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Archives: October 11, 2009

Should the Senate be changed to represent regional interests, rather than states?

Should the Senate be changed to represent regional interests, rather than states?

WCAX: Obama to nominate Vt. state judge

Wagnon blames tax cuts for state woes

Freeper Attacking Larisa Alexandrovna:

Should speeders pay more on the turnpike?

Most read newspapers: USA Today loses its leadership to the Wall Street Journal

For anyone upset OR happy about Obama's Nobel

Rachel Payton awarded for decade of service to victims of domestic abuse

Rachel Payton awarded for decade of service to victims of domestic abuse

Governor Sinford strikes again:

Fox News (and Sean Hannity) = sniveling little weasels

CSpan sure didn't waste time

What are some bipartisan disasters?

Since The Republicants Don't Like The Nobel Peace Prize

The KKK's message is exactly the same message as the republicans...

Obama speech last night on MP3?

electronic voting machines could influence 2010 elections

Dallas police sort 2,000 family violence cases found in garage

surge update - Ramadi hit by triple car bombing

The first annual DU Unrec-Rec contest......

Hiroshima, Nagasaki to pitch for 2020 Olympics

Informational question about health care opt out and the exchange

Rush-ing To Judgement: National commentators don't understand Detroit's plight

Health care costs stymie hiring

Obama's Nixon moment

Who were the most UNdeserving Nobel Peace Prize winners of all time?

Q&A: Our Threatiest Threat

Question,,When will we actually know something for sure???

Lindsay Graham Supports Kerry's Climate Change Bill

Why Anti-Taliban Efforts Have Failed

Outrage - wow - watching it now - it's a must see

Anyone still have that legendary thread bookmarked?

Obama: Most Inspirational Figure In Human History Or Not?

If Obama and Biden had lost the November elections

Henry speaks up about the Nobel Peace Prize

Republicans: Send $ to prevent peace prizes

just saw an anti-public option commercial with HCA criminal rick scott

I wonder why so few Republicans have won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Give Stephanie Miller a show on MSNBC on the weekend, in fact

The Road Less Traveled

Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton Subpoenaed By Grand Jury: Report

Time: Nuclear Weapons Should Win Nobel

Twelve Things that Republicans can never do

Red-nosed circus billionaire returns to Earth

McCain Says Palin Remains Strong Force in the GOP

Sen. John Ensign complicates Nevada campaigns

Memo to Keith Olbermann: Sir, we need you on the weekends, also.

I'm reminded of an old joke...

Key Democrat Urges Better Strategy for Afghanistan(Carl Levin)

Things that Republicans can never do

Whoa! A close look at the Paramilitary at the G-20-slideshow (In case you missed some)

Violence in the Anbar province is a disturbing sign.

Jesus and the pre-existing condition

Useful link for free political documentaries

All those interested in the economy

Anyone watch the beat up Obama fest that was the Chris Matthews Show this morning?

Teabaggers Planning A Spontaneous Eruption For Mid-October (oh frabjous day)

"As Tonto says to the Lone Ranger, "What do you mean ‘we,' white man?" - by Frank Rich

About the swine flu in 1976 and H1N1 today: was Gerry Ford lying back then,

Exclusive (Crooks & Liars): Videos show gun-show vendors flouting the law

I'm probably going to have to apply - not for a job but

Top Baucus staffer worked for health insurance giant

"Do No Harm:" National health care.

"Do No Harm:" National health care.

"Do No Harm:" National health care.

Fun with Photoshop: Obama's Other Awards

Have any white football players pledged not to work for Rush Limbaugh?

SNL "Weekend Update" to Michael Steele

Letting the screaming child scream

When at last I control the levers of the working government, ladies and

The 2009 Nobel Prizes for Conservatives

Obama Earned Nobel For - Waging a succesful campaign to unseat an unlawful ruling party

They Oughta Give Me The Wurlitzer Prize

Do I feel a tide that is turning? Why, my goodness, I think I might!

Who owns our Government?...The Wall St Coup D 'Etat

55 to 140 or more toxic ships sitting on the sea floor - really! crime scene

brain scan overdoses at Celeb. hospital (crime scene)

The illustrated version of Alan Grayson's rants (CARTOON)

Michael Moore "Capitalism: A Love Story" and Sue Wilson "Broadcast Blues" - 2pm ET - streaming

climate change Jellyfish

To Tim and Victor

To Tim and Victor

Police find no obvious motive in UCLA slashing

Another reason why it is important for allies of the GLBT community to show their support

House for sale near Phelps' church has potential

There are striking ironies surrounding the people who want to claw at Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win.

If It's Sunday, It's President McCain

Team Sarah pushing phone blast to Congress on a federal holiday

Please help spread the word about a candidate for US Senate in KS

Sullivan and Spaulding and Sudabay weigh in on Obama's HRC speech

This is the next crisis: My friend is a contractor. He is building a $gazillion

Senator Levin: Obama Should Get Pentagon Support on Gays

Rush Limbaugh: 'I'm not the leader' of the GOP

Where does al-Qaeda & Taliban get their weapons from?

Are there term limits for panelists on Sunday a.m. shows?

Finally found a new signature pic that I like.

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Bump

So, anyone know how many are at the march in DC today?

I have to make one of the most embarassing purchases ever

yesterday I rolled down my window and yelled at some teabaggers.

Great, long term DU'ers are under daily attack here

Bombing Afghanistan: Where Have All the Photos Gone? Should The Photos Be Shown?

Wow the President and his family went to church this morning

CSPan1 repeating Obama's speech from last night before

Sarah Palin is doing it. Why don't we?

Great sign from the Equality March:

In Praise Of.......Urban Greenspaces (pic heavy)

Levin predicts Obama will succeed at overturning military ban on gays, rolls his eyes at Myers

Levin predicts Obama will succeed at overturning military ban on gays, rolls his eyes at Myers

Talk about a "Push Poll"....GEEZ!

Wait for benefits is 3 years if health care passes

Tea Partiers in my small town yesterday.

God is said to be endorsing produts now.......

Team Sarah plans capitol "Phone Blast"... on a government holiday

Court grants DOJ 30-day extension on releasing Cheney's FBI Plame interview notes.

11October 1943 . . USS Wahoo.......In Rememberance

Nobel Prize for Promises?

Nobel Prize for Promises?

SE Wisconsin says good-bye to 2009 growing season

for what it's worth...

Happy National Coming Out Day!

The Baucus Bill

Many school districts don't observe Columbus Day on Monday -- now seen as a 'bad guy'

Russian radical-right sends its children to cheerlead bigotry

Post some RW Fundie explanations for why not one

Post some RW Fundie explanations for why not one

If you love bikes, this one is for you:

Obama's Challenge

SNL slams Limbaugh: Rush a ‘terrible name for a slow, fat man’ (video)

Who were the most deserving Nobel Peace Prize winners of all time?

Head of NFL players union opposes Limbaugh’s bid: Sports are meant to reject ‘discrimination

Trans-misogyny? There’s an app for that.

Transcript and Video: Bill Moyer's Kaptur/Johnson Interview (economic crisis/big banks)

The LDS church is building a Temple about 4 miles from my house...

Return On Investment: Lobbying/Campaign Contributions Vs TARP Money Recieved - WOW!

Clinton leads high-drama cellphone diplomacy from black BMW

Barack Obama ready to pay Afghan fighters to ditch the Taliban

Casey: $250K cap on malpractice damages 'insulting'

US pot growers pose threat to Mexican cartels

How to be a good Republican:

Any Palomino is a Pal-Of-Mine-O

PHOTOS: National Equality March - Washington DC

Tonite on Fux Snews?

A horrifying story of how gay men are targeted and tortured in Iraq.

Kate Boulden, (BolddoodooAnn), CNN, could say Senator McCain, Senator Durbin, General McCrystal,

Democrats Heed Dole’s Objection and Kill TV Ad

Gay Rights Rally: The Way To Democracy Is Winding....

Broncos beat the Patriots!

Tasers gaining widespread acceptance, but Tarrant County sheriff bucks the trend (Texas)

W.Va.'s first female secretary of state has lived life of public service

If President Obama is playing 10-level chess,

No, I WON'T work for a drug-addicted pig: Head Of NFL Union Opposing Limbaugh's Attempt To Buy Rams

DADT Senate debate/filibuster is coming: Predict which Republican will make the dumbest statement...

The Civil Rights Test of Our Generation

NFL union head slams Rush

Polk County runs out of first batch of swine flu vaccine, second shipment due this week

I keep looking at this picture of VP Biden and I SMILE like a galldern fool.

Democrats are considering additional tax on insurers

OK, screw taxing med marijuana, that is taxing the sick, and NOONE has ins coverage!

TIMELINE-Kenosha, Wisconsin in auto history (innovations including the steering wheel, the seat belt

Hang in there VIPER CO!

How many times have the people in Afghanistan been conquered by a foreign army?

WTF is a Pat Toomey for Senate ad and a "Democrats are Scared" ad by GOPAC doing on DU?

Congressman Grayson

Vietnam War - The 'More Troops' propaganda.

The safety net and the recession

Players turning thumbs down to prospect of Limbaugh as NFL owner

NC man in jail a week for mistaken identity

twitter gonna sell all your tweets for cash to corporations who want to data mine you?

I am very worried about a Palin candidacy

A Little Less Conversation A Little More Action Please - More March Pics

60 Minutes coming on now. First story is Afghanistan

Walter Cronkite reporting on the death of MLK, April 1968.

Walter Cronkite reporting on the death of MLK, April 1968.

What do you think will happen as far as immigration reform goes?

Jindal Fires State Employee Day After She Criticized Him, Blames It on Katrina

Republican shoots target with Fla. Dem's initials

Woman Killed After 27 Emergency Room Visits

Police: Drugs Allegedly Hidden In Baby Stroller

Top economist: Obama ‘missed opportunity’ to reform financial system

The Supreme Court: Home To America's Highest Court (CSPAN interviews the Justices)

October 11th: It's Eleanor Roosevelt's birthday.

Vermont's First Net-Zero Energy Building

"My dad smiles a lot. Even when he thinks he's going to lose his job."

Alabama Supreme Court has upheld a state statute prohibiting masturbation by artificial means.

So, Scott Baio is a wingnut, losing his shit on Twitter

Charge of the Beckerhead Bandwagon

Top economist on Bill Moyer: Financial crisis will come back with a vengenance

Pilots on Food Stamps By Michael Moore

Who else is watching JFK on History Channel?

Anybody else watching Discovering Ardi?

When Russia pulled out of Afghanistan, did the Taliban and Al-Qaeda attack Russia? No. So the

Why do Bible thumpers object to homosexuality, yet say nothing about football, wrasslin' and rugby?

Conservative "Journalism" At Its Finest

How many of you know about the Peace Tower?

Glenn Greenwald: On the government's owners

PCIntern wept.

PCIntern wept.

I just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Gay Rights Rally:The Way To Democracy Is Winding...

According to NBC News, gay marchers yesterday are just part of the Internet Left Fringe

MSNBC: F**K jobs, "Investors will use 3rd-quarter results to gauge strength of economy"

I am past the point of listening to CNBC types report on the state of the economy...

You know what? It doesn't look spontaneous when you post 10 threads on your issue in 5 minutes. nt

As China's economy grows, so do mounds of garbage

The jobless economic recovery?

My "brilliant" political statement of the day...

Witness gives £10,000 reward to rape victim confined to wheelchair

The abuse continues at Florida's Dozier School for Boys. St. Pete Times still investigating.

America was lost, stolen and sold. All at the same time. And right out from under us.

America was lost, stolen and sold. All at the same time. And right out from under us.


I wonder if.....Obama's surprisingly (unbeknownest to, well EVERYONE) winning the Nobel

Conservatives and Off-Base Lefties: Can You Top This?

Cadillac Plans: Since When is Good Coverage a Luxury?


Here's what I can't figure out - with the Republican Party is such shambles,

CDC’s Abortion Surveillance System: FAQs

Mix-Up Sends 700 Gourmet Meals to SF Soup Kitchen

Last letter from Michael Moore - announcing a new blog - and follow up on his movie

Governor Perry continues the stonewalling on investigation of execution of Cameron Todd Willingham

How many DU'ers have been to jail/prison?

Female Genital Mutilation: Three Generations Later

OUCH! Microsoft fails to back-up, loses customer T-Mobile data


Florida Senate: State ethics violator Thrasher to head Ethics and Elections Committee (Jeb's man)

McCain says he's open to GOP nominating Sarah Palin for president in 2012

Sarah Silverman: 'Sell the Vatican, feed the world'..I agree

Sarah Silverman: 'Sell the Vatican, feed the world'..I agree

21st Century America Summed Up in One Comic Strip:

Millions Will Starve as Rich Nations Cut Food Aid Funding, Warns UN

I think I've reached the end of my "Obama's just another suit" phase.

Here's the proof of moon bomb? Do you need more?

Why Joe is No Joke (A Vice President to be Reckoned With) - October 19th Newsweek Cover - pic

Detroit News columnist slaps Rush Limbaugh - Awesome

So I checked out the Talking head shows this morning...

He would have been one of our greatest presidents: Check this out, DUers.

Student loan debt will be a major issue in the coming years

Has Oklahoma managed to pass a "Personhood" law?

A conversation with friends.....eye opening.

is the dollar unstabel ? big warning from the uk ... will the dollar collaps

In Today's Viral World, Who Keeps a Civil Tongue?

Hey, can we get a little change at the airports?

4 Month Old Healthy 'Chunky' Baby Denied Medical Insurance for being too fat

Will criminal charges be filed against self help author James Arthur Ray?

Will criminal charges be filed against self help author James Arthur Ray?

What Lies Beneath the War in Afghanistan? Lies.

Caught On Camera: Wild Shootout At Ohio Bar

Caught On Camera: Wild Shootout At Ohio Bar

Just 36 hours left. Act now to SAVE HEALTH CARE REFORM

This will break your heart. (Warning - graphic enough)

Columbus' darker side emerges in classrooms

Columbus' darker side emerges in classrooms

Columbus' darker side emerges in classrooms

Peace prize woes

Peace prize woes

BREAKING FROM NBC: White House official calls gays part of "Internet left fringe"

Bill Moyers reveals LOBBYISTS in and around Max Baucus

Parents of "chunky"("too fat" 4 mo old denied insurance) infant weigh in on health insurance reform

Guns quit on US troops during intense battle in Afghanistan that left 9 dead, study says

TIME: Obama's Gay Outreach: All Talk, No Action

Daughter saves mother, 80, left by doctors to starve

Today's provocative thread topic: Do you feel comfortable with intellectual elites...

Is "charisma" a form of emotional manipulation?

Panic in Detroit: 35,000 line up for federal poverty help, conservatives laugh

A Recipe for Riches (Traits that billionaires share)


Fox’s Volley With Obama Intensifying (NYT)

Grayson: GOP wishes there were Nobel prize for ‘fear, hatred, racism’

Grayson: GOP wishes there were Nobel prize for ‘fear, hatred, racism’

Is the word application really to long to say? RE: Iphone advertisement

Even the Maya are getting sick of 2012 hype

Even the Maya are getting sick of 2012 hype

Don't forget tonight, History Channel, 9 p.m. EDT: JFK assasination as it happened.

Some things you can do to get obsogenes out of your food

Homeless Get 700 Gourmet Meals After Mistake

So a Face Book 'friend' took exception to my congratulations to Obama....

Video of Anne Frank

Dems Discussing Public Option With Opt-Out Clause: The Silver Bullet?

Dems Discussing Public Option With Opt-Out Clause: The Silver Bullet?

Obama Approval Soars to Plus 19 Points at Gallup

A proposal for DU, and a note on acronyms

Who stole more than $200,000 at Walmart?

Tea partiers turn on GOP leadership

Good luck trying to succeed as a kid in America

How much more Taxes would you be willing to pay for covering the Healthcare of everyone ?

I just watched ABC's "This Week" and was sickened by Dianne Feinstein.

Los Angeles District Attorney Plans All-Out Assault on City's Pot Dispensaries

Let's talk about Detroit

In Praise Of......Awesome Leftist College Towns

Any discussion of Afghanistan and Pakistan that doesn't start and end with pipelines is a lie

Why revealing private abortion info is important to YOU, even if you're a guy or anti-choice.

Obama's response to my letter about DOMA

Stalking the Shadows: Officially Crazy

You know that bumper sticker that says "It's a child, not a choice"?

Joe Biden has bucked Obama—as only a good Veep can

Swine Flu vacination

Evangelical Christian Brent Childers explains his journey from believing that homosexuality was an

I've Been On DU Too Long To Watch People Allow Obama To Be Criticized For A Financial Coup d'etat

As we were watching Mad Men we could only shake our heads

Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book

Nobel Peace Prize, Naomi Klein, and 10-layer chess

CNN - Husband shoots gun-toting soccer mom as she chatted on webcam

At Dole's request, WH tells DNC to stop ad featuring Dole and other Republicans.

Is it better to openly mock or completely ignore bigots?

The Obama Family Attends Church and Walk Back to The White House - pics

Pilots on Food Stamps by Michael Moore

DNO Revelations: While Influencing Iraqi Constitution Peter Galbraith Held Stakes In Dahuk Oilfield

Here's a slew of pics from the gay rights march.

CBO response to my inquiry on scoring a Single-payer amendment...

We ALL need to donate to Marcy Kaptur's Congressional campaign

A darker side of Columbus emerges in US classrooms

babylonsister and kpete appreciation thread

DU Song Of The Day

What's with the Wookiee homeworld being named Kashyyyk?

I love me some zombies, and I love reading Max Brooks...

Do the Hokey Pokey!

Just for all of you zombie fans, I have found 16 full length zombie classics for free viewing.

I had the weirdest experience tonight...

For Duers under 55: What is this?

For DUers who were around before the Dead Sea got sick

Man who set fire, and texted about it, gets three years probation

I have 11 days of vacation time left for this year and I don't know what to do with them

Anybody else miss a line of Coke?

Do people really forget their winter driving skills over the summer

Happy National Coming Out Day!

what does it mean when a light like this comes on in your car?

For DUers under 3, what are these?

Ok, I think I could make a lot of money with this:

So I bit the bullet and joined Facebook

X-post from GD. (New sig)

Can dogs only get "Cherry Eye"?

The unintentionally funny headline of the day...

Raleigh Durham comes in #1 as the Smartest City from Daily Beast

Toy Story in 3-D -- has anyone seen it?

2000th post--

A recent jaunt. Warning very pic heavy

Theres no private time in the lounge anymore! Armyofwalgreens keeps walking in!

OK, on this Sunday, it's time to recall the love I lost. What a song.

money *inheritance* question for the lawyerly types

Yeah, but how do I open the box?

Do you like pigs?

Um. WTF? Is it food? A toy? A learning tool?

Married/partnered DU'ers

I just changed my facebook status to "in an open relationship".

We're only down 18, we could come back!

wish = pig = bamboo = boil

such a beautiful song

such a beautiful song

guitar hero...what is the point?

just how stoned is the piano player

Which musician's catalog should Amazon give away next?

Just looked outside; my backyard is FULL of dragonflies!


Saw "Away We Go" - it wasn't as bad as people said it was

For DUers under 50: What are these???

Amazing garden surprise!

Speaking of "private time", here's some first class private time.

RIP- Stephen Gately of Boyzone

I've got your privates right here.

The Drive redeux?

YouTube: Eric Clapton, "Please Be With Me"

If I have to put on my brakes while going on the straightaway while

Sunday Soul Soundtrack

OK, who around here has never seen an analog watch or clock?

PHOTO THREAD! Where do you go when you need private time?

With all that went on last week, did Hamdenrice ever get his tomatoes?

DUers who are parents: Do you think this is possible?

Imagine Pierce Brosnan watching "Casino Royale"

Sorry ladies, Scott Baio's a freeper!

about this EOG do you explain to a kid that there is more

High School Yearbook Time Again! Who's THIS Poindexter?

Do 'no spoiler' rules apply to nationally televised sporting events?

21 FUCKs in 2 mins

HD TV recommendations?

HD TV recommendations?

Off to get some cheesecake!

I am impressed by all the pink I am seeing on the field

I'm seeing Gogol Bordello on the 27th

I have to write a bio of myself for the "Rocky Horror" program. HELP!

I am going to start a thread for websites where one can watch movies or shows for free.


Poindexter du prairie

Widely Known Fact: Datasuspect is a Stoner

People who have taken Caribbean cruises...

Did you hear that?

Bengals are 4-1 while the Redskins are....not so much

Name a movie or drama that made you cry.. but you adored it anyway

If you took a corkscrew from the shelf, what would your intentions usually be?

Gloat over re:Broncos

Is anyone else having trouble logging into Facebook?

Now some pictures of the Zombie Crawl!

"... and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House."

Ptah: The Early Years

Just watched Good Night and Good Luck

I offered to wager Will Pitt for the Broncos/Patroits game, and he didn't accept the wager..

Broncos 5 and fucking 0, Baby!!!!!

My friend's new kitteh, adopted yesterday, meet Thumper

Another dirty laundry thread... this one is about my sister.

My husband doesn't realize we blew off a social engagement this evening - HEEHEEHEE

John Lithgow

Movie "A Serious Man" Coen Brother's latest. Anyone see it yet?

Would you buy a rug at walgreens?

Movie clip so funny it needs its own thread:

A meagar harvest. That's all I've got. I'm ashamed.

Check out this really ancient ax

Little Known Fact: Carl Sagan Was A Stoner

Any Palomino is a Pal-Of-Mine-O

RIP Minnesota Fans, 3-0 and the LAST game in the Metrodome, oh well

Why do the Kansas City Chiefs have the state of Texas on their helmets?

I have read and studied Michel Foucault. Bow to me, little people.

Cameron Diaz's New Movie Is Called, "The Box"

Jim Caviezel as "The Prisoner"

Some beautiful pictures I took this morning... (Pic heavy)

Last night I dreamt about nuclear apocalypse...

For DUers younger than 50, what is this?

EPIC FAIL (**Spoiler**)

Have you ever avoided reading something...

RIP Red Sox, until next year.............

DU meetup in Columbus, 10/10/09.

What would you do if armyowalgreens walked in on your "private time"?

Panty hose pumpkins

Very very cool store

ALDS: A-Rod=6 RBIs...entire Minnesota Twins = 6 RBI's

Everything's amazing and nobody's happy

A reasonable facsimile of AOW's facial expression when he walked in on Mr. "private time"

For DUers under me: What is this?

so, it appears some fuckmunch dumped this kitten yesterday along my walking route

For DUers Under 21: What is This?

Has anyone else seen "The Fall"? I watched it last night.

OK - you have one soul song to listen to before you die

What should I use to get burned rice off the bottom of a pot?

Should Scotland phase out bagpipes in exchange for being taken off Al Qaeda's list of targets?

Question about applying for Federal jobs?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) The Zen of Kilts Edition


Military leader for my daughter to write a report about?

You can purchase the President's 10/10 HRC Speech from CSPAN (DVD)

Who has been the most ineffectual/inconsequential president

NY Times Editorial - The Baucus Bill

Woman Makes Nebraska History

Party Like It’s The 1990s

Doonesbury Flashback -- Such a good one.

Ottawa's refusal to take Gitmo inmates irks U.S.

Has the mainstream media ever before reported on who SHOULD have won the Nobel the day after

HEADS UP: C-SPAN re-airing Obama's address to HRC and covering National Equality Rally.

I found this to be interesting

Obama to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Military Policy

I Just Watched A Documentary Called "Outrage" Presented By HBO & I Live In Florida!!!!

Clearly the Nobel damaged the President

Please DU this poll on whether Obama deserves the Nobel Prize

WHOA! McGlaughlin was Fired Up This Morning.

Nobel Decibels

Are those that oppose the Nobel Peace Prize winner the Devil?

Ten reasons Obama deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

GALLUP: Witness the Nobel Bump - Obama approval at 56%, highest level in two months.

Obama's Nobel....a worthy award.

NFLPA's Smith opposes Limbaugh

Chavez Says Obama Did "Nothing" to Deserve Nobel - File under "more interesting bedfellows for GOP"

Gallup has Obama at two-month high for approval today -where's Drudge's siren?

Nobel's Will

This Just in on the Obvious Fact Newswire: Republicans are So Freaking Ignorant!

Maybe it's just a phase change in my manic-depressive cycle, but

Obama Wins Everthing!

Images from today's "National March for Equality" Rally in DC.

There is a difference between thinking the Obama's Nobel Prize was premature and the vitriol . . .

President Barack Hussein Obama and The Nobel Peace Prize. Be Proud America.

So when is Henry Kissinger going to give up that albatross around his neck?

Obama's War: Coming on PBS Frontline Oct 13th

Senate prospects for healthcare co-ops dim

DiFi Loves a man in uniform

deleted dupe n/t

Bacus Bill killer is out, New Price House Coopers report

Who's the more legitimate President?

Reflecting on the knee-jerk reactions to Obama - How Does That Make Them Look?

Proof that Liz Cheney's mouth works faster than her brain

So I hear that Rush Limbaugh is planning to refuse to get the H1N1 vaccination.

Obama, Change And Torture

Granny Sarah is Not Easily Impressed

Don't Fall For It

Is President Obama really a middle of the road moderate?

Obama Is Too Big To Fail!

Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer. I Guess Bob Just Doesn't "Get It" about the Nobel Prize.

What makes a Democrat liberal?

Some good cartoons on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize...

Who Has The Most Power Over The Republican Party?

WH Thinks Demonstrators “Internet Left Fringe” Who Need to “Take Off The Pajamas”

Two could beat Reid, poll finds

Maureen Dowd: Bill Clinton must be jealous that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize

Tea partiers turn on GOP leadership

McCain: Time for Republicans to get started on health care reform (CHOKE, SNORT, and NOSTRIL SPURT)

Well, guess who dropped in to Dublin?

Joe Solmonese on President Obama's "historic" and "unprecedented" address to the LGBT community

Gandhi Wuz Robbed

Palin: McDonnell Personally Asked for Help

Will the Fed listen to Doctor Krugman, or just drive off the nearest cliff? (re: interest rates)

If Barack Obama were to cure cancer and bring world peace tomorrow before noon...

Obama's Poll Numbers Going Up Everywhere (and MSM Ignores It)

What is up with the Obama hate on SNL?

Ms. Huffington And Her Flock Again Need A Reality Check

"The odds of a Senate climate bill just jumped through the roof."

Who is better: Barack Obama or Hugo Chavez?

Wait For Benefits Is 3 Years If Health Care Passes


(Irish) INLA group to renounce violence

Red-nosed circus billionaire returns to Earth

Health care costs stymie hiring

US, Afghan forces attack al-Qaida compound

Pres. Obama addresses gay rights group on ending discrimination

Deadly bombings in central Iraq

Justice Dept. to Review Bush Policy on DNA Test Waivers

Parents of "chunky"("too fat" 4 mo old denied insurance) infant weigh in on health insurance reform

Ten thousand unemployed apply for 90 jobs in Louisville, Kentucky

Wait for benefits is 3 years if health care passes

Obama to End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Military Policy

Stephen Gately of Irish boy band Boyzone dies in Mallorca, leaves behind partner

Will criminal charges be filed against self help author James Arthur Ray?

Boyzone star Stephen Gately dies

Lobbyists fight big plans to cut health care costs (NYT just a few months late)

Natural Gas May Climb to $7, Invest AD Says: Technical Analysis

Smith sends e-mail detailing opposition

US, Afghan forces attack al-Qaida compound

UN chief acknowledges fraud in Afghan vote

Officials: Obama Advisors Are Downplaying Afghanistan Dangers

U.S. books World Cup berth (Soccer)

Gay rights advocates march on DC, divided on Obama

Big Bang scientist 'admits link to al-Qa'ida plotters'

Ex-officer alleges Iraq cover-ups

Chavez says Obama did "nothing" to deserve Nobel

Clinton warns on Pakistan threat

Nuclear terror suspect is top physicist

White House: Fox News Is 'A Wing Of The Republican Party'

Fourth member replaced on Texas panel probing execution

McCain warns against 'historic' error in Afghanistan

Suspect in 1968 hijacking at JFK is captured

Smith sends e-mail detailing opposition (solidify the union against radio host Rush Limbaugh )

Turkey rejects Israel Nato exercise

Soros to Invest $1 Billion in Clean Energy, Form Advisory Group

It Takes a Pillage

Sarah Palin's very own 'Levi Johnston Blues' Live at 3:50

"Dear Mr. President" by Cadillac Don for the Troops(Warning:graphic pictures)

Scientologist says it's fine killing all homosexuals

David Swanson Workshop on Holding High Officials Accountable

Gay Activists Heated Debate About Obama's Gay Rights Speech Pt 1

White House Communications Director Anita Dunn: Faux News Is "Research Arm of the Republican Party"

CBS News: Praise and controversy both at home and abroad for President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize Conservative Short List of Bush and Palin

President Obama speaks at the annual HRC Dinner, Part 1

President Obama speaks at the annual HRC Dinner, Part 2

Eminem's Detroit Manufacturing & Economy Reflection

Conan O'Brien - Big Bird of Sesame Street Harassing Michelle Obama

SNL: Obama's Nobel

Hey Rush, Hannity, loofah Man

Lt. Dan Choi Speaks at National Equality Rally in Washington, DC

Rep. Alan Grayson: Republicans Wish There Was a Nobel Prize for Fear

The License- Not All Traditions Are Worth Keeping

TYT: Wellpoint Screws Over Their Employees & Taxpayers after Anti HC lobbying

Bill Orly: Nobel Peace Prize committee has now said to the world 'we are a joke'

Young Turks Interview Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz on Healthcare

FOX On President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

AP: Gay Rights Advocates March on DC

Bill Moyers: Healthcare and the treason of the senate

Black Cab Sessions. Chapter 28: Benjamin Zephaniah ("Rong Radio Station")

F-Troop Season 1

Ficus for Congress - The Awful Truth with Michael Moore

Dissent Rang Out at Antiwar Rally at White House (Yes, we are still out here)

National Equality March Rally: Lt. Dan Choi speaks

Harvey Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black speaks at the National Equality March rally.

Judy Shepard - Gay Rights Rally in Washington DC

Oklahoma To Post Abortion Records On Public Website!

Republicans are...

Damages to Zelaya residence by military intruders.

Moronic Mouth-Breathers Continue to Threaten Violence Against Obama and Gov't

Sell The Vatican, Feed The World (HD, Official)

Look what the Antis put up..Protect Marriage, Maine

The Amazing Atheist Owns Homophobics

White House Official Considers Gays Part Of Internet Left Fringe ?

Bill Moyers: Single Payer is the only thing that can be done.

Knuckle-Dragging Militia Video Warns President Obama to Leave the Country by Oct. 15

Fox News is wing of the Republican Party

Georgia Restaurant Owner Puts The N Word On A Sign About Obama's Healthcare!

Worlds First Free Energy Efficient Generator

CNN Interviews Comedian Lewis Black

Grayson Addresses The 2009 FDP Convention: Republicans Should Rename The GOP "The Selfish Party"

New ship revealed by Paul Watson - Calgary

Is Kirsten Powers Really A Democrat?

This is so stupid I just have to post it.

Lady Gaga Screams at 'Obama, I Know You are Listening!' at Gay Rights March

Afghanistan - the proxy war

NYT: Lobbyists Fight Last Big Plans to Cut Health Care Costs

America, by design, the new THIRD WORLD

Stuck on Stupid (David Glenn Cox)

"Capitalism" A love Story

Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation) By JOHN KERRY and LINDSEY GRAHAM

Ottawa's refusal to take Gitmo inmates irks U.S.

The Baucus Bill (NYT Editorial)

The smallness of the right's big bad temper

The Republicans and the Taliban: More alike than Rush will admit

White House: Fox news operates as if its an arm of GOP. Shouldn't advertizers be considered

Losing Olympics: good? Getting Nobel: bad? (Stevenson | politiBITS | Tuscaloosa News)

Rush-ing to judgment: National commentators don't understand Detroit's plight

Rich: Two Wrongs Make Another Fiasco (Obliterates McCain)

Don't mess with the moon

Perry's office quiet on expert's arson report


AHIP To Unleash Its Guns On The Baucus Bill!

How to Live on $0 a Day: Financial Doldrums Got You Down? Look on the Bright Side

James Bamford: Who's in Big Brother's Database? (The Untold History of the National Security Agency)

Progressive Vs. Regressive: The Right Wing Wants History to Go Backwards

One Big Circle

What a contrast to the days of 'is our children learning' - Obama Becomes Japan’s English Teacher

Borlaug and the bankers by Joseph Stiglitz in the Guardian today:

Ospreys tapped for Afghanistan

Sailors take aim at new recruiting slogan

Smart grid gets island test in Maui resort area

Oregon Thinning Project Tests Obama Forest Policy

World will miss 2010 target to stem biodiversity loss, experts say

As economy grows, so does China’s trash

Clean Energy Splits France—…Environmental Battle Over Plan for Windmills Near Coastal Shrine

Is Obama doing anything for the environment?

AP: Climate-change protesters scale UK Parliament

George Soros pledges $1bn to search for clean energy

AP: Solar power outshining Colorado's gas industry

Sustainability Impact Assessments for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

BlackLight Power Inc. Announces Its Sixth Commercial License Agreement

So when are the Gators going to get blue turf?

USA defeats Honduras 3-2 and qualifies for World Cup 2010!

From googling "NFL" on the first page of google-notice something strange?

Angels rally to sweep Red Sox, reach ALCS

"Do these rings count as part of my wardrobe?"

Andre Caldwell catches another late in the game touchdown to take the lead

Now that the Skins lost again

Denver throwback uniforms...

Angels sweep red sox!

One step closer to a freeway series

Hey Joeybee..

Broncos beat the Pats!

Woah! These Denver uniforms are fugly with a capital fug!

The Browns finally won a game

Where is joeybee12??

'skins lose, Dallas wins...

WTF???? Texas fell to third and TCU fell two ranks????

Let's say it again in the sports forum--- About Spoilers...

Philadelphia Philles turn to J.A. Happ for delayed Game 3 instead of Pedro Martinez

Broncos beat the Patriots!

America dumps Boston as their team

Cowpatties barely eek out a win in OT against the worst team.

Yankees advance to ALCS

35-10 at half. Falcons over the forty-niners in SF.

Papelbon chokes

Reports from the U.S. Delegation in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/11

L. Coyote posted this video Damages to Zelaya residence by military intruders.

Chavez: Nobel peace committee overlooked US wars

Are Republicans Breaking US Law in Honduras?

Shots are fired at major Catholic seminary in Tegucigalpa

Chavez's TV appearance cancelled due to health (Suspendido Aló, Presidente por quebranto de salud)

Man dies after double shooting at west suburban tavern

Columbine killer's mother tells of horror of suffering her son caused in high school shooting

Two killed, two wounded in Mooresville shooting

Suspect in custody for shooting of 10-year-old girl

Could we not have any ADDITIONAL threads celebrating the death of the soccer mom.

Guns, cars, and penises.

Robbery Victim Fatally Shoots Suspect in W. Oak Lane

Mystery shooting: Woman on boat hit by bullet near Skaggs Island

Josh Sugarmann on Slain, Gun Toting Mother

Here's what the fight about guns is really all about

"She had it coming because of her lifestyle."

11 year old shoots at home invader

Legal Affairs: Mum's the Word?

Robert Fisk: Obama, man of peace? No, just a Nobel prize of a mistake

People shoot each other. Put all those stories here. 1 easy fast place to find them all

People keep bad things from happening by having a gun handy. Post those stories here

'Settlements are comparable to blowing up buses in Tel Aviv'

Kensington Market in black & white

Chinatown in black & white

Kensington Market in color

At last, some fall color

Bird's eye viewing wabi-sabi

Today in Labor History Oct 11 The Miners’ National Association formed in Youngstown, Ohio

AFT Demands Transparency And Accountability In Washington D.C. Teacher Firings

600 Workers At Boston Hospital Vote To Join SEIU

Chinatown in color

Durham Workers in New Jersey Choose Teamsters Union

New Deere-UAW contract a 'richer' one

AFL-CIO chief decries “union busting” in DC

Verizon cuts violate pact, union says

Ford, union to resume talks on cost cutting

Union negotiates first contract at Neb. plant (average raise of $1.44 per hour in the first year)

Harley to Start Union Talks to Save Largest Factory

Pilots union rips immunity for American Airlines

AP: Employees may see new insurance choice this fall

Why the NBA lockout is a no-win proposition for union referees

Labor Dept Unit Warns 10 Mine Operators Of Hazard Patterns

Farmers And Environmentalists Fighting Off Toxic Pesticide From California Fields

Are white working-class blues bad for Democrats?

Book boosts broader role for unions, workers (A New New Deal)


Gay Rights Advocates March On D.C.

Scientists produce live mice from stem cells....

If you REALLY want to be brought to tears...

Doped TiO2 Catalysts for "Artificial Photosynthesis" with High Energy and Visible Photons.

Best photo yet from the march

Always good to have the written record. Obama's remarks to the HRC -

Aravosis Calls Out the Human Rights Campaign, Because Someone’s Got To Liberate the Veal Pen….

The White House just called LGBT's part of a Pajama-clad Internet Fringe

Most Discussions of Gay Issues on DU

White House transcript: President Obama's speech to gay Human Rights Campaign

The hatred for John Aravosis here is appalling.

This is a handy piece of information.

Risks of Reverse Mortgages

Bought and Paid For

Wall Street Reform? will there be reforms to prevent another banking collapse - Bill Moyers Journal

The Speculative Bubble in Equities and the Case for Deflation, Stagflation and Implosion

Recession creating a lost generation: only 46 percent of 16-24 year-olds have jobs

Urgent--need some light and good vibes from my friends

Insulin given to non-diabetic, non-critically ill hospital patients?

A question for ex-theists: Do you ever miss prayer?

ACLU Says Bibles Used As Weapons At Local Schools

God is not the Creator, claims academic

A darker side of Columbus emerges in US classrooms

A Math Paradox: The Widening Gap Between High School and College Math

Duncan: Education plan not causing deaths

cheap and easy grape jelly

Chilly, dampish day today.

Sunday Kitchen...The Dishes Aren't Done Edition. LOL

Can you think of a low carb pizza crust?

Got a live one in GD bashing Oklahoma

Is Perry in trouble?

Sure I'm a WACKO....... but see this!