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Jacob Hacker’s ambiguous polls - By Kip Sullivan, JD - Part 4 of 6

Happy Chan-u-kah Day! (#1 of 8??)

For all the good he's done Chomsky can miss the mark at times.

For all the good he's done Chomsky can miss the mark at times.

Another Person To Die

Science fiction author Dr. Peter Watts beaten and imprisoned at US/Canadian border

Hasmonean rule reached the Negev, archeologists declare

Nursing home resident, 98, accused of killing roommate, 100

It Must Be Great To Be A Republican - Unaccountable Even To Liberals! The Ultimate Free Pass

Greece verges on default

I just found out about Attention Whore

What? No "Tiger on the lam" puns? What has happened to DU?

Why is GD filling up with threads about people's dead cats and gravedancing over banned DUers?

OK..when does the war on Christmas officially begin?

Removed because Violet_Crumble said I was doing it wrong.

Why Do Airstrikes in Afghanistan Keep Killing Exactly 30 People?

We shouldn't depend on the President or the Congress to do the things that we need to do

My idea for a bumper sticker: Please pick a holiday and be happy about it...

UPI headline: Pope to Probe Child Sex Abuse in Ireland

World Leaders Send Apologies for Climate Change ... from the Future

Unemployment for young vets surpasses 20%

Unemployment for young vets surpasses 20%

Photo thread! What are your favorite bike paths?

Dueling billboards..Christian vs Atheist. Christians attend atheist meeting in attempt to convert.

Lawyers profiting from wrongly convicted?

Draft calls for stiff carbon cuts

The Wall of Knowledge- Sweden

Federal judge halts ban on ACORN funding

Time for Time banking?

The Flotz plan for Social Security solvency

United Nations Convention Against Torture

Cancer Patient Fights For Medicaid

Coincidence?........... I don't think so Mike

5 Years Later, Woman Admits To Gang Rape Hoax-Man in Jail not laughing

Have you ever been tempted to flame out on DU just so you can read the GRAVEDANCING thread

Funny how M$Greedia missed this murder in Texas

Luckovich toon: The Elaborate Hoax

Does anyone here remember Carlos Jiacinto ??

My Cat,Vinny died this week

The meme that not supporting a dem is "helping the GOP" or "preparing for Palin 2012"

The meme that not supporting a dem is "helping the GOP" or "preparing for Palin 2012"

Schools Say They Can't Afford All-Day Kindergarten


IRS Seeks Names of Stanford Investors Who May Have Hidden Accounts Overseas

Tiger Woods and the Ambien bombshell--Part 1

GOP rep quits, calls state house corrupt, then gets job working for payday lender

Naomi Klein on the "New climate ball game"

Repug Rep. Joe Barton is a nitwit

David Plouffe: Left Will Come Home for Democrats

Former First Lady Barbara Bush endorses "Precious": Interview

Supply Side Jesus

Supply Side Jesus

Studies: To Spend Less, Pay In Cash

racism and sexism at Murdochs Post

Sleepdriving on Ambien--How big a deal is that?--Part 2

. . . . Donations Shouldn’t Go To Hadassah Lieberman

Teabaggers make a conspiracy out of just about anything..

A topic for late night intellectual and philosophical discussion, ... if you dare

Worry about DU when the majority believes and thinks the same...

Bayer GMO contamination bites back

“Deal” Could Put Joe Lieberman In Charge Of Regulating Your Health Insurance

98 billion pounds of food thrown away yearly in America

AP IMPACT: Science not faked, but not pretty

High Premiums in Senate Democrats Health Plan - Shocking Numbers!

Dick Cheney Says Obama doesn't believe in American Exceptionalism

Thousands of Rocks Predicted to Fall from Sky on Sunday!!

Charcoal trade threatens gorillas

I guess I can finally stop feeling like Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight

Want Everyone To See Your Credit Card Transactions? Of Course You Do. Meet Blippy....

Are you being served?

Are you being served?

It's cost over life regarding health reform

Senate Dems Defeat GOP Attempt to Filibuster $1.1T Spending Bill

Senate Dems Defeat GOP Attempt to Filibuster $1.1T Spending Bill

I have figured Tiger Woods out.

This guy is an idiot:

This guy is an idiot:

This guy is an idiot:

Foreclosure Wave Feared as Mortgage Aid Lags Behind Goal

Dean/Feingold in 2012. Discuss.

Feingold/Grayson in 2012. Discuss.

Stuff White People Like

Philippines lifts martial law in 'massacre' province

Buh bye DU

Right Wing Neo-McCarthyism - Anti-Gay, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Liberal Backlash - Is It Back?

Sen. Ben Nelson: No abortion amendment, no cloture on health bill

Boxer/Grayson in 2012. Discuss. Ok, I'll stop now.

Howard Zinn's "The People Speak" to Air on History TOMORROW (13th)

62 people on average are killed or injured by mines each month in Afghanistan

Who wants to set the table for impeachment and the rule of law with me?

CIA cuts Blackwater ties

Good News from Kansas:(chuckle)

Parole board rejects clemency for killer-scheduled to be executed Jan. 7 (Ohio)

Did I see Jenna Bush Hagar on teevee as a commentator yesterday?

Woman who invented CDSs - Key architect of Cap and Trade

Militia groups creating their own currency -- again

Why, that "It's a Wonderful Life" is just Commie propaganda!

In Afghanistan War, Marines' Struggle to Recruit Locals Could Delay US Exit

The Religious Right's Potty Paranoia

Obama's Big Sellout

"Amazing Spider-Man" #614 - The new Electro, Glenn Beck Version ROFL

The legacy of an inhuman trade

Pakistan Ends Operation in S Waziristan

I'm confused. Why did Alan Grayson vote YES for the bill to defund ACORN?

For more clarity-independents are not the base of The Democratic Party.

Govt decides to reject Kyoto Protocol extension (Govt of Japan)

Mortgage Cramdown Amendment Fails in the House

Isn't it Hannakuh or something now? My calendar says Hannakuh began at sunset tonight.

Isn't it Hannakuh or something now? My calendar says Hannakuh began at sunset tonight.

Are you down with the GOP? Yeah, you know me. OG Steele gets jiggy with interns

Pakistan PM backtracks on Waziristan remarks

Copenhagen summit: 600 arrested at climate change protest

Motorbike Assassins Kill Afghan Counter-Terror Official

Political Zinger from Over the Hedge (TOON)

Russia's LUKoil wins auction to develop Iraqi oil field

My ltte, submitted for editing and or corrections......this is in response to one

The Festival of Lights starts tonight

Lawsuit threatened over atheist councilman in NC (trying to boot him on the grounds that he's an

I still can't figure out how you can fit someone in a suitcase..

Christmas healthcare bill deadline iffy

Senate Republicans fail to block spending bill

Amazing 500,000-Bird Swarm Captured on Video Over Sacramento County

Celebrity political donations...

I just wanted to let everyone know about a forum about Obama I just attended

Funny how a majority of those negative Obama posts

Send your $$$ to ensure Dennis Kucinich wins reelection

Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?

Family learns soldier died a hero in 1944 (sacrificed himself to save 20 French children)

What About Pre-Existing Conditions & An Insurance Co. Being Prohibited To Drop You?......

What is it with Republicans and crying wolf?

Note Bene: There is no such word as Islamism, except perhaps in your own mind.

CIA cancels Blackwater drone contract

Sen. Harkin considers raising bill to end filibuster rule

So what will be tomorrow's Sunday Morning Weekly Outrage after all the talk shows?

I'd like green peppers, mushrooms, and onions on a whole wheat crust, please

Gordon Ramsay in hot water, as his business goes down in flames

"A Merry American Christmas" by Roy Zimmerman

Court Ruling Vindicates Grayson’s Argument

Fundamentalist Christians show their hypocrisy over LDS Films

Expert warns against ingesting bisphenol A ( used in food packaging containers)

WOOHOO!!! I've been nominated for Top Primitive of 2009!!!

Cap-and-Trade Model Loses Billions to Fraud

University, Fearing Animal-Rights Violence, Axes Baboon Study (or was it T. Boone Pickens?)

Weekly Address: President Obama Applauds Passage of House Wall Street Reg Bill

iPhone users are delusional, consultants say

I didn't know this was possible, but isn't it great?

I can't believe this is happening again

U.S. power plants meeting emissions goal

Climate Change Protests


In the campaign between Obama and McCain, a good bit of Obama's electoral plurality .....

UCSB Archaeologist Disputes Common Belief About Collapse of Maya

UCSB Archaeologist Disputes Common Belief About Collapse of Maya

Iraq oil capacity 'to reach 12m barrels per day'

Homophobic hate group, MassResistance, is the source of conservative attacks on Kevin Jennings

Kathleen Turner Will Be Molly Ivins in World Premiere, "Red Hot Patriot"

Don't Talk to Cops..

Saturday night treat: Springsteen & Morello - Ghost of Tom Joad

This explains a lot

Europe Turns Up the Heat on the US

Europe Turns Up the Heat on the US

Foreign companies get Iraq oil contracts

Some things just make you go huh?

Al Qaeda offers 'condolences' for innocent victims

Al Qaeda offers 'condolences' for innocent victims

Cash from organized crime ‘rescued’ banks during crisis: UN official

Microsoft patents charging more money to less-influential customers

Intellectually-dishonest debate tactics

Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Anti-War rally in front of the White House Saturday Dec. 12 - pics

Grayson/Kucinich in 2012. Discuss.

Some questions about the mammogram controversy and a big What if?

Who killed the Atomic automobile?

EU Times: Obama Orders 1 Million US Troops to Prepare for Civil War

Blame Congress First....

To Beat Al Qaeda, Look to the East

Robert Greenwald on the Ed Show Mon. pm..& more!

The Spin On The HHS Report (Boo! HC Costs Increase!) Relies On Two Ignored Assumptions!

Anybody Else Get The Feeling That 2010 Is Gonna Be A Real Interesting Year Here At DU ???

Houston Chronicle:Parker Wins It, Locke concedes

Sunday talk shows

General Patreus will discover that he is a Republican in 2012....

Animal Rights Groups Enter The Backyard Chicken-Keeping Fray

The Houston Chronicle has called it for Parker

New Incidents Test Immunity to Terrorism on U.S. Soil

Another Mumbai-Style Attack on the Way

I want to take a moment away from bickering with my DU brothers and sisters to announce

Opinion please

Perhaps the argument should not be focused on whether there is or isn't global warming as a result

Who appointed you the leader...

Schools get solar systems from stimulus funds

Schools get solar systems from stimulus funds

Annise Parker: Thank You Houston

Anyone else watching Houstons election results?

NYPD tracks gun in deadly Times Square shootout

when AssHats cry about "Wealth Re-Distribution" show them this..>Link>>

John Lennon, the boy we knew - Guardian UK

So progressives can't win elections? BULLSHIT.... YES they can, here's how.

What kind of October surprise could the DEMOCRATS benefit from in October 2010?

Who should we blame if the Democrats suffer losses in 2010

Death by healthcare....

Blistering Indictment Leveled Against Obama Over His Handling of Bush-Era War Crimes

PAVE charter may "share" NYC's PS 15 public school building for 5 years.

America's Race to the Bottom: triumph of the über-class

Are there people who work as professional pets?

Thais Seize Plane Filled With Weapons (From NK to ?)

Toon: Who's Right?

Volcker: There's No Growth Other Than What The Fed's Pouring Into The Economy

Anti-gay bigots plunge Africa into new era of hate crimes, with help from U.S. evangelicals

I don't believe in practicing bipartisanship with the republicans in Congress

I went to a revival showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" and ended up meeting the president of AIG.

Injunction Granted Against U.S. In Lawsuit On Behalf Of ACORN

Green vs. Green: Judge Halts Wind Project to Protect Rare Bats

Australia hands back sacred land to Aborigines

Check out the political literature available for only a dollar!!

New conditions for cannabis considered (NM)

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. # 2.

Mandela planned "Invictus" moment

What would you do if you came upon a scene like this?

Defying Switzerland's new racist reputation

We can Save Michigan

F u c k a b e e.

F u c k a b e e.

MUST SEE: Howard Zinn 'The People Speak' On Bill Moyer's Journal

Suggestion: Change the name of the "Department of Defense" back to the "Department of War"

Wherein I make a solemn promise, to be paid the next time I visit the US of A.

There have been a lot of posts lately about the who the "base" is.

Dems Say They'll Pursue Progressive Health Care Reforms AFTER Legislation Passes

Reminder: When Wealth Accumulates Into The Hands Of A few, Everyone Else Is Fucked

Ghost Malls of America

E. Ferrari = OpEdNews: History to Obama: Yes, we have made war on democracies

Did I hear Obama evoke MLK in his Nobel speech?

Uganda bans female genital mutilation

Uganda bans female genital mutilation

The Strange Consensus on Obama's Nobel Address

Newt Think Liberals Bring Detroit On Detroit

NY Times Editorial - "Can We Afford It (Health Care Reform)?"

Skinner, Obama's war escalation will make the divisiveness during the primaries seem tame.

Iditarod Dogs Marijuana Mushers

Minnesota "Family Council" wants to make extramarital sex a CRIME!

Maybe the current HCR mess should be abandoned.

Just a small observation.

Just a small observation.

"Obama puts a pretty, intellectual, liberal face on some ugly and decidedly illiberal polices."

for everyone that 'hates' or is 'heartbroken' about obama, what do you expect for 2010 and 2012?

Just for clarity: progressives and hardcore liberals are not the base of the Democratic Party.

Wars or Jobs: Decide Now

We're back protesting the war...

We're back protesting the war...

So the guy in front of me is carrying a Glenn Beck book...

Colton Harris-Moore, the barefoot boy bandit, outfoxes sheriffs

Colton Harris-Moore, the barefoot boy bandit, outfoxes sheriffs

Check in if you've been affected by NAFTA or any of our "Free Trade" road to serfdom policies.

Tiger Woods: What are the rules for billionaires?

2 people + 2 cats living in 175 sq.ft. "home"

info needed about documents for travel to Mexico with children of divorce.

Have Blue Dog(or GOP) been asked why they oppose public option when their constituents want it?

Something missing in 'just war' doctrines... Even well-meaning wars can be wrong and immoral

America Is Beginning To Resemble A Third World Country.

GOP: Copenhagen could 'destroy millions of American jobs'

GOP: Copenhagen could 'destroy millions of American jobs'

John Kerry:Climate Change Reality: The Senate Debate

More than 16,000 wreaths placed at graves at Arlington National Cemetery - pics

Danziger toon NAILS it

Would you support a one child policy in this country?

Congressman Kucinich’s Response to President Obama’s “Just War” Doctrine

He lost me at the word 'evil.'

Face it: Raw capitalism is antithetical to and utterly destructive to democracy.

Did you realize Tiger Woods is/was a cultural icon?

Poor (Women) being turned away from free cancer screenings

The Wall For Vietnam: What For Afghanistan?

Judge sentences graffiti vandal to eight years

state law bans women from committing adultery-"We think they're important"

Something interesting from the Democratic Underground "About Us" page

Something interesting from the Democratic Underground "About Us" page

"I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street"

"You are not the base!" ~ "If you don't vote, the republicans win!"

Extravagant CEO Salaries and Ballooning Income Inequality in the U.S.

Extravagant CEO Salaries and Ballooning Income Inequality in the U.S.

Extravagant CEO Salaries and Ballooning Income Inequality in the U.S.

Extravagant CEO Salaries and Ballooning Income Inequality in the U.S.

News spin on Iraqi oil deals exonerates US regime's war crimes

As a baby boomer, I feel that Gerontophobia is exhibited frequently here at DU

What are the chances of the age limit for Governor being repealed ?(And the seven year precedence)

Cuba Detains a U.S. Contractor

Washington Post article on child hunger

An argument for honoring the secret deal with Pharma

Your ideal policy.

VIDEO: Will Smith interviews President Obama in Oslo

Obama tops UK Times 50 People of the Decade

Only on DU... (Drug Reimportation Discussion)

"The great nobel battle"

Yes Virginia, More than 60 years-

Every healthy DUer should just STOP paying insurance premiums!

Health Care Street Heat Targets Senator Schumer, Demanding Medicare for All

Should I report this to the Secret Service?

Obama pays off Massive campaign contributor with special favor.

Finally saw "W" - there is one good part

If the healthcare bill is a piece of shit

I dont feel good


Any body know any good sects?

Will Rogers proposed amending the Constitution

Health Care Reform and Totalities

Obama's Nobel War Lecture: When it came to peace, his message was No, we can't

Getting closer to deal with Iran? Iran accepts proposal with conditions

I kept my TV on PBS after Howard Zinn was on Moyers.

Night time is the right time for:

School: I. I have survived.

Obama's Roar: How Worried Are The Bankers?

"Time has come today" by several artists...LISTEN please>>>

Note to self re 2012: President Obama's Nobel Speech > A checklist of main points

Three Performative Contradictions in Obama’s Nobel Speech

A song I really liked when I was a kd back iine the 60's....

I'm looking for the seal that has a taste for kitty blood.

Are some people really making the argument

Friday night drinking thread:

Oprah's White House Christmas Special Promo

Please Stop Blaming the Victim-

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll - 50% Approve, 44% Disapprove

Excellent analysis- Obama's Nobel speech:"Do conservatives know what they're embracing?" answer = NO

a very large rabbit

ramblings on the weekend - remembering family

Darth Vader, a question....

Removed because Violet_Crumble said I was doing it wrong.

Daaaammmnn! I am prit-tee drunk!

My posts don't even get moved or locked anymore...they just vanish.

Another Day, Another Phony Birth Certificate From The Birthers

Large black lump in a potato?

Imagine the conversation a Dem rep has with a constituent after killing off HCR- or just read this:

I'm starting to get wrinkles.


I'm Rahm Emanuel! Fuckin' ask me goddamn anything!!

Obama blasts banks for opposing financial overhaul

I haven't been here in a while.

Blame Obama First

Do you believe President Obama will veto the HCR bill if the HCR bill does not have a public option?

Do you believe President Obama will veto the HCR bill if the HCR bill does not have a public option?

Bill Moyers: We Have a Nobel Peace Prize President Who Won't Ban Land Mines


Love is something if you give it away, you'll end up having more.

I want to destroy something beautiful

If I go to Europe for a few more years, what's to stop the idiots from destroying America?

OK. I'm watching MISS WORLD on E!

I killed this thread in GD (and I'm damn proud of it)

Is it wrong of me to hate the Pop Tart kid?

Question about chocolate coatings...

I must confess: I like True Blood

Favorite Big mutha hitting the Earth movie?

Link to "The MOST OFFENSIVE Election Mailer EVER!! "

Link to "The MOST OFFENSIVE Election Mailer EVER!! "

Happy Hogswatch to one and all.

Any car afficianados here? Can you help me decide on a small wagon?

you can now watch fraggle rock streaming on netflix

Rush - Xanadu - that song kicks your ass, and you know it.

knopfler and atkins

If someone has you on ignore are they blocked if you do a search on them?

Secret Santa- what did you give and receive?

Christmas Time Is Here

How do I search this label? I bought a leather jacket today.

Who here has ever had grog?

Giggity, my giggahs

White nationalist hatesite stormfront has its own tea party sub forum

I wrote a song based off "This Land is Your Land" (more accurate version?)

Anybody watching the Army-Navy Game?

Is that new "Avatar" movie intended for an audience of furries?

Remember when I said that my wife's favorite gift that she ever got from me is a toaster oven?

Any legitimate way, that actually works, to get black pen ink out of a white shirt?

Happy Birthday CreekDog.!

Do you like all CGI characters in movies?

Time for a real challenge: what's the best way to get ice out of your door locks?


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Pogues....

I guess all the bad stuff Matt Taibbi said about Bush during the election was wrong also??

Need help with X-mas gift. I'm SERIES!!!

If I leave here tomorrow....

Giant X'mas ~Yuujou ni Ribbon !!! A JPOP XMAS!!

I feel "blechy" - blah and ucky.

Little evidence of Democratic unrest

How many times did you put a boot in someone's ass today?

My husband is snoring so loudly I swear the neighbors must hear him!

Everybody must get stoned.

Going to go see Invictus tonight.

Random pictures

"Holy crap, we're getting older..."

The Star Trek philosophy - as told by Gene Roddenberry in 1979

What's the best gift you've ever received?

One of the most beautiful musical creations in history...

Today's key phrase is "in the biblical sense" -- add "in the biblical sense" to any thread title

Uh oh. I wanted to make a correction on a thread, but now it's locked....

Okay, another one of the most beautiful musical creations...

Need help ranking these PS3 gift recommendations

My husbands an idiot...

Every dollar we spend in Afghanistan is a dollar we can't spend on the America people

Classic by now but beautiful

Anybody watching "Ice Twisters" on Syfy?

Am I dead yet?

Places to do it

A man starts yelling / "When there's no more room in Hell..." / but then we eat him

Oh, this guy is simply perfect

I've been waiting a decade for this..

Who here has never had Nog?

This cute guy at the medical marijuana dispensary always singled me out and told me Hi

Training in Honor of My Father

how is babby formed? YAHOO ANSWERS

Should I be allowed to vote in my own poll?


Those crazy Russian, giving their kid a Nutcracker...

500,000 birds

I've decided to try to be a professional joke writer.

Funny dog video

How to make meatshorts for Dick Cheney

Krugman: What did Democrats believe about the economy?

Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers

A mountain man, a punkin, a munkee and two dogs walk into Santa's Workshop...

Post a Will Rogers quote:

I hate when musicians mesh Three Dog Night's Joy to the World into the Xmas version of the song.

I am very ashamed to admit this (confession time)

Isn't The Plot of "Avatar" The Same As "Starship Troopers"?

Since we are approaching the end of a decade, how would you rate it?

FUCK!!! Gotta go...ER or something...there is...

Where do the most tasteless things on Etsy end up? REGRETSY!

FROSTY in Anchorage -- a few photos for you. :)

College football playoffs! Now!


Was 2000 part of the 1990's?

Best word for fecal material?

Congratulations to Mark Ingram Bama's first Heisman Winner...Roll Tide

So burnt out it's hard to work

2Pac-Dear Mama

The Roots (ft. Erykah Badu) - You Got Me

The truth is that none of are ever ready for the Zombie Apocalypse...

Cheesiest headline of the week: "Tiger PullsOut"

"Twenty rules for writing detective stories" (1928)

Sade-Slave Song

Nas-Made You Look

watching old star trek TNG

I started watching "Dexter" on Netflix. Now I am hopelessly addicted!

What is the weirdest most random memory you have?

Garth Brooks Opening show

Post a song sayin how you feel

*It's Happened. Again!*

What's your sense of humor type?

I can't believe this is happening again

DU Tracking Poll Do you Approve or Disapprove?

My brain tumor was removed 19 years ago today

Do you like sushi?

The Rain has come back to San Francisco

Printer isn't working - Help, please?

Okay, which town.... The Bedford Falls prior to the dream...

I didn't want a new truck this way!

Have you ever heard of paperbackswap? A must for avid readers.

Trying to be constructive, here's how I think healthcare could have been handled -- Chop it Up

Photo thread! What are your favorite bike paths?

Why Are No-Names Hosting SNL This Season?

Made my very first ever Beef Bourgoignon today

Gordon Ramsay in hot water, as his business goes down in flames

Dammit - Kristin Wiig plays the same damn character in every skit she's in!!!

How much do you tip your paper carrier?

What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

If you use Internet Explorer 6 by choice, you belong on Free Republic...

Do you have any favorite Christmas music?

I knew Wal-Mart was bad, but......

WTF is up with Harry Potter movies?

These indisputably are the two worst Christmas songs ever.

Have you ever been tempted to flame out on DU just so you can read the GRAVEDANCING thread

We have a "house" health care we will get a "senate" health care

Top al-Qaeda planner apparently killed in Pakistan

[Hot] Lesbian teachers caught in 'naked classroom romp'

Gun laws are getting looser across much of US

Turkey court bans pro-Kurdish party

Climate change protesters march in Australia

Philippine hostage crisis close to end: government

Conservatives threaten to sue city over atheist councilman

Live video from Copenhage climate protests

Climate change protesters march in Copenhagen

Iraq hails 2nd oil auction but risky sites shunned

Mandela planned "Invictus" moment

'Obamaville' Sign Posted near Camped Out Homeless

South Africa 2010 World Cup

Climate change protesters march in Copenhagen

Huge weapons shipment seized in Bangkok from N. Korea in Khazak plane.

Iran agrees to nuclear fuel swap, with caveats

Senate GOP denied on spending filibuster attempt

Russia, U.S. to extend talks on nuclear arms pact

Massive financial reform passes House

Indiana cities pull plug on streetlamps to save money

Talks between Russia and US on nuclear pact extended

Talks between Russia and US on nuclear pact extended

US men held in Pakistan had contacted Al-Qaeda: officials

US men held in Pakistan had contacted Al-Qaeda: officials

Abkhazia presidential election opens

Abkhazia presidential election opens

Pakistan PM backtracks on Waziristan remarks

White House working to close benefit caps loophole

Senate GOP Denied on Spending Filibuster Attempt

Thomson prison picked?

Obama blasts banks for opposing financial overhaul

Drug money saved banks in global crisis, claims UN advisor

Obama angered by Wall Street's 'fat cats'

State Department says Cuba has detained US citizen

US Iraq jail an 'al-Qaeda school'

Eight arrested in attack at UC Berkeley chancellor's home

Tony Blair accused of 'twisting facts' on Iraq

IoS Exclusive: Untouchable: Blair to give Iraq War evidence in secret

AP IMPACT: Science not faked, but not pretty

Houston Is Largest City to Elect Openly Gay Mayor

Ex-Purdue student sentenced in Web threats to Bush

AP source: Al-Qaida operative killed by US missile

Hillary Clinton warns Latin America off close Iran ties

Is there a turn against the far left here lately?

Russia's Lukoil Wins Big in Iraq Oil Auction.

Free clinic sponsor objects to District fee

"The Land Mines Obama Won't Touch" by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

"Food: Commodity or Human Right" by Ruth Messinger

Worldwide rallies urge strong U.N. climate deal

Sat. December 12th: Anti-war rally in DC. Nader & McKinney will speak.

"Afghanistan and Pakistan: Anatomy of a Proxy War" by Bob Churcher

Grassley and the GOP Health-Care Hypocrisy: Do as we say, not as we do.

"How a Few Private Health Insurers Are on the Way to Controlling Health Care" by Robert Reich

Tiger Woods Dropped by Gatorade, but Picked Up by Viagra

Democrats pushing change from within

Breaking: Blackwater 'Guards' to Play for Army in Today's Army-Navy Game

Did Right Wingers Do 'Justice' to Obama's 'Just War' Speech?

AP Analysis: Science not faked, but not pretty

Health Care Street Heat Targets Senator Schumer, Demanding Medicare for All

Copenhagen police crackdown 'preplanned': Aussie eyewitness

Perfect Day - Lou Reed & Bono & Dr. John & Elton John & D. Bowie & Duran Duran

Untouchable: Blair to give Iraq War evidence in secret

Mother Jones: No Country for Middle-Aged Men

Obama's Surge and Pakistan

Are Republicans Serious About Fixing Health Care? No, and here's the proof.

How well is the traditional media doing its job?

On Obama's Sellout (Matt Taibbi's counter to the American Prospect article)

Three Performative Contradictions in Obama’s Nobel Speech

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Indicts Political Opponents While Feds Investigate Arpaio

The People Who Could Not See an $8 Trillion Housing Bubble Warn of Public Debt Levels

Felix Salmon defends Taibbi in "Fernholz vs. Taibbi" article from Reuters

The Tiger Woods scandal is a tale of sex -- and sexism

Poor Being Turned Away From Free Cancer Screenings.

On the Streets of Bedford Falls

The Strange Consensus On Obama's Nobel Address

The Religious Right's Potty Paranoia

War critics say Tony Blair is 'rewriting history'

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

Militia Training Weekend !!!

ONE VOICE-Time To Pass Meaningful Health Care Reform

Polar Bear Party At COP15 March + More Videos From The Copenhagen Climate Change Protest

Wyclef Jean Nobel performance

Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack - Part 2

The World's First Bionic Burger

Armed Response to 'Climategate' question

US Military-Run Iraq Jail Was An Al-Qaeda 'Recruitment & Training Centre'

Christian Charity Helps To Feed Non-Gay Hungry

President Obama Noble Peace Prize Concert 2009

Star Fox (Video Game) in Iraq Parody

Nobel Peace Price Concert 2009 - Michael Jackson tribute

Will Smith with wife & children host President Obama Noble Peace Prize Concert 2009

Shatner Reads Palin & Palin Reads Shatner

Mother Gives Son Marijuana To Treat His Autism - ABC News

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Interview with Barack Obama. Does anyone have the rest of this vid

Behind the Scenes of the Kennedy Center Honorees at the White House

Shut This Town Down

No Atheists Allowed, Mandatory Christmas Carols by TheAmazingAtheist

Amy Goodman @ COP15 On How American Corporate Media Is Blocking Action On Climate Change

Happy xmas (War is Over) Official re-release. Graphic

Live Feed From Denmark from a Danish Paper on the protest today

Does this sound familiar?

Geothermal Project in California Is Shut Down Because of Increased Earthquake Activity

Photos from Copenhagen climate protests

An energy security dividend? $1100 a year?

Climate change CLEAR unreality: We're all Alaskans now!

Bubbles of warming, beneath the ice

"Today, at 380 ppm our atmosphere is CO2-impoverished"

Great but ominous toon....

South Africa 2010 World Cup

Anchors Aweigh My Boys Anchors Aweigh

SO, What did you think of "The U"?

Patriots mascot arrested in RI sex sting

Tiger gives up Golf, takes up Speed Skating.

Closest Race Ever: Mark Ingram Wins Heisman Trophy.

Boxing: 12-12-09

Mexican journalists create group against attacks

7 in 10 Venezuelans approve of their democracy. Venezuela's economy rates second in the region...

Venezuela, Cuba Sign $3 Billion in Joint Projects

Cuba Detains a U.S. Contractor

Palestinian shot at West Bank protest

Military Court in Ramallah Sentences Palestinian to Death by Firing Squad

PFLP marks 42nd anniversary in Gaza rally

Settler rabbi condemns mosque arson

15-Year-Old Wounded In Hunting Accident

Homeowner Shoots Alleged Burglar, No Charges Filed

My fellow 2a supporters, does this bug you?

Banning People on Terror Watch List From having guns is pointless.

Omaha is immigrant ‘gateway' (integrating more immigrants into all areas of employment)

Today in Labor History Dec 12 William Lloyd Garrison, a leader in the fight to end slavery, was born

those of you who frequent this forum

Working for Scrooge: Worst Companies for Union Organizing

Where is the Obama Administration on this?

Ugh, they attacked impik's thread like moths to a flame

Been thinking about it.. and we need to stay here and work..

How many here have recommended this group to other members we know are supportive?

candle lighting

Rear Window

Rear Window

Rear Window

Just a few more shots in the dark, and a couple in the style of JeffR

tonight's fireworks

evening gas delivery

Shot in the dark

Finally some shots in the dark.

Geminid meteors expected to offer display of shooting stars Sunday

New NASA Sky Mapper to Hunt Stars, Galaxies, Near-Earth Asteroids

Personalities Accurately Judged by Physical Appearance Alone

Google demonstrates quantum computer image search

NASA photo of the Day: Geminid Meteor over Monument Valley

IIASA YSSP 2010: Summer Fellowship Opportunity For Graduate Students

Resizing help please

Jackson, WY

Ghosts of Shopping Malls Past-Modern Ruins

Op-Ed In Ugandan Gov’t Newspaper: “Parliament Should Not Pass This Bill”

U.S. Economy: Retail Sales, Confidence Beat Forecasts

Death Trap: Fed Stuck At Zero And US Borrowing Costs Starting To Rise

Greece admits it is riddled with corruption

Messages from another world..

Dear friends, need help with

I feel like we're due for an 'explosion' of sorts here (and outside of here)

What I Love About ASAH Group: Happy Vibes Appreciation Post!

please light a candle for Ms. Pizza

Can you see the future? Try this test to find out your psychic abilities.

What do you think of David Wilcock?

Rutgers/Columbia study: Poor children more likely to get antipsychotics

Lightning-Produced X-rays and Gamma Rays a Potential Health Concern for Air Travelers

Poor kids and psych drugs,Big Pharma money and Nami,board member resigns in protest

Supply Side Jesus

What do you know about Sikhism?

Christian Fear Video Regarding Muslim Encroachment in the West

Beatings, Rapes And Letters From Popes.....

Anadama Corn Bread (with molassas)

are your hands sore yet?

Irish Barmbrack

Sometimes I make biscuits.

I bought a Seal-a-Meal

How to separate sqash seeds from the fiber surrounding them?

Anyone have a favorite banana recipe to share?