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Reading the fine print on the three CDC approved swine flu vaccines.

Just got a call from the NRA...

POS "BUSH VS. OBAMA" vid posted on facebook....PATHETIC!

POS "BUSH VS. OBAMA" vid posted on facebook....PATHETIC!

They are having a Teabagging Demonstration at our

Who prepped Palin for her VP debate against Biden? Joe-mentum Lieberman

2009 Obama Agenda Survey, from the RNC

Question about searching DU.

Heath Care: Did Nixon's (1974) or Clinton's (1994) plan reward Private Insurance

CIT bankruptcy

great website for sports buffs

H.R. 2382 – “The Credit Card Interchange Fees Act”

Growing Commercial Real Estate Crisis

Top 10 Reasons for Repug Senators not showing up for the Climate Bill

Ford reports $1 billion in third quarter profits

Germany's neoliberal economic policies (Die Zeit)

For once, I'm with Lieberman

"You Lie" Rep. Joe Wilson Blames President Obama for H1N1 Vaccine Shortage!

Afghanistan Mission Creep Watch - The Hyman Roth Version

Making the world safe for kleptocracy

Where Rethugs got their health care plan: (NSFW)

Where Rethugs got their health care plan: (NSFW)

Where Rethugs got their health care plan: (NSFW)

Republican Healthcare Lies!

13 Republican Senators Hate the Unemployed!

Sheikh Khalifa re-elected UAE president - It was a landslide. He got all 7 votes

The ostracism because of Swine Flu:

The GOP's 'big tent' as seen by Luckovich...

Top Ten Reasons Christian Zionism "Impairs Israel's Interests"

need name of polling company...

NY 23: Report: 95 Percent Of Hoffman's Cash From Outside District

Al-Qaeda has plans for its new recruits

Eugene Robinson: U.S., Afghanistan's drug trade, and a fog of moral ambiguity

Republicans hate Jews, Gays, Liberal, etc. Coming to a town near you soon!

Marriage in Maine in Dead Heat

Report: Gay couples similar to straight spouses in age, income

It's days like this and when I see movements like the Tea-baggers,

Running the marathon backwards

Top McCain campaign advisor running out of insurance. He has a "pre-existing condition."

Clear Channel station in N.C. to become 'Rush Radio' (not a joke)

Some days, you get the Bear. Some days, the Bear gets you.

Afghans Exasperated by Five More Years of Karzai

Are a Prison’s Financial Interests Preventing Immigrant Detainees From Getting Legal Advice?

Election Day Predictions

Great website for us single-payer advocates:

Budget context - Ezra Klein

trust us?

trust us?

Too Big to Fail? Why All the President's Afghan Options Are Bad Ones

So, convince me the middle class isn't fucked.

This Modern World- Tom Tomorrow- Joe and Harry

Oh. My. Pawlenty is Getting DECIMATED by Morning Joe on NY 23

Secret Democratic ploy to end two-party system -- Hatch says healthcare will make voters trust Dems

Alan Grayson's Moneybomb Day

Alan Grayson's Moneybomb Day

Half of US kids will get food stamps, study says

Collapse hits Florida's fantasy island

"Direct Talks"

The State of American Political Ideology, 2009 - don't make the RW M$Greedia hacks fool you

If you tell a Republican you don't have health insurance, often the Republican is like, it's YOUR

Independents’ Day: GOP has high expectations, but indie energy may rule

Note to voters as you go to the polls today.

This should really get Limbaugh's Depends in a twist:

Johnson & Johnson to Slash More Than 7,000 Jobs in 'Restructuring'

Is 'Barack n Bones' Obama thin as a rail because he's skipping too many meals to run the country?

That'll teach 'em not to ruin Christmas

Fox News

Photos from Afghanistan


George W. Bush throws out first pitch in Japan

By Carl Hiaasen: Dear Sarah: Keep up the great writing!

My "media bias" letter makes it into print

Some 'toons......

Some 'toons......

How often does the post man mis-deliver the mail? How often have you been audited?

MSNBC: Lieberman remains a filibuster threat - spokesman rejects report saying he won't block bill

It is interesting with the media spin, they just seem to factor in reality...

On line checking accounts

Interesting Times Report #1 - It's Election Day - Be Sure To Vote! (Dial-Up Warning)

Turnout reports. post then if you have any

Shall we start the media spin?

Victim in Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Do you remember all of the (and others) ads that featured no paperwork mortgages?

Fighting the 'good' war - Asia Times

Half of America’s Children Will Get Food Stamps

GM & Chrysler Unlikely to Pay Back Stimulus $$

Italy school crucifixes 'barred'

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Pat Buchanan is counting on Dems not to show up at the polls today.

The Rude Pundit: Today's Vote Will Tell Us Nothing About Barack Obama

Vote for your favorite "Talker" at Liberal Talk Radio blog

100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do (Part 1) (NYTimes) LOVE THIS!!

I see a lot of people here saying "Jobless Recovery".

Bush’s interrogators used ‘abdominal slaps’ to ‘instill fear and despair’

I just found out that every American made car since 1999 has a black box built in

New Palin Book: Palin didn't tell her daughters she was running for vice president

Names of the Dead:

will the media declare the democratic party dead this evening?

DUI Motorized Chair on eBay by MN Police Dept. It's Cushion for sale by Owner, separate auction.

Help Stephen Colbert sponsor the US Speedskating Team!

Tweak a Tuesday's Twinkies, please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Rep. Joe Wilson Blames Obama For Vaccine Shortage -- After Voting Against Vaccine Funding

Once more, with feeling: conservatives are stirring up voter fraud fears again today

VOTE TODAY!!!!! GOP is counting on us NOT showing up.

I'm back from voting.

I'm still fired up......I'm not giving up..I skipped lunch and went to vote instead..

Housing Vacancy Rate Hits New Record: Media Don't Notice

Colbert Goes for Gold, Sponsors US Speedskating

I did not know this...Gazans are Mostly Children

Wal-Mart's Sick Leave Policy Puts Workers at Risk for Spreading H1N1

Screams of Revolution

Hey---I just used the Unrec tab for the first time---It felt pretty good.

More emails about polls against obama very anti black....

Dead Fly + Dare - 'A' Grade = Angry Student

Question for people who think employer drug tests are a violation of your rights

Any Tricky Ballot Measures Out There in your Neck of the Woods?

There appear to be 2 groups of Republicans who would like to dismantle government

Tighten Your Seatbelts-Repubs Laying Groundwork to Declare Close Races STOLEN!

To Some, First American to Win NYC Marathon Since 1982 Is Not American Enough

Swine Flu Fears Lead to Girl-on-Girl Brawl on D Train

nora o'donnell just declared mcdonnell the winner in va

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5- The rest

When the Beckers start in after the polls close, remind them that the basic mechanics matter ......

Here is a non political observation I made the other day

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- Bad war, bad options

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2-Economic anger

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3 - Flu and other sicknesses

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4- Repubs

NY 23

Rep Virginia Foxx has gone completely bat crap insane this time

The myth of Fox News' ratings spike

Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines

UK Guardian: Minister retreats after criticising Nutt sacking

Judge OKs Challenge to Human-Gene Patents

Just 13% of the Recovery Fund has Been Used

Pincus: Cheney told Fitz he "had no idea" what Libby knew about Plame - court filings contradict

Afghan War Vets Patrol Halls of Congress to Stop Troop Escalation

Amazing Cells - cool stuff

LOL! House GOP set to release healthcare bill

For What it's Worth --

Democrats: "The Republican plan as insubstantial."

"Republicans boycott start of Senate committee debate on climate change bill "

(Satire) Man Sues Axe Spray Over Side Effect

Keep your eyes on

Ignorance -CNBC: "Marathon winner not a real American since he's originally from Africa"

Kaiser foundation HCR calculator

A Whole Year Later And I'm Still Grateful

[IMAGE] What Obama Understands that DU fails to

Will the hajj be an incubator for swine flu? (2.5mil expected to travel to Saudi Arabia)

The Colbert Nation Sponsors Olympic Team

101 Historical Moments You Can Relive on YouTube

Palin sowed confusion on Election Night, new book claims

As I sit in my nice house

1963 JFK tapes released

So, have the Rs taken over the nation yet?

Now this is a campaign site to check out! Any design suggestions?

Airlines ratchet up holiday surcharges

The GOP Fearmongers About Voter Fraud In New Jersey.

The GOP Fearmongers About Voter Fraud In New Jersey.

Rep. Jim Moran: If GOP Were Running In Afghanistan, They'd Be On The 'Taliban Ticket'

CNN Poll: One year later, 54 percent approve of Obama-identical to one year ago

Top reasons to be a mod, or to not be one (add your own)

A 200,000 Year Old Metropolis In Africa....

Anybody else get a survey regarding DU today?

The Paradox Of U.S. Healthcare (Al Jazeera)

What the hell is wrong with people?

7th gang rape suspect arrested.

Karzai: Taliban Brothers and Others to Return to Embrace of Their Own Land

Georgia Aquarium's Beluga Whale Dies..

Georgia Aquarium's Beluga Whale Dies..

DU temporarily expels 5 students

Food Poll: Taste vs. Nutritional Value

No more seasonal flu vaccine on DU campus..

DU Migration Map tops more than 1.5 million page views

"Ethical Humanist Society" goes crazy in Chicago

I'm guessing republicans in congress are still letting the unemployed twist in the wind?

The county wide elected animal control official is facing a hard electorial test that

Dinesh D'Souza promised me an afterlife, and all I got were the same old cheap lies

Dinesh D'Souza promised me an afterlife, and all I got were the same old cheap lies

In City Council slugfest for eastern Queens, NYC, Republican is first openly Pagan candidate

May these elections today,

My God, Nancy Pfotenfluffer is back

UPI Editor fail: Best But to team up with Sonic Solutions

U.S. Factory Orders Rise for Five Out Of Last Six Months (signs of sustained recovery)

Focus on Family conference in Birmingham, Alabama will draw gay rights protest

Officer masturbated to child porn at his police station- YIKES

Multiple intelligences: which are you?

I'm convinced the Sarah Palin and the conservatives are prejudiced against Italians

I'm convinced the Sarah Palin and the conservatives are prejudiced against Italians

5% of my annual income will go to paying my insurance deductible alone.

It's a damn shame!

I think Democrats would do well to collect periods and donate them to .......

Today's election results don't mean anything... to me at least

Personal Bankruptcies in U.S. Increase to Highest Since 2005 Law Revision

Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth sequel stresses spiritual argument on climate

Freepers discuss the cops being called in NY 23.

Police Called To NY-23 Polling Sites

"Jobless recovery" is an oxymoron.

Self delete

Deleted...Incorrect Info..Sorry...n/t

Any word on Question 1 in Maine?

Is California Planning Sirhan 'Execution'? (NOT Satire)

OFA urging Obama's supporters to call Congress and ask for real health insurance

Is Al Gore Only in this "Green" Business for the Money?

Just for fun, drafted a new Symbol for today's GOP...

New Jersey DUers - Anyone know what the turnout is like today?

Nate Silver's Twitter feed is coming to life...

I just voted.

Hoffman Poll Watcher Has Tires Slashed

In No Way Affiliated With Trader Joe's

MSM memes for tonight: 1). Dems are losing because Obama is in the WH

Robber Barons - Past and Present

French thinker - anthropologist - humanist Levi-Strauss dead at 100

As I have watched dozens of loving and committed couples go to the polls in Maine today ...

GOP health bill: Insurers can ignore ‘all of the consumer protection laws’ and ‘restrictions

GOP health bill: Insurers can ignore ‘all of the consumer protection laws’ and ‘restrictions

I'm afraid to look..but prepared..

I'm afraid to look..but prepared..

If hoffman loses, be prepared for a massive case of whining...

Is it really President Obama's health care bill anymore? Doesn't Congress own this one?

Warren Buffet does his biggest deal ever - buys railroad

Senate health care plan not much different that Bush's health plan in campaign 2004.

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

So, Jesus, why don't we just hire some Canadians

Ha!Ha! They pulled the plug on Palin....Get her A** off stage..

I have newfound respect for Hillary Clinton

Palm Beach County Dems say NO to LA Sen. Landreiu

Moran signs:

there's a pompous piece of shit on my teevee named hailey barbour

So who thinks the Crazies are going to declare today's election "A referendum on Obama"?

Hidden camera surprise in Christian bookshop's bathroom

Mom's flu shot when pregnant protects baby

Our Produce-or-Die Culture Is Killing Us -- And We're Idiotically Grinning and Bearing It

DUers, lets' say you smelled what you thought to be a large dead person or something decaying .

DUers, lets' say you smelled what you thought to be a large dead person or something decaying .

Training Tuesday with the DFA: Recruiting Volunteers

Well the machines are in NY.

I'm going to go vote, who's with me???????

NASA technology might treat breast cancer

Senator Franken speaking NOW on Senate Floor re: Health Care -- he's

No matter how you cut it, there's no such thing as a national party that doesn't inclued moderates o

(Buried In CNN Poll): Majority Of Southerners Says Obama Has Done Better Job Than Bush

York's (PA) Planned Parenthood protests a protester (priest w/ child porn)

Denver public TV plans nonprofit news operation

At least Bush would have never staged a photo op with the troops

US Gives Karzai Six-Month Ultimatum to Stem Afghanistan Corruption (Or Lose US Support)

So let's see, Progressives tend to (generally)

MSNBC is already saying "It looks like VA will vote Republican for Governor",

Turnout high in Maine

Turnout high in Maine

Thank you Tweety

A (((PIC))) of a Fool

When did this piddling little off-year election become THE OBAMA REFERENDUM?

We need red meat!

for those interested in taking a tour of Half-Dome in Yosemite via Google Earth. Pretty cool.

Democrats’ healthcare bill would pay for ‘prayer’ treatment

Mom has basic cable.

Exit Polls: Obama as (non) factor?

MSNBC's Election Night Theme

Our Collapsing transportation infrastructure.....The Canary on the Bay Bridge

Time to move the dem party to the right

Let me be first to predict that the Senate will use today's elections as the excuse to gut HCR

Anyone know if a media source has a county election results map?

Local - Allentown, PA-TV report states PA voter turnout "around 20%" today.

Going to local NJ Dem election headquarters

How do you deal with your family, when you're the only one is a democrat?

Don't worry - be UNhappy (Thinking negatively can boost your memory).

Heads up: Obama special on HBO this evening at 9 eastern.

Turnout high in Maine: Gay Rights Issue

Congressman Grayson's Thank-You e-mail:

We can't ask taxpayers to pay for abortions, but we can ask them to pay for prayer therapy?

US drafting (another) 'Afghanistan Compact' for Karzai- a promise note that he'll reform his regime

Our municipal elections do not list party affiliations for the candidates.

There's already a place on DU for discussing men's rights.

I once had an employer ask if I could pass a drug test.

If your checked bag mysteriously disappeared by the time you got to Phoenix......

HEADS UP: HBO Documentary on Obama tonight at 9PM Eastern.

HEADS UP: HBO Documentary on Obama tonight at 9PM Eastern.

what would it feel like to live in an undivided society?

what would it feel like to live in an undivided society?

Comcast may own NBC soon (News Corp expressed interest)!!

Caption this photo-Poppy, W, and Jeb

Photographer Collection: David Guttenfelder in Afghanistan

Tweety is ripping Cantor a HUGE one

Are RePukes Really Gonna Strut Over a Couple Gubernatorial Races in an Off Year?

Ten (Possibly 11) Corpses Found at Cleveland Home

BREAKING: CNN Declares VA a sweep for the GOP.

Teacher suspended for controversial assignment returns to class today

I didn't vote today. Why?

Diane Sawyer Uses Glenn Beck To Attack Al Gore For Not Eating ‘Tofurkey’

When do the polls close in Maine??

Is anyone watching the results for Garamendi in CA?

Tapes show Kennedy was conflicted over Saigon coup

Tapes show Kennedy was conflicted over Saigon coup

Gay marriage ban in Maine in 2010??

The most comprehensive election and ballot initiative results all in on place.

Steele seconds ago on CNN: "...a healthcare bll that noone wants."

Grayson received over $500,000 in donations for his Money Bomb yesterday!

VA-Gov: Why we're getting blown out today

VA women now quit your jobs, go home, and have some babies.

Watch Maher-Arar's testimony. The Appeals Court just ruled he can't sue

Olbermann just TORCHED Glenn Beck for the 9/11 comment.

So I'm getting all these BREAKING NEWS emails from the media outlets about

NY-23: [UPDATE] Hoffman Accuses Democrats of ‘Stealing the Election’

What site is best for election results coming in?

Brockton meat plant owner: ‘Everything is testing clean’

Extended interview with Al Gore

My day voting in NY-23


Can Marijuana Help Kids with Autism?

Compromise on Drug War?

So who won the elections you guys had

NJ Governor's race prediction

NY voters: Do you vote Dem or Working Families in safe districts?

Ten basic truths about the fight for equal marriage rights for gay couples

So why is M$M ignoring CA-10 election? Because its going to be progressive win?

Schumer wants to give you the report first, THEN ask for your credit card #

"ProLife" protester and/or twisted pervert?

Get Your Free * OMG GOP WTF * Sticker!

Wow. Have you seen this ad (healthcare) yet?

Anti-interracial marriage Louisiana justice resigns

Filthy Chamber of Commerce running lots of anti-healthcare ads on MSNBC

law enforcement against prohibition

What is a progressive view on free will?

Hey, Virginia! Welcome back to the Deep South!*

Who is running those nasty scare tactic ads in Florida to scare seniors that we're after their

NY-23 - Hoffman's claims of staffer's tires slashed is FALSE. Staffer damaged his OWN tires!!!

So Congressman Joe WIlson voted against funding for

I think that some of tonight's results we because

Maine: Expand Medical Marijuana Law (Plus System of Distribution) Leading

Jane Hamsher on Rachel Maddow: Joe Lieberman 'Is The Carrie Prejean Of The Senate.'

Hidden video camera found in bathroom of "Family Christian Book Store" (Simi Valley CA)

Give the People the choice between a real Republican and a Fake

Give the People the choice between a real Republican and a Fake

An interesting day on DU, but something is missing....

Election results for VA and NJ, county maps here

Time to remove all these money guys

Rachel Maddow: MSNBC UNcalling NYC race for Bloomberg. Now too close to call.

Christie wins, according to Politico

HuffPo declares Repubs win VA and NJ. Obama not the reason

HuffPo declares Repubs win VA and NJ. Obama not the reason

HuffPo declares Repubs win VA and NJ. Obama not the reason

Christie wins Sussex County NJ with 64%, it went to McCain by 60%

Gloatfest 2009

Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work!

GOP Christie takes New Jersey

FYI - we won big in 2001 and where did that put us in 2002 elections?

MSNBC calling NJ for Christie

Looks like Corzine's going down in NJ too.

Christie, R takes New Jersey

Richard Bey is filling in for Lynne Samuels and he's kicking ass!

This was NOT a referendum on Obama or the Democratic Party in general....

Maine: Reject Same-Sex Marriage Vote results

Anyone have the scoop on Calif. District 10 special election?

Howard Fineman, on MSNBC, calling this a slap to the Obama administration

Why can't Americans have a national referendum on hot topics

Some Good News: Foxx (D) Elected Charlotte's mayor

Exit poll: In Virginia, it's all about the economy

Exit poll: In Virginia, it's all about the economy

Trouble at the polls in NY (nut case alert!)

The Virginia gubernational election shows that people like the genuine article

Lose any luggage in Phoenix? Police: Couple stole thousands of bags from Phoenix airport

Remember how ya felt a year ago

I said earlier that the Dems in NJ would probably sit on their hands and Christie would win

Why Employer Drug Testing Is Just Plain Wrong

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Hillary" sentiments

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Hillary" sentiments

The NY DAILY NEWS, not my favorite paper, shows Bloomberg by 3%.

I thought it was supposed to be a live version of Countdown at 10?

Some Dem wins

I think I have been converted to a defender of marriage

Don't believe the HYPE its the Congressional special elections that impact most Americans. . .

It seems like Owens has been running a lead similar to Christie's all night

Anyone who freaks out about the results of these elections...

Is anyone else having trouble posting?

Congressional Dems - Look at Virginia and NJ ...

Man, you guys are drama queens. Lose two Governor seats and this place goes to pieces.

Wow KO picked a Yankee play as the smartest in series history

Best election day coverage

SD and MN border Big Stone II Coal Plant Finally Dead

"The Deeds Campaign" a political horror story to scare each other with around Dem campfires.

Owens still in the lead with 68% of precincts reporting.

Orly made a new friend!

Orly made a new friend!

Eshoo Amendment Embraced by GOP in “Alternative” Health Bill -- Care to comment, Ms. Eshoo?

Looks like all the ads bashing Deeds helped

Lower fertility is changing the world for the better

Lower fertility is changing the world for the better

Will the race in the 23rd district in NY continue to be called a "big race" in a couple of hours?

I am so pissed I now have a repub as a mayor.

If the Democrats fail, I will become a Carlinist

If you are against any Democrat siding with the Repubs for a filibuster

Referendum Measure 71 (WA) APPROVED 52.39 % to 47.61 %

Rachel Maddow Just Announced

FLASHBACK: Christie's campaign rejected Sarahcuda's help

Dear Harry Reid, I heard you had a stroke,and recovered, what about us?

To gays et al in Virginia: Come join us in Maryland. You are in danger there.

GOPissants: Epic Fail in Albany mayoral race...

Watching MSNBC no call on NY23

Newport News, VA stunner: Newcomer Robin Abbott beats veteran incumbent Phil Hamilton

All Virginia and New York-23 prove is that the looney right is reorganized and re-energized

Charlotte has First Democratic Mayor in 22 years & Dems pick up a seat on Council

Holy crap, a republican wins mayoral race in Lynn MA

Looks like it going to be a runoff for Atlanta Mayor.

If Owens (D) wins NY-23 in a close race...

Theme of the night: No Guts No Glory

Rachel Maddow: 11,000 absentee ballots will decide NY-23.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Faux projects Owens wins

What did most of us do to get out the vote?

Fox News shows Bloomberg as a (R) on their scroller....

California's 10th District looking great!

Both McDonnell & Christie politely refused help from Sarah and won

Fox projects the Democrat will win NY 23

I want to post a lyric that reminds me of the great DU'ers

Results For NY-23?

So Palin and Beck's candidate lost? Is it official?

Watertown mayor (Hoffman supporter): "It's over."

What Happened ? !

President-Elect Gore on Letterman tonight!

Politico calling it for Christie

South Korean court allows taxi drivers to have mobile TV on dashboards

Our Dem mayor lost, the Republican alcoholic fucktard won

US Patent Application 20090010962 - Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof

What is happening in Maine???? Anyone know.....??

Ok folks let me translate what Harry Reid is hinting

I think that almost 30 years of Reaganism's gift to America is a love of cynicism

For those of you who do not use "self-checkouts" in retail stores, I have a question for you.

I just voted to support Marriage Equality in Maine

Who is more progressive?

When unions work against themselves; Philly transit goes on strike ON ELECTION DAY!

Karzai is a Bush/Cheney Puppet. He is a direct pipeline to Cheney. He is their mole. They own him.

Houston Mayor: 92% counted, openly gay Annise Parker leads with 30.5%

SkyWest accused of bias against gay couples

Whoa, Bloomberg isn't doing so well: 49% - 48%

Well they threw DEAN and his 50 state strategy under the bus n/t

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Rights violations alleged in Minneapolis tasing

Goldman Takes On New Role: Taking Away People's Homes (How One Couple Beat Them...)

Crunched the #s, & it looks like by Jan/2010 I'll have health insurance for $80 or less/month.

If we, DUers, don't shop locally, who will?

Seattle P-I: Result on Ref. 71 might not come for 'days'

BBC: Bear kills militants in Kashmir

Court: US Gov Officials Free To Do Anything-Even Violate Law & Torture--As Long As They Wear Hoods!

The Republican Party is not Dead.

My Cousin, Tom Barrow, lost his bid for Detroit's mayor by 20,000 votes

Self-checkout machines cause 'stage fright' in shoppers

Wow, had no idea this Beck lover was running for mayor of Asheville, NC

Ooohhh, Rachel is smaking Dick Army hard tonight!

Bogus and bullshit: Court rules victim of ‘extraordinary rendition’ can’t sue

2 more bodies found in Cleveland home of rapist

What hath Obama wrought today?

Deeds was not for a Public Option?

I rescued an immature hawk off the middle of interstate 80 today

House Democrats Introduce H1N1 Flu Emergency Sick-Leave Bill

To DUer's in Virginia and New Jersey: I seriously feel bad for you

PHOTOS: Twin Towers' Steel Used in the New USS New York

is there any early word on the elections today?

The RW has been starting preemptive claims of fraud for days

Thanks for nothing to all those people who didn't vote.

Do men want children or clones?

If Owens wins, I predicted it. Thanks Rush!

Unemployed? K-Mart will give you 20% on some stuff...

I feel like the media is steering us towards a permanent election cycle...

This is why they have off off year elections like this.. they know Dems won't come out and vote.

In further bad news, it looks like PA is electing a bunch of Republican judges.

Eric Cantor=deluded asshole

Meet Doug Hoffman - The Daily Show

Deeds was a crappy candidate and Corzine is a crappy governor.

Corzine's approval rating was 35%, yet he received at least 45% of the vote.

ACLU Wins! And destroys the political process in the U.S.

Hoffman Supporter Admits Texting While Driving at 100 MPH

Hoffman Supporter Admits Texting While Driving at 100 MPH

Nate at 538 calls the three biggies going red. Hmmm...

Joe Wilson's (R-SC) wife diagnosed with swine flu

WIN: CBPP: "House Health Reform Bill Expands Coverage, Lowers Health Cost Growth, Reduces Deficit"

The 'Freedom to Present Christmas Music in Public School Classrooms or Assemblies' initiative

Is it time to talk about Obama's contractors in Afghanistan? More of them there than U.S. troops.

What if for 1 year—just 1 year—we allocated as much—$$$—for infrastructure as we did for defense?

60 calories in a serving of yogurt. How does one do that?

We voted at 2:30 - My wife was #95, I was #96 all day. Poll workers were sitting around

I must have missed when you were there...

Yes, CNN (and Lieberman). We Have Given H1N1 Vaccine to Gitmo Prisoners. Get the Fuck Over It.

Hospital bill stuns slain student's parents

Letter I wrote Bill O'Reilly

Democrats You Need to Stand for Something! A Fellow Democrat's Manifesto for Change!

A Free Credit Score Followed by a Monthly Bill - NYT report and video

A Free Credit Score Followed by a Monthly Bill - NYT report and video

Penny for your thoughts on an E-mail I received from my sister

When you were growing up, watching TV back in the 60's , 70' 80's who did you root for?

Gore: “I Put My Money Where My Mouth Is" Others Resent His wise Investments

Leno wants his old late nite show back. The hell with Conan.

Tufts University has just announced new tuition rates. $51088!!

Hospital Stays are about $40,000 a day now - if you have a procedure done.

Uncivil War: Conservatives to challenge a dozen GOP candidates

As The Media Obsesses Over New York Special Election, It Ignores Leftward Lurch In California Specia

So I made an online payment transfer to my Credit Card today

City of Austin expands same-sex benefits

HOPEFUL STORY: Lion-killing Kenyan Masai warriors become lion guardians - VIDEO

"Get control of her! Get her ass off stage!" - McCain staffer on Palin Election Night

Where the Hell has Gov Tim Kaine been these days?

Expensive sleeping pill Rozerem apparently does nothing

Bride jilted at altar, turns Halloween-themed wedding into party for senior citizens

R. I. P. public option.

blame maxico for illegal immigratio problems

Bill Owens will win NY 23 US Congressional race, Dems to expand House majority

Real Estate Price Plunge Turns American Homeownership Into Perilous Path

Cowboys cheerleader's blackface irks some

Calif. initiative to require Christmas music in public schools is OK'd for signature gathering

Hoffman has the endorsement of a hard core junkie pedophile.

I think I'm going to throw up...

Little Joe

It sounds like the Luddites would do well searching for new converts at DU

What DU Understands that Obama fails to

If we want real reform we will have to purge the DLC'ers out of our party

Women who stole from girl, 9, hold public signs of shame

The Pros and Cons of Moderating at Democratic Underground

If we pass weak health care reform, will our government look weak & corrupt to developed world?

Is this a plus or a minus?

I survived a Redding Tea Party!

No single payer health care, no strong public option. How about we all

Healthcare Now report, 12 arrested for sit in, Pelosi's office!!

Walmart and H1N1

Owens (D) winning 51%-44% with 34% reporting...

Levi is Dropping some bombshells on Palin...

Levi is Dropping some bombshells on Palin...

** UPDATE ** --- MSNBC "live" online - 2 options - feedback?

Can we all agree that there are technical definitions and practical definitions? (re "Recovery")

Health Care Reform Bills - Does Actuarial Value Trump Medical Loss Ratio?

Wouldn't it be fitting if this went completely around the world!.....

Wouldn't it be fitting if this went completely around the world!.....

I'm hearing rumors that heathcare will cost the individual...

Oh, God. so it begins. The "V" pilot is on and...

Note to Rahm and his DLC ilk - You can thank yourselves for NJ and VA losses

11 year old gives birth on wedding day

Who might Sara Palin's Cabinet Members be?

Join The Young Turks For Public Option Rally

Join The Young Turks For Public Option Rally

Damn! Someone could have beaten Bloomberg!

Fuck it Obama is the man

Noam Chomsky: No Change in US 'Mafia Principle'

Dems, you wanna win? GO TO THE LEFT HARDER.

The Pitchfork crowd

"Restless Vagina Syndrome": Big Pharma's Newest Fake Disease

Michael Vick's unpaid dues: Why dog advocates aren't moving on

Banks Should Be Handed Over to People’s Ownership: Matthew Lynn

A CNN poll that will get freeped.

Troubletown : How to negotiate like a Democrat

France tries to calm reactor concerns

Right-wing legal power exploiting loopholes for a fundamentalist takeover of public education.

'Arrogant' CIA Disobeys Orders in Viet Nam

Owners of Toyota Cars in Rebellion Over Series of Accidents Caused by Sudden Acceleration

New for November -- it's the DU Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest!

"What's a Luddite?"

"There's no harder thing to bear than to have Glenn Beck outlive your child."

I had a very interesting evening, politics-wise

IT job post from Texas unemployment

Sister Christian...

Same Old Jets


Basketball player knocks out a bat on the NBA court

So, in Panic Room, when the bad guys are pumping propane into the safe room...

Keanu Reeves is immortal

vote sign fail

OK, I know one of you is to blame for youtube reccomending

New clutch purse: $100,000

How to win an argument(tips for GD)

The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman

Wait a minute. Mr. Krabs is the Kurgan?

I am going to have to take a break from all of this fun and frivolity for a while.

unbreakable titanium frames are no match for the but tutcher

"Nothing is work unless you'd rather be doing something else." - George Halas

DU needs a "ba-dump-dump" smilie.

Radio Paradise

Re-Imagined "V" gets 3.5 stars in USA Today

Multiple intelligences: which are you?

Finally, a unicycle even I could ride

Bad drivers? Blame their genes

Video: What Would Have Happened if the Velvet Underground Played the Lawrence Welk Show?

US Finally Gets Around to Closing Last WWII Internment Camp

Post here and I'll insult TZ.

For the first time in a long time, we get to see a World Series last more than 5 games!

Your FAVORITE letter of the alphabet that does NOT appear in the word TEAM

Delete. Dupe. nt

NH restaurant sets meatball record

Camera found in bathroom of Christian bookstore

My thread is stinking

Why Men Don't Write Advice Columns

Tommy_Carcetti is a big fat PHONY!

To all the Philly fans - seriously, you support a team that uses that font?

I have to go vote, with a resounding "MEH"

Message to Charlie and Algernon. Don't open this thread. Nothing to see here. nt

Billy Joel "Prelude/Angry Young Man" HD

Message to Tommy_Carcetti. Nothing you could do would get me to open that thread

NEWS ALERT - Giant Crack in Florida May Be New... what? Nope - just Rush

Need your help: any ideas for below transfer level comp class research topics?

My dear Tommy_Carcetti, I know you're going to give me a toy yoda, so no thanks.

Locking. Calling out other members of DU is against forum rules.

No more seasonal flu vaccine on DU campus..


Attention Duck Lovers: Rescue the Duck Factory Update

is it too late to accomplish something today? 504 conference. oy.


Performer OTHER THAN OZZY most likely to bite off the head of something onstage

I have absolutely no desire to get into my car and drive home

They call me the Breeze

Fruit Bats Use Oral Sex To Prolong The Deed

I have been fighting the Marijuana wars

So what will we call it?

When I awoke today I did not expect to learn fruit bats enjoy oral sex.

DU Migration Map tops more than 1.5 million page views

Chase Utley: A great American

I don't really know why but I want that show "White Collar" to fail spectacularly.

Whoa, LENO throws Conan under the bus, & Dave halfway under

Some guy just came by trying to sell me his meat.

I did it!! I'm going to be a moderator!

Anyone see Kelly Ripoff lately?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/03/09

Human Thing

Well, now I'm on the night shift. Ask me anything.

5 p.m. and it's dusk.

Post here and I'll consult you.

Miss CA USA Pageant "moving forward," drops lawsuit, Prejean doesn't have to pay for new breasts

N A R W H A L ?

I want to change the world!!

Wish me a happy birthday....tragically, I am FIFTY today!

Tonight the Abyss was there but I could not figure out if it was calling

~~~ Official World Series Off Day II Poll ~~~

I'm Ba-a-a-ack!

Re: "significant other." If a person isn't you, then how could the person be significant?

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Ladies: would you be flattered if someone called you a "booger"?

Anyone Else Catch Tonights 'Biggest Loser' Show From The WH Vegetable Garden???

Give yourself a Hobo nickname

so there is fantasy football, soccer and even congress...

Update on Erin, day 2.

My whole town is looking for a 74 yr old man

What meduim have you standardized your music collection on?

We're having an 'original' Thanksgiving with the Indians.

I hope it's not too late to ask this. Does anyone have any Lucy types in their family?

Webhosting Opinions. Godaddy sucks the big one.

Photobucket stats: what's your most viewed pic and the site?

YouTube: Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well," Gainesville 2006. It SMOKES.

One Tin Soldier

YouTube: Steve Marriott's Packet Of Three, "Tin Soldier," Live 1985

Totally random: Am I being neurotic?

For the last time, I CANNOT make any guarantees.

YouTube: Deep Purple - Fireball, Live in Copenhagen, 1972

Are there any programs I can use to improve the quality of a pic after I blow it up?

You know how there is a smilie for a group hug?


Anyone hungry for pizza?

Camera found in bathroom of Moderator Forum

Does anyone know where I can find freeware games for a Palm Zire 31?

This show has songs that I cannot get out of my head!

I ask Jobu to come,take fear from Jersey Ballots.

"You can run, but you can't hide."

Anyone seen Kelly Ripa lately?

For the off day of the WS: Star Wars Who's On First

Have you ever started a thread, then stopped it, then went back again saying, "Why the fuck not"?

So this is what you do. You take a slice of ham, then a slice of cheese,

My cat has a sore on his jawline that hasn't healed for a few weeks, at least.

Gamera found in bathroom of Moderator Forum

Maine at 50/50 on the gay marriage vote.

Let's talk Sci-Fi here - lets just say to have our cake and eat it too, we....

Judas Priest!!!! It's a Rob Halford Christmas Album!

Oldest man you'd "kiss"

Ok, I posted a short rant in GD about cynicism and it's sinking

The Prisoner begins this Sunday!

Fight Club

My laptop doesn't have a 'print screen' key.

The perfect blend of form and function (something for the ladies)

Los Angeles. He walks again by night!

Would we love snakes more if they were furry like a cats tail

Olive branch to Charlie and Algernon. I will give you a Toyota if you don't open this post. nt

Perfectly sculpted melons (you've got to check these out!)

Quick! The fate of the world hangs in the balance!

Mices is mouse-like: True or false?

I knew this would happen after SonofPtah had been out for a while.

This is Pure "Poison" for an Asian Girl!

I didn't win my city council race - in fact I placed dead last

We are Siamese if you please . . .

Is Santa Claus self-employed or is he somebody's employee?

An Appreciation Thread for the SEXIEST Team in Baseball!!!!

Anyone else fight with sig. other about room temperature at night?


does this option work?


Anybody catch Billy Connolly on Craig Ferguson Show?

OK, Major Nelson. Do you wish for Jeannie to bring about world peace, or that other stuff you want?

DU Lounge Meet Your Future Fuzzy Overloard

Post your Unseen Prequels Here

I miss my kitties.

My thread is sinking

OK...the REAL wedding pictures are in.

How long since the last haiku thread?

Anybody catch the new "V" tonight? (Spoiler alert)

Did anyone see (the film) Moon?

Anti-porn propaganda may cause 'stage fright' in sperm donors

Dexter's dark passengers: what did you think of this week's episode? (slight spoilers)

I see that Freeper Midlo allowed the repiglicans take over Virginia again

Do men want large bags of cat food or do they just want to attract women who like men who ...?

Do men want large bags of cat food or do they just want to attract women who like men who ...?

There is Nothing Sexier Than a Good Looking Guy Carrying a Large Bag of Cat Food

Am I wrong? (Facebook)

Clinton calls Israeli concessions "unprecedented"

Clinton Counters Arab Anger Over Israel Settlements.

Venezuela: Water rationing in Caracas starts today

Reid reassures left Lieberman on board

Suicide Toll Fuels Worry That Army Is Strained

Argentine ex-leader goes on trial (Former President )

Qian Xuesen, Father of China’s Space Program, Is Dead at 98

Qatar Buys U.S.'s London Embassy Building

Independents’ Day: GOP has high expectations, but indie energy may rule

Bush’s interrogators used ‘abdominal slaps’ to ‘instill fear and despair’

Equatorial Guinea Frees British Mercenary

Is H1B Policy to Blame for Shortage of U.S.-born Technology Graduates?

Huge oil spill plugged at last - rig owner

George W. Bush throws out first pitch in Japan

The myth of Fox News' ratings spike

Obama and Merkel: No easy answers on Afghanistan, climate change

News Corp may drop Travel Channel bid-source

GM & Chrysler Unlikely to Pay Back Stimulus $$

Outsourcing firms set to demand US visas for foreign workers during recovery

Blakely: New Orleanians Are Racist, Unsophisticated Former Recovery Czar Makes Critical Comments-TV

26/11 terrorist negotiated Kasab's release with Israel ambassador

Judge OKs Challenge to Human-Gene Patents

Global warming could create 150 million 'climate refugees' by 2050

CNN Poll: 54 percent approve of Obama

Factory orders rise 0.9 percent in September

Prominent And Politically Connected Florida Attorney Accused In $100M Fraud Scheme

Regulators call for redesign of Areva's EPR reactor

Obama Administration to Announce Detainee Prosecutions

Date Set for Oral Arguments in Polanski Case

Pensions for Executives on Rise

Panama denies agreement with U.S. on military bases

Bug spray eyed in death of 10-month-old boy


Holder, Gates oppose restrictions on Gitmo trials(against measure by Graham, McCain and Lieberman)

Senate Pressing Insurers on the Amount of Premiums They Spend on Care

UK-Chinese firms sign [1st] Iraq oil deal [since the 2003 invasion]

SEPTA workers strike for morning rush hour

French anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss dies

GOP Rep: Health reform scarier than terrorism

Over 17,000 species threatened by extinction

Czech ruling is pivotal for EU reforms

France tries to calm reactor concerns

Spiritual healthcare comes to Congress

Police Called To NY-23 Polling Sites (Updated)

One Kalamazoo declares victory on anti-discrimination ordinance

T-Mobile out of order for some subscribers

House GOP pens 230-page health bill draft

Mass Mobilization to Shut Down the School of the America; Nov. 20-22, 2009, Fort Benning, GA

NBC News projects Christie win in N.J

Chicago Cubs Have Lesbian Owner

Rhode Island Hospital Fined $150,000 After Performing 5th Wrong Site Surgery Since 2007

Early returns show gay marriage in Maine close

Gore’s Dual Role: Advocate and Investor

CNN projects Bloomberg wins a third term as New York's mayor

NY-23: Hoffman Accuses Democrats of ‘Stealing the Election’

Still no count of U.S. contractors in Afghanistan

Former OLC Director Not Opposed to Criminal Investigation of OLC Lawyers

Obama Coaxes States to Change With School Dollars

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 3

Czech leader signs Lisbon Treaty

Michael Bloomberg's race unexpectedly close

GM U.S. October sales rise 4.1 percent

NBC News Projects Christie Win in N.J.

Saudi rapist and murderer to be beheaded and crucified

Owens has early lead in 23rd

Lobbyists Quit in Record Numbers

Buffett buying Burlington Northern railroad

Lieberman remains a filibuster threat

President Obama to Push Race to the Top

President Obama to Push Race to the Top

More bodies found at Sowell home in Cleveland

Tapes show Kennedy was conflicted over Saigon coup

NBC Calls Virginia Governor's Race for GOP's McDonnell

General Motors cancels Opel sale

Commissioners Vote to Send Letter Opposing Blue Cross Blue Shield NC Mailing (Pitt County)

Iraqi woman, 20, dies; police in Arizona say father ran her over

Feds to Continue Raids on Medicinal Pot in California

Breckenridge Votes To Legalize Marijuana - Measure Passes By 3 To 1 Margin

Former presidents to face off in debate

Johnson & Johnson to cut up to 8k jobs to push profits

Blue Dog says Dem losses would strengthen centrists' position

TATA, Wipro eye $400 mn Target outsourcing deal

Clinton wishes he had left White House "in a coffin"

Reid indicates timetable for health care may slip

Venezuela says 2 troops slain near Colombia border

Owners of Toyota Cars in Rebellion Over Series of Accidents Caused by Sudden Acceleration

Physician accused of deliberately injuring two bicyclists is convicted

Set afire, teen now struggles for survival

Justice who refused interracial marriage resigns

Giant crack in Africa may create a new ocean

Catholic pastors directed to distribute anti-health reform materials at mass

China Approves Disney Theme Park in Shanghai

Seeking atonement, El Salvador will honor 6 Jesuits slain by military 2 decades ago

Cheney Thanks Obama For Invoking State Secrets

Rachel Maddow: Teabaggers Take Over Of The Republican Party?

Demanding Justice for Bush in Dallas!

Rachel Maddow & Ned Lamont discuss Traitor Joe

Michael Moore On Larry King: "I am so glad to have that man in the White House."

Present Robert F Kennedy Jr Shocking Vaccine Cover Up Part1

Schmidt : Health Care Bill Opens Up Door for Abortions

A Difference of Opinion on Choice?

One Year Later, How's Obama's Organizing?

Kucinich: Protect Rights of Consumers Free From Economic Death Threat of Ins Cos!

Challenging the Weak Progressive Movement

President Obama and The Visitors

Young Turks: Marriage Equality In Maine w/ Open Left's Adam Bink

HLN's Joy Behar And Arianna Huffington Go After Rush Limbaugh & The Right Wing

Hardball - Chris bludgeons Eric Cantor about Palin

Gore on Morning Joe

McChrystal Relieved Of Command

RNC's Michale Steele: GOP Win Not A Referendum On Obama ("a different direction for wind to blow")

KO & John Dean: Cheney Was Lying While Bush Dithered

Elections: pulling dem's healthcare plug?

CBS Report: CDC guestimated H1N1 cases and refused CBS FOIA

Faux News Blatantly Lies For 2 Days About Why Scozzafava Withdrew, Then Has To Admit The Truth

ELECTION NIGHT 11/04/2008: A look back to one year ago

Oscar The Grouch Trashes Fox "News" on Sesame Street. Reich-wingers go nuts.

Message To The New World Order!

TYT: Join Us 11/5/09 At 12pm For The Public Option!

Afghan War Vets March On D.C.: 'You Can't Fight Taliban Militarily'

Boehner & Pence Announce Republican Health Care Alternative Proposal

Thom Hartmann: Should CIT be relieved of their bailout loans from taxpayers in bankruptcy?

Countdown: Worst Persons - Keith Tells Glenn Beck 'Go To Hell'

Thom Hartmann: Should climate deniers be treated like war criminals? w/ James Hoggan

AP Sources: House Health Bill Totals $1.2 Trillion

The GOP's Election Day Schizophrenia

Dick Cheney and the use of classified information

Mission Almost Impossible

Senate Pressing Insurers on the Amount of Premiums They Spend on Care

In These Times: The Pillage People

Proposal Circulates on New Civilian-Military Agency

Pakistan: Senate body seeks details of foreigners

NY-23 Voters Mistake Doug Hoffman's Calls for Robocalls

Everything Points to War

Exclusive: U.S. drafts Afghan 'Compact' it hopes will bolster new Karzai government

Israel and Gaza Deserve Better Than HR 867

Our Produce-or-Die Culture Is Killing Us -- And We're Idiotically Grinning and Bearing It

Andrew J. Bacevich: Afghanistan a dangerous diversion

Ex-diplomat says Afghanistan in ‘civil war,’ calls for US withdrawal

Tammany Hall Foreign Policy

Cheney to FBI in Plame Investigation: 'I Can't Recall If I'm Vice President'

Ellsberg: Obama Fears Military Revolt (Bet you thought the CIC ran the military)

Another signal of the decline in influence of the GOP: Lobbyists quitting in record numbers.

Tom Engelhardt: Afghanistan as a bailout state

Former Health Insurance Insider Pushes For Public Option

Last Plan for Afghanistan

Keep consumers safe by bringing back Glass-Steagall Act

Virginia Foxx Declares Health Reform to be 'Enema of the State'

The public option mirage

Obama Administration Helps House Democrat Gut Post-Enron Reforms

Mass Mobilization to Shut Down the School of the Americas (SOA/ WHINSEC)!

No nation can liberate another

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement Are at War With the GOP

Wherein We Discuss Blue Dogs, Dead Armadillos and Dede Scozzafava

Palin Lights Match at the Republican Bonfire: Margaret Carlson

Forget NY-23. Check out CA-10 (Kilkenny | TrueSlant)

Appeals Court Rules in Maher Arar Case: Innocent Victims of Extraordinary Rendition Cannot Sue in US

SF Supervisors Uphold Ban on Cat Declawing

Sam Keen interviews murderer David Rice (the influence of Comm. of Christan Patriots on Rice):pt 2

Over 17,000 species threatened by extinction

Palin Actually Not That Popular In NY-23

No Bake Lose the House and Senate Pie

Warning: Your brain is killing America's capitalism

"Restless Vagina Syndrome": Big Pharma's Newest Fake Disease

Demonstrations in Favor of the Public Option This Week in NYC, LA and Atlanta!

Irish accent beats French as world's sexiest

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck

Health Care Premiums Also Used for Lavish Salaries, Luxury Items, Underwriters

Is H1B Policy to Blame for Shortage of U.S.-born Technology Graduates?

'V' aims at Obamamania --

Drumbeat: November 3, 2009

Some items on energy storage

NYT Op/ED ~ The Halliburton Loophole

Gore’s Dual Role: Advocate and Investor

US Magnesium, Former #1 Air Polluter, Earns Designation As Priority Superfund Site, Thanks To Toxins

Woods Hole - About Half Of 36 Fish Species Surveyed Moved N & E Past 40 Yrs - Seeking Cooler Water

Xinhua-Owned Energy Newsletter Stops Reporting China's Crude & Fuel Stockpiles - Only Info Source

1,147 Freshwater Fish Species Redlisted By IUCN This Year - 1/3 Of All Species Studied - AFP

Bee Culture Editor Pegs 2009 Honey Harvest @ 119 Million Pounds - Worst Ever Thx To CCD, Weather

Nearly 25% Of Ukraine's Winter Grain Crop In Poor Or Very Poor Condition

HOPEFUL STORY: Lion-killing Kenyan Masai warriors become lion guardians - VIDEO

As Predators, Wolves Provide Vital Boost To Ecosystems, Particularly Plants, Through Their Kills

Coming to your Ace Hardware Store-The $5,499 Honeywell wind turbine

Atlantic's Slow, Steady Rise Around Chincoteague, Assateague & Ocean City Turning Marsh Into Ocean

Alberta suspends sour gas drilling

Coping with Climate Dread

75% Of US Corn Harvest Still In Field - 29% Is Normal For This Time Of Year - Quality Sliding

Yosemite, half-dome on Google Earth. Pretty cool. Not for the vertiginous

Fruit bats use oral sex to prolong the deed

Africa set to exceed biocapacity?

Africa set to exceed biocapacity?

Clippers Owner Gets Dunked in Housing Discrimination Settlement

OMG! Do you know who is going to be a moderator in the Sports Forum??????

Uh-oh. There is trouble in RedSkin Land...

Georgia's Ealey says Spikes shouldn't be suspended

Two Pictures Posted Without Comment (Because They Speak For Themselves):

Reminder: Tomorrow is November 4th. This weekend is the halfway point for the NFL.

The Red Sox Fan of The Year (It's NOT joeybee)..

Troubles mount for Raiders Coach -- more assault allegations

A Giants fan?

Happy birthday Jack Rabbit!!

Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Popeye Jones accused of drunken driving


Man detained in killings of 2 Venezuelan soldiers

Argentine ex-leader goes on trial

Mass Mobilization to Shut Down the School of the America

Panama denies agreement with U.S. on military bases

Venezuela investigates slaying of Chavez foe

Venezuela to expand oil production capacity to 4.25 million by 2015

Seeking atonement, El Salvador will honor 6 Jesuits slain by military 2 decades ago

USA Today poll

Judge Goldstone refutes allegations in congressional resolution

Abbas tells Mitchell: Settlement freeze essential

Israel and Gaza Deserve Better Than HR 867

U.K., France want Israel, PA to probe Goldstone war crimes claims

Jewish directors challenge Israel

Egypt: Israel taking 'racist steps' to rid Jerusalem of Arabs

Why I Am Not a Zionist - Huffington Post

Egypt-Israel frictions complicate US peace efforts

Israel's immoral war on learning

Dovish Jews? They love Israel? Excommunicate them.

Rep. Baird: Israel and Gaza Deserve Better than a Misguided Resolution

U.S. Congress backs resolution to reject Goldstone Gaza report

Settlements are fertile ground for Jewish terror

The Goldstone report: A Jewish view

New Hamas rocket 'brings Tel Aviv within range'

Gun registry in Canada under fire...

Israel pulls TV ad inviting public to take part in Kahane memorial

Pregnant woman shoots would-be burglar

Today in Labor History Nov 3 United Mine Workers strike that triggered a U.S. government takeover

New Rule to Benefit Rail, Plane Unions

Every vote counted (one week later) my candidate lost because she is a woman update

Blue-Collar Brilliance - An educator challenges society’s assumptions about intelligence, work, clas

Twilight Zone Episodes Link to Watch On-line (I have been watching the war related oned)

Some great insect photos crossposted in GD

Peggy SUE

Another fall picture post (dial up warning)

Testing my new toy (Sony DSC-WX1) - [dial-up warning]

Gold and Golden

Online photography courses?

UCLA study: Gay spouses similar to heterosexual married couples in age, income, parenting

Humorous or offensive?

*** The November contest theme is NAMED AFTER A SONG ***

Can You Believe How Mean Office Gossip Can Be?

DNC's "OFA" asks Mainers to get involved in NJ, never mentions anti-gay ballot measure

Focus on Family conference in Birmingham, Alabama will draw gay rights protest

Good News: Voter turnout in Maine higher than expected

Brockton, Mass. Elects First Openly Gay City Councilor

Bangor Daily News--Anyone notice they are showing 108% turnout?

Big day for gay rights - races to watch today with result links

First openly gay owner of a professional sports team

Maine Prop 1 and Washington Ref 71 results

Psychic 'mind-reading' computer will show your thoughts on screen

Subaru and California

I just voted for Marriage Equality in Maine.

Pat Robertson: Hate crime bill is a “noose around necks of Christians”

Beautiful shot of Titan (big!)

Bumper Stickers for the Scientific inclined

Kalamazoo, Michigan residents approve nondiscrimination ordinance

Houston Mayor: 92% counted, openly gay Annise Parker leads with 30.5%

If you have Facebook report this hate site please

Lies, Statistics, and Economic Statistics

Ladies and Gentlemen The United States is Insolvent

Spitzer: The Democrats Blew It, Republicans Will Be The Champions Of Financial Reform

Start dumping your dollars for gold, IMHO.

If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story (footnote on fear)

Welp here we go again.

Red Serpent Wavespell November 4 - 16 Yellow Seed Year

A case of reincarnation?

When insecurity gets in the way of intuition, what do you do?

November - Visionary, Dreaming and Intuition Thread!

Diet Soda, Sodium Tied to Kidney Trouble: Studies

Lack of Paid Sick Days May Worsen Flu Pandemic

Coworker hacking at work really has nothing to do with religion.

Tough Economic Times Call for Community Action

Creationism, Minus a Young Earth, Emerges in the Islamic World

Would nobody have recognized that the emperor in "The Emperor's New Clothes" was naked...

Ray Comfort is an unbelievable dolt!

What percentage of people who become Catholic priests are secretly hoping to become Pope?

How did the gods of early human society evolve into the God of today?

Special Ed teacher wins retaliation suit for flagging IDEA non-compliance

Making the grade

Top Ten Reasons Christian Zionism "Impairs Israel's Interests"

Question for hippywife and other chicken raisers:

Carson holds ceremony for deploying troops

SF soldier arrested after C-4 found near house

Reservist arrested for stalking Ryan Seacrest

GAO sees challenges in Iraq withdrawal

New division takes over Iraq command

Ex-Huachuca GI sentenced in child-porn case

Congress extends residency benefits to spouses

AF reflective belts draw jeers on Facebook

Afghan President Karzai promises reform

Family struggles to restart after stepfather’s sex abuse conviction

Beefeaters Suspended for Bullying

Soldier killed while crossing street

DoD Buzz: Rumors Fly About JSF Second Engine

CNO: Use of drones raises legal questions

Raytheon Tests JSOW-ER As Anti-Ship Weapon

Analysis: Canceled runoff leaves U.S. no worse off – but no better

Ramstein sends off last C-130E

Officials: Man killed while scavenging at Bragg

Amphib built with WTC steel arrives in New York

Boeing Backers Press Obama on Tanker

Lone senator holds up veterans bill

Recycled WTC Steel now a ship

Anybody know of any organizations that provide transportation to Doc Appoitments?

Schieffer(sp) AND Friedman ahead of Gilbert in this poll...

City of Austin expands same-sex benefits (GD)

Elections system pulled from IBM data center contract (TX SoS)

2009 Constitutional Amendment Election