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Archives: October 17, 2009

A Nobel for Defeating Cheneyism

Immigrants try to prove they are gay - so frustrated said they would have sex in front of a witness

Cindy McCain Bankrolled Conference That Called for Ban on Mercenaries

Neighbors thought dead man's body was part of Halloween display

John CrashKing McCain quotes Mao

What the hell is State Farm investing my money in?

Wow - I never knew that Betty Ford was a divorcee.....

"We Shall Overcharge"

'Illegal Alien' Halloween Costume Sparks Ire

Travis County Latino population is 25th largest in U.S.

Todd Willingham's execution: This ought to make you even madder:

Artist admits using other photo for 'Hope' poster

Inmates' request to wait out tough economy in Rockingham County jail is denied

'Atlantis' Discovered off Greek Coast....

To Profit-Driven Contractors: All Rape Cases Must Go Before the Law, Period

Study Backs Open Access to Broadband Networks

Doughnut hole solution to the healthcare crisis, Cigna would

McAuliffe On Public Option's Chances: 'Probably Not, No'

McAuliffe On Public Option's Chances: 'Probably Not, No'

I thought we killed the airborne laser....

The 'diapered' Senator Vitter ... still in Senate, still selling fear...

And where was President Obama during all this?..Toon

U.S. Expands Asian NATO Against China, Russia

Some thoughts about this week's news. The family of ballonboy reminds me of the comet people and

I have found the secret of our screwed up government on the interwebs. Behold:

"Nature bats last."

Brit High Court Slaps Down US And British Torture Coverup - bmaz\EmptyWheel

Whoa! Check out this car thief:

Whoa! Check out this car thief:

1989 - A year for catastrophes.

Teabaggers new hero - JOP Keith Bardwell. Whether he gets his ass handed to him

A missed chance for Limbaugh

American Police Force fails to pay "spokeswoman" Becky Shay

American Police Force fails to pay "spokeswoman" Becky Shay

Question for DU'ers concerning a Bill Maher Taped show for HBO

With Al-Qaida Fading, Why Expand the Afghan War?

A few words from a "naive cheerleader"

A few words from a "naive cheerleader"

Judge says Va violated absentee voters' rights

Rainy Day

Padra Island red tide update #2

Ok , The U.S. has a quadrillion quadzillion $$ of debt

I just completed my latest political screenplay.

Obama & fiscal crisis of the states ($12 trillion for financial industry, $30 billion for states)

Obama Threatens Insurers’ Anti-Trust Exemption

Peace Isn't Just The Absence Of War

Max Blumenthal: Joe Scarborough, the "Real Conservative," Has Been Blinded by the Right

Texans- what do you know about Group One?

Web surfing reduces depression in seniors

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, "The Unheard Truth: Poverty and Human Rights”

Spaniards support leftist proposal to regulate prostitution...

Did You Know GM made cars in India?

Bangladesh's madrassas enrol girls (second largest school system in the world)

Astroturfing Sarah Palin's book!

let's all put "I'm a sick puppy" in our sig

let's all put "I'm a sick puppy" in our sig

A reminder Here Are Your 30 Pro-Rape Senators And McCain is one of them

LA Times: California job losses continue to climb

Panama--a "practice war"? A blast from the past

Facts About Swine Flu

Boehner Admits He's Heard From Supporters of Public Option

FOX NEWS - "Fear & UnBalanced"

No Ezra, the excise tax is not a "good thing"

Imagine that...

Would you say that the anti-vaccination is crowd is wacko Left or wacko Right, or both?

Democrats Fire Back at Health Industry

Science Forum: GD you need to see this.... the death of chimp

Leading Democratic Hawk Jane Harman Opposes Troop Increase In Afghanistan

It all started 96 hours after 9/11

Having sneaky free trade agreement talks with Sri Lanka's mass murdering government!

That Scary Public Option!

That Scary Public Option!

James Baker the 3rd needs to SHUT UP about Honduras!

the hymen was capital, between my legs

Neighbors thought dead man was Halloween display

Neighbors thought dead man was Halloween display

Should I do anything about this? (User w/ Obama assassin graphic & violent/anti-Obama commentary).

Harry what about your legacy as Majority Leader

"Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat, evil racebaiter"

Heads up, Seattle. Rare funnel cloud/tornado warning just released by Nat. Weather Service--

Citibank Robbery

Deficit lower than expected.

The Speech Obama Needs to Give

The Balloon boy's father just put a BOX out front of his house for reporters' questions!

Bill Maher On The Year In Ridiculous Republicans (Video) - HuffPo

The REAL issue in Honduras: Honduran Constitution "worst in the world"--Oscar Arias

News In Red And Blue: How Messages About Social Factors And Health Can Backfire

Because the Government and Big Pharma have a monopoly on Science...

Formatting question

Did anyone else hear Malloy just mention a national work strike on October 29?

Bill Maher just went Beck-ish on his show.

Jindal, Landrieu call for removal of judge who wouldn't perform interracial marriage

Christian Scientists and Health Care Reform- Pay for Pray

delete, buggy DU

Fox Noise helps teabaggers target media.

"No site structure can possibly withstand that many people typing in all caps"

Two Republican propaganda cartoons from 1952 . . . . . . (images fixed)

A response to Rush Limbaugh's WSJ column whining about the NFL

Dems to dominate Sunday shows (Emanuel, Kerry, Dodd, Jarrett, Conrad, Axelrod)

I know a woman who has a cyber husband and a cyber dog

Three reasons why the Teabaggers should pay the debt off by themselves!

The Power Of Negative Thinking

The Power Of Negative Thinking

North Carolina forced to release 20 violent criminals

Michael Shermer Schools Bill Maher on Bill's Ridiculous Stance on Vaccinations

Ollie North: Protecting the Image

Trolling right out of the gate never convinced anyone

That stuff about 2012? It's not going to happen

I wish news folks would ask interracial couple denied marriage license about same sex marraige


Little signs that things are starting to improve

Going 'deep', not 'big', in Afghanistan (I hope they read this!)

Why the banks are not lending the money we gave them?

Started a new job on Tuesday. The company hired 30 people


Finland makes 1Mb broadband access a legal right

Orly Taitz, Master Attorney

Truck bomb destroys key bridge in western Iraq

Just 30 days away from media orgasm!

Received a summons for jury duty from US District Court...

Daddy Chihuahua leads his pack to safety

No Comment TV: EuroNews

Decapitation Strategy: Republicans Eye Democratic Leaders in 2010.

Lawmaker Reposts Revised Anti-Obama "RedNeck Rap" Video

Let's make a list of actual liberals in the Senate

The Race Card, Football and Me

New Intelligence Squared U.S. debate - "Can The U.S. Succeed In Afghanistan, Pakistan?"

jellyfish causing problems in Hawaii

Sunday TV News Shows

The Obama I Voted For

Both Sides in Honduras Criticize US


With H1N1 flu spreading quickly, and a number of deaths

Dr. Oz Puts a Face on the Uninsured

ObamaCare to include psychological counseling for Republicans

Annual What Was Your Crappiest Job Survey



Exclusive: I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax

How do you handle rockin' pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu?

Eight Metro Detroit mosques opening doors to everybody

Idaho Gets 4 Times More Stimulus Money in Contracts Than Louisiana

Code Pink Delivers Afghan Petition To President

Authorities: "Looks like" charges will be filed against balloon family

George H.W. Bush: 'You may have gotten my ass email'

This One's For You Poppy Bush

It sickens me to see Baucus described as a "moderate" Democrat

How many of these people can you name?

OJ Simpson got off the first trial due partly to this assclown.

Did Mayumi Heene spill the beans on hubby?

Prosecutors: Smith was on 44 medications

Robeson High School in Chicago had a student who died in childbirth last year...

Holy, blessed Mary! There IS a God! (from HuffPost) Frist news

I think we need to understand what is going on at airport security:

Do you identify as a "moderate"? if so...

A Washington Redskins Cheerleader gets a seasonal Flu Shot

I just told a rabid right-wing friend of mine off

Super Obama World

2011 - "Obama's Coup Fails" - Online Game Based On Post Obama-American Civil War

Governor calls for firing of justice in interracial marriage case

Insurance industry anti-trust exemption: What are the pros and cons? (NT)

Rajaratnam Surfaced in U.S. Terrorism Probe

Do you identify as a "liberal"? If so...

Saudi Arabia to legalize handguns, license private gun shops

The friggin' Hennes are on CNN. PUHleese!

Thank God Willa Cather was around to write a Levi Jeans commercial....

Thank God Willa Cather was around to write a Levi Jeans commercial....

k/r for FDR's Second Bill of Rights

I could not POSSIBLY be more fucking JUBILANT...MSNBC: "Bailout fuels new era of Wall St. wealth"

I could not POSSIBLY be more fucking JUBILANT...MSNBC: "Bailout fuels new era of Wall St. wealth"

The LA Justice of Peace story shows the fight for marriage equality

go baby go! - "Teenage adventurer Jessica Watson will begin her solo round-the-world"

THAT's the guy I voted for.

31 educators disciplined!

Do you identify as a "conservative"? If so...

Too Hard to Understand

The Battle Between the White House and Fox News

finally, a good (so far) Obama skit on snl:

WHo else is spitting stuff on their keyboard. We have, on SNL, THE ROCK Obama taking

Orly fails to learn lesson

Colorado gambling law garnishes $600,000 from winnings of deadbeat parents

Is there a way to block out an entire forum, like the Gun forum? Thanks. nt

Dr. Jack Stanzler - R.I.P.

Warning: "You Can't Handle The Truth !!!" - Know Why ??? - Because...

When do the riots begin?

CNN - "Justice stands by refusal to give interracial couple license to wed"

"10/15/09. We will never forget."

TSA posts video of "TSA Agents Took My Son" incident:

"people with the strongest resumes turned out to be the weakest hires"

Cat 4 Hurricane Rick may be Cat 5 tonight or tomorrow - Mexico beware!

KBR Inc.- 1,200 Troops at Iraq treatment plant potentially exposed to cancer-causing chemical

Sotomayor performs Supreme wedding

OK, I have a minute now. I heard a story this morning early that the Baucus bill has a back door

Have I got this wrong or is the Iraq war NOT the reason for the huge deficit in the U.S.A?

Do you identify as "progressive"? If so, could you do me a favour?

20 years ago today, I had my world rocked in San Francisco: Loma Prieta earthquake

I have applied for dozens & dozens of jobs in the last several weeks

Frank Rich: Goldman Can Spare You a Dime

Law & Order Special Victims is dealing

Those horrible parents! How could they do that to that boy?

Rupert Murdoch to Internet: It’s War!

Atlantis Found?

Atlantis Found?

Today's provocative thread topic: Balloon Boy's Dad Shows Signs of Narcissistic Personality...

This post is not about my teeth

"The Rock Obama" (spoiler warning)

I think I know why the swine flu is so contagious.

The Very Separate World of Conservative Republicans

Just got back from seeing David Cross live here in Atlanta. He of course got a little political.

Nurse whistleblowers face jail time

White House "Ordered" Lawmakers to Amend FOIA in Order to Conceal Torture Photos

BREAKING NEWS: Colorado sheriff says criminal charges will be filed in 'balloon boy' case

Someone please explain to me why you would CHOOSE to log onto an internet message board and ........

The Rich Have Stolen The Economy

Maybe Willy Shakespere had it wrong, maybe he should hath wrote,

Girl's yearbook photo pulled over tuxedo

Washington Redskins Cheerleader Has Psychogenic Disease after Flu shot

Delusional in Dixie

Is it just me, or are there some DU'ers cheering for higher gas prices?

New York Budget Cuts: Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, & the Environment. Where's Obama?

Need help in two issues. My SIL is strong Union but his brother works

Private students going public: Public school districts seeing more transfers

War is peace. Ignorance is strength

When does the country implode from the greed?

Shouldn't the Donora deaths from smog back in 1948 have alerted

Morehouse dress code bans cross-dressing: it's not 'expected in Morehouse men'

Terrorist plot unravels at rural Oregon ranch

Obama Continues with Strong Positives in Gallup Poll

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I don't take orders from anybody

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I don't take orders from anybody

I'm not sure I understand what Obama's doing

ISO Abbie Hoffman

Swine Flu Question: Will this vaccine protect you if the flu mutates?

Last word on Balloon boy bullSHIT.

IBM exec's arrest leads to 'cheering in the halls'

Do you remember the 80's hardcore punk scene?

Two nurses face jail time for reporting a doctor to the Texas Medical Board

How much was Colorado's budget deficit this year?

Attorney Uses “Boys Will Be Boys” Defense in Alleged Sexual Assault

The death of language?

Six-Year-Old Sells Her Toys to Aid Local Police Dogs

Six-Year-Old Sells Her Toys to Aid Local Police Dogs

"Many angry man wouldn't marry interracial couple"

Dean at Fordham: Dems in " up too much for little return."

Are you responsible for deaths that result from America's interventions overseas?

Please sign congressman Anthony Weiner's Petition for Public Option

Can We Charge Governor Rick Parry With Murder?

Will Pitt Wedding pics in the Lounge:

Thar she blows!

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee just called me.

"I stand by my decision, and it is my right not to marry an interracial couple."

I wasn't planning on getting the H1N1 vaccine, but I've changed my mind...

A Sincere Recommendation re: Flu Vax

Meet Melanie Shouse.

Mr President, do know how many people lived on ramen noodles to get you elected?

Mr President, do know how many people lived on ramen noodles to get you elected?

Mr President, do know how many people lived on ramen noodles to get you elected?

Obama loosens missile technology controls to China

H1N1 Vaccine Yes or No

H1N1 Vaccine Yes or No

On a national strike...

Bailout Helps Fuel a New Era of Wall Street Wealth

Any DUers have success losing weight? What worked for you?

Poll - Afghanistan Escalation, Support or Oppose

Ha-Ha: Another Obama/Goldman-Sachs Coincidence For You Middle-Class Chumps

Not everything you read on the internet is true:

Which type flu have you had in recent years?

Just as a reminder, I'm doing the 3rd ann. The Late Lee Atwater Award for GOP Evil this Halloween

Pictures from our Billionaires for Wealthcare Rally today - and our invasion of the teabaggers

Now we are seeing the clash of the "activist class" and the "governing class" that was predicted...


Eye for an Eye - Unkle

Am I gettin...(gulp)...OLD?

I love you

Hey! I just found out that if you eat animal crackers and drink whiskey and coke...

So Wes Anderson has made Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox into a movie


Here's Lucero

New game "Senate Finance Committee"

It got that way from arm wrestling, honest!

Brothers Bloom

My parents covered the porch of our cabin with snacks to attract raccoons...

Best dramatic movie introductions...

Anyone know how to uninstall a program that only partially installed

So, who left the bottles of beer out on the porch?

I just found out that Eddie Izzard ran 43 marathons in 52 days...

Hey Symarip...I found a picture of your cat!!!

My Uncle is a mean drunk and my Grandmother protects him from that fact

my oh my

Took The Children Away

Billy Joel - The Ballad of Billy the Kid

Aes Dana - Memory Shell

woohoo!! Phil and Bill back on the WMNF-FM Sat. 60's show!!!!

Blame it on the alcohol

When was the last time a college football team scored 100 points or more?

I'm feeling a bit sentimental today. Sometimes the daily grind of life makes you forget that...

New Math

A missing voice in the Lounge? I'm surprised this time.

Is this the first year that JC Penney dumped their Xmas catalog?

When it's real; You know it's real

The show must go on....

I have reached my weight loss goal


Turn me ON, dead "official" site... offers $74.98 "Sinatra Golf Duffle Bag"

WARNING: this is just a hospital x-ray, but it's painful to look at

I propose a solution to the ball-kicking/labor-pain debate

Grayson has GUTS

Your Saturday afternoon math story problem:

"A Bear Ate My iPhone!"

I want to play Dozor!

starting all over again is gonna be rough

My adorable son, a junior in high school, just got back from the game and the dance.

7:00pm choices...

What's the best economical cell phone service?

"Hey Grandpa, what's for supper?"

What do you think of eBooks? Do you have an eBook device?

i was a member of a class action lawsuit that has finally settled

I've had a rough night and I hate fucking Evanescence, man.

So they're making a sequel to Close Encounters of the Third Kind - THE FOURTH KIND


The Prisoner redux.

what are you doing over there

Setting up a router sucks

sometimes i watch AMC and i noticed they are spamming some show called mad men

Monty Python series on IFC begins tonight!

Extra good vibes needed for my Mimic!!!

To all my friends in the lounge,

Lovely prom dress... whaddya think?

Yesterday was the perfect day with my hubby!

So today I find out that I had dinner at this guy's house a while back:

Yogurt question

My grandmother passed away last night.

My grandmother passed away last night.

When you hear someone order a Crown Royal, what do you think?

Oklahoma and UT fans who are disgusted by Tim Tebow


Do you identify as a dumbshit? If so . . .

This is for the H.P. Lovecraft fans here and new fans.

What happened to Billyskank?

Poll question: I can't decide...should I have a few peers?

Yak herd begins small near Berthoud

I can't decide...should I have a few beers?

Is there anyone here that knows anything about snakes?

Ok , I am finally heading out to see "Capitalsim : A love Story"

I just read Dawkins' "The Greatest Show on Earth" - EXCELLENT!

Week 2 of Italian Regional Cooking Menu.

Printing a google map - un-freakin'-believable.

Google Now Crowdsourcing Street View With A Trike

CU vs. Kansas... (spoilers)

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth

Is this image coming through? It's a mutant piglet born with a troll's face

**Happy Birthday to Aristus!**

Wicker Man on TV. Sweet!

Any good dream interpretors in the house? I got a doozy!......

Best Chocolate: Dark, Milk, or White?

When you hear somebody order a Remy Martin, what do you think?

evidence of life on Mars

I have a question about my DVD player: It seems a lot of the

Some new Lucy pics and a puppy (dialup warning)

Who the fuck are you?

Happy Halloween from the BABIES!!!

So I met a Puppy Mill Breeder Rescue today....

Now this is a cool pumpkin carving!

Let's Trim Our Hair According to the Socialist Lifestyle

do you remember when we were in africa?

Ok, horror film fans, any good recent ones you've seen?

A Moral Quandry re: dressing (ie humiliating ) my pup

What do you do with all your leftover trick or treat mini choclate bars?

Falcon Heene Rap...**WARNING:GRAPHIC**

I might do another "They Might Be DUzy's" thread next week

It's GREAT when you're broke and you don't think you have anything

Today's College Football Thread (Red River Rivalry Edition)

Black bear wanders into grocery store (No, really)

Do you believe in ghosts?

When you hear somebody order Martini & Rossi, what do you think?

Any Dexter fans? What do you think of the season so far?

HEED THIS WARNING: It is now Girl Scout Cookie season

Bedtime for me, my dears. Goodnight!

Billy Joel

My stupid spellchecker thinks "Theatre" is a typo .....


Mojo Nixon fans? Looks like all his MP3 albums are FREE on

what things do you consider "tools of the devil?"

What are your favorite Westerns? I'm spending a tired afternoon watching Lonesome Dove.

half chicken, roasted. in the fridge. good for how long?

So sad when love starts to die.

Important Enough to Correct?

Tim Tebow needs a Bible lesson

Have You Dreamed About This Man?

Beethoven 5th Symphony (No. 5, graphical score animation, allegro) with instrument guide

For someone allergic to cooking, I made a damn fine bean soup today.

Anyone have comedy movie recommendations...

It was the perfect day for a ride, but I should let automobile drivers know this...

Tell em...

Could someone do me a favor and go to

For Deadheads: Rock, Roll Over and Play Dead.......Dead-Opoly

I'm seriously irritated that TLC has taken What Not to Wear off the air until 2010.

My cats are pretty stoned right now pics

Cooked my first sous vide tonight! I did mahi mahi. Quite excellent!

What weird things do your fur-friends enjoy eating?

What is your favorite term for being elegantly wasted?

Daddy Chihuahua leads his pack to safety

Bloomberg - "Obama Administration Pushes Back at Bank Lobbying on Regulation"

Keadle aims for Congress

George H.W. Bush: Olbermann And Maddow Are "Sick Puppies"

Court urged to delay action on prison photos

Mayo to drop some patients in Mont., Neb., Ariz.

You can't reason with a Paranoid.

Link to hour long video for "Fiesta Latina at the White House"

Make up your effing minds! He can't be four things at once!

So the dollar is dropping faster than Joan Rivers last tussy tuck...

Congressional leaders signaling move to repeal DADT

Congressional leaders signaling move to repeal DADT

Obama Threatens Insurers’ Anti-Trust Exemption

Anyone else find it a bit interesting tea-baggers like to hold up photos of Reagan?

NYT: Lessons in Victory - How J.F.K.'s approach to Vietnam is a model for President Obama.

Fla. Rep. Brown won't run for Senate

Will Obama and Congress end health insurer's antitrust exemption?

Gotta love this:

Rebranding America, By BONO (NYT)

There They Go Again

Why Does a Lower Than Expected Deficit Complicate Stimulus Plans? (MSM spin strikes again)

Bush (41): Attacks on Obama "sometimes crosses lines of civility". KO and Maddow are "sick puppies".

David Gergen pulverized Terry Jeffery on CNN

teabagger's anthem.

Dumezich Cites the Dow in Taking a Pass on Bayh

CNN - "Pentagon cancels deployment of 3,500 U.S. troops to Iraq"

It's on: Sharpton vs Limbaugh

Orly's Gone Round the Bend

Rightwing Voters: Obama's Success = Destruction of USA

Talk about 'Death Panels': When did you last see 'Damaged Care'? 'I, as a physician, could simply stamp a piece of paper and cause'

Krugman: "AHIP study has turned out to be extremely helpful to the other side"

Handy "Grab A Mop" Graphic!

SNL doing "Rock" Obama

Speaking of 'sick puppies', George H. W. Bush...

VIDEO: Exclusive clip from HBO Doc "We The People: The Election of Barack Obama"

What Is Rush Limbaugh's Net Worth? $1 Billion?

1968-2008: Recorded Vote Margin vs. NEP Returning Voter Anomalies (X)

Kerry: Obama would be "irresponsible" to send more troops to Afghanistan now

Obama goes after health insurers in weekly address

what foods do you consider "tools of the devil?"

Evidence of a clever PUMA. Huffington Post is Promoting A Hate Site Fanatic

Swine Flu Could Hit Minorities Hard

Woman Says Flu Shot Triggered Rare Disorder

Bonuses Put Goldman in Public Relations Bind (700k each for 31,000 employees)

Cindy McCain Bankrolled Conference That Called for Ban on Mercenaries

Billionaire among 6 nabbed in inside trading case

Gunman Kills 13 At Mosque in North Iraq

Media sceptics mull Goldstone vote

Ousted Honduran leader sets Monday deadline on counteroffer

Israel's Netanyahu vows long fight against U.N. report

Too Hard to Understand

Artist admits using key AP photo for 'HOPE' poster

Obama Threatens Insurers’ Anti-Trust Exemption

Maldives cabinet holds underwater [climate change] conference

'Toxic waste' report gag lifted

Iraq cabinet ratifies oil deals

Delay Undercuts H1N1 Vaccine Campaign

Pentagon ends plans to send Army brigade to Iraq

Newsweek reporter freed in Iran

Paul Pelosi Buys A Football Team

Three US troops killed in Afghanistan: NATO

I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax (Gawker)

I Helped Richard Heene Plan a Balloon Hoax (Gawker)

Parents of 'balloon boy' face charges

Is the U.S. Softening Its Opposition to the Honduran Coup?

Karzai balking at deal to end Afghan election dispute

Canada quietly asks EPA to weaken anti-pollution measures

UK to appeal order demanding publication of US torture docs

US balloon parents 'face charges'

Justice stands by refusal to give interracial couple license to wed

(Shepard Fairey) admits using other photo for 'Hope' poster

Bolivia summit adopts new currency

Big anti-abortion rally in Spain

Obama Chastises "Deceptive and Dishonest" Health Insurers (Companies Would Kill Reform at Any Cost)

Pakistan fights 'mother of all battles' with the Taliban

Sharpton threatens suit against Limbaugh

Moscow Mayor Promises a Winter Without Snow

Rick Now 'Extremely Dangerous' Category 4 Hurricane

AT&T to raise landline phone service by more than 20 percent

Jindal, Mary Landrieu want official who wouldn't marry interracial couple ousted

Twelve dead and helicopter downed as Rio de Janeiro drug gangs go to war

RCMP seizes vessel carrying 76 off B.C. coast

Obama Threatens Insurers’ Anti-Trust Exemption

U.S., Mexico face shortage of H1N1 flu vaccine I have some wedding photos here...

GM CFO search complicated by US pay rules - WSJ (oh noes only $1 million a year in salary)

Pakistan army begins ground assault on Taliban in South Waziristan

BBC: Court Orders Torture Records Of British GITMO Detainee Be Released To Public!

Rep Alan Grayson vs Republicans on 'die quickly' comment & insults

Rachel Exposes "Americans for Prosperity" (Friday, October 16)

Weekly Address: Taking the Insurance Companies on Down the Stretch

Dawn's Story: Brain Tumor Patient Received more than 9 denials from Cigna

Wyclef Answers President Obama's critics

Interracial Couple Denied Marriage By Justice Of The Peace In Louisiana

maxkeiser ON THE EDGE, 'Goldman and JPMorgan are financial suicide bombers'

Obama: Grab a Mop

Sneak peek: Secrets of The Lost Symbol

TYT: 4th Grader To Obama - Why Do People Hate You?

Time To Stand Against Insurance Companies Lies And Ploys

Canadian Conservative MPs Denied Visa to Sri Lanka

Interview: Disease threat in Sri Lanka camps - 12 Oct 09

Looming humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka camps - 12 Oct 09

Huda's story

TYT: Beck Cries Over White House, Weenie!!

Mystery UFO halo in clouds over Moscow? Oct 7 2009

MSNBC's Chris Matthews vs. Head Texas Teabagger

NEIL INNES - PROTEST SONG - Rutland Weekend Television

Rep. Alan Grayson on What It Means to Be a Democrat

Cornel West Sounds Off on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Frank Schaeffer - Fundamentalist Foot Soldiers

Freedom TV with Tom Raper: American Patriot (PART 1)

Bush, 911 and Mortgage Fraud

Dept. of Energy - Solar House Decathlon - JTMP

Alan Grayson on Real Time

Obama Dances with Thalia at Fiesta Latina

The Nasty G O P: The Party of "NO" gets their very own theme video from The Freedom Toast

Iraqi Taliban Interview gone bad

President Barack Obama Lashes Out at Health Insurers

Sen. Kerry on Afghanistan

Dr. Oz Houston Free Health Clinic - clips

Dr. Oz Show: 'Helping America's Forgotten' (MUST-SEE Free Clinic Episode - All Segments)

Alan GRAYSON on Real Time with Bill Maher - 10/16/09 interview

Maldives Government Holds Underwater Cabinet Meeting To Sign An SOS Message To The World

TYT Hour 10/14/09 (Healthcare, Hannity, Star Trek Interview & More!)

Little kid does a parody of Glenn Beck LOL

Glenn BecKKK Gets Schooled By A Medical Student!

Dylan Ratigan: Goldman Sachs magic trick - 10/16/09

Maher: NEW RULES 10/16/09 - Catch it before it's gone! NEW RULES

New Conspiracy Theory. The world ends on Oct 25th!

The Doctor's Option

Mike Malloy: The Last Moment With Bob.

FOX News "Flu Shot Fears" Story Crushed By Guest Doctor

How now, DOW?

America, Heal Thyself: Healthcare As A Metaphor For Our National Political Pathology

Honduras: Stop Blocking Human Rights Inquiries

NYT:Tracking the $700 billion bailout

Surveillance Camera Footage of Honduras Coup Invasion of Channel 36

No alternative

Time to Take on the Banks

Crooks and Liars: Militia madness: Online game based on American civil war...

Ignore Fox-Obama's right. It's time to stop taking the network's skewed news seriously.

Dupe......mods pls delete

Got flu vaccine? Thank big gov't: The H1N1 response is a great example of your tax dollars at work

The Empire Blue Cross Strikes Back

Whose War, What War?

Another Goldman Executive Named to Key Government Post as Its Profits Skyrocket

A Really Controversial Tax Proposal

Louisiana Justice of Peace Refuses to Marry Couple Based on Their Wedding Dessert

Daughter Of Ahmadinejad Adviser Seeks Asylum In Germany

The media's Glenn Beck problem

Newlywed won't tolerate 'overt racism' by Louisiana official

It all started 96 hours after 9/11

Bush 41,"Olbermann Maddow, Sick Pups

US Healthcare History: Our Very Own Killing Fields

Racist undertones of the 'socialist' epithet

Winners Announced in Solar Decathlon House Competition

Living Near Green Lowers Anxiety, Depression Rates, Study Finds

Last month was the second warmest September on record

"The movie Al Gore doesn't want you to see"

Minton report: Carter-Ruck give up bid to keep Trafigura study secret

The world's future is being decided this weekend

Biogas could supply 18 per cent of total UK demand for gas

Leveling Appalachia: The Legacy of Mountaintop Removal Mining

Cullen Bryant; back helped drive Rams to Super Bowl

I have some good news, and I have some bad news . . .

oklahoma just had a guy WIDE open

Where watch free livestream college football?

Oh hell! The Golden Buffalo Chips took down undefeated KU.

Damn OU!


I continue to be proud to be a RAZORBACK!

Arkansas Beats Florida 20-23

The refs are really helping Florida today

Final: Purdue 26, Ohio St. 18

12 in a row. 7-0. Iowa wins again

Venezuela's debt capacity slips

[es] Base de Paz impulsada por Venezuela inicia actividades en Costa Rica

[es]El Nacional: Poder de compra de los más pobres cayó después de crecer durante 5 años

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/17

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/16

Honduran Junta still in the talks (CNN, AFP)

Source of Arias' statement--Honduran Constitution "worst in the world."

Striking Graphic Novel Tells Story of Honduras Coup and Unrest

[es] Jerome Duval: Golpe mediático en Honduras

Allan McDonald on Obama’s prize

Ballet Diplomacy

Yoani Sánchez y la manipulación de un premio (YS and the manipulation of a prize)

Venezuelan government takes steps to revive the economy

(Amendment II Democrats) Gun advocacy or thoughtcrime?

Silly Things Grabbers Say: "The criminal will just take your gun away from you and use it on you."

Palestinian mobile firm in political firestorm delays launch - again

Israel's Netanyahu vows long fight against U.N. report

Source: Report won't halt peace talks

PA 'won't oppose war crimes trials for Hamas militants'

Israeli Ambassador Rejects American Jews, Embraces Hagee, Christian Zionists

Olmert faces rude welcome in Chicago

Scary stuff at the Del Mar Scaregrounds (CA)

Some Pics of the Palm Springs Intl Airport from 25 miles away and 6500 ft. Altitude

In Asheville fall means

Random shots from recent trip to VT

Blue Bike

Wolves in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone NP

Disgraceful. For the sake of the integrity of the game of baseball, CANCEL the fucking

tebow should be the quarterback of the longhorns


Today in Labor History Oct 16 John Brown led 21 followers on a raid at Harpers Ferry

Today in Labor History Oct 17 Warren Billings is released from prison, "Salt of the Earth" strike

Health care supporters urge Franken to put on the boxing gloves

Economist Dean Baker: No Reason To Accept Suffering Of Unemployment

Economic Report: Fed Says Economic Recovery Not Enough To “Appreciably Lower” Unemployment

The Inadequate Costs of Labor Law Violations

AP: A walkout ends, and strikers find a changed world (long read)

Defections Expose Chamber's Dirty Little Secrets

Formal portrait of an apple

Hoh - Hoh - Hoh (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Stingless wasp species discovered in Kent

Don't miss the Orionids!!! A great meteor shower this coming week.

Prop 8ers from California are pushing Prop 1 in Maine

Morehouse College Bans Cross-Dressing

22 Democrats who voted against The Matthew Shepard Act


UK Daily Mail colummist Jan Moir gets called out for homophobic article

Chimpanzee farewell

Schrödinger's virus-thought experiment may soon be realized

Please help me out with tax structure.

Little signs that things are starting to improve

Goldman Sachs gives USA the finger--How else can you describe it?

My man. Unsure if he's loving or leaving. Please send vibes.

it's started

Ear Acupuncture Curbs Pain in Pregnant Women

Hot Or Cold Water To Kill Those Germs? Does It Matter?

Scientists Demonstrate Link Between Genetic Defect And Brain Changes In Schizophrenia

Invention to help quadriplegics makes finals in competition

Self Delete.

Had a coronary bypass? Might want to read this. (Interesting, not negative..)

Who Resists Vaccines Most?

Researchers Believe Cervical Cancer Vaccine Could Be Linked to Cases of Lou Gehrig's Disease ~ WEBMD

A Mother, a Sick Son and His Father, the Priest

So, the consensus seems to be that is is NOT offensive for someone to say "May god bless you" or

Nigerian Children Deemed Witches Tortured

"Doctor says near-death experiences are in the mind"...

Halloween: Remember--alcohol and pumpkins do NOT mix!

Anyone here use Paw Paws?

Ex-contractor pleads guilty to sex assault in Iraq

If you objected to NYC-CAN, your reason is:

People who support the goal of a new 9/11 investigation are: