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Terry Gilliam

Can someone explain to me

APF's Mercedes leave Montana

Ex-cop cleared to withdraw guilty plea

Supreme Leader of Iran reportedly dead/or in coma.

A Storm Tossed, Star Crossed, Cross Dressing, Cross Cultural, Cross Disciplinary Discussion

If every executive who worked in the for-profit health insurance industry

To prove Muslim ’spying,’ right-wing authors planted spy

How Eric Schmidt funds Wendy Schmidt, tax-free (Google/Foundations)

The Conservative Bible: Where Are You, Monty Python?

To Beat the Taliban, Fight From Afar

British soldiers worry that victories are temporary in Afghanistan

Gates to meet new Japanese leaders during Pacific swing

Poor Roman Polanski

Military Kids Cope With Suicide

New definition of crazy ...

Quick impact projects slow progress in Afghanistan

Oh noes... we won't play teh gays..........

Getting the Job Done

Kellogg's says laser-etched cornflakes are real

Hague fixes Karadzic trial date - war crimes and crimes against humanity. immunity appeal rejected

Dem hopes to unseat Rep (Al-Qaida Will Be "Dancing In The Streets" If Obama Wins) King (R-Ia)

IKEA: owned by a "charitable foundation"

The Republican Senators are seriously sick people, if this Franken bill is anything to go by...

Mormon Leader Compares Pro-Equality Activists to Violent Segregationists

So Rethugs object to a Consumer Financial Protection

Coming up on ABC's Good Morning Republicans

Mika's lamentation for Rush's defeat: "Is that how it's going to be?"

Fugg you Joe Scum and Chuck Todd

Episcopal Life: Among military chaplains, fundamentalism is taking hold.

So Boehner and the Rs and RW shrills are concerned about jobs now after

Photos of Military Deaths in Afghanistan Banned

Jindal closed NOAH. He closed the ONLY public mental health facility in New Orleans.

Gunmen, Bomber Hit 4 Sites in Pakistan, 38 Die

West Wing on Bravo now.

The Secret About Jobs Military Contractors Don't Want You to Know

So, Helen, Rush & some NASCAR fan all walk into a bar. Morning Joe is on the TV...

Do We Have the Best Health Care System in the World?..(Survey says....)

Recruited by MI5: the name's Mussolini. Benito Mussolini

These collected quotes prove that rush HATES black folks...

Harry Reid has massive testosterone injection!! But will it be effective?

Armed With A Deadly Burrito

China forges links with Iran and disagrees on sanctions over nuclear program - al jazeera

A New Way to Gather Data on People

10 Most Brilliant Products of 2009

Studies: Some nursing home elderly get futile care

Danziger Toon- One wafer-thin mint?

Mexico: Military & federal police are kidnapping electricians and forcing them to work.

Interesting little econ fact: Penn State Univ ADVERTISING

Cornel West on CSPAN

Bolton suggests nuclear attack on Iran

The New Face of the GOP (Kathleen Parker's supplier must have ramped up the quality)

Sometimes, shit just stares you in the face

Dylan Ratigan To Chamber Of Commerce's Tom Donohue: "You Talk Nonsense" (VIDEO)

LOL did you know that WMAL-AM may drop Joe Scarborough's radio show?

Reverse trick or treating--give away chocolate for fair trade

If I were running for office

Worldchanging 101: An Anniversary Collection

Lt. Choi Won’t Lie for His Country - by Amy Goodman

Spitzer on GEM$NBC now

Hey Rush, you drug infested fugg

AHHH...I forgot about the open phones on CSPAN...

the hideous michelle bachmann on the front page of

groan - The Morning Blow crew are discussing "women"

Anyone watching Michael Moore school Maria Bartiromo on the realities of capitalism on MJ

GMA Diane Sawyer asks Karl Rove 3 times if there's a rebellion brewing b/c of bank bonuses

Not Your Father's Chamber Of Commerce: Nat'l Organization Now A Tool Of The Radical Right

Tapwater Catches Fire After Natural Gas Drillers Move In

Dog’s shooting raises ire

Sales are up 30% this year (canning supplies)

Knighthood?? Just an early AM checklist thought..

My nine year old daughter just asked "Who was the first girl President?"

"We are all Rush Limbaugh" ??

New jobless claims number 514,000. Of course, as it is nearly every week,

Foreclosures rise 5 percent from summer to fall

The AHIP rep on Morning Meeting is stuttering. . He must have just

Hey Rush....

A Nobel for Defeating Cheneyism

When did America elect Ms. Snowe president?

Greenwald: A perfect logo

Is Limbaugh getting shafted by the NFL owners?

Former Connecticut DEP Chief lauds Cap & Trade (was a Republican appointee)

AfPak: War on two fronts ..what is going on?

Who's next in line to Chair the House Ways & Means Cmte?

Obama's Secret Jobs Plan - dollar depreciation

Islander will return to American Samoa in wake of tsunami

After 50 years, the Army gets a new parachute

Checketts drops Rush from his group that wants to buy the Rams. I hope he still doesn't get the team

OPEN LETTER To Limbaugh: What’d You Say About SLAVERY

Jim Rome's take on Rush Limbaugh

Dylan Ratigan is doing it again just called out the AHIP spokesperson. . .

ack - wrong forum - pls delete

Grayson calls on American public to 'Unmask the Fed'

President Obama fixing to fuck up traffic in New Orleans while

Pennsylvania seems to have declared war on the environment.

U.K. Pushes Pay Changes on Foreign Banks Treasury Threatened to Pull Busines

China has 130 billionaires

"Health Insurers' Dirty Secret" by Greg Palast

Perry's general counsel benefitted from experts in his own arson-related case

Is the Chamber of Commerce the Rethug's version of Acorn?

Rachel Maddow seems to be sick quite often.

Mother Takes Blame For 400-Pound Teen (Story followup)

Chairman of the Orange County CA Board of Ed: Homosexuality 'not a civil right'

Dollar May Decline to 50 Yen, Lose Reserve-Currency Status, Sumitomo Says

Could it be the powers to be, I'll admit I have no clue as to who they are,

Could it be the powers to be, I'll admit I have no clue as to who they are,

It's the End of the Arctic as We Know It.....And I don't feel fine.

Neal Cavuto: The Obama recession is over, the Bush recovery has begun

Now, that the Baucus bill is out of Committee (cartoon)

Anyone else hear about AZ congressman Jeff Flake hiding out on a deserted island in the Pacific for

U.S military speed plans for 13-ton bomb... but deny Iran nuclear standoff is the reason

I keep reading those of us over 50 don't need (not recommended) to get the N1H1 vaccination

good for a laugh: "Tonight… We Are All Rush Limbaugh"

Navajo Nation mourns passing of Code Talker

TPM: New Ambassador Needed

Crazy Ariana Huffington wants Joe Biden to resign because Obama will send more troops to Afghanistan

Dylan Ratigan contact info

Yesterday's Health Care Rally

Report: George Soros part of Checketts group, too

The Rude Pundit - Queerness and the American Media: Comedy and Tragedy

I have no idea who 'Jon & Kate' are and I hope I never find out

Gary Davis drops bid for Cal 3rd congressional seat!


You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows..

Ireland Bans Genetically Modified Crops

What it means exactly to be a "useful idiot"

Limbaugh sacked - my local paper makes me proud

How Did It Come To This?

I think devaluing the dollar is counter productive

The Real Story Of How Communism Fell

Where is this demand for bipartisanship coming from? We already had a referendum on bipartisanship!

On Bloomberg, Justice Ginsberg taken to the hospital again. (reported on news crawl) /nt

Hey What Happened to the News About 60 Taliban Surrendering The Other Day?

Goldman Sachs Nine-Month Compensation Totals $527,192 a Person

Rush's publicity stunt sure seems to have worked

Rogue Insect Takes Down Missile Truck

Hey.. The DSCC is raffling off a Dinner with the President.

Hey.. The DSCC is raffling off a Dinner with the President.

"Time barred debt"

Italy denies report it 'paid off' Taliban to protect its troops

Republicans Now Scheming to Tank the Market

This is beautiful! Just beautiful!

Has Limburger requested protection against discrimination of his minority status yet?

Dreamliner is causing nightmares for Boeing

Were any past industry threats actually true?

Were any past industry threats actually true?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4-Economic recovery rah rah rah!

i give up on watching andrea mitchell on m$nbc

The mad dog on my front porch

The mad dog on my front porch

Sources: Limbaugh dropped from group seeking to purchase Rams

Climate change feared to blame as dead zones suffocate Pacific Ocean life

Limbaugh shows us today he is sexist too: Snowe & Collins

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- What a Rush it might have been

William Black: Finance's Five Fatal Flaws

IDF To Start Handing Out New Gas Masks To Civilians In January

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Health care reform megaroundup

The repuke witchhunt for Kevin Jennings is full on:

Should our soldiers be able to serve if they refuse to

Holy smokes! Andrea Mitchell just defended George Soros to Orin Hatch

Reid, Obama get ready to ditch public option for Snowe's triggers

I wonder if Bill O'Reilly is going to say that Jaycee Dugard "liked" being kidnapped

Rush is the Victim You Haters! He's Got Feeling's Ya Know!

Homeowners Stricken With Chinese Drywall Now Face New Threat Of Losing Insurance Policies

letter to congressman

LOL Limbaugh is blaming GEORGE SOROS! Yes, this is all George Soros fault!

Hasn't Rachel Maddow had Republicans on her show....

The beginning of this video of GOP Congressional candidate is AWESOME

Gates warns he will ask Obama to veto Defense bill over chopper, JSF

Can we admit that Limbaugh was thwarted--at least in part--because of racism?

I have about a 95% success rate in guessing that a headline comes from Fox news

the President is speaking from NOLA

Fox News on DOW hitting 10k: "Is this now the Bush Recovery?"

Obama Signs $7.5bn Pakistan Aid Bill Into Law

I just realized who Rush Limbaugh is.

Somebody explain this shit to me.

A Fine and Private Place

I need some help understanding private contractors (KBR, Blackwater, etc) vs. the law

I need some help understanding private contractors (KBR, Blackwater, etc) vs. the law

Football gossip columnist Mike Florio demands Soros be dropped from the NFL bid

Do you believe nuclear weapons are vital to secure sovereignty?

A few thoughts about Dow 10,000

Fuckin Smoke Nazis. This Shows How Far The Anti-Smoking Irrational Over-Exaggerating Morons Can Go.

Time to play devil's advocate: the case for Limbaugh buying the Rams

Time to play devil's advocate: the case for Limbaugh buying the Rams

Rove blames U.S. allies for the shortage of military resources in Afghanistan

Rush's publicity stunt sure seems to have worked

BCBS loses laptop

Bayh and Lieberman preparing to bolt on cloture vote

The Potential deadly Alcohol and Marijuana Quiz!

Here is the order requiring NYS health care workers to get their flu vaccines:

Faux News Is Learning a Painful Lesson

Orrin Hatch Starts To Crack

Orrin Hatch Starts To Crack

Delete Post.

Pelosi makes case for government-run health option

FAA Regs for unmanned balloons: (this was supposed to be an unmanned balloon)

The kids name is Falcon Heene and his family does a lot of science research/storm chasing

RE: Colorado Balloon Boy. The Balloon is NOT traveling at a Very High Speed.

So now Limbaugh denies the "100 years of slavery" and "James Earl Ray Day" quotes?

Glenn Greenwald on CAIR spy case

Glenn Greenwald on CAIR spy case

Are Insurance Agents involved in end of life counseling with loved ones?

For all the doomsayers, here's a primer on how and why a stock

Air Force Sacks Commander of Nuclear Wing..

Is the Committee (Baucus, Dodd, Sebelius, et al) meeting again today? Thanks. nt

Ha! Eat it, Rush

A 2nd Lauren ad discoverd with the distorted body. Will Ralph fire this model too?

Foreclosures: 'Worst three months of all time'

TX Gov. Perry Attacks (probably innocent) Executed Man As "Monster"

Larry Klayman, leader of Judicial Watch and conservative activist, turns against other conservatives

How long until Beck blames Obama for the kid in the balloon?

When they threw the public option under the bus

When they threw the public option under the bus

Dallas Morning News: Fire investigator accuses Rick Perry of ‘unethical’ behavior

Did anyone catch the live mic on the feed on MSNBC from Sky 9?

Here is a family portrait and bio on the family

Pelosi condemns health insurance industry

Pelosi condemns health insurance industry

Balloon comes to land, empty

Richard Land (Right wing leader): "Obama will eat our planet whole!!!111!!!"

we've been punked

122 People Will Die Without Insurance...Thousands Wil...

Some seriously funny shit from redstate

Music video of 6-year-old boy thought to be in balloon. His brothers are also featured

NASA Engineer to speak on Destruction of WTC Buildings

Jon Stewart Lambastes 30 Republican Senators Who Voted to Sanction Rape (video)

Rape case to force US defence firms into the open

Which Obama Decision has dissapointed you the most

Dachshund walks 80 miles toward home

Dachshund walks 80 miles toward home

Aggghhhhh!!! Boy! Boy! Boy! Balloon! Balloon!! Balloon!!!

Guys - I'm local re: balloon boy - livestream avaliable

Derivatives Reform Weakened By Two Little-Noticed Amendments Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpo

Let's not laugh or jump to conclusions until the little boy is found....

Seems that in 2.5 hours, parents would have seen footage and could

OK, now this is just plain silly! It's snowing here, 50 miles north of NYC!

Flooding could bring killer fish to Great Lakes

Shit! Y'all remember the sheriff involved in the Susan Smith case?

DCCC touts best-ever quarter in online, grassroots fundraising

What the Hell is wrong with Tweetie? What was his point?

Balloon Looks Safely Landed!!!!! nt

Spanish Catalonia says no to happy hour to help curb excessive drinking

NGOs Launch Campaign To Stop The Chamber Of Commerce


Meghan McCain twitter photo backlash!

Waiting for the End of the World...We once thought we would all be nuked into oblivion (pics)

Waiting for the End of the World...We once thought we would all be nuked into oblivion (pics)

Dems Rip Insurance Industry, GOP Over News About AHIP/cnn's Alex Castellanos

school me !

What did I miss? When did The Trigger rear its ugly head again? I thought that was D.E.A.D! Thanks.

Will the Obama Apologists here please tell us progressives why we should support a "trigger"?

Sticker shock at the supermarket: Food prices poised to rise

Oh, Uncle Pat, give me my tiny littlle violin and I'll play it for poor wittle Rushie and

Balloon family was featured on 'Wife Swap'

C-span 3 carrying FRANK HEARINGS re Financial Regulations Markup . . .

Oprah and the Sweat Lodge Tragedy

Limbaugh Got What He Deserved. His Worst Nightmare

What the Hell is wrong with Tweetie? What was his point?

How About Knocking Some Heads?

Live: Denver's channel 4 still covering aspects of the balloon story.

CBS4Denver is reporting that witnesses are saying they saw something drop from aircraft

Privacy, anti-terrorism, media issues divide Obama and his allies in Congress

Man indicted in threats against Obama

Still on the Job, but at Half the Pay

Treasury Calling on Big Banks to Repay Bailout Now

Deleted. CNN scooped by local news. Thread already in progress here:

This is a Lesson for All of Us ..... video too.


Balloon boy is alive and at his house!

Surreal award: Ed Schultz gets exclusive with "Wife Swap" wife who switched places with Heene

Jon Stewart Takes On 30 Republicans Who Voted Against Franken Rape Amendment (VIDEO)

Lamont to Endorse Sestak Next Week

Where's the little boy?


Financial Services Committee Members Drowning In Donations From Industries They Oversee Read more

As predicted Limbaugh attacks the NFL players union

I think NASA should have exploded the balloon.

People need an escape from the dark and dreary...

any WWII veterans or their families? I have a question

Single-Payer Healthcare System Supporters Plan Nationwide Protests

Dennis Kucinich to Appear on Jay Leno Tonight

Robert Reich: More Desperation from the Right

Oh good, Ed's got Arriana on talking about it now,

Meghan McCain Twitter photo sparks controversy

CNN’s Castellanos Problem: On-Air Contributor Revealed To Be Paid By GOP, Insurance Industry

Ok.. The Ed Show just jumped the shark

Letting Goldman roll the dice

Somebody's grounded. n/t

Insurance companies spend $120 million for deceptive ads

Jim Cramer is on TV again

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Limbaugh's Less Publicized Racist Statements

Until now I always figured flying off the handle was only a figure of speech.

Quebec's inmates say smoking ban making life in prison unbearable, say their human rights

Woolsey: We're 'not the United States of Maine'

OH! The irony!!! Huffington on Ed Show ranting and raving about irrelevancy!!

Medicare Advantage - Why you should know

20 minutes of funny; The Monty Python guys on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. (HuffPo link w/Video)

After Castellanos controversy, CNN vows to be ‘vigilant’ in the future

Balloon boy to be denied health insurance?

New Orleans is not the city you're attempting to fix.. The Jedi Balloon trick..

The REAL question - was Falcon Heene a distraction from a UFO landing?

So predict how many copycat helium balloon events we'll be seeing

Accidential shotgun fire?

Could a helium balloon that size even lift a 50lb child?

could have told them that from the get go


racist judge Denies Marriage License To Interracial Couple, Guess Which State?

Mary Matalin is talking but her face isn't moving...

Boss Rush Bullrushed

Real question: Was balloon a deliberate attempt by the right to upstage Obama and steal newscycle?

So when do we get the Balloon Boy charity single?

Did You Hear That Roman Polanski Was Caught In A Balloon With A Pony Over Denver?

Quick, do a check on your kids

Whoa. I find myself getting choked up for joy

How China Benefits:

Snowe Job? Insider Says Senator Is "Disingenuous or Naive"

Can we call it the Heeneberg?

I was all ready for a cranky, blockish looking old guy poking his head out the door

I'm sick of More Dems. I want Better Dems.

The Nation: A 50-year War?

The Insurance Companies are bulldozing their own graves.

Health Care Reform bills would pay tax money for faith healing.

US lawmakers approve Iran sanctions bill

I've been working all day. Did we have another Lawn Chair Larry or something?

'The GOP Speaks' - blogger surveys local GOP officials to find out what Republicans think

"Underdog has gotten away!...the balloon? no the cartoon character!"

Einstein did not deserve the Nobel Prize in Physics

BREAKING: ANOTHER Balloon Boy Is Aloft in Runaway CRAFT!!!

BREAKING.....Megan Fox gets paid to model her undies

Giving babies Tylenol may blunt vaccines' effects

Sen. Leahy: Profits Before People

I just realized who Rush Limbaugh is.

OK folks Celebrity Jeopardy starts now

Driver suspended for pink tie

Jump the shark!

Forget The Political Show When You Look Behind The Curtain You See Corporate America is Going Strong

What do George Soros - Rush Limpballs - And Prof Sports Ownership have in common

a few days ago the pigboy was squealing about how the ego has landed and on and on

I left my home at 12:30 today, went downtown, then to a mall and just got back online

A prank.

“Silent Filibusters” and Anonymous Assholes Who Can’t Count - Jane Hamsher\FDL

Rx drug coupons-if you or anyone you know needs a discount

Congress gave itself a cost of living increase raise in 2009, but seniors get nothing

New York Times Admits Shutting Out Single-Payer

First Ed, now David. Enough of the Balloon Boy!

I read so much contradictory info here

Balloon boy Haiku thread....just because we need to "vent" here

Many of us thought a really bad thing was happening. And it turned out okay.

William Black: Finance's Five Fatal Flaws

Don't blame the Balloon boy or his family...

SHILL ALERT: Ag Sec Vilsack Mistakenly Pitched "GMOs-Feed-The-World" to an Audience of Experts

SHILL ALERT: Ag Sec Vilsack Mistakenly Pitched "GMOs-Feed-The-World" to an Audience of Experts

Teen Arrested for Creating Website to Bully Other Teen

I am not missing cable news

"HIGH FIVE" for David Schuster and "Big Ed" on MSNBC for exposting "Baloon Boy!

when you were in middle school ..6,7,8...would you have done this? Read on

Oh no, George Soros is responsible for Limbaugh's humiliation!

Al Jazeera on 4.4m yr old Ardipithicus fossil: "Ardi refutes Darwin's theory"

Psycience Dad Finds Entire Country Can Be Sucked Into Tinfoil Balloon Drama

The kid in the ballon

I'm ashamed, but when news broke about the boy in the balloon, this popped into my head:

Tina Fey.... 24 yr old virgin....

I support Michelle Obama's stance on arts education.

What was your first DU name and why did you change it?

Why is it that when science tells us about Evolution, we laugh at the

Insurance Industry's attempt at total war may actually boost chance of a public option.

KOs first free clinic will be in Little Rock

I now have used all available emoticons.....

omg...this "birther" woman is nuttier than a fruitcake!

..anyone else thinking of the Bubble Boy episode of Seinfeld?!

The Real Story Of How The Berlin Wall Fell (Book Review)

Snow predicted for U.S. South this winter

45000 New Troops for Afghanistan?

45000 New Troops for Afghanistan?

while the MSM was circle-jerking over the balloon boy story

Speaking of balloons

Attn. Mods any chance we could have a "balloon boy" forum?

U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects

Millions of Americans Waste Entire Fucking Afternoon

Boy asks President Obama, 'why do people hate you'?

Why don't they shoot the baloon with a BB gun?

Boy disappears, thought to be skyward, turns out he is simply hiding

How Will The Right Wing Blame Obama for Fake Balloon Boy?

It was a balloon joke that the brothers may have carried out.

The GOP heroes! Bwhahahahahahahahah!

Picture and write-up about Helen Thomas's roses from DU from 2004

puke louisiana rep. charles boustany is chastising President Obama for lack of katrina response

Where the Wild Things Are premieres. Kid supposedly flees family in balloon and turns up in attic.

The American Adventure

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Specter Urges Dem Unity on Cloture; Reid: Thanks for Doing My Job

'Jena Six' Teen Gets Second Chance, a New Start With SPLC Board Member

(Satire) Jimmy Carter Blames Obama Nobel Prize On Racism

is Venezuela a dictatorship like it's being portrayed on NBC's crappy comedy show right now?

Girl, 2, listed as vandalism suspect

I am sorry for the "P" word (Palin) but SHE IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Is the boy's name really Falcon? As in Millenium or Crest?

Funds Spent This Yr By Health Care Lobby Would Have Insured All Who Died From Lack of Insurance

My office has a window on a very disturbing world.

Teh stoopid and hurts bad! 53 House Repugs call for ‘safe schools czar’ resignation

"But Canadians don't have freedom"

Uganda: anti-gay bill calls for death penalty

Doc to Dock ( an organization you might not know about)

Who here does not buy balloon boy's dad's story?

Billy Mays' Family: Cocaine Didn't Lead to Death (But Wait, there's more!)

Dennis Kucinich to Appear on Jay Leno Tonight

Rachel Maddow I love you

Rachael Maddow and Dylan Ratigan...

Now that it's safe - post your tasteless balloon boy thoughts/jokes here.

Buffaloes return home 11 days after escape (Story update)

Q: What makes a person a progressive?? ( not snark, I really wanna know)

Fourth-Grader To Obama: Why Does Everyone Hate You?

Greenspan Says U.S. Should Consider Breaking Up Large Banks

Psyience Detectives site is down - Couldn't Handle the Traffic

Interracial couple denied marriage license in Tangipahoa Parish

So, just who are the parasites that get fat on America's fear?

Reconciliation Loophole Opens Today

Wow, Rachel is on fire tonight. Not taking any crap, and fighting for us. Strongest ever.

If God had wanted me to be accepting of gays, he'd have given me the ability to do so.

Ted Turner says he wishes he were running CNN again ... and get rid of "fluffy news".

Ahmed Rashid's June 2008 rundown of Afghanistan at the Press Club.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Dex Filkins is on Rachel's show tonight -- he's an ol' high school buddy.

Dex Filkins is on Rachel's show tonight -- he's an ol' high school buddy.

Sorry, Mr. President but there is no way I will ever believe you or Americans will ever care about

Well joy.. WaMu's outsourced collection agency is harassing me on a daily basis now

Rachel Maddow is SKEWERING Tim Phillips (head of Americans for Prosperity)

Fuck You Discover Card - last credit score was 782 & they lowered my available credit

What, exactly, is the "Nuclear Option?"

One article on Afghanistan and all that that everyone really must read: William R. Polk's

Michael Moore: There aren't enough castles with moats to protect (predatory capitalists)

Oh great. I've got a RW nutcase bomb builder in my neighborhood

Fundraiser will benefit 5-year-old leukemia patient

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5- the rest

CNN Rejects ‘Drop Dobbs’ Ad

Burning bunnies for biofuel?

"That's not moops you jerk! It's MOORS!"

Meghan McCain Twitpic: Blogger Threatens To Quit Twitter Over Tank Top Pic Drama

When the economy is in full recovery

Please don't put Balloon Family on TV ever again

No Regrets..Iraqi shoe thrower says he would do it again

Service dog reject Ricochet becomes surfer dude-raises money for & surfs with quadriplegic teen-pics

Glenn Beck: A Communist Under Every Rock

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey: I Voted For Bob Barr

My 'Girls Only' Cleaning Trolley

Potus Townhall Live thread gets 80 UNREC's??? What does this tell us about unrectrolls?

People posting celebratory threads about the dow reaching 10,000

all you balloon posters... you are the reason the news is filled with eat this stupid

WTF?? AP Asks If Obama Is "Obnoxiously Articulate"

If Reid puts only a token Public Option in the merged bill, should Reid be canned?

Lottery hoax causes riot at Ohio coat store

Senate Judiciary Committee sends 4 Obama judicial US District court nominees to the floor

WP: Obama Criticized as Too Cautious, Slow on Judicial Posts

Top KS Democrat calls GOP "redneck rap" racist

Finland makes fast broadband a legal right. Law entitles every person to a one megabit-per-second

"New jobless claims dropped to the lowest level since January"

So the President of the US visits a devastated major city, and we get wall-to-wall balloon coverage?

Four Basic Kinds of Health Care Financing Around the World

On the Nobel Prize for Occasional Peace (Matt Taibbi)

How do you get to be a paid caller to the glen beck radio show?

Schultz caller today lambasted Senators from border states (MT, ND, ME) who know Canadian sys works.

Ne. 2nd District race already costly ((look at this!!!))

Ne. 2nd District race already costly ((look at this!!!))

Wouldn't balloon Dad have KNOWN how much weight the thing could carry?

URGENT!! Budget Cut Bloodbath at San Diego State Music Department--PLEASE HELP!!

Stephanie Miller just tweeted

If the Democratic leadership is not pressured from the left...

The Boy in the Balloon is not national news

Happy 97th Birthday to Albino Luciani

Happy 97th Birthday to Albino Luciani

Despite nearly 6 million barrels per day of spare capacity, crude oil is trading at

Despite nearly 6 million barrels per day of spare capacity, crude oil is trading at

Neb. nuke plant event and a W.Va. coal plant exposion

"We drove 300 miles to see him get six months in jail for killing my son"

DU this TV Guide Poll: The White House vs. Fox

Mussolini was a British agent - Guardian

Balloon panic, moon bombings, photo-shopped models

Thank God for Unrecommend

CNN ‘Fact-Checks’ The Daily Show

Scientists think their experiment may have sabotaged itself from the future


Poor People VS. Environment

If you were the President, what would you do to jumpstart the economy?

A record year for Wall Street pay

$400 per gallon gas to drive debate over cost of war in Afghanistan

IRS Intensifies Global Hunt for Secret Offshore Bank Accounts

DAMN--that's one GOOD LOOKIN' president!

BUSTED! CNN Admits That On-Air Commentator Has Ties To Insurance Industry, Promises Full Disclosure

Video from LKLive with Balloon Boy & Family....sounds like THEY LIE!

Don't look now: Bloomberg's lead is shrinking. 8 pts on Oct 6.

This is what is ruining the economy and this country

PHOTO: is this the one they use to blackmail Joe Lieberman?

Boy, Keith sure missed that one

Dean's Daily Kos live chat on sausage-making, the "pernicious" AHIP report and the public option.

A Senate Bill to End Cocaine Sentencing Disparity


Let’s be clear, Rush was rejected by his kind, a bunch of “rich white guys”

Obama's first visit to New Orleans was TODAY - on the way to a fundraiser

Chicago Tribune--Religious groups slated for state cash

Exclusive photo of large gasbag that recently deflated and crashed to the ground:

Ever notice that no one's allergic to automobile exhaust?


Study: Female-Name Chat Users Get 25 Times More Malicious Messages

What kind of family raises Kids LIKE THESE?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3 - Middle East

Pelosi: Time to know where caucus stands on public healthcare option

My brother in law is dying tonight.. He will be gone by morning

Flextronics to hire 7,000

Rachel On Fire: In His Face "You Are A Parasite"

Once promising nursing field is now getting raped by greedy capitalists

Once promising nursing field is now getting raped by greedy capitalists

Can someone PLEASE tell me why we're still in Afghanistan?

NY State MANDATES healthcare workers to get both flu shots -

How many DUers remember khephra ?

Q: Is having an abortion less moral than using contraception?

Church to Host Book Burning

John Pilger: Media Lies And The War Drive Against Iran

Stem Cells Grow Heart Tissue in Lab

Arianna Huffington has jumped the shark.

Where do you think we are on health care?

Anyone else think the Baucus Bill was a clever ploy?

Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License By Louisiana Judge

CA Computer Scientists Say U.S. EAC Misused Security Findings for New Diebold E-Vote Certification

Man finds missile launcher in Comal County, Texas

How about a new DU function? A word or phrase, thread ignore function.

Greenspan Says U.S. Should Consider Breaking Up Large Banks

May I dispel some stunning ignorance? Secondhand smoke risks!

"I don't quit! "

Single Payer...or Bust

Balloon boy's two brother's knew all along Falco was hiding in the attic.

Plants Know Their Relatives — And Like Them!

Joan Baez!

That Little Balloon Couldn't Lift A Poodle!

"Grassly is one fry short of a happy meal.."

I'm reminded of a Buddhist proverb at times like this

My best friend's son was just sent home from the hospital

How to Ripoff Medicare: Outrageous bills for mom's minor mishap

Will You Love Every Future President?

How do balloons work: BOUYANCY - same as boats.

Alan Grayson Sticks a Pitchfork In Harry Reid's Ass

Uganda MP urges death for gay sex

'The Fair and Balanced Doctrine'

~~~ October Photo Contest - Part 2 ~~~

"Those people are weird" - sure seems the meme the news is on since

"Those people are weird" - sure seems the meme the news is on since

~~~ October Photo Contest - Part 1 ~~~

~~~ October Photo Contest - Part 3 ~~~

Navajo Nation mourns passing of Code Talker

Rachael Maddow Appreciation Thread

Insurance company executive refers to high-cost patients as ‘dogs.’

Scary! Little boy is trapped in a hot air balloon alone traveling over Colorado

This will be the final nail in the coffin for the economy...

"I was nicknamed Chain-gang Charlie". Crist says no one is more right wing than him...not even Rubio

People arrested while protesting United Healthcare in New York - pics

Whoa! Check out the Tiffany's ad.

Leading Blue Dog wants to open up Medicare to uninsured

Decades-worth of unnecessary jobs/businesses have come to an end.

Anyone been watching "the Good Wife" on CBS?

"You're dealing with children. They need to be terrified. It's like mother's milk to them".

Holy shit! They're actually running Treehouse of Horror BEFORE Halloween!

Epic Fail

I am moving to Dreamland

eBay Barak Osama

I am literally delirious from lack of sleep...

To those of you who recommended "Zombieland"... thanks...

You may be Taliban if:

People who lie about people dying suck.

Anybody besides me dislike the Addthis toolbar?

A Server On Every Desk

It's like the Lounge sent in some of these news station B-day and Anniversary shout outs

In your job, do you report to more than one person?

Good morning Lounge

Monty Python on Jimmy Fallon

Yeah 'God', that's what I said 'Santa'.....

London's a dump

Turner Classic Movies is running a string of one-star films from the 1930s

Is it true you're not supposed to use duct tape with packages you put in mail?

For the one fan of Rachel Ray's show,

What's your silliest conversation with a "customer representative"?

Hypnotoad (llook at your own risk)

Classic Rock band that would benefit THE MOST from having Geddy Lee as their frontman

Wooooo! Just cleared 1,000 post hurdle

In honor of Monty Python's 40th, John Cleese's eulogy for Graham Chapman

Firm seeks Glaswegian interpreter

Went to a Halloween Shop today and got some great pics!

Today is National Grouch Day

Doc tells me I'm immune to Hep B

Adults writing like teenagers! In business emails! Annoying!

Oh lordy loo.

2010 Tour de France route revealed

What's the lamest corporate stadium name you can think of?

Colorado Boy Floats Away In Balloon

Anybody know the conversion rate for Euros?

I'm at school fucking off.

Secret Service is all over the campus

Do you reuse mousetraps?

I have waited over 1 year for Tomorrow

I Think I Must be Very Naive

Tomorrow is the 'DAY OF DAYS'

Dale Bozzio can rot!

Guns don't kill people. Houses do.

DU Song Of The Day.....For Tomorrow

First Congregational - Organ Recital

Ugh I think I'm getting sick.......

Damn - it's snowing like crazy here in CT

I'm tutoring this Greek kid

Woot! Bank of America CEo gets NO pay or bonus for 2009 - has to repay the $1M he was paid this year

my friend's sister is still on the ventilator, but she's doing better

I'm thinking about getting a political or philosophy tattoo...

Today's soundtrack...

If you want to talk to a live person at Verizon, punch the sequence to "cancel my service".

Y'all can have sexy time

Shouldn't we be calling him "Attic Boy?" n/t

My love, my green eyed love

Run Away

The kid hiding in the attic reminds me of the time I ran off and joined the circus

First, Cameron Diaz's New Movie Is Called "The Box". Now, Jodie Foster Is Filming, "The Beaver"

Tour Stories

You'd think after all this time I'd be over Starbucks Anarchist

I figure we're going to hear about the Balloon Boy for the next thousand years


The Cleveland Show gets second season.


I've been keeping my parents dog because they are ill...


Dupe nt

"Grumpy Grammar Gus"

Wow, "Crimes of Passion" is a terrible movie

Oh, my - Kareem Abdul Jabbar up against Michael McKean on celebrity Jeopardy.

Vancouver unveils the 2010 Olympic medal design

USA salvages draw to Costa Rica at home, but wins CONCACAF anyway

well, I see the Black Mallard thread got locked in GD

happy Halloween

It's as if I never existed.


In memory of the late great Captain Lou Albano...

Danny Devito on "Its Always Sunny" is the greatest thing ever

Little Fluffy Clouds

Little known George Washington biographical info....

What is all this talk about "Balloon boy"?

Ivanka Trump is giving tips on getting a job.

I Used to Love H.E.R.

"The voice of God is government. In God we trust, sinners repent!"

The kid swears a lot

Showtime @ 11PM ET, BABY!

My cat is staring at me.

Burt's Bees

Use Somebody

Why the hell is The Huffington Post obsessed with "slow sex"?

OK, whippersnappers, what is it with this texting business?

Balloon Gets Revenge?

I was almost assassinated by a giant ninja cockroach hanging from the ceiling of my bathroom...

Viva Garth Vegas

Test your Monty Python knowledge

a-ha is breaking up at the end of 2010. As my friend just said, "rock is dead."

Do your cats want to help clean out their litter box?

Okay, I was working my ass off all day. What the fuck is up with the fucking balloon boy?

I just saw a credit card reader on the AIR pump at the gas station

For those who hate Vista, why do you dislike it?

Megan Fox lands 7 figure deal to model underwear

mmmmmmm bourbon

Bubble Boy or Balloon Boy?

Cheezburger lolcat site keeps getting blocked on my computer by my

Karma Police

Guinness and Pooka are working together to drive me mad

BalloonBoy's Punishment

I think I'm dying.

What are your thoughts on Windows 7?

What would you do if you found a "Guided Missle Launcher" with a nuclear warhead in your back yard?

Hey everyone! Please welcome my friend,blueboyjay09

Celebrity Jeopardy today: Soledad O'Brien versus two intelligent people (SPOILERS)

It's my birthday! Anybody want to join me for a drink?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheesecake

When the shooting at Kent State happened, I was a freshman at Northwestern University.

FlashForward (wow)

Is it time to ban all posters whose usernames begin with A?

Finished My Homework -- What do you think?

Well, after three years of farting around, I defended my thesis today, now I have a Master's degree!

An elegantly hilarious Southern lady sends husband to store....cracked me up

What's the best costume you've ever worn?

Smart Men / Women, Foolish Choices: Percentage of your relationships that were downright mistakes

It's haircut time again

Post a youtube duet that is a favorite.

My radiator sounds like a dryer with a pair of sneakers in it.

Favorite Monty Python's Flying Circus sketch?

I haven't been able to get on here in a gazillion years!!!

New Mexico Governor: $1 Million Fundraising Quarter for Denish

TX-10: Jack McDonald Raises $300,000 in 3rd Quarter, Over $800,000 on Hand

Senator Murkowski praises Kerry Graham plan of climate change

The Daily Show on Snowe's Health Care Vote: Watch the video at the link.

Rasmussen (R) Poll: Specter 46%, Sestak 42%. Sestak even with Toomey. Specter trails by five.

NJ Gov: Corzine gaining ground in final days; Obama returns to state next week

Kerry working with Sherrod Brown on the tariff piece of climate legislation

Getting the Job Done

Obama, Liberals Split On Security And Media Issues

Just in case you are feeling bad for the Druggie ....

Doctor Tops $600,000 in Campaign to Oust Lungren

Just So We're Clear...

We could take an area in election held by republicans since 1872

Its called LEADERSHIP, CLASS AND HUMANITY, Obama sticks ups for Jindal when Jindal gets booed

***Live!: VPOTUS Discusses the Success of the Stimulus Program***


Pssst, Mr. Prez, the Stupid People Won't Notice...........

If we were a smart nation everyone would storm the streets and YELL I'M MAD AS HELL

Senator Barack Obama: September 5th, 2005....

FUCKIN' "A" ! The Prez is just getting started! Fuck the Cynical Paid for by Corporate media!

This family in Colorado HAS to be Republican...

More on 10/15 and reconciliation

The Washington Post's Bizarre Editorial on the Taliban

Do you think 'the trigger' is simply a ploy prevent trouble from Blue Dogs..

Kay Hutchenson's comments on the Perry, Willingham issue. Disgusting.

President Obama hits back at insurers over health reform

The crazy bookkeeping of medical relations between the provider and the patient...

Balloon boy rocks!

Question: When someone like Harman sees the HCR light because her son was dropped by an insurer...

****Heads Up: POTUS Town Hall in New Orleans! Live! ****

DE-Sen, DE-AL: Castle Over Biden By Only 1; Carney Crushes

With the Health Care bill getting merged to go to the Senate floor

Freudenthal Remains Noncommittal About Third Term

PHOTOS: President Obama visits MLK Charter School in New Orleans

Poll: Crist approval rating dips below 50

Increase US military presence in Afghanistan or decrease US military presence in Afghanistan.

Are liberals played by some Dems?

House Democratic leader: "I think the administration has put Senator Snowe in the driver's seat"

Latest In The Saga Of Birther Batshit Crazy

Why isn't Wolf Blitzer and CNN discussing Alex Castellanos affiliation with AHIP?

I could care less if Lieberman, Lincoln, Landririeu et al vote for HCR with a PO.

TPM's Josh Marshall: Reid's Got Game?

President Obama's Thoughts on Public Option Trigger

Reid Aide: Snowe Will Not Be At Negotiating Table

Reid Aide: Snowe Will Not Be At Negotiating Table

Associated Press - Republicans fail to block transfer of detainees

Women Demand Equal Benefits for Equal Premiums

SuperFreakonomics Gets Climate Change Super Freaking Wrong

Senate may raise physicians’ Medicare payment fees- (a carrot for the PO?)

Cao will appear with Obama in New Orleans

2009 is a harbinger for 2010 but not 2012...if Obama was on ballot Deeds and Corzine would win

Beau Biden "Absolutely" Considering Senate bid (VIDEO)

GOP legislator blasts Obama while wearing hat that says “OPOSSUM the other Dark Meat”

President Obama is actually going to Texas on Friday. Is that a good idea?

BIG ED to Arianna: "This is almost as bizarre as the balloon story!"

Teabaggers Out Of Touch, New Study Finds

Obama rallies New Orelans crowd, says he's 'just getting started' on agenda

Ariana Huffpo on ED to discuss the Boy NOT in the Balloon!

Should Democrats Begin to Push Obama about a 2nd Bill of Rights

Trigger. No, not that one.

This Health Care Battle Just Got Personal

Fuster Cluck

Big Money Flows in Connecticut Senate Race

OMG .. Limbaugh says .. he was thwarted because of ..get this..

Boston Globe editorial: Don’t water down climate bill (Kerry-Boxer)

And the Prize Goes to - A Dick!

Wolf Blitzer: "Seniors want to know why Pres. Obama is depriving them"

Obama does not like liberal san franciscans

Obama does not like liberal san franciscans

Obama signs Kerry-Lugar-Berman

10/15: Obama's Got His Finger On The Trigger

Obama Wedding Slideshow Brings the Change We Need

House Republicans may face a ‘civil war’ over Scozzafava bid

Hillary’s current favorability rating at 62%

The Fed tries to manipulate presidential elections. Here's the evidence.

Labor Unions defy White House request to not oppose Baucus/Snowe health care bill!

Fourth-Grader To Obama: Why Does Everyone Hate You?

Who is the Governor of Louisiana........?

"White House fills key slot on 'Don't Ask'"

BREAKING-House backs Gitmo prisoner transfer to U.S.

PHOTOS: President Obama visits New Orleans

The kerfuffle about whether Jackie Robinson was a Republican is silly

Ezra Klein: Democrats Do Not Have 60 Votes

Sharpton smacked down Buchanan on Hardball re; Limbaugh

Sharpton smacked down Buchanan on Hardball re; Limbaugh

Latest conspiracy theory: Obama is a Robot (I shit you not)

Harry Reid on the Trigger: "a pretty doggone good idea"

Where IS Dubya, Anyway?

WaPo op-ed: "Obama Nobel Is Unconstitutional" because it's "different"

What would need to be done to get rid of the Republican party for good?

Economic crisis is devastating for the world's hungry

Obama Seeks $250 Check for Retirees and Veterans

Coordinated Attacks Target Multiple Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan shaken by fresh attacks

Britain 'deports Iraqi refugees'

Social Security makes it official: No COLA in 2010

Democrats Move to Assure Doctors, Unions on Health-Care Plan

'Israel may attack Iran after December'

Grenade blast at Moldova concert

Security Officer Shoots, Kills Shoplifter

Venezuela Seizes a Landmark Hilton Hotel

Security guard shoots, kills shoplifting suspect at CVS Pharmacy on Canal Street (bottle of water)

In China, Rx for Ailing Health System

UPDATE 1-McClatchy quarterly ad revenue falls, profit rises

Beau Biden Considering Senate Bid

Goldman Sachs follows Wed. example from JPMorgan Chase and reported better-than-expected results

EU and South Korea in trade deal

Recession ends in 79 metros, index shows

First Hard Data on Stimulus Released

Court Decision Seen as Good Sign for Siegelman

Iraqi shoe thrower says he would do it again

‘Lottery winner’ causes riot at Ohio coat store

Lottery hoax causes riot at Ohio coat store

Japan Informs US It Will Stop Afghan Naval Mission

U.N. rights body considers condemning Israel on Gaza

Branstad to Announce Candidacy Friday

US House backs Guantanamo prisoner transfer

Arctic ice cap 'to disappear in future summers' (within 20 to 30 years)

Ballon lands, no sign of boy

6-year old found AT THE HOUSE

Interracial couple denied marriage license in La.

Balloon Boy Found Alive - 6 Year Old Falcon in the Attic

6-year old balloon boy found alive

Turkish TV series angers Israel

Turkish TV series angers Israel

(3) Pakistani security offices attacked

Social Security makes it official: No COLA in 2010


LeBron sick, being treated as if he has swine flu

Rare disease turns 3-year-old’s muscles to bone

Ada (MI) company wins contract to protect Somali government from terrorism, pirates

Wall Street Set to Award Record Pay: Report

Insurers dropping Chinese drywall policies

Does carrying a gun make you safer? Early research results suggest the opposite

Lawmakers seek to extend $8,000 tax credit

Bush Preemptive Strike Doctrine Under Review, May Be Discarded

Slump Pushes World Hunger to 40 Year High

Bybee Avoids Judicial Complaint

Ginsburg Briefly Hospitalized

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday October 15

Michelle Obama welcomed at Freedom Tower

A million jobs credited to stimulus plan

Czar Blocks Bank Of America Chief's Pay

US House panel votes to regulate derivatives

Millions spent to sway health care opinions

Reid Aide: Snowe Will Not Be At Negotiating Table

CNN: 6-Year-Old Colorado Boy Found Alive (In Attic) After Setting Loose Balloon

Maria Shriver 'sorry' over phone

Men Found Guilty of Australian Terror Plot

Pelosi seeks centrist support for liberal ("robust") public-option healthcare proposal

New York Fed's Manufacturing Index Surges to 34.6, Highest Since Mid-2004

Obama: New Orleans will be better than ever ("Obama defends New Orleans effort")

Byrd takes to Senate floor on Afghanistan

Report: U.S. plans 'substantial increase' in Afghanistan troops

Baucus: All Senate Dems will support health bill

Ways and Means (House Committee) approves reconciliation letter

Foreclosures: 'Worst three months of all time'

Siena: Owens Leads, NY-20 All Over Again? (NY-23 Election)

6 year old in the air in experimental aircraft ~~ by mistake

Obama signs major Pakistan aid bill

Teachers union says Broward officials blocked e-mails (Florida)

Italy denies paying off Taliban in Afghanistan

Driver suspended for wearing pink tie for cancer

Harley profit drops 84%; Buell shut down

Most Arctic sea ice 'gone in decade'

Ex-Ford engineer charged with stealing trade secrets

Photos of Military Deaths in Afghanistan Banned

Philip Morris drops challenge to San Francisco tobacco ban (at pharmacies)

514K new jobless claims; inflation remains muted

Insurer ends health program rather than pay out big

Interracial Couple Denied Marriage License By Louisiana Judge

'I have to say, why do people hate you?'

New Rivals Pose Threat to New York Stock Exchange

Pelosi: The House Won't 'Force American Families To Negotiate With Insurance Companies'

Bill Gates says ideology threatens hunger fix

Limbaugh May Have Grounds for Libel Suit, Legal Analysts Say

House GOP seeks Muslim 'spy' probe

CNBC TV - DOW 10,000 (3/29/99)

The Wealth-Care Protection Racket

Raul Grijalva & Sharon Lerner Talk Healthcare Reform

Sen. Schumer Wants Repeal of Anti-Trust Exemption put into Health Bill

No Slowdown on Healthcare

TYT: Hate Crime Caught On Video

Rachel Maddow Show: WENDELL POTTER - Repeal Insurers' Antitrust Exemption!

GOP legislator blasts Obama while wearing hat that says “OPOSSUM the other Dark Meat”

TYT: Rush Loses Bid For The Rams - Were His Feelings Hurt?

Robert Reich on Health Care Reform-Don't Be Fooled Into Believing It's Over

Jon Stewart skewers CNN's fact-checking & Takes On Fox News For Not Covering Gay Rights March

Wrong Hole with DJ Lubel, Taryn Southern and Scott Baio

Young Turks: Dad Asks Daughter For Sex Through Facebook

National Equality March: Imagine.

FDR Call for Second Bill of Rights

'Technologically Savvy Campaign' of Meg Whitman seems not-so-much

Lindsey Graham slams Ron Paul again and says Ron Paul Hijacked the Republican Party

It Takes A Pillage: Taxpayers Subsidize AIG & Goldman Fraud - Ratigan

Fox's ACORN pimp/ho sting stole from Eisenstadt's vids a year ago

hilarious pot song "Frosty the Snowman" spoof

Young Turks: Can Obama Deliver On Gay Rights?

CNN: Drop the Hate, Drop Dobbs

Hatch: MoveOn.Org Is Scurrilous, And I'm Going To Kick Them In The Teeth

Rick Sanchez Reporting On 6 Year Old Boy Trapped In Out Of Control Hot Air Balloon

GOP Cassidy HCR - Blame the Patient they Control their Healthcare Costs!

TYT: Check Out Hannity's Definition Of Peace

Michael Moore on The Charlie Rose Show - 'It's Called A Pyramid Scheme' (Full Episode)

Senator Snowe Kept the Public Option Out Of The Senate Bill! Senator Collins

Rep Weiner Rocks: Where's the Money Total Healthcare Spending 2009

TYT: Orly Taitz Gets Sanctioned - Must Pay $20k

Bringing their muscle to the table

Gov Bobby Jindal Booed At Obama's New Orleans Town Hall - POTUS says the Governor is working hard.

Being Female Not Preexisting Condition

"Together We Can Beat Poverty" (Very Cool Animantion From Amnesty)

Have Gay Rights Advanced in the 40 Years Since Stonewall?

Moore and Ratigan face off on Wall Street bonuses - Today Show, NBC

Balloon Boy, Falcon Henne: "We did this for the show"

Balloon Boy's crazy-ass family on Wife Swap

CNN: Drop the Hate, Drop Dobbs

Glenn Beck Making Funny Noises Mashup - Plus More Funny Videos

Boy Asks Obama, 'Why Do People Hate You?'

St. Pete Fla ban on free speech! Council revotes and brawl is caught on tape

Arianna Huffington On Calling For The Vice President To Resign!

Nichelle Nichols, AKA Lt. Uhura of Star Trek (Talks up The film that will put BUSH BEHIND BARS!) )

Obama: New Orleans Will Be Better Than Ever

Young Turks: GOP Gets A New Website -- FAIL

Rachel Maddow DESTROYS "Americans for Prosperity" President

After 9/11, Why Afghanistan?

Sneak Peek! Sarah Palin Reads

Republican Stupidity & Bigotry? There's an App For That...

Countdown: New Free Clinic Fair Drive Total on Money Raised Is... (w/ Dr. Oz)

Instant Runoff Voting - WTF?

Michael Moore on The Today Show: 'Send Your Pennies to Goldman Sachs'

Landrieu Says The Public Option Is Popular Because 'Everybody Wants Free Health Care'

Commentary: Execution controversy about more than 'bad man' (Houston Chron)

Joe Conason: A Nobel for Defeating Cheneyism

My Response to Rush: It's the Racism, Stupid

Some See Iran as Ready for Nuclear Deal

Commentary: Don't blame Limbaugh for our faults

Fox News isn't even pretending anymore (Gene Lyons)

A G.O.P. Agitator Not Named Palin

dupe- delete

Counter trend Rally (urbansurvival)

Gates gives $120 million to help poor nations farm

Grayson calls on American public to ‘Unmask the Fed’

Colleen O’Connor: Say it ain’t so, Hillary

Death by Work

Suspended Boy Back in School.

Colorado Balloon Boy Named Head of GOP

Dick Cheney Explains How He Would've Handled Runaway Balloon

Hacksaw: Good riddance Rush Limbaugh

NFL married to the Fox "News"...

Why does America leave it to the NFL to tell Rush where to go?

Garrison Keillor: Betting against America

Viewpoint: Hiding the facts (Daily Texan re: Gov Perry & the Willingham case)

Not Your Father's Chamber of Commerce: National Organization Is Now a Tool of the Radical Right

Rush Limbaugh Rejected by Rams for Waterboy Position

The Twilight of Money

Democrats and Schools

30 Repubs voted against Al Franken's anti-rape amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill

Iraq vets at treatment plant asked to get exam

Millions in contracts, no work completed (ANC)

France dumps 13% of its nuclear waste in Russia

What about Nuclear Information and Resource Service?

Peak oil notes - Oct 15

SecNav: Cut half of oil use by 2020

Drumbeat: October 15, 2009

Black bears rate minivans as top dining vehicle

The Water Wars Move East

Curbing Climate Change by Sealing Gas Leaks

UN update: climate change hitting sooner and stronger—realities are outstripping some predictions

Climate scientists suggest revisiting the 1987 Montreal Protocol (to add Greenhouse Gas controls)

Dow Jones: PG&E, Energy Capital's NextLight Sign 290-MW (PV) Solar Power Deal

Koreans May Have New Type of Electric Car But Questions Remain

Reuters: U.S. Army to build 500 MW solar power plant

National Geographic News: Arctic Largely Ice Free in Summer Within Ten Years?

Sorry to go off topic, but where has Dead_Parrot been? US aims for bilateral climate change deals with China and India

Allow increased oil sands emissions, CEO urges

Banana marks seed bank milestone -- seeds of 10% of world's wild plants

CARBON SCAM: New Greenpeace report…coal and oil companies are trying to use forest offset projects…

Yellowstone plan sharply curtails snowmobiles

Mattel/Fisher Price Agrees to Settle Lead Contaminated Toy Claims for $50M.

Honey? I think we're on the wrong road!

Surprising Ship 'Contrails' Seen From Space

Without Drastic CO2 Cuts Immediately, the World Faces a Massive 'Oh Shit' Moment

This day in baseball history (Forkbee12 edition)...

Happy 99th birthday, John Wooden

Oh, this place is quiet tonight

Video: 9 year old scores greatest goal in Boston this season

Theoren Fleury admits he was sexually abused by coach

White and Poop on Monday night.

This is why I LOVE John Riggins...

LeBron sick, being treated as if he has swine flu

Can the Saints Sweep the State of New York?

Great article about the dominance of the SEC in Sports Illustrated

Worst team from these three choices ---Raiders, Browns, Rams...discuss.

USA somehow manages to win CONCACAF

Brazil got the Olympics. Will they best us in the global warming fight too?

Cuba allows U.S. access to jailed dual citizens (Miami Herald)

Colombian hitmen reveal horror of the kill


Cuba cracks down on unlicensed home improvements

U.S. Representatives ask President Obama to denounce human rights abuses in Honduras

World Cup bid unites Hondurans divided by coup

Murcia to stand trial in the U.S.

Repsol shores up Venezuelan gas find

Venezuelan Yukpa Indigenous Community Attacked, Two Murdered Following Land Grants

Hilton hotel owners were cheeky: Chavez

CA Republicans support Jerry Brown for Govenor

"A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to kill a family member than an intruder"

Brady Campaign Removes State Score Cards from Site

Seattle Mayor Nickels violates state law and state constitution - gun ban

I think I'm beginning to understand why many anti-gunners hate all gun owners...

Does carrying a gun make you safer? Early research results suggest the opposite

The modern sporting rifle

Hizbullah: Tyre video refutes IDF's

Israel rebukes Turkey over brutish TV portrayal of IDF

Israel 'holding hundreds illegally'

U.N. rights body considers condemning Israel on Gaza

Rights council debates Gaza report

'Israel may attack Iran after December'

West Bank settlers use ‘price tag’ tactic to punish Palestinians

Guilty without a trial

Tel Aviv’s Centenary

Calendar winners have been emailed

I now have DSL!!!

October contest photos are up for voting

Graveyard landscapes (moderate dial-up warning)

photographic equipment on line auction

Graveyard portraits (dial-up warning)

Today in Labor History Oct 15 Pres. Woodrow Wilson signs the Clayton Antitrust Act

UAW Reaches Tentative Agreement On Concessions At Ford

AFL-CIO Sec.-Treasurer Liz Shuler Addresses Youth Activist Conference On Economic "Lost Decade"

American Airlines Pilots Picket Transportation Department In Washington

Paperworkers union apparent winner at Va. mill

Mexican government launches new war on unions

Tell Walmart to stop its supplier Giumarra's unlawful behavior

Philadelphia Security Officers Union Wins Election!

I went to a Halloween Shop today and took some good pics

How the Moon produces its own water

Einstein's Telescope: Searching for Dark Matter and the Future of the Universe

Could Observatory Lasers Damage Satellites

60 years of space paths

First black hole for light created on Earth


Giant impact near India -- not Mexico -- may have doomed dinosaurs

Artificial Retina Can Restore Sight to the Blind

3D structure of human genome deciphered

Until you open the door, does the hairball Schrodinger's cat

Glimpses of Solar System's edge

‘brain-to-brain communication’ achieved

Amazing Photo of the Earth and Jupiter taken from Mars in the same frame

Justice agency to fight antigay bias (AP) - Great new site for LGBT activism

Sen. Kay Hagan to Transgender People: I Will Have To "Carefully Consider" Your "Impacts"

Muslim team banned after refusing to play gay team

Pictures from the National Equality March DC

Harry Potter Alliance Asks Maine Muggles to Oppose Gay Marriage Repeal

Lesbian student in Miss. fights for tuxedo photo

Anti-gay NYC 'beatdown' wasn't a hate crime, says friend with homophobic Leviticus tattoo

Large Hadron Collider: 5 Things You Didn't Know

Land of the mod people

What's up with the dollar?

No 2009 pay for Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis

So where is the cutoff point?

Lobbyists Mass to Try to Shape Financial Reform

What role, if any, did Enron play in bringing California to its knees (its current condition)?

URGENT - Please send light, good thoughts, vibes, whatever....

Astrology question

Very interesting time travel discussion met with some humour

My daughter's birthday is today

Happy Birthday SeattleGirl: Let's Have A PARTY

Creepy dreams...

'soap it off or eat it later'. Disgusting messages work best to motivate men to use soap.

New thinking about treating sprains, pulled muscles and, in some cases,broken bones.

Green Tea Catechins and Abdominal Fat Loss - Chemicals that help you lose weight

Eating Raw (freshwater) Fish can give you Liver Cancer

Political deal slows promise about purchasing imported drugs

Scientists Grow Mice Heart Muscle Strip That Beats

Prophecy song - Doug George Kanentiio

Artificial lung used in Australia to save flu victims

Here's what I sent my senator:

Sometimes, shit just stares you in the face

Rare disease turns 3-year-old’s muscles to bone

'Beneficial' effects of alcohol? -- Health more likely due to life-style

Coalition for Vaccination CHOICE --

Halloween Book Burning at Baptist Church to Include Copies of the Bible

A Pagan Republican Comes Out of the Broom Closet

If God really exists, why'd he design pedophiles?

How do you interpret this quote from the New Testament?

Democrats and Schools

Need simple Italian appetizer

Well that's it

Fire investigator accuses Perry of 'unethical' behavior; governor defends execution

Texas man to feds: Take my missile launcher, please

Supreme Court Judge David Medina, Once Indicted in Arson, was Perry’s General Counsel When Willingha

Cy-Fair DUers

Lone Star Iconoclast to End Hard Copy Distribution

America can learn a lot from Texas

NASA Engineer to speak on Destruction of WTC Buildings

Sibel Edmonds BOMBSHELL : Bin Laden worked for US until 9/11.