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General Clark on MSNBC today. Af/Pak, Iraq

The conservative ideology is just talk and has never been put into practice in this country

The conservative ideology is just talk and has never been put into practice in this country

Remember the Train Station "Do-Re-Mi" Video? Check out "Grocery Store Musical"

Fuck the Bahrian Royal family (They paid off FIFA)

If You Think This Does NOT ENDANGER Democracy, You Better Think Again...LINK

This Modern World- Tom Tomorrow- 'Halloween Party!'

WTF, Disney? Corrupt corporation that funded Bush to get a flight restriction over it's real estate.

Two Shoes does Will Ferrell doing Two Shoes....

Apparently, being on the fringe of the right wing is still too liberal for some Republicans

Got Perfect Credit? You Could Be Charged For It!

US Bank Charge-Off Rates Exceed Depression: Moody's

AP: Mass. man says Brazilian husband denied US asylum

What's scarier than a pack of brain-starved zombies? Email from Environmental Defense Fund.

Statisticians reject global cooling

Resource thread for the "anti Public Option Blue Dogs"

U.S. (State Department) Official Resigns Over Afghan War

DUers are you watching or listening to CSpan1

DUers are you watching or listening to CSpan1

"All politics is local"

They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab, I said, 'No, No, No'

They Tried to Make Me Go to Rehab, I said, 'No, No, No'

Letter to the editor Pitt. Post-Gazette on Limbaugh mentions "Viagra and Domincan Republic".

Taking Earth’s Temperature With 30-Mile Thermometer

Is anyone here pleased with the public option being touted by the Senate?

Illegal immigrants given one-way ticket

Relaxed Bush debuts as motivational speaker ("GET MOTIVATED!" Village Idiot Motivational Series)

Glenn Beck may babble on like a crazy man

Republican propaganda in its essence...?

Large Rock Slide Closes I-40 at NC/TN Border

Well Pigs DO fly!!

AP: Md. cop accused of pulling gun at haunted house

OK we've dragged the Senate Horse to the water.. now its time to make it drink!

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war

Iran: Oil bourse inaugurated

Who needs Fox when they've got Politico?

"Snowe 'disappointed' by public option" - CNN.COM

Al-Qaida linked group claims Baghdad attacks

Found this on another thread and I am stunned.

Abdullah Calls For 'Dramatic Increase' In American Troops In Afghanistan.

Eight more troops killed in Afghanistan today

"I paid for this microphone !"

Uncle Fred hops in the Doug Hoffman clown car (NY-23)

The Villagers' World Turned Upside Down

From the people who brought you Rep. Alan Grayson® (D-FL08), State Rep. Scott Randolph (D-FL36)

Rep.Paul Broun(r ga)Proposes Bill That Would Privatize Medicare!

Maria Shriver Caught Parking Illegally

Let's start an "Opt Out" Movement..."Opt Out" on H1n1 flu

IRS sets up a unit targeting the super rich

How would you like to do something with Sarah Palin tomorrow?

The Rude Pundit: Hey, There's a Senate Health Care Bill That Doesn't Suck

The Rude Pundit: Hey, There's a Senate Health Care Bill That Doesn't Suck

So Far, So Good, DU!

German solar company SMA to open plant in Denver

Okay, a Health Care Bill passes and gets signed into law

Witnesses did not report gang rape

TX, MS, SC, TN, GA, AL, AK, KS et all a public option is coming & I encourage you to OPT OUT!

8 U.S. Troops Reported Dead in Afghan Attacks

White House converts to Open Source (Drupal/Linux/Apache/MySQL)

The Battle at Coal River Mountain has officially begun.

Jane Hamsher: Are You Or Someone You Know Paying $50,000 A Year For Drugs?

The Big Screw You

8 More US troops die; Oct. Afghan war's deadliest month - AP

Torture charged in L.A.-area mortgage rescue case

Anyone else getting Access Denied erros on DU today?

MSNBC video, Rachel Maddow - "In A Van Down By The River"

Stabbing outside Ritz-Carlton Manalapan Resort

House Democrats John Adler, Carolyn Maloney Move To Weaken Investor Protection Bill

The Great "Baby Einstein" Scam

Dem. Bart religious nut Stupak was on Wash. Journal this morning

If you ever wanted to know what the term "The Villagers" means---Digby explains it well.

If you ever wanted to know what the term "The Villagers" means---Digby explains it well.

"Opt-Out Public Option" . . . the language is right, the politics is right, it will help defuse

Next week's election in NY-23 is nothing less than a major battle for control of the Rebub party.

Obama's Foreign Policy Report Card-Juan Cole-"You'd Never Know It From MSM-He Deserves High Grades"

Will you pledge to stop doing business with any credit card which institutes an annual fee?

Seniors squeezed as doctors shun Medicare

rofl at Facebook GOP page: 3 of 4 "Republican Heroes" are LIBERALS from pre-Southern Strategy era...

Progressives, can we really afford to fight a two front war?

Virginia nuke plant event update #1

+++ 905 +++

+++ 905 +++

Could you imagine if we had Limbaugh and Beck when we tried to eradicate small pox and polio?

Would you continue to support a Democrat that votes against the public option??

Atheism's own fundamentalists lead 'religion' of 'Not'

How to follow the Radovan Karadzic trial on the web

Would Herbert Hoover been a Centrist Democrat today?

I emailed Bill O'Reilly asking him to endorse Bob McDonnell

I emailed Bill O'Reilly asking him to endorse Bob McDonnell

CalJobs Site Shut Down After Access Breaches

CalJobs Site Shut Down After Access Breaches

Worsening job picture fuels slide in confidence

Afghanistan over the last week. Environment hearing this week.THIS...

Canadian Pensions in dire straits

"The NEW age of Walmart"

Chicago Tribune: Bank protesters descend on downtown Chicago

WPost: Milbank thinks 60% of population is a "liberal interest group." If only!

The Senate version of the public option is BS.

Dealing with the DINOs

So this "opt-out" piece of shit

When death is the only way out of medical debt

Hillary Clinton says Afghanistan got 'short shrift'-Needed more troops, attention from start of war.

Why the fuck are the Tea Baggers getting so much attention?

Is one of these 4 Senators yours?

George W. Bush addresses record unemployment: “The marketplace works. It is fair. It is equitable."

Okay, it's the morning after. How do you feel about Reid's compromise on the public option?

Only One Genuine Way to Support the Troops

Tom Price, Eric Cantor and "You Lie!" Wilson support resolution honoring heroic Teabaggers

Digby: "Republicans have rebranded themselves from epic screw-up party to a batshit crazy party"

October Becomes Deadliest Month(of Deadliest Year) for US in Afghan War

NASA UPDATE: The rocket is ready - the weather... not so much....

NASA UPDATE: The rocket is ready - the weather... not so much....

I keep getting an "access denied" page whenever I try open a thread. I'm logged in.

I keep getting an "access denied" page whenever I try open a thread. I'm logged in.

Bank Of America Accused Of Enabling Ponzi Scheme (BAC)

Bank Of America Accused Of Enabling Ponzi Scheme (BAC)

Chicago Tribune: Double-digit property tax increases in city, Cook County suburbs

Scalia is an A-hole.


This could be the Republican Party's motto...

How can the public option pass if Lieberman and Snowe fillibuster it?

Has the economy started to turn around?

Freaking stupid Politico

Death of Conservatism by Sam Tanenhaus

Justices Scalia, Ginsberg play non speaking opera roles in "Ariadne auf Naxos" w/ Washington Opera

Tom Delay Joins Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

A number of people have reported receiving an "Access Denied" notice when clicking threads (UPDATED)

A number of people have reported receiving an "Access Denied" notice when clicking threads (UPDATED)

In other news: Twitter starts to shut down 34th GOP CT Dem impersonator account then realizes...

GOP Honors Tea Party Marchers -- And Inflates Their Numbers

They have government healthcare in Israel right? Why wouldn't Lieberfuck want

SCREW THE DINOs! I Can't Make It Any Clearer Than That!

Looking for information about the rescission of Section 8 Veterans Medical Benefit

Balloon Dad Forced Cigar on Infant Son

Botched execution frightens away medical helpers

How come to so many people, myth trumps reality?

Check out what Factcheck says about RNC attack ads.

Putting Ideology Ahead of Progress

Chicago meet-up planned for midwest fans of the Mudflats blog...

Noticed something at the gym this morning

Opting-Out Would Be “Political Suicide” For States Says Health Care Analyst

The wisdom of two education giants

...and the difference betwen her and the Health Ins. co.'s is...?

New Republican Playground ride for kids!----not fake

Don't you just hate it when an OP really pisses you off?

For those calling Lieberman (or Nelson, Lincoln, Landrieu).

It is tine for the National Health Care Reform Rally - in Hartford Connecticut

Married, with children, key to happiness

Orrin Hatch has his underwear in a twist...

Arkansas - I didn't know it was such a stuck in the mud state, did you?

If you oppose the public option, you oppose lowering the cost of health care.

An Appreciation Thread For all DUers who support the counting of votes.

Insurance stocks spike after Lieberman's announcement

Friends Push Fox's Ailes for 2012 President Run

You know without looking at Trade Agreements

Posturing little fck

Why don't we respect the wishes of crime victims?

MarketWatch: Goldman's 'Chainsaw Massacre' Halloween party

Review finds Sept. 11 Potomac exercise was a bad idea

Report: FBI not reviewing all of its evidence

The Finest Military in the History of the World

I understand Scalia's view RE: Brown vs. Board, et. al.

Robust Public Option Lacks Votes To Pass House, Internal Whip Count Document Shows

Musicians Against Military Trauma training

Presidential Proclamation - National Forest Products Week

Library complains of crossed-out curses

My comeback to someone who said to me "Nazis were the Democrat Socialist Party" ...

Two front war. Christmas AND Fox news. Can we do this?

Spotter cards: What they look like and how they work

Obama to sign defense bill, hate crime legislation

Ugh, we're fucked. Not one in the bunch worth the bottom of Ted's shoe.

AFL-CIO Will NOT support Opt Out Public Option

Vaccinations for the First Family

From "The Color of Change" re Opt Out:

From "The Color of Change" re Opt Out:

So which is it? Will Lieberman vote to move health care to floor or support a filibuster?

Conflict of Interest: If Private Companies Run the Public Option

For Anyone Who Doesn't Believe In MIRACLES:

On the primaries... and what is to a point still going on here

Am I the only one puzzled by the blind worship of Ronald Reagan?

AEP (American Electric Power) spent nearly $1.5M lobbying gov't in 3Q

Obama putting $3.4B toward a 'smart' power grid

Fending Off Failure in Afghanistan.

Former Marine captain resigns in protest of Afghanistan war

MarketWatch: 20 reasons America has lost its soul and collapse is inevitable

Pubs and the media using the term "Democrat Party" burns my shorts

Iraq Freedom Congress calls for new transitional government in Iraq!

D'oh! Mentum: Lieberman Rejected Filibusters On Other Bills He Opposed, But Not Health Care (HuffPo)

Opt Out - "none of them will and they know it" - Joe Scarborough

The line b/w Chamber of Commerce and everyone else

If they threaten to filibuster Mr. Reid, then make them filibuster!

How many here listen the the head-on radio network?

Joe the Bummer

ok so anyone in Lieberman's district..... get working NOW to unseat him

Training Tuesday with the DFA: 'Your Field Plan: Vote Goals, Targeting, and Field Strategy'

My LTTE to the Daily News re: Health Care

So exactly why did we bend over backwards for Leiberman?!?! (Leiberman intends to Fillibuster)

Fox-Friendly Poll on Imaginary White House Policies

The menace of the public option

Woody Harrelson coming up on Tweety

For DU Posterity: Joe Lieberman's Greatest Shits, as at 27 Obtober, 2009.

CNN aired a teabagger report from Bakersfield. Anyone see a bankster protest report from Chicago?

I Dont Believe Anymore

Thom Hartmann is on FSTV Ch 9415 on DISH. 6-7PM EDT Weekly

Stephanie Miller will be on The Ed Show tonight!

Gingrich Strikes Back At Beck: His Agenda Is A ‘Very Destructive Model

Gingrich Strikes Back At Beck: His Agenda Is A ‘Very Destructive Model

The glacially slow roll out of the PO gives its opponents YEARS to demonize and kill it it

UF study recasts political ‘God gap’ theory with details of a religious left

Operation Rescue Halloween: Nancy Pelosi Burn in Hell Contest

Sen. Lieberman against 'public option'? He's on Medicare too.

as long as my state doesn't "opt-out", then i am cool with it...

LOL! President Obama pics from today (updated)

So what Federal funds and projects can we start cutting for Connecticut now?

Post a Pic of What You'd Like to Shove Up Joe Lieberman's Ass.

All We are Saying -

Senate Dems press for extended jobless benefits

Ludwig named Special Olympics volunteer of year

Explorer Ernest Shackleton loved his Scotch whisky. And he left a stash at the bottom of the world.

If the choices are trigger option or reconciliation, which do you prefer?

Iceland says bye to Big Mac

Fund to Specialize in Promoting Women Directors

Tribute to Our Military

All grandchildren need to call their grandparents and ask them why they want

Joe Lieberman is a snake, but he has never pretended to be anything different.

My LTTE: Senator Shelby's (R-AL) Public Option

Who is this Repuke douchenozzle talking to Ed Schultz right now

Goldman Sees ‘False Bottom,’ Merrill Sees ‘Treat’

Geezus Ed, what's with the DLC tools overload today?

George W. Bush: "Man, my life has changed!"

catholic arch diocese of guam sides with islamic fundamentalists

A Gateway Drug

Pat Toomey, Republican Coward - No party affliation on campaign website!

Coal CEO to pay $7 Million for student housing - only 12-15 people

Subhuman Project: Pedal across the Atlantic in a submarine..

Caption Sen. Reid

Woman Denied Health Care Insurance After Rape Tells Her Story (Video)

Colorado: 2010 ballot initiative proposes to classify 'eggs as people'

Colorado: 2010 ballot initiative proposes to classify 'eggs as people'

Fired Home Depot Employee Update

Will we have a HCR bill fit to be named after the late Sen. Kennedy?

So, did Lieberman say he was going to join the filibuster or not?

Hardball and the NBC/WSJ poll numbers. Eat it, Chuck Todd

DOW 10,000, Iraq War is Over, Dominoes are Falling!

SP got $1.25 million for the stupid book???!!

To the republicans, Please filibuster health care reform and to the MSM ....

Pit Bull euthanized

Your favourite campaign slogans of all time...

Every government eventually falls. History offers no exceptions.

The United States must demonstrate that it is not randomly killing people

Why is intrade against the public option?

Reclaiming "We"

Bankruptcy Court Wipes Out Mortgage Debt When Servicer Fails to Document Claim

The Most Hated Family in America

I have an idea for Tweety....

World Health Organization to warn of risks of cell phones, based on new research

Rep. Harman: More U.S. Troops Not Going To Fix Afghanistan

Dem moderates challenge Reid on health care plan

Why are ads against Democratic candidates on DU?

Barack Obama's tailor, the pink ribbon on the white house

Twitter Scrutinized In CA. Gov.'s Race (gives an edge to Democrats over Republicans)

Indian Affairs won't recognize Little Shell Tribe

Stephanie Miller linked to S1M1 Flu

Prime Time Ratings - Fox News' Ratings - Overhyped? Much Ado About Nothing?

American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays

The Senator from Aetna

Will there be a "robust" public option in the HCR bill ? (poll)

Have you personally seen something tied to global climate change?

Woman scares off burglar by acting like a dog

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK): "Public criticism of Fox News" from White House "has backfired"

Jonathan Alter: Afghanistan Foreign Service Officer’s Resignation Should Serve as a Warning

Viewer spooked by Halloween decorations in sex offender's yard

I noticed that Lieberman is still Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Gov Affairs

Interesting fact about White Alabamans and the last two elections...

If you're over here ...... and they're over there.........

Hypothetical question: If an envelope was mailed to your

Purists? Huh? We got a new sect?

From Landover Baptist: Halloween Tips for Holyweeners

There are MANY others ahead of Lieberman who are targets for *my* ire.

Jimmy McMillan Running for NY Mayor: The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

I would hope that if it is necessary, the Democrats will go for reconcilliation

I have just written to Senator Lieberman's office to indicate that

Just called Senator Reid's office (202-224-3542)

We SHOULD have impeached Bush the War Criminal, but we did not.

Joe Lieberman

Culture of Death: The right-wing assault on abortion reduction

Tax refugees staging escape from New York

Recommend if you support regime change in Uganda...

Former Marine Captain Resigns in Protest of Afghanistan War

5,000 Protest Bank Power, Abuses, as ‘Showdown’ Culminates

so...womenz just don't know from sports

Harry Reid on Joe Lieberman (2007)

Ubuntu 9.10 Linux creator calls Windows 7 'excellent release' (windows haters faint)

When Did Americans Stop Blaming Hoover for the Great Depression?

Anti-health carers, I hope you are left destitute by a terrible disease

Now we know why right wingers like Zogby polls so much

Twitter shuts down 33 fake accounts created by state Republicans in an attempt to lambast Dems

Take the time to meet a hero: Google "Matthew Hoh"

No more wild tigers?

LAPD chief: Keep police out of immigration battle

Places that politicize...what are yours?

Say this for him, he's a Palin kind of guy (UK Guardian)

Scariest pumpkins

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll


All we are saying ... is give meat a chance...

Time for Lieberman to more to the Republican party

Lotto: He won $50K, $100K, and $1 million twice inside 5 years. Now he's won $17 million

Remember what state Lieberscum comes from next time you buy insurance..

Sarah Palin's Ghostwriter pals around with White Supremacists and Wackos

France to launch national pride campaign in battle against Islamic fundamentalism

Troops already outnumber Taliban 12-1 in Afghanistan

Wheelchair tax?! Seriously? A new low for me at least...

What Is Behind Walmart's Mask?

Does anyone think the Senate is becoming like 'The House of Lords?

I hate to think what kind of VP Lieberman would have made. Hell, he could even have been president.

Let us not forget that the name of the party that Lieberman is ostensibly in,

Let us not forget that the name of the party that Lieberman is ostensibly in,

Just sent this to Lieberman, Landrieu and Bayh.

Harry Reid wants help building support for a public option

Pls Help. Need a link to the Mike Mccury press briefing that was Halloween themed? Puppet was used -

US Senate confirms 3rd Obama US District Judge (97-0)

Lieberman is holding the American people's health hostage to benefit his own ego

Make Your Voice Heard And DU A Poll All At The Same Time!

California State Parks to open.....rarely

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The hate that dare not speak its name.

safest cities in the U.S. (from yahoo)

8 More US Troops Die In THE GOOD WAR- "Deadliest Month" Yet Again

so who runs the united states of america?

Who gives a shit what Lieberman says? It'd be a better bill with reconciliation, anyway

US to Pay Taliban to Switch Sides

Poll: Support for Afghanistan troop surge rises

FORMER AMA HEAD says "THANK YOU" to Liebershit for his "strong stand

FORMER AMA HEAD says "THANK YOU" to Liebershit for his "strong stand

Fall Change....

Just got a phone call

Well, if it isn't the Cheneys

I would rather we had no bill then one that is insurance reform only.


would someone please enlighten me about one thing in California

John Green on the Public Option

Chrysler Expected To Kill Models, Bring Italian Vehicles Ashore

Chrysler Expected To Kill Models, Bring Italian Vehicles Ashore

Home prices rise for 4 months in a row.

EBay: No auction for suspect in Kan. doc's death (Dr. Tiller)

PBS nighty news: anti-union, anti-EFCA report on AFL-CIO's Trumpka:

High-speed rail blazes forward in China

New York Fed’s Secret Choice to Pay for Swaps Hits Taxpayers

Blue Cross website looking for DU love

KC Chiefs ban slur-slinging RB

KC Chiefs ban slur-slinging RB

Earliest origins of the GOP

Grayson apologizes for 'whore' comment

Bartcop Nails It Again (LOL!)

Video: Army’s Robot-Man Walks Like the Real Thing

Allow myself to introduce...myself... (and clarification)

Mitch McConnell: Face Lift or Not A Face Lift?

Digby explains the Grayson Whore flap perfectly....

The inescapable fact that NOBODY in Congress can bring to the American people

Scalia did NOT say that he would have voted for segregation

The case for Single Payer. It's the only acceptable solution.

CNN Money interviews 9 on health ins. What they pay, what they get, what they want in reform.

Justice Scalia: I Would Have Voted To Keep School Segregation

The Power Of DU

George W Poop: "Man, my life has changed!"

Breaking on Rachel -Oops the brother of the Karzai has been on the CIAs

Scalia: I "Would Have Dissented From Brown v. Board Of Education Decision"

Juice drink/ soda mom= Child abuse/ Why food stamps?

Abstinence only education

Fox is News, Bad News

Didn't Harry Reid once say he'd strip leadership positions from anyone who opposed healthcare??

States Permitted to Worsen But Not Improve Healthcare?

Rape Victim Deemed Uninsurable For Seeking Treatment for Rape

Will Harry Reid Stand UP to Joe Lieberman or is he " Harry's Fox in Hen House?" to Destroy the "PO?"

Will Harry Reid Stand UP to Joe Lieberman or is he " Harry's Fox in Hen House?" to Destroy the "PO?"

We are in a national emergency. Many are dying at droves. It's time to call Reid and invoke ...

New "SMART" Electric Meters.. good or bad?

Lieberman: Sure, I'd Filibuster A Health Care Reform Bill With A Public Option

Hurt Levi Johnston wants revenge on Sarah Palin: 'Now it's my turn'

My father will get to visit the WWII Memorial

Massachusetts Duers, Just in Case You Don't Already Know, Here's the Deal on Steve Pagliuca

U.S. to Protect Populous Afghan Areas, Officials Say

Just got ANOTHER call from the DCCC! You think they would have taken me off the list by now

I looked at a rough draft of the beginning of a paper my grandson

maybe that freakanomics guy should have learned some science

Social Dilemma. I just got back from a party in my neighborhood

Be careful what you wish for department: ever wonder what it would be like

Obama Vs Faux, great move on Obama's part


Cops: Witnesses Didn't Help Rape Victim

Call that fucking Liebershit and tell him he is out of his chair position

Rep. Anthony Weiner say's Alan Grayson is one fry short of a Happy Meal?

This is not over, but... I am amazed

Lieberman will filibuster if Public Option is not removed

Oh *HELL* no! " Sports Authority may need taxpayer rescue"

Clean Smells Promote Moral Behavior, Study Suggests

Okay, this letter made me laugh out (very) loud.

WTF was Al Gore thinking in Y2K?

Lyndon Johnson wasn't a war monger at heart either. And he did a lot of good, too.

"Ford Fusion beats Camry, Accord in reliability rating"

The other face of the Healthcare coin : Obscene Doctor compensation

a fuck you joe lieberman thread

Shall we Golf on Sunday??

OHHH NOOOOOOO! Not the automatic Egg Cracker!

American Troops in Afghanistan.

Letterman and Me

I'm guessing this guy picked the wrong kid to fondle?

I dare say that threateners of the Democratic Party probably do not follow through.

Grow, harvest, butcher your own food.

Well, fuck. 8 more troops died in Afghanistan today- that makes 22 in the last 2 days

Petition Harry Reid on public option

Petition Harry Reid on public option

Earth to Lieberman: Connecticut Alrerady HAS a Public Option


Elizabeth Edwards was just on our local nooz. Her cancder is growing "aggessively"

SF-Oakland Bay Bridge closed after rod snaps, cars hit

SF-Oakland Bay Bridge closed after rod snaps, cars hit

Schwarzenegger letter to lawmaker spells out "F---- You" in the left margin.

Sen. Arlen Specter: Time to Repeal DOMA

please sign Harry Reid's petition for public option support

"Why we don't hate walmart any more"

FDA to Ban Sale of Raw Oysters From Gulf of Mexico

Caption Howard Dean with Karl Rove - pics

Dixie Opt out

Ban on cat declawing in San Francisco is set for vote (illegal in 20 countries)

The 'Joe Lieberman Sucks' check-in thread.....

For Pro-Choicers: Please explain to DU why abortion rights are important.

Rep. Grayson calls lobbyist "K Street Whore" on radio.

FDL - Are You Or Someone You Know Paying $50,000 A Year For Drugs?

Shrimp's eye points way to better DVDs

Bereavement Assistance?

First Lady to Attend Game 1.

Phillies or Yankees?

Around 40 Dems line up against Federal Abortion Funding in health bill.

Wisecracking defendant convicted of killings

Albertson's owes her $200K because her supervisor denied bathroom breaks until she peed herself

Swine flu is hitting in force. My friend just told me her son has it & 150 kids absent

Are you optimistic about the future?

California Peggy Appreciation Thread

Why would Ann Coulter Lie About Lee Harvey Oswald and then slander

Why would Ann Coulter Lie About Lee Harvey Oswald and then slander

Go veggie to fight global warming, says expert

What do you tell a friend who is about to get busted for prostitution?

Onlookers laugh during two-hour gang rape of semiconscious 15-year-old in Calif.

The price of bringing 'stability' to Afghanistan might simply be too high

Fisker to build electric cars at former GM Plant in Delaware!

This Is Such An Example Of DU Nowadays.

This Is Such An Example Of DU Nowadays.

BBC: Polanski victim seeks dismissal

Daft Punk - Around the World


'Monkey face' AKA orang-utang.


RIP Geocities

What's your favorite drinking toast?

Good morning Lounge

Basia Bulat - Before I Knew

Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath!

Day ten dawns and we just might get some real answers today....

Kansas nurse convicted for 'nude therapy' in court

"Why don't you fix your little problems and light this candle?!"

will the World Series be over by Thanksgiving?

I gots teh flew.

Gallstones force Eric Clapton to nix NYC concert

What is so disturbingly wrong with a person that they would become a Dental Hygenist

I just put "Shadow of the Vampire" on my Netflix queu, and...

"Castle" fans: Good tribute!

"Castle" fans: Good tribute!

I am so going to declare myself dead on Facebook

Floridian Fitness Evaluation Panel announced for Symarip

Balloon Dad Forced Cigar on Infant Son

I have been eating nothing but carbs all week.

What's your favorite Haunted House experience?

Appropriate punishment for oil speculators?

Jim, Come Get Your $%#$% Land

Boo! Cop accused of pulling gun at haunted house

Toll plaza crash leaves turnpike covered in meat

Haiku: Winter coming

is this hand sanitizer doing anything really

Readers/Writers Opinion Needed Please

since when do flu symptoms

A testament to what a band's open camera policy can do:

Just something cool I remembered from teenhood

Brian Wilson fans, check this out!

Should the good people of Florida vote to let Symarip move there?

Only movie playing on halloween night in ALL our movie theaters

It's official - - they have websites for EVERYTHING: Things that look like

Who says Track and Field isn't a contact sport?

Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop

I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still...

Beethoven's 9th - Molto Vivace - Predicts Punk

Wing nuts camp out

Chimp is a Raiders fan, frowns on Fox

What books have you noticed people reading?

Boondock Saints II coming out Friday

Five correctional officers charged in dog fondling

Hey! I just hit 1000+ posts status! Is there a ring, a secret handshake, a password...anything?

Happy Birthday Dylan Thomas!

Pancake on teh head bunneh has met its match in

I have been eating nothing but barbs all week.

Have I gone insane thinking this...


Pizza pizza!

Man paid $470K by company he never worked for

Maiden Name.

Let's play: How many inches of snow will fall near Writer's house.

Denver police crush sex offender's car

Take your keyboard right now

Does anyone know...

Does anyone know...

Free Cheezburger Book Launch Party with lots of books, Happy Cats, and cheezburgers!

ok, which one of you drunkards was this??

Creed LOVERS & Creed HATERS have one thing in common today...the new Creed "reunion" CD is on sale.

What wine goes with unemployment?

had a filling fall out today. Brushing my teeth this morning and felt something

Babe is an awesome movie.

PA woman arrested for offering sex for World Series tickets.

The History Channel really crapped out on this Seven Nights of Monsters programming.

Hey NY Post- take your Phillies-hating crap and shove it

Does anyone know when the Senate and House will start debate on their health bills?

Only 3 more days of working early voting, 3 more days of getting up at 5 am.

Obama's foreign policy report card by Juan Cole

What could happen if they pass state opt-out health care.

Rep. Davis Files for Cook County Post

GOP turns to self-funding candidates

NY-23: Scozzafava Getting Obliterated in Late Fundraising

there's something sickeningly funny about Dahmer, Gacy, and Bundy as the 3 Stooges

Want to feel inadequate as a musician? Spend some time on youtube...

oh noooo! your tire is all flat and junk! Did I do that?

New Foxnews crap: Obama change Index!

Happy Birthday Dylan Thomas

Time for the Chief EXECUTIVE to execute.

I have been eating nothing but crabs all week.

Is anyone else completely disillusioned with their immediate social world?

Newsmax - "GOP House Members Form Caucus To Fight Media Bias"

I'm baaaaAAAAAAck!

Because Democratic Majorities Don't Come Cheap

HealthCareNOW National Conference0 single-payer Nov. 14-15...

Schumer: "the White House probably preferred a stronger public option than a trigger"

****Heads Up: POTUS Makes Announcemnet of Invenstment in Smart Energy, Live! ****

If I Could Give You 3 Wishes, What Would They Be?

What is the #1 Amdendment You Want Placed in the Healthcare Bill That Goes to Obama?

Tired of the mixed messages coming from the WH

Every Beatles song to be played on ukulele

Everyone knows the healthcare bill will suck, but that doesn't make it useless

Obama can help the economy by urging Congress to roll back credit card rates retroactively

Mrs Robeson is delivering another baby from a 14 year old girl tongiht....

I just watched "House of Games", tivo'ed it from IFC....

Call Harry Reid Now!!!!!!!!

Coen Bros' latest "A Serious Man" is playing at *one* theater in the 4th largest city in the country

You all realize we didn't have 60 voters yesterday either, right?

Lieberman Contact Info

Just in time for Halloween, it's 'The Six Creepiest Places on Earth'!

NV GOP group forms PAC to oppose Lowden

Riordan endorses Whitman, Poizner hits back

Look at this wackazoid web site advertising on Drudge's web site...

Kelly appointed to judgeship

Obama's presidency is like a prism - clearly separates those who care for people,

I called the White House and told the

Lieberman says he WILL block any PO bill. (AP story confuses Final vote and Cloture vote)

My daughter probably has swine flu

Hagan not ready to commit

My stance re: PO, mandates, etc.

GOP Rep. John Linder Endorses Conservative Party's Hoffman In NY-23

California Waits for Fiorina’s Official Bid

I told my Rep. Jerry McNerney to support the glass steagall act!

I called (860) 549-8463 to leave a message with the guy answering Sen. Lieberman's Phone.....

Gibbs On Filibuster Possibility...

From my House Rep. Brad Ellsworth, on Seniors and HCR

Deleted dupe. n/t

Please sign up at!

i have a question about "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown."

Now it's gotten to the Morophine....


If you need a smile...

Question: Other than Lieberman, who else has threatened a filibuster?

Maybe a little of a double standard......From Politico

Oh thank goodness, Retro! You're here! I was gonna give your cowboy pajamas to someone else!

AP: Lieberman won't vote to block Reid plan from going to floor for debate, but would ultimately opp

Obama, Baucus, Boxer, and Global Warming

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" is a freakin' amazing movie

Remember when we, like, showed our boobs in the Lounge, 'n stuff?

Reid: Lieberman Is The Least Of My Problems

"Lie"berman is a McPuppy, Is Public Option doomed? Sen Reid did not send a alt proposal to CBO?

Strip Lieberman of his chairmanship and use the other "option" if necessary

Lieberman, Irony, and Public Option

FLASHBACK: Lieberman pledged support for health reform

Former GM plant set to make electric cars....increase of 1000 employees in Delaware

Why does every adult in town give Charlie Brown a rock for Halloween?

I am a carpenter.

Government Expert Quits Afghan Mission And Rattles The Brass: Text of his resignation letter here.

If anybody actually wants to take a minute to tell Lieberman what you think

Joe Lieberman Blackmailing Obama on Health Care to get Iran Strike & Afghanistan Surge?

Is there a rational argument against Wyden's Free Choice Admendment?

Just for nolabear - post any unconfirmed rumors you have heard about nolabear right here

Jonathan Chait: Lieberman is just babbling nonsense here.

Glenn Beck "confuses" Obama, Osama (VIDEO)

Lieberman campaigned for Palin and McCain. Why would he now vote for legislation

But remember, Lieberman was "inspired into public service" by JFK and "learnt" from Ted Kennedy

Kerry: Reid 'Gutsy' For Including Public Option

Sorry this one's a downer. It's about the stigma of mental illness and my disturbs family.

Someone please remind us again as to the particulars of the Republican Health Plan

NBC/WSJ Poll: 48% want a Public Option

Any person who dares say "LIEberman is with us on everything but the war"

Keith Olbermann is starting on Holy Joe now (MSNBC)

What's the Liberman-filibuster story mean?

In case you didn't know, there were resignations when Bush was in office too

Uptick in support for public option

Republican-led Harris County Voter Registration Office Admits to Voter Suppression Tactics

Remember the Lieberman campaign accusing Lamont of hacking his website right before the election?

Insurance Stocks Plunged As Reid Announced Public Option, Spiked After Lieberman Vowed To Filibuster

Senators: action on climate, clean energy urgent

This has got to be a joke

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/27/09

Naked speculation: who would like to be Chairman of Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs?

Updated - Earth to Lieberman: Connecticut HAS a Public Option

Does Calling Out Fox News Cause "Liberal" Media To Engage In Reverse Liberal Bias? By...HuffPo!

I will feel really sorry for people living in states that opt out of a public insurance option

Today like everyday is a great reason for going to a publicly financed system.

FYI - the Connecticut for Lieberman Party has an announced candidate for the Senate- John Mertens

John Kerry: Our inheritance in Afghanistan is eight years of mismanagement

Lieberman the liar

Pay taxes, born here, never in trouble.....but it's too expensive to cover you

Pay taxes, born here, never in trouble.....but it's too expensive to cover you

OMG one of the writers for Robot Chicken is remaking Short Circuit!

NEWS FLASH! We don't have 60 votes, because Lieberman Is Not A Democrat

NBC/WSJ POLL: GOP sinks to 25% approval. Dems at 42%. Dems lead generic ballot 46/38.

Olberman leads with Lieberman, and Wyden makes the case that the bill is bad.

I'm ready to march to Washington for a strong public option

Trust me: Lieberman will vote for the health care bill

Vanity Fair: Georgia Jagger photo session outtakes (daughter of Mick & Jerry Hall)

Reconciliation would end this right now. nt

McConnell mentioned Kerry's 2004 campaign in an election threat to Dems. (updated)

Appears Scalia did not say he would dissent in Brown v. Board of Education...

Obama has faith in Joe Lieberman and that's good enough for me...

Step by Step Explanation of How Lieberman Can Screw the Whole Thing Up

Does Joe Lieberman want to see Pres. Obama Fail?

Senator Kent Conrad says co-ops are also in Senator Reid's healthcare bill!

Senator Kent Conrad says co-ops are also in Senator Reid's healthcare bill!

So does President Obama really want the trigger over the opt out?

Now that a public option is on the verge of passing, Senator Kyl suddenly wants to compromise

people in college who whisper to each other while instructor speaks

Blanche Lincoln proves that opting out will not be easy

Scalia says he would have voted in favor of segregation in 1954

One simple question. Why are these goddamned "centrists" so secure in their opposition to PO?

One simple question. Why are these goddamned "centrists" so secure in their opposition to PO?

Dismal special election record hampers GOP's 2010 comeback

Until the US public shines an open eye on the anti-democratic tradistions

Going Rouge.

Who had the bright idea to keep Lieberman around anyway?

Waylon & Willie live

PHOTOS The President's Day (Oct 27)

Screw creating a thread that never dies, I want to be a lounge fixture

Obama, Afghanistan, and stupid on a stick commentators..

They are making a sequel to Mamma Mia. They should replace Abba with Rush.

Patience grasshoppers-Leader Reid and President Obama know what they're doing on health care

Be the first on your block with the newest Repig Card set! Lieberman joins the ranks!

I think Harry Reid has a Republican up his sleeve

Bayh: I Can Imagine Reid's Bill Failing

Obama financial reforms advance in Congress

So if the PO is not in the Senate bill, it can still be put in it in conference.

"George Bush did not have a tyrant’s ego...he will be the last humble man to occupy the Oval Office"

I have not posted in 9 months but FUCK YOU JOE

Just Found Out I'm Going To Be A Grandma

I'm tired of people posting articles with unnamed sources saying Obama's not happy about the opt-out

My next school essay has to be about how the media has influenced me in some way.

Halloween music video thread.

Anyone going to game one of the Series? Michelle Obama and Jill Biden are, too!

How Many People here Think 2010 Will be a Repeat of '94?

The Public Option Sham

Retro!!!! Three published poems last week!!!!! Are you freakin' kidding?

Top 15 Lieberman Betrayals: Joe's Worst Double-Crosses

John Adler (D), Carolyn Maloney (D) Move To Weaken Investor Protection Bill

BREAKING MSNBC: Lieberman will join pukes in filibuster unless PO is removed.

David Shuster: "Anger at Joe Lieberman is misplaced. He's said he will vote to let the HCR/PO bill

Talk about prescient! Here is a June 2008 diary by Kos - Obama's worst decision (hint- initials JL)

Any countries we can invade to steal their healthcare?

I made me a teabagger

To help in the days ahead: Three different kinds of votes

I spilled a gallon of milk in my driveway.

Perfect....Just overheard some Canadian and Brits laughing at the USA.....

Blue Dogs’ Fundraising Totals Plummet in Third Quarter

One of my professors said today

Mark this down,,,, There is aa Grand Bargain on HealthCare coming.

It's just after Midnight here, which means it's my birthday. So, I think that I'll cry...


Joe Lieberman is Doctor Smith

Ed Shultz just said Leiberman is "part of the Limbaugh crowd now."

Ed Shultz just said Leiberman is "part of the Limbaugh crowd now."

I don't think this has been done yet, take your favorite band and rank their albums

Why do I feel guilty every time I take a sick day?

when I win the lottery and build my home, my kitties will get their own bathroom. Lookie here

Have you been photographed or videotaped naked?

Chile president proposes limiting military courts

Israeli authorities demolished two (more) Palestinian homes near East Jerusalem

The Lonesome Death of Pedro Munoz

Bombings break election-law deadlock

U.S. Sending Envoys to Try to End Crisis in Honduras

French court convicts Church of Scientology of fraud

8 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan

Unsealed documents portray seamier side of Allen. (sexual abuse allegations resurface)

U.S. lobbyist accused of violating Sudan sanctions (former State Dept worker 2005-mid 2007)

Lieberman says he'll filibuster Reid plan

US charges two suspects with plotting attacks in Denmark

French power brokers convicted over arms to Angola

Pentagon Chief auditor is reassigned(April Stephenson director of the Defense Contract Audit Agency)

Scalia on Brown v. Board of Education: I Would Have Dissented

Rep. Grayson calls lobbyist "K Street Whore" on radio.

Refusing to get vaccinated is selfish

Right Battles G.O.P. in a Pivotal Race in New York

MI5 and MI6 push for secret hearings in 'torture' case

Ex-Team Executive Sounds an Alarm on N.F.L. Head Trauma

Lieberman: Sure, I'd Filibuster A Health Care Reform Bill With A Public Option

Goldman Sachs says "dark pools" help investors

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 27

Joe Lieberman Says He'll Block Reid's Health Care Bill

F.B.I. Is Slow to Translate Intelligence, Report Says

Somali Pirates may have seized UK yacht couple

Georgia Rep. introduces resolution to praise Tea Party marchers

Senate votes to take up jobless benefit extension

Terry (R-Ne) offers health bill

Nursing Homes Use Psychotropic Drugs Without Cause

Detainees Demand Torture Evidence Heard in Public

Rocket strikes northern Israel

Ohio peace museum angling for Obama's Nobel prize money

McDonald's CEO: job losses impact breakfast business

Obama redefines White House relationship with top field commander

U.S. electrical grid gets $3.4 billion jolt of stimulus funding

Obama Names 'Smart Grid' Projects

NASA scrubs launch of Ares I-X rocket

Industry Years Behind on Testing Approved Drugs

Venezuela accuses Colombians of spying while helping investigate killings of 10 men on border

J Street 'thrilled' by turnout at first national conference

Kidnapping puts crisis-bound Honduras on edge

Intense gunfire, explosion heard in central Kabul

Eight U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan, the military said.

Eight U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan, the military said.

US home price gains may not be sustainable - Shiller

Sarah Palin receives $1.25M for ‘Going Rogue’

Car dealers protected from new consumer protection agency

Senate votes to take up jobless benefit extension

Protests at US bankers' convention

Dems say CIA may have misled Congress 5 times

Dem bill urges new US powers over financial firms

How the Fed Bungled AIG's Rescue, Enriched Bankers and Screwed Taxpayers

IRS Brings New Focus to Auditing the Rich .

H1N1 flu 'pushing hospitals to their limit'

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war

U.S. home prices appear to have bottomed out

Cracker Barrel Suspect's Lawyer: Reservist Spit On Him

700 arrests across country as FBI rescues children from sex trade

Obama wins first financial reform victory in months

Secretary Of The Army: Military Ready To Lift Ban On Openly Gay Service

New York Fed’s Secret Choice to Pay for Swaps Hits Taxpayers

Death investigation of Census worker expected to be resolved within weeks

S.F. Bay Bridge closed after rod snaps, cars hit

Seniors squeezed as doctors shun Medicare

Police: Gang rape outside school dance lasted over two hours

10-foot Great White Shark bitten nearly in half by 20-foot 'monster shark' near Australian beach

Blue Dogs’ Fundraising Totals Plummet in Third Quarter

Snowe says she would vote to block Reid's health care bill

Nicaragua: Anti-Ortega groups roll out hit-and-run tactics

Pilots of wayward jet lose licenses

Authorities say Mexican cartel bought, stored guns in Texas

Brother of Afghan Leader Is Said to Be on C.I.A. Payroll

Lieberman says he'll filibuster Reid healthcare plan

DC sniper Muhammad set to die by lethal injection

Scientologists convicted of fraud (France)

Obama daughters get swine flu shots

Blast from the past -- Randi Rhodes v. Ralph Nader

Rachel Maddow: 'Reprehensible' - Dr. Tiller Murder Case Auction to Be Held

Bill Maher on Big Pharma

Brazile: GOP Has No Alternative To Health Reform,

Rachel Maddow: Wyden - 'Worried 90% 7 Years From Now Can't Hold Insurance Cos. Accountable'

HLN's Joy Behar Interviews "Joe The Plumber"

Staying for Healthcare Reform

Joe Lieberman's theme song - in honor of his declaration to oppose the public option

GOD Will Save You Patriot and Militia Members!

John Kerry Debunks Inhofe's Cost Claims on Climate Change Legislation

ABA Showdown at Wells Fargo

Harry & Nancy Burn In Hell

Yea!!! Protesters take Chicago 10/27/09 - Dylan Ratigan

It's Not Worth The Fight

The Conservative Bible (Red State Update)

ANIMATION: One Nation, Two Systems of Justice by Ted Rall

Reacquaint yourself with Joe Lieberman

New Massachusetts Senator Paul Kirk Discusses Health Reform & Ted Kennedy in First Senate Speech

Health Care Reform Thought Bubble - John Green on the Public Option

Bozell the Clown on the Ed Show

Third party candidates & the GOP

CBS News: The Fight for a Public Option

TYT: Public Option Is IN!..Cenk Breaks It Down!

Lieberman: Worry about uninsured after the recession is over

Young Turks: Why Is CNN Defending Fox News Channel?

Activist Victory on Public Option

White House Help With Public Option? - 'Don't Come Crying To Us...'

Brave New Films: FOX News Isn't News. It's a Political Operation.

Alan Grayson's "whore" comment in context.

Interesting! Rick Steves' Iran Lecture: The Revolution

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex - Part 2

Billionaires for Wealth Care at San Diego kickoff of Tea Party Express II

We Do Have an Obligation to Afghanistan

Fellow Lawmakers Slam Democrat Alan Grayson re: K Street Whore Comment (he has apologized)

What You Didn't Know About The War

Young Turks: Sean Hannity Goes After Atheist Signs On Subways

HLN's Joy Behar: Christianity vs. Atheism Is Debated

Keith Olbermann Goes After Lieberman (with Senator Wyden talking about REAL public option)

Countdown: Keith on Dana Perino - 'Oh, GOD, Is She Full of Crap'

AIPAC Rival "J Street" Holds Its First Conference In Washington DC

Rachel Maddow Summarizes The Health Care 'Public Option'

The Truth About Glenn Beck - The Truth About Glenn BecKKK

Shep Smith Apologizes For 'Lack Of Balance' In Fox News Report

Spain 'Running Out Of Excuses' For Excluding Israeli Researchers From Solar Competition

NYT: Trying to Rein In ‘Too Big to Fail’ Institutions

Rep. Joe Wilson and the Party of Rudeness, Ignorance

Welcome to 2025: American Preeminence Is Disappearing Fifteen Years Early

Public Plan Mirage

Excess Hormone-Grown Meat? Don't Worry, the Kids Will Eat It

Substantial Majorities Support Cap-and-Trade of Republicans

Hillary, Sarah, Oprah and Michelle -- Bridge, anyone?

There’s Just No Reason to Cry

Michael Klare, The Great Superpower Meltdown

Part Two: Talking with Remote Area Medical Founder, Stan Brock

Fox Is News, Bad News

Five charged in torture, beating of loan modification agents (Economic environ temperature = rising)

Will 2010 Mark The End Of The Credit Card Industry?

Gas Pump Thievery: Who's Really Behind the Rising Prices at the Pumps?

Dem moderates challenge Reid on health care plan - "moderates" ?

The Vatican thirst for power divides Christianity and damages Catholicism

Bush Truly Breaks the Mold As a Motivational Speaker

Constitutional Tinkering Opens Door To Ortega Re-Election

Why the Public Option Opt-Out Puts Republicans in a Bind

Media Matters: 30 reasons why Fox News is not legit

Our Economy Was a Scam and Now We're Dead Broke

Net neutrality: Stupid is as stupid does

Lieberman: I'll Join GOP Filibuster Of Health Care Bill With Public Option

Blaming the Victims of the Credit Card Companies

David Sirota: A Party With No Punch

Health Care Reform Is Moral Battle for the Soul of a Nation

Our Economy Was a Scam and Now We're Dead Broke

Macs' low popularity keeps them safer from hacking and malware

Refusing to get vaccinated is selfish

Peak oil review - Oct 26

ARPA-E grant awards pie chart

Drumbeat: October 27, 2009

Rate Of Timor Sea Oil Well Leak May Be 5X Earlier Estimates - AFP

Symbol Of Recovery From Sichuan Quake, Aluminum Factory Poisoning Residents & Land W. Toxic Dust

Palm Oil CEO - Industry Can Pay To Reforest: Groups Taking $$ Must Present "Positive" Industry Image

26% Of Swiss Farmland At Risk From Warming: Summer Drought Trend Worsening In Prime Growing Areas

Rainforest Treaty Would Allow Palm Oil Plantation Clearcutting, Subsidies To Protect Plantations

Water wars? Verily there is no new thing under the sun.

Toyota Supportive Of US Chamber's Opposition To Climate Law, Chamber Reps Say - Guardian

Tiger trouble

Public Enemies: 150 years this month since rabbits hit Australia

Food Prices up 4 times Farm crop prices 1982-2009

First Evidence For A Second Breeding Season Among Migratory Songbirds

Coast Guard "wings" help save migratory birds from Northwest algae bloom

Conditions for the sustainability of biomass based fuel use.

Massey Energy Begins Blasting Coal River Mountain

120 Pro-Environment G8 Legislators Asked If 350 PPM By 2050 "Practicable" - Two Say Yes

Any other un/under employed engineers out there?

Detroit Ignored Fuel Efficiency Demands, Says Ex-GM Economist

Tesla Roadster runs 313 miles on a charge (new record)

This just in...

N.Y. Jets Braylon Edwards faces misdemeanor charge

DeMarcus Ware inks 6-year, $78M extension with the Cowboys.

Griese Suspended for Taco Remark

Larry Johnson’s latest words (gay slur) add to controversy (suspended)

More problems for 49er OL..Tony Pashos out for the season

Overrated mythical plays in sports. Exhibit one: BO vs. Boz--That ain't getting run over,

A summary of the football season in DC...

So Michigan State loses in the last two seconds of the game?

The Sports Forum Official Big "D" Thread!!!

Pac-10 official suspended for blown call in game between USC and Oregon State

NFL 2009: You Better Have A Good QB

NBA Season begins today!!


Chile president proposes limiting military courts

Day Two Report of La Voz de los de Abajo Human Rights Delegation in Honduras

Report from Day 1 of La Voz de los de Abajo Honduras Delegation

[es] Giorgio Trucchi: Un pueblo en situación de emergencia

Dupe, please delete. n/t

The Lonesome Death of Pedro Munoz (Honduras)

Over 60 percent of Venezuelans view their country's situation as negative

5 more Colombians massacred in Venezuela

Misinformation and Lies in Congress

Chavez's new appeal to Venezuelans: Save energy

Venezuela, Honduras, Peru, Ecuador: "small" oversights and "big" lies

FAI: The Bolivarian Government Against Union Autonomy

Chavez increases presidential expenses by 638% for 2010

Some perspective on presidential approval ratings...

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/27

Poll shows decline in Hugo Chavez's popularity

Venezuela accuses Colombians of spying while helping investigate killings of 10 men on border

Why I don't support repealing the National Firearms Act - at least, not yet

CANADA: Gun registry battle rages

EDITORIAL: Gun Control By Way Of Health Reform

Update from gun-free England

Stunning and creepy.

Senator: West Point scraps privatization plans

Kerry: McChrystal war plan goes too far

Israeli authorities demolished two (more) Palestinian homes near East Jerusalem

Israel demolishes two Palestinian homes in Jerusalem

Booing Eric Yoffie

International Religious Freedom Report 2009

New Ground - Curiosity over Assumption

Katyusha from Lebanon strikes north Israel; no casualties

Hamas: War will settle Jerusalem dispute, not talks

EU lawyers: We've got names of IDF officers suspected of war crimes

J Street branch drops pro-Israel slogan

Rocket strikes northern Israel

Guard recruiter pleads guilty to fraud charge

Gates: Wounded troops face too much bureaucracy

The war room: Daily transition between battle, home takes a toll on drone operators

Panel urges ending UCMJ’s sodomy ban

MRFF Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Obama says he won’t rush Afghan decision

M-TAVs Arrive in Southern Afghanistan

DoD Buzz: Sen. Kerry Rejects McChrystal Strategy

Dithering or Deliberating?

2 soldiers struck, killed by car while arguing

Reminder: Autumn seasonal contest begins Sunday!

Demonstrators are making a ruckus at the Bankers' Mtg.

Text of Trumka's remarks to the Banking Protest

Some shots without color (with a color opening act)

Still Blooming in Northern California

Here's a picture I really like.

Church Ceiling, Martigny.

Blue_in_CA has made an astoundingly good video of Aiman

The Hat

W&M crowns first transgender homecoming queen

Queer = Psychic? Consider the possibilities...

Gay marriage, partnership battles heat up in the Washingtons

Panel urges ending UCMJ’s sodomy ban (xpost from Veterans)

Great interview with Ian McKellan; speaks out on DADT

Mass. man says Brazilian husband denied US asylum

Amazing DC Council Hearing on Gay Marriage Bill -- Final Witness

Obama to sign defense bill, hate crime legislation

2-time Oscar Winner Director Paul Haggis quits Church of Scientology

Obama gives in to pressure; orders 40,000 gay troops into Afghanistan

I hope trans care will be part of the national healthcare plan...

A Molecule of Motivation, Dopamine Excels at Its Task.

I said something in another post that warrants further discussion.

Internet station hopes to fill void in local gay community


Spaceport welcome center planned for downtown Truth or Consequences

Gastric bypass: Is it a diabetes fix?

Ares - (hopefully) set to launch this morning @ 9:24am

A weak lensing detection of a deviation from General Relativity on cosmic scales

Water Vapor Seen ‘Raining Down’ on Young Planet forming Star System

The LHC is up and running throwing around particle beams- We are gonna die

Please explain the importance of “hate crimes” to me.

Colossal 'sea monster' unearthed in the UK

Capmark Increased Office, Hotel Loans as Zell Saw Top

Tax question (edit)

Black Tuesday and How We Got Out of It

Where can I find a copy

I lost my love. Any vibes or input appreciated.

Food Prices up 4 times Farm crop prices 1982-2009

Donna Eden Video -- Lymphatic flush massage

I can't live in fear, I can have it, I just can't live there

Was H1N1 going around earlier this year?

Cancers Can Vanish Without Treatment, but How?

Conventional medicine catches up with vitamin D

beer o'clock comes early today. just got back from an emg. what a fun test.

I'm hoping to start a vigorous debate about Statin's--Cholesterol Medicine.

Gardasil Researcher Drops A Bombshell (vaccines will do little to reduce cervical cancer rates)

The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right

Can We Talk About Religion, Please?

A Spirituality Rooted Somewhere between Science and Superstition

Hitler was a Catholic

What a silly column in Newsweek

Western science developed within the context of the Church itself

I Dont Believe Anymore

Woo-Hoo, I Never Had Anything On the Front Page Before : ) !

Obama Coming To Wisconsin Next week (Nov. 4th) To Speak About American Education System

Does your district do this?

Atheism's own fundamentalists lead 'religion' of 'Not'

I am now the proud owner of a gallon or so of pumpkin glop...

Has anyone heard from Tab? Been missing his posts here.

You know who I really miss a lot? Lucinda.

Help me to understand, what is sausage gravy?

Bread and breadmachine help. It won't rise much

Dailykos: Would Texas Opt-Out? Signs Point to No.

Now. PLEASE call Gov. Perry and Tx Board one more time:

Oh *HELL* no! "Sports Authority may need taxpayer rescue"

Why don't Truthers conduct an independant investigation?

Texas has executed Reginald Blanton. Thank you, who called. n/t

Nova's cartoon model animation of WTC Tower pancaking