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Archives: November 17, 2009

Talks halted with Iowa union

Talks halted with Iowa union

Midwest looks at dropout degrees

City to use stimulus money to help homeless

Goddammit I haven't been subjected to CNN so much in months now my blood pressure is up.

Olberman Repeat On Healthcare Free Clinics Being Shown Now. N/T

Was just reading Sarah Palin's Facebook page. Check this persons message out.

The US government and the assassination of Tupac Shakur

Dumb 'late-night' thought regarding Terror vs. Crimes and Hate Crimes vs. Crimes

Homeless youths on the rise (Vermont)

Portland council picks mayor, bypassing Greens again

Christian Right anti-hate crime law rally a bust

Homeless Sturgis man and his dog are inseparable

Scientists Create Bacteria that Lights Up Around Landmines

Centrist in health debate hears it from all sides

Dems push plan to subsidize lost hours

Tea Party protesters fooled into anti-European chants on immigration

Solar Impulse: Around the world non-stop in a solar powered plane..

Solar Impulse: Around the world non-stop in a solar powered plane..

Buffett: Deal with deficit after U.S. economy recovers

Wow, I see that Palin's book is SUCH a big hit, that.......................

shocking! I would have never guessed: Parental monitoring may curb teen pot use

Kid of the Year (video)

Picture the Debate: Obama vs. Palin.

Democrats Who Don’t Retire Make GOP Takeover Tougher

Legislation to award Hood shooting victims combatant status to be introduced today

Bra Helps Fight Breast Cancer

Uninsured twice as likely to die in hospital - The real death panel

Fact is if Palin was below average or homely looking

Chicago schools president's death ruled suicide

Sen. Ben Nelson Now Signals Flexibility on Abortion Restrictions

Sen. Ben Nelson Now Signals Flexibility on Abortion Restrictions

VIDEO: How do I post?

VIDEO: How do I post?

Results are in from the Ladies Championship poker tournament. And the winner is ... Greg Sessler

Matt Lauer brings his beltway buddy Dobbs onto the Today show.

NYT - Slow pace of President Obama's judicial nomnations

Microsoft co-founder Allen has lymphoma

Georgia Baptist Convention -- Women Need Not Apply

Happy 65th Birthday to Danny DeVito

A piece of history up for auction: Beer Bottle from Hindenburg Disaster

Third Quarter Mortgage Delinquencies Hit New Record AGAIN

Teabaggers punk'd by anti-racists who get them to cheer rant against European-American immigrants

Corporatist Dems: Let Us Gut Medicare and Social Security, or We'll Sabotage Health-Care Bill

ABC Poll: 72% Support Public Option

How come all these Bush hacks are mentioning the Geneva

The proper way to handle Palin

Bad Faith Awards 2009: the polls are open

A step in the "left" Direction

Hoffman Takes Back His Concession Speech In NY-23

Who needs Republicans when you've got Bayh, Conrad, Feinstein and Warner?

Bush Deep Kiss

How wealth is achieved in the USA

mitch mcconnell says he will drag out health reform bill as long as possible...

Mother Jones: Senate Bill Would Allow "Mentally Incapacitated" Vets to Buy Guns

Palin's Prayer Leader Hinted Terrorist Attack Could Make Her President

Plouffe: Obama campaign behind early primary fiasco in FL, stripping delegates

If You're Going to Post Flamebait, at least have the Guts To Stick Around

New Greenpeace head attacks Obama

Any other small biz owners getting tons of health insurance sales calls?

wtf? now TOO MANY women are being screened?

teacher wins supplies for school (you have to win supplies??)

OH NO!!!! Flooded Kellog plant causing long term EGGO SHORTAGE!!!!

John Nichols: Congress Looks at Work-Share

Link: basic science on the depleted uranium penetrator - anti tank round.

UK Foreign Sec. says future solution for Afghanistan will include senior Taliban commanders in govt.

Ratigan's big headline today: Every time unemployment goes up President Obama goes overseas

CBS poll on Afghanistan shows the president has his work cut out for him

New ABC/Post Poll: Obama approval 56%--favorability rating 61%

Ari Melber: Newsweek Taps Bush Aide For Obama Reporting

'Perfect financial storm' could rock San Francisco

Leasing water system could be a risky move for Chicago

Help repeal Proposition h8

I wish PETA could stop this. SICK F*****

Stephanie Miller moving to NYC??

The Nation: Newsweek Taps Bush Aide For Obama Reporting

OMG....just heard a caller on Stepanie Miller

heheheheh...KO's Rush clip last night...

Is it Normal for a Hospital to Discharge a Brain Surgery Patient?

AP POLL: Tax the rich to pay for health bill

The Chamber of Commerce humiliates itself, again

What could be worse than this?

IRS: 14,700 US Taxpayers Voluntarily Disclose Foreign Bank Accounts

Which describes your opinion regarding economic recovery

Ozark, AR policeman tasered 10 yr. girl having a temper tantrum.

GOP Still Failing To Capitalize

Just googled Modest Needs

Sarah Palin is a role model for women because...

For 12-Year-Old Without an Arm, Insurance Has Run Out (already met his lifetime maximum benefit)

Econundrum: 5 Houseplants That Clean Your Air (indoors)

Sex infections still growing in U.S., says CDC

Blance Lincoln's flip flop on the public option is noted by the Washington Post:

Dobbs on Palin: I would not vote for her...

Detroit Free Press columnist: GOP official off base with GM remarks

Conservatives Divided Over Whether To Filibuster Obama Judicial Nominee Hamilton

Heritage Analyst on 49 Million in 'Food Insecurity': 'Very few of these people are hungry.'

Are Ukrainians willing to buy genetically modified products (no)

Bush vs Cheney vs Obama: Who's right about when it's best to bow or lower one's head?

Our Uzbek allies in "war on terror" ready to pay friendly bloggers

Surprise! Sharp uptick in militia activity. Anyone want to defend these 'concerned gun owners.'

For homeowners, promised help rarely arrives

HETERO-sexuality is dirty, disgusting, and wrong!!!!

Ain't afraid of no Vietcong king (Palin book review at

Palin ought to debate that 10 year old kid from Arkansas that

Them - "What kind of insurance do you have...?"

Glad to see some Dems GET that real freedom calls for real investigative journalism.

Health Care In A 3rd World Country

As Obama administration focuses on deficits instead of jobs, Democratic majority circles the drain

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed Will Never Ever Be Set Free in the United States

The Rude Pundit: What's with the New Backlash Against Women? (Part 2: Palinophilia on the Right)

My letter to Landrieu

Immigrant-Hating Teabaggers Get Punk'd in Minneapolis

Windows Mobile loses nearly a third of market share

What’s to Become of Hamilton? Senate Could Decide [Today]

Libyan Leader in Italy Seeks Tall, Leggy and Pious

Homophobic Vandalism Hits Businesses

Since we don't have the number of donors on the meter this time...

American Family Assn says boycott Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, 'cause they hate the Baby Jesus

Suicides Spike in US Army, To Surpass Last Year's Record

Mortgage delinquencies hit another record in 3Q

Brazil's dramatic success at reducing infant mortality and malnutrition

Michael Lind: The Pledge of Allegiance is un-American

NATO Chief Confident Afghanistan Will Have More Troops

Swiss to Divulge Details of US Tax Cheats

Professional webmasters front and center.

isn't it fairly obvious that the top marginal tax rates have to go UP...?

Sex infections still growing in U.S., says CDC

KSM And What He Tells Us About The Right

Help! How do you post pix on DU? Cut and paste did not work.n/t

Report: Companies not reporting all injuries

highest ski resort in world out of business - no snow, no glacier

Dow Jones up nearly 4,000 points in 8 months-stunning rise

Cheney: "There is no reason for an American president to bow to anyone." (kissing & hand-holding=ok)

Levi Johnston does not go "Full Monty" for Playgirl

Union troubled by Eagle Scout project in Allentown

Keene, Norquist, and Barr say moving prisoners "makes good sense"..

Happy Birthday, Howard Dean!

Hope for freepers: Bigger not necessarily better

Tim Pawlenty bows down to the foaming-at-the-mouth, rabid dog Right

Where is this "HUUUGGEEE " following for Palin I keep hearing R commenters talk about?

Forbes: most exotic place for tourism is in Ukraine - not a joke

WTF?! Adult filmmaker planning movie about Jaycee Dugard ordeal

Chickenshit Republicans and TeaBaggers, afraid of a few criminals

Move Over Oprah - Here Comes Dick

Rush/Palin Radio Interview. Was it live?

O’Reilly Upset Over 9/11 Trials: ‘I Don’t Care About The Constitution!’

Finally, the answer to if Sarah Palin is ready to lead or not....

T-Mobile involved in data selling probe

Public School Prayer

Puerto Rico Police Arrest Suspect In Gruesome Anti-gay Murder

if you think cuda is too stupid and unqualified to be a threat, I have one letter for you.

Actor who played The Equalizer dead at 79 (Edward Woodward)

China pushes solar, wind power development

Hey lurking teabaggers! Absolute proof* that Obama is a Maoist revolutionary!

So the daddy of Palins grandson is a porn star and his mother is a convicted drug offender?

The media, destruction of America and suicide.

Who among you is buying your huggy bear a BMW for Christmas this year?

School District looks to ban teacher's pets

School District looks to ban teacher's pets

Progressives Push Reid On The Public Option

Scores Rally For Runaway Convert

Iraqi Kurds to boycott national elections

Surprise over U.S.-China joint statement

Palin is not happy with the latest Newsweek cover

Palin is not happy with the latest Newsweek cover

Poll: In New York, Opposition To Terror Trial Is Old, White, And Republican

Debate on Judge Hamilton occuring now in the US Senate...

11 Million Job Buffer From Efficiency And Part Time Workers Before Even 1 Person Needs To Be Rehired

Just got back from an MRI..

Commentary: When Ted Kennedy spoke

'Santas' Request Priority For Swine Flu Vaccine

Afghanistan (2), Iraq (176) Among Most Corrupt Nations: US 19th

Palin getting trashed on conservative radio in New Orleans

Great Quote About Palin's New Book


Washington Times: Obama" Sired By Kenyan Father, Born To A Mother Attracted To Men Of 3rd World"

The Post Transaction Marketing Wall Of Shame: 100s Of Well Known Ecommerce Sites Rip Off Customers

Having a baby and dealing with insurance

Why the buzz about Palin's Going Rogue?

Watchdog demands probe of Rep. Bachmann’s anti-health bill care rally

Palin Advisor: Campaign 'Dysfunctional, Surreal'


Robert Shiller: They called him "Mr. Bubble."

My chihuahua is the Prez' new advisor!

Guardian UK: The one thing depleting faster than oil is the credibility of those measuring it

Matewan - a great movie.

Tee'd Off: Hole-In-One Golfer Can't Collect Car He Won

Palin angered by 'sexist' Newsweek cover (that she posed for!)

Ray McGovern: NYC 9/11 Trial Will Shine the Lights on the Roots of Terrorism

Eric Holder Chose New York For Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial

'Native Unity Blog' made the Wall Street Journal , today!

CBC accidentally uses anti-Palin book during 'The National'

Obesity Wipes Out Decades of Efforts to Reduce Threats to Heart

I have a title for an article if some knowledgeable DUer wants to undertake the endeavor.

OMG..This is so blatantly sexist...

SHHH there is a new religion spreading

This is what the AFA thinks Iwo Jima was about:

Pa. cross burning stokes ire -White couple says black foster son was targeted.

Palin on writing: I have a journalism degree, I've always loved writing...I've journaled all my life

Democrats break GOP filibuster of President Obama's first judicial nominee.

Thanks to Senator Sherrod Brown. (D-OH)

USDA: Record 49.1 Million Americans faced hunger in 2008

Who cares what you think...WHAT DOES Joe T. Plumber Think of Palin's Book?

DCCC slams Shadegg for suggesting Bloomberg's daughter will be kidnapped

"Senate Democrats to attempt break of GOP judicial filibuster "

Palin is the greatest thing that ever happened to the GOP.

I'm Thinking Of Buying Palin's Book

Did I just miss this posting in DU?

Silverdome sale price disappoints

U.S.: Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom to Afghanistan

Need help finding an article about how tips have increased to CIA since Obama took office

A campaign to send wire coat hangers to Stupak

DFA(Democracy For America) meeting in my town tonight..

Army suicides set to hit new high in 2009

My job pays me well enough to be able to shop at Wal-Mart...

Dick Cheney endorses Kay Bailey Hutchison

Exclusive: Jobs 'Saved or Created' in Congressional Districts That Don't Exist


C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt!

prejean observation

The rich will create jobs if they get a tax break.....

It's not that I ENJOY believing that we are, by and large, a nation of ugly ignoramuses...

House GOP leader: I wasn't aware of any wrongdoing

Wasserman Schultz: Health panel findings 'disturbing'

dick cheney weighs in on President Obama's bow....guess what?

Healthcare Reform Pyrric

The Silverdome in Pontiac, MI sells for $583,000 .. cost $55.7 million to build.

Police: Drunk 'ninja' impaled self

When Republicans dream of the "good ol' days" what time period are they thinking of, and

For some reason, I dislike Rudy Giuliani more than all of the other wingnuts.

Tweety's drooling over Sarah Palin is disgusting

Dem Congressman: 'It's Unamerican' To Oppose U.S. Terror Trials

Wall $treet only get$ Billion$, but the Unemployed get a Forum AND a Main Street Tour.

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

Stop Sarah Palin Before It's Too Late!

Tweety is souring on Palin..

San Mateo County man: San Francisco International Airport ruined my life !!!!

If I were clever, and wanted to promote stoopitness, I would start a political action committee.

So, what if the military requires you to be able to do the job?

What would a Palin "reality show" be called?

Somebody Wants Us to Believe Our Neighbors are Stupid....

Forgive me, but here's a quote I just had to share from a RW kook about Palin's book.

FACT... or...FICTION: America is a "Center-Right" nation.

Babba Wawa - Palin interview on ABC Nightly news - I think I am going to be sick

Goats repeatedly try to board bus

This was posted on our local freecycle

VA-Gov: Kaine: Ditching base cost Deeds the race

I'd say this good ole boy is lucky to be alive

Is someone addicted to narcotic pain pills if they don't get much relief yet continue to refill?

Obama lawyers to Democrat alleging political prosecution: Go back to jail

Cannibals nabbed selling corpse to kebab house

Subtitle for Sarah's book: Sarah: Plain & Stupid n/t

My apologies for trying to do something good that looks to at least one person like fraud.

HuffPo: "The 15 Biggest Congressional Recipients Of Wall Street Campaign Cash"


Poll: In New York, Opposition To Terror Trial Is Old, White, And Republican

Will Apple force you to watch ads?

Priceless: Gay Rights Activists Take Over Christian Right Hate-Fest in DC

Stupak: I'll Kill Bill If Abortion Amendment Goes (VIDEO)


Apple Macs no safer than PCs from computer phishing attacks

Clayton Georgia teacher charged with putting "hit" on Gay student

Clayton Georgia teacher charged with putting "hit" on Gay student

Sarah Palin is the Tanya Harding of Politics!

Newsweek had some nerve editing that Palin photo.

LOL! "You HAD to mention Sarah Palin"

NYT -- Ed Schultz, 'formerly of Air America'????

excellent book!

Geraldo Rivera the responsible one?

Anyone care to make a bet...

From Petition to US Chamber to stop supporting

Biden on Daily Show Tonight...His motorcade just had another crash

This article and this video just about sum up the state of things in America

Rep. Bill Otto is “A Colored Person Also”

Dana Rohrabacher on Cspan now. (7:30 PM Philly time.)

Dana Rohrabacher on Cspan now. (7:30 PM Philly time.)

I fear we have become too stupid to keep the Republic.

Obama graciously bows in protocol for a second compared to this:

Help me defeat the Anti-Snopes!

Georgia Teacher Charged With Putting "Hit" On Alleged Gay Student

chris matthews 'americans don't bow'

Shaffer coming on Rachel Maddow

Mukasey: Rep. Moran Has ‘Lost Touch With Reality’ And Should ‘Get Professional Help’ From Maj. Hasan

Oklahoma pol to file bill to counter fed hate crimes law -- or else necrophilia will be protected

Upstate 'Grenade' Maker Will Be Hiring Soon

Scathing Report By Gov. Watchdog Singles Out Geithner For Bungling The Bailout

Senate Republican filibuster on Judge Hamilton fails! 29-70

If most Afghans want US forces to stay at least another year,

Raw Story: Palin says yes to 2012 presidential run, ‘if the people will have me’

"Mohammed ain't Magneto, nemesis of the X-men." - Rude pundit


Poll: Most Say War in Afghanistan Going Badly (Up From 53% to 69%)

Geithner responsible for overpayments that put billions of extra tax dollars in Banksters pockets

They Should Get a Union

My husband is in IT and says there are huge questions

CStreet stripped of it's

WOW! That george w. bush can really bow & kow tow!

I just kicked in a couple dollars for Modest Needs

Army's record suicide rate 'horrible,' general says

Army's record suicide rate 'horrible,' general says

Joe Biden is the guest on the Daily Show tonight. n/t

“Florida is a hill to die on for conservatives.”

Hillary crushing on Britain's Miliband?

Utah U.S. Congressman thinks Prejean could run for office because of her 'strong message'

California Outsources Tourism Hot Line - Kansas City Call Center Answers Toll-Free Number

Will the NYC trial of KSM re-stoke 9/11 fever as well as demonstrate America's acceptance of torture

What does Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and GW Bush and Cheney have in common????

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Did you know that Ensign moved out of "C Street" House?


How Drudge cherry-picks data to fit his global-warming-denying narrative

Right-Wingers Are Correct. Obama DID Bow Too Much - By 15 Degrees. Here's The Proof:

There is a food pantry near my work that is open every Tuesday and it was PACKED

On human evolution on Nature

Tax marijuana?

Anybody Know What Happened To The Revoking Of The Insurance Industry's Anti-Trust Exemption ???

hey Stupak, pick one: your amendment, or your Party funding. dickass.

Sarah's book marked down to $4.97 on Newsmax

Sarah's book marked down to $4.97 on Newsmax

The Rogue Amazon reviews - "Ain't afraid of no vietcong king"!

Ms Palin thinks McGramps fucked up by not going against Obama re Rev Wright.

On ABC--Barbwa Wawa does fluff piece on Sarah Palin

On ABC--Barbwa Wawa does fluff piece on Sarah Palin

If there's ever a flight that you want to qualify for pre-boarding on.......

Let's be honest about the Newsweek cover

Hunger in America?

Nicole Wallace responds to Palin

Another marijuana public policy poll

Why can't the American food production and delivery system feed all Americans?

Dear God (or whatever deity), PLEASE give me a day before I die not dominated by Sarah Palin.

Lou Dobbs on the Daily Show tomorrow night

Caption this pic of Cheney and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

Coburn vows to read the entire health care bill on the Senate floor.

Alright! That's it! Democrats who are DETERMINED to FORGET THE HATERS and WIN 2010 check in here!

C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt

Sarah Palin is the Susan Boyle of authors

"Republicans Headed For A Bloodbath In Florida." - David Frum

Glitch Could Force 15 MILLION People To Repay Obama's Stimulus Tax Credit

OK-so Sarah thinks Levi is doing porn in Playgirl--I wonder what her thoughts are about Ms. Prejean?

Toilets aren't "aspirational or charismatic," potty expert says

$5 to the first person who can tell me WTH this is:

Anonymous Star donors appreciation thread.

Rep. Chaffetz: Carrie Prejean could run for office with a ‘strong message.’

Better Black TV

Sen. Sherrod Brown: 'Where Was The Compromise From Their Side?'

Sen. Sherrod Brown: 'Where Was The Compromise From Their Side?'

Victim In Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn Beck (the onion)

US News: Women in Their 40s Ponder Whether to Skip the Mammogram

"Going Rogue"

Wesley Clark Tells Congress to Plan Exit Strategy in Afghanistan

Catholic bishops: Gay marriage hurts society, homosexuality no factor in priest abuse

Slavery, abortion and civil war

Levi: "It's almost funny, that she's like, 46 years old, and she's battling a 19 year old"

Daydreams of Our Father

Revealing Pic of Moonie Times Editor who claims Obama doesn't know what America "is about"

Things you can get for $4.97

Just heard that every book store in the US has sold out of 'Going Rogue'

Crap - I think I have H1N1...

Could Sarah Palin get elected president in 2012?

Question to the ladies here on DU---Have you ever bought a Playgirl magazine?

Facing hunger,pope demands end to opulence&change in lifestyle

To all of you folks giving Newsweek a pass for the Sarah Palin cover:

Sen. Robert Byrd will become the longest-serving member of Congress

That's it, I'm firing up my time machine and heading to SF circa 1967

The Decision

So, as of today, who's most likely to win the Republican nom in 2012?

The economy is no longer contracting

Police Officer Uses Taser On 10-Year-Old Girl

Army Sends Infant to Protective Services, Mom to Afghanistan

My breasts and I are conflicted over this mammogram thing...

Obama Nominates Pesticide Executive to Be Chief Agricultural Negotiator

To all of you folks giving Newsweek crap for the Sarah Palin cover:

US Justice Department opposes Siegelman appeal (AP)

US Justice Department opposes Siegelman appeal (AP)

Everyone is invited to the big ceremony on Friday.

Has anybody on DU bought Palin's book?

SOLIDARITY! VICTORY! The striking graduate students at the U fo Illinois have won!

It ticks me off to no end to see an American President bow to a Japanese Emperor!!!!

Lakota Nation files lawsuit against parties in sweat lodge incident

Unemployed girl just knocked on my door with child in tow.

DU this Freep'ed Poll!!!

President's Eye to an Afghanistan Exit is a Step in the Right Direction


We need to come up with some projects for H20Man

Republicans heading for a bloodbath in Florida

Why do Republicans support corporations over government?

Purdue Resists Calls for Firing Professor for Anti-Homosexuality Blog Post

Media misinformants (round two): false fears about H1N1 vaccine safety

Got my loan modification offer from my lender in the mail today. Thank you President Obama!!

Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies (ADL takes on Glenn beck)

Microsoft employees assault customers (with a dance)

I think I found out why the fundies don't give a damn about the poor/homeless/hungry...

Obama administration opposes Siegelman's appeal

Here are the 27 Dems we can thank for pressing the TARP IG for AIG investigation

Taken from Irrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy, by William Barrett

On obesity and shades of gray.... versus black and white "religious" thinking

Toons- R E S P E C T

Toons- R E S P E C T

You say you want a revolution... Too many here are overly-invested in the political system

Cenk Uygur: Imagine If Today's Right-Wing Were Around for Nuremberg

I didn't believe the Psalm 109:8 story when Rachel told it.

Well, it's official, a 100% increase

Joe Bageant on what's wrong with health care, Democrats, and the left in general.

Joe Bageant on what's wrong with health care, Democrats, and the left in general.

15 best places for green jobs.

15 best places for green jobs.

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! This totally belongs in GD

Palin: Can't we just underscore the fact that she has a personality disorder and be done...

Contraception is a "suddenly loaded political issue, a toxic sister to abortion"

Artist Thomas Kinkade's paintings mocked

A Short History of FBI COINTELPRO

Washington Times: Obama lacks ‘blood impulse’ for what America ‘is about’ due to his ‘Kenyan father'

Must Read: Bill Maher's Pseudoscientific Anti-Vax Article At HuffPo Debunked

Assumptions about black men in Redneck World.....sigh

Assumptions about black men in Redneck World.....sigh

Latest report on Breast Cancer and Mammograms I'm so angry I don't know what to do!

Parents ask school to ban perfume

U.S. Rep. John Conyers: Restore Glass-Steagall protections

The logical lapses of the anti-vaccine movement.

Check in here if you need a star.

Do Ya?

Some really ARE born with it.

Some really ARE born with it.

When you pop the question ,,,

"Let's Work Together!" Canned Heat 1970, live w/Alan Wilson on slide Les Paul Gold Top-

Good morning Lounge

They arrested someone for shooting the little boy through the door.

Check out this weiner!

Bargain shopping? Check out this site.

I love to clean my ears out with a Q-tip but THIS is just NUTZ!!!

Ravens! Fuck yeah!

Sarah Palin to debate Asher Heimermann in 15 Minutes on

"The people you misuse on your way up

For us long-term planners, when is the next date for the end of the world AFTER 2012?

mmmmmm....Bacon Wrapped Roast Turkey - could thanksgiving get any better than this???!!!

Someone post a good flamebait thread so I can get to 1000 posts.Please.

My Grandfather refuses to get hearing aids..but now

Post here why I should place you in the Tommy_Carcetti Hall of Shame.

"A Tribute ~Into the Mystic~ Van Morrison

Do you get a prize for killing the thread that will not die?

BREAKING NEWS: Court orders Washington's NFL team to change its logo to something less offensive

The Lovely Bones movie trailer. Looks awesome.

I haven't been around all that much lately either... go ahead.... talk about me

Where does the likeness of Grovelbot come from? Is it a real toy with a DU sticker?

MissMillie offered to be Jason Bay's lovetoy

LMAO!!!! Cracked gives Nicholas Cage investment advice:

Turn that frown upside down.

I don't like the water with the bubbles in it

Its A Communication Breakdown...Seriously

Tavernertavern serves: Founders Backwoods Bastard

I learn something new everyday

My boss was on the Today show this morning

Rumor has it that MissMillie is having a hot torrid affair with not one but TWO DUers

Name An Artist for Whom You Love Their Politics But Hate Their Work

Name the worstest thing that ever happened but then became gooder as time past to.

Tweetin' On A Jet Plane



Massage Situation

PSA: stitches itch as they heal

this is a $1650 course, why must these two dumbasses whisper and play tiddleywinks out of boredom?!

It's a secret

Wow, winter on Whitney Houston today! Oh, wait, that's not snow.

Jeopardy watchers - check out the outfit on the douchebag in the middle today

I ate dog food this morning -- no wonder Teddie doesn't like it!

...yeah, but could it surf the web?

Ever catch your cat practicing her "cutes"?

Wow, winter in Houston this morning, it is 47 outside.

Bittersweet Dexter

That's it everyone. I am going to start casting asparagus on anyone who

Tabata training. Anyone else tried it?

Dexter is criminally insane

Just made a veggie slaw burger and it was...

How could you post that?

YouTube: MAX J-Pop Gig Tour 1997 - "Love Is Dreaming"

My week with an ugly American

YouTube: More MAX, J-Pop Gig Tour 1997 - "Give Me A Shake"


It sucks that a nice guy got fired, but good riddance to Dick Jauron!

Fallin' Down

YouTube: Even more MAX: "Anata wo Omouhodo"

'Sexiest Man Alive' to be revealed on 'Early Show'.

Who remembers TV FUNHOUSE?

Name some things, then post the goodest ones their. n/t

Tonight's geography FAIL

MORE Pageant Porn: Sex Tape features Miss Japan '08, Miss Trinidad and Tobago '08 & Some Young Guy

Connie Martinson & Barack Obama

I hate nothing as much as voice-interactive phone menus

No man in Germany pees standing up


BREAKING: Microsoft Unveils "Pörn," The Search Engine That Only Returns "XXX" Search Results

The Onion's Obama lampoon

Is there anyone here who isn't stressed?

the diversity of my boring day

"Ninja" Impaled On Fence In Seattle After Failed Leap

If you are unemployed.........

I got a new used sofa today for free.

Bittersweet Symphony or Unfinished Sympathy?

I'm posting with a 'roid!

Taverner fires up the Way-Back Machine: Woodstock, Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers

Just got back from picking up Left 4 Dead 2

YouTube: My all-time favorite Brian Wilson solo song, "Your Imagination"

Rock. Paper. Scissors. Nuke?

my husband bought me a can of worms for christmas.

How many (if any) degrees of seperation from bacon are you?

You Tube: Black Leather Elvis, '68 Comeback Special, "One Night"

Whenever I hit spellcheck on DU, I get an "error on page." reading.


Right now there is a BLIMP right outside my window!

You know what else I hate? Male a capella 'rock' groups, like Rockapella

Old School: Righteous Brothers - Just Once In My Life

YouTube: Pick up a flat rock, skip it across the Green River LIVE - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Rock Cutter

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/17/09

Paper Cutter

Paper Cutter

'68 Yardbirds - Dazed and Confused

Another disturbing Wonder Woman image

"Phoebe in Wonderland" =charming little movie.

MP3 playing doorbell

Hugh Jackman vs George Clooney who's the better actor?

V - episode 3 - anybody watch? (spoiler alert)

I ate cat food one night - I can see why a cat might like it

American Psycho: Huey Lewis Scene - Quite Possibly Bale's best film

Your FAVORITE Rainier Wolfcastle Movie

Need some good songs to keep me going through the work night

Opinions on bidets requested.

Do you believe in Karma?

I've been watching the AMC "Prisoner." My new name is 813. What's yours?

Terrific interview with Tim Gunn (of Project Runway fame) in the LATimes

What is "Smart Casual" Dress?

bwaha the nutjobs at some alternative reality think I have down's syndrome

Someone Gave Me A Star!!! I Was Planning On Donating, So I'm Now Taking Recommendations

Bill Maher

I adopted a feral cat.....sort of

What were the sixties like for you where you lived at the time?

Anyone know how New Zeaalnd is doing these days?

I'm posting from my Droid!

As I suspected, at least one of the cats has a reverse gear

One badass dog (pic)

Anyone here like to cook in this kitchen?

How many (if any) degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon are you?

The Law of 3 happened again: Edward Woodward, Ken Ober and now Dennis Cole

Anyone else here drink a lot of non-alcoholic beer?

Simon's Cat

People should not try to have serious conversations with me when I am this out of it.

To anyone who has ever done acid



New Zealand sucks! Old Zealand is where it is at!

So I'm watching "Sneakers"

I scored the most totally cool thing today --

Caption this cat

Midlo hasn't been around lately. Let's talk about her.

Portishead-Roads (live)

Please put yourself in my shoes and tell me if I am justified in my anger

Blunt and Purgason still far apart

Hoffman 'unconcedes' in N.Y.-23 House race

Auditor Salmon faces DUI charge

All-time high--- Huntsman's take on China visit...

NAACP, National Council of La Raza, Union Movement Prods Obama on Job Losses

Osama Bin Laden worked for US Defense contractors until 9/11.

AP Poll: Tax the Rich to Pay for Health Care

We don't have any Real Democrats anymore..

Oh well, health care reform is now dead. (huh?)

Pearce asked to step down from gas pipeline post by Obama

The ‘Deboogeymanification’ of Terror Suspects

Financial Crisis Inquiry Kicks into High Gear

And tonight's musical selection will include.....

This crap about "the bow" ......

“God is going to see you through this,” Palin recalls Lieberman telling her, noting that she found

Bill Press: The health care Bill will not be signed by Christmas

Obama never said "Yes, I can". He said "Yes, WE can!"

The stinking media is propping Palin for 2012 as they did then Gov. G . W. Bush

Rockefeller (D-WV) dismisses idea of reconciliation for health care bill

Obama stresses human rights in meeting with China's Hu Jintao

Rep. Shadegg to Bloomberg on House floor-"How would you feel if YOUR child was kidnapped by a terror

The Assassination of Greg Craig

"Obama should be using his clout to launch a bold 'Get America Back To Work' campaign"

Berkeley GOP holds off on Graham censure

Dobbs Won't Rule Out Senate Bid

Hoffman un-unconcedes the NY-23 special election.

OR-GOV: DeFazio to decide by ... March.

Caliguiri considers switch to challenge Rep. Chris Murphy

Senator Dick Durbin Public Option Poll Results

Senator Dick Durbin Public Option Poll Results

"Obama team ignores Volcker at its peril"

"Palin Calls GOP Battles Healthy" (and talks about the benefits of an idependant third party)

FauxNews Major (Tool) Garrett will interview Obama in Beijing Tuesday Night, Eastern Time

Why the Senate bill is better than the House bill on cost control

Mr. President, take your time on Afghanistan

Progressive Caucus Requests Meeting with President Obama to Rethink Afghanistan

Olbermann explains bowing

Pruden: Obama lacks "blood impulse" for what America "is about" due to "Kenyan father,"

GQ Leader of The Year: Barack Obama

MA-Gov: Patrick Looks Better, Thanks to Cahill

PHOTOS: President Obama tours the Forbidden City

House plans jobs bill before year end

How many overcrowded one time free clinics will have to be held in order to open the eyes

Should Pres. Obama keep his campaign promise of continuing the Afghanistan war?

Maybe Palin could run as a separatist--

PHOTOS: Barack and Hillary Take a Trip

Progressive leaders warn of lasting damage from jobs crisis: "an unfolding social catastrophe"

Palin/Prejean 2012

Run for the Hills Lieberman! Here comes the "Former Senators" Cavalry!

In Palin Tour, No Sign of 2012 Run

Another view on Obama's overseas manners, bows and townhall meetings

Daily Three Post Limit?

Dick Morris put the brakes on Sean Hannity's Sarah Lovefest with this...

When you get an in depth interview that is accessible on The Daily Show...

PHOTO Living in New York

"especially as the Emperor is the son of Japan’s wartime Emperor Hirohito."

TeaBagger:Doug Hoffman just "Un-conceded" the NY-23 race on Beck.. Woo hoo!!!

US offshore tax amnesty yields big response:IRS

Stupak on Hardball just now seems willing to compromise

In The Know: Palin wants to do Rahm's job, not Obama's

Another winner by Tom Tomorrow

Obama creates task force to fight financial fraud

You know what I love about DU or just lefties in general?

Obama's "mother attracted to men of the third world"

The GOP is intellectually and morally bankrupt.

Obama Administration won't lift President Reagan's ban prohibiting direct federal jobs programs!

"Threats Against Obama Drop to Normal Levels"

I don't remember: did Lloyd Bentsen issue a statement after the Dukakis-Bentsen

POLL: Obama Approval Shows Durability-56 Percent Approve of President Obama

Jim Webb Joins Party Of No, Jay Rockefeller Joins Party Of Slow

If Obama's bow has become a thing, why hasn't Palin flag fiasco?

GOP dark horses for 2012?

Are you watching Rachel? Frank Schaeffer is scaring me

MN-Gov: GOP behind Coleman but Dems divided

So Wes Pruden wants to bring mamas and daddies into it?

President of AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, Urges Spending Up to $3 Trillion to Spur Jobs

Luke Russert looks like he's lost weight

Did anyone see CNN preview Barbara Walters asking Palin about foreign affairs?

Orly Taitz Refuses to Pay Judge’s $20,000 Sanction

GM begins to pay back government bailout loans


"Gentle Ben Eases Abortion Stance"

Bombshell: Bin Laden worked for US till 9/11

U.S. politician promotes home ownership in settlements

Hedge fund chief's NY indictment deadline extended

Obama, Hu envision cooperative future

Owner of Titans Is Fined $250,000 for Crude Gesture

Wholesale inflation up less than expected in Oct

Soros' Holdings Increase, Takes Stake In Ford

Lehman sues Barclays over windfall profits

Obama administration opposes Siegelman's appeal

New Greenpeace head attacks Obama

Afghanistan, Iraq among the world's most corrupt

End protectionism, China tells US

For 12-Year-Old Without an Arm, Insurance Has Run Out (already met his lifetime maximum benefit)

Recession causes more families to go without food

Iraq's Kurds threaten to boycott elections

Israel approves 900 new homes in east Jerusalem

China, U.S. eye pact to help troubled banks: sources

Israel gaffe reveals 'Iran ship photos' were forged

Obama and Hu aim to agree greenhouse gas targets

Some African countries 'not viable', Mo Ibrahim says

Afghan anti-corruption unit is unveiled

Anti-Abortion Group to Protest Palin

Republicans threaten to block terror trials

Obama's Japan bow showed respect: State Department

IMF urges China to appreciate currency

U.S., China make progress in tackling climate change

Army suicides rise

AP source: NYC papers' circulation offices raided

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 17

National intelligence director to evaluate CIA missions

Financial Overhaul Now Expected to Get Mid-December Vote

Iran could have more secret nuclear sites, warns UN nuclear watchdog

AP sources: Senate weighs long-term care program

Israel angers U.S. by approving new West Bank homes

Record numbers go hungry in the US

Soldier mom refuses deployment to care for baby

Senate advances David Hamilton for appeals court

Dave Obey Chides Obama Administration For 'Stupid Mistakes' On Stimulus Reporting

Obama Orders Task Force to Fight Financial Crime

Feds raid Gibson offices

Workers share in $41 million award from beer distributor lawsuit

Workers share in $41 million award from beer distributor lawsuit

Poverty, corruption key in Afghan war: Oxfam

Mortgage delinquencies hit another record in 3Q

Nearly 5,000 troops on way to Camp Atterbury (Afghanistan deployment)

Nato chief promises Afghanistan will get 'substantially more forces'

Obama and Hu aim to agree greenhouse gas targets

IRS unveils criteria for Swiss bank account disclosures

C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt

Miliband calls for majority of Taliban to be reintegrated into Afghan society

Audit Faults New York Fed in A.I.G. Bailout

GEO, University reach tentative agreement; strike suspended (U of Illinois)

US Postal Service has $3.8 bln loss in fiscal '09

How Vienna college project led to charges over Nazi massacre

Glenn Beck is scarier than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, says Anti-Defamation League

Purple Hearts proposed for Fort Hood victims

Senate approves budget for veterans programs

Citi boosts base salaries for some senior employees

Army tapes reveal motive in Iraq prisoner killings

US Army arrests mother who failed to turn up for Afghanistan deployment

Taliban blow up girls' school in Pakistan: officials

'Blackwater' tries to teach 'lesson' to (Pakistan's) TheNation's staffer

Democrats promise jobs bill

Venezuela the most corrupt country in Latin America, TI says

Ret. Gen. Wesley K. Clark urged members of Congress Tuesday to adopt an exit strategy for American f

Info on over 14,700 secret Swiss bank accounts has been given to IRS

US envoy heads to Honduras in bid to jumpstart talks

Biotech Crops Cause Big Jump in Pesticide Use: Report

Honduran Congress to vote on Zelaya fate after poll

Global temperatures will rise 6C by end of century, say scientists

90-year-old charged in Germany for Nazi-era crimes

AP POLL: Tax the rich to pay for health bill

Palin Onstage, Still Moving Off Message

Her (Palin's) Side Of the Story

Drug Makers Raise Prices in Face of Health Care Reform.

Brown Seeks London Summit to Discuss Afghan Handover

Hunger in U.S. at a 14-Year High.

Afghan Escalation Would Make One-Year Pentagon Budget Almost As Big as Entire 10-Year Health Bill

Why Won't Obama Give You a Job?

What Right Wing REALLY Wants From Obama on Asian Trip

Joe Galloway: Mr. President, Take Your Time

The Moral Compass Missing From The Greatest Trade Ever

In Pictures: President Obama meets President Hu in China

Top Ten Reasons Rudy Opposes NY Detention and Trial of Terrorists

Oprah Surprises Sarah Palin With Gift of Car Keys

Analyst Doubts Health Overhaul Can Pass

Retailers’ Earnings Show Signs of Stabilization.

Dave Lindorff: Let's Not Lecture the Chinese About Censorship

Judge: No Military Protection for Blackwater Lawyers

Chinese President To Obama: YOUR Country Needs a Cultural Revolution!

Christian Bootcamp Seeks to Arm Home-Schooled Youths for "Spiritual Warfare"

Paying Off the Warlords; Anatomy of an Afghan Culture of Corruption

Once again: The New York Times and Obama’s attack on health care

Finally A President Not Governed By Fear

Sarah Palin's Poison: The Secret of Her Right-Wing Success

Giving hypocrisy a bad name Republicans slammed filibusters of Bush judicial nominees. Now they...

Study: Uninsured Trauma Victims Face Sky-High Death Rate

In Health Care Vigil Outside Joe Lieberman's Home, Rabbis Invoke New Commandment

Why the Afghan Surge Will Fail - Excellent Analysis- I hope Pres. Obama reads it.

Why the Afghan Surge Will Fail - Excellent Analysis- I hope Pres. Obama reads it.

Ohio Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner: a strong supporter of marriage equality (since 1989!)

TYT: 42 Congressman Have Exact Same Lobbyist Written Speech

Marlee Matlin's Remarks at FCC Hearing on Broadband Access for People With Disabilities

Liberalviewer: I Got a DMCA Notice from Fox

A world without roast beef: who wants that except McCartney and Stern?

Keith Olbermann: Countdown producer bears witness to America's health care shortcomings

Glenn Beck video - he uses false transcription for "Obama czar's" speech

CNN Is a Puppet Slave to the Government !

Ring of Fire: Casting Doubt on Climate Change (Part 2/2)

Young Turks: Cenk Destroys Obama 'Bow-Gate' Garbage

Announcing the Winner of the Health Reform Video Challenge

Candlelight Vigil for Sen. Lieberman on Health Care

Ratigan: Financial fraud task force announced!

The Undead are Hiring!

Where are the GM workers now? Heartbreaking :-(

Rudy Giuliani Explains Republican Cowardice

Standing ground on the public option - Dr. Nancy Snyderman & Sen. Sherrod Brown

** Green Scroll Project in DC - Human Rights 4 Iran

Real News Pales Next to Palin

Health Care = Child Rape - WTF?

O'Reilly Asks Dobbs: 'Barack Obama - Is He The Devil?' (LOL-it sounds like a job interview!)

President Nixon Bows to Mao!

Palin Interview With B Walters: I would never do a reality show-& Obama Gets A "4"

COP15: RAISE YOUR VOICE & change climate change! 193 nations 1 city

COP15: Google Earth Climate Introductory Tour [Al Gore]

COP15: Google Earth Climate Introductory Tour (long version) [Al Gore] - ## [5:16] ##

Global Land-Grab For Food Security "Spiralling Out Of Control"

Keith Olbermann Fact-Checks Sarah Palin's Oprah Interview

Pledge of Allegiance (as original written) recited by schoolchildren 1950

Countdown: Bill O'Reilly - "I Don't Care About The Constitution, You Pinhead!"

10 year old boy sits down for equal rights

Leave Sarah Palin Alone

Reid: you should be impressed by Healthcare bill

Ring of Fire: Casting Doubt on Climate Change (Part 1/2)

TYT: Cenk Debates Conservative (Who Attempts To Defend Sarah Palin's Intelligence)

Oregon Food Bank: Faces of Hunger

More profits for big pharma? Michael Moore

American Healthcare is #1!!!

Rachel Maddow: Frank Schaeffer Warns Against New Religious Right Threat to Obama (Psalms 109:9)

Solar Impulse: Around the world non-stop in a solar powered plane..

Drumbeat: November 17, 2009

Nuclear companies face reactor design problems, ethics questions

$352 Million Project To Clean Hanoi's 2 Main Rivers - Nhue River Too Filthy For Any Use

Barack Obama's trip to Beijing expected to yield cooperation on 'clean coal' and smart grids and

Australia Issues First-Ever Code Red Fire Warning As Heat Wave, Winds Parch South - AFP

U.S. submarine's trip to Arctic should sound alarms for Canada: expert

Robert Redford's Sundance Channel to Air Climate Denier Propaganda tonight

Climate change laws years away: Prentice

Rare Northern Jaunt For 500-Meter Antarctic Berg - Just NW Of Macauarie Island Between NZ, Antarctic

Holding Back The Tide: Bangladesh To Dredge Rivers In Attempt To Slow Water & Soil Salinization

The 'Fat Map': Putting World Hunger Into Perspective

The propaganda campaign against climate change...

Paying Extra for Green Power, and Getting Ads Instead

50%+ Of Ohio, Kentucky Adults Will Be Obese By 2018 At Current Rates Of Increase

Global temperatures will rise 6C by end of century, say scientists

Bill McKibben - Mr. President, Time To Quit Fibbing And Spinning - Mother Jones

Hundreds Of Bulk Carriers Crowd Malaysian "Ship City" - Leaking Fuel, Illegally Draining Bilges

We have met the deniers, and they are us

I test drove a Nissan Leaf this morning.

Christian Bootcamp Seeks to Arm Home-Schooled Youths for "Spiritual Warfare"

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Monday, November 16

Michigan football didn’t keep logs for players

Buffalo gets the shaft from Titans' owner and then gives it to the coach.

Ex-NFL player Runyan considering run for Congress in New Jersey

Jets coach Rex Ryan bursts into tears while addressing team.

Gruden signs a long term contract w/ MNF

Canes lost 3 more players in the win over The Wild. Face Canadiens tonight.

Chiefs WR Bowe suspended 4 games

4th and 2 4th and 2 4th and 2 4th and 2 4th and 2 4th and 2 4th and 2 4th and 2

I got promoted at work

There is justice! Greinke wins Cy Young!


Honduran Election Day in US: A Recipe for Fraud?

Venezuela: Colombia detained troops illegally

Please delete. Dupe. Thanks. n/t

Election Boycott Kicks Off with “To Vote is to Say “Yes” to the Coup D’Etat”

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG Trumka: Free Elections Not Possible Now in Honduras

Colombia: secret police agent gets mobbed, guerilla suspect "unarrested"

Venezuela the most corrupt country in Latin America, TI says

Soto Cano Base: SOUTHCOM Awards $38M Contract to Honduran Firm for “IT-Communications”

Arnold August: Honduras – Constituent Assembly is the Solution

Israel: Specter of Meir Kahane continues to haunt politics

EU rejects Palestinian bid for unilateral declaration of state

Abbas says determined to advance unilateral moves

Interview / Reporter Helen Thomas criticizes Obama's Mideast peace efforts

Hamas being hammered by hypocrites among Hamas and rejectionists

Israel approves 900 new homes in east Jerusalem

U.S. 'dismayed' at Israel plan to build 900 homes beyond Green Line

Soldiers' mutiny raises concern in Israel

Israel angers U.S. by approving new West Bank homes

Utah nonresident CCW

Sheriff: Michigan man shot wife, sons before self

Moment of Geek: FN Herstal unveils a black box for guns

If you were adopting a child, how would you answer this question?

The Brady Campaigns new tactic (from earlier this year)

Today in Labor History Nov 17 General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen was founded

Workers At Six Atlantic City Casinos Approve New Contracts

Protecting Employees, Employers and the Public: H1N1 and Sick Leave Policies

Grad Employees Strike University of Illinois, Talks Scheduled Today

Beck uses blatant distortions to smear SEIU as violent organization of "thugs"


My astrophotography rig .. And the results..

How not to run a Photo Contest...

Chain Chopped

"The Palace of Purification"

Attempt at Portraits and fixes


Twilight time.

The Coming Nuclear Crisis

Top Ten Surreal Scientific Breakthroughs of 2009

ALMA RadioTelescope Takes Its First Sub-Millimeter Measurements of Space

Thirty Meter Telescope Will See Deep Space More Clearly-12x more than Hubble

Kansas father, son suspect meteorite landed in backyard of their Liberal home

Birth of New Species Witnessed by Scientists

Civilian Supercomputer Shatters Nuke Simulator’s Speed Record

Former Boy Scout, Mormon Youth Leader accused of molestation

x-post Help repeal Proposition h8

Anti-Gay Attacks on Annise Parker Return

Orlando LGBT Center Vandalized

OMG! Someone FINALLY gets it! DC Board of Elections declares no popular vote on gay marriage rights

Gay couples blast federal Defense of Marriage Act

Geoff Kors: Speech To Equality California Awards Event In San Diego, California

What Bernanke's Economic Recovery Means for U.S. Jobs

Let's Get Fiscal By MIKE WHITNEY

Main Street Tells Wall Street, ‘Get a Real Job’: Susan Antilla

Chinese challenge the U.S.

Americans flee to Guatemala to escape bleak job market

constrained optimization, where the constraint comes from the power of bad ideas.

The Markit Group: A Black-Box Company that Devastated Markets

Aaaaaawww, how nice

Crossword puzzle precognition

There is so much good energy in the H2O man posts...

Wording manifestations

Has anyone noticed that Animal Planet seems to have changed?

Sen. David Vitter (R-Formaldehyde)

Study: New Device Improves Heart Failure Survival

Drug Makers Hike Prices, Lobby Hard As Reform Efforts Progress

U.S. Gets 'D' in Preterm Birth Report Card

(Canada) Nurses Prevented From Assuming New Roles By Medical Establishment

H1N1 Pandemic Update Podcast; On The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge:

H1N1 Flu Skepticism Demands Deft Response

Bumper sticker I had to stop and think about

oh- oh

Thou shalt not manufacture marijuana

Can we stop calling it "education reform"?

Degrees of Atheism/Agnosticism

Need some advice, insight regarding my 3rd grader...

I can now wholeheartedly recommend Spirit-in-Nature flower essences.

Zuchinni flower soup

DREAMED about these!