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Archives: November 30, 2009

Amazing aerial images from WWII

Bank of England made secret £62 billion loans to bankrupt banks

50 years ago: Detroit gears up for record production

Top Florida politicians get 45 million in free health care subsidies paid by the citizens of Florida

AlterNet: Conservatives Can Really Be Heartless Bastards

Kyl wants no exit strategy as Obama expected to announce 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan

War tax proponent Obey calls expected troop surge a 'fool's errand'

Pakistan's Nukes Change Hands

Under Florida law Woods is not obliged to give a statement.

Reid faces more pressure from unions on healthcare reform

Has anyone seen this making the rounds of the internets?

Fuck You, NCAA Womens’s Volleyball Selection Committee

"Dubai Official: Dubai World's Debt Its Own"

I'm conflicted about the Swiss minaret thing. If you don't like evangelists knocking on your door..

Mike Huckabee Granted Clemency To Man Wanted For Questioning In Ambush That Killed 4 Cops

Conservatives Can Really Be Heartless Bastards

Conservatives Can Really Be Heartless Bastards

Conservatives Can Really Be Heartless Bastards

Financial Time Bombs Keep Ticking

Senior citizens detained by police after waving to kid on a bicycle (Canada)

Florida taxpayers foot bill for Gov. Crist, top lawmakers' healthcare subsidy

Grandmother of little girl attacked by pit bull recounts attack

24/7WallStreet: Americans Give Up The Credit Card For The Holidays

Afghan War Cost Grips Both Parties ($3.6 Bil per Month)

Teenager lashed for wearing knee-length skirt

Another Republican in Congress Calls for Afghanistan Exit

The Bad Reporter is PRICELESS today!

MSM TV News never mentions pipelines through Afghanistan, it's all about the evil "terrorists"

Newsweek: An Empire at Risk

What is your favorite antivirus/firewall software?

Americans Are Deeply Involved In Afghan Drug Trade

Determination among Democratic legislators to frame the Afghan occupation, no conviction to end it

Capitalism and Supply-Side Economics = Satan's economic models.

The Ball's In Reid's Court"-There Is Nothing Blue Dogs Fear More Than Reconciliation

An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore

Tough day at work today

Does anyone else have a problem with this POLITICO narrative on "subordination?"

The MSM/Police hound $100 million Tiger. Meanwhile, $100 Trillion

Epic irony

LA Times: Gov. Schwarzenegger is booed at Hollywood Park

"Afghanis need to learn how to defend themselves."

From the "What if?" files: W tried to sell our ports to Dubai World.

Porn causes tsunamis and earthquakes

First Law of Intestinal Dynamics applies now more than ever....

Records show feds used ultra-right radio host for years

BREAKING: Suspect in 4 Cop's death NOT at house

Suspect in Lakewood police slayings wounded, may be dead

Man wanted for questioning in cop executions granted clemency by Huckabee 9 years ago

Reactor's water cooler spiked with tritium

Oh, Canada - Amy Goodman Detained at Canadian Border, Questioned About Speech…and 2010 Olympics

More Repulsive Publicity Stunt

More Repulsive Publicity Stunt

No explicit provision in the Afghan penal code that criminalises rape

Leading Irish Catholic priest: Child sex-abuse scandal 'goes right to the top in Rome'

Afghanistan: Obama Drops The Other Shoe

Bonddad: Hysteria and Economic Blogs: Why They're Best Friends

What ever happened to the call for congress to DEFUND war?

End War by Stopping the Next Attack

Florida: One of rail's biggest critics gets millions to study and promote alternatives

White House Guest-List Chief Says She Quit Post

White House Guest-List Chief Says She Quit Post

Uranium Contaminates Nevada Wells

women doing the work of removing 136,000 landmines

Don't forget- we are not out of Iraq

Are we going to let John die?

Somali priates hijack oil tanker (oil for US)

What to make of this

Former advisor to Danish Energy Agengy rebukes "irrational cult of a postulated solar influence"

Joe Biden Crashes State Dinner

Experts Point to Throttles, Not Floor Mats, in Toyota Incidents

Billions Go to Waste in Afghan Rebuilding

FAA turned down Boeing 777 warnings: report

Wendell Berry --- Questionaire

US Bid to Bypass Karzai's Afghan Government Upsets Allies

Blue Cross in hot water over North Carolina letter campaign

anybody know what happened to the transcript of amy's segment on the 2010 olympics--

Do you agree with any of these?

Supreme Court rejects Ohio killer's appeal

Mrs. Greenspan & Alex Witt(less). . two big MSNBC concern trolls? or

Ralph Reed spokes-entity: "Moral failings of 'Conservative' Leaders"

Huckabee issues a statement on the tragic killings

Thom Hartmann just mentioned the 'GOP paid trolls' thread on the front page of DU.

Latest Microsoft Patches Cause Black Screen of Death (link to story fixed)

The latest Horseshit from the goons @ Politico

Shelve Health Care Reform to pay for War in Afghanistan

Air pollution hurts child breathing

Pentagon Loses More Than Cost Of Health Care, Stimulus And Bank Bailout Combined

Could corporations really be this cold and calculating..

Could corporations really be this cold and calculating..

To all DU'ers who want Obama to get out of Afghanistan NOW...

Israeli Likud Party Member: ‘The Obama Administration Is An Enemy Of The Jews’

Caption this photo of Huckabee

The Rude Pundit - Note on Spending and Taxation: What's True and Why We Need Obama to Lead

The Rude Pundit - Note on Spending and Taxation: What's True and Why We Need Obama to Lead

Veterans of Soviet War See Same Errors by US

Huckabee commuted previous sentance of Police Shooter Suspect.

religious affiliation vs. support for war

Grinch steals Salvation Army kettle, saying 'I hate Christmas'

Are you Pro-War?

They Aren't Really This Stupid, Are They?

Another crazy Repub theory?

This morning on POTUS (Sirius XM) the hosts refused to say the names of the WH party crashers

My puppy ate approximately 50 "Fruit Flavored" Tums.

EVERYONE on DU - call the White House RIGHT NOW - and tell them to stop this insanity in Afghanistan

Option ARMs Come Back into Center Stage: 350,000 Active Option ARMs with over 200,000 in California.

Why are we in Afghanistan? Is it really a "war of necessity" or is it a "criminal imperialist war"?

Climategate: Why it matters

Australian aims to breed 'green' sheep that burp less

FBI paid blogger accused of threatening judges in Chicago

Lewis Black Will Be on Countdown Tonight 11/30

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Senate Bill Contains Gift For Big Banks (again) WTF?

The value of "nothing"...

An Open Letter to Michael Moore

Monday Toons, Part 1 : Party Crashers and crashed Parties

Monday Toons, Part 2 : Haves and have nots

Monday Toons, Part 3: wars on reason and on the world

Glenn Greenwald: The face of rotted Washington

Does Levi want to appear on Dancing with the Stars next season?

An Unthinkable choice

Monday Toons, Part 4- the rest

LOTD --- Laugh of the Day

Do you support "Same Sex Marriage"?

Pastor: Pray For Nuisance Bear

WTF? "Thousands of African Albinos Hide to Avoid Body-Parts Hunters"

OxyRush is spending more time lately on his anti-Global Warming bullshit.

Gee, Forced Put-Backs?

San Francisco Chronicle: Innovative Tenderloin court has fans, skeptics

Magnetic Nanodiscs Breakthrough Kills 90% of Cancer Cells

Hate Crime Stats: Gay Men, Jews Are Most Vulnerable Reported Target Groups

Hate Crime Stats: Gay Men, Jews Are Most Vulnerable Reported Target Groups

Who remembers the assassination of Ahmed Massoud?

So a hedge fund manager gets engaged...

71% Angry at Federal Government, Up Five Points Since September

OK why didn't anyone tell me about this?

I Am So Sick of Politics and Politicians I Could Puke

Newscorp & Google?

Newscorp & Google?

Some info for health care economists:

Fuckabee is hucked - say goodbye to 2012 Fundie lunatic

Fuckabee is hucked - say goodbye to 2012 Fundie lunatic

"That's why we have funeral homes and morticians."

Huckabee Makes Room For Pot Smokers

Whatever happened with that hot tip

Apparently, the bigger the idiot you are, the better your chances of becoming a sportscaster

On the chinese calender, 3 years ago it was the year of the cow.

Check the Facts on Global Warming

Snow-free November for Toronto

Rick Warren refuses to oppose Uganda’s “Kill Gays” bill

It's Obama's fault :) Christmas for a song: $21,465.56 - cost of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

Huckabee's Wikipedia page hijacked

0.12% of Rethugs think the Dick

HuffPo - Palin Spins Out of Control: Pugnacious Revisionism of Going Rogue Portends Fall From Grace

STFU Tweety

This is WORK!

Right wing wackos happy over Huckabee`s problem.

This is seriously pathetic: American sailors cough up their own money to keep fleet going

"We can't shoot our way out of Afghanistan." - Gen. Barry McCaffrey

Why Afghanistan?

Rally on West Point Tomorrow 12/1 Against WAR.

Rally on West Point Tomorrow 12/1 Against WAR.

A lot of people don't realize that there are literally thousands of ...

Why doesn't MSNBC Give Phil Donahue a New Show?

So when are we going to go after Osama Bin Laden?

Food stamp use INTERACTIVE MAP - Across the USA black/white/children/since 2007

As unemployment ranks swell, veterans fare worse

Do Countries Need Heroes?

Report: Obama gives orders on Afghanistan

How many DUers have a friend or relative serving in or awating MOs for Afghanistan?

Ensign (LAME): Resignation would distract resources from defeating Reid

A weakened Huckabee would be good news for Palin

Hey, want to see what AIG's been doing with your money?

Shhh! Wall Street is spending again.

War on Terror receding like the tide or a film played backwards


Couldn't Obama have chosen to emulate LBJ in the "kicking the Senate's ass" way, instead

32 states report widespread H1N1 flu activity, down from 48 states 3 weeks ago, health officials say

An email from a close friend of mine who belongs to no political party. IMPORTANT. READ THIS.

Lilly Ledbetter among AARP The Magazine's 2010 Inspire Award Honorees

Coastal projects lag

Beck still getting only Small Market Advertisers

Sarah Palin Flying During "Bus Tour" for Book?

Sarah Palin Flying During "Bus Tour" for Book?

Wall Street’s Excesses Caused More Deaths Among Children Than The Asian Tsunami

Blair warned Bush against invading Iraq: advisor

Chelsea is engaged

HR 3930, S 2730 (COBRA subsidy extensions) - subsidies expire NOW

"He promised, during the campaign, to increase troops in Afghanistan. Blah, blah, fucking blah ...."

I just had to say this..

I just had to say this..

RR Whackos v Evolution: Article responses prove the author's points

Four things Obama can do right now to re-intensify the Democratic base


Climate Change Is Inevitable — It’s Time to Adapt

How are people watching posts close enough to notice when a rec/unrec changes the score 1 point?

3 days till glen beck`s--"christmas sweater: a return to redemption"

Tonight's J. Danforth Quayle Award For Republican Stupidity goes to MICHELLE BACHMAN & SARAH PALIN

40% Of Food Produced Goes To Waste, While One In Six Go Hungry

‘Official Chicago Tea Party’ distances itself from heckling, by ‘splinter’ tea party group.

‘Official Chicago Tea Party’ distances itself from heckling, by ‘splinter’ tea party group.

‘Official Chicago Tea Party’ distances itself from heckling, by ‘splinter’ tea party group.

Climategate: Why it matters -- The scandal we see and the scandal we don't

Climategate: Why it matters -- The scandal we see and the scandal we don't

DUer book fans - Barnes and Noble have

OMFG! Gerald Posner of 2029 Time Traveled Back To 2009!!!

When the only good thing you can say is: "He's dead. Good."

Frank Schaeffer's 'Narrative' of the Loons: Our Own Far Right vs. the Islamic Extremists

Cyber Monday Sales Rise 16% (YOY) in U.S., Coremetrics Says

The WH business of deciding and deploying troops before announcing is dismaying

Wingnut Andrew Breitbart Calls for My Murder

Wingnut Andrew Breitbart Calls for My Murder


Fuckabee releases statement regarding his paroling of a baby raping cop killer

Gerald Posner

The occupation of Afghanistan is not a humanitarian mission

The Role Congress Is Playing In Health Reform

US bid to bypass Karzai's Afghan government upsets allies

US Supreme Court to consider Fla. beach dispute

ACLU: Supreme Court decision won’t end torture photos fight

Suggested listening for tommorow

Huckabee: Justice system 'failed miserably' with Clemmons

Addicted to Nonsense

Credit Cards' Holiday "Reign of Terror"; Banks Rushing to Raise Rates and Fees...

Is The Audio On Olbermann Fading In And Out For Anybody Else Out There ???

Afghanistan: Our 177th Colony

BillO & Huckabee

Matt Taibbi: Obama set to march into 2nd year behind a banner waved by political corpse Karl Rove

Stolen emails, climate change, and the practice of science

If you support the President's Afghanistan escalation, can you tell

Woman makes bomb threat to help boss make flight

OBE vs NCLB, some thoughts/links

Business Activity in U.S. Unexpectedly Accelerated (November)

Justice Breyer Reflects on Great Britain's Constitutional Evolution

Charter schools making gains under Obama's education plan: "a fundamental shift"

Woman hit by SUV in apparent parking flap

Tiger Woods Promises to Use 'Stan the Caddy' to Drive His Caddy

Supreme Court Schedules Major Gun Rights Case

Will Obama keep his Gulf Coast promises?

Neighbor dumping car fluids

Military Families send letter to Obama opposing Afghanistan

Ya know what's really pretty funny?

I'm Glad this SS Security Breach Happened

White House Gatecrashers Shopping Story to Networks

Family helped by "Extreme Makeover" now faces foreclosure

Single-sex middle school aims to divide and conquer

To relieve stress, schools in tough neighborhoods turn to yoga

So I bought a cell phone on "cyber monday"....

Socialized Medicine” Is Nothing to Fear

"Cyber Monday"

POLL: 27% of Democrats favor more troops in Afghanistan, 69% of Republicans favor more troops

I'm not very bright and have DU question

What makes a "breed"? Is it size? Color? Location? What they do?

Have you had or do you now anyone that has had Swine Flu?

Greenland, the new bonanza

Greenland, the new bonanza

Question for the readers of 'Going Rogue'...

Erich Fromm on Martin Luther's faith

Chelsea Clinton engaged to marry Marc Mezvinsky, a banker at Goldman Sachs

Military shooting in Honduras must be urgently investigated and witnesses protected

Speaking of DU Advertising - That RW ad DU is running - 'Jail For No Health Insurance'

No More Executive Bonuses!

Salahis had contacted Pentagon official about attending state dinner

Stop picking on Faux News

If the "war on terror" can't be won

Dubai stocks down. They pissed off the wrong people.

Whether for right or wrong, Mike Dukakis was blamed for Willie Horton in 1988

Please read this article about Sesame Street at 40.

Who was the last president who **didn't** get his war on?

John McCain on Health Care

VID Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks with journalists from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

Your government is owned.

Where would you draw the line of the "Big Tent" party?

Do some people really purchase life insurance from a strange recorded voice on their cell phone?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Help Save Leslie Park's home. Fight IndyMac/OneWEst bank

Hmm, Little Green Footballs Separates from Right

Newsweek editor: Cheney presidential run would be ‘good for the country’

Half of preschool girls worry about fat

The only way to deal with frustrations with Rec/UnRec

Obama will announce 34,000 additional troops for Afghanistan, officials say

Comcast to take over NBC?

This is a MUST READ about Afghanistan by Grantcart - who gave me permission

Religious Persecution

Just reemed-out my old roommate for the anti-Obama whispering campaign.

Mike Huckabee – Minister of Death – This isn’t the first time

A Modest DU Proposal

’00 Clemency May Be Issue for Huckabee -- Commuted sentence of suspect in Tacoma shooting

U.S. Military Unveils Huge New Prison in Afghanistan

Men, women respond differently to stimuli

a fellow Duer has deemed Obama the "most effective progressive prez in memory"?

a fellow Duer has deemed Obama the "most effective progressive prez in memory"?

Conason: Mike Huckabee and the Cop Killer of Seattle

Un-Rec This Thread

The War President Issues Afghanistan Troop Orders To Generals

Ever wonder why it seems like you are surrounded by idiots?

Climate change - the real question

Which qualifies as the worst possible event of the past 20 years?

Is Obama authorized to wage war in Afghanistan?

George Will: Get Off My Lawn You Hippie Dope Fiends!

New Air Force Tattoo Policy Disqualifies Roseville Recruit

Asking our Military to fight against a non-uniformed enemy is [Fill in the blank?]

Her work is done.

The orders have been officially issued regarding Afghanistan

College's too-fat-to-graduate rule under fire...say what?

Identity thieves just scammed my mother in law

Marijuana and Addiction

Secrecy in science is a corrosive force

The OJ Simpsonfication of Tiger Woods

Our "Going Rouge: Palin Rogue Coloring Book" Already a Collectible - $67 on Amazon!

Driver: 20 Police beat man who died in custody...Police: Man mysteriously unresponsive

Did you hope you elected an FDR in 2008 and were disappointed to find out you got a Bill Clinton?

"The Indiana stretch of the Ohio River Valley is one of the most toxic environments on Earth."

Cop killer may be in Seattle area, U of Wash. warning.

Open request to Human Resource Managers

I believe

Rush Limbaugh to Marry Wife #4

Say NO! To Socialism

Why can't we bring the troops back with the caveat that if need be we'll will go back?

Hollywood Wants Control of Your HDTV

Hollywood Wants Control of Your HDTV

City’s Schools Share Their Space, and Bitterness (charter schools in NYC)

The sixth extinction Somewhere on Earth, every 20 minutes, one animal species dies out.

Rick Warren Refuses To Condemn Proposed Ugandan Law To Execute Gays: "I never take sides."

LOL! The Amazon top review of "Going Rogue" (five stars) is really a joke on Palin

Do you believe that the average bourgeois American wants a balanced and objective press?

KO, special comment, we cannot afford this war!!

Re: 2010 elections, I think the Obama Administrations actions will:

Bishop who barred Kennedy admits he doesnt understand the Constitution

"A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind"

Expect a vote split like you can't imagine in 2012!

Palin's Latest Rogue Gaffe

I was against Obama's Afghan policy when I voted for him, I'm not stupid!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Forces Woman to Give Birth While Shackled

Report: Chelsea Clinton is engaged to be married

High Court To Hear Beach Property Rights Dispute

This Modern World - What to do about the stupidity crisis? - By Tom Tomorrow

Afghanistan? Why not invade Mexico, instead?

The Swiss ban minarets... and the OTHER

DC to increase police at charter schools after spells of violence.

Movement under way in California to ban divorce

WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price -- teaser trailer

KO has a special commentary tonight

National Union Anti-War Conference In Chicago December 4-6, 2009

Expiring insurance subsidy imperils laid-off Americans: Why has Congress failed to act on this?

Even MY book didn't get remaindered this fast.

New poll paints ugly picture for Dems in 2010

Corduroy Skirts Are A Sin

10 Years Later: The Battle in Seattle and beyond

After years of complaining about the Rs legislating what goes on in your bedroom,

Any corrolation between the WH security "breach" and the republicans not showing up?

Forty percent of Democrats say they ‘probably won’t vote’ in 2010

"It will cost one million dollars a year to support one soldier for one year in Afghanistan"

Virginia, a state built on tobacco, goes smoke-free Dec. 1st

Brad Pitt-sponsored housing rises in New Orleans

Pro Publica wants to hire a journalist/blogger. I KNOW we got some here.

Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs

Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs

So, How Long Have You Been (Currently) Unemployed?

Tiger's car wreck pics

When you eat as important as what you eat

Criminalizing the classroom. Over-punishment in NYC schools.

"How the War Hawks Caged Obama" by Robert Parry (11-30-09 Consortium News)

DU needs its own Warship

"Holy Shit"- Markos says BIG news coming!! "Good News For A Change"

Boston brewer pushes new limits on extreme beer

Taking the Private Jet to Copenhagen

Rick Warren, Silent Enabler Of Hatred

An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore

What do you know about CREDO Mobile?

Tiger Woods is following the best info ever given to me: NEVER talk to the cops

The customer said, "What are you looking at, n_ _ _ _r?"

The customer said, "What are you looking at, n_ _ _ _r?"

The Democratic Party had it made

Well warmongers, it looks like Obama is going to get your war on

Who is/was Your Favorite President and Why?

do you support escalation of the war against Afghanistan?

VCR/TIVO alert: On TCM 2:00am EST German 'Titanic', 'Night To Remember'

Secret Santa/ Yankee Swap gift ideas

L.A. KLOS listerners.. Did anyone hear the top 10 songs

i'm back! anybody miss me?

Maybe I'm wrong

The secret to enjoying your job

Betcha didnt know....

Jesus and Jim Morrison

If you can remember the may enjoy this...

Forget all those NFC East "rivalries"/pissing contests. Ravens-Steelers is where it is at.

This short took 6 years to make...

Those with asthma. Any personal experience with Theophylline?

You folks should be aware of this. Bad news.

What are you getting for your loved ones this holiday season?

This is an ad?

Introducing the Christian Side Hug. Sonseed, the ball is in your court.

Palin fails to finish Thanksgiving dinner.

Tying Up Loose Ends With ‘Oprah,’ ‘Mad Men,’ Wine Clubs and More

check out these truly...unusual...x-mas gift ideas.

So, I have decided what I'm going to name my future children.

co-worker is playing Barbara

Dammit, when are the Scissor Sisters going to do another album???

Should Yes be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Get a New Daddy!

Richard Cheese singing 99 Luftballoons. (crappy quality)

I broke my glasses this afternoon

DU is different than Free Republic, they have way more spelling errors

Problems with the film 2012

Want to help me test a new site?

My mother in law keeps crystal meth in the towel cabinet. Ever smell

I keep my mother in law in the crystal meth cabinet. Ever smell

Bud Selig's retiring in 2012? Oh, happy day!

OMG.. this is a Christmas gift?

Bunn or Cuisinart Brew Central?

It's a Bob Dylan Christmas, Everybody!

Back to school... that stomach pain is reemerging.

Do you think a show based on a young Bruce Wayne would work?

Heard this song last weekend on the radio, and I could’ve sworn it was by a British invasion group

I'm pissed at the cable company...

What We Believe

Whales save seal from orcas


What to do, what to do, We are quite possibly allergic to the (pets) house

I just got "Mass Casualties: A Young Medic's True Story of Death, Deception, and Dishonor in Iraq"

"The Matrix" -- Lego version

"Happier than an IT guy coming up with a new server naming scheme!"

Oh, disappointment. In a Criterion DVD, of all things!

Why is it bands like Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo and The Pixies don't get the respect they deserve?

My first 'real' job. A reminiscence.

My mother in law keeps moth crystals in the towel cabinet. Ever smell

New Iron Man 2 Poster!

Is it just me, or is this New Moon kid's head just too big for his body?

"Must Be Santa"

When not to hyphenate your name....

Somebody told me today that I look like an Irish Adonis.

Bees of summer {youtube 2:10}

It is supposed to be "fruit salad" NOT Cantelope Salad!

My puppy ate approximately 50 "Fruit Flavored" Tums.

Imagine laying down bass for Beck and Page and imagine you're 22 and a goddess

Just saw this on Slickdeals Dem Donkey ornament

I want to rename my cat to "Motor Mouth Under Foot"

I'm in love

My cat wants my eggnog (Pic)

Special Waylon Smithers Poll...Does your job require you to purchase a Christmas gift for your boss?

You are a cat. You hate loud noises. Which would you prefer?

I'm buying a Goat for christmas...

I got my H1N1 Vaccination yesterday.

these are my demands

Meet Frank

DU-ers with Angry User Names, check in here:

It's snowing!

Wedding invite-Don't know what to do-any advice?

DU-ers with Norse Mythology User Names, check in here!

just what in the fuck is a real estate novelist?

i've been looking for love in all the wrong places . . . and having much success

sick again, not asking for medical advice, good vibes please


What the hell is this crap !

I'm just going to go ahead and get this over with.

DU-ers with science and physics names, check in here:

DU-ers with Greek Mythology User Names, check in here:

I'm getting a bonus at work!

Youtube: "Bad Apple" Music Video (Stylized Shadow CG Art)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/30/09 (warning: graphic subject)

Petit fours suck

Should Bush, Yaz and OMD be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

YouTube: "Here they come to snuff the rooster, aww yeah...Yeah here come the rooster, yeah..."

Some Mondays are tough

DU-ers with user names check in here!

I think teh word on teh street is out about our house....

YouTube: "Memory ah, Memory ah, Memory ah...And I swear that I don't have a gun..."

YouTube: "Hang my head...Drown my fear...Till you all just disappear"

The Worst Receptionist Ever

Yo, dawg.

The Five Most Horrifying Bugs In The World (I'm gonna stay inside from now on...)

New study shows 50% reduced risk of heart attack in heavy drinkers vs. non-drinkers

I just saw part of one of the WORST kid's movies ever made.

Thank you Saints

Looking for a free cat

Boris Karloff fans: Original Grinch coming up on ABC @ 8 EST

DUers with non-Democratic Party usernames... Ummm....

Who is your favorite Manson family member?

My oldest cat is now a floppy eared kitty

W.Va. man sues over use of mugshot

"Hell is other people." - Sartre

DUers with J.R.R. Tolkien-related usernames check in here!

A 25lb cat just jumped on top of my desk. In one jump.

Speed Racer is just a cool, entertaining movie....

My mother just made me feel horrible.

DU-ers with pet names, check in here:

Oh wow! I can't believe the INCREDIBLE Job offer I just got, LOL!

The Bengals finished undefeated in their division, eat it Colin Cowherd

Wikipedia: baseball metaphors for sex

Apple pie toppings

My wife has been diagnosed with cancer

I HATE Winter (or any winter-like season, i.e., Fall & Spring)

Had a FANTASTIC conversation with the cashier at the grocery store today

Rabbit vs. kitten. Rabbit wins.

"Kick a Ginger Day" my ass.

More blood work today. Another PSA test.

DU-ers with Star Wars User Names, check in here:

Ack! You know the feeling when you get water in your ear?

Anyone else readin' Stephen King's newest 'Under The Dome' ?

pedi pots suck


Funny How That Works

E. J. Dionne: Fighting Extremism With Civility

"U.S. offers new role for Pakistan"

Top Republican won't run against Rep. Chet Edwards

Goodness, Repubs want employers to screen for undocumented aliens to make sure

Your steet fink. OK, post your Spoonerisms.

$85 Billion will wreck the world. $35 Billion is walking around money.

White House: Obama Has Told Generals, Foreign Leaders Of His Afghan Decision

Interesting debate on Afghanistan in British Parliament on CSPAN - look and listen!

An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore: Full Text Here

Lobbyists Furiously Lobby White House to Preserve Lobbyist Power

You can’t handle THE TRUTH.

A thought on Huckabee, Romney, Pawlenty, Teabaggers, the NRA and the 2012 election.

CBO: Health Care Reform Will Lower Out-Of-Pocket Burden For Most Consumers

Michael Moore's Open Letter to Obama....."Say it aint so"

Another Republican Enters Race for Shea-Porter's Seat

Another Republican Enters Race for Shea-Porter's Seat

Iowa Republicans Prep 2010 House Campaigns

Khazei Chalks Up Globe, Clark Endorsements

**Heads Up: WH Discusses Admin's Efforts on fighting HIV/AIDS, Live **

We can't trust Mike Huckabee because he's too liberal on crime

Mike Hucklebee: commutes and pardons for murderers and rapists

Senate Scheduled to Begin Debate on Health Care Bill 3pm Monday

The Afghan Speech Obama Should Give: Read the proposed speech here.

Consumer advocate calls health care bill "toothless". Enforcement of insurance reforms in doubt

GOP: "A party both united and divided" (warning! Scary photos ahead!)

Do you plan on using Pres. Obama's Tuesday Afghanistan speech to attack your fellow DUers?

Check in here if you are sick and tired of "Check in here" posts!

politico, continuing its proud tradition of doubling as a GOP bulletin board

politico, continuing its proud tradition of doubling as a GOP bulletin board

Didn't Obama say he was going to focus on Afghanistan during his 08 campaign?

Check in here, then check out

Check in here if you were against Obama's position on Afghanistan and said so during the campaign

Senate will hold hearing on new Afghan strategy Wednesday

What's Really In The Health Insurance Bills: It's not universal health care, It's not even close.

There was no avoiding this fork in the road.. We were left with 2 hot wars

some say the President was going to go out of Afghanistan, others say he was going to finish the job

some say the President was going to go out of Afghanistan, others say he was going to finish the job

Taliban amnesty betrays US connivance with war criminals

Obama has sure come a long way: 7/14/08

BREAKING: Suspect in 4 Cops death NOT in house

BREAKING: Suspect in 4 Cops death NOT in house

"Rasmussen: How Poll Questions Affect The Answers (And Why Our Obama Approval Numbers Are Different)

TN-03: Flowers Drops Out

Paul, GOP campaign committee at odds

Obama admin channels Bush in attempt to weaken search protections

Mitt Romney endorses Kay Ivey for Alabama governor

2010 Elections Hinge on Reinvigoration of Democratic Base

State senator emerges as top potential Gordon foe

The First Afghanistan Speech.

Cox leading race for governor

Afghanistan: Obama Drops The Other Shoe

Peter Corroon a step closer to race for governor

Mother of all decisions...

Obama and Rudd have 'excellent' meeting

Veterans oppose US Afghan war surge



I'm calling it. It's Mittens vs. Obama in 2012.

Let's cherry-pick the Constitution!

Well Rachel understands military timetables.

Were party crashers part of a set-up?

U.S. official expects that sometime in the future gov't will withdraw some troops from Afghanistan!

Call For a Truce

That rotten filibuster in Senate has to go

why does this anti-Obama health care ad run on DU?

why does this anti-Obama health care ad run on DU?

Barack Obama: "My new strategy will be taking the fight to al Qaeda in Afghanistan" (July 15, 2008)

Taliban claims French bribery ploy

Taliban claims French bribery ploy

Now I get it....

Olbermann on Afghanistan: Get out now

Strange how every speech Obama is about to make could break/make his career!

Progressives (and Obama) are Doing Better Than We Think ...

Krugman: new CBO estimate is good news

"White House developing AIDS strategy"

Where's the Prez?

Mike Malloy just reminded me that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize

US bid to bypass Karzai's Afghan government upsets allies

"Biden Goes On The Attack As Senate Begins Health Care Debate"

Billions go to waste in Afghan rebuilding

NC: Marshall might be ignored, but she starts with wide primary lead

Good news: Health bill would reduce family employer-based premiums by $100-$200 a year

If you're against the war now, it doesn't MATTER if you didn't post against it during the campaign

Barack Obama: "Instead of fighting this war, we could be fighting for the people of West Virginia."

Forty percent of Democrats say they ‘probably won’t vote’ next year: poll

Saying we need to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban is like saying...

Yes, change IS coming

An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore

Obama, Clinton.. all the major players in the Dem primaries were calling for more troops in Afgan.

Your Vote is not a Surrender of Intellectual or Ethical Autonomy

ACLU: Obama’s Reversal On Patriot Act Reform 'A Major Travesty’

Five things I have to say about Afghanistan and President Obama's decision

This President will be Held Accountable for the results of his Afghanistan Policy,

The President is Not Listening...

The troops aren't coming home until there are jobs to come home to

All They are Saying, Is "Give WAR a Chance..."

All They are Saying, Is "Give WAR a Chance..."

Olbermann: Afghan Troop withdrawls to begin between July of next year and January of 2011.

Why are so many people here seemingly STOKED for escalation?

I owe Dan Quayle an apology!

The US and NATO sinking in Afghanistan

"Rahm, Daschle, Salazar to Senate"

For All Those Chuckling Over Palin's Remaindered Book

HEADS UP: Keith Olbermann special comment ofn Afghanistan

No one I have seen here critizes EVERYTHING Obama does but plenty try to justify EVERYTHING!!!

An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore

Chelsea Clinton Engaged

Check in here if you're pro-Obama and anti-escalation

Can somebody please explain to folks like me why the Republicans are so hysterical about the Secret

Check in if you're pro-bono, anti-war, think Obama's a cool dude and have hairy armpits

Imagine Huckabee for a moment in a candidates debate in 2012

Re the WH Crashers - don't fall for the okey doke!

Obama’s Speech on Afghanistan to Envision Exit


Twilight Moms

Asian Shares Rebound But Keeping Eyes on Dubai.

Grandma delivers baby, Thanksgiving dinner

Police surround Seattle home where person of interest in (Lakewood, WA)police shooting may be hiding

UK to send 500 extra troops to Afghanistan -Brown

Britain to send 500 more troops to Afghanistan

Bush 'raised Iraq issue (three days) after 9/11'

Huckabee commuted sentence of man tied to police slayings

US Supreme Court to consider Fla. beach dispute

Russian doctors fear swine flu might mix with bird flu

A Huckabee clemency* gone awry?

Court sides with Gov't in detainee photo case

City’s Schools Share Their Space, and Bitterness (charter schools in NYC)

The ball’s in Reid’s court: Passing the public option

Tony Blair asked military to plan Iraq invasion nine months before war

Peru Looking for Newer Second-Hand LSTs

Exclusive: Russia To Start Iran Nuclear Plant In 2010

U.S. recognizes Honduras vote with caveats

(Sen.) Reid: Senate to work weekends on health care

Blair 'not aware Iraq war was illegal'

Did Houston Homebuilder Bob Perry's Clout Trap Couple In Dream Home?

The War President Issues Afghanistan Troop Orders To Generals

Dalai Lama says climate change needs global action

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 30

Movement under way in California to ban divorce

With Deal, G.E. Clears Path to Sale of NBC

Records show FBI used ultra-right radio host for years

Large Hadron Collider sets world record

Swiss bishops criticize country's ban on construction of minarets

Debate Opens on Health Bill; Democrats Divided

Police Say Tacoma Suspect Told Others He Would Shoot Officers

Harper not on Obama's Afghan call list

G.E. Pact With Vivendi Clears Way for Sale of NBC

Oil prices spike after Iran seizes yacht

Police murders suspect Maurice Clemmons evades capture

Protests greet Pittsburgh's plan to tax college tuition

Salahis contacted Pentagon official about attending state dinner

CBO: Health Care Reform Will Lower Out-Of-Pocket Burden For Most Consumers

Scott Rothstein expected to be arrested, charged Tuesday (South Florida)

Michigan auto supplier sheds pensions in bankruptcy

Lawmakers to hold hearing on party crashers

After major same sex marriage research, liberal CA org says: "We do not see a path to victory."

Authority to Spy on Americans Unclear as Patriot Act Expires

Clinton daughter Chelsea engaged to be married

Supreme Court throws out ruling ordering release of detainee abuse photos, cites change in law

Trial of alleged Nazi prison guard begins

EXCLUSIVE-Danish draft urges 50 pct global emission cut by 2050

(Sen.) Ensign: ‘My Wife And I Have Worked Things Out’

Second wave of swine flu may have peaked

Latin American leaders divided by Honduras election

Rep. Hinchey: Bush Purposely Let Bin Laden Escape To Justify Iraq War

British sailors detained by Iran en route to Gulf yacht race

British sailors detained by Iran en route to Gulf yacht race

Stressing the Web, ‘NewsHour’ Begins an Overhaul.

Wall Street's Favorite Meltdown Myth Bites the Dust

Obama's Radical Proposal to Solve ALL Issues

Mother of all decisions: If Obama escalates in Afghanistan, he'll set back progress on other fronts

Obama faces risk of a wartime presidency

Obama Seeks 'Beer Summit' Between Tiger Woods and Florida Police

This Is George Bush's Recession: Why Doesn't Anybody Talk About That?

Concentration of Wealth = An Influence Lock On Our Politics

Housing Meltdown, Ground Zero: The American Home-Owning Dream on Life Support

Wickedness Abides (James Howard Kunstler)

War Fraud Whistleblowers Under Wraps

STOP the presses!

Autism Treatment Works in Kids as Young as 18 Mos.

Call to the Peoples of México to Organize the Revocation of the Presidency of Felipe Calderón

Americans Are Deeply Involved In Afghan Drug Trade

How Free-Market Delusions Destroyed the Economy

The Feds Are Addicted to Pot -- Even If You Aren't

Washington Times ex-editor sues, wants paper sold

How Free-Market Delusions Destroyed the Economy

M$M keeps repeating the $849 billion as cost for Senate HCR bill. CBO said its $599 B over 10 yrs

RIP Activist Alice McGrath dies

Billions go to waste in Afghan rebuilding

Bin Laden within our grasp, senate report, Rumsfeld rejected pleas for reinforcements

'Use Cash Movement' to Ignite a Monetary Revolt

Chris Hedges: Addicted to Nonsense

Senate Bill Contains A Gift For Big Banks

Afghanistan: Obama Drops The Other Shoe

Republicans figured out how to deal with illegal alien problem: Let's have a depression

Transatlantic transactions, part 1

Latest attempt to question climate change is junk

A Financial Mirage in the Desert

John Wooden Legs' Holy Spirit Responds to Sarah Palin

The US and NATO sinking in Afghanistan

US bid to bypass Karzai's Afghan government upsets allies

We May Be Born With an Urge to Help.

Michael Moore: An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore

Evan Bayh: The face of rotted Washington

Democrats are in electoral trouble; Progressives are not

Why an Expanded Afghan War? "We will kill bin Laden...whether he is technically alive or not..."

US Taxpayer Money used to Fund Taliban (How the US Funds the Taliban)

US Taxpayer Money used to Fund Taliban (How the US Funds the Taliban)

WTO BattleofSeattle N30/1999

Dubai's Dirty Little Secret

Max Blumenthal: "Republican Gomorrah" and the GOP Crackup

David Hart on the Countdown to Oslo

(Awesome 8th Grader) Ruthie Gopin, the Founder of Carbon-Free Kids

Living in Dubai

I Got Friends With Low Wages

Fox American Morning CapAndTrade.mpg

Barack Obama: "My new strategy will be taking the fight to al Qaeda in Afghanistan" (July 15, 2008)

Not Just Jobs Needed Now

Bleeding Edge of Citizen Journalism

Capitol Hill Agenda: Nov. 30, 2009

Neoliberal Moment in California

Rep. Hinchey: Bush Admin. 'Intentionally Let bin Laden Get Away' for Justification of Iraq War

Law Professor: Walking Away From Mortgages Is The Only Way to Get Banks to Negotiate

Cats Against Climate Change

Lewis Black - Leave Mike Huckabee Alone

Bill Press says Glenn Beck is a ticking time bomb for Ailes

TYT: Busting Healthcare Myths - U.S. Vs. Other Countries (Must-Read Article Linked)

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

Rotten Raoul solves the banking problem overnight!

Keith Olbermann Special Comment on Afghanistan: "GET OUT NOW" - 11/30/09

In Afghan Debate, Few Antiwar Op-Eds. Elite papers marginalize public opposition.

Obama: Never would have made it

Cindy Sheehan, Others Assaulted by Vet at Anti-Afghanistan Rally

Limbaugh, O'Reilly & Hannity!

Chavez's Historic Call for a Fifth Socialist International

Drumbeat: November 30, 2009

23% of demand was met by wind power in November in Spain (Jan-Nov 2009 26% renewables!)

Bhopal gas survivors mark 25 years of agony

Big freeze plunged Europe into ice age in months

Poles ready for sacrifices to fight climate change: survey

Guatemala's Breathtaking Lake Aitlan Now 100 Feet Deep In Sludge, Cyanobacteria, More - Time

Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish - Native To Subtropical Seas - Devastating Coral Reefs In Japan - J. Times

Scientific American: What Is the Right Number to Combat Climate Change?

The activists' circus comes to Copenhagen

Solar panel costs 'set to fall' (BBC)

Question for the other republican party shills

The US Chamber of Commerce is Killing the Copenhagen Climate Treaty

New Silicon-Air Battery to Have Unlimited Shelf Life

Climate change in Kuwait Bay (Since 1985, water temperature has increased on average 0.6°C/decade.)

Calcutta's 60+ LPG Taxis Will Go Back To Diesel Power - Not Enough NatGas Stations

The "Big 4" For Climate Toppling Point: Sea Ice Loss, WAIS/Greenland, Sink Loss, Permafrost Methane

Flooding Swamps Venice

Xpost from GD: GOP is paying trolls to "Blog Attack

On Climate Data, Trends and Peer Review

Re anti-Global Warming noise consider: Total Solar Irradiance trending down since 2003

Scientific American: How Can Humanity Avoid or Reverse the Dangers Posed by a Warming Climate?

Latest attempt to question climate change is junk

World’s Largest Working Hydro-Electric Wave Energy Device Launched

Big Freeze Plunged Europe Into Ice Age in Months - Could Melting Greenland Ice Cap Do It Again?

More insult to injury >>

SEC Championship Game

Report: the entire city of New Orleans is hopelessly shitfaced already

Tiger Woods pulls out of tournament; search warrant sought by police

Sports Illustrated names Derek Jeter 2009 Sportsman of the Year

Serena Williams fined $82K for outburst, put on two year probation

Source: ND staff told Weis is out

Game ends -- Musical Interlude

Saints/Patriots -- living up to the hype

Tebow lends a had to the less fortunate.....

Report: Bobby Bowden to resign tomorrow

OK, let's have it: Predictions for tonight's Pats/Saints game

Interesting shot of Belicheck and Brady on the sideline.

If offered the job, which team would you choose to coach?

2009 NFL MVP = Drew Brees

If you could upgrade your conference by getting rid of the weakest team(s), who would you drop

NFL Rules Forced Titans To Kick Extra Point In Yesterday's Game?

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints?

Did we hear Obama removed the electronic message on the Interest Section in Havana?

Feingold: Radio, TV Martí Are ‘Wasteful’

Peru Looking for Newer Second-Hand LSTs

Frente and COFADEH Announce Successful Conquest of Fraudulent Electoral Process


Amnesty Int’l. Press Release: Honduras Authorities Must Reveal Identities and Whereabouts of People

IPA Press Release: Repression in Honduras

Amid Protests, Hondurans Voted in Los Angeles – Out of 3000 Registered, Only 500 Votes Cast

Call to the Peoples of México to Organize the Revocation of the Presidency of Felipe Calderón

Indigenous leader Salvador Zúñiga: "The electoral farce is a failure. The oligarchy will never be

Elections In Honduras: Whitewashing The Path To A Past Of Horrors

Quixote Center Delegation documents terror and repression during elections


Iberoamerican Summit: Cuba Demands Declaration against Honduran Election, Others Fear Getting on US’

Victory declared in controversial poll that was already a win-win for Honduras's wealthy elite

Portugal works as mediator on Honduras' situation in Ibero-American Summit (Xinhua)

The election triibunal had to flip the turn out numbers to give the election a fig leaf.

Honduras “election”: repression, boycott and resistance by Jorge Martin

'NO!' to Honduran farce: Argentina, Bolivia, Cuba, Brazil, Spain, Venezuela, Guatemala,

Mary Anastasia O'Grady believes the Honduran elections are about Chavez. Seriously.

Guatemala: 'NO!' on Honduras' phony election...

Israel says enforcing West Bank settlement moratorium

Hamas Bans Women Dancers, Scooter Riders in Gaza Push

EU foreign ministers likely to call for division of Jerusalem

Israeli Likud Party Member: ‘The Obama Administration Is An Enemy Of The Jews’

What's with all the firearms thefts from LEO's?

Gun-lovers go crazy for tax-exempt guns during South Carolina Black Friday sale

I don't place any blame on Mike Huckabee. None whatsoever.

Kansas Concealed Carry proves as safe as everywhere else

Two more family amd domestic killings in Portland metro area over the holidays- 4 dead

Hope raised by plans for new West Bank city

USA Today: Unemployed U.S.-born workers seek day-labor jobs

Sen. Reid faces more pressure from unions on healthcare reform

Obama Enforced Trade Agreement - Jobs Already Returning

Today in Labor History Nov 30 helped organize the first women's union of the Amalgamated Meat Cutter

Home Depot Shoppers Greeted by Boycotters at Two Ohio Stores

Host a Community Discussion and Be Part of the President’s Forum on Jobs

But, But, But,

An open letter to Michael Moore from President Obama

manhattan sunset

Invisible galaxy crashing into Milky Way

The first real camera I ever owned! Memory of it just hit me like a ton of bricks

The Venus Syndrome

The reason for the Titanian season

arriving by train

December Photo Contest Theme - Poll

The Royal Society showcases 60 articles published between 1665&2010.

let's talk....monopods

Some Autumn pics from the Napa Valley

Argentine judge suspends 1st gay marriage

Gay Family Values - King & King

Hopefully this is okay for me to post in here..."We Vow"

Is asking a celebrity if he or she is gay become a fair game question, even for the young?

Question to those who know MA well.

Dr. Housing Bubble 11/29/09

55 (real) things to worry about

Which administration is responsible for 96% of 2008 spending?

Dubai exchange nosedives as trading resumes

Guest Post: The Tax Code ENCOURAGES Leverage

Bailed-Out AIG Goons Force Poor to Choose Between Running Water and Food

Niall Ferguson: Even Krugman admits the deficit is unsustainable

The Grand Failure of Government to Limit Concentration of Power

Wickedness Abides By James Howard Kunstler

High-speed Duluth-Minneapolis rail line could cost nearly $1 billion

India may have sold US T-bills to buy gold

Cities find the fine print is costing millions

Crisis in Dubai

Bonddad: Hysteria and Economic Blogs: Why They're Best Friends (Posted previously in GD)

Since Feb. not ONE permanent mortgage modification has been made by banks.

The Housing Crisis and Wall Street Shame

Will Gold Fall or Continue to Rise?

As sales vanish, skin stays on alligators

After Black Friday, Doubts Grow About a Shopping Uptick

Really interesting article about Ownership.

Wow, I wasn't sure we could do a poll here! Question for you guys:

Rick DiClemente's December Starself Astrology Newsletter

December 2009 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Reversal Haunts Federal Health Agency

"The Canadian Problem"

Implant-based cancer vaccine is first to eliminate tumors in mice

Growing back a lost limb

My personal experience with vitamin D

Swine Flu best advice ever

Why Continue to Fight For a Public Option?

Interesting exchange on the Health Care Blog

Why is getting pain meds such a problem?

Early Intervention Very Effective For Toddlers With Autism, Says Small Study

Announcing the Institute for Science in Medicine

Naturopaths and the anti-vaccine movement: Hijacking the law in service of pseudoscience

Did you have the swine flu vaccine this year, did your family members? loved ones?

Don't let guard down about H1N1. As toll mounts more is known about H1N1 death spiral.

New York City schools share space, bitterness

For Forest Kindergartners, Class Is Back to Nature, Rain or Shine

Rick POS Warren Won't Condemn Proposed Law To Execute Gays in Uganda

Minaret ban marks start of tough Swiss debate on Islam

Arrest highlights clergy's role in Rwanda genocide

Vatican criticises Swiss minaret ban

Egypt's Mufti condemns banning minarets in Switzerland

Do you take your atheist grandchildren to church?

Memes, viruses, faith and the gullibility of the mind

CDC Pediatric Influenza Mortality Statistics from 04 - 09

One Sister’s ‘Mmm’ Is Another’s ‘Um, No Thanks’

Anyone else here add vinegar to soups?

Need your help for holiday gift idea.. The Nutcracker