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Archives: December 11, 2009

Cenk declares war on christmas!

Governor promises to veto "Race To the Top" legislation

Legislation introduced to prevent harmful restraint and seclusion of children in schools

What does a house cat do all day? Cat cams put on 50 cats.

Democrats are considering changing a proposed expansion of Medicare to

Suspicious powder found at AmEx office

Tiger Woods and I had sex.

Update: TCF Bank refunded all of the overdrafts

Rape was political weapon, report says

What happened to 'Ignored'??

Porn film stars frolic on Franco's big monument

World's first Cougar cruise sets sail from the US headed to Mexico

What a beautiful map...

Senator Harry Reid, Don’t Let the Senate Undercut Real Health Care Reform!

Who gonna do the TIGER CALENDAR??? Big Bucks awaits....

Blogging Taliban: The Beauty and the Terrorist (in german only)

So what's the word on health care?

Warren Condemns Ugandan Legislation Targeting Gays

Man in trouble for kicking kid's big wheel

random thoughts on NPR coverage this am

Public financing of campaigns...where do we start?

Public financing of campaigns...where do we start?

Swiss businessman builds minaret in protest

My Break Up Song for DNC/DSCC/DCCC - Take A Bow

Months and months of debate...

Washington Post Explains Palin Op-Ed: 'We're Attention Whores'

House progressives prepare to fight Senate

GM, Chrysler endangering carhaul drivers’ jobs (guarantees with the promise to preserve U.S. jobs?)

House eases restrictions on derivatives trades

Toronto Star: No streetcars named desire?

I bet Iran just can't wait for us to start divvying up their oil fields

Cremated remains dumped in Arlington landfill

Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan

Gov. Deval Patrick cancels appearance at a club that does not accept women

Report in ex-Missouri (R) House speaker's case woman was battered for hours

On Link TV " Blueprint for Accountability - Working the Dark Side" about US torture 12/16 and 12/17

On Link TV " Blueprint for Accountability - Working the Dark Side" about US torture 12/16 and 12/17

Shame on you Barack Obama

The third Bush Presidency

Happy Holiday for those celebrating one today

Prices retreat on strong Nov retail sales

Prices retreat on strong Nov retail sales

What is up with all the serial killer news lately?

What is up with all the serial killer news lately?

Jenny Sanford: 'I am now filing for divorce' Mark Sanford: "There are hopes to reconcile."

Fund proposed for female farmers in USDA bias cases


Soldiers fire on Afghan villagers at protest - Boy we sure trained them good

The good news: Europol announces arrests of 115 'child sex offenders' The bad news:

Comcast launches propaganda campaign to fool us into approving their mega-merger.

UK to review libel laws

I don't understand this term "American exceptionalism." What the

Grassley: I’m Too Busy To Comment On The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Lawmakers Want to Bar Sites From Posting Sensitive Government Docs (wikileaks, etc)

Lawmakers Want to Bar Sites From Posting Sensitive Government Docs (wikileaks, etc)

CAIR (Islamic bogeyman for the right) helped in nabbing those 5 militants in Pakistan

CAIR (Islamic bogeyman for the right) helped in nabbing those 5 militants in Pakistan

Friday TOON Roundup part 2 - Science-Gate!

SpaceShip Two christened "VSS Enterprise" at Mojave, CA. event. (pics)

How many magazines do you purchase every month?

Friday TOON Roundup part 3- Dick in the box

we just got a solicitation call from the purple-heart veterans...

Republican Obama.

The Rude Pundit-Sarah Palin, James Inhofe, and the Rest: Meet Christopher Clavius, Copernicus Denier

Va. has a nuke plant event

Raw Story: Michele Bachmann laments that foreign citizens have rights

Republicons Against Life & for Reality Denial

Is Joe Lieberman still pro choice?

IRS Studying Joint Audits With Foreign Tax Agencies in Evasion Crackdown

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. to Hit Record for Second Year With 3.9 Million

Police report in Jetton case says alleged victim was battered for hours over much of her body

Friday TOON Roundup part 4- Sorry, couldn't help myself (and neither could Tiger)

Sucker punchdrunk for decades, what's going on?

Joseph Hacker suggests a Trigger for Universal Medicare

Friday TOON Roundup part 5- the rest

Ireland to honor Kennedy at homestead.

Al Jazeera's interview with Hillary - a video

Al Jazeera's interview with Hillary - a video

Could the Head of U.S. Chamber Wind Up in the Slammer?

Max Baucus

'Obama Doctrine" praised by top conservatives

How can the justice department justify this? " Justice Dept. won't support Jack Johnson pardon"

*Tiger Woods must die. By Mark Morford

Has there been an "Obama Doctrine" declared yet?

Michelle Duggar gives birth to baby No. 19

Is it time to permanently split the purists from other Democrats?

Free-Range Chickens Spell Broad-Based Economic Development in Minnesota Project

using you tube to fight the fat cats

Friday TOON Roundup part 1- War and Peace Prize

Financial Times: Entente fiscale

Shell Wins Rights to Iraqs Giant Monjoon Oil Field

The 'good war' is a bad war

Why are some people in rehab for alcoholism for so long? I know a woman

Science Stupid! - Science Lies! - Mark Fiore's research just in time for Copenhagen

You Will Cry If You Watch This Safe Driving PSA!

Liberals want the public option. Therefore, 60-70% of Americans are liberals.

Retail sales rise more than expected

McCain hammers Napa flood control contract

Jim DeMint calls for Unity in Rabid Mad Dog Right Wing World

Harry Reid, Crook for PhRMA, Tries to Kill Drug Reimportation

2009 CNN Hero of Year encounters pickpocket at airport

Visteon Can End Most Health Insurance for Retirees (would affect about 7,000 workers, retirees)

Ayn Rand and the Prisoner's Dilemma

How much Senate "dithering" is due to Senator Reid?

Look Closely

Children's show may have political themes

Bankers furious at UK bonus supertax

PSA: Don't Ignore Hidden Danger Of Aged Tires

Do progressive democrats have a coalition like the "New Democrats"?

Errors in Treasury's "Loan Modification Report" released yesterday

Toby Keith Pulling for President to Fight Evil Afghanistan

Republic of Money: Spencer-Churchill

Polar Bears and Teabaggers - both on thin ice and slippery slopes 'TOON

Retail sales leap 1.3% in November

Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by the C.I.A...outsourcing our intelligence?

DUGGAR's Have baby #19.... 3 Months Early!

Latest Quarter Afghanistan's Deadliest

FDL Action: Donations Shouldn’t Go To Hadassah Lieberman

Where does your money go?

Report: Blackwater guards linked to CIA raids

Flash of brilliance (thank you DU)

It's amusing watching Mrs. Greenspan trying to gain exclusive access to Palin.

Sign-"Laid Off-Two Children To Feed"

Prairie Chapel Pig Farm...The Lazy W.

HCR: A symbolic victory for conservatives and private industry, and a substantve one for liberals?

Leave Cheney Alone!!

PETA protests against circus elephants

Why did healthcare reform fail?

Why did healthcare reform fail?

Goldman Sachs bankers aren’t packing heat after all: LAZY REPORTERS get it wrong again

Great quote I've never heard before, but it is very apropos....

Now that we know about the CIA and Blackwater

What a whiney whining whiner.

A Practical Peace Advocate on Obama's Nobel Speech

Your Flag Decal Won't Get You into Heaven Anymore

Gates: U.S. Air Force likely to stay Iraq

Fox 'News' Fans Flood VR Campaign With Death Threats, F-Bombs, Racist Attacks

NEWSFLASH: We ALREADY FUCKING WON the Hearts and Minds of the People

Republicans take credit for president's Afghanistan strategy

Teabaggers vs Repukes.....who wins???

Calif. city phases out lesson vs. bullying gays

the military's plan for the Surge:

So not one Rethug voted for regulating

Egypt constructs huge Gaza wall

Howard Zinn's "The People Speak" -- on TV this Sunday

Will the Real Jobless Number Please Stand Up?

"She is the most legitimate alleged mistress we've seen yet"

San Francisco Chronicle: Cops' 'wake-up call' for Berkeley protesters

Labor Dept: Available Labor Rate Increases To 10.2%

Labor Dept: Available Labor Rate Increases To 10.2%

So who is going to inforce the "Consumer Protection Act"? War criminals and corrupt banks?

Holy shit! Rio Rudy

HA! Canadian Pharmacy coming to your "Junk Mail" file

A Letter to Pres. Obama

Billo mad about Law and Order episode

Alcohol ups breast cancer recurrence risk

MA charter school hires convicted felon to lead it.

I didn't always look like this...

Missouri's Republican Speaker Jetton raped a woman

Woman Returns Book She Wants Banned From Library

Anyone know that website that archives long gone websites?

are we still supporting obama???

Man jailed for DUI in horse (abuse) case

Abortion Issue in Senate Bill Not Gone

Nuts and bolts. How much can you afford PER PERSON for real health insurance/care.

Banksters whine about their bonuses and meanwhile in the real world...

ACLU: Obama creating ‘a sweeping immunity doctrine for torturers’

South Carolina First Lady files for divorce from gov

South Carolina First Lady files for divorce from gov

South Carolina First Lady files for divorce from gov

Uygur: We all think Sarah Palin is stupid because she is in fact stupid!

I just had a 20 minute phone conversation with Rob Miller. A genuinely good guy.

Want to stop breast cancer? Join the Army of Women.

17 year old pregnant girl sue's for being Benched on Volleyball Team

We need to see a greater number of DUers exercise their unrec/rec fingers

NYC mayor on deadly shootout: `Too many guns'

NYC mayor on deadly shootout: `Too many guns'

In Boldest Move Yet, Arpaio And Ally Charge Judge With Bribery, Despite Lack Of Evidence

Regulations are worthless without enforcement, pass all the bills in the world...

Sarah Palin To Speak At A Fundraiser For A Socialist Canadian Hospital

Battle Over Frozen Body Decided In Courtroom (FL body to be sent to ALCOR after limited autopsy)

Steps to Take Before Cobra Subsidy Ends

Picture this : Healthcare Reform = Joe Lieberman and The Carlyle Group in charge. I'm SERIES!!1!

Just gimme some truth , my head is spinning

Discover Card Survey: Christmas Spending to Fall 15%

Here is the Obama Justice Dept Amicus brief involving torture

How Is It We All Know That Congress Caves To Big Pharma, Insurance, Wall Street Firms, etc - And....

DU needs PEACE.


Elections Do Matter: An Example --> Two Million Additional Acres of Wilderness

Elections Do Matter: An Example --> Two Million Additional Acres of Wilderness

Networks Hosting Military Analysts Without Identifying Massive Conflicts Of Interest($elling War)

Bill floated to rescind automatic pay increases for Congress in 2011

Bill floated to rescind automatic pay increases for Congress in 2011

Thousands of Afghan students protest against US forces

"There was never a good war or a bad peace." Benjamin Franklin

manure wars in New Mexico

manure wars in New Mexico

FedEx Totally Sucks

Steelers loss to Cleveland: KDKA reporter said people are blaming Obama because he named Art Rooney

Actor Gene Barry dead at 90 ("War of the Worlds," , "Bat Masterson", "Burke's Law,")

Do you think another reason for our presence in Afghanistan

Why Do U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Keep Killing Exactly 30 People?

Another loss....

AFL-CIO Report: 'Guest Worker Visa Programs and Professional and Technical Workers in the U.S.'

In what or whom should the US invest its money?

Just for laughs

“Deal” Could Put Joe Lieberman In Charge Of Regulating Your Health Insurance

American citizen fights for right to celebrate holidays (at U.S. workplace)

Baucus' girlfriend met with his divorce lawyer before Max & wife separated

BANK....BUST....FRIDAY !!!!!!! (Updated)

Wow! Pro-Wall Street Obama lauds House passage of toughest financial laws since New Deal

An unworkable mess: Senate health care plan offers insurance companies a hidden subsidy.

Charges dropped in movie-taping case (The one involving birthday & twilight movie)

The fun theory. Using fun to change people's behavior for the better.

The fun theory. Using fun to change people's behavior for the better.

So tell me - when Communism fails - Capitalism replaces it

Why is this child wearing heels?

Recent events in Greece: a warning for European (& US) workers

Obama: The ANTI-Progressive

H.R. 4173 passes House

Senator Reid and fellow Democrats don’t undercut real health care reform!

Maddow to Warren: Come on air to denounce anti-gay Uganda bill

Maddow to Warren: Come on air to denounce anti-gay Uganda bill Issues Public Apology for False Statements Made About

It's still starting to hit me. Our President championed endless war while receiving the Peace Prize.

It's still starting to hit me. Our President championed endless war while receiving the Peace Prize.

zOMG... ROFL: Best Boss Ever? Michael Steele & The RNC Interns

A challenge to the US Senate: "Come and see this catastrophe"

If you want a more progressive government we need to win over the hearts and minds of the people

As I've learned here, Words Do Indeed Matter

Anybody else getting "please donate" calls from the DNC? Hehehe,

Your Head Will Explode

Online retailer peddles Obama death-threat t-shirts

Blogger: US Air Strikes Kill ‘Exactly 30' Enemies Every Time

Donating to the DNC--that helps re-elect Democrats like Stupak, right?

Donating to the DNC--that helps re-elect Democrats like Stupak, right?

Just now on Countdown:

"Give Cheney a fair trial"

First Peeps store is a mecca for all their 'peeple'

Did the GOP get Michael "Stepin Fetchit" Steele from

Want some fun? Mock some "tea-baggers"!

EMERGENCY ANTI-ESCALATION RALLY Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009 • 11am-4pm • Washington DC

Dr. Scheiner: On life, health care reform and his former patient Obama

Charges dropped in 'New Moon' taping


Regarding this trust poll CNN idiots have been talking about, does anyone believe that anyone would

In dissent, Biden does his job

The Errors of Matt Taibbi.

Health insurance industry groups are tricking Facebook users into sending anti-reform letters.

Are you surprised by President Obama?

the frustrated progressive

Glenn Beck Says “Law and Order” Wrong

The Wrong War

Mass. woman, 98, accused of killing roommate, 100

Mass. woman, 98, accused of killing roommate, 100

Glenn Beck's climate czar called for quarantining AIDS patients "for life"

Two From HuffPo's 'The Funniest Protest Signs Of 2009 (PHOTOS)'

Two From HuffPo's 'The Funniest Protest Signs Of 2009 (PHOTOS)'

Pardon my stupidity - is there anything about filibusters in the constitution?

anyone see the al queda guy we killed yesterday....reporter says he's 40 years old

HaHaHa, Tiger Woods to take indefinite leave from golf

How can a test be racially biased.

Tony Blair needs a vacation in the Hague

Honestly, there is not one single person I've run into or has overheard

Honestly, there is not one single person I've run into or has overheard

Another day, another Number 2 for Al Qaeda gets killed

Another day, another Number 2 for Al Qaeda gets killed

“Deal” Could Put Joe Lieberman In Charge Of Regulating Your Health Insurance

That was a punk ass lock mods and you know it.

BANK....BUST....FRIDAY !!!!!!!

Kittens rescued from landfill


The GOP voted AGAINST Wall Street REFORM

HEADLINE: Senator Baucus gave girlfriend $14,000 raise

HEADLINE: Senator Baucus gave girlfriend $14,000 raise

HEADLINE: Senator Baucus gave girlfriend $14,000 raise

I still have a job...for now...


I strongly object censorship on this board,

The Reagan Years- Voodoo Economics and James Baker- 1982

President Obama: Seeking Peace Through Violence

Is Tiger Woods considering quitting golf?

Man dies in California snowdrifts

Show of hand for those who believe the CIA's statement that Blackwater didn't do anything illegal

I've changed my mind. I'm pro-escalation in Afghanistan.

Embarrassing, but I have rather pedantic questions about the Mideast Conflict

More Anti-Gay Attacks in Houston Mayor’s Race

Ultra-Orthodox religion is not a "viewpoint", it's a mental illness.

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Hannukah you all

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Hannukah you all

The People Speak-

Being paid by the hour more rewarding than a salary, claim researchers

Being paid by the hour more rewarding than a salary, claim researchers

'Tis the season... for liberal holiday movies

Real Christmas Trees 'Greener' than Fake

Brock Chisholm called Santa Claus an offense against peace...

The World Is NOT Flat

So the biggest financial reform bill since The Great Depresion gets no repub votes in House

So the biggest financial reform bill since The Great Depresion gets no repub votes in House

Wild Horses Shot To Death Near Calif.-Nev. Border

John Stossel will be right at home --- Fox news

Okay you guys I am ashamed of some of you for your treatment of a newcomer.

Are Nazism and Islamism comparable threats historically?

The Real Headlines, Democracy Now! is the best daily news broadcast in America.

Our President basically said "No peace in our time" as he was picking up the Nobel Peace Prize

I just found out about OMC.

"A lot of Americans right now are getting to read also my take on when war is necessary"...

Sign Letter to Susan B. Komen Foundation: Donations Shouldn’t Go To Hadassah Lieberman


Jim Hightower: Obama’s war

Mr. President I beg you, please declare a personal holy war on Wall Street

Mr. President I beg you, please declare a personal holy war on Wall Street

IRS Audits Single Mother For Not Making Enough Money

Anyone else notice something odd about Sarah Palin's latest hat?

Unemployment Insuance in a War Bill

Palin: Obama's Nobel Speech Sounds Like My Book!

Republican Party

US Criticized for Rejecting Climate Reparations

According to CNN, the Senate bill has a "reasonable" cap on yearly payouts to patients...

How to get Liberals/Progressives elected and in power. A Modest Proposal.

It sounds like there isn't going to be a ban on dropping policyholders for pre-existing conditions.

I haven't watched TV news for more than 3 days now. I finally gave up

Palin on Conan tonight? Who knew?

I Vote This, Hands Down, Song Of The Decade

USA! USA! Guess who makes all the landmines Obama refuses to ban?

Guess what?New study says that Americans are tops in charitable giving.(LARGE graphic)

House Dems pass sweeping Wall Street regulatory overhaul

How can tests be biased? I can come up with a racially/religiously biased test right here!!

Howard Zinn....."The People Speak".....tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal

Sarah Palin STFU...

i'm heartbroken. Chesty Morgan is a teabagger.

It's not gonna work

The price of my vote has just gone up.

Presenting: Fundie Quote of the Day. And a new word, also.

William Greider: If ten percent is good enough for God, it should be enough for the bankers

Japan's cash for clunker programs excludes US automakers

I will always believe in Barack Obama...

Does anyone else think we should have an Alan Grayson group?

Whackadoodle Right Alert: Conservatives in NC to sue atheist city councilman for atheist

No one told the base that Obama is losing the base (results of PPP Poll)

No one told the base that Obama is losing the base (results of PPP Poll)

AFter observing and not commenting for a while - some not-so-random thoughts...

Saturn’s Hexagon May Be Solar System’s Coolest Mystery

What is the "Base" of the Democratic Party?

So is the government actually hiring?

DU'er "RatEyes" post on DU Selected by Thom Hartman!

Have you ever had sex with a republican?

Court tosses Prop. 8 ruling on strategy papers

Fast-growing Christian churches crushed in China

© = No

Kid from undocumented family needs heart transplant. Do we let him die?

I am deeply disturbed that Obama used a Nazi comparison at his peace prize speech.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior..

Has anyone heard from our friend ColbertWatcher?

Wouldn't removing annual and lifetime caps on benefits be a huge giveaway to the doctors and

Man is Africa screwed up! Yeah this isn't an original observation.

Great bumper sticker idea: "I'll put 'Christ' back in 'Christmas' when

If you could return to any period of your life, what would it be? Or is the current phase the best?

THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH about moderate Democrats

Alaska: I gotta admit.

California Tea Bagger shows her true colors.

I just had my left kidney removed this past Tuesday.

Well crap. The White House and Sen. Carper have shut down the

Free Republic is a fringe right-wing Christian fundamentalist site

The Duggar's welcome # 19- but she is very premature

Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize.

“I got nothing out of this relationship but a broken heart.”

On Education: Bill Gates Admits He Was Wrong (Bloomberg Doesn't)

Matt Taibbi: Obama's Big Sellout

Kucinich - The War Powers Act

Kucinich - The War Powers Act

For feds, more get 6-figure salaries

Fundies Say The Darndest Things...

I don't know what I'm supposed to say about Obama anymore....

What do we hope to accomplish in Afghanistan?

The look of women in politics

KXXV-TV: Former cop accused of using Taser on girlfriend might not do time (Texas)

Counterpunch appreciation thread

Nine Years Ago Tomorrow, Everything Changed....

Indiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets

What is it like living as a liberal in America today?

WWII never destroyed Nazism. You cannot bomb a belief

Is the 60 vote threshold unconstitutional?

We needed a liberal, progressive President... we really did.

Tiger Woods will never get another birdie

NC: asinine, irrelevant law cited in attempt to keep atheist off of the Asheville City Council

NC: asinine, irrelevant law cited in attempt to keep atheist off of the Asheville City Council

UFObama: Spiral Northern Light Show On Historic Occasion

Is there a turn against the far left here lately?

I can only come to one conclusion;

Wisconsin schools will be required to teach the history of labor

McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, et al.....

you won't believe why NYC erased bike lanes

Larisa Alexandrovna: Court Overturns Main Charges Against Attorney Paul Minor

The sorry truth is that Obama's opposition to re-importation of pharmaceuticals simply STINKS.

Downsizing Charlie Brown’s Christmas

How to make abortion not just a woman-only issue?

Small victory against a neo-nazi yesterday.

Obese air passenger in economy seat has picture taken

The arrogance of allowing "annual limits" on health care....

Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border

It's time to start the revolution today--DKos

Glenn BecKKK Denies He Has Inspired Any Violence: ‘Where Is The Evidence? … Show It To Me’

Rahm Emanual: $18 mill in 3 yrs in Wall Street Leveraged Buy-Out Firm:

A Brief History of the United States’ War Against (Other People’s) Democracy

Records, Does anyone remember?

Garth's Vegas run starts tomorrow

I want more Arrested Development

Who gonna do the TIGER CALENDAR??? Big Bucks awaits....

YAY! Husband just told me we can get another kitty!!

Man in trouble for kicking kid's big wheel

The Daily Duggar

Tin Machine. Does anyone remember?

Cleveland Browns owned the Stillers last night.

Boo! Water froze up and I smell like a moose!

Homeowner Catches Man Trying To Get In Through Doggy Door

Let a miracle happen in your xxx life!

How have you been victimized?

Does nitreous oxide affect the part of the brain that stores long-term memories?

Do you have names for inanimate objects in your house?

What did you have for breakfast? (awesome flow chart)

Post your favorite Holiday gifts for men here:

never mind

How many of you have to slept with your fans or other noisy people?

Check out the long term weather forcaste for my city.

FlashForward.......reruns already?

Post here and I will give you my cold, I am tired of it.

TMZ video: Axl Rose threatens to break paparazzi's "fucking sha na na na na na na na na neck, neck"

Why yes, I did unrec your post as a matter of fact.

Portrait of a childhood friend

Dr. Oz segment on body as a weather vane started off pretty badly

Will Healthcare Reform make my doctor call me

So often any more, I have a response half written, then just delete...


From the viewpoint of American arrogance and...

Do we have any cat lovers here?

I am so proud of my sister

Dr. Strange attends his first concert

What if Dr. Strange fell into a blackhole - would he ruin the DU time-space continuum?

Dr. Srange probably thinks this thread is about him.

Dr. Strange has achieved immortality.

Great news for music fans!

Tooting my own horn

Hypothetical question: Suppose Dr. Strange's child was a bear....

If you want to see Tiger and his '5-iron' in the buff - don't go to England

Raw deal? Woman charged over steak attack

3 poems I wrote this morning instead of doing anything important .

Stephen Hadley: Obama's Afghanistan strategy deserves bipartisan support

Calling for a New Stimulus, Obama Is Ready to Rumble

Rumor has it that Tiger Wood's #16 Bimbette is none other than Dr. Strange

When I bite into a York Peppermint Pattie, I get the sensation

Dear Friday,


Palin: "I liked what he said,"

I really want to know why the Obama Administration/Justice Department has not taken

Give Dr. Strange a math problem to solve.

Obama gains popularity in poll of Israelis

How would you feel if Tiger Woods joined DU and all of his threads got negative recs?

Did Alanis Morrisette rip off this song for her song "Ironic"?

Dr. Strange hates science.

Roxy Music "Viva!" and Jolly Pumpkin "Noel de Calabaza"

I am so proud of Nobel laureate Pres Barack Obama

Those ConservaDems who opposed the public option but allowed mandates are HYPOCRITES

Hey Lildreamer, need your skincare advice

Anyone want to make predictions on how much FURTHER right this administration will go?

Is it possible that all the ways to deal Solitaire have already been

Seriously, I need to know if you can put vodka in the antifreeze.

Colloquy for crisis (or how Gregg(R)-Conrad(DINO) are selling out Democracy)

WAAAH!! The President hasn't fixed every single problem in America yet!

Prices retreat on strong Nov retail sales

Stephen King's new book Under The Dome about a dome sealing off an entire city

I've read that Leiberman is still against any trigger for a public option, but there's a solution

First Law School Acceptance Today--Northeastern!!!

Spooky Tooth

I have a confession to make and perhaps an intervention for my addiction

'Pay czar' caps midlevel execs

I've been playing with myself so much that I've got blisters

Some online shopping shortcuts

"Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."

Californians don't know how to fucking drive in the rain.

White House: Boehner and Republicans 'rooting against' economic recovery


We should be able to drive as fast as we want in school zones.

I haven't been here in a looong time. Ya'll been staying drama free?

Big Ed's on a mission with this organization

Ukrainian student dies from exploding chewing gum

"I thought the speech was actually very good" - Newt Gingrich

U.S. may start Afghan transition before July 2011

We elected the wrong Carter...

I've Been Out Of The Country For A Couple Of Weeks Now And Need To Catch Up - What Happened To HCR?.

Huge loophole in health care overhaul: Will let insurance companies limit medical care

Obama and Reid working to kill drug importation amendment (Chicago Tribune)

For the first time in the 23 years I have worked here

Little known fact: Before Esperanto was a language, it was a car.

Pauly Shore

Tea partyers petition Dem lawmaker to move office to ease protests

Senate health debate hits snag over imported drugs: FDA/White House raise "safety" concerns

Happy Hanukkah!

Name something normal about yourself.

Pay czar issues salary caps for execs!!!

People wonder why I drink?

Eugene Robinson: What Obama Really Thinks About the Surge

Krugman: The Jobs Deficit (defining what good news would look like)

Unfortunately, something has come up IRL that will require me to leave DU for some time.

Ya gotta love AP for their Herd News coverage ROFLMAO

Neat photo:

Fines or Jail Time for not having insurance is coming soon.

POLL: Public Supports Cap and Trade

Would Biden's decisions as President be different from Obama's? Or are all Politicians the same?

An interesting thing I have noticed.

Idaho Lawyer Won't Challenge Rep. Minnick (D)

My jewlery

'Obama Doctrine' Praised By Conservatives After Nobel Speech

Probably Breaking: Duggar family to announce #20 on Today next week.

Things to not do with Grits: Pour them on your sleeping boyfriend

Anyone watch (or willing to admit) the Real Housewives of Orange County.

There's actual social science research out there that explains that our cynicism...

Parrot teaches boy of 4 to talk

Am I the only one to notice that different alcoholic drinks produce different kinds of intoxication?

A warning to other DU Loungers.

Wow - the folks in GD are mainly...snarky assholes!

Senate Democrats to Drop Public Plan

Man gets year in jail for urinating on officer

What a beautiful map...

Daily Duggar Update: Apparently #19 has been born.

I need creative rapping ideas...

Some are not happy about the Afhan increase or no Public Option but of course we want Obama in 2012!

I think a bit later I will watch badder santa

You are having a pic taken with Michael Steele. Strike your pose...

party music

World's first Cougar cruise sets sail from the US headed to Mexico

The FBI Files. Is this show serious or a parody?

Senate Dems may change health care Medicare expansion proposal

GOP Memo: Blocking Dems’ Health Care Reform Proposal Is Good Politics

GOP Memo: Blocking Dems’ Health Care Reform Proposal Is Good Politics

Dr. Strange is the new Midlo.

Seriously , I need to find out whether when you put vodka in the freezer,


The progression of Rock and Roll basically ended here.....

Is there a plan to publicize those who voted AGAINST the Wall Street Reform bill....

Michelle Obama's guilty pleasure: "really bad tv"

Best [Liberal] Christmas Movies EVAH!!! List Your Top 5...

Is Rahm going to leave his post at the end of the year?

Take a few minutes

HI-01: Abercrombie to Resign Early

Abortion rights group backs Quinn, Giannoulias, Preckwinkle

HEY MUSIC FANS! Listen to Christmas Jam( Ani on now)

Marshall says she'd support the public option,Cunningham says he'd only have voted to start debate

14F in Fargo, it's a HEAT WAVE!!!

Keith Allred will run as a Democrat in Idaho's race for governor

C-Span will air the entire Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony this evening (12/11/09) at 8:00 p.m. EST

Bar is open!

So tell me, those who cheer FDR's military escalation, what justifies this war in Sicily?

Basements - Why aren't there many basements in the desert?

McMahon campaign reports lush spending, but not much detail

"Investing" in the failure of the United States..

Mass. woman, 98, accused of killing roommate, 100

Congressman Grayson on financial reform

Steele stays neutral in Florida Senate primary

Uh oh. Socrates is washing Plato again.

If President Obama negotiated no drug importation...

While we are on the topic: How old were you when you first had sex?

Comfortably Numb

"House approves financial reform bill."

Obama Honored By War Profiteer

Last bunch of Obamaphotos from the Norwegian press

worst sex

I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for perfect legislation

Jon Stewart. Brilliant

The Democratic leadership is looking like that banker in the "pony" ad

"War On Christmas" profiteers...

Which Firefox extensions do you use?

best sex

Donna Smith of PDA: "Please don't insult us by selling this legislation as healthcare reform"

Hey, merchants: PCI DSS -- anyone here had to do this?

Anyone heard from Parche recently??

Has any note been made of Kucinich's current stance on Hardball last nite?

Has any note been made of Kucinich's current stance on Hardball last nite?

Anyone seen Madrone lately? n/t

the 'war on christmas' taken to the next level:

Actor Gene Barry died. He was 90.

My oldest brother had to get his dog euthanized today.

Health care loophole would allow coverage limits

does anyone remember the name of the divorce attorneys that advertise on Stephanie Miller's show?

Subway cat gets a home

Is there any video of Barbara Walters interviewing Michelle Obama for

Jenny Sanford filing for divorce

i just bought my tickets for the 12:01AM showing of 'Avatar' at the local imax next friday...

Glen Beck has a White House Bat-Phone

Ever had sex with a married man/woman and not know it? Not, not know you had sex..

What gifts do you get your pets for Christmas?

Wonkette: It’s Michael Steele’s Christmas Present To The Internet


How not to play the race card: Michael Steele Edition

On the Food Network they are making Christmas treats...

What would you like Santa to do?

Umm, where can we discuss sexual relations? Is there a sub forum?

Ever talk to someone for a few minutes

Arggghhhhh .....oooof! .....oooof!....

So, I was thinking about sex... socially.

Avril Lavigne - My World

sobriety tip - watch out for "sopping" rum cake

YouTube - "I feel good, I feel bad, I feel happy, I feel sad...Am I in love? I must be in love."

Post your favorite Holiday gifts for women here:

YouTube: "Gotta let you know girl you're looking good, you're out of sight, you're alright..."

Army Releases November Suicide Data

So tell me, those who cheer Obama's military escalation, what justifies this war in Afghanistan?

Best Six.

YouTube - Richard Starkey, MBE: "I thought I'd make it, the day you went away..."

The Fun is Over!

Santa Claus the Movie is awesome because you get to watch Mr. Lebowski play santa.

The 27 House Democrats who voted against financial reform

On Obama's Speech

Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

What would you like for Christmas?

PHOTOS Oslo (Official Photos)

Top 25 worst album covers of the decade

George Packer on Obama's Oslo Speech: "Peace and War"

TCM 2am est "Performance" w/ Mick Jagger 1970


YouTube - The "Sister Christian" scene from "Boogie Nights"

YouTube - Beach Boys, 7/4/84 Washington DC, "Surfer Girl," with guest Julio Iglesias

I don't care about Tiger Woods.

DOD Announces Casualties 09-11-Dec-09

Have it your way, DU!!!!!!! You were warned..I asked you a QUESTION dammit!!!1111

Does anyone have a cat that eats their own barf??

A third Question for 2010

Today I achieved a milestone

We're speaking out now because we didn't in 1993

White House to help close healthcare loophole

PHOTOS Barack Obama's First Year in the White House (by TIME's Callie Shell)

Drug importation stops health care debate

Drug importation stops health care debate

WellPoint thrives as public plan takes a dive

which group is more likely to...

Name a movie that doesn't require too much thought while watching it....

Six locked threads...

This is the most quiet, lonely, Friday night...

"... and the way you look tonight."

Will Smith helped Toby Keith dodge critical question

Flashback -- Krugman: Franklin Delano Obama?

Hundreds of women lead protest in Afghanistan

"House passed the most ambitious restructuring of federal financial regulations since the New Deal "


'The Errors of Matt Taibbi'

The Best Speech of Obama’s Presidency

I need to know....

Be honest.

Can someone here recommend a good home fax machine for under $100?

YouTube - George Duke with Billy Cobham - "Rush Hour," Montreal Jazz Festival

If you won an all expenses paid for trip?

I need creative wrapping ideas...

Put on a Toby Keith and...

Post that thing here about what happened that time!

Poll question: What is this tool called at your house?

Who here has never had eggnog?

Thought experiment poll

I used to work for a huge, well known company.

"You don't deserve health care because you don't earn enough money"

So much for the "stimulus worked" claims from a few weeks ago..

Am I the only one totally stoked and excited about the coming Hasidim v. Bicyclists Online Warfare?

Two questions about 2010

What is this tool called at your house?

For a Good Laugh. Sing these words to "Walking in a winter Wonderland"

What is this kitchen utensil called at your house?

unpaid advertisments

$80.00 for a Goose?

YouTube - Brian Wilson w/ Darius Rucker & Matthew Sweet, "Sail On Sailor," Letterman Show 2001

Theory: It's called "platypus" because "fucked-up duck-beaver thing" is too long for textbooks.

Please help me with the PC / Internet Explorer problem

Name something weird about yourself.

Stuff White People Like

Heidi brings home the coolest gifts!

Heidi brings home the coolest gifts!

I think Michelle Obama has a baby bump. A new Democrat in the WH next spring.

Hell with it, then.

Why would anyone be happy that Obama's turned out to be a hawk?

Whose relations with the opposite sex deserve more ridicule: Tiger Woods or Ears?

Tell us why your thread was locked, and be creative.

My Cat,Vinny died this week

Porn film stars frolic on Franco's big monument

Carmina Burana! Best song ever!

If you HAD to date one of these people (or kittens would die) , who would you choose?

Glee is the best new show this year....

I'm now employed

Winter Fun in IOWA!!!!!

Does anyone else here go to Yahoo Answers ?Particularly the Politics section ?

The documentary "Winged Migration"

Damn, Kate Jackson looks like Joel Gray...

Song game: Post a song that begins with the last letter of the song before it.

As a follow up, post things that don't suck about this otherwise crappy decade.

"I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street"

Hypothetical question: Suppose Lyric was going to bear one of my children.

How many of you have to sleep with fans or other noise makers on?

Hospitals, Insurers Oppose Health Bill Compromise On Medicare Buy-In

Blogging Taliban: The Beauty and the Terrorist (in german only)

Pharmaceutical deal holding up bipartisan health amendment

Copenhagen climate summit releases draft final text

Bernie Sanders Presses For Vote On State Single-Payer Option

Leading Latin America in the push for gay rights

US-born Hispanics see gains in education, income

China's economic recovery gathers pace

Police: Armed Man Killed By Officer In Times Square

Real Christmas Trees 'Greener' than Fake

Gordon Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy: banks should pay for climate change

Cuban government supporters target rights marches

Gates Says US Air Force May Remain in Iraq Beyond 2011

Iraqi-American Christians blast U.S. policies in Iraq

US extends executive pay limits at bailed-out companies

Debt Limit to Be Increased By Up to $1.9 Trillion

Hundreds Of China Workers Clash Over Factory Site

Copenhagen climate change summit in deadlock over rival texts

Chile’s Bachelet Honors Human Rights Victims At Lonquen

GE wins $1.4 billion wind farm contract

US health care tab to keep growing under overhaul

Sen. Roberts Compares Health Care Reform To Attack On Pearl Harbor

Reality Show Mom has 19th Child

For feds, more get 6-figure salaries

China (formally) rejects draft climate deal .

Duggar Baby Born Prematurely Due to Pregnancy Complication

U.N. Afghan Mission Chief to Resign

Australia shipping alert over massive iceberg

Tiger Woods to take 'indefinite' leave from golf

Major makeover of Wall Street regs passes House

Detained Americans in Pakistan facing deportation

GOP congressman goes nuts over White House acorn cookies

Albania takes strides towards EU accession

Stronger retail sales and sentiment boost stocks

Immigration sweep nets 280 with criminal records

'Small wind' market to double by 2013, study says

UN Afghan envoy opts not to extend job contract

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 11

House votes against letting judges alter mortgages

Tony Blair admits: I would have invaded Iraq anyway

Democrats fend off effort to kill consumer agency

Iraq oil development rights won by Shell

Gay Houston Mayor Candidate Annise Parker Ahead In Polls

House approves sweeping regulatory reform package

Canadian sci-fi author beaten, imprisoned at US border crossing

U.S. Freezes $2 Billion in Iran Case

U.S. Freezes $2 Billion in Iran Case

Health care loophole would allow coverage limits

BREAKING NEWS: Jenny Sanford filing for divorce

Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by the C.I.A.

C.I.A. Said to End Blackwater Contract

Pharma Deal Shuts Down Senate Health Care Debate

Judge stops ACORN funding ban

Wipro, Microsoft, Intel, Infosys get maximum H-1B visas in 2009

Vietnam Opts for Japanese Bullet Train

TEA party to protest detainees: Sterling rally set during hearing for Thomson prison sale

Al Qaeda Planner in Pakistan Killed by Drone

Commentary: More war, more marble markers at West Point

"Is The Military Fudging Civilian Casualities To Avoid Pentagon Oversight?" by Megan Carpentier

Obama's legacy will be defined by his Nobel Speech.

Obama's Big Sellout


Many See the VAT Option as a Cure for Deficits


The Hypocrisy of Al-Demoqratia (Ramzy Baroud)

Ed Harrison has interesting observation on Taibbi's article "Obama's Big Sellout"

Drug War Sea Change in the US Congress?

WellPoint thrives as public plan takes a dive

Greg Palast: Supreme Court's Ruling Would Allow Bin Laden to Donate to Palin's Presidential Campaign

The 'Mini-Revelation' That Really Sunk Tiger's Putz

Harvard Suspends Construction of Larry Summers’ $1 Billion Science Center

Uganda, The Family, Rick Warren- and homophobia as an booming export.

A Secret Police in America?

Too late to unravel the truth?

Our Murderers in the Sky by Scott Ritter

Study: Deployments take toll on military children

House Passes Wall Street Reform Bill With Zero GOP Votes

More Easy Money for Wall Street by William Greider

AT&T's Net neutrality doublethink

AT&T: Strictly for losers

Friday Talking Points (104) -- Washington Frenzy

In Their Own Words

Going Rogue Without a Condom

"'Great Man'" Theory? History Is Driven by the Little Guy" by Viggo Mortensen

Independent UK: Leaders of the rich world are enacting a giant fraud

Hallelujah! Get a Handel on Weekend Economists December 11-13, 2009

Hawaii Dem. says he'll resign from Congress (Abercrombie)

One More Parade-They Might Be Giants

While Dubai Pillages The Earth's Resources, Abu Dhabi Builds The 1st Carbon Neutral/Zero Waste City

Santa Claus, Jesus, and Vampires oh my!!!

John Yoo on the Last Train to Nuremberg

Papantonio: GOP Wants to Shut Down Cash-Strapped Government

Butterflies in Space,Painted lady, Flight, Wide Angle, 12-2-09, BioServe

Obama DOJ Files Brief Defending Yoo's Actions

Thom Hartmann - At Home in the Cosmos With Annie Druyan

Papantonio: The GOP Suddenly Cares About Deficits?

Red state update - Ole Timey Country Simple Christmas

The Best Red State Updates Of The Decade

Young Turks interview Jonathan Alter who compares Obama to FDR

Toby Keith stands by war before peace concert

David Swanson - Where to stick that Nobel Peace Prize

David Swanson - Where to stick that Nobel Peace Prize

Thom Hartmann - Why are we letting corporations poison our children for Christmas?

Rachel Maddow & Noah Shachtman discuss our merry secret war in Pakistan

Analysis: Pakistan key to Afghan war

Fox News Fail

Youth create a Thunderstorm in the UN at Copenhagen Climate Talks

The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Glenn Beck - Crown Jewel of Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People Smooch-Fest

Tower of Power - Only So Much Oil (in the Earth)

msnbc countdown: Sarah Palin attack Al Gore on climate change

CINDY SHEEHAN brings PEACE to OSLO! ~ NEXT, America!

Keb' Mo - America The Beautiful, from the final episode of West Wing

Thom Hartmann - When will the revolution begin?

Rep. Marcy Kaptur: Maybe Someday Real Banking Reform Will Be Considered By This Congress!

msnbc Hardball: Alan Grayson tells Dick Cheney to ''shut the f**k up''

Smart Remarks: War on Christmas is Over (If You Want It)

Young Turks: Should Christmas Caroling Be Mandatory In Schools?

Racially Biased Test : An Explanation

O'Reilly: ''Should We Burn These People At The Stake?''

Sarah Palin is asked if she would debate Al Gore on climate change

Keith Olbermann: Sarah Palin Is Now A Climate Change Denier

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) - The Public Option and cost containment

Irish politician to opponent....f**k you!

Leftist 'Useful Idiots': Bezmenov on Marxists

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) Schools Rethugs On Their Lies On House Floor

maxkeiser ON THE EDGE, guest - William K. Black 'US headed for Suharto level economic catastrophe'

Sarah Palin vs Al Gore on climate change

UFO - Spectacular Spiral Lights Over Norway, 10 dec 2009

Enroll the Obama kids in a military academy, & other thoughts on Afghanistan from a U.S. Veteran

Stephanie Miller vs Ariana H. and Joy Behar on Nobel peace award

Rachel on the 'Kill the Gays' Bill - Exposing Liars Left & Right

msnbc psycho talk: Fucktard Glen Beck: ''Abolish Medicare!''

James Hansen on David Letterman

Thom Hartmann - Did Obama defend war at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony?

Robert Fisk: Obama is a Disaster

NOT ALL WARS ARE JUST! SOME ARE JUST WAR! Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Teen girl bullied, shamed, suspended for "sexting" -- eventually commits suicide

Copenhagen Climate Talks: Monckton "Hitler Youth" Video

Cutting Through the Chatter in Copenhagen

Volkswagen America Plans Boost To US Sales -CEO (powered by traditional combustion engines)

Environmental bankruptcy settlement.

Drumbeat: December 11, 2009

ODAC Newsletter - Dec 11

Bloomberg: Fishermen Say Carbon Dioxide Having ‘Really Scary’ Ocean Effect

For all you eco-aware fans of "Thelma and Louise"

Obama Proposes 'Cash for Caulkers': Each Household Eligible for $12,000

Bill Scher: Memo to Politico: "ClimateGate" Is a Flop

China Says Population Control is Key to Fighting Climate Change

(3) Senators (Kerry, Lieberman & Graham) propose cutting greenhouse gas emissions 17% by 2020

Big spring Chinook run forecast for the Columbia river

COP15 and the Neuropsychology of Climate Change

TYT Interviews: Jane Hamsher Skeptical With New Healthcare Compromise

The football gods are punishing the Steelers

Oh no! Romo!

Walter Camp, Davey O'Brien and Maxwell!

Mom of Steelers player charged with assault in VFW melee

Everything old is new again: Meet America's Team's new holder!

Foxboro Police Arrest 78 Fans At Patriots Game

Purdue Catholic University. Heard it on the local sports radio this evening.

I wonder if wore the costume while he patronized the prostitutes.

Tiger Woods to take 'indefinite' leave from golf...

Is Tiger Woods considering quitting golf?

Hey Condem. There is a thread about you in the DU Lounge...

Va. girl Tebow's date to award show

The BCS is not just wrong, it's illegal..

Tiger Woods to take 'indefinite' leave from golf

The New York Yankees to take "indefinite" leave from baseball...

How many "majors" will Tiger miss?

NFL Week 14 picks (with point spreads)

On Presidents and Precedents: Implications of the Honduran Coup

Chile’s Bachelet Honors Human Rights Victims At Lonquen

Colombia Urgent Action: Death Threats to Sinaltrainal

Quixote Center, HRW: Honduras: Reject Amnesty for Abuses During Coup

Quotha: Communique from Sociologists United Against the Coup

Magbana's lead article 12/11/09

AP-Zelaya and Lobo to meet in Santo Domingo, DR on Monday

Jewish settlers 'to increase by 10,000 within year'

House chairman Brad Sherman (D-CA) calls on UC Irvine to throw out Muslim Student Union

Israelis shot mental patient 'under controversial military directive'

Egypt constructs huge Gaza wall

West Bank settlers set fire to mosque

Man wrestles gun from assailant outside Manchester pub

I thought this was impossible with the Tiahrt Amendment

U of Colorado Bans Nerf Guns on Campus

Gun laws are getting looser across much of US

Maine Becomes 38th State To Ask SCOTUS To Incorporate 2nd Amendment.

Deputy arrested for false imprisonment, aggravated assault and battery

The anti-HCR scare of the day apparently from the NRA

PA State Police in violation of State Constitution, no one seems to care.

NYC mayor on deadly shootout: `Too many guns'

Gun laws are getting looser across much of US

Today in Labor History Dec 11 More than 500 people were massacred U.S.-supported regime

Locked-out workers back on the job at Progress Casting

When Economy Improves Lots Of Workers Want To Quit Current Jobs

Feds recover wages for Neb. workers (pd below minimum & no overtime)

Walk-to-work injury suit allowed

Whatta Superb Speech!

From Page 6 in David Plouffe's book "The Audacity to Win":

This is starting to bother me.. the pressing for personal information about Obama posters

The King Lives (nocturnal sighting)

Is this dark enough?

remember this tree?

self delete - posted to wrong area

Well, shit.

Here's a shot in the dark

Twin Moons Above Mars

***SUBMISSION THREAD for the December Photo Contest (please read before submitting)***

Through a Lobster's Eyes

Help me I've fallen in the dark and I can't chose

The Big Dipper Gains a Star

Earth's atmosphere came from outer space, find scientists

Mars Express captures Phobos and Deimos

Is human intelligence an aberration?

Nikola Tesla "We have a message from another world"

***COMMENT THREAD for the December Photo Contest***

first image from VISTA

What does a half million galaxies look like?

Leading Latin America in the push for gay rights

Fat, gay and proud: a new kind of Venezuelan beauty queen

Austria OK’s same-sex civil unions

To Thine Own Self Be True

Gay Houston Mayor Candidate Annise Parker Ahead In Polls

How's This For Stupid? (People Who Can Get Married in New Jersey)

Same sex marriage is legal in 5 states.

The Difference Engine

more positive economic news raises hopes of an end to this REPULICAN DYSTOPIA - (sometime in future)

House Passes Bill to Audit the Fed

Peter Schiff debates David Epstein of Columbia University

Bernanke's Faux Recovery by Mike Whitney

Kucinich To Introduce Legislation To Mirror UK Banker Bonuses (50% Tax)

Obama's Big Sellout

China Executes Rogue Trader. Hmmmmmmm

Heres a post from someone who used to post here a ASAHG.

If you never seen this... Mr. Rogers will give you the Xmas spirit

A little OT, but I sent out some of my writing to a lit journal today.

Massive Object(s) Over Moscow.

A 14-year-old needs a heart

Two very encouraging articles about improving moderate memory loss and

LA Department of Education shakes up schools strategy to compete for federal funds

Teachers union, legislators meet today to discuss law, federal school funds

Michel Foucault's History of Madness became available in unabridged translation and

The story of the last supper is an astronomical allegory

Another Rapture prediction. You know the drill

Lawsuit threatened over atheist councilman in NC AP

Dueling billboards..Christian vs Atheist. Christians attend atheist meeting in attempt to convert.

Has anybody worked with the flat mozzarella?

Made an old-fashioned simple pot-roast tonight.....

Phooey, I just ate about half of the croutons I just made.

A rarely quoted passage in the New Testament