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Archives: November 15, 2009

OMG, a news outlet posted the Prejean sex tape!!!

Debt Relief Companies

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearing this Wed on Obama 2nd Circuit nominee Denny Chin

NY Times Editorial - "Reform and Medical Costs"

Joe Namath's Dog Declared Dangerous (not a pit bull!)

"The American people were misled about the nation’s response to the 9/11 attacks.”

I was almost killed this morning. Now my back hurts like crazy, will I be responsible for $ if ER?

"Japanese fishing trawler sunk by giant jellyfish"

My theory of Palin mania...

‘Death Panels’ Hypocrisy: RNC Health Insurance Provider Promotes End-Of-Life Counseling

Video: Bombproof Wallpaper vs. a Wrecking Ball

Who is Mourning? (a liberal blog written by a teen )

WJ this morning - the cost of the war in Afghanistan

Palin blackballed CBS

So, are you ready YET?

So Romney the chicken hawk has launched his 2012 campaign

The Heart of the Team

A prison to no where in Illinois

Product liability lawyers alert-Toyota’s sudden acceleration results in lawsuit

Why does David Gregory believe that

I have been watching the glenn beck show

President Obama tells Burma to free Aung San Suu Kyi

Reichert (R-Wash.) takes on AARP over health care overhaul


Cops: Beating suspect said 'God made me hate gay people'

Long Journey Home: Reflections of an 'immoral' person

Federal prosecutors oppose former Gov. Don Siegelman's appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court

Hello this is Sarah - how are you

where are the cheneys? figured dick and liz would be defending gitmo this am

Hillary peddles us more Afghanistan crap

White House Reveals Unannounced Pony Farm

Did anyone catch that story at the end of CBS Sunday Morning about Obama at Arlington?

US Unveils Extended Bagram Prison

US Unveils Extended Bagram Prison

The new Republican Christmas movie

Major Hasan seems like something the Cheney Administration would do

Palin signed to market Snuggies

"SOME" Fear Bush could be target of NY trial

NYT: In House, Many Spoke With 1 Voice: Lobbyists’ (Biotech co. ghost-wrote 12+ lawmaker speeches)

Note to Dodd: Fixing "too big to fail" doesn't mean finding "safe way to dismantle one if it fails"

Leahy confirms Congress will 'carefully' press forward with Fort Hood probe

If Miss Teen SC were in

Obama in Asia - looks like he knows the meaning of the word Diplomacy

MSNBC has become

Sarah Palin goes ‘Rogue’ with the facts

Apparently the vast right wing conspiracy has bought up huge quantities of Going Going Rogue

Karl Christinan Rove. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. Leura Garrett Canary.

Can Fox News make you sick?

Pa. swim club accused of bias to file bankruptcy

Posh Palace in the Moscow Region

Ladies, Stupak amend. puts Gov. in charge of your bods. AIDS is your #1 cause of death. Where is

US unveils extended Bagram prison


Texas man drives very expensive object into the swamp!

Larry Craig paid bonuses to staffers

Idiot America

Multiple Health Conditions Discovered During Free Clinic for Uninsured People in New Orleans

Tanker wake surfing

John Allen Muhammad destroys one of the principal memes of the Bush Administration

World not ending in 2012, says NASA (Or is it?)

Petition Obama: No more troops to Afghanistan

Great LTTE about a teabagger congress rep

Since WHEN did DU become "pot" underground? Pot isn't a miracle cure for everything in the world.

Corporate media needs to be broken up if we are to going to let

The great global land grab

Embattled pool can't stay afloat

John King, WORSE than Lou Dobbs. . . I just browsed past

Sweden returns skulls to Hawaii

Two New Polls Show Graham Tanking

Area Man Passionate Defender Of What He Imagines Constitution To Be

Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial

It's Sunday Morning and National Guard Fighters are doing fly bys over me every 3 minutes

Why is Frank Luntz on the CBS NFL pregame show?

Bad Economy

Cryptographic voting: New system for accurate election tally - Developed By MIT

Homosexual Bloggers Threaten Armed Terrorism to Defend Sodomy, Same-Sex Marriage

UK child migrants apology planned

Giuliani Lies On CNN, John King Lets Him Get Away With It

Going Rogue: Who has actually read it? Post synopsis here

If you're on Twitter #YouMightBeALiberal has been the #1 trending topic 4 hours now.

This morning I am watching Meet the Press

Sarah Palin Week is upon us

MTP: Hatchet Job On Teachers, Unions, And Public Schools

My Near Death Panel Experience

But, hell Harry, why are you there, anyway?

Palin Prejean 2012

SPIEGEL Interview with Hillary Clinton on Afghanistan (11/15/2009)

The Missing GOP Bill

I'm watching "Count Down to Ground Zero"

If this is "Working as we hoped" I don't want to see failure.

My daughter called me last night. A Nor'easter ravaged the Virginia peninsula

Obama's Sec. of Ed., Duncan, Teams-Up With Gingrich and Sharpton on MTP

Those crazy Christians!

Police Arrest Mother in Toddler Death

SoS Clinton: US has no long-term stake in Afghanistan

Peter Hoesktra on Face the Nation

If it keeps on Palin, the Levi’s gonna break

Newsweek: How Sarah Palin Hurts The GOP And The Country

This child abduction story just got a whole lot worse:

From the "You Can't Make This Shit up Files..."

Shouldn't these Congressmen be arrested? (from both parties)

Just a reminder - US GDP from 4th quarter 2008 to 3rd quarter 2009

Ever Notice How "Hard News" Takes The Weekend Off?

Giuliani claims Palin is great for GOP. Well, that says a lot.

Obama Backers Fear Opportunities to Reshape Judiciary Are Slipping Away

LOL! "Pelicans"?!?!?! :

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions may take aim at judicial pick (but lacks votes to fil­ibuster)

NPR on Americans low saving rate with not a word on low wages

Film documents Mormon role in gay marriage debate

The Affordable Health Care for America Act, District by District Impact

Kabul's Obama Market

Kabul's Obama Market

Andrew Sullivan on Sarah Palin's lies

I don't think this guy liked anybody

Willie Brown: Pelosi exhibits leadership, protects colleagues

Cartoon: Check Book Balance

Broaching Birth Control With Afghan Mullahs

Army study: Mental health staff lacking in Afghanistan

Does Wolf Blitzer Think It's Time to Call Out the Lynch Mob?

All is not lost...

All is not lost...

Liz Cheney wants republicans to pick Cheney for 2012

Dieters may get a break on calories

On wealth and whether we should feel sorry or not

God, the Army, and PTSD - Is religion an obstacle to treatment?

Concerns over right-to-die law

There is no pot of gold waiting in Afghanistan.

An e-mail from a friend on the other side

Getting Out of Afghanistan With Grace

Apology for kids shipped from Britain to colonies

On Civility

On Civility

Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial

Question about New York's 23rd District

Detroit Free Press: The growing pot economy

Palin Billboard Fight 'a Crusade' for First Amendment Rights (poll too)

Will the people who buy Palin's book even read it?

Apology for kids shipped from Britain to colonies

Apology for kids shipped from Britain to colonies

This cartoon says it all

Palin's Way of Talkin' Dissected, You Betcha

D-Day for Dems: Create jobs or lose (generic congressional poll: 48% R, 44% D)

Hillary Clinton was president of a fan club....Cute story.

army that vanished 2,500 years ago is found

army that vanished 2,500 years ago is found

Is Palin week about to get leveled by a torpedo of a scandal?

My favorite charitable org got picked for the Fund Drive!

Do any of the charities on the list at the top of the page provide any significant assistance to

Another Strategy for Afghanistan

Egypt gripped by 'veil martyr' trial

Who’s Afraid Of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed?

Crooks & Liars Video: "Wanda Sykes Takes On OBAMA CARE Fear Mongers!"

McCain urges town hall attendees to cut up thier AARP membership cards.

Jobless hit particularly hard

Conservative Policies DO NOT WORK, PERIOD

What do you read from this picture?

When do the Bush taxcuts sunset ??

Sec. Education Duncan, Gingrich and Sharpton on Meet the Press...

$100,000 Challenge to the World: Try to Prove Us Wrong

$100,000 Challenge to the World: Try to Prove Us Wrong

An interesting article in light of the Maine vote

stupid Pat Buchanan thinks hemp is a narcotic

The Catholic Bishops' Huge Financial Stake in Stupak-Pitts: Cutting off the competition

The Catholic Bishops' Huge Financial Stake in Stupak-Pitts: Cutting off the competition

The Rogue Way: How Sarah Palin Became Indispensable and Detroyed the GOP

“Jesus Didn’t Destroy Sodom and Gomorrah Just So We Could Try a Terrorist!”

Demonstrators protest discriminatory dress code

The Power of the Pointed Finger

Ready to Filibuster Anytime the Moment is Right

Sarah Palin: If you fact-check my book, then the terrorists have already won

Palin accuses the AP of doing 'opposition research' in fact check

Problem? People do not read,

Fathom Events- Glenn Beck "live" at your local movie theatre. YUCK

Does anyone in here watch Glenn Beck for the entertainment value?

Roeder wants change of venue. It made me angry at first but now I agree

I have nothing against corporations per se, but when they write debates in Congress, my blood boils

Frontier Airlines jet out of Kansas City has bird strike - loses one engine

Can we please have the nit picking crap about the Bow in one OP?

Memoir Is Lavoie's Payback to Stephanie Miller

It's 12:00 Eastern and MSNBC has gone to it's crime/prison programming

Home Builders (You Heard That Right) Get a Gift

NASA Watch: Shuttle launch tomorrow at 228PM (tenative) - Atlas Launch delayed until Tuesday.

"You can't abuse your customers forever"

So, I just watched "The Torturer" aka Force Drift

Lawsuits to be filed against Boy Scouts and Mormon Church

Sooo.... Hitler/Braun 2012? Cheney/Palin? Are they SERIOUS?!?!

Great program about Cleopatra on right now on The Discovery Channel

Want your own GrovelBot? There's one on sale on eBay!

I want a Grovel Bot

What Would You Have Asked Arne Duncan On MTP?

Rush Endores Sarah Palin

* Bush bows and wears local costumes---photo proof...

"Abortion is not healthcare" makes me want to bite the heads off nails

James Gordon Meek does his commentary on CBS Sunday Morning

For those who are "afraid" of a few alleged terrorists being brought to the mainland for trial:

The trial in NYC is the first step in re-claiming our freedom.

People have triple the debt and less than half the savings compared 2 last time unemployment hit 10%

FOOD FIGHT... now here is a serious recommendation

NPR - "Americans' Savings Offer Little Shelter For Rainy Day"

Gas prices down the second week in a row - another 3 cents to $2.64/gallon

New W.H. Counsel Robert F. Bauer, HuffPo, 6/13/07: "The Progressive Case for a Libby Pardon"

The Decline: The Geography of a Recession

CommonDreams: Does Wolf Blitzer Think It's Time to Call Out the Lynch Mob?

I will give $100 donation to DU if they close up "the Dungeon"

At how many RPMs would you guess ........

At how many RPMs would you guess ........

Capitalism -- greed costing the rich even more.

Liz Cheney suggests Dad for President in 2012

Pete Hoekstra: US Shouldn’t Close Guantanamo — It’s a “Great Place”

The Loved One: The Pet-Death Business

Will you feel bad for the rich?

Palin to Media "Quit Findin' Things Out" - THE MUDFLATS

I was just looking at this photo thinking about how it could be used as a type of litmust test.

The Conservative 'Prostitute' Who Stung ACORN

$'error - where did this name for Palin come from?

If coffee and alcohol were to become illegal how much would you care?

First-time homebuyers leading market back

This talk about a Pacific Rim Free Trade Agreement .......

Former VP Al Gore heckled in Boca by teabaggers

Former VP Al Gore heckled in Boca by teabaggers

An Interview with Charles Johnson

Goldman Pays Junior CDOs Before ‘Junk’ Senior Classes

New Zealand PM: Obama's commitment to free trade will be worth "billions & billions"

A sad comment on our coming generation

Rudy G9u11ni weighs in on the decision to try terror suspects in New York

Rudy G9u11ni weighs in on the decision to try terror suspects in New York

David Axlerod arrrghhhh

Robertson's Islam remarks puts McDonnell on spot

Unemployed Mother of 5 Arrested for Robbing Banks

Study: Pot might ease stress

There will be a strike tomorrow at the University of Illinois

TN state trooper suspended over racially charged e-mail

Is this "Recovery" Being Fueled by Yet Another Bubble (The Dollar Carry Trade)?

Meet Your Meat

Swine flu: Without paid sick leave, workers won't stay home

Obama is responsible for biggest middle class tax cut in history

Palin on Newsweek cover next week. Not the kind of roll out her publishers were hoping for:

Asking Republicans for a Favor


Proposed Law To Ban Corporations From Political Activity

This morning, Hillary was trying to peddle us a bunch of crap

Serious question about marijuana

"Pot has no medical value" - really? As a Med Marijuana Patient allow me to retort

My economic indicator - check your change! There is a reason you do not see many 2009 coins.

My economic indicator - check your change! There is a reason you do not see many 2009 coins.

A special boy, A special dog (If it weren’t for each other, they might not be alive today)

First person to name the coolest animated character EVAR gets a star.

Cheney/Palin 2012... Best. Ticket. Ever!

Hugh story: Portland photographer (96) throws own wake: 'Why bother when I'm dead"

I will give $25 to DU next week if this thread is archived with at least one recommendation.

Are your boobs wearing the right shoes?

Time: "Health Care: Why Small Business Is Opposing Reform Bills" Answer: Ideology

Taxpayers on hook as bailed-out firms fail

Andy Rooney and his four requirements to become a citizen

What's Got Them Really Scared

Lets push back on this Freeper boycott (Levi Johnson)

Rate Arne Duncan And His Plan For Public Schools

What Does That 'Get a Brain Morans' Dude Think About his Fame? Does he know?

How long can you go without a meal?

Here is a picture of the decline of America in one graph:

Palin reminds me so much of the Fundies who fucked me up

Is this for real?! (Going Rogue excerpt on Wonkette)

Is this for real?! (Going Rogue excerpt on Wonkette)

Socialists arrive in Evanston for national convention

On education: Why hasn't Arne Duncan made fixing (or preferably getting rid of) No Child Left Behind

Chase bank modifies mortgage, then sells home anyhow

TARP Failures Keep Taxpayers On The Hook; 33 Companies Miss Payment

The fear that if we leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will take over and then go after Pakistan-------

John Yoo - "The KSM Trial Will Be an Intelligence Bonanza for al Qaeda" - Says Obama Is Wrong

WHY are the repubs SO concerned about an open trial for the 9-11 suspects?

Copenhagen summit: You think reforming health care is hard?

Free clinic exposes real health care needs in New Orleans

Toddlers Wander 1/2 Mile From Douglas, Mass. Daycare

Why Is It... Everytime A Republican is in Office.. I get Screwed...?

This is what I fear people mean by "rich":

Donate to DU during this week's fund drive, and we'll give 10% to Charity! (Final List of Charities)

In Flander's Field ...

I'm beginning to think Lou Dobbs has a point!

Many of us knocked ourselves out to get Obama elected. But what does he stand for?

Which is the more valuable plant to humanity? Wheat or hemp/marijuana/cannabis?

Emotions are one of the killers of academic achievement.

How well does the Army treat its volunteers?

Glenn Beck gets to ask dumb white-guy questions to a room full of black conservatives

Can You Say Depleted Uranium?

I'm so happy that the pastor brought me a copy of Sarah's book.

TheRealNews: Anatomy of casino capitalism by Jane D'Arista (5 Parts)...

Self-described Pedophile defends his predilections on Twitter

Will You Stand With The U.S. Chamber of Commerce In Opposing Health Care Reform?

Toyota to fix accelerators in U.S. recall, report says

Debt Relief Programs

Assassination-themed bumpersticker

Texas man drives Bugatti (million-dollar sports car) into pond

Arne Duncan draws "line in the sand". Supports education policies of Gingrich.

Who and why would anyone oppose Instant Run-off Voting?

Workers getting angrier at corporations.... some looking at a new direction--Mondragon Corp.

Are your gold bars "tungsten salted"

How the Globalist "Free Trade" mantra is a lie

ACK, can't get this Pink song out of my head!

Wow, when Fergie divorced out of the Royal Family...

OMG , we are all going to fart !

Time for this Atheist to go back to church.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Does Hip-Hop/Rap remind anyone else of lyric poetry found in traditional cultures?

Make sure you tell those around you that you love them, it could all be over in a flash

Watching Star Trek in Bluray

Watching Star Trek in Bluray

Just watched Two Camels, One Car -- dorkiest thing I've seen in my liffe

Reverend Horton Heat - One Time for Me

I've plugged two mouses into my computer

Attention Loungers: Choose your weapon!!!

America can, should, must and will blow up the moon.

I was born by the a little tent

Good Morning DU

When you were gone from the country


Top 5 Funnest Ways to Ruin Your Life

Greatest John Lennon song from White Album, Let It Be or Abbey Road

Trying to find a thread to post on but they are all so fucking stupid it's unbearable.

Just watched 2 Girls, 1 Cyst. Worst thing I've seen in my whole life.

What do you call the space between thoughts?


I just want to fight with Undertheocean 'cause he'she wants to fight

Saw a guy from high school tonight, he carves wood in Portland, Oregon

Schadenfreude, Feng Shui, or Tatemae / Honne?

75 and not a cloud in the sky. I've got the laptop in the backyard

Marathon- disaster- Did Not Finish

I got a speeding ticket today - Going 54 in a 35 zone.

This is an intelligent thread for crim son to post on.

One of the better feelings out there...

Nearly everyone has a camera and video on them at all times. Why no UFO pics yet?

Tanker wake surfing

Why doesn't Amazon properly credit stars of movies?

Dante's Inferno made into an animated movie and video game?!

OMG!?! We're all gonna die

Why did I dream about Fidel Castro last night?

Very interesting quote IMO

I just saw my dad's will, and it makes me wonder if he committed suicide.

I'm having trouble posting pictures here with Photobucket...

A quote from a movie that has the ring of truth to it.

Petition Obama: No more troops to Afghanistan

Live one in GD. Enter at your own risk

I'm going to see 2012, The Sarah Palin Chronicals, this afternoon

Darthmatic Chipmunk

Does anyone else remember their own birth?

I had my first middle of the night fire alarm. Ask me anything.

Pot thread spam in GD!

Pop rock band Fall Out Boy is sounding pretty good on PBS's Soundstage...

This song will get you compusively dancing!

I hate that the fucking English killed the Gaelic Language

I Want A Cookie

From the Beginning by ELP

Time to settle the issue.

Hey Dallas fans!

Stabbed in the brain - and he lived

Wow. I got disappeared.

Is your signature legible, or just some kinda ridiculous squiggle?

Limited time offer! Buy me a Picasso original! I'll cut out the part of the canvas

#15 for New Mexico's women's soccer team is not a good sport

A haiku from the book Shogun.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/15/09

What genius cast Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal as brothers?

Does anyone else find it annoying when someone says "I'm a fighter!" or "I'm going to fight..."?

Anyone else going to watch "WW2 in HD" at 9 Eastern?

I cooked some really healthy stuff

Bengals win! Eat it Steelers!!

12 Angry Men

OK, a question for you computer-savvy types!

I'm officially PISSED at the Denver Broncos!

Pic of an interesting cloud

I wish we lived in future space times

Timeless Space

Yes, but the socks are still in pretty good there a way I can...

My nearly feral cat...

I just donated to DU

I just got back from 2012 too...

I just got back from 2018...

Nostalgia triggers...

*knock knock* hello? is this thing on?

I just got back from 2002.

Greatest Rolling Stones Album Ever

The bunny peed on me last night.

Just got back from 2016.

They simply do not make music like this any more.

I have homemade hot coco...

The scene from North by Northwest this plane was used in is a few miles from my house

Sunday football thread

A Poem: Mama's Work

Teen accused of kidnapping teen at gunpoint, forces him to buy Playstation 3

Man Steals 100 Copies Of Popular Video Game From GameStop

I hate liver , liver is yucky

OK, that does it. I'm back to posting.

Some days I have to resist against all my urges to get tombstoned in a blaze of glory.

Why aren't these bands in the R and R Hall of Fame?

Mad Men withdrawal tonight :-(


Why do so many prime time TV shows have relationship psychodrama weaved into their plotlines?

"She was crying and wanted to go home. She kept saying I don't pay for drinks! This is ridiculous!"

Does anyone know if the Cowboys played today? If so how did they do?

Post your reasons why, Crim Son, California Peggy and Grey Warrior are the most wonderful

Any one watch Three Rivers?

Okay, you lurking freepers you have questions, I have answers and a thought

I studied for my Spanish test all day...cleaned the kitchen and

Gratuitous cat pictures...

Just got back from 2012

Principal bans students from saying 'Meep!'

Japan's reaction to Obama bowing before the Emperor

Spanish (and Italian) speakers: in need of translation help

My Friday Morning (Pic - dialup warn)

So, would you press the button?

Show Your Desktop Picture Thread:

Kitties are getting fat.

The kittys brought us a new pet, Lucky the dwarf hamster.

I am a Proud New Owner of a Raw Beet!

Least amount of screen time for a best actor or actress Oscar winner?

$1.25 MILLION car ends up in salt marsh-pelican and dropped cell phone blamed

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) AwwzFest '09 Edition

Who do you have a "man crush" on? Let's call it "opposite crush".

Help a small Yooper town!

In Asia, Obama to make push for arms control deal

This bozo crazy women PALIN: hope that Mohammed and his co-conspirators are convicted. Hang ‘em high

Fox News Sunday...

Axelrod slams Romney

Battlefield Report From The Clash Of Civilizations

President Obama SHOULD have accepted the invitation to Hiroshima

President Obama arrives in Shanghai for China visit

Should we expect our politicians to fulfill their campaign promises?

Truth, Justice And the American Way

A-hem. About that bow.

Axelrod: Obama opposed to bill with Stupak amendment

Bill Clinton unintentionally explains how Obama's Asian "free trade" pact would be another disaster

PHOTOS: President Obama arrives in Shanghai

Obama-mania Sweeps China

"Obama tells Myanmar junta to free Suu Kyi"

Ya would think Americans would be Proud that our President is running around Asia

well that did`t take long---chinese obama t-shirts are on there way!

Why even have Republicans? We're just as trivial with our attacks toward the President as they are.

**President Obama will host a Shanghai Town Hall late tonight**

Before the right wing gets too excited at Obama showing respect to Emperor Akihito

Caption this

President Obama, why did you elect to clean up after Bush? You know,

When will Bill Gates join the "bored rich" running for office and what office?

Culver Sinking Fast in Iowa

I suspect the real reason the right wing doesn't want to try the 911 terrorists

"As long as it's a stack of paper with Health Care on it, he'll sign it"

So if Obama bowing was a big deal, why wasn't this?

The Final Word on "The Bow"

****Heads Up: POTUS Town Hall in Shanghai, LIVE!!!****

In Asia, Obama, Medvedev see nuclear pact progress

Presidential Proclamation - America Recycles Day

Translated comments on President Obama's bow from Japanese blogs and open forums

This can't be a real page from Palin's book, right?

Graham's Support Tanking in South Carolina?

I'm an American living in America, Home of the Brave!

Did we time travel back to 1941 when I wasn't looking? (EDIT: Link)

The easiest way to defend and explain Obama's bowing: he is not a disrespectful DICKHEAD. . .

What effect will the new education policies have on teachers and students?

What effect will the new education policies have on teachers and students?

Bush admin believed soldiers who believed in "God and country" did not "get" PTSD

It's Official.

Petition Obama: No more troops to Afghanistan

Was there this much controversy when Obama visited the Queen of England?

US provides cover to Pakistan on proliferation, terrorism

Romford scouts investigated over anti-Jewish chants

High Costs Weigh on Troop Debate for Afghan War

Some Fear Bush Administration Could Become Target in 9/11 Trial

In Asia, Obama, Medvedev see nuclear pact progress

Sarah Palin goes ‘Rogue’ with the facts

Broaching Birth Control With Afghan Mullahs

Frustrated Palestinians To Appeal To UN For State

Home Builders (You Heard That Right) Get a Gift

Obama urges Burma to free Suu Kyi

China: Loose US Policy, Weak USD Creating Speculation

Taxpayers on hook as bailed-out firms fail

Ford, Workers Close To Avoiding Claycomo Plant Strike

Lawmakers used Genentech statements: report

Clean up Afghan corruption or lose aid, Clinton warns

IMF Chief Says Stronger Chinese Yuan Needed

French troops launch eastern Afghan offensive

Russia warns Tehran it is ‘running out of time’ in uranium deal stand-off

GM Said to Repay Government $6.7 Billion Sooner Than Required

Russia's Medvedev warns Iran over nuclear deadlock

Obama says time running out for Iran on nuclear deal

GM to start repaying debt to U.S. government next month

Obama Says Russia ‘Reset Button’ Has Worked

Opposition: Iran Rulers Worse than Shah

Health bill foes solicit funds for economic study

Giuliani Criticizes Plan to Try 9/11 ‘Mastermind’

APEC summit concludes, leaders issue declaration to urge new growth paradigm

Farm workers protest in front of Publix

GEO announces strike at UI to begin at 8 a.m. Monday (University of Illinois)

Soldiers Ashes Stolen

Colombia to return Venezuela national guard troops

Palin's Memoirs Triggers a Boomlet of Other Books

Ousted president Zelaya accuses US of providing cover for coup

S.C. Senator Jim DeMint forces U.S. change on Honduras stance on elections

US provides cover to Pakistan on proliferation, terrorism

US bases must go, protesters demand

Independent: War in Afghanistan: Not in our name

Reading the Af-Pak Tealeaves

CIA says it gets its money's worth from Pakistani spy agency

" Home Builders (You Heard That Right) Get a Gift"--BILLIONS (NYT)

Why We Need Molly Ivins Now More Than Ever

Morality vs. Material Interests Myths of Our Time (VIETNAM, IRAQ) By Paul Craig Roberts

A Brief Visit From My Soldier Son - by Charles Rush, NYT

Sarah Palin, the GOP's blessing and curse

Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon): My Near Death Panel Experience

My random acts of kindness versus talk-radio-type rudeness

Senate won't rush health bill: top Republican

Sarah Palin Strikes Back for David Brooks' Insult

Madoff’s Coders Charged With Aiding Massive Ponzi Scheme

MSNBC Presses Obama on Campaign Promises

Sabato: The Democrats Aren't Doomed

Hitler Tries a DCMA takedown

Obama Aborts Abortion: SuperNews!

GOP Bashes Dems Health Care Proposals

Obama Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama [full video] [33:19]

President Barack Obama Speech in Tokyo

AP Raw Video: Obama Arrives in Tokyo

AP Raw Video: Obama Arrives in Shanghai

Sarah Palin's Going Rogue: Some media watchers are questioning her motives

CNN: Did Lou Dobbs Become More Of A Crusader Than A Journalist?

NPR: How Safe Is It? Seymour Hersh On Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal

Week In Cartoons 11/14/09

David Axelrod Responds to Mitt Romney: "I'm Not At That Table"

SNL: Please No More Joe Biden Sketches

Jim Carrey Jenny McCarthy present shocking government cover up - Trailer for Green Our Vaccines

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 377

AFP Raw Video: Obama joins APEC leaders for dress-up dinner in Singapore

The Beatles - More Popular Than Jesus (Part 1)

Obama (Oba Mao) Big hit in China

Hartmann: Matthew Hoh, first US Official to resign in protest of Afghan war tells Thom why

Republican Gomorrah

Republican Filibuster may be the Best way to Pass Healthcare in the Senate

Staggering number of birth defects in Fallujah, Iraq (WARNING: Graphic)

Young Turks: Cenk Vs. Sarah Palin Defender/Weekly Standard Assoc. Editor!!!

In The Beginning God Created The Heaven And The Earth.

Liz Cheney jokes about Evil Dick running for President in 2012

TYT: Why is Ashleigh Banfield the Best TV Correspondent? Must See!

The Wolf Tones - Admiral William Brown (Subtitulo español

The Wolf Tones - Admiral William Brown (Subtitulo español

David Brooks Rips Sarah Palin: "She's A Joke, I Just Can't Take Her Seriously'"

Cheech & Chong vs Ann Coulter

The Stupid Virus: SuperNews!

Obama Bows to in Japan to Emperor, Empress

Going Local in Michigan

AIPEC summiteers sidestep climate issues

France sees U.S. as main obstacle to climate deal

Canadians tour U.K. to raise oilsands awareness

Climate pact put on hold

Copenhagen: a non-negotiable deadline

France and Brazil agree on climate

Faster than we think

'Clean' coal plants get go-ahead {in UK} (BBC)

Denver should have worn Piss and Poo...Skins in dark jersies at home made the difference

The JR Chess Report (November 15): Kramnik wins the Tal; Magnus new numero uno

Oh Manny

Like I've said before, I'm not really a Broncos fan.

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Sunday, November 15)

Runners: Train Less and Be Faster

Hey Packers! For the love of all that is holy

Attn Dr. Strange, Broncos fan..Wash 27- Den 17

Bill Belichick is a Moron

Only one man can save Michigan Football .....

BCS Standings

Pac-10 Race

A shout out to Maine Maritime Football team!

Packers 17, Cowboys 7

Bolivia re-invents democratic socialism with Indigenous people in the lead

S.C. Senator Jim DeMint forces U.S. change on Honduras stance on elections

Will Peru's next president come from Sonoma County?

The Chavez Diet: Venezuelans urged to lose weight

Zelaya renounces restitution to presidency (letter to Obama).

Spain's fascist/Bush bud Aznar, CIA-NED groups, to "monitor" Honduran 'election'

HONDURAS: “The Elections are Fraudulent” – (Green Left Weekly)

Colombia detains Venezuela guards

Coup-leader Micheletti rewarded vice-presidency 'Liberal International'

[es] ¿Estará llegando la Revolución Bolivariana a su etapa terminal?

Peres, not Goldstone, is the small man

What's next?

Palestinians need clarity, not charades

Palestinians to seek U.N. support for state

Announcing my candidacy for president of Palestine

Frustrated Palestinians To Appeal To UN For State

Husband, father, minister, armed robber, now shot dead in self-defense.

Man Bears Arms to Protest Illegal Seattle Gun Ban

An essay on reasonable gun control

CavArms : Day 625

Turn about is "fair" play -3 wives shoot their husbands

Today in Labor History Nov 15 Founding convention of the Federation of Trades and Labor Unions 1881

Does anyone remember that bill, The Employee Free Choice Act?

A double-shot of sanctimony (Starbucks)

Fought to improve conditions and pay for Midwest workers (Eugene Cotton, 1914-2009)

TV's Jon Gosselin sues TLC, cites child labor laws

OSHA Fines Ventilation Manufacturer $511,000 in Worker's Death

Women on pace to be majority of union workers

AP: Rhode Island to lose 100 (union) Liz Claiborne jobs

Joe Hill - October 7, 1879 - November 19, 1915

Took my CHL class today

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fool on the hill?

smoke on the water?

A poll

A couple snowy shots from Denver today:

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Mutant genes 'key to long life' (BBC)

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just for fun

"The Mormon Proposition" (The Trailer)

Just another little daily reminder of inequality.

You've probably seen the banner, 10% of donations to DU on Sat/Sun go to PFLAG.

Currency rift casts shadow on Obama's trade hopes

China: Loose US Policy, Weak USD Creating Speculation

Bair calls U.S. bank bailout 'not a good thing'

yet another good channeling link

I keep having dreams where it is almost impossible to move my legs.

Speaking of Facebook...

Career advice --> psychic or astrologer?

Weird question about cleansings/hauntings

Question about manifesting.

My 3 yr. old "little man"

Clear, relax and recalibrate with solfeggio harmonics a.k.a. asension frequencies.

Dick Durbin wants your opinion

The NCCAM Seeks Comments for its “Strategic Plan: 2010.” Part I

22M get swine flu in U.S. in 6 months

Can thinking of a loved one reduce your pain?

Separating myth from fact in debate about flu vaccine

CDC Now Claiming That Number of Swine Flu (H1N1) Cases Were Overstated

Confirmed Reports of Nerve Disease Linked To This Years's H1N1 Vaccine

Judge Approves Gay Marriage In Catholic-Dominated Argentina

When a Child Dies, Faith Is No Defense

For students, emotions can get in the way of learning

What has been the NEA's response to this Duncan bullshit?

OK, after watching Duncan, Gingrich, Sharpton on MTP, I get it.

Where is student accountability?

In your opinion, can a wife beater be a good person?

For the religious here. Why do you follow your religion?

Does anyone have a good meatball recipe - appetizer style?

Anyone have a good

Canyon Ranch "Nourish" cookbook - has anyone cooked from it?

Sunday Kitchen: Slow and Easy Edition

I feel I scored today at the market