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Ok one thing that George Bush did right

Obama Slower Than Bush to Confirm Judges

Perhaps tomorrow our Party can exorcise the demon...?

14 million people are arrested for pot, from what I've heard.

Eee Keyboard Hits Snag, Launch Delayed

The Guns forum is being swamped by some ditwit...

Scientist says Oswald photo not faked

Shooting reveals tensions over Muslims in the military

Clothing can determine physical activity

Keith and Rachel are OBSESSED with 'cop killer guns' tonight!

Health Care 911

Larisa Alexandrovna: "Guess What? I Am An American-Hating Terror-Enabler!"

Windows 7 Sales Surpass Vista's by 234%

"Pitbulls and Parolees" on Animal Planet

Cop Killer Suspect Caught (and shot) just south of Seattle

Young voters: key to success in WA and failure in VA and NJ

Deadliest Drugs: Deaths vs. Media Coverage [INFOGRAPHIC] view!

Toon:You're not embarrassed?

Afghanistan hits back at U.N. and foreign criticism

Light Years ahead of the other politicians

Black students told to act like slaves

Thank you Kadie, for your pictures of the teabagger rally. One of the best posts ever on DU.

Thank you Kadie, for your pictures of the teabagger rally. One of the best posts ever on DU.

Is the Tea Party Gang Turning GOP Into a Party of Hate?

Oh, the freaking irony: What Michael Savage said today.

NATO Airstrike Kills Afghan Soldiers

OMFG, Putney Swope & Greaser's Palace tonight on TCM!!!!!!!!!

US Fed Up With Troops Dying to Prop Up Karzai

Excellent Article By Ray Hanania

Afghans Question Good of More U.S. Troops

New Internationalist: "Our Terrorists"

Up-or-down vote on an amendment to block abortion funding OK'd

Where has Texas Senator Cornyn been?

The Family ("C Street") . . . vs the Health Care bill. .(there are dems in there)

Democratic Congressman Steve Israel Demands Apology from Bachmann

What's wrong with this picture?

Please, DU, Sticky this or link to NamesOf

Aftershocks from slow faults may arrive centuries later

What is the best way to find someone I knew back in 1971?

What is the best way to find someone I knew back in 1971?

Another apology to Limbaugh coming up. Cantor from VA said he disagrees with

WTF? Prospect of More U.S. Troops Worries Afghan Public

Institutional racism keeps black teachers out of top posts

Re-turd-lican chickenhawks are everywhere (Tancredo, et al)

Hasan NOT ROTC: He joined military after high school. Was being deployed to Afghanistan

out of 258 democrats in the house they are struggling to get 218 votes for healthcare reform


Australia raises growth forecasts

Local newspaper poll on legalizing & taxing marijuana. Join in if you want to help!

Liberals are Destroying America or How to Defeat Liberalism?

Copenhagen Treaty on Global Warming: "Clearly the US has been slowing things down."

'Afghanistan Will Swallow Them Up' : NSAJames Jones Skeptical About Troop Request

Wis. man attempts drive-by shooting, forgets to roll down car window

The HC discussion is starting in the House right now.

There was a previous mass shooting in Killeen, Tx, where Ft. Hood is located

Dollars & Sense: Santa Needs Extended Benefits, Too

How have soldiers of other faiths been treated in the military?

Something has to be done about these House Rethugs!

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! ..... on Saturday (Sorry, I got carried away with the mojitos last nite)

The Blue Dogs are afraid of the "Tea Baggers".

Sarah Palin, Barney Frank to headline Gridiron Club Winter Dinner

Michele Bachmann, explained

We ARE getting through to them

CSPAN Link for Health Care Reform Debate Live..........

California bank failure will cost FDIC $1.4 billion

Reid Continues To Target Republican Obstruction

in case you are not watching...tune in and watch our dysfunctional government at work-link

Accused bigamist says he didn't say 'I do'

msnbc has the worse of the worse on....marsha blackburn...the partisan of the partisan

Question for CSPAN Congress junkies...

YOU LIE, Joe Wilson!! nt

republicans are teabagging the house of representatives....shouting down all speakers

Secularism 'means fall in births'

Well, I just heard a 'learned' woman say emphatically what was behind the violent problems. Guess??

How did the house bill suddenly jump to over 1 trillion?

Talk me down before "scream-free parenting" turns into "silent but violent".

'put the government between a woman and her doctor'.....from a republcian on healthcare

Cat Paralyzed By Shootings Now Back To Normal (update on Big Ben) Thank You DU!

It is truly sad to see a political party sink so low.

Why the Berlin Wall came tumbling down

Wow. New movie has scary resemblance to Fort Hood shooting.

Wow. I just got a push-poll call

Gary Bauer: Ft. Hood Suspect Was ‘Sleeper’ Agent

Mayhem in the House may be just the beginning. .The repugs

LCD TV shipments to reach 8 million in 4Q09

Thousands send early Christmas cards to dying 5-year-old Noah Biorkman


Check out the Fundie spin on this story: ACLU accused of promoting promiscuous lifestyle....

Eric Cantor grows a ball. It's only tick sized and there's only one of them, but grown it he has.

The House health care debate: What to watch for

Let's make a list of what will happen if the bill passes:

Alabama county celebrates official Obama holiday

Fine or Jail time for not buying insurance

Between suicide and homicide

Rachel reported that the census worker may have committed suicide ?!?!?

The Democrats should have made a video explaining key sections of the health care bill and put it on


DU Kiva Team

Comic-Con architect Dorf dead at age 76

Republicans in the House: YOU LIE!

Voting in the presence of teabaggers

Court Issues Blow to TN GOP Attempt to Avoid Paper Ballot Requirement, Undermine Rule of Law

Dem Women HOODWINK White Male REPIGS!

I have been told that blacks have to work twice as hard as whites to get the same credit.

US: More Foreign Troops Certain in New Afghan Plan

So the Orlando shooter was working as a "Sandwich Artist" at Subway

So the Orlando shooter was working as a "Sandwich Artist" at Subway

Elie Wiesel slams tea partiers over Holocaust signs

republicans are up there

I can't wait for John Dingell to run these disruptive Rethugs

Tancredo's friends in Colorado...

Obama, Bush, Blair and Brown Charged with Iraq War Crimes in Spain (10/7/09)

From the land of Kansas, not so goddam "red" after all

Give Obama A+ for school reform ideas: Like George W Bush, Obama gets it

As Refublican after Refuglican talks about small business

Congress Is Teeming With Millionaires

Video of House Republicans from today.

Who has information on Rep. Kosmas from Central Florida?

"Dems push for health care vote as jobless rate jumps to 10.2%"

marsha blackburn... you lying congressperson

For those of us with Republican Congressmen,

***THE OFFICIAL C-SPAN HCR debate thread for Saturday 11/07**

Hey CSpan1 hack - it's Democratic leaders


Neighbors aim to silence Old Ironsides’ cannons

Hey, Rep. Barton (R-Texas) Guess what? We already HAVE a 2-Tied Health Care System in America!

Oregon man has pot stolen, gets arrested

healthcare malpractice reform and buying plans across state lines??? Need input

CNN is now talking to a Muslim serviceman who's making a point

D.U. help please

Hospital Sends $29,000 Bill To Parents Of Murdered College Student

Individual mandate poll

Debate on Germany's status in Afghanistan opens up

I Wonder What Bart Stupak’s Donors Think About Financing Anti-Abortion Activists?

I'm going to go outside if the bill passes.

Alright Rethugs, do me a favor...

Alright Rethugs, do me a favor...

How should I deal with the horrible noise parked in front of my neighbor's house?

Will Stupak vote for the bill if his amendment passes?

PSA: Good time to call your local law enforcement

One Voice in the Crowd

Typical FReeper logic

Pelosi Yields to Anti-Choice Dems & will Allow Anti-Abortion Amendment

Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY) Calls for a Conclusion to the War in Afghanistan

Shandegg doing a ventriloquist act with a live baby.

Steaming food may reduce chronic disease

Maddy doesn't know what's she's talking about because her Grandpa is a liar!

Maddy doesn't know what's she's talking about because her Grandpa is a liar!

I believe that President Obama needs to pick an issue and have his own 'Grayson' moment.

Wow, relieved to read this for Tricare Prime and Health Care Reform

so are my dogs mass murderers or products of nature?

so are my dogs mass murderers or products of nature?

For anyone who missed it - I posted pics of my day with Dad on his Honor Flight

I Wonder What Bart Stupak’s Donors Think About Financing Anti-Abortion Activists?

The Abortion Deal (This really infuriates me)

The Abortion Deal (This really infuriates me)

"WH: President, first lady to attend Fort Hood memorial service"

The Hyde Amendment does not ban abortions for rape or incest

Let's talk about the dark side of Ministers and Psychiatrists for a moment...

Military officials: Obama leaning toward 34,000 more troops for Afghanistan

Military officials: Obama leaning toward 34,000 more troops for Afghanistan

After weighing the evidence, I'd have to say my verdict is fuck Tom Tancredo.

Well, this is disturbing...

Well, this is disturbing...

Democrats refusal to fight back and go on the offensive (health care)

Jewish Organizations Speak Out Against Disgusting Tea Party Images

Taconic Mom will be re-tested for Pot and Alcohol - 8 killed

Bart Stupak another RIDC (Republican in Dem Clothing)

"Donut Hole"?

"Donut Hole"?

Do you think the T-baggers and other crazies would be so out-there if HRC had won?

Do you think the T-baggers and other crazies would be so out-there if HRC had won?

Many affected by Swine flu or Plague in Ukraine

How many Republican Congress persons oppose the Health Care Bill based on policy?

Hard knocks at a resort's door (Konocti Harbor Resort in Lake County, California)

Hard knocks at a resort's door (Konocti Harbor Resort in Lake County, California)

Keith Olbermann is better than FOX, and the noise machine, and this is why...

Suicide prevention groups protest `The Office'

Golden Girl (Blanche ) McClanahan has heart operation

So my dad just called. He thinks he's been exposed to H1N1 and possibly

A more fiscally responsible alternative to the Pelosi bill

What poll are the Republicans using when they state the American people don't want HCR?

What poll are the Republicans using when they state the American people don't want HCR?

Once again, women's bodies are at the battlefront of wannabe Taliban occupying our government.

Are the teabaggers getting ready to disrupt the House health care debate?

Framing the health care debate and abortion - something to think about

Sen Coburn plans on calling for a reading of the entire HCR bill on the Senate Floor to slow it down

Religious symbols stir campus debate

Religious symbols stir campus debate

Spat over 'terrorists' halts Conn. 9/11 memorial

Please, please let me keep the freedom to be denied health coverage

Oops: Republican jumps gun on health care vote

Firefox and Chrome updates spike stability bugs

Does anyone know when this HC vote will take place, or did I miss it?

California bank failure will cost FDIC $1.4 billion

MyFox Boston claims to have police report Rep Frank involved in Pot Bust

French... errr... Republican Revolution..

Michaud announces that he will vote YES

Had to drop a crazy relative as a facebook 'friend'

Who are the worst purveyors of CW bullshit in the media (name names)

Who are the worst purveyors of CW bullshit in the media (name names)

Hoyer Compares 2003 Medicare Vote to HCR Vote

An insightful article about military and suicides

Palin will headline media dinner

Swine Flu Vaccine - A Form of Socialized Medicine

Swine Flu Vaccine - A Form of Socialized Medicine

UPDATED: Whip count on health bill

shut the f*ck up and vote you whining pieces of sh*t

Is this "freedom" Republicans ramble about all it's cracked up to be?

Republican John Shadegg from Az is holding a baby up in the house...

NY Times- Broader Measure of U.S. Unemployment Stands at 17.5%

Is there a DU "Running Thread" of the House Health Care Vote?

"Good Christian" Hypocrisy

Haha jesus' general

Citizens in MN send a letter to the MN FBI office of Condoleezza Rice's consiracy to commit torture

Sedation/anesthesia increases risk of dementia, etc. in seniors.

Whoa!! Mercy! Listen to the protester ramble about health care reform:

So Blue Dogs, who's it going to be? Your own party or the disruptive GOP?

James Woods Sues Hospital in Brother's Death

Kathy Dahlkemper (Blue Dog, first termer, anti-abortion, PA) is on board

JPMorgan finds a nasty surprise (Sydney Morning Hearld)

BREAKING: Democratic sources say they've hit 218

This was supposed to go in a thread.

Wall Street Celebrates the Yankees by Tossing Confidential Files Out the Windows

Why are right-wingers so damn childish?

Hannity, Bachmann, and Steve King: Three right-wing psychos at once

A faith-based prison is pushed (All Christian private prison)

Target Asset Protection apprehensions... RE: The Wal-mart thread

Rep. Chet Edwards "No" On Reform - Illustrates The Folly Of Trying To Buy GOP Peace

I believe the leadership has cut a deal and the Stupak amendment

Only fiscal conservatives would say we can't afford to reduce the deficit

67% of victims already ill [H1N1 in Japan]

A GOP vote for health care? (Cao of LA; if Stupak amendment passes)

Consumers Union supports the House health reform bill (H.R. 3962)

Consumers Union supports the House health reform bill (H.R. 3962)

Excess Diet Soda Consumption Increases Risk of Health Problems

Just able to tune in now. Have we seen any men willing to stand up

Report: 237 Millionaires in Congress

Why is the Stupak amendment even necessary?

Where was Secretary of Defense Gates ??

Eat my ass Cathy McMorriss (and Michele Bachmann)

Stupak amendment looks like it may get voted down. Funny how they keep quiet about

Michele Bachmann got leid.

Hundreds protest health bill amid looming vote

Hundreds protest health bill amid looming vote

John Kerry: Vietnam Could Not Have Been Won

Break from HCR stress: There wasn't time for Bruce Willis to suit up and save our asses

The Best Health Care System In the World Began in a Similar Way that Ours is.

Is an armed society a polite society?

Goldman Sacs Doing God's Work... Poor Poor Lord Blankfein..

HuffPo - "GOP Reform Proposal Borrows Heavily From AHIP's Approach"

I really wish Ted could be here tonight.

Wow. Someone spent a lot of time making a big, colorful, confusing poster - pics

Wow. Someone spent a lot of time making a big, colorful, confusing poster - pics

ThadMcCotter is adorable!

Virginia Foxx is a filthy fucking liar.

When asshole Chris Smith can give birth,

Boy am I gonna have some fun tomorrow after watching this.

HCR Kabuki on TV. Has anyone besides me noticed

Yet another instance in which Sarah Palin shows her stupidity. And her paranoia.

Yet another instance in which Sarah Palin shows her stupidity. And her paranoia.

Yet another instance in which Sarah Palin shows her stupidity. And her paranoia.

Sunday TV News Shows: Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press

Hey Mod's Where did you put it - it had 7 rec's ?????

House Dems Caucus Chant- "Fired Up, Ready to Go"

CNN - "Great job openings, no candidates"

A Health Care Vote Question

LOL !!! - Did I Just Hear: "As Skippy As A Hospital Gown!"

A Democratic MAN Introduces The Anti-Abortion Amendment...

prediction: NO republican votes for healthcare from the house....

prediction: NO republican votes for healthcare from the house....

Are any of the Democratic NO votes tonight going to actually vote for the Rep. bill? nt

Could you imagine in a Republican Congress, Senate and White House

Who's watching Cspan 1

Palin Book Being Marked Down/Given Away

Palin Book Being Marked Down/Given Away

Sex is dirty and women should be punished for engaging in it.

Sex is dirty and women should be punished for engaging in it.

C-Span #6 trending topic on Twitter

Sources: Pelosi, Dems lock up 218

Where is Congressman Anthony Weiner? Haven't seen him on the floor debate today...

I got three Repugs in a heated argument

Do you ever wonder if any of these Republicans

Do you ever wonder if any of these Republicans

Ha! Gomert is a total Moran!

"They might think this is 'hyperbowl'"

I think Stupak needs a kick in the face! Who's with me?

Howard Dean for "Health Choices Czar"!

Howard Dean for "Health Choices Czar"!

Weiner up now n/t

I haven't watched the debate but has anyone pointed out that covering abortion would save a public

Do Republicans want health care for all Americans?

What childish prank are the Republicans going to use to try to stop the vote?

I'm not gonna dim the lights of freedom.

When is agent orange fuckface Boner going to STFU!!

How long can he go on? I thought the Rep's had only 4 or so minutes left? nt

Ground broken for permanent Flight 93 memorial

For my 1,000th post... a big THANK YOU to all of you at DU!

It's hyperbowl!

It's hyperbowl!

I wish to recognize the distinguished members

I wish to recognize the distinguished members

The guy with the baby today? Rep. John Shadegg from AZ? Another "family values" winner!

Ok somebody catch me up...

Dingell up. Boehner's "Hyperbowl" is over

My Congressman-Congressman Dingell is Speaking

My Congressman-Congressman Dingell is Speaking

Credit card firms hurry to raise rates- Some top 30% as new rules loom

What is the republican alternative?

ExxonMobil-led consortium nets 'supergiant' Iraq oil field

To the Blue Dawgs concerned about the economic cost of a strong public option or single payer

Look what I found on Freeperville!

Has Boner turned on the waterworks for the press yet?

It appears the fear and intimidation campaign of the Repubs did not work.

STUPAK AMENDMENT vote starts now

STUPAK AMENDMENT vote starts now

Have they voted yet?

Public Option?

Page 1 of 1

If women can defend Fort Hood, they can defend America.

CSPAN - every other other caller is a man - against the bill followed by a woman for the bill?

I attended the volunteer orientation for my local humane society today...

Hamsher: Call Bart Stupak’s Donor PACS and Tell Them They’re Paying For His Anti-Abortion Activism

My message for busybody social conservatives:

Where did Wall Street get its name?

Poor boener, his amendment did not pass

GOP: You wimmens need to sit down and shut up, or go bake some cookies.....

'Why can't the US learn to love its government?' (UK Independent, Nov 8)

Who is the Rudy Giuliani wanna-be with the yellow tie that has sat there all day?

OK, what progressive Dem is going to kick Stupac's

Oh, great! Now my own congress-critter...

i only have one thing to say to the house republicant's....

Looks like Congress needs a few more purists.

One Republican may vote for Democratic healthcare bill

Secret £165bn loan keeping Lloyds alive [roughly $274 billion US]

Fuck Stupak you fucking pig.

Republicans are assholes. repeat after me...

We don't need tort reform anymore. Angie's List is doing doctors!!!

OK DUers the bill is going to pass

I'll bet we can be damn sure erectile dysfunction meds

The United States is being transformed into a banana republic

House rejects GOP health care bill, (bake sales and begging) clearing way to final passage n/t

Why, oh why didn't I support Hillary? She wouldn't have let this garbage bill get this far.

new pictures of the "superbad anti-whaling stealth boat" from life magazine

Let me tell you how much my Cigna insurance is...

Well if this goes on, and the senate passes it too

The R's are really losing it over this Health Care Bill - pics

And the final paint dry for the evening

The Bill appears to be generally bad IMO in relation to the hoopla and rhetoric.

Party on......YYEEEAAAHHHH

the final vote is happening now...THE BILL HAS PASSED.

the final vote is happening now...THE BILL HAS PASSED.

One million dollar fine per incident of knowingly hiring illegal alien

Health Care Bill Passes!

What is going on with Sammy Sosa? Does it matter?

Maybe We Should All Re-Register As Independents...

vote just passed with 218



3 to go

Done! 218.

House makes history. 220-215 with one Republican voting to approve.

House makes history. 220-215 with one Republican voting to approve.

who was the ONE Pubby that voted yes? n.t


No, Not One ?

This oft-repeated "Jail for people who don't participate" ..... somebody clue me in.

Who was the one repub vote?

Cross-Reference The No Votes By Democrats With Yes Votes On the Stupak Amendment, My Friends

Vote closed -- Speaker Pelosi about to announce the results

House passed Health Bill !!!!! Vote was 220 to 215

Some Folks Here Owe DU an Apology...

The abortion amendment passed in the House bill

And no Tom DeLay around to hold it open for 3 more hours and browbeat people to change their votes!!

healthcare passed just now!

Who Was The One Republican?



Thank you Harry, Gabby, Raul and Anne for voting against Stupak.

Republican votes for Reform Bill, it is now bipartisan!

Republican votes for Reform Bill, it is now bipartisan!

Should gender be a health insurance rating criteria? Should women pay higher premiums?

I drove by a spaghetti dinner fund raiser today...

Things are getting Rowdy!

Okay, who's the ONE Republican who voted for the Health Care Bill...

Besides a health bill, why not stronger consumer protection laws?

Well, now it's the Senate's turn

One Republican may vote for Democratic healthcare bill

220 - 215. Did Stupak save the bill?

any reports from freeperville?...

Wow, betrayed by Kissell: The 34 supposed firm no votes by Democrats

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Another Communique From Behind The Lines

Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA) the Lone Republican voting Yea

Those were some funny cspan callers just now...

Can I say just one thing?

I support this bil but this section needs to be changed:

I support this bil but this section needs to be changed:

Boehner on Cao in Nov 2008: "The future is Cao!"


This Republican milkshake is pretty tasty

You've got to see the intro on SNL

Linda Rondstadt on Michael Moore, the border, immigration, Lou Dobbs and the minutemen - GREAT stuff

Will someone put up a list of the "No"s?

Torturers go free and we get no health care, WTF has changed?

GO, DEMOCRATS! PASS THIS NOW, merge with the Senate,

So, Kucinich is a liar who doesn't have a clue and so is anyone who's pro-public option

Teddy, this one's for you.

Joseph Cao (R-LA). Let's give credit where credit is due.

President Obama's response to House bill passage

So is it fair to say the GOP can onlly filibuster in the Senate?

Stupak amendment passes

So now that Healthcare is being taken care of, what do you want to see done next?

There will be chicken dancing and high fiving and all manner of childish outbursts of ......

HERE THEY ARE: *Democratic* YES votes on Stupak anti-abortion amendment

This health care debate is distracting me from writing

Oh god, they are praising Pelosi...

Hurry, unrec my post and rec the posts linked to FR!

Hurry, unrec my post and rec the posts linked to FR!

Just started reading Jon Krakauer's 'Under the Banner of Heaven' - this paragraph stood out...

Our FRiends unload on Joseph Cao...

Where does the they "will put you in jail" crap come from?

OMG!?!?! Our Freedoms are GONE!

We won two seats last Tuesday, and it clears by two votes.

So The Stupak Amendment Passed... I Bet The Dem's Feel Pretty...

"America is fucked." (Freeps pee themselves over healthcare vote)

List of Democrats voting against the Health Care Bill

The 64 voting for the Stupak Amendment

haha..David Schuster cutting in on Lockup..

Future Felons of America, Make Your Reservations Now!

John Boehner presents the real GOP health plan

I proposed an alternative to a health insurance mandate

For the 39 DemoPukes who voted against health care reform and the AMERICAN People

FYI - Wanda Sykes

The critical votes come home for the House's health-care reform bill

Food Preparation May Play A Bigger Role In Chronic Disease Than Was Previously Thought

Tell me again why we compromised with the repubicans?

Well , Rep. King has found something 'adult' to do:

Stupak is going to pass

Children brought up with "tough love" are more successful in life

Thank you President Obama

Cross-Reference The No Votes By Democrats With Yes Votes On the Stupak Amendment, My Friends

Cross-Reference The No Votes By Democrats With Yes Votes On the Stupak Amendment, My Friends

Oh! So *that's* what going rogue means! (Palin bans cell phones, cameras, laptops, etc from speech)

We've Got The Votes!

Bachmann Terror Overdrive

Frank takes shot at Bachmann's intelligence.

Honestly, if voting for President Obama is not the change you voted for,

Even though we may get a bill that we may not all agree on, it at least serves as a base

Forklift driver's warehouse disaster

May I Ask Where You Are As You Watch\Listen To Tonight's Debate ???

I renounce the Party of No.

A nostalgic look at the Old Democratic Party.

SPD cop killer called "domestic terrorist" and he has the arsenal to justify it

Seriously, where is the REFORM in this?

The Stupak Health Care Plan for Women

Well is'nt this fucking great!! the westboro nutsacks are...

I wish people would quit calling this bill Health Care reform

Hold on to your hats, NOT UNTIL THEY CLOSE THE VOTE

Hold on to your hats, NOT UNTIL THEY CLOSE THE VOTE

So if EVERYONE has to be in the system for HCR to work

Is the $25,000 fine and 6 month imprisonment true? I've heard it several

"Will you trust your Muslim physician? I don't." Freepers. /sigh

Ft. Hood: I got a 20 that says that by Sunday night, Faux news will blame it on:

Tax dollars should not be used to fund prostate exams

So if Stupak's amendment fails

I certainly believe in a Superior Being.

Perpetual War- Obama Leaning Toward 34,000 More Troops For Afghanistan

Gloat Gloat Gloat Oaky it isn't perfect but it's a great start and Gloat Gloat Gloat

Showtime! Health Care Vote in House is ON!!

Instead, THIS military psychiatrist died at Ft. Hood

Orlando shooter "could no longer afford (mental health) treatment" after losing job & insurance

Frank Rich: The Night They Drove the Tea Partiers Down

“When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal. But when a Muslim does it...

How to End Wars

The health care bill is a foot in the door...

So as much as I hate it, LISTEN to RW radio

Reuters - "FACTBOX-Provisions of the U.S. House healthcare bill"

Anybody who supports this bill is a traitor to the Democratic party.

Fuck Congress and the horse they rode in on.

Attempt at big union bust in AZ on union grocers Safeway and Fry's (Kroger)

NOT the change I voted for.

Quick Question: Is abortion covered under the Canadian plan or British NHS?

Quick Question: Is abortion covered under the Canadian plan or British NHS?

[NEWS] House health bill would impose jail terms for non-compliance

Obama leaning toward 34,000 more troops for Afghanistan

Is this insult too suble?


Breaking: Teabaggers fly first class from Hawaii to D.C.

Reality: House bill would transform American health care system.

This IS health care reform, people...

So ..... let's get a sense of what everyone feels tonight as they move toward a vote ...

So ..... let's get a sense of what everyone feels tonight as they move toward a vote ...

So ..... let's get a sense of what everyone feels tonight as they move toward a vote ...

After the vote, are any of the networks going to carry live coverage of the celebrations ...........

How to increase false rape accusations

Boy, this place has turned into Troll Central today...

Some ding-dong at a health care rally today in Manchester NH said:

After the toasts and the congratulations, take a sober look at the reality.

'Going Rouge' The Sarah Palin Coloring Book

Thank you Joseph Cao

Well done to President Obama

The Fort Hood story is falling apart...the official story is false..

Books, Not Bombs: How Military Spending Hurts the Economy and Education Spending Helps

Books, Not Bombs: How Military Spending Hurts the Economy and Education Spending Helps

OMG! - Goldman Sachs CEO: "I'm Doing God's Work"

For the millionth time, THERE IS NO PUBLIC OPTION

I do not support this bill

FR Head Explosion Thread -- GET YER POPCORN!

Public Option is the new Toxic Asset

I'm straight.. I'm white. And I'm male.

Anyone Recall That Gunman That Shot and Killed Those Women in a Pitt.'s Gym?

Coldly Calulating Ed Reform

SO - the sum total of the U.S. definition of "morality" is hating on gays and controlling women

Fuck off, Stupak. Fuck you. Fuck your amendment.

The Dirty 15: 15 Democrats who voted AGAINST the Health Care Reform rules

Freepers are basically ready to expel Muslims from the U.S.



Gee, funny that republican men are so passionate against abortion, and also against welfare /nt

Your H1N1 vaccine experience

Another Senseless Rightwing Chain Email...

Freeper thread planning revolution. LOL

I just thought of an answer to people who say that lowering income tax produces

My morning with the tea baggers - pictures

This country would have been much better off if all the Puritans sank from hitting an iceberg

Gulf Coast Critters, keep an eye out for Ida. She's full of surprises.

I don't support any bill that suggests jailing working class americans as health reform.

"Wal-Mart is Your God Now"-WM Goes Crazy on (Innocent) Couple Accused of Shoplifting

Dem Asks: "Why Should A Woman Pay More Then A Man?" - Repub Answers: "Why Should A Smoker Pay More"

Dem Asks: "Why Should A Woman Pay More Then A Man?" - Repub Answers: "Why Should A Smoker Pay More"

Dem Asks: "Why Should A Woman Pay More Then A Man?" - Repub Answers: "Why Should A Smoker Pay More"

For those of us who have had an abortion...

Dennis Kucinich: Why I voted no on 3962 - A BAILOUT UNDER A BLUE CROSS

McJoan at DKos: How Bad Is the Stupak Amendment?...really bad.

Free advice for those selling an old cell phone on eBay

Google Toolbar suggests text when you type in a search. When the first word is "average",

In the spirit of the "to drink" thread, here's another word puzzle.

To Love Somebody -- Bee Gees

I got in a car accident tonight

MY Couch...mine, I say...

There's a new poem of mine in the Poetry Forum...

Chris BROWN's counselor has his work cut out for him. Actually, an impossible mission.

Zanne Appreciation Thread

Japanese cinema is like sex and pizza

I'm Crazy for You

Wanda Sykes SHow tonight on fx, 11/10

ok guitarists..rate this guy

I am getting healthy.....

I bought this one

I needed a part-time job. Now I have 2.

I got in a car accident tonight

open a bottle of wine with your shoe, MacGyver style

Hey look more nerdy stuff! moar hugh pics

Neglected keystrokes

This is a poem or whatever I wrote about my dog philboy in 2001.

While We're Posting Cat (and Dog) Poems, Here's One of Mine

Paddy's Pub: Home Of The Original Kitten Mittons


Having "issues" sucks.

The obligatory DRUM SOLO

Help Choosing Inkjet All-In-One Printer For Computer? It's Like Pulling Teeth

Lounge, I need your help.

Golden Girl (Blanche ) McClanahan has heart operation

Talk me down before "scream-free parenting" turns into "silent but violent".

tea troubles

What does anyone know about Hamilton College in Clinton, NY?

The 6:00 p.m. staredown started early

wow....i have to get outside because.......

40th anniversary of "Take the Money and Run"..... just starting on TMC. 7PM CST

Gorgeous weather here in IN today.

Jesus Jones - Right Here Right Now

Tired of people not believing you're a Chemical Engineer?

Nowhere Boy

Found a few new pics of me back in the day. (Dialup warning)

A technique I personally would not have thought to consider.

I finally got that mother fucking in-grown hair!

OMFG, Putney Swope & Greaser's Palace tonight on TCM!!!!!!!!!

Epic Fail: Britney Spears not having a g'day in Australia

Lets learn to poop!

Tony vs. Paul- Stop-motion fight. Very well done & hilarious.


Notorious thieves kept this clip off the SCTV DVD for which it was intended:

YouTube: Poco Live 2004 - In The Heart Of The Night

Anyone here hear of the Toronto singer Molly Johnson? If so what are a few of her best

Photo: Holly Madison @ Oktoberfest. I, for one, enjoyed the more subtle life BEFORE Holly Madison.

Two UFO's flew near my street today.... photo

Facebook is so cool! I just got "friended" by an old Army buddy I haven't seen in 18 years!

Bruce Willis Surrogate

How should I deal with the horrible noise parked in front of my neighbor's house?

The world's 11 top universities ... do you agree?

Wanda's first bit is to KICK COULTERgeist's sorry ass!1

And now for something completely different.

Let's go back in time. I'll take 1967. Good times.

DUPE. Sorry!

The Psycho-Birds by Alfred HitchDuck...

Goodness sakes can't believe how hot & bothered I am...

LOL...GD & GDP are fucking hilarious in their dichotomy of emotions tonite

Saturday LOL Cat Caption Challenge

Just made the appointment for my first tattoo

My daughter showed me this video by Shakira. Is it just me, or...

Disc Brakes Are For Cowards.

I dreamed I was living in Denmark

Saturday College Football thread

I've figured out why a lot of people drive like assholes.

Kill Bill (Parts 1 and 2) in 60 seconds and all in one take

an audiophile *headphone* question

About time "Star trek VI" gets re-re-re-released on DVD in its original widescreen ratio...

Vizsla's in Sarasota? (Or anywhere...) Post pictures!!


YouTube: Toto

The Corrs

Why the HELL didn't you TELL me there's a NEW SINATRA BOX SET? Fan-fuckin'-FRANKTASTIC!

How should you handle a horribly abusive boss?

Just heard that new "Vida Loca" song by Ricky Martin. I predict a long, hit-filled career ahead!

so are my dogs mass murderers or products of nature?

a short (dial up friendly) photo essay: "Limes"

I humbly invoke the knowledge and wisdom of Lounge Textile Experts...

Come celebrate with me! Final path report, NO CANCER!

Have you noticed that in "Fargo"...

Someone FINALLY put Toto's album Falling In Between on Youtube. Maybe you'll try it??

hey, did ya'll hear that health care passed the House of Representatives?

Rod Stewart may be a disappointing sell-out POS, but he gets a pass from me for "Maggie May"...

This is a poem (or whatever) I wrote for the Wiley and Excellent Boy Cat Named Ginger

Describe Your Pet(s) in One Word

Ya know what I hate the most about the movie A Bridge too Far?

November 7th - 30 years ago . . .

Look how nerdy this is. (hugh pic warnings)!!

"The Men Who Stare at Goats" review.

Sec. 302. Exchange-eligible individuals and employers.

Kerry on Afghanistan: Beware the Revisionists

Niece of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson lived with suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell

Afghanistan hits back at U.N. and foreign criticism

NATO airstrike mistakenly kills 7 Afghan soldiers and policemen, officials say

Iran rejects nuclear deal, MP says

GOP Shadegg (& at least 4 or 5 other Repubs) to buck pro-lifers, party

Calle 13 wins 5 Latin Grammys in Las Vegas

California bank failure will cost FDIC $1.4 billion (5 failures on Friday - 2009 total now 120)

Abortion vote paves way on House health bill

(Catholic) Bishops endorse the (House) bill

Declassified Docs Reveal Pentagon Ignored FBI’s Warnings on Abusive Interrogations

Geithner, Brown Split on Tobin Tax at G-20 Meeting

After immigrant killed in NY, others tell of abuse

Swiss Muslims open mosque doors

House passes first hurdle in health care; debate begins

RCMP charge Rwandan with war crimes

Electricity blackouts in Ecuador

NM city frets as brine cavern threatens collapse

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush cancel local joint appearance

Report: Apple to launch Verizon iPhone for 2010

Obama nearing decision to send more troops to Afghanistan

USS New York Officially Joins The Navy Fleet


UK Tourist Shot Dead in Texas Bar

Truck Carrying Flu Vaccine Supply Is Stolen

Democrats break abortion impasse on health care overhaul vote

Award-winning Cuban blogger says she was beaten, detained

Maine Demands End to Wars 5 of 5

Maine Demands End to Wars 4 of 5

Maine Demands End to Wars 3 of 5

Maine Demands End to Wars 2 of 5

President Obama Weekly Address: Tragedy at Fort Hood

Maine Demands End to Wars 1 of 5

CNN Reports On Radical Muslim Group's Homegrown Hate In New York

O'Reilly: 'We may have to ambush Oscar the Grouch'

Young Turks: Boehner's Epic Fail on the Constitution

Rachel Maddow & Rep. Weiner Shred Bachmann's Blatant Lies About Her Corporate Love-Fest

Harman Blue Dog Dem on the floor today: WILL YOU VOTE WITH THE DEMS Rep HARMAN?

Comparing FOX News to Debate Class

Bill Moyers Journal - Preview 'The Good Soldier'

Obama's Remarks On Health Reform's Pending Vote


President Obama on Historical House Health Reform Vote

Battle Of the Sexes: GOP Males vs Dem Females on HCR - Orderly Process Will Look Good History Books!

Young Turks: Dobbs - Obama Using Ft. Hood Shooting To Rush Bill Through

Bill O'Reilly and his producer (uncut version)

Ukraine - 871,037 affected, 135 Deaths, 317 Intensive Care by Plague or Swine Flu Russia Today

Sam Keen interview with convicted murderer David Rice (parallel Hasan's thinking): Part Three (1986)

GOP: Freedom Killing Constitution Affront Tyranny Collapse Economy Job Killing Kills Medicare HCR

Obama visits Dems on eve of Healthcare vote

Conyers Comes To HCR Floor Debate - Single Out Kucinich Weiner for Their Work

Some Honest Questions For Right Wingers

Holocaust Sign At Washington KKK Rally

For ALL of the Obama Armchair Quarterbacks: You COULD HAVE had THAT ONE.

KKK Radio Host Joe Pagliarulo Thinks Health Bill is Anti-White Health Care Legislation

Shadegg Brings Out Baby To Make GOP Points on HCR

Wyoming For Health Care Reform rally 11/3/09

President Bush and signing statements

Daily Kos Steve King:

I'm Down- The Beatles

Crazy For Bachmann

All Americans Have Health Care Every Single One! Congressman Steve King

Rep. Steve King Falsely Claims Democratic Health Care Bill Encourages Suicide

Speaker Pelosi Supports Healthcare on Floor

Senator George Maziarz Responds to Marriage Equality Question

Hilarious! Republican Leader John Boehner Chased Off the Floor by Chairman Charlie Rangel

Reporter Gets It In The Nuts Following Speaker Pelosi To The House Floor

Bi-Partisan Health Care Bill Passes

Health care bill passes the house tonight

Joe Shadegg is an asshole!

Male GOP House members try to block women from speaking on health care

Healthcare Reform Hits 218th Vote & Pelosi Gavels It In At 220 With 1 Republican Vote Cast

Pelosi Gavels in HEALTH CARE REFORM PASSES (One GOPer Voted Yes)

Young Turks: Crazy Conservative Bloggers On Fort Hood Shooter

GOP "I Object" Mashup Video (Obstructionists)

Unruly Republicans Disrupt Health Care Debate

Zombie Action for Health Care Reform!

Democratic Rep John Dingell's Closing Remarks On Health Reform

Nothing Resolved in Honduras = TheRealNews

Young Turks: Why Did Newt Gingrich Back Down to Hannity?

Video of the Fight - Rangel Refuses To Guarantee Pelosi Health Bill Will Protect Sanctity of Life

Alanis Morissette - National Anthem 11/2/2009

maxkeiser, ON THE EDGE; pt. 1 Gold, Tasering Geithner, and guest Ellen Brown, author "Web of Debt"

Weiner: Every Generation There Are Moments That Make It Clear Why They're Repubs & We're Democrats

GOP Shouts TRIAL LAWYERS Rep Braley True Meaning Health Care Standing Up for Patients

Bachmann's Angry Hooligans Gettting Vicious With Billionaires For Wealthcare

Three Decades of Subsidized Risk

Bringing Down Bachmann

GOP to go postal in challenge for Chris Dodd's Senate seat?

Eight Reasons the Democrats lost Virginia & New Jersey--and How to Recover (Loeb | HuffPo)

10 of the Nuttiest Statements Elected Officials Have Made in the Health Care Battle

Fort Hood first responders remained calm amid chaos

Come Saturday Morning: Tell Us What We DON’T Know, Mr. Steele

Oh No She Didn't !!!

Big Gun: US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Heads to Honduras Tuesday

The cost of not enacting health care reform

Jewish Organizations Condemn GOP For Standing By As Tea Party Protesters Waved ‘Vile’ Anti-Semitic .

How Does a Religious Cult Have the Clout to Delay Health Care Vote?

10 of the Nuttiest Statements Elected Officials Have Made in the Health Care Battle

Next Week's Showdown

Why is it we have finite resources for health care but unlimited money for war?

The Evil Empire by Paul Craig Roberts

The IP Address That Hates Orly Taitz!

Stimulating Failure

Why Should Grassroots Liberals Consider Marxism?

The Great Disconnect

Let the Republicans pass thier health care bill

Afghanistan: Time to leave

Abortion struggle came down to the wire

The Republican Party Has Failed–And That’s Not Good For Anyone

The Problems With “Printing Your Way out of Debt”

Max Cleland: The Forever War of the Mind

Landing a job like getting into Harvard

Bob Herbert: Stress Beyond Belief

No, It's Not Okay

The American War on Pot Rolls On

Bait and switch: How the “public option” was sold by Kip Sullivan MUST READ

Rep. Andrews Fact Checks GOP Lies & Disinformation

George W. Bush visits Fort Hood, wounded soldiers

Revealed: polluters' fear tactics on climate

Wind sector cash inflow may blow small firms away

Oregon leads the way on ocean planning

Dr. Albert Bartlett's "Laws of Sustainability"

Software job posting in nuclear energy industry

Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Rogers on CBS (check local listings)

Undefeated Zenyatta has won the Breeders' Cup Classic

Elizabeth Lambert , Univ. of New Mexico Soccer Player

Can Zenyatta beat the boys?

WBA Heavyweight Title: Haye v Valuev

Final: Northwestern 17, (8) Iowa 10

Manny Ramirez exercises $20 million option -- stays with Dodgers

Condem. I guess the Big Ten Game of the year is in Columbus next weekend.

Anchors Aweigh my boys! Anchors Aweigh!

Hoseracing fans -You go Zenyatta girl!!!!!

Reporters Give Second “Work Over” in a Week to State Dept’s. Ian Kelly Today

Technocrat to get PM post (Haiti)

Venezuela: Pdvsa intends to issue more bonds by the end of the year

Venezuelan government-Brazilian industrials: Works flying high

Obama Pick for Brazil Job Held Up by Florida Senator, Aides Say

Pres. Zelaya: Elections Under a Dictatorship are a Fraud, Micheletti’s Failure to Comply

My Father, the Drug Lord: Pablo Escobar's Son Speaks

Stand with the People of Honduras

Spain requested to monitor situation on the border

James White Gets 10 Years for Killing Pregnant Wife

NH hunter shot while using rope to hoist rifle

Jury convicts Durangoan of manslaughter

Man arrested in accidental shooting

Claremore man charged in connection with cousin's death

Easton, widow of Jesse Sollman reach tenative settlement on eve of trial


Pastor makes remarkable recovery, and a difference

Accidental Shooting Sentencing Pushed Back

Police investigate accidental shooting

Mother faces trial in shooting death

Police: Man accidentally shot girlfriend while hunting

Police: Father shoots daughter while firing gun out car window on I 80

Pineville man killed in accidental shooting

Three Year Old Dies After Stray Bullet Strikes Her In The Head

Prosecutor: Cherokee County shooting was self-defense

Rexburg Man Accidentally Shot By Deer Hunter

Grand Jury: Hunter was shot in self-defense

Police investigating possible murder, suicide

Athens police close murder-suicide case

Fort Campbell Soldier Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide

Friends, students try to make sense of Pataskala murder-suicide

Murder-suicide in Fairfield Township devastates families

Authorities identify man believed to have killed one business associate and wounded another before

Burglary Suspect Killed By Startled Homeowner

Family of Murder-Suicide Victims in Fleming Island Speaks Out

Family tragedy: Murder-suicide shocks, saddens

Deaths ruled a murder-suicide

Mother, father, 4-year-old son found dead in apparent murder-suicide

I just wrote a LTTE to the editor of "Gun Tests" magazine

Authorities: Vendetta Lead to Murder-Suicide

Ban decries violations of Res. 1701

It's a "Struggle"....

Lebanon's Hariri set to form government with Hezbollah

Pete Seeger's role in ending Israeli house demolitions

Palestinian workers, unions don’t support BDS campaign

House Shames Itself on Goldstone Report - Matthew Rothschild

Hussein Ibish on the Fantasy World of One-Staters

US envoy in TA: Obama is Israel's closest friend

Palestine 'may abandon two-state solution'-- Dr.Erekat says.

PM heads to U.S., under threat of Palestinian statehood declaration

Police investigate accidental shooting

Murder trial delayed in Johnson City 2-year-old's accidental shooting

Pagans' Defendant Pleads Guilty, Agrees To Testify

2 teens charged with girl's death at school

Man 'Too Fat To Kill' Found Guilty Of Murder

And now for a medley of your favorite recent drive-by shootings:

Miami-Dade couple dead after `dispute escalated to gunfire'

Ex-Wife Uses Gun To Defend Self and Children From Drunk, Violent, Ex-Husband.

PD: Man accidentally shoots self outside Scottsdale bar

How did you come to support gun control?

Cocaine arrest: A Stamford man was arrested Friday and charged with possession of narcotics after

Speaking of common threads...

Mother shot in murder-suicide filed for divorce, had restraining order

9-year-old boy shot

Boyfriend kills her, self: cops

Have patience with them, Gungeoneers.

The one common thread to all these mass murders.

For some perspective - a top 10 list of mass killings

One thing has become clear to me after reading about all these murders.

The Goldstone Illusion

Today in Labor History Nov 7 Eisenhower’s use of the Taft-Hartley Act breaks 116-day steel strike

Delta chief criticizes labor board, unions

Polaroid revival?

I cannot promise on a stack of bibles...

ANNOUNCEMENT on Autumn Seasonal Contest dates...

If you will indulge me... (dial-up warning)

wooden Pinhole cameras

The Blue Fin Blues

Question for cold weather photographers

Baguette-toting bird stalls atom smasher

Happy Carl Sagan Day!

Some of the Universe's First Galaxies Discovered

Bill Bryson's Notes from a Large Hadron Collider

Mars rover plans its escape

Dark Matter And Dark Energy Make Up 95 Percent Of Universe, Detailed Measurements Reveal

Eyes Wide Open, a love story between two Orthodox Jewish men, provoked anger at its screening

Mimicking Nature, Scientists Can Now Extend Redox Potentials

In the wake of Maine we have some serious thinking to do

Einhorn: First, Let’s Kill All the Credit Default Swaps

Dr. Housing Bubble 11/07/09

Zero Hedge Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders' Petition To Tim Geithner

Reminder that David Wilcock to be on Sy-Fy Channel tomorrow....

I had a vivid dream of teabaggers!!!

First class, I'm so excited...

Anyone have any info on juniper trees as totems? Sources?

Are BlueDogs = Repubs? I have figured a basic question to answer that.

New study may deal final blow to acne drug Accutane

Flu dogma being rewritten by a strange virus

It is a myth that influenza poses a greater risk to pregnant women than to the general population.


Jewish Organizations Condemn GOP For Standing By As .. Protesters Waved Vile Anti-Semitic Signs

La comunidad musulmana Ahmadia anuncia su expansión en Guatemala

Does religion have ANY place in government or governmental discussion?

Just joined the SCTA

About Joel Klein's "results"

Coldly Calculating Ed Reform

Troll with 50 e-mail aliases being prosecuted for impersonating an opponent on line

new pantry item from garden: green tomato enchilada sauce

I had a little coconut milk left over...