got Ed on?

If I hear that they are making sausage one more time

So when forced insurance mandates inevtiably destroy the Democratic Party, what will rise instead?

NATO chief looks to build trust with Moscow visit

How the right wing lies about Obama's tax proposals--

How the right wing lies about Obama's tax proposals--

BarrASSo just told Ed that there won't be a conference bill and what the Senate passes is it.

BarrASSo just told Ed that there won't be a conference bill and what the Senate passes is it.

From SCHAMA/French Revolution to BECK/screamers: Verbal violence IS prelude to real thing

Lawsuit claims: police beat to death a Hispanic teenager, then hung him to make it appear suicide

We really want single payer. We compromised that to support a public option.

We really want single payer. We compromised that to support a public option.

Obama Promised to Allow Americans to Purchase their Meds From Canada in His Campaign. What nerve!

The Strategic Value of Nihilism

Tiger Woods Signs Record Endorsement Deal

Check in here if you called your senators and representative and

My son just told me that Time is giving Man Of The Year to...


You know, its not like we got sold out today

Beautiful bird, the Norweigan Blue

Beautiful bird, the Norweigan Blue

The reason there is a 'mandatory purchase of private insurance' requirement in the bill is..

Cuddles the labrador recovering after $7000 in vet bills 2 remove Christmas decorations from stomach

How much extra money do you have each month for mandatory insurance?

The Original Climate Conference

56,000 private contractors will join 30,000 troops in Afganistan

Mods pls delete, quirky posting bug error

Hope. Change. Yes we can.

Panel investigating allegations Taliban is being paid with US dollars to guard supply routes

Assailants, Police Charged with Fed Hate Crimes & Obstruction in Murder of Latino Youth (PA)

Hadassah Lieberman and Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer charity

How Long Will It Be Before We Hear That Howard Dean Is Talking Down This HCR Bill.......

Mods! Has there been a spike in granite pizza deliveries during the last couple of days?

Among other things, I am mad that Reid allowed the Dems to get

It's beginning to look a lot like Fitzmas.

A good question.

Tweety showed a small group (20-30 tops) of Teabaggers singing a version of "12 Days of Xmas"

If we called it 'life care' instead of health care...

TeeveeTalkers, RadioYakkers, and DU Posters

Well if you were actually wondering at this point it is pretty damned clear

In a gentler time and a gentler place, insurance companies were "Mutuals"

The Great Big Myth That Reconciliation Would Not Work For Health Care Reform

du is overrun with gop operatives

Lotto Winner's Wife Evicted from Home

Capitalism: A Love Story Blu-ray Gets Detailed

UPDATE 1-U.S. senate panel "deeply concerned" by F-35 costs

UPDATE 1-U.S. senate panel "deeply concerned" by F-35 costs

I Can't Get Over the Defeated Dorgan Amendment and Let It Slide. Behold All of Our Liebermans!

KO has a Special Comment tonight

As sad as I am about the current bill, I must support it.

As sad as I am about the current bill, I must support it.

The Horns of a Dilemma

Why didn't we pass HCR immediately after Obama was elected?

Well, CPAC is showing how far-right they will go...

Well, CPAC is showing how far-right they will go...

Democrats Love Obama, 81 percent job approval

Landrieu just flat out lied about Dean, and Chris did not call her on it.


California likely to get single payer after Arnold's out...if a dem wins governor

Ontario to try making divorce faster, cheaper

Rep. Grayson: End the War, Meet our Own Needs

Who's Correct: Krugman or Dean (or Obama or Teabaggers)?

House Passes $174 Billion Jobs Bill

In Delaying Health Care GOP Wants To Force August Repeat Over Holiday Break

So... We Put Off EVERY FUCKING CRIME During Bush/Cheney So We Could Pass This HCR Piece Of Shit ???

They are replaying Sanders speech today on cspan after he withdrew his SP...

Who do you think is right?

Share something positive.

God has spoken to me!!

Sense of the Underground: Will we or won't we get something better?

Obama's new jobs program: 56,000 contractors in Afghanistan

White House as Helpless Victim on Health Care

Meet the teabaggers! Candidates coming out of the woodwork.

Would the current credit crunch

Would the current credit crunch

LED Traffic lights unable to handle winter weather. Accidents ensue.

Made in LA (Film on DVD) I'm following up yesterdays post that was in bad taste

How long did it take Social Security,Civil Rights to get delivered?

If they REALLY believed in Free Trade, they would allow us to import drugs

Only Bernie Sanders and/or Roland Burris can KILL THIS BILL!!!!

Only Bernie Sanders and/or Roland Burris can KILL THIS BILL!!!!

I'd like to hear from people who've been dropped from their insurance

"Obama is starting to remind me of Hoover..."

There is one good thing in the Senate Bill that I hope survives

How many of these 30,000,000 uninsured covered in this bill.....

Keith Olbermann - Kill this Bill

ABC - "Senate Health Care Debate Stalls as Republicans Invoke Delay Tactics"

Should the Clinton 1993-94 health care bill have been passed

Parsley Pleads For Money: "Will You Help Me Take Back What the Devil Stole?"

Ok folks there are changes coming

Keith Olbermann: No sale on this health care reform bill

KO: "There's a line between compromise and COMPROMISED."

BREAKING: Sanders “Not Voting” For Health Care Bill

Sen.Jim DeMint fears a gay president

Point of information

A 12 TRILLION DOLLAR state COMMUNIST lifeline needed to keep the weaker capitalism alive.


Congress use your constitutional authority and stop this disgusting war funding.

Obama considering steep tax increases, cuts in Medicare, SS?

Joe Lieberman, You Can Choke on the Bones of Jacqueline Kelly as They're Crammed Down Your Throat:

As bad as things are, Dr. Dean has given me hope!

What is VPOTUS Joe Biden doing these days? nt

What health insurance system do you want to see in the U.S.?

A report on today's Senate Judiciary hearing on two Obama 4th Circuit nominees

House narrowly passes Pelosi's $174B jobs bill

Name the new planet

Bush's top 1% tax cuts will be "rolled back" was the campaign promise

Fact Check - "Imprisoned for Not Having Health Care?"

By God we showed the insurance companies not to mess with us!

Hey repukes! I'm opposed to the health care bill 'cuz it's not liberal enough!

We need our own Tommy Douglas.......and a greater spirit of collectivism

The Republicans, Insurance Companies, and Lieberman Won! Kill The Bill! Let 45,000 Die!


Coming up on Rachel: "A festival of failing on the internet" (candidate websites)

When you don't know where you're going,

Burial shroud discovery raises further doubt about the Shroud of Turin.

Generosity Leads To Return Of Woman's Stolen Car

Generosity Leads To Return Of Woman's Stolen Car

Looks like someone....(WARNING, will make you sick. Good.)

Author's disgust as religious right halts new Compass movie

Stockton Fire Truck Gets Sponsorship - Food 4 Less Covers Shortfall Of Funds For Rescue Rig

Kill the Bill Video, spooky


Yes, Bernanke is Time's "Man of the Year"

In 2008 I Voted FOR Obama - In 2012 I'm Voting AGAINST The Republican

Maybe you all need a laugh right about now?

the corrupt are becoming dangerous because they know the end of their status quo is near

I bet you reconciliation is still on the table (I don't care what Reid is saying)

I want single payer.

When they spoke about killing gramma ......

Have yourself a merry litt --- WTF?!

Petition for Medicare 4 All

What would Ted Kennedy think right now?

What would Ted Kennedy think right now?

Of the following healthcare reforms, what would "President McCain" and "VP Palin" have supported?

Of the following healthcare reforms, what would "President McCain" and "VP Palin" have supported?

We voted for hope and change, not hollow gestures.

Why don't the Senate Dems try this:

Naomi Klein: The Copenhagen Process Is Out Of Control, US Politicians Should Stay Home

Demoralized is what I am...

I got my pony at long last...

Have Lieberman, Nelson, et al. compromised on ANYTHING on HCR?

Question: Romney/Palin; What would 8 years, 2013-2020, look like?

Argentina: "Myth" of egalitarian society fading away for young people

lather, rinse, repeat

Help give Sleezerman the Lying Manipulative Shit a good kick in the butt

Since Obama sold us all out on healthcare, I sort of wish Oral Roberts was still alive.

Cincinnati police officer killed in combat

Thom Hartmann: Healthcare: First They Came for the Banksters

Sen. Bernie Sanders: ‘As Of This Point’ I’m NOT VOTING FOR THIS BILL

KEITH -- I don't want to see you lose your job

For those who still support the Senate HCR bill and disagree with Sanders, Keith O or Dean -

expect Connected hand-humpers to act like they've 'won' and expect you to be reticent

Health Care For All!!!

Pelosi Says Rallying Votes for Troop Surge in Afghanistan Will be Obama's Job

Elton John said what I'm feeling about the party right now many years ago:

The shortage of H1N1 vaccine is over,

Look Who Just Funded the Escalation

The Bill is not going to die: HCR

Communism is patriotic.

Nate Silver: 20 Questions for Bill Killers

Is it just me? Or are we really living 'The Outer Limits'?

Teabagger "die-in" fails

I don't get the whole Joe Lieberman thing?

So, are you for U.S., or are you against U.S.?

The... Mexican Dream

Like Keith said tonight

This is NOT a criticism, but rather an honest call for discussion.

Replace Washington's portrait on our dollar with a RED STAR.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Barack, nobody said this job was going to be easy...

Obama has nothing to say about Dick or Liz Cheney but is furious with Howard Dean.

John Birch Society to Co-Sponser CPAC

If the 2012 Democratic Primary election were held today , who would get your vote


NC: largest county - Mecklenburg - approves domestic partner benefits for workers

NC: largest county - Mecklenburg - approves domestic partner benefits for workers

Does anyone else think maybe

Everything is broken.

I think I'm going to take a break from ALL news for awhile.........

I think I'm going to take a break from ALL news for awhile.........

Hadassah Leiberman is not the only politician's wife who worked

Thank you, Mods, for Tombstoning "The Pony"

guidance please re: "my DU" page..?

Zero inflation?

How does 'starting over' with a HC bill produce anything better? Or even different?

I don't want to leave the democratic party!

If You Could have Voted In The 1980 Primaries, Who Would You Have Voted For?

If You Could have Voted In The 1980 Primaries, Who Would You Have Voted For?

Senator Kirk and Senator Burris.

The Salt Lake City Costco removed all tomatoes from the store before a Sarah Palin book signing

So tell me why we don't let FReepers post on this site?

Animal groups' criticism bounces off hunters who feed hungry

"Looking Back [on what hiring] Rahm Emanual meant"

Open Letter to Congressman Jim McDermott and the Progressive Caucus

Oh. My. Caption It! (pic)

Avaaz 15million PETITION & Liveblogging youth sit-in NOW for Real Deal at COP15:

Who killed off The Golden Compass?

I Love Barack Obama, but I Must Respectfully Disagree

So the White House sez Dr. Dean is irrelevant, huh? Really? Irrelevant?

Rising seas 'clue' in sunken world off Orkney

From a stock investment advice site:"Watch Out for a Backlash on the Lieberman Maneuver"

Why HASN'T the mandate been removed already?

Today, I am proud to be a Canadian! not an American! Canada YES! American NO!

Today, I am proud to be a Canadian! not an American! Canada YES! American NO!


The Democratic Party Leadership has done the IMPOSSIBLE!

The bill does not protect people with pre-existing conditions

Jews and the Labor Movement: Historic Union Torn Apart in Messy Divorce

Full disclosure: I was a "Deaniac" in '04 and wrote in his name in the Democratic primary

An Observation on the Split in the Progressive Blogosphere

Daily Kos: "All Things Considered, I Begin To Make Plans To Leave"

My letter to Dianne Feinstein

New poll reveals human cost of US unemployment

Ya know, I'm watching Lawrence O'Donnell and I remember how he helped doom health care reform

Credit where it's due, Democrats are working hard.

Stop uranium train - Feds to ship DU to Utah soon

refresh my memory -- didn't lieberman cut a deal back at the beginning of this congress?

What happens if the senate bill gets killed?

Obama is not playing Three Dimensional Chess, he is playing Three Card Monte

Do you approve of the job President Obama is doing?

Schumer "Regrets" Slur of Flight Attendant



my uninsured visit to my doctor yesterday......freeked me out

my uninsured visit to my doctor yesterday......freeked me out

Man jumps on subway tracks to retrieve ipod. Guess what happened...

Man jumps on subway tracks to retrieve ipod. Guess what happened...

I stand with Keith O. I will not...actually cannot afford to...

I stand with Keith O. I will not...actually cannot afford to...

Firedoglake raising money for TV ad telling Harry Reid to use reconciliation.

is required payin to private health insurance attempted dissolution of Reagan affluence ?

The Empire’s New Clothes: Protesters Offer the Best Hope for Our Planet

Is Nancy not feeling well, or is this just a bad photo?

Wendell Potter: If the bill passes in this way, many millions of people will face bankruptcy

So I think I have skin cancer... But I don't have health insurance.

Republicans smell the blood in the water.

I'm not sure if I want the bill to die, but if it gets killed...

Democrats are free to support Liebercare.

Contact President Obama...I did

Howard dean is intellectually and factually dishonest.

Lieberman says he won’t rule out running as a Republican in 2012.

WH: Howard Dean Is Having "A Tantrum"

If Dave Vitter didn't resign why should Tiger Woods?


What It All Boils Down To

Charting a typical Glenn Beck broadcast LOL!!!

Detroit's Unemployment Rate Is Nearly 50%, This was planned people!!!

How much do you currently pay for health insurance or do you lack coverage?

Rockefeller slams Dean: 'Nonsense,' 'irresponsible'

Is that a yes? - pic

Miami Herald's scathing cartoon about Lieberman and Democrats.

Palin wears t-shirt "If you don't love America then why don't you get the hell out"

Now, a third major error by President Obama rips our country apart.

Fuck Chris matthews

The Dems have fucked themselves out of power in 2012...

The bottom line, will you or won't you sit out the 2010 and possibly 2012 elections

Bipartisan House Group (led by Rep. Kucinich) Pushing For Enforcement Of War Powers Act

Remains in 2,000-year-old tomb near Old City show first known case of leprosy

$130 billion approved today for War:

Lazy LIBS- yes- YOU too!!!

Lieberman Threatens To Go GOP In 2012, Torpedoing All Hopes Of Getting To 60 On Healthcare

I'm with Howard. Kill the bill!

'Everyone chill the fuck out!! I got this!'

For any and all who need a smile today...

Why do so many people think their health care is "free" if their employer "pays for it?"

Why do so many people think their health care is "free" if their employer "pays for it?"

Why do so many people think their health care is "free" if their employer "pays for it?"

What happens to the 40,000 people that die every year with out health care?

What happens to the 40,000 people that die every year with out health care?

Tiger Woods: wife Elin Nordegren 'has decided to divorce him'

Obama says: Gov. going bankrupt

Can someone explain something to me about this "covering millions" in the health care bill

Healthcare: First They Came For The Banksters -- Thom Hartmann

Do you stand with Dr. Dean?

Is Federally Mandated Private Insurance Constitutional?

the White House is scared of Howard Dean

So I muted Obama this morning. Just I like I use to mute Bush.

So I muted Obama this morning. Just I like I use to mute Bush.

Funny how last night we have a little press party at the white house, then today

Shelter helps homeless female vets get on feet

Is Single Payer Also Bad Because It May Result In Going To Prison Due To Taxes?

The ruling class in the U.S. doesn't really care which party is in "power,"

ok, so let me get this straight.

Feingold Calls Obama Out for Hiding Behind Liebereman

Feingold Calls Obama Out for Hiding Behind Liebereman

Now he's going to raise taxes???

Sen. Sanders: ‘As of this point, I’m not voting for the bill.’

Health Insurance is a Ponzi Scheme. It will bankrupt the country.

White House Finally Decides to Get Tough on a Political Opponent

The only reason to support this bill is to prevent the Republicans from claiming victory.

The only reason to support this bill is to prevent the Republicans from claiming victory.

The only reason to support this bill is to prevent the Republicans from claiming victory.

Can someone explain how it's constitutional to require citizens to buy insurance from private,

For Christian DU'ers (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays)

What pisses you off the most about the HCR debacle?

You know who is laughing their fucking asses off?

So Chase gets to borrow $$ for next to nothing and Chase Credit Card Rate is 27%(not even default!)

CT scans. Not 1/1000 put at risk of developing cancer, but 1/80.

More WTF, Obama: Obama considering setting up commission to

AP Source: Chrysler will invest in Michigan plant (155 jobs to be created in Michigan)

I would have been FAR happier if Obama had tried and failed at REAL health care reform

Part 6: Two-thirds of Americans support Medicare-for-all - by Kip Sullivan

Mystery Couple Pays It Forward at Philly Diner

Today Robert Gibbs said no rational person would oppose this bill.

Angry Liberals: Why didn't Barack Obama fight?

Hartmann just said "stick this bill where the sun don't shine".

Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, verses 9-21

Couple together for 59 years; die moments apart

Welcome to Healthcare Hell

Couple weeks of blatant revealing moves by Obama has everyone i know in an uproar

I'm going to jail, who's with me?

Right wing persecution story has holes in it. School denies suspending boy over drawing

Anti-H-1B Blogger Targeted By Feds

*101 reasons why men cheat /By Mark Morford/

I am an architect, I am unemployed, I will NOT buy mandated private health insurance...

Tea Partiers rally: 'Kill the bill'

No One Is Going To Save You Fools

Will Marijuana be legal in CA? ... YES!

On NPR this morning, on one of the call-in programs, I heard that the bill for universal health care

Now I've seen everything. Healthcare gift cards.

Howard Dean now on Thom Hartmann

Grade President Obama's first year

Daryl Cagle TOON on Senate healthcare bill

Bernie Sanders - summarized - it is the People, or the Corporations.

Bernie Sanders on Senate floor now discussing health Insurance

Markos: Strip the mandate, and put GOP on the spot

I suppose Paul Krugman's the latest sellout

FEINGOLD: Don't Blame Lieberman-Blame Obama-The Bill Is What "The President Wanted In The 1st Place"

On health care reform - some things you can do TODAY to act against this atrocity

I can see myself supporting a lot of Primary challenges around the country.

Viva Morales !!!! (Bolivia)


HOWARD DEAN WRITES OP-ED: "I know health reform when I see it, & there isn't much left in the bill"

Howard Dean has a point. We need the SEC to examine the insurance co's books!

Hit 'em again, Dean.

Is this as good as it gets?

Kos' answer to Nate Silver's 20 Questions for Bill Killers here

i am still howard dean's special interest. i

Some days at DU make me mad, some make me laugh, some make me think.

DFA: Bill doesn't really "cover" 30 million more...just fines them if they don't buy insurance

Let me tell you the kind of US Senator I would be (imaginary hypothetical rant)


Howard speaks for me on this legislation. Check in if he speaks for you.

Howard speaks for me on this legislation. Check in if he speaks for you.

Forget the damn Dem politicians - if the Left doesn't start channelling the very real populist anger

Thug bites off part of Rabbi's finger during Chanukah menorah lighting in Vienna

Not a wise decision by the WH to try to make Dean look bad and Lieberman look good.

A lot of you guys say that you're mad...

YouTube Video - CHANUKAH MENORAH TORN DOWN by priest & thugs in Moldova, recalls Kishinev Massacre.

YouTube Video - CHANUKAH MENORAH TORN DOWN by priest & thugs in Moldova, recalls Kishinev Massacre.

Man wins lotto, leaves wife, then she is evicted from her home

A lot of off-topic threads in GD and GDP about a Tarantino flick

I'm thinking about getting pregnant during comps. My oh my., too.

Let's talk about New Orleans and JAZZFEST!

My relatives want me to come to Texas to visit......should I go?

More internet funnies....


Christmas party horror stories

Whenever someone posts a photo of themselves or their pets at home,

If you have a 200x full size GM truck/suv

Good morning, Miss Honeychurch.

cat proof christmas tree

Doompunk: is the new steampunk trend more evidence of pessimism in the US?

Nothing to see here.

Q: What's the worst part of the holidays? A: Commercialism

Q: What's the worst part of the holidays? A: Commercialism

Texts From Last Night (from Stephanie Miller's show this morning)

My daughter-in-law's photographer friend won a contest with her pic

The cold weather is making one of my cats PSYCHO.

I'm thinking about a vacation get-a-way type of wedding

Here's a safety PSA for you (seriously).

Bacon Appreciation Thread

Man reported for parole check with crack pipe in his pocket

Let's kill the bill and

Piles of more loss. I really do not want another new year, and haven't for a while.

How will the American electorate respond to mandates and huge

No Way, No How, No Bill!

Wesley Willis Appreciation Thread, Or, "Sick of Carols? Listen to This!"

"Shall We gather at the River?" (Ken Kesey appreciation)

Self-deprecating sense of humor

Self-deprecating sense of humor

The GOP is Mavericky and Rogue-A-Licious and we are Hopey and Change-A-Riffic

Anyone ever been able to retrieve old memories, through hynosis or some other way?

Marvin, You're The Man

Howard Dean - a call to ACTION for progressives!

If I were Obama.....

So that's what happened to Friendster

When to bring a lab inside in cold weather?

Weird news of the day: New Zealand driver distracted by, runs over young woman flashing her breasts

I was reading about the James Bulger murder

The big picture is the GOP will save HCR for...a DEM sponsored "draft". They

Obama, banksters, and the deal with the devil that WE get to pay for

Any El Vez fans here?

What hope is there? Just say NO to Liebercare! (CAPTION PHOTO)

The Alternatives

Most Earth-Like Extrasolar Planet Found Right Next Door (42 LtYrs away)

I've dumped Firefox for Google's Chrome browser. domain has expired

Paramount is filming a Keanu Reeves movie outside of my place of work right now

Land Of The Kings

Darcy Burner (Progressive Congress) Says "Kill Lieberman's Bill!"

Deal or Die on Health Care

Bacon Haiku

Don't Make Me Over

One Less Bell To Answer

What's New Pussycat?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson was saying some weird stuff we should be paying attention to

Close To You

I Say A Little Prayer

HG Ridiculous House porn

I'm going to the mall to club Santa's knee caps.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Does this post make me look fat?

The Look Of Love

Do You Know The Way To San Jose?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer question (1964)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer question (1964)

That car with cameras for Google earth, has it been near you?

Highway 101

24 Hours From Tulsa

Some guy named The Situation is on Conan from last night.

Circle of Hell Oral Roberts went to?


I want to point something out.

The Hangover? Ughhhh

You screaming libs are shitting all over a good man who is trying to move mountains for you.

"Obama weighs ordering new debt commission"

Gnossienne No. 5

Why call it "compromise" when it all flows in one direction?

Putting Obama on Hold, in a Hint of Who’s Boss (BANKSTERS!)

***DECEMBER PHOTO CONTEST*** Come vote. :^)

Can someone explain why this bill allows the Insurance Companies to keep the Anti-Trust exemption?

Harry Reid "I don't work for Obama" (link). Again, Lieberman is a red herring Reids the asshole here

The only way to achieve HCR is to quietly accept betrayal of HCR

Well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

need cookie dough help...

Are you a Burt Bacharach fan?

free christmas tune download from =)

How the view from that highchair?

Student Banned From Minnesota Campus Over Facebook Comments

How am I gonna pay my kids' orphanage bills? n/t

It has been cold to very cool weather in Houston since Nov. 30, almost no sun.

Small point

The Weiner Word

The kids at my school are hurting today. One of their classmates died

My favorite Christmas was 12-25-1991......

My favorite Christmas was 12-25-1991......

Lieberman - I predicted THIS October 30th - do I get a prize?

Always Something There To Remind Me

So how does an entire topic disappear, anyways?

It's that time of the month, again...

Housing starts accelerate in November

Hey kid... learn the lyrics and blow your nose before posting to YouTube...

Walk On By

What kind of wedgie does Lieberman desperately need?

The tough talk on Sunday to the banks was just that talk

I accidentally replaced a General Discussion post with a Lounge posting...

Whether you like "Gangsta Rap" or not, you'll love this...

Ghost Town Blues


Obama writes letter to NKorean leader

I still think Obama could pull it out if he doubled down and went public NOW

Obama's Influence on Bank Lending Is in Doubt

Why are some people disagreeable simply for the sake of being disagreeable?

Harry Reid's results

Lol. Doesn't it figure. The White House is reportedly furious at Howard Dean

Lieberman the most powerful lawmaker in DC? CT Dems want him Out!

I've Tried A Number Of Times This A.M. To Call The White House Comment Line.......

Health-Care Bill After Compromise with Lieberman: Worse Than Nothing

Roy E. Disney dies

My very own Tiger Woods thread

How to serve a man Chicken Wings...

Anyone else tossing back a few cold ones?

John, George, we miss you.

C-Span2: Senate Debates Bernie Sanders' Single-Payer Proposal (around 11AM)

Any Dr. Pepper drinkers?

What will you be wearing when you vote in Nov. 2012?

Finished my last city council meeting

post pseudo-profound nonsense here

YouTube - Final edition Byrds (McGuinn/White/Battin/Schulz), "So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star"

How do you let your significant other know what you want for Christmas?

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax To Tour Together

I'm going to bed soon, but when I awake tomorrow, I expect to see some interesting shit posted here.


Tiger Woods Signs Record Endorsement Deal

Bernanke Man of the Year. Really?

What happens after a House-Senate Conference?

The Top Two Percent are circling the wagons

So I introduced the small fry to "Home Alone" tonight. We had a good time

"Foot Undies"

Does anyone recall a single instance during the Bush years when they mentioned needing 60 votes?

>>>>Hedz Up -- Sanders Amendment on floor (CSPAN) Now...12:15 pm

anyone else been watching the A Capella contest on NBC this week?

Olympia Snowe: "Harry Reid assured me that Medicare buy-in and public option are dead"

Hey, I kinda of enjoy (non-traditional) Christmas music, like these ones....

I know this is not a "Democratic" party site.. but it gives me great joy

New Moniker for the man who made a joke out of the Nobel "Peace" Prize:

"Starting Over" on health care reform is a fantasy

If Dems are planning on doing a Reconciliation Bill AFTER passing this Bill containing Insurance

If Dems are planning on doing a Reconciliation Bill AFTER passing this Bill containing Insurance

To all the Ladies of the World...A question.

Democratic President Word Association Poll...

So what will happen in conference on HCR

Orrex just crashed through my roof.

I told you so. I said that Obama would be a Clinton type Centrist. (Not an Obama bashing thread)

YouTube - Mick Jagger, U2 & Fergie, "Gimme Shelter" @ Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame 10/30/09

Gibbs 1, Boehner 0

I'm sorry. Obama is the furthest-left candidate you will be allowed to have.

K&R if you're willing to work to put in a 65% PROGRESSIVE majority congress !!

"Shake your fists, then get real"

Ugh... Is there anything lamer than former atheists that turn into fundies?

BREAKING: Body of Huckleberry Finn exhumed, new autopsy reveals he didn't actually have "fins"

Looks like the Obama Administration and Democrats in Congress are doing a great job

Hell No! Joe Lieberman Has Got to Go!

GOP playing with Defense spending bill

In Bid To Derail Health Care Reform, GOP Delays Passage Of Troop Funding

What bothers me the most is how the Dems all get together and lie down in the

Did you like Sex, Love, and Rock 'n' Roll?

Okay, I feel better today.....Because I've given up and don't give a damn what they do.

"A Dream for Insurance Companies? Must Be News To Them"

So apparently Sherlock Holmes was first and foremost an Ultimate Fighting champ. Who knew?

So apparently Sherlock Holmes was first and foremost an Ultimate Fighting champ. Who knew?

Apartment etiquette question

New Sherlock Holmes movie....looks good or bad? Discuss.

DU brain drain

Are repubs more loud??

Urgent posting from my iPhone: I've jumped out of a plane and forgotten my parachute!

Children poorer, your-yes your insurance made worse by this bill

I really need to get up and clean up my place, company is coming for the weekend.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 12/16/09

Damn! I staying here for a while. It's not safe out in GD.

Bernies up on Senate floor -- for real CSpan (2:56)

Do you like Sex, Drugs and Nickleback?

If Sanders withdrew his single payer amendment, then what is he now debating?

True to form...Congressional Democrats achieving Unity -- United for Failure

On a scale of One - Ten, How screwed by the Democratic Party do you feel?

Guess what mailing list I just 'unsubscribed' to....

When HCR is signed, in the Rose Garden, DU'ers will post pictures to be fawned over.

Daily Kos Diary: Arianna Huffington, White Privilege, Nihilism & Health Reform

Your favorite snack chip?

WTF is going on? I go out for a haircut, and I come back and my husband tells me

I think Reid and Obama wont use reconciliation because it will expose the Democratic Party

Anyone knows what happened to Dr. Strange?

You see what happened to health care bill? Campaign finance reform is now the most important issue!

Senate voting now on motion to kill the Republican motion to stop health care taxes until benefits

Suspicious package found at Sen. Baucus' office

Dupe - please delete

Liberals: We Lost the Health Care Battle But Won the War

When you were younger than 30, did you think that you'd never get old?

President Obama/Drug Industry win fight against importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada

Too bad Pres. Obama isn't the Dem version of "The Decider" eh?

Obama Administration sending up to 56,000 more military contractors to Afghanistan!

Turn on CSPN 2 (the Senate) NOW!

"The importance of the individual mandate."

Gibbs: "I don't know what piece of legislation Dean is reading."

Here is what I think I know. Which is quite different from actually knowing.

Here is what I think I know. Which is quite different from actually knowing.

If You Called Your Senators And Supported A Public Option - CALL THEM BACK

If You Called Your Senators And Supported A Public Option - CALL THEM BACK

Obama = Terry McAuliffe 2.0.

I have to ask again--how does the Public Option pass?

I have to ask again--how does the Public Option pass?

Why wasn't Medicare buy-in at 40+, removal of anti-trust offered as part of reconciliation?

How popular were the Medicare buy-in and drug importation?

Think Obama Will Have A Town Hall Meeting With Average Americans And......

This appeared to be the official Excrement Hitting the Fan Day for HCR

Smallpox/Dengue Fever 2012

Anyone have a RECENT and CREDIBLE source on the use of reconciliation?

At this point the 56 Dems who support a Public Option should tell Obama & Reid

Best. Web. Site. EVAH.

Truthiness quiz: Gibbs versus Dean

Kill the Health Bill - Howard Dean

The Obama Effect: The Demise of the Democratic Party and a Gift to the Country

Off topic, but is Obama still planning on attending the closing day of the climate summit? nt.

"Liberals Against Health Care Reform Are Nuts"

US Envoy Rejects Higher Emissions Cuts, Reparations

What is your opinion of taking a course where you are in a group of three and

What are you wearing?

Is there anyone who's not thrown under the bus? Not a good sign for re-election.

Lost Highway

I think this web site may be illegal.

Video: Dean, Landrieu on Hardball

Kelsey Grammer: Frasier Crane, Sideshow Bob, The Beast, or the guy in Down Periscope?

Favorite highway that's divisible by 4?

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll - 49% Approve, 41% Disapprove (+1/0 from 12/15)

Republican's 2010 Obama Agenda Survey shows how Out of Touch they are.

How different would things be today if Hillary was President Clinton?

Is it true that Nancy Pelosi has just said "NO BILL THIS YEAR"?

Good thing the election isn't today...

Weiner: Snowe? Stupak? Lieberman? Who left these people in charge?

The media is letting Obama off the hook on Drug Re-import like they did w/ Bush and Iraq

Sanders withdrew his Medicare for all amendment so no vote was taken!!

John Birch Society Sponsoring CPAC

Expanded Health Care Coverage? ....Unless Paying Fines Is Now 'Health Care'

Ed Schultz just said "Horrible" poll numbers coming tonight about Dems from an MSNBC poll

NYT: Burris Pushes Back (on HCR)

If you had asked me 2 hours ago if it was possible to blow up a pot of beans, I would have said no.

Step away from the spin. The Obama administration is not on the verge of collapse.

Why are we training a GOP supporting racist to run against us?

Landrieu laying out the Obama/Lieberman common ground on healthcare reform. Dean the dissent.

More and More, Obama Seems a Faux Liberal

Who are the Dems that voted against drug reimportation?

Charles Gibson wasn't easy on Obama like he was with dimwit Bush in his interview tonite.

Keith Olbermann has special comment on HCR tonight

1 in 5 in U.S. lost health insurance since 2008

Just Desserts: Obama's Karmic Bite in the Behind

GOP poll puts McCain far ahead of Hayworth

Of all the stupid, over the top theories of the HCR bill

It would have been better to have a good HCR bill that gets voted down than the bill as

my father died this morning

Norton wins over Tea Partiers with call to eliminate Department of Education

It is sad the White House seems more upset with Dean than Lieberman!

Is this why Obama never entertained a single-payer system?

Tweety: "If reconciliation was used the Republicans would ensure that no more bills would ever pass"

Krugman: Illusions and bitterness

Nevermind. Look at the cute puppies though!

Are there enough votes in the senate to pass a compromise bill WITH a PO?

House narrowly approves Democratic jobs plan - $174 billion measure faces uncertain future in Senate

The HCR Bill is D.O.A.

Dems want to challenge Kissell

Is price controls the only thing from Obama's list left out of the current senate bill?

Thune safe

Bipartisanship may have been a sensible strategy for a 50-50 nation, but...

Obama: The Man vs. The Idea (Tom Tomorrow TOON)

NBC/WSJ poll: President Obama's approval dips to 47%

Olbermann Just called for the Mandate to be stripped w/o a PO. I love this guy

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment: "Fix Or Kill The Health Bill" (VIDEO)

Didn't the Ron Wyden proposal have a smattering of BiPartisan supposrt?

Kerry: US to pass "major" climate legislation (plus transcript of speech in Copenhagen)

So is anyone here still defending the Whitehouse Private Deal with Pharma?

Left eases kill-bill threat

Remember when KO called for Hillary Clinton

Photos: The Obama Presidency December 16th, 2009

White House touts stimulus data while pushing new plan to create jobs

For those that didn't see this: Conyers ripping Obama/Emanuel for lack of leadership says it all!

Bye Bye DU......

"Obama comments on House job bill."

Caption our Commander in Chief!

The Current White House Thinking re: Health Care Reform

AP Poll Obama approval rating steady at 56%, What happens after his base shifts ?

Question: What can a political party do to a sitting senator with 5 more years office left?

I keep seeing televison reports of Obama's popularity going down...

This Is A Site That Lists What Kind Of Primaries Each State Has... 20 Questions For Bill Killers

Glen Beck in Depression ...did not make Times MAN OF THE YEAR

Could it be that the NBC/WSJ poll leaned conservative?

I'm changing the subject - here is some exciting news coming from the VP - GREEN Jobs!

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To the ardent Obama supporters here

With Public Option Removed, Public, Labor Groups Sour On Bill

"Left eases kill-bill threat."

If someone has concluded that Obama is a "coward" and a "liar" does that mean

It's About Affordability And The Mandates, Stupid

Howard Dean's Op-Ed in Thursday's Washington Post : Health care bill wouldn't bring real reform

The Progressive Case For Passing The Senate Health Bill (updated)

I'm looking for some new bedtime music, so pls tell me:

I almost hate to say this, but a fact about reconciliation procedure...

Give the Health Care Industry the one thing they really fear

NC-Sen: Two Polls Show Burr in the Doldrums

Passing this "stack of paper with health care on it" will kill any chances we have to try again.

Poll: Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama is doing now?

WH official calls Howard Dean "irrelevant". Video.

The first negotiation demand should have been give up pre-existing conditions and the....

Tonight's Charlie Gibson interview w/Obama: O- "Federal Gov't 'Will Go Banrupt' if healthcare . . .

Krugman Supports a Mandate

On blaming President Obama for the health care bill

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White House shill: A Dream for Insurance Companies? Must Be News To Them

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse asks, 'Why spurn a victory in hand?'

Yes iit brings in 30 million people -- by force and into scam insurance

Why isn't the White House Drug Deal a bigger outrage here?

Why did many Democrats, including John Kerry and Chris Dodd vote against drug re-importation?

Wow, Dean sure changed his tone from yesterday (updated)

Greenwald rips "White House as helpless victim on health care" excuse

"If You Save One Life, You Save the World"

Howard Dean knew Iraq was a bad idea and he knows HCR without PO or Medicare

Not everyone on the Left are bunch of whining kids with no grasp of reality

Stocks for WellPoint, largest health insurance company in the nation, hit year high

Answering Nate Silver’s 20 Questions On Killing The Senate Bill (Firedoglake)

Poll: Loss Of Public Option Causes Big Increase In Opposition To Health Care Bill

In denouncing health care bill, crafty Dean lays foundation to challenge Obama in 2012

Rockefeller: What Dean is saying "is nonsense... and he's wrong."

Where Would You Put President Obama On The Political Spectrum?


YouTube - Prince plays, sprays & slays the guitar solo in "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Reconciliation resolution tactics with the Byrd Rule mean that IT IS A TRAP

About that Vacuum that's forming...

interesting to see how the liberals are being marginalized by the WH and congress

Howard Dean is anything but irrelevant. If he was, the idiots in the White House

Note to MSNBC/Chris Matthews:

Cillizza: "Why Health Care Will Pass (and what it means.)"

I'm thinking about becoming a lounge rat

OK, I'm ready to blame Obama

There's this AmEx radio ad for the "Smart Cookies"

Is Obama's popularity decreasing because he's not liberal enough?

Howard Dean and the Goal Posts - His healthcare plan in 2004 was worse than the current bill.

An idea on something constructive we can do now on Health Care Reform

Hello. I am still among the living

If and when a health care reform bill passes, let's strip Lieberman from

The Progressive Case For Passing The Senate Health Bill (Podesta)

Olbermann's Special Comment was AMAZING!

This is a perfect analogy

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Obama tanking in latest AP/GfK poll linked to on MSNBC website

Obama tanking in latest AP/GfK poll linked to on MSNBC website

Write? Call? Email your Senators, Representatives? NO.

How many of you remember when the interest on your car loan was deductible?

Obama campaigned against mandates in 08. Remember that?

For supporters of President Obama

All the Repubs want is for Obama to not get any good legislation through the congress. That is all

CBO: Kerry-Boxer climate bill creates $21B SURPLUS!

Industrial Love Ballad

It ain't Christmas without Santa Claus and His Old Lady.

Dumbest moments in business 2009 (these are great)

UK court issued warrant for Livni

Judge rejects backdating case against former Broadcom executives

Peanut Corp. officials fight for piece of $1 million policy

Yegor Gaidar, architect of Russia's free market transition, dies aged 53

Russia to complete WTO accession talks in 2010

Obama To Dems: Don't Screw Up This Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

U.S. steps up special operations mission in Afghanistan

Shanandoah, PA Police officers charged by FBI in murder case tampering

Russia-NATO relations enter new stage

Citigroup gains massive tax break in deal with IRS

U.S. Clears Way to Recognition for Shinnecock Tribe

Person of the Year 2009 -

Current Account Trade Deficit Widens in 3Q

EU drops Microsoft browser charges

Revealed: Bush officials EMAILED BOGUS RUMOR Blaming Gore For Failure to KILL BIN LADEN

Revealed: Bush officials e-mailed bogus rumor blaming Gore for failure to kill Bin Laden

Sarah Palin Hits Back at Schwarzenegger

Copenhagen police battle climate protesters

Iraq security forces involved in bombings: PM

Spandau Ballet to be first band to perform in space

DFA says "No Option? No Mandate"

Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar hegemony

Russia’s Market Reform Architect Dies

Tony Blair’s new claims on Iraq invasion are ‘very damaging’, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Democrats Lash Out At Obama Over Health Care Disappointments

Abu Dhabi sues Citigroup over its $7.5bn investment in US bank

Rally-Goers Urge Lieberman To Support Health Care

Friends of the Earth among activists barred from Copenhagen conference centre

Union pulls back on supporting (Senate HCR) bill

(Sen. Al) Franken’s amendment on rape included in appropriations bill

House Passes Defense Bill, Rushes Toward Recess

Burris Pushes Back

Illinois town welcomes plan to house Gitmo detainees

Copenhagen climate talks yield no deal as leaders arrive

US Silent About Taliban Guarantee Offer on al Qaeda

Couple together for 59 years; die moments apart

56,000 private contractors will join 30,000 troops in Afganistan

Climate talks stall amid protests in Copenhagen

Uninvited Tourists Get Big Surprise at White House

Suspicious package cleared from Baucus office

Person of the Year 2009: Ben Bernanke

Treasury Said to Be Backing Away From Immediate Sale of Citigroup Stake

House backs $290 billion debt limit increase

Brazil court rules for U.S. dad seeking custody

Labor Holds Emergency Meetings To Discuss Senate Bill

NATO chief looks to build trust with Moscow visit

Roy Edward Disney dies at 79

MTA passes huge NYC service cuts to shut deficit

UPDATE 1-U.S. senate panel "deeply concerned" by F-35 costs

First Solar: 1 Billion watts in 2009

$130 Million for Helicopter Obama Doesn't Want

Company: Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, dies

Johanns (R-Ne & 19 other GOP senators) : Probe Offutt 'threat' (stall healthcare with diversion)

Swiss minaret appeal goes to European Court

Up to 56,000 more contractors likely for Afghanistan, congressional agency says

Up to 56,000 more contractors likely for Afghanistan, congressional agency says

Blue Shield of California gets tough over late payments (Miss A Payment-Imediately Lose Coverage)

Bailout Banks Enjoy Tax Breaks As They Repay

U.S. Study: 1 in 5 Lost Health Insurance in Past Year

House approves $155 billion jobs bill

(German) Students shut classes in tuition protests

GOP (Senate) slow down effort underway

Single Payer Health Care Plan Dies In Senate

Paterson Sued Over School Payments

BBC news website asks users: 'Should homosexuals face execution?'

France to bring in bank bonus tax

Pakistan Reported to Be Harassing U.S. Diplomats

Copenhagen police fire tear gas at climate protesters

Woods voted top athlete of the decade

Nearly half of Detroit's workers are unemployed

President to Appear on WWE Special

US mortgage delinquencies at new high

Alien 'water world' found

Nelson (D-Ne) reviewing abortion compromise

White House Plan Would Increase Clean Energy Tax Credit

Blue Shield drops harsh cancellation policy

Speaker Pelosi to shield vulnerable members from controversial votes

Report: Feds improperly gathered intel on Nation of Islam

Iran condemned by Western leaders over test of long-range missile

U.S. National Debt Tops Debt Limit

Lieberman won't rule out run as Republican in 2012

Howard Dean: Health Care Bill 'Bigger Bailout for the Insurance Industry Than AIG'

Immigration overhaul bill unveiled in House

Scientists crack 'entire genetic code' of cancer

'Green'(LED) Traffic Lights Blamed For Fatal Accidents

LED lights making their way to mainstream in 2009

I'm In - And I'm Stayin' In

House passes COBRA subsidy extension bill

President Obama Writes Personal Letter To NKorean Leader Kim Jong II

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 16

Scarlett accused of misleading inquiry

The Sham Elections in Honduras (The Nation)

This Isn’t Health Reform; It’s Extortion for a Protection Racket

"How Does Somebody Have a Baby in Jail Without Anybody Noticing?"

Spiteful Joe

Twitter Tweets about Insurance Companies as of December 16, 2009

Obama Urges Insulation of Lieberman as Sexy

Why We're Fascinated by the Paranormal, Masonic Myths and Secret Societies

"Obama Writes Letter To North Korea's Kim Jong Il, Says AP Source" by Kwang-Tae Kim

The troubled belly of the populist beast

Markos: Remove mandate, or kill this bill

Unbearable Lightness of Obama: The Audacity of Retrenchment

Victims' families tell their stories following Nato airstrike in Afghanistan

"The Jobless Recovery: Larry Summers and the End of the Economic Crisis" by Anthony DiMaggio

"White House as Helpless Victim on Health Care" by Glenn Greenwald

Who's afraid of the big, bad Zinn?

Thinking Outside the Box: What Obama Could Have Said

HCR likely dead in Senate. With Lieberman and the rest of the Corporate Lobbyist Party strangling

Kill the health bill ...Howard Dean ...Wash Post

Health Care on the Road to Neo-Feudalism

Health Care "Bill"

Two-legged dog gives hope to disabled vets

Hostage Situation (James Howard Kunstler)

Two Bills In Congress Restore Glass - Steagall.

Since this is a Republican HC "reform" bill now, Dems ought to add "anti-price fixing" language

The Washington Post Is Panicked, Again!!!!!! (Dean Baker)

Poll reveals depth and trauma of joblessness

Robert Scheer: Wall Street’s Fat Cats Are Still In Charge

US Envoy Rejects Higher Emissions Cuts, Reparations

Expanded Health Care Coverage? ....Unless Paying Fines Is Now 'Health Care'

Senate should confirm Al Diaz, Jim Wynn to court, would add much to the U.S. 4th Circuit.

Secret Service Blamed for Letting 'Obama Impersonator' Crash the White House

The Lesson of Lyndon Baines Lieberman (R-CT)---Sirota

Romania's bloody revolution remembered

From the files of "Shit we already knew....": Real loneliness can do serious damage


The Fall Guy AKA Shitty Joe

play into their hand, suckers - In Delaying Health Care GOP Wants To Force August Repeat Over Holida

The real war on Christmas

Special Comment: Not Health, Not Care, Not Reform by Keith Olbermann

Cost Estimate for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as Proposed on 11/18 (Director, CBO)

More and More, Obama Seems a Faux Liberal

Gun control's NRA supporters

White House Finally Decides To Get Tough On A Health Care Opponent

Was Organized and Systemic Fraud Perpetrated by Banksters?

The Self-Destruction of Barack Obama

Could the US use a little protectionism?

Healthcare: First They Came For The Banksters

Mr. Lieberman: The Democrats' Albatross

Summer Rayne Oakes on the walkout at Cop 15

Kaona Cut: Ittai Wong and Jamaica Osorio

GOP [Hearts] 100 Wall Street Lobbyists


Senate Divas: Lieberman, Lincoln, Landrieu, Webb & More

MIT's Copenhagen Wheel for your Bike debuted at COP15

TYT: McCain Fights For Financial Reform But Obama Doesn't ?'s Jane Hamsher on Joe Lieberman and Health Care Reform

Ned Lamont Discusses Joe Lieberman's Health Care Reform Flip-flop

Rep. Marcy Kaptur: Pres Obama Held Yet ANOTHER White House Meeting To Jawbone Wall St Bankers!

How Do You Go In A Room Without Punching Lieberman OUT! - Ed Shultz.

Jonathan Turley On Moving GITMO Detainees To Super Max Prison In Illinois

Arianna Huffington: It Is Absurd To Cede Control Of Health Care Reform To Joe Lieberman

Gore: Tell The Senate To Pass Climate Change Legislation By Earth Day, 2010

Naomi Klein: To Obama & US Politicians - DON'T BOTHER

Maldives President Nasheed: "We Refuse To Be Quiet" On Climate Change

Naomi Klein discusses non-violently shutting down negotiations in Copenhagen

Thom Hartmann - Are protester's voices being heard in Copenhagan?

Erik Prince, Blackwater, and the CIA

TYT: Obama Admin Weakness Vs. Bush Admin Strength

Dean on ABC: "This is an insurance company's dream, this bill...the Washington scramble."

Thom Hartmann - How does a remote control get stuck in someone's butt?

Papantonio: Inflation is a Good Thing

The Trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed by Ted Rall

Waxman-Markey Bill To Give Energy Sector Special Status?

DN! “If Bush Was In Kindergarten, Obama Is In 1st Grade” – Indian Environmentalist Sunita Narain

Pap and Jim Hightower Discuss Obama's War

What it's all about - health care, Afghanistan, all of it: MONEY

Race & the Bible 4000 years and still working on it | African Racism Fundamentalist Slavery

Satan Speaks English End Times New World Antichrist Obama

Friends Of The Earth Delegation Get Expelled From COP15 During An Interview With Amy Goodman

TYT: 8 Year Old Suspended For Drawing Jesus On Cross? (& HUGE TYT Announcement!)

Sanders: The Day Will Come When Congress Has Courage to Stand up to Private Insurance Cos

When Spain's vineyards turn to dust bowl

Barack Obama, Inc. -Representing Us Or Corporate America? (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

Bernie Sanders speech on the floor about Single Payer

Bernie Sanders: As Of This Point, Im Not Voting For The Bill

Thom Hartmann - Obama's Big Sellout with Matt Taibbi

HRC Whistleblower, Wendell Potter Tells It Like it Is - Countdown

Unpatriotic Nutty Teabaggers Attempt Humor With Song: 'The 12 Days Of Obama'

Glenn Beck Defends Slaves As 3/5 A Person

Monty Python - Motor Insurance sketch

Sanders - Why US Spends So Much & HC Outcome Worst Than Other Countries

Olbermann Special Comment PT. 1- HCR 'Make It Palatable or Make It Go Away'

Rockefeller slams GOP, Howard Dean and Mary Landrieu

Countdown: O'Donnell Says WH is Scared of Howard Dean

Hot Planet ( 1/6 HQ ) [ BBC ] 2009

How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth? ( 1/6 HQ ) [ BBC Horizon 2009 ]

Hardball: Howard Dean to Mary Landrieu - 'You Took Away Our Choices'

Rare gold coin found in Salvation Army donation kettle

Landrieu lied about Dean on Hardball.

Obama Warns Govt 'Will Go Bankrupt' Without the Lieberman Bill

Maddow strikes back at Dick Armey's nonsensical attack on her

TYT: Cenk finally comes to his senses, now supports single payer health care

Tom Harkin (on Maddow) Health Reform Bill: 'Strong Foundation'

Olbermann Special Comment PT. 2 - HCR 'Mandate Must Be Stripped; Immoral & A Betrayal'

Ed Schultz to Obama: "Your base thinks you're nothing but a sellout."

North Korean News on Traitor Joe Lieberman

MIT's Copenhagen Wheel for your Bike revealed at COP15

NOW Toronto: Canada's rep still slipping

Drumbeat: December 16, 2009

the Water War in CA. Feinstein's Water Transfer Bill Madera County Builder to take more.

Deniergate - 8 Quivering "Scientific" Turds Paraded As "Evidence" By Denial Lobby - New Scientist

Mayor Of Wood Buffalo, Alberta - Cancer Problems In Ft. Chipewayan "Not A Municipal Concern"

Typhoon Laurence Hits Cat 5 As Rigs NW Of Australia Evacuate Crews - Landfall Likely Today (12/16)

Humboldt Squid, Southern Species, Now Range North To Sitka, AK - Fisheries Impact Worries Scientists

Leaked Documents Suggest Canadian Oil & Gas Sector May Only Cut Emissions 10% By 2020

Summer Rayne Oakes on the walkout at Cop 15

"Ocean Acidification Irreversible On A Timescale Of 10s Of Thousands Of Years" - CBD Report 12/14/09

Audi exec: Obama's love for electric vehicles premature

New book on Chernobyl from New York Academy of Science

Researchers develop nanotechnology for dirt-resistant solar panels

Water Loss in California's Central Valley 30 cubic kilometers since 2003

Capping nuclear liability is a non-starter (former Attorney General for India)

Evolution Going Great, Reports Trilobite

Cuba: "Energy is an instrument of power."

10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World.

New Scientist Crushes Daily Express Denialist List With 50 Referenced Reasons For Climate Breakdown

How to slow climate change for only $15B

Toxic Algae Blooms Hit Record Levels In US - Red Tides, Beach Closures, Fish Kills, More - AFP

Climate change: Presidents Chavez, Morales lash out at wealthy North

Can You Name the Planet's Biggest Gas Guzzler?

Air Car - Gotta See This !!

Wickmayer, Malisse cleared to play; ITF lifts ban

Kimbo! and a prediction

U.S. to play at Netherlands in World Cup warm-up

Tiger Woods Wins AP Athlete of the Decade

The Sporting News ranks the Sun Bowl as the best bowl game this year.

Chris Henry in serious car accident, reportedly on life support.

What The Saints mean to New Orleans ....

Tiger Woods voted Athlete of the Decade

Boxing (Dec 16 - 19)

Lane Kiffin breaking the rules---Again.

Gunmen fire on Honduran journalist's car, 1 killed

U.N. experts say Venezuela's Chavez creating fear

Funes rules out incorporation into ALBA

Is Radio Globo defunct?

Quotha: ...I said "FASCISM."

Whom the gods would destroy, part 4: The crisis in Honduras.

Honduran de facto government announces withdrawal from ALBA

Evo in Copenhagen: Amy Goodman's report.

Brazil's Senate approves Venezuela in Mercosur

Top Ten Ways You Can Tell Which Side the United States Government Is on With Regard to the Military

Brazil Senators Approve Venezuela Entry Into Mercosur (Update1)

BoRev ridicules egregious racism at the Wall Street Urinal re Venezuela.

Haaretz Op-ed: Bring on the Transparency

UN: Much of West Bank closed to Palestinian building

Silently Stealing Jerusalem

Gaza's Azhar University shuts down fearing clashes

Analysis: Making sense of modern anti-Semitism

Abbas to remain Palestinian president beyond January

Weighing Netanyahu as Peace Maker

Jewish town won't let Arab build home on his own land

Olmert offered Abbas land near Gaza as swap for settlements

When Will It Be Our Time?

Gun Banning Oak Park Pass Out Whistles to Fight Crime

Washington man shoots suspected prowler in buttocks with arrow

Police Chief uses Internet postings to deny firearms license.

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case Against Gun Maker...

Typo in Law Establishes Mandate to Lock Gun-Toting Train Passengers in Boxes

Violence Policy Center admits defeat?

An injury to one is an injury to all

OSHA cites Stanton, Neb., firm (1 preventable death)

Decades later, Willmar 8 are heroes to a new generation

AFSCME Releases Best Practices Guide for Pension Systems

Today in Labor History Dec 16, 8 women in Willmar, Mn, initiated the first bank strike (4 = pay/men)

The Republican Party's strategy is brilliant

IMHO these few days will demonstrate the wisdom of Obama keeping his blackberry

PHOTOS: New Official Ones, 12/16

Where Did Democratic Underground Go?

Listening to the Ron Reagan Show on Air America. He's talking

VIDEO: President Obama's interview with ABC News' Charles Gibson

Now here's something to consider.....

"Merry Christmas* you wonderful Democrats with the capital D and Obama supporters

***December Contest Final Round is up in GD***

follow the yellow brick road

a couple wide-angle night shots

Close-up photos of dying star show our sun's future (w/ Video)

First Global Map of Mercury Revealed

Thousands evacuated as Mayon volcano threatens Philippines villages

'Super-Earths' orbit nearby stars (BBC)

Proof of Physical Theory provides Quantum reasoning for 2nd century Buddhist design

Gay Uganda bloggers conversation with a Ugandan Legislator (OMFG seriously)

NC: largest county - Mecklenburg - approves domestic partner benefits for workers

Anti-Marriage backers going to push further retreat from real world

Group urges Salvation Army boycott

DC Council votes for marriage, Catholic church blinks

Nicaragua: An ombudswoman for sexual diversity


OH Oh...Arab states of the Gulf region launch a single currency:

Healthcare Stocks On Fire As Investors Wake Up And Realize Healthcare "Reform" Is A Giant Sellout

Senator Jeff Merkley( D-Oregon) will vote against re-appointing Bernanke.

Wow, just wow..........

Gary Craig of EFT fame retiring

Old thread re: Metaphysics

What is the difference between karmic and conventional astrology?

Proof of Physical Theory provides Quantum reasoning for 2nd century Buddhist design

T-Cross of Death and Rebirth in 2010

It's a sad day when a person can't even enjoy a conversation with those

Homeopathic relief from "Cedar Fever" - tea with juniper berries

Hormone that curbs hunger may guard against Alzheimer's (BBC)

Myopia Appears to Have Become More Common

Vacuum Cleaner For The Brain

Mercola: Baking Soda Cures H1N1!

Mass. school denies suspending student for drawing

The "Rubber Room" Problem

The Race to Nowhere

Prosperity Gospel Pioneer Oral Roberts, Dead At 91

Evolutionary advantage for being good? looks like it

CNN: Shroud Discovered in Jerusalem Adds New Nails To Coffin Of Turin Shroud's Claim of Authenticity

35 Great Quotes On The Subject Of Religion (Sure To Enrage All Fundies)

An atheist contemplates his impending death

'Jesus-era' burial shroud found

War On Xmas - The FSTDT Edition

Ulnar Nerve Transposition (dat's my funny-bone)

Neb. man jailed for unregistered machine guns

Festiveness, Stacked Up Southern Style

Advice on Freezing bread and bread dough

How Top Chefs Stay Thin