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Undefeated Zenyatta has won the Breeders' Cup Classic

Undefeated Zenyatta has won the Breeders' Cup Classic

Hoseracing fans -You go Zenyatta girl!!!!!

November 7th - 30 years ago . . .

I guess all of the Health Care industry trolls can just explode now

Who are you more pissed at?

Has anybody seen the nun with the tolling bell on

Apparently This Historic Vote Is Not Historic Enough For MSNBC.......

No rethug response to the Democratic health care success, or did I

My letter to my congressman (NEAL MA) on voting for Stupak Amendment.

Anyone watching Seth and Amy going off on Gold Sac?????

San Francisco drivers having trouble making that S curve on the bay bridge


The idiots hit Wikipedia already

Eric Cantor: "Be assured not one Republican will vote for this bill"

**Some Help Please, does anyone have a link to....

Go Lowey!!!

Thank you Capps...

Can the HCR Bill be challenged in the House now?

Barbara Lee!!! kicking ass and takin names!

Gunman opens fire in Vail (CO) bar

Mr. Quigley! yes!

thank you DeGette...

So, all these "Pro lifers" speaking with Stupak - how about Iraqi lives?

You know, if the teabaggers hadn't screwed up NY-23, HCR might have failed.

Nadler-woo hoo!

Women get thrown under the bus again, oh well, had to compromise with torturers

So, when does Joseph Cao change parties?


Just Got This In An E-Mail From My Congressman - Lipinski (D-IL 3rd).......

Rep. Grijalva on health care vote

Pop the champagne!

Is "Donate" Barack's middle name?

Geez, a lot of blue dogs on CSPAN, so happy the abortion amendment was tagged on

Questions regarding HC Bill, so don't jump on my case, k?

Interesting Times. Seems like Electoral Failure causes GOPers to schism and fight.

Where is the friggen pizza?


Dennis, don't worry about these detractors on DU and other web sites.


Bad Dennis.

"Mix it up day" hopes to fight trend of kids self segregating at younger ages/more categories

How do I sign up for the DU purse making classes?

"Now is not the time to protest": Where have I heard that before?

Unreliable votes from the left only drives legislation further right.

Barack, don't worry about these detractors on DU and other web sites.

When I say that these HCR Bill Is Suckey I don't mean to mislead people

A shout out to Representative Cao (R - Louisiana) - Kudos!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet!11!1!

Joseph Cao's district, hit hard by Katrina, was ranked dead last in outlays...

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Dems will always be better than the knuckle-dragging woman-hating racist repukes.

Anybody know who is running against Stoopidak?

Anybody know who is running against Stoopidak?

Wolfgang's Vault -- any other people get this spammer

10 ways the House bill would change health care

What effect will this Health Care Bill have on elections?


Took my mom to the ER tonight

Remember folks

What are Freepers saying about the lone Republican vote, Anh Cao?

UN Report Misleading on Afghanistan's Drug Problem

Do people understand this bill would have failed if voted on final passage?

Anybody see Wanda Sykes tonight? OH MY GOD

OK who's donating $5.00?

If Dennis Kucinich is an ideological purist, why does he work with Alcoa and Lockheed Martin?

If Dennis Kucinich is an ideological purist, why does he work with Alcoa and Lockheed Martin?

UN Report Misleading on Afghanistan's Drug Problem

UN Report Misleading on Afghanistan's Drug Problem

UN Report Misleading on Afghanistan's Drug Problem

Afghanistan: Obama's Fantasy Island

I'm Not Paying For A Plan Which Doesn't Cover Full Women's Health Care

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: Dozens march on downtown Fort Worth, protesting use of Tasers

U.S. Seeks To Limit Warlords In Karzai Cabinet

British support for Afghan war is fading, polls show

Dennis Kucinich is FLAT WRONG on Insurance.

Krakauer: McChrystal shouldn't be in charge in Afghanistan

The freepers are flipping out over the health care bill passing

The preexisting condition provision in the bill was thrown in as a bone

Know your war criminals

Isn't it odd? Republicns worry all the time about their children/grandchildren's financial security,

Why don't Rethugs understand that the tone during the Bushco

Why don't Rethugs understand that the tone during the Bushco

General Casey on MTP in Battle Fatigues?

Hooray for the red, white and blue!

Unemployment and airplane crashes

Washington Journal on CSpan1

Yikes, why is there a "stop government healthcare" ad on DU's

Why does Stupak hate abortion but love Viagra and Cialis?

Falling Between the Cracks

My Rep, PA Blue Dog Holden, voted against the health insurance bill.

The Anti-Health Reform Bill 39: Remove these Key Blue Dogs From Their Committee Chairs and Seats

DU - Men's group (II)

In other news..pyramid origin discovered ( time for a little levity)

Having a baby is messy , it takes a long time, and it hurts like hell


I-Witless News Channel 7 LA: "We kinda expected it to pass the house.."

Hey Dennis Kucinich - Your Storm's brewed in a Tea Cup.

How does one find the best doctor in the country to get a second opinion?

Barbara Lee Releases Statement On Passage of Health Care for America Act

Is the center happy now? And can it hold?

Remembrance Sunday: Fusilier James salutes comrades and tells of his own ordeal

"It’s like winning a huge battle, but half of your friends were killed or wounded."

$250,000 fine or up to 5 years in prison...

I watched SiCKO again yesterday

Phony Jail Bait Politics

Question: If the insurance companies are going to benefit why are they still against this bill?

Health Care Reform needed 218 to pass. It got 220.

Mods: We need meta-forums (fora?) so that we

An honest quesiton about the health care bill...

So, Owens and Garamendi=very important wins for healthcare, n'est pas Sarah Palin?

Marcos Breton: Local PR man is pivotal foe of gay marriage


The Kucinichians (all 3% of them) will whine for a few days....

America's Dirtiest Vehicles

What name has been essentially not mentioned on DU through all these health care threads ....... ?

What name has been essentially not mentioned on DU through all these health care threads ....... ?

Republicans have been beaten by Democrats in five consecutive contested special elections

Is it poppycock? Is it poppycock? Is it poppycock?

Obama Regime: Toss NSA Warrantless Wiretapping Lawsuit

They will certainly vote on abortion separately.

For those of you who continue to say all or nothing with health care reform, I have questions

Here's what else has to happen before a HCR bill is signed.

Is it perfect? Is it perfect? Is it perfect?

Is it perfect? Is it perfect? Is it perfect?

Which of the nays were from the left?

After 950 Tries, Woman Passes Driving Exam

If we can get ANY bill passed...

At Goldman Sachs, they say they're "doing God's work" (LONG story in the UK Sunday Times)

Geithner: need stimulus, not financial transactions tax

Facebook users, if you care about marriage equality

What have Democrats done to remedy the E-voting issues?

So folks, how do you feel today?

Reid Continues To Target Republican Obstruction

AFL-CIO: "Thank Your Representatives for Passing Health Care Reform"

Study: Bio-Based Plastics Could Ultimately Replace Up to 90% of Total Global Consumption of Plastics

It is my opinion that when this Bill passes through the Senate

Health care debate missing a key point

Failures tarnish Hawaii program to rehabilitate offenders

Failures tarnish Hawaii program to rehabilitate offenders

Do Catholic Bishops Run the United States Government?

Inmates come to guard's aid in jail attack

I don't understand my older gay sister

The Night They Drove the Tea Partiers Down

The teabaggers are going to descend on Washington Thursday.

I was so glad to see that MSNBC was covering the debate last night:

How about that district in New York?

Teabag Twitter To Cao: "You Bastard Piece Of Shit F__K"

I just gotta say...

I may be about seven years late in posting this, but....

Does anyone else hate Sunday Morning non-product corporate TV ads?

The "pro-life" Taliban is never going to stop attacking women's rights!

A moment of silence for Fort Hood's deceased - Army releases names and details

Does Obama deserve credit for the bill that passed last night?

Here's what was happening to Cao before he voted:

Here's what was happening to Cao before he voted:

OK My Cartoon: Republicans Prove Theory of Evolution!

OK My Cartoon: Republicans Prove Theory of Evolution!

OK My Cartoon: Republicans Prove Theory of Evolution!

Coleen Rowley - "Golden Shield" Doesn't Cover Condi's Torture Role

Front page of FOX Nation: "House Passes Government-Run Health Care"

Sarah's FaceBook Ghostwriter had a late night...

It's OK to throw women's rights out now, we need widdle teeny steps to start

WTF??? Ida regains hurricane strength - Gulf peeps pay attention

Gays and Women keep getting the shaft

Gays and Women keep getting the shaft

I was away most of yesterday...Why are people calling for Kucinich's head? n/t

Freepers atttacking Cao

If all these states can block gay rights at the ballot box, why don't they enact

The teabaggers are in a familiar limbo... wait, I've got it....

Here's my prediction: There will be a backlash alright..against BOTH parties

Anatomy of a (finally successful) job search

Cao says he put his district's needs over his party's wishes

Deadly floods sweep El Salvador

Freeper "Kristinn," who posted the Malia Obama thread, tries to ignite outrage over term "teabagger"

Was there a memo that getting perfect health reform was going to be easy?

SPECIAL REPORT: In eastern Europe, people pine for socialism

Southern man

I'm just not ready to start thinking about 2010 elections yet

Cigna - FAIL, a blurb from their sorry a$$ take on health care reform:

FWIW, You CAN reply to your own threads, don't NEED to start a new one every minute or 2.

FWIW, You CAN reply to your own threads, don't NEED to start a new one every minute or 2.

Looking for an animated video about Bush

President Obama is on GEM$NBC now

I understand supporting the House legislation but

Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School?

To our GLBT brothers and sisters, by way of Tony Auth

Chicken Litter: The Aerial Hunt for Poultry Manure

We could have all been proud to see this go down to defeat last night

In a bizzare way, Dumbass Stupak might have done us a huge favor.

Conyers: House Health Care Bill Will Save Lives While Fight for Single Payer Continues

Tonight, Kucinich was left at the gate.

"The public option will kill the INshurnce industry"

The rabid wingnuts applaud blue dogs and Kucinich

Just got a call from the DSCC

A look back at the election last Tuesday....

Does Obama stand with or against the Coathanger Democrats on the Stupak Amendment?

Does Obama stand with or against the Coathanger Democrats on the Stupak Amendment?

Why was the Kucinich amendment stripped out of the bill?

Seemingly many on this board think it is more important to screw insurance companies

Do you people remember that you pushed the House for things to be ADDED to the healthcare bill?

House backs anti-abortion amendment

Why fundamentalism will fail

OK, to you Anti-Choice Forced Bithers here on the DU....

Would Kucinich have voted NO if his vote was NO #40 and a nail in the coffin?

Would Kucinich have voted NO if his vote was NO #40 and a nail in the coffin?

Is treating early-term abortion differently than other procedures an establishment clause violation?

I'm not happy with the Stupak amendment, but you do realize that some of the Congressmen. . .

Fox News Election (Saturday Night Live)

FYI - Rachel is on MTP* today.

Hey, guess where Bartieboy lives when he's in D.C.

Isn't it incredible how vehemently insurance companies oppose a bill....

In Republican District, National Party Takes a Hit

Can anyone point out the difference between Heath Shuler & Virgina Foxx?

From Blue Cross website: House Bill Fails To Deliver Affordable Healthcare Reform

See a threatening RW net posting?- SAVE IT BEFORE IT GETS PULLED

Parents: Would you let your 13 y.o. son. see an R rated film that......

There are six times as many Catholics on the Supreme Court as there are atheists in Congress...

Misleading Info About the Public Option

Just the fact we're seeing so many threads here about the possible jail penalty

Roe v. Wade and the Right to Privacy

A message from US Rep Tim Walz (D-MN) on my Facebook

Hey Stupak, even Lieberturd favours women's rights...

Hey Stupak, even Lieberturd favours women's rights...

The House has just rewarded Big Insurance for bad behavior - and We, the People will suffer

'Tom Cruise Told Me to Talk to a Bottle': Life at Scientology's Secret Headquarters

Dalai Lama surprised over Chinese claims on Tawang

Lieberman wants probe into 'terrorist attack' by major on Fort Hood

Is treating early-term abortion differently than other procedures an establishment clause violation?

I've been thinking about that Stupak amendment.. and it's

Is Kucinich willing to go without health insurance?

I think we can all find humor in this Fox News parody from last night's SNL...

This interactive map is very interesting to me. Since the vote

I interupt the DU to bring some weird news for you.

Do we have a list of the Democrats that voted against the bill last night?

With such a difficult time passing the House, what chances do we have in the Senate...?

America's problem is that we've let corporations take precedence over people

Women needed to be reminded that they're second class citzens in America

"Golden Shield" Doesn't Cover Condi's Torture Role by Ret. FBI Coleen Rowley

Tracking Your Representatives' Health Care Cash

Health Insurance Reform Mythbuster: ‘Reform Could Mean Jail Time’

So I went on to Aetna's web site and requested a price quote for a plan


Hey Michigan folks, is Stupak in for life or is it possible to credibly primary the fucker?

Joe Lieberman: The Killer Kowalski of the Healthcare Debate.

What key healthcare type things will become effective right away?

Loch Ness monster hunter Rines dead at 87

If this bill had been more "progressive", it would have never had a chance

The Republicans ought to worry that the Dems passed abortion restrictions last night

Quest to save world's rarest duck

Does anyone know what the status of part time employees is in this bill?

Anyone notice the 2 to 1 age variation limit in the bill?

Anyone notice the 2 to 1 age variation limit in the bill?

Anyone notice the 2 to 1 age variation limit in the bill?

Anyone notice the 2 to 1 age variation limit in the bill?

So how bad will the Senate health bill be?

So how bad will the Senate health bill be?

So how bad will the Senate health bill be?

David Corn vs Jim Pinkerton - Has Unemployment Been Neglected?

CLUELESS: Goldman CEO defends bonuses as sign of recovery

Does the HCR bill which just passed in the House restrict access to abortion?

Re: Bankers' bonuses and pay

November the __th and a hurricane???

Those who voted against this must be so proud

Lieberman is right to threaten to filibuster

if the founding fathers, say jefferson or adams,

if the founding fathers, say jefferson or adams,

6.7 magnitude Indonesian quake reported

"fuck you and your myopic NARAL cohorts."

‘Elephant!’ SUV sideswipes circus escapee

How many private insurance policies will now prohibit abortions?

Wow! What an amazing discovery! I just pushed a thread from page 7 on GD from last night

Elite college students proud of 'pro-rape' Facebook page (Sydney Morning Hearld)

Is it possible, if we had started with an official position for single payer, that the vote .......

How many think the whole "jail time" argument makes as much sense as the "death panel" argument?

How many think the whole "jail time" argument makes as much sense as the "death panel" argument?

Working in These Times: Hell No! We Won’t Send Our Tax Dollars to China

Brazil student expelled after wearing mini-dress

Cao and human rights positions

What factors in health insurance should cost you more?

Lieberman Pledges To Filibuster House Bill: The Public Option Is ‘Unnecessary’

High court to look at life in prison for juveniles

Ignore the internet and blogosphere at your career's peril, Blue Virus Dems.

This so-called healthcare bill is a big step backward

I think 39 democrats lacked the courage of their convictions

Morality police on the prowl for violators in Indonesian province

Throw this Bill out....all 1,900 pages.... expand Medicare...

One small slice of judicial happiness for 2 guys in Wisconsin (Upbeat story)

When growing up, did you get anything you wanted and never have to do chores?

The Reich Wing is going to go after the Senate HARD!!! We need to go after it HARDER!!!

La. Gov. declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Ida

It will be a republican clean sweep in the 2010 mid-terms

Addressing the Republican ploy to pose as a Democrat supporter who has been betrayed and is

who is the most credible person concerned about Pelosi's jail clause?

Carrie Prejean's mother was in the room when Miss California pageant attorneys played the sex tape

Chavez tells troops to ready for war with Colombia

In the year 2020. Living the dream in El Norte. A peek into the future.

Jeannette Rankin and Dennis Kucinich.

Letter From Fort Hood

US attorney general: Gitmo reviews under way

Ft. Hood: Gen. Casey Doesn't Rule Out Terrorism

Were some 'blue dogs' given permission to vote against the bill?

Did you watch NOW on PBS? David Sorota was on and it was

Just curious?

To my friends in Virginia: You have my deepest sympathy

* * * Link to Stupak Amendment * **

Bloomberg - "Senate, House Health-Care Legislation: Side-by-Side Comparison"

Every congressperson is already on the public option.

The Pelosi Bill Was Rammed Through on Saturday, But Sunday’s Coming

Is the Federal Government even necessary ?

Mandatory Abortion Rider

What if we did as much to prevent rape as we do to prevent H1N1?

I don't get how right-wingers say Bush kept us safe after 9/11.

For all the Veterans out there

For all the Veterans out there

For all the Veterans out there

Will the Wall Street bailouts come back to haunt Obama and the Democrats?

Thank You US Senate: Health Care cartoon

What's with all the low post folks

Anti-Taliban Mayor Is Killed in Pakistan

Kucinich is free to say what he wants - to burn the bill in public but . . .

I guess we'll have to add an amendment to invade Iran to get Lieberman's support for HCR.

My response to the fundraising letter I received from President Obama tonight.

Gone to the dogs: L.A. church starts pet service

Self-inflicted lung cancer vs Unwanted pregnancy by brutal rape: Which gets covered?

Cao's vote is equivalent to a big GOP Rickroll!**

There is a great scene in ANIMAL HOUSE

There is a great scene in ANIMAL HOUSE

OK, to you Anti-Choice Forced Birthers here on the DU....

Parsing the House Health Bill

Afghan Security Handover Not Until 2014: UK Army Chief

Question: If Stupak is stripped in conference what is the basis for thinking it will pass the house?

"no co-pays for preventive care"

No Fit for Luxury Lifestyle in Tokyo Costs Versace Customers

Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press this morning...

What IS an "elective abortion," anyway??

GOP Reps Pick Tea Party Rally Over National-Security Votes

GOP Reps Pick Tea Party Rally Over National-Security Votes

HuffPo's current home page photo is like salt in the fucking wound

Joe Lieberman Must Go

Poll: Are Timothy McVeigh and Nidal Malik Hasan terrorists?

Timely PTSD movie - particularly due to Ft Hood - "The Torturer" Movie

Your opinion on the Healthcare Bill

Tell I'm wrong about 60 Minutes. Back in the late 90's 60 Minutes ran a Saddam

Name two people you want to outlive, at all costs. Not a kind post, but an honest one. Have at it.

On H.R. 3962 and Jail Time....

Stupak Biofuels Rider benefiting Michigan sneaked into Health Bill: Pork for his anti-choice crusade

So can a Lieberman aided filibuster be overcome?

Buying something to avoid jail: bribery? Forcing someone to buy or go to jail: extortion?

The Nation: Generation Recession

TPM Cafe: The New Normal

Graham: House Bill Would Be DOA In Senate, Lieberman Pledges Filibuster

I thought you guys would be celebrating

Fannie Mae to rent out homes instead of foreclosing

LA Times: California's best years have passed, voters say

They already had a health reform bill... DAMN IT!!!

Tell Reid, Joe must go

Japan-U.S. leaders likely to OK new talks

Interview with a Vampire (for some reason I thought of GD and GDP at times - ROFL)

Doesn't make sense. Why would anyone pay for supplemental Abortion insurance?

Anybody else having trouble with DU logging them out?

‘Prepare For War,’ Chavez Warns Venezuelan Military, Populace

Who does Lieberman represent?

Labor costs at U.S. bases to face scrutiny

Representatives (D) that voted FOR Stupak but then voted AGAINST the bill

This infighting over Kucinich is pretty absurd.

Are we being played for suckers??

on the plus side, at least Aetna and Pharma can rest easy now knowing

on the plus side, at least Aetna and Pharma can rest easy now knowing

Insurance Industry Trade Group - "AHIP Statement on House Passage of H.R. 3962"

See? I tole ya. We need a majority--no, wait, a supermajority; wait,

23 Dems voted "Yes" on the Stupak Amendment & "No" on the final bill:

Baghdad’s Underground Shelters Help Iraqi Women Escape Violence and Abuse

Baghdad’s Underground Shelters Help Iraqi Women Escape Violence and Abuse

Oh Great Huckabee is in my city tomorrow blechhhhhhh

Evangelical Movement Within The Democratic Party - Good or Bad?

Here are some of the things insurance companies are getting out of the House bill:

For those of you who do not like the House bill and cannot support it at all, what is your plan?

U.S. jihadists’ stretches through Mumbai to Lahore

U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick of NC: Another garden-variety Republican asshole

Scientists: Dolphins Killing Porpoises on CA Coast

So let me get this straight.

So let me get this straight, Abortions being covered by insurance

My 'lovely' morning at a church sponsored Health Fair:

Israel has Universal Health Care

How many different congressional districts have you lived in since 2000?

GoGirl--A perfect stocking stuffer for active women

Despairing freepwad plaintively askes "What do we do now?"

You know how disingenous the New York Post is?

"Health Care for American Now thanks House for bill passage"

i found this petition... interesting... grass roots >>link>>

i found this petition... interesting... grass roots >>link>>

i found this petition... interesting... grass roots >>link>>

The Hill - "U.S. Chamber, employers oppose House healthcare bill"

New Boston, Ill. - "Community rallies around woman fighting 2nd round of cancer"

You know who else voted against the IWR

Crystal Lake - "Fundraiser to help with bills"

Lester Holt has jumped the shark

What is the percentage of Americans who are trying to dump their health coverage to become uninsured

Xochicalco, please make the Dec 21, 2012 idiots shut up already!

House Bill Has Benefits for Gay Couples and Domestic Partners

"The Republican alternative bill FAILED mostly along party lines by a vote of 176-258"

So LIEberman has said he would filibuster HCR. Why let him chair any committee?

Teaser for news:" Ft. Hood shooter has ties to 911 hijackers"

Make a Statment That Everybody on DU Can Agree On.

Open Thread for people who want to discuss good news and optimistic things

Campaign Contributions from Health Industry

"AHIP Statement on House Passage of H.R. 3962" - Insurance Industry Opposes House Bill

Keyboard commandos in Freeperville threatening violence -- again

Colorado - "Strangers Come Together To Help Swine Flu Victim" - No Medical Insurance

Victim's father wants 9-11 memorial to read that son was murdered by "Muslim terrorists"

God Bless you Dennis

Concord Coalition: H.R. 3962 Costlier Than CBO Says

Concord Coalition: H.R. 3962 Costlier Than CBO Says

We can fix the HCR bill in the future.

Abortion and Insurance Question

If Lieberman thinks that the Ft Hood killer was a terrorist...

Perfect Joe Lieberman cartoon by Bob Englehart

Some say Rush Limbaugh is a hardcore junkie pedophile.

Checking in- My experience with Canadian healthcare...

I don't understand this congress passed hea;thcare bill much at all


I'm feeling really shitty, reading the stories of women who, nearly half a century ago ........

La. Gov. Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Ida

What will be the biggest issue in next year mid-term elections?

Some Democrats vow to block final passage if amendment stays

So the ER in in network, but the ER Doctor is not, and we now owe and extra $500?

Can we please stop calling this a "health care reform" bill?

Ok, please, no flames, but is the Ft Hood shooter a terrorist?

Why do the "blue dogs" even belong to the Democratic party?

great editorial cartoon, re:teabaggies

"Black barbershops hosting health screenings"

Please don't throw me in the Briar Patch Mr. Fox

Please don't throw me in the Briar Patch Mr. Fox

Please don't throw me in the Briar Patch Mr. Fox

Dennis = Nader.

220-215. think about that for a moment...

I'm with Dennis

The Stupak Amendment is an Abomination to the Democratic Party

A mandate without a STRONG public option

Will I go to jail if I don't buy health insurance? No.

FReepers calling for a National Strike

"What Should I Do Because of Obamacare?" Freeper ponders

Stupak and the boy's club:

Deer dies after leaping into D.C. lion pen (there is a lesson in this somewhere)

Deer dies after leaping into D.C. lion pen (there is a lesson in this somewhere)

Fuck you teabaggers. Kick and rec if you agree.

So this is what we're willing to settle for

Brazilian student expelled for wearing mini-skirt to class

I get it!!!!! The healthcare bill is just a jobs bill in disguise.

How about this : Temporarily Sterilize everyone ....

Shannyn Moore - Palin's Pavlovian Response to House Health Care Passage

Declassified Docs Reveal Pentagon Ignored FBI’s Warnings on Abusive Interrogations

Policy Analysis: HR 3962 Division A - Affordable Health Care

No offense, but it IS disconcerting seeing DU and FreeRepublic joining forces...

Questions for Massachusetts DUers regarding "Romneycare" Mandates:

Is there a private charity to donate to women's health?


Will Kucinich bring Lieberman coffee and sandwiches during the filibuster?

Get out.

Dennis Kucinich Continues to Shame Democratic Leadership by Telling the Other Side of the Story

A freeper protects himself against the swine flu...

Bart Stupak’s C-Street Sepsis

What is Obama going to tell the 10+% unemployed population now that they owe insurance co's $1000's?

Last night, House Democrats voted to transform the US into a socialist country.

Israeli abortion laws would freak out the Freepers

Reality check: Both Stupak and Kucinich vote with the Democratic Party over 90% of the time.

People who continue to say that people will be jailed for not having insurance should be BANNED.

An unambiguous yes/no poll on health care reform

Can you take a few minutes and participate in a research study The Brigham and Women's Hospital in

So today I tuned in to Insurrection Radio, formerly known as RIGHT WING

Where do you stand on abortion?

Don't Let 'em Get to You!

And Kucinich sucks compared to whom??? All those "White hats" that are representing us so well?

What about women who can't even afford a few hundred bux? Or have no Planned Parenthood close by?

Misbehaving children:

Nidal Malik Hasan is a terrorist


Before you generalize about the major

My support for this "health care reform" bill has evaporated

Lone GOP vote came after call from President Obama

I'm mad as hell and...

"days of the theocracy"-- for those who don't see what the problem is

I am curious - how do women here feel about the Stupaking

Do Iraqi's have a mandate to buy health insurance from private corporations?

How much does a basic, uncomplicated 1st trimester abortion cost?

I'm uninsured, would almost certainly qualify for a subsidy and think Kucinich is right.. Flame Away

The Wanda Sykes Show

George W. Bush Secretly Visits Fort Hood Victims

Any positive suggestions about what to do to help women's choice issues?

If the Stupak amendmend isn't stripped


How much does a first trimester abortion cost for an unemployed woman who has trouble

I have a lot of problems with this healthcare bill, but "forced buying" is not one of them.

In just the very recent past, there are plenty of people right here on DU - which supposedly .....

I knew women who had back street abortions

Why I'm okay with the abortion restriction

Five Year Prison Sentence?

3 countries - 3 flu vaccine situations

My new standard for candidates for federal office is

Teabaggers upset at being called "Teabaggers"

An interactive graph of the NO votes:

Thank GOD we didn't have to rely on these assholes to pass CIVIL RIGHTS legislation.

House health care bill has nowhere to go in Senate (AP)

Is critical thinking important to you?

Looking for a job? This organization is hiring, and for positions all over

Twenty years ago tomorrow: the day the Berlin Wall "Came down." What it was like.

2008 Democratic National Platform - Choice

Has DU been invaded by washington insiders?

"Get yer gobble on," . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

The biggest single lie in the whole Heathcare Debate: Insurance Companies oppose "reform".....

all of you who hate the dems and Obama and are planning to campain against them will give us Palin

If you think the House Bill is bad, wait till you see what the Senate passes....

The McDonald's down the street has their Flag at half-Mast. (Puke)

if the founding fathers, say jefferson or adams,

Kucinich voted for the Afghanistan war and against health care reform

In July, Kucinich said the House bill held insurance companies accountable

A few conclusions I have reached.... Do You Agree?

I don't want to pay for "elective abortions".

I call on Congressman Kucinich to resign.

"Men's Rights" Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective

The Democratic Party: infiltrated by big business

Why don't these Senators just cut the crap and 'give' the same policy that they use to all Americans

Did you know that if I don't pay my taxes today, the government can put me in jail?

quiet.american crunching the numbers looks like the poorest among us will be helped by health bill

My wife has multiple sclerosis.

The HCR bill as it stands right now (as passed by House) is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

House passes for-profit insurance corporation welfare plan

Kucinich's Brave Health Vote Vs. Obama's Failed Promise

Kucinich's Brave Health Vote Vs. Obama's Failed Promise

President Obama's Healthcare Reform 'Public Option' Explained - from laist, Aug. 21

I propose that since women will not receive complete health coverage under this bill

Why Eric Massa voted against the health care bill

A thank you to Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Leadership

So where did the wave of anti-choicers come from?

Condoleeza Rice was in town tonight for a formal dinner so I decided to dress up for the occasion

Just an idea - re: abortion

Obama on mandates - forcing homeless to buy a house?

True, some of us still think that single payer is the most economical and the most effective way

Forcing us to pay for tickets for the Titanic and the telling us we are saved.




Now I know: One Kucinich is more dangerous than 30 Blue Dogs.

Women Are Overtaking Men in the U.S.

good PBS piece on ft hood shooter. helps to refutes all the "his religion had nothing to do with it"

The 39 Dem Douchebags who voted against Health Care Reform

Free flu vaccines/clinics in LA, So. Cal.?

Dennis Kucinich multiplies loaves, fishes

Digby: 'The ruling elite could never allow an unambiguous liberal victory...'

* is a mass murdering war criminal!!

1994 - Do you remember why we lost the majority?

Gorbachev gives Obama advice on Afghanistan

Is it good that Dennis Kucinich voted no on H.R. 3962?

John Boehner - Oompa Loompa Spray-On-Tan Dude

Why does there seem to be more hatred for Dennis rather than Stupak?

The Supreme's Delayed Decision & Foreign Contributions (DailyCensored.Com)

When Abortion Was Illegal: A Graphic Look at the Past

Can anyone explain these Kucinich votes

So we clench our fists in tight little balls and purse our lips and

Recipe for voter backlash:

Lay off DK!

I have Crohn's disease recently diagnosed

Any good fat-free recipes?

New York Jazz Event, Sunday Nov. 8 at Bowery Poetry Club

OK, I really want this fireplace...

Snuggies, fucking snuggies I can't take the fucking snuggies

I apologize for not seeing this article before:

Watched a View to a Kill Last night

Beer does not cure the common cold.

Burger King for breakfast

You know how Google now puts up suggestions when you start typing a search string?

DHS Sets Security Alert Level To Green For 8 Seconds

There's really nothing like soaking in a hot-tub outside in an El Camino, under the moon, w yer gal.

It's a great night for comedy tonight - plus the HRC vote!1

Sarah Palin book Xmas ornament on Etsy

I bet that you can't wait to try my Schweddy Balls...

100 years of Special Effects

I have become crazy cat lady...

A serious question for those living in Chicago

That show Community is pretty funny

So what's everyone up to today?

Neighbors make their own noise about 'hump honkers'

Should Democrats ban outdoor electric christmas displays to save energy?

Have you ever noticed that in "Minot".....

I like to reply to my own posts.

Okay, Huffpost has had some interesting headlines but this one just screams "WTF???"

Sweet Jeezus David Carusoe is a shitty actor!

Finally watched episodes 1-7 of Flash Forward

I'm seriously considering another one to two week DU vacation.

‘Elephant!’ SUV sideswipes circus escapee

Anyone familiar with projectors for a computer cause I need help!

The Sky Masterson 6th(one time only)Daily Poetry thread break

Firefox Users - Post your favorite Add-ons!

I've realized GDP generally has one good day and then it reverts to bedlam.

Styx LADY so beautiful

Famous paintings reporduced in coffee.

Not calling him out, just curious. Where's Bloo In Bloo

Cat people here, kitten question...

Cat people here, kitten question...

I had a small group of doc students over to my house last night...

can a cat give a puppy its cold?

I'm home from Cincinnati! Did I miss anything?

Any idea how long it takes an electric company to fix / replace a transformer?

YouTube - Kylie Minogue, "Did It Again"

Once Upon a Time in America - the movie, a suggestion

The day I watch 'Wheel of Fortune' again is when they do this puzzle, category "BEFORE AND AFTER"

You know it's true...

Why were you rejected in your bid to become a DU moderator?

It;s funny to see KO in Sunday Night Football.


Those Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello movies were pretty violent.

Are there any good movies premiering during the holiday season?

anyone watching this "live" family guy show?

Hello Kitty.

Hello, kitty.

Hello Kitty!

Just in case....

Have I *conquered* game software?!1 I've WON at 40Thieves 2 days!1

Nation Descends into Chaos as the throat infection throw off Obama's Cadence

I need help in finding a home for this sweet kitteh!

Autumn pics, 2009 edition

Something tells me I should stay away from GD for awhile

is this passive or aggressive?

YouTube: Paul Revere & the Raiders -"Ups & Downs," The Smothers Brothers Show - 1967

car wash question re Rainbow Wax

JL Has A Shit Fit

'Michael Jackson is furious he's not buried next to Marilyn Monroe', claims medium on live TV seance

A beautiful girl can turn your world into dust.

Caption this photo

what is fumf?

My little brother passed the bar again..for the second time.

what is fünf?

Something to lighten the mood around here: passive aggressive workplace kitchen notes

So, what's for dinner? I'm making fish curry (tilapia) & pumpkin soup.

Did you see Pink Floyd's 1994 concert on PBS the other night?

Zomby and GOPisEvil!!! Family Guy is doing a salute to "Road House"

So what are you all drinking tonight?

R.I.P. ....

I need a knife sharpener

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pikture Time Edition

Mad Men Season finale (spoilers)

Brazil student expelled after wearing mini-dress

Brion James died in 1999? Why wasn't I told?

earl scruggs can still kick it at 85 years old.

Watching the end of The Green Mile...

Happy Birthday Bonnie Raitt!

I just made a home-made pizza with "imitation mozzarella".

I'm in love with Seth McFarlane.

I forgot my palm pilot in a casino.

A NO-WIN situation: Little kids across the street poking neighbor's dog through fence with stick

Hey, Deadheads:

Stolen 1965 Volkswagen van recovered after 35 years

I'm going to be a first time grandmother!

I'm about to watch the season finale of Mad Men

fashion advice: Men's ties

I want to make homemade pizza from scratch


Guys! Guys! Somebody in the DU Group: Cooking & Baking made a disparaging remark about us Loungers.

PHEW! GD is a madhouse. If it weren't for the photography polls, I wouldn't

Notice that they've finally got us paying for television?

My fall photos from Southcentral Alaska.

describe your first apartment on your own. Daughter and her best friend got an apartment

Happy 55th birthday, Godzilla!

My dogs keep fighting... how do I get them to stop?

Any good sweet potato or yam recipes?

I'm sorry, but Taylor Swift's singing voice is whiny and annoying

"We shan't play together again" UPDATE: Joe Perry says Steven Tyler has quit Aerosmith

Post a picture of your ideal home.

Is there any cure for hating vegetables

I love you loungers

'Going Rouge' The Sarah Palin Coloring Book

Market attack in Pakistan kills at least 12

17 rebels killed in Afghan battle: ministry

House Democrats Who Voted Against the Health Care Bill

Two escaped prison inmates sought

Tribal Nations Conference wraps up in Washington, D.C.

Afghan Taliban deny have missing (2) US troops' bodies

Afghan Taliban deny have missing US troops' bodies

Iraqi lawmakers pass election law, paving way for January vote

US attorney general: Gitmo reviews under way

Hundreds of unmarked graves found in central Idaho cemetery

Chavez to troops: Prepare for war with Colombia

Dengue Fever in American Samoa rises after Tsunami

Statement of President Barack Obama on House Passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act

Afghan president: No corrupt officials in new govt

Brazilian student expelled for wearing mini-skirt to class

Nation Descends into Chaos as the throat infection throw off Obama's Cadence

Nation Descends into Chaos as the throat infection throw off Obama's Cadence

Plane Crashes In Everglades ( West Broward, Florida)

Nuclear workers asked to spy on colleagues’ lives

GOP's Cao says supporting reform bill was right for his district

Oil Producers Move Staff, Halt Output on Hurricane

Brave teenager rescues one, then another

Democratic No Votes

Democratic No Votes

Japanese protest against US base

Japanese protest against US base

Lieberman Pledges To Filibuster House Bill: The Public Option Is ‘Unnecessary’

Sen. Joe Lieberman calls Fort Hood massacre a 'terrorist' act

Honduras' attorney general escapes unharmed after gunmen open fire on his convoy


Chairman George Miller Rebuttal

Rep Stupak Anti-Abortion Amendment Bill Passes The House

Health Care Reform Bill Passes House Of Representatives

Rep John Tierney Destroys GOP 'Alternative'

Get Behind Pelosi or Get Hit in the Nuts! A Lesson For Republicans

Democratic House Leadership Remarks After Health Reform Bill Passage

Army: Shooting Suspect Taken Off Ventilator

In Opposition to the Stupak/Pitts Anti-Abortion Amendment

Tea Bag Your Congressman - Dummies Do House Calls!

School House Rock! - Just A Bill

Democrats Slam Republican's Substitute Health Reform Bill

Marcy Winograd on the right for states to choose single payer

Candidate Cao 11/6/08 I Will Be Able To Cross Party & Racial Lines

Open Season on Conservative Bloggers. NO!

Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) calls for a conclusion to the war in Afghanistan

"Daybreak" and Imperial Presidency

Lindsey Graham: Healthcare Reform D.O.A. In Senate, Public Option A Disaster

SNL Lets Fox News Have It

Can you hear us now Amy?

The Week In Cartoons 11/07/09

Is this a parody?

Garden State Equality's commercial for marriage equality: Marsha and Louise.

Oh the tangled web Theologica weaves...

In order to stop the killing of the living, we must encourage people to Kill the Dead

Lieberman promises to filibuster any health reform bill with a public option

Louisiana Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao Explains To CNN Why He Voted Yes

Congressman Cao Gives Faux News Viewers A Lesson In Empathy

Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey Concerned for Muslim Troops

'Meet The Press' Political Round-table With Rachel Maddow 11/8/09

Another smart ass

President Obama's Remarks About Health Reform Bill Passage & Iraq

Dr. Peter Breggin on Fort Hood shootings

Young Turks: GOP Congressman Butchers Pledge Of Allegiance!

TYT Interviews: Rep. Brayley - Trigger For Public Option Not Acceptable (w/ Transcript)

TYT: Absurd Republicans Caught on Tape

This Week - Shocker: Cokie Roberts scorns Luntz & extremist Republicans

Lieberman calls Ft. Hood attack most destructive terrorist act on American soil since 9/11


Abortion Foes May Provide Emergency Exception, For the Health of the Insurance Companies

Voting 'Yes' On Health Reform, GOP Rep. Joseph Cao Gives GOP a 'Cow'

Sacred Activism: An Unprecidented Marriage (Carolyn Baker)

The public option mirage

Tom Friedman: Call White House, Ask for Barack

GOP Splits on How to 'Get Even' With Joseph Cao

Frank Rich, 11/08: The Night They Drove the Tea Partiers Down

In Thompson's defeat, seeds of future victory

Preventing People From Dying is Just Like Genocide

Goodbye to Reforms of 2002 (killing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act)

Why Women's Orgs Must Become Non-Partisan

TMZ: Carrie Prejean's Mother Saw the Sex Tape

Why You Shouldn't Call the Ft. Hood Shooter a Terrorist

Pressure rises for Afghan pull-out

Mary offers her 2 cents

House Health Care Bill Has Nowhere to Go in Senate

The Beatles I'm Down (Live 2/6)

Nicholas D. Kristof: Chemicals in Our Food, and Bodies

Kickback case looms for former Dick's VP

Kucinich's Brave Health Vote Vs. Obama's Failed Promise

This is just so wrong on so many levels, a true injustice

House: Yes to Extreme Anti-Choice Politics, No to Women’s Health and Privacy

The Righteous: Albanian Muslims Hid Jews from the Nazis

Rachel Maddow on MTP. Stupak amendment must be stripped...

Obama could have wiped clean every mortgage and credit card debt in 2008 for less he gifted to banks

I'm Done Talking About Abortion

Pedal Powered Laptops in Afghanistan

One of my cats brought in a dead baby bird this am in Yuma. HMMM!!!

Japan eyes solar station in space


Vince Young? Well, what is the excuse now for the Frisco Kids?

Wow! How about the Buccaneers!

Poor Frisco Niners...

Gloat-free scores (Sunday November 8)

Yo Trumad

BCS Standings

Undisputed First Place in the NFC East

How the New York Yankees destroyed baseball

The JR Chess Report (November 8): Tal Memorial Begins

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 11/7

Opinion polls show that Venezuelans are growing tired of Chavismo

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 11/8

Flooding kills 40 in El Salvador

Honduras' attorney general escapes unharmed after gunmen open fire on his convoy

UN Gaza report becomes political football

Thousands in West Bank urge Mahmoud Abbas not to quit

How Israel Destroyed Syria's Al Kibar Nuclear Reactor

Report: 32 children killed in Gaza tunnels in past 3 years

Toronto is ground zero for Israel's re-branding campaign.

Majority want Abbas to run in election

Tom Friedman: Call White House, Ask for Barack

Should soldiers be allowed to pack heat on base? ...

How many innocent people are you willing to sacrifice?

Just a reminder, for us, civil rights advocates here

Sgt. Kimberly Munley's weapon was a 9mm Beretta.

Today in Labor History Nov 8 FDR announces plans for the Civil Works Administration

AARP, AMA And Thousands Of Support Letters From Working Families Drown Out Tea Bagger Protest

CWA: House Gets it Right on Health Care Reform

Seeking to Grow Jobs, Not the Deficit

Comment from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Republican Rhetoric Against Health Care Reform

Picketers, bullhorn chants greeted guests at San Francisco Grand Hyatt; Picket line over today

Union: NYC teachers (tens of thousands ) pension checks canceled

Searching for Work and Stability, Vets Fight New Battles at Home

Unionists jam phone lines to lobby for healthcare

Mine it UMWA...or leave it in the ground!

Teamsters Launch U.S. Foodservice Workers United Website

OSHA fines New Bedford firm over ice machine death (locl out tag out)

Canada's Labor Law: An Example for the U.S.?

BP fined $87 million by OSHA in 2005 Texas blast

Daily Kos Turns AFSCME Green

New Poverty Measure Report : Percentage Of Poor Americans Higher Than Official Numbers

AFGE Member a Hero in Fort Hood Tragedy

Kraft set to sweeten Cadbury offer, but unions fear a bitter ending

Toyota Plant Target of NLRB Grievance

ACORN under attack, labor offers support

AFLAC: Another example of why the US needs health care and insurance reform

Flying AA on Nov. 18? Get ready for a 'simulated strike'

A farewell to Autumn-and Death to Kudzu

My favorites today - AKA happy amateur moments (9 pictures)

an artistic reach for a dumb butt like me

For Mira.

pinhole photo from a pinhead


My Flickr Autumn Slideshow....

More fall photos

I have a new gallery up.

Just a couple of random ones; probably more for The Lounge, but what the heck...

Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Graphic Adaptation

Martian landscapes (dial-up warning).

This Article Supports

Not married, but willing to be

Excellent question

Lower taxes for gay couples who receive health benefits from employers (NYT on the Health bill)

Outrage at Jesus portrayed as transsexual woman

In Fight Against AIDS, Kenya Confronts Gay Taboo

When it Comes to Marriage, Let the Religious Right Have It

The day of the same-sex marriage is still on its way

Nonprofit PeopleFund is a bank of economic opportunity

Gordon Brown is right: rich western banks should pay for the developing world to go green

When the Dollar Rallies, the Market Will Crash by Mike Whitney

Question about rectifying birth time in charts

I don't WANT to Love again... the most painful human emotion

Do you believe in signs? I mean things that are out of the ordinary or out

So, remember when PC said...

Can you take a few minutes and participate in a research study The Brigham and Women's Hospital in

The Best of the Best Seafood Choices 2009 - Important for immune challenged & Seniors...

Why boys are turning into girls

do you drink vinegar?

My 6 year old is an atheist

3rd time's the charm? Rapture conditionally predicted for November 11th

Can I Get Some Help?

Bus driver holds passengers hostage for prayer

Went over to the market today

Guys! Somebody in the Lounge is talking trash about the Cooking and Baking Group!

I need suggestions about canned salmon.