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PUMA piece of shit con artist Larry Sinclair is harassing Mike & Kathy Malloy

PUMA piece of shit con artist Larry Sinclair is harassing Mike & Kathy Malloy

Isn't it time to worry about the legacy that is left for Americans?

Third party challenges in NJ, NY are warning sign (People Are Mad)

Halloween at Glenn Beck's house

Please remember:Peter Shellem, Investigative Reporter Who Wrote of Wrongful Convictions, Dies at 49

Cross-border insurgents flood Afghanistan

Self delete

After All the Fuss, Public Health Plan Covers Few

US Congress to vote on UN Gaza report

FBI documents reveal secret CIA prisoners ‘manacled to the ceiling’

Would you rather have Conservatives or Libertarians as the main opposition?

Would you rather have Conservatives or Libertarians as the main opposition?

There's No Such Thing As A Republican Filibuster: It's Time to Deliver

do you realize that everytime you fart or burp you are contributing to global warming?

GOP Rep. Paul Braun Introduce H.R. 3889 To Replace Medicare With Vouchers!

Beck coming to a movie theater near you on December kidding either

I was going to dress as a pimp for Halloween tonight

For next Halloween:

Made in America--Not dead yet

The 2009 BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! Rundown

Canada jails Rwandan over genocide

FACTBOX-Next steps for U.S. healthcare bill in Congress

FACTBOX-Next steps for U.S. healthcare bill in Congress

Coffee & Quotes on a Sunday morning......Today's topic: Capitalism

Will the Conservative Party be another war spending deficit creating machine?

Why a DUer REALLY hates the Yankees...a quasi-political analogy/opinion piece(rant):

Serbian Paramilitary group behind daring Swedish Helicopter Bank Heist

Clinton in Pakistan encounters widespread distrust of U.S.

The phrase "lacking integrity" is tough to get around.

Liberals seeing cracks in centrist skepticism of public option

More Than 1,000 U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan in Last 3 Months

More Than 1,000 U.S. Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan in Last 3 Months

Superfluous Google gripe of the day......

IEDs are so powerful that even the latest mine-resistant vehicles are unable to protect soldiers

Need help in finding a quote about GWB to counter a tighty-righty

Now I get it: God sent Obama to destroy our civil liberties

McClatchy: Goldman Sachs - secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash

Couldn't we just leave the clocks alone for once???

China to supply turbines and funding for $1.5bn Texas wind farm

Abdullah Abdullah's Withdrawal is Concession to Karzai and the US

CSpan this morning

CSpan this morning

Pat Boone is at it again...

Who's watching Danielle Pletka on CSpan1

So Futile

Scozzafava quietly asking her supporters to vote for Owens! LOL

"Child" is used by Limbaugh in the same context as the offensive term "boy" (FOX changes headline)

The Evolution Of Birth Control

Watertown Daily Times endorses Owens:Scozzafava Endorsing Dem?

# 10) Election Night 2008 = Miller time

Enough of this dithering!

Elton John seriously ill from e-coli infection

Read: Cheney's full FBI interview

Nice to meet you -- but not your germs

CostcoConnection cover: Al Gore

CostcoConnection cover: Al Gore

Stiglitz Says U.S. Is Paying for Failure to Nationalize Banks

Geithner: Economy rebounding, but job growth lags

Documents Detail Conditions Found at Secret C.I.A. Jails

Limbaugh: "Conservative talk radio, TV, Fox News, the conservative blogosphere-LOOK WHAT I CREATED"

How Obama's Afghan strategy is shaping up

Two Sunday AM thoughts after reading the NY Times...

Republicans give pro-flu response to presidential emergency declaration.

DU - Men's group

BREAKING: Joe Lieberman will probably oppose subsidies as well as the Public Option

Boehner On NY-23: 'We Want Moderates In Our Party'

Math teacher with a great sense of humor does a fun thing for his class on Halloween (YouTube Vid)

'Puzzlers' reassemble shredded Stasi files, bit by bit

Another triumph for "rehab/therapy": What LIMBOsevic learned from 7 whole wks of it!1

Lawrence Wilkerson Comments on South Carolina's Worst

A Men's Issues Group Is Considered Highly Controversial ROFLMAO.

‘Crazy’ rapist arrested after cops find 6 bodies

Halloween is over. Time for....

OMC is right. "Requesting a men's group is too controversial" is bullshit.

Now that the robust option is drafted I will take a brisk walk in the bracing autumn air, shirtless.

So then, we're given to believe that witches gather in undisclosed

So then, we're given to believe that witches gather in undisclosed

What are men's issues?

Malkin: "Radical leftist GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava quits"

My sister's kid hit a deer with his truck last night. He is okay

Anyone understand the logic behind college medical insurance?

"Tea Party Activists Are the New GOP"

Wilderness Cry

Is Hillary now running Foreign Policy?

Obama continues his war on FOX News...

Men's issues need to be heard equally as women's issues do

Heard Limbaugh spewing on about liberty and freedom this morning

Madoff reveals that who you are is more important than what you do

Hoffman-The BECK Candidate-"Gold List" Member Of Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project

Jon Stewart On Fox News War With The White House - Why Can't CNN Or MSNBC Do This?

People complaining health care reform will only affect 2% - Did you see Michael Moore's "Sicko"?

Whatta fuckin' MAROON: HuffPo..."Geithner Now Worried Banks Too Timid In Taking Risk"

EPA bans use of pesticide carbofuran

My first memory of a vaccination....

Traitor Lieberman is on Fox right now!

No Halloween observation from Sarah Palin?

Happy 254th anniversary of European Romanticism!

Healthcare Reform = Jobs

"Within our lifetimes the United States will cease to be the world’s largest economy"

Scozzofava officially endorses Owens! Let's send her flowers!

‘Huge’ Commercial Real Estate Crash Coming

Healthcare Insurers' Opposition to 'the public option' Reminds Me of the Br'er Rabbit tale...LINK

A Combat Role, and Anguish, Too

I clicked past Ass-Beck comparing Obama to Mao Yesterday.

Who has has the FLU this season..? How did it start?

Attention shoppers!

if you only have about 54 post and do nothing

Water mission ready for lift-off

Axelrod: Limbaugh Markets the "Outrageous,war with people who represent mistruths

SF Business group puts rewrite of California Constitution on 2010 ballot

Budget Bloodbath In Utah (Remember, so many states are bankrupt now...)

Do we have a DU Group for pets? If not should we?

DU is not on Daylight Savings Time?

A Book To Read

Definition of Socialism

A father of 4 weighs in on the Southwest situation

The illegal (but punishment free) pot growhouse trade in Florida

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Top Ten poverty areas. Interesting.

Anyone else getting redirected by yahoo?

RNC, McCain and Rudy Giuliani Break the law in New Jersey by Robocallin

The Commercial Real Estate Crisis begins today

Fuck Rush Limbaugh, the horse he rode in on and his 'nation'

Joe Lieberman - "Nothing Is Better Than The Primary Option"

Parents split over letting son die

How successful has Lieberman actually been getting Republicans elected?

Chair of the Dept of Econ at George Mason U: Politicians Are Pimps, not Prostitutes

Doug Hoffman’s Cunning Plan to Reduce the Deficit: Cutting Earmarks, Taxes

Teabaggers think they're the new Republican Revolution

REPEAL The Telecommunications Act of 1996 OR accept living with Faux and all other corporate media.

Ever read US House of Representatives Committee on International Relations Doc. 48-119 CC / 1998?

Top Republican sounds off on 'political rebellion'


Did you know that Social Security started out as a mandate to buy stock market accounts?

In a news report, New York Times calls liberal hero Alan Grayson a "wing nut"

FBI Still Engaging in an Anthrax Cover-Up

What accounts for public tolerance of government corruption?

Canada arrests two suspected extremists

NY race "reverberates" into FL Senate race. Rubio vs Crist.

Now, here is a headline: Future of GOP and moderate Republicans uncertain

Anyone remember the Thanksgiving day video with Native American and Asians

Jarrett: GOP Leaders 'More And More Extreme And More And More Marginalized'

Lieberman: Doing nothing on healthcare better than public option

Defections, court fights test Scientology

any kind computer whizzes here?

Conservatives to GOP: We're all Joe the Plumbers

Putin in new Ukraine gas warning

Toilet bug Joe Lieberman, at it again.....

I thought CNN was liberal (at least that's what the wingnuts keep saying)

Sky West Airlines accused of discrimination by gay employee

What do Bill Maher, Louis Farrakhan and Glenn Beck have in common?

Johnnie Walker Walks

I have my own developing NY 23 in my own backyard in 2010

Secret operation resettles Yemeni Jews in U.S., report says

US Must Plan for Nuke Wars (Scary)

Plowing carbon into the soil. How farmers can cut emissions.

New ads here in CT: Joe Lieberman as champion of health care reform. Seriously.


Media Whore John King of CNN

Eradicating the sexual assault and harassment of female farm workers.

Eradicating the sexual assault and harassment of female farm workers.

Down Memory Lane in Nevada Politics - Kathy Augustine

What the hell is going on in university labs?

Jon Krakauer: McChrystal's Explanation For Pat Tillman Cover-up Is "Preposterous"

Let the Repukes eat their own, I'll gladly roast marshmallows on the funeral pyre of their remains

NFL Star's Agent -- You Can't Use the F-Word?

Norman Lear has something to say about joe

Norman Lear has something to say about joe

Public Services at risk: Cuts in Teachers, Libraries, Fire Departments, Salaries



I resent this ad

I went as a pre-existing condition on Halloween

Secret Mission Rescues Yemen's Jews

E.J. Dionne - "In NY, no room for GOP moderates"

I figure that if we ever wanted to put America to sleep like an old pet, we'd elect an all GOP govt.

Don't worry about the unrec feature

Screwed pooches and jumped sharks


anyone else watching the healthcare "debate" on nbc

Yahoo: "Future of GOP and moderates uncertain."

Yahoo: "Future of GOP and moderates uncertain."

Please keep the unrec feature (or: this is why I L<0L).

Democratic Underground Breaks Its Own Rules

Gee, I've had calls tonight from Sarah Palin, Rudi Gullianni and George Pataki

Health Care Sit-Ins this week...................

NPR poll (White House vs. Fox) being badly freeped

Stay classy, Freepers

Please get rid of the 'unrec' feature (n/t)

AOOGAH!!! ALERT !! ALERT !! Teabaggers pull out the ACORN Card (NY-23)

Egyptian Christians Fear More Muslim Violence

CIA Promotes Narcotics Trade - Junge Welt, Germany

Girls' night out

Halloween weekend portrait of Joe Lieberman...posting it so you

Halloween weekend portrait of Joe Lieberman...posting it so you

Chronic DUI driver (8 arrests) gets two years in prison

was cnn host lou dobbs really shot at?

Indian Women Fuel Widespread, Silent Revolution

Indian Women Fuel Widespread, Silent Revolution

Axelrod: Abdullah would have lost anyway, according to polls

What role will insurance companies play in the “public option”? by Kip Sullivan, JD

How many votes do you think we have in Congress to repeal DOMA?

The New Art of Alimony

There isn't a whole lot left to say about Joe Lieberman.

Would you be happy with the people who were killing the bad guys in your neighborhood with missiles?

On the quiet [D/L], the US is legalising marijuana

Has there ever been another FED. LAW passed that mandates a product be bought from a private entity?

Is "V" a thinly veiled attack on President Obama?

Hilary Clinton is a crappy diplomat, from what I've seen.

Margaret and Helen's thoughts on recent events:

“***UPDATED 3:00PM*** Scozzafava has endorsed Democratic candidate Bill Owens

Rollingstone: The Generals' Revolt

"Its The Jobs, Stupid !"

I noticed that CNN is planning Election Night coverage Tuesday

Dark Clouds over $hitibank

Where Does Exhibitionism End and Voyeurism Begin?

Please be considerate of your fellow passengers when you fly:

Gallup Has Obama Up by 17 Points

Have some fun. Take the steps instead of an escalator.

New Reports Demolish Justifications for Ouster of Zelaya Honduran Coup Myths Dispelled

Remember Evan Bayh's & his wife's ties to Wellpoint (large healthcare firm)?? Check this out

Obama's latest use of "secrecy" to shield presidential lawbreaking

As you've aged, where has your politcal sense moved?

2%, boy that was worth the fight.

Republicans endorse Conservative practicing Pagan

Who will FOX have on next week to balance out this weeks' guest??

Oh SNAP! Palin thanks Scozzofava for dropping out of race, Dede then endorses the Democrat.

My 2009 election predictions

Do you think the Iraqi people who survived "Shock and Awe" considered that terrorism?

If Gore served 8 years as President

Orly Taitz Dismissal - Birthers Attack The Courage and Patriotism Of Judge Who Won The Purple Heart

"hyacinths to feed thy soul"

Freeper thread on DeDe endorsing Owens. LOL

Joe Lieberman must go!

Football is beginning to scare the hell out of football players

Who is stealing California's water?

Chickens immunised by GM peas (think on that for a moment)

Curious about the faces of who you are posting to? (Or NOT) - check the Gallery

Prized Pipeline Route TAPI- Afghanistan And The New Great Game

Wal-Mart Commercials: Isn't it ironic and somewhat sad?

Limbaugh calls Obama 'immature, inexperienced'

Obama hasn't changed the view of Americans Canadians have.

Does Hillary Clinton Speak for You?

Wallace & Limbaugh should've saved us all the trouble and just got a motel room together

Map: White Men & 2008 Election

60 minutes, 10 million doses of H1N1 Vaccine without a single serious adverse event.

60 minutes, 10 million doses of H1N1 Vaccine without a single serious adverse event.

Rack 'em and Screw 'em, Boys!

Lack Of Insurance May Have Figured In Nearly 17,000 Childhood Deaths In US, Study Shows

The Two Percent Robustness

Figures about Rape and Women in the Military

I was for propping up the financial institutions because it was the easiest way, but the world would

Ron Paul is weird.

We have no alternative to dumping a bottle of Chanel #5 into a full cat box

GREAT VIDEO: "The Crash of 1929" (PBS, American Experience)

IL Teacher Suspended For Assigning Article On Homosexuality In Animals

Senate Judiciary Committee to hold nomination hearing Wed for 3rd Circuit nominee Vanaskie

Airlines used to be nice to kids.

JOE BAGEANT- "No Free Tortillas in the Workhouse Republic: The Iron Cheer of Empire"

Debating with right-wingers who drank the kool-aid (poll)

Is now a good time to abolish "daylight savings" time?


Crusader for Justice Dies of Apparent Suicide

Biggest POS in the Senate......

This is how predatory Bank of America is

OK, suppose I'm making payments on my "affordable" mandatory private health insurance

OK, suppose I'm making payments on my "affordable" mandatory private health insurance

If the far left hadn't primaried Joe Lieberman in 2006, we'd have his vote on health care reform now

If the far left hadn't primaried Joe Lieberman in 2006, we'd have his vote on health care reform now

The Mormon missionaries came to our front door earlier this evening

I'm all out of outrage.

I'm all out of outrage.

More Health-Care Sit-Ins Coming up this week......

There's still room under the bus.

Occupiers involved in drug trade: Afghan minister

Let's face it. As long as unrestrained capitalism reigns we're SOL on healthcare.

The CIT Group, a major small business lender, files for bankruptcy

"Dear Prudence, Won't You Come Out To Play?"

Could we discuss Howard Dean for a second?

Teddy would say at times, 'Never let the perfect be the enemy of the good.'

Under-Treatment of Pain

I need some good DU vibes for Erin here...

Delaware named as world's most secret financial location

When I get my hour back tonight I'm keeping it.

I must be outa my mind.

NaNoWriMo starts NOW! ... Write a novel in a month!!???!!!

NaNoWriMo starts NOW! ... Write a novel in a month!!???!!!

President Obama visited my old elementary school!

It's getting close, don't forget to set your clocks six hours ahead...

I went as a zombie for Halloween and turned out looking like Annie Lennox...

Ok, seriously, an audience member at PA made a great point

Don't forget to reset you clocks one foot to the left tonight.

Is it daylight savings time again?

YouTube, Lou Reed & Pete Townshend, Joe's Pub, Feb 07: "Pale Blue Eyes"

St. Louis ranks first in Zagat survey for tipping waiters

Are the bars open an extra hour tonight?

Original Roger Rabbit Writers Working on Sequel

Michelle Triola Marvin dies at 75; legal fight with Lee Marvin invented 'palimony'

We had a lot of trick or treaters!

And the day is over

what are Marlboro 72's?

An old poem of mine in tribute to Paranormal Activity

GRE study materials

People of Walmart

Please talk me out of dropping Intro to Public Affairs.

Alert from Halloween Paranormal & Undead National Alert Center: A Zombie Warning is in EFFECT

I saw even Fox News got into the Halloween spirit last night.

My three-year old's new favorite song is by Sonic Youth.......

So how did your pet dress for Halloween?

A pre-election day vent

Elton John seriously ill from e-coli infection

Sick Elton John postpones US gigs with Joel

My newest poem!

Why does DU still think it's 1:00 EST?

My sweet boy sitting in the sun.

I love my partner.

Gaffe-Prone Biden Embarasses Administration with Sneeze.

Nick Knack paddy wack leave a dog alone

'The Prisoner' remake! Begins airing November 15, AMC channel

Best recent action movie "franchise"?

Hooo boy, the LOVE for Favre can be heard!

If you're going to the ER, I know how to skip ahead of all the flu victims!

Make A Wish Foundation is Great

It's a DU Paradox -- during the DST transition, you can kick threads down instead of up

Who is this quarterback and what has he done with Vince Young?

Too many Michael Jackson wannabe crotch grabbers this Halloween.

Happy November!!!! WOW-The big holidays are near-09 is almost over!!!!

This was my Cereal Killer...not quite a costume...costume.

Get away from her, you bitch!

Does getting too hungry for dinner at 8 REALLY make you a TRAMP?

Happy November.

Has the 25th aniiversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame been broadcast yet?

Favre, do what comes natural!

New Avatar ideas

it's only 5:55 pm in Atlanta

pet is Daylight SAVING Time...not SAVINGS... N/T


Someone declare me dead on facebook please

Just back from Austin, had a great holiday weekend.

We had, roughly, 200 trick-or-treaters visit last night!


Island of Terror

Do you like ice cream, doc?

What is Xeno's Paradox?

Worst Beatles cover ever or Republicans in Hungarian clothing?

Warren Haynes ~ I'll be the one

Seltzer water!

broken hearts and dirty windows make life difficult to see

Dexter is on!!

Hey you sons of bitches ....

Dupe, delete.

My new hair cut and color what do you think? Gray Warrior, this is what I had in mind for you

Christopher Walken interprets Lady Gaga's "Pokerface"

After seven months, I've finally landed some work.

Dave's (not Insanity) Sauce question.

Just how subversive was it for Charlie Brown to only get rocks, not candy, for Halloween?

James Carr - The Dark End Of The Street

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Happy LOL-O-Ween Edition


My cat has no ambition and no shame

Ok. I thought eggplants with an oval mark at the "blossum end" were female. PIC

do you have candy left over? Are you going to eat it all?

May I share some photos I took today? Almost winter in Southcentral Alaska

Mopping tips?

Slide man extrodinaire Roy Rogers - Walkin' Blues

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Waiting

Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Wichita Lineman"

No Sunday Night Football?

NOT my story - Funny Deer Hunting Story

Semi-whenever post of Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino

*~*~* Official World Series Game IV Thread *~*~*

I cannot sleep....

So now that Halloween is over of Marshall Crenshaw's most amazing songs, "There She Goes Again," LIVE 1982

Does your pet have an eye shot?

My afternoon (pic)

A prayer, candle, good thought for my brother

BEST movie Cop-slash-Detective-slash-Private Investigator OF ALL TIME

Did the Nads win today?

I "had" to go to the mall today ... Wow! It was crowded!

I "had" to go to the mall today ... Wow! It was crowded!

My sister's kid hit a deer with his truck last night. He is okay

Dexter sucks this season.

You know what I hate about the national sports media?

Halloween Family Portrait with Cats

NEED HELP WITH A RECIPE ASAP!!!! How many pounds are in a cup?

Sometimes the webcam at Glacier National Park has a stunning image.

Hello Kitty. One Cool Cat

Both John Mitchell AND Michael Savage went to my High School????

Proportion of DU university graduates vs. Freeper high school graduates

Ok, any DU'ers doing Nanowrimo?

Some dame stole my parking space. When will white men get a break?

Kitty PHOTOS>>>my black cat loves halloween, my orange cat hates it...look here

Name a "Classic" movie that you think sucks (defend your answer).

Post a picture of you and your brothers and sisters

in 10 days hubby and I will celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss

Crowd watch as police 'beat man to death'

N.J. man admits fraud in $75M telemarket scam

Mexican farm leader killed with 14 others on ranch

How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash

Seattle police officer killed, search on for gunman

Stasi files still cast shadow, 20 years after Berlin Wall fell


Top Republican sounds off on 'political rebellion'

Limbaugh calls Obama 'immature, inexperienced'

BUZZ: Mel Gibson's Girlfriend Gives Birth

Dr Abdullah will NOT run in the Afghan run-off elections on November 7

CIT Approaches Bankruptcy After Striking Icahn, Goldman Accords

US envoy defiant on leaving Nicaragua

CIT files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

CIT failure to leave small businesses floundering

Delaware beats Switzerland as most secretive financial center

Chile: Old soldiers ready to tell secrets of coup

Dr. Broun Introduces the Patient OPTION BILL

Reno girl who helps disaster victims honored

1,600 are suggested daily for FBI's list

Republicans aim for rival health plan in House

Registered Dems outpace Republicans, 'like a wave'

'Torture flight' plane spotted in Birmingham

Chrysler Offers Buyout To 23,000 Workers

2 women accuse Raiders coach of violent behavior

A changed race (Scozzafava Tells Supporters To Vote For Dem) Owens is best-equipped to represent NNY

Man, estranged wife charged with filming themselves raping girl, 4

Senate, White House agree on reporter protections

British nuclear expert’s 17th floor UN death plunge ‘was not suicide’

NY23: Obama Campaign Volunteer Interview, Plattsburgh

Family Of Slain Soldier Speak To President Obama

Young Turks: Hannity & O'Reilly Witch Hunt On Judge Chen

Is someone getting the Best of You?

Lieberman: 'Nothing' is better than health care reform with a public option.

Halloween at the White House

Bible God Vs. Women by Old Fart Rants

Valerie Jarrett: GOP Leadership Is Becoming "More And More Extreme & More And More Marginalized'"

TYT Episode 10/30/09: Cenk pretends to be a right wing pundit for Halloween!!!

Healthcare Roundtable - the healthcare bill proposals explained

Axelrod Reacts To Right's Slams On Obama

The Bad Doctor - The Truth About Ron Paul Part 3: The Liar

Rush Limbaugh-Oxycontin Abuse

Nataline Keeps Bending the Arc of Healthcare Justice

Rush Limbaugh To Chris Wallace: Sarah Palin is ready to be president - 11/01/09

Smart Kid thanks DU

FNS' Juan Williams schools Bill Kristol

There is a Gawd!

Neo-Nazi skinheads get chased by a crowd. LOL

Chris Wallace. Rush Limbaugh. Fair & Balanced. They reported. I decided. They're both a**holes.

Young Turks: How Democrats Are Protecting Capitalism From Republicans

Carville on CNN: "Ronald Reagan's Big Tent Just Collapsed in Upstate New York!"

Sen. Franken Questions Ms. Bovbjerg and Mr. Jury about securing and protecting pension benefits

Teabagger raps! LOL

Bill Moyers Calls for Draft if Obama Escalates in Afghanistan

Commentary: What stalled the sweeping change Obama promised

David Korten: Path to a Peace Economy

New Reports Demolish Justifications for Ouster of Zelaya Honduran Coup Myths Dispelled

More Poetry, Please (Arti=cle by Tom Friedman)

Sunday Forum: Socialized medicine saved my life

Fiasco: N.Y. Republicans deliver again

Rod Dreher: Willingham case a test of Perry's character

Torture and education.

Ollie North: Heroes Return

You Know What's Really Scary?

The paradox of US healthcare (Article from Al Jazzera)

Indian political awakening stirs Latin America

Painful death of the American economic dream

"Tea Party Activists Are the New GOP"

Wasted Talent and Corruption

For What It's Worth

FOX News Blames Obama For Loss of Daylight Savings Time

How The Wall Came Down (Reagan had nothing to do with it)

Fishermen under attack from wealthy countries

Frank Rich: The G.O.P. Stalinists Invade Upstate New York

The Netroots Take the Gloves Off

How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash

Dems in House to Pass Resolution Defending Gaza War

Debt Stress in Middle Class America

FDA urged to ban feeding Millions of Tons of Chicken Shit to cattle

The "Incineration" of Waste Water Containing Large Amounts of Organochlorines.

The Maya did it to themselves

Yankees win game 3 on Halloween, 8-5

Concussion findings keep getting scarier

Spurs Player Swats Bat during Halloween night game.

After the fact, I'm shocked by how many were jonesing for an Okla. St. upset.

This may finally be a good year to be an Islanders fan

Horned Frogs jump to Number 4 in USA Today!

Ted Fucking Ginn Jr. ????

The JR Chess Report (November 1): Azerbaijan and Russia Win Euro Team Championships

Ranked 28th with the easiest NFL schedule and the Frisco Niners drop to 3-4.

Is Brendt Favre a good guy or a bad guy?

Just a reminder to REAL SPORTS FANS, the Detroit Lions WILL be playing

Sad Packer Fan, BUT There Were Some Cool Moments Tonight (Pic HEAVY W/Video):

BCS Standings

The meme that the Yanks buy their way to championships is fucking ignorant.

Why a DUer REALLY hates the Yankees...a quasi-political analogy/opinion piece(rant):

Just one hurdle left for the Iowa Hawkeyes...

Chile: Old soldiers ready to tell secrets of coup Chile: Old soldiers ready to tell secrets of coup

US envoy defiant on leaving Nicaragua

Cuba tops the class in UN development report

The Agreement is Just the Beginning

Ulises Ruiz “Used Mercenaries to Keep Himself in Power,” According to USA Documents Obtained by Mile

Freedom of the Press Acquires New Definitions

Obama's Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis going to Honduras

Indian political awakening stirs Latin America

Former IDF chiefs trade barbs over failures in Second Lebanon War

Somali group with al Qaeda ties threatens Israel

'Barghouti to run for presidency if Abbas resigns'

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Top Arab MK to be charged with beating cop at West Bank fence

Palestinians accuse Clinton of hurting peace talks

Gaza: Thousands rally for Islamic Jihad

Clinton backs Israel on settlements stance

Won't apologize for using the 'M' word

America, stop sucking up to Israel - Gideon Levy

Clinton: Israel settlement offer "unprecedented" (Roundup)

Goldstone member: Israel’s toxic munitions could leave Gaza uninhabitable

Palestinians accuse Clinton of hurting peace talks

Settler suspected of multiple hate crimes

hubby went to the range, came home to clean his gun and the cat sat down

Today in Labor History Nov 1 Honda assembles the first-ever Japanese car manufactured in a U.S. plan

Lunch, in three steps.

"The wise man built his house...against the rock?"

Fall, reflections, and some steps

Very Wet - but mild Halloween night on my corner

Thanks be to the Japanese maples

Iron Rainbows

sunday afternoon light

Stumped again- and my family is tired of my asking - Poll of 6 photos for the Fall contest

Dusk comes early

My tribute to Autumn - comments appreciated!

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF AUTUMN

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF AUTUMN

Winter fast approaches

IL Teacher Suspended For Assigning Article On Homosexuality In Animals

Just in time for your Holiday shopping: Barbie Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Ken Doll

High school teacher suspended after assigning an article on homosexuality in animals

Happy Halloween Carl

The effeminate sheep and other problems with Darwinian sexual selection.

The power of black & white. Add your own before/afters!

Madoff documents reveal incredulous, unfocused SEC

FACTBOX-Largest U.S. bankruptcies (CIT number 4)

Yen Rises to 2-Week High Versus Dollar, Euro on CIT Bankruptcy

I wonder how many credit default swaps are outstanding against CIT?

Britain to break up the taxpayer owned banks: Citigroup Beware

CIT: Another Sunday Bankruptcy and Goldman Profitpalooza?

Obama Goes Wobbly Over More Stimulus

Get ready for triple-digit oil again soon

Dealing with permanent employment drops

Feds just gave permission for another real estate BUBBLE.

Tomorrow Liz Tobin's free repatterning subject = Fear

Great four-part video of Mirador (Mayan complex in Guatemala)

You may, or may not get a giggle out of this.

Bring Your Beach Gear and Join the Birthday Party for Callie McAllie

Thank you for the star!

Oh I really sick? or is it just energy playing games?

A dream....

SSRI drugs and violence VIDEO

Kamdesh ambush played out like Wanat battle

Coordination, not sameness, sought in uniforms

La Jolla commanding officer fired

F-35 total may be cut by half, report says

Basing plan chosen for West Coast Ospreys

Fairchild instructor charged with rape

Afghan official: 8 linked to UN attack arrested

Tali Violence Threatens Afghan Election

Pastors Open Online Churches

Navy to Commission New Destroyer

Belief in New England:

Former Wash. guardsman fights deportation order

More lies to delude stupid people.

Post whatever conservative ,education related dribble you find here.

Bush Warns of Afghan Tyranny

Cross-border insurgents flood Afghanistan

Task force re-inspecting U.S. facilities in Iraq for faulty wiring

DODEA wants answers to students’ declining performance on SATs

For Perry, it's self before service