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Is Sammy Sosa whitening his skin?

democrat bart stupak and his take on stem cell research

Recommend if you see Stupak as part of Michigan's GOP congressional delegation...

Dennis Kucinich:

"Man-caused" Disasters

So the public option is the sticking point for the Independent in the Senate

My rum-toting, repuke $hit-stain Senator is on The Daily Show


Carrie Prejean (homophobic ex-Miss California) has book coming out called "Still Standing."

I saw decades end with the blink of an eye

First they will ban insurance coverage for abortion next will be AIDS

Thoughts on Conservatism; found in the Washpo editorial pages....

hr 3926: cbo 10 yr estimate: $167 billion in individual/employer penalties.

one excellent thing in hr3962:

I had a job interview today.

Looking for help for a friend...

Photos: Mom, Dad, baby live happily in 380 square feet

Where were you when the Berlin Wall Fell?

Senate confirms US District judge

I remember not too long ago when Bush/Cheney had the

man confesses to killing abortion provider

Politifact fact checking: Health care reform and the Anti-Abortion Insurance Coverage amendment

Thoughts on Conservatism; found in the Washpo editorial pages....

Please, end this sham of a country now!

Out in the cold: Intel agent says US 'betrayed' her, Sabrina DeSousa charged in absentia In Italy

Afgan insurgents using US ammunition

15,000 reasons to worry about invasive species

Thanks DU for having ads attacking Sen. Boxer.

‘We have already entered peak oil,’ IEA source reportedly claims

Bill Clinton To Speak To Democratic Senators About Health Bill

White House Partnerships Blog (Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships)

A Washington that is More Reflective of All of America

So why didn't John Fritze mention The Family


Excellent anti-Stupak amendment article at link

You thought Big Pharma was bad. Meet the medical device makers who are lining your doctors' pockets.

Bottomline on the House Health Bill

Bottomline on the House Health Bill

Question about the UnRec system....

Taser Wars: The Real Dangers of Loose Triggers

The Stupak Amendment will affect who have miscarriages

Glenn Greenwald: Denying responsibility for the wars one cheers on

More teabagging morons with signs

True, dat....

Peggy Noonan's drug supplier got a hold of some good stuff apparently:

Peggy Noonan's drug supplier got a hold of some good stuff apparently:

Time for What If

Cops: Man Loaded Gun For Wife's Suicide Attempt

The Tony Podesta Lobby Shop Is Turning Change Into BIG DOLLARS

Conservative group links gay-rights movement to Islamic terrorism

Macau's gambling industry faces nightmare of water rationing

Oh, it'll be motivating alright!!

Contemplation on the eve of Veteran's Day

WAPO: It's a Grand Old Purging as moderate's ouster spotlights Republican dysfunction

WAPO: It's a Grand Old Purging as moderate's ouster spotlights Republican dysfunction

The Senate Must Reject the Anti-Choice Amendment to the House Health Care Reform Bill

The Senate Must Reject the Anti-Choice Amendment to the House Health Care Reform Bill

This Is Excellent News For Republicans

Murder Has No Religion

No matter which country people are from, I seem to get along much better with those

Bennet Toon: The health Care Bill handoff

The Christmas/Holiday season starts earlier and earlier every single year

Tobacco Company Reynolds In Talks To Buy Company For Quitters

Tobacco Company Reynolds In Talks To Buy Company For Quitters

Well, this OP that I wrote two years ago is as timely now as it was then. No surprise

Ratigan is beating up on a Pub again! He just had 2 people on,

Tomgram: Jamail and Lazare Ask, Who Will Be Sent to Afghanistan?

How Much Lying Will It Take To Break Your Confidence?

Twinned voting in Congress...

Senator Joseph Lieberman (HIMSELF-CT)

This "The Family" that Rachel has been exposing has got to freakin go.

An Ethical Question: Does a Nazi Deserve a Place Among Philosophers?

An Ethical Question: Does a Nazi Deserve a Place Among Philosophers?

Brain Changes From PTSD Observed in Soldiers

How to fund elective abortions without health insurance costs.

Which one of these people should NEVER be trusted with a handgun?

Can Bob Herbert be talked into running for president?

Health Care in Germany - great!

If this is health insurance reform then...

Should soldiers put their country first or their god first?

BU student caught bacterial infection from lab, tests show

And who says that the military isn't on top of things?

Send this TOON to all your RW Religious friends...

Support for Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights; Opposing Trends.

CT Governor (R) Jodi Rell announces she will not run again in 2010.

I propose a moratorium on talking about ED drugs and abortions as if they are related.

Tactical Air's Gloomy Future (F-35)

Rendition Case Tests FBI Immunity

Roeder admits to killing abortion doctor Tiller

Digby: 'Stupak-Pitts forces political domination over the price for being too uppity.'

Max bauchus agrees that the abortion rules should NOT be changed?

I've been drunk and I've used subways, but I've never stumbled onto the tracks like THIS:

Is it just me, or has Dylan R (MSNBC) become too shrill

For anyone who still cares - Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean admits to making sex tape

Whistleblower: Key Oil Figures Were Distorted by US Pressure- Less Oil Out There Than IEA Reports

Survey raises doubts on ‘don’t ask’ policy

American Medical Association votes to seek repeal of don't-ask-don't-tell

Alice Rossi, 87, noted sociologist, leading feminist

Repent! The End is near. This country is crashing and burning

Don't wanna use tax dollars to pay for abortions? What if we applied that policy across the board?

AIDS called leading killer of women

Abdul-Jabbar Goes Public With Leukemia Fight

Rec this if you think it's possible to be Progressive but still not be particularly fond of Kucinich

Rec this if you think it's possible to be Progressive but still not be particularly fond of Kucinich

More young people who signed up to help out in local emergencies are on their way to Afghanistan

The Rude Pundit: Understanding Why Nadal Hasan Did It Makes Us Stronger

Where do we go from here on Healthcare?

Where do we go from here on Healthcare?

Dating Hillary by Fred Reed (On Health Care)

What should people with pre-existing conditions do while they wait for Kucinich's bill to pass?

I'm watching John Kerry handing an AEI global climate change denier his ass

Get That Man a Place on Mount Rushmore

The Erosion of Legitimacy - are you feeling this too?

Orly Taitz: If the Military Was Smarter, It Could Have Prevented Fort Hood

Employment Bill Called Corporate Giveaway: 5x more Tax Perks then Unemployment Benefits

Ivy Blindness

The people who are willing to walk away always have more power in a negotiation.

we will be staying in Afghanistan

Foreign Contributions and the Supreme’s Overdue Decision on Campaign Funding

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1- Health war goes on

I have an idea. How about a "draft" function for DU?

California’s Gov. Schwarzenegger backs new tax breaks for rich

RE: ActBlue How does someone like Jason Altmire get on the Candidates List?

New Flu Victim: Blood Supply

Climate change hearing LIVE...

Climate change hearing LIVE...

Jindal says Ida causing "nuisance flooding"

Where do you have your savings?

Are Oprah, BahBwah, et al., going to sanitize and rehab PALIN?!1

Capitalism’s Incarnations

Capitalism’s Incarnations

$100,000 reward for info on CEO Tom Donahue

I have seen the light and now LOVE the HCR bill.... and here's why.

I have seen the light and now LOVE the HCR bill.... and here's why.

OK….So, I keep getting all these “Support The Troops” emails...Here’s my take.

Chemicals in Our Food, and Bodies (estrogen) by NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Shakeup at Rev. Moon's The Washington Times

Thom Hartmann, WTF are you THINKING interviewing this "pickup artist" charlatan?

24x7 coverage on CNN of the John Muhammed execution.

Scans show PTSD effects

Dirty coal czar confirmed by Senate

If you were someone who supported Bush's Afghan invasion would you have ...

How EFF saved Indymedia from an unconstitutional subpoena for all its visitors' IP addresses

Every time I read the phrase "We Don't Have The Votes" it makes me wanna spit.

Every time I read the phrase "We Don't Have The Votes" it makes me wanna spit.

chilling snapshot of US economy: ''Jack Welch converted GE from primarily a manufacturing...

Coal Czar Pizarchik: Now that you're confirmed, let me share with you a story about Nauru

Presidential wannabe Tim Pawlenty treats wounded deer like he's treated Minnesota

Discharged to the streets: Armed forces veterans account for up to 25 percent of the homeless...

Governor Kaine denies clemency to D.C. sniper.

Bart Stupak, The Family Guy

FHA may be headed toward a bailout

Ever notice how "Pro-life" conservatives love executions and war?

WMD ‘Finder,’ Ray Gun Pusher Wants Anti-Muslim ‘Backlash’

Chris Dodd stands up to Tim Geithner and Ben Bernake!

How many entitlement programs have kept up with inflation?

California municipalities declare war on medical marijuana-dispensing terra

Help some great causes with just a click!

Tea Party. What a stupid name for a political party!

REPORT: VW takes over #1 carmaker slot, sings "Wir sind die Meister, mein Freund"

The Sex Tape -- A Morality Tale

Hey DU! Can we join the "Dont Ask, Don't Give" Boycott to show solitude for the LGBT Americans?

Squirrel alert!

Lieberman's Gambit: Health care for readmission into the Democratic Party

French lesbian wins adoption case

Must see: Economic hitman tells that the US has been "hit"

Why don't the Catholic Bishops fight against war with the same zeal as abortion?

Official US Air Force Document Reveals the True Intentions Behind the US-Colombia Military Agreement

Been away from the computer all day - any candidates for the GOP "Hyperbowl" statement of the day?

Why The Stupak Amendment Is A Monumental Setback For Abortion Access

Guantanamo Conditions 'Deteriorate' on Obama's Watch

What am I missing? Please explain this data to me.

Gun Control and the Effects of Prohibition

Snowe Vulnerable to Primary Challenge

Squirrel alert!

Murdoch: Beck "Was Right," Obama Made Racist Comment

OK, let's say, in my hardbodied youth, I send Allentown Jake a masturbation tape

OK, let's say, in my hardbodied youth, I send Allentown Jake a masturbation tape

Religionists are always complaining that they have a right to

Foodsheds- regional food production/consumption

Koalas 'could face extinction'

Falafelgate 2? Shockingly Racy Lawsuit Rocks Murdoch's New York Post

The Klinger Factor!

The Democratic Party is going to have to change its name

Murdoch: Beck "Was Right," Obama Made Racist Comment

Isn't it funny how threatening those who speak truth to power are to establishment interests?

Isn't it funny how threatening those who speak truth to power are to establishment interests?

Excerpt from Carrie Prejean's tell-all book: "He stopped and stared at my butt. For a long time."

Students Who Exposed 30YO Wrongful Conviction Targeted by Chicago DA

my lil sis snapped a photo of Obama at the memorial service at Ft. Hood

Jesus the prison warden?

I may take this buck on Thanksgiving.

Memo to Beck: Anita Dunn's departure has been planned since April

American Medical Association Calls For Repeal of DADT

American Medical Association Calls For Repeal of DADT

We've Bailed out the Banks. When Do We Go After the Crooks Behind our Financial Collapse?

Catholic Church Emerges as Key Player in Legislative Battle

Does anybody seem to care that this decade is just about over?

Pilot about to fly from London to Chicago was allegedly drunk

Letterman plot suspect asks court to drop case

Remember Amy Fisher??

Video: Markos Moulitas Gets Tom Tancredo To Walk Out Of MSNBC Interview

WH denies Afghan decision made, as tensions flare with Pentagon

To hell w/smokers rights. My uncle is dying of emphysema. It's awful. For that matter, to hell with

Poll: Olympia Snowe would lose a primary race to generic conservative in ME

Ex-astronaut pleads guilty in attack on rival; Sentenced to a year probation.

Champlain Bridge, linking NY and VT "so fragile that a sudden collapse could occur."

What's your honest opinion of the House "health care reform" bill?

WSJ: 16k-20k Indian H-1B's have returned home

Buck loses fight with lawn ornament- OK, large lawn ornament

Senator: 131,000 homeless vets a 'disgrace'

Why would the people vote the Republicans back into power?

Did anybody representing you in any way get a private meeting?

War Funding, 2010- What the Hell is Going On Out There?

Liberals to Pelosi:"Get rid of Stuback Or We won't back HCR"

Liberals to Pelosi:"Get rid of Stuback Or We won't back HCR"

Guardian UK: Too fearful to publicise peak oil reality

OK, this is from Politico. Take with a quantity of salt.

Schakowsky: I Pledge To Vote Against Bill With Anti-Abortion Amendment

Why die for Karzai? - Tom Hayden/LA Times

Unemployed executives - Life on Severance: Comfort, Then Crisis

Fort Hood Cover-Up: A Dozen Tales of Disinformation

Sorry, but when news channels start dragging out these CIA types for commentary

Senate Plan Would Expand Regulation of Risky Lending

McConnell warns of Senate fight over abortion

Palin remains a GOP player

This website was advertised on Randi Rhodes show--OMG!

War Room: How Republicans Screwed Themselves in NY-23

Engineered Rabbit Penises Raise Human Hopes


Explicit 'pornaments' back on shelves

Any DUers have a tally of monthly job losses since recession began?

Adobe Systems to cut 680 jobs

Adobe Systems to cut 680 jobs

Adobe Systems to cut 680 jobs

Adobe Systems to cut 680 jobs

Six arrested outside Lieberman's office

The Nation: Who Subsidizes Abortion?

Another shooting, this time in Portland.

Obama aides accuse Pentagon of pressuring president over Afghanistan

White House courted Scozzafava for Owens endorsment.

The simple reason that Hasan isn't a radical Islamic terrorist.

Levi Johnston Planning to Sue Palins for Joint Custody of Son

On Joe

Police remove activists trying to occupy Lieberman's office

Is it actually legal for a cop to commandeer a car on the spot, like they do in the movies?

another day, another office shooting: 2 dead, 2 wounded in Portland

If Hasan was *really* a terrorist, then had he been given a discharge, this still would've happened

Student expelled after row over short dress

The "argument" used by Stupak is really odd.

Jihad code change to challenge al Qaeda

GOP lawmaker's health vote costs some support

Reid hopes to begin debate next week

Scozzafava takes on Palin

'Tis the Season for Healthcare Reform.fa la la la la la la la la Scrooge Quotes Dickens & new movie

800 airline jobs to be created in Milwaukee

Today was the memorial for the victims at Ft. Hood. Keeping that in mind,

David Plouffe on Tweety: Hillary Clinton has enormous feet.

"Stupak is as Stupak does"

"Stupak is as Stupak does"

Church attendance is down?

Female GOP Candidate (Fiorina) Hits Boxer For Wanting To Be Called “Senator”

Blackwater Said to Approve Iraqi Payoffs After Shootings

FYI: John Kerry spanked Dr. Shill from American Enterprise Institute this morning on global warming.

Health Insurance, *not* Health Care for pre-existing conditions

My rant on Abortion

President Obama and healthcare; damned if he does, damned if he doesn't...

U.S. announces one-on-one talks with North Korea

John Kerry on Afghanistan

Damn those liberals!

Hollywood celebs embrace their male breasts - really

Prove to me that the death penalty has never been used on an innocent person.

The Sarah Palin Coloring Book

Is the Federal Reserve Bank Illegally Trading Securities?

Rush: World Wildlife Fund staffers "brainwash their own kids." Time to donate!

Sanders would support reconciliation to break filibuster

Sanders would support reconciliation to break filibuster

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Dunn leaving White House, Pfeiffer takes over

"Given your sex scandals, it's best not to talk too much about your efforts to protect raw oysters."

Ezra Klein: Is a flawed healthcare bill better than no bill at all?

No charges against sheriff for 'balloon boy' disclosure

Happy 234th birthday, U.S. Marine Corps

I hate to say it, but it's time to clean house at the Pentagon

'Senior' WH Officials Accuse Pentagon of Leaking Afghanistan Deployment Numbers to Shape Outcome

Scariest Halloween Costumes of 2009

Elkhart (Ind.) Coroner Blames High Suicide Rate On Recession

I have been reading Atrios for 7 years and this is the first link to DU that I've seen him post.

Calling In The Big Dawg: President Clinton to Address Senate Dems on Healthcare Vote

Limbaugh:" With Health Care Reform You’ll Be Sent To Reeducation Camp

Just heard fighter jets go over Bethesda/Chevy Chase MD. nt

Ex-astronaut pleads guilty in attack on rival (Lisa Nowak )

Why man has become a slave to religion (and how to stop it)

I can't wait for the day our politicians stop pandering to the religious

End funding for prison health care and redirect those funds to women

Which will happen first?

Walmart t.v. ad, to our troops: 'because of you, we're living better'

Fact: God Is The Biggest Abortionist Of All

So There are Three Types of "Anonymous Sources" in Washington DC

Fort Hood suspect warned of threats within the ranks

"Federal dollars are not used to fund abortion" --Barack Obama on an interview

Glenn Beck loses Domain Name Dispute

Just posted this on my facebook page for all my friends and family to see

Ex-astronaut pleads guilty in attack on rival

why are you pounding sand up your own mandate?

Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell

Will The Stimulus Save The U.S. Economy?

Over 2,200 veterans died in 2008 due to lack of health insurance

On a lighter note. My son in law from Indy got 4 tickets to the Big Game

Loretta Sanchez on MJ now: "There are more pro-life than pro-choice representatives in Congress now"

If Republicans have accomplished nothing else they have at least distracted the nation

Sen. Kerry promises draft of climate rules for Copenhagen

The Fort Hood Shooter was NRA trained and approved.


Eonline on Hannity's Prejean's interview: "planting a far more disturbing idea in our heads" contest annoying...

Study: Only 0.027 Percent of Iranians Use Twitter

How many schools could Obama build with the money spent expanding the war in Afghanistan?

Michael Steele: White Republicans are 'Scared of Me'

Rec if you do not use the F-word on DU because you know it harms search rank.

So ..... The Dawg goes to the Senate today. The invite was arranged by one COS, R. Emanuel.

AMA under attack -turn on Rachel

Why is Dennis Kucinich such a lightning rod here?

State Rep. Campfield escorted from UT game on Halloween

Mother tried to shield baby in fatal SC shootings

A boy and his flag: Why Will won’t pledge.

What is it in the American psyche that forces people to shoot shit up?

Help Us Support the Ft. Hood Community

'Christmas' back in state tree title

Well, Obama's restored the Dow back to where it was in 2000 at the citizen's expense

Bully As Victim Won’t Play Well

Senator McCaskill to oppose the Stupak amendment

Blackwater approved Hush money to Iraqi officials

Guardian UK Opinion: John Allen Muhammed deserved mercy

Couldn't Nidal have claimed to have "TEH GAY" and gotten out of the mil?

Should the DC sniper be put to death?

Jihadist battle cry is called ‘speculation' (San Antonio Express-News)

Bush Jr. Is To Blame For Hasans Actions....

How reliable is Bob Chapman? A friend emailed me about

4362 US Military Deaths in Iraq / 832 Afghanistan Countless non US Casualities...

Bitch Tits and BPA

Open Season on anyone perceived to be an Arab or Muslim.....

SA police 'kill boy aged three'

Afghanistan's GDP in 2008 was $22.27 billion according to the CIA.

I Just Re-Watched "Sicko" - More Timely Now Than When Released

What is Art? morning mindstretch

Women Ascend to Iraq’s Elite Police Officer Corps

Would people support a national food relief program

Weekly Audit: The Unemployment Epidemic

Car theft victim socked with city tow fees

Judge denies "concerned" parents: allows high school production of "Laramie Project" to go on

The premeditated murder of premeditated murderers is not justice, it is state imposed revenge

Need a job? McDonald's has an opening at Guantanamo

It is time to start hiring, instead of electing, district attorneys and sheriffs

Is it me or

Good special about health care on PBS right now.

Speaking of Amendments: If the HCR bill is gonna have amendments, wouldn't it be better if

On NY 23 race . David Ross commentary it's amusing

Without family planning . . .

Rupert Murdoch behind H1N1 vaccine research on pregnant women, children

Frontline: Sick Around The World

Help! Mom! Conservatives are ruining books! - The Mudflats

10 Suicides a Month at Fort Hood Texas (?)

Irony Overload: Cynthia Davis, MO Repuke, on Separation of Church/State

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Jon Stewart/TDS busts Fox fake footage

I once had a cup of coffee with the DC Sniper!

End Congressional Health Insurance Plans NOW

On a 70 degree day in New York, Sean Hannity says global Warming is BS...

Thom Hartmann: 'The rising influence of evangelicals in the Democratic Party has blindsided many.'

A Republican Senator from Connecticut would be better than Lieberman


Excellent piece by Irshad Manji: Let's analyze Fort Hood, not sanitize it .

Looking for your H1N1 Vaccine? Don't worry Goldman Sachs has it

I'm Sorry.. but Bart Stupak has to be the biggest A-hole in the world...

Salon: Carly Fiorina criticizes Barbara Boxer for expecting professional respect

Is your iPhone destined for a Rick-roll?

New PCCC Ads Hit Blue Dog Betrayal

Lawerence O'Donnell just said that Bill Clinton was for his plan or

Hasan wanted muslim soldiers to be exempted from fighting muslims...

holy taco!

Great quote I saw

Great quote I saw

Republican congressman Eric Cantor is a prick

Specter: Make them Filibuster

Google to Murdoch: Whatever, Dude

Stupak Amendment Will Be Removed, Period.

IEA Has Been Fudging Oil Data

I, (state your name)...

Sotomayor poses in court for Latina magazine cover



Lack of Health Care Worsens Women's Life Quality: WHO

Oh My!!Blackwater approved payments in Iraq shooting - NYT

How do you feel about Goldman Sachs and Citigroup being one of the first to receive H1N1 vaccines?

An ex-JAG officer just firmly stated on MSNBC

Arguing With An Idiot: Glenn Beck's Lawsuit Against Parody Site Rejected

Are_grits_groceries appreciation thread

Some of the things one finds while doing research for a novel re LGBT rights

Pawlenty Wounds Deer, Then Leaves for Iowa

Death Penalty poll

PHOTOS: Fort Hood Memorial

I got my Molly Ivins biography today.

Veterans Day in Boston, 2009

Secret Lives of Women on WEtv: Born to Breed (Quiverfull)

An Object Lesson on Not Being Jerks

Anyone had their drivers license scanned at Loaf & Jug

Firedoglake founder interview on Democracy Now: bill includes garuntee monopology provision

I take it the same people who are looking forward to seeing Hassan hung from the highest tree

Chris Matthews thick skull and BS

A question for military people...

NECESSARY ILLUSIONS- Thought Control in Democratic Societies

Who the fuck does Dennis Kucinich think he is?

SPECIAL REPORT-A Morgan Stanley star falls in China

I've just been reviewing the posts made when Dr. Tiller was murdered

We created the socalled terrorist.

Punchline contest

Lovely Health care is going to remain unchanged because of abortion

If you believe Major Hasan was a terrorist, I've got some WMD I'd like to sell ya

The many posts here attempting to "understand" Hasan

"Working to defeat the Blue Dogs"?

Do you believe someone when they've told you that they've seen a UFO?

AMA Ends 72-Year Policy, Says Marijuana has Medical Benefits

tonight the state of virginia murdered a murderer

I love it when people (who aren't sick, poor or going without healthcare) say START OVER!

BBC: 27-Country Survey Finds Almost 1 in 4 Earth Residents Agree Capitalism Is Doomed

Mixing religion, politics and private lives

About that "They have to spend 85% of the premiums on care" talking point

For once, some good news on the autistic front: Judge allows service dog in classroom

Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert

A solution to the "I don't want to fund abortions w/ my taxes" debate.

Please explain how this Health Care isnt a sell out?

Teen Obesity: Lack of Exercise May Not Be to Blame

Kucinich's rationale on the HCR vote is like Hillary's on Iraq

Why does Dylan Ratigan keep lumping unions in with insurance companies when he talks about HCR?

Carrie Prejean

Ever wonder why there’s always money for war and never money for health care?

hr 3926 text: lol read it.

hr 3926 text: lol read it.

Reality Check: The New and Extremely UnImproved US DEBT CLOCK

Reality Check: The New and Extremely UnImproved US DEBT CLOCK

Should 5 year-old kids be watching Star Wars??

Six Smart Progressive Complaints about the House Health Bill

Liberal groups launch ad attack; 'payback time' for Blue Dogs

Let's clear this up...Carrie Prejean is a liar ...she DID NOT make that tape for an ex-boyfriend..

The Day That A Neil Simon Play Is Considered Passé... Is The Day that Broadway is DEAD.

As much as I dislike Carrie Prejean and her politics, to be penalized for a private tape is wrong

Is it wrong for a wealthy person to take a job someone else could have?

A shrine to a squirrel: Town's 'Diana style' show of grief for dead albino rodent

Who is behind the promotion of Sarah Palin's book?

Why do advocates for reproductive rights never come on shows and accurately

senate introduces law to fight rape kit backlog

If in 2005 or so George W and the republican Congress had tried to enact

So Carrie Prejean has a sex tape, what law did she violate?

Was Fort Hood shooter being groomed for an intelligence role?

Clinton Soundbite: ‘Teabaggers Are So Inflamed Because We’re Winning’

Family feud (Rev. Moon) creating turmoil at Washington Times?

Is the Mormon Church About to Endorse Protections for Gays and Lesbians in Salt Lake City?

rape in america: justice denied (cbs special report)

Sesame Street turns 40!

Our Debt to Italy

Bart Stupak to Hold Town Hall Meeting in Escanaba on Wed, November 11 (TOMORROW)

US judge bans Christian car plate

Whooooooo! Dr. Nancy Snyderman from MSNBC isn't happy about the Stupak amendment:

Mormon church issues statement in support of gay-rights ordinances

Sharlet's Latest: The Democrats' new "Family" values Thanks to C Streeter Bart Stupak and his allies

I would like to nominate MadFloridian for the "Most Sane, Consistent, Clear Voice on DU" award.


Mea Culpa (please read)

Pat Robertson: Islam isn’t a religion; treat Muslims like fascists

Senator introduces Constitutional amendment requiring term limits

Wow, a prowler was just shot not far from my house...

I'll be glad when all this


Fired NY Post Editor: The Post's main goal was to "destroy Obama"

How do you kill someone for killing someone and expect that to stop killing?

Gordon Brown paid West Wing Writers $40,000 for 'tailoring' speech

Our whole economy is being organized to take the wealth of the nation and send it to top.

DU Vets, Fall In!

We need your help to prepare for next week's DU Fund Drive -- Nominate your favorite charity!

Which is more dangerous?

Which is more dangerous?

OpEdNews Interviews DUer GuvWurld (Dave Berman) re: and new book

To Those Who Say "The Public Won't- Doesn't-Can't Support" SINGLE-PAYER I Say BULLSHIT!!!

Bourgeois Underground - Why Class Matters

Reality Check: Google: Kucinich Polling 2012. Here are the first three results:

"This will be the defining moment of this presidency...I wouldn't put more combat troops in there."

Rhode Island Governor Won't Even Give Rights to Dead Gays

Since we're never going to ever leave Afghanistan, we need to bring back the draft

Second hand smoke and smoker's rights. Yeah, I'm the asshole here.

Stupak, member of WA insider secret nut case religious group: "The FAMILY."

About half an hour ago, John Mohammed, the DC sniper, was pronounced dead.

Has the DU Changed? Or Is It Just Me?

what the heck is with all these attacks on progressive dems?

What has happened to DU? Has it been taken over by aliens? How can "liberals" defend Stupak?"

How much have you made in the Stock market in the past year? Post success stories here.

Good. Fucking. Riddance...

Ash Wednesday

How To Win The Gay Marriage Fight

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2- Right Wingers of all stripes

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3-Economic and other sources of anger

What is the biggest deal-breaker for you on the House health insurance reform bill? Obama camp was source for Edwards haircut story

Orly Taitz Just Filed A NEW Motion In Court, Cites Obama's "Homosexual Lover" As Witness

What's your view of spanking children?

If you think the issue is just abortion, you don't see the dangerous pattern emerging.

All I Want

The things she does to please (She's a femme fatale) She's just a little tease ...

working the graveyard shift through tropical storm Ida

Last night dreams:

Morning mindstretch What is Art? smile break...

I wonder when Carrie Prejean will either finally say something relevant or STFU

Where is the best (non-intrusive) site for storing photos?

I just got back from my Bachelor Party


We don't have any Thanksgiving decorations, so I'm leaving the glowing skulls

Iphone users (and former users) any reason why I shouldn't get an Iphone

Heath Ledger and Lindsay Lohan were engaged in a secret relationship when he died

Does anyone know anything about agave syrup?

Oh ...

Um, sorry about your sheep.

Anne Rice has found religion?

Commiseration thread: Who else is in a miserable state?

I'm going to run away w/ the office mail man

My son is moving out

Happy 40th Anniversary Sesame Street!

I swear to god...

I wonder how irritated Tommy will get if we ignore him

copy cat

Parking Wars?

***DU LOUNGE ACTION ALERT*** Recommend this GD post for the Greatest Page.

Chuggo is lame.

Missed birthday-October 23, 1956 - Happy Birthday, Dwight Yoakam!

YouTube: A little Nick Drake for your Tuesday afternoon: "Northern Sky"

In celebration of the 234th birthday of the Marine Corps:

this is great stuff- hopefully it came through

I've always loved alone

There are no human beings working at Earthlink

How's your Chi today?

I'm getting seriously bullied by two people on Facebook.

How's your Chia today??

This is what your memories sound like

Just a reminder for The Animal Rescue Site -

The cold itself isn't so bad. It's the aftermath - particularly the post-nasal drip - that I hate.

vitamin supplements (no solicitation of medical advice)

Man Boob discussion in GD

Crostini toppings, what are your faves?

I don't ask think much but please DU're some good vibes.

I have no idea who the hell Allentown Jake is supposed to be, but...

Have you ever registered at a Web site, then misplaced key information?

What is this tape and who is Nikki Stone1?

One of my high school classmates claims to have left MA because it was getting too "liberal"

I am sitting on my back deck making beer can chicken, the day is beautiful.

DU vibes and prayers needed, please.

Come out, and live with a religious community in a beautiful place out in the country.

The word of the day is "moobs". Replace a word in any thread with the word "moobs".

Eva Mendes Is Unbuttoned, Braless

Too Much DU; #573: "Posting on DU" vs "The Business E-mail"

Suri Cruise: Why in all the inane celebrity coverage, are we

Rye ruv roo roungers

Excellent, EXCELLENT movie from 2007 I just watched: Pan's Labyrinth

Billboard Makes Massive Change Top 200 Album Charts

Poll question: What's Your View of Spanky?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! I just saw my donor star expire!

Ghost hunters discover possible human

Kajun Fire Habanero Hot Sauce

What's Your View of Spanking?

The Star-Spangled Banner

10 Job Hunting Strategies Guarenteed to Get You Arrested

My 18-month-old kitteh is FINALLY purring. Is that strange or what?

Top Gear fans: James May on the Moon

Inventor of the Chia Obama meant it as a 'tribute', Jesse Jackson agrees

TOO, not to!

Is the Denver Bronco's coach about 15?

The coworker I've mentioned before? You know, the "cropduster"?

Having a crate trained dog is GREAT ...

Woman drives into aquarium at Tampa airport

And the winner of the most annoying/irritating/angersome DU Lounger to me is.....

I am sure someone can come up with a caption of this kitteh picture

Are school field trips as fun as they used to be?

Try your best to irritate/annoy/anger me. Go ahead. I dare you.

All I want is a good night's sleep!

You know, it sucks,

AGGGGGGGG how do you donate? I just lost my star

Crap. Never mind.

Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny. Who leaves the BEST stuff behind?

Fear of the Dark...

Oh The Huge Manatee

I hate Christmas movies about Santa having kids.

"No more Chicken Beer".

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/10/09

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goes public with leukemia diagnosis

Update on my dogs:

DO NOT try your best to irritate/annoy/anger me. DO NOT go ahead. I DO NOT dare you.

Tonight's Son's Of Anarchy episode...

Carl Sagan would have been 75 yesterday.

I've never lived alone

Useless gadgets Dept: Twitter-equipped bathroom scale

Green Haze

Are_Grits_Groceries - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shopping, or the decline of Arbusto Baboso's mind.

DU Sailors: I'm taking the plunge

My sister is having brain surgery tomorrow. Now wait . . .

"Stand back! I am MAN!"

I saw Vic Chesnutt on Friday. What an amazing show.

I just had a VERY sexual talk on facebook with a woman I used to date and is now married.

Well, uh... Not much to tell. I was, uh, one of the authors of the Port Huron Statement.

I love the smell of Cat Ass in the morning --

I probably should not say this, but I think you are hopped up on drugs. n/t

"This Is The Story of Two Sisters, Jessica Tate and Mary Campbell"

turned my students onto ABBA today. I have a student named Fernando

Tom Cruise threatened to 'beat the living shit' out of wayward Scientologists

Well, My Mom's Funeral Is Done

That's no moon!

I want to have a drink with my buddy not f*ck your BF: Jealous Women a Rant

Anybody else watching V.

Post Something To Make Me Put You On My Ignore List

Aerosmith's Joe Perry: Band not breaking up, will continute to suck with or without Steven Tyler

WTF? My ISP just vanished!

Today I was teaching and my principal walked in with a huge vase of 20 red roses

Why do some women love Assholes?

The Top 10 Horror Movies of the Decade

Where were you when the Berlin Wall Fell?

Frozen pizza and /or store-bought pre-made pizza - what brand do you like?

An appliance repair man has been here for over an hour to replace


Driver dies after truck plummets off Bay Bridge at S-curve

Bomb attack kills 15 in Pakistan

Macau's gambling industry faces nightmare of water rationing

Police: DNA, ballistics link Monfort to officer's killing

Navies of 2 Koreas exchange fire near border

White House says no final decision yet on Afghanistan

Student expelled after row over short dress

Rell bombshell: She won't run again

Murdoch: News Corp. May Block Google From Searching Newspaper Content

U.S. Knew of Suspect’s Tie to Radical Cleric

Halliburton, KBR named in suit over 'burn pits'

Carrie Prejean: ‘I was not having sex’ in video

Murdoch: Beck "Was Right," Obama Made Racist Comment

Race hate murder man found guilty (UK)

US colleagues of shooter considered sacking him: report

Va. gov clears way for DC sniper's execution

Sen. Tom Coburn stands by effort to delay bill for disabled vets

Chris Matthews thick skull and BS

Family Of Boy Killed By Uzi Sues Gun Show

Administration: Mortgage program helping 20 percent of eligible homeowners

Feds seek 27 years for former congressman

GOP ex-candidate (Scozzafava) leaves NY Assembly leadership job

Tampa police: Marine reservist attacked Greek priest he mistook for terrorist

Hasan will face a court-martial

UPDATE 1-Ex-NY Post editor sues paper, claims racism, sexism Obama camp was source for Edwards haircut story

Ex-NY Post editor sues paper, claims racism, sexism

Evidence still fuzzy on cell phones, cancer

Army Wasn't Told of Hasan's Emails

Allies Uncover Cache of Bomb Materials in Afghanistan

Ben Nelson Wants Anti-Abortion Measures in Senate Health Bill


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 10

Brazil's 2 Largest Cities Hit by Blackouts

Adobe cuts 680 jobs, to take charge

Possible Hostage Situation At Governor's Building in Missouri

Supreme Court OKs death penalty for murderer of gay man

Major online ad site hacked, serving up exploit cocktail

Survey raises doubts on ‘don’t ask’ policy

Ex-astronaut Lisa Nowak pleads guilty in attack on romantic rival

Blackwater Said to Approve Iraqi Payoffs After Shootings (Top Execs Authorized Secret Payments)

Dodd Proposes Financial Reform Legislation

1,200 janitors fired in 'quiet' immigration raid

Peru Guerrilla Growing Stronger, Former Top Cop Says

Blackout hits central, south Brazil

Mormon Church backs protection of gay rights in Salt Lake City

Justice Dept. Asked For News Site's Visitor Lists

Fort Hood suspect warned of threats within the ranks-Cited stress facing Muslims

UC Prof: Bay Bridge Should Be Shut Down

Effort to Assist Older Voters May Raise Costs for the Young

U.S Law Would Require Employers to Provide Sick Leave

(Greek Orthodox)Priest Attacked By Marine in Tampa

Federal judge nixes SC license tag with cross

Connecticut Governor (Repub) Won’t Seek Re-election

Czech troopers wore SS insignia (in Afghanistan)

D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad executed

CVS pays $875,000 for selling expired food and medicine

Dunn leaving White House

Gorbachev Says Obama Should Start Afghan Withdrawal

AMA Calls for Review of Medical Marijuana’s Legal Status-New Policy Marks Historic Shift

Footage shows insurgents with U.S. ammo

US 'wants to guard Pakistan's nuclear arsenal'

Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life

Thom Hartmann w/ Andy Bichlbaum - Member of The Yes Men group of

Papantonio: The Death Penalty Discussion

Rupert Murdoch Plans To Block More Than Just Google

Young Turks: GOP Obstruction Video & Outrageous Comments On Women Vs. Smokers

Keith Olbermann & Richard Wolffe On The GOP's New Opposition, The "Tea Party" Party

The Blue Dogs Have To Much Power In The House Of Representatives! Congresswoman Waters

Donna Sequeira Tells Her Health Care Story

Media Matters: Murdoch Agrees With Beck That Obama Is A Racist

2nd response to 0doubt

Real American Dummies Countdown to Judgement Day

Blue America demands Blanche Lincoln give us an Up or Down vote on Health care!

TYT: Should Ft. Hood Shooter Been Racially Profiled?

In God We Trust by Old Fart Rants

Bernie Sanders may filibuster if there ISN'T a ROBUST public option for everyone

Environmentalist Are Sheep Oh Yea Atheist Are To Baaaaa.

Speaker Quinn on the State of New York's Gay Marriage Bill

Obama Salutes Fort Hood Shooting Victims

39 Democrats Vote Against House Health Care Bill

Unequal Power, Unequal Access

DFA Campaign Academy: The Art of Email Engagement, the Do's Part 1

DFA Campaign Academy: the Art of Email Engagement, the Do's Part 1

DFA Campaign Academy: The Art of Email Engagement, the Don'ts

Media Matters: Murdoch In Denial Over Obama-Stalin Comparisons On Fox

Rachel Maddow and Jeff Sharlet discuss the Stupak amendment and the Family

Rep. Steve King: Obama's "Gangster Government"

Thom Hartmann - If were going to purge Muslims from the military...

US Less Educated Than Bulgaria? - Austan Goolsbee

Hume To O'Lielly: The Public Option "Is Not At All Unpopular, It's Kind Of Popular"

Gillibrand Battles Stupak Health Care Measure

Rachel Maddow and Bernie Sanders discuss the disgusting Joe LIEberman

Thom Hartmann - Scott Horton on Italian Court Convicting CIA operatives

Brooksville Police Chief Held Accountable for Loss of Free Speech!

MA man fired for belief in 'traditional marriage'

In Full: Pres. Obama's Remarks At Ft. Hood Memorial

Stupak Limits Women's Health Care

Rachel Maddow: Rachel on 'Biggest Restriction on Abortion Rights in Generation'

Part 1| President Obama's Speech At Fort Hood Memorial Service

Playing Of Taps & Obama Places His Coins At Fort Hood Memorial Service

Major Gaffe on Major Hasan: Army Failed to Connect the Ink Blots

Seymour Hersh: The US Has A Team Ready To Help Secure Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons

Guantanamo Conditions 'Deteriorate'

Why the U.S. has to go (out of Afghanistan)

Eugene Robinson: When A Time Bomb Is Ticking

Young Turks: Cenk Interviews Jane Hamsher on Stupak Amdendment

TYT: Breaking Down Crazy Conservatives On Ft. Hood Shooter

a current political thought worth contemplation:

Why are Young Conservatives Embarrassed by the GOP?

Solitary shoes a tactile symbol of amputees' sacrifices

The wall had two sides

The Power of Nightmares- Part iii

'Drunk' woman survives near miss with tube train (Boston)

'Abortion-Insurance' Issue Creates Strain to Avoid 'Split the Baby' Metaphor

Guardian UK: Too fearful to publicise peak oil reality

Graham: Becoming energy independent

Justice Dept Asked for News Site's Visitor Lists

Denying Responsibility for the Wars One Cheers On

Indiana Coroner has linked rising suicide rate to recession

Carrie Prejean Endorses 'Uni-Sex' Relationships

Too fearful to publicise peak oil reality

Defending The Arsenal: In an unstable Pakistan, can nuclear warheads be kept safe? By Seymour Hersh

Banks are struggling to make money in the credit card business

Did Clinton really call them teabaggers????....

Eight Reasons the Democrats lost Virginia & New Jersey--and How to Recover

Dylan Ratigan Shoves FRC Reps Nose Into It For Lying

Why Is Timothy Geithner Rejecting Legislative Policy?

Fox News Fact-Checks Sarah Palin's Coin Conspiracy Theory BS! Republican Congress & Bush did it!

CNBC's Gasparino: Goldman CEO Claiming He's 'Doing God's Work' Is 'Truly Unsettling'

Sean Hannity and Dick The Shrimper take the Fort Hood 9/11 ball and run with it

Bill O'Reilly: We Should Win Hearts and Minds Because "We Can't Kill All The Muslims"

Int w/President: Jail time for those without health care insurance?

No One is More American Than I Am (Cenk's Response To RW Anti-Muslim Commentary After Ft. Hood)

Eric Boehlert: The GOP's looming (media) civil war

Have you read Garrett Hardin's "Tragedy of the Commons"?

Latest Data Show Ohio State's Mercer Likely Correct On Pine Island Glacier, WAIS Destabilization

Somebody call Amory Lovins to straighten Yahoo out about whether the nuclear industry is hiring...

Drumbeat: November 10, 2009

Pennsylvania lawsuit says drilling polluted water

Say... we just had a cat-2 gulf hurricane in November.

Afloat in the Ocean, Expanding Islands of Trash

Afloat in the Ocean, Expanding Islands of Trash

Time to face up to responsibilities USA

key figures were distorted by US pressure, says whistle blower

Remnant Populations Of Ethiopian Wolf - World's Rarest Big Carnivore - Cling To Roof Of Africa

Chrysler Disbands Electric Car Engineering Team, Drops Ambitious Pre-Bankruptcy EV Targets


Here's what FIAT is giving America, the most efficient least polluting gasoline engines ever

Shakespeare had no BlackBerry and Aristotle managed without an iPhone

Indian Env. Minister - Nothing "Historically Alarming" Re. Him. Glaciers - Pachauri Blasts Back

Koala Numbers In Free Fall - New Estimate Says Maybe 43,000 Remain In Australian Bush - SMH

Six Dead, 12,200 Infected Out Of 400,000 Residents In Cape Verde Island Dengue Outbreak

IEA Estimates Each Year's Delay On Aggressive Climate Pact = $500 Billion

Fusion milestone reached

IEA Report - Unless there is an "energy revolution," the planet will heat up by about 6°C by 2030

Joule Biotechnology Makes Landmark Biodiesel Discovery

10% of US electricity generated from old Russian Nukes

Maddow interviews Gore on issue of nuclear energy

Gloat-free Basketball Scores (Monday, November 9)

Abdul-Jabbar has rare form of leukemia

Nothing But Net: The Physics Of Basketball Free Throws

Blount reinstated by Pac 10

MLB: Baseball GMs pass on expanding instant replay

MLB GM meetings are starting soon, give an HONEST assessment of your team

American League Gold Glove Winners for 2009

Jim Boeheim wins 800th game


Redskins may sign Larry Johnson...

9 soldiers killed in clash with rebels

Lanny, the Lying Lobbyist, Takes His Parting Shot — Now, Take Yours


Voices of Honduran Resistance Call for Deepening of Democracy (Upside Down World)

Brother of former Honduran president slain

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 11/10

OAS-Honduras: US Amb. Amselem Delivers Collective Slap to Fellow Diplomats

John Perkins mentions economic hit men in Latin America including Honduras on Democracy Now.

Did y'all see Mario Diaz-Balart at Bachman's Teabagger rally with the Nazi death camp bodies pic?

Chávez's Next Target: El Salvador

Questions from a Reader About Honduras

Palestinian Authority’s Future Is in Question

Israel gets tough on asylum seekers

3 killed 5 wounded in South Carolina drive by shooting.

I may take this buck on Thanksgiving.

Christopher Bizilj's Family Files Suit: Family Blames Teen For 8-Year-Old's Uzi Death At Gun Show

Should veterans with emotional problems be denied guns?

Family Of Boy Killed By Uzi Sues Gun Show

The Fort Hood Shooter was NRA trained and approved.

Media lunacy and ATF lies - Chicago, where else???

C&R license advice please.

Should anyone who has been abused have the right to own a firearm?

Nadal says players clean, testing rules too tough

Illinois allows carry of firearms in car consoles!!! ....

MLB Network -- Goddam, $elig is such a fucking asshole.

Today in Labor History Nov 10 First sitdown strike of the 1930s, Edmund Fitzgerald lost in a storm

AFL-CIO to consider cutting contributions to politicians not supporting worker issues

LabourStart: Zimbabwe union leaders arrested & more!

Send Your Best Wishes to Fort Hood Hero (Sgt. Kimberly Munley) corrected

BCTGM-ARA Alert, Alliance Formally Endorses House Health Care Bill, Focus Turns from 2009 Elections

The Autumn Contest Final Round is up in GD

Classically Autumn

Poor little pomegranite

Central Region of the Milky Way

The Southern Pinwheel (dialup warning)

Suction Fish!

LRO images Apollo 11 landing site from low orbit

Setting Sail Into Space, Propelled by Sunshine

Want to get a free SEM image of something you have?

Stephen Hawking 'sings' on pop single tribute to scientist Carl Sagan

Examining science on the fringes: vital, but generally wrong

A Dream Interpretation: Tuneups for the Brain

Pigs Prove to Be Smart, if Not Vain

Uganda Women’s Group: “Kill the Gays”

New York Legislature Expected To Vote On Gay Marriage Bill

Uganda: The U.S. Religious Right Exports Homophobia to Africa

Gay Country & Western Video

DC addresses domestic partnerships, religious protections in gay marriage bill

Uganda’s “Kill Gays” bill is “Providing Leadership to the World”

Our local Theater Group had opening weekend for the "Laramie Project".....:-)

Pro-gay Conn. gov. decides not to seek another term

Cheesecake Factory to pay $345K in harassment case

R.I. governor vetoes 'domestic partners' burial bill

NASA’s Scrubbed Escape Pod Glides to New Home

sending you this

Islamic conference says homosexuality OK

No same-sex marriage vote in NY today.

Alabama High School Forbids Lesbian Couple From Attending Prom

gay marine freaks out? Gay for pay tries to collect? Figure this one out.

Schwarzenegger says California's budget gap might hit $7 billion

Filmmaker Philippe Diaz on “The End of Poverty?”

Life on Severance: Comfort, Then Crisis

No, it is not like 1983

PA: House Judiciary Committee to Consider "Castle Doctrine" and "No Retreat" Bills, Nov 19.

Hoodwinked: Former Economic Hit Man John Perkins Reveals Why the World Financial Markets Imploded—an

Peter Costa: "The US Government Will Be Totally Bankrupt In A Year And A Half"

MoodGYM: Learn cognitive/behaviour therapy skills for preventing & coping w/depression-Free

Totems coming out of the woodwork

Okay, truth time. In your life with Spirit, do you feel you've "received" more of what you want, or

Ghost hunters find possible human bones in mansion basement wall.

Do you really believe that psychics can do remote readings...?

Well all you good folks out there,

Anti-Paralysis Shot Improves Spinal Recovery Three Times As Fast

13 of Nature’s Most Disgusting Parasites

Protecting future ‘Baby Glorias’ from Homeopathic Beliefs

Bad cereal choices for kids

APA Survey Raises Concern About Parent Perceptions Of Children's Stress

Mood Improves On Low-Fat, But Not Low-Carb, Diet Plan

FDA's Lax Ways (fraudulent research)

J.B. Handley of the anti-vaccine group Generation Rescue: Misogynistic attacks on journalists who ch

The Jew Flu: The strange illness of Jewish anti-Semitism

What I learned from El Salvador's Jesuit martyrs

With God on our side...Dylan

Conservative Christian Group Calls for "No More Muslims" In Military

Four hundred years after the Vatican locked up Galileo

Cold-case probe nets pastor in '98 slaying

Suppose that the Pope quits and becomes a police officer in Germany.

After a decade of fighting it, Judge orders Roman Catholic Diocese to release child sex abuse docs

Learning that officially never was. It nevertheless is. Could it become official?

Senator Feinstein's response to my...

Why man has become a slave to religion (and how to stop it)

Leaders and Laggards A State-by-State Report Card on Educational Innovation

How crazy will people become about 2012?

Christianity and the death penalty are incompatible.

Obi Wan .......

Have you ever cooked a turkey in a Nesco Roaster? I'm thinking of trying

Do you have a favorite food website?