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Archives: November 19, 2009

Colbert: The Grand Old Pity Party

Murder suspect thought Puerto Rico gay teen was a woman

20/20 Vision or, The "I told you so" thread.

How about a triggered co-op plan with an opt out for the states?

2-year-old helps mom in unexpected birth

Image of the day:

CBO analysis of HRC bill

A little Wed. night photoshop.

I just figured it out: Sarah Palin is "Suzanne Stone" from the movie "To Die For".

Nelson: I'm Comfortable Being Lone Democrat To Derail Reform

Africa population tops a billion

So, if we donate on Thursday, it goes to Remote Area Medical?

President Obama won't read Palin's book

If Sarah were ever pResident we could all write a book...

What about the 6%?

'Complacency' led to US sub crash (BBC) {Strait of Hormuz}

Caption Time! (Sarah Serendipity Edition)

"soon you will not be able to get your hands on a good leech when you need one."

Another Obama nominee runs into tax problems

Truthout interview with Russ Baker, author of "Family of Secrets" (book about the Bush familiy)

I'm not one to ordinarily start SP threads, but Celtic Diva has a very good post

NY post turned Moussaoui's terror trial into a marquee event

Retired officers cash in while advising

We have a long way to go. Progressive friend said "gov't doesn't do anything right"

Alaskan leaders call Palin's "Going Rogue" a work of fiction

Last year he worked on the campaign for the DA who's office is now prosecuting him

Hasan's Supervisor Warned Army In '07

Bush-Era GOP Better at Breaking Filibusters

Drywall question...Can/Should Durabond (setting) compound be mixed with All Purpose compound ?

Physician bias may affect transplants

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is on WJ

Rachel's Interview w Fmr Evangelist Frank Schaeffer: Christian Right Is 'Trolling for Assasins'

NEWSEUM....very cool

Russia enshrines ban on death penalty

Have Conservadems like Kent Conrad, Bayh ever put their political ass on the line to fight for..

The battle of the 1 in 1900 is somewhat like the battle of the 300!

Christian Judging

Burrell Mohler Sr. lived in basement after wife found pornography, new documents say

Repug administrations trying terror suspects good. Dem administrations trying terror suspects bad

Canadian parents win legal battle against homework

Best review of 'Going Rogue.' (snark alert)

What's up with all the Soldiers wearing Utilities to buy Palin's book?

Hey Florida DUers: Can Meeks win the general election

If you are planning to fly might want to read this

Coburn lifts hold on vet benefits bill

Homeless inspired bedding

Oklahoma Lawmaker Considering Bill To Opt Out Of Hate Crimes Act

National Right to Life Committee whine about Senate Bill: UNACCEPTABLE, covers "abortion on demand"

National Right to Life Committee whine about Senate Bill: UNACCEPTABLE, covers "abortion on demand"

Messages of Good Cheer for H2O Man

Is there a time line to see which things kick in when on the Health Care

Breach: Photo-essay of US soldiers kicking back in Saddam's Palace

Unemployment claims statistics hocus-pocus

So Where's my tax exemption?

DOJ Report on Yoo, Bybee's Legal Work on Torture to Be Released by Month's End

On this Day

Haley Barber says some state make you buy Sex Change coverage in you Health Insurance

Where in the Constitution does it cover buying a seat at the table?

bu$h Propaganda Museum to Resemble Germany's Bundesarchiv Building

Hoffman doubles down, says election stolen

Senate opt-out public option won't start until 2014, and won't cover abortion procedures

"Opt-Out": is In (the Senate Bill)

Academia vs. Business


Poor Nora O'Donnell and Mrs. Greenspan

Margaret and Helen: Thanksgiving Letter to the Family 2009

Concern Over Canned Foods, Wide range of Bisphenol A Found

I Want to Publicly Thank The Two DUers Who Sent Me Gifts Via PayPal

Huff Post: Sarah Palin - The anti-Susan Boyle. Looks good. No talent.

Huff Post: Sarah Palin - The anti-Susan Boyle. Looks good. No talent.

From The Karma Files: Texas Legislation To Ban Gay Marriage May Endanger ALL Marriages

Jewish woman arrested over shawl

Who speaks for Europe? Criticism of 'shambolic' process to fill key jobs

The senate better get Health Care done because 2010 has to be about JOBS

Jesus' General: The One True Cure for Breast Cancer

Palin Fights Huckabee for the Hand of God

Lawmakers cap leverage limits for 'too-big-to-fail' institutions

Question to younger DUers: Do you recognize racism? I ask because of this

OpenLeft: We pay Sen. McCaskill $174,000 a year for this kind of whining?

SF Chronicle: California state budget drowning in red ink for next year

I wonder if that poor little baby has had a flu shot..

Olympus BioScapes 2009 Winners Gallery

Olympus BioScapes 2009 Winners Gallery

update #1 on explosion at Ft. Pickett

For the next 4 years, "health care will become a partisan football at the state level" Jane Hamsher

There's live online coverage of space walk for those interested:

India English growth 'too slow'

Concerns about outdoor second-hand smoke

Court Upholds Recognition of Gay Marriages in Narrow Ruling

FOX rolls wrong video (again), heads may roll

Generals: Let's End GOP Bedwetting (Retired Military Leaders Say Stop Fear-Mongering)

Los Angeles Times: Many libraries go quiet as local budget cuts deepen

Consumer Alert: Interstate Insurance “Scam”

This morning a guy threw himself on the train tracks at my station

A bought and paid for government

the blue dog

Japan has nuclear event - 10th fire

Child(5) burned in bizarre 'redneck flamethrower' incident

New jihad code threatens al Qaeda

New jihad code threatens al Qaeda

Iraq may hang 126 women by year’s end despite international appeals

Chaz Bono on GMA -- he sounds like his Dad.

Costco stops carrying Coca-Cola products

With regards to Palin

Anyone else cringe when you see our diplomats meeting with thugs like Karzai?

Miami-Dade commissioners' trade trips ring up $217K tab -- and no results

The radio station I listen to started playing Xmas music last THURSDAY, Nov. 12.

I was working a cryptogram and guess what turned up

Is Mary Landrieu going to hold the HC bill up from being debated? Mark Halperin is hinting

Is Mary Landrieu going to hold the HC bill up from being debated? Mark Halperin is hinting

Palin's book a bomb in Bay Area

I deleted my Mother off my Facebook account---but just reinstated her.

Ancient High-Altitude Trees Grow Faster as Temperatures Rise

Los Angeles Times: Students seize UCLA building over fee hike

Going Moron...

A Health Care story - with a good Ending - even a Moral

Afghanistan civilian casualties: what are the real figures?

Palin / Prejean in 2012 ?

These damn negative and full of bullshit Health Care Reform ads!!!

The Rude Pundit: Quotes That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Huff Hair Dye and Beard Gel

Indiana Dunes threatened by climate change, report warns

Local dad spoke only Klingon to child for three years

Your Sobering National Security Thought for the Day

Hot off the press: Entire 2074 paged Senate Health Care Bill in pdf format!

A question about Senate procedures?

A question about Senate procedures?

Max Keiser on Thom Hartmann show now.

Will Sarah Palin will be the next POTUS?

Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be

Adverse reactions to H1N1 vaccine showing

Texas' gay marriage ban may have banned all marriages

Donna Smith (of 'SiCKO'): Tiny Tims and Our Nation's Healthcare Scrooges

Enough To Make An Attorney General Laugh

Hoffman NY-23 Whackjob blames ACORN

Soldier's family brings fight with contractor to Congress

Help for homeless veterans happening locally

TOON: Derf on the End of the Great Recession

Tom the Dancing Bug -The Tao of the weak and depleted Dow Jones Industrial Average

Argentina law rekindles tensions (DNA)

Casper the Commuter Cat

Rudy calls on Obama to start using "war" and "terror" in same sentence

Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

Should we allow cannibals to clone themselves for food?

DOBBS to relax SOUTH (Florida, not Mexico). $8M can buy a lot of FeelGood!1

So Gramps has publicly defended his campaign aides

Der Spiegel lambastes Obama over climate change

Learn to Speak Tea Bag!



Exactly How Many Soldiers Are Available For Deployment To Afghanistan?

Harper Collins is a Rupert Murdoch company - who ELSE would publish Palin's trash?

The Most Important Housing Chart Shows Things Are Still Getting Worse

Grand Rapids Press on Foxnews using misleading video in covering Palin book tour - videos

Freepers will have a field day with this: Kerry's daughter busted for DUI

Cop suspended after Tasering 10-year-old girl - for not using camera

Health insurers will continue being exempt from anti-trust laws.

Negligence ruling in Katrina floods may cost feds

Google announces automatic caption technology in YouTube content

Godless ads now on Portland area buses (gasp!)

Killing of dog during robbery in South Bend hits a nerve

World on course for catastrophic 6° rise, reveal scientists

Half-Forgotten Actor/Politician Says Afghanistan War Is Lost (for laughs)

Sarah Palin Endorsed Japanese Shoes in Book & Newsweek Pic

I hate when guests call into radio shows on cell phones

Andrew Sullivan: Don't Feed The Trolls

FDL is reading the merged Senate health care bill: Many red flags

UN: Afghanistan is world's worst place to be born

So when is Levy going to write his own Book??

How to Avoid Unnecessary Car Costs

National Geographic photographer's encounter with a leopard seal

Congress attacked by terrorists in 1954

The Dangers and Unreliability of Mammograms

Eliot Spitzer on Obamanomics..listen

Thank God for cell phone cameras and the SJ Merc for exposing SJPD brurality

U.S. Residents Fight For The Right To Hang Laundry

Fox News - "Senate Health Bill Price Tag, Rosy Deficit Estimate Assailed as 'Fantasy'"

Watching Dems handle HCR is like watching the Washington Generals vs. Harlem Globetrotters

Watching Dems handle HCR is like watching the Washington Generals vs. Harlem Globetrotters

Judge frees man accused of threatening Obama

Judge frees man accused of threatening Obama

How do I find the highest cd rate?

Palin is taking her road show to Ft. Hood

Web Site Simulates Beating Woman-Site Calls User Wimp For Not Hitting Woman

Foreclosures: Prime Borrowers Are The Latest Victims

School Seeks Toilet Paper Donations

where is HRC bill posted online tonight?

Fox acknowledges ‘production error’ and promises ‘disciplinary action’ for misleading Palin footage.

Clinton's Cool Coat

Karzai sworn in as Afghan leader; vows to fight graft

What's ruining the Democratic Party..

poor, poor old mr. mcain...

90 Accomplishments of Pres. Obama Which The Media Fails to Report....

Ye Brainless Minions: Prepare to go forth and shop, shop, shop.......

Chris Hedges & Friends Debate Illusion, Conservatism and 9/11

White Family With Black Foster Child Awakens To Burning Cross

Fox News accused of repackaging old news yet again

FL-Sen: Bombshell results

The Republican Plan to Block Health Care Reform

Now We Know What Sarah Palin Reads

God bless John McCain

March of Dimes: The U.S. gets a "D" when it comes to premature births

Finally! - Judge David Hamilton confirmed by senate

Obama hasn't learned anything: "Obama names Bush’s former spokeperson to Broadcast board"

Schrodinger's Guilt

AP NewsBreak: Army keeping media from Palin event

It is time to do away with the 60 vote filibuster tactic used in the senate..

Boner's latest lie is a doozy; I'm amazed they get away with this...

This is why we need a public option..

Not So Funny After All

5% tax on plastic surgery...

Wherein Joe Scarborough displays his elitism

well we just got priced out of health insurance.

Personally, I think when we see Palin's book in the bookstore - move it to the Fiction section

I Confess: Ms. Palin and I had Sex Together

Governor's blindness now fodder for jokes, jabs

"A hiring rebound may take longer: companies have ample room to boost hours for current employees"

Pedophile Busted by His Own Wife

Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton of Upholland given Europe's grandest jobs

Carjacker 'dismayed' by injuries

Jon Stewart, Lou Dobbs Discuss CNN, Argue Over Health Care Reform (VIDEO)

Huckabee Calls Knee-Jerk GOP Attacks On Obama 'Deplorable' And 'Shameful'

WTF? The ACLU just hung up on ME! lol

The Case of the Mysterious Arizona Congressional District 15--Solved By KOS-blogger

Is Google Earth now a subscription service?

Buchanan(R)still hasn't left office!

Action The Patient Protection And Affordable Health Care Act sign up as a supporter

Bookshop Santa Cruz gives out a bag of 'Just Plain Nutz' with Palin's book

Fundie Nutcase: The purpose of modern sex education is to indoctrinate children into more boinking..

"Sorry we fucked up re: Palin book signing footage"

for those fed up with their digital reception: "how to make a fractal HDTV antenna"

Sometimes I hate Grand Rapids!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- You know Who

Thursday TOON Roundup 2-Bowing to pressure

Dems hope Palin disrupts GOP's game plan .

I need help refuting an alleged Obama/Hasan connection.

An Inside Look at Nepotism and Corruption in Karzai's Afghanistan: How it actually works.

Innocent Child/Woman/Victim Abuse Overload.

Rudy's running for Senate next year against Gillibrand

Sec. Geithner defends his job, blames economic woes on Bush administration (Not good enough, Tim)

House passes 'doc fix' bill previously defeated in Senate

House passes 'doc fix' bill previously defeated in Senate

Former evangelist: Religious right is ‘trawling for assassins’

GOP Fearmongering Succeeds In Casting Doubt On Legitimacy Of The Electoral Process

Ok, I agree with Palin there is a double standard for the MSM reporting on her...

AOL Plans to Cut One-Third of Employees, About 2,300

Senator lou dobbs? President lou dobbs? No fucking way

MSNBC is promoting Sarah Palin's book like crazy. Why?

Even if you have insurance thru an employer...

Accidental discovery produces durable new blue pigment for multiple applications

Americans paying attention to health care debate?

A message to Congress - from Obama:

If you don't already do this for your child's school, would you do it for mine?

Oops! Bush In 2006: Terrorists Should Be “Tried In Courts Here In The U.S.”

Internal AP Memo Thanks Writers For Successful 'Literary Treasure Hunt'

Feinstein Wants to Take California TV Crackdown Nationwide

We need a 'good vibes' emoticon.

Socialism in the Bible

How dear a sacrifice are we willing to lay on the altar of Compromise?

LA Times: Many libraries go quiet as local budget cuts deepen

What Has Palin Actually Contributed to the Republican Party

Der Spiegel: Obama Has Failed the World on Climate Change

Look at what it's come to for this poor man.

Look at what it's come to for this poor man.

Obesity and Genetics, the Obesity Gene

Postcard campaign in run off election: "Don't vote for Annise Parker because she's GAY!!111!"

Video lecture about diets/weight loss

If we had Harry Hopkins instead of Timothy Geithner...

Recession Pressure on Labor Rights

Low Power FM Radio Advances in Senate

The Ever Increasing Police State. How Far To The Nazi Twilight Zone?

A site dedicated to the victims of anti gay hate crimes

In the early 60s, Texas Western U struck a blow for equality. A story you should know!

Levity Dept.: Best dental story of the year...

California Has No Idea How Bad Soaring Oil Is Going To Hurt

The power of church: mother goes to church leaders with alleged incest worries, not the law

End coming

Palin is the best thing that could happen to Democrats in 2012.....

Obesity, diabetes rates highest in South

Colbert: Palin book a ’steaming pile of shit’

316,000 Holiday Bongs Seized at Port

Senate bill would see Iraq contractors face justice in US courts

Best Wii game ever:

Sen. Brownback just said that abortion is not health care.

Paul-Grayson “Audit The Fed” Bill Passes Financial Services Committee

Word salad and zombies confound Norah O'Donnel

Sarah Palin reads EVERYTHING online

I'm making this up about Stupak and his vile amendment.

Stupid Freeper comment of the day....

Support Kanjorski's Break Up Authority Amendment

Obama's economic thinking at odds with reality. Opting for the Herbert Hoover solution.

Top Safety Picks: Chrysler 4, Toyota 0

Top Safety Picks: Chrysler 4, Toyota 0

San Francisco Chronicle: Bay Area not maverick enough to read Palin book

It must suck to be John McCain.

Covers 94%?

You guys wanna know something?

House passes Medicare 'doc fix,' 243-183

Marriage might not be legal in texas!!!!!!!!

Revealed: 50 oil tankers loitering off British coast as they lie in wait for fuel price hikes

I never thought I'd find it necessary to say this here:

San Francisco facing $500 million deficit

Anyone watch Stewart.. w/ john oliver at the barnes and noble?

Malalai Joya, "the bravest woman in Afghanistan" says western "liberation was just a big lie"

Severstal Steel to re-start a plant near Wheeling WV

So, a naive coworker sends me a right leaning e-mail, and I "reply all"....

Lieberman to liberals: Bite me

Sen.Landrieu holds off on taking health care stand, while pressing for aid for Louisiana

would one of you call your Dem. Senator (I don't have one!)

Russian High Court Bans Death Penalty

Letter From The Trenches, 11/19/09.

Micheletti to step down briefly for Honduras polls

US Senate confirms Judge David Hamilton, 59-39.

I went to one of those Redi-Clinics for the first time today

Calvin & Hobbes: Math and Religion

Africa heading for 'smoking epidemic'

Will Bunch: The 26 Percent Solution

WTF? Bwahahahahahaha!

For those opposed to using federal dollars to support Palin's book tour

Health Care Reform debacle shows need for Democrats to take ''anti-corruption'' pledge

Anyone else see Phil Gingrey (R-GA 11) get slapped down today by Henry Waxman on parliamentary point

WABC: Oprah to Announce End of her Talk Show

How Divorced From Reality Is the GOP? Come Look!

Afghanistan is world's worst place to be born: UN

Haley Barbor says Palin has way more intelligence

Obama nominates Dana Perino? WTF

Where do you guys get audiobooks?

Committee (Judiciary) endorses Nashville attorney (Jane Stranch) for judgeship (US 6th Circuit)

Obama Nominates Pesticide Executive to Be Chief Agricultural Negotiator

Majority of GOP voters think ACORN stole 2008 vote

Major Hasan's E-Mail: 'I Can't Wait to Join You' in Afterlife

O'LOOFAH's big "GET" is Sarah PALIN?!1 ---- AND Bernie Golddigger?!1 May I say, BWAH- HAH?! n/t

Colbert on Palin's book: "It's a steaming pile of shit"

Pitchfork? Check. Torch? Check. Map to castle? Check. nt

3 stooges

Here's the latest "fair and balanced" line up on FoxNoise:

Here's the latest "fair and balanced" line up on FoxNoise:

Dems calling for Geithner to be fired--aren't they shooting themselves in the foot?

Did you get a chance to watch the 3 pt. interview w/J. Stewart&Dobbs?

Drugs, Booze and Vegas

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

NYDN: Giuliani Will Run for Senate... then President

Orrin Hatch on health care debate: "It's going to be a holy war"

Remote Area Medical

Tweety: I think Rep. Foxx is a replicant like in Blade Runner.

Slowly, secret U.S. nuke deals come to light

Local Computer Shop Helps Bust Child Porn Suspect

Free health care and dental care for Americans who need it. The Senate Health Care Bill? No...

Sarah Palin is now working on future books- future front and back covers.

I'm Stupid. How do I find "resistance "by PG5YP on utube?

Jesse Helms portrait & his ‘caring heart’

Students protesting the fee hike take over UCLA's Campbell Hall and chain the doors.

Progressive 3rd Party Challenges in US History

With the appointment of Perino to the Broadcasting Board of Governors

Wohoo! My cable just added MSNBC in HD

I'm glad to see students protesting massive tuition increases for the University of California

Where did this new pic of KSM come from?

WTF happened to the Dead forum?

Theresa Brown, R.N.: The (Health Care) Lottery

Haha lol. How come I never heard this classic Palin dumbass quote?

Lieberman: More Dems could join public option filibuster

So, Lynn Vincent was the ghost writer for Palin (per Stephen Colbert)?

Army protects Palin from terrorist threat known as "media coverage of her book signing event"

A Face That Oozes Wickedness And Hate (Warning, Contains Disturbing Images)

Register: When algorithms attack, does Google hear you scream?

So long and thanks for all the fish

Lieberman launches Fort Hood hearings without any government witnesses

Bill Gates' inept college roommate gets a lot of heat at shareholder's meeting over Apple's image.

I'm having an e-mail argument with a wingnut and need some ammo.

Principals, Bus Driver ignored pleas for help from gay student being beat with metal pipe

1 Million Americans Face Loss Of Jobless Benefits In January, 3 Million by March

They're campaigning. Hard. Have been since last Nov. Wide and deep. Every segment of their base.

Forced sterilization

What is the difference between a "moderate" Democrat and a "liberal" Democrat?

Jon Stewart destroyed Lou Dobbs last night with

restaurants and waiters' wages

Judge Orders Feds to Pay Gay Couple

Students and Workers at the CA Univerisities and Colleges continue their 3 day revolt

I had a horrible day ....

YouTube link to UCLA student riots posted today

The "Unknown Johnny Cash"/Protest Music...from Grit TV...worth the watch...

Terrorist Santiago Álvarez, friend and benefactor of Posada Carriles, released from US jail

Kudos to inclusion of 'public option' in Senate health bill . . . opt-out provision is troublesome

All right, enough dithering-Let's start the War on Christmas

Hatch: Get Ready for 'Holy War" on Health Reform

6% of 307,973,991 USA population = 18,478,439

Hobbits Are a New Human Species: Study of Fossils Concludes

I would personally wait out all night for a chance for Palin's autograph

2 lions kill rare white tiger in Czech zoo

We need a new, aggressive campaign to set the story straight...

Short story just heard on local teevee nooz .... no more letters from Santa

Kate Moss criticised over 'skinny is best' motto

Kate Moss criticised over 'skinny is best' motto

What's happen to the UC System (UCLA, UC Berkeley, UCSD, etc.) is not just to students.

Palin claims Reagan faced a worse recession than Obama - False

Have a guess which racist group is behind the Obama Prayer sticker?

One member of the USPSTF Director of HMO, HealthPartners...

Dairyland greyhound park in WI is closing- Dogs need homes!

Hey Skinner, it's time to close down your Cafe Press store!

OMG?!!! Oh NOES!1!! Look who Obama's bowed to now!

Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-Out

The Corporate Media Sheep Talking Point About Recovery.Gov - Accuracy!!!

The Man Who Didn't Die

Forget the right-wing family members -- how do you deal with the holidays?

Carlyle Group to run Connecticut rest stops

Two rednecks set five-year-old boy's head on fire to "toughen him up".

To lower rates, Citi customers must spend

'Acoustic cannon' used to fend off Somali pirates

U.S. residents fight for the right to hang laundry

NY 23: Owens Leads Hoffman By Insurmountable Margin -- A Greater Lead Than Outstanding Ballots

NY 23: Owens Leads Hoffman By Insurmountable Margin -- A Greater Lead Than Outstanding Ballots

Come on. We’re sick of your speeches! Suck it up, Be a leader-finally and kick some butt.

Conyers Rips Obama, Emanuel For 'Bowing Down' To GOP On Health Care

Not Mistaken: Donated $$s because DU is pulling from CafePress

Despite rumors, world won't end in 2012

Stefanie Spielman, wife of Ohio State and NFL star, dies at 42 (breast cancer)

Mother says school work sheet is racist

Hamsher: FDL Statement on Senate Combined Health Care Bill

DU this Poll... AGAIN!!!

Remember back when Lieberman was running against the Democratic candidate Ned Lamont and many DUers

Coulter says diversity has "Jumped the Shark," compares it to cancer, pollution

Health care story and request for advice

President wants to use left over TARP to pay off national debt

There's someplace I have to go

Nineteen hours until the rest of my life (or not)

Nineteen hours until the rest of my life (or not)

Man faces jail for spitting in Cop's Food.

Republicans Promise "Holy War"

Maybe this is why feminists dislike Palin

Poll: Majority Of Republicans Think Obama Didn't Actually Win 2008 Election -- ACORN Stole It!

We Ought to have a Parliamentary System!

Obesity and ... Chemicals

Doctors talk about real patients who are the real victims of Stupak-Pitts.

I thought Tim Geithner and Larry Summers were bad choices and idiots

Insurance tells woman her life not in danger, abortion not needed...billed $9,000.

GOP Alternate Reality 101 - Lesson Of The Day

Sexist Humor No Laughing Matter, Psychologist Says

Lowering the Bar: Kindergarten Recruitment

Documents confirm CIA knew Jesuit priests to be executed

Would it be more accurate to call DLC & Blue Dogs Democrats just plain corrupt instead?

How do you like your Obama?

America is run by a criminal enterprise

Not So Funny After All

SDSU Music Bloodbath Update: CUTS FOR 2010 and beyond! $50-100K GONE!!

Do you know what the difference is between Iraq and Iran? Well, apparently Palin doesn't know either

Three more cities approve declaw bans

Economy Is Going to Get Much Worse: The so-called recovery is mostly smoke and mirrors

The (RW) Letter Everyone Is Talking About - And My Answer To It

Pilin' On Palin

It's great until the wolf shows up

Thursday TOON Roundup 3-Economy etc.

rude cell phone users

An all woman cast results in success - Fixing the mammography snafu

Bizarre and sudden doggie eating behavior.

A week early...

As I continue working well past midnight with nothing but water, I wonder...

Can someone help me find a reggae version of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"?

Do you pee in the gene pool?

"Rude" Rolling Stones finally get on top 40 with Beatles tune - 1963?

Drywall question...Can/Should Durabond (setting) compound be mixed with All Purpose compound ?

Yukon Cornelius has a fan page on Facebook

Ego shortage?!?!!

Warning: The following thread is prawnographic

I'm pretty sure that Tommy_Carcetti has me on ignore.

No, please. Tell me what you really think of my grits.

I'm pretty sure that TZ and Dr.Strange are one and the same.

I'm pretty sure that TZ and Dr.Strange are one and the same.

Late night reading: Ray Comfort's 50 page intro to Origin of Species

Something pretty and clever - saying good by to Autumn

Kim Carnes appreciation thread

Ever have a good dream going and the alarm woke you up?

Okay so I got Will Smith and Clint Eastwood confused.

I'm hiding all threads that talk about how people hide threads and talk about it.

My local radio station (FM) has obviously changed its format:

Should we allow cannibals to clone themselves for food?

I deleted my Mother off my Facebook account---but just reinstated her.

Put your old gold to good use

I'm pretty sure that BeachBaby is talking about me right now.

I just want to put this out there...

So how come there doesn't seem to be as many...

and the radio stations are already playing Christmas songs....

Help with wireless router, please.

speaking of viagra/cialas commercials

#acornfacts on Twitter

Carly Simon appreciation thread.

Freeborn Man

Lowe's grills catch fire in the wrong places; 663,000 recalled

Chicken Interrupts Council Meeting.

Simple Simon appreciation thread.

Simple Simon appreciation thread.

okay so i get geddy lee and a fork stuck in the garbage disposal mixed up

In the last 2.5 days of work

Fiorello LaGuardia Appreciation Thread.



Ever enjoy a young guitarist named Sungha Jung?

People who claim to have hidden threads, then post a new thread telling you they just hid threads

Can my cell phone give me swine flu if I inhale second-hand marijuana?

deleted by OP

This pretty much sums up my feelings about things.

Hot Damn...Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)

Night of the Living Dead-the stage production? Zombie fans...discuss


Changing the belt on a Volkswagen in 5 seconds

If you drop Geddy Lee and bowling ball from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which lands first?


Following the precedent of the German-speaking Sudetenland, how much territory can the UK now claim?

Cricket (the game) question: What happens when a batsman hits the ball out of the oval?

Burn a little grass...

Here is a picture from the inside out of the car that drove into the laundromat and almost flattened

Has Eastwick been cancelled?

YouTube: Takako Matsu - "Sakura no Ame Itsuka" ("Cherry Blossom Rain, Someday")

DU - Palin's 2012 theme tunes? How about ...

YouTube: Takako Matsu - Yume no Shizuku ("Drops of Dreams")

Sad News Breaking: Uga VII has died

YouTube: Miki Nakatani - "Frontier"

YouTube: Toko Furuuchi - "Strength"

YouTube: Toko Furuuchi - "Stay"

YouTube: Every Little Thing - "Deatta koro no you ni" ("My Love Is Forever")

The H.L. Mencken Creed


I finished baking my Xmas cookies.

What's your family car history?

Pet cat dies from H1N1

John Mayer's new album kicks ass. That is all nt

My new favorite "best commercial ever"

Tell Cafe Press to blow it out its backside

World Wide Web.

So, I'm MAKING everyone's Christmas gift this year.

Oh man...Lemon Italian Ice.

i just posted in the gungeon, for the first time

Caption this picture

Funny animated .gif I just got...

Extraordinary Measures - January 22, 2010

This Christmas lights display would go over big here in Wisconsin and Michigan...

Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time (JAKE GYLLENHAAL) May 28, 2010

Uranus stolen!

Oh hai, dreams. I've missed you.

House-a-thon! 8PM to midnight!

YouTube: Iggy Pop & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Risky

I would like to raise a toast. To Catalonia.

YouTube: Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing (with Johnny Depp on guitar, Chrissie Hynde on vocals)

I rarely call out anyone

If you like my show

I never did see new Star Trek movie at the theaters, got the dvd today for my birthday.

Eddie Money-Two Tickets to Paradise

I just wrote my first love letter

Movies you thought were good when they came out - but years later you think they blow.

Okay so I got Kim Carnes and Carly Simon confused....

ARGH!!! my parents will drive me crazy....

BREAKING: Lady Gaga can actually sing.

Mrs. Auggie just made Calzone

Just had my ass kicked by Pat Travers again - why is he so underrated and ignored?

I have nostalgia for my parents' nostalgia

Songs you loved when they first came out--but years later they blow.

If anyone would like to learn the art of sand painting

Carly Fiorina Appreciation Thread.

Is anyone here - and if you are here,

well. I'm fixin' to go ovr and defend my professional paper

I'm sorry, but Grovelbot just looks HOT in that picture up top...

Need some quick synonyms - "impressed" and "appreciate"

Local dad spoke only Klingon to child for three years

George Thorogood - I Drink Alone

Queen - Radio Ga Ga

Eggo shortage?!?!!

Fun with George

Top 5 "most overpaid stars in Hollywood"...Ferrell, McGregor, Thornton, Murphy & Ice Cube

KITTEH!!! I got a new kitteh!!!

Why does madinmaryland insist on showing me a picture of him in his banana hammock?

GIF of the Day. Thanks to Call Me Wesley...

l'Université de Montréal lipdub to The Offspring's Pretty Fly

Okay, I've decided to like Parks & Recreation

L O S T final season premiere date!

Jack's Mannequin on the Daily Show....

Happy Birthday Graywarrior!

Verison Wireless is the biggest rip-off!

Thanksgiving is clearly the best holiday of the year.

Tila Tequila goes effin' crazy, gets naked, shares it with the world via the magic of the Internets

Cat takes down a Police Officer !

I'm too poor to post polls, so vote here:

Should I quit Sam's and join Costco?

Who Does The Best Verion Of "I Fought The Law"

I'd forgotten what a great series "Becker" was.

Her favorite band is Rush, she loves Geddy Lee

YouTube: Gene Chandler - Come on, let me hold you darlin'...'cause I'm the Duke of Earl

Overlooked ’80s Sci-Fi Flicks, Recalled by Wired Readers

Which commercials especially annoy you?

Geek is good. Geek works. (The GEEK appreciation thread)

My Emergency Medicine rotation is really getting me down. So many malingerers.

Who else is hiding out on Thanksgiving?

I would like to raise toast,

Oh Jesus.

What movies do you consider required viewing for cultural literacy?


Is Lieberman needed to pass HCR. Becuz he's going rogue again

What is most decisive to the outcome during a presidential election?

Reid Warns That Reconciliation Is Still An Option

How Reid's Senate health care bill saves so much money...

E. J. Dionne: GOP Obstruction Goes Unnoticed—and Unpunished

Wild About Obama! Wild About America! ......North Korea? (Photos)

NYT: Interactive Chart Comparing the House and Senate Health Care Proposals

As pensions dried up, four firms paid top execs $49.5M

WH and Obama need to "go to the mats" with any news organization

Senate Health Bill Rejects Anti-Choice Extremes

TPM: Orinn Hatch Says Battle Over Health Care Bill is "Going to Be a Holy War."

Calvin Trillin: On CEO LLoyd Blankfein's Statement That Goldman Sachs is 'Doing God's Work'

MSNBC-"The Place for Politics"?

MSM is now trying hard to bring Obama poll numbers down to make some news

Tiahrt staffer resigns due to sex charges

@Karoli Tweets the Senate HCR Bill!

Utah: Possible Bennett Foe Has Audience With Club

For the last effing time. Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln and NOT CENTRISTS!!!

Check out Hoffman's crazy letter in which he accuses ACORN and UNIONS of tampering with election.

If Republicans try to stall the Reconciliation process in the Senate through endless amendments

Runner's World STILL has sexist photo of Sarah Palin online! And US flag desecration too!!!

Sen. Jim Demented (Asshole-SC) is talking shit again on Twitter

Palin interested in Glenn Beck as possible VP Candidate

Sign Senator Bernie Sanders' 'Too Big To Fail is Too Big to Exist' Petition!

On Whose Back Will The Deficit Be Cut?

TPM: Report Rudy Giuliani Will Run for Senate Against Gillibrand--And Then for President Again

Mel Watt (D-SC, 12th district) protecting the Fed and the big banks

Krugman, Interest Rates, Inflation and stuff

CBO Projections: 1/3 of USA Opts-Out. Saints win Super Bowl. Splitsville for Brad and Angelina.

REPUBLICAN elections commissioner from NY-23: Hoffman's fraud claims "absolutely false"

Bredesen won't endorse in Democratic primaries

Barack Obama and Foreign Policy by Biography

Army fears anti-Obama politics at Palin event

Since Sarah Palin says she reads everything online, how about give her something to read!

So going to a Palin book signing:The Mission

NARAL Pro-Choice America Statement on Senate Health-Care Bill

FauxNews loads POLL in desperate effort to rehabilitate Palin's toxic image.

HuffPost provides more evidence that Republicans are JUST PLAIN DUMB (re: ACORN poll)

Crap. Fox just posted this photo of the crowd at a Palin Book Signing today....

Americans United Lauds Senate Vote Confirming David Hamilton To Federal Appeals Court

Daily Kos Psalm 109:8 Merchandise: Cafe Press Reverses Its Decision

Jim Dean - Senate HC Bill PO "almost the exact same" as Kennedy's HELP bill

Bang Bang Baby: That's where it's at

Stupid Teabagger Palinlites, LARGEST expansion of government since WWII was under BOOSHE

Hoffman: ACORN, unions, Dems tampered with NY-23 election

PHOTOS: President Obama & US Forces Korea

The Next Steps Forward Toward Health Insurance Reform

Why hasn't the President done any recess appointments

Zazzle removing Psalm 109 products from site

Fox News Polls Obama’s Bow, Finds Majority Of Republicans Support It

thom hartmann interviewing robert parry on new iran-contra cover-up info.

Cafe Press Contact Info

If you haven't seen the extended interview of Dobbs by Stewart you must.

Every time Palin opens her mouth, I lose respect for McCain. Now every time Lieberman opens his,

Wingunts praying Psalm 109:8 for President Obama - “Let His Days Be Few”

TPM: Reid Files Cloture, First Floor Vote on Senate Health Care Bill Saturday, 8PM

Is the economy "headed in the right direction"?

"Sen. Bayh Says He'll Bring Health Care Bill To Floor"

Obama post on Yoani Sanchez' blog

The tea baggers are about to revolt and call the NFL and Thansgiving unAmerican

SPECTACULAR news from Arkansas-Sen. Lincoln up by 16 against Hendren/2 against Baker!!! in new poll

New job title ideas for Cable News anchors...

I Have A Question & Need An Answer If Possible... I Realize That NO HCR Bill

Dear Skinner: Please close down the DU store on CafePress

A bipartisan push is needed to tame ballooning national debt

"John Kerry gave a barn-burner of a speech at the World Bank on Wednesday"

So, now Lou Dobbs might run for president?

OMG! OBAMA Please STOP THIS! Dana Perino, Victor Ashe, Hudson Institute?

I hope Palin doesn't get too trashed because I want her to run for President! (right-wing Kucinich)

Obama Has a Job for Dana Perino. Really.

Does AMC show reruns of Mad Men? Will they rerun this season?

E-mails show KBR feared casualties before deadly attack

Regents committee recommends UC fee hikes (32%)

Former evangelist: Religious right is ‘trawling for assassins’

Mammogram coverage won't change, companies say

Reid: Finish line on health care overhaul 'is finally in sight'

Atlanta Computer Glitch Causing Nationwide Flight Delays

At 2,074 pages and $849 billion, Senate health bill arrives

FOX rolls wrong video (again), heads may roll

Who speaks for Europe? Criticism of 'shambolic' process to fill key jobs

16 killed in Pakistan courthouse bombing

Lithuania hits back over new CIA jail claims

Leaders set to pick EU president

GOP Blocks Freeze On Credit Card Interest Rate Hikes

UK High Court rules more evidence of Guantanamo detainee's torture claims should be published

Obama says talks under way on Iran sanctions

Police With Beanbag Guns At UCLA Fee Hike Protest

Evan Chandler Dead: Father Of Michael Jackson Molestation Accuser Commits Suicide

Fox News again accused of airing misleading video

Computer glitch delaying flights

Sen. John Kerry's daughter arrested in Hollywood for alleged drunk driving

Economists and Labor Leaders Call for Fed to be Audited

Army Corps liable for Katrina damage, US court finds

Delinquencies, foreclosures break record ( 14.41% of mortgages delinquent or in foreclosure in Q3)

Revealed: 50 oil tankers loitering off British coast as they lie in wait for fuel price hikes

Media blocked from Palin signing at Fort Bragg

Army keeping media from Palin event

RUDY ( Sept. 11 )Giuliani To Run For U.S. SENATE; If Elected May Aim For White House in 2012

Senate Confirms Controversial Judge

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 19

Tories reject call for Afghan torture inquiry

Karzai sworn in for 2nd term, vows to combat corruption

Academic Researchers’ Conflicts of Interest Go Unreported

3 Democrats Could Block Health Bill in Senate

Give in on same-sex benefits, judge orders feds

Senate Health Plan Seeks to Add Coverage to 31 Million

Jesse Jackson: You can't vote against healthcare and call yourself a black man

Racism alleged in Wall Street Journal editorial on (Obama appointee) Butler

Group blocks regents from leaving UCLA building

Dem lawmakers introduce Afghan war surtax

Obama voices commitment to S.Korea trade agreement

Venezuelan army blows up two bridges in Colombia

Are the Earth's Oceans Hitting Their Carbon Cap?

Majority Of Republicans Think Obama Didn't Actually Win 2008 Election -- ACORN Stole It

Giuliani Is Said to Have Decided Not to Run for Governor

Egypt recalls ambassador to Algeria over soccer game

EU chooses unknown for new top job

GOP Sen Lugar's Wife Arrested for DUI

Investigation exposes influence of [American] Religious Right on homophobia in Africa

Yale to Lieberman: Please reconsider your stance on the healthcare bill

Congressman tries to block use of Thomson prison for detainees

Semenya to keep gold; gender tests to remain private

Oprah To Go Off Air In 2011

Thousands line up in Michigan for Palin

Major Hasan's E-Mail

Tobacco-growing Kentucky's largest university bans all smoking, tobacco use on campus

FBI: Terror plot suspects had ties to Pakistan

Soldier defends decision to reveal murders of Iraqi detainees

Police With Beanbag Guns At UCLA Fee Hike Protest

Obama: Too much debt could fuel double-dip recession

U.S. Economy: Leading Indicators Point to Sustained Expansion

Jesse Jackson Slams Black Votes Against Health Care

Stefanie Spielman, wife of NFL star, dies at 42

Two pedestrian bridges on Vezuela-Colombia border dynamited this AM

VIRUS in the VOTING MACHINES: Tainted Results in NY-23

McCain: 'Grateful' that Palin was VP choice

Former Bush press secretary Perino appointed to Obama administration post

Lilburn City Council rejects plans for mosque

Conyers Rips Obama, Emanuel For 'Bowing Down' To GOP On Health Care

Hasan's Supervisor Warned Army In '07

U.S. Plans Immigration Audits at 1,000 Employers

Peru accuses four of murder, selling human fat

House panel votes to audit Federal Reserve

Rising Prices of Drugs Lead to Call for Inquiry.

Sarah Palin Finally Figured Out, by Malcolm Gladwell

LOL...Mark Fiore: Learn to Speak 'Tea Bag'

Six Degrees of Separation

Our Jobless Recovery Is Too Slow! More "Stimulus" Spending Isn't the Answer!

The Afghan Speech Obama Should Give: "This administration ended, rather than extended, two wars,"

Forget Mariachi Band, Here’s How Jon Stewart SHOULD HAVE Greeted Lou Dobbs

How Limousine Liberals, Water Oligarchs and Even Sean Hannity Are Hijacking Our Water Supply

Crazed Michele Bachmann fan threatens a Ft. Hood-type bloodbath against a Michigan paper

50% Say Their Bank Increased Credit Card Rates In the Last Six Months

Alexandra Kerry Offers Unique Defense to DUI Charges

"Thanks A Lot, Asshole", the Onion on Ft. Hood:

Jeff Huber: Cockamamie COIN

News Flash: Christians Still Not Victimized by Hate Crimes Legislation

GOP Obstruction Goes Unnoticed—and Unpunished

Federal Panel Recommends DAILY Mammograms for Rush Limbaugh

Conyers Rips Obama, Emanuel For 'Bowing Down' To GOP On Health Care

Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse'

Post-Mortems Reveal Obvious Risk at Banks - regulators knew

So where's my tax exemption ?

The Ballad of Clumpy

Significance of General Clark's statement recognized

Evangelist Frank Schaeffer: Christian Right Is 'Trolling for Assassins'

Independent UK: Only with an act of political courage can we re-civilise our economy

2012 the Movie: A Disaster for Christians

Joe Conason: What Is So Patriotic About Hysteria?

Sarah Palin: America's Evita Perón by Frank Schaeffer

Breast Cancer Screening: New Fuel for an Old War of Words and Data

Why Won't Sarah Palin Go Away?

T.R. Reid: 5 Myths About Health Care Around the World

The Consequences of “No” (New Eng Jour Med)

RE: Fuck Fox ''News'' 60- The People vs. Fox

First Lady Celebrates Women in the Military

CNN: Mammogram debate

David Sheldrick Wildlfe Trust Elephant Oprhans Project

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - Spencer Ackerman breaks Afghanistan deployment news

CBSNewsOnline - Experts Debate New Mammogram Guidelines

MSNBC Interviews Clueless Sarah Palin Supporters At Book Signing

US public detached from the true cost of war

Sarah Palin: Obama's Plans Are "Backassward"

KHOU 11 News - Mammogram Debate and Women's Health

Naomi Klein & Ryan Grim on FDL Action With Trumka, Stern & Auditing the Fed

Media Matters: Schaeffer Discusses 'Doing Away With Obama' Messages 'Pouring Out' Of Fox

Sen. Whitehouse: Talk Shows Shouldn’t Make Prosecutorial Decisions

Ed Show - Rep. Peter DeFazio called for the firing of Larry Summers, and Tim Geithner

Elizabeth Warren: Treasury Sec. and Congressional Oversight Panel are not on the same page

Maddow Show: Terror expert lays GOP to waste

Sarah Palin's book goes Rogue, shoots Rachel Maddow

Fox apologizes: "We didn't mean to mislead (again)"

Going Rogue by Old Fart Rants

Rachel Maddow - Book on the Run

Geithner Asked to Resign, You Gave This Pres an Economy Falling Off The Cliff

Young Turks: Anti-Obama Fanatics Using Bible To Justify Violence?

Rachel Maddow & Naomi Klein Discuss Bush Admin 'Free Fraud' Zone in Iraq

maxkeiser; NEW SHOW! "Keiser Report" on RT; 'Guantanamo Bay McDonald's serves torture with fries.'

What's Behind The New Recommendations For Mammograms

Twilight New Moon Werewolf Denied Health Care Coverage

Automatic Captions in YouTube Demo

Done with Healthcare for now, onto jobs

TYT: Anti-Immigrant Teabaggers Get Punked!!!

Congressman DeFazio Wants Treasury Sec Geithner FIRED!

Gov. Barbour Refuses To Call Palin 'Qualified'To Be President

Andrew Halcro reads from Sarah Palin's Going Rogue

Rep. Viriginia Foxx (R-NC) claims GOP passed civil rights legislation in the 60s without Democrats

Geithner asked to step down, gets testy.

Keith Olbermann & Arianna Huffington Call Out Glenn Beck For Dangerously Stoking Fear In Americans

Media Matters Confront Rupert Murdoch In Person

Young Turks: GOP Terrified Maximum Security Prison Not Good Enough For Terrorists

Hardball Fact Checks Rep. Foxx

Olbermann on Palin, Dr Pepper, Reading 'Riting and Roguing

Oprah: Sarah Palin Admits To Being Naive and Enjoying Porn

D'oh: Palin Confuses Iraq And Iran In Hannity Interview

[KTVU] Bay Area Gun Owners Wear Weapons Plain View

Medicare For All activists in NYC's Grand Central Station

Tea party nut jobs and protesters assault pro-immigrant, anti-racist group in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Faux News Mistakenly Shows 'Going Rouge' Book Cover Onscreen During Segment on 'Going Rogue'

President Obama, United We Serve, and the NFL Team Up for Fitness and Service

Reclaimed Sewer Water To Expand Flagstaff Snowbowl - Suit Filed Over Potential Health Risks

Group finds lead in Barbie, Disney toys; focus is still on China

Storm Over the Chamber

it's world toilet day.

Australian Firefighters Urge Passage of Climate Bill

Cap-And-Trade "Three-Card Monte" Dead For 2009

Transformer maker to open first US site in Colo.

Peak oil notes - Nov 19

Drumbeat: November 19, 2009

How Limousine Liberals, Water Oligarchs and Even Sean Hannity Are Hijacking Our Water Supply

plastics from algae instead of petroleum

Nature - The Entangled Bank Unravels

Should we instantiate a special dueling forum for kristopher and joshcryer?

Indonesia's Peat Fires Equal All US Road, Air Vehicle Emissions In Tons Of Carbon Released

Oilwatch Monthly November 2009

An idea whose time has come! Although I don't know of this

How to Set Up and Run a Bicycle Repair Company

Purdue/NASA - Dozen+ Flourine Compounds Far More Efficient At Trapping Heat Than CO2 - Output Rising

Aus. PM Rudd - Dealing With Anti-Climate Policy Opposition "As If We're Back In Trial Of Galileo"

Five Major Fires Already Burning In New South Wales As Temps Break 1940s Records - SMH

Monsoon Model Indicates Potential for Abrupt Transitions

(Mexico's Cantarell field) went from 60% (2005) to 21% of Mexico's total oil production by late 2009

USFWS Agents Raid Gibson Guitar Factory In Search Of Illegally Purchased Madagascar Hardwood

Algae uses photosynthesis to make hydrogen fuel

Ice Core Data Shows East Antarctica Temps Rose 2X Earlier Estimates - By 6C - During Interglacials

Increase in GM Crops, Resistant Weeds Lead to Dramatic Rise in Pesticide Use

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, November 18)

Tim Lincecum wins Cy Young

hey Giants fans

Shit, I forgot there was a football game on tonight.

To the Good people of Ireland hope this cheers you up

RIP Uga VII...

Congratulations Tim!!!! That's two in a row!!


Phin game should be interesting tonight...

Stefanie Spielman, wife of Ohio State and NFL star, dies at 42 after long battle with cancer

7 Coaches Who Should Replace Charlie Weis at Notre Dame

Venezuelan President stresses importance of Fidel’s Reflection

Peru accuses four of murder, selling human fat

BREAKING -- Micheletti to step down from presidency for ONE week


Anti-Castro money shifts to Democrats: report

Antisemitism and the reported world

Abbas: Mideast peace deal won't happen with me

Little behind Obama's tough Mideast talk: analysts

Britain's Channel 4 exposes 'power' of pro-Israel lobby

Britain's Channel 4 exposes 'power' of pro-Israel lobby

Lawmakers must take aim at gun loophole...

Where is a good place to price guns, for bird hunting, online?

Store Owner Upset After Killing Armed Robber With Robber's Own Gun.

Goodthink : For Immediate dissemination

Teacher loses appeal to carry gun at school

South Carolina will offer tax-free holiday on guns

American Snipers Go Magnum

Communications Workers Of America Unite With German Union In T-Mobile Organizing Drive

Anti-Wage Theft Rallies In Forty U.S. Cities Today As Members Of Congress, Workers Spotlight The Iss

Washington D.C. Teachers Union Still Seeking Justice For 266 Fired Teachers

Today in Labor History Nov 19 Joe Hill, a Swedish immigrant organizer and songwriter, was executed!

Ridgefield Schools' Cafeterias; Workers End Dispute with Employer and Ratify New Contract

Fire Dog Lake: Richard Trumka, Andy Stern accuse Fed of massive secret bailouts and cronyism

NEWS--Executives Received Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Before Dropping Workers’ Pensions

Online gallery of a well-known landscape photographer in my neck of the woods

~~~ Further info on November Photo Contest ~~~

Do any DU photogs have an old copy of Microsoft Picture It! installed or available?

a couple of random B/W shots

Not-so-Balmy Beach Club

mo got hit by a car today


Remember the 3D Mandelbrot post from last week.. Now, explore it yourself in real-time!

Happy Birthday, Riemann Hypothesis!

Meteor Illuminates the Utah Sky

Algae Sex and Amoeba Smackdown - Best Microscopy Videos of the Year

(NY Highest) Court Upholds Recognition of Gay Marriages in Narrow Ruling

Anyone interested in meeting up for a peaceful hand holding protest? Dec 5th ,Fairfax,VA

I feel terrible for caster semenya

A must read site

Tallahassee SCLC sends letter opposing domestic partnerships to city commission

Mini Tutorial - Prepping an image for contest specs using IrfanView

New Hampshire radio host fired after calling Dem party boss “a faggot”

Breaking: Give in on same-sex benefits, judge orders feds

Silence = Sin: Outing Gay Catholic Priests

IF there's another California ballot measure, should our GLBT ads this time...

Société Générale tells clients how to prepare for potential 'global collapse'

Help please. A book about the economy. I heard an interview of

Wait a minute ... InfoCision, a corporation which, on the record, caters to Republican/Conservative

The new flipping: low ball pre-forclosure house sales followed by quick resale for a profit

More Homeowners Falling Behind on Mortgages

Errors and inaccuracies in stimulus report: GAO

Has anyone here seen this thread in the Lounge?

Have you ever "seen" someone who instantly rubs you the wrong way?


Immune tribe 'indicates CJD hope' (BBC) {prion/Mad Cow connection}

New Wound Dressing, Full of Antibiotics, Dissolves When Wound Has Healed

BBC: Alcohol 'protects men's hearts'

Deaths Not Linked to H1N1 Vaccine: WHO

Out of the Mouths of Babes: Education and the American Dream

Render Unto Caesar: District Tax Officials End Free Ride For Religious Right's `C Street House'

Gates Foundation invests more than $300 million in ed reform

Well did the squash today

Concern about canned foods.

Um.. wow! Baking bacon rawks!