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Archives: November 12, 2009

Showdown on Judicial Nominee Set for Next Week (Reid to seek cloture on 1st Obama judicial nominee)

"These People Just Want To Be Left Alone."

First Lady Michelle Obama On Sesame Street Planting Gardens,Loving Vegetables (Video)

I can't get the DU video forum to work.

Life on Earth: Quicker start than thought?

Mexico town split over Central American drifters

Going Rogue Tour Dates - Official times & venues announced (so far).

Bing gets geekier with new Wolfram Alpha integration

Alcohol industry should not sponsor sports, say scientists

Miscounting of stimulus jobs cuts two ways

Big dogs, or little dogs?

Transcript of Officer Brenton shooting... 2 minutes in a rookie's life

I'm not usually all that catty

Here's my dream:

The Stupak Antidote

Mayor proposes education privilege tax - 1 percent tax on college tuition

Federal employees have fewer health insurance choices this year

Female Vets Lack Safe Place for Homecoming

Would the Right-wing bombings of abortion clinics be considered a terrorist attack?

Found: Lou Dobbs childhood photo..ever the game-player


Link to "Glenn Beck"episode of "South Park:"

Raise your hand if you were surprised Lou Dobbs left CNN.

EPA: Video takedown order was about ethics, not content

Luckovich toon: Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!

On MorningJoke:

Consumer groups blast Obama's secret trade talks

This is a serious problem.

Media Matters: Hannity video switch-up is "tip of the iceburg" for Fox

Rachel goes off on tyrannical corporations

Trial of Fort Hood shooting suspect could be lengthy affair

Football star to get Sudan flogging

Tweeting for those who believe all the world's problems were caused by a talking snake

5 Men Charged With Sex Crimes Against Children

Ex Boyfriend of Carrie Prejean Says she was 20 NOT 17 When She Made the Sex Tape For Him

Mexico border city groups call for UN peacekeepers

for Clarification: the RLDS or Community of Christ church are NOT Mormons

FOX's Strategy to Destroy Obama

Obama Said to Want Revised Afghanistan Options

Women die in Ghana mine collapse

In Kabul's 'Obama Market,' U.S. military rations on sale

Regina Thomas Throws One Of Her Lovely Hats Into The Ring-- A Blue Dog's Got A Challenger

This says it all about our huge surveillance system looking at everything:



The health insurance big boys appear to be getting nervous

I'm getting tired of hearing about Andre Agassi

Hey Lou Dobbs, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

Condi & Hadley Determined to Strike in U.S.

US Ambassador Warns Against Afghanistan Troop Surge

The Republican Health Plan

When photo day coincides with "bad-hair" day.. Nevada Lobbyist list

The Man Who Put the Rainbow in ‘The Wizard of Oz’

Heads up - Pres Obama to be live on CSpan 1

'Hooligan' satirists jailed in Azerbaijan

Grist: Time for the mainstream media to face the factory farm-swine flu link

Reporter Reveals Dishonor of Killing Female Kin

Reporter Reveals Dishonor of Killing Female Kin

Franken and Coleman hawk ‘Democra-cialis’ in MAD ad

Blumenthal Will Wait to Challenge Lieberman

Stolen land?

Good mornig my friends

RIGHT WING Extremists Should Be Barred From Military

RIGHT WING Extremists Should Be Barred From Military

U.S. Foreclosure Filings Surpass 300,000 for 8th Straight Month

How the US Funds the Taliban

The videos forum is offline

Google Poised to Become Your Phone Company

U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs: CNN Host Had Been Living Illegally In Country Since 1961

Who has been held accountable for Michael Jackson's murder?

Computer device 'helps' diabetics

Computer device 'helps' diabetics

Juan Cole: Obama Demands an End-Game before Committing Troops to Afghanistan

Lou Dobbs "quit" once before when he didn't want to air a Clinton speech he deemed not newsworthy

Rethug Dream Ticket 2012

Progressives for the good old days?

Lover, 48, loses appeal for noisy sex sessions

Lover, 48, loses appeal for noisy sex sessions

To poke or not to poke?

I'll say one thing about the Prejean photos on TMZ...

How We Got to Zero: General Eikenberry's Hail Mary

BPA ( used in food packaging and plastics) may increase male sexual dysfunction

Now O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity, AND Dobbs can fight for top honors at Fox

Walmart Plans For Holiday Crowd Control (Part Of Deal To Escape Criminal Liability)

Political Videos Forum offine? Did I not get the memo?

Political Videos Forum offine? Did I not get the memo?

Political Videos Forum offine? Did I not get the memo?

Economy hasn't come far in the last decade (Thanks Bush/GOP)

Why is GENBC trying to put up that Xmas tree

California death penalty boon to some

So Hannity admitted that Jon Stewart

With so many "dupes" as OP and on threads, I wonder whether DU

"there are portions of FOX news that are legitimate and there are portions that are commentary"

Yesterday my daughter told me she thinks the news is giving her nightmares.

Bush torture ‘architect’ sits on court that will rule on another torture ‘architect’

What to choose... The vaccine or a natural remedy for the Swine Flu? The facts and the fiction.

Man Orders Roses For Ft. Hood Suspect -Flower Shop Owner Reports Incident To Army

1,200 Laid-off GM Workers Being Recalled

In Leaning on Karzai, U.S. Has Limited Leverage

In Leaning on Karzai, U.S. Has Limited Leverage

Family Research Council PAC: We Would Support A Primary Against Olympia Snowe

Public Option Poll - Senator Durbin is asking...

Did anybody attend Rep. Stupak's townhall yesterday? Were there news accounts of the meeting?

Obama Visiting Asia

John King To Replace Lou Dobbs On CNN At 7PM

Top Obama aides meet with women's groups and also with faith groups....

How long before someone "customizes" the SarahBus

Why we can never win in Afghanistan

8th Graders Arrested for Food Fight !

8th Graders Arrested for Food Fight !

10 year old Boy Dips Into Salsa Biz, Finds Success

Do people know about the "Business Plot" of 1933?

Separated At Birth: 10 Politicians With Famous Doppelgangers (PHOTOS)LOL!

Beaver urinates on CBS 'Early Show' correspondent

Time for the mainstream media to face the factory farm-swine flu link

In Surprise, Lou Dobbs Quits CNN

Where do you go to study up on Campaign Finance Reform?

What do you think we would do if Kharzi asked us to leave his country?

i'm already feeling ill....

Should Lou Dobbs run for President?

Balloon Boy Family To Plead Guilty

I want to thank DK for his enthusiastic support for equality and peace.

If we are, in fact, facing a "Sixth Great Extinction" that would exaplain all of the Corporatism and

Targeting Gunshots with Acoustic Sensors

My solemn meeting on Veterans Day with President Obama

Adjusting for cost of living, do blue-collar workers earn less in China than in the USA?

Was Lou Dobbs Fired?

U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs

"Wolf Blitzer ought to be embarrassed"

Can we Cut the Kucinich Crap Already?

A stack of all those credit cards would reach more than 70 miles into space

“William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe”: (New documentary, clip)

President Obama Presses Pentagon for More Information Before Making Decision (tentative rah rah)

WIRED: Latest Taser Could Zap Farther, Shock Longer, Hurt Kids

ABC cancels Kelsey Grammer's "Hank" effective immediately.

Best Lieberman Comic Strip!

Shame on Oprah, et al for their recent foray into Pain Porn

Afghan minister says NATO could start withdrawal in 4 to 5 years (by his leave)

Wachovia/Wells Fargo sucks

Nickname this dying decade

"In Charity Tax Filing, a Glimpse of Goldman" by Geraldine Fabrikant (11-12-09 NYT via CNBC)

A sign that the jobless recovery may become a new jobs recovery?

TMZ: Prejean's Ex-BF Sez She Was 20 When Porn Vid Was Shot; She Asked Him To Lie For Her

LOL! new South Park episode clear parody of Beck "Dancing with Smurfs"

Learn to speak Teabag!

NY-23: Hoffman Campaign Looks at Overturning the Election

Duke Energy of NC: buying off one peasant at another peasant's expense

Evangelical Christian groups spar over immigration reform

I just talked to someone offering a "PPO Complete Advocacy Plan",

I just talked to someone offering a "PPO Complete Advocacy Plan",

Follow up letter about RI Governor vetoing domestic partner funeral rights

Let me be the first to proclaim 2009 the year of the Attention Whore

Larry King beachball questions too hot for "conservative" dingbat

"Legacies, celebrities, and media skanks" by Walter Brasch (11-12-09 Online Journal)

“Decoding the New Taliban”-Awaiting Dick Cheney’s Retraction

Orly Taitz: what does it take to disbar her?

Most. Realistic. War Game. Ever.

Goldman's Given A Whole BILLION To Charity Since 1999 - And Gave $17 Billion In Bonuses 1/09 - 9/09

Setting all the passions aside for a moment.. What are you willing to give up for the greater good?

I'm torn

Tea Party Civil War? Lawsuit, GOP Friction Splits Leaders

Harry Reid: “Leave Lieberman Alone, I’ll Handle Him”

Perfect Lieberman toon:

Jobless claims fall to lowest level since January

CT Poll: 64/29 Lieberass should not be stripped of chairmanship if filibusters health care

Foreign countries fear weaker dollar

Foreign countries fear weaker dollar

Guy picks up prostitute. Her and her pimp rob him of his car with $50,000 in sports memorabilia.

Chris Brown gets CUSSED!!! out by a female bystander

When one union strikes, do other unions provide support or solidarity?

When one union strikes, do other unions provide support or solidarity?

Text Harry NOW!

Last time GOP suggested Term Limits was with their 'Contract on America' - how well did they do?

If all 15-year-olds in the USA had the option of taking a GED test...

Come up with your own Scientology commercial!

Repression Of Amazon Indian Movement Condemned

RNC: If Democrats Don’t Filibuster, They’re Flip-Floppers

The stimulus tracker

Facebook Status Update Clears Teen From Criminal Charges

Latest diet crazy: The Tapeworm Diet!!!!

Carrie Prejean Threatens to Leave Larry King Live due to Larry Being "Inappropriate"

My Doctor is Quitting and I'm bummed.

"We're already planning Christmas dinner together in the Senate."

Texas Govenor Perry says Obama taking U.S. toward socialism

Will Oprah ask Palin to show her true face?

ACORN Sues Congress for Defunding...

Business group unveils $10 million campaign against health reform

Plane crash TV: Channel 4 to destroy passenger jet

Just remember one thing about the Anti-Free Choice opponants.....

My solemn meeting on Veterans Day with President Obama in Arlington

A personal commentary on the state of health care and insurance in this country

University to record history of Bush presidency

"Palin: We're 'not really into the drama'"

Buchanan's 2010 strategy: Oppose everything, just like Medicare & the Voting Rights Act in the '60s

If You Aren't Following Lizz Winstead On Twitter....

Defense Sec. Gates 'Appalled' By Leaks On Afghanistan And Threatens Firings

Is Orly Taitz really a woman?

A wish comes true. Charter for Compassion unveiled to the world

Affidavit In Birther Suit Contains Extraordinary Claims Against Orly Taitz

Is it true that Hasan shouted "Workers Unite!" before opening fire?

I wonder how many soldiers were investigated & booted from Ft Hood under DADT

CALL CNN/HLN NOW! (11/12/09, 3:15 EST) How do we win in Afghanistan? 1-877-TELL-HLN nt

GREAT PBS show comparing world healthcare systems. Watch online.

Britney Spears gives herself to Lucifer every day, welcomes New World Order

The Political Videos

Oh My - Heads up for Dumbya's big speech

"many of whom have never been held "

I just had my first skirmish with a soldier in the War on Xmas this year.

Dems jam GOP with Al Franken vote

Dems jam GOP with Al Franken vote

Holy shit! There's a war criminal on my teevee...!!! Ahhhh!!!

The annexation of Colombia to the United States

Idea For Those Weary of The Inordinate Abundance of Anti-Dennis Kucinich Threads:

"No act of terrorism on American soil since 9/11"

Why Are Hawkish Lawmakers Willing To Pay For An Escalation Of The War But Not For Health Care?

Police: Drug suspect blamed Jesus

Doctor/Insurance question

What's the latest with California's SB810?

What's the latest with California's SB810?

Shit, kid missing in neighborhood. Friend of my daughter.

FYI: Fresh Air (NPR) 11/12/09--Sy Hersh

I have been EXTREMELY tired since getting hini vaccine

Unnamed co-conspirators in the Ft. Hood shootings.

Good Gawd! Hundreds of thousands of golf balls line the bed of the Loch Ness.

Good Gawd! Hundreds of thousands of golf balls line the bed of the Loch Ness.

GLAD Celebrates CT's Marriage Equality Anniversary

Al-Qa'ida prefers U.S. to stick around

Lou Dobbs Allegedly Resigns After Threatened Exposure For Being Dissenter On Several Stripper Sites

When Do We See The Eric Cantor/Glenn Beck /Limbaugh Mission Accomplished Banner?

My First and Only self-serving OP of the day!

Tweety wants to know what accomplishments W is talking about

Official Surplus Dennis Kucinich Thread!

India lawmaker hit for Hindi oath

Obama promises "job summit" in December - YAWN! -HERE'S YOUR SUMMIT- NOW GO FIX IT!

FDIC Orders Banks to Prepay $45 Billion to Build Fund (Update1)

Carmichael Building Could Be Front For Iran Gov't. / Feds Move To Seize Sac County Islamic Nonprofit

SA minister defends shoot-to-kill

Goldman's Global Oil Scam Passes the 50 Madoff Mark.

Trial by Blitzer

Police deny road closure permit for 'tea party' protest



Feds seize mosques

Not only is Orly a bad lawyer and liar, but it appears she's a bad wife too

Sabi (Sniffer Dog MIA) Comes Home After a Year in the Afghan Desert

Bush torture ‘architect’ sits on court that will rule on another torture ‘architect’

Ok listening to Moran on the Tweety show, and WE ARE LEAVING AFGHANISTAN

Face it, globalization is just another word for imperialism.

Child sex abuse allegations may turn into a murder case

So. we could pour gobs more money into endless quagmires with no sure/good outcome.

Taking a stand

"Patriot Guard" Bikers protect military funerals from antigay protests


Anything new on James Arthur Ray, the New Age Sweat Lodge scammer?

Trading Women’s Rights for Political Power

The Rude Pundit: What's With the New Backlash Against Women? (Part 1)

Is Ed Schultz channeling Rush Limpballs today?

We all have to agree, Barack Obama inherited a helluva mess.

School Suspends Eigth Grader for Bengals-themed Haircut

Okay I need some input here.. What is the difference between a progressive and liberal

Child labor and unchecked pollution are not a bug of globalization.

Virtuous Bankers? Really!?!

U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs (The Onion)

What are the chances the House health bill will fail to meet its objective

10-year old kid from Arkansas is more tolerant and compassionate than many adults

Does Any Insurance Policy covered by the Federal Gov't Cover Elective Abortions?

Does your bank need to know if you can't get pregnant?

DemocracyNow: New Report Reveals U.S. Indirectly Funding the Taliban

Hi, I'm Marty, and I'm a recovering Republican (

Learn to Speak Tea Bag

Learn to Speak Tea Bag

Caption the *'s

How the US army protects its trucks – by paying the Taliban

Finished for good with Chris Matthews

Historic Nor'easter pounds Mid-Atlantic coast

"McCain official: Palin claim 'one hundred percent untrue'"


What does Sarah have in common with W?

Darius Rucker becomes First African American to win Best New Artist

Palin Book Confirms Tension With McCain Aides - 413 pgs. McCain stuck her with $500,000 bill

Eikenberry Memos Echo Obama's Own Concerns About Afghanistan

Could we pass a tax increase on the wealthy if we tied it to the Wall Street bailouts?

The Professional Liberal

10-Year-Old Won’t Say Pledge Of Allegiance

What will happen if Sarah Palin gets elected President:

Health care reform: they've pulled out all the stops on CRAZY

President Obama's speech to the troops in Alaska

Keith can't wait to do the Carrie Prajean story

Birther Case Dismissal Holds Up On Appeal

Fort Worth votes to expand anti-discrimination ordinance

If Ronald Reagan Could Cut and Run From Lebanon, President Obama Can Withdraw From Afghanistan

Stupak Doesn't Plan On Folding, A Lesson In Appeasement

BREAKING NEWS: Feds move to seize four U.S. mosques and skyscraper owned by Muslim group

Shuster & Hall - Olberman & Maddow & others

Fiore: Learn To Speak Tea Bag!

Media Fail: Female Cop Did Not Bring Down Fort Hood Killer

If the Congressional Progressive Caucus Were Progressive

Inmates: Man Begged For Care Before Death

Palin Starts 'Book Tour' in Grand Rapids, Michigan

October 2009 monthly budget deficit at a record $176 billion.

The Goracle on Larry King just now..."Thank you for not being innapropriate Larry!!

3rd Circuit tosses birther claims because they "suffer from fatal defects in their reasoning"

'There Are Concerns' About Hoekstra's Loose Lips

Today, George W. Bush spoke about the founding of the "Bush Institute."

Stewart or Colbert? Gotta choose . . .

Whoa! Peter Galbraith, UN official fired for stance on Afghan elections, may reap $100m oil profits

Mom ran pet ‘concentration camp,’ son says

An old one but a good one is rearing its ugly head on Facebook....

What About Norway?

No military solution in Afghanistan - No political one either, for the invaders

Feds to seize 36-story NYC skyscraper, 4 mosques belonging to Iran-linked group

Facebook photo tagging gets automated

Regarding Lou Dobbs

Make you LOU DOBBS predictions HERE!

He didn't introduce himself. He didn't have to.....Veterans Day with President Obama

Harry Reid apparently needs money to grow a spine

Medical Marijuana in MI: The growing pot economy - Opportunities ripen for new businesses

Perzel, 9 others charged in state House GOP corruption

This is why the House Bill is worse than No Bill

RNC insurance plan covers abortion

RNC insurance plan covers abortion

How to fight the massive misinformation about healthcare?

RNC insurance plan covers abortion (OOPS)


Doctor Treats the Uninsured

Dan Froomkin: Byron Dorgan's Financial Plan: Common Sense From The Senator Who Saw This Coming

Dan Froomkin: Byron Dorgan's Financial Plan: Common Sense From The Senator Who Saw This Coming

Swine flu has sickened 22 million in the U.S.

Cool video of Kerry introducing an MIT produced simulator that translates the impact of

Congressman invokes Fort Hood shooting to object to Gitmo prisoner transfer

State elections official fired after poking fun at Spanish-speaking voters

GOP Health Plan Covers Abortion

Down with moderates

'Media Fail: Kimberly Munley Did Not Bring Down Fort Hood Killer' (HuffPo)

Can a strong HCR pass through reconciliation?

And when this hateful old bastard finally takes a dirtnap

Teacher fired: "Florida got excited"

Forbes: Mexico kingpin among world's most powerful

Dr. Nancy questions if involvement of Catholic bishops is violation....

RNC Employee Health Plan covers abortions.

President Barack Obama at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage - pics

Twitter announces that Britney got hacked...

According to Orlando Channel 35 - Orlando has 9th highest foreclosure rate in nation - second in FL

Jon Stewart does more Hannity mockery

Wall Street Banks Tricking Little Guys Into Lobbying for Them

Stewart to Steele: GOP afraid because you say stupid s**t on TV

Bored US soldiers fight 'Baghdad bulge' in Iraq

An episode of Glee (spoilers) which offered a window into what it is like to grow up gay

Maddow reporting: Barney Frank sez there is a plan, w/WH support, to kill DADT

GOP...Group of PESSIMISTS...the cynical GOP has never impressed America with clear thought

Missing the point. The rapist can get treatment

Weak allies limit Obama's options

"Islam is a religion of peace," they say.

Why don't athletes (or anyone else) blame Jesus when they blow the big game or generally FAIL?

Sarah Palin to Levi: Stop by for Thanksgiving!

We need Sen. Harry Reid to be as tough as Granny Clampett...

Why Lou Dobbs’s Leaving CNN Is Terrible News for America

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

10 Year Old Hero-Refuses To Recite Pledge Of Allegiance At School-In Support Of Gay Community

Comfortable With Obama

Carrie Prejean Flips Out On CNN's Larry King (Video)

Palin book tour launches in Grand Rapids. Is there a GR chapter of Billionaires For Wealthcare?

Top White House Lawyer Pushed Out

Miracle Whip just struck back at Stephen Colbert with another childish hipster commercial.

Miracle Whip just struck back at Stephen Colbert with another childish hipster commercial.

"Apparently some principles are just more important than others."

When Social Security passed in 1935, it wasn't perfect

sarah palin's new "do"

The 43rd President of the United States will be on Conan next.

Semper Assholis: He tried to rob me. He tried to grab my crotch. He yelled Allahu Akhbar....

Free range Turkeys?

The Political Videos forum has been shut down temporarily

The Political Videos forum has been shut down temporarily

If Crayola "did" politics

Big business to Congress: Frightening proposal could 'destroy' Wall Street

The U.S. Dollar Is Sliding Into Collapse.

Think about it: Lou Dobbs isn't as conservative as you may think.

How Food Preferences Vary by Political Ideology

Fed: banks need customer consent on overdraft fees

The Economist The Obama Administration Should Have Listened To

Color: The Next Limited Resource?

My Advice To The GOP For 2012: Nominate Palin

test (everyone should be able to post now)

Why does Congress want us to produce more unwanted children?

Borowitz: The real reason Lou Dobbs is leaving

Sabi come home: dog of war's year missing in the desert

MSNBC Reporting: Obama is rejecting troop increase for Afghanistan - wants to start over

Catholic Church Threatens To Stop D.C. Services For Needy If Gay Marriage Passes

GM's "OnStar" ..... good thing to have or Big Brother evil?

Jane Goodall is really horny tonight on the Daily Show.

Question re: California tax refunds...

Teacher fired: "Florida got excited" (Part 2)

Dan RATHER didn't fabricate anything. How come HANNITY gets to stay?!1

Remarks of JFK, in regards religion in politics, 9/12/60 -

Sidwell Friends deals with dark side of limelight

Colo State Senator Compares Obama to 9/11 Terrorists

Lou Dobbs suggested that he had been targeted by the Obama administration

REPORT- Afghanistan: US Defense Contractors Pay Insurgents Millions- Our Tax Dollars Hard At Work?!

Today, do one small thing to support the public option - vote in Dick Durbin's Poll HERE ~

The weirdly sexual ads for Halls Lozenges (mom & son's friend eye each other)

Hersh: Obama Finally ‘Taking Control’ on Afghanistan

Will I go to jail if I don't buy health insurance? No.

Donnie McClurkin Calls Gays "Vampires", Rants Against Tonex and Gay Youth at COGIC

Let's thank Kucinich for these "supreme" votes

Rep. Steve Buyer Should Probably Hire A Good Lawyer

WaHOO! Fed bans overdraft fees on ATM & debit-card transactions

If the Catholic church is going to get involved in women's health care and our sexuality

Insurance probed in cnsus worker death

Insurance probed in cnsus worker death

FOX News/Limbaugh Are KILLING the GOP

Europe (EU-15) to Easily Beat Kyoto Target

Facebook status update provides alibi

American Muslims To Fort Hood Shooter: 'Thanks A Lot, Asshole'

What inscription should go above the entryway of the George Bush Institute at SMU?

Senator Barbara Boxer on the Stupak amendment

What is with all of the ultimatums lately?

'Call of Duty' game sells $310M in 24 hours

Should English be the Official Language of the US?

Palin's book tour includes Columbus Ohio ?!?!

Catholic "pro-life" activist calls Stupak amendment a "'Terrible defeat' for pro-lifers"

That bastard P.M. Harper continues his revamping of Canada to fit his image!

Alright you've convinced me, DK is callous right winger in disguise...

Supporting Obama and the corporate Dems?

Why Are Hawkish Lawmakers Willing To Pay For An Escalation Of The War But Not For Health Care?

Bank of America - talk about an irresponsible re loan.

I don't know how many noticed this on the MSNBC tape

A Black cop brought down the Ft. Hood Shooter but the MSM gave a White cop credit

RNC Cancels Cigna Plan They've Had Since 1991 - It Covered Abortions

I hope Lou Reed replaces Lou Dobbs on CNN.

I hope Lou Reed replaces Lou Dobbs on CNN.

We've been reduced to "human assets" in a relentless economic machine

If they're successful in not covering abortion, they'll then delete birth control --

Get over yourselves ladies

"Too bad. If you want a boner, pay for it yourself." (Digby)

There is a scientific term for 'Teh Stupid.'

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahahaha Prejean bailed out on Rethugs today

Carrie Prejean: Bible allows implants, has gay hairdressers.

Prejean: Larry your being INAPPROPRIATE

Anyone left seeking prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY era criminals-regardless of all else?

Catholic Church in Delaware Files for Bankruptcy Protection on Eve of Sexual-Abuse Trial

Invest in People instead of the STock Market or CD's. Help women save their homes

Come Together Right Now

Man Tried to Send Ft. Hood Suspect FLOWERS

FilibusterJoe Now!

Colombians Come to Venezuela in Droves

Miss California director doesn't seem to like Carrie Prejean

Good Grief, Mr. President, just pull us out of Iraq and Afghanistan

I'm a horseshit veteran, and I'm not alone...

"First They Came For The Mosques"- Feds Move To Seize Mosques 'Linked To Iran'

The ultimate act of betrayal or just indulgence in her own selfish interests?-Oprah Winfrey

Heads up: Al Gore to be on LKL tonight ... talk about an improvement!

I'm sorry but "you can stay on your parents' plan until you're 27"

Anyone here attended college in Canada? My kids are still young but I am

WSJ is still pimping "ACORN caused the financial meltdown"

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Health care and our rights

Thursday TOON Roundup 2-Us and Them

Thursday TOON Roundup 2-Us and Them

Thursday TOON Roundup 3-Economy

Thursday TOON Roundup 4-The rest

Anniversary of Glass-Steagall Repeal: Lessons About Maniacal Deregulation

Is the biggest beef with this Prejean character her views on gay marriage?

Does Hasan have Aids? Rick Sanchez on Facebook post says he's looking into it.

Miracle Whip Gunning for Stephen Colbert

How we got to Zero: General Eikenberry's Hail Mary on Afgan Troops - Michael Collins (me)


Wanna fight?

U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs

What are America's 'vital interests' in Afghanistan?

I know we are in a recession, and everyone is hurting

Va. teen suffers rare illness after swine flu shot

Should we focuses on Jobs as opposed to anything else


Would DU Accept A 2.5% Tax Increase Across The Board For Single Payer?

Obama prefers charter schools to regular public schools. He is a force for privatization.

Why exactly are religions and cults tax exempt in America?

CNN Reporting: Balloon Boy's Parents agree to Plea Deal.

Peter Galbraith, Adviser to Kurds Stands to Reap Oil Profits: Shaped views of Biden & Kerry

An Extraordinary Man- Kucinich Is Supremely Right

An Extraordinary Man- Kucinich Is Supremely Right

We won't negotiate with terrorists but we negotiate (away) womens health rights with our own effing

Massive protest at San Diego Planned Parenthood.

One Of Rove's Top Political Flunkies Caught In Middle Of FISA Retroactive Immunity?

Support for Working Families: Paid Leave and the Healthy Families Act

Most U.S. Kids Sentenced to Die In Prison Are Black

CNBC: Dollar Will be "Utterly Destroyed"

Just realized I haven't done one of these in a while...

Bart Stupak: 'There Will Be Hell To Pay' If My Amendment Is Removed

Wingnut blog spews vitriol at South Park for Glenn Beck episode (NWS due to language)

The New Wall

$2.5 Trillion- The Global Oil Scam: 50 Times Bigger than Madoff

Restoring the Public State

South Park

BREAKING: U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs (from The Onion)

Why Are We Locking Up Traumatized Veterans for Their Addictions Instead of Offering Them Treatment?

DU Thanksgiving Fund Drive: Donate to DU and 10% goes to Charity (With list of suggested charities!)

AMA Urging Feds To Declassify Marijuana As A Schedule 1 Drug

Salon: Pigs might rank with apes, dolphins in terms of self-awareness and advanced intelligence

If anyone read John Perkin's Book.."Secrets of Econmic Hit Man" might want to watch this.

I thought veterans got HC for life as a reward for swerving

What really happened at Fort Hood

As Obama ponders Afghanistan, so does Europe - AP

Okay this is my third and final OP for the day.. and it is totally self serving..

YouTube: In a Recession, even 3-ways are BORING (Hilary Duff's boring "Gossip Girl" 3-way)

Just cuz

Just cuz

I usually like google front pages.

WTF? My psi just vanished!

WTF? My PSI just vanished!

I have this - ugh - beer here, and I was thinking of drinking it.

WTF? My piss just vanished!

Genes are dice

My MMJ caregiver came by today to drop off some pastries and nuggets

The Political Videos forum has been shut down temporarily

What's going on with "My Forums" on here?

Whoa...Unsolved Mysteries is back?

Veterans Day Video by my clan and myself in Modern Warfare.

Torchwood Planning Fourth Season

WTF? My PSI just vanished!

My sister's gamma knife radiosurgery went fine yesterday.

To poke or not to poke?

A new poem...

When a black friend visits your home...

Australian Men Undress and Soap Up at a Car Wash

This is my 3rd day with the flu.

In the season of loss, again

Quick! Someone needs to invent bacon-flavored Altoids!

Why can I not get access to the videos?

Unrec this thread so I can make a smarmy comment about how people are conspiring against me.

Who died and made Charlie and Algernon a moderator? nt

Is it just me, or does the Lounge sometimes seem like...

Beaver urinates on CBS 'Early Show' correspondent

What talents do you have that would surprise the Lounge?

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The phrase for today is "beaver urinates", change any thread title with the phrase "beaver urinates"

Ex 49er Joe Montana is selling his wine country estate... for $49 million.

Beyond depressed.

Cheeky Monkey, defined monkeys were harmed ..or tigers

How did Sam Worthington get roles in 3 upcoming 'blockbuster' movies?


Once I get my M. Sc. can I go around the world calling myself a scientist?

Marge, you're standing in the way of my boyhood dream of managing a beautiful country singer!

I just bought a notebook made of Stone Paper. Cool Stuff

Interesting post, Hitler. Welcome to be been unaware of!

Dr. Jane Goodall & Woody Harrelson on TDS and Colbert tonight

The 5 Strangely Bizare things I want to see

CSM: "Irish priest kidnapped in Philippines released by MILF"

They were jammies! They had Yoda's and shit on 'em! - eom

Random thought - I could totally see Christian Bale doing the role of Bryan Ferry

OK, is this weird of me?

Britney Spears Twitter account allegedly hacked. She didn't REALLY proclaim her allegiance to Satan.

Yay! Job interview.

Will you be there?

"There's water in the car" missing lady found

Covered up in stars

Life sucks

Roxy Music's "Manifesto" is one helluvan underrated album!

High Five'N White Guys!

Big Sand

I've quit using Google in favor of Gogol


Universal love



At 39 I think I know what I want to do with my life...

Zero 7 is coming to town on December 2!

The Tick Loves Santa!


How do you organize your library?

All of your things

LOL. World Class MORON Carrie Prejean Throws a FIT on Larry King.

Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol from 1962, I have been thinking about this cartoon.


Pirate talkin' on Facebook

Here's a hypothetical I need some help with...

Help me understand why I like listening to the Nixon White House tapes

That's it. I've given up posting anything substantive in GD and now have resorted myself to posting

Norman Lear feels this Mary Hartman Mary Hartman episode contains the best TV performance ever

Just had a client threaten to complain to my supervisor....

I have run 20 students per condition for 6 conditions of my experiment

Figure 8

The only thing standing between you & "Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection" is $328

I was stuck in a Hotel late at night this week and saw Sean Penn in "Milk" on HBO.

Big dogs, or little dogs?


Google Earth needs a collaboration plugin

Beaver urinates on CBS correspondents face

...and THEN.... Delusions of Grandeur set in ...

Quick help please....... in the book New Moon, how many months did Bella miss Edward?

I am blood red with anger now and it is toward my dog. Don't worry I did not

Has anyone read Oblomov?

2009 SEMA Show Highlights Video

Is gmail down?

Mr. Writer sent me an email earlier today saying that his most recent project...

Showtime, My peoples is a scam.

Need help finding an old movie title. A New England lady in early 20th century is a drug addict.

Woman @ Chris Brown photo op: "F**king beater! I hope someone beats the f**king crap out of you!"

FOR SALE: 242 pairs of quality used suspenders.

For those of you Loungers who still aren't visiting GD, I have a thread there about

My good deed for the day.

Does anybody neti?

So I goes to theLandlady...

What is your take on this? (Disney Idiocy)

Band of Brothers tv series was better than 99% of the films.

Okay, the trailer for The Road....

Actress who should play Carrie Prejean in the film adaptation of her brave, insightful memoir

today I was around very sick people -- tonight I have a little cough

Front 242 is a band.

Tarantula (Not a poll,a nebula)

Clash of the Titans trailer is out

my friend's sister got her first hospital bill today and i want to cram it down a teabagger's throat

Michael Musto: NY bookstores so embarrassed by Prejean book they're hiding it in self-help section


I hate everything...

Post something that reminds you of the 90s.

Dyno Test: Hennessey HPE700 LS9-Powered Chevy Camaro

OK... now I've gone and done it.....

Holy shit! Google Maps has a new satellite image of my house!

The worst email mistake ever. Cornell employee sends streamy sex emails to entire campus by mistake

The worst email mistake ever. Cornell employee sends streamy sex emails to entire campus by mistake


WTF! Olbermann shows a dead whale being blown up.

Any George Brett fans in the Lounge?

Greatest BritGlam Statement from the 70's

This dog needs a home -- can anyone in Georgia help her out?

I would totally fail first grade math these days

Post a cover of a song you like performed by some random person on youtube.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/12/09

someone from my city won the 90 million dollar powerball at the qt I shop at

Dog welcomes soldier home from Afghanistan.

What happened to Lucy the Nuclear Powered Ninja Kitteh?

Mandelbrot fractals in 3D

Women with big breasts are smarter.

From the "more money than common sense or taste" files -- CHROME Lambo in London

Barbie with a bad reputation: Joan Jett doll coming soon

"Dollhouse" is being cancelled.

We could use some good thoughts right now.

Damnnnnnnnnn and I didn't play this week...90 million $, I coulda been a contender

The world is a vampire...

a little history for the spelling NAZIs here

What are your favorite war movies?

We need a pic thread. I have no new pics though. You guys post something

Steerpike's top 10 horror

Recanvassing shows NY-23 race tightens even as Rep. Bill Owens is sworn into House seat

My solemn meeting on Veterans Day with President Obama at my friend's resting place in Arlington

Cao: Obama Administration ‘Has Been Tremendous’ For New Orleans On Katrina Recovery Effort

Oh sweet Jesus. watch the Daily Show opening tonight...

Please take this Public Option poll for Dick Durbin

In your opinion, what would FOX News do if Palin ran for POTUS as a 3rd Party candidate?

David Shulster:The President is losing weight over being stressed about the Presidency

Jay Leno, RW Hack

"They have until Friday to give Obama three new options with withdrawal timetables.”

Freepers want to make responsible the President who let Fort Hood shooter Hasan stay in the Army

Gates takes on Pentagon leaking: If i'll find who leaks, it's their end

The New, Improved John Kerry

PHOTOS: President Obama in Alaska

Obama's hesitancy on war buildup sends messages

Liberals are foxes and Progressives are hedgehogs

Ten Cost Cutting Measures In Health Care Reform

C-c-c-at fight!

Ed Schultz just isn't that smart, is he?

Why is the GOP so Pessimistic and Cynical??? They never seem to drift from the Negative

Top White House Lawyer Pushed Out

Obama's image slipping in Ohio, poll shows

Obama triumph ahead

We Have a President

Roseville muralist won’t be jailed over painting ‘love’ on studio

How the US Funds the Taliban

AP Source: US Envoy Objects to Troop Increase.

Police: Mike Tyson in Scuffle at LA Airport

Repression Of Amazon Indian Movement Condemned

Obama Pushes For Changes In Afghan Strategy Options.

Chinese petitioners held in illicit 'black jails', report claims

US envoy warns against troop surge in Afghanistan

LI Black Friday death Spurs 24-hour Wal-Marts (New Holiday Crowd Control Measures)

In Leaning on Karzai, U.S. Has Limited Leverage

Afghan future threatened by ex-warlords in gov't

BNP (British National Party) in alliance with nationalists (in France and Hungary)

Lawyer: Colo. balloon boy parents to plead guilty

El País newspaper: Chávez "has crossed the line" with war call

China 'running illegal prisons'

Dems jam GOP with Al Franken vote

Man Tried to Send Ft. Hood Suspect FLOWERS

Nelson (D-Ne) urged to support (health care) overhaul (great photo)

Nelson (D-Ne) urged to support (health care) overhaul (great photo)

Forbes: Mexico kingpin among world's most powerful

Tokyo’s Newfound Swagger

Sidwell Friends deals with dark side of limelight

Ireland Set to Launch Bad Bank After Parliament OK

Chile: Any U.S. missile, radar deal under $665 million

Kevin Rudd refuses to buckle on refusal to sell uranium to India

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 12

Va. teen suffers rare illness after swine flu shot

Orszag Says 40,000 Afghanistan Troops Could Cost $40 Billion

NBC: Fort Hood suspect faces murder charges

Irish priest kidnapped in Philippines released by MILF

Gates 'appalled' at leaks on Afghanistan, shooting case

Study: 2010 Winter Olympics an economic bust

CIA Said to Have Won Turf War Against Intel Chief

McCain Official Responds to Palin Charge ($500,000 charge to "vet" her)

UNICEF: Poor nutrition is killing children, stunting growth

Gore's Current TV cuts 80 workers, shifts programming

Wireless Phones Can Affect The Brain, Swedish Study Suggests

Obama heads to Asia aiming to heal relations with Japan

US condemns killing: Iranian consulate official shot dead in Peshawar

Buffett, Gates: Worst is behind us

Mosques seized in US

Lawyer seeks class action for credit card rates lawsuit

Within hours, Obama ordered intelligence review of shootings

Obama orders review of files on Fort Hood shooting suspect

Wash Times Announces Resignation Of Executive Editor John Solomon

RNC insurance plan covers abortion

Feds move to seize N.Y. skyscraper, 4 mosques

John King to replace Dobbs on CNN

RNC Planning Immediate Review of Its Abortion Coverage

Ex-Peruvian foreign minister under arrest in Miami

White House Counsel Craig to end embattled tenure

FBI says Florida fraud scheme could top $1 billion

UN investigator accuses US of shameful neglect of homeless

(UK PM) Brown to get tough on student visas and foreign skilled workers

H1N1 death toll estimated at 3,900 in U.S.

Obama’s Afghan plan will include exit strategy

China tries to appeal to Obama by equating Tibet with U.S. slavery

Adult smoking rate rises slightly for 1st time in 15 years

ACORN Suing U.S. Over "Unconstitutional" Defunding Bill

Obama announces forum -- a brainstorming session on job creation

Lawyer: 'Balloon boy' parents to plead guilty

Fox News Declares Cyberwar on the Liberal Blogosphere

So will the teabagger party run its own candidate for president? If so, who?

Bart Stupak: 'There Will Be Hell To Pay' If My Amendment Is Removed'

Winning margin in NY House 23 race tightens

Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum (over marriage)

Fed adopts strong rules blocking bank overdraft fees

America’s Defining Choice

President Obama rejects proposals by security chiefs on Afghanistan

Ending World Hunger Will Require $44 Billion a Year

E.J. Dionne: A hard choice on health care

How the US Funds the Taliban | The Nation

Guardian UK: 9/11's delayed legacy: cancer for many of the rescue workers

"An Alleyway in Hell" - a report by Human Rights Watch

Joe Conason: Testing Next Year’s Lies Today

What's the Alternative to Tucker Max?

The Myth of Judicial Backlash

In Apology For False Footage, Hannity Labels Himself a 'Democrat'

Why Puppy Love Matters for Parents

UN guards eject Canadian commentator critical of Israeli war crimes report

Commentary: Many Muslims have died in the service of America

Glenn Greenwald: The sleazy advocacy of a leading "liberal hawk"

Catholic Church Threatens To Stop Social Service Programs For D.C.'s Neediest If Gay Marriage Pass

Soldier sues over toxic burn pits

WHO study suggests link between cell phones and tumors.

The Subprime Student Loan Racket

Tea Party Patriots - trouble in teabagger paradise...

ADL to GOP: ‘Forcefully’ condemn Holocaust imagery

We Have a President

As US Ambassador Casts Doubt on Troop Increase in Afghanistan, New Report Reveals US Indirectly Fund

Can We Agree?

The Seattle activists' coming of age in Cophenhagen will be very disobedient

Movie The Messenger - Delivering Bad News and Truths About War

Tokyo’s Newfound Swagger

Senator Tom Coburn holding up Veterans benefits bill

A Sneak Preview of Carrie Prejean's Interview With Dan Rather

MIA dog found in Afghanistan after 14 months

Larry King & Carrie Prejean: Extended Cut

BREAKING: U.S. Deports Lou Dobbs

It's about more than health care . . . - Rep. Kilroy

Massachusetts Constitutional Convention 2007 - The Vote

El País newspaper: Chávez "has crossed the line" with war call

John Soltz ( with Dylan Ratigan - Afghanistan is the topic.

Young Turks: Amy Goodman On Her New Book, Single Payer, Obama & Much More

Rachel Maddow & Seymour Hersh On Eikenberry's Cables & Pakistan's Nukes

'Thatcher's death' sparks diplomatic flurry in Canada

Keith Olbermann: Bush Is Back!

Wolf Blitzer Questions How Hasan's Lawyer Can Represent 'Someone Accused of Mass Murder'

***The Secret Global Empire(s):*** Russ Baker & John Perkins

No, Stupak, You're the Double-Crosser

StupidCallousHomophobic HatefulLegislation

Reporter recounts solemn encounter with Obama at Arlington

Tea-Party Civil WAR! - Rachel Maddow

Young Turks: Katie Couric Has 'Oriental Eyes' - Bo Dietl On Imus Show

Rachel Maddow DESTROYS Congressman Pete Hoekstra For Leaking Sensitive National Security Information

Carrie is just going to hold her breath until she turns blue

Dylan Ratigan celebrates 10th anniversary of Gramm Leach Bliley. Put on your party hats.

Va. teen suffers rare illness after swine flu shot

Will Phillips, not the Catholic Church, is a fine moral and ethical example for my son

John King to Replace Lou Dobbs

Timothy Egan - the Betrayal

Scahill: Obama may be afraid of Blackwater

Tagging the tigers of the sea

Ford wins Ridiculous Token Environmental Gesture of the Year Award

Peru slum goes cutting edge as 'fog catcher'

Peak oil notes - Nov 12

Drumbeat: November 12, 2009

Ethiopian PM - Representing Africa In Copenhagen - Says World Not Serious About Climate - Reuters

24 Of 36 N. England Fish Species Moved North & East W. Higher Temps 1968-2007 - Up To 200 Miles

Scientists Search for Loch Ness Monster, Find 100,000 Golf Balls

Plenty of oil sloshing around.....

Defying Gov’t Censorship, EPA Attorneys Speak Out Against White House-Backed Climate Change Proposal

Salt-Loving Algae Wipes Out Fish In Appalachian Stream - Possible Link To Hydraulic Fracturing - EST

Umbrage In The Gas Patch - ASPO's Steve Andrews On The Marcellus "Miracle", Berman's Resignation

5 Of 7 GOP Candidates For IL Governor Flatly Deny Global Warming Exists - AP

Latest Projections - Sea-Level Rise .5 - 1.5 Meters By 2100 - Victoria University, NZ

Tuna in peril as catches reach triple the limit

DOE To Abandon Yucca Licensing Effort Next Month

Reactor Designs Concerns Raise Specter Of Nuclear Plant Delays

Bolivian authorities warn Titicata, world's highest lake, at dangerously low level

Gloat-Free Basketball Scores

Police: Mike Tyson in Scuffle at LA Airport

Germany stunned by Enke's suicide death

49er Vernon Davis on Thursdays game: "We will destroy (Chicago)."

huh, this is kinda nice, there is no play-by-play calling during the Bears-Niners game

3 Tennessee football players charged with armed robbery

My NFL Player of the Year: Minnesota Vikings Safety, Madieu Williams

Gruden to coach Notre Dame in 2010??

Hey Sports Forumites! It's my birthday!

Which is the most important college game this Saturday?

Nick Saban---Ass Picking Douchebag.

Boy was that painful to watch

Repression Of Amazon Indian Movement Condemned

Chávez awards replica of Bolívar sword to inventor of Kalashnikov assault rifle

Ex-Peruvian foreign minister under arrest in Miami

Please No More Shock About Honduras, The Imperial Tea Leaves Were There to Be Read

(Honduras) Letter to Obama

Chile: Any U.S. missile, radar deal under $665 million

Aligned with Chavez (Morales, Bolivia) not aligned with Chavez (Lula, Brazil)

Shin Bet eyes two settlers allegedly behind anti-Palestinian violence

Why isn't there a pro-Palestinian lobby as powerful as the pro-expansion of Israel lobby?

Carlo Strenger / The world is sick of Netanyahu's lack of policy

French FM: It seems Israel no longer wants peace

The Who to perform at Super Bowl, Sports Illustrated says

At Fort Hood, Witness Credits Second Officer

NRA's Pierre pepi--la-PEW sent me a solicitation ltr: WHY am *I* on wingnut mailing lists?!1

Want to get rid of the Second Amendment? I might have found you some allies.

Disarming didn't work, maybe we should try something else...

Yet another family tragedy west of Portland

Eleanor & Lorena's trip: unloaded gun locked in case, locked in glove compartment, no bullets in car

Resident shoots home invaders

Today in Labor History Nov 12 Sunbeam Corp. and lays off 6,000 workers—half the workforce

Flight Attendants To Finally Get Family And Medical Leave Act Benefits

Union Veterans Council: Vet Unemployment Is 25 Percent

16 deaths per day

Colorado UFCW Local 7 Waits For International Strike Authorization As It Presses For Good Contract

Meet Rosie the Nurse, the New Face of Labor

Workers, Students Take On University-Funded Hotel Firm

Archdiocese Labor Guild honors four

The Tempification of the American Workforce

Ivy League Liberal Elitism Will Make Sarah Palin President - How Only Union Organizing Can Preventit

Aiman is really getting into his meals lately.

two from this evening downtown

Three nephews and a niece


Cassini Images from Saturn

UV radiation in space-like conditions can produce uracil, possibly source of primitive life RNA

In SUSY we trust: What the LHC is really looking for

Will probe's upcoming fly-by unlock exotic physics?

Supernova Remnants Dance in the LMC

Massively collaborative mathematics

Backward star ain't from around here

I saw Neil deGrasse Tyson give a talk last Friday night!!

Oswald will be releasing their next single about a guy who had a full sex change and had been killed

Duplicate (nt)

Check out the video 'Marry Me by Melange Lavonne New Music Video 2009'

Catholic Church Gives D.C. ultimatum Over Gay Marriage

The Sanctity of Marriage

The Albany gay marriage back room

10-Year-Old Won’t Pledge Allegiance Until Gays Gain Equality

Fort Worth votes to expand anti-discrimination ordinance

Catholics United for Marriage Equality

Plan to pierce heart of urban monster volcano

WH censored "pro-gay" video for two days while deciding whether to issue permanent gag order

U.S. Job Openings Increase in Latest Hopeful Indicator

Barofsky Says TARP ‘Almost Certainly’ Will Bring Loss

Dr. Housing Bubble 11/11/09

GLBT - check in please!

Pipelining reward points from credit cards

Life on Severance: Comfort, Then Crisis

Veterans Get Lip Service, Bankers Get Billions & We Get Foreclosures

Mishkin's Bubblenomics and the Crash of 2008 by Mike Whitney

Job Woes Exacting a Toll on Family Life

Every credit card I have has had the interest rate jacked up to near or above 20%.

Evolver Reality Sandwich

Welp, all 11:11 brought me was...a new brand of flower essences.

three magic words

Cider tea

Sorry I realized this morning that I inadvertently uploaded the wrong picture....

Pollution's Toll on the Brain

Testing New Treatments For Severe H1N1 Infection

What to choose... The vaccine or a natural remedy for the Swine Flu? The facts and the fiction.

A million infected in Ukraine flu epidemic: minister

New brain findings on dyslexic children

Did not!

Study Suggests Westernized Diet Leads To Obesity Via Gut Microbes

Divorce Risk Higher When Illness Strikes Wife.

CDC Now Says 4, 000 Swine Flu Deaths in US

Va. teen suffers rare illness (GBS) after swine flu shot ~ CDC says "no clear link."

ok, I am in complete agreement with atheists on this one:

New warning on 'perfect vaginas'

"In most states, students must be 17-years-old or older to take the GED."

Teacher Shortage Gives Way to Teacher Glut

Thanksgiving Lessons

15(ish) Things Worth Knowing about Coffee

My newest favorite kitchen tool

What to do with salty ham

Why are 9/11 records still classified?

New Photos of 911 (hope this is not a dupe) Well worth a look

One of these days the truth will come out.

Hardfire: Ryan Mackey destroys Tony Szamboti, Part 1