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In a public/business bathroom stall are you on the look out for hidden cameras?

Has anyone of you seen this message before? I was replying to a Post!

Will Gingrich be guillotined by the Teabaggers?

The Media Panicked.

The political-financial scandals in France

Italian court convicts US agents in CIA rendition case

The US government’s double standard on extradition: CIA agents vs. Roman Polanski

In war, truth is usually the first casualty

The “news” is a fickle mistress or perhaps an unpredictable sprite

The “news” is a fickle mistress or perhaps an unpredictable sprite

Let us chill on some of the speculation

Trick-or-treaters mistaken for gang bangers

My heart is breaking for our military.

It is time for a different 'Stop-Loss' policy.

Debra Saunders: Media whore

Raw footage of the scene of the Ft. Hood shooting

word for today: kerfuffle

Raineyb, I salute you for standing your ground. This not about the

A bill in Congress might create an ability akin to the DMCA takedown notice

Teabaggers= "Don't dilute our white population"

Americans’ income and spending drop, despite stimulus

Operation Rescue members were the teabaggers protesting in Pelosi's office

So this guy walks into a bar...(hypothetically)

Do you get forwarded junk emails from friends and/or co-workers?

From Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers

Lord, Mort Zuckerman has become a joke.

"Transition Towns" -..Looks like 40+ towns/cities in the US "get it"

VW bus stolen 35 years ago is found in shipping container bound for Europe

Baguette Dropped From Bird's Beak Shuts Down The Large Hadron Collider (Really)

Col. Jack Jacobs and Swillie Geist think that it is weird that someone studying to be a psychiatrist

David Gregory - STFU


Help - Need some advice on a car!

NYT: Hasan Family says he was upset at being harassed. FBI points to violent internet postings

History of the filibuster

Babies "cry in mother's native tongue"..

Republicans Leaders wouldn’t find affordable coverage under their own health plan.

Tampa council grants protections to transgender people

Fort Hood shooting suspect on ventilator; death toll at 13

Interesting juxtiposition...

My Memories of Fort Hood

Fort Hood no stranger to violent outbursts

NBC's Lester Holt describes Ft. Hood shooter as...

If only this much air time was spent when 12 soldiers die overseas in Iraq & Afganistan.

Today's unintentional humor brought to you by Bill Donohue and the Catholic League

Two decades after the Berlin Wall, BBC Mundo looks at barriers which are still standing.

Are media conservatives making up numbers to inflate the power of their movement?

Foxx pledges to sign climate agreement

a must see video of the republican / teabagger rally

The Republican Health Plan

Note to the media:

2 Coalition Service Members Missing in Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Karzai Rival 'Withdrew Under US Pressure'

Shortfall in budget nears half a billion (Kansas)

Banks Thwarting Feinberg Pay Model by Changing Bonus Formulas

SMACK!!! Australian Prime Minister calls out US Republican Climate Deniers

I am especially worried about President Obama's safety

China plans for humanoid Olympics

Is It Time to End the IMF and WTO? - American Thinker (I know, conservative source, but interesting)

Has anyone seen Frost/Nixon

October: 190,000 Jobs Lost, Unemployment Rate hits 10.2%

Here's a link to Jon Stewart's skit impersonating Glenn Beck... A must see.

Joe LIEberman UNDERCUTS His Wife

The Pentagon's Building Boom in Afghanistan Indicates a Long War Ahead

US Chinese trade war heats up. US increases tariffs on steel. China probes GM imports.

2 New Democrats To Be Sworn In Before Health Care Vote

Stewart parodies Becks' paranoid conspiracy charts, Nazi rhetoric

edit: question answered.

Swine Flu Stew ..Fighting the flu with Pho

President Obama goes to Walter Reed, postpones Capitol Hill stop

Scary time at the White House.

Grasping at straws

President Obama and the thirteenth fairy

CAIR Should Have Representatives On EVERY News Show Condeming The Actions Of Hasan

The T-bagger’s idea of a tea party!

Scary Times

Is Fort Hood A Harbinger? Nidal Malik Hasan May Be A Symptom of a Military On the Brink

Is Fort Hood A Harbinger? Nidal Malik Hasan May Be A Symptom of a Military On the Brink

Bomb Kills Two US Soldiers in Afghanistan: NATO

Canadian military says plans are already underway to pull troops out of Afghanistan in 2011

Am I the only one mystified by the completely different stories being reported today re: Fort Hood?

Sign a petition to Senator Coburn to stop blocking veterans legislation.

Texan police officer Kim Munley who shot Fort Hood gunman hailed as a heroine

No one's going to take this guy's job anytime soon

November in Afghanistan is shaping up to be a really bad month.

I just fell in my kitchen and hit the shit out of the back of my head.

Allies in disarray as Obama ponders Afghan plan - Guardian UK

afghanistan, some strange facts

Dear Freepers, war supporters, etc. How's that fighting terror there so we don't have to here going?

Healthcare vote Saturday, Call your Representative

Minister wants 2010 slaughter

Planned Sat. vote on health care may be delayed


How ironic is it . . .

How about putting celebratory parades on hold until the wars are over

Here we go..Allen West GOP Candidate: "Terrorists are infiltrating military"

90 % of Canadians support public health care

I need some cat help

Suppose my new NRA "shield" (sticker) will look good with 8 Obama stickers and my Army vet plate?

Becky Blanton: The year I was homeless

So, does Ft. Hood have a privatized police force?

My thoughts about the Ft. Hood shooter are embargoed.

AP sources: Suicide eyed in Ky. census worker case

The 11/3 Project

The 11/3 Project

Michele Bachmann's Idiot America

How many shots did the Ft. Hood killer get off before he was subdued?

Birther Site Is Already Lying About Ft. Hood Shooter and Obama

Are Semi-Automatic Hand Guns the Tommy Guns of the New Millenium?

Fake Twitter account, Republican Party of Florida feud linked

Fake Twitter account, Republican Party of Florida feud linked

Co-Authors Question Stand Alone Vote on National Single Payer by Dennis Kucinich & John Conyers

Timor spill creates 'sea of oil' (more trouble to come)

B.T.O.: Bachmann's Teabagger Outing

If you voted for Obama in a primary, and not for Hillary, how do you feel now?

CREW calls on HHS to investigate why CDC authorized H1N1 vaccines for WALL ST when supplies are shor

HCR Question: does either bill prohibit the "pre-existing condition" discrimination?

Idea for the President in 2010

Federal medical staff save teabagger who suffers heart attack while protesting health reform

Federal medical staff save teabagger who suffers heart attack while protesting health reform

Good morning my friends, a simple request

What is the commonality of these three numerical representations? 10.2%, 190,000, and 1%

What is the commonality of these three numerical representations? 10.2%, 190,000, and 1%

Incredible Conservative Blindness to Irony

A real way to encourage hiring: peg corporate tax rate to unemployment rate

National Health Care....What's our hurry? (cartoon)

delete please .

Twenty-four hours: 24 health care horror stories

Wall Street bonuses to rise by 40 percent

6 out of 7 GOP candidate for Illinois Governor promise to opt out of the public option

Mission accomplished: Exxon, Shell win Iraq oil field deal

Russell Seager, Amy Krueger of Wisconsin are among the Ft. Hood dead.

SHOTS REPORTED - Orlando Office Building (CNN LINK)

The "Real" Unemployment Rate soars to 17.5%

Why do men go on shooting rampages?

Bush and jobs - worst in at least 40 years.

last night on local NBC news: a woman fights bank on overdraft fees!

Bush is responsible for Ft Hood Massacre...

Arcane Labor Law Counts the Votes of Non-Voters

Horror at Fort Hood Inspires Horribly Predictable Islamophobia

No one has mentioned the internet surveillance of this guy...

Mr. Cheney your still considered a Felon

Army: Suspect said `Allahu Akbar!' before shooting

Balloon Boy!

Balloon Boy!

School Using Lap Dances to Treat ADD Closed, Your Tax $ Involved, But Will It Re-Open?

School Using Lap Dances to Treat ADD Closed, Your Tax $ Involved, But Will It Re-Open?

the other day on the Steve Wilkos show Steve was propagating

As Dems Dither on Economic Crisis, Right Appeals to Racism

Detroit DU'ers: What's going on at the GM Offices and Plants?

Ft. Hood soldier's tweets as shooting unforlds--most interesting

Aaron Thomas Nemelka, 19, of Utah is among the Ft. Hood dead.

Speaker Pelosi: Please Stop Bullsh*ting Us On Dropping State Single Payer Amendment Read more at:

AP sources: Suicide eyed in Ky. census worker case

President will personally lobby on Capitol Hill this weekend

Right-Bloggers React to Fort Hood Exactly as Expected

Is this something a Progressive would write?

Is this Obama's 9-11?

'shooter' is a way too friendly name for a mass murderer...imho

Anyone else relieved that President Obama did NOT release the rest of the Abu Ghraib photos?

"V" Not An Attack on Obama

You can just hear the derision for women on their lips

Fear of the people of Brown color or strange sounding names

Something very wrong with Ft. Hood story.. CNN now reporting...

Remember remember the 5th of November

Still $hiti

Casualty numbers change in Orlando shootings

Casualty numbers change in Orlando shootings

I Feel That We Either Need to Have a Draft or Bring The Troops Home

How much of the Stimulus Money is left?

Orlando Shooting suspect IN CUSTODY. WFTV showed footage of suspect in cuffs

In hoc signo vinces, Allahu Akbar, the Battle of Lepanto and God

Louise Slaughter, Rules Committe Hearing now on C-span2

Vote On the Weiner Single Payer Amendment - It Is Happening!

New Unemployment, Old Solutions

For thrillers, Beck is becoming new Oprah

I'm grieving with those who lost their loved ones today at Fort Hood

Here's a little history on the Blue Dog Democrats

Richmond High School gang rape victim awed by support

I would eliminate the Minimum Wage Laws completely ...IF

Guns are bad.

America’s Abandoned Cities: Detroit Pranksters Make Playthings of Empty Buildings

You guys, do yourselves a favor, go to Buzzflash and watch

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders: Too Big to Fail?.....Too Big to Exist

GOP Hate Fest

Fort Hood Suspect Car had previously been keyed..

Dublin: 70K protestors demand the wealthy pay their fair share

Hoyer: House vote may be pushed back

Conservative Says Hasan Acted On Orders Of Muslim Brotherhood: What Do We Know?

What would it take for you to go on a murderous shooting rampage?

Fast-Acting Officer Stopped Rampage (Ft. Hood)

Breaking on MSNBC_ shooting in Orlando hi rise

Cliff Van Zandt (MSNBC former FBI guy/analcyst) makes shit up all the time ......

Fox hosts want ’special screenings’ for Muslims in military

Which Social networking site do you use MOST

Question for econ historians: WTF happened to our economy around the 70s?!!?!

Glenn Beck was a stand up comedian.

ANOTHER SHOOTING: Orlando, Florida. Multiple victims.

Could you imagine how bad unemployment wuld be if Obama did not do the stimulus?

My local paper LIED about a soldiers death!?

Bill Owens a "Yes" Vote on HCR (from dailykos)

Weiner Amendment Back on Table! Call Congress Today For Single Payer

Weiner Amendment Back on Table! Call Congress Today For Single Payer

To Create Jobs on Main Street, We Need to Kill Jobs on Wall Street

Pressures of the workplace: Welcome to the N.W.O!

More Idiocy from Fox news

Mother Jones: The Tea Party's Takeover of the GOP

Top 10 non-emergency 911 calls

In 1983, Ronald Reagan had an unemployment rate of 10.5%...

With insurance MANDATED, why are we allowing Big Insurance to continue to CHERRY PICK ? ? ? ?

What keeps the republicans soo unified??

New GOP plan to fix unemployment JUST RELEASED!

New GOP plan to fix unemployment JUST RELEASED!

Breaking: LA Acorn offices raided, documents, data seized

I am no longer going to pine in on violent/disturbing events until the facts are clear...

PewResearchCenter: Muslim Americans

PewResearchCenter: Muslim Americans

Alan Grayson's Count of the Dead

My welcome back to DU is complete!

My welcome back to DU is complete!

Any tips for raising money for local parties and candidates in a bad economy?

Wing Nut Jerome Corsi, Trying To Tie Hasan To Obama

For all those who view Muslims in the military a threat...

MSNBC reporting a gun "incident" at Waukeshaw (Wisc) Hospoital

Hospital Sends $29,000 Bill To Parents Of Murdered College Student

Gotta Take a Look at This: New Mexico Women's College Soccer Player Puts Dirty to a new Level.

ft. hood lesson.... the military doesn't tell the public the truth

When is enough enough? How many have to die before we stop this madness?

Jerome Corsi Swiftboater...ties Hasan to Obama

Does the new Health Care Bill contain a clause

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) on Cigna's 92% Increase in Third Quarter Profits

The Right-Wing War on the AARP

The "War on Drugs" continues...

White House Economic Team Appreciation Thread

Dems Seize On Cantor’s Vow To Tea Partiers

Cheney: It clearly "wasn't enough to catch" the perpetrators of 9/11

[Sane] Americans to Congress: Keep Working on Healthcare

Manager: Muslim sticker removed from suspect's car

2009 World Series posts biggest year-to-year growth in history

Right Wing information bubble is hard at work today trying to politicize this tragedy

Tom Tancredo gets schooled on Ed's show

Representative Frank Kratovil Is Voting No For Health Care Reform

"Homecoming Gang Rape: 'No One Wants to Call the Cops'"

I am getting the sinking feeling that just like 1993...

Consumer Credit Declines More Than Forecast as American Job Losses Persist

Citi-Bank's bullshit trick on my Mom this week

I had a list of mass shooting events this year, mainly compiled from DU.

Ya know ..... in the old days, most insurance companies were "mutuals"

Ya know ..... in the old days, most insurance companies were "mutuals"

Tancredo is fleeing the interview. He's fleeing the interview!

Olbermann, Hannity Get Along at World Series

Somali adulterer stoned to death

You know what "social justice" is, right? It sounds like conservatives practice "social trust us"

Banks' H1N1 Flu Vaccines Stir Outrage

I know several Muslim psychiatrists

Fannie Mae Files $15.8 Billion in Claims in Lehman Bankruptcy (

Help sought. I'm looking for an online data bank of federal budgets running back to 1900

WND's Jerome Corsi Claims Fort Hood Shooter Advised Obama

Tancredo just stood up from bid eddy

Can anybody tell me the religious affiliation of the accused Orlando shooter? Why hasn't that

Mark Morford: Fear, homophobia send postcard from Maine!

Isn't It Standard Practice for People in the Psychiatric Field to Be in Therapy Themselves?

Ready, Willing and Unable to Serve

Military Violence & PTSD - Not A New Phenomona

GOT the TANCREDO - ED SHOW Youtube link here:

WOW! Rachel is going to be on MTP on Sunday! She's really hit the big time.

Why do you think Weiner withdrew his amendment?

China to ban beating web addicts

Pictures of brave activists at Wichita Teabag event yesterday

Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act - Guns for Emotionally Unstable Veterans...

Wireless Electricity Is Near

Tell you what -- I must admit

Wow David Shuster is pretty fired up

The majority voting on the rights of the minority

Who is paying for the racist signs that the Baggers hold up at rallies. Do the people

Surprising finding about Newborns

Anyone hear the right wing talkers attack Obama for the killings in Texas?

Bizarre Love Triangle: Breitbart, Reuters, and the Drudge Report

Bizarre Love Triangle: Breitbart, Reuters, and the Drudge Report

Bizarre Love Triangle: Breitbart, Reuters, and the Drudge Report

The GOP's Special Election Losing Streak

NHC: T.D. Ida still slated to hit Tampa area next Wednesday as T.S.

Why all the shootings??

Lapsed-Catholic, Believer in God, Oklahoma Bombing suspect...

Frontline:"Sick Around the World" being aired on APT next week.

This douchebag on MSNBC just said "If you don't have a job you dont have to worry about healthcare"

Do the Democrats in Congress know the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Do the Democrats in Congress know the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

I'm baaaaack.

Isn't Ft Hood the same base they were denying PTSD diagnoses?

Are you aware that as it stands now,

" Truth, Human Dignity and the Goldstone Report"- Dennis Kucinich

The GOP should just drop the pretense and vote tomorrow wearing white hoods and robes

has anyone suggested that if there were

let's send some flowers to Pelosi

Liz Winstead is a Big Time Comedy Writer and I'm not.

Republicans hold press conference with head of radical anti-immigrant group, FAIR

2.7M people watch Glenn Beck

Great News: 20,000 Less People Got Fired Last Week

How Long Until Cell Phone Videos Showing the Shooting

Repub Senator Cornyn sent me a "strategy survey" with loaded

Cantor Says Tea Party's Dachau Photos 'Inappropriate,' Takes Issue With Limbaugh

Nearly 50% of US kids on food stamps at some point during childhood

Teacher Claims Fingerprinting Is 'Mark of the Beast'

Hasan forum post screen grab, re:suicide bombers and jumping on grenade

Hasan forum post screen grab, re:suicide bombers and jumping on grenade

Hasan forum post screen grab, re:suicide bombers and jumping on grenade

Shit, shit, shit: Army: Suspect said `Allahu Akbar!' before shooting

Fannie Mae to allow some troubled owners to rent back (WaPo)

Am I delusional?

Did a lot of Jews think that Hitler was creepy?

More about Kimberly Munley, the hero of Fort Hood -

Brian Baird (D-Wash.) says he'll vote against current House health care bill

Latest Whip Count On House Health Care Bill - 20+ Democrats Say They'll Vote No

Message in a bottle...

LOL did anyone just see Keith call out the JAG OFF. . .ICER?

Sergeant Kimberly Munley Needs to join the Secret Service.

Pelosi: No House vote on 'single-payer' plan WEINER CAVES

Markos has the video up at Daily Kos.."Chickenhawk Tancredo storms off set"

218: Maybe Pelosi Should Name The Dems Not Signing Up To Support Health Care Reform...

More Than 25 Troops Wounded During Search (For Two Missing)

Roxanne Conlin (D) to file to run against Grassley

Roxanne Conlin (D) to file to run against Grassley

Some of the gravestones at Arlington

President Obama and the Thirteenth Fairy

UN Pulls Out Half Its Afghanistan Staff and Threatens Total Withdrawal

I'm sure I missed this thread but that Jon Stewart take off on Beck was simply brilliant! **

Friday TOON Roundup 2- off year election

Delete - dupe

WSJ - Betsy McCaughey - "What the Pelosi Health-Care Bill Really Says"

Just saw my first Wal-Mart Christmas Commercial on TV. ..

Just saw my first Wal-Mart Christmas Commercial on TV. ..

At least 5 tea-baggers required medical assistance at their little hissy-fit yesterday.

This Nation Needs A Reprisal Of School house Rock!!!

This Nation Needs A Reprisal Of School house Rock!!!

I can't imagine that a debate between Perry and Hutchinson will be legal ......

Friday TOON Roundup 3- repubs

Labor mulls contribution cut to Blue Dogs considering voting against a health reform package.

Labor mulls contribution cut to Blue Dogs considering voting against a health reform package.

It's time for the silent majority to demand the same benefits that Capital Hill enjoys.

C S Monitor: Healthcare reform: Obama cut private deals with likely foes

i don't understand why the Jewish community isn't more than outraged?

Psychiatrists and mental health

AFL-CIO Threatens To Cut Aid to ConservaDems Who Don’t Vote for Health Care

Disney's 'Christmas Carol' retelling succesfully captures Dickens' magic

Now, if someone would run Ron Christie's dirtbag ass off MSNBC

Good summary of the Honduras situation---

Mr. President, are there ANY plans to end our two 'wars'?

Psychotropics involved?

"I shit you not."

Boehner appeared among "Ken-ya Trust Obama?" & "Obama as Sambo" signs at Tea Party

Boehner appeared among "Ken-ya Trust Obama?" & "Obama as Sambo" signs at Tea Party

E Coli contaminated beef cooked, repackaged and sold as ready-to-eat hamburgers

E Coli contaminated beef cooked, repackaged and sold as ready-to-eat hamburgers

YouTube: Rihanna breaks her silence about Chris Brown beating on 20/20

X-post from Atheist's Forum: Any DUers going to the FFRF Convention?

President Obama to attend memorial for Fort Hood victims

Violence usually lags the collapse of a society by about 9 months

WND's Jerome Corsi Claims Fort Hood Shooter Advised Obama

Even on NPR

Judith Woodruff is a snake. David Brooks is a snake...

DU is soft on aliens!

Democrat (Rep. Weiner) Gives Up Single-Payer Measure to Back Party Leaders

FDIC Friday Failed Bank List

Are you watching Bill Moyer's Journal?

If you had a chance to take, let's call it a private cruise boat to Cuba, would you?

Civil War In Corporate America: Banks Battling The Chamber On Accounting Rules

Why is it that the government doesn't cite the top unemployment number they themselves publish?

Friday TOON Roundup 5- the rest

Fort Hood suspect said his goodbyes before rampage

I have concluded that, Republicans, "tea-bagger" and "pro-lifers" HATE MY LIFE for no reason.

Why are people freaking out over the $1.2 trillion over 10 years...

Generation RX

Generation RX

Orlando shooter is named Rodriguez. Fort Hood shooter is a Muslim of Arabic descent.

Minority Leader Spray-tan Boner avers he never saw offensive signs when he attended the ........

heard from my sis at Ft. Hood again. two things

Death Panel lady at it again. Opinion piece on Pelosi's Bill in the WSJ

Man charged with drunken driving after 911 call about pot theft

237 millionaires in Congress

Raw inescapable LOGIC from Rep. Alan Grayson (which even a simple-minded Republican might grasp!):

County map of the 1936 presidential election (FDR v. Landon)

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Why the MSM needs Fox News

About those 4,000+ Teabaggers rallying on the Capitol Steps in DC on Thursday....

Killers come in all colors and religions.

Friday TOON Roundup 4- health debate

Glenn Beck Loses his WIPO Case!!!

Historical Unemployment Rates (1960-2009) broken down by president

My dad (ex-army, Vietnam vet) commenting on the fort shooting:

America unmasked: The images that reveal the Ku Klux Klan is alive and kicking in 2009

How they'll rob the Social Security fund

Even if you hate the Yankees - gotta love the way they vote in Manhattan

There's no delicate way to ask this --

Even Jack McCoy is Right (Tonights Law and Order)

Ft. Hood

For us un-insured, here is a great free/low cost clinic finder page.

For us un-insured, here is a great free/low cost clinic finder page.

If gays were allowed in the military,

Markos Molistas just caused Tom Tancredo to run like a whipped puppy from The Ed Show.

What should be investigated is the seemingly abysmal psychiatric training Hasan got.

Just heard a Republican try and counter the "Party of No" meme on TV. That means, it's working...

Tom Tancredo Walks Off MSNBC Set Because Of Markos Moulitas (VIDEO)

Larisa Alexandrovna Now on Nicole Sandler's AirAmerica Show Discussing Wingnut Reaction to Ft. Hood

Republic of Money: Brewster Jennings Associates

Republic of Money: Brewster Jennings Associates

****** DU November 2009 Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest: And The Winners Are... ******

Jon Stewart IS Glenn Beck

The Fort Hood Gunman ...

evidence of U.S. (and European) culpability in aiding the Iraqi weapons programs

If any of this is true the military really screwed up

If any of this is true the military really screwed up

All who support "The Insurance Industry Profit Protection Act of 2009" check in here!!

Ailing ‘uninsurables’ may face long wait for care

Ex-Blue Cross spokesman says health insurance ‘worst product in American history’

Newsweek - "The deficit hawks squawk too much"

Newsweek - "The deficit hawks squawk too much"

Rather inflamatory NPR report about Major Hasan

Sometimes councelors need counseling

Hey conservatives, we're citizens, not taxpayers!!!

Man Allegedly Steals SUV To Make Court Appearance

Fascinating site about women and Islam:


Digby remember Glass Steagel

Dems seek to overturn Sarbanes-Oxley

Fringe righties start movement to ban Muslims from the military

OH Rachel is sticking a fork into my Congress Critter Virginia Foxx - is it Goose I am smelling?

"Nya nya. They did it tooo-oooo"

President Obama Speaks at the White House Tribal Nations Conference

Bush and Cheney fucked up the army

What took Joe Jackson so long?

What took Joe Jackson so long?

The Protesters warned you

Is Single Payer really better than a Public Health Insurance model?

AFL-CIO Ad Urges YES Vote on Weiner Single-Payer Amendment

JUST RELEASED: Unemployment Rate Hits 10.2%- Payrolls Fall, 22nd Straight Decline

Will the Ft. Hood incident increase or decrease support for the war?

Exonerated Man Seeks Cash For 27-Year Sentence

We should begin now in finding replacements for those who fail to support

Q: Whose opinion on health care do you trust?

I think the Dems should have NY-23 Owens cast the 218th vote for the House healthcare reform bill

Anyone here study the Koran?

must read on these "GOING POSTAL" attacks -- Mark Ames in Alternet:

List of Fort Hood dead, wounded (those confirmed/NOK releasing)

List of Fort Hood dead, wounded (those confirmed/NOK releasing)

Economist Mark Zandi - "The Impact of the Recovery Act on Economic Growth" - The Stimulus Is Working

I was 11B1P in the 82nd Airborne---and we never had live ammo in the barracks.

Ida is now in the Caribbean sea - shouldn't be more than a Tropical Storm

The Real Protectors Of Our Freedoms

WWJD? Incite Hate Crimes Against LGBT People, according to this "Pastor"

Unemployed DUers check-in

Jon Stewart Impersonatation of Glenn Beck

is the only country in the G20 that doesn’t protect domestic industry,

Jon Stewart's Epic Spoof Of Glenn Beck Video

Markos Moulitsas, DainBramaged HERO of the MONTH award

When soldiers ask to leave the Army, maybe the Army should let them leave

Tancredo stormed off the set of the Ed show because Kos hurt his fee fees!

Tancredo stormed off the set of the Ed show because Kos hurt his fee fees!

Friday TOON Roundup 1- Economy

If you are on Twitter, Tweet your Reps to Support Healthcare

BOLD declaration in a Dark Red Southern Bastion.

DUmmies!! Watch This AND Learn! Yu Think Your SO Smart -->

Toyota Venza leaves a lot to be desired (WOW a negative review)

WTF is it?

Long Island Hate Crime Suspect: "God Made Me Hate Gay People"

Face book users BEWARE!

Face book users BEWARE!

GOPers skipped out on a Patriot Act vote to attend the Bachmann tea party.

In Minnesota: Anti-Torture Rally Outside Condoleezza Rice Speech

While DU moans about Freeptards and Rethuglicans and Teabaggers

A Word About PTSD

Canadian health worker fired for National Hockey League H1N1 flu shots

The Backstory On Tancredo (ChickenHawk)... If You Don't Know...

Al Gore: 'Civil disobedience has a role to play'

CNN - "Urban farming movement 'like a revolution'"

So I called the local mosque tonight and told them....

So I called the local mosque tonight and told them....

So I called the local mosque tonight and told them....

Radioactive waste near New Mexico water supply not a health risk, officials say

Will Republicans Control any branch of gov't in 2012? [besides judicial branch]

Iowa WW-II Veterans Honor Flight

Allahu Akbar means "God is great".

Positive news. WA Ref 71 is still passing. Means we didn't vote away human rights

Mother-EFFING HYPOCRITE of the CENTURY? "It's hard to feel optimistic when you don't have a job"

Mother-EFFING HYPOCRITE of the CENTURY? "It's hard to feel optimistic when you don't have a job"


Obit of an amazing friend of mine (died Monday hiking in Georgia)

The sad thing about the shooting is that he is (was) a chaplain and a psychiatrist

Can you explain the "create competition" claim of the public option?

Michele Bachmann, the Athena of Idiot America

My son is OK - he should be calling me soon. Some thoughts on this whole ordeal

Nut this is some real AMERICAN-type cookin'!

Tom Tancrado walked off Ed's show...

"Do Not Allow The Government To Be Involved In Abortion"

Pastors will test Matthew Shepard Act by "inciting hate crimes"

An "under-performing" military man with "bad job evaluations"..

Can we have a discussion on creepiness?

UPDATE 2-Big bank "break-up" idea gains ground in Congress

Dem congressman with ties to banks GUTS bill to audit the Fed

FBI sends team to Fort Hood to re-create shooting

Senator Sanders: Too Big to Fail - Too Big to Exist

I Wonder Why

89.8% Of Americans (Who Want Jobs) Are Employed

Trying to understand a shooter's motivation is not to excuse their actions.

Teacher refuses to get fingerprinted because it's the "Mark of the Beast"

Imagine Charters get 11 million from Duncan. CEO sent email on how to control school boards.

Seems we are still refusing to stand up for issues that might irritate Republicans.

Get in line! You have one piece of advice for President Obama...

*** Let Them Eat DUzy's! 10/30/09 - 11/5/09 ***

A Real Proposal. National, organized Hunger Strike for Single Payer Health Care.

teens stickering alcohol with warnings about buying for kids

Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with? David Shuster or Big Ed Schultz? & why?

Who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with? David Shuster or Big Ed Schultz? & why?

I Have A New Favorite Quote

A Muslim Soldier's view from Fort Hood

A Muslim Soldier's view from Fort Hood

A Muslim Soldier's view from Fort Hood

Boehner didn't want to quote the actual Preamble to the Constitution; of which he swore

How To Get Killed On A Bicycle

"She ran toward him, continuing to fire."

Deputies Shoot 2 Pit Bulls Near Sacramento Elementary School

Our Sarah Palin Coloring Book made the Washington Post!

What is it with Kileen Texas, and murderous rampages?

Is there any book-based religion that includes an explicit expiry date?

More than 100 wolves have been killed

I am so ashamed of my community

I am so ashamed of my community

Kucinich: Why Is It We Have Finite Resources for Health Care but Unlimited Money for War?

REPORT: Toyota execs deny cover-up after feds rebuke automaker over runaway car investigation

When you see a conversation in progress on a DU thread, are you seeing consenting adults in action?

I'm going to pretend you're the New York Knicks...

I posted this Samba when they did it on So you think you can dance. Now

Be proud of your unique last name!

It's ten minutes AFTER MIDNIGHT. How much of it are you gonna let hang down?

Like Charles Nelson Reilly? Then this video is for you!!

Like George Washington?? Then this video's for you!!

DUzy awards are up! :-)

I hope no one minds..

If at first you don't succeed........

"It's not a sin to get's just damned INCONVENIENT."

God bless Reagan, Bush, Nixon, Palin & Beck:

Yay my 10,000th post!

Those two guys who reenacted scenes from Highlander at Douglas Adams' 1992 speech at UT Austin:

Remember that thread from a couple of weeks ago?

Is it too much to ask for waldorf salad?

Pirate Radio trailers

I just had another forum I participate in edit out the word "Effing" from one of my posts...

I just found out they are making a movie of "The Killer Inside Me"

Dragon Age

I say we let him go....

What's the worst thing you've done in a public bathroom?

What's your drink of choice on a cold day?

I just had another forum I participate in edit out the word "Tommy_Carcetti" from one of my posts...

I was afraid I'd have "the exam dream" last night.

I just had another forum I participate in edit out the word "kukae" from one of my posts...

DUPE - Ignore

South Korean woman passes driver's exam on 950th try

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/06/09

Why is the word palindrome not a palindrome?

This song rocks but the guys in the band look like they are about 12 years old.

Man says image of Jesus appears on truck window

15 Strangest Keyboards

Me - 1, Mice - 0

I just have to post this

Fla. Cops: Wife Faked Own Abduction to Scam Hubby

let the Muslim bashing begin

I'm cold.

SKorean Woman Passes Driver's Exam on 950th Try

Favorite August Wilson play?

A few random animal pics:

Recall on Pet Treats

DU Lounge Ha' Been Beddy, Beddy Good To Me.

DU Lounge Ha' Been Beddy, Beddy Good To Me.

Age at which Sylvester Stallone should STOP making Rocky and Rambo movies

I'm posting here to continue that locked GD thread about frotterism.

I just dropped my essay, folder and all, into the toilet at

Rules you didn't learn until late

What is your view of pita ?

Fascinating site about women and Islam:

Can we discuss some serious Eye Candy?

Your FAVORITE Jonas Brother

Fuck Yearbook Venation Ay late beleive


What's the difference between jazz and rock n' roll?

Let's be alone together , something crazy , absolutely wrong

CRUD - it's time for Sunny's annual exam and shots

Confess ! what did you confess the last time to confessed to anyone ?

Can we discuss "Cactus"?

All Love is unrequited...

Amazon's 61% off, one-day $78.99 Gold Box deal on Ally McBeal: The Complete Series

Roseville Fair - Live 1985

What do you people think about younger kids i.e. babies, with long beard hair?


I REPORT, YOU decide: Was The Hoff DRUNK @ the European Music Awards? (VIDEO)

Overcast Friday. I am Drinking Consecration and listening to "We're Only in it for the Money"

Yearbook FAIL

The best ever movie scene , I mean ever !

Any good punchlines tonight? like...

Some people are like Slinkies

Worst named movie "Men who stare at goats"

Remember your Shakespeare?

Can we discuss male butts ?

Entertainment advice needed

You can be the 3,200th post on this DU thread if you act RIGHT FUKING NOW!

I'm in the mood for some groove. I'll start with Robben Ford - Chevrolet

When I click on the "thread that never dies" it turns out to be the "page that never fucking loads"

Can we discuss "Discuss" ?

Which DU smilie to you dislike the most?

You don't have to call me darlin', Darlin'

my brother put this quote on his facebook and I like it and want to share

Remember when this pic would get deleted every time I posted it?

Have you ever been too lazy to watch a movie, so you just read about it on Wiki?

My daughter was burglarized yesterday.

Mac users, i need help.

I need some cat help

Delete. It was offensive.

My friend and former roommate, Jessica Porter co-wrote Alicia Silverstone's new book

It's 7PM on a Friday and I need to hear a little Pink Floyd, speed-bluegrass style


Do you prefer hard or soft?

A very good Sinatra historical review, and a great song. What could be better?

Who does a better impersonation of Glenn Beck?


Maggot Brain

Maggot Brain

*** Who wants a Google Voice account? ***

Squee! NBC has the first two seasons of Quantum Leap online!

Can we have a discussion on male creepiness?

Daddy Dearest: Joe Jackson claims "no justification" in excluding him from a big chunk o' MJ cheddar

I was asked today what I believe in

If you haven't heard this song yet, give it a listen - Fireflies by Owl City

Wow. Simply... WOW.

Can we discuss superstring theory as it relates to Fermat's Last Theorem?

I bought new art

I want a lime frozen fruit bar....mmmmmm

So ugly a concept yet so fascinatng to watch.

Fank the Yuckees!

Memory foam pillows......worth it?

Got the new Mike Keneally (former Zappa guitarist) album, "Scambot 1" today. Holy crap.

Anybody have the "John Boehner" sound from the Stephanie Miller show

Not many nights where I have a dream that leaves me visibly shaken.

Cameron Diaz's "Box" Opens This Weekend

What is the best way to find someone I knew back in 1971?

new critter crawling around the house

Can I just slide a great big "Awwwww" pic in here?

Colorblindness--ur doin' it rite

Upcoming on Tyra: A Woman With Two Vaginas!

Is Stephanie on Jeopardy the first disabled contestant on that show?

Please talk to me, DU.

Can we discuss female boobays...

Need some tech support for using DU on my cell phone

My 16th wedding anniversary

Can we discuss female creepiness ...

I'm going engagement ring shopping this weekend.

Pumpkin Martini, anyone?

took me awhile, but i finally got around to seeing "capitalism" last night...

I have a huge Oak tree outside my bedroom window.

If you were going to a concert and these were your 3 choices, which one would you choose?

I just fell in my kitchen and hit the shit out of the back of my head.

Have you ever felt like this first thing in the morning?

Our dog just had an encounter with a porcupine

Here's a tool to make yourself sound smarter than you actually are.

That's me, with my kids, about eighteen or nineteen years ago ----->

Proper conjugation of the verb "to drink"

Barack Obama Names Alan Moore Official White House Biographer

Facebookers...change your language setting to English (Pirate).

I want to create a thread that never fucking loads.

Anyone still watching Flash Forward?

Pork tenderloin a la Pastrami

Finally! How to use up the Cranberry Lambic in Sam Adams Winter Classics Mix

Please I need some good vibes for my puppy.

Hot sauce update.

Don't reply to this.

Do pigs cough if they have swine flu?

within the next 24 hours a friend and fellow firefighter will die

Is at least one answer option in this poll hateful?

More Sweet Tunes from Japan... Please enjoy

More Sweet Tunes from Japan... Please enjoy

Can we discuss "shut your fucking pie hole"?

"Don't Worry I'll Clean the Cat Box" "No Really You Don't Have To, I Will I Promise"

The $800 Billion Deception: The Stimulus Has Barely Started

This is why

U.K. Will Keep Training Afghan Police After Murders

Iraq election body seeks vote delay due to law row

De facto leader announces unity government for Honduras

Texas polygamist sect member found guilty of sexual assault

Ex-Blue Cross spokesman says health insurance ‘worst product in American history’

US hits China pipes with tariffs

Breaking on CNNI: 2 NATO soldiers missing in Afghanistan

Vote On the Weiner Single Payer Amendment - It Is Happening!

Breaking on MSNBC-shooting in Orlando hi rise

Somali adulterer stoned to death

Obama to sign homebuyer, jobless bill assistance

Speaker Pelosi: Please Stop Bullsh*ting Us On Dropping State Single Payer Amendment Read more at:

South Korea approves India (free trade) deal

Pelosi: No House vote on 'single-payer' plan WEINER CAVES

AP Sources: 1 rampage gun purchased legally

Dominican Republic town blames U.S. firm for birth defects

Report: Orlando high-rise shooting

Climate talks in Barcelona end with threats of summit walkout

Obama says don't jump to conclusions on shooting

Arab-American, Muslim groups concerned about suspicions

'Cop Killer' Gun Used In Ft. Hood Shooting, Officials Said

Unemployment in U.S. Jumps to 10.2%, Payrolls Fall by 190,000

Ousted Honduran leader says US-brokered pact has failed to end crisis

Palin to keep low-profile on Wisconsin trip

UN pulls out half its Afghanistan staff and threatens total withdrawal

Colombia's Uribe under fire over U.S. bases pact

Northwestern students 'blackface' costumes spark outrage

Bomb kills two American soldiers in Afghanistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 6

On sick list: Elderly and the ill pay more under GOP health care reform bill

Club for Growth goes after Crist

State investigators taking dozens of computers from ACORN office on Canal Street

AFL-CIO Endorses House Health Bill

Instead of layoffs Zeeland's ODL Inc. will pay 35 workers to work for nonprofits during rest of year

Salmonella victims angry over no prosecutions

Cheney blasts probe of CIA interrogations (‘I find that absolutely abhorrent’)

Rare virus poses new threat to troops

In W.V., they're blasting our clean energy future today.

Obama Administration Accelerating Review of Ways to Boost Jobs

Broader Measure of Unemployment Stands at 17.5%

Afghan Air Strike ‘Appropriate,’ German Defense Minister Says

Orlando shooting suspect had recently filed for bankruptcy (financial desperation)

Man who threatened Obama sentenced (3 yrs)


At Least 25 Hurt in US Troop Search in Afghanistan

Aide: Conlin (D-Ia) running for Senate

Spain requested to monitor situation on the border (Venezuela/Colombia)

Suspect Was ‘Mortified’ About Deployment to War

Suspect Was ‘Mortified’ About Deployment to War

PG&E Wants Rate Hike for Efficient Energy Users

Schools emerge as new tactic in gay marriage votes

Report: Kosmas now a no vote on health care reform bill

U.S. Sen. Grassley: Pushes immigration authorities to hold employers accountable for H-1B Visa fraud

(Apt. complex) Manager: Muslim sticker removed from suspect's car

PM (Gordon Brown) : I will not risk British lives if Afghans do not end corruption

Suspect, devout Muslim from Va., wanted Army discharge, aunt said

Zelaya calls for more protests after crisis deal collapses

Venezuela Sends 15,000 Troops to Colombia Border

Fort Hood shooting: Kim Munley hailed for bravery in shooting Hasan

Hasan Felt U.S. Waged "War Against Islam"

Nicolas Sarkozy deals blow to Tony Blair's EU presidency hopes

Saudi forces keep up Houthi assault

Polygamist convicted of abusing 16-year-old 'spiritual wife'

Countdown: Worst Persons - Limbaugh 'Anal Poisoning, Kissed Butt, Kissed Butt'

TYT: CNN Biased Coverage Of The NY Elections

Yankee Doodle Dorkwads - A Million Protesters!

My Boyfriend is the PRESIDENT

Thom Hartmann - A Capitalism Alternative? The Mondragon Cooperatives w/ Professor Fred Freundlich

Thom Hartmann - Immigration and Labor - what should be done?

Genocidal Republicans Won't Even Show Up

LatumWay kicks butt.

Angry Connecticut constituents tell Joe Leiberman they want his attention

Thom Hartmann - Restarting the Middle East Peace Process

The Anti-Terrorist sums all of life up perfectly - Part I

Thom Hartmann - Is Barack Obama still the nation's rorschach test?

Thom Hartmann - Do the Teabagger's get some things right?

Thom Hartmann - What Does the election in NYs 23rd prove?

Politics Of Fear by Old Fart Rants

The Right Wing Created A Monster

Thom Hartmann - Why are corporations getting free speech rights?

Raw Video: Inmate Attacks Guard at Fla. Jail (Other Inmates Rescue Guard)

Thom Hartmann - Is it time for Big Government?

Cats Against Climate Change

Thom Hartmann - Is it time to let gays serve openly in the military?

Obama: 'I won't let up' on fighting unemployment & Fort Hood

Carrie Prejean Discusses Her Sex Tape

Nine Arrested at Lieberman Office Sit-In on Thursday

Thom Hartmann - Why Did Goldman Sachs Get Their Swine Flu Shots Before Pregnant Women & Children?

Mark Kirk Going Rogue...on Himself

Christian Republicans Don't Care If Their Neighbors Die?

Papantonio and Rep Alan Grayson on Fighting Back

1 of 8 The Grand Design World Government 1968 Presentation G E Griffin

Hoyer Dems May Not Have 218 Votes for HCR Delay Possible

Blackburn: GOP Answer Pre-Existing Conditions Put Into HIGH RISK POOLS?

So When Do We Begin My Patriot Brothers and Sisters?

Republicans and christians

Rep Owens Sworn In Seeking Bipartisan Solutions to the problems that face us

Media Matters: Today's Republican Party

GOP writes churches on 'electioneering'

The Department Of Republic-land Security

Paranoia is contagious

Re: Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

This kid think he's so tough.

Strip of the Iceberg

Rachel Maddow: rePUBLICan option - Michele Bachmann's Teabaggers On Capitol Hill

Take Back The Land - Foreclosure Crisis in America

' Nancy Reid and Harry Pelosi'

Mel Watt (Shitty Fake Dem-NC) kills the bill to audit the Fed!

Obama Failing To Curb Job Loss Rejected GOP Ideas, Claims Boehner

Young Republican LOSERS make a video about Corzine.

Surveillance Video of Maj Hasan Before Fort Hood Shootings

FBI Helllllloooooo!!!!!!!!

Martin Sheen and Stockard Channing (The Bartletts) want you to call your Member of Congress

GOPers Inflate Capitol Tea Party Crowd Size Numbers

Young Turks: Rep. Grayson Reads Off Dead In GOP Districts

Glenn Beck: Historically Inaccurate - Progressivism

Rebuilding Infrastructure Takes Time & Work

Robert Greenwald & Andy "Spokesjerk" Cobb On The Ed Show For "Sick For Profit"

Republican Party Imploding?

Owens swearing in.

Frank Schaeffer on Faith and Politics

Hard Working Dogs Love Senator Al Franken!

Rep. DeFazio Calls Out Republican Chicanery

Rep. Alan Grayson: Watch the Speech the Republicans Don't Want You to See

Nine People Arrested - Protest Outside Lieberman's Senate Office

Those Children Deserve To Have Someone Ask Why They Died! Congressman Baird

Fox and Friends hosts suggest special screenings of Muslims in the military

Young Turks: Woman Fakes Her Kidnapping

Larry King - Anger at idea Islamist ideology was a possible motivation in Ft. Hood attack

Olbermann: Worst Persons - Clueless JAG Asks Shoshana Johnson 'Have You Been to Iraq?'

Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) Condemns Michelle Bachmann and Tea Party Protest Holocaust Signs

Elizabeth Warren: 'We Rescued at The Top, & Sort of Left The Bottom to Fend For Itself'

Sen. Sanders Unfiltered: 'Break 'Em Up'

Young Turks: Ponds Lotion Ad In India - Racist?

Europe is watching; and laughing at the American health care debate

Smart Remarks: GOP - Death by Teabag

(Pakistan) Blackwater hires ex-army men on hefty amounts

UNDER THE AFPAK VOLCANO; Breaking up is (not) hard to do

Young Turks: Find Out How Conservatives Fund A Protest

Halftime at 'Super Bowl for Freedom' Also Has a 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

Thousands of Right-Wingers Rally at Capitol to Hear Lies About Health-Care Reform

Mother Jones: The Tea Party's Takeover of the GOP

KBR Exposed 100,000 to Poisons, Class Claims

Glenn Beck Strikes Back at Jon Stewart

Fox News demonstrates when they don't distort news, they make it up. THEY WERE NOT EXCLUDED BY WH!

Joe Conason: Joe Lieberman undercuts his wife

Paul Krugman Credits Michele Bachmann With A Dim-ulus Package

John Boehner Confuses Constitution With the Works of Ayn Rand

The Real Intelligence Failure

McClatchy News Digs Deep on Goldman and How They Sold Off our Mortgages!

Friday Talking Points (100) -- Whigging Out

Finally, Bipartisan Compromise: Agreement to Exclude 'Prejeaning' Conditions

Is the Tea Party Gang Turning GOP into a Party of Hate?

Tom Tancredo Bolts the 'Ed Show' — for Mexico!

The House Public Plan: Yes, It's Worth It


The Anti-Terrorist sums all of life up perfectly - Part II

Focusing on Ft. Hood Killer's Beliefs Are an Easy Out...

The Crazy October Surprise Debunking

Either NPR listeners overwhelmingly support Fox News...

John Nichols: Horror at Fort Hood Inspires Horribly Predictable Islamophobia

The Preamble (Schoolhouse Rock) - Thanks, Rachel!

POW Shoshana Johnson pounds the shit out of a wingnut who asks her if she's been to Iraq.

Weekend Economists on a Vendetta With Fawkes: November 6-8, 2009

Maricopa County Sheriff's employee takes documents from defense attorney

Republican candidates deny global warming


Drumbeat: November 6, 2009

Australian Env. Minister - "Five Seconds To Midnight" - Despite Need For Treaty Talks So Far A Waste

APEC Countries To Call Next Week For Emissions Cuts - By 2050 - AFP

Facts Are Stubborn Things - Arthur Berman On Shale Gas Outlook, Why He Left World Oil

Anger Building In Ontario Over Reports That Members Of Raptors, Leafs Got H1N1 Shots Before At-Risk

(Off Topic!) Radiolab: “New Normal”

Woodpecker vs. snake in Peru

Canada Launching Inquiry After Collapse Of Fraser River Sockeye Run - Down 90% In 2009

Past climate of the northern Antarctic Peninsular informs global warming debate

'Conspiracy of silence' over climate migrants: UN official

Der Spiegel: Who Says Saving the Planet Has to Cost a Fortune?

Can Closing the Ozone Hole Also Help Combat Climate Change?

Andrew Brown: We're doomed without a green religion

94% Of E Coli In Pampa River (India) Multiply Resistant To Antibiotics - Resistance Is Transferrable

Al Gore on NPR’s All Things Considered

Up To 25% Of US Transgenic Corn Farmers Skirting Or Ignoring Rules Aimed To Slow Resistance Growth

Gasoline prices up....refinery usage down.....trouble ahead

I had a short conversation with a right wing nut about power companies today.

Boat tail reduces truck fuel consumption by 7.5 percent Forests in the desert: the answer to climate change?

Bulls hand LeBron, Cavs second home loss

Meyer fined for criticizing officials

Ty Law Signs With Broncos

Porter takes licks on Brady - Says Patriots QB gets preferential treatment (

Is it me or does it seem like Rudy Guilliani has invaded the Sports Forum?

What Does World Series Win Do For A-Rod

More Yankee love from Denver >>

Phillies pick up Cliff Lee's option for '10

For the Yankees haters to chew on:

Female Soccer Player Throws Fist, Pulls Hair--and you know what--the opposing players had it coming

If any other team had won the World Series, would it be criticized as much as the Yankees?

Who Will The Skankees Play In The World Series Next Year?

Lincecum pot charge dropped by DA in standard deal

NFL Week 9 picks (with point spreads)

Colombia's Uribe under fire over U.S. bases pact

National Resistance Issues Midnight Deadline: No Zelaya, No Recognition of Electoral Process or Resu

National Resistance Against the Coup d’Etat Announces Boycott of November 29 Honduras Elections

Power-sharing deal in Honduras collapses as Zelaya demands to lead

Dominican Republic town blames U.S. firm for birth defects

Nothing Resolved in Honduras

Venezuela: "Colombia must send a non-aggression signal"

Lula intends to arrange a meeting between Chávez and Uribe

(Honduras) Travel Alert: US Dept of State

House Resolution Designates Venezuela a State Sponsor of Terrorism

Account of how Officer Munley engaged Hasan

Get Ready for the Fort Hood Shooter Used Cop-Killer Gun

Fort Hood Shooter using a FN Five-Seven?

Portland murder-suicide kills man, woman and young boy

How many shots did the Ft. Hood killer get off before he was subdued?

Why do Israeli reporters ignore the Jewish Diaspora?

Bil'in protesters mark anniversary of Berlin wall fall

Power Vacuum

OSU fraternity shooting victim says sentence was too light

U.S. State Department: Israel is not a tolerant society

AP Sources: 1 rampage gun purchased legally

Home invasion ends in shooting

When is enough enough? How many have to die before we stop this madness?

'Cop Killer' Gun Used In Ft. Hood Shooting, Officials Said

Keith and Rachel are OBSESSED with 'cop killer guns' tonight!

Are Semi-Automatic Hand Guns the Tommy Guns of the New Millenium?

Today in Labor History Nov 6 A coal mine explosion in Spangler, Pa. kills 79, Susan B. Anthony fined

Going for Green: Calif. Janitors Keep Pushing for Safety Standards

Steelworkers Partner With World’s Largest Worker-Owned Co-Op (jobs for US & Canada)

Ft. Hood (wounded) hero cop's union weighs in

How a Public Jobs Program Could Put America Back on Track

American Wind Power, "Made In China" on US Stimulus Dollars? (2,000 jobs for China)

Street scenes from October

Would you like a sneak preview?

hazards of morning glory

So I take the dog for a walk and I have my camera

A post with no pictures LOL

Ever wonder what happened to ZZ Top?

In front of me in shopping center parking lot -

3 more black & white studies.

Lawn mower type airplane propeller? Anyone know about this?

Gay partnership measure approved by voters

Gay marriage opponents win using kid card

Openly gay Kleinschmidt is next Chapel Hill mayor

Schools emerge as new tactic in gay marriage votes

Catholics angered by S.F. supes win new hearing (Gay adoption and Nazis! Hot off the presses...)

Re: Maine "People's Veto."

If people can remove rights that were already granted...

"My marriage is more special and more valuable than your relationship"

Carrie Prejean Axed from Anti-Gay Group

Goldman, Fed, Citi Getting Preferential Allotments of H1N1 Vaccine

"Decline of the Empire -- Now What?" by Dave Cohen (APSO-USA)

Is Predatory Capitalism Sacred?

Cystal Pomeroy - Taurus Full Moon Affirmations & ceremonies

Hmmmm...a visit from my totems

Astrologers, why all the shootings?

Hasan's birth data

OK....calling all of our Psychics!!!

Child dying of cancer only Xmas request: a bunch of Xmas cards

"I am going beyond my usually stringent research criteria" NYT Jane Brody

Why isn't Flu-Mist allowed for those of us over 50 yrs old?

Smoking in pregnant women leads to hyperactivity and ADHD in the children

Serious Question for Christians

Guns are bad.

Some U.S. Muslims fear backlash after Army base shooting

Since religion can not be out lawed, should it be delegated to DADT status?

No Preliminary Injunction For DC Teachers Yet, Ruling Next Week

Who else has disappearing forks? I found a solution

Steelhead Trout - Have you had it?

Doña Rossana cooks Sancocho (Soup) Recipe Video

Reminder to buy extra Turkeys now that they are cheap

It's time to start planning again.

where are you on the food blog writers v. food publishers dustup?

I found the most wonderful book at the library today....

Details on Fort Hood suspect emerge

1st ID HQ prepares for a changing Iraq

SF soldier in C-4 stockpile case leaves jail

13 dead after shooting rampage at Fort Hood

Report: Vets need drug treatment, not jail

2 soldiers die in separate incidents in Iraq

Sources: USNA subbed mids to look more diverse

Airman among 6 killed in Mexico bar shooting

China’s air force sees major improvements

Many questions follow Fort Hood shooting rampage

At the helm of a U.S. warship, a Vietnam refugee comes home

Families, DOD spar over dangers of burn pit smoke

UK's Brown stands firm on Afghanistan

Yokota envisions surplus housing for civilian use

Cleaning agent mix-up at Conn Barracks sends 11 to hospitals

DoD Buzz: Surge Hawks’ Frustration Mounts

Mullen OK With Obama's Pace on Afghanistan

VA homeless initiative has support of Legion

USAA now open to honorably discharged vets

Unit in Lock-down Over Missing Goggles

afghanistan, some strange facts

American Legion ups pressure on Coburn

DA seeks death penalty in Fort Bragg stabbing

The new ($11.5 billion) Ford model

Defense Tech: Keep it Simple

Agosto will not run again for SBOE - Dist 3 - Michael Soto will

This guy (Perry) is embarassing Texas LOL