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McConnell says Repubs need 6 weeks before they vote against the bill.

VIDEO: Progression of unemployment in the USA

Holy VP! Al Gore is on SNL!

NY Times article on lawsuits over factually inaccurate ads by rival companies

Romania presidential election polls set to open

A Saturday night shout to our brother, Kef!!!

Whoever you are, Anonymous, I oughta spank you...

Two Party System

What's the best way t leave the country un-noticed by sailboat for points south?

Grovelbot Appreciation Thread

Mixed Feelings at Healthcare's Procedural Vote

'The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination' takes viewers back to 1963

Apple Haters and smoker haters. Pick a side!!!

The Bill of Rights... if teabaggers got their hands on it

Report: Leaked UK documents show Iraq war chaos

Senator Lamar Alexander calls Medicaid a "Medical Ghetto"

Army tapes reveal motive in Iraq prisoner killings

Accountability? VA Undersecretary Stepping Down.

Florida's jobless rate rises -- again

The news is making me ill this morning

1,500 Uninsured Arkansans Line Up For A Free Health Care Clinic

Detroit Metro Times: ACORN fights back

Israeli aircraft strike Gaza targets

So what happened with Liebermann?

Blanche Lincoln's website says she supports the public option

Young Girl Makes a Wish to Help the Hungry

Army relents, will allow media at Fort Bragg 'book event'

Any DUers watching Mitch the chinless on CSpan 1

Congress considers expanding Cobra subsidy

Best SNL trailer ever - from the mind of Keith Olbermann

If LBJ could get the civil rights act through a Congress, Obama should be able to get HCR done

Harry Reid should have an email for everyone to contact him not just Nevadians!

Hello you remember me?

San Francisco Chronicle: State budget crisis may be harder to solve this time

Shoe Drive Helps Homeless Across The Nation

Shoe Drive Helps Homeless Across The Nation

A Call From Senator Kennedy’s Widow-“She believes that Ted was watching,” Mr. Reid told Mr. Dodd."

Glenn Beck: “I am developing a 100 year plan”.

"medical ghetto" -Lamar's 21st century "welfare checks in Cadillacs"

On the use of "soft" and "strong" in politics, a guide for progressives

Thousands line up for free Thanksgiving groceries near downtown Los Angeles

Thousands to Protest “School of the Assassins” at Ft. Benning (Democracy Now)

The Pit Bull in the China Shop-By FRANK RICH

Glenn Beck Has A ‘Plan’ To Sell Books With March On Washington On The Anniversary Of MLK Speech

Pitts of Stupak-Pitts is Running Scared (PA-16)!

i thought it was impossible to lose anymore respect for john mccain

Ever wonder why Tony Blair was so hot to trot to support US warmongers?

Making the status quo sacrosanct is why American Healthcare reform is doomed to eventual failure

Bishop Bans Rep. Kennedy From Receiving Communion For Being Pro-Choice

Stepford-like Palin clones descend on book signing event

Schumer: Public option can pass

Scorched Australia

How Relocalization Worked

Public Option Myths

An actual US export- sand (from NC) to the desert (Dubai golf course)

A Deranged Huckster Has Some Products For You

"We've never run out of it"

Question.. is Slate Magazine conservative or progressive, left or right leaning? Thanks.

abc's 'this week' roundtable features liz cheney....

Durbin, Feinstein rally for public option

Using a third party to co-opt the Democratic Party from the inside. The rise of the Green Dogs.

Using a third party to co-opt the Democratic Party from the inside. The rise of the Green Dogs.

Quick thank you for my anonymous Star donor

Nelson might not back next step for health bill

San Bernardino County GOP works to recapture its mojo - (Warning Graphic Photo)

Sen. Brown: Centrists should not 'dictate' future of public option

MarketWatch: Delinquencies, foreclosures break record

OC Register Celebrates R.C. Hoiles - "Tax Funded, Government Controlled Schools ...Are Immoral"

If they kill the public option, they need to open Medicare to the people who would have qualified

Terrorist Agitators - a toon

Republican terrorists 'widening attacks across Northern Ireland'

So Glenn Beck is holding "Education Camps". His motivation?

Lafayette County, MO GOP supports armed revolution

The old man looked each of his children in the face, one at a time, before speaking.

Coke and confiscation

Salon - Ben Nelson (D-NE) has "serious problems" with healthcare bill, might not support next step

illegitimate rip off companies & dishonest people

What can I do to help Palin win the GOP nomination for '12?

Detainees at Camp in Iraq Use Favre To Tease Wisconsin Soldiers

Sheryl Crow takes up cause of wild horses in West

What a Wonderful World: An Allegory

"BASTERDS!" [sic] So many misspelled FR freakouts!

Activist Judges, Bars & Guns

Tamils risk all to flee Sri Lanka

Playbook for the Senate Health Care Debate

just evicted tenant

Note To Google

60 votes....Why?

Saw Tucker Carlson on C-span this morning and he

My Wife Is Brilliant! Christmas and Healthcare on The Table.

Home builders group files Chapter 11

Oral Diabetes Drug Metformin and Risk For Vitamin B12 Deficiency

To that special DU member who donated a star to MadMaddie (Me)!!

There are so many things that trouble me about this H ins reform

health care reform: the long view

The Nation: Palin as the Church Lady

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Praise the Lord!

Caption these pics of Sen. Lieberman and Sen. Durbin

ABC/WaPo: Layoffs Take Heavy Emotional Toll

"Post an opinion or write a snobbish reply here" thread

"Post an opinion or write a snobbish reply here" thread

Google has what Palin needs. Lookie:

Let's clarify the term CLOTURE.

Went to see 'New Moon" with my sisters yesterday.....

Democrats Focus on G.O.P. Senators From Maine

Sarah Palin on Afghanistan, You Have to be Kidding Me!

Sushi DNA Tests Reveal Fraud

America Between Morality and Imperialism in Afghanistan


on PBS now: Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?

Liz Cheney Warns Against “Walking Away” from Afghanistan (though that's what her dad did)

What happened to the Palin/Beck video from SNL here? Or anywhere?

Cities find the fine print is costing millions

Is $200,000 a year an excessive income? (Reprise)

Could Tony Blair be charged with false statements to parliament?

Desperate U.S. retailers seek holiday season rescue

55 uninterrupted minutes of Barbara Ehrenreich's visit w/Bob McChesney today - listen link

55 uninterrupted minutes of Barbara Ehrenreich's visit w/Bob McChesney today - listen link

Research help: Where was McCain?

With these new revelations about the Iraq War being planned in 2002 coming out

For all those dreading going to your Thanksgiving dinner with conservative relatives

9/11 Defendants Want Platform For Views, Will Plead Not Guilty: Lawyer

On this Day

Giving thanks for the Kennedy Brothers...

Gobal Warming proceeding faster than predicted. This is a ride nobody is gonna enjoy.

Beck's 100 year plan for America

Why aren't Congresspersons put under oath when in-session?

Please catch Unnatural Causes on PBS

An idea for a Zazzle saying! Really, great! Trust me!

Forget Fair and Balanced, I think it's time for

How many Sarah Palin books did Newsmax purchase ??

Secret report: Blair misled public throughout 2002

FACTBOX: Major differences in House, Senate healthcare bills

As a demonstration of our good faith and our hopes for a meaningful bipartisan approach to

HuffPo: "Public Anger Growing That Fed Bailed Out Wall St But Not Main St"

Pakistan to US: Don't Surge in Afghanistan, Talk to Taliban

Democrats defend Geithner on news shows this morning.

A freeper rant classic

I'm fed up of reading posts that Dems will lose in 2010

NOW Toronto: Eat the rich

60 Minutes tonight - The Cost of Dying

Discovery Channel now(8pm ET): New JFK probe.

Carly Failorina mentions the Virginia and Jersey

NPR - "In Switzerland, A Health Care Model For America?" Current Bills Are Swiss-Lite

Oh joy! Oh rapture!

Rare Charles Darwin Book Found On Toilet Bookshelf - AP

Glenn Beck whines about smaller government? The baby would whine if...

Many of the female suicide bombers in Iraq have lost close male relatives

I paid $30 for two short local calls from a pay phone yesterday

Elizabeth Warren for President (Matt Taibbi)

New Consensus Sees Stimulus Package as Worthy Step

Underground thoughts are difficult to have while safe at home.

Why do countries like France waste tax money on two-round elections?

On now PBS: The American Experience - The Kennedies.

In These Times: Too big to regulate, the banks need to be broken up

When is MSNBC going to dump Chris Matthews?

Special Forces Funding Fighters in Afghanistan

Bernie Sanders: 'My Vote For The Final Bill Is By No Means Guaranteed'

The War Stampede

Here is why Harry Reid is using HR 3590 to get HCR done.

Thank you, Senator Sanders

Report: Patrick Kennedy barred from communion by bishop

Spouse Pleads Not Guilty In Embezzlement Case

Bart Stupak WILL face a primary challange

Iraq report: Secret papers reveal blunders and concealment

KKK Protest and Anti Hate Counter Rally at Ole Miss LSU Game 2009

BBC Business Daily: The Future of Economics

Thanksgiving is coming up, here is your chance to make me feel guilty or bad about it

Its going to be a rough day on the Deer around here tomorrow

Look at all those conservative books in the NYTimes top 10 - ALL BULKED SALES!!!

DU a poll: Do you agree with Sen. Nelson's decision to vote for proceeding with the health care deba

Hawaii’s Beaches Face Grim Future

Who's up for just being grateful this week?

Togo to ban public smoking

Bernie Sanders' pushback from the left

Bernie Sanders' pushback from the left

Legislators fear more red ink in store for Maine

Here it is, updated for 2009: A Republican's Christmas Prayer

Virginia Tech Survivor With Hidden Camera Films Dangerous Gun Sales at Gun Shows

Quite Frankly, We're Appalled"

The faulty math of the Senate

Hilarious Sunday Dental Thread, courtesy: The Onion

I accidentally the Tofurkey. Is that bad?

"Senate's Duty on Climate Change": Ny Times:

I had hoped that "Bush-speak" would end when he fled the scene of his crimes, but it continues to

FDR: The Economic Bill of Rights

How do you feel about the 2010 elections?

Survivors of the Spanish Flu ..quite an interesting list

1 in 5 of animal species in danger of extinction in the next 20 years.

Dad wants son back on basketball team

MN. Teachers need to be Re-Educated to gain licensure?

Bishop Tobin Responds To Kennedy

Teabagger Spokesman :"We are very much aware that Congress

Canadian woman loses benefits over Facebook photo

I am with Senator Bernie Sanders

True or False? Corporate/Monoplistic competition = genteel gang warfare

"The turkeys are hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement!"

On 60 Minutes tonight - The Cost of Dying

Captain Sullernberger is using his fame for a good cause: St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Without jobs that people can make enough to live off of how

Heads Up on Discovery Channel (PST): Thom Hartmann and others

Surprise surprise! Something I heard on tv that upset me.

Bullets, threat found at Fort Benning

You agree to assume debt with a credit card company at a fixed APR of 9%.

Is the role of money too big in election campaigns?

Nestlé joins queue of confectioners for Cadbury

The Guardian and the NYT report on a big business deal. Only one considers the human element.

Avoiding The NeoCon's 50 Year War Plan

Please consider a Tofurkey this season

KKK rallies before LSU-Ole Miss game

Treasure trove of history found at SugarHouse site - from 3,500 yrs. ago

Get Fuzzy toon- subtle dig at Palin?

Fat people live longer

Oppose The Government/Corporate Take Over Of Healthcare! Say No To Big Business/Government!

Thousands Demand Closure of Fort Benning's School of the Americas

Laptops a reality now for Uruguay kids

Britain's new Internet law -- as bad as everyone's been saying

Average season of "24" has 12 torture scenes...

Shock doctrine: Public schools may not look the same next fall

Most of my family will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital this year

Sometimes you just have to face the fact some of your friends are assholes!

Professor's 'fake weed' now a real pain

How long should they debate the healthcare insurance reform bill ?

I worry about Glenn Beck. Yes, I know most of you don't

Pa. nuke plant event - 100 workers contaminated

Why do you think so many people in the US are against health care reform?

He served less than a thousand days.. a lifetime ago..and yet

This is why Sarah Palin is so dangerous:

Canadian woman fights insurance giant after benefits cut over Facebook photos

Should We Replace Our Current Universal Single Payer System With The HCR Bills Being Considered?

US builds up its bases in oil-rich South America

Which would be better, a weak public option in all states, or a strong public option with opt out?

Maureen Dowd hits the Obama/Palin nail on the head

Damn right I'm a socialist.

Mandate without ROBUST Public Option (no opt out) is a tax payable to corporations

Is anyone else sick unto death of hearing the half dozen Senate Blue Dogs referred to as

A Question For Those Who Think Oswald Acted Alone

Thank You PFLAG -

I heard on the News on NPR that they had "extended the ban on pre-existing conditions

People with mental illness are more likely to be VICTIMS than PERPETRATORS.

As Washington Talks Iraq Withdrawal, the Pentagon Builds Up Bases in the Region

Who's the GOP sh*twich that's been pushing the "ACORN and SEIU Stole the Election" BS???

This Health Bill will cost Dem seats

We almost can store solar energy for when the sun doesn't shine--Daniel G. Nocera, MIT Professor

Are sanctimonious posts persuasive?

Obama is a Nazi, Socialist, Communist,

Is the Senate GOP caucus a Taliban front ?

The Green Party is....

Thank God Jack Kennedy was President way back when.

(Cancer) Screening Debate Reveals Culture Clash in Medicine

I am writing an artice on Should HR Use Facebook to Screen Gen Yers?

Smiling on Facebook costs Canadian her insurance

Glenn Beck to have convention on education at University of Central Florida.

Is Obama making a mistake by sending more troops to Afghanistan?

Pop Quiz,,part 2.. History

No wonder the British are laughing at Sarah Palin's book...

No wonder the British are laughing at Sarah Palin's book...

Tea baggers attack family mourning loss of mother/unborn child

This is Why You're Fat

You know what's worst about terrorists having trial? It's that much of what they will say is true.

Holy crap! Someone told the truth about health "reform"!

If you contracted the H1N1 flu virus, would you go to work while contagious?

As DU's fundraiser comes to an end...

Working sick, companies that are penny wise and pound foolish, telecommuting and other work topics:

Iraqi refugees move to Mich. despite poor economy

Do you support socialism as defined...

Action: How to bring down an auto dealership? One word: Birther

m$nbc reporting that the palin book is 'sold out' ... really?

Check in toThank your lucky stars here!

Keith Olbermann. What a smart guy regarding HCR.

"I don't want to pay for insurance for people who don't work."

Boy attacked for having red hair on 'Kick a Ginger' day

Debunk this please Dr. Hunt is a social and cultural anthropologist.

Debunk this please Dr. Hunt is a social and cultural anthropologist.

Is $200,000.00 an excessive income?

The Senate gives rural conservatives too much power

What do you think about the assassination in Dallas, exactly forty-six years later?

Easy to install solar panel roof shingles-from Dow Chemical Company, coming in 2010

The Hypocrisy of Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin

USA Today: Ex-FBI agent who witnessed JFK's autopsy: "I don't buy the single-bullet theory"

Wal-Mart's new corporate logo is an asshole.

Did Oswald shoot Officer Tippit?

This is outrageous! Bailed out banks are going to spend 1 Billion outsourcing jobs to India.

Melissa - Raped!

Why does CNN have these teeny bopper pundits on?

What the fuck is 60 minutes doing

Do deer hunters ever look up?

What The Cheney Family Fears The Most...

46 years ago today in Dallas

~~~ November Photo Contest Prelim Round, Thread 3 ~~~

~~~ November Photo Contest Prelim Round, Thread 2 ~~~

~~~ November Photo Contest Prelim Round, Thread 1 ~~~

"most people just don't care about animals"

"most people just don't care about animals"

World Healh Organization Now Says Swine Flu Has Already Peaked In Much Of U.S.

Wrong Thinking: Why China will keep it's Yuan pegged to the Dollar.

Wrong Thinking: Why China will keep it's Yuan pegged to the Dollar.

Anybody hear from TahitiNut?

My Great Fabulous Gay Uncle- R.I.P

49'ers, do they have a chance against Green Bay today?

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” --Voltaire

I'm sorry its medically impossible for a robot and a washing machine to have a baby.

For my Birthday, hubby gave me a record player with USB to connect and record to CD

Levi's Playgirl photos have been leaked on. But by whom?

Top movies based on the number of tickets sold

Commercial and Cartoon Characters Coloring Books (RetroReprints)

I'm watching The Changeling on IFC . Some thoughts.

Do you normally say 'nation' or 'country'?

Best Version of Summertime Blues

THANK YOU FOR THE STAR. No reply necessary.

I'm in trouble. Can this be? At my age, (67) I don't see how. BUT...

Aurora Borealis: Something I'd like to see one of these days.

Its getting too serious in here

PSA!! Reputable company has website offering new desktop computers for $50!!!

Why the hell do I keep watching Children of Men over and over again every few months?

Bummed graduate student...

YouTube - Miho Nakayama, "Sekaiju No Dare Yori Kitto" ("More than Anyone in the World")

Do spoilers bother you?

Duraflame logs...YUCK!!!!

Chi Coltrane - Thunder and lightning 1973

YouTube: Izumi Sakai (ZARD), "Makenaide" ("Don't Give Up")

YouTube: Noriko Sakai's version of "Sekaiju No Dare Yori Kitto" ("More than Anyone in the World")

Drunken Movie Sunday (part deux)

My profound question for the day

Amii Stewart - Knock on Wood

I have been to the dentist three times in the last 15 years

"Post an opinion or write a snobbish reply here" thread


Sam Adams Boston Ale

Take Tylenol PM? Generic Tylenol PM?


YouTube: Richard Berry...who wrote "Louie Louie"... performs it live, 11/17/89

I visited an historic cemetery in Maryland today near my home, and am unexpectedly haunted.

The Cleaning Cubans

YouTube: "Black roses and Hail Marys can't bring back what's taken from me..." (The Offspring)

No sarcasm smilie or did I miss it?

Advice that never goes bad

Inspired by Passing Fair.....if you get a gift you don't you fake it?

Worst holiday gifts you ever received.

!!!!! This couldn't be any more true in my house....

This is what Narwhals look like when you take them out of the water.

Post your LFP here.


When I took karate lessons I was disappointed that I didn't turn into another Bruce Lee

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' season finale tonight on HBO

Little Boxes on the Hillside

Went to see 'New Moon" with my sisters yesterday.....

I feel old



I'm off to bed, but here's something to enjoy, some classical music:

HOLY SHIT!!! RiffTrax--actually in the theaters this Christmas!

Charles De Gaulle Appreciation Thread

The Conservative side of America

Do you identify more with Don Quixote , or with Sancho Panza ?

Gillian Welch-Orphan Girl

I just heard a different, and yet great, version of "White Christmas."

(awestruck voice) Why it'''s a Christmas Miracle!

night all

And what would you like Santa to bring you this year

Who gives you the best gifts?

It's official...the nastiest place in a kitchen

I bought my first ever laptop a few weeks ago.

Missing from home. Wife and dog.

One At A Time

Purely in self-defense...

Why would anyone put high heels on a 3 year old?

Levi's leaked pis strangely more alluring than Sarah's...

The award for Best Comic Strip Cat goes to...

Julia Lousie Dreyfuss is the only Seinfeld cast member who has aged well


I feel worn out

i loved it. screw the critics

More names. What are some of the more unusual names in your family tree?

Instead of pumkin pie why not this?

YouTube: Chuck Berry, "Johnny B Goode," live 1958

So the barber asked me "how about this weather?"

Nice weather we're having. Nothing to see here, move along....

Rock Food Table (pic heavy)

I met the man I am going to marry....JIm

Are you having a turkey day feast at work? Ours is Tues. Admin will be fixing ham and turkey

Confession time. Admit one or two

Holy Fuck!

Tumble and Fall

Rat Face is on the desk with her nose in my (now her) glass of

American Music Awards: Who's watching?

What's your favorite Vampire Movie?

Hate metal all you want. But you convince me Blizzard of Oz and Diary of a Madman aren't brilliant

WTF??? $370 dollars for my wife to stay in country

The official Next Iron Chef thread (SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!)

You know Mr. Carlson's line about "As God as my witness..."

I asked my nephew: "WHAT? Did you . . . ?"

I asked my nephew: "WHAT? Did you . . . ?"

Have you ever met someone who gives off negative vibes, and you can't explain it?

Your daily aawwwwww

I accidentally the Tofurkey. Is that bad?

Why are so many people so open with complete strangers?

T-minus 4 days till Turkey Family Fun Fest. What's your poison?

Why would you even pay money to have your hair cut ?

Hair Cut 100 Love Plus One

Mr. French and Hoss trapped in a potato. ****WARNING:GRAPHIC*****

I bought a flannel shirt... I feel like I'm 15 again

I didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition

Stupidest Nativity scene you've seen this year?

*********** Happy birthday, RICHARDO!!! ***********

Okay, I just watched parts of "Crash" for the first time, and I have to say...

Your Favorite Prime-Time Variety Show? (and add to my list)

This is a busy season for people who cut hair.

Dexter tonight.

Is biolumeninscence in North Atlantic rare?

If we'd imprisoned Mike Myers after The Cat in the Hat, we'd have spared ourselves The Love Guru.

The latest Star Trek Movie- A rant (spoiler alert)

A serious question about two-headed conjoined twins

Pigs swallow Mr. French and then pass out cold due to "Massive Testicle Syndrome"

oh NO

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Robot Ferret Edition

What's the most embarrassing film you've watched with your parents?

Photo contest time again in GD. Come vote! :^)

Adam Lambert's Performance 2009 American Music Awards (VIDEO)

** Post your most HORRIBLE gift ideas **

"Palin: 2012" - a Saturday Night Live Digital Short

When Lincoln and Lieberman

Offensive T shirt at Cafepress.

Offensive T shirt at Cafepress.


Multiple offensive targets on this one.

Another offensive t shirt


obscene bumper sticker.

obama/hitler t shirt

Palin:The Pit Bull in the China Shop ..why she is dangerous..

Threatening violence, I believe.

I am willing to risk my account being banned for saying, this, but there are two...

Shouldn't Cafe Press be named an "insurgent" organization? nt


Offensive Psalm 109 water bottle at cafepress.

Fox News rolls wrong video of Palin crowds (Surprise! Surprise!)

deleted post/duplicate

How does Healthcare Reform Bill get to reconciliation? Anyone know??

Sen. Brown: Centrists should not 'dictate' future of public option

The NYT isn't a complete lost cause: at least it still has Bob Herbert & Frank Rich

So, is it true , that the HCR Bill only needs 51 votes next time it's voted on after debate is over?

How does Healthcare Reform Bill get to reconciliation? Anyone know??

We "Obamabots" need to form Voltron and start on the 2010 elections, beginning by celebrating here!

Palin: The Right begins to regret that Sarah even exists.

wall street rich own usa

So.. Whats the lastest on Newsy

Obama Tsunami

What if this were the retirement debate? What would be the rational position?

Remember, DU, Michael Moore, Kucinich and Big Ed don't like these Bills!! We must destroy them!!!!

Obama = John Connor?!

Huckabee --

Krugman: Interest rates - the phantom menace (re: "surprising and damaging deficit squeamishness")

Senator Sherrod Brown: Obama economic team has 'turned a corner'

Talking points on HR 3962 with some comparisons to the Senate (Reid) bill in bold.

About Polling Numbers (A rake is useless if you are combing your hair with it.)

Did The Chinese Watch Obama's Town Hall?

This USA Today poll regarding HCR needs a bump

whats happening to gallup? 48 today... i am worried.

The public option ain't what it used to be

What ties together government budget cuts, the health care debate, & college fee hikes? The Wars

Lieberman's excuses (lies) for opposing a public option

Andrew Sullivan: Health Care Amnesia

This bill says it will cover 94% under the age of 65....who are the 6%?

White House: Gitmo transfers mean jobs

Time to kill this version of a Public Option?

For you, what is the role of "chemistry" in dating?

Clinton tried to do Health Care from the top down with a democratic majority.. and lost

Lyndon Johnson Struggled with Obama Struggles with AF/Pak

In several states, "idiots" do not have the right to vote

Dalai Lama says Obama not soft on China (AP)

Which 5 pro-public option senators will have to vote to strip the public option?

HCR requires congresscritters give up their current coverage and participate in the exchange

The Corp. Media's Propaganda against Progressive Ideals; What are we doing about it?

Poll: Public shifting blame for recession

Anyone know how many people are denied coverage due to pre-existing....

What a Wonderful World: An Allegory

Senator Bennet's excellent response to CNN John King's question

Dumbass Watch: Kay Bailey Hutchison Edition

"FREEDOM" Republican Style

Greenwald: Why isn't Lieberman's lying being reported?

JFK: November 22, 1963. My recollection...

Brief History: Universal Health Care Efforts in the US

Dick Durbin: Moments Ago

9/11 Defendents To Plead Not Guilty / Use Trial As A Platform To Promote Their Views

9/11 Defendents To Plead Not Guilty / Use Trial As A Platform To Promote Their Views

Guardian (UK): The former British police officer who wants to bring down Barack Obama

Sarah Palin DID NOT write a 400 page book.! So please stop saying that. She can barely talk.

CO Bennet: Shows spine, will vote on HCR even if that means loosing job.

So Now It's This Photo That Will Define Obama Presidency

Dems’ health plan would limit immigrant aid

Smiling on Facebook costs Canadian her insurance

Schumer: Public option can pass

Australian troops using hard drugs in Afghanistan, Iraq

Nelson might not back next step for health bill

Study: Scavengers Big and Small Dwell in Deep Sea

Suspected Colombian paramilitary leader Magaly Moreno captured in Venezuela

Iraqi refugees move to Mich. despite poor economy

Get tough on smoking ban, residents say

Study: Scavengers Big and Small Dwell in Deep Sea

Tamils risk all to flee Sri Lanka

Cities find the fine print is costing millions

Historic health care bill clears Senate hurdle

Chavez says destruction of walking bridges to Colombia 'routine'

Japan admits secret pact: reports

400-pound car bomb fails to detonate in Belfast

Thousands Demand Closure of Fort Benning's School of the Americas

Microsoft, News Corp. said to be weighing Web pact

Lawyer: 9/11 defendants want platform for views

Centrist Senators Say They Oppose Health Care Bill

Radiation leak investigated at Three Mile Island

Leaked documents reveal No 10 cover-up over Iraq invasion

Third day of fee protests at California universities

Retailers seeing signs of a good ‘Black Friday’

Venezuela seizes Colombia-linked paramilitary chief

Brazil’s President Elbows U.S. on the Diplomatic Stage

Warming's impacts sped up, worsened since Kyoto

Kennedy says RI bishop banned him from Communion

Top 14 Health Care Reform Provisions That Take Effect Immediately on January 1, 2010

Marine who served the president was fond of JFK the man

Years later, thank you, President Kennedy

Remembering that fateful day in Dallas

Matt Taibbi: Sarah Palin, WWE Star

Father Roy Bourgeois and SOA Watch Nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize

Talking points on HR 3962 with some comparisons to the Senate (Reid) bill in bold.

Struggle heats up in California

US pours millions into anti-Taliban militias in Afghanistan

Scoundrel with Permission

Dealey Plaza visit evokes tragedy of Nov. 22, 1963 (Daily Breeze)

46 years later, local residents reflect on JFK assassination

Mass Mobilization to Shut Down the School of the Americas November 20-22

Palin wins by quitting while Granholm can't win for trying - Laura Berman, Detnews columnist

"...Bacevich describes a near future in which the US is in an almost constant state of war."

FBI probes police use of tazer on child

Littwin: Wolf man's billboard a Colorado weirdness successor to Ballon Boy

Independent UK: The key question – is Blair a war criminal?

Who Knew I Was Not the Father?

Red Dog Squadron this is Red Dog 1- SALT report from the front lines of the War on Christmas

Pop Culture Critics Link Sarah Palin's 'Appeal' to Vampire Craze

Regrouping Taliban May Widen War; not good for the investment climate

How much money is enough?

Lindsey Graham extends a green hand to Canada

The public option ain't what it used to be

Report: Ill. prison deal could create 3,000 jobs

Poll: Majority of Republicans Believe ACORN Stole the Presidential Election

Iraq war probe ready to name and blame, says chairman

Media to Obama: Less Talk, More War (F.A.I.R.)

TO OBAMA: Visceral Has Its Value

US Builds Up its Bases in Oil-Rich South America

"Forced Labour and Rape, the New Face of Slavery in America" by Paul Harris

Tippit's wife views car tribute to officer slain by Oswald

Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Bright-Sided

Hostility between British and American military leaders revealed

Assassination took our country away (DeNure | LaCrosse Tribune)

"15 Signs American Society Is Coming Apart at the Seams" by David DeGraw,

Republican Sex Rehab

The Week In Cartoons 11/21/09

Thom confronts Rev.Thomas on the Christian bootcamp 'Spiritual Warfare' for Teenagers?

Raw Video: Policeman Vs. Kitty

Glenn Beck Meets the Dummies

SNL: Palin/Beck 2012 Disaster Movie Trailer Video! Watch it quick before it's gone!


SNL- Sarah Palin 2012 Movie Spoof

The Teabaggers have made a movie about themselves!

Barbour: Palin Constitutionally qualified to be President, a lot brighter than she gets credit for

Sens. Chuck Schumer, Jon Kyl Square Off On Public Option

Instant Runoff Voting Violates Voter's Civil Rights

SNL Review: Honeymoon's Over

Republicans Won't Take Either Chamber in 2010

Media Matters: Glenn Beck's Alternate History of the Statue of Liberty

Young Turks: Utah Politician Outrageous Comments about Gays

Glenn Beck @ His Village Idiot Rally Announces He's Formed A "Shadow Cabinet"

TYT Interviews: David Sirota Challenges So Called Deficit Hawks On Healthcare Reform Costs

Hilarious - Palin on Colbert, Letterman, Conan, Ferguson, Fallon & Kimmel

Mrs. Betty Bowers: Less is Mormon!

Polar Bear (warning: CGI animal violence for a good cause)

Rep. Debbie Schultz: Republicans "Politicizing Breast Cancer"!

Lady Gaga Sits Down on Fuse's

The Negro Within Republicans - Part 1

Sen. Lamar Alexander's 'medical ghetto'

Adam Lambert's Performance 2009 American Music Awards

Sen. Michael Bennet: I'll Risk My Job To Vote For Health Reform

Scumbag tea baggers heckles lady who lost a daughter-in-law and unborn grandchild

BBC's "The Nazis - A Warning From History" Part 1 - Helped Into Power

Sarah Palin Book Signing In Ohio - Interviews With Supporters (TEH STUPID, IT BURNS!!1!)

83,000 rural Tibetans in Lhasa have access to biogas

Greenland ice loss behind a sixth of sea-level rise

Massive air pollution over China ( pic)

Will Copenhagen Produce Anything Positive?

World needs to prepare to cope with at least 3-4C rise

San Antonio CPS knew of higher Nuclear STP cost year ago

Do youknow how many calories there are in that sea lion you just ate?

Approval near for PG&E deal with Solaren for space-based solar power

Global Warming proceeding faster than predicted. This is a ride nobody is going to enjoy.

A lot of good games this morning

Mike Holmgren interested in meeting with Cleveland Browns

Whew! Thanks to the Dallas D and Nick Suisham, the Cowboys

Chiefs Beat Steelers YEAAAAAAAA

BCS Standings

Coming soon to a youtube near you: Devin Hester's ass

Rough day in Cleveland today....

Can Anyone Else See Tony Dungee Being Head Of The Players' Union Someday?

The JR Chess Report (November 22): World Cup Underway in Khanty Mansiysk

Parcells going to the Browns??

Holy crap! Oakland recovered the fumble on the kickoff

Idiot Ed Reed just cost the Ravens the game

Chavez says destruction of walking bridges to Colombia 'routine'


Suspected Colombian paramilitary leader Magaly Moreno captured in Venezuela

The Bushwhacks in Mexico make first chess move to privatize Mexico's oil

"it’s the school of the upside down world-they call us the menacing aggressors"-Chavez, re Colombia

A Week Before “Elections” in Honduras, Mass Candidate Resignations, More Censorship and Repression

Thousands Demand Closure of Fort Benning's School of the Americas Launches the Most Powerful Petition Tool on the Web

Brazil’s President Elbows U.S. on the Diplomatic Stage

Laptops a reality now for Uruguay kids

Honduran military tells mayors to turn over names & addresses of all resistance leaders!

Magbana has 9 new articles on HondurasOye.

Chavez has a 62% approval rating!

Palestinian nun takes step toward sainthood

The New York Mets and the business of terrorism

The Mofaz plan—state now, ask questions later

Abbas Would Beat Haniyeh in Palestinian Ballot

Report: Iran 'bought' Solomon Island vote against Israel

Israeli aircraft strike Gaza targets

PCHR Weekly Report: 1 child killed, 6 civilians wounded by Israeli forces this week

The tears of Douchebags flow as the slide continues.......

Golden burglar makes himself at home in victim's shorts

Armed robbery leads to shoot out, suspect killed

Man shot, killed during Bessemer robbery attempt

Police identify 20-year-old man killed during robbery try in Wilmington

Don't miss MachoSkeet at the link below.

Food for thought...

Attorney General Eric Holder still talking gun registration?...

Activist Judges, Bars & Guns

Update on Robbery Death on Hayward Drive

Virginia Tech Survivor With Hidden Camera Films Dangerous Gun Sales at Gun Shows

The problem with the Assault Weapons Ban

Today in Labor History Nov 22 3 killed Bogalusa, Ala as they attempt to assist an African-American

Today in Labor History Nov 21, 6 IWW miners killed in the Columbine Massacre

Report details China's threat to U.S. workers

New Era Cap Co. to close two plants

Critical email costs secretary her job (fired by Omaha Police Union)

still life with oxidation

Slowed down a bit - but still enjoying myself

Black, White, and Sepia

Of Pitcher Plants, a Pond Maid, a Poi eyeing her, a water lily and a monstrous fern

New here, first post, advice & hints welcome

Girlie Cat

Man defends doorbell, shoots kid

1000 people evacuated after Colombia volcano erupts

The Brain Humanity's Other Basic Instinct: Math

Dark galaxy crashing into the Milky Way

Study: Scavengers Big and Small Dwell in Deep Sea

Baffling boxy bulge

The Mouse Who Spoke In A Deep Voice

~~~ November Prelims are now up on GD ~~~

Belle de Jour: On science and prostitution

Bonding with an Android: the 'LG Eve' at first blush.

Want a copy of the Inspec. General report on AIG bailout?

Property market hasn't collapsed because banks can't face the truth

Oh Oh:$160 billion of retirement savings are invested in commercial real estate.

Corporations Cannot Exist in a Free Market

The Fireburn Team

Birthday Celebration for southerncrone: Come One Come ALL

A Thanksgiving offer

Daily habits: Patterns affect Movement affects Patterns...

Revoke charters of incorporation of for profit health insurance

Colon cancer. Tell me about it.

Pink Glove Dance

Roger Schank’s Top 10 Mistakes in Education

Duncan talks eloquently and kids lose

A fourth Rapture prediction.

Thomas Jefferson on Christianity and Religion

White House to host ‘Iron Chef America

Seeking advice: Convection oven or microwave?