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Just over $5000 left til we reach $50,000 DU!! Let's get it done tonight.

John McCain's message tonight:

OK--Blah blah blah taking the high road--HELL NO!!

We Failed but I was a POW so Vote for ME and Let's FIGHT-FIGHT-FIGHT!

They hype the POW club so that we won't mind being held prisoner to perpetual war. n/t

"We were elected to change Washington"

WTF? Why do they keep switching in Michelle Bernard on MSNBC?

McCain said he was going to work together, with Democrats and

YouTube: John Bush is his own man

Democrats on CNN!

Obama camp response to McCain's speech

Palin's lawyer has already questioned 2 witnesses

Gergen gives McCain's speech an "A," says he'll be "formidable"...

Indies say "No thanks, I'll pass on that."

Bumper Sticker: McCain--Same Shit, Different Candidate.

Did McCain and Palin demonstrate that they are ready to lead this country?

What is it with the pukes and phallic symbols?

WOW!Great post by a Republican which I found on Obama`s blog...

If John McCain had walked out to the middle of that stage and crapped in his Depends

I'm voting for a leader with ideas, not somebody's 40 year old scars for President! Doh!

Thank you John McCain.... for stepping on the "Palin Buzz" a bit tonight....

remember my sad, depressing post last night? LOL

I CANNOT WAIT for the first SNL of the season!

Sarah Palin, the Wackjob from Wasilla and her crackpot beliefs.

Will ANY MSM simply FACT-CHECK POW claims on the Presidency from McCain ahd crew

Statement from Obama campaign: "With John McCain, it’s more of the same"

I wonder what the trolls thought about McLame's pitiful speech

"He can run but he can't hide from his record with Bush" Thats what I want to hear Obama say

David Gregory said there was a line that was a carbon copy from shrub's 2000 speech,

Chris Matthews can be so damn dumb! Anybody listening to his blather now?

*****Update Senatory Hillary Clinton's Statement**********

McCain: Obama and "corporate welfare"

The Green Screen? It's Baaaaack.


Robin Williams on Letterman

VP debate: Biden should address the moderator and the camera

AP "analysis" (Liz Sidoti): McCain's bipartisan pitch (So freakin predictable).

Go Vote on MSNBC

Mother forwarded this Sarah Palin email to me. I like it but is it real?

As a Lounge denizen, I have to say that I have to give all of you guys and gals your props

Drill Baby Drill...

"When you scrape all the frosting away,it's just a reapeat of Bush." Dukakis on CNN.

Caption Caribou Barbie & McPOW

Can Jon Stewart just give the Dem response from now on

He still doesn't get it regarding the mortgage crisis

I think McGrumpy needs a Depends change:

Robert Gibbs may be a good advisor to Obama, but he's not a great spokesman

Kids, tomorrow is going to be a great day!

Do people really think that the disconnected pundit reviews influence viewers????

Ladies and Gentlemen. the McClowns!

I just now realized who those two remind me of:

Terry McAuliffe just now on CNN: Hillary's Fall schedule filled up with appearances for Obama

McAuliffe on Larry King: 1st presidential convention the Pres. and VP not at it's party's convention

I'm glad the Republican convention fired up our base too

Dukakis smack down of McSame on larry king

THE MAN THE ROBOT is finally falling apart...

Sarah Palin and the GOP: the anti-JFK's

Jon Stewart was GREAT tonight, Make sure you see it! Fuckabee was on

It's clear that they going for the white vote and only for the white vote this time

The "Drill baby drill" chant could be used in a hard hitting attack ad...

McCain: "Elect Republicans to help Republicans solve the problems that we Republicans created"

Thank God That Little F*** Fest Is Over

Is tomorrow the day that Obama brings out

The simplest and most obvious question is if McCain is so independent

let's raise $300,000 to offset the cost of cindy's gown

Jackson Browne NOW SUING McCain camp for using copyrighted song!!!

So how long until....

Is it true that Rush Limbaugh said all summer that McCain should choose Sarah Palin?

Chris Matthews..."He divorced George Bush with this speech!" FUCK NO HE DIDN'T!

Crystal McCain.....she looks like

Cuomo Nails IT!

Those assassin guys were 'protected' by a Karl Rove operative in the Justice Dept.

To paraphrase Sarah Palin...

Do you think McCain might be over playing the POW card?

A picture is worth a million words.

Where is the photo of Palin wearng the bikini?

Maybe Obama and Biden are playing it so cool because they know the affair is real?

Michael Dukakis on CNN "John McCain is no maverick these days..."

Some good news -- this evening the Los Angeles Headquarters was opened - and

McCain is not his own man, and Gimmick Palin is Phony. Not a good duo!

Actually I'm surprised the Repukes didn't pander to Hispanic voters!

If McCain was a basketball team, which one would he be?

Mario Cuomo hits a home run on CNN

DU this poll: Will you vote for John McCain?

DU this poll: Will you vote for John McCain?

The two things that should sink McCain/Palin....

These comments are great.....overwhelmingly anti-McCain/Palin.

Uh-oh, Johnny is going to face a dilemma in September...

Uh-oh, Johnny is going to face a dilemma in September...

I did not get a chance to catch McTurtle's speech. Did I miss anything?

Good God! Why are Cuomo, Huffington, and vanden Heuvel looking so depressed?

Why isn't Fox showing the O'Reilly Factor? (Barack Obama was supposed to be on tonight)

The Daily Show was awesome tonight

Wasserman Schultz on Palin sitting National Security Council-Will be Empty Seat

Republicans Lack Heart! (not authorized to play "Barracuda")

This speech is awful

How did you guys like that 9/11 movie with the dancing afterwards? A real Blast, hey?

U.S. 2008: Obama 48.8%, McCain 42.8% (Angus Reid)

New DU name for Palin - Sarahbou - whattya think?

McCain Camp to Leave Convention with 200 Million Aide Says

How to drive Caribou Barbie insane

McCain was SO happy he got to say the disruptor line about ground noise and static

Rethuglicans feel the world coming down on them..

DU This POLL.....CNN..Keep Kicked all Night

Larry King has a nice panel on right now on CNN.

I got Obama's speech on my ipod; I'm going to listen to it again tomorrow.

mcpalin uses his pow experience just like bu$h* uses 9/11

I am a Obama for President Community Organizer!

McCain did badly, but I'm more sympathetic to him than Palin


Georgia Congressman calls the Obamas "uppity"

Georgia Congressman calls the Obamas "uppity"

Time for LOLPalin!

After McCain's speech tonight I realize I cannot vote for Obama

Why it's not a good idea to go with the Palin affair rumors:

She is Going Back to Alaska tonight...... but said she was too busy to talk

The two conventions could not be even more dissimilar

I just realized that this is the 15th presidential election I personally remember.

In exactly 2 months Sarah Palin will...

Vote night parties?

Contest: Write Obama's Next Speech

No, John. You work for Arizona.

Does anybody else here remember Palin from Pentecost Junction?

McCain and the Politics of Mortality

Did you see the RNC guy holding up the sign "Mavrick"?

Can Someone PLEASE Make a "Where in the World is Sarah Palin" interactive website so we can play!

I was watching BB, what the f happened to the Honeymoon trip to Wisconsin?

They went their whole convention without offering any solutions for the Economy

That Lindsey fella reminds me oF INHERIT THE WIND MOVIE W S Tracey

Eek. I'm a-scared of Piper Palin! She's a tiny terror in a tiara.

The people we see on the box are highly paid professionals....

A Nap?

LKL: Arianna's basically saying we'll win if we ignore the Sarah Palin soap opera

If you watched the whole convention waiting to see proof that McCain is a "maverick,"

Gov. Ridge said that John McCain is different than Bush and the called him 'John Bush'

Did you notice how the crowd chanted "USA" to drown out the protesters?

Can we call him McHumptyDumpty yet??? The man is lost in TIME

Can we call him McHumptyDumpty yet??? The man is lost in TIME

you never hear WWII vets go on like that about their war experience...

As a response to the RNC, I give you THE ROLLING STONES!

Newsweek -- Graham on the Palin Pick:

If I Were David Axelrod

John McCain wanted to turn our port security over to a foreign government.

John McCain wanted to turn our port security over to a foreign government.

Question for Sarah: Should college grads be discouraged from being community organizers?

Dear RNC Delegates: Thanks for Coming to My Town,

For 8 years, your party has robbed, raped, pilfered, pillaged, fornicated, humiliated, lied,

Rachel is on MSNBC with Pat now

Gimmick cannot become the focus of this election. Remember that.

i just woke up---did anyone see obama on papa bear. i forgot to tape it

If a team goes 1-15 for the seaon ... The coach gets tossed ...

Chris Matthews says McCain's speech was an indictment of George W. Bush.

" McCain tells convention, nation he'll bring change"

Is Todd Palin a Shadow Governor?

Racist beyotch McSame supporter on NPR few minutes ago said:

Andrea "Boom Boom" Mitchell

GOP lied about amount $ raised after Palin speech

If the GOP can't keep protesters out of their convention, how can they protect America?

McCain's Voice Mail to Palin Leaked to Press (satire)

This is exactly what the McCain and Sarah Palin tribute videos reminded me of

Palin - my conjecture

Funny thought just hit me. When McCain FIRST appeared tonite, he appeared

Give me your best suggestion --

My RNC/DNC Media Stooge All-Star Team

In the Morning on Morning Joe, here's what I expect to hear and see....

Meanwhile, our VP continues to hit the campaign trail (VA Beach, VA 9/4)

oops wrong place.

Did anyone catch the shot of the kid yawning during McCain's speech?

The 'bridge to nowhere' project is still porgress.

Michael Gerson, Tom Ridge, and McCain's speech.

If gimmick is not Media ready, then she's not White House ready

Leaked transcript of Palin tutoring Session:

My last Palin thread...can she stand up to Putin?

Origin of the term maverick

Harsh editorial cartoon of McCain and his attack dog(?), from Guardian(UK)

I'm Looking.... Are There ANY MINORITIES at the RNC Convention?

Okay--saw McCain's speech--here's what happened:

Education Questions for Palin ....

What will Obama do today to take the wind out of the GOP Sails?

Howey-Gauge Indiana Poll: McCain (R) 45%, Obama (D) 43%

Howey-Gauge Indiana Poll: McCain (R) 45%, Obama (D) 43%

Gloria Steinem on Palin

E-mail from Obama

Matt is REALLY reading right out of the fax machine this morning..

Is there a video of someone at Palin's church...

I think someone just flushed the toilet as a response to McCains

GOP Comic Convention Deemed A Failure

Larry King's Poll. LOL!

If Oabama had a running mate that would not answer tough questions...

Senate Dems to force equal pay vote on McCain

Lieberman tutors Palin on foreign policy issues (WP)

If we have stopped talking about our nominee, WHO WILL?

If this time next week Palin is still everyones focus then she will have served her purpose well.

Is it over?? Please say yes the nightmare is over (I woke up in a cold sweat)

I think McGramps needs to see the Neurologist .

Irony: McCain mocked BO as a "celebrity"... he created his own celebrity now- Palin

Ill. delegates told: Get set to help Palin - How can they if she's HIDING, like Al Capone?

From someone who couldn't stay awake - my take....

I guess McCain and Palin didn't think things like this were worth mentioning in their convention.

Has anyone posted last nights Samantha B segment? n/t

What A Campaign Slogan - No Longer My Own Man

Forget "kidgloves", Just Ignore Her.

Poll: More than half say Palin doesn't have enough experience

How was John McCain's speech? I didn't even make it through the video...

Today Show -Sarah Palin=Davy Crockett

Does anyone feel sorry for John McCain?

Another Winning Campaign Slogan - "She's Just Like Him"

So, the last debate is on domestic policy...

CNN is going to have an exclusive interview with Palin's ex-brother in law.

CNN is going to have an exclusive interview with Palin's ex-brother in law.

"Where in the World is Sarah Palin?"

Hardly any talk of economic issues the past 3 nights.

The message of McCain's speech last night was this

The message of McCain's speech last night was this

Community Organizers = Obama's Greatest Strength

Oklahomans' votes silenced at convention

Has the DNC put a counter up showing how many days since Palin has refused media access?

After 8 years of Republican screw ups and

How can any voter in this country be STUPID enough to buy into all of John McCain's lies?

Todays cartoon from Tulsa World (Oklahoma)

Oratorically Challenged - BWAAHAAHAA

McCain/Palin Ticket is NOT Pro Life

You sir have blood lust.

Palins 60 day media strategy released...WOW

Reactions to the McCain Flopper

This Sasha Millstone on CNN is an idiot.

Alaska is next to Russia!

I know he was a POW and all, but he's not doing it right!

RNC stage looks like it is giving the "finger" to the world. See picture:

Gidget is afraid of the media. So how exactly is she going to stand up to the terrorists?

Barracuda... 3rd try for song for repukes, 3rd strike!

Ha Ha GOP Pundit Just Whined That Media Didn't Give Palin

I knew there was somethng about her. I just couldn't put my finger on it

McCain lies about renewable energy

I still don't get it: "Stand up"......for what?

McCain stepped on Invesco w/Palin announcement... time for Inveco ads

I Didn't Watch McCain's Speech Last Night But It Doesn't Seem

Need Link to email send by AK housewife RE: The real S Palin

How to Take Away Palin's Religious Right Voters

For those of you concerned that protests at the GOP Convention will hurt Dems.

Think He Finally Wore Out His POW Experience Tonight?

How does the revised 6.1% unemployment figure affect each candidate?

My predictions for tomorrow......

Roland Martin on his radio show now discussing the difference between the conventions

So, with 61 days to go Palin is going to be gone for 6 days... 10% of the time left?

does McCain know that "Change" is already taken this election?

McCain: "Get Off My Lawn"

McCain: "We need to end all the partisan rancor"

How about Fundamentalist Barbie?

LIFE September 2004

The Question That Needs To Be Asked Every Day

I want to see something in the MSM about the shameless use of 9-11 last night

Does the city of St. Paul -- supposedly a democratic stronghold . . .

The most talked about news item after the RNC: the balloon drop

Anybody have the grades from the pundits on McCain's speech?

Since Palin Won't Answer Questions, It's Safe To Dismiss Her At This Time

Birth Announcements are listed in the newspapers. Why isn't Palins

What's the difference between McCain/Palin & Bush/Cheney?

Obama raises $10 million after Palin speech-GOP raises over $1 million since speech

Heart send cease order for use of Barracuda!

Sarah Palin, Queen of the Nobodies

I still have hope.

You know what? The fact that protesters even made it in at all to interrupt McCain

Why I think the Palin-affair story is a trap

John McCain lies as much as George W Bush. It's time to start keeping track of all his lies

We all need to show US Weekly some love when their new issue hits the stands.

Time to start a movement: Sarah, why are you hiding?

A Role for McCain in the Obama Administration

Republicans need to be told how to live. Democrats want to know how they can help.

Can we be over Palin now...?

Obama Statement on August Jobs Report

Can I make some points about Palin ...

So "El Rushbo" yesterday said.........

Mayor of Frostbite Falls more qualified for VP

Hey, peeved hippie! Stop your hatin' and learn to love the (McCain) bomb!

Any one else notice that Mccain's speech sounds like he adopted some of Obama's campaign rhetoric?

Any one else notice that Mccain's speech sounds like he adopted some of Obama's campaign rhetoric?

Should Palin's Deposition Be Televised? MSM needs to move quickly to make it happen...

I made another donation this morning--to DU!

It's 9:30 AM --- and the Rasmussen Reports website seems to have melted down

Lynn Westmoreland (Racist - GA) Claims He Is Not A Racist

So, why not count the days that Palin goes without being interviewed...

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling

This Photo Is Begging For a Caption


Paul Krugman: The Resentment Strategy

Does anyone have a count of how many times Wolfie used the term

The Puppet Dictator. The Handled "Mavrick".

Dominionists, "Kill 'em all. Let God sort 'em out."

What I predicted last week

Can someone tell us about "wet starting" an airplane engine? What IS that?

LTTE: Sarah Palin's belief in creationism and how it impacts the local economy

AK Sen. Judiciary Committee will issue a 1:00 ET press release regarding Troopergate investigation.

Michael Reagan says Sarah Palin is the reincarnation of his father. No, really.

Krugman NAILS IT with the Repig Liars And Lobbyists American Taliban Ball

This can't be true...and yet...(McCain speech background)

ABC Poll: Half Say Palin Doesn't Have Experience to be President

Look, I'm gonna post this just one more time re: McCain:

ABC Poll: Palin 63% unfavorable among Democrats ...

Read this yesterday on the Palin dig at community organizers

People, Read the HAndmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood...

It's now Friday and time for this forum to return to General Discussion: Presidential,

The Stepford candidate. . . . . .

She's sexier than McCain. She's more Republican than McCain.

She's sexier than McCain. She's more Republican than McCain.

An RNC overview

McCain Campaign: Americans don't care if Palin can answer questions on foreign and domestic policy

Am I The Only One

Question - I watched the speech last night, and may have missed it, but . . .

Fellow POW Phillip Butler:Why I Will Not Vote for John McCain

Sarah Eagleton - where are you? Why won't you talk to the press?

Obama Statement on August Jobs Report -- Schedule 11:00 ET Conference Call

Sarah Palin's real soul mate

How many here are not registered to vote? Not voting?

John McCain and the Sundown Effect....Are his medicals out?

Sarah Palin is SO over.

In Ras Obama up 2

In Ras Obama up 2

Palin: The Latest GOP Distraction the Dems Shouldn't Buy (AlterNet MUST Read)

Palin: The Latest GOP Distraction the Dems Shouldn't Buy (AlterNet MUST Read)

What was the building displayed behind John McCain?

You know her husband looks at that Enquirer cover and he wonders a little.

If Palin is so good, why is she blocked from the media until Nov?

So, Republicans get sued for their music choices. What about that Brooks & Dunn song Obama used....

You know who Palin reminds me of most? Brandi Swindell.


To Sarah : HIT AND RUN : That is an Offense

Do you have family "battles" over the current candidates? How do you handle them when they get too

Now we have our own Flag-pin-like scandal!

McCain Shaking Washington Up

New shocking jobless numbers just out: Unemployment jumped to 6.1%... 84,000 jobs lost in August


Morning Joe - Scarborough Calls McCain Speech Uninspiring

Number 1 Reason Hillary Supporters Should Vote For Obama

Palin Mentioned Briefly Wednesday an Anecdote About an Aircraft

Christy Harvey on KPOJ this AM said Palin's glasses cost $700!!!!

McCain and his campaign are only now learning how much Palin knows about domestic and foreign policy

Sarah Palin REALLY IS a pitbull

Bush was foisted on us as the "plain spoken" fella who would be surrounded by smart advisors

Revenge of the Community Organizers = "Barack to School" voter registration drive

Palin's Planted Talk Express

John McCain, if you "hate war," why is neocon Randy Scheunemann your chief foreign policy adviser?

Has anyone taken advantage of the McCain green screen from last night

Governor Sarah Palin: A Champion for Brutal Aerial Hunting

Is it true they screwed up the Walter Reed photo in the backdrop last night?

Palin's a PARROT, not a barracuda. A PARROT of Gingrich's GOPAC talking points from 1995.

They're trying to make lemonade from lemons.

If McCain truly respected Sarah Palin, he would let her speak up by herself

Unemployment at 6.1% and yet there was nary a peep about the economy

Help me ....I need some advice...

Sarah Palin is Roxie Hart from the movie Chicago (Fake Star, Media Control, Getting Away w/ Murder)

So poor little Sarah won't do any media interviews, by contrast Biden should do as many as possible

McLame cancels Habitat for Humanity appearance.

7 days.....still no Sarah Palin interview by a major news source

Jobless rate jumps to 5-year high of 6.1 percent

3 of the 4 candidates will be on Sunday morning shows to discuss sagging employment #s.

Heart asks McCain campaign to cease using "Barracuda." This is the eighth artist to snub him.

If Palin avoids the press until Oct 2, here's what Joe Biden should say in the debate...

Poll Numbers

Heart sends Cease & Desist to McLame over "Barracuda"

The Resentment Strategy-By PAUL KRUGMAN

Apparently, the 5th amendment now applies to VP candidates on the campaign trail

GOP scales back TV ad plans

Post here where you plan to campaign for the next 60 some days....

Ooops - Building Behind McInsane Was Walter Reed Middle School (Instead Of Walter Reed Hospital)

Cindy McCain's outfit cost three times the price of my house!

So, she has more "EXECUTIVE" experience than anyone on the planet, yet can't

Rawstory says US Weekly is being attacked by RW.....

I want to talk to Sarah Palin, now.

New Poll on Palin: half say she DOESN'T have the experience to be Prez

GOP Resentment Vs. Obama Hope -- Which is most likely to succeed?

As one old enough to remember the conventions of the 1960s, one conspicuous absence I noticed

PHOTO: BARACK OBAMA prepares to board plane in Harrisburg, PA, enroute to campaign stop in Duryea.

CBS Marketwatch: How partisan is the stock market?

Palin in WI with McBush

Palinaholics... Abramoff got 4 years.

Palinaholics... Abramoff got 4 years.

Palin's gas pipeline...on the drawing board since the 1970's...

A Prison Cell Like The Ones YOU Approved Of For Today's Gitmo Prisoners, Mr. McCain?

Official 2008 Obama/McCain Presidential Debate Schedule

Obama ahead in North Dakota! Obama 43 McLimegreen 40

McCain: 0 ; Right Wing Fundamentalists: 1

Who'll ask about contrasts between McCain and Palin on topics from rape to creationism to ANWAR?

SEXIST GOP will NOT ALLOW Palin to answer reporters' questions on her own. HOW SEXIST can you get?

Equal Pay, Oil Speculation and Alternative Energy on the Senate Calendar

I really wish I could love my country, but apparently only POWs can...

McCain could help out by fighting in Iraq himself

Enough for politics, Hanna and Ike will be here for next 10 days. After a 344 point hit

"she's a superstar so don't bog her down a lot of questions" ???!!!

Why Does The GOP Hate The Constitution? Why Do They Buy Into This "Maverick" B.S.?

A person with experience that proves she is unfit to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency,

MSNBC just called

Liberal Christian Palin Center

Joe Lieberman teaching Palin foreign policy...

High School Student to McCain: You're No Leader

McBush: "the fundamentals of our economy are strong"

Dukakis,Huffington,Cuomo and katrina van heuvel transcipt from Larry King Live.

8000 people! 8000 people!


When is the last time McCain took questions from the press?

Let's get this straight, the future of the planet depends on the gullibility of the American people?

Obama camp to deploy high-profile female surrogates

Obama camp to deploy high-profile female surrogates

MSNBC: McCain Camp won't commit to having Palin do media interviews

"I'm a uniter, not a divider."

New Obama Chants: "That's Just Common Sense!"

NY Post headline may inadvertently have given us a slogan: "Fierce War Cry for McChange"

Will Sanctimonius Sarah show to face Joe Biden? If you don't think so, how will

CSPAN caller raised a scary point regarding McSame

No community organizers aren't known for being the queen of pork.

"I can't believe a guy that handsome wouldn't have some impact."

barracuda: a treacherous, greedy person.

Audio of Re. Westmoreland's "uppity" remark

How Many Beers Would You Like to Drink With Sarah Palin?

How should Lieberman be kicked out?

John McCain is eager to talk about his POW past, but McCain 2008 is afraid to discuss today's issues


An Open Letter to John McCain:

Some People will vote for Palin to prove they are not a bigoted racist

GW Bush, aka Valdemort, has been "disappeared" by the GOP

Obama: "You want it to be about personality, we'll go out for a beer sometime

Obama: It's not time to make nice--here come the debates

Repeat after me: Pork Barrel Palin is no reformer.

All McCain's Campaign Could Afford For Set Design Was A Large Screen W/Slide Show?

McCain is travelling with his own warm-up act...

Palin "Since the one man that fought for you won't speak about it"

Palin is a gift from the heavens! Thank You, John McCain!

Please read this if you don't want DU shut down by them.

Wedge Politics

Liar McCain: Just said Palin "sold" the jet on eBay and "made a profit"

McCain Says He Knows & Hates War-But "NO ONE Can Name A War He Did NOT Wholeheartedly Promote"

For The First Time in 8 years

Sarah looks very wooden reading from cue cards: What's wrong with her?

Sarah looks very wooden reading from cue cards: What's wrong with her?

McCain is blaming the system for the reason his repuke buddies are in jail...

Report confirms that the McCain campaign doesn't believe Palin is qualified to be VP

MSNBC -- about five minutes of Obama interrupted by McPalin reprising speeches

Iowa Electronics Market gives McGeezer a 40% chance of winning

And you worry? McCain is murder as orator. What a horrible campaign rally


David Lynch Meet Sarah Palin

Forget Plain and get off your rear

Pay No Attention to the Elephant Behind the Curtain!

Every time I hear her voice it makes me want to turn down the volume...

Does anyone think that we have to play by a different game?

mccain palin stomp speech...........that was quick......guess

Palin True To the GOP - Bashes Constitution

Church Lady just dissed community organizers again.

TPM Reader: Palin needs McCain staff more...John getting seconds?

Why do these fuckers always get to go last?

Not ready to campaign -- not ready to lead.

When I look at McCain and Palin, I'm reminded of Count Olaf and Carmelita Spats.

Where's Sarah?

Obama is such a contrast to McSame/Palin right now on MSNBC

....lily white convention spells trouble

What was John "7 houses" McCain and his campaign thinking...?

Here's the Slogan, Say it with me, SARAH PALIN! STEP UP OR STEP DOWN!!

DU this poll if you haven't already (CNN)

Does M.A.D.D. know that Sarah fought to keep bars open until 5am???

John McCain being "presumptuous"

While I'm naturally pessimistic, I feel the current 'Palin novelty' will wear off by month's end

A small request.

The e-bay lie is outrageous!! Write to the networks!

Time mag via dkos: Palin won't talk to media during campaign

Anchorage Daily News to Palin - Stop Stonewalling Troopergate

Audio of Re. Westmoreland's "uppity" remark

McCain's Speech Backdrop Used As Matt Santos' West Wing Presidential Announcement

Statement from Senator Obama on August Jobs Report

Political Talk Radio Show in Wasilla

McCain's POW experience is being shoved down our throats!

MSNBC NOW: Palin reading her convention speech off of a piece of paper on stage

This is what TV has done to this culture.

Time to smack down this whole republican solidarity- with-the-troops/national security thing. Now.

Why do some Veterans still support McCain considering his voting record?

Sarah Palin is nothing more than a SPOKESMODEL if she won't give interviews.

A George Carlin quote, to summarize why this election will be close.

Steal this GIF

The first Draft of Sarah Palin (SNL Amazing Time Savers infomercial)

Poll: Fifty Percent Says News Coverage Of Sarah Palin Has Been Fair

OBAMA LEADS MCCAIN 66-13 IN NEW POLL....but there's a catch....

First Debate, Friday 9/26 at University of Mississippi (three weeks from today)


Media's Revenge: Ignore Palin

My LTTE on Palin avoiding the media

Fair and balanced media alert! MSNBC post convention coverage.

Why was there no "Sarah Palin Intro Video"

Geena Davis series"Commander in Chief" (is this Palin)


Newsweek- "GOP Convention- Maverick in Name Only", by Jeremy Carter

Obama didn't work to help the poor - he gave up three years of his life to help the middle class!

And now for a laugh...Ladies and Gents: Perry Logan's take!

GOP pundit tells TIME why Palin hurts McCain more than helps him

McCain: She sold the plane on EBay! ...for a PROFIT!

BRILLIANT Move: Dems to Force McCain Vote on Fair Pay Act (Daily Kos Diary)

There's Summering, and Then There's Summering

"Palin Media Avoidance Watch, Day Seven" -- Even ABC News is criticizing the media-ducking HOKEYmom.

Cable News Channels Dedicate More Coverage To RNC's Scheduled Programming Than To DNC's

CNN McCain report card

WHAT are McSame/Palin going to do about THIS?

Politico: Palin may have accomplishments or intellect as "substantial as a souffle"...

Look at this New NumberS of Electoral Collage MAP , Very Interesting

I have to admit I am surprised by the lack of ads and Dem attacks.

Complete this sentence: If Bristol Palin was a poor, underage, pregnant, minority girl ____________

The Palin Alaska Files

McCain's solution to everything is to cut.

This is exactly what the GOP wanted: A DISTRACTION

I don't see how we can ignore Palin and I don't think we should

McLame: Thomas Jefferson - Shmomas Shmeffershon... That fella sucked. We got Sarah Palin!

NYT "The Words They Used"-Comparison of Democratic v Republican Speakers

Gallup Daily: Obama 48%(-1), McCain 44%(+2)

Picture = 1,000 Words.

Football on NBC helped: McCain acceptance speech out scores Obama's in ratings

FAIL No# 1432 @ RNC

Poll finds female voters support Obama-Biden

God, this lying POS makes me sick


I agree, Sarah Palin is a MAJOR distraction

I really do not like Leslie "Dirty" Sanchez.

Arianna Huffington on Larry King said tonight that focusing on Palin is the Dems greatest danger!

McCain is going to have Palin mangle straw men on the stump.

Bon Jovi to Host Fundraiser for Obama

IMO GOP Plan for Palin: Less political media More "lifestlye" media,

To Wooton from Palin Email - Troopergate

Read My Lipstick...No New Ideas

I have to admit,

I can makes clapz?

Interesting poll addressing job losses if someone has time to dig into it

Fake Soldiers in RNC Military Funeral Video

Breaking: Troopergate Investigation to be released early

Does the "Smile" creep you out too?

Palin Accuses 'Obama/Biden Democrats' of Attacking Her Family, But Campaign Can't Name One

how about cindy s $313,000 outfit!?

Get a Brain, Mavricks

I wonder what happened to my fiancé. Have you seen my fiancé?

Why does Palin's refusal to face the media make me think of this movie?

Caribou Barbie thinks she already has some kind of Executive

A Summary of McCain's Big Speech: Change. God. POW.

Attn DU!! I don't want to hear any more complaints that Obama is not "specific" or fighting back!

Palin / RNC = Idiocracy

GOP Talked of Terrorists and Iraq, But Not Veterans, Dead Troops

Check out this pic of Sarah Palin:

What would happen if McCain were to drop dead of a heart attack before the election?

Philly Mayor goes after the GOP: "Insults have now replaced ideas."

Look at this lineup...can you identify the missing person...Mrs. Palin

The media is giving McCain the push he needs to stay competitive

Palin's stall -- Governor is stonewalling the Troopergate investigation (ADN Editorial)

Obama Camp Has Now Raised More Than $10 Million Since Palin Speech

Todd Palin's former business partner files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed.

DAY 7: When Will Gov. Palin Face the Press?

Is anyone more suspicous of PUMA after the RNC Convention?

Fellow DU'ers, I am in need of some serious

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 9/5/08 - Obama 46, McCain 45 (O down 1, M up 2)

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 9/5/08 - Obama 46, McCain 45 (O down 1, M up 2)

We need a 527 to attack McCain's image

Ahhhh, Repubs: "John McCain is no Sarah Palin"

Repubs are making a big mistake in going after the media.

The Wilson Sisters Send "Cease & Desist Order" To The Republican Party

Previous Palin interviews (Glenn Beck, CNBC)

ROFL... Truth in a picture re: McCain...

Who else breathing a sigh of relief: McCain could have nailed it with speech. HE DIDN'T!!!

MSNBC is really pushing the latest CBS poll to claim the race is tied.

How do you want to get Involved to Win In November?

Everyone knows McCain's speech sucked

Palin-McCain should have used Heart’s ‘These Dreams’ instead of ‘Barracuda’

Sexy Sarah

Winfrey: Report about Palin 'categorically untrue'

Sexy Sarah

Sexy Sarah

If she won't talk to the media, the media should not talk about her

If she won't talk to the media, the media should not talk about her

We might not Be Seeing Biden vs. Palin after all

More Repub. Convention highlights

More than ever, this election is going to be a referendum on the American people's fitness to lead.

salute the flag! all hail the warrior!!

The sky is falling!!!!

RNC Protestors=Community Organizers

What kind of change?

McCain spinmeister's explanation for the apparent boredom in the room last night..

LOL! McCain Handlers Mix Up Walter Reed HOSPITAL With Walter Reed HIGH SCHOOL On Big Screen

I just gave a Register to Vote person $5 for lunch

McCain/Palin/GOP Don't Concern Me - Big Media Does - No Coverage of Issues Or Positions

One odd thing about McCain's "love of country" after POW time..

don't you normally want to get your candidate on every possible teevee/radio talk show?

Anyone watch the coverage of Obama's speech this afternoon???

A simple poem

Queen Quota

Troopergate: "It's likely to be damaging to the Governor's administration."

Dear Freepers: You thought it was hilarious to savagely attack Chelsea Clinton

Question about Obama Los Angeles Grand Opening


LOL - RNC Ad: Obama is 'more of the same'

Jon Stewart uses Karl Rove's video footage against him...

Tinfoil hat theory: Here's how they'll get Sarah Palin out of the debate on 10/2

Where's Sarah?

Sarah Palin is great! She gets our base as fired up as theirs.

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Duryea, Pennsylvania****

Some guy is shredding Lynn Samuels on her on show!!!

90% Bush

Obama raises $10 million in 1 day (a record) after Palin speech--

What's the difference between Tonya Harding and Sarah Palin?


How does Obama's strong electoral college position compare to what Kerry had? Anyone know?

" A Thousand Points of Lights"

does this page open for you? (court docket- emergency motion, re: Palin affair)

The "Press" should be absolutely furious.......

I think McCain plans to step down shortly after he's sworn in and give the presidency to Palin

Sarah: I am so psyched about working with you, Joe. This is exciting!

Get 'Em While They're Hot! List Of the Infamous Banned Books

Republicans had no choice but to embrace Palin

Talking Point : If She Can't Take Media Pressure, How The Hell Can She Handle Terror/China/ Russia??

Shoot me now...... Krauthammer is starting to make sense to me

Palin is stonewalling the Investigation

GOP Mocks Public Service at its Peril (The Nation)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Trying To Make Nice (Mary Lyon)

Trooper Mike Wooten on CNN (Palin's Brother-in-law Troopergate)

Something I don't get about the current state of Alaska

Someone figured out how to see the daily numbers of the Gallup Tracking Poll...

Biden: What do you talk about when you have 8 years of failure? Biden on fire!

The Three Do's and Don'ts for Veeps: Biden vs. Palin

MSM spent whole spring bashing Obama for "failing to connect to white voters"

My two cents: Focus on Palin's claims to be a reformer (at odds with her performance as mayor, guv)

What's that FISHY smell? Richter courthouse dockets 9/3 & 94/. Go see!

A Request For Cooperation Because I Don't Want Law Enforcement To Be Forced To Shut Down DU.

An uplifting experience in a waiting room.

the "vote for McCain/Palin" thing is a trap...

"What do you talk about when you cant explain the last eight years of failure!"

Just saw a great Obama TV ad in LR.

Did McDouche Not Use Walter Reed Medical Ctr Because It Has *GASP*!

TPM: No subpoena for Palin, and Rove's acolytes hard at work in Troopergate

good snark from the washington post - elite media

In His Big Speech, McCain's 10 Energy Lies Top Palin's 4 Energy Lies

Any avid DU hunters in here?

Is Palin the Anti-Christ??

Sarah Palin illicit affair story set to explode?

Sarah Palin illicit affair story set to explode?

Catholic vote: the abortion issue vs Community Service slam

Diego/Hotline Daily Tracking Poll Obama 46, McCain 40

Yep Yep in deep Doo Doo: Troopergate report "likely to be damaging to the Governor's administration"

The mystical kingdom of UD

For all those freaked out by the tracking polls

Regarding Palin's firing of the cop

passing the torch?

Translation of new RW talking points:

Don't let them define Obama as if his only qualification is that of community organizer

Rasmussen *distortion* about Palin vs Obama and McCain

What will happen to the RNC after the election?

I'm Sorry, But I Have To Say It.

Could the News This Morning Be Worse for McCain

Biden: My Argument Isn’t With McCain the Man, It’s His Ideas

if palin is found guilty of abuse of power, they will blame it on the elite librul media

Hey, Dems, Let the Media Expose Palin's Crimes...Dems Should Stress the Importance of the Issues

STFU on the Palin outrage, Spiro Agnew same boat got us Nixon

STFU on the Palin outrage, Spiro Agnew same boat got us Nixon

Bush/Cheny 2004 Platform v. McCain/Palin 2008 Platform - Where's The Change?

I Googled "john mccain" vietnam propaganda films

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Langhorne, Pennsylvania****

Straight Talk Express..... McCain Campaign Plans To Keep Palin Away From The Press»

Straight Talk Express..... McCain Campaign Plans To Keep Palin Away From The Press»

OK..... here's where we're at

Palin STILL ridiculing Obama's time as a community organizer-repeating her RNC speech.

Obama: McCain focused on biography over economy

Can we consolidate the lies told by Palin or by the McCain campaign about Palin here?

What's wrong with this MSNBC Poll: What do you feel McCain's Speech Accomplished the Most

The response to Bristol bonker Levi Johnston is absolutely surreal!

DipChick can't face a reporter, how the hell could she face the American People?

The media should be asking McCain: Why didn't you vet Palin?

Ok, the RNC travesty got me all fired up!!!

Slacker RNC-McLame steals Biden's riff for new ad. “It's not change. It's more of the same.”

People tuned in to the McCain speech for the same reason they watch car races.

Palin's record on race and diversity has been the blankest of blank sheets

New point about how McCain and Palin would govern

Better have your fun while you can

Obama volunteers: SOUND OFF!!!

OMG .. I cant believe what Rush Limbaugh just said

Some Christian Voters Negative Reaction to Sarah Palin & John McCain

Was it Scott Richter or Brad Hanson or both?

Help! I'm a cable news addict going cold turkey.

Help with Poll about presidential election: a statistical study

Palin's finances

On this whole "Palin more popular than Obama" distortion...

"Look people McCain is LYING to you-Palin is LYING to you-The whole goddamn Republican Is Lying!"

I feel so gossipy, but what the heck. Interesting article re: Palin Affair

When was the last time that a sitting President and VP were so marginalized at a convention?

Another caption please

Another caption please

Has anybody ever met or talked to a combat veteran or POW who would talk much about his experience?

From FOX News... Does John McCain Have a Tax Problem? Probably...

"The killa from Wasilla"....Palin the anti-environmentalist...

according to cnbc, WALL STREET is for obama

Expect McCain to pull ahead in the polls next week.

GOP plans to have Palin spend every night for the next two months at 'Holiday Inn Express'???

Be Advised: Hurricane Ike currently tracked to hit Miami at Cat 4-5 Strength

Take a closer Look at what they used for confetti at the RNC

2000 Vice Presidential Debate Questions

whoever has the dr. laura style photos of sarah is the time to release them........

Can Palin get away with shutting out the press?

"Me, too McCain"

Sara Palin lied today about what he was saying of Bill-O last night..

The Words They Used at the DNC and RNC

How the GOP sees their ticket

Obama to be on Olbermann on Monday Night!

1996 Vice Presidential Debate Questions


McCain perpetuates the jet sold on ebay lie (claims Palin made a profit)

Simmer down.

Hey John McCain, where's the BEEF?

Sarah the Obama Slayer

Is That All There Is? '08 GOP Convention, Thursday

Local ABC anchor regarding Palin refusing interviews: I have never seen anything like it

ADN: "Hold me accountable," she said. Now: Governor is stonewalling the Troopergate investigation

Savannah Guthrie implying Palin will be subpoenaed next week

For Admins

This is just an observation

Join Forces?? Did I hear it right?? He wants to join Forces to Advance our Nation??

McCain's promises versus Bush's promises

"Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a Republican. But I repeat myself."

There has never been a bigger intellectual mismatch for the Presidency/VP

john mckain is a mavrick

Kind of a petty question re: Palin

Voters Do Not Seem to Like Sarah Palin... [lol] With Polls [vote]

What will the rethug reaction be once Palin's adulterous affair is exposed?

For Those Who Missed Obama Campaign Today In Duryea, PA - watch it here!

The religious nutcase angle is the most damaging to Palin ...

DU this Poll! Oprah to Palin: I Can Pencil You In Later

Heart's Nancy Wilson responds to McCain campaign's use of 'Barracuda' at Republican convention

Republican Convention Disrespects Afghanistan Veterans

It's not just Palin - McCain has not had a national press conference since Aug. 13

Republican convention fashion tips

FLASHBACK: In July, McCain Promised His VP Pick Would Appear On Larry King Live

I couldn't believe this when I read it.

Is Haperin's ThePage down now, or do we actually have to subscribe?

cnn now reporting on palin and oil

Former POW: "McCain is not cut out to be President." (video)

Great! Fox News debunks the top 7 lies about Sarah Palin! Must read!

If I EVER see Joe Watkins on the streets of Philly, I swear

"If they can't stop Code Pink, How are they going to stop al qaeda?"

Has anyone seen a copy of The Enquirer yet?

Diaego/Hotline tracking poll; O:46 M: 40

** 9/3 and 9/4 Richter dockets..**(Alaska courthouse) Check it!!

When Republicans Fight-Fight-Fight, as Prompted by McSame.

Refresh my memory - Didn't the right wing go gaggle over Quayle, too?

Sarah Sarah my.

Charities Blast Palin-

My God, McCain is staring at her ass on CNN

Talking point: Delaware has more people than Alaska

Mass for Obama -- How to Help

GA-03: Keep Diggin', Lynn

This deserves a caption

Govenor Sebilius of Kansas on CNN "You wouldn't hire a CEO after one meeting"

why this is treacherous and backfiring on dems

What Obama supporters mean by change--a task for us.

Katie Curic interview with Cindy McCain: Cindy McCain doesn't know what Roe v. Wade is

Another Question for you Pro Life Fundies

***TWO ITEMS WIN THIS ELECTION. Taxes and Social Security.****

DUers, refresh my memory

How many of us think that McCain may still ditch Palin?

Gallup: Obama 48 (-1), McCain 44 (+2)

Senate Dems to force equal pay vote on McCain

The Children Have Had Their Fun

CNN: "Palin's swift rise is the talk of her Alaskan town." Now ask me if I give a flying fuck.

Obama camp to deploy high-profile female surrogates (Clinton, Napolitano, Sebelius)

OMG! Richter-Palin pictures!

Bristol's Body, Sarah's Choice

Bristol's Body, Sarah's Choice

Are Adam Kokesh and Code Pink covert operatives?

Will Palin's tough talk win over undecideds?

An Open Letter to Gov. Sarah Palin on Women's Rights

How to spot a DINO

McCain and Palin Jump the Shark - Literally!

Sexism and Sarah Palin

McCain Camp Says Palin Won't Talk To Media During Campaign

So McPain and Stalin supposedly drew 5K in Cedarburg, WI today

*****************Question to all******************

Palin's Record on Race "A Blank Sheet"

The Long View

Palin: Lipstick on a Pig

REAL Women Don't Run and Hide.

Clinton set to strike McCain, not Palin

Cnn poll on both conventions up:

Simple question: Where's Hillary?

Ron Brownstein: McCain failed last night; he was weak in energy, economics

Poll: Only 4 in 10 say Palin has enough experience

Don't panic if McCain pulls briefly ahead--his speech got MASSIVE viewership

The media has the power to make you look stupid

Half Say Palin Doesn't Have Experience to Be President

I tuned into the RNC, because I wanted to see what truly stupid people look like!

No Interviews Till She's Ready

Weird - wonder what the subtext could be to this...

Was Palin's boyfriend one of the Hanson brothers? How cool would that be.

McCain Speech MOST Watched In History--38.9 million--Beats Obama by 500,000

St Paul Delegates as out of touch with voters as Dubya himself--NY Times poll

GOP strategist: Palin’s foreign policy experience stems from ‘fishing issues’ with Russia.»

Obama goes on O'Reilly and Olberman (Monday)

LOL @ Rush Limbaugh

I know we hear about this group every 4 years but truly, are there really Undecideds?

MSNBC Headline: "Wisconsin welcomes McCain-Palin with an outpouring of support"

McCain's story about turning down release while a POW...

Why all the 'rumors' when there is or should be so much FACT?

First questions Palin answer might be in a public hearing...


If McCain/Palin win, will there be a civil war?

RNC used stock photos of African American people on the Big Screen of Triumph

On Sarah Palin and Health Care

Now that the 'McCain = Independent Maverick' spin is in full gear...

Palin "whisked away" on plane immediately, headed back to Alaska


McLame and Palin are in Sterling Heights Mich right now

Did Obama spend all his money before August?

McCain: "I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else's."

Let's just refer to her as "Miss Wasilla".

Just keep forwarding the video to people (and praying, I guess)

O'Liely--Whether the "surge" worked or not isn't the question.

Having nothing else...THE GOP is using SLOGANS to carry their agenda

Having nothing else...THE GOP is using SLOGANS to carry their agenda

You want to get people away from McCain/Palin? Bring up the fact that PALIN IS A DOMINIONIST!

The Mother of All Tokens

NPR doing story with Palin on tape about God's plan

Judge, in court, on Palin: "bitterness ... has overridden good judgment"

Name ONE Liberal Who Is Launching These Attacks

Palin's Qualifications Very important: McCain has Stage IIA Melanoma

Obama and Biden's Speech Schedule -- Where is it?

Death by a Thousand Scandals

I really wish the doubters would just LOOK around a little bit!

BREAKING!!! Palin Abuse of Powers Report Moved Up By 3 Weeks

2004 Vice Presidential Debate Questions

Even the plane story seems to be falling apart

"Bush Aides Schooling Palin In Foreign Policy" - (no interviews until she's trained, people!)

oh god...Tweety: Is McCain a Mrs Doubtfire?

Consumer gloom suggests Obama victory: survey

How Dare The GOP...

palin reciting exact same speech

My repug co-workers just can't understand why I am so elated with the Palin pick....LOL

The Plane was not just a lie it was undersold to a GOP supporter

Gregory's on and my TV is OFF!

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

New slogan for the Republican ticket.

Any DUers live in Alaska?

Constitutional Law was the toughest and most awsome course that I

Has McCain been tested for Alzheimer's?

Do Evangelical GOPers realize that Jesus was a Liberal?

Sarah Palin as George Bush

Jesus was a Community Organizer - Pilate was a Governor

Just heard on NPR that Palin's ethics investigation was moved up to Sept 12th

CNN,NBC News Bosses Criticizes McCain's Attacks on the Media

Palin is the GOP's Mother Bird Feigning Injury to Protect Her Chicks

Palin's speech was a bag of vitriol tied onto the back of an ass...

McSame and Miss Wasilla are in CEDARBURG?

Would Webb have beaten Allen if it weren't for the "Macaca" moment?

CNN is already playing Palin v. Biden debate as "David v. Goliath"

For the FIRST time, I am going to buy an issue of the National Enquirer

As a white male, I resent the fact that the McCain campaign thinks women shoould be held to a lower

What the F...? "No Balanced Budgets"

Money: John McCain effectively has $200 million to spend in the general

McCain Releases New Ad Called "Temple"

Sarah Palin - out after the debates?

a question about McCain / Obama tax policies - help me refute

Palins took on disgraced, corrupt Stevens? HA...This isn't waffling we can believe in.

If McCain/Palin win, will there be a civil war?

"We're going to reach out our hand to any willing patriot"

this is very funny (56k do not bring your ass in here)


The Real ’08 Fight: Clinton v. Palin?

Oprah: Sarah Palin Can Come On My Show After The Election

Why isn't the media showing Palin's speaking at her pentacostal church on Iraq

Why isn't the media showing Palin's speaking at her pentacostal church on Iraq

Why isn't the media showing Palin's speaking at her pentacostal church on Iraq

Whoppi on Palin...Sarah Palin 'Is a Very Dangerous Woman'

So Here's the Question: IF McCain had to drop out This weekend

I don't really know what

Sonofabitch, I don't want to bring up a thread that's trying to sink....

Governor Palin's crazy church has a new website.

Oil leases, Palin says "use it, or lose it", just like Dems & Obama

I don't think the Repubs get it!

horrifying question: What if McCain drops out of campaign?

Ron Reagan: Palin baby "passed around like a bong at Burning Man."

I read The Enquirer in line at the store. No breaking news.

Isn't censorship one of the platforms of communism? Is Sarah Palin a communist?

Get ready for some shameless mythmaking here in the next two months...

Palin is an outright liar

What did you folks think of that guy on Colbert last night from Colorado whose blog was pushing

EPIC Sign at the RNC!


Jewish Group Launches Online Campaign Against McCain/Palin

I think the first question someone should ask Palin when she comes out of seclusion.

Why did Palin reveal daughter's pregnancy NOW?

It just struck me... Palin's voice... sounds just like....

Today's Gallup Tracking (September 5): Not so bad... O-48% M-44%.

The Great McSame/Miss Wasilla 'Wasilla Tour".

Apparently when Palin said she put the Gov. Jet on E-Bay, she was talking

Ughh, my yahoo homepage says Palin more popular than Obama

Palin's plane sold to a DONOR? At a LOSS??

Sambo vs. Trig. Good Smear - Bad Smear


Alaskans Cash in on share of state's oil wealth: $3,269

Giuliani the hypocrite

Summary of Palin's "resume"

The Plane Ebay and Palin: oh yes she did lie.

Palin Speech - Objective Anaysis Shows Its Not About You, Its All About Her

Whose fault will it be when it's revealed that Miss Mooseburger..

Is Keith Olbermann going to be on Countdown tonight? I need a voice of reason! These Palin loving

Isn't It Ironic Sarah Palin Suggests Obama Is Self Obsessed When She Aspired To Be Miss America?

Holy Shi...

I wish the Republican convention could have gone first.

Is Keith going to have a regular edition of "Countdown" tonight?

Ya know, the pukes WANT you to gossip about Sarah!

Why don't the Dems stress that it is the Repubs in the Senate that made this a "Do nothing Congress?

For my 900th post....silly I know, but this place is GREAT and it feels nice to have....

U.S. VP hopeful went to five colleges in six years

Sarah Palin isn't George Bush in a skirt, she's Richard Nixon.

How many people personally know someone more qualified than Palin?

I hope to retire from the Navy in 3 and a half years time, so I have special interest...

"Taking Pride In Their Own Ignorance."

The Walter Reed Middle School Ain't Happy. Neither Are Recording Artists

CNN Right Now - Palin's Ex-Brother Speaks

Abortion rights group to go after Sarah "I can rebound & shoot mooses from helicopters" Palin

It seems to me, the only thing that needs to be done, that needs t o be "Out there"

As a pack, it would be good to learn to distinguish when a chunk of red meat may be poisoned.

Biden blasts GOP as the real tax-increase party

Obama says surge succeeded

dupe delete

The Real Reason Palin was chosen - the narrative that justifies theft

If something happens to mccain before the GE, does palin become the nominee?

Another Alaskan on Whoopie's site: Palin' corruption and cronyism

Fox News: 'McCain's TV Commercials Contain ... Out-Right Lies'

The Race Will Get Close - Why Big Media, Not Strategy, Favors The GOP

Bushies Come to Palin's Aid, Teaching Foreign Affairs

Who will Sarah Palin hold her first (and only) one-on-one interview with?

Hmmm…Who does Sarah Palin remind this Harry Potter fangirl of?

Small town values, I'll pass thank you

This is going to sound SUPER sexist, but I promise it isn't

I just saw my first McCain sticker.

Another polling site worth bookmarking

Most of you know me as the DU idiot. But I do have a question that...

Palin plane isn't sold yet?

Uh... Sarah, Ted Stevens is on the line to discuss your maverickyness

where's the money?

OK, folks: Sarah Palin's alleged lover is named Brad Hanson.... (pic added)

Somebody please tell me how McCain voting 90% w/Bush & stealing Obama's call for change = maverick?


This "fear of blowback" for every story on here about Palin is getting sickening



Jack Cafferty's wife died unexpectedly this morning

John McCain refers to an Iraq War Veteran as "ground noise and static"....

Campbell Brown has been awesome lately



Must read this - and read the 75 comments, they are the most important

did anyone hear about the fake handmade signs at the RNC?

Defining Insanity

The McCain shake up plan ~ Illustrated

Did McCain mention Bush in his acceptance speech?

Palin is being absolutely nailed on Hardball for failure to talk to the press!

A thread for anyone still unable to shake their pessimism?

The Palin buzz could have be our buzz. But Obama let his ego get in the way of winning.

Palin handout for grassroots events (PDF)

Ha Rachel just called it

Vanity Fair Poll- You decide

Plain McCain - Four More Wars!

Obama focus on real issues

What did Joe Biden's mom tell him about bullies?

BREAKING NEWS: McCain, Palin stress that times are tough in US. He DOES understand! WOW! USA! USA!

Analysis: McCain sincere, short on answers

"Palin may well be Dick Cheney’s reincarnate".

Obama- Biden vs. McBush and Mayor McCheese

TexasObserver has the exact right label for Palin:

Who is moderating VP Debate?

POLL: What is Palin's BIGGEST Scandal Right Now?

OK, the term "Baby Farm" Sexist?

So she sold the jet...

Neep pics of happy black people for your RNC video? Buy them!

palin failed in her first big decision

Manufacturing Sarah Palin

Pure crap on Rush, Hannity, et al about Obama/Biden - nasty, racist, ugly crap - What will "turning

Gasperino on CNBC reporting Obama Got Big Money after Palin's Speech because her speech was so Good.

Is Scott Richter actually Trig Palin's real dad?


Cheney = "the crazy old uncle they hid in a closet"

Sarah Palin isn't hiding, she's on facebook!

Michael Moore live at a bowling alley in Traverse City right now? Beautiful.

Two McCain lies in one sentence today

Let us all bow our heads and pray for Sarah Palin to have a macacca moment.

Sarah Palin's record on environment is abysmal

Hurricane Ike track revised.... Gulf Coast Residents better head back out....

Is like absolutely none of the media going to point out

McCain will most likely get a bigger bounce than Obama.

Micheal Moore on Larry King....8PM CDT

any DUers delve into the McCain refueling plane saga a few months back?

Alaska State Troopers call Palin's Borough the methamphetamine capital of Alaska

tonight @ 9:00 pm est - michael moore 'takes aim at the republicans'

Isn't this election supposed to be the anti-partisanship election

Palin is The EARMARK queen! No reformer

Caption this picture...

St. Paul police chief: Closing off downtown was right move

Local (Palmer, AK) newspaper bio of Brad Hanson

Is This The Palin Affair Smoking Gun?!?!?!

Sarah Palin Slashed Funding for Special Needs Kids 60% in One Year

Your Pocket Guide to Speaking Palinguage...

Disenfranchise Texas?

I think the unemployment rate jump is going to put a damper on an RNC bump

Ya know, the pukes WANT you to gossip about Sarah!

Did Scott Richter have an Affair with Palin??

This is the pending coup of the religious right.

Tonight, What is the McCain Campaign Up To? Well, they made a bee-line for Michigan...

**IF THERE IS ONE PICTURE that sums up GOP campaign ... It is this one**

...And so it begins! Hillary's coming to Tampa!

All those who went to five colleges in six years, weigh in here.

Sarah Palin's record on environment is abysmal

Washington Post on MSNBC: We are vetting Palin now; the record does not add up...

My haircutting party and the independent women attending who are PISSED about Palin

McCain claims Palin sold that plane on Ebay for a profit.. but it was $600 K loss

Any fundraising numbers from the Obama campaign since McAncient's speech?

McCain’s choice of running-mate raises serious questions about his judgment (Economist)

Progressive Alaska: hints at "explosive story" about Palin, Scott Ogan, Vic Kohring

How come the Media Stiffarm from SP isn't getting more attention?

Do you think McCain will pick a few more wars for the fun of it?

And now for a little break from all things Palin

Obama's Narrow Lead Harkens Back to 1980 Election

In Washington State, 52% say media roots for Obama. 8% say it roots for McCain (Survey USA)

McCain POW - qualification for President?

"Only those who lose their limbs at war are war heroes"

Trooper (Palin's nemesis) admits to tasering 10 year old

Interesting quote from Poppy Bush's 1989 Inaugural Address

Scarborough On McCain Campaign’s War Against The Media: ‘I Think They’re Making A Mistake'

Someone's Bumper Sticker idea got me thinking...

I have a question. What if McCrazy mccroaks tomorrow?

WTF Fineman!! He obviously has bought into the Palin hype, and...

There are many more Democratic women than Republican women

The Daily Widget – Fri 9/5 – O-329, M-209 – Indiana Tightens; North Dakota Turns Blue

A biography on Sarah Palin is coming out in Oct. WTF Did they write it in advance?

Rachel Maddow calls 'stretching the truth' what it is -- Lying.

Think back to 2004, DUers

Palin's "eBay" plane sale actually a deal to help political ally in Alaska State Legislature

So Basically the McCain campaigns strategy with Palin is to attack the media and then ignore them???

How in the hell do these assholes get away with it?

New Talking Points Thread

Crusade To Nowhere...What does McCain actually plan to change about government?

Is it just me

The Palin won't give interviews is a trap. We'll insist, they will cave, she will be brilliant.

Graham: “Obama… REFUSED to even sit down with Petraeus!” (photo)

My heroes are community organizers!

Dear Republicans, your convention was repulsive and you do not own patriotism

It IS the economy damn it!

Obama - Biden Shirts are in!

JUST IN: Palin and McCain have their first fight.

Northern Overexposure: You can't make this stuff up.

Todd Palin's ex-business partner has just filed an emergency motion...

Alaska Trial Court: Order Denying Motion RE: Richter, Scott Alan

Alaska Trial Court: Order Denying Motion RE: Richter, Scott Alan

Ok, another Palin scandal I don't get - What's the ChristianSuicideCult gate?

VP speech hoedown

BREAKING; New McAss Campaign Theme Song Just Released!!!!!!

Obama site RoadBlog - Obama in PA - photos

My family knew someone who had an abortion after learning the baby would have Down Syndrome

Woodward's New Book Proves Obama Was Right About The Surge!

Great Mark Morford column.

2006 Democratic Research Document on Sarah Palin

Palin to do 30 fundraisers in the next 60 days.

Republicans for Obama have this to say about Palin

Has this curious video comparing Obama to Reagan been posted here yet?

Sarah Palin's First Real Interview Will Be With....(Call It, Friendo)

Biden is absolutely amazing when it comes to campaigning!

**"This Time I Want a Smart President**

Wow McCain and Palin are totally programmed with chips..

Wow McCain and Palin are totally programmed with chips..

Obama/Biden NEED some talking points.. sorry

DId anyone hear the weird voice on AC 360

You know what is really creeping me out...

McCain dissed the millions of voters (30%) who still support Bush and Cheney

Lets make a list of everything Palin has lied about so far.

What is the status of Republican legal challenge to OH proposal to allow voting after registering?

OMG did you seee this?

small town resident morally superior?

Remember when the McCain camp's "ER visits make up for no insurance " came out?

Feds Takeover set for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae!

Palin, what a mother fucker!!

I don't think McCain was a hero

Obama, seeing hope in Ohio, shifts schedule there

59 Days Left till Election Day

Reich wing organization is putting out ad in Macomb County, MI linking Obama

Does Cindy McCain look like a character from "Cats"?

I'm Dang Eager To Engage In The Campaign.

I just had an epiphany. Kurt Vonnegut once described the

Palin LIED about selling jet on eBay (actually lost $ for the state)

Damn, this place is moving fast tonight! I swear, I can't find my

McCain's Michelle Obama moment?

The Bush Administration launched a department to promote community organizing....

Palin left her small town millions of dollars in debt.

Why doesn't Obama smash Palin to bits?

Obama Leading North Dakota by 3 Points in Aug 23-27 Poll

DUPE thread

Clinton set to strike McCain, not Palin

I have DNC and RNC videos up on my blog for further reference

OMG! Best Daily Show opening ever....

When the Xtian Reich emerges from under their Rock, I worry

**New Talking Points Thread*

**New Talking Points Thread*

I heard a nasty rumor about Palin...

David Gregory is about to suffer a psychiatric melt-down.

** Two Things Obama Needs to do Tomorrow! **

I want someone who I can relate to: Underachieving, mediocre, and too lazy to think too hard

Opinion: If the unthinkable happens, should Todd Palin continue to work for BP?

How do Republicans get away with it?

Joe Biden is kicking on CNN!

Palin won't talk to media during campaign

DU this Poll

"I think God's will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built..."

Did McCain just ask the American People to forgive the Republicans for what they have done....

Next time some Republican community organizer knocks on your door,

If no one asks "Can a working dad be vice president"

UNBELIEVABLE, PALIN makes time for Photo Shoot, but no Interviews

Palin Story - National Enquirer, US Magazine, People Magazine

TSG: Privacy, not intrigue, behind pol pal's bid to seal divorce records

Great editorial in the Seattle Times about Palin

If we could have read McCain's mind while he gave his speech,

Sarah Baracuda's daughter should be off limits.

Too civil on Maher with the fool steele

Issues, Issues, Issues

I'm feeling good today, about the way the MSM is actually digging into Palin.

Please check out this poll on GD! (I'm too lazy to copy/paste)

"What the Heck?"

I got a letter from McCain today

Well, at the grocery store today I saw at least three tabloids with Gov. Pain covers

The ONLY way that McCain can win...

The objective reality of this race is electoral math (state to state), and GOTV/turnout.

I was shocked a Vietnam Vet at work is a huge Obama supporter.....

'Lord ... you are using the wonderful Governor Palin to get your message of the gospel across'

And they talked about Hillarys tone of voice.

Palin. Ride the moose... home for dinner.

Devastating Take on Sarah Palin When She Was Mayor of Wasilla sets out McCain's lies and lies and lies and lies about Obama sets out McCain's lies and lies and lies and lies about Obama

Hey, Sarah! Jesus Christ was a Community Organizer!

Let's cut out all of the sleazy tactics against Palin.

It's really pretty simple

All this Palin pitbull talk is giving my dog a bad name!

The Greedheads and the Armageddonites - the end is coming

WTF? msnbc just played the ENTIRE gramps & gidget campaign speech while only playing about 1 minute

Jon Stewart again does it

Quick talking points on Dominionism

The one crucial mistake that Joe Biden cannot make when he debates Shallow Gal

The one crucial mistake that Joe Biden cannot make when he debates Shallow Gal

Have You Seen This Woman?

A Star Is Born!!! You MUST MUST MUST See This!!! HILLARIOUS!!!

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), who called Obama uppity, denies racial overtones, still likes word

Everyone posting here owes to themselves to watch this video

"Black Hats" at the RNC. . . . . official goon squad

Daily show poaches joke from DU

Republicans concerned about the Palin pick

Obama Tells Bon Jovi Fundraiser: 'I Don’t Believe in Coming in Second,'

"Sarah Palin TUNDRA CHICKEN" Graphic for use. Let's FLUSH her OUT!

Should Obama's campaign use Daily Show footage for commercials?

DU Needs to Get Scott Richter and Brad Hanson Straight

Thank god for Bill Maher!!!

McCreepy forces Poor Piper to Pose (PHOTO)

OK, I hear Huffington, and I totally agree......Palin's personal life should not be the focus...

Michael Steele on Bill Maher...

"Country First" is actually a good motto for those two bozos.

Nominee's ally moves to curb probe of Palin (Newsweek's Isikoff is on the case)

"Caribou Barbie?"


For me, this election just became very personal, and very serious.

Theocrats to Pray for McCain's Death

Theocrats to Pray for McCain's Death

Is Palin's boyfriend named Scott Richter or Brad Hanson? Or does she have two boyfriends?

Whatever the result of the November election, Sarah Palin is the scariest politician to appear

Questions you'd like to see Gwen Ifill ask Daisy Mae at the debate

Questions you'd like to see Gwen Ifill ask Daisy Mae at the debate

Lovely pic of big crowd for Obama in Lancaster, PA (blue city in a VERY red county).

"Palin 'bridge to nowhere' line angers many Alaskans"

Will there be a pool on when Palin will drop out?

Haven't You Had Enough Of "Bizarro" World?

We don't less scrutiny of Palin, we need MORE!!!

Get a Clue, Morans! How can you claim Sarah Palin isn't QUALIFIED?

New Anchorage Daily News story, folks Troopergate is getting ugly

The Real ’08 Fight: Clinton v. Palin?

Is the National Enquirer article now off the table?

Toronto Star: "That bear lying on the couch behind her in a photo was a more protective mother"

PBS accidentally provides a far, far better title for McCain's speech (no photoshop).

The Lucille "Sambo" story has been confirmed!!

Make no mistake: the "community organizer" slur is about race

Palin and the TransCanada deal. Is there anything more to this?

BRILLIANT Move: Dems to Force McCain Vote on Fair Pay Act

Just got back from Biden speech in Langhorne PA

please don't flame me folks but there is something there with Palin's business partner Richter

Whoopi Goldberg: Sarah Palin is a Very Dangerous Woman

Thank YOU, Senator BOXER: (Palin) "an extremist"

You can fight fire with fire; you can fight fire with water; but you can't

Should Dems play the "hockey card" against Palin?

Mods please delete this thread so HughMoran doesn`t start crying.(Already Posted)

A friend of a friend told me that Sarah Palin called Hillary a carpet munching bimbo.

327 replies and 202 rec's for some hearsay?

Don't shoot me for this comparison (it may be a bit strong) -- but

Obama is one cool cucumber...he didn't take the bait.

More Bad News: Palin aides peeked into trooper's files

Samantha Bee - you are my new HERO!

School Raps McCain For Using Image As Speech Backdrop Without Permission

The Reviews Are In ...

Media out to present Disgraced Black Faces


What is Palin's TexasHoldEm Gate?

$46,868 for Obama/Biden from DUers!

Hey Rove!!! Good job reviving the base - the DEM BASE that is!!!

**DAY 7** No interviews, No MTP, No Face-the-Nation

One thing that bears repeating: the Nazis had this pegged

McCain and Palin are making fools of the media

Newsweek: There is a roughly 50% chance that Sarah Palin practices speaking in tongues

A Tried and True Approach with Independents and Fence Sitters

ATTACK Of The Evil PILLARS OF DOOM!!!!!! (Is This Why They Didn't Use Walter Reed MC??)

ATTACK Of The Evil PILLARS OF DOOM!!!!!! (Is This Why They Didn't Use Walter Reed MC??)

WOW! Devastating ABC Investigative Report on Troopergate (VIDEO)

Why was McCain standing in front of a giant picture of Hilton Hotel during his speech last night?

Detailed Election Map

Ways DEMS could force the media's hand on the "Where is Pailin?" issue.

Fuck Anderson Cooper

Investigation into Palin Now on Fast Track - "It's likely to be damaging.." (ABC News)

Gregory just called obama an 'egomaniac'

Great website with charts, maps and graphs on the election

Let's compare apples to apples - all the candidates at 25 yrs old -when O was a community organizer

Does ANYONE else feel like they are the only one who GETS IT?

Look how she delivers a stump speech:


I am sick and tired of hearing that Sarah Palin is the hottest U.S. governor. There is another.

BREAKING: Court DENIES Motion to Seal Divorce Papers of Todd P. Business Partner (Updated x3)

Obama site RoadBlog - Biden with Ironworkers N. Philly

Holy shit! According to this article Palin is an out and out RACIST!

Lawsuit against DNC by Florida activist continues, files "Certificate of Readiness (9/2/08)"

RNC Post-Convention Bounce - McCain Is Still Behind Obama

It's times like these that reveal the true party biases

OMG! Take A Look at the Confetti from the RNC!!!

A myth is being spun now of the small town citizen as

Newsweek: Palin's lawyer already questioning witnesses who potentially could testify against her!

Check out this great post from the NYT blog

Hillary Rosen-CNN- NAILS some good points re: McCain/Palin and POLICY/ISSUES

The Missing Man formation

How Can McPOW Reach 270 EVs? Obama is in a Good Position.

"The elitists on both coasts"

Wasn't Arnold Ziffel the Mayor of Hooterville?

Hilary re tonight's "speech"-- right back atcha

Anyone else feel like it's SEXIST for the McCain campaign to keep Palin from talking on her own?

Palin: The Beard of the Talibornagains.

Republicans Falter in Outreach to Blacks, Hispanics

Confessions of a former community organizer

caption time

McCain/Palin: "Let them eat cake!"

Were protesters, Jeers, and major arrests part of the democratic convention?

I must be sick - I feel sorry for mcsame

Did I just hear that Ron Regan will be getting a show on AAR??? 8pm? Good by Clout??? n/m


Obama Camp Needs Volunteers

Whoa, WTF is with this MSNBC poll wording? Damn that "librul" media!

About the author of the "So Sambo beat the Bitch" article

Replay Kick Oops! This was for a Daily Show post from 11:00pm

Kennedy Brewer for President!!!

mccain has experience, he voted 90% with bush /nt

Pat Buchanan's voice got so high tonight, I thought the teevee was busted ........

Oh my odds and bodkins. Sarah Palin is not a racist, so stop saying that!

Time for another Green Screen Challenge.

What's this baloney about "Country First"? Since when did those bastards

Jet Palin sold didn't sell on EBay - Was used for transporting prisoners majority of time

Us Magazine cover story: "Babies, Lies, & Scandal"

The Economist: "The Woman From Nowhere". (Sarah Palin)

The Economist: "The Woman From Nowhere". (Sarah Palin)

Cindy McCain's "hat" remark during Hurricane Gustav still bothers me.

This convention brought to you buy MACE

Diabetes in teens, not type I, but Type II

The white racists are making their last stand.

The party that brought you George Bush

How come everytime I hear her voice I want to hear her say " Brewski" ?

Joe Jackson has a question for Bush

Been here too long ...

Has anyone seen this? Welcome to the PalinDrome?

Anybody want some pizza?????


Do we really need a VPILF? nt

(XLNT!) Open Letter to Network and Cable Pundits: THIS IS NOT A GAME

(XLNT!) Open Letter to Network and Cable Pundits: THIS IS NOT A GAME

Cindy McCain's $300,000 Outfit

9/11! Run for your lives and Caption Rudi!

My outraged tirade about the GOP 9/11 video

What are Obama's paths to victory and 270 electoral votes

NRSC giving up on keeping Dominici's seat...

Finally, an Obama ad this morning...

Out of all of the BS from Bush's... I mean Palin's speech

They keep comparing Palin to Obama--again McCain gets a freebie.

Yeepers the media is going overboard on Palin

Keep this in mind ..... had Hillary beaten Obama, McCain would now be running with ......

Flying in under the radar. 5 colleges in 6 years.

I have yet to see much discussion of the ominous similarity

How many more years will we hear 'victory is just around the corner' in Iraq?

Lindsey Graham is a nasty little sneering punk

Westmoreland calls Obama ‘uppity'...

Sarah Palin for US Senate ?

Are we Democrats "in disarray" over Palin's addition to...

A campaign of delusion, denial and name calling promising reform?

== Greetings from "the angry left" = By Mark Morford

The Sarah Palin Nickname Poll, Part Deux: Getting to Know You

Five Books

Have you ever heard this about Hispanics and Reagan?

Republicans and their very own Boo Radley

Looking for local DUers...

Post your favorite political music videos

GOP Patriotism - holier than thou

Rhetorical question: If mccain is a "maverick", working for "YOU"

FYI - CNN QUICK POLL on mccain's speech

FYI - CNN QUICK POLL on mccain's speech

John Dean Nails It: "Governor Palin Does Not Qualify Under the Implicit Constitutional Standards"

CSPAN Reupblican PUMA spin

Protestors last night at the RNC

Jim Hightower: Sarah Palin May Be a Pit Bull in Lipstick, but She's No Populist

Jon Stewart exposes Rove, Hannity, Morris, Palin hypocrisy (video)

OMG!!! They were RIGHT!!! oh the sanctimony

It's funny; I can see McOld tottering around the rose garden

U.S. House Price Decline Could Be Worse than Great Depression, Economist Shiller Says

No, They Wouldn't Dare Steal Another Election...Or Would They?

Colorado - had enough of Big Oil running the show?

Colorado - had enough of Big Oil running the show?

What's the difference between Palin & Cheney?

I really tried to watch Palin's speech on MSNBC's video archive.

McCain campaign posters! LOL...

U.S. unemployment rate soars to 4 1/2-year high of 6.1 percent

David Gergen: Is U.S. becoming ungovernable?

A little computer help?

Okay, I see why everyone was so excited by Wednesday's Daily Show...

Podcast: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow comments on Gov. Palin, Republican convention

Lots of Tropical Storm Warnings including DC

Free Advice for Democrats

6.1% unemployment.. If the govt says 6.1, it's probably higher

I don't think Obama should go after Palin at all, at least not yet. She's trying to bait us

One more Palin post and this board should be renamed to

I'm Sick of Hearing from Whores Who Represent the Top 1%

"Obama's record of turning words into action isn't zero. It's 820, and 427, and 152."

Today in History, 1885 - gas pump invented.

What can you say about Hillary supporters who will now vote for mccain?

The last time Americans trusted GOP rhetoric...

Bank's failure stings CNN's Lou Dobbs and state senator


Al Giordano: The Competence Gap

The Biology of Ideology - Wow, this explains a lot...

Lyrics to Heart's Barracuda

So, anyone near Anchorage?

The Republican Priorities: What The GOP Focused On (And Ignored) During The Convention

After sleeping on it .....

on a lighter note for friday: Science Proves Exotic Cars Turn Women On

Palin's First speech exploited 9/11

Why does no one ask why bush has FAILED TO WIN THE WAR?

Under Bush we have lost 3.7 MILLION manufacturing jobs:

RNC photo - LOL

Distilling 2.0: Bye-Bye Boiling, Hello Health Care

Stock market has fallen nearly 1,000 points since the start of the GOP convention

Obama As An Orator - Is He Good, Or Are Most Modern Speakers Just Bad?

Why The Rs REALLY Fear An Obama Presidency

Economic news pushing McCain / Palin off front page: 605,000 jobs list in 2008

Economic news pushing McCain / Palin off front page: Record 1.2 million homes hit by foreclosure

Rethug to photog: "The preacher onstage is praying, you son of a bitch!1"

Best response to Palin's remark about community organizers:

Fight GOP censorship, support Us Weekly magazine!

Still I rise

The media v. victim Sarah: Sarah 1, media 0

something about this pic....

Drilling Leases in Map View?

But, but, Kommissar Bush says the economy is rebounding.....

Unemployment rate rose most for women / blacks / hispanics

Bush's Potty Mouth. Also, Bush Hypocrisy on call for 'Up or Down' Vote (Bush History, 9/5)

"What are they trying to hide?" needs to be the constant refrain of Dem. surrogates ...

"War Or Car" Blog Has Been Updated To Reflect This Week's Palin News...

“Palin only announced opposition to one ‘Bridge to Nowhere,’ still supports the other one.”

Mortgage Foreclosures in U.S. Rise at Fastest Pace in Almost Three Decades

Wow! Check out this satelite of IKE from space...he's a big one!

Does any one know what this is?


Insurance casualty of the day

Pop Pop Is lost!

Pop Pop Is lost!

I watched a little of Barrack on Orielly last night.

Keeping Palin out of the media is a strategy to keep her the mysterious 10 minute celebrity

Finally saw the McCain speech - he sounded kinda like Hillary or Gore

A library director's worst nightmare

"I promise . . . you and I are going to change this country and change this world,"

My friends, I guess the stock market wasn't inspired by McCain's eulogy last night either.....

Sarah Palin Killed Your Pet Moose!

Theme song for McStrange's speech last night....I nominate "Through" by George Michael:

I think the real reason why he chose Palin...

Do we know which books Caribou Barbie wanted removed from the public library?

The RNC....a lilly old Imperialist white party.....

Laura Flanders: Palin Pick Is GOP Hypocrisy at its Best

My hat's off to PBS for their excellence in Truthiness

Parents: Could YOU take in your daughter if you thought she killed her 3 yr old?

Guess the candidate

It's just never enough it seems....


Rachel Maddow on MSNBC: McCain and Palin are "LYING ... LYING ... LYING" !

BRING IT ON !!! ( in response to the "Sambo" comment)

Palin's son is in harms way? She's wearing a big ole "Blue Star Service" pin on Newsweek cover.

How much does John McCain pay the media?

Woodward asked Bush how they settled on the "surge": "I don't know this. I'm not in these meetings"

Obama the fighter: the media/GOP has pushed his back against the wall. Can he respond?

"We were elected to change Washington and Washington changed us"

German company bans foreign languages at work

German company bans foreign languages at work

Abramoff gets 4 years

Republican National Convention: Whitest in Forty Years

DU this poll

Palin's disappearance ensures that Nancy Grace will cover her EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

Where the Flavor Isn't map Obama 301 - McLame 224 (13 tied)

I feel a bit like Frodo fighting Mordor...

It turns out there was something more nauseating than the nomination of Sarah Palin

What's that Lassie, Republicans are promising troops cuts in Iraq before an election?

Shakespeare Moment: McCain as King Hamlet, Palin as Gertrude/Claudius

Daily Show Palin Girl Card----- A MUST SEE !!!!!

Willie Horton part 2. Mega-racist 527 ad links Obama/Kilpatrick (VIDEO)

Roops - Dupe

Did Bush speak at the convention?

Lunch with Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartman now

So fill me in: did the Republican party just completely throw away the black vote?

For the republicans the only success story at the RNC

The death of a taboo

How can one claim that something has succeeded...

Marion Jones released from prison in San Antonio

Palin giving fascist speech live.

Cigarette sales ban receives initial okay from Boston board

LOL Now their VP CANDIDATE is at "an undisclosed location"!!11!!

Why Palin Was a Smart Pick for the Repubs

"He's smart, I want someone who is smart to be President".

Palin= SSDD

Neil Boortz is a fucking liar, doing everything he can to confuse people

Continuous Police State: Hundreds of Demonstrators Detained at RNC

And how exactly does this help things???

John McCain, "She sold it on Ebay" "and made a profit"

Corporate Caribou Barbie & Flamenco Cyndeeee. LOL.

be sure to give grampa a grade for his speech.. he has a "D" right now

Blank Screens Undermine $1.5 Billion U.S. Digital-TV Subsidy

Ron Reagan Joins AAR Lineup, Freeps FREAK OUT!

Juan Cole: Rambo and the Mean Girl

So I applied for this job that I am totally unqualified for. If they call me for an interview I am

A dose of economic reality creeps into Freeperville?

Huffington Post: Alaskan Author - Wasilla Most Unattractive Town In America, Palin An Airhead

Is the photo of Palin in bathing suit and gun real?

East Coast: Latest Hanna Public Advisory

Dukakis,Huffington,Cuomo and katrina van heuvel transcipt from Larry King Live.

McCain wins = woman's right to choose GONE

Latest Ike Public Advisory and Discussion

For God's Sake! Stop Saying "Pro Life" !!!

How to shut up right-wing fundie types

I'm taking a forced break from this Forum. It has become the Palin Forum, and I don't like it.

This says a lot.

Did anyone see "The Mavrick" sign right around the end of McCain's speech?

Are you on Facebook?

OK Barack.. It is Time.

The 9/11 attacks happened

Robert Parry: A Post-Rational Society?

She's reading a speech again in Wisconsin!! n/t

Isn't it typical that GEM$NBC finds it more important to show us

So did anyone see the Obama interview on O'Really last night?

In Giuliani's speech about Palin can someone confirm this...

My concern here.

Look, let's get something FUCKING straight. THIS is a war hero.

ACLU Renews Its Call For Investigation Into Civil Liberties Violations At RNC; MN ACLU Takes Action

Zondervan Announces New Biography of Sarah Palin

OMG! Middle School is taking on McCain!!!

"Hockey Dads for Obama"

You know what I really didnt like about the RNC? The idea that the country is a disaster on someone

White Christian America versus Everybody Else

I humbly suggest that Sen. Obama invite this gentleman to sit on stage as he gives a speech:

I don't think either attacking Sarah Palin or playing nice with her is a good strategy.

McCain's Speech: A Sampling Of Media Reaction

Amy Goodman Interviews Bob Barr, Libertarian Presidential Candidate

VP hopeful Palin attended 5 colleges in 6 years

Adverts which use sex to sell or promote gender stereotypes could be banned by the EU

Obama Should View Ralph Nader As An Asset, Not A Threat

This one has those of us in the Keys really nervous.

My 11-year-old is becoming quite the radical

Oh my, Rice is sitting down with terrorists....

Tom Toles hits it out of the park again!

"A huge hailstorm turned parts of central Kenya white, thrilling residents"

Somebody ask McCain how hiding Sarah reflects his "transparant" government

Time: Home Loan Woes Break Records

"Sarah Palin TUNDRA CHICKEN" Graphic for use. Let's FLUSH her OUT!

Norm Coleman is speechless when talk turns to politicians using drugs

Condi Rice to kiss Gaddafi's ring today. Russians angling to get all his oil and gas.

Germany studying gas hydrates as energy source

From coast to coast, newspapers fall for McCain's phony 'change' line

HealthBeat: Americans Who Have Insurance —But Still No Access To Care, Part I

Huffpo: Lieberman teaching Palin foreign policy, introduces her to AIPAC

Lipstick on a Moose Killer!


Bankrupt, broke and underemployed - someone please donate to Obama for me...

U.S. Army has officially licensed its First Infantry Division marks and insignias to Sears.

Watching the Repubs react to McCain's limp speech last night revealed one


cheney in georgia and rice in libya

This board is moving too fast .

Geraldine Ferraro speaks up about Palin. (UK Times) Unbelievable.

Eeek, OMFG and Eew! And Yikes! The Ghoul Show, as videoed at the RNC by Scahill

Eeek, OMFG and Eew! And Yikes! The Ghoul Show, as videoed at the RNC by Scahill

World's First "Soldiers' Sanctuary" (Are we there yet? 1930's hmmmm?)

CNN just reported that S.Palin really does not know

Michael Moore on the GOP and what he thinks of Palin on Larry King TONIGHT

This board is moving too fast .

New Email Circulating and my response....

A nautical--if not naughty--limerick

Sarah Palin: The Hugo Chavez of Alaska

Get ready for another hike in copays and deductibles. Study: Workers to pay more for health care

Blackwater Army In Iraq (SEE Video)


Presented without comment

Voter Fraud on Science Friday!

So the day after the Democratic convention the media was screaming about no convention bounce

Marion Jones released from prison

Hurricane Ike is currently predicted to be a direct hit on Miami

She just used the "community organizer" joke again...

Ecuador constitution would grant inalienable rights to nature

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like Yahoo!s front page is getting increasingly biased for McSame

let this post drop

Regulators probe whether energy market players are injecting false crude oil supply data into market

Dear Sarah Palin:

what Hillary Clinton should say....

Should Oprah host Sarah Palin?

delete :dupe

Whoopi Goldberg: Palin Sounds Pro-Nazi, Wants to 'Succeed' From U.S.

U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, KKK-GA

Palin's "eBay" Plane Sale Actually a Deal to Help Ally in Alaska State Legislature

Grandparents Day is September 7th - Send your Grandparents an Obama-Biden eCard!

'EBay jet lie' just repeated by McInsane in live rally for him....

Tom Ridge's Freudian slip......

Unemployment Rises, Media Act Surprised

Sarah Palin is a LIAR

I gotta hand it to em. Stealing our message as theirs.. (more of the same).. brilliant

The Republican election day banquet menu

The have told lies about Palin. Big Lies. Shark Jumping Lies. Gargantuan Lies

We failed.

"The Surge has worked" - Let's destroy this lie once and for all.

Jesus Was A Community Organizer - Pontius Pilate Was A Governor!

Does anyone know if the Queen of Pork is campainging with McLame today? n/t

I feel like grabbing every right winger I come in contact with and

What have I missed that put us at Defcon 3?

Please watch GEM$NBC now

Should someone point out to the GOP that the "founding fathers" were the elite of their time

Statement By John McCain On Today's Jobs Report

What do you think is the most effective donation site?

The irony is that Palin is where she is because of feminism (a DEM. movement).


Nobody is under oath so let's be honest DU. Does Palin concern you?

Nobody is under oath so let's be honest DU. Does Palin concern you?

Dean Baker: Retail Sales: Adjust for Inflation


Why did the Fraternal Order of Police endorse McCain?

"Change is coming!" Cindy McCain's dress costs $313,100

The Mother of All Tokens

Protecting the Sacntiy of Marriage.... oops... I mean Divorce!

Protecting the Sacntiy of Marriage.... oops... I mean Divorce!

Jan. 22, 2001: S&P500 = 1,342.90 Sep. 4, 2008 S&P500 = 1,236.83

The surge isn't a success, but the spin that "the surge is a success" is.

In text-message poll on McCain's speech, MSNBC offered only four positive responses

A quick trip into the land of the insane...

Would I be accused of some hate thought if I were to refer to the supercilious .....

Unemployment 6.1% my f**king @ss

Pay No Attention to the Elephant Behind the Curtain!

Palin = Bush in lipstick

Cheers and jeers at Palin speech in Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse

126,391 user registrations and 39,501,321 posts since January 2001

Bristol Palin's Choice (from The Daily Show) Nailed it!

Randi Rhodes reports signs today at McCain event read:

Youngest Survivor on Schindler's List Speaks in Rocklin

Youngest Survivor on Schindler's List Speaks in Rocklin

McCain's Speech: Worst Acceptance Speech in Almost 30 Years?

HSBC's Green Predicts Financial Market Power Shift From New York to Asia

caption this McCain and Palin pic...

How would a President "End Times" Palin handle a nuclear crisis in the Middle East?

Hey Florida and Ohio, are you happy about the last 8 years? your economies doing well?

Post your organizing tips here!

Sam Seder and Marc Maron on live video now, friday 3:30 Eastern

If they boycott the media, who'll ask about McCain-Palin conflicts on rape, creationism, ANWAR, etc?

Heart says back off! "if the real thing won't do the trick, you better make up something quick"

Anyone know what's going on w/Sam Seder Show? On Facebook, there's something about a show he's doing

Is Todd Palin a high school dropout?

I think we can all agree that Sarah Palin is plenty easy on the eyes

The Pepple Mine Project and Alaska Initiative 4: How Palin Rolls (Over the Environment and the Law)

The Pepple Mine Project and Alaska Initiative 4: How Palin Rolls (Over the Environment and the Law)

Amy Goodman: Why We Were Falsely Arrested

Watch: Fred Thompson has an army of frogs in his throat

Hypocrite Playing Cards

Ron Reagan added as permanent Air America host (gig carves an hour off of “The Rachel Maddow Show")

Sarah Palin - 2006 Research Report

Um, is this a good idea? "Iraq eyes F-16 purchase"?

Heads up: Michael Moore on Larry King tonight

Russian stock market down 30% since Georgian invasion

Imagine Bill O'Reilly having to say, "Senator Al Franken."

A 9/11 Victim Speaks ... Please, my fellow DUers, DIGG this to the absolute top ...

Has anyone seen Contessa since she was

Drilling Leases in Map View?

Media not to blame that Palin story line fell apart

"Cronies First!" Leaked list of RNC slogan rejects.

The Obama camp needs to lose the 'Gobama' theme to win the South...

Military in uniform at McCain rally

Is there any company that makes computers in the states anymore?

McCain, Palin invoke live footage of 9/11 planes crashing (Boston Globe)

Fun with anagrams

Leave Levi & Bristol alone

If everything is great (economy is fine, employement fine, we havn't been "hit" again),

Man Up Time: Palin DID NOT cut the budget

T.S. Hanna headed up coast towards NY/NJ/CT area - Josephine may follow

Glenn Greenwald: The GOP's cheerful viciousness

Todd Palin's business partner tries to have his divorce records sealed....

Obama: McCain focused on bio over economy

Wasilla's Wonder Girl is **no** George Bush

Cartoon idea... too far?

US Navy ship anchors outside Georgia/Cheney blasts Russia's 'threat of tyranny'



V for Vendetta - next Wed. on FX

VIDEO: Governor Palin asserts that US soldiers are on a mission from GOD

Home Loan Woes Break New Records

"Reformer" Palin Accepted Donations From Indicted Alaska Oil Man

McPalin Strategy: "Vote 4 Us 'Cause U Feel Sorry 4 Us!"

Michael Moore on Larry King Live tonight, CNN at 9 p.m. EDT

How will the rest of the world respond?

A new cold war or a new hot war? - Today’s Headlines 9/5/08

Sarah Palin and the GOP mocked the legacy of JFK

NEW CNN Poll: Which Party Made The Stronger Case?

Palin buys a "Moose Tracks" ice cream cone - pics

Party Faithful

More lies about Obama's tax plan.

John McDoubtfire

Highway trust fund to run out of money this month

EPA notice on anthrax anti-microbial products

Todd Palin's former business partner files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed. Oh

Greenspan: Don't Use Fed As A "Magical Piggy Bank"

Clinton set to strike McCain, not Palin

so mcdumbshit says the tax cuts if permanent will create more jobs

Sad News, Jack Cafferty's wife has passed away

Iowa idiot ties black doll to a cross and hangs it from his house's eaves. Names his dog "Hitler".

Even Selling the Plane on EBAY was a lie.....!!

Ike may be possible Katrina or Andrew repeat.

Well, with the doings in MusicBizLand, all the repubs will have left is Lee Greenwood

~Caption Time~

Media uncritically repeat McCain claim that Obama "will raise" taxes

Okay, the Presidential candidates have been decided, now we need to

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden

Breaking news ...

The answer to all tough questions for John McCain: "I was a POW."

Heart condemns McCain-Palin use of 'Barracuda'

What do you think will be the first book they ban if Palin becomes president?

Caption needed

Caption needed

Hold on to your hat......Faux Noise accuses McCain of lying

Hold on to your hat......Faux Noise accuses McCain of lying

Voter intimidation: how do they do it?


Good morning DU! The hills are alive ...

"It Started In Iran".

ghastly fascistic pro-Palin and anti-Obama campaign materials

easy to make ppl happy with money

Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, has a legacy to protect: She has no intention

Sarah Palin Has Got A Lot Of Balls

Video of Palin addressing Alaskan Independence Party in 08

600,000 jobs lost since the beginning of the year....

I have a request for the trolls popping up here.


Palin - plane not sold on E-bay

caption this

Ohio preacher, 71, avoids jail in road rage case

Van Halen, Heart, Others to GOP: Stop Using Our Songs!

About Sarah Palin...from someone who knows.

Why hypocrisy is only a problem for Democrats

OMG! Incompetent Republican Stagecraft!

As a Black Person, I resent those discussing this "Sambo/Bitch" rumor at this forum. I'm pissed!

1 Billion to a country I didn't even know existed

Anyone else finding AOL phone lines in NYC are all down?

Have The 2 Million NOLA Evacuees Made It Back To Their City?......

How many people were there at McCain speech?

Jobless claims jump is bad omen for economy

Jobless claims jump is bad omen for economy

Did Palin ever actually win a Beauty Contest?

Now this is the oddest thing about Ms. Palin being a "Beauty Queen"

Did InBev host a party after the snooze fest RNC?

Weird question for election experts

Help need a fact. Absitinence only sex ed state & federal between 2001 to present

Motion to seal divorce decree of Palin's husband's business partner DENIED!

I got a letter from Senator Sherrod Brown! (re:LTTE)

The End of Bubba Dominance (from The Nation)

Neighbors Suspect Church Is Swingers Club (I'll bet they talk in tongues!)

Palin and the Press

Colbert Annihilates Guiliani & Palin - video

Why is this election even close?!?!?

Ann Kornblut on Gregory just said Palin did not sell that plane on EBay

so is Hanna gonna hit NYC as a tropical storm?

Missing media narrative - " McCain can't seem to seal the deal with black voters."

I'm sorry, Palin is NOT qualified

Newbie question: What does the Buddy List do?

just saw "wicked", anyone else see it?

Goodsearch - make one simple change and make a difference by doing nothing

Teacher Union and United Steel worker union, I doubt they wanted to

ARFGH!! PBS!! Make it STOP!!

Debate going on about how long before Palin can meet the press and answer questions on the issues...

What's up with all these Republicans around me?

Joe Biden: "Harry Truman said I'm not gonna give them hell

McSame and Palin sure know how to kick you in the balls

I've just figured it out! Conservativism is a CULT!

McCain/Palin Health Care Plan

If the GOP are elected, public education will be privatized.

"The McCaine Mutiny".....Herman Wouk nailed it and when this McCain "fingers his wedding ring"

Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report

Rachel's filling in for Keith.. Yeah..

There are sexists on DU

Quick list of Sarah Palin scandals

Lovely story about Carol Cafferty from "The Cafferty File"..

US radar plans frightening Czechs

Is Palin going to sell AIR FORCE ONE if she is in office?

A beautiful picture of a loving mother and father?

Sarah Palin needs another theme song!

Sarah Palin’s Republican Convention Speech Was Very Impressive

OOps. McCain staff chooses wrong Walter Reed photo for photo-op backdrop

Pass Along This Dem Talking Point

Tonight On Real Time with Bill Maher

Is there a special Friday night Daily Show tonight?

LOL! You gotta watch this...

Rachel is da bomb!

Official Palin Countdown Clock

I think "Barracuda" is the PERFECT song for the Palin candidacy...

"She can't even grasp the most simple of issues that the state of Alaska has"

What does it say about the GOP that a photo of a school ...

Mr Smith goes to Washington- with his golf bag and golden clubs

Clinton supporters, 8 in 10 said they'd vote for Obama in November after they met Palin.

malicious compliance

Rachel is doing pretty good tonight (actually GREAT)

Amy Goodman being interviewed on PBS' 'NOW' ... right now!!

Random question: Americans of Indian descent in Congress

Inescapable conclusion - they're not putting her out because they don't want people to bond too much

Jimmy Hoffa's ghost was sited when McSame said

Most Important News Story Of The Week! (ending 09/05/2008)

Michael Moore NOW on Larry King

Now I get It: It's Diplomacy When the Republicans do it and Treason when the Democrats do it.

So how many people have sued or are suing Palin anyway?

So Rachel comes on....


Seattle Talk Radio: Ron Reagan has a Show on AM 1090

Travelers will have 6 ID options to return to U.S.

Funny! "stuff white people like" ... I was surprised I am so obvious ...Haha!

A real treat, esp. for those who suffered thru rnc:

Sarah Palin is to feminism what...

PETA ad....

Obama Surging in National projection model -- 54.5 - 45.5% & 334 EV

Oldest Gorilla in Captivity Dies at 55..... Humane Euthanization

Did everyone see the guy in the stands last night opposing McSame

Workers of the World Unite! Boeing employees to walk......

The Republican Party aka the "raging rajas of resentment."

Mike Wooten On CNN, Part 2

Media uncritically repeat McCain claim that Obama "will raise" taxes


An excruciatingly sad story that drives home the importance of a Dem win

Michael Moore is hitting homerun after homerun on Larry King

I love Mike Moore

Mean Jean's seat is in danger? Priceless!!!

"They're Working AGAINST You"

News channels dedicated more coverage to RNC's scheduled programming during peak hours than to Dems

Just Kill Me... Alaska kept all the bridge-to-nowhere money!

I think Palin supports the NRA...

any Oprah news? Sure helped the Big O, has she said anything lately?

Folks, this is IT

$350 million dollars a day

Is anyone listening to Mike Malloy reading the LA Progressive story about Palin?

mpplff...I've OD'd on politics..

What would happen with a Palin Supreme Court....

Which scandal involving a Democrat will be ignored until ...

Bill Moyers Journal tonight - how deployments of the National Guard

McCain's Walter Reed Middle School backdrop was no accident.

When should the GOP VP candidate be made available to the press?

Enquirer; not my usual reading fare, but...

Mike Malloy's great topic tonight.....Is America ready to accept the end of "The American Century"?

What is up with Fannie and Freddie? Something is going down this weekend......

News about the gov's plane is in LBN and it doesn't look so good for the McMoose w/lipstick.

A Palin-free thread: New Idiot Box trailer now online!

Independent UK: US Treasury close to deal to prop up mortgage giants Fannie and Freddie

Why don't anti-choice politicians ever want to shout it to the world?

"I was annointed by my God and my party for the presidential nomination." - McCain -


Elisabeth Hasselbeck Rocks the Republican Convention

The Wasilla Museum and the museum of politics

The Wasilla Museum and the museum of politics

I have a man andwife I know who hate Obama, I am going to be spending

Meanwhile back at the ranch, our heros Freddie and Fannie give up. Tune in on Monday for mayhem!

Republicans — Stop Calling Obama Elitist! (Bill Maher)

About that RNC "Theme" of 'Country First'???

Creepy pic of Rudy...

19 yr old chanting for food in Ramsey Co. jail is hooded and tortured.

Obama mamas & dads

Tell St. Paul, MN Mayor that you will BOYCOTT

A picture from the new Huffington post slide show. Posted without comment.

Wild guess on what is going on. Any chess players?

They called McVAIN "Top Gun" followed by repeated ....

Good analogy made by a caller to Thom Hartmann program...

Alaska will give the Palin family $22, 883 this year

Palin said she'd work to implement God's will from the governor's office

Take a closer look at the RNC confetti!

Steven Weber: Some Final Thoughts on the RNC

Why Sarah Palin is so dangerous

Florida's Lake Okeechobee levee grows weaker.

The days of Community Organizing.....

Politicians and Babies , who do the kids trust ?

I must get this off my chest!!!

I NEVER thought I'd see this but there it is.....

Van Jones: Sarah Palin Would Hate Rosa Parks

Something we'll see when Hell freezes over...

Good poll at CNN

So two people I know who are hard core repubs...

FACE it!1 Barracuda is *in* our lives the REST of our lives!1

Cheney says U.S. is intent on Georgia joining NATO

Rosetta Stone is what i need to learn chinese if McSame gets in

Jamie Lee Curtis: Palin's "Relatability" Is Not What America Needs

Troy Davis execution coming up again. Sign the protest!!!!

Fraudulent right-wing populist demagogy and how it is allowed...

U.S. Government has reached a decision to seize the giant mortgage companies FreddieMac and

A small zinger against Guiliani's "Only in America" comment

Colbert: "McCain's speech was more boring than watching paint dry...

Sarah Palin held a wedding at Walmart..(it just keeps comin')

To Muslim DUer's : Happy Ramadan

Proud of My Co-workers today!!!

Well, at Work Everyone has been Trashing Palin and McSame...

Why is DU accepting ads from Freedom's Watch - ??

Another bank bites the dust......

CNN's Bill Schneider is probably the best on TV, IMO.

Your best hurricane tips since many of us are about to be smacked!

For Those Watching Bill Maher Right Now

Kitten with a Whip?

Jane Smiley: Gaslight (The Republicans have gone beyond lying......)

Bill Maher Opening......holy shit@!

New Rule: Republicans, stop calling Obama elitist by Bill Maher

Nov 4, *DDO to WIN..

Interesting how Iraqi's "need to take responsibility" for a mess the US created.

Bank’s failure stings CNN’s Lou Dobbs and state senator

Don't Forget! New special FRIDAY The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart, ON NOW!!!

LOL another poll LOL

A question for someone who knows. In 2000 when Palin used

Obama’s Tax Plan Better for Working Families Than McCain’s

Why did Sarah Palin fly all the way back to Alaska to give birth after she started leaking?

"FRITZ and TITS" ... Does anyone else remember that slogan?

How long until they start murdering us en masse?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Friday TOON Roundup- They've been busy busy busy

Why men are not asked the "children question"..

Unemployment rate up again! Are you out of work like I am? Then go Re-Apply for Unemployment!

Sarah Palin Great News For McCain, Bad News For Stock Market

John McCain is no longer the candidate.

Need Help Quick: Obama's "Not Exactlys"

I'm sorry, I just don't believe that people love Sarah Palin.

Jack Cafferty's Wife Carol Passed Away This Morning

What? No Daily Show thread?

CHENEY: KBR inquiry broader

NV-02, NV-03: Paint That Mother Blue

Anybody watching The Daily Show?

NY Times confirms US involvement in Nuclear Black Market

DAYUM!!! She's not a VP-pick. She's an appointed SPOKESPERSON!!!!

Crap. Hurricane Ike is taking aim, and it doesn't look good.

What a lousy example the palin family is to our nation's youth.

Independent UK: Palin: the real scandal

Life on the Gulf Coast (humor)

Palin will not talk to press.

Chicago Pastor Says Abstinence-Only Education Amounts to "Wishful Thinking"

Americans are struggling, yet cindy mcvain scrounged up a $300,000 (ugly) outfit

Too Funny - McCain's green-screen backdrop WRONG Walter Reed!

If PUMA’s Are Democrats Why Do They Write In the Style of Right Wing Propagandists?

"I'm so tired of these loose Republican words being used about change and how they care about you"

Larisa Alexandrovna Asks: "Has everyone lost their minds?"

The ad someone needs to make: "Daddy, who is Levi Johnston, why was he on the stage"?

The ad someone needs to make: "Daddy, who is Levi Johnston, why was he on the stage"?

Maddow - Dare I say it? Better than Olberman

Watch your back, Johnny. Watch your back. Get a food taster, too.

Also, and it pains me to say it, but someone needs to call Alaska

Ike is headed towards New Orleans?

Desperately Seeking Sarah: The ad Obama should run

Just applied to the Obama campaign!

Rush: "Community Organizer” Is National Joke (Satire)

SWIFTBOATING 2.0 and how to stop it: download it, bookmark it, USE IT

Looks like Russia has the last laugh....

The Book Banning Story...

Pssst....Rumor has it that Sarah Palin's allege lover.....

Wind is starting to pick up in Wilmington, NC -- and the rain is intensifying

Palin switched colleges cause she didn't like the weather

Every DUer should be able to answer: Name the most SOCIALISTIC STATE in this country.

Why We're Planning to Prosecute Cheney and Bush

Why We're Planning to Prosecute Cheney and Bush

CNBC host praises Palin for ‘putting a skirt on’: ‘I want her laying next to me in bed.’

Cheney Waits Until Last Minute Again To Buy Sept. 11 Gifts

60,000 letters to St. Paul mayor seek charge drops for all arrested journos.

Friday Night Bank Failure: this week, with a McCain connection!

God just helped Johnny Cash get up from his grave to sing against tthe RNC

Sarah her own words..."God's Work Be Done" from her sermon at Wasilla Church..

Why is the media trying so hard to distort reality?

“So Sambo beat the bitch!”

Florida Republicans gloat and pat themselves on the back over GOP convention.

Please do NOT call Sarah Palin 'PRO-LIFE' - she is not that, she is ANTI-CHOICE

"So sambo beat the bitch?" Sarah Palin

Palin signs email: "Trig's Creator, Your Heavenly Father."

Who Said This: "I Support My Darling Black African Woman"

Locally, McCain was on Fire Today.

Speaking in Tongues (question from a different thread).

Jack Cafferty's wife Carol passed away today

Palin Lying About Selling SOA Jet on eBay!!!

Amy Goodman Asks for Our Help...

Jesus Christ was a community organizer! Who else can YOU name.

TYT: Sarah Palin's Speech Meant Nothing!

"If you want it to be about personalities, we’ll go out for a beer sometime and we’ll talk"

zero tolerance: Top exam board asks schools to destroy book containing knife poem

*** DUzy Awards for week ending September 5, 2008 ***

Sarah Palin affair rumours are false, says John McCain's team

No one ever mentions bush's greatest failure, FAILING to get bin Laden for 7 years.

I see a lot of people here are scared shit-less after the Palin pick

Carol Shepp McCain

Mandatory evacuations issued for Florida Keys.

Is McCain even eligible to be President?

Paul Krugman: The Un-Recession

Bill Moyers Journal: Palin did NOT cut funding for special needs kids

saying no to ignorance

What subject should be the topic of the first question ...

My Co-Worker's Dad Sent Her A Ridiculous Email RE: Obama/McCain

Bob Woodward interview on 60 Minutes Sunday, Sept. 7, at 7 p.m.

The words we need to hear most...

Bravo Jamie Lee Curtis!!!

Last night I saw what a police state looks like - a report from the final night of the RNC protests

on the news.. McCain/Obama in a dead heat... then, approval of McCain by Rethugs 35%..up from 25%..

Sarah Palin used AK tax dollars to fund dominionist churches

Sarah Palin used AK tax dollars to fund dominionist churches

Palin's "eBay" jet "sale" actually a deal to help political ally in state legislature.

I am a resident of Wasilla, Alaska. I have known Sarah since 1992.

LOOP the Loop

Black Sabbath - A Hard Road

"Moran" moment at the RNC: "The Mavrick"

Songs McCain can use for the duration of his campaign which probably won't get his ass sued

PMS + RNC + Booze + Insomnia + Me = Damn.

Not to spread a rumor but I heard on one of the Air America shows

Heart warming elephant story in honor of the RNC...

Sorry for the threadjack, Writer


Quick! Pizza delivery coming in GD!

Ladies and Gents, The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus

A thought about goddess Palin, and this REALLY gripes my ass.

Marx Marx Marx Marx...

Been spending time in GDP, did I miss anything.

I don't know what to say, so here's a kitten wearing a pancake

Star Trek in the New York Times...????

When I was in my late teens/early 20's...

Is That You John Wayne?


So, my son started his new job today

Take THAT, philboy!

My life Sukkot

I broke my 1000 post Cherry! Ask me who I'm voting for!

Was the Lounge closed last week?

Was the Lounge closed last week?

Funny! "stuff white people like" ... I was surprised I am so obvious ...Haha!

What can the RNC use as their song since EVERYONE has ordered Cease and Desist

Oh, by the way - flvegan wins the "Who will Obama pick as VP" contest from last May

Wanna have the POOP scared right out of you?

What root rot does to a privacy hedge - B4 & after

I'll never fall asleep during an NFL game again

Quick update from Hurricane-Ravaged Baton Rouge.... was pretty much my favorite animal. :(

1,000,000 miles same truck 22 years no crashes (UPS driver)

Last in Class/ Small Town Mayor v. Constitutional Law Prof/Foreign Policy Expert

I think I'm making enemies in the school.

" I cannot believe all that moose eating didnt addle her brains"

Tell me: What do you think of the movie FIGHT CLUB?

In the mythicial kingdom of UD

I need to say this.... I love you all!

What I hate the most about Sarah Palin...

This singer named Duffy is terrible...

Find a good friend (image)

Leaked trailer for The Wolfman remake (Benicio Del Toro)

Fox News using "body language experts" again to examine Obama

What's the difference between the Rev. Jim Jones and Sarah Palin?

Well that isn't helpful at all. WTF?

Oh, no! It's "Lego - Palin"!!

Hot Buttered Squirrel! TLAP is only 2 weeks away!

So I got this email today from someone who forwards a lot of email

This event needs community organizers:

Allah be praised, they are GONE (some thoughts on the RNC from a St Paulite)

Well I missed the departmental outing yesterday...

Anyone work for a City Government before?

i'm back! anybody miss me? the DUzies come back today?

A proposal for the Official Lounge Anti-Sarah Barracuda Song

Blast from the past; The Strawbs

Moms should quit poking their noses around school so damned much.

Moms should quit poking their noses around school so damned much.

I'd like to see a pickup basketball game between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin

arrrrgghhhh! I hate UDF now (United Dairy Farmers)

I just watched this huge bald school security dude

I was just told to prepare a bed for some wacko lunch lady...

Marc Davis Debut for Randy Moss Motorsports

I dreamt that Keith Olbermann died. What does it mean?

BOBCATS take over an L.A. house in exclusive neighborhood

LOLcat people I present unto you a challenge

ugh Just. received. email from Eric Cantor

I think I am going to start my own religion

Ken Burns' next project...

Our local cable company is having a free HBO/Cinemax weekend...


Redqueen - I finally get it!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday, September 5

Leave it to my 9 year old nephew and 6 year old neice to teach me the secret of happiness

My mom got thrown out of my school today

I just threw a cackling Chuggo-loving harpie terrorist food bomber out of school

Well, I'm halfway through season 1 of "Weeds"...

I'm wasting time on DU for school.

I'm sure you are proud of your new iphone. However.....

My life sucks

My husband finally realized that he's not a Republican.

:sigh: and today of all days my star goes MIA

I'm kind of curious to know, -since the Republicans have been off at convention

I sold some taco bell food to this evil soccer mom

oh no! George Michael says there will be no Arrested Development movie

"Do the Pelvic Whoo!"

WOW! OMFG! Paris Hilton "focusing on her business, no time for a baby right now" WOW! OMFG! OMFG!

The thing that truly sucks about rooting against a hurricane

Lounge Contest: British frontman who most resembles an extraterrestrial

The Seinfeld Microsoft ad: WTF?

You will never believe this!

Hey, everyone!!!! Look here!!! DS1's phone number.

I wonder if palin thinks she is better than this community organizer...

So Chuggo threw Mildo out of school for serving Taco Bell to kids?

Why are we at DefCon 1??

Mcbu$h Greenscreen Challenge: Kittens Get Sleepy

Kim Kardashian - Who the heck is she???

Now I know why the Midlospawn are so messed up

So I'm in Taco Bell and this crazy woman runs in pushes me aside and demands

It's Friday I'm In Love

To those in the college football pick'em Yahoo league

Fucking Hicks

Yo Chuggo Taco Bell

Why don't DUers ever bring me Taco Bell for lunch?

Hey Guys? Don't look now. Chuggo's back.

OMG!!!! Cracked exposes the real issue behind Sarah Palin!

Bengals' WR Chad Johnson now (legally changes name to) Ocho Cinco

we just have to vote up Midlodemocrats thread...

Some crazed woman barged into the school where I work

I have a confession to make: I am Taco Bell Woman.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

is it just me or is there quite a number of the comedic challenged in the other forums?

God, I love this state

free porn at work

My name is billyskank and I have a problem.

$10 Million for this? (New Seinfeld Microshaft ad)

Taco Bell Woman

I don't think we have enough Midlo-Bell threads

Just read McCain's acceptance speech - what a load of fucking nothing and lies.

For Torchwood completists (or Large Hadron Collider fans)

Oh No, a baby ate my dingo

Whoever came up with this candy/package was a little weird :)

Tell me this story can't possibly be true...

If you aren't single, are you the breadwinner or is your SO?

Any members of the clergy here? Priests, shamans, vicars, lamas, anybody.

Positive Thoughts Needed for My Mom

Midlo's Problem: She DIDN'T STOP AT TACO BUENO!

Know what I hate about ads for weight-loss supplements?

I hate flies. But I love dogs.

If you aren't single, are you the Taco Bell winner or is your SO?

Jeff's back with DUZY's

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD.

Beck + Stone Old Guardian = ?

"We're going to live like kings! Damn hell ass kings!"

Damn - the 99¢ Only stores are going to raise their prices on Monday.

Who likes Duma?

Pardon me while I do a happy dance. I got the job! Wanna see my new work vehicle?

God damn, I love drinking alcohol.

I just saw philboy posting naked, and it fucked up my eyes man...

Better TV spokespeople: guys or Geico Cavemen?

Biggest Sell-Out?

Date tomorrow.....eeeek

and now for something completely different ...

Philboy and Parche, what is the relationship?

Who was i talking to on UPYERCLACKER last night? n/t

MSNBC followed Countdown with "On the Edge of Death"

Sarah Palin - just in case you missed it

I have an odd craving for Taco Bell.

If Satan started a rock band who would be in the line-up?

Anyone else here buy their ground beef this way?


Only in GD can a Spinal Tap thread drop like a 12" Stonehenge rock

Anyone here ever had a successful April/October romance?

Just saw "The Big Kahuna"

am I a douchebag, or what?

Battle of the Bands

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the RNC on Conan

Guys! Guys! Guys! I get to vote before you guys!

Excuse me, but I need some surgery advice in lieu of doctor's orders CAUTION: bodily function thread

Me Llamo Es Taco Bell

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 9/5/2008)

I had this done to my knee yesterday

So I found out why my Prof blocked my funding...How fucked up is this?

Best cell phone pic I've ever taken....

Best Mexican Inspired Fast Food Chain?

WTF is up with Goodwill stores?

Tonight's Lullaby - Haja o Que Houver

Who likes dogma?

Do you live in one of the 13 Colonies or Flo-rida?

The new season of The Shield has finally begun.

Something have been teaching my grandkids--Bo Jangles Dancing!

Check in if you're PUI

McCain - A Whiter Shade Of Pal-in ...

Jesus is my friend

Dirty Fat Person...

15 Reasons Why Mr. Rogers was the best neighbor ever

my beloved monster and me, we go everywhere together

How do people use DU? It's so big!

Now THIS is dancing!

This is not a request for legal advice--just for legal information.

short shorts , gotta love women in short shorts

Damn, I wish they'd bring back classic Solid Gold!

Calling Scotch aficionados

why does DU look different

An endorsement. :)

I am allowing my self to drink today

A dog bit me on the leg today.

Friday, September 5th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

My arms are orange.

How does a DU'er change a username?

Why the hell are we at turtlensueCon1!

I am a superhero! I am the BEST husband ev-AR!!!

Warren Fucking Zevon


Anyone have homework? I can be your study buddy.

Why the hell is DU at Defcon 1?

Best laugh I have had in a while!

cute kitten alert

I have 2 pieces of Pizza left, anyone want them?

Who likes dolma ?

OK, my cats have gone crazy. I am lying in bed with my laptop

Anyone else missing their University kids this week, we dropped of our middle

West coasters, if you have the NatGeo channel, I highly recommend "Dogtown" tonight

I plan on naming my children sine,cosine and Tangent

UPDATE on my Conference/Thesis funding Situation:

Someone's Bumper Sticker idea got me thinking...

Post the ways that you're superior to me

Midlo called me to bail her out of jail today

I'm back from the beach!

Dammit. My buddy here, and a one-time DUer, got canned today.

A great gift for the wife


I curse being born in the Fifties...

I just got a letter from John McCain.

Jesus Don't Want Me For A Sunbeam

Landscapes of Poland (artwork)

Um, you know you're a DU addict when...

My four year old asked me what it's like to be dead.

The Factory Dreamer. Blue Curtain.

I was just escorted out of the new Middle School by the police officer.

How many dates before your partner expects you to attempt getting to third base ?

Who is in first place in the NFC East, the NFC and the NFL right now?

Post an Obama picture from your own camera

The Large Hadron Collider goes online- What happens?

Dog in trouble

Midlo...since you are now, officially, a Menace to Society, I can hook

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Tribute to heinous music thread!

Why doesn't Taco Bell serve wine?

We reported our shot/killed cat to the sheriff today.

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Who will win the Super Bowl? (Bookmark this one for further discussion)

Please read this if you don't want DU shut down by them.

McCain campaign calls Palin affair 'vicious lie.'

Federal judge allows Bible club to meet at O.C. high school

DU This poll

RNC march turns ugly as police use teargas, detain journalists

EXCLUSIVE: In New Book, Woodward Says Bush 'Failed to Lead,' Even as Surge Succeeded

Critics dismiss Thai referendum

Honda to revive the Insight as a Prius-fighter

Heart tells McCain-Palin to lay off using "Barracuda"

US bomb 'kills five in Pakistan'

McCain's Landlord

Obama sends supporters to blunt Palin's impact

Experts Helping Palin Brush Up on Foreign Policy(Including Lieberman)

Intruders learn not to mess with Texans

Russia angry at US ship, Cheney sees 'threat' from Moscow

NY Times confirms US involvement in Nuclear Black Market

Obama Fires Back At Palin Attacks

'Panic' grips global markets

Clinton rejects McCain and Palin

UN says wealthy failing the poor

Farm bosses in Immokalee plead guilty in slavery scheme (Florida)

BRILLIANT Move: Dems to Force McCain Vote on Fair Pay Act

Saving Michael Vick's Dogs Pit Bulls Rescued From the Football Player's Fighting Ring Show Progress

Alaska trooper’s union files an ethics complaint against Palin

Congressman Seeks to Replace Wife on Ballot (Rob Andrews NJ-1)

GOP Congressman calls Barack and Michelle Obama 'uppity"

Sources: Bush (is) advised to delay troop cuts in Iraq

Iraq vet from Phoenix missing; SUV torched

Palin Power: Fresh Face Now More Popular Than Obama, McCain

Mortgage Foreclosures in U.S. Rise at Fastest Pace in Almost Three Decades

Qaeda undefeated in Iraq, work to be done -Petraeus

Obama: McCain focused on biography over economy

McCain says 'it's over' for special interests

Republicans paint Fourth Estate as Public Enemy No. 1

Veterans must find new place to live

Polish prosecutors probe possible CIA jail

Family, doctors not sure why soldier died

McCain TV Ratings Beat Obama in Preliminary Numbers

When storms batter islands, taxpayers pick up tab

Dell May Sell Computer Factories Worldwide

Trooper in Palin probe tells his side

Rep. King (R-Iowa) questions Obama's patriotism

World markets sink after Wall Street plunge

CIA, FBI push 'Facebook for spies

Republicans: Obama is 'more of the same'

Colo. elections chief quits as critical vote nears

So Sambo beat the Bitch

Judge approves California city bankruptcy petition (Vallejo, CA)

Palin aides peeked into trooper's files, union says

Palin Said Apt To "Cut, Kill, Dig, Drill"

Regulators Shutter Silver State Bank (McCain's son's former bank)

Palin's "eBay" Plane Sale Actually a Deal to Help Ally in Alaska State Legislature

Temporary Stay Issued in White House Subpoena Case

McCain says 'it's over' for special interests

Venezuela captures politician wanted in Colombia

Appeals Court Temporarily Blocks Miers From Testifying Before Congress

Consumer gloom suggests Obama victory: survey

Investigation into Palin Now on Fast Track

Judge Orders Justice Department To Declassify Torture Memos

Fla. Keys officials evacuate tourists, residents

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 5

Tough tanker decision looms for Bush administration

Iraq govt reacts sharply to US spying allegations

Appeals Court Temporarily Stays Congressional Subpoenas For White House Aides

Palin claim on eBay plane sale doesn't fly

6 ex-Soviet neighbors back Russia over Georgia

Cheney urges divided Ukraine to unite against Russia threat

Man Arrested Near Capitol After IED, Rifle, Ammunition Allegedly Found in Jeep

Palin appears to disagree with McCain on sex education

Jobless rate Jumps to 6.1%

Todd Palin's former business partner files an emergency motion to have his divorce papers sealed

Suicide bomber targets Chalabi

An RNC outfit for Cindy McCain: $300,000

250 protesters arrested before McCain speech

Group to run Mich. ad tying Detroit mayor to Obama

Obama At Bon Jovi Event: 'We Won't Be Bullied'

Spy agencies prepare for administration change

Federal Highway Fund Running Out of Money

British MP forced to eat Coffee Mate after being accused of cocaine smuggling

Voters say economy overshadows political hoopla

Heart to McCain/Palin: Back off on 'Barracuda'

McCain Attracts Record TV Audience, Tops Obama, Palin

Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital

U.S. may step up raids in Pakistan

Rice travels to LIbya to meet with Qaddafi

Silver State Bank in Nevada is shut

Republican defends use of ‘uppity’

Tennessee's convention votes cast for 'George S. McCain'

Team McCain and the Trooper Nominee's ally moves to curb probe of Palin

Storm-hit Haitians starve on rooftops

McCain says he only can capture Bin Laden

US warship docks in Georgia

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac to be Put Under Federal Control, Sources Say

Mexico drug plane used for US 'rendition' flights: report

In Honor of Barack OBAMA Great Original Song...

Final Dispatch from the RNC

The Daily Show - RNC Convention - Day Three

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin says McCain was "shockingly bad"


Barack Obama on Community Organizing

MUST WATCH! Best impression of Palin so far!

Drill Baby Drill - Possible Palin Affair

The Best Thing I Saw at the DNC (Poetry, I swear it's great)

Say Anything, Do Anything Republican Flip-Flops

How Fascism won you back, how its almost to late too resist.

When The Levee Breaks.. Kansas Joe, Memphis Minnie

John McCain: There Will Be More Wars.

Jeff Toobin: McCain`s speech was the worst speech since Carter


Winning in November

Make No Mistake

Bob Schaffer - representing Big Oil in Colorado

Bush speechwriter slams McCain speech

Shooting civilian homes

Gordon Smith - out of touch with Oregon!

Al Yanovich bought the jet on Ebay.

Performance Artist for Sharks, Hooks herself, UK, Lush Cosmetics

Jon Stewart defends Community Organizers

Olbermann Condemns Republicans use of September 11th Images!

Tic Toc Palin. Tic Toc.

TYT: Cenk's RNC Wrap Up = McCain "painful"

TPMtv: Republicans just can't figure out why voters are turning away from them

Mo Rocca and Katie Couric dish about Alaska 90210

No Questions, Please. We'll Tell You What You Need To Know. RE: Palin

Fineman: Palin Taking 'Timeout' From Campaign Trail

Palin - I Don't Know What The VP Does

Romney Mocks Gore For Nonexistent Private Jet

"Two crack shots on the ballot" (5:08 of dumb)

Rick Davis continues to imply that Sarah Palin will be sequestered from the press

Palin Rap: Angry White Woman

Islam's war on freedom

CNN Documents Sarah Palin's Truthiness Problem

John McCain.. They call him Mavrick!!

Candidate on the stump with NASCAR legend

Ohio Neighborhood Teams

Toobin Fact Checking Palin

Must See! More Stephen Spoonamore Interviews about Elctronic Voting

Rachel Maddow on the GOP using actors to stage manipulative images at RNC

jackie is apaintin agin

ABC News: 'Secret Armed Conspiracy' in Ireland (1970)

NBC News: Rock concerts, Charlie Manson, and Hippies (1970)

MPR News: RNC final night protest (raw video)

CBS News: Death of Harry S. Truman (1972)

The End Is At Hand

Project Make McCain Exciting: Clockwork McCain

Real McCain of Genius!

TYT: Cenk Vs. Margaret Hoover of Fox News On Social Security @ RNC

Cindy McCain wants to overturn Roe v. Wade . . . no she doesn't . . . yes . . .no

RNC uses fake soldiers, actors and staged funeral and staged battle scenes

Senator McCain, This is Walter Reed

Sarah Palin throws Republican Party

Cafferty: Why Are Dems More Enthusiastic About Election?

Jill Biden: Langhorne, PA

TYT: Enraged Republican Gets Violent with Cenk @ RNC(!) Full Version

Understanding the Power of Hurricane Winds...

FUNNY! School House Rock Parody on Voter Suppression

Police Bust Thru Attic To Detain "Democracy Now" Journalist

Sarah Palin Vlog #6: BEFORE THE BIG SPEECH!

McCain-Palin Caught Lying About Selling the Plane on eBay By Washington Post

You Must Listen To This! - Republican From Brooklyn Reacts To McCain`s Acceptance Speech

The Next Vice-President of the United States!

Devastating ABC Investigative Report on Troopergate

CNN - Biden hits GOP on economy

NBC News: Death of Dwight Eisenhower (1969)

Denver: 10 Straight Minutes of Barack Obama Kicking John McCain in the Teeth (Metallica Remix)

Washington Week: Cummings responds to GOP criticism that Media has been too tough on Palin.

Mike Wooten on CNN

Mrs. Greenspan hilariously caught in faux 'exhuberant' GOP celebration

Lieberman: Let's not assume the worst will happen to McCain, but if it does, she'll be ready

FOX Attacks Obama Like Kerry

Mumbles Brokaw talks with MT GOP party chairman about MT and Obama's chances

McCain's Speech - "Shockingly Bad"

Sarah Palin's Shocking RNC Speech!-Cleverly Edited for Humor

GOP Strategist: Palin Won't Talk With Press For Two Weeks

Palin's Church: "People from around the world will be coming to Alaska to get something from God".

Top McCain Aide Tells Gay Republicans, ‘You Are An Important Part Of Our Party’

Palin's eldest son to guard top commanders in Iraq

Debunking Palin's Jet Sold on e-Bay Story on CNN

Sarah Palin's Lie To Nowhere

FBI's New Rules

NBC News: Lyndon Johnson's last day as president (1969)

Iraq War Veteran Disrupts McCain's Convention Speech

Barack Obama in Duryea, PA

Maddow Calls Out the Lies Told at the RNC08

MPR News: Final day of RNC Protests in downtown St. Paul

Joe Biden: Philadelphia, PA

McCain's A Maverick? No. He's More Like A Ford Pinto

Triumph At the RNC

Palin won’t be subpoenaed in ‘Troopergate’ probe

TYT: Duncan Hunter Vs Cenk On Torture & Gitmo @ RNC

Cenk Smack-Down: Why is This Guy Obsessed with Sodomy?

Please, I implore folks to please stop saying sexist epithets on DU

Joe Biden On Fire

Obama says Pakistan misusing US aid for war against India

The Resentment Strategy (Krugman)

The Weekend Economist September 5-7, 2008 Because 5 Days Are Not Enough!

Jefferson's and Madison's 11th amendment that didn't get included

FactChecking McCain

"Sea of white faces at Republican convention" (surprise!)

reframing: it's not "mavrick". it's "eccentric."

Dear John

Records about Todd Palin's coworker unavalable in Alaska

COUNTRY FIRST to suffer under Republican control.

Keeping the story straight...or trying

Judith Warner: The Mirrored Ceiling

Gloss may wear off Republicans’ ‘lipstick-on-a-pitbull’ convention moment

Serious question: Did McCain pick Palin because of creeping dementia?

Friday Talking Points (46) -- Moose Poop!

Highly Partisan Reception Greets Palin as V.P. Pick-Half Say Palin Doesn't Have Experience to Be Pre

Obama Meets O'Reilly: No One Dies!

Time: What a Community Organizer Does

"One of the most important things Community Organizers do is clean up after Republicans"

What If Sarah Palin Were Black….

Republicans, stop calling Obama elitist.

Palin Staying Quiet On Endorsing Stevens For Reelection

Violence or Vigilance At the Conventions

Sarah Palin: The Face of Ugly Americanism

Palin: the real scandal (Her toxic policy on the environment would make George Bush blush.)

Sarah Palin Rides the 'Mute Button' Express

Top Ten Most Disturbing Facts and Impressions of Sarah Palin

WP, E.J. Dionne: Elegy for a Maverick


Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean”

Bob Novak: I have had few good things to say about Teddy Kennedy

How My 7-Year-Old Learned About Pre-Marital Sex from John McCain

McCain's 'Seven-Per-Cent Solution'

GOP's Plan for Palin: Reignite the Culture Wars

"Convention of the living dead" - UK Guardian 9/6/08

4 Ways Sarah Palin Is Making The Media Miss Laura Bush Already

check out the last sentence of this story.....

A Post-Rational Society?

Palin's Cold Shoulder

"McCain-Palin: 'Phonies Squared'" by Robert Parry (Consortium News 9-5-2008)

Time: Chávez and the Cash-Filled Suitcase

Going on an Imperial Bender - How the U.S. Garrisons the Planet and Doesn’t Even Notice

NY Times confirms US involvement in Nuclear Black Market

Big chill a symptom of climate chaos

Some interesting "information" on Nicolas Sarkozy

Party in Power, Running as if It Weren’t

Sarah Palin and Mark Halperin's Complaints of 'Liberal Media'

Dem wants USAtty Christie to release personal schedules for last 2yrs for possible politcal activity

The Real John McCain

Fascism Anyone? By Laurence W. Britt

The Anti-Obama Hate-Fest

Rambo and the Mean Girl

Pat Buchanan: Distant Drums at Sarah's Party

Palin Steals Hockey Mom Joke From John Hagee?

McCain is Running on the Amnesia Platform, But It's Democrats Who Need to Forget Sarah Palin

More Nastiness at GOP Convention: McCain's Mom Calls Joe Biden's Mom 'Inexperienced'

Robert Christgau on America’s Secret Fundamentalists

E.J. Dionne: McCain the Divider

The Teleprompter Did Not Break

More likely than not, you're funding Sarah Palin's gubernatorial snottiness

Greetings from "the angry left"

Dave Lindorff: Meet the Truth-Challenged GOP Vice-Presidential Candidate: Sure A. Pallin'

The Resentment Strategy

Rich nations fall short on aid delivery By Harvey Morris at the United Nations

Environment: Solar plant yields water and crops from the desert

Larisa Alexandrovna Sees AG Mukasey as Obstructing Justice: Revisit the DOJ Partisan Prosecutions

Bush Administration Widens Domestic Spy Agency Powers By Naomi Spencer

Can a 72-year-old rich white man be an agent of change?

Cheney Pushes Nabucco Pipeline

Media report Palin's false claim that Obama has not "authored a single major law or reform"

Nearly 125 Shot Dead In Chicago Over Summer

Palin, cut, kill and drill

Sources: Bush advised to delay Iraq troop cuts

US confirms raid inside Pakistan

Army: Soldier suicides may set record again

Palin’s National Guard faces manning woes

Navistar wins bid to supply smaller MRAPs

150 Lewis MPs to deploy this month

Family, doctors not sure why soldier died

Pfc. found dead at Drum

Soldier wanted on 40 sex charges turns self in

Report: DoD cannot ensure troops get checkups

Ex-POWs split on McCain playing up past

Iraq to open museum at Abu Ghraib prison

Judge refuses to delay Dix trial

Lawmaker told to take down tribute to fallen

130 Lewis engineers deploy to Iraq

120 Mass. guardsmen to return Saturday

(Army Times) Editorial: Define hard labor

(Army Times) Backtalk: Living up to Army’s values

Army scientists at Aberdeen find bee virus

Hearing postponed for chief accused of abuse

MAs charged in Brunswick suicide go to mast

Navy starts work on new Wash. carrier pier

(Navy Times) Editorial: No more amphib excuses

A welcome separation payment that wasn’t

Broken brake caused B-1 to hit fire trucks

SecNav: Navy needs a destroyer this year

Child porn nets Eielson airman a year in prison

Vice chief of Cyber Command is reassigned

Plan for combat training consolidation scrapped

General presses Pentagon for new tankers

Norfolk, Mayport ships prepare to flee storms

SDG&E found negligent in Pendleton helo crash

GOP recognition of SEALs broke deal with Navy

Is hard labor fair?

Ex-professor found guilty of passing AF secrets

Cheney Pushes Nabucco Pipeline

AlterNet: Boatloads of Trouble: How We Are Importing Our Way to Destruction

UK Behind Marine Renewables' Rising Tide

Duke (Energy Carolinas) Seeks Suppliers for 16-MW Solar Plan

California "water bank" in works amid drought

Aramco Confirms Having Brought 500,000-b/d Khursaniyah Field Onstream

Breakdowns spark National Grid crisis in power supply

Gas-line gridlock slows removal of storm debris

On Global Climate Change - if we do something about it, we save everybody

John McCain's first environmental lie: Barack Obama opposes nuclear power.

Producers Say 96% of Gulf Oil Output, 92% of Gas Idled by (Gustav)

FYI, NPR is doing a piece on African dust and hurricanes this afternoon.

Army scientists at Aberdeen find bee virus

Honda has a new budget-priced hybrid

New Concentrated Solar Tech: Simple, Cheap and Efficient

even minor public transit innovcations can add up to quite a big deal

Church's 'loving warning' to gay teens: 'I kissed a girl...then I went to hell'

Ramadan prayers end in Kalandiya riots

Peres: I oppose the use of military force against Iran

Iran strike a costly attempt to buy time

Jewish World / The language of anti-Semitism

RNC - Trade through the Spin Cycle

U.S. Rescue Seen at Hand for 2 Mortgage Giants (Fannie & Freddie takeover imminent).

US Employment Data Gives Sobering Does of Economic Reality

Unemployment Rises, Media Act Surprised (X-GD)

Volcker Says U.S. Financial System `Broken,' Losses May Rise

Today in labor history Sept 5 “Palmer raids” on all IWW halls and offices in 48 cities in U.S.

Oldie but Goodie for you all - "Union Man"

United Steelworkers Union Disses Palin and McCain

Please spread this information everywhere, especially swing states!!!

Former Haitian President Aristide Visits Chavez in South Africa (Haiti Analysis)

Atlanta Court rejects appeal of Cuban Five anti-terrorist case

Venezuela captures politician wanted in Colombia

CUBA: Fewer Guns, More Tourists

And now I'm rooting for the Blue Jays!

In 13 hours Ohio University ... the battling Bobcats ... will shock Ohio State

Astrology Detective's blog

These guys need our help. There is a movement to prosecute

What's with all these conservative Aquarians?

I want to bring up a point about religion and politics

Pfizer's bone drug may cause deaths, FDA analysis reports

Walgreen CEO: Cash-strapped patients cut back on meds, doctor visits

CA law will stop insurers from retroactively cancelling sick persons insurance

A most remarkable woman (and a truly inspirational moment)...

CDC reports " vaccination rates have stayed at or near record levels"

Solving the problem with Health Care

Roll Mr. Orwell, Roll: HPV Vaccine Required of Immigrants

A few portraits

is obama still not getting it?

Researchers Find 'Junk DNA' May Have Triggered Key Evolutionary Changes in Human Thumb and Foot

Scientists get death threats over Large Hadron Collider

Life at the high-energy frontier (LHC article)

WIRED: Inspiring article on all electric cars

I just received a White Mountain 6 qt. Ice Cream Freezer for my birthday

Does this recipe sound totally wrong to anyone else?

Being a part of this group...

tired of the the GOP stealing religion?

Proof Darwinism is not religion

Blessed are the peacemakers...

Girl's rights violated by Christians for not being a "believer"

Quiz: What do you call someone who, in the year 2008, obeys and enforces the law of Moses?

Museum defies pope over crucified frog

Cornering the market on God ...

Conspiracy Panics: Political Rationality and Popular Culture (new book)

RNC 9/11 video shows footage never seen before?

Okay help me understand this more...

Have at it "debunkers," "OCTers," "OCTabots": Post any part of officials story you disagree with

Anyone home in Waco?

The majority of taxpayers would see a bigger tax cut under Obama’s plan than McCain’s.

Intruders learn not to mess with Texans

Does any one know what this is?

mac.HELP...uploading html files to ""

Sometimes when I do the Windows updates, some of the most

Help! New laptop with Vista. Anyone help me map a network or connect to a server?

'Flight Rights' to offer consumer protection for air travellers

Defend Camp Coldwater! Support the B'Dote Defenders!


When does HLS juristriction end in the Twin Cites? Will we ever be free? n/t

Monica Bicking's dad, Dave on Amy Goodman, Raided her house and arrested 2x

Norm is speechless when discussion turns to politicians using drugs

Please vote against the Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher...

Is there any way to arrange for an exorcism or some kind of purification ceremony

The Kerry/Ed O'Reilly debate has been taped. BoHe:

Ghostbusters Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd Back on Call


A Bad Experiment in Voting

I'm assuming everyone here has seen this and...

Important possible election fraud clue - courtesy kpete

Colorado elections chief quits as critical vote nears-"declined To say why"


Join Barbara Lawton September 17th!


Something odd I got in the mail today. Is this on the up and up?

Judge tosses Diebold shareholder lawsuit from 2005

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

DU-A this poll