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The latest in women's heels?! EEEEEEKK!

God damn it. $$$$$$ does not define have to define us.

Why do anti-gay attitudes seem to start with people in their 30's?

If Henry Kissenger can win the Nobel Peace Prize

The Week In Review

Roses are red, but their stems cut like daggers

US Afghanistan commander requested as many as 60,000 more soldiers

Been around since 2002, I think and I finally made it to 1000 posts!

So, what's the latest with Dr. Murray?

Frank calls gay rights march "a waste of time at best.."

Porn company names Gingrich ‘Family Values Porn Fan of the Year, 2009.’

50 Militants Join Afghan Gov't, 7 Others Detained in North

WJ this morning -President Obama's Nobel Prize and Afghanistan

The Man Who Prevented WWIII

Judge rules Austal once again engaged in unfair labor practices (PASS EFCA)

Just went outside and the moon is GONE! What happened to it?

Embattled Community Organizers Gather for Online ‘Upgrade’

Why The Committee Chose Obama

Deadly attack on Pakistan army HQ

North Dakota Scandal Raises Concerns About Health Co-op Route

The Goldstone Report: Killing the Messenger

Is the moon still there?

High end of troop request for Afghanistan: 60,000-plus

Think about this: Our mainstream media...

Only 75 more shopping days until Xmas!

Lindsey Graham moves to block Obama from trying 9/11 suspects in U.S.

Lindsey Graham moves to block Obama from trying 9/11 suspects in U.S.

Chaffetz On Census Takers: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Them

Soccer Mom Shooting Highlights Danger of Gun Ownership: Freedom States Alliance Weekly Update Oct. 9

Saudi Arabia to Seek Financial Aid if World Reduces Oil Dependence

A Nobel Message to America-It's for All of Us Too

A Nobel Message to America-It's for All of Us Too

Pakistan Army contingent leaves for Saudi Arabia

Obama was elected because Americans want peace

What Kind Of Question Is That?

What Kind Of Question Is That?

Guns or Butter, part 1 of the Guns

Who Said The Following?

Chevy celebrates Volt's final pre-production run

Ralph Lauren apologises for a grotesque retouch of model filippa hamilton

Sotomayor to Maryland's Attorney General on the questioning of criminal suspects

Error, self delete.. The poll didn't post right..

Should there be a single international armed force?

You have to admit, Lehman Brothers had a lot of, em, balls

Alan Grayson Explains The Best Policy For Afghanistan: Just Leave People Alone

Obama awarded Nobel Prize as part of Euro plot to "reverse the American Revolution and re-colonize u

More Troops? Naysayers Gain Clout With Obama

Grayson's speech calling out the GOP was great!

What The Pentagon Spends

What If Democrats Behaved More Like Republicans?

Rep. Skelton To Rep. Akin: "Stick It Up Your Ass"

The Pantheon of Corporate Evil.......

Obama game changer, more statements on his Nobel award

GOP Congressional Candidate shoots at target

GOP Congressional Candidate shoots at target

Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton to Repub Colleague: "stick it up your ass."

Score: Republicans - STILL Zero

Will pigboy Have An All-White NFL Team Is The NFL Let's him In?

Keeping an eye on the Truth O Meter,

Were I to post a "Republican Boneheaded Move Of The Day", it would be pretty fucking easy

Well I, for one, believe the Nobel PP went to the wrong person!

DUers i need recommends on Sen Brown's guest ed. on public option

Glen Beck said that Obama should have turned the Nobel Prize over to

Out of all the fine threads we had today, only 400 or so made it to the Greatest page.

The NFL Must Flush Rush

Time out for a one minute, much needed LOL:

I happen to LIKE Cheetos...

Gunmen attack Pakistan's army headquarters and take hostages!

Yet another version of the creepy McNaughton painting.. This one stars Cthulhu .. be warned..

Found a REICH Wing poll site - DU These Polls!

December 20, 2001

Does this claim make any sense?

LA hospital exposed patients to high radiation (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles)

Fidel Castro lauds Nobel prize for Obama

Great tit, or what?

Update on Beanie and Jason (both are home from the hospital)

Update on Beanie and Jason (both are home from the hospital)

Racist, nativist Sheriff Joe isn't above the law anymore

Pals Visit 30 Cities in 31 Days on All-You-Can-Fly Passes

When do you think the economy will recover?

USA - "Pollution an enduring legacy at old missile sites"

Gun Show Undercover

Why Conservatives Are Really Afraid of a Black President

Five Myths on Afghanistan

The Zombie Zeitgeist (Dave Sirota)

It's freaking snowing....

Do I have to get a tetanus shot to enter Europe?


36 degrees on October 10th in Kansas. this is not usual

Study: Half of U.S. kids assaulted each year

Study: Half of U.S. kids assaulted each year

GOP allegedly bribing underage students with free booze in exchange for support

Energy Secretary Chu: ‘I Think It’s Wonderful’ That Companies Are Leaving The Chamber

Regardless of unemployment rate, we still can't fill the need for H1-Bs

Cost of NDSU president's house rising

Does insurance cover co-pay for medical marijuana?

Delete - dupe

Study: NYC calorie postings don't change orders

Congress (at the behest of Obama) set to act to keep abuse photos hidden - AP

U.S. Teams Up With Ex-Mujahedeen in Afghanistan

can't really load a lot of windows right now on my mac, so I am not sure if I can post this

Secret Democrat Party Operatives Slander Fox News Star With Rape Charge

Hostages Taken in Pakistan Army HQ Attack

Cops: Husband shot soccer mom as she chatted on webcam

Check this out!

Charlie Wilson's Peace

Since there are a few threads about it. Everyone does realize most NFL owners aren't that different

Marge Simpson poses for Playboy

FloraDUHH Gun Post

Susan G. Komen Race for Cure draws 14,000 to downtown Birmingham on rainy morning

Sorry I can't resist. Don't hate me but...

If Right-Wingers Go To the Olympics, Are They Going To Root Against American Athletes?

"Nobel Insiders: Beer Summit Sealed it for Obama"...

Florida man kills fiancee on eve of wedding--thought she was an intruder

Apple has a trailer posted for As Seen Through These Eyes.

Take Care clinics at Walgreens...WOW a cool concept and my insurance co is accepted

Take Care clinics at Walgreens...WOW a cool concept and my insurance co is accepted

Newt: ‘Family Values Porn Fan of the Year, 2009,’

Newt: ‘Family Values Porn Fan of the Year, 2009,’

Newt: ‘Family Values Porn Fan of the Year, 2009,’

Newt: ‘Family Values Porn Fan of the Year, 2009,’

Aubrey Sarvis, HuffPo: Gays & Lesbians marching for "nothing special, and that's exactly the point"

AP - "76 U.S. children dead of swine flu as cases rise" - Beck & Rush Say Avoid The Vaccine

who's still advertising on Beck?


Jordan to refill Dead Sea from Red Sea

Excellent Moyer's Journal on Health Care Lobbyists (Video)

Alan Grayson cracked us up today

Teabaggers march: MSM all over it. Gay equal rights march today : MSM IGNORES IT.

Here's a nice idea:

Michael Steele admits that Obama is "awesome.."

NATO chief calls on Russia to bolster Afghanistan support

Please delete, sorry

Gingrich gripes Obama doesn’t have an ambass. to Brazil yet (because he’s being blocked by DeMint)

Last Time Carbon Dioxide Levels Were This High: 15 Million Years Ago, Scientists Report

Obama Worshipers; Changed Tactics

I'm watching Thurgood Marshall Jnr on CSpan1

Imagine Peace Tower lights in Second Life (Lennon's widow Yoko Ono)

Wow, watch this it is incredible

Will Red States Opt Out of Blue State Generosity?

Don't Forget Your Viagra

The Michelle Obama Sesame Street skit on Conan...

Is Obama doing the right thing by escalating the conflict in Afghanistan?

'Die quickly' congressman new hero for Fla. Dems

Did you guys know that Comcast was going to control GE's "entertainment unit" (NBC)?

Rooting against America

California Budget Is Already in the Red 10 Weeks After Passage

Just finished watching Outrage.

It does not bother me that Obama won the Peace prize

Heads up - President Obama will address Human Rights Campaign dinner

Schwarzenegger's California Budget Is in the Red 10 Weeks After Passage

The USNS Medgar Evers

Number of Unclaimed Bodies Increases as Families Can’t Afford Burials

Military says bug distracted missile truck driver

Extended unemployment benefits run out? Fuck you, says Sen. Kyl (R-AZ)

Breaking Sports News: NCAA adopts new rule

Iran sentences three to death over vote unrest

Wii to fight terrorism in the airports.

Please Consider My Personal Plea On Behalf Of All Of Us Who Live In Red States: Reject Opt Out

Judge tosses restraining order against preachers

State officials fear grizzly claws a target

CNN: More Like Fox Every Day

CNN: More Like Fox Every Day

Feds: Food stamps swapped for booze, Viagra

A great line about why Obama won...

I wish to apologize to anyone who I may have offended yesterday.

Judge may rule on foster care funding limits

Alleys as catalysts for smart growth? ...... progressive Toronto thinks so.

Listening to Rush replay today: He is really JEALOUS of Obama!

World CUp Football qualifiers - Honduras v USA

Health-Care Bill May Not Get Single GOP Vote in the House

"Sarah Palin's book is big...


NY Times: Small Banks Failure Rate Grows, Straining F.D.I.C.

the Reich Wing Media uses NLP Neuro-linguistic programming ...Watch This program.!!!!

Calif. top justice slams state referendum process

The DainBramaged HEEL of the week award goes to

Report: CO2 could be stored under towns

Okay, the system is broken and reeks of corruption.

The threads with the the new guy from Belgium reminds me of a joke

The threads with the the new guy from Belgium reminds me of a joke

Sunday TV News Shows

He MUST Now Be Referred To As 'Noble Peace Prize Winner,President Barack Hussein Obama'

I just posted this on my Facebook:

I just posted this on my Facebook:

Americans "Duped" ? Canadian Critics Slam Obamacare

After Grayson’s Attack: In Search of…A GOP Health Plan

Los Angeles DA: ‘About 100%’ of medical marijuana dispensaries are illegal

UCLA: Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers

Is President Obama the President of the World?

Mrs. Klebold speaks for the first time

Obama, Congress Prepare to Thwart ACLU Suit Over Abuse Photos

How to get rid of the oxycontin-swilling, viagra-chugging....

How to get rid of the oxycontin-swilling, viagra-chugging....

Did Rush Limbaugh Actually Say These Things?

They use NLP Neuro-linguistic programming.. Watch This is a technique of mass hypnosis

Republicans Will Win The 2010 Midterm Elections....

Pot heads vs engineering students: Who will win?

Capitalism: A Love Story

Wait For Benefits Is 3 Years If Health Care Passes

Slate: Go Ahead, Walk Away (There is nothing immoral about ditching your mortgage)

DU: Please tell me what is left in the world.

The Abortion "Registry" and Privacy

Obama versus Obama on the PATRIOT Act

Program about the history of the KKK on History Channel right now.

Program about the history of the KKK on History Channel right now.

City Considers Night Rules For Wheelchairs On Roads

"world's first climate refugees"

"world's first climate refugees"

Should any human being's health enable profit to ANY other human being?

The Great Recession: The numbers tell the story

The economy must be starting to show signs of life

"Better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in."

Who are "the Taliban"? Former US allies.

let's imagine a DUers Peace Nobel. who would you give the prize?

Massive algae blooms threaten Lake Erie

I hope this aren't americans

Is it just me, or has Little Green Footballs (the blog) moved to the center (or even a little left)?

On Bended Knee, With a Very Low Copay

Job Openings in U.S. Fall to Lowest Level in Nine Years as Hiring Slows

Asda bans lad, 14 from carrying a bottle for mum

"The Treason of the Senate" Bill Moyers & Michael Winship

Nanotechnology: sci-fi fears vs. a world of innovation

Palin should really have been chosen over Obama

N-Word Used in Anti-Health Reform Sign

N-Word Used in Anti-Health Reform Sign

I think there should be a DU Peace Prize

California revenues $1.1 billion below budget estimate - Ahnuld must cut, cut, cut again

California revenues $1.1 billion below budget estimate - Ahnuld must cut, cut, cut again

Obama Job Approval Plus 16% in Latest Gallup Poll

Obama Job Approval Plus 16% in Latest Gallup Poll

Why is that Maher, who is usually pretty Pro-Science, so easily duped by pseudoscience?

Why is that Maher, who is usually pretty Pro-Science, so easily duped by pseudoscience?

Newt Gingrich is writing me for money


It does not bother me the moon did not explode, crack, implode, shift in orbit

What should Obama do with the 10 million kronor prize?

Get Off Obama's Back ...second thoughts from Michael Moore (did I crap on his big day?)

Russian president congratulates Obama on Nobel

Frank Rich: Two Wrongs Make Another Fiasco

Sand Sculpture of President Obama with a Nobel Prize Medal - pic

update on sweat lodge deaths: James Arthur Ray refusing to speak to authorities, left state

Overheard at the country store this AM

Too bad the post office can't get rid of some of the idiots that try to supervise people like slaves

Sen. Jon Kyl Holds Up Unemployment Extension. Hundreds Of Thousands Fall Off Rolls.

Japan nuke plant event update #1

In Praise Of......Bike-Friendly Cities

U.S. states suffer "unbelievable" revenue shortages

42 million Americans are illiterate

Obama admin. & Congress trying hard to cover for Bush admin.

Banned from the local paper's message board, lol

Hiring 300K Taliban to learn to read at $10/day is cheaper than sending 1K more troops

Woman shot by police, accused of assault, tried 4 times, finally acquitted

My Mainstream Media Moment today

My Mainstream Media Moment today

My Mainstream Media Moment today

My Mainstream Media Moment today

My Mainstream Media Moment today

I'll tell you why I dislike abstinence only sex education

So, American Left. Have you swung Right?

Aw fuck. My ID was stolen through insurance company.

I feel phsyically ill and completely outraged (video of Mother Of Nataline Sarkisya at CIGNA)

the truth of europe and drugs in Europe

Billo thinks Bachmann is hot so we are attacking her because of it? Here is my response to that!

Ten thousand unemployed apply for 90 jobs in Louisville, Kentucky

Dr Vanessa Kerry is getting married today - here's a fantastic NYT article

WHO SUNK THE TITANIC? The Secret Terrorists that's WHO!

Told You So (Again): Bank Lending

Pathologist: Slain Alabama child could have survived

Have you ever been taught grammar?

BREAKING NEWS: ‘My commitment to you is unwavering,’ Obama tells gay rights group

President Bill Clinton deserved a Nobel prize too .....

Bars and guns.... they just do not mix!

My 11-year old son's friend told him Obama was a War Monger

Sorry, but I think hardly any of the Obama criticism on DU resembles what the right-wing does.

Pentagon extends Army, Marine deployments in Iraq

Clinton Basks in Diplomatic Victory

A Moment of Truth with Bill Moyers, Marcy Kaptur, and Simon Johnson - Arianna\HuffPo

Sandra Day O'Connor says rulings are being 'dismantled'

Since I live in SC, here are the choices and ideas proposed by DUers if the state opts out.

"I thought I had an intruder in the house,"

Bill Moyers Journal: Rep. Marcy Kaptur and Econmist Simon Johnson - (Frightening)

unrec was the dumbest idea DU has ever come up with

Lawsuit: Ind. teacher tried to sicken autistic boy

A BETTER IDEA, I think, re: Grayson Donations, CONTRIBUTION TWO-STEP.

This Detroiter to Rush Limbaugh: Go Fuck Yourself

Photo surfaces of Tony Perkins (Head of Family Research Council) at CofCC meeting

HOLY SHIT! GOP Congressional Candidate stages Mock Shooting of Rep. Wasserman-Schultz!

So which states will most likely opt-out of the Public Option? I"ll choose first: Florida---

Ending Imperialist Wars: The Intersection of Morality and Self-Interest

There is no America. There is no democracy. There is only..."


READ THIS if you think the financial crisis is over and the stock market rally will continue...LINK

Let's kill the outrageous RW LIE that Reagan ended the cold war.

Were you taught penmanship?

I am curious about your motivation to post here....

It's Not the Prosecutors' Committee, it's the Judiciary Committee by Senator Russ Feingold

Hey, Bill Maher, you ignorant jerk!

What methods or programs have you or others used to get and stay sober?

Obama, As A Figure And Force, Has Done More To Rekindle A Sense Of Hope In The World Than Anyone In

is there, or can someone create, a counter for the number of uninsured dead each day--starting with

Naomi Klein on the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama

I have to give Frist credit for going on Maher's Real Time

Have you noticed? I mean, have you really freaking NOTICED?!?

Survey mistakes Twin Falls for Sioux Falls

Bill Nelson will not support the Republican filibuster on the Public Option

bwhahaha Newsmax sends me emails...latest one is "Olberman Viciously attacks Palin

FYI: We Never Went To The M O O N......

Rush Hudson Limbaugh ... mmm ... mmm ... mmm

The John Lennon Peace Crater on The Moon (Happy Birthday, John)

Limbaugh to judge 2010 Miss America Pageant

Dr. Quentin Young ...

Ten thousand unemployed apply for 90 jobs in Louisville, Kentucky

Jane Hamsher at Fire Dog Lake spares no words about the "opt-out" option.

What is the deal with the ugliness in comments to female bloggers?

Edugation 101: "Being Gay Is Not A Choice ..."

Best Letter-To-Editor, Ever!

Federal Reserve

NPR: Needle Exchanges Face A Fight In Congress

Afghanistan: It's me and my brother against my cousin. But it's me and my cousin against a foreigner

If you have trouble with your broadband signal to your laptop, check the cable line to your router.


check this shit....

Big Stripey Lie

Zombie Crawl!

Its Not You

Theory of a Dead Man - Sacrifice

"We The People Fight For Our Existence......"

Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin´ Beats


Lara St. John - Bach - BWV 1041 - Allegro assai

A. Robins, The Banana Man

Rage - Testify

Tonight is the first offical sweat pants weather night.

Any Little Jackie fans?

Walkin On The Moon

I am having an issue getting my VGA to hook up to the TV

Some of the comments, by my fellow DUers, about mental illness are truly disgusting...

Decent vs Descent

10 most powerful songs.....

Should I take Codeine or Dextromethorphan?

Ultimate Car Fail

Ozzy Osbourne Passes His Driving Test 30 Years After First Attempt

WTF is this meteorological fuckery? It snowed last night!

So what if I'm dumb...

Anyone else remember DiVX video format from Circuit City? Want free* discs?

Is DU painfully slow for anyone else today?

Alright.... I probably just started a war with my neighbors

Who's idea was it to change the left turn signal at traffic lights?

Horrifying Comb Overs

Just discovered 'Monopoly City Streets'- Anyone else playing?

I don't care about either team, but Cincinnati missed that field goal last week.

Post your temperature!

JJ Abrams talks about Star Trek II

Cool, "No Country for Old Men" just started on one of the Encore channels.

If you saw someone fizzylifting, what would you do?

Aren't there supposed to be college football games today?

Find the Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fighters...

Dan Tyminski has an amazingly great voice

I have had two fantastic vodka martinis. Both made with Tito's Handmade vodka. I'm not pushing

Just attended a "Celebration of Life" get together...

Nothing but sausage pizza for the month of October

Hyperbole and Rhetoric

Great tit, or what?

Am I officially an old crank?

Man misses birth of his child after fondling nurse, police say

it is 58 degrees in this house and hubby won't turn on heater yet


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/10/09

I havent listened to the local music radio stations in about 5 years


Just saw "Fun With Dick and Jane" for the first time.

those of you owned by cats I have a question

Note: it is stupid to let your children run or rollerskate in apartment building corridors

all of mojo nixon`s songs are free for the next three weeks on amazon

"I foresee a universal information system, which will give everyone access at any given moment..."

So the Neuralizer erases your memory of having worked for the MiB

In honor of the word "whatever" being picked as the most annoying word-

These Guys Are A Little Mad About the Moon Bombing

well Hell has frozen over :) and its a good thing

Just saw "Fun With Dick and Jane" for the first time.

People always call you when you are...

Neatest looking Ceiling fan I've ever seen.

Col. Angus comes home!

One more reason why Obama rocks

"Star Wars" according to a three-year old:

In my whole life I've never heard the Emergency Alert System used for an actual emergency

Joe Ely-The Road Goes On Forever (and the party never ends)

Where is this?

Date went great!

Aye Carumba! Marge Simpson Poses For Playboy Cover

Regarding the size of your furnace filter...

Home sweet home...

I think there is something wrong with my high school.

why do people think they have the right to decide what and how I'm going to get married?

What's wrong with the avatar upload facility?

Is Jason Mraz one of the worst lyricists ever, or what?

I'm always in a poor mood, on the outside.

How much caffeine do you consume?

computer download question

I can eat nothing but pasty bland goop tonight after today's dining orgasm...

I'm confused:we were approved for LIHEAP;but the check doesn't come until FEBRUARY ??

To any DU'er who does not know what this is..

I bought a 1TB enternal storage and backup system.

If I watch Marley & Me, am I gonna cry?

I think I'm going to change my major.

Drunk and on fire: The downside of fighting H1N1 with hand sanitizer in school

for DU`ers under 65 what is this...

Men of DU: How'd you get so repulsively ugly? Here are my secrets:


There is a stupid show on Adult Swim. It makes me want to squawk really loud and throw stuff.

Anybody else miss Coke with lime?

Well, hell. That's the last time I'm going to mess with the damned furnace.

How do you refuse an order like that?

For those who think that I never post anything useful...

What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

The first annual DU Unrec-Rec contest......

Blackadder fans, check in.

"Republican Weekly Addres"

Here is a picture of me trying to change my furnace filter.

Am going to high school reunion a guest

Got this recipe today. Does this sound ike anything you have ever eaten?

Please send good vibes for my doggie.

Whatcha drinking tonight? "Can you give me a number crunch real quick?

Where do you go to find emotionally mature, deep, introspective, tolerant people IRL

If you saw someone shoplifting, what would you do?

mmmmmmm fried green home grown tomatoes

Boy sometimes I just do stupid stuff

I just walked in on my roommate during his "private time"...


Michael Jackson's kids raise money to buy mechanical legs for two-legged puppy

anyone take sleep aids? do you wake up groggy? feel rested?

OMG. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard at Wanda Sykes'

my friend's sister is on a ventilator

Can you believe this little punk?

Today's College Football Thread

Buddy Holly - Rave On

For DUers under 29: What is this?

What's Your Favorite Short Snippet Of A Movie Scene?

For DUers under 30: What is this?

Women of Du, what are your beauty secrets?

Do people in the "HR" department actually do any work? If so, what?

Share something obscure, musically...that you love.

I have removed the furnace filter and am on my way to Lowe's!

Going to Columbia MO for training tonight.... suggestions?

Midnight. Obama retires to bed, pondering the surprise turn of events surrounding his Nobel Prize

It's worth noting that Obama has been working on this "peace" business for a while now

"The award to Obama is really an award to America."

Axelrod: On Troops and Public Options.

A Twitter message from Michael Moore about the Peace Prize

Countries who welcome and embrace illegal immigrants besides the US?

Lets Make this Clear for everyone

Congressman Grayson smacks down Republicans

Obama, the Nobel winner! A good call?

Pre-emptive thread criticizing Obama because he didn't donate

Juan Cole: Obama as Nobelist, Obama as game-changer

DFA Opposes the Opt-Out For the Public Option

Democrats file federal complaint against congressional candidate Ball

N.Y. House Race Touches Off GOP Funding Fight

So is Obama a "do nothing" President or is Obama transforming America into a socialist country?

For Once and For All, This Is Why Obama Won The Nobel

Why the Right REALLY hates Obama's Nobel

Tort-reform would cut health spending by 0.5%, CBO says

From NOBEL...

Hitler never won a Nobel Peace Prize, but he DID get the Olympics.

Fuck Taking the High Road

What time is Obama's speech?

Fallows about The WaPo Editorial about the Nobel Peace Price.Don't these people have The Google?

Maybe part of the reason for the peace prize was to recognize Obama

What time is the Obama speech on gay issues?

If you could go back in time

Daggett Wins Big Endorsement

October 10, Then and Now

Russians praise, GOP mocks, Obama's peace prize

Next up for Obama, Mt. Rushmore carving + person of century

imo it was very WISE to give President Obama the peace prize...

On my "what time is Obama's speech?" thread

Cheney will be forced to publicly support Obama.

Right wing foreign policy ....

A-bomb survivors delighted at Obama winning Nobel Peace Prize

What if President Obama Posted a Nobel Diary?

Dalai Lama congratulates Obama on Nobel Prize

Next time someone says President Obama didn't earn the Nobel Prize

Someone oughta give this guy an award or something

Douglas Brinkley: Obama has already confirmed his place of greatness

In All The Kerfluffle, I'm Pretty Sure I Forgot To Say...

The Nobel Prize should be a wake-up call for us on the Left.

President Obama, cabinet officials to New Orleans next week

Here's my idea to piss off the Repukes. They hate it when

Give Peace a Chance

Truth is, the Nobel committees don't give a s--t.


Ezra Klein praises Obama, but says he didn't deserve prize

Were we too hard on George W. Bush?

Limbaugh: "We all agree with the Taliban and Iran" that Obama does not deserve Nobel

I'm proud that President Obama won....and especially proud of his reaction to it

Reflecting on the knee jerk reaction to anything Obama..

Greenwald digs in, defends his criticism of Obama and the DNC

Boxer: Limbaugh's Nobel response 'very wimpy'

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win mocked in GOP fundraising letter

Official thread in which we make clear what we want Obama to do regarding Afghanistan

If 60,000 more troops are needed then 60,000 more troops should be sent

Senators Kerry, Graham NYT op-ed: Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation)

Calling 'Em Out: The White House Takes on the Press

Ok: Jamie Dimon, what can you tell me about him??

Turkish-Armenian Sign Treaty After Delay, Clinton And Swiss Officials Helped To Break Impasse

Defend This Atlanta Man’s Right To Free Racist Joke Speech!

Oh noes! Now the Vatican weighs in on the President's Nobel Prize...

RNC still whining after DNC smack down

Hagel on health care reform (issued through the WH)

One year later, banks not paying TARP dividends, not lending

DNC: CALL 'EM OUT: Michele Bachmann

Get Off Obama's Back ...second thoughts from Michael Moore

Russia: Obama stopped a "second cold war".

People Complaining About Obama Getting the Nobel Are Just Like Kanye West Dissing Taylor Swift

Mike Luckovich Cartoon. ROLF!

Oh geez!! My freeper Mother forwarded me a racist email

Bomb kills 49 at Pakistani market

No Obama at DC march

Obama opting for bipartisan on health care

China tells US to back off after Dalai Lama award

Iran 'sentences three to death'

Obama urges creation of agency to regulate financial industry

Congress set to act to keep abuse photos hidden

Cops: Man kills fiancee day before wedding

After Hitch, Turkey and Armenia Normalize Ties

Cuba's Fidel Castro hails Barack Obama's Nobel peace prize

Gunmen hold up to 15 hostages in Pakistan army HQ

Tehran Plans to Execute 3 Protesters of Election

Armenia-Turkey agreement delayed

Venezuela's ombudswoman: Nobel Prize to Obama is a mockery of human rights

Nobel committee head Thorbjoern Jagland defends Barack Obama peace prize

Mad cow fear: Japan suspends beef from US plant

Congress set to act to keep abuse photos hidden

French soldiers fire at pirates in Indian Ocean

2 dead after hours in Ariz. sweat lodge identified

Job competition toughest since recession began

Top Judge Calls Calif. Government ‘Dysfunctional’

Pakistan gunmen 'take hostages'

(Honduras:) Zelaya and Mitchetti Agree to Create Joint Cabinet

Ross Perot to receive Thayer Award

Legislators Decry Sanford Delays

Protest over St Petersburg tower

Honduras de facto leader further restricts media

Fidel Castro lauds Nobel prize for Obama

Obama to Reaffirm His Support for Gay Rights

Commandos launch assault to free Pakistan hostages

Argentine Senate overwhelmingly approves media law

Medical malpractice reform savings would be small, report says

Daley backs 'bubble zone' law for abortion clinic patients

2 Die and 16 Are Sickened at Spa in Arizona -- Hyperthermia in a sweat lodge

Turkey, Armenia sign historic accord

Barney Frank: Gay Rights March 'A Waste Of Time'

Barack Obama ready to pay Afghan fighters to ditch the Taliban

Medicare Advantage at a disadvantage in health debate

President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win mocked in GOP fundraising letter

Anderson Cooper with Cleve Jones on March in Washington this Weekend

Hate Lyrics Murder Music & Free Speech

Larry Gibson Speaks - Day 2 Sr. Citizen March Against MTR

Bernanke Perjury?

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize by RSU

Olympics To Bring Tyranny To Vancouver

maxkeiser ON THE EDGE, guest Jim Willie 'oil, gold and US dollar - US gov't bond default likely'

Nobel President

Bill Maher Real Time: Oct. 9, 2009 ~ Panel One

TYT - [The Young Turks] - Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Real Time with BIll Maher - 10/09/2009 - Panel Two

Socialist Party Video: Has capitalism recovered from the crisis? #1 Hannah Sell speaking in London

Michele Bachmann Reads a Sex Letter

DNC: "Republican Support" - Be The Difference

Tsunami Strikes Parking Lot in American Samoa

MOORE vs HANNITY Day 2 pt.1

Wow, A Bit Beyond Nobel Jealousy

Fuel - Theatrical Trailer

Weekly Address: New Momentum for Health Reform

NJ Health Care Consumers Confront Horizon BCBSNJ Executive Tom Rubino

Liza Minnelli The Day After That

TYT: GOP Says Pelosi Should Be 'Put In Her Place'

What Happened To Rush Limbaugh When He Heard That Obama Had Won The Nobel

New DNC Health Care Ad: 'Republican Support'

PBS documentary - Obama's War

President Obama's Address at Human Rights Campaign Dinner

Bill Maher Real Time: Oct. 9, 2009 ~ New Rules

Bill Maher Real Time: Oct. 9, 2009 ~ Panel Three

Captain Phonesex debates Richard Dawkins

Lesbian seniors lead the way in Approve 71 ad campaign

ROUND II: Michael Moore on The Sean Hannity Show, Friday, October 9th, 2009

Bill Maher Real Time: Oct. 9, 2009 ~ Bill Frist Interview

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize; Kanye Interrupts

'What is that, a threat?' Rep.Marcy Kaptur re: J.P.Morgan Chase head Jamie Dimon

TYT - [The Young Turks] - Conservatives Are Irate Obama Won Nobel Peace Prize

Berlusconi 'most persecuted man'

Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Washington's revolving doors are bad for your health

AHIP Explains Why It Will Cherry Pick the Exchanges — And How an Opt Out Will Help Them Do It

Taliban Growth Weighs on Obama Strategy Review

Top Financial Services Committee Members Rely Heavily On Finance Campaign Contributions

Iranian protester's death sentence must be reviewed (Amnesty Intl)

Why Conservatives Are Really Afraid of a Black President

WaPo's Cillizza Explains That Peace Prize Allows Obama to Escalate War

Michael Moore: Congratulations President Obama on the Nobel Peace Prize -- Now Please Earn it!

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize By Thomas DiLorenzo

Told You So (Again): Bank Lending

... Malia walked in and said, "Daddy, you won the Nobel Peace Prize, and it is Bo's birthday."

Honduras must allow journalists to broadcast freely (Amnesty Intl)

Lobbyists Fight Efforts to Save on Health Care

Forget Nobel Peace Prize, Obama Wins 'Dancing With the Stars'

Unfettered by regulation, India pulls ahead on stem cell treatments

Threat Of New Conflict In Europe: Western-Sponsored Greater Albania

Say No to War in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Steep Losses Pose Crisis for Pensions

Swine flu vaccine supplier has to pay back millions

Juan Cole: Obama as Nobelist, Obama as game-changer

Health Insurers Threaten Rate Hikes

Health Insurers Threaten Rate Hikes

Ani DiFranco has *GIANT* balls

In Polanski Case, ’70s Culture Collides With Today

Grayson on 2010: "You can NOT beat a Republican by being one"

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America

Ron Darling: President Obama is no Dag Hammarskjöld

Rethink Afghanistan: "Congressman Alan Grayson on Afghanistan"

So How's That Great Solar Rebate Doing With Phasing Out Connecticut's Use of Dangerous

Ecuador Oil Pollution Case Only Grows Murkier

New Way to Tap Gas May Expand Global Supplies

National Grid plan for local waste-to-biogas plants

Save the forests, help save the planet – UN agricultural official

John Kerry & Lindsey Graham in NY Times: Yes We Can (Pass Climate Change Legislation)

BBC: UN climate talks split on treaty

Ore. dam hindering fish in Rogue River demolished

Dr. Richard Wilson's (Harvard) Moral Evisceration of Anti-Nuke Strategies.

CO2 levels haven't been this high in 15-million years. We're gonna need a bigger boat.

LA Angels take a commanding 2-0 over the inept Red Sox..

Big Game Today, and it's 21 in Denver this morning, With snow

Mercury win 2nd WNBA championship

Kate did it again!


WVU leads Syracuse 20-0, 9:50 in 2nd!!!!

Hey Favre Fans, its Bret's 40th Birthday

Snow forces postponement of Game 3 in Denver

I'm so sick of stupid redneck football announcers.

Wonder if this guy is in the stands tonight at the Cardinals game?

Jebus, the wildcats getting creamed by tex. tech


Please! Can't they move the Rox/Phils game to the LA/St. Louis spot tomorrow?

Dodgers advance to NLCS

Gators in Death Valley ...will the sloppy wet field help my Tigers?

Can't Brent Musberger shut the fuck up. It's bad enough that Michigan is ahead,

See that pool of blood in the Bronx?

The JR Chess Report (October 10): MAGNUS!!


Honduras De Facto Regime Opens Fire in Poor Neighborhoods: Youth and union members targeted by coup

Honduras police break up protests at site of talks

NGOs and Faith Groups Call on Honduran Government: Respect Civil Liberties and Human Rights


Lanny Davis Presents “Caretaker” Prez Idea with Zelaya Renouncing Presidency

Bolivia - In a spooky development, mainstream financial newswire actually does its job for a change

Brazil seeks more U.S. pressure on Honduran de facto gov't (Xinhua)

On line petition requesting assurance of protection for real human rights delegation to Honduras:

Zelaya gives Honduras talks at least another week

Honduras and the battle for the Americas

Mom's media debut sends mixed message (unbelievable Hairball op/ed on Cuban mom of slain student).

Wall Street Journal Demint-ed today. Here's a summary from The Hill:

Honduran soldiers erect platform to intimidate Brazilian embassy (Xinhua)

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/10

Honduras: Zelaya and Mitchetti Agree to Create a Joint Cabinet (AFP)

You can experience the golpistas in Honduras.

Chávez receives advance brigade of Cuban doctors

"it`s time to lock and load"!

Gun Show Undercover

Florida man kills fiancee on eve of wedding--thought she was an intruder

A major fact, in the "Armed Soccer Mom" Killing, that most are missing..

Got an email Friday evening from PA Senator Bob Casey, who I email

Cops: Man kills fiancee day before wedding

Soccer Mom Shooting Highlights Danger of Gun Ownership: Freedom States Alliance Weekly Update Oct. 9


GALLUP: Record-Low Support for Stricter Gun Laws

Well, I just wiped out another Obama-panic-gun-control email

When cops don't know the law (or just don't care)

Hamas sets new unity talks terms

Israeli Nobel Laureate calls for release of all Hamas prisoners

Is Israel Arresting Prominent Boycott Leaders?

'Guardian' omits Israeli nobel winners

Artificial WabiSabi :)

The sad, sad story of my attempts to find Wabi Sabi on the Emerald Coast

SF Bay Area art show

Labor relations at the American Red Cross and it's impact on employee and donor safety

‘CARE Act’ Would Close U.S. Child Labor Loophole, Get Kids to School

Today in Labor History Oct 10, 4 strikers are killed and six wounded; 8 were charged with murder

John Deere Workers Sign Major Deal Barring Factory Closures

Crystal Lee Sutton fought for union rights ( The real ‘Norma Rae’ )

Last appeal to purchase Washington Cats (I promise) and link to radio interview

AP: The Great Recession: The numbers tell the story (still 10% unemployed)

In keeping with the month of October,......Please add

Quilt dramatizes housekeepers’ stories

America Loses a True Working-Class Hero

growning old :-)

My rejected possibilities, uploaded to photobucket already so why waste the links

Large Hadron Collider Physicist Linked to Al Qaeda

Old Hubble and New Hubble Photos of the same areas

More women than men dismissed from military for being gay

Boyzone star Stephen Gately found dead

Do I hate Dave Matthews because I'm gay?

Fuck you "Babysteps" Solmonese

Pyramid of Capitalistic System

The Securitization Boondoggle

The Weather Channel: "The Quest for Atlantis...Startling New Secrets" airing today

All we are saying is give peace a chance

Between Two Worlds by Lisa Renee

holy synchronicity!!!!!!

Something interesting from an article in GD-P on Obama's Nobel Prize

An explanation for my absence here

Weekly Healing Project #35 | Oct 11 - 17 | Healing the Spine & Letting Divine Love Flow

About the deaths in Sedona at Angel Valley.....

CIGNA Death Panel

Health insurer sues Maine for guaranteed profits

If Dems acted like Repugs, Ins. companies would greet us as Liberators:

Bill Nelson & Alan Grayson speaking at FL Democratic convention Sat Oct 10 @ 11AM

Have you followed a health practice or idea you've later regretted?

I'm new to this forum.....

Finally, a breakthrough on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Berkeley, CA club manager defends reggae gay-basher, Buju Banton

Alabama Honors Freethinker and Humanist

Theists: Please tell me why you believe in a god(s)

Bill O'Reilly vs. 'Atheist' Richard Dawkins

The importance of forgiveness

Vidal on McVeigh (OKC Bombing)

Massive shorting of stocks/insider trading the week before 9.11

So Gore Vidal is a 911 conspiracy theorist too.....that speaks

Carmen Taylor's story doesn't add up