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AP - "Patients - and patience - in health care end game"

AP - "Patients - and patience - in health care end game"

AP - "Patients - and patience - in health care end game"

Sixteen Tons: Great video of the classic song.

Morrissey hospitalized after stage collapse

how many people die each year?

What is the main purpose or goal of capitalism??

FBI joins search for missing Va. Tech student (missing at Metallica show)


Wait wait wait:In Austrailia; if you are a victim of crime; they COMPENSATE you for the losses??

KBR North President Accuses Rape Victim Jones of lying in MS Clarion Ledger

You meet the nicest people on a Honda..

Some judges are starting to scrutinize the rules-don’t-matter methods used by lenders

5 Certifiably Insane Cold War Projects (Chickens??)

Kandahar: US troops kill child, two Afghan women- But they said "sorry"

Defending Yourself Against Attack by Threatening Force Is a Crime in Kansas

How Social Standing Affects Our Health and Longevity

If the Public Option is not going to be offered...

Is the Military Ignoring Its Heroin Problem in the Ranks?

And Now For Something Completely Different.

Republicans wary of Fiscal Discipline "Socialism!" and long for more DEFICIT WEDDING CAKE!

Why Obama Is Right About Fox News

Geraldo says Lou Dobbs is too much of a bigot for ..... FOX NEWS !!!!

2 Supreme Court justices taking stage in DC opera

Whoa...Whorie Kurtz Really Hitting The Talking Points...

Newt coming up on CSpan to discuss the GOP mess

The length of time the average unemployed person goes without a job hits a new record high.

Living standards continue steep fall in Eastern Europe

I guess we have unlimited funds?

About Today's Iraqi Bombing...

Tom DeLay's new reality as... the "Expert". WTF?

I hate Facebook polls.

This Weak

NY-23 Train Wreck continues (Steve Forbes to endorse Hoffman)

surge update - Iraq Ministries Targeted in Car Bombings; Over 130 Dead

Boston and German brewers team up

David Gregory is pressing Cornyn

If you have BBC International

Bob Sheiffer Just Blew It

Dumb questions on health insurance reform bills in Senate:

Man’s World at White House? No Harm, No Foul, Aides Say

sigh, the WJ host wet his pants again this morning

Afghan Protest Over 'Burnt Koran' (Protesters Burn an Obama Effigy)

Medicare info. I came across while doing research

Major Attacks in Iraq Since Jan. 1

Minnesota man pleads guilty to driving motorized La-Z-Boy chair while drunk


RSOE update #4 on the Puerto Rico explosion (Obama lends help)

Leon Panetta Questioned on Drone Use, Calls Secret Service on Questioner

Baghdad blast toll 'passes 130'

Hot Politics: Global Warming.

Republicans and the National Debt

Cancer claims life of novelist Norma Fox Mazer

Re: Public Option--Blue Dogs and Enforcer

CNN is still touting the surge and how it's working. Guess they didn't get the news this a.m.

Fundies: Hate crimes bill passage signals new era of persecution of Christians

Ben Nelson Open to Trimmed-Down Public Option Approach - Opt In

Scooby Doo.. Harmless cartoon or satanic path to homosexuality

Main Stream Media rallies to support Fox News

"Hot" nuclear waste could still be shipped to Hanford under proposed settlement

Helen Thomas article done for CNN: Veteran reporter's 5 lessons for Obama

Opat questions Vikings outings for homeless

Judith Miller: ‘No one ever waterboarded at Gitmo’

Judith Miller: ‘No one ever waterboarded at Gitmo’


My objection to Fox News is *not* its politicial bias.

Twin Cities Star-Tribune: Health coverage 'plan' was no insurance at all

I hope it's just something technical to do certain things. Really, the flu a national emergency?

Schumer:Public option is close to gaining votes

Prosecutors Turn Tables on Student Journalists

3 Banks hold 34% of the nations deposits; 4 banks issued 50% of mortgages; five credit card.......

Costs for U.S. project in Afghanistan balloon, benefit hyped

Matt Taibbi: Take a Bat to the M-F-ers!

Insurers eye big hikes for small business

Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act passes Congress, finally

Leaderless: Senate Pushes for Public Option Without Obama's Support

50 million Americans can't see a doctor

Does the NFL think there are not cities other than london to host regular season games outside

Video shows Calif. police beating of student

New Jersey Star-Ledger: The Accidental Artist

"Get a Grip" is an abelist slam against people who have no fingers

When Tim Russert mocked Bill Clinton -- in song

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah Dan Senor

Head o State, You love your President, let him love you back!! (not work safe)

Learning to read? Try talking to a dog

To the Self Appointed DU PC Police:

Can we please start banning people for repeated ableist behavior?

Rep. Grayson calls Cheney a vampire

George Will To Cheney: You Should Have Dithered Before Invading Iraq (VIDEO)

Anyone know procedure/protocol regarding an author coming from Europe...

protect the seniors

What ever happened to small pox,polio and tb?

Dr. Tiller's killer's supporters plan online auction to raise money for his defense

crazy freeperman: an examination of the insane meeting rational

My new lamp caught on fire tonight...

"Grapes of Wrath" on TCM right now!

U2 LIVE! Tonight on You Tube from the Rose Bowl!

New California gold rush reaches fever pitch

Financial world question: Are stockholders of Goldman-Sachs and all the other

TCM's running The Grapes of Wrath.

Star Spangled Banner keeps playing this a.m.

Hundreds Of Pennsylvania Government Layoffs Expected

More fitting Award for Cheney

Did an intellgence put the digital code in the humane cells of DNA or did the cosmos just luck up on

Did an intellgence put the digital code in the humane cells of DNA or did the cosmos just luck up on

If human civilization last a million years on earth will we be considered

Climate change activists have their day

Grayson's statement + my opinion "Every repuke has blood dripping from their teeth"

Eco car crash, Prius rearends Tesla, pushes it under Touareg..

LOOK INSIDE An Open Letter to Senator DeMint (R- S.C.)

Microsoft to release its new 'WINDOWS POS' Operating System!

MERS Vs. Kansas. Detailed analysis of the who owns your mortgage issues

consumer credit and deleveraging, who is wagging the dog?

I never knew how right wing the McLaughlin Group was until I watched this morning

Public Option = Holy Roman Empire

Experts see rebounding economy shedding jobs

Kansas City Star: Online auction to raise funds in Scott Roeder case

Police Officer spots aliens at crop circle

Let's hope that a public option with a substantial enrollment will use it's power

Do you believe that people should be allowed to hunt wolves?

Texas HOA goes after homeowners for hurricane ike repairs.

Job-creation figures in doubt

We all know about this going on here...but here is more information on it....

Jeb Bush - GOP is old aging white guy party

Vaccines - CDC Concedes Secretly that Vaccines have a Link to Autism...

Dr. Dre: "Man ... fuck Rush Limbaugh."

White House monitored wayward plane

NC Republican Mayoral Candidate sues online forum participant "JOHN/JANE DOE"

The ancient Romans watched public trials and others despair made in to show

Democrats not aggressive/mean enough & miss opportunities to attack

Obama on mandates

Dan Senor (Mr Campbell Brown) Recruits Palin To Pressure Obama On Afghanistan

Two days ago I received a letter from the Democrats for a donation. I didn't donate, but what I did

Senate Democrats close in on health reform votes

Shame On US-Iraqi Refugees Forgotten, Like the War that Displaced Them

The "level playing field" Schumer was talking about this A.M.- that's the catch

The "level playing field" Schumer was talking about this A.M.- that's the catch

Class Claims Lender Destroyed Records (Mortgage Co & RICO filing)

Class Claims Lender Destroyed Records (Mortgage Co & RICO filing)

Kucinich Will Be a Guest on C-SPAN, Washington Journal

Kucinich Will Be a Guest on C-SPAN, Washington Journal

Remember when the MSM pronouced a public option dead and no one expected it to be in the Senate bill

Obama is actively discouraging Senate Democrats in their effort to include a public insurance option



60 Minutes doing a story on unfunny Tyler Perry

60 Minutes doing a story on unfunny Tyler Perry

This past year we planned to have an ObamaChristmas but actually didn't.

How many of you have received Oppose P.Option cards from BS/BS

A new kind of refugee - fleeing drought

What part of this does our government not understand?

If Charlie Crist loses the Senate primary is his political career over?

Has the WH/President said the Public options is a MUST option?

Link to LIVE Youtube concert tonight!

Why do I get the feeling that if Captain Phone Sex and Faux News had...

Tomasky talk: David Vitter's mixed-up logic

Do you support Health Insurance Mandates

Web of Trust (browsing software that protects YOU, for IE and Firefox)

POLITICO: Fox Ratings Are Up, NIELSEN: Fox Ratings Are Down

San Jose police officers caught on video using baton, Taser gun on unarmed, handcuffed suspect

If you have me on ignore, please K&R.

ahaha haha ha ha Neo-nazi group got an ass kicking!

Madoff friend Picower dead, found in pool

Medicare fraud must end - watching the 60 Minutes story now

We need to push for a REAL Medicare Part E (E is for Everyone)

We need to push for a REAL Medicare Part E (E is for Everyone)

Here we go again - grab your tea bags!

Former Fox News pundit: Glenn Beck ‘way over the top,’ ’scary’

So, as usual, FAUX News is LYING again

Fox Reporter to Host Totally Balanced Anti-Health Care Reform Event (Gawker)

I can't see Thompson beating Bloomberg.

Caption THIS ...tho it speaks for itself.

ABC News five parter on Scientology

Accelerate innovation in Science/Technology & Medicine

Why am I hearing so much about this "U2" tonight?

Caption this McCain pic

Freeperland gets punked

Russ Feingold can now try to prove to me that he's not for the status quo, like the Republicans.

Citi, Bank of America Managers Averaged $18 Million Pay in 2008

Utah OB practice declares its misogyny up front

Not to declare failure or anything

I think people would like the anonymity (at least from members) that a poll gives to actually

No president is perfect: If Obama is falling down on the job we need to let him know.

Hypocrisy on parade. Weiner lists the members of Congress on Medicare

Hypocrisy on parade. Weiner lists the members of Congress on Medicare

Oddball Gadget: Mattel Mind Flex (Use brain waves to control fan)

Sen. Sherrod Brown: Dick Cheney-'Mastermind Of The Most Failed Decade In My Political Lifetime'


TSA on the move.. they now have swat teams..coming soon to your town..

I was hungry, you gave me hate, I was sick, you gave me lies.

I was hungry, you gave me hate, I was sick, you gave me lies.

How we all live

EU to Monitor Deviant Behavior in Fight against Terrorism (Technology Boost for Orwell)

This has gone far enough!

This has gone far enough!

Seattle expected to be key market for electric cars

It's About Time for a Showdown With the Banks

A friend of mine took these pics

Some Country Joe Love

Michael Moore Irks Supporters of Chávez

An Overview Of The Fed's Intervention In Equity Markets Via The Primary Dealer Credit Facility

Pandemics and the Planet of Slums- The Joys of the "Informal Economy"

Gene therapy transforms eyesight of 12 born with rare defect

Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 just gets better with age.

Today is the 26th Anniversary of the Invasion of Grenada

Dana Perino speaks.....Somewhere in the country, a box of rocks is feeling very smart.

"In the court of the Chechen king" - a People and Power report on AJE.

Obama was a great campaigner, Now I yearn for him to be a great President.

What is going to happen due to all the long term unemployment

Can we have a private option at age 65? Right now everyone is enrolled in medicare

Sept. 11 defendants get 'My Lai' massacre film

Obama is being compared to Nixon? OMG!

This just in: The world ended today.

This just in: The world ended today.

sheep's clothing

I just got called a "commie bitch" on a sports forum that has a side politics forum

RNC spent $1.4 million on

I don't know what the big damn deal is Obama

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone 'I Physically Felt the Radioactivity'

HELP!!! Doing a presentation on Glenn Beck, need good source of...

Caught In A Machine That Grinds Us Up

Best Tea Party Pics! Liberals Can REALLY Make a Point With These...

Horsey's latest...

More on Banks Engaging in Mortgage Fraud

Canadian DUers, a question regarding long-term care and nursing homes...

WH Rumor Check - "Rumors are absolutely false"


If health care reforn hasn't shown us anything else

POLLS Show Democrats Losing Ground with People Like Me.

Carve a fetus on a pumpkin, take a pic, and send it to Pro-Life Pumpkin! (really)

Just Watched The 1997 Movie - Critical Care - On Cable This Morning........

Did anyone else see the medicare fraud piece on 60 Minutes?

Impotence is an "early warning" of an impending heart attack

It occurred to me that Medicare is NOT a PO! You get it wether you like it or not!

Former Fox Pundit: I Quit Because Glenn Beck Is Scary

Your most environmentally UNFRIENDLY habit.......

LOL more implosion in the GOP! In the end, we are going to be thanking the teabaggers!

Cheyenne might become first city to enact and retract a law against cell phone use while driving.

Sunday Dental Thread: "No, you may NOT touch my hygienist's breasts..."

Republican US Senator may resign!!!! (Keep up to date on this one!!!)

Anything that happened before Y2K, doesn't exist

It's getting to the point that you can smell the desperation

Flowchart to decide what religion you ought to be..

Helen Thomas: 5 Lessons for Obama-#1: Brace yourself: The worst is yet to come

Will the Independents leave the Democrats for the Republican Party?

Recent polls show/confirm President Obama, the ROOKIE PRESIDENT, is Gaining in convincing

David Sirota: We've already tried a trigger, it didn't work

Who's planning to watch U2 on UTube tonight?

Who's planning to watch U2 on UTube tonight?

"Scary to think what we would do without Fox News."

When Did Answering "Fair" Become "Disapproval"?

Judge to Prop. 8 backers: hand over campaign docs

Judge to Prop. 8 backers: hand over campaign docs

Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama's Support

An Open Letter To American Express |

850 New Species Found in Australian Outback

Women pay up to 50% more for health insurance premiums

"A Capitalist Pyramid. Where Nobody Moves.."

"A Capitalist Pyramid. Where Nobody Moves.."

DKos: This Could Be The Last Thing You Ever See - The New TASER X3

Earhart's Final Resting Place Believed Found

Obama admin aggressively defending DADT in court

H1N1 Employment Warning for Contract Folk

H1N1 Employment Warning for Contract Folk

If Obama doesn't coming out and deny the Huffingtonpost story, what does that mean?

OMG! This PSA is SO SAD!

I'm sitting here watching "The End of Suburbia" as I'm perusing DU and enjoying my morning java.....

How does 60 Minutes do a show about Medicare Fraud without mentioning Bill Frist?

I wonder, do they have fundraisers for cancer patients in Canada?

Candidate Obama: My plan builds on and improves our current insurance system...

Billionaires for wealth care in san diego

I hope and pray I live long enough to see this become a reality

Jellyfish: A Gelatinous Invasion (fish killers)

WWII: Women in the Fight (Photo Gallery)

NYT affilliate in Southeastern NC bans all liberal speech, only promotes distorted conservatives

Faux News simply summed up: not "conservative" at all

what we need is a 24/7 news show that reports on nothing but truth

So the Walmart family is richer than the poorest 100 million Americans?

So the Walmart family is richer than the poorest 100 million Americans?

Is NC Blue Cross Blue Shield violating postal regulations?

Dennis Kucinich on Washington Journal this morning (Oct 25th)

Once again I am reminded at the sheer AWESOME of the Ignore option

BREAKING: John McCain is disatisfied with his health care insurance(s)

Paraphrasing McLaughlin from today: would you like to see Hillary run for Prez in 2012?

Cathie Adams has been named Chair of the Republican Party of TX (Schlafly's protege)

Cathie Adams has been named Chair of the Republican Party of TX (Schlafly's protege)

Hugo Chavez calls Colombian defense minister "mentally retarded".

I piece I wrote a few days ago: "Glenn Beck's (and America's) Vendetta against the Less Fortunate"

The Calamity of Iraq’s Orphans and the Morality of America

Glenn Beck back on the sauce, and calling for violence. Can't ignore this one.

The Magic of Michelle

McNaughton defends his artwork ("One Nation Under God") against liberals (and some right-wingers)

IS it Possible That a Million Old Alien Civilization Terriformed Earth, Seaded Her with live and

Today is the 7th anniversary of Paul Wellstone's death

How to potentially save a DUer's life from H1N1 (your own)

Madoff Associate Jeffry Picower Found Dead at 67, Palm Beach Police Say

Paul Krugman:After Reform Passes

Why It's Time to Retire the 401(k)

Why It's Time to Retire the 401(k)

Prostitution, for fun and profit

'Balance billing' can trip up patients who have insurance

The Congressional Progressive Caucus DOES NOT support the Opt Out.

Prediction: there will be no "trigger" Public Option, irregardless of the White House wants

"she couldn't survive a man with a gun" Montana wolf hunt start today: LA Times:

What In The FUCK IS This Shit? (OK Abortion Law)

WTF ~ Fox is good because it "does real good on the correct names of non-white people."

GOP Facebook image is disgusting!

Does anyone here shop at thrift or second-hand stores?

Human Evolution: Are Humans Still Evolving?

George Will: US ‘probably in the process’ of legalizing marijuana

TRAPPED in Japan, thanks to healthcare concerns

How protesting torture killed the promissing career of a former UK diplomat

Ralph Nader deserves more respect than he gets

AP says "ethic rules have been waived" to allow DOE folks to deal more easily with Gates Foundation

Hey DU, I'm about to tell you about yourself...

WTF? Hubby's employer hired Secova to audit dependent insurance coverage


An honest note to DU's so-called "purists":

Don't just buy something - look for USA Made! (also USA website, Union, & Union made Halloween Candy

Jesus Wept

The Audacity of Bullshit

Blue Cross sent me a postage-prepaid postcard to send to my Senator opposing a Public Option (PICS)

inspirational strength feat videos

Twitter Entries Satirize Works Of Literature.

Going to try my luck on sports betting... Do you agree with my parlay?

Random information... better just stick it all in one thread so I don't spam the joint.


Ann Coulter vs. Rachel Maddow cage match: Who would win?

Can you type in rapidly, without making a mistake?

Okay, I'm staying in the lounge for a while.

Re: Cat Talking, Translation

I'm done with this place...

Anyone want to buy a 2002 S-10 in good condition?

I am watching cat videos on youtube now.

Wouldn't it be interesting if you died and went to heaven to find that dogs

I am not the weak willed RRRRROOOOAAAARRRR!!

Does beer make you itch?

what is dust?

what is dust?

OK, time to check in and tell us what you will "be" for Halloween! Is anybody gonna be really

Good morning!

Morrissey discharged from hospital after collapsing on stage with breathing difficulties

They're using Dropkick Murphys on a Visa commercial.

I wish we had recs in the Lounge...

Is cognitive behavioral therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy covered by private insurance?

comp help please (maybe video card related)

Carole King - Jazzman

Want a laugh?

I finally found out how to make doughnuts at home

Halloween Candy Poll #9: A Symphony of Hershey's, Part 1

Shadow of the Vampire was on IFC last night

Oops. Never mind.

OK, time to check in and tell us what you will "be" for Halloween! Is anybody gonna be really

Favre is back to normal!

NASCAR announcer Bob Griese apologizes for saying Colombian driver was "out having a taco"

My new lamp caught on fire tonight...

ValleyBrew's London Tavern Ale


This post is here for your own protection.


The Bares Defense reminds me of my ex wife.

You know, the point of having secrets is that you don't tell anyone else about them

How much for your women?

Explaining 'redneck' to a Brit banker with surprising political leanings..

By the way, everything in London is happening an hour later today

So what's being serviced, again? Or do they mean "served"?

Who did Roy Rogers choose to kiss first?

Wow, this dumbass "therapist" thinks us folks with Asperger's make bad spouses and parents.

No fever, no feeling bad but also NO VOICE

Sparkling green tea is addicting

It's autumn, and time for the annual Redstone Leaf Blower complaint:

Just got back from seeing the documentary 'Good Hair' by Chris Rock

Munich has a new "gentlemen's club" opening

My my - you can't say no to the beauty and the beast....daaaahhhhhhling....

I wish they'd genetically engineer meats that have an activia-like effect when undercooked.

My donor star is going to be expiring soon.

You know how they say that animals can sense when you are ill?

Any Cleveland Browns fans here?

I think I might take a break from DU.

Like to the Lark at break of day arising , from sullen Earth sings hyms at Heaven's gate

My cat almost gave me a heart attack last night

separated at birth

Are you fucking kidding me!! AMC is showing "The Beast Must Die" again!!

Cat betrays girlfriend video. Hilarious!

Earwig for the 40 somethings....

I watched "MILK" last night and I am still upset. I found information about Anita

Prog heads take note: TRANSATLANTIC has returned!

Wynona Ryder's best screen performance to date was in Alien: Resurrection

Got kids on that Christmas gift list?

I feel too anxious and depressed to get anything done today.

Why doesn't San Jose have an NFL team?

Yankees 3-1 over Angels, bottom of the 6th.

Is Old Man Bob Sheppard still doing the Yankees PA announcing?

Should I buy these gloves?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/25/09

Mrs. WC Green just called me from intermission at the Leonard Cohen

About to play with fire...

Your favorite animal?....

Anyone else watching the U2 stream on youtube?

I'm going into GD right now to insist that everyone get the flu shot.

Microsoft to release its new 'WINDOWS POS' Operating System!

Cocktail party sexism?

Billy Ray Cyrus's 9 year old daughter dressed like a hooker for Halloween

I watched MILK for the first time yesterday on HBO

Man ordering food called a zombie, punched twice

I dug up our septic tank today. Ask me anything.

Listening to "Dino: The Essential Dean Martin." What a talented, tragic guy.

WTF Bears! Put up some fight you worthless curs!

Polo in ... Alabama? Yep.

Day 9 dawns with a set back...

One human head hair for every derivative dollar.

Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama's Support

Blasphemy Laws?

You know, I used to really like this place.

Only explanation for Glen Peck is 15% of our pop is just like him...nuts

As far as the final version of the PO...

Bloomberg Sets Spending Record

President Obama was correct to declare a H1N1 emergency

Boston Globe - "Obama may face fight on treaties" - Democrats Against Nuclear Nonproliferation?

Want to Thank W for anything? Hot Site you will be posted @ thank

I got my Spring 2008 vs. Fall 2009 talking points screwed up

Senate Democrats close in on health reform votes

WaPo - Ezra Klein - "The White House basically told us, 'We hope you guys know what you're doing."

GOP officials: We won't abandon Dede

So back to the Spring 2008 vs. Fall 2009 Talking points

Congress pushing public option without the President's support?

Warning! Universal Healthcare will spiral to the US becoming a third world country!!!

MSNBC (March) - "Obama starts big push for health care overhaul" - Impressive Progress!

It must be Sunday on the DU...

Self Delete - Dupe

Have the rpigs made a statement yet to mock Obama's declaration of National Emergency on HIN1?

"President Her Majesty" Snowe even opposes Opt In, Which looks very similar to a Trigger!

Fourth Republican Enters Open-Seat Race in Michigan 2

The Problem with a Race to 60 Votes

Need advice regarding tenant's rights when the landlord is in foreclosure.

Wait a sec: Remember when Cheney's orders were that any TV

Hoffman's lost votes

President Obama condemns Deadly Suicide bombings in Baghdad

Lets hear some REAL IRISH out of President Obama.....1/8 th by blood


PHOTO Huh, who said the President doesn't tee off with women?

Could the opt out clause end up defeating republicans at the state level?

Bernie Sanders-Still swinging for single payer as it will save $$ YES IT WILL.

Wisconsin Developer To Challenge Sen. Feingold

Senate Bill isn't going to be the final product JUST LIKE what was in the Sn Fin Com Bill wasn't .

Not minding 5 Minutes of Hate and what Some Say.

Barack Obama & Joe Biden Show A Lot Of Leg(s)

What In The Fuck Is With The Travel Channel Lately?

Russ Feingold balks at vote for "trigger" -- Will Obama now have to pllacate progressive senators?

Ellsberg: From Vietnam to Afghanistan

24 Hours With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

No food in the house, so I'm going to KFC. What do you want?

Katrina hits NO on a Sunday, floods on a Monday, screams for help on Tuesday

We've been here before: Obama, The Public Option, The Primaries and Project Vote

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Ultra-Super Happy Fun Ball Edition!!

George Will: the previous administration should have been "dithering"

People keep mentioning Jacob Hacker. Here is what he had to say about the plan Obama campaigned on:

Could somebody please explain to me

What all electronics can a modern laptop replace

Bullshit headline of the Year: First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1

AP sources: Senate likely to cut employer mandate

Is Obama turning on us and towards his corporate friends?

Dick Gregory on Obama, longevity, comic geniuses- Chicago Trib

I bought a 2010 Honda Civic EX sedan today

If there is no "Public Option", is there a rational argument for mandates?

Philadelphia Bulletin - Bipartisan Opposition To Healthcare Reform. The Angry Right

call me crazy

My wife and I are haveing a baby!

GOLFGATE!!1!! Coming right up...

Mad Men: BUSTED!

Robert Byrd needs to resign Yesterday

White house smacks down public option rumor

Now I'm really worried! Abandoned kitten update.

Name an actor that you don't like as a person whose movies that you tended to see

Rush Was Punked: “Obama Thesis” Hoax

Schumer says Senators willing to accept opt-out

Krugman on health care reform: This thing is going to work.

Experiences with anti-depressants?

WaPo - "The nightmare scenario on the public option"

There are still reports that the WH is pushing a trigger, but answer this:

President Obama wrote to Kennedy and Baucus in June

People went from criticizing a public option as not real reform to

NOT work safe: You love your president, let him love you back.

Patients - and patience - in health care end game

U.S. Lawmakers May Be Moving Toward Consensus on Public Option

Leaderless: Senate Pushes for Public Option Without Obama's Support

Arizona May Put State Prisons in Private Hands (Including Death Row)

Swine Flu Is Widespread in 46 States as Vaccines Lag

Burma generals signal flexibility on Suu Kyi

Church Janitor Charged in Slaying of NJ Priest

Leaderless: Senate Pushes For Public Option Without Obama's Support

Baghdad blasts 'kill at least 25'

Inspectors to visit Iranian plant

Colombian football team 'killed'

Senate Democrats close in on health reform votes

Asian Leaders Seek to Reduce Western Trade Ties.

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber diagnosed with cancer

Freezer to preserve threatened coral ("slime-covered rubble by 2050")

Democrats Are Optimistic That Public Option Will Be Approved

Detriot House Auction Flops for Urban Wasteland

UN inspectors visit once-secret Iranian site

Soros says Wall St's 'hidden gifts' should not be used for bonuses

Israeli police, Arabs clash near Jerusalem mosque

The masses descend upon Pasadena for U2's Rose Bowl gig

U2-tube: Watch tonight's U2 concert live via Youtube

Exit polls: Former rebel leads way into runoff in Uruguay - Update

Uruguayans vote for President

Argentina court finds retired officers guilty of involvement in 'Dirty War'

Human Evolution: Are Humans Still Evolving?

GDP Probably Grew as Stimulus Took Hold: U.S. Economy Preview

Police in £9m scheme to log 'domestic extremists' (UK)

Podesta: Bush Administration Spent Only One Hour On Afghanistan Report It Handed Off To Obama

Commercial Real Estate lender Capmark files for bankruptcy.

Harvard: Lab workers poisoned by tainted coffee

Palm Beach police: Jeffry Picower has died

Schumer: Public health option nears 60-vote mark in Senate

AP Sources: (Health) Bill Likely to Cut Employer Mandate

Karzai questions US reliability as partner

Feingold: No Public Option A "Strong Reason" Not To Support Reform

Biden to announce GM plant's reopening-source

Baghdad car bombs near government offices kill 136

John Podesta and George Will on Afghanistan

John McCain Vs. Net Neutrality by Old Fart Rants

Fox News Republican Connection -Roger Ailes

maxkeiser clips "Fall of the Republic" film


TYT: What You Should Know About Roger Ailes

Meow Meow Torture Meow by RSU

The Week In Cartoons 10/24/09

Sen. Sherrod Brown Torches Dick Cheney On "Dithering" Claim

Health Care Public Option schumer 60 votes

Young Turks: Cenk Debates - Is Fox News A Real News Organization?

U2 on YouTube

John Mellencamp Pink Houses Live @ 2008 Rock Hall of Fame Ceremony

Young Turks: Major Media Outlets Defend Fox News - Why?

U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love): Sepia Version

Huffington Post Editor: Fox News Is 24/7 Campaign Against Obama

U2 - One

Obama, Keith and United Nation Leaders calling for Health Care interviews Congressman Barney Frank

U2 Free Concert on Youtube

Sadie Lune - "I want you to be nice to sex workers."

Look @ The Dayum Hypocrisy Bill O'Reilly Goes After Rep Alan Grayson

Geraldo Rivera's Heated Interview With Sheriff Joe Arpaio


Young Turks: Lou Dobbs Goes Off On John Stossel!!!

Rachel Maddow : Why Fox News isn't news

George Will To Cheney: You Should Have 'Dithered' Before Invading Iraq

FoxNews Shows Gangster Clip to Compare White House - Reinforces they ARE NOT news

Kucinich on Obama: I'm Hopeful that Obama Will Take a Page out of FDR Rebuild America

Belinda Carlisle endorses NO ON 1 Campaign

Hate Sports? Make Money!

You Damn Dirty Apes - A Soundtrack for Humanity

The world is suppose to end today!

"Iraq's Missing Billions" - Starring Alan Grayson & 363 Tons Of Dollar Bills (2006)

Paul Wellstone on grassroots leadership

March to Abolish the Death Penalty

ihavenobias, Congratulations on your new job at TYT.

BBC's Panorama: "Daylight Robbery, What Happened to Iraq's $23billion?" Feat. Alan Grayson (2008)

End to Dictatorship Media Law in Argentina

President Obama discouraging public opt-out option, reports say

Burma generals signal flexibility on Suu Kyi

A Broad Coalition to Take on the Banksters

"Sweat" Dreams


Snowe’s War On States’ Rights In The Health Care Debate

If the Lenders Say, "The Dog Ate The Mortgage"..New York Times

Beware a Times/Pentagon 'Virtual Coup' on Aghanistan

All Things Neocon

The Mismeasure of Woman

Costs for U.S. project in Afghanistan balloon, benefit hyped

White House rejects new measures to stem jobs crisis

Mystery Solved: Northwest Airline Pilots Had FOX News On in Cockpit

Manuel Zelaya undergoes strange siege inside Brazilian embassy

After the Billionaires Plundered Alabama Town, Troops Were Called in ... Illegally

Banksters dislike pay cuts? Join the club - Mitch Albom

Guardian UK: We attacked the bankers, but took our eyes off the whole rotten system

Falling in Love with a Prostitute

"Yes, Poverty is Worse Than They Ever Admitted!"

A decade of losses for working families

TYT: Limbaugh Finally Got Obama - Or Did He?

Dangerous Fossil Fuel Explosion, Fire Force 1,000 From Their Homes, Releases Toxic...

Incentives for home energy storage systems?

The Excruciating Economics of Electric Cars

Wow the SEC

An amazing ending for the Clemson Tigers!

The JR Chess Report (October 25): Bundesliga 0910 Begins

Alex Smith replaces Hill, throws for 3 TDs!

What's going on in Miami???

Patrick Crayton!!1!! 34-14, Cowboys!!1!!

Even Major Leage Baseball has jumped the gun >>

Why aren't the Hawkeyes 3rd?


Fumble. My Ass! Once again the ref's are screwing the Cowboys.

Steelers Fans - Please share your "pride: with today's "Win!"


Saints - Dolphins, a tale of two halfs

Forecast for the start of the World Series - bad again

Bradford intends to enter NFL draft after surgery

New BCS standings

Does the NFL think there are not cities other than london to host regular season games outside

damn damn damn Guess I won't be watching the World Series this year

Folded like a cheap lawn chair--- Worst secondary in football history--Horrible Referee's.

Griese offers apology for 'taco' remark

Next Weekend Is A Big One For Me. Goin' To The Badgers/Purdue Game AND The Pack/Vikings Game!

McHugh: Focus is on where service falls short

U.S. UAVs protecting ships from Somali pirates

Taliban calls for Afghans to boycott runoff

Commission: Punish troops who abandon pets

39,000 airmen eligible for stop-loss pay

Car bombs targeting Baghdad government kill 74

U.S. seeks balance in nuclear missions

Lawyers Ask to Spare Sniper's Life

Former soldier wins $4.3m judgment from Army

Argentina court finds retired officers guilty of involvement in 'Dirty War'

Paintings capture the unseen side of Colombia's war

Apparently, Mujica could be winning the election in the 1st round.

Exit polls: Former rebel leads way into runoff in Uruguay - Update

Colombian Town Cancels Concert Over Uribe T-Shirt

Golpistas Set Sights on El Libertador Director After One of His Journalists is Kidnapped and Burned

10 Bodies Found in Venezuela Where Victims Kidnapped

"Venezuela’s 2010 Budget Maintains Social Spending Despite Global Economic Crisis"

Wow! fantastic website---soa latinoamericana

Liquidity reaches its highest point in 12 years (Venezuela)

Uruguayans vote for President

Some troops in Iraq look longingly to Afghanistan

The startling successes of Venezuela's food self-sufficiency program...

Venezuelan police told to shape up

Academy falls short of sub volunteers

12 year old girl bags first moose

Horse owner shoots pit bulls to save animal

Homeowner's one shot lands would-be burglar in ER

Home invader shot and killed, police still hunting for accomplices

Homeowner: I shot intruder who was kicking my bedroom door

Great-grandmother who shot robber says 'God was with me'

Intruder attacked Oswego County homeowner before he was fatally shot, relative says

New details: 13-year-old Bromley boy shoots father for threatening mom with gun

Forest Grove police: Gun-toting victim thwarts rape

Moyers plays devil’s advocate with Goldstone

Violent Clashes Between Israeli Occupation Forces And Palestinians Around Holy Mosques' Compound

Israel Police battling Arab rioters on Temple Mount; PA official arrested

Egyptians conflicted over preserving Jewish past

Israeli police, Arabs clash near Jerusalem mosque

Israeli government fears Jewish group's 'pro-peace' agenda

Reflections of fall

Windows 7 launch party


Question for the Pro's...What is causing this?

I have a question about digital SLRs...

A little sunshine and a modicum of color as I wake up today....

Schmatta - Important HBO documentary!

Today in Labor History Oct 25 Paul Wellstone, his wife, Sheila, and their daughter Marcia killed

*** Theme ideas for November contest ***

"Where is this Matterhorn of which you speak?"

"What Do You Think I Voted For At Omaha Beach?"

Despite Claims, Anti-Gay Group in Maine More Dependent on Out-of-State Funds

EHRC – Trans inequalities reviewed

Harvey Milk Day Boycott by

Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Protest at Freedom Plaza (Wash., D.C.)

Which State Has the Most Repressive Policies Against the GLBT Community?

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Freezer to preserve threatened coral ("slime-covered rubble by 2050")

Guns, Tasers, Republicans, Homophobia featured at gun, knife show

Video of Soros Interview on World Currencies and the Economy

If Lenders Say ‘The Dog Ate Your Mortgage’

Too Big to Fail: Why The Big Banks Should Be Broken Up, But Why The White House and Congress Don't W

Please help identify the 12 trillion Obama has supposedly added to debt.

Guaranteed adequate income for all?

Best familyfest ever

Just a little something about waking up...

Another troubled website ..

1976 swine flu vaccine may protect against H1N1 today

health insurance profits

Physicians Plea RE: H1N1 ~ STOP VACCINATING (except the highest risk that is)

Vaccines - CDC Concedes Secretly that Vaccines have a Link to Autism...

First Person: Why Swine Flu Makes Kids Sicker

What ever happened to small pox,polio and tb?

Choosing your Religion - the easy way

I once met a Tibetan Buddhist Nun and author, named Thubten Chodron.

Life with the Black Panthers

A Magic Wand for Espresso

Vegetarian marshmallows? Two out of six children are now vegetarians.

Got a couple of baking projects going at the moment.

Mandolines - for foods other than vegetables?

Governor Perry