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When is M$M going to ask this question about McCain

DU fundraising timeline analysis.....

Community Organizers Video - This should go viral

Self-Examination Time!

Most Clinton backers say Palin's too far a stretch

Does anyone have a youtube link for tonight's Daily Show? Best ever....

i hear about knives at gunfights

O'Reilly drinks the Kool-Aid

For those who think we have a street fight for the Presidency on our hands, a document to distribute

Why does the number of views disappear for a while and then return later? n/t

This cracks me up!!!

Does anyone know when McCain was in vegas late July.

If spying on innocent American citizens is yours and your party's idea of "limited government"...

Is the first Mrs. McCain still around?

Mahar.... "I'm putting country first because a McCain/Palin ticket would make my job Very easy

Mahar.... "I'm putting country first because a McCain/Palin ticket would make my job Very easy

Dooce: A Mommy Blogger Gets Death Threats For Posting This....

Palin and the change in traditional VP stumping

Ya think Sarah Palin would make a good replacement for Dana Perino?

Palin is An Embarrassment To All Women


"I'm an Air Hockey Mom and I want to drill"

Daily Show on again now.... TURN IT ON NOW! Don't MISS IT!!!

How many presidential elections have tried to stop a legal investigation of a candidate?

Hee hee - McCain's web site currently giving this error message:

Palin's plane used for hunting trips to Russia!!!

DVD MUST SEE: HBO's "Recount"

Disgusting Right-wing Hate Video

How long are Sarah Palins coat tails?

Dagnabit, Johnny... The White House was never intended to serve as a "Nursing Home" for you...

Okay, I still don't get it...please explain who is pregnant, etc...

Caption Cindy & John

About that girl in bikini & gun with Failin's head photoshopped on...

Out of curiosity... has the youth vote ever turned out in INSANE record numbers for an election?

When IS Sarah Palin Going To Appear On Meet The Press? BTW I Still Want to See Da Birth Certificate

Palin church promotes converting gays

Ann Coulter Adds Her Voice to the "Sexist Media"

So Rove didn't think Gov. Kaine was qualified to be president, but he does Palin!


I Went Through 4 Rounds of Interviews for a Project Manager's Job

I Went Through 4 Rounds of Interviews for a Project Manager's Job

When does the August money numbers come out for Obama? Thanks in advance /nt

Obama's women surrogates should steal this joke

I'm Sorry, Mom, Apple Pie, Kids, Soccor, Moose hunter/burger, Mayor, Gov., "Babe" Looks, etc

Will Roe vs. Wade really be overturned?

Palin is ONLY a sideshow produced to DISTRACT the populace while they steal the election once more.

Hilarious new AD Attacking McSame

Best Daily Show Ever

Daily Show clip on right wing hypocrisy over sexism claims

Exclusive: Obama's lost law review article

As a fifty something man, and since Annie Coulter brought up looks...

The elephant in the room: Will people vote for a black man when they're in the privacy of the booth?

The elephant in the room: Will people vote for a black man when they're in the privacy of the booth?

Would the "Palin is a cultist" meme work with moderate Protestants and Catholics?

It's her own damn fault.

Palin talks about Alaska as if it's another country.

Obama's Community Organizing supervisor, Jerry Kellman interviewed

Watching McCain's campaign manager on Bloomberg: Highlights

If you were going to convince a racist to vote for Obama

Palin's uh, "alleged affair" was with ... wait for it ...

Sarah Baracuda, meet Joey the Shark.

4 Questions from the upcoming VEEP Debate

Why is McCain and his campaign still getting to use the word "maverick" unchalleged?

Morning IKE Update.............

The manufactured Oprah controversy

The Essential Understanding of the GOP

State of the Union

What kind of adult hides behind her daughter's pregnancy?

Which campaign has been most effective so far?

McCain = Decoy. Palin = Rove's actual Pres candidate.

For Sarah....

More Stones for Sarah

AP: Palin church promotes conversion of gays

US announces new weapons class machinery needed for dealing with the axis of evil

US announces new weapons class machinery needed for dealing with the axis of evil

What better time than now to contact McCain HQ for instructions on how to

I there any film of Sarah Palin in a debate format??

Nightmare Scenario: January 27, 2010, President McCain dies

If mcbush dumps palin I just want him to know I'm available to be his veep

If mcbush dumps palin I just want him to know I'm available to be his veep

Why Palin Won't Bail and McCain Will Fail

Palin Place

Veteran Response to John McCain and his Convention Speech

I took a trip to some of my favorite RW blogs

What the Repugs are really saying in their new talking points on Palin.

59 Day's.. Don't Stop

John McCain is a POW of the GOP

John McCain is a POW of the GOP

For John...

Team McCain and the Trooper

It's Thursday 28th August, 2008 and John McCain wants a Diversion.

One major inspirational speech by Barack Obama will be all it takes

We can't lose on the issues.

Did you guys see this Slate Sarah Palin Q & A? Beautiful!

Sarah Palin's ex-brother-in-law speaks out - CNN video

Sarah Palin's ex-brother-in-law speaks out - CNN video

Palin's Pastor: God Will Damn America

Palin Vetting Document From 2006 - *Terrific Resource*

Regarding Roe v Wade. What if...?

With some luck we may have a successful Palin breeding while in captivity

Why is it so hard for Obama to ...

Did Sarah Palin file her Public Official Financial Dislocure statement by 3/15/07?

From The Rude Pundit on mcsame

I have to get this off my chest

Great news for Obama!

Obama hits McCain on Social Security

In Palin’s Alaska, Court Records Are “Service Unavailable”

Don't you get it? Palin has to explain NOTHING!

If the rethugs are so happy with Palin then they should reverse the damn ticket

Heckuva job, Palie!

Obama attends event at Jon Bon Jovi's house and vows to fight GOP attacks

Obama heads to Indiana

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 46, McCain 45. W/ Leaners Obama 49 (+1), McCain 46. No more bounce!

Looks like Palin bounce is over ..reTHUG RAssmussen O;49% McPalin: 46%

Day 8...still no major media interview for Sarah Palin

Where are the TV ads attacking McCain's honor? (his perceived strength)

McCain will continue the policies of Bush and start more wars, the middle class will disappear

Ras --OBAMA 46-45; 49-46 with leaners

How many of you are a lot more energized today than you were before McCaint's VP speech?

So, McCain kicks the bucket from melanoma, and President Palin confronts Putin with--

The Phony "Moralists"

Sarah Palin = Rudy Giuliani ...we know how this movie ends.

Meanwhile over at GOP Headquarters,

The Governor of Alaska offers "GUNS AND RELIGION"

Has Palin ever done a solo rally (like Biden). My guess is no. Reason? Out-draw McCain!!!

***DAY 8***** Where's Sarah? No Meet the Press, No Face

Sarah Palin "Ganked" Obama!

"Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?

An email I recieved today

The truth about John McCain

Hannity okayed the Palin Pick?

Obama's "convention bounce" beats McCain's

Palin and the Sad State of American Politics

August '08 lawsuit listed against Palin (Daniel DeNardo --AIP)

The Best Daily Show Episode Ever?

FYI: The McCain campaign would love it if we ignored Sarah Palin's religious views

Wow. Check this out.

Donkeys kick stuffing out of state elephants

Let's compare résumés: Twenty years ago

Notice that neither Obama nor Biden even use Palin's name

Obama to campaign in Lebanon, Virginia Tuesday

In the electoral college race we are in better position than McCain

Palin staffer refused to show up for deposition (while earning $78k on leave!)

Fri. Bank Collapse and A. McCain. w/update

So McCain is running against his own party - what does he want change from?

Palin church promotes conversion of gays

To those who think we'll win in a landslide, remember what Ben Franklin said:

Andrew McCain: Silver State Bank in Nevada is shut


Levity...Not for dial-up(ers)

How about this for a ballsy idea for Obama....

Gallup-Need Help

I have a feeling we're going to learn more about Alaska than we ever wanted to know. nt

The theme for Palin's commercials should be

The theme for Palin's commercials should be

creepy caption

Alaskans point out several inaccuracies in Palin’s Convention Speech

Alaskans point out several inaccuracies in Palin’s Convention Speech

This Ought To Be Pay Per View!

I live in NC and I am not seeing ANY Obama ads. I have seen loads of McCain ads.

The GOP "Cult Model" of Controlling the Message

Did you realize that the deadline for voter registration is less than 1 mo away for many states?

Freepers up in arms over Conan O'Brien's "crease" joke (VIDEO)

Oh geez, another viral anti Obama email

OMG, Palin was freaking reading her speech with her hands today.


Remember, The Age McBush's Father Was When He Died

"Servant's Pay" is really good -- If your name is McCain

Sarah Palin: AWOL from Sunday circuit

Obama's and McCain's statements on Fannie and Freddie

Bumpter Sticker idea? "Sarah can't run, but she sure can hide".

Who the hell is Raymond L. Carter? I bet Palin doesn't want us to find out!

Another phony email from the RW

Rasmussen -Obama 49% -McCane 46%

My post on a pro-Palin board, Round 2 .

Meet McCain's Secretary of State . . .

Sen Inhofe (R - ASS) questions Obama patriotism

ABOUT SARAH PALIN - Letter from Wassila Resident

Who is Sarah Palin?...response:

Since John McCain is against piracy why does his campaign steal so much music? From his website:

The GREAT thing about having Joe Biden on our ticket

Bill Press: McCain Wants Moose Hunter In White House

Remember the Gloucester, Mass.unwed mother preganacy flap?

Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen???

Video: = 2008: A Republican Reinvention?

Who donated to Obama this week?

Compiled information on daily polling by state. Great site (link inside).

CRIPES !!! - Please... Not Before I've Had My Coffee...

Palin being put in a cone of silence.

"This is no time for on-the-job training."

Calculate Your Obama Tax Cut

"Wasilla keeps librarian, but police chief is out" (2/1/1997)

Tax Calculator

Ya know, seems to me we should stop calling the guy McCain. Isn't just 'Cain' enough?

Seems like Sarah Palin little town is a Peyton Place.

Palin Underground, "Shock and Awe" or "The Fall of Saigon"?

Obama strategist David Axelrod on McCain: "Saying the word does not make you the agent of change"

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 9/6/08 - Obama 46, McCain 45 (unchanged)

I F*cking KNEW IT!!! Damn It Kwame!

Frank Newport of Gallup says on MSNBC " After Labor Day and after the two conventions are over

My LTTE advocating for Barack Obama:

Obama Bashes McCain to AARP

Obama hits McCain on Social Security

In the speech he said that he used to pick fights for fun, don't need another bully in theWhitehouse

NYT on Troopergate.

McCain is keeping Palin from the press

The Democratic Party has never Been This Unified.

LOL McCain middle school backdrop was used in the Santos campaign too (NBC's The West Wing)

Gallup: Obama leads by 4 points

McCain's Dukakis Moment.......

Sarah Palin is the Backdoor Bush

Obama on C-SPAN now

I'm f******* fuming right now. I can't wait to get rolling on this!

Is it sexist that attacks on McCain die in this forum, while those on Palin survive?

Sarah Palin could play the part of a cast member of a famous TV show!

Why are McCain and Palin's children allowed to go to Iraq, but not Prince Harry?

Drill Here- Drill Now

Drill Here- Drill Now

Sarah Palin = Karen Walker on Will & Grace

Obama on CSPAN now

How about this Interactive Electoral Map?

Have the debate formats been set yet?

Get Obama in Front of Big Crowd Again, Fast!

Video For You To Check Out

I think this forum would be better with more threads about:

All Numbers Are Belong To Obama.

My phone was ringing off the hook with raging friends and volunteers!! =)

McCain Campaign -Trying to Help Palin - Obstruct Justice In Troopergate

CNN Quick Poll

GREAT - New Yorker cover spotlights McCain’s houses, foreclosure crisis.

A little humor to lighten your morning.

Truth Out Campaign - Public Performance Art To Expose The Truth About The GOP

$385 for eye glass frames


***Watch Obama`s Full Speech At AARP Life@50+(from today) ***

If She's Not Ready To Face Reporters

At 8:25 ET this morning of the most recent 50 post on GD:P 34 about Palin, 16 about other

Obma leads by 6 points, 46% to 40%, 10% undecided in Hotline Poll

Anyone else think McCain will have to play Whack-a-Mole with all the Palin problems?

Biden Gets Angry at GOP: Gives ‘Em Hell For Ignoring Middle Class

Afer watching McLame's acceptance speech

"Idiot's Guide to the Palin Pick". Not about her, about her selection - please read.

Fox News Documentary: Sarah Palin - tonight...

Time to Shame Palin! Pitbull or Cheney in Lipstick?

For you email fun: Dominionist Pledge of Alligance

Conservatives Pray for McCain's "Salvation & Speedy Death"

Would this make a good poster?

Palin allowed outside-sees shadow- 8 more weeks of campaign

Can Palin also galvanize the U.S. left?

So how do we put together our electoral majority of 270?


Using The Santos Background For A Con Acceptance Speech...Symbolic Of A Dem Win?

Zogby seems to think Barr voters will eventually come home to McCain


Sarah Palin is NOT a populist!

Palin Gets Freshly Painted New Campaign Jet

Palin and the return of the Know Nothing Party

"Historic," my ass.

DU's average donation to Obama is 61 dollars. Not bad at all!

Keep Your Eye On The Ball : Fight John McCain. IGNORE Sarah Palin

Good stuff I overheard from Faux Watchers.

Bill Maher on the VP debate: "Sarah Barracuda, meet Joey the Shark."

This irritates me the most about the media

Palin/McCain = 'Disturbing'


NEW Sarah Palin video!!!

New York Times Cowed by McCain's Media Intimidation: Article On Palin "Following God's Will"

Please DU this Story on Palin

FLASHBACK: Remember what happened the last time a candidate injected race into a campaign?

What Palin Means

From now on I am using "Crash" to describe McCain.

Palin Used City Funds To Fund Anti-Abortion Center

Andrew K. McCain, a son of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, sat on the boards

In RE: "The cowed media"

In RE: "The cowed media"

Cindy McCain's $300,000 outfit at RNC

SFGate: Palin's Record On Race A Blank Slate

Youtubes with audio: Palin laughs as other woman is called a bitch on radio.

Democrats post big gains in voter registration

Was Sarah Palin's oil profits tax just a bribe for votes?

Are Evangelicals Really Sold on Palin? "What does it profit a man to gain the Christian right...."

Meth capital Wasilla, pot growers, ... Wonder if there's more?

Julie Brown as Sarah Palin

What Was Palin's Insulting Remark About Jews??

Somewhere there is a videotape of Sarah Palin.....

Gallup tracking: Obama leads, 47-45

Weird goings-on at Palin's church: Army of the Lord, militant mindset, prophetic acts, head shaving

Oprah should invite both HIllary and Palin to be on her show

Sarah gonna get the coat hangers back into our society...she wants to repeal ROE

Sarah gonna get the coat hangers back into our society...she wants to repeal ROE

Sarah gonna get the coat hangers back into our society...she wants to repeal ROE

George W. Palin

McCain Supportes Act Like Religious Cultists but Without the Ethics

Palin nickname - Rachel Maddow's "Miss-Leader" is the best....

phonebanking question: please help!

Anyone have or know where there is video of Mcsame working the crowd


We are 53 trillion dollars in debt

O'Reilly Sends Camera Crew To Reporter's House To Argue Palin Supervised Daughters Sexual Escapades

McCain loses the support of former Clinton backer over Palin pick

McCain loses the support of former Clinton backer over Palin pick

More Republican Obama voters

Palin's church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals

My RANT on digg in repsonse to moran! RANT ahead!

Who is Palin on the republican ticket with?

Sarah Pornstar is Senator Biden's job....

Concerning Obama interview....

The rich get richer and the poor get drunk

WHAT IF the the decrease in violence was mostly due to the Sunni Awakening?

HELL has frozen over: my bro-in-law IS voting for Obama... because of

Obama, McCain Joint Statement on Ground Zero Visit

Remembering the 2000 RNC Convention. (video - please kick)

Boxer practices political aikido on John McCain's acceptance speech

What If Snarkey Has to Put Miss Snarkey Out There for Interviews?

Repukes stole the flags

Fox news says Dem's threw away bags of flags!

Palin's pitbull joke same time as mauling in local AK news

hockey moms and pit bulls: what did that mean?

So some rethug asshole steals our bagged up flags...

VIDEO: Democrats Post Big Gains in Voter Registration

"She's so good, 'they' are now trying not to talk about her" - CNN

you are not going to believe what just happened...

POW here we go again

John McCain Is On TV Right Now, Hiding Behind Palin's Skirts

McCain camp to use trashed flags as prop GOP talking point

McCain camp to use trashed flags as prop GOP talking point

Lego Obama

McCain and his Gimmick VV Pick's greatest Weaknesses

self deleted ....

Obama raps Palin on Alaska earmarks and her claims of "change"

"US Weekly" loses 1000 subscribers after Palin cover story "Babies, Lies and Scandals"

I've got CNN on here at the office and

Mc-MissLEAD's plan for the environment (cartoon):

Mc-MissLEAD's plan for the environment (cartoon):

Mc-MissLEAD's plan for the environment (cartoon):


Biden - the silence at the rnc was deafening

Didn't anyone catch Michael Moore on Larry King Live?

Plane on ebay, fired the cook, darkest of places, yada yada yada

Sarah Palin: Earmark Queen Of The Earmark State

Crooks & Liars: GOP will not use the "T" word to describe McCain's POW experience

Check out these campaign buttons!

Sarah Palin's Church.. Pray away the Gay....

DId you buy Lanwnsigns from Obama? How long did it take to arrive

No concern troll here -- the Palin stuff will die down on its own

My 2 cents: Biden should hold a press Q&A...and give interviews all over the damned tv...

John McCain Wants to Put Sarah Palin in Charge of US Oil and Energy Policy if he Becomes President

Sarah Palin: My Alaskan Opinion

Sarah Palin: Good for the Jews?


Connecting Dots - Sarah Palin - Interactive Fun!

Does anyone have the Maddow: "LIAR" clip from countdown last night?

Dems need to file a Police Report on the theft of the flags.

GOP spinners have best arguments against Sarah Palin's candidacy

Campaign tactic: Shouldn't we have "Coward Clock" signs at every Palin event?

Wasn't Miss Moose Chips going back to alaska

Yesterday's TDS and Colbert Report were devastating to McCain/Gimmick!

McCain Forgot: All Fundies Are NOT Created Equal!

Here's my post to a Pro Palin message board.

Important thread "Voter Purge Underway in Ohio" - mailings sent out today

Voter Alert!

CNN gave Palin about 3 times as much air time as Biden.

Larger Crowds than before for McCain/Gimmick is Good

Please let Obama/Biden hit hard on this.

After McCain Attacked Media, Is Media Moving to Our Side?

My brother is visiting from Washington State and he logged on to the computer to check

First they sell us Bush, then they sell us a war, and now they are selling us.........

Jon Stewart On RNC Convention - The GOP's Self-Deluding Myth Of An Insurgency - Harper's Article

Palin: Pledge of Allegiance "good enough for the founding fathers"

CNN- Nice little article about Biden Still Teaching..

Obama's and Biden's Biggest Weakness

i dont see what the problem is with palin

Gallup- Obama By Two

"No way, no how, no McCain, no Palin," Clinton said.

How did "Maverick reformer" Palin end up as governor of Alaska?

MCain-Palin Would Be Like Bush-Cheney On Steroids

Great Palin Political Cartoon In Todays USA Today!!!

Palin passport

Palin’s False Petro-Bravery

McCain, Obama plan joint stop at Ground Zero

All Palin all the time

Isn't keeping the wraps on Sarah just like keeping her snowshoed and pregnant...

If the media worked as hard as they did crucifying Obama on the Wright issue

DISTRACTION: Palin didn't we have flags...


Obama-Biden ads I'd like to see:

Saturday Progressive Blog Roundup (from Alaska)

Saturday Progressive Blog Roundup (from Alaska)

McCain leaned in to try and Kiss Cindy, she Ushered him Away!!

Live Obama on CNN now.

McBush is not an honorable man.

I don't think the race is as close as it's being reported

Do McCain's supporters agree with Shakespeare?

Barack has energized the World and the McSame camp only has the base excited

After watching Obamas last minute press conference on Fannie May

The Repukes stole our flags and

Palin is being stashed away so she can be coached on the issues

This still looks good for Obama

So What Is Fair Game With Sarah Palin? Look at the Rules Hillary Clinton Had to Play By!

BookGate: Palin Book-Banning, fired Librarian over it

Partisanship appears to sway opinions on Palin

We should ALL write two letters to the editors and call two radio talk shows

Reporter on Faux just said that the DNC has accused the Repukes of stealing

If McCain is the Straight Talk Express, John Kerry was the Supersonic Truth Train

Obama: "I mean come on! They must think you're stupid!"


Pit bull? More like Shit Dull

Real American mavericks drink...skinny white chocolate mochas?

How many phone calls have you made?

Which will be the most popular Halloween costume?

Some sure things that will happen this election.

Will Sarah ban dancing?

heads up Obama live on CNN on Fanny Mae etc

Time to HAMMER the Republicans.

Cheat Sheet Part I: Palin's Background (UPDATED with some of Part II, Mayor of Wasilla)

Need a little help talking to a "I just can't decide" lesser of two evils person.

OH MY GOD - I just read this article from a woman who knows Palin - So much like W it is scary...... is a picture of the barracuda!!! She looks tough!

Does Anybody Else Feel They Can Relate To Obama Bashers, Now That Palin Has Entered The Race?

Fuck experience! I want someone w/the right judgment, integrity & inspiration to change this world

Rasmussen: Palin more popular than Obama and McCain

Day 8: Palin giving the same moronic speech again. Let her talk. She'll do herself in.

Rassmussen: Obama leads by 3 points - RNC bounce not enough to take lead

Fox News to air "the inside story" on Palin tonight.

People are actually believing that Palin more experience

Everyone - it was NOT the "surge". It was the SUNNI AWAKENING!

"It turns out there was something more nauseating than the nomination of Sarah Palin...."

RNC becoming the PT Barnum party - "sucker born every minute"

Sarah Palin?

Today's Polls: The Bounce Cometh? - Ace Tracking Poll Analysis by Nate Silver

The newest third party to enter the fray.. the republicans

McCain/Palin = Incompetence even Before Day One!

Wouldn't the flags be considered an illegal campaign contribution?

Obama!: "Republicans Must Think You're Stupid."

McCain's Son Was On the Audit Committe on the latest NV failed bank

Re-looking at our Governor Sarah Palin

Palin Choice = Religion, Gender, Oil

Coming to a network near you, "Guv. Palin's Island"

Palin's AK earmarks: “more, per person, than any other state.”

Wouldn't someone with good judgment and executive skills, prep a running mate BEFORE

This is where you can find Sarah Palin

IAVA Director: Faux Walter Reed Background ‘Was As Close As McCain Got To Veterans Issues’ At RNC

Serious question... Do we know what her views are?

Palin as a former AIP member being discussed

do not attack palin. attack "THEM"

Republican scum want to replay 1988 (flags)

Can we compile a concise fact sheet on Palin - reasons why she is unfit for public office

Obama Hit Palin Today In Indiana For "Making Stuff Up." Re: Earmarks

Palin Token Hire?

Palin Token Hire?

The Flags are a repeat of Barack not wearing the label pin

Let's ignore Palin

Who does this descibe better?

On Sarah Palin: Issues vs. Salaciousness

I'm glad to see that nobody around here is calling Palin a mindless whore or other sexist names

Sarah Palin linked to pathogenic fungi Botryotinia fuckeliana

Off Topic-Hurricane Ike Is Heading For New Orleans

Shameless photoshopped "proof" of flags in garbage

Shameless photoshopped "proof" of flags in garbage

Palin Coward Clock Starts Ticking

Palin Coward Clock Starts Ticking

Am I the ONLY ONE who thought the GOP bump would put them in the lead for a while???

Full Sarah Palin Debate Footage From 2006 Alaska Republican Roundtable

Maybe we should go get our flags?

You know the old saying that with time "the cream rises to the top?" Well in Palin's

You know the old saying that with time "the cream rises to the top?" Well in Palin's

McCain will say and do ANYTHING to win

Palin goes into hiding; media outlets call her out on eBay lie

Independents need to know that Palin is a crazy, fundamentalist, book banning

Religious Fundamentalists marriage to Hard Right warned about in 1981 by Rev. Billy Graham

Religious Fundamentalists marriage to Hard Right warned about in 1981 by Rev. Billy Graham

Daily Kos: da Plane - Much, Much More on the eBay Jet sale (and buyer Larry Reynolds)

To paraphrase Ann Richards:

I'm tired of people comparing this to 2004.

So now McCain-Palin is engaging in Witness Tampering?

It's simple, Palin must be known as the "Bridge to Nowhere" candidate.

where is the Dem ad cataloging a week of Palin-McCain lies?

Not the first time FAUX's Carl Cameron took part in FABRICATED stories on Democrats

Obama on C-Span right now - Addressing the AARP!

DU presidential poll at Christianity Today

Worst Republicant Ticket Ever

Obama takes first hard hit at Palin

The VP debate is going to come down to one line:

/// VIDEO\\\ McCain's Roommates...Take a "Laugh break"

The McCain-Palin Bait-and-Switch on Rape and Women

I work with a bunch of right wing morons

Obama on McCain's 'change': 'They must think you're stupid'

It doesn't really matter, but I'm curious. Does Palin belong to one of those churches that doesn't

“Why I am supporting Barack Obama for President” by. Dr. J. Michael Finn

For Voters . . . Obama’s Plan Trumps Republican “Personality”

Too Reckless McCain will never be ready to lead.

Too Reckless McCain will never be ready to lead.

"Throw away flags" story meant to distract from Palin

DNC: flag story completely false (Fox Noise, the GOP and the RW are despicable liars)

Stupidity Alert: McCain's new TV ad says we are worse off than 4 years ago

Roibert Parry: Palin's 'Trooper-gate' Cover-up

*** BLOG STRATEGY for STUPID Non-Issues ***

An Adviser Puts His Stamp on McCain Campaign

Explanation please on Sarah Palin

Framing, Symbolism, Emotions, Appealing to the Indies..from The Nation

Obama is on CSpan with AARP and getting a great reception.

Experienced, Able Ready to Help

Obama's Audacious Voter Registration Drive - Can We Get Past 60% Turnout?

Ellen Aprill's Analysis of the "American Issues Project" (Swift Boat financed) Ad against Obama

Need graphics for button/bumper sticker: "McCain = P.O.W.. . .


Colorado GOP Election Head 'Retires' Due to Massive Bribe

Does McSame realize that AARP and Divided We Fail are "special interest" groups

TPM: Real Investigation Needed on McCain's apparent obstruction of justice.

music break?

MOOSE MOM, goose-steppin' her way to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, and busting Osama UP.

Bad News for McCain Campaign (updated)

I'll just say it: Sarah Palin is NOT HOT! God!

Gallup 9/6/08 - Obama's Lead Down to 2 Points

Palin won't be subpoenaed in 'Troopergate' probe Inaccuracies in McCain's Acceptance Speech


Community Organizers, volunteers, and others - make them apologize

Electoral vote goal.....High as we can get it!

Democrats post big gains in voter registration

The only way that we're going to win the Presidential election

George S. McCain

*** Heads Up - Obama event in Terre Haute, Indiana starting now (12:40 EST) Bayh also***

Breaking News: Obama / Biden to star in Blockbuster!!!

I just asked Newt Gingrich a question about Sarah Palin.

It's simple, Sarah Palin must be known as the LYING candidate.

I'm heading out for my second round of door knocking -- Wish Me Luck, DU!

I'm heading out for my second round of door knocking -- Wish Me Luck, DU!

Undecideds usually break against the party in power, but

Damn... she really is Cheney in drag:

Jamie Lee Curtis on Palin: "I may share some of your concerns, but you don't want me as president"

Who Cares?

What Role Would Palin Play in McCain's Administration,? The Nation asks

Does Palin remind anyone else of "Ugly Betty"

Anyone hear drill-baby's "speeches" on the campaign trail today?

Palin Would Lose to Hillary Clinton Head To Head... Think She Will Far Better With Obama?lol Poll

As of 4PM (ET) Can We Officially Call McCain "Pussywhipped"???

Is Obama going to go after Palin

This is a JOKE. CNN is nonstop Palin/McCain, with a 70/30 Repuke/Dem split in commentators

Palin on the cover of Vogue...

The shoppers have spoken!!! Obama 71% - McCain 29%

Obama's voter reg picks up pace in Virginia

Palin attended a Pentecostal church for more than 20 yrs, "speaking in tongues" part of worship

Holy Xmas! I just got an e-mail with a few pics...

She's not a rock star....

This cynical choice has left McCain’s honour in shreds

This cynical choice has left McCain’s honour in shreds

Why I Have Faith In The Obama Campaign

How does Obama handle his mistake?

(Fox) Palin: Biden = more of the same

Proving Sarah Palin

Palin Co are nothing more than Bullies and Thugs, just like Bush, Cheney, Rove and McCain's Pals

McCain tanking in front of the AARP 50th Annivesary, while Obama was a resounding success!

Im am nervous about all this... why?

The UNMITIGATED gall of John McCain and the republicans

Sarah Palin Vetting Documents from 2006!

Sarah Palin's Speechs...Sound like a broken record?

The only change the people will get from a McCain Administration...

Protesters rally near McCain event

dumb RW caller I heard this AM ...

McCain, By the Numbers

The McCain Blob

Are you "FOR" or "AGAINST" attacking Palin beyond her political issues?

Is America suffering from "Battered Woman Syndrome"??????

Subpoenas Due In Palin Trooper Probe

In what way is McCain/Palin ANY different than Bush/Cheney...?

Barack Speech

Palin is Nixon circa 1952, but probably without the heft.

"This cynical choice has left McCain's honour in shreds..."

McCain never voted against the "Bridge to Nowhere", and he voted FOR the Bear DNA study.

You know what gets me mad? Since Michigan residents have some very serious issues,

Democratic Underground leads Daily Kos in Obama fundraising.

'Sarah Palin Will Cost the Republican Party Dearly'

'Sarah Palin Will Cost the Republican Party Dearly'

'Sarah Palin Will Cost the Republican Party Dearly'

Where would the McCain/Palin duo get us with this developing situation?

If you really want to know what's at stake ...

Treasury briefs candidates on plan to seize Fannie, Freddie

Looks like Not Much Palin Impact. When Will Incoming 527's Hit?!

Looks like Not Much Palin Impact. When Will Incoming 527's Hit?!

McCain has made himself small and irrelevant

If McCain is such a moderate Republican and a maverick

The Nation: Palin Coward Clock Starts Ticking .... ! ! ! !

Bill O'Reilly Orders Ambush To Defend Palin's Honor

Does Alaska have line-item veto for its budget?


Good Lord! I just got a robo call for mcc and palin rally Monday morning in Lee's Summit, MO. I

Palin has peaked and her numbers will continue to drop until election day

In Hiding for Two Weeks?!


Copyright Protection: Another McCain Weak Point

Will The GOP's Negativity Produce A Backlash?

The next Vice President of this country?

Palin's Special Needs Record-Not So Special ...she still cut the damn program ...

Loan Giant (Freddie Mac) Overstated the Size of Its Capital Base

Graph of the RNC's effect on the electoral vote race:

Democrats and Mud Bowl {{{{{{DIAL UP WARNING}}}}}

Obama to Stephanopoulos: Palin more Bush-Cheney than McCain

"Democrats post big gains in voter registration"

"Democrats post big gains in voter registration"

McCain campaign run like juvenile MTV Punk Show.

Where is SwampRat? Calling SwampRat!

Oprah Winfrey Says NO to Palin Interview - Guardian

Sarah Palin cut funding for special needs children in Alaska from 8 million to 3 million???

States Rove will try & Steal Colorado, Ohio, Nevada & New Mexico

Shotgun Sarah rewards aerial slaughter of wolves

Palin church promotes converting gays

Just in time for the Holidays! Caribou Barbie:)

I think the community organizer bullshit is bait too.

Here's where it stands today at Obama 301; McCain 224. Where else can we grow?

It's the SAME SPEECH!! She's on now in Colorado Springs...

Main difference between Palin and Obama - IQ. She is cunning and clever

R they going to steal the election? Why bother then?

Is Special Needs Funding a way for Palin to win hearts of Non Conservatives?

I'm disappointed that Obama campaign didn't run a commercial about the "community organizer" attack.

Strange photo >>

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

The first comment on Whoopi's anti-Palin column comes from an Alaskan and it's well worth reading

Head Explosion #23: McCain Mocks Obama As "Celebrity" But His VP Is Now Touted


Sunday September 7 News Show Lineup

Why the Media Should Apologize to Palin

CNN: "Florida Republican group to boycott Oprah"

"God ... Is Gonna Strike Out His Hand Against, Yes, ... The United States Of America!"

Governor Palin approved funding for SEX EDCATION? WTF?

Some thoughts from this defiant, independent-minded Democrat:

Some thoughts from this defiant, independent-minded Democrat:

63 pages of opposition research on Palin

How great is it that shoot from the 'copter Falin is not allowed on the Sunday talk shows?

Does Faillin share McSame's "comprehensive immigration" views?

John McSame -- Poll

Palin's planned "solo" campaigning Monday canceled.

Guys, guys! If You Have NOT Seen this Video, YOU MUST! Stewart Destroys McSame!

"Palin is the new Dancing Baby" - Email to CNN

Caption Cindy

Don't Expect a Lot of Alaskans to Come Clean on Palin

What have Palin or McCain done for African American rights or any other Minority Rights

CNN 'McCain Revealed' program paints a VERY ugly picture of McCain, IMO

The McCain campaign won't let the "pit bull with lipstick" meet with the press.

Video of Palin being coached for her speech

Video of Palin being coached for her speech

1pm or 3am or 630pm ... NO One on McCain's 'team' Called About Palin ... NO one ...

States where we are gaining ground?

Palin's stall.... Governor is stonewalling the Troopergate investigation

I have to say, I'm thrilled with "The Republicans must think you're stupid."

How many million viewers watch the Sunday political talk shows?

CNN CRITCAL piece on Palin

Republicans pull Campaign Prop out of Trash

Has anyone noticed, Repubs can't even come up with ANY

Funny pic, been up here yet?

Why we're posting about Palin

I just spoke with a white female who is 78 years old in Atlanta

A scene I envision with Rove and his Ultra Rich Cronies just before the presidential election:

A scene I envision with Rove and his Ultra Rich Cronies just before the presidential election:

Frank Rich for Sunday, September 7: "Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage"

This is the kind of stuff that probably goes on in Palin's church

Sarah Louise Palin = "A Harpie's Allusion" and "Lush Paranoia Lies" in anagram

RE: The Satirical Sarah Palin VBlogs

On a rant...apologies ahead of time.

They are both incredibly repelling, but who disgusts you more, McCain or Palin?

It's 3 a.m. and Sarah Palin is reading the cliff notes on Iraq and Afghanistan

Slacker Palin: Still using the teleprompter

Sarah Palin and the Experience Argument to Nowhere

Why we're posting about Palin

Why we're posting about Palin

As for Palin's alleged "Executive experience", how does that make her qualified?

Comeback of the Week: Jesus was a Community Organizer

Framing the Election: It is the People vs. This Administration and friends.

Yes, the kid gloves are off (new Obama commercial).....

Oh no, not ANOTHER flag post

people are going obama crazy out there. i was mobbed selling buttons at

Glossalalia (speaking in tongues)....

My LTTE published today

Palin will be on Meet the Press Sunday after Next!!!

What about Texas? I read recently neither

A Useful Timeline on Palin's Big Lie

"Palin was the mayor of a town with fewer people than some high schools"

Official Obama/Biden T-Shirts are now available!

"Gigolo McBush/Caribou Barbie" t-shirt seen

Eminent Domain.

Eminent Domain.

Palin's Hockey Rink Leads To Legal Trouble in Town She Led

Palin's Hockey Rink Leads To Legal Trouble in Town She Led

Have August fund raising numbers been released yet? When are they due to the FEC?

McCains' homes worth a total of nearly $13 million

Saturday Morning Data Dump – 9/6

McCain = World War.

It isn't about Palin so much as how/why it was her - my theory...please read and ponder.

McCain has made himself look small and irrelevant

Email-able Graphic on Bills Obama Sponsored and Passed.

Calling on ALL Hockey Moms!

Bank Tied To John McCain's Son Goes Under

WBZ radio 1030 poll Boston

Is there anything wrong with with the Obama team using the word "liar"

Is there anything wrong with with the Obama team using the word "liar"

Map at the link below - electoral - looking pretty fine to me

Hilarious Illustration with Frank Rich's Column

Greta's showing some Palin special, An American woman.

A NEW moran @ the RNC!

Dear GOP People Who Know What's What

Freaking News Palin Pictures

McCain-Palin becoming Palin-McCain?

McCain's choice won't fool women

Is Palin actually uniting the Democrats?

If McCain is such a "maverick" who is going to "clean up" Washington,

'Thrown Away Flags' Story False, Dem Convention Official Says

Coming soon, Sarah Palin's cookbook: "Let the Eagle Sear"

Biden's Montana appearance Sunday, tickets available Saturday

I found an old Reader's Digest...

Helen Bannerman's "Sambo" was about an Indian boy...

Check out Fox

Maybe FOX and the RW have a point...

Alaskan issues under Palin: Crime up, dropout rate up, inequality in education

Palm Beach County missing about 2500 ballots. Here we go again.

CNNs Rick Sanchez just had an interview with first-time voters

Nuts or Sluts

Congressional Quarterly - Congratulations to John McCain! He's Number 1 in 2007!

All hell will break loose when Pailin is in VP bootcamp

All hell will break loose when Pailin is in VP bootcamp

What is this story with the Flags from the DNC?

***Obama Rebukes Palin on Earmarks***

McCain giving money to obama campaign

OMG--I'm sure I am probably the last to know this, but this is unreal

Palin reminds me of Dana Carvey's "Church Lady"

Obama On The Offensive

"Who is McCain trying to kid? Here's Palin's record as Mayor of Wasilla..."

The Zogby Electoral College Map

Daily Show: Ian McShane narrated "John McCain Reformed Maverick"

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage (Frank Rich Sunday NYT)

Another one goes for pizza!

My parents are stupid

Obama Slams McCain, Palin


Palin's Special Needs Record - Not So Wonderful

Update on the investigation into Gov Palin's abuse of power...

Update on the investigation into Gov Palin's abuse of power...

O'Reilly insists Sarah Palin supervised her daughter's sexual escapades

McCain AND Palin In Lebanon Ohio on Tuesday -Here's how to get tickets

The demographic suicide of the RepubliKKKan Party

RICHTER'S WIFE "lost" all permanent funds claims--where IS the money?

Which Republican Is More Likely to Serve in an Obama-Biden Administration?

*HEY! Want to help Obama? Over here! *

I was just taking a peek at the polls...

Does anyone else think the Dems need to attrack the R candidates directly and personally?

Is Obama doing fundraising phone calls?

Calculate your Obama Tax Cut!

Diaego/Hotline tracking poll: EPIC FAIL

ENOUGH!! Logo--if anyone is interested

ENOUGH!! Logo--if anyone is interested

And, representing Sarah Palin on the Sunday morning talk show circuit,

What % of Americans are animal lovers?

Are the Harvest Assemblies of God the same as Assemblies of God?

Vendetta row can’t hold Sarah Palin back

Conservatives Attempt to Tie Obama to Black Panther Leader Fizzles

Why Palin's judgment should prevent any THINKING person from voting for her

Silver State Bank in Nevada fails a little over one month after Andrew Mccain resigns

Need Ideas & Help Getting Involved!

Why are there so many here who want us to leave Palin alone?

Why Hasn't Sarah Palin Been To Iraq?

Obama / Biden v McCain / Palin .... it shouldn't even be close

It's Nov. 4. What surprise state win would indicate a landslide?

Guardian: Ruthless, vindictive, authoritarian. But she loves Jesus.

OMG CNN is coming clean

McCain Wimps Out, Country Shrugs

**BREAKING NEWS: McCain Campaign Steals Flags From Obama Denver Speech, Accuses Dems of Negligence

Sarah Palin may have women flocking - to Obama (poll, 10 pt jump in clinton supporters after Palin)

Conservative talk show host points out conservative hypocrisy

So Palin is a "Pit Bull." A Barricuda." How about "Cowering Puppy." "Guppy"

Is there a way to avoid software fraud?

Am I missing something?

Am I missing something?

Let's Help Palin Commit Political Suicide

OBAMA/BIDEN has significantly more experience than MCCAIN/PALIN

You know hunting animals from planes is against Federal Law?

Source Of Fake Fox Flag Story Is Carl Cameron!

Do Iraqis who are seeking refuge outside of Iraq have access to a clear, above-ground process?

What theme song would you suggest for Sarah Palin's campaign since she can't use Barracuda anymore?

Can someone explain to me why Florida's out of play?

"I Picked a Girl" Palin/McCain spoof

Rednecks for Obama!

Who's the Republican nominee again? McCain, or Palin?

Sarah Palin Diagnosed W/ Clinical Phychosis

Help win OH for Obama, safe staters needed for digital war....

Palin to be MIA for *****2 weeks*******????

Palin's Weird Loyalty Test As Mayor - lost in some of the library talk, the real issue - loyalty

Palin's Weird Loyalty Test As Mayor - lost in some of the library talk, the real issue - loyalty

NYT: History Shows the U.S. Economy Performs Better Under Democrats.

Can I be petty for a moment?

WSJ: Palin's Hockey Rink Leads To Legal Trouble in Town She Led (Josh Marshall: Oops)

Palin's Soft Spot: She's a Jesus Freak

Palin Owes Some Good People An Apology (by Jim Wallis)

Palin supposedly 8 months pregnant



MP3: Phil Donahue speech at Fighting Bob Fest (Sept. 6, 2008)

I know it's Texas, but can we DU this poll?

Smack. Obama finally says it: THEY MUST THINK YOUR STUPID

That "Sambo" Story

Obama now owns McCain. All he has to do is take possession.

Is 2008 providing clues to vote suppression in 2004?

McPOW's VP Pick Says They Are Ceding the Minority Vote, the Environmental

Sarah Palin and Barak Obama Resumes

Gathered info about Palin with sources

The Republicans spit in our food so they can fish it out of the dumpster when we throw it out


This Poll Map Of Florida Is Bugged Out

McCain's Son Costs Taxpayer $500 Million

BaracK O- BOLLYWOOD. It's like dropping acid, but different LOL!

Here's a Obama campaign ad I would

By Jove I think I've got it! I know what change the GOP is talking about.

Steve Earle featured on David Letterman tonight!!

Earthquake! Nor Cal

Just one question - what the hell is "speaking in tongues"?

Just one question - what the hell is "speaking in tongues"?

Where's the Beef, John Wayne McCain?

Compare and Contrast

Pissed off Librarians going after Palin .. already have a website up: "Librarians Against Palin"

Let The Battle Begin! Obama slams McCain on abortion rights!

DU is really stupid..

dupe delete

I know you all know this about Iraq, but it seems worth a quick review

Okay, please explain the pregnancy thing to me nice & slow

Conservatives Show More Kids--and a Brighter Future - Medved

oh by the way...the federal highway fund account is going broke

McCain signage fun (lotsa graphics)

Lack of electricity may complicate new evacuations

The Guide to the Conservative Palinguage Vol.2 -- the People's Edition

Minor quake jolts Oakland, California

Are any of the RNC Police State cops in the former state of MN gonna be doing any talking?

How can you tell when a right-winger is describing feminists?

When are the debates?

Meanwhile Cheney's in Georgia shaking the Russian bees nest

Men less sexist than women?

Hanna is here.

The mother kneels in the snow, cheerfully posing beside her bundled up daughter, behind the bloody,

A question to ask anyone who "likes" Palin

ALERT: Social security dies this weekend folks

Please DU this Story

Six DEAD and Four Injured in WA State. Suspect says, "I kill for God. I listen to God,"

we have freepers too


Come on people. Read the Goddamn post before you respond!

I thought POW would be the biggest one!!

7 KEY Witnesses In Troopergate-Had Depositions CANCELLED In The Last 72 Hours

Do you know where your chickensuit is?

Any Late Night Economists Up ??? - Re: Fannie Mae\Freddie Mac ???

78-Year-Old Nun Arrested At RNC Protest

McCain backdrop goof a sign of things to come?

One Uppity One

Wave of bad economic news rolls off Republicans

Another religious icon on food - not a Cheeto!

Even skewed Election Projecton has Obama winning... WOW

While channel surfing last night I came across Al Hunt,

Is Bob Woodward just trying to salvage his reputation

why is Cheney pushing for NATO membership for Georgia?

republicans OWN 9-11 don't they? Only they are allowed to exploit the dead.

One group who is never polled...Please get them to vote...They are?????

Why did McCain campaign lie about Cindy's injury?

High school gets mass rickrolled every 52 mins [vid]

Theocrats to Pray for McCain's Death

I've been fighting to keep Jesus OUT of my life for decades, now this palin shit.

Big Student Lender Suspends Business

"So Sambo beat the bitch" DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. It has the markings of a GOP trap

Palin aide abruptly bails on talking to Legislature under oath re: trooper firing

My darling black African woman

Boeing talks fail, workers to strike

9/11 tribute at rnc used fake sodiers and staged funeral

Appeals Court Seeks to Weigh In on Battle Over Miers Subpoena

Quiz: Palin or Bush?

Bush's HHS director toured Alaska's rural area: “This is just unacceptable,”

Seen this note from Barack?

MC = B3

POWER to the UNION!.....Boeing machinists say kiss our a**es....

Washington Journal just extended an invitation to Palin to appear on WJ

The plight of the deployed National Guard families

Tool of a Tyrant: Bush Can Now Put & Keep Citizens in Jail Without Trial(Bush History, 9/6)

bush was just faking being bornagain, palin is the real deal.

Jesus makes a lousy prophylactic...

Steven Weber: Some Final Thoughts on the RNC

Putting the jet on ebay was one of the reasons for Palin's extremely high approval ratings in Alaska

*: "Gotta catapult the propaganda!" *Cain: "OK! Wait... D'Oh!"

Gov Crist and Fidel's nephews (Diaz Balart brothers) on Corp Media now giving hurricane warnings

School used as Walter Reed backdrop disavows permission or support for McCain campaign

Abortion still distorts American politics.

some Palin pics showing her love of animals (graphic)

Palin's Extramarital Affair

Do You REALLY Want Change? More Important than PALIN... The issues!!!

I was starting to doubt the rumor about Trig's parents until I bought US Magazine

RNC nets more airtime than DNC

Someone tell me what it is with Christians and killing people?

Holy ZEUS!1 Jon STEWART's reruns - fanTAStic every day of the Rethug convention!1

The dark lonely sad CAPTION

Guardian UK: Rattling dog had eaten 13 golf balls

Racist, Sexist, anti-gay.....but everything she's done in her life was guided by "God's will"

Government may soon back troubled mortgage giants

Sarah Palin – The Arsenic and Lace Presidency

General Wesley Clark Replaces Edwards In Debate vs. rove

In this thread we talk about what we are doing or can be done for the 2008 election.

"It's the economy, stupid!" and why the GOP is BEGGING you to focus on Palin.

McCain Campaign in total meltdown

C-Span. fucking pig from Accuracy in Media is lying in the most outrageous

Abortion still distorts American politics.

Bob Herbert: Running From Reality

Hispanics -Any Reaction To GOP Platform Saying That Undocumented Residents Count Less Than Slaves?

The Vanishing Republican Voter

Surrender Obama! (Signed) The Wicked Witch of the West. Palin baby born at good hospital!

A Test for the Media

Hate radio.. "Code Pink ought to have their tubes tied"

McSame isn't the only one not vetting Palin

"Sambo beat the bitch"...Palin remarks from Alaska waitress..

Literally BLUE in a freakin Red State!!!!

if it's good enough for's good enough for the rest of us

if it's good enough for's good enough for the rest of us -- News link site with built-in article ratings/reviews

Hate radio..."It's the National Organization of Ugly Women"

Independent UK: Palin in the land of prejudice

Independent UK: Palin in the land of prejudice

One issue I wish Obama/Biden would address is government secrecy.

Palin family photos? Looks like it....

Leave President Bush Alone? declares drive to register 1,000,000 young voters

Video For You To Check Out

How is the Hatch Act Constitutional?

Palin Prayed for Classmate, Was 'Average' student at 5 Colleges, Was Forgettable Journalist

Palin Prayed for Classmate, Was 'Average' student at 5 Colleges, Was Forgettable Journalist

Acts of God - Insurance Liability

Can you think of an even worse advocate for Christianity?

Sometimes I feel guilty being a Democrat in New York

Be A Community Organizer "With Actual Responsibilities"

I have proof the election is about to be stolen again by the Republicans.

YCIDN- response to Palin Trolls

There's hope yet ! 6 in 10 women voters "unimpressed" by Palin (Raw Story)

Toon: The ayatollah Palin

Sarah Palin Salutes America's Librarians

Where did all the money Palin lobbied for go?

Right Wing Radio Talk show host against Palin

Spiro Palin and the Coming Charge of the Hillary Women!

Is America ready for president palin? No joke, this is some serious, scary shit.

Court: US can block mad cow testing - don't you love it

-- Jewish problems for Republicans -- Palin's Pastor

Another Republicon Failure: America's roads going to Hell

Unfortunately, I need to say "au revoir" to all you wonderful people at DU for a while.

Social Security doing just fine...

Alaskan Progresive Radio - 1080 KUDO

I had high hopes that Bush would unintentionally kill off the desire for any & all theocracy

Sarah Palin's "God" "supports" George bUsh's illegal invasion of Iraq. Which "God" does she have?

Palin to be 'trained' - sent "Back to Alaska"

Gun Industry loves Palin

Keep your friends close and keep your puppets closer

Technical, Military Cooperation With Iran Will Continue: Russian Official

Ouch! Palin: "Alaska desperate for any semblance of glamour and culture"

Back to school, out of supplies

Hold on to those breakfasts: "Women turn out to see Palin in Wisconsin, Michigan "

This is pretty much the typical political argument I always get into at work...

Rep. Virgil Goode Ol' Boy, R(acist)-VA

Fitzgerald: This is baloney, Tony under siege by RIGHT-WING Puppets

LTTE Vetting Palin

Rain in central NC.

The viewership distortion - Obama STILL wins against McPalin


PErhaps the media should not cover McCain or Palin until they have

Why did you become an activist or volunteer?

U.S. taxpayers to bail out Chinese bankers

Top Colo. Elections Chief Quits As Nov. Vote Nears

Online Poll on McCain's speech needs to be DU'd

Did Willow Palin post racist comments on her blog? Confessions of an RNC Security Guard

I was just polled!

Alaskan gas pipelind. Where does it go?

Bush campaign in 2000: EXACTLY McCain/Palin

Looks like full meltdown mode in Alaska.....

Dem voter registrations surge nation-wide

Former (MD) State Republican Delegate Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

Nutty New Jersey Repug: We Need More Gawd in the Classroom

The McCain-Palin Bait-and-Switch on Pork-Barrel Politics as Usual

What's the most compelling subject ...

60 days.

How many times have you seen excerpts from the Obama-Biden

Web site for weather nuts

Web site for weather nuts

Hispanics -Any Reaction To GOP Platform Saying That Undocumented Residents Count Less Than Slaves?

Can CNN STOP showing Palin speeches all over the country?

City of Wasilla had to update their web page to accommodate all the inquiries. Link

"the end of the current international financial system"

OK - so last week everyone in southern Louisiana and Southern

The Vanishing Republican Voter

So Palin's getting the experience NOW, she's getting the connections NOW?

New GOP spin (Video) "Palin's not ready" (for interviews)

Is this how a "STRONG FAMILY" acts????

I've had two government jobs and teaching jobs.... I had to show my transcripts from college

Somebody in Wasilla tried to ban Jon Stewart's book

Foreclosures and school districts

Barack live on CNN NOW

You know Obama is just so easy to listen to isn't he?

I am currently talking to an old friend ....her and I lost contact over bush

Prayers for McCain/Palin...

Patriotism / separatism.... Irony.

OK, I am going to ask it: Is America ready for a Right Wing Cultural

Palin nude photo shoot

From my feverish brain to the keyboard.

Sarah Palin AIP membership outed! She lied. Video says she had a problem with Republicans' Ethics

Sarah Palin AIP membership outed! She lied. Video says she had a problem with Republicans' Ethics

Do we have any juice from those Alaska divorce records yet?

Definition of a maverick!

Why would the police use such heavy handed tactics?

Did you all see Bill Maher last night?

Hanna Accelerates Northeastward .... canceling trains, games, car races and the space shuttle.

Congressman blasts Utah candidate's 'tent city'

Have you received the "Tale of the Tape" e-mail yet?

I'm scared! They're coming after me!

If the Pope impregnates a woman, then should he marry her before she is visibly pregnant?

So how long do they have to coach McCain's SpokesModel

Republicans steal US Flags from Obama Campaign

NYT - a bubble diagram of the words used at BOTH Conventions

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald tells Rethug to quit using his image in campaign fliers

Okay, here's the skinny: Repugs are flag stealing, mother raping assholes. Rec if you agree.

Biden is going to eat Palin alive if this is any indication of her debate skills

The argument against the south and fundamentalist

Comcast on Demand - all the repuke speeches - none of the Dems?

Man In Wheelchair Robs 7-Eleven Of Condoms

Is John Bush and his true base (the media) trying to bullshit us or something?

Little Black Sambo

Interesting exchange on a forum about taxes in Alaska

Palin’s False Petro-Bravery

Palin’s False Petro-Bravery

It seems dove season has begun in my area and I need to bring all my pets in.

Seems to me Obama/Biden could make an issue of this....

Seems to me Obama/Biden could make an issue of this....

From: "Teed Rockwell" = McCain's Tax increase?

Silver State Bank in Nevada is shut: McCain's son quit in July for "personal reasons" list of books to be banned by Palin

"I don’t believe in coming in second. The American people can’t afford for us to come in second."

Bristol Palin Drinking Underage? (No)

Desecration of the flag - John McCain's signature

McBush violates The Ninth Commandment!

I hope that DUers in the path of Hanna and her sisters are safe and sound

Can you imagine the skit that SNL will come up with on Palin when they start their new season?

Can you imagine the skit that SNL will come up with on Palin when they start their new season?

Mc Same bought Caribou Barbie a car

HBO is going to air a story of Helen Thomas! Here's the schedule.

What happens if I just quit paying my mortgage?

rec'd email from relative about obama (abortion) and this is my response

Video Smoking Gun on Palin/AIP Connection (at around 6:00)

Photo: Something's apparently perplexing Junior as he trots across the W.H. lawn...

McClatchy's most viewed news story: Here's the story about Palin's book-banning try as mayor

After RNC Speech, Republicans Court Lieberman to Make the Switch Official

The real 08 fight: Clinton vs. Palin

ABC cropped Obama, falsely suggesting he "admitted that he was wrong to oppose the surge"

Silver State Bank 11th US bank to fail

Palin Toons! (dial up heavy)

Caption Mc*

PRetty soon Palin's reguritated stump speech will start to sound like...

George Bush STILL hates black people **BILLIONS TO GEORGIA HOW MUCH TO HAITI?

Palin to be on FauxNooz with Greta this evening?

Baton Rouge is still a massive mess from Gustav

FLASHBACK: In July, McCain Promised His VP Pick Would Appear On Larry King Live

The meme I expect the Repubs to roll out soon: Obama is OJ Simpson and Palin is Nicole..

While we'reall concentrating on Ohio and Florida, did anyone post about this in Colorado?

Children aged eight enlisted as council snoopers

An open letter from Mr. Fish to America

Ever get the feeling you've been swindled?

Overlooked news: Rudy Giuliani victim Richard Wigton died this past May

Don't miss Bill Maher's program - on several more times this

Demographics Needed Here!!

Do we need a sticky thread for those words disapproved of by the town scolds?

7 out of 40 AK high schools on John Hopkins "dropout factories" report

Treasury plan won't help Fannie, Freddie shareholders: Frank

Alaska voted OVERWHELMINGLY Romney, Huckabee, & Paul in their February primary; and OBAMA in the


arghh Palin

Congrats Skinner ..... Father, DU founder, and College Quarterback

OK, I'm all for nailing Palin (so to speak) on things, but this "spit on the baby" ...

New Palin Pic!

Bush/Cheney: approval ratings

Let's call the RNC what it was - A Fascist Fearmongering Festival...

Let's call the RNC what it was - A Fascist Fearmongering Festival...

That thing on his face

A fact that Repub & Dems will not admit about Iraq.

Michelle Obama with Paula Deen on The Food Network

Oh man, this will be REALLY bad news for McCain!

ABC News: New Poll shows Palin pick unlikely to have any impact

ABC News: New Poll shows Palin pick unlikely to have any impact

LOL - Sarah Palin, protien match for fuckeliana fungus!

Larry Flynt.....Suppose He Has some DIRT on....

Having a discussion with a Right Winger about Abortion - need advise....

LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN "RNC looked like and AMWAY Convention"

FNC: Gov. Sarah Palin: An American Woman

FNC: Gov. Sarah Palin: An American Woman

Bobby Jindal don't like black people!

Bobby Jindal don't like black people!


Rum Campaign In Twin Cities Bathrooms: “Tap your toe if you want to hook up w/Kilo Kai :)

Obama on O’Reilly, Thoughts and Considerations

"They Must Think You're Stupid"

boycott Page Six!

More shameless plugging to help avoid discussing Palin

MarketWatch: Treasury set to bail out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in one of biggest govt. rescues

Republicans & Flags

Anyone else hearing the 'white guilt' meme?

Cheney bashes Russia for 'brutality' in Georgia - someone shut this man up!!!!!

Okay, this is just a little freaky. Re: Space camera and asteroid:

Hannaaaaaaaa ........... whoosh ........... pffffft ...........

Hannaaaaaaaa ........... whoosh ........... pffffft ...........

Operation Flag Rescue

FAUX News is giving Palin a GIFT 'bio' right now.

FAUX News is giving Palin a GIFT 'bio' right now.

Democrats post big gains in voter registration

Does anybody know ONE PERSON who's impressed with Palin

Does anybody know ONE PERSON who's impressed with Palin

Does anybody know ONE PERSON who's impressed with Palin

McCain reacts to Cindy's presence...

Bush's "Reign of Error": A great timeline of the last 7+ years of misery from Mother Jones mag:

Iraq, Afghanistan, bailouts to Bear Stearns, Fannie and Freddie, aid to Georgia.....

Enron-esque accounting at Freddie Mac?

Let us now bash small town America. What bullshit.

If undermining the National Security is a crime, then John McCain's adviser Phil Gramm is a criminal...

Hurricane Ike's current projected landfall:

Obama in Duryea (9/05/2008)

What's the difference between McCain's Afghan policy and Obama's?

A little Saturday night music for ya!!!

Bill O’Reilly’s Faux bravado --- LMFAO!!

How is it that the repuke champions of big oil have been more successful

Just got done installing one of these babies pointed at my Obama lawn sign

Highway Fund Shortfall May Halt Road Projects

The last time we had a candidate for national office who avoided the press and spoke only in .....

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Sarah Palin Smokescreen

Does it look like these people want to kiss each other?

Robin Williams talks Sarah Palin.. VIDEO

Man! What a SHIT call against the UWashington Huskies.

"Hurricane Sarah leaves liberals spinning!!!11" - "Real change with a real woman!"

CNN Presents: Obama Revealed 9:00 PM est. This is a GREAT

Obama to McGreenscreen: 'Did you pay attention to the last two days of your convention?'

New Palin toon and a classic freeper comment

"The truth is in here. Now we have to get it "out there". "

Not a Veep candidate, but a checkout counter tabloid queen.

She must be taken down within the next 4 weeks

Joe Biden's son off to Iraq in October,,,,,,lest anyone forget

CNN Reporting Untrue "trash" flag story... COMPLAIN

DU having issues?

Taxpayers off the hook for GOP convention lawsuits

What's this about Democrats descecrating flags?

A TX Republican speaks out - A must read

Why Can't Democrats Make Decent TV Ads?

Are you registered to vote? Find out instantly

Very Heavy; Novak writes today: "My Brain Tumor"

What ever happened to the Middle East?

....Boy ...they really really think we are stupid!

Is this Saturday Night Live a ReRun? I decided to look in on it for some Sarah Palin satire

E-Mail On Sarah Palin Grabs Spotlight (Anne Kilkenny)

If you've donated to the Obama campaign, please make a matching donation

Russians accuse West of war-like moves

Russians accuse West of war-like moves

Cheney colleague admits bribery in Halliburton oil deals

Independent UK: A woman to make enlightened voters shudder

Obama-McCain itineraries reveal exactly where things stand

Do DU Males see Sarah Palin as a "Ball Buster? " The type of female who is really Male

DU this poll!!! It's a Texas poll that needs some love...

Cynthia Tucker writes column critical of O'Reilly's Bristol double standard, so what does he do?

Any help on Biden issue

The McCain-Palin Bait-and-Switch on Rape and Women

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage

The demographic suicide of the RepubliKKKan Party

33 out of 34 eleventh-graders who were forced to watch Palin's speech

John McCain's bestest friends?


Over 500 people have died in Haiti

Dell to Sell Most or All of Its Factories in 18 Months

McCain Throws Aside Free Market Rhetoric, Embraces Government Bailout Of Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac»



I just read this on another forum. It says every time a recession or worse hits a Republican

Friday afternoon bank failure (ties to McCain son - should have named him Keating?)

Todd Palin has lawyered up separately in Troopergate?

Banned books--your thoughts.

Mommy and me home pregnancy test

Palin's Biggest Deficiency?

A little moment to share with my DU friends.

Community organizers, volunteers - fight back

Exclusive: Heart's Nancy Wilson responds to McCain campaign's use of 'Barracuda'

Why are we embracing racially coded language on DU?

Lieberman: I Won't Leave Democratic Party

FauxNews reporting: Some American flags at today's McCain rally "rescued" from dumpsters at DNC.

**DAY 9** without a Palin press conference

I know I'll be called a concern troll (again), but I think the majority of recent posts on DU...

What is it about fundamentalist Xtians of Palin's ilk?

Great OP-Ed in today's NY Times. - Let’s Talk About Sex

The Republican ideal of "service"

Tickling kids gets lawyer banned from park by judge

ATTENTION!! When Protest Is Terrorism: RNC 8 Charged as Terrorists Under State Patriot Act

The New Yorker takes aim at the McCains and their houses

Understanding what racism, sexism, and homophobia are really about . . .

Source Of Fake Fox Flag Story Is Carl Cameron!

John McCain: Portrait of a Maverick

Obama: "These are the folks who have been in charge. John McCain's party . . ."

Rove Opens New School For Evil

Hurricane Ike back to Cat 4 -135mph

+++ 4,155 +++

Inconsiderate drivers..... where is a cop when you need one?

Bristol Palin Wants to Be VP

Government to wipe out Fannie/Freddie shareholders by Sunday

I've been compared to Keith Olberman!!!


What happened to this money? Funds claims for AK residents? Is it still in the pot and accounted

Cheney in Georgia, Rice in Lybia. Attack on Iran planned?

This is what FrenchieCat is warning us about (Re: Palin)

Obama and The Palin Effect

Haiti is now just like New Orleans after Katrina... 'In pictures: Haiti relief'

FL 18th Annette Taddeo won Blue America's contest...received $15,813.

Welcome to all of our new DU friends!

Have you seen the American Express ad where the guy goes

REALITY CHECK ON SURGE: compared to Vietnam troop levels, it's unlikely that made difference

McJoke/Failin Bumper Stickers!!! Feel Free To Use!!

Ike's projected path

Reagan's other child with Nancy, Patti Davis has a question for

If you watch one Daily Show all year, you must see last night's show! Whole episode link

I found a good website to keep up with the Palin investigations

Has Palin ever been to a foreign country?

Is it just me or have we given far too much power to local police departments?

Catholics Outraged by Palin Insults

We should lay off Cindy's $280,000 earrings

The 65 mpg Ford the U.S. Can't Have

How to clear your *HUGE* ignore list without breaking your wrist

Jesus Christ was a Community Organizer. Pontius Pilate was a Governor

Watching daughter spit on her hand / wipe the baby's face Maybe we need to send this to Ms. Palin

John Cusack: “Something very drastic has happened to the very idea of America”

Mr. Brzezinski, is it 'checkmate' yet?

Do you believe the U.S. had a hand in instigating and/or...

Zodiac Killer's Identity And Weapon Uncovered?

Work of Evil: Beyond the Worst-Case Scenario in Somalia

Hey, what'd I miss? Been computerless for almost 2 weeks; seems

Imagine There's No Heaven

Not one Damn Dime for Georgia

Saudis STILL FUND al Qaeda

Why isn't palin being grilled about her 'faith', like Obama was?

China Goes The Big Squeeze; Fix Freddie And Fannie … Or Else.

China Goes The Big Squeeze; Fix Freddie And Fannie … Or Else.

Rep. Chris Smith: ‘Our Students Must Find The God Of The Bible And Biblical Values In The Classroom’

Let Me Tell You About Small Town Values

These will Blow your Mind!

Vanity Fair - The Authoritative Trig Palin Conspiracy Timeline

Sarah, Todd, Track & Bristol all on criminal records page

Why Does TransCanada Need $500 Million Cash Right Now? A Sarah Palin Mystery

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac takeover will cause oil prices to soar again

ALERT: Huge Voter Purge Underway in Ohio - mailings sent out today

It took outsiders and a worker coalition to bring justice for the enslaved farm workers in Florida

Anyone else here afraid of a theocracy in America?

NYT editorial: That Plastic Baby Bottle (on the dangers of BPA)

Portland Street Medics describe police brutality and arrests at RNC

Palin's Churches and the Third Wave

If you wish the Rapture would occur tommorrow, rec this thread!

20 Yrs Ago Today, DEA's Chief Admin Law Judge Issued this on Marijuana:

An election about personality?

I knew this 90 year old man at the time Raygun was prez. I was

Have you seen these high fructose corn syrup commercials?

Tom DeLay..."He's Baaaack! Tom DeLay Hailed as GOP Hero"

Skinner's Drift

So when do you think they'll start making the next "Hulk" movie"

Keith confirmed you as a friend on Facebook.

I'm WInning

Don't take any guff from these swine

OK, I can haz hide thread feetsure back plz?

Note to self: When the singer of a band asks who in the crowd knows the lyrics to a song...

Wow! Just had a nice little eathquake here in Pleasanton.

Some say the Brits also think McSame is a dildo-

Now , its time to take out the vodka !yippeeee!

So what exciting thing are you getting ready to do right now?

Eight hour meeting at City Hall! (RANT WARNING)

why can;t you find any good rope when you need it !

I am getting drunk....

You don't need a two dollar calculator to figure that one out.

Powerful drum: Ask your mom for fifty cents.

Damn. "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies" is on TCM


Is that Anita O'Day?

I think it is time to post this youtube video again.... :P


UndertheOcean ---

Dan Savage should be a bigger star.

There's a fat man in the

2 beers = 4 bucks

I'm REALLY drunk right now...and I'm feeling like deep conversation tonight

What if c-a-t really spelled dog?

Need some tech advice please......

I need to reach 15,000 posts before I go on vacation

Such a good song... for everyone!

This music video for Robbie Williams' song 'Rock DJ' was banned for some reason.

Hey, hey, mama, I like the way you move...


Hey, Joe...

I am officially a nerd.

Good Morning

Dance To The Music


Bossa 31

Who Does Sarah Palin Remind You Of ?

Weapons of Mass Taco Bell

I have started confusing my metaphors. It must be the inevitable decline.

Best. PSA. EVAH.

Slam! Anyone else in NorCal feel that one?

Why don't people realize when they call customer service or tech support....

So my son has had his drivers license for less than two weeks.

OMFG there's a thread in LBN that I'm SO not going to open....

I just got new pets...

Would Mildo still be kicked out of school if she had been passing out food from Olive Garden?

People suck, even on my B-Day! I think I'll stay in....

HELP Please, NOW, give me reasons to go to the gym today.

My Ocracoke Island NC Pics & Notes (Pic Heavy)

I replaced the agitator on my washing machine!

Wanna learn how to kill a man? Get DANGERDOOM!

When you think your LIFE is the worst !1!... WATCH this...

Turtlensue, MadinMaryland and anyone else in the Chesapeake Bay area...

Dammit they got chuggo2!

When are those assholes high on Jack Link's Jerky gonna understand?

The Rain Song

I'm in the middle of putting up 28 quarts of sauerkraut-stuffed banana peppers.

Hilarious Palin footage

So Mr. Writer was having trouble waking up this morning... I decided to take action.

Badstreet, Atlanta G-A

People are now making chuggo covers. The end is nigh!

Is there a "Nader Hater" type of forum anywhere, that anyone knows of?

Guys , I am scared

Post some tailgate party recipes.

Oh! Oh! Guess who I am!

It seems like everybody is dead-set on discouraging me from doing the right things.

Heads up Virginia-there is a HURRICANE at the Carolina border

Pretty bugs (2)

My avatar is blurry

What's the volume of a cylinder 6 ft high with a 20 ft diameter?

I just lit the charcoal and it started to rain.

I got the day off from work because of the tropical storm and it barely drizzled...

Googling Google - 10TH ANNIVERSARY | Massive search engine launched with 4 computers, $100K

What would you season chicken salad with?

do you know how to play chess? be honest.


My center just "upgraded" our phone system to a VOIP based system.

This complete douchebag came through my checkout line today

Say goodnight, anyone? I feel a bit out of place with all the substance abuse, and ....

I can play the Maple Leaf Rag.

Question for the gay folks here...

OMG! This is HUGH!1! Midlodemocrat for President?

Last night I dreamed my eyebrows were growing backwards.

Oh, Joy. I'm in the "000-000-0000" Caller ID Telemarketer Spoofing Crosshairs.

I'm talking to you from my new MacBook!

I wish I could get drunk...

I got a DUzy!

Little Feat

I prayed to the Holy Ghost for the gift of tongues

Tornado warning for Philadelphia in PA

Hey Kitchenwitch, are you watching the Twins game?

New Free Credit Report Commercial

I am a staunch freeper

Does anyone else remember


Customer: "I do networking for a living, just tell me if my modem is okay..."

I have an announcement. I am a lesbian.

do it today

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 9/6/2008)

I went to the gym, and I must thank ---

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the RNC (Part II)

Humidity! Bleeecccchhh!

What are you listening to this weekend?

Oh what a burden to be so relied on.

beat on the brat

Blight and Consumption.

so how 'bout them East Carolina Pirates upseting West Virginia

if you were a venereal disease, what would you be?

What Is And What Should Never Be

Ladies and gentlemen of the Lounge, it is Happy Hour.

from "Before and After Science"

a new career in a new town

Someone got my sign-on earlier and told the lounge that I was a lesbian.

Has anyone ever heard of the Phi Mu sorority?

Black kitten + toy mouse video

this is another story about dogs

g'z up, hoes down


So, did our intrepid psychonaut make it alright, or

DU, I am a little worried...

Post your wheels

how long do you think you could rock and roll all night

Due to graphic violence and intense adult language, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

I was chilling, right around my way, 21st Eastside at a beach,

"Bad Girl" by The Miracles (Smokey Robinson singing lead)

gangster red, whassup yo?

anyone have experience with the Washington Animal Rescue League?

Anyone ever install a center-hinged/swinging patio door?

Is anyone on Myspace?

We only got one world ...

Ebay Sucks!

"Jesus told Sarah Palin to hate you," says newest endorsers.

A Nickel Bag Of Funk

When in Nome, do as the Nomans do

Ring ring ring ring ring ring.....

Please don't use the words 'Democrats' or 'Republicans' anymore on DU.

What's the score? How did the Fighting Pizzas do against the Choking Chickens tonight?

Stella Artois


Ladies and Gentlemen, from Los Angeles, California... The Doors (Via Oliver Stone)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Once again, The Doors

The Sunshine of Your Love

Some hurricane.

For Your Love

For Your Love

Oh won't you come with me and take my hand

So I'm sitting here the last half hour with my headphones on

Ooooooh, Sookie, Sookie, baby

I wuv cashiers with all my wittle heart

who remembers their first acid trip...?

That's it. I've had ENOUGH.

Midnight Confessions

DU this poll!!! It's a Texas poll that needs some love...

God Strikes: Hurrican Hillary Heading For Florida by Monday!


All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey

Woot!!!!! 58.7 degrees and RAIN!!!!!!

Grump. Brood. SEETHE.

Set me free, why don't you, baby

The House of the Rising Sun

WooHoo!! I got wireless LAN and now I can post while I use the bathroom!!1!!

How'd you like to wake up with this in your bed?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday September 6

We skipped that light fandango

Why don't you come with me, little girl, on a magic carpet ride

Proposal for a new DU group - KitchenWitch

Update on the Bald Douchebag and the Middle School.

Well I stand up next of a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand

Ball and Chain

You guys mind if I take off my shorts?

Official: Quincey v. Western Illinois game thread

Has anyone here ever heard of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity?

According to Bi-Baby, I make Indifference Curves fun

My brains are melting.

Taterguy appreciation thread

rescued a fluffy blue eyed HUNGRY thin cat tonight...

I saw Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys last night

I sense something...a presence I haven't felt since...

Yay. I finally get to take BabyG to DisneyWorld

Today's College Football and Tailgate Thread

Guys I am ok . just had more things on my mind than going online.....

I'm really concerned about/for jasonc .... Anyone heard from him?

Happy roses..or should they be called "hippie roses"?

Anybody ever see the movie "Doomsday"? (spoilers) WTF?

looking at getting my first cat, looking for advice from DU's resident cat experts

Would this be creepy?

Today would've been my dad's 69th birthday.

i have to have an awkward conversation with my roommate and keep putting it off

Who are your crushes on singers?

JerseyGirlDem appreciation thread!

Anyone using one of those fancy "powered" toothbrushes?

What is your favorite song so far this year? Post it here!

Our vet - not the one where we took Toonces - sent us a white rose.

Scarred DUers - where are they and how'd you get them?

Congrats Rev_Acts on 38,000 posts!

CaliforniaPeggy is an angel

Anybody know anything about a "comic" character called Pedobear?

Why the guitar was invented.

"I've never been shit on by a bird, but I always close my mouth when I look up."

Today I adopted this lil Lady ** dialup warning**

Musical taste defines your personality

Anyone want a kiss? Free Kisses.

Why don't butterflies talk about life as a caterpillar?

Does Noam Chomsky nom in Omsk?

What do you guys think about reverse speech and reverse speech therapy?

Government may soon back troubled mortgage giants

Sarah Palin Great News For McCain, Bad News For Stock Market

Gloss may wear off Republicans’ ‘lipstick-on-a-pitbull’ convention moment

The Real ’08 Fight: Clinton v. Palin?

Peru: Government Breaks Promise

Sarah Palin affair rumours are false, says John McCain's team

Beating Death of California Surfer Nets Defendants Jail Terms of Less Than Year

Highly Partisan Reception Greets Palin as V.P. Pick-Half Say Palin Doesn't Have Experience to Be Pre

Fannie, Freddie to be seized

Canadian Teens Convicted for Microwaving Family's Cat as Christmas 'Gift'

Bolivian opposition organizing "civil coup": president

FactChecking McCain

US-India nuclear accord approved

Iran May Reciprocate Western Sanctions With Similar Move

VIDEO: Democrats Post Big Gains in Voter Registration

Alaska Lawmakers to Seek Subpoenas in Palin Inquiry

Gustav wasn't as severe, but impacted more of Louisiana than Katrina


'This person loves Jesus'

45-nation group OKs landmark US-India nuke deal

France's Kouchner Challenges Cheney, U.S. Tactics in Georgia

Alaska Lawmakers to Seek Subpoenas in Palin Inquiry

Palin's Hockey Rink Leads To Legal Trouble in Town She Led

Lawmakers Seek Anthrax Details (Specter/Grassley)

NJ cops kick in door over bird's cries for help

Flag flap: Flags at convention 'rescued' or taken?

Hanna rakes Carolinas; Hurricane Ike (now Cat 4 again) looms

McCain, Obama plan joint stop at Ground Zero

Sarah Palin to be energy independence chief in John McCain's government

2nd District (Ne) now has battleground status

In storm-battered Haiti, humanitarian crisis as 500 are killed (Now Ike is on its way)

Loan Giant Overstated the Size of Its Capital Base

Obama to Stephanopoulos: Palin more Bush-Cheney than McCain

Boeing machinists strike

Iraq 'victory within sight': Palin

McCain still trails Obama 44 per cent to 48

Flag flap sullies candidates' vow to stand together at Ground Zero

Obama Says Freddie, Fannie Too Large for U.S. to Let Them Fail

Wal-Mart Loses Mexican Pay-Voucher Case

Russia's Medvedev accuses US of rearming Georgia

US military trained Georgian commandos

Bhutto's widower wins presidency

Palin Boosted Oil-Company Taxes While Alaska Had Budget Surplus

Obama Takes First Direct Shot At Palin

Democrats Post Big Gains in Voter Registration

Questions remain on Palin vetting

Palin's record on race a blank sheet

Obama tells elderly he will protect retirement

Palin: the real scandal (environmental record)

On Gov. Sarah Palin's watch, Alaska liberalized its abortion laws

Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean

Tucson-based company delivers campaign jet to Palin

Real time: RNC New Rules - 9/5 ('We Tried Our Best to Make Them Funny')

John McCain's Big RNC Moment Interrupted by Code Pink

New Rules - 9/05/08

Democracy Now on the VP choice:

Stephanie Tubbs Jones vs. Ken Blackwell on the 2004 Ohio Elections

"Stand For"

McCain Interrupted by Kokesh w/ Banner: 'McCain Votes Against Vets'

Michael Moore on Larry King Live - Sep. 5 (PT. 3) 'Enough!'

Michael Moore on Larry King Live - Sep. 5 (PT. 2) 'I Just Feel Sad for Lieberman'

Sarah Palin Song! (I Picked a Girl!)

CBS News: Earthquake in Nicaragua (1972)

Testify, or... let us never forget why we care so much.

NH sen.

Sarah Palin: GOD'S message

Community Organizers - The Nation's Backbone

Daily Show: John Mccain or Bush 2000's big night?

Daily Show: Jon Trashes Rove, Dick Morris & O'Reilly's HYPOCRISY

"Who Are You? (VP Mix)"

Has anybody else seen this Palin interview?

Meanwhile, Palin's teleprompter skills haven't changed much... (hoo boy...)

They were all up in Obama's church, so.... FAIR GAME!!!

Palin: Dick Cheney With Lipstick

Obama at AARP: Strengthening Middle Class Families and Retirees

Bill Maher | September 5, 2008 | Part One

Bill Maher | September 5, 2008 | Part Three

The Fool on Capitol Hill

Michael Moore on Larry King Live - Sep. 5 (PT. 4) Health Care & 'Surge'

Joe Biden: Bipartisanship

Bill Maher | September 5, 2008 | Part Two

Bill Maher | September 5, 2008 | Part Six (New Rules)

Michael Moore on Larry King Live 9/5/08 (Part 5 - I have included Hissyspit`s videos too)


Barack Obama on change in Terra Haute, IN

Bill Maher | September 5, 2008 | Part Five

Gavin Newsom - SF Mayor On GOP, Sarah Palin, John McCain

Sen Kyl (R-AZ) admits "wasteful Washington spending" a b.s. conservative catch-phrase

Obama on Freddie-Fannie Takeover: Must Protect Homeowners Not Lobbyists

Michael Moore on Larry King Live - Sep. 5 (PT. 1) 'Palin is an Extremist'

Bill Maher | September 5, 2008 | Part Four

The DNC Party: Tavis Smiley getin' Down Carlton Banks Style DORK!

Falwell Presents - "Meet the Real Sarah Palin - Hockey Mom"

Bush and McCain- One and the SAME

Supporters Turn-Out For Senator John Kerry

McSame has _already been by bush's side for the last EIGHT years...

Russia Today News calls the RNC Convention a Police State

McCain campaign rescues flags abused by America-hating democrats

BBC: U.S. Invades Pakistan (Incursion Kills 15 People)

Barack Obama on McCain's campaign lobbyists

Rachel Maddow and James Moore discuss Sarah Palin and the nat'l interest in stark terms

Gray Wolf

DEVELOPING: Detainee alleges torture in Ramsey County jail

CNN: "Fuck Bush!"

Audience With The Mayor of St.Paul ... not

Howard Dean gets warm welcome in Columbia, Iowa day before

John McCain: Portrait of a Maverick

Virginia Republicans for Obama

That didn't feel like being an American

Real Time: New Sarah Palin Ad

That dirty old bastard McLame cannot stop checking out Sarah's ass and yanking his...finger.

Larry Flynt’s Top Ten of Why I Support John McCain

It's a New World with Obama

Stephanie Miller: Hagee - Todd Palin is going to Hell

(PALIN NAILED at 6:00!!!!) Alaska Independence Party - Part 1

Maddow to McCain: " You're a Liar"

Rep. Grace Napolitano says Congress knows Executive branch guilty of treason

Daily Show: McCain & Bush's 'Change'

Palin Enemy to Animals vid (warning: graphic)

(I'm Thinkin' 'Bout Nailin') Sarah Palin

Rove isn't a "genius". He's just an evil pig who fights dirty.

CREW: People Convicted in the Abramoff Investigation (source AP)

Political Will, Political Won't

Married at 9, slain by parents at 17

"The Great, White, Nope"

UCP of Georgia, Declaration of CC of UCP of Georgia about the latest war

GOP Mocks Public Service

Four Years Later, Still Sorting Fallout of (2004) Republican Convention

Cooking and Cognition: How Humans Got So Smart By Robin Nixon, Special to LiveScience

Palin to hide out in the tundra

Newsweek: Key Alaska allies of John McCain are trying to Shut Down Troopergate

The Fantasy of John and Sarah: Nothing Means Anything (Counterpunch)

Big censored story of the Republican Convention

A woman to make enlightened voters shudder

John McCain Is Not George Bush, Sarah Palin Is by Alex Baldwin

McCain Nervous on First 'Blind Date': Palin Takes Him to See 'Woman on Top'

"The Mirrored Ceiling"

The frugal cornucopian - Amory Lovins in The Economist

Catholics Outraged by Palin Insults

John McCain’s Energy Follies

Qualifications for President

'This person loves Jesus'

Palin: wrong woman, wrong message (Steinem, LA Times)

This cynical choice has left McCain’s honour in shreds (The Sunday Times)

Christian Elitist Palin Too Elite To Give Media Access For 2 Weeks

Forget Palin's Jet, McCain Sold His SOUL on eBay

Jon Stewart on the Gender Card and the Double Standard

Maverick? NO WAY! - John McCain’s devolution of character

Palin: “So Sambo beat the bitch!”

Palin to Prof. Rick Stein - pay $486K for gov't polar bear study

Prayers at an Exhibition: Bhutan’s Art and the Monks Who Protect It

Glamour and the graveyard of ambition: Will RNC = RIP for Chris Coleman’s career?

Best of the RNC, outside the ‘green zone’ edition (Minnesota Independent)

Some question police after 800 arrests at RNC

Portland Street Medics describe police brutality and arrests at RNC

"McCain's Neocon Evolution" by (Consortium News 9-6-2008)

The Palin Choice and the Reality of the Political Mind

It's About Knowledge, Not Experience....

Is McCain Really George Costanza, in 'The Opposite Show'?

Palin’s Candidate Questionaire for 2006 Gov. Election Has Been Scrubbed


delete, posted in wrong forum

AlterNet: Only in America Could a Two-Faced Creature Like McCain Attain Such Media Status

Protesters happy with GOP convention actions

Rambo and the Mean Girl

Rice Should Press Algeria on Fate of Returned Guantanamo Detainees (HRW)

Amnesty International fears for Nigerian Translator

Torture and the war on terror

Survivors Int’l on the Move- Help for Tortured Victims (New liberian)

Krauthammer says Palin disastrous pick.

QRMC: Overseas COLA rules ‘penalize’ shoppers

Family, doctors not sure why soldier died

Duluth-based National Guard troops to deploy

Gunshot death of Bragg soldier investigated

2-star sees slow win in Afghanistan

Bush to decide troop levels in Iraq next week

Fighters sent inland, ships on 48-hour notice

6 punished for roles in GW fire

Out of Anbar

3 dead, 1 missing in CG helo crash off Hawaii

Corps awards $752M MRAP contract

Corps identifies Camp Pendleton remains

Marine killed in alcohol-related crash

Cleanup begins at landfill near Kaneohe

Lighter body armor issued for Afghanistan

Retired general rips McCain Iraq policy

Poisoned tobacco suspected in soldiers' illnesses in Afghanistan

Electricity powers more normalcy in Iraq suburb

Iron Brigade is letting Iraqis prove their mettle

Overseas retirees to get dental benefits

Palin's Son's to Guard His Commanders

Kyrgyzstan won’t restrict use of air base by U.S.

UAVs for Hurricanes Coming

Interactive DVD to Prevent Suicides

Iraq: US Spied on Prime Minister

General: No More Tanker Delays

Impasse Threatens F-22 Production

Afghans Fed Up With Government, US

World's First "Soldiers' Sanctuary"

Army School Helps Recruits Enlist

What the Next President Should do for Vets

Spec ops training takes Portland by surprise

Court upholds Hanford pipefitter $4.8M jury award

Even in Afghanistan, renewable energy is being installed

More grief for NOLA and offshore oil.

The 2008 Failed States Index - Spiking Food Prices, Shortages, Powering Up Political Disintegration

21 Remaining Pyrenees Glaciers Will Melt By 2050 - In 1880, There Were 132 In Iberian Peninsula

1C Warming For Ocean Floor Off Kyushu Kills Seaweeds, Drives Off Urchins, Abalone & Fish

August 2007 - July 2008 - Another 8,147 Square Kilometers Of Brazil's Amazon Forest Eliminated - ENN

Australia's Leading Water Economist Would Eliminate Murray River Flows To Wetlands, Lakes, Dams

N. Dakota Retailers Reporting 3 Weeks Of "Extreme" Gasoline Shortage - Diesel May Be Harvest Problem

At 450 PPM CO2, 1/3 Of Corals (At Best) Will Live In Water W. Enough Calcium Carbonate To Rebuild

Palin: the real scandal (The Independent)

We'll Hannah's here, more or less.

GM vows to boost recycling at plants

How much will sea level rise? (

UK Kayaker "Thrilled" To Not Paddle To N. Pole - But 2007's 3-Meter Ice Now 1 Meter Thick

Pebble bed reactor falls short of US standards

Wringing more efficiency out of ICEs while working to achieve more advanced technologies - Economist

Anything into Ethanol - technologies to get ethanol from trash moving forward -

Gay Italian Police Officers’ Convention Set

Vandium redox flow batteries in current issue of Discover magazine.

Girl Murdered by Relatives in Khan Yunis to “Maintain Family Honor”

Report: UN to demand Israel pay Lebanon $1 billion

Troubled lenders' junk swaps with Bank of England soar

They Dare to Question Orthodoxy - Corporation Call out!

China's central bank is short of capital

NYTimes: Freddie, Fannie shareholders to be wiped out

Today in labor history September 6 One of the worst disasters in the history of U.S. mining

Complete Working America Newsletter Fall 08 (pdf) Building a Better Future for Families

Peru: Government Breaks Promise

Bolivia: eastern governors demand withdrawal of national army

Bolivian opposition organizing "civil coup": president

Had to share this

Wal-Mart Loses Mexican Pay-Voucher Case

A Little Insult Is All the Rage in Venezuela: ‘Pitiyanqui’

Ok - the fucking celebration 15 yard penalty has to fucking go....

Two 10 point teasers for NFL week 1

Man! What a SHIT call against the UWashington Huskies.

UM at Florida, 8 P.M., ESPN

Canes Suck

An apology.

I'm starting to think we should stop paying so much attention to Palin

Has anyone done "Art of Living" course?

Weekly Healing Project #6 | September 7 - 13: Truth & Justice

I keep getting that the next U.S. president will be a Rooseveltian figure.

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125 Shot Dead In Chicago Over Summer, about Twice US Troop Deaths in Iraq

Stop Blaming the Dems!

The LHC Will Revolutionize Physics. Can it Revolutionize the Internet Too?

Lessons about memory from Homer Simpson

Marijuana Ingredient May Fight Bacteria

Brian Cox Lecture on the LHC

Scored two really great cookbooks on vacation

Favorite TECHNIQUE/REFERENCE book list (feel free to add yours)

Egg shell trick

Favorite RECIPE book list (feel free to add yours)

Palin's church promotes prayer to make gays straight

Why does God hate bunnies and kittens.

Which of the following events would be extraordinary?

Voter Registration Deadlines--REAL SOON

Is there anything that will launch all email accounts from one place?

Canadian Teens Convicted for Microwaving Family's Cat as Christmas 'Gift'

Sen. Coleman wants 4 debates with foes

El Tinklenberg taking off the gloves with Michele Bachmann

Check out the new ads for Franken

GOP Civic Fest Fiasco

NYTimes BPA Editorial

John Kerry - Supersonic Truth Train

New Kerry campaign ad posted at BMG

Violating Cardinal Newman's wishes

Hey, check this one out...the avg age of a polling place worker...

What do you make of this?

DUP Northern Ireland Environment Minister denies man-made climate change

The Fight Against Little Brother...

So my 2 sisters flew to Miami last night so they could see Favre play his first game

Beating Death of California Surfer Nets Defendants Jail Terms of Less Than Year

More progressive legislation on Swarzenegger's desk!

Did an Earthquake just happen ? East bay woa

A Simple, By The Numbers Explanation Of The 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections.

This is what I don't get about vote caging

Health care for all is on Swartzeneggar's desk!