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The public option keeps rising from the dead...

The public option keeps rising from the dead...

The new looks awesome.

Unemployment benefits extension still tied up with amendments

Wapo - Robert Samuelson - "Public plan mirage"

Wapo - Robert Samuelson - "Public plan mirage"

Democrats push for HEALTH CARE BENEFITS to kick in by 2010- that's more like it

AP: Immigration agents mishandle informants

U2 LIVE in minutes! Check this out it's amazing!

Listening to Montel on AAR and n+Nancy Pelosie's daughter

A desert for jobs and no end in sight

Question about the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Afghan Election Rests on the Backs of Donkeys

Next time someone shows one of those "Obama as the Joker" posters, I plan to ask them...

SC Senators dispute which voters to woo for GOP

A "real" opt out solution - for a chronically divided nation

Helicopter crashes kill 14 Americans in Afghanistan... US engages in 'war games' for exit strategy

The "Reality Show" that needs to be done......


Horsey TOON - "I'd Cry..."

“This is the direct result of bad public policy” Atlanta shelter director on the homeless crisis



Bill Day TOON: Fox News

Imagine discussing St Rudy of 9/11 running for governor

If I were Reid, I would DARE those asshats to filibuster...

Last night the Yankees won their 40th pennant

Chicago give the thieves hell for me!

U.S. healthcare system wastes up to $800 billion a year

Three-Trucks Collide on Mass Pike, Spilling Raw Beef and Plastic Cups Everywhere (Video)

GOP Leaders Call For State Worker Pay Cuts

Russia to Fill Iraq, Afghan Helo Orders

Central Banks Hitting Asset Bubbles Reveal No Faith in Greenspan Economics

NY-23: We are on the verge of winning a house seat that we lost 2-1 last year

Pandemic paranoia: Are fear overblown?

Thanks Mods!

This week Obama's national security adviser will keynote the inaugural J Street Conference.

Is Mayor Daley Looking To Lease Water System?

Toles: Imagine if they took over a country that had nuclear weapons.

LOL, Lynn, MA mayoral election: Rep candidate calls cops on Dem!

Big-shot Kerik witness? Aponte, who led mob-tied firm, may be called

Reason #787 for getting out of Afghanistan: You can't rule a country by helicopter!

Afghanistan: They don't call it "The Graveyard of Empires" for nuthin', yanno!

We have a flu problem. We don't have a Surgeon General.

We have a flu problem. We don't have a Surgeon General.


White House calls Obama discouraging public option claim ‘absolutely false’

Surge Update: Prostitution and drug addiction is going up. Unemployment in Iraq is over 50%

surge update - Iraq Blast Toll Worse Than Feared, Including 30 Children

How about forcing the health care providers to charge the same fee for the same service...

Media Liars and Whitehouse Bad Cops Are Pimping the Trigger

Media Liars and Whitehouse Bad Cops Are Pimping the Trigger

'Clean tech' employment is poised to soar -- and the jobs will be all over the country.

Why so much shit is backlogged:

BBC: Homophobic attack man badly hurt (UK)

Husband of murdered Egyptian gives evidence in German court

Excuse me, but has Joe Scar and the rest of the MJ crew FORGOTTEN about the polls that say

Companies Are Gaming The System To Beat Wall Street Expectations

Newspaper Industry in a Depression

Hey. Somebody is jamming the phone lines over at Chase

Petraeus' own field manual says we need 600,000 troops to enforce Afghan counterinsurgency strategy

Can anybody think of a tune for these lyrics?

Credit Card, Bank Fee Hikes Spark Outrage

Part one | Reckless strategies doomed WaMu

If you are bored or want a laugh...

Local coverage of the Tea Bag event, channel eight

Menand: 'The market for news is narrowing down to people who need an ideological fix. '

Problems With Windows Programs

Charges dropped in Missouri flag desecration case

"Showdown In Chicago": Protesters Swarm Bankers Convention (PHOTOS)

No "debate" needed. Take the vaccine.

Reuters: US Healthcare system wastes up to $800 billion a year

When Gitmo and Abu Ghraib Come Home - Hell and Dr. James

Get this - Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names

Crowds Flock For Christmas Assistance

Australia faces famine, expert warns

JUST WAIT until we regain the Whitehouse and have a majority in Congress!!!!1!!!

Virginia has a nuclear event

Senator from the great state of Humana

Save the earth, use Blackle

E-cigarettes enter the tobacco wars-could be used to circumvent smoking bans

Obama's (co-ed) golf game: First in WH

one minute Saudi Arabia is in 2009 & the next minute its in the stone age

Obama Wants A Good Public Plan But He Wants A Bill Even More

This could become a huge problem.

No guarantees: 3 tales of insurance disaster

Week 19: ....More Talk of a Public Plan

Recession Drives Surge in Youth Runaways

Where can you get bath towels like those of yesteryear? New bath towels are too long, too wide,

"Target of Opportunity -- Hit List" RW Website with activist names

Is anyone else fed up with all the ads at HuffPo?

Ailes opts out of a run: 'This country needs fair and balanced news more now than ever before,...'

Insurers poised to reap benefits from healthcare overhaul

Book Review: Genesis Gets the Crumb Treatment

Just Curious, but why is there an "anti-government" health care ad

Who the *&%! cares about Olympia Snowe!?

Debate of the Length of the Vietnam War

Freeper alert! One just snuck into DU

"The Monuments Men" (Do you know these WWII heroes?)

Pakistan Launches Full-Scale Offensive

Rich Germans demand higher taxes for themselves to help the economy

Senior Adviser to President: Public Option Can Reduce Costs. Trigger? Not So Much

High-Speed Rail Keeps Train Makers on Track

"Honey, I don’t have insurance. We can’t go to the ER"

Brit Hume on the "Fox News Attitude"..."Hoist a Jolly Roger, look for more throats to slit"

Top employees leave financial firms ahead of pay cuts

Afghanistan War Game Tested a 44,000-Troop Increase

I think Harry Reid is writing off the Snowe Woman

Quran Jones: Muslim Menace (or A Short Trip to the Dark Side) - if you want to donate to someone who strongly supports PO

Oh noez! I just got this video clip from my cousin.

Opt Out

For those that cannot wait for the new "V" mini series on Nov 3

Reid/Full Senate to Include PUBLIC OPTION for Full Senate Floor Vote!

A Monday mutters without a . . . CAPTION!!! Please come do Head Wreck!

American Healthcare System Wastes $800 Billion Per Year

Cheney proud to receive award from fascist who accused Obama of being Muslim trojan horse

Skyway Cam, Bay Bridge nearing completion

Pirates scare away factory trawlers. Local fisherman can now fish profitably

The Hill: Senator Kerry: General McChrystal's troop request is too much, too fast

Artificial Intelligence Diagnoses Abuse

Steve Phillips gets tossed from the game

Democratic Hawks Set Us Up For Defeat

Rude Pundit on Steph Miller, "Olympia Snowe must have mad fellatio skills."

a question of taste in possible anti-Blue Dog animation (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

NASA Watch: Aries 1X to launch tomorrow morning!

Architect Lawrence Halprin dies

C-span had a call in today: Senate Health Care Bill Proposal - Any DU'ers call in?

Is anyone else having trouble with embedded YouTube links?

Reid Press Conference on Health Care Bill starting soon

Sunday circulation the lone "bright" spot in dismal outlook for newspapers

Internet Neutrality

George Bush fan of 24

Idea about the Public Option Opt-Out

States Pressed Into New Role on Medical Marijuana

Say hello to the new head of the Republican Party

Rife With Intrigue, Deception, Scheming, Incest, and, yes, Brutal Violence

Here we go again - Tea Party against Amnesty

CNN - BREAKING: Reid backs health care public option

Lies, Betrayals, Self-Promotions, and Child Murdering Terrorism: The Shawna Forde Story

ACTION: Any Senator that does not vote for cloture/against filibuster on HEALTH CARE must be called

Idea for improving Cable News Quality AND/OR Lower cost..

A Change Obama Has Made

Gay Marriage: What difference does it make to ME who YOU MARRY?

Three criteria MUST be met for the government-run health plan to be effective:

AN EXTREMELY LIBERAL THREAD! (You may not be liberal enough to enter)

U.S. troops work to quickly train Afghan forces ahead of election.

I would like to see what Dennis & Dr. Dean have to say about the Senate

RNC keeps racist pics on Facebook for nearly a week

Blackwater Defense Lawyers Request Military Protection

American Banker's Assoc Showdown in Chicago, Oct 26

As long as state opt-out is on the table

Put your states on notice!

We Won't Find al-Qaida in Afghanistan

BREAKING NEWS: NTSB says wayward pilots were working on laptops

And Now! A brief interlude of "Freaker Funnies"

Pilots who overshot airport weren't sleeping--now they say they were on their laptops--

Tom Monaghan and his fundy Christian lawyer group are baaaack

How popular is Olympia Snowe in Maine? Will voters in Maine care if she

Majority Want to Keep Maine's Gay Marriage Law, Poll Finds

Freeps work themselves into a lather over GolfGate, conveniently forget Crawford Pig Farm vacations

Tom Delay is the "expert" on Millionaire

The bad guys (almost) always win in American politics. They (almost) always have and always will.

I just finished my grading for the day and found that Reid

Ambien defense' invoked in murder charge

Official "I was wrong about Senator Reid" thread. Thank you, Sen. Reid.

Soldiers Help Afghan Children, One Backpack at a Time.

Kurtz, idiots like Kurtz and their opinion on non-bias of FauxNews...

Taliban Statement on the Upcoming Run-off Election

Oh, And By The Way, It's The HELP Committee's PO That's In The Senate Bill

Franken/Grayson 2012??

Failed war president or prince of peace? - Asia Times

Oscar-winning director of 'Crash', Paul Haggis, dumps Scientology over Prop 8

What has to occur to trigger the opt-out for states?

White House Uses Open Source To Open Government

An anniversary worth celebrating

Finland, Switzerland, Scandinavia beat US in global prosperity index

Barney Frank vs Ralph Nader right on on Big Ed

Question for DU's pilots (re: Northwest Flight 188 and MSP overflight)

'Code Pink' rethinks its call for Afghanistan pullout.

Australia 2009 Crime and Safety Report

Australia 2009 Crime and Safety Report

Fundies: Jack Black a proxy for......SATAN

Could someone explain this part of healthcare reform to me?

With the opt out crap, how will AZ ever have a chance with Lumpy and Kyl the Bile?

Check in if you have a condition that makes you more vulnerable to H1N1.

Landrieu, Lincoln, Nelson ......... Mary, Blanche, Ben ........

Free Stickers for Health Care Reform

Interesting graphic explaining diff between liberals and conservatives.

Senate aides say Reid doesn’t have the votes for opt-out public option

Chin Music (New Yorker comment piece inspired by Faux News' whining)

my son just called from UVM...

Customs nab man with pythons taped to body

Maria in trouble again...

The Land of the Fee

Help DU a local poll

"OPT OUT"!!!! . . . At last the Democrats got the language right!

Candy Crowley makes my skin crawl sometimes...

Despite Claims, Anti-Gay Group in Maine More Dependent on Out-of-State Funds

"We Are All Connected" -- WAY cool video :)

Why do hunters think Obama is going to take away their guns?

Facebook RNC got nailed today, but Free Republic gets away with racist trash all the time--

Childhood risk factors, adult alcoholism

'Breakfast On The Bridge' draws thousands in Sydney

My mom has pneumonia (again).

Freedom of speech question.

Limbecker Teabagger 'Patriots' Display The Flag

Torn by 3 Lost Boys and 3 Convicted Youths ~ New York Times

Mock Palin memoir to coincide with book's release (LOL! "Going Rouge: An American Nightmare")

Obamacare will grab our guns

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin: Guns Hurt Our Children Most

I Think It's Fair To Say That Rush, Hannity, Beck And Their Ilk Are Celebrities.........

Stanford Endowment Loss Prompts President to Suspend Smoothing

Saw "Capitalism: A Love Story" this afternoon (spoilers)

Three US helicopters crash in Afghanistan: 14 Americans killed

Tired from a tough hike? Rescuers fear Yuppie 911

R0FL-Soon to be Governor Cuomo sends warning to Rudy not to embarrass himself by running

Caterpillar Begins Rehiring Workers as Demand Rises

Tonight is the first debate between cadidates running for Sen. Kennedy's senate seat

Opt-out strategy is a brilliant move by and us progressives should see this...

Ugh! Today, I got stuck in traffic behind a freeper! His license plate said

H1N1 proves we need massive health care reform -NOW!

H1N1 proves we need massive health care reform -NOW!

Any jackass can kick down the barn....

Any jackass can kick down the barn....

Okay so what about Obama playing so much golf?

New York Street Advertising Takeover -Episode-2

I've got a cousin running for Mayor of Detroit

The White House gets a Pink Ribbon (breast cancer awareness) - pics

Newt doesn't want his teabaggers to teabag any more

"a private individual may bring lawsuits on behalf of the United States...

Media's Credibility (Not Public Option) Is What Is Dead

Big Business Alarmed By ReThinking of Trade

Another great show, Rachel!

Opinions of Sen. Ron Wyden (D–OR)?

They're holding an auction for the defense of the Tiller murderer

Orly Taitz Limbaugh! Today's Worst Person in the World!!

Pakistan 'Holds Elite Iran Force'

Soldiers help Afghan farmers.

Check out this chart about Obama's executive nominees:

This Modern World - It's off to this year's Halloween party! - By Tom Tomorrow

WSU to offer free depression program

The Republican National Committee isn't even trying to cloak the racism anymore....

Bo Obama - pics

"Showdown In Chicago": Protesters Crash Bankers Convention, (video, images)

If states can opt out and Corporations do not have to provide insurance, what then?

If states can opt out and Corporations do not have to provide insurance, what then?

Yemen seizes ship loaded with Iranian weaponry

Online auction to raise funds in Scott Roeder case

Ministers rally against D.C. same-sex marriage bill

KO is having an absolute ball with the fact that The Drugster

Give a Day - Get a Day 1/1/10-12/15/10 - Disney gives free day for one day's charitable work

Beijing urged to cut US exposure

Goldman Sachs abandons kittens (we’re not making this up)

I don't believe the U.S. helipcopter that "crashed" today simply "crashed"

Best use of US Taxpayer money

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

mush limpballs sounds like he is having lung problems

Stupid Google Ads

VP Biden presented with National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund's distinguished service award - pics

LA Times - "Insurers poised to win big" - final plan may protect industry's interests,

LA Times - "Insurers poised to win big" - final plan may protect industry's interests,

I am angry but not sure how I want to deal with this parenting issue of sorts

Supreme Court Justices debate, draw laughs at Tucson event

Who are your rooting for in the world series...

New R-71 poll encouraging, but GOTV still vital

New R-71 poll encouraging, but GOTV still vital

I can't tell which side of the argument this decal is on.

Can Someone Explain The "Republican Plan For Healthcare Reform"?

Can Someone Explain The "Republican Plan For Healthcare Reform"?

Protestors outside a fundraiser attended by President Obama in Florida -(updated) pics

How about reducing the home mortgage deduction to pay for health care reform?

Banker to Customer: We Suck

Harry Reid improved his chances of winning his next election.

Speaking of psychic

Restoring Faith in Capitalism

Jane Hamsher: Reid’s Opt-Out: The Devil is In the Details

Scholastic book fair censors book with "two moms..."

The Bench in Purgatory: The new Republican obstructionism on Obama's judicial nominees

Oklahoma vs. Women

Phillies = Obama....... Yankees = Republicans

Pot, schizophrenia only slightly linked

Video shows officer repeatedly striking SJSU student with a baton while on the floor

Stormfront for all things Apple?

"nearly a dozen" witness gang rape of 15 year old and do nothing

Father beats son's alleged molester

The Democratic Party I grew up with

'Crash' Director Paul Haggis Ditches $cientology over Prop 8

Wouldn't an "opted-out" state be bad for business?

Freeper tries to find all the black people at the tea parties and makes a video.

Pardon me, sir, but your 12 breasts are squirming

Prosecutors are recomending a 6 year sentence for this?

Why is oil shooting up at a time of year it traditionally falls off? I think I know why.

PHOTOS: Happy Birthday, Secretary of State Clinton!

The Political Party Of No Taxes

Well, my husband just found out our options for health insurance coverage have changed.

For once, I am happy to cite FAUX news. The opt-out clause is conditional.

Prosecutors Attack Innocence Project Journalism Students - EmptyWheel

Prosecutors Attack Innocence Project Journalism Students - EmptyWheel

Chris Hedges: War Is a Hate Crime

A program of social devastation in Germany

FACT CHECK: Health insurer profits not so fat

Prediction: Third Party

Running in the Shadows - Recession Drives Surge in Youth Runaways

Gay man fights for life after attack by gang of 13 in Liverpool

"Bright Star" a vibrant, enlightening experience.

They Judged the Cartoons, but Did Not Read the Book - Yale

*** Update *** on my Blue Cross Blue Shield / Sen. Hagan thread.

Jonathan Safran Foer's Controversial New Book, "Eating Animals

New court filing directly ties congressman Don Young to Alaska corruption probe

Steve Kroft investigates Medicare and Medicaid fraud;

The weakening of the public option has begun...

I got refused service at Olive Garden because I'm uncircumsized

GOP official resigns after flap over Republican candidate shooting at Debbie Wasserman Schultz

It doesn't get much stranger than this

Because we are not all equal

Breast cancer---Did you know this?

If the military lives and dies by the 'Chain of Command' why should it have a problem with

If the military lives and dies by the 'Chain of Command' why should it have a problem with

Who funds the "Our Country Deserves Better" PAC?

War is a Hate Crime

A few drinks have negative health impact (first they came for smokers, then over weight people...)

Why Would Scholastic Book Fairs Ban Books With Same-Sex Parents in Them?

Is MSNBC really just the opposite of FOX?

The end of American dominance.

Taos, N.M. Hotel Owner Orders Hispanic Workers To Change Names

Extremist doctors: Saving women from the anguish of sluttiness

Coyote survives 75 mph collision with car - and being trapped between grill and radiator - for 8 hrs

Coyote survives 75 mph collision with car - and being trapped between grill and radiator - for 8 hrs

The Public Option WORKS in Tenessee.

U.S. Stocks Are 40% Above Fair Value, Headed for Declines, Smithers Says

AP/MSN asks--Is It Racism or Good Business Practices?

AP/MSN asks--Is It Racism or Good Business Practices?

now why are freepers freakin out about this?

I Have Posted A Daily Kos Diary About The BlueCross BlueShield Postcard

Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names

Just diagnosed with breast cancer.

Rep. Grayson calls Cheney a "Vampire"

A Bush Goes to War

LA man arrested in death of his unborn child

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Why Isn’t 122 Dead Americans Every Day a National Health Emergency?

Congress: Reid's bill is ready: Public Option With Opt-Out

Police watching for 'peephole' drivers as winter weather nears

So, credit card cos want to charge to have cards, huh?

Don't fear black cats

So H1N1 Is Declared A NATIONAL EMERGENCY But 122 Dead Americans Every Day Is NOT?!!


Wake Up Folks: The Opt-Out Is Political Genius. Pure Political Genius.


All drugs shall be legalized

I have a copy of Windows 7 in my hot little hands

88-Year-Old Walks 10K Miles For Husband

Photography and Aviation buffs may find this photo interesting. I think it's beautiful

New Processor Will Feature 100 Cores

Schumer Lays It Out, Densely (on Public Option's chances in the Senate)

NHTSA releases new info about crash that prompted Toyota floormat recall

Sexiness is for everyone..(wonderful German underwear ad)

Suppose there are alien civilizations millions times older than earth

Hey, Congress!!! I don’t want to “shop” for health insurance in any kind of “market”!

Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names

Afghan Policy a "Script" for Escalation

Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland

We must FIGHT for the Weiner Amendment - the public option is BAIT & SWITCH - info on HELP bill

Christian author worries that hate crime legislation won't tolerate his intolerance.

I know that some of you read other boards

"Liberals don't read, why they don't know the issues"

When Gitmo and Abu Ghraib Come Home

One thing that's not being considered with the "opt out" clause

Nightclubs for the plus-size begin to weigh in

Disabled people about to be severely friend is one

Do you agree with Dennis Kucinich's advocation for lowering the voting age to 16?

Would the position of "I only support white workers" be acceptable on DU? How is it worse than

Should children be allowed to use swear words?

What will you do if there is no public option but a mandate to buy insurance from a private company?

"The Cover-Up Continues"- NY TIMES Editorial on OBAMA'S CONTINUATION of Bush Co.'s ABUSES

14 Americans die in Afghanistan . . . What's not to protest about this Afghan policy?

Things I did as a teacher that were not in my job description.

Is Afghanistan worth $180 million a day?

Earth, Mercury, Venus and Global Warming Climate Change.

Monday TOONS, part 1: Pay cuts for all

Monday Toons, Part 2 : Loony Right

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3- the rest

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3- the rest

Pres. Carter on the ME: ‘We cannot have peace without justice’

Photo I took in front of White House on Saturday

Al Franken rocks!

Expanding the Afghan War....

Birth control pills can double stroke risk

Fineman: Obama's pointless bipartisanship in the face of what amounts to a sitdown strike

Slam Walmart for their labor practices, but buy a foreign car...

An Appreciation Thread For madfloridian

"Zombie Stripper" on Spike right now...

Good night Internets,


"Who would steal a tiny puppy from a pet store?"

So I just watched my first Milely Cyrus video and it seems to me...

This is wrong on a whole bunch of levels, but...

Good morning Lounge

Wanted to share this great deal from Craig's list

Day 10 in the hospital, time to scope things out....

My laundry smells fresh and lovely. Like Unicorn farts!

Iowa Man Called Zombie, Assaulted

I want to create a head that never dies.

Ok seriously - I just watched the trailer for Paranormal Activity....

I never thought much of Hall & Oates until seeing them live in concert

Surgery on Friday the 13th? Would you do it?

Billy Mays' son holds Hallow-clean Contest , solicits Halloween pics of people dressed like his dad

Want to do something nice for a mother whose been confined to her home for about a month?

Are you offended by my pedestrian sincerity?

*****This is a Miss Honeychurch appreciation thread *****

Thank you Fox for keeping us infromed......

Legally Grown Pot Puts Summit Sheriff In Precarious Situation

Paula Deen, white courtesy phone! Milwaukee cheeseburger burger contains 1/2 cup butter (PHOTO)

So, now the Yankees and Phillies have won their pennants...

They should just come out and admit it

I need your opinion, please

My Halloween Photo Project is coming along well...48 pics thus far

I want to create a thread that never buys.

claim denied

The Neighborhood kids get REAL friendly this time of year. They know at...

Tastes like chicken.....sounds like ABBA.

What all electronics can a modern lapdance replace

HuffPost keeps crashing my browser. It's very annoying.

Perhaps the GREATEST use of Google Maps/the Internet EVER...

TV's beloved "Rachel" & "Ross" from TV's beloved "Friends" make the "Most Annoying TV Couples" list


How would humans die without salt?

ewwww....Tom Delay is the 'expert' on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

A blast from the past: A Nader thread!

Scarcity of jobs and other resources leads to lack of civility. No end in sight.

Any word on WCGreen's scope?

I was served with my first subpoena last week

Poll question: Halloween Candy Poll #10: A Symphony of Hershey's, Part 2

Is today your birthday too? October 26, 1942

A nice fall evening in the country.

Halloween photos! I had to post because my kids looked so cute...

Are nose piercings accepted in professional occupations?

Official MNF Beagles vs. Deadskins thread

Great new music video... LOVE IT... Sharing with my DU friends...

Michael Jackson "Thriller" pumpkin carving

Wonder why they never made a 'real' (not animated) movie of The Halloween Tree?

Moscow Cat Theater traveling cat circus

If you had a sock puppet, what would you name it?

i am tired,

You know who's a damn good actress but doesn't get enough recognition? Edwina Harglefesser.

PHOTOS of the fall foliage of Shenandoah National Park (MAJOR DIALUP WARNING)

clam denied

Go Phillies. Rah.

RW Media On The Attack II - "The 'Public Plan' Delusion" - Robert Samuelson

Reports of midnight vampires sucking President Obamas Irish Blood are diminishing in recent days

Here's an article that will uplift you and make you mourn - Killian Mansfield....

That is a humongous amount of hummus

*secures less effective health bill without a public option in order to obtain one GOP vote*

Rebranded term for the Opt Out Option

It's a Brian Eno Monday...

Anyone here remember "Radiskull & Devil Doll?"

Day 9 and 3/4's....

Pumpkins give advice on trick or treating

RW Media On The Attack I - WSJ - "Why Government Health Care Keeps Falling in the Polls"

If "long subjects require periodic spaces"

My new job allows me to use the Tricaster Mobile TV Studio and it effin' ROCKS!!!

My new job allows me to use the Tricaster Mobile TV Studio and it effin' ROCKS!!!

Stupid ass Al Hunt on Scarborough talking about the Dem's need Sen. Snow to past health care

Public plan mirage--concieved by Yale political scientist.

TMZ PHOTO: Billy Redden, "The kid from 'Deliverance'," now aged 52

Why Rachel Maddow is better than Keith Olbermann

Why does Vitamin-D milk have a shorter expiration date than other milk?

Which Liberal Dem Senators Will Pledge To Vote Against Trigger?

Our old dog, Jack, turns 21!

What to do you for a cat with a cold?

My two parakeets are a hot mess right now...

What are you giving trick or treaters this year?

When someone says "Tell so and so that I said hi" do you actually do it?

The Beast (1988). Wow. What a great film.

Eric Cantor - "It's time for a bipartisan health bill"

Sink gives her blessing to Meek

"There's no question that President Obama wants and supports a public health insurance option"

New Texas GOP Chief Wants Straight Scoop From Senator

PHOTO A good habit.

I'm glad we have 60 Dem votes in the senate....

Burger King Japan uleashes the "Windows 7 Whopper" (SEVEN patties, PHOTOS)

TPM: Over White House Skepticism, Reid Likely to Go the 'Opt Out' Route

My band is being considered for the new Twilight soundtrack

Lindsay Lohan today and what she will look like in the future....

It`s the empathy, stupid!

GOP Primary Adds Fourth Contender in Calif. 11

I would love to see Reggie Love dunk on Michelle Bachman or Valerie Jarret set a pick on Eric Cantor

People, this is not a joke. It's real. And it scares the shit out of me.

Snowe's vote 'won't make outcome bipartisan any more than dancing shoes made Tom DeLay Fred Astaire'

Health insurance industry poised to reap benefits from healthcare overhaul

Why do they have instructions in Braille at drive-up ATM's?

If & when the Health Care Bill passes - who do you think deserves credit..

IA-Sen: Christie Vilsack rules out challenge against Grassley

Where can you get bath towels like those of yesteryear? New bath towels are too long, too wide,

MSNBC saying Reid will unveil opt-out bill tomorrow

College football fans: Sports Illustrated 2nd half bowl predictions

Does The Wiley and Excellent Boy Cat Named Ginger know how to wrap a birthday gift,

My oldest son shipped off to boot camp yesterday...

I want to create a thread that never cries.

Last night the Yankees won their 40th pennant

Did you know...

Members of the DU Lounge: What are your demands?

The Case Against Including A Free Rider Provision In The Merged Senate Bill

You know who's a damn good actor but doesn't get enough recognition? Brad Dourif.

Where is California Peggy?

Reid is going to Come out with an Opt-Out Bill. The White House says they Support Reid's efforts.

President speaking on CNN and MSNBC.....NOW!

Cheers again, Speaker Pelosi! "Democrats push for health benefits to start by 2010"

What is your favorite intro to a song?

Pawlenty: President Obama 'corrosive' to pillars of U.S. society

Dems push for benefits to start by 2010

FDL: Reid Schedules 3:15PM News Conference to Unveil Health Care Bill

Paranormal activity

Carrots and Sticks: Obama's split media strategy

Senate, WH consensus and the trigger is dead

Anyone else have this strange thing happen with their cell phone

Liked taxpayer Subsidies for the Financial Pirates? Then you'll Love Mandates for Private Insurance

Sherrod Brown on inclusion of a public option in Senate bill

After Schummers comments - why has the PO sunk by more than 25% on intrade

Interesting Turn of Events over at AOL (GOP-Lite) Poll Should Limbaugh Apologize to President Obama?

Steve Kroft uses erroneous footage to trash Medicare/Medicaid/government programs on 60 Minutes

WI-Gov: Lawton Won't Run, Will Barrett?

So I have tweeted about the racist GOP Facebook posting re: Obama & "miscegenation" UPDATED

One of my fave wing nut "news" sources does it again:

Who cares if Wall Street 'talent' leave their jobs?

Arkansas Business News Story Former Arkansas Farm Bureau Chief Stanley Reed Considers Senate Run

Things we must rely on for a tolerable Healthcare bill... (aka Harry Reid Prayer Thread)

You know how in horror movies how there's that period where you think the killer/monster is dead...

Stimulus envy

AFSCME President McEntee: Senator Reid’s Bill Is a “Significant Improvement”

MoveOn's Statement on Reid's Health Care Bill

Two words for the Rs as Halloween nears....

Two words for the Rs as Halloween nears....

PHOTOS: President Obama speaks to service men and women today at the Naval Air Station in Jax, FL

Romer: It's 'Fiscally Irresponsible Not To Do Health Care Reform'

Harry Reid Re-election Campaign Website Link?

A truly excellent comment on Congress' role in health care reform

TPM: Robert Gibbs: Obama is 'Pleased' Public Option Included

Sad day - 14 Americans killed in 2 Afghan helicopter crashes

President Obama to help Democrats raise $1.5 million

Feinstein Makes Her Health Care Move

Feinstein Makes Her Health Care Move

"Ladies and gentlemen, the reason we try to do so much is that so much was left on our plate."

A first for Obama: Woman joins presidential golf outing

who is watching Khate lying out of her ass

So What Is the 'Opt-Out' Compromise?

To your screens People, Harry's up to bat!

Heads up: C-Span will be covering President Obama's remarks tonight at DNC fundraiser in Miami

Bill will include public option and a co-op, and check out Reid's comments on Snowe

The Most Ridiculous Rap Lyrics of All Time.

Afghanistan Protests

Health Care for America Now on Senate bill with a public option

House Democrats Warp Financial Oversight Board

Wyden questions the reach of the public option

Judicial Nominations in the Bush and Obama Administrations’ First Nine Months

Fighting epidemics is among government's most vital and thankless tasks

States cannot Opt Out until 2014!

Good thing about opt out, the public options on the table

White House Insists Gibbs Didn't Apologize To Fox

CNN Candy Crowley of CNN doesn't like the Public Option......

Photo Caption: Biden vs Cheney

Rockefeller Endorses ‘Opt-Out’ Public Plan

Everyone email Harry Reid a big thank you!

I'm okay with the opt-out

For TZ: A Good Sex Thread

Health Care is Obama's Waterloo: He's doing Wellington.

Goddamn it, why is some shitty "dance" crap on Fox tonight instead of HOUSE???

List of Pundits who Declared the P.O. Dead (more added)

Reid thinks he'll have the 60 votes to proceed after the members see the CBO report on opt-out PO.

Simple yet awesome Ramen fix up

One person, one vote or one dollar, one vote?

From MAD Mag - Bo Confidential The Secret Files of America's First Dog

Excerpts From Senator John Kerry's Speech On Afghanistan

Do you refer to this place as "DU" or "the DU?"

New poll shows Coakley still way out in front, Pagliuca rising.

Obama greeted by "waves of boisterous cheers " at Naval Air Station Jacksonville

Today's RNC - Keeping IT KKKlassy.

Are people seriously upset that Obama didn't play basketball with any women?

Kerry blasts Cheney for "dithering" remark

Durbin: Progressives Forced Our Hand On Public Option

PHOTOS The President's Day (Oct 26)

The rumor takes a silly turn: Reid bucks the WH

Official Statement from President Obama on the Senate Including a Public Option

Sen Wyden -- 10 percent isn't really a public option

PHOTO Are RWers born with frowns on their faces, or do they just grow over time?

PHOTO Flip, looks like one Obama has become an Independent.

Survey: Hiring, spending pickup seen in next 6 mos...

I can't wait for the first red state to opt out!

If Reid unveils a bill with a non-triggered PO he will henceforth be known as...

Baucus on the public option - He likes it so much he (almost) takes credit for it.

I tried to help a baby squirrel on campus today.

Happy Birthday, Madame Secretary

Public option will win...Let’s play hardball.

CONGRATS DU! Rawstory credits us w/calling out the racist GOP Facebook post!

Who else feels like punching this "Sodas and Juice Drinks" Lady

How much do you usually tip when you go out to eat?

Do Democrats really need 60 votes to prevent a Republican filibuster from starting? No!

U.S. tested 2 Afghan scenarios in war game

ASEAN free-trade deal (with Australia) finally gets the go-ahead

GAO: FDA fails to follow up on unproven drugs

South Korea Offers Food Aid to North

Is Mayor Daley Looking To Lease Water System?

Madoff investor drowns in Florida pool

Senate on Verge of Health Bill-Measure With Stiffer Penalties On Employers & PO Could Come This Week

US: 4 US troops die in Afghan chopper collision

David Miliband warns EU they need Blair and his motorcade

Bankers gather in Chicago, face protests

Senate on Verge of Health Bill With 'Public' Plan

Secrecy waiver deadline approaches for SC gov

Iran Hints At Acceptance Of Atom Deal With Powers

Restoring Faith in Capitalism

No guarantees: 3 tales of insurance disaster

States Pressed Into New Role on Medical Marijuana

Brutal tactics of drug cartel gunmen terrorize Matamoros

FACT CHECK: Health insurer profits not so fat

Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names

Iraq Renews Call For UN Probe After Baghdad Bombings

SDNY Criminal Chief’s Father Had Close Ties to Madoff Investor

Detroit house auction flops for urban wasteland

Net set for 'language shake-up'

Carrots and Sticks: Obama's split media strategy

4 San Jose cops put on leave after video shows student beaten

Radovan Karadzic on trial for genocide

Karzai's rival in Afghan presidential run-off demands sacking of chief election organiser

DEA personnel among 14 dead in Afghan copter crash

Helicopter crashes kill 14 Americans in Afghanistan

Pakistan detains 11 Iranian Guards on the border

Kerry rejects troop increase in Afghanistan

Karzai says will not sack top election official

.Ex-Guerrilla Ahead in Uruguay Vote

Metallica offers reward for missing fan

Russian Banks Count Pigs, Lingerie as Collateral

FairPoint Voluntarily Files For Ch. 11 Protection

Fidel Castro's sister: "I worked with CIA in Cuba"

Saudi sex TV producer spared lash

ADL Poll: American Support for Israel Remains Solid; Increase in Support for Action to Prevent Iran

UN rights expert says all Guantanamo prisoners should be freed or tried in U.S., rejects military tr

Kerry responds to Cheney criticism

14 Americans Die in Afghan Helicopter Crashes

Ford Workers In Missouri Reject Contract Changes

Pawlenty to endorse Hoffman in NY 23

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 26

Agriculture Appointment Has Greens Seeing Red

Poll: Corzine opens up 9 point lead in NJ (Gov) race

Honduras: Tourism minister tells vistors to stay away

Reid to announce public option decision

Kerry: US Can't Narrow Afghanistan Mission

Barack Obama in new global warming fight

Turkey chastises the West on Iran

Dodd Calls for Interim Freeze on Credit Card Fees and Rates

Obama's fury at Baghdad bloodbath

Reid: Health care bill to include public option

Baucus Supports Reid's Move

Healthcare system wastes up to $800 billion a year

Memorial service held for census worker

Report: Pilots Were Distracted by Laptops, Discussion in Cockpit

Durbin: Progressives Forced Our Hand On Public Option

Kerry calls for Limiting Expectations in Afghanistan

Apple Skips Debate, Comitts to Health Insurance

Honduran leader's nephew killed

CNN Drops to Last Place Among Cable News Networks

Statisticians reject global cooling

(Sen.) Nelson Says Senate to Extend, Reduce Homebuyer Credit

Bush family political heir is shipping off to war

Home Depot Holy War (Florida man Fired for wearing God pin at hardware store)

Collapse of currency drives McDonald's out of Iceland

Michael Bloomberg Supports George W. Bush

BankersBallProtest in Chicago

Week In Review: Mashup Of The Best Clips

VOP at the Metro with Rep Connolly Cutout

Bank of America Foreclosure Protest

A life in the Balance

Anti Banker Protests, Enough for You?

Chicagoans Protest Big Bank Summit.

Banksters feel the heat from protesters in Chicago - Dylan Ratigan 10/26/09

Young Turks: RW Conspiracy Nuts Create Online Game For Obama Coup

Debtors Revolt calls CHASE BANK!!!

Nightline Inside Scientology Part 2

Papantonio: Thieves Dressed in Armani Suits

Young Turks: Republican Asks Obama To Apologize Over Fox News

Papantonio: Wall Street Says Let The Arctic Melt

Papantonio: Insurance Industry's Fear Game

Media Matters: Fox News Is A 24/7 Political Operation - The Untouchables Edition

CNN's Howie Kurtz Flattered at Eisenstadt Book Cover

Capitol Hill Agenda: Oct. 26, 2009

Congressman Alan Grayson Remix

Faux News Anchor Goes Off On Democratic Rep Over "Fair & Balanced" Swipe

FDIC Chair Sheila Bair addresses bankster protestors at Showdown in Chicago

Sen. Carl Levin: Cheney attack on Obama 'out of bounds' - 10/25/09

Turk Of the Week - Rep. Alan Grayson 10/16/09

Casino Capitalism part 1

Rachel Maddow: Prop 8 CA supreme court hearings

Who Cut Your Taxes?

HIV/AIDS in South Carollina

Nightline Inside Scientology Part 1

Rep. Grayson, Democrat means Conscience; Republican means Selfish.

Senator Dick Durbin Joins the 'Showdown in Chicago'

Critical Juncture for the Internet

Republican Doug Hoffman: Looking Out for Himself (NY-23)

Sen John Kerry Slams Dick Cheney For Obama/Afghanistan Criticisms

CDC Quiet On Swine Flu Stats

Bombings in Baghdad Threaten DC Security

Young Turks: Rep. Grayson Calls Out Fox News & Republican Party!!!

A Canadian Look At U.S. Health Care

Reid: Public Option in Senate Health Bill

Wondering What All the 'Net Neutrality' Fuss is About?

Matthews versus Rhodes (Oath Keepers)

Fox News Vs. The Truth by Old Fart Rants

Big Banks Take Your Money & Run! Congresswoman Kaptur

Gary Null NYS Assembly Vaccinations

Ed Show -- Barney Frank v, Ralph Nader

Ex-UK diplomat discusses why US/Britain accept torture by Uzbek ally

TYT: Secret Service Can't Keep Up With Threats Against Obama

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex - Part 1

Stick It In A Box, Send It To FOX

Nightline Inside Scientology Part 3

Media Matters: Rise Of The Conservative Media (Help This Go Viral)

Food Matters Trailer

Sean Penn arrives in Cuba to interview Fidel Castro

The Big Apple -vs- The Big Scrapple

FCNL -- Nuclear Calendar

Hotel owner tells Hispanic workers to change names

Right-Wing Extremist Group on Active Military Duty?

Self-jiving Nation (James Howard Kunstler)

Are Republicans Afraid Of More Torture Disclosures?

Media Liars and Whitehouse Bad Cops Are Pimping the Trigger

Galleon Wiretaps Rattle Hedge Funds as Insider Trading Targeted

War Is a Hate Crime

Talking with Remote Area Medical Founder, Stan Brock

Raising Their Rates, Health Insurance Companies Put Themselves in a Box

Support for the Public Option Keeps Getting Stronger

Arson or accident? FBI, ATF investigate fuel depot fire in Puerto Rico

Pentagon conducts secret war game on Afghan options

Chris Hedges: War Is a Hate Crime

KRUGMAN optimistic on even private based health insurance partial-reform

Reid: Health care bill to include public option!

The old "both sides do it" canard, by Michael Tomasky

Toyota: We're staying in US chamber of commerce

U.S. newspaper circulation plunge accelerates

Chomsky Gets Top Pentagon "Honor"

Are You Ready for the Next Crisis? By Paul Craig Roberts

Limbaugh Falls for Another Hoax, on Martin Luther's 95 Theses

Rep. John Carter Finds His Missing $300,000 in Exxon Profits

Rush Limbaugh spreads hoax about President Obama

With An Incredible Shrinking President, It's The Congress, Stupid

President Obama: The Week in Pictures

Brutal tactics of drug cartel gunmen terrorize Matamoros

Obama Proposes a FOX News Vaccine

NY 23rd- the tea baggers come home to roost. The "sleeping giant" is indeed awoken. LOL

Unemployment at 9.8%. Damn you Obama & Democrats, for causing all our agony!

Cato Institute "We should double or triple the H1B visa cap"

Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected' (Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)


U.S. official resigns over Afghan war; no longer knows why nation is fighting

Drumbeat: October 26, 2009

Book Review: The Living Universe by Duane Elgin (Carolyn Baker)

(Chicago) Is Mayor Daley Looking To Lease Water System?

Zoological Society Of London Preparing "Cryobank" For Corals Facing Temp, Acidity Threats

Iraq's Newest TV Game Show - "Who Wants To Win The Oil?"

US Chamber Head On Climate Breakdown: "Is The Science Right? I Don't Know"

The Battle at Coal River Mountain has officially begun.

Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearings start Tuesday

Tampa Bay planning tip: Learn to swim

Ohio Utility sends Customers 2 $3.50 bulbs then charges them $21 for the energy saved

"Agriburbia" sprouts on Colorado's Front Range

Head Of US Army Corps Of Engineers - New Orleans Can No Longer Be Protected From Storm Surges

Vast AZ, CA Farms Getting Hard Look As Southwest Long-Term Water Outlook Darkens

Dangerous Natural Gas Explosion Levels Homes In Queens New York.

Statisticians Confirm: No Global Cooling Despite Skeptic Spin

The Age - Completed Treaty "Impossible" By December - Almost Nothing Resolved In Barcelona

Using kites for wind power generation..

Other World Computing company now powered by wind

UK Wind to pass nuclear; 30GW by 2020; now 4GW - powers 2.3 million homes

John Hess Speech - "The Price Of $140 Barrel Oil Was Not An Aberration - It Was A Warning"

How about putting this wind turbine on the ridge line of your house?

This Solar Cell That Splits Water Into Hydrogen and Oxygen Could Be The Cat's Meow.

The Yankees sweep the Phillies in the World Series

Cleveland signs ex-Nat Manny Acta as new manager

Who will win the World Series?

Congrats to Arky for the big win over Florida....

"If it were possible to score less than zero points, this team would do it."

Some of the nicknames for Cowboys Stadium:

Just a reminder to Saints and Eagles fans...

ESPN Sends Steve Phillips Packing

Is Miles Austin for real

OK. When does Buges take over for the Redskins?

Does Jason Campbell have a special mouthpiece

Singletary: Alex Smith new starting QB


Can Iowa run the table and finish 12-0??

Mark McGwire hired as hitting coach for St. Louis.

Feds try to bolster Barry Bonds perjury case in appeals court

Caption Jerry Jones >

Bolivia, China, ITU sign understanding statement for satellite construction

Hilarious political video at BoRev! You gotta see this!

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/25

Micheletti nephew shot to death, army colonel assassinated

DoD schools begin tracking swine flu cases

A look at soldiers’ journey out of Iraq

New brigade helps fuel growth in, around Knox

Lawmakers split on timing of Afghan choice

Soldiers excel at working with Iraqi trainers

IG: Mid-Atlantic bases need more security staff

Report blames brakes, pilot for E-2C mishap

Programming questions flood AFN call session

Obama: Iraq attacks attempt to derail progress

New Army parachute is official

Sheriff: Ostrander Man Shot Wife during argument

Orem man shot, killed in basement; brother-in-law is arrested

Upgraded Internet coming to Misawa

Police probe link in Geelong shootings

Duo charged over burnout shooting

74-year old Sen. R.C. Soles (D NC) shoots home intruder

Hampton Player Injured in Accidental Shooting

Man who shot wife had lost job

Army loses $650k in Sill warehouse dispute

Army to phase in tan-colored Stryker vehicles

Why do hunters think Obama is going to take away their guns?

Obamacare will grab our guns

Police quiet on shooting's alleged bikie links

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin: Guns Hurt Our Children Most

Drive-by shooting at Bondi beach

Straight shooters (aka Snipers Need a New Gun)

Palestinians Behind Bars with No Recourse to Justice

Report: Turkey PM says (Avigdor) Lieberman threatened to nuke Gaza

Kadhafi says Palestinians should have nuclear weapons

UN General Assembly to discuss Goldstone report in November

Officials: Egyptian forces seize weapons near Gaza

Israel 'cuts Palestinian water'

Israeli media: Abbas tells Obama he's on verge of resignation

West Bank land belongs to Jews, says Israeli army judge

Monitor Memorial

Colorado this past weekend

My Halloween Photo project is advancing well...

Did you know there is a so-called "Atomium" in Brussels?

What Love Looks Like (warning Aiman images inside!)

Today in Labor History Oct 26 After 8 years and at least 1,000 worker deaths-mostly Irish immigrant

Union victory in Unilever Casual-T campaign!/Prison for Iran sugar leaders - act now!

AFL-CIO Rally - "Showdown in Chicago"

Bugged, macro bug portraits.

OK - humor me - tell me if I'm right to think this worked out well

Labor advocates push for law making wage theft a criminal offense in L.A.

*** Still MORE theme ideas for November contest here, please ***

Local color, this week (10 photos)

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR): "equal rights should not become special rights"

Administration Refuses to Help Gay Asylum Seaker

Why Would Scholastic Book Fairs Ban Books With Same-Sex Parents in Them?

Beautiful Astronomy Quiz from the NY times

Disgraced cloning scientist Hwang Woo-suk found guilty of embezzlemen

I still say Brokeback should have won, but I really respect Paul Haggis ("Crash") in light of this

Seeing Previously Invisible Molecules For The First Time

NASA Sets Critical Launch of Untested Rocket

For iPod Touch and iPhone users free app from NASA- I like it

Found: first 'skylight' on the moon

Sea Creature's Amazing Eyes

Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected' (Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)

Maine needs your help calling voters to turn them out! The marriage vote is tied up 48-48. It's easy

NFL Running Back Larry Johnson Hurls 'F*ggot' Slur at Reporters

Self-jiving Nation by James H. Kunstler

More companies plan to hire than cut workers. Is there lIght at the end of this Republican Dystopia?

Economic reports point to bumpy recovery

Summers: Banks Are "Unintended Beneficiaries" Of The Bailout

Nouriel Roubini: Big Crash Coming

The Energies for November 2009 Celia Fenn a message from Archangel Michael, Mary Magdalene channel

I had to LOL.

Message for Ladyhawk

You guys are gonna love this video I just posted in GD...

Sad news

Aids denialism at the Spectator

Gingko Biloba Tree May Protect Cells From Radiation Damage

Pain-Related Placebo Effect Detected In Spinal Cord

Universal Coverage Will Increase Revenue

"Shortness of breath is H1N1danger signal..... for everybody,"

LINCOLN (D): Non-discrimination a “special right”

Has anyone been following the Conservative Bible Project?

A very bad week for $cientology...

The Truly Scary Results of Sam Harris' Survey On Xian Religious Beliefs in America

Top Foundations Involved in Education

charter v. public school: public meeting red hook

So, what do students need to learn to be good teachers?

Denver charters challened (for cheating)

Gallery of Household Toxins from PopSci

Breakfast for dinner? Who likes it and what do you like to have?

Pete Sessions' TX-32: We're Number One! (For the wrong reason)

WTH??? Just called my congresswoman's office regarding...

Dunnam: Texas a fiscal wonderland? Now that's pure fantasy

Today and Tuesday, PLEASE call Gov. Perry and TBPP re: