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Archives: October 20, 2009

Our long, national nightmare is over. Iguana rescued from car dashboard.

Romanians: Yes to Prostitution, No to Marijuana

RE: Pro-Obama, Anti-Obama, Pom-Poms and Pitchforks.

Gallup Poll Finds Record Support for Legalization of Pot

Gallup Poll Finds Record Support for Legalization of Pot

Debunking Fox's excuse that its news department is objective

Do you favor Heene's neighbor, or the guy in the yellow shirt?

Confusion Caused by Crash Blossoms

Wow!! "Social Services to Take Baby from Teen Who's Too Stupid to Marry...

TNR: Truther Consequences - Meet the next Glenn Beck.

A frightening sight on a sunday drive

Houston Chronicle: Review death penalty law, ex-governor urges

"capitalism hits the fan" on linktv

No quick resolution to Afghan vote, Gates says

Queer Pride Day Up at the Williams College Campus...I am so proud of MA

BBC under fire for giving "Humpty Dumpty" a happy ending

Defense Dept. Opposed Franken's Anti-Rape Ammendment; Huff Po

Countries with the Biggest Gaps Between Rich and Poor

Obama Steps Up Killer Drone Raids Despite Deaths of Civilians

Opinion piece from the Cincy Enquirer on the "evils of contraception"

Iran: 3 Detained Americans Still Face Questioning

Major Israel-US Air Defence Drill to Start

Airlines Outsourcing Repairs: (which may not get done correctly)

Chembot iRobot ready to Roll,, er Ooze

seems that my plea to Ted Turner may be answered . . .

Study: Many say racial disparities genetic

Do you find yourself yelling "You Lie!" during the commercials....

Iraqi Shoe-Thrower a-Zaidi Launches Aid Foundation

Creepy Wis. woman trying to pick up kids in short school bus

Poor Joe Scum

Orly: FLOTUS is a criminal, too.

46% of people aged 16-24 had jobs in September, the lowest since the government began counting

Howard Kurtz Feigns Ignorance of Limbaugh's Racism

Medical Records: Stored in the Cloud, Sold on the Open Market

Self delete: dupe (I missed the earlier post.)

White House Continues Weakness on Public Option

Eff this shit! Health care bills would end gender differences, keep age discrepancies

Our prison systems and health care systems...

The battle of the White House with Fox News

CO lawmakers vote down single-payer resolutuion

Make your own Keith and Rachel pumpkins for Halloween

Air India Pilots, Crew Scuffle Leaving Cockpit Unmanned

Raising Up Dead Horses

What happens to the Rep majority if...

What happens to the Dem majority if...

"The Family" and health care reform

Turning Rights Into Justice - Americans Helping Kenyans

Cleo Trumbo, widow of blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo, has died at age 93

Ohio's Jean Schmidt Draws Primary Challenge (to her right)

Honda's carbon nanotubes will change the world

Misdiagnosis led to swine flu death

Misdiagnosis led to swine flu death

Ever Upward Trend for Bankers' Pay

This week marks eighty years since women were declared "persons" under Canadian law

Christie's Top Aide Got Loan Then Helped His Campaign: Report

Biden to model solar finance plan on Berkeley's

Basic Medicare premium to rise 15% next year

Oregon: plagued by homelessness, unemployment, cuts in social services

Want health care/insurance reform? Get on your phone now.

Need help finding a video

ACTION ALERT: Join Artists in Dallas, TX Demo for Health Ins. Reform

Court Rules Smoking Ban Enforcement Method Is Unfair (not the job of business to enforce govt bans?)

LTTE lays bare the evil that is George Soros

Mcain on the Senate floor right now:

From a Nobel Prize Winner - The End and the Beginning

Regions Bank just closed my home equity line of credit.

Quote of the Day

New details emerge in CVS voyeurism case

Yahoo front page story on "VA as a political status barometer" exemplifies stupidity!

Is memory and/or fantasy more or less real than current perception. Discuss.

Concern over moving 70 stone man

Concern over moving 70 stone man

Students stage occupation to protest California budget cuts

Joe Scabwhore has really gone hysterical over the fundraisers President Obama has attended

Recycling fake birth certificates

DoD names 4 Carson GIs killed by Afghan bomb

The Rude Pundit: Britney Spears Has No Problem With Interracial Relationships

Oh, Dear, We're Hurting Wall Street's Feelings! Boo Frickin' Hoo.

from the "Isn't It Ironic?" department: Bush at hotel where Lennon recorded 'Give Peace a Chance'

Higher jobless rates could be new normal

McNair murder-suicide: Do these seem like the texts someone would send

Resolution Urging that the Senate Adopt the Rockefeller Amendment --

Vatican creates new structure for Anglicans

Yes Men Strike Again: CNBC, Reuters Fall for Climate Hoax

Ala. news reports: " Evolution Defender" to speak.

robocalls from health(sic) Insurance lobby 1-866-441-3070

Exclusive: U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

Shell Wins Offshore Drilling Rights in Alaska

Time to DU it for Virginia! Virtual Phone bank for the Gov's race there Thursday (22nd) from 5-9PM!

Behind Purple Heart, Medical Hassle and Heartache

Banksters Inc.

Is LA Times a winger outlet? "Obama's awkward fundraising dance with Wall Street"

Glenn Beck: early years in Louisville were non-political.

Political sparring delays unemployment benefit extension

Extension of Jobless Benefits Tangled Up With Homebuyer Tax Credit

A Brilliant, Brutal Film

On the Public Option could this quote by Sen. Tom Harkin make more sense?

Soldiers and our wars

LOL- "The Glenn Beck costume is very popular this year"

Will the CIA Snoop on Social Networks?

Liz Cheney - an evil master's creation

Behind the scenes in Obama's war council debate

Two studies on the reality of the H-1B fraud er program.

When most Congresspeople are millionaires, what sense is making their health insurance lifetime?

Good Books to Read on Modern-Day Liberalism

War Fever at the NY Times: A Five-Day Log

The Plum Line: GOP In Same Position In Generic Matchup in 2008 as in 2006

Geesh! Ed is really grumpy today.

NASA's New Rocket Rolls To Launch Pad-to eventually carry astronauts to the moon

Read this/chose your reaction. I for one sucked in air and howled in anguish. A LTE today.

Eric Cantor under seige... From the Right. (Grayson Money-Bomb...just a friendly reminder)

WATCH & VOTE: The 10 Most Egregious Fox News Distortions

Health insurance coverage -- Why wouldn't I pay the fines?

Why is Orly Taitz a genius -- and we all are just plain old suckers?.

US authorities urged to overturn death sentence after jury consulted Bible

We need to remember that we're all DU'ers. We're all hoping for the same outcome

Teen Wearing Headphones Killed By Train

SC Republican chairmen apologize for Jewish remark

South Carolina Republican officials on Jews being penny-pinchers

Where does The American Spectator get its funding?

The secret Paulson-Goldman meeting

Bay Area's balloon boy scaled heights of fame (The Real Balloon Boy from 1964) - pic

Did you know the courts--at least in California--can "depublish" a case?

America's Soul

Grammar Nazis ready? Take your test:

Never-Seen-Before Bess Truman Letters to Husband Harry Show a True Love Story

Balloon Boy Hoaxes Hitler. My only balloon boy post.

AT&T, carriers fund democratic reps against net neutrality

Healthcare reform must have Public Option for all

ROTFLOL - I just received a robo-call endorsing CAPITALISM

US airplanes repairs outsourced: El Salvador $7000 per year mechanics

So is the LA DA the next health care Czar?

First a child was too fat to get covered on insurance

US 19 year-old girl, soldier serving at Aviano base, Italy, found dead. probable suicide.

World has LESS THAN FIVE YEARS to stop uncontrollable climate change - WWF

An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All

The "Green Lining" on the Sour Economy.

Bad vision linked to shorter lifespan

Airline Industry Outsourcing Repairs to Developing Countries...

May the "Sick Puppies"...

Victims, families outraged by NC inmates' release

Idaho's first wolf tag fetches $8,000 at auction

Mexico's pink taxis cater to fed-up females

I've changed my mind. Anti-vaccination folks DO deserve to get sick. And worse.

When Parents Are Too Toxic to Tolerate

H1B visas to replace our Congressmen

Oprah to do full program on war criminals

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

Best news reporting ever!

I stopped paying my Chase card.


'Big Brother' winner accused of selling oxycodone - used $500,000 prize to buy oxycodone to resell

The bizarre insane political clowns that have been in the news in Y2009

Any news on murdered census worker?

Book Price Wars Escalate, One Penny at a Time


Faith and the bible

Sea Snot: Climate Change Gets Gross

Public option question still unanswered: Reid won't commit to public plan

Pat Oliphant is not happy with the distribution of resources from the New Administration

Freedom of Information Act is complete bullshit.

A Face In The Crowd is on TCM channel right now

Attn. Senate: Most Americans Want a Public Option

Create jobs - we must REALLY help the development of small businesses

Oprah to interview Sarah Palin

Baby Food (Plum Organics) Recalled, May be Tainted with Botulism

Damn, I love Jesus and Mo

Man Accused of Killing Woman Over Cigarette

A very lucky guy!

A very lucky guy!

Please tell me again how President Obama supports a strong "public option" , and I should not worry.

A North American Journalist Describes Cycling in Copenhagen

Should the Republican Party and Silvio Berlusconi form the Axis of Backwards Gaffes?

The lifeboat between Holland and Beirut

My husband's NEW company health care plan: DON'T GET SICK


Expert on MSNBC just said do NOT close long time credit card accounts

I have the flu, and feel terrible. But, this is my first chance ever to watch Glenn Beck. Should I?

How do you financially support your local NPR station?

FORTY-EIGHT percent of republicans say.......

It's been One Week Since Sen. Reid Started Merging the Bills (why the PO is more likely than not)

Press Freedom Index 2009 according to RWB.

New Poll: 48% Of Republicans Say Obama Does NOT Love America --- 27% Say He Does

Did anyone else just catch the MSNBC segment on credit card and fees?

HuffPo: "AZ Sheriff Calls "Illegals" Diseased And Dirty"

Omigod!......Dana Perino is, like, a TV analyst and stuff

I just posted on Facebook that disgusting Rush remark to Carol

U.S. Empire in Decline, on Collision Course with China

Training Tuesdays with the DFA Campaign Academy

Scientists remove plaque from mouse brains-may lead to reversal of Alzheimer's disease pathology

People, do we have as much passion for banking reform as we do for healthcare reform?

Did you know there was a "Simple" Wikipedia?

CBO Scoring Rep Weiner's Single Payer

The Apartment Hunt Scam

President OBAMA is NOT FUCKED... he is doing what needs to be done to fix the Nation

Eagle Scout Suspended For Keeping 2-Inch Knife In Car

Obama's in NYC tonite. Will he appear with DEM Mayoral candidate?

Obama stands by Iraqi troop pullout

TCM to air Lonesome Roads saga - A Face in the Crowd.

Who The Hell Is Wolf? - Balloon Boy Asks.......

Fundie Christian kooks and fundie Moslem kooks defend polygamy together...

Toles: Republican Hoax

Credit cards suck

Anyone else notice a change in condiment policy at your favorite restaurant?

Stealing skulls from the grave, with science in mind

The Collapse of the Rule of Law

The Collapse of the Rule of Law

Anti-discrimination adoption bill introduced

BREAKING NEWS FROM CALIF. The Governator will sign the bill to restore funding for domestic violence

Colorado Newspaper Hiring Marijuana Critic

Who is this batshit crazy paranoid Stewart Rhodes on with Tweety?

Maddow to Liz Cheney: Come on my show, I won’t bite

The Baucus Bill is out... 1,502 Pages of Gobbledygook Legalese

Ed Shutlz started his program with the story

Detainee-abuse photos and democracy

Israel Strives To Change Int'l Law Of War Following Goldstone Report

Patients Not Profit Sit-In (important)

Rethugs are down to

matt taibbi on with campbell brown now

Another doomsday scenario for Chicago Transit

OMFG - it's Ralph Nader on the Ed show

APNewsBreak: NJ senator (Frank Lautenberg) calls for Christie probe

Justice Kennedy reinstates judge’s order to keep private anti-gay petition signers in WA state

Judge rules FBI can continue to gag recipient of National Security Letter

Anyone else watching Barack on the webcast?

George W. Bush, Success Guru?

Has Lou Dobbs always been a conspiracy theorist?

Anglicans welcomed back into Catholic church

A Limited, Modified Pullout From Afghanistan- Et Tu, CodePink?

Richard Burr's Stimulus Hypocrisy

Should membership in whackadoodle political groups be grounds to dismiss cops or soldiers?

Attention Dish Network TV subscribers... Thom Hartmann show added to schedule!

So apparently this dumbshit arguing with Tweety must have slept through the whole Chimpministration?

Remember Credit Card Holders... You Might Be A "Deadbeat" !!!

When you see "RIP" on a tombstone...

A Rumsfeld-era reminder about what causes Terrorism

PBS movie: The Warning airs tonight at 9 eastern (also online)

President Obama speaking at NYC DNC fundraiser attended by Wall Street execs

A Reality Check From the Brink of Extinction, Chris Hedges

Dick Morris: "Half of Fox's audience are Liberals"

I'm agnostic but

Sun Microsystems about to add to California's high unemployment rate

Sun Microsystems about to add to California's high unemployment rate

Only 20% Of Americans Want to Be Called Republicans

why do they call it a party?

Moon is visible in the western sky

AOL Poll: More favorable opinion of Oprah or The Quitter?

Does my signature line imply that Bush=Obama?

R Crumb illustrates Genesis....

Why should we be expecting HCR that is anything but a handout to the insurance industry?

Okay, Banks Have Crossed The Line Into Bullshit Again

Anderson Cooper has Joe Johns

Anderson Cooper has Joe Johns

79.9 percent rate targets credit-challenged

Pre-existing condition, LOL

"Spinning Maple Seed May Help National Defense"

Countries with the Biggest Gaps Between Rich and Poor: We beat France!!!!!!

Just imagine if individuals were allowed to play under the same financial rules as the big guys

Gay Man Murdered in Downtown Toronto

Oy, Contessa Brewer is such an airhead

Will charges be pressed against those who stole the Afghan elections?

Damn!! with parents like John Ensign's, who needs enemies

What's Up With Petraeus Disrespecting a Foreign Head of Government?*

Congress wants to put hate-group ban into law (Navy Times)

3 reasons why I'm fighting (Every AFSCME member with email got this today!)

China: Twenty five million cars; one hundred million e-bikes..

Aislin Bates: Colorado Toddler Denied Health Insurance For Being Underweight

The Ten Most Egregious Fox News Distortions (VIDEO)

AP source: House Dems trim health bill to $871B

A Person Paper on Purity in Language

Bob Herbert: "Safety Nets for the Rich." Are American taxpayers suckers?

Man Arrested After Baby was Reportedly High on Marijuana

57 percent support public option, 76 percent support it if limited to those without insurance

Sequoia Voting Systems hacks self in foot

Kuwaiti women win passport right

So I just watched a Paul Wellstone tribute on YouTube...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Have we become a nation of whipped puppies?

Watching Frontline on Derivatives

If Harry Reid gave a damn about the American People

Yet again, a Freeper advocates overthrowing the government

A friend of mine posted this zinger to a RepubliCON on a local public blog.

If we discovered life after physical death exists, would your life change?

"We're Leaning Toward TALKING About The Public Option" ??? - Harry Reid, Today (10\20)

I guess we can't make an observation on DU anymore without

Stay off Fox! (Sign moveon's petition)

Obama Song Stirs Controversy

Exclusive: CIA Buys Stake in Firm That Monitors

The Recovery Myth: Companies Aren't Hiring

Would putting corporate profits ahead of people's lives & economic security help or hurt Dems?

Credit Card Companies Are Sending Out Early Holiday Gifts

Can family be held responsible for credit card debt if I die?

Leading scientists determine the Sun puts out dangerous levels of radiation.

Germans Unhappy with Alternative Swine Flu Vaccine for Politicians

Rod Serling + Gene Wilder = Richard Heene

Credit card being offered to people with bad or no credit at 79.99% interest rate

Gay Man Beaten, Stabbed While Walking (Oklahoma)

Obama Administration Gives Green Light for Offshore Oil Drilling in the Arctic

Overweight may not increase death rate

We want the world and we want it.... NOW

WTF? Politician Does Something Excellent, Shows Guts, But DU Hardly Care!!!

Robust, my ass. Health care is not a coffee. Single-payer now.

Anything on the autopsy findings of Nick Skala?

As of 5 P.M. Central Time, 200,000 union members called Congress demanding a PUBLIC OPTION

Another crazy LTTE :the new world order

'Will Economic Inequality Lead to Terrorism? A Chilling Moment on NPR' (Bruce Judson)

House moves closer to healthcare public option

Test that makes U.S. look bad may not be so good

Lazy drivers get what they deserve as gas prices start to go back up

The Republican Party is a "hoax".

Jim Webb, D-VA, Recognized as One of 27 Brave Thinkers

Good News: As I Type This, CBO is Scoring Rep. Weiner's Single Payer Amendment

I hates NPR pledge week

Rep. Metcalfe(R)calls vets on climate change tour 'traitors'

Gingrich: If Health Care Reform Passes, We'll Repeal It

Limbaugh's whining about being rejected for NFL justifies his being rejected.

College Cost Increases Exceed Inflation as Endowments Drop, Spending Slows

I just heard that B of A is going to charge $50-$100 to customers

Golfers, do you know that Pebble Beach is a public course?

Louisiana Justice of the Peace says he is no racist

Health Insurance: we pay for a Cadillac, we get a Pinto

Goldman Sachs was Obama's biggest campaign contributor?

The Soda Industry is crying a river about getting a taxed.

Obama to Democrats: "Keep Eye On The Prize-we are this close, and we have to be unified"

PETA demonstrators call for meat tax in Washington

Zero Percent Corporate Tax. Is It a good idea?

"Tussin" the Poor's answer to Healthcare - Chris Rock (video)

Exclusive: U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

How Much Radiation Does Your Cell Phone Emit?

Google has digitized all of LIFE magazine

Barnes & Noble’s Kindle-Killing, Dual-Screen ‘Nook’ E-Reader Leaked

Right now, God is living on this planet in human form.

"I was born on a potato farm, where I was raised to believe all men are created equal."

And a Child Shall Lead Them...

Seems Obama and the crew have a favorite in the NYC mayoral race.

A premature celebration for the GOP

The Film that will put BUSH Behind BARS! Arrives at all major retailers! Thanks for the support DU!

Bernie Kerik's in the hoosegow

Auto Insurance rates are INSANE

My Facebook Fundie Smackdown....

Composer of Addams Family, Green Acres themes dies

The Theology of Mean

U.S. fingerprints on Somalia's nightmare

Reagan meets with Taliban in 1985, says they are "Moral equivalents of America's Founding Fathers"

So is Hamid Karzai Afghanistan's Ngo Diem Ziem?

Rep. Grayson: "I don't owe anything to anyone here. .... to leadership

If one created an organization in another country and that party does wrong, who's responsible?

If one created an organization in another country and that party does wrong, who's responsible?

Depleted Uranium: The Dead Babies in Iraq and Afghanistan Are No Joke

Entire wolf packs in the Greater Yellowstone & northern Rockies are being stalked and killed

Is the state of Kansas refusing to dispense Tamiflu?


U.S.-Iraq Business and Investment Conference

Jim Cramer actually made sense today

Who didn't see this coming? Conservative Bible Project trashes famous scripture that slams the rich

Tom Donohue and the Chamber of Open Secrets

Sequoia Voting Systems hacks self in foot-"Inadvertently Releases Code" Violates Law!!!

Ben Nelson ADMITS the Public Option has strong public support (but then says the Opt-Out is better)

If employees of a business belong to a union, could the union hold the business' customers hostage?

BREAKING FROM DENNIS KUCINICH: Why We Desperately Need Health Care for All - Now

BREAKING FROM DENNIS KUCINICH: Why We Desperately Need Health Care for All - Now

Universal Health Care Message to Americans From Canadian Doctors & Health Care Experts

"Pine Ridge is the scariest place I’ve ever been — more so than in a Taliban ambush,”

"Pine Ridge is the scariest place I’ve ever been — more so than in a Taliban ambush,”

"Pine Ridge is the scariest place I’ve ever been — more so than in a Taliban ambush,”

Salon: That sound you hear is the social fabric about to snap (Real unemployment almost 20 %)

So what is WRONG with women anyway?

Jon Stewart on the Swine Flu Vaccine hysteria. Just in case you missed it.

"...and we will point the gun."

UC to deny spots to 600 Californians, take out-of-state and international students instead

Would it change your life to learn that the act of observing something creates that thing?

In Praise of ....... Amsterdam (pic heavy)

And Now for Something Completely Different...

Rep. Harper (R-MS): ''We Hunt Liberal, Tree-Hugging Democrats''

Maurice Sendak tells parents who think Wild Things is too scary for children they can 'go to hell'

News from FactCheck re: The Swine flu vaccine:

"the very voice that could save us by bringing balance to our world is not welcome at the table"

Bill Gates whores for more H-1Bs, Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) introduces bill to double+ H-1B quota

Do you prefer Google or Scroogle?

Dope gig! Paper hiring reefer reviewer

Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act: Human Beings Mean NOTHING in this Corporate Fascist State

Sad but effective - death due to "LOC" (lack of coverage) in your local obituaries

The President can order that federal marijuana laws not be enforced, so why not the same with DADT?

Post your dream GOP ticket...

Know your BFEE: Cultkeepers

I am looking for a jpeg of Pierre Bourdieu's field model of economic and social capital in ENGLISH.

Favorite Abuse Substance

My cable box died tonight

Copycats.. who wore it "best"?

I got the H1N1 shot last night. Ask me anything

Whatever happened to the DUer who used to post "Mo" pics daily?

SpongeBob marries Sandy!

I would like to talk to a normal person

I hate explaining myself to people.

Live one in GD!

I am finally going to learn how to drivel!

I have been here a year

What are some good brands of causal footwear?

This gives the term 'pot head' a whole new meaning.

Dr. No is dead at age 91.

One more day: Caption This!

CONFESS!!!!!! What's the weirdest request that LynneSin has ever asked of you

I was down to one hearing aid

Shall we buy a new guitar? Shall we drive a more powerful car?

When you start suspecting your dentist was a used car salesman in a former life...

Oh great another extra inning Orrex post....

is this like a plague?

I am finally going to learn how to drive!

Am I getting Brody?

Need help finding a video

One British perspective of Mad Men (culled from the Guardian)

Don't you love how some people will insult and broadbrush your state and then...

Have you ever participated in causal sex?

Love Song

The Me Poll

The Me Poll

Attorney wants $3M + apology from Michael Jackson. Since MJ is dead he'll settle for just the $3M.

anyone else see that Seoul Times article about baby soup?

what's the fanciest shit you ever ate?


Colorado newspaper hiring marijuana critic

I'm depressed.

Hoooraayy for hulu

Black Dynamite!!!

Jazz. And a cartoon!

My First And Last jon And Kate Poll

Who says Y'all more?

Apparently I am in a test market

Technolust - I haz it

So has anyone tried to breed an anteater with a dog?

no not again

To add to the Food Network hate - why is every other show some fucking cake competition?

Is memory and/or fantasy more or less real than current perception. Discuss.

I'm still holding out hope for a Freeway Series.

I don't mean to be a sensitive sally or anything

Am I getting broody?

Breaking: New England Overrun By Multicolored Asian Lady

Apt complex chooses 10 am to shut off the water to do some work

Help- question about cow tipping!

I'd like to congratulate the NY Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies for making it to the WORLD SERIES!

Help - question about tipping!

it's 6:45 and completely dark. wtf?

Phillies beat Doggers in 9th, lead series 3-1......

serious h1n1 question for any medical people on this board

October videos

I think I'll go to a Doctor myself. I don't trust Wifey's doc, and I want a Tamiflu prescription

DU cat people: What's the best way to get the smell of cat pee out?

Am I getting brady?

Who ate the pizza rolls?

Tackiest Souvenir Ever Contest. You can try, suckers, but you will never top this.

What is wrong with women?

Well taking my 23 Y\O tiel to the vet tomorrow

Man breaks 15 laws in 11 minutes

"LicketyFingerPop" That is our new nickname for our cat!

Your favorite moth puzzle

This scenario

Your favorite month puzzle.

OMFG. Teh STUPID.. "Strictest Parents" on CMT.

Wouldn't it be nice if rock stars' pictures were on dollar bills, instead of dead Presidents?

what`s not to like about kriston dunst.....

People are crazy

People are Hazy.

People are lazy

People are queazy

Your favorite goth puzzle

Your favorite meth puzzle

My Halloween Costume:

People are sleazy

I am NOT asking for medical advice...

The Pixar Lamp was very, very bad...

Neatest dog Halloween costume ever!!

Cat travels two miles stuck in SUV engine

Right now, this instance, how many browser tabs do you have open?

Halloween Classic Monster Poll

Tonight, on my way back from the library...random weirdness, in which I am considered nobility?

I found a fortune cookie in the street! Should I open it and read it?

What's for dinner?

Greetings from the middle of the world (pics)

Tampa killed the devil and barbecued him , scary place.

Halloween Candy Poll #4: BabyRuth or Butterfinger?

Keef, Brian Jones, Mick Taylor or Ron Wood?

Saw Bruce Springsteen at the Specturm last night. Ask me anything.

can you guys help me remove this christmas earworm I have stuck in my head?

OK, who is old enough to remember the Madras plaid shirt

Passive aggressive bosses fucking SUCK.

I really feel left out. Like an outsider here in the lounge. I'm pretty much used to it, I guess.

D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) played on MS Surface

I am overrun with Ladybugs at my place.

Was Mariano Rivera throwing a spitball?



Can / or does your dog do this at bedtime?

I have H1N1. I might have to fly. Any tips to keep it contained?

What is the best Symphony ever written ?

If you could name the OFFICIAL HOUSE BAND of The Lounge, would it be...

If it were possible to mate with a space alien would you do it?

I'm dangerous again

There is nothing as painful as taking home an empty cat carrier from the vet

PSA to the lounge: if you are going to listen to a new CD in a public area

All right! I admit that I'm a lousy housewife. (Warning: grumpy rant)

Any upcoming singers you know about to look out for in 2010?

Halloween Candy Poll #3: Snickers, Milky Way, or 3 Musketeers?

Your favorite math puzzle

Ladies and gentlemen, the Brett Domino Trio*, from Leeds, England.

Kansas Democratic chairman says he won’t run for governor

D.C. Voting Measure Could Be Added to Defense Spending Bill

Well, I ended up in the hospital...

Morning Ho doubletalk: even when you win, you lose. Huh?

The Health Care Cost Reduction and Access Act (2009)

Why Obama Has to do What Letterman Did: Refuse to Pay Hush Money

President Obama's comment on Kharzi's acceptance of a run off

Dick Armey to endorse 3rd party candidate over Republican in NY House race

Senator Carl Levin sees financial reform in 2009

President Obama to campaign for VA gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds

Stupid idiots on Scarborough keep calling the Democratic Fundraiser a Wall St. fundraiser

Obama's EPA cracks down, orders more tests for BP refinery

New GOP Mantra, we will repeal the Health Care Bill once passed

CNN Poll: Obama = 55%

How dare the Bush Administration spy on us like this! Oh, wait...

FRAME: The Republican Party doesn't think Americans deserve Choice

I Demand That We Let War Criminals Go Free and Fix Other Things


Pres. Obama honors Army troop for heroism in Vietnam with Presidential Unit Citation (Video)

Medical debt and bankrupt hearing on cspan2 now........

Short summary of HCR legislative procedure (please contribute input)

NYT article on climate control bill - as many as 67 Senators in play

Consumer protection agency markup on CSPAN3

Stimulus Keeps Road Projects in Michigan Going

Sen. Burr Touts Funds From Stimulus Bill He Opposed

Criticism From The Left: Rockefeller Registers Valid Concerns About The Baucus Bill

Criticism From The Left: Rockefeller Registers Valid Concerns About The Baucus Bill

The Frank Factor; Privatize Profits and Socialize Failure - REPUBLICANISM

Biden coming to Seattle to raise money for Murray

Why, Senator Wyden, why are you ruining everything? Why are you raining on our placebo parade?

Senate Dems to hit Burr on stimulus check

Inhofe endorses Rubio

Flashback: Dana Perino accuses NBC News of political bias

Obama welcomes Karzai's decision on vote

If "Opt-out" goes through...

Liberal intolerance costs Rush his dream of owning the Rams

"Mich. town: Bring on Gitmo detainees"

Fortune Magazine: Big banks took your money and ran

Vitter leads Melancon in latest poll on Senate race

Can I make a little suggestion for the media outlets,?

Bank of American Deal had Obama Team Approval before taking office

Ever wonder if then-Vice-President GHWB tried to take out Reagan?

Bored? Play this Tic-tac-toe game!

Just wait until we have a real majority, then things are really going to change.

Hill Aides: More Senators Would Back Public Plan If Obama Pushed Harder

Can't ...... Stop ...... Laughing!

Can someone explain this section of the Healthcare Bill to me?

Senator Wyden on a public option, health reform

Do you trust MSM polls?

"Public Option Gets New Life in Senate"

Time To Deliver On Health Care

Obama speaking to FBI agents in NY now

Fantastic video of Kerry and Kharzi at the press conference announcing a runoff

Should bail-outs be extended to newspapers?

Bible Spice is going to be on Oprah:

Have you called your Congressmen/Women on the HRC?

Not good news: ‘Doc Fix’ Continues to Vex Senate Leaders

Homophobic GOP senator needs gays to oppose HC reform

A poll Fox Snooze would never report: 56% of Republicans SUPPORT the Public Option

Deval Patrick is coming to my son's elementary school tomorrow. What should I ask him?

Ed you are a day late and a dollar short ...

I Love This Guy!

Poll needs our attention

The anti-Obama ass holes are out in full force on DU, I see.

AP : White House praises Kerry role in Afghanistan - describes the efforts of many

Behind the Scenes: John Kerry & the Karzai Deal

If a freeper told you, 'The MSM is in the tank for Obama,' what would you think?

Did anyone read this during the election?

Pelosi To Bring Robust Public Option To Floor

On message: Obama urges GOP to ‘get a mop’ and clean up Bush administration mess

Nelson(NE): Public Option May Be Popular, But Opt-Outs Are Really Popular

So it sure looks as if the banks waited until they squeezed enough

Public Option: "A preliminary analysis from CBO may have sealed the deal. "

27% of Republicans think Obama loves America

AP: House Dems Trim Health Bill to $871B, with robust public option,96% insured and reduces deficit!

Damn it -- Just give people a CHOICE...What's so hard about that?

I really hate how the DNC pimps out Obama with all of these fundraisers

WSJ: Kerry emerges as broker for the Obama administration

Clinton and Obama


Congratulations, Strong Atheist on 11,942 posts!

Orly's Found the REAL Kenyan Birth Certificate

Congress just gave the okay to move prisoners from Gitmo to the US

HOT DAMN! Ya'll see this speech President Obama is giving right now????

Let's come up with a name for the "opt-out" states

Higher Jobless Rates Could Be Normal

Major development in Afghanistan; President Obama commends Senator Kerry (updated)

Name a good horror movie that probably no one else has watched but you.

Big financial firms losing power on Capitol Hill

Pass the Public Option with an "opt out" - and DARE the Republicans state-by-state...

Jacob Hacker on a public option

why are Americans scared of labels like "socialism" ... I mean .. mortally scared ...

State Department Officials Challenge Administration Policy on Honduras, Signal Moves Towards Recogni

U.S. Military Releases Iraq Clinic Shooting Report

Diplomats: Iran talks stalled over French role

Ex-House Aides Could Testify in Ring Retrial

Iraq's al-Maliki heads to White House

Chavez says Iran helping Venezuela find uranium

Iraq faces limbo as MPs again stall on election bill

Blasts rock Pakistan university

Karzai Agrees to Nov. 7 Runoff in Afghanistan

Pope Approves Plan to Allow Anglicans Into the Fold

Iran MPs demand Mousavi prosecution

Public Option Gains Support - Clear Majority Now Backs Plan

Uruguayan court declares amnesty for human rights 'abusers' unconstitutional

Robber takes $20, prays with cashier

Will the CIA Snoop on Social Networks?

Biden to model solar finance plan on Berkeley's

Heroic Vietnam vets to receive presidential citation

Heroic Vietnam vets to receive presidential citation

Gates: Disputed US airfield should stay on Okinawa

Peru must build on plans to legalise abortion

Roadside Bomb Kills U.S. Soldier in Northern Iraq

Roman Polanski flight risk 'high,' court says in rejecting bail

Apple Profit Surges on iPhone Sales

New Group (Including Retired Generals) Whacks Congress for Gitmo Failure (TV Ad)

No moves to shift oil from dollar: OPEC sec-gen

Obama's EPA cracks down, orders more tests for BP refinery

New bill coming on resolution authority: Rep Frank

Police probe death of witness in Argentina human rights trial (Dirty War dictatorship trial)

Court: Texas company unfair to black workers

Stimulus cash to give low-income Illinois parents child care break

Oil pushes past $80 - then edges off

U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

Top US court to hear Guantanamo Uighur case

FBI raid at meat processor believed tied to immigration irregularities

Retired Generals, Veterans Group And Former Congressman Launch Campaign To Close Gitmo

Obama's EPA cracks down, orders more tests for BP refinery

Discrimination case against airline settled - 6 Imams removed in 2006

Two Blasts Rock Pakistan University (5 Reported Killed)

Britain's debt at record levels

State Street Sued: California AG Jerry Brown Sues Bank For "Unconscionable Fraud"

Afghanistan's Karzai Agrees to Election Run - Off

China Set to Impose New Tariffs on Nylon (US export)

Ending death penalty could save US states hundreds of millions: study

Chronic illnesses more often undiscovered, undertreated in uninsured

First "black hole" for light created on Earth

First Lady: Veterans Deserve Care They Were Promised, Benefits They Earned

Bomb kills US soldier in Iraq

Colorado Newspaper Hiring Marijuana Critic

Senate Approves Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners

Obama to aid small businesses (initiatives that will increase credit)

Report on Iraq deaths depicts troubled soldier

Nicaragua Court Opens Way For Daniel Ortega Re - Election

Ford could report 3rd-quarter profit

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 20

Admiral: I can empty Guantanamo in 10 days

Oprah Winfrey to interview Sarah Palin

Revised formula puts 1 in 6 Americans in poverty

(Northwestern U) Students Say They've Found Proof A Man Who Has Served 31 Years in Prison is Innocen

GUATEMALA: Town that Suffered Military Terror Fights Reopening of Base

College Tuition Costs Rise 6.5% This Fall

Federal judge revokes Bernard Kerik's bail; ex-top cop headed to prison

Steele 'not really' concerned about declining GOP support

FDA Panel OKs HPV Vaccine Gardasil for Boys

Any tips for working second shift?

Nonprofit group comes to homeless family's aid (97 YO woman)

Judge rules FBI can continue to gag recipient of National Security Letter

'Extremists hijack' military name

Rome rules on admitting Anglicans

MoneyGram to pay $18M fraud settlement for helping defraud consumers

Fed's Plosser: Moral hazard genie is out of bottle

Book alleges China cut deal to host 2008 Olympics

US Rep Barton (R-Texas) Asks FCC To Stop Vote On Open Internet Rules (net neutrality)

U.S. decision can't wait for Afghan legitimacy: Gates

Supreme Court Order on petition signers' issue

US gives Shell green light for offshore oil drilling in the Arctic

Berlusconi sparks feminist backlash in Italy

Senate Dems restart campaign to extend unemployment benefits

Afghan election goes to run-off

Three arrested during protest of neo-Nazi rally in Austin

Latest bank fee is for paying off credit card on time every month

House Judiciary Committee to Propose PATRIOT and FISA Reforms

Roberts speaks out on drunken driving case

GOP officials apologize for Jewish stereotype

Basic Medicare Premium to Rise 15% Next Year

Autistic children do not have more mercury in their blood, study finds

Pelosi Prepares To Move Ahead With Robust Public Option

Michael Moore says he advised President Chávez on his speech at the UN

Citi starts closing Mastercards without warning

UnitedHealth 3Q Profit rises 13 Percent

Inquiry fails to find single trafficker who forced anybody into prostitution

Interior Dept. to investigate Bush administration's oil shale deals

Teen's Death Prompts TASER Ban!

8 US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan today

YouTube Vs Free Speech

Angry Protest After NATO Raid Kills Mother & Daughter

NATO Accused Of Paying Taliban Not To Attack

Dylan Ratigan & Michael Moore Discuss Wall Street Bonuses

Close Gitmo Group (Including Retired Gens.) to Air Ad Whacking Congress

Trailer for '8 - The Mormon Proposition' - on the millions poured in to roll back a civil right

Okinawa base future uncertain

The Real Cause Of All Our Problems

Rush Limbaugh To CNN's Carol Costello: You Need To Go Sit On A Fire Hydrant And Improve Your Day

Democracy Now: PR Executive James Hoggan on "Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming"

Amy Goodman: Hidden US Cost of Burning Fossil Fuels = $120 Billion Per Year!

Matt and "The Monster"- Rock Art Brewery vs. Monster Energy Drink

Hartmann: Banks are Terrorists $32 Billion Allocated Goldman Sachs Bonuses

Senator Thad Cochran on his vote against the Franken anti-rape amendment

Hartmann: Obama Taking on Fox Brilliant Move so He Can be Super Hero!

HLN's Joy Behar: Richard Belzer on politics

29 Killed In Iran Suicide Attack! Iran Blames U.S.! Revolutionary Guard Officers Among Dead!

The Turkey Sandwich Email

R. Maddow calls out Liz Cheney on her cowardice

"EYE OPENER" Bill Moyers Essay: The Health Care Lobby | PBS

Rep Sessions vs a Bankrupt Mom Due to Dead Son's Medical Bills

TYT Analysis: George H.W. Bush Calls Maddow & Olbermann 'Sick Puppies'

R. Maddow highlights GOP fail on HCR, interviews Sherrod Brown

HLN's Joy Behar Interviews Janeane Garofalo About FOX News, Politics & Sarah Palin

LeBron James Dunks on George W. Bush's Ass

Papantonio: The GOP Lie Machine

AP: G20 Student Arrest Video Sparks Probe

Hard Hitting Music Video Against Torture - Op-Critical and JTMP

Lou Dobbs Describes Meatless Mondays In Schools As ''A Political Storm In The Making''

President Obama Bestows Presidential Unit Citation on the Blackhorse Regiment

Wendell Potter in MoveOn Ad

Nutty Glenn Beck: Obama's Call For Volunteerism = ''Communism''

TYT Hour 10/19 (Fox News Bias, Jonathon Alter, COC on Climate Change & More)

Keith Olbermann: The White House Is Trying To Save Journalism From Faux News

Countdown: Rep. Weiner - 'Why Would We WANT to Leave Public Option Out?'

Keith Olbermann/Countdown - Worst Person in the Wooorld - Glenn BecKKK 10/20/09

Bible Prophecy For Militia And Patriot Members !

Democrats Have Been Fooled By This Fantasy Of Bipartisanship! Congressman Grayson

Republican Party Demise Predicted

Fox News: A 24/7 Political Operation, from Media Matters

Arrests Made in West Virginia Governors Office

Keith Olbermann Goes After George H.W. Bush For Calling Him "Sick Puppy"

Fake security software in millions of computers - Symantec

GOLDEN RULE: Woman Told by Insurer to Get Sterilized

Countdown: Sen. Whitehouse on Medical Bankruptcy - 'The Human Cost vs. the Propaganda'

Glenn Beck Smears Progressives: ''They Used To Be Called Slave Owners''

ELP Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Sage

Glenn Beck slams Hollywood Volunteerism

TYT: White House Goes on the Attack Against Fox News

The ROCK Obama negotiates health care reform on SNL

Letterman's producer calls workplace fair for employees

Instant Runoff Voting - See How It Ruined One Town

Philip (WW II vet speaks about Maine Equality)

Gorbachev raps Russia's "mockery" of democracy

US cuts funding to Iran opposition

So who's still advertising on Glenn Beck? October 19 edition...

AlterNet: Has 'America's Toughest Sheriff' Lost It?

anyone see this editorial in the

Report: Drone Strikes Increased Dramatically Under Obama

Field Study: Just How Relevant Is Political Science?

Wall St. Giants Reluctant to Donate to Democrats

Balloon boy incident just another example of right wing whackjobbery

Scary Isn’t a Kid in a Halloween Costume

Americans, Their Smiley-Face Facade, and Reality

Al Sharpton demands apology from Rush Limbaugh

CO toddler denied health insurance for being underweight

Balloon Family Implicated in Plot to Steal Viewers From FOX News

Banker Bonus Bingo, Great Recession-Style: Every Card's a Winner

Domestic Terrorism Gone Wild, Ready to Bankrupt Secret Service

A Rumsfeld-era reminder about what causes Terrorism (by Glenn Greenwald)

President Obama in pictures October 15 - 19, 2009

Mark Twain Verses the NFL

Infant Formula companies claim: make babies smarter

Iraq: the upcoming "goldmine" for Wall Street investors?

The Return Of Oil Price Shock

Citi starts closing Mastercards without warning

Stop building safety nets for the rich

GOP candidate calls cops on reporter asking questions

Dad of soldier: Kamdesh troops sitting ducks

Review: Soldiers broke law in shooting response

DoD scientist faces espionage charges

NATO: Time not on our side in Afghanistan

Ex-recruiter gets 15 years in sex sting plea

Sgt. will plead to faking war wounds: Corps

Ousted Minot commander won’t retire

Congress wants to put hate-group ban into law

Group worries for adoptees from Lejeune area

Drumbeat: October 20, 2009

Linking to a thread in GD concerning depleted uranium

Nudging Recycling From Less Waste to None

Democracy Now: the Yes Men Chamber Hoax is Nothing Compared to the Hoax by Fossil Fuel Companies

Global warming opens new Arctic shipping lane

NYT: Burning fossil fuels costs the United States about $120 billion a year in health costs

Baffin Island reveals dramatic scale of Arctic climate change

Oregon near top of states for new wind power projects

Biomass Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle for heat & power at ethanol plants triples energy yld

My prediction: $100 oil by the first of the new year. Your thoughts? nt

A $49,000 electric car from China can travel 250 miles on one charge, its makers claim

Shell oil gets conditional permission to drill in the Beaufort Sea

Eagles land LB (Will) Witherspoon in trade with Rams

Patriots Release WR Joey Galloway

Wrong Forum

The NEW LOOK Denver Broncos are 6-0

Somebody please explain this again to me.

Redskins Hold Press Conference To Announce They Are Still Sort Of A Football Team

Hold the fucking phone...(Yanks v. Angels, game 4)

Rachel Maddow just call the Bankees cheaters!

Shanahan turns down the Redskins...


UNDP: Central America has world's highest non-political murder rate (Tico Times - Costa Rica)

Morales: Social Movements represent change (Sri Lanka Daily Times)

Nicaragua Court Opens Way For Daniel Ortega Re - Election

Uruguayan court declares amnesty for human rights 'abusers' unconstitutional

Honduras' Radio Globo returns broadcasting

Honduran talks deadlocked on reinstating Zelaya (LAT)

GUATEMALA: Town that Suffered Military Terror Fights Reopening of Base

Peru must build on plans to legalise abortion

Police probe death of witness in Argentina human rights trial

RSF: Venezuela among the worst press freedom offenders in the region

Panama launches free Internet for All project

Paintings capture the unseen side of Colombia's war

When the bodyguard of our minister of external affairs is caught next to the minister of housing

Correa calls for LatAm integration

Chavez says Iran helping Venezuela find uranium

Ecuador's Correa announces economic stimulus plan

Arrest warrant derails Colombia-Ecuador talks

Latino in America @ CNN

Honduras: A time of no time


Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/20

D.C. posters, you probably know about this, but if you don't, name of coup plotters' D.C. firm:

Zelaya Negotiating Committee Statement 10/19/09

Michael Moore and Hugo Chavez meeting in Venice


RSF: Venezuela among the worst press freedom offenders in the region

Saudis out of the closet

Turns out, many here think handguns are fine as long as you are growing marijuana.

No sympathy from the court - Nurit Peled Elhanan

Bedouin who serve in Israel's army

Rights Watchdog, Lost in the Mideast

Israel slips down rankings for media freedom

Abbas in Cairo as Hamas rejects disarming military wing

Scandal in the raw

I long for the day when the biggest conflict between I and P will be the yearly soccer match

Palestinian president to set Jan. election date

Abbas: Arab League should denounce Hamas

Cabinet to appoint team to fight Goldstone report

As Na'alin protests fence, Hashmonaim residents hide

Netanyahu to Abbas: The time has come for peace

The Golda wars

Goldstone: Lieberman doesn't want Mideast peace process

Israel refuses to let French FM visit Gaza

Rights Watchdog, Lost in the Mideast

do you think there will ever be another legitimate rival football league?

Beware the squirrels

New Restaurant in my neighborhood, Wabi Sabi

Lock N' Load - New Reality Series on Showtime - Gun Shop

Question about putting pictures on the internet. I am planning

U2 360º Tour

Barbed nature

No. 1 Thing You Should Never Allow Your Infant To Do ...

summer pleasures past

Today in Labor History Oct 20 The union endorsed Reagan, 9 months later he fired them (PATCO)

Full recovery expected for worker (suffered an electric shock from power line)

Gurgaon, India: Tension Following Death of Auto Parts Worker (demand union)

Chicago Non-Union City Workers Ordered To Take 24 Furlough Days Next Year

Economic Report: Nearly Half Of NYC’s Work Force Has No Paid Sick Leave

Eric Lee: Iraqi unions under threat of state control - they need our support

High risk, high reward research over?

Lawyers Defeat Patent Office Bid To Limit Follow-on Patents

Was our oldest ancestor a proton-powered rock?

Humans Are Still Evolving, Study

Mapping smoke and other air pollution from space

WorldPride 2014 : what it means for Toronto

This just happened to a friend of some friends here in Toronto. They are devastated.

'Giant' orb web spider discovered in Africa and Madagascar

Bishop John Shelby Spong's recent pronouncement

Logo developing gay 'Housewives' show


An Open Letter to Bill Maher on Vaccinations

Meet future woman: shorter, plumper, more fertile

Four Banks in Govt’s ‘Healthy Bank’ Bailout Struggle to Survive

How The Federal Reserve Bailed Out The World

Tonight on PBS Frontline: The Warning

A thread that might interest thyroid sufferers

Interesting opposition of posts in GD.

Something's gotta give soon, right?

What do you think of this quote?

Swine flu linked to viral pneumonia ~ US NEWS

Mercury Levels In Children With Autism And Those Developing Typically Are The Same

Practical Tools for Making Separations - Part 2 - Jim Self

Interesting article about hypothyroidism and weight loss difficulty

Clinical features of severe cases of pandemic influenza ~ WHO

RIP Elizabeth Clare Prophet (MP3s), and how Rush can save your atheist soul

Nobel Winner Slams Bible As ‘Handbook Of Bad Morals’

Iranian Jews living in Israel prefer Ahmadinejad

It's more than just Senator Tom Harkin and woo: Christian Science and faith healing in health care

Priest arrested in Italy over Rwandan genocide

The Life of Christ in Cats

Bob McDonnell's Thesis: Christian Reconstruction and the Virginia Governor's Race

'Jesus's face' spotted on the toilet door in Ikea Glasgow

Fundie Christian kooks and fundie Moslem kooks defend polygamy together...

So I just finished reading Genesis for one of my classes...

Oops. Just a minor translation error: God is not the Creator, claims academic

How do you interpret this passage from the Holy Bible's New Testament?

Pain in the ass Anglicans to become Catholics

Brooklyn middle school students squeezed out of study space by 3 charter schools sharing building

Verb "disguises" vs. Phrase "refrains from disclosing": Any difference in meaning (or connotation)?

WOW! More teachers telling the truth at

Bread report. Thanks everyone, it is great and actually looks like

Recipe Aggregator

Hot Air: Puncturing The 10/15 Conspiracy

Is this a conspiracy theory? Is it a misuse of circumstantial evidence?

Farouk Shami, Democrat for Governor?

Texas Constitutional Amendments