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Please DU this poll

The Public Deserves a Better Deal

Oh, the Drama! McCain in the Theater of the Absurd - Time (slams McCain)

Congressman Ryan’s Road Map for America Is a Dead End

Time to stand up!

Obama RoadBlog - Michelle and Jill in Tallahassee FL

RIP - Cool Hand Luke

I see KGB....Georgia in NATO...Russia committed aggression!!!

I see KGB....Georgia in NATO...Russia committed aggression!!!

Breaking: "Progress" (Deal) Reached on Financial Plan

ISDA Mid-Year 2008 Market Survey Shows Credit Derivatives at $54.6 Trillion

question - is it just me - when I see inflamatory/outrageous stories posted by someone with low

question - is it just me - when I see inflamatory/outrageous stories posted by someone with low

Ex - governor to GOP: Fight Schwarzenegger recall

McCain hit Obama on reaction to conflict in Georgia, but their president praised Biden today

McCain Pushed Land Swap That Benefits Backer

(just for fun) Biden Should Say This to Palin ...(posted this in GD a while back)

NEWSWEEK: A Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up With McCain

McCain in 2000: In 2008, send me to the old soldiers home

Congressional Leaders Announce Breakthrough in Bailout Bill Negotiations

SNL Live Now Midwest; Obama had a 30 second ad lead in here in CO.

Breaking: This is why McCain wouldn't look at Obama during the debate

BREAKING: Bail-Out Break-Thru has been reached... CNN Reporting

Uh oh...SNL addressing Bill Clinton's lukewarm support of Obama.

Breaking News on MSNBC regarding an announcement by

another bailout: $634 billion measure sent to Bush to sign

Rapture Ready member will not wave hello at Obama voting neighbors anymore

Breakthrough in Bail Out Plan

Moral Hazard

MADTV doing McCain right now..eom

Anger at bailout turns on fat salaries for Wall Street execs

Gallup poll on 9/26/2004 versus 9/26/2008

I just Donated to Obama/Biden again. Ask me anything.

Well over 200,000,000 people in this nation are responsible and HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. QUESTION:

United States: Palin’s Glasses Made In Japan

McCain needs to be called out on veteran's issues


Warned of Catastrophe, Bush Invades Iraq Anyway: His Folly Costs $2 Billion a Week - Bush History

How I'll feel on Jan 20, 2009

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Obama Wins Debate 46% to 34%

Obama Debated So Well... SNL had to really reach!!!

Fuck Wall St, fuck Wall St's bitches: the Republicans, fuck the Republican's bitches: the Democrats

An analysis (another one) of the debate

Shit....if the media responds to tonight SNL like past Gore ones....

Republican strategist on Bush's legacy: 9/11, Katrina, Iraq & a financial crisis

More photos from the "Hold Palin Accountable" rally

Slippery Slope

AOL poll has Obama as debate winner!!!!!

perfectsagehole is going on a bashing binge on the Yahoo Hal board.

real mavericks don't call themselves mavericks

Paul Newman was a maxed-out contributor to the campaign of Barack Obama for president

Frank Luntz - Undecideds break 17 to 10 for Obama in focus group

DU this AOL poll about Stupid Sarah. ((( hint, most folks dislike her )))

A friendly little card game in Tombstone

It's almost like Palin shot these Cougs

RW Nut Job's LTTE about upcoming election, and my response.

My local station had some news on the deal

Texas Voter Registration Question

Help 9/11 First Responders Today

Sarah Palin Spam Carving Loses to Sushi

"Baby Iraq" is one name..."A devil's playground" is another.

The House Republicans May Agree To Bailout In Order To Try To Get Economy Off Everyone's Mind

Why the Bailout Matters


Latest Gallup Poll: Obama 49 McCain 44

We get the government we put up with.

DU this pbs poll

Palin SNL skit, kick it and spread it wide

Photo from a McCain rally.

"Ask not what you can do for the poor, ask what the poor can do for you"

"Ask not what you can do for the poor, ask what the poor can do for you"

Dems kicking butt in California

One month, one week until the 2008 Election.

What are the hard numbers for OBAMA turnout in various states?

Playing the cards your dealt

I finally figured out who Cindy McCain reminds me of!

dupe delete

ACORN getting sued?

The Inevitable McCain Attack Ad

(Army Times) Electrical review turns up 3,700 fires

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Torture TV"

What does 700 billion dollars look like?

The Week America's Economy Almost Died

The "Surge", Liddell Hart, and the Debate.

What will be the effect of passage of the bailout?

So where was Palin on SNL?

The Debate: why no eye contact?

A shattering moment in America's fall from power

Some Questions about the '9 20' incident at Marriott Hotel in Islamabad

IMF warns against bailout.

Didn't watch any media today. Is the Debate still being spinned as a Tie?

HEY B*SH! . Declassify the Afghanistan NIE!

Attacked by Rush, Drudge, and O'Reilly and censored in the same day

"The White House said it was pleased with the progress made on the bill."

Awww...A Palin Shotgun Wedding Before Nov. 4th. Why Am I Not Surprised?

NYT: Mr. McCain Would Be Even More Bushian Than Mr. Bush

Junior's kinder and gentler America

What would be most likely to fix our wrecked economy?

Are you pissed off yet?

Let me explain Tax policy and the bailout

McCain's complete lack of integrity

Obama narrows gap in NH, VA, FL, MO; increases lead in MI

It's Official AOL has turned on McLame/Failin

U.S. Payrolls Probably Declined in September as Credit Crisis Intensified

Letter to my Congressman re: the bailout

Michele Bachmann blames minorities, Clinton for financial mess; Keith Ellison calls her out.....

I hope you're listening to Matt Kibbe on WJ

Invisibility is no longer an option...

On MTP: Shaeffer and Udall- candidates for U.S. Senate in CO

Charity must come first

Last evening, my nephew who lives in Canada sent this quote...

Research 2000 Nat'l Poll-Obama-50% McDildo 43%

If Palin Was your Mommy, find out what your name would be

Voter registration numbers in OH

Our local Sunday News was inundated with LTTE against the bailout.

Here to Stay, 14,000 Strong, and Armed With Non-Lethal Weapons - America, Meet Your New Local Milita

Why are Pelosi and Reid the only people front and center with Paulson in a photo??

thoughts on the bailout

First tracking poll influenced by the debate: Obama up by 7 (R2K: O50, M43)

Always a justification for anything and everything...

Reporting attacks over troop funding votes, Politico ignores McCain's own record

CNN airs McCain ad attacking Obama over troop funding vote, but ignores McCain's own record

SNL last night - Palin and Katie Pt 4 - fall down funny

US median home price slides to a still ludicrously high $203K

Despite evidence to the contrary, NY Times asserted as fact that McCain had "suspended his campaign"

Statement of Barack Obama on Financial Plan Breakthrough

Statement of Barack Obama on Financial Plan Breakthrough

Behind Insurer’s Crisis, Blind Eye to a Web of Risk

Behind Insurer’s Crisis, Blind Eye to a Web of Risk

Sign the petition! No Wall Street!

Barbara Ehrenreich: How Positive Thinking Wrecked the Economy

9/28 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 50, McCain 43

RAS (R) TRACKING POLL: Obama 50, McCreep 44. No Change. More crossover support for O than M.

CNN's King reads Kissinger statement without noting accusation against Obama is false

I can see it now... "Why is Obama stuck at 50% in the polls!"

Forget the real debates--who came off worse on the SNL parody?

Steve Schmidt claims bailout credit for McCain

Where Congress/US Government screwed up in creating financial mess.

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Obama did better job than McDildo in first debate

13-million digit prime number discovered

Palin bait and switch

Mark Udall deserves a medal for not turning around in his chair & punching Bob Schaffer in the face

KY-Sen: Lunsford and McConnell Neck-and-Neck in New Poll

McCain and Team Have Many Ties to Gambling Industry

McCain has two more opportunities to showcase how dislikable he is

NBC's Todd asserted as fact that McCain "pulled the plug on his campaign for two days"

Would a Democratic pres. who'd gotten us to this point have been impeached?

Clinton's Non-involvement In The Bad Loans

When will they ask Mcsame why he won't face his opponent?

I am SO damn steamed at The Times!! and headlines mischaracterized Paulson's remarks as blaming Democrats

Tom Brokaw gets on my nerves!

So the WAMU CEO walks away with 19 million after working 17 days

Anger at bailout turns on fat salaries for Wall Street execs

Biden needs to do one of the Sunday talk shows next week!!!!

Lindsay Graham: "Yeah, it's true I'm a fox. But, I know to guard the henhouse"

Just saw Moveon's anti-McCain, "700 billion bailout" ad on MSNBC

McCain camp prays for Palin wedding

A Freddie Mac Money Trail Catches Up With McCain

Is Obama scheduled to appear on any of the talk shows this morning?

It brings me constant joy knowing Keith does NFL commentary,while Rush doesn't.

Nasa to go cap in hand to Russia to purchase Soyuz spacecraft

WARNING: this may be the scariest 47 seconds of video you will ever see.

Is anyone watching the Schaffer Udall debate on MTP?

If Roe Goes, Our State Will Be Worse Than You Think

NYT: McCain & Gambling... (ties to industry, his personal addiction)

Which debate is Brokaw moderating? If it is the economy one then Obama

If Palin were a male candidate . . .

Frank Rich: "Country First" McCain will take the country down with him to get elected

Would McCain be acting this bizarre if he were certain they'd steal it for him?

Six Short Takes on Why Obama Came out Ahead in the Debate

Six Short Takes on Why Obama Came out Ahead in the Debate

Anyone see this video from Obama that McSane WINS!!!!!

Parteeee Politics.

The poor are such a drag on our economy, what should we do with them?

why Barack Obama and I don't give a Shit about McCain looking at someone in their eyes!

Why don't John McCraps' tax returns report his gambling winnings/losses?

Barney Frank on C-SPAN live now. n/t

Mainers and Canadians Take Care..State of Maine Issues Hurricane Watch Following Kyle Strengthening

You have to be carefully taught...

So as a single person household I owe $11,000 for the current bailout

3 points Obama could have won in the debate.

Obama is on Face the Nation n/t

Was the bush bail out some crazy 'inside job' conspiracy?

Nothing worse than a rethug shill on a Local political talk show.

The big $7bl. secret & why neither side is mentioning it

If you ain't gonna fight, get out of the way

Which John McDildo Will Show Up In The Second Debate?

The Trillion Dollar Wrong Thing

Can anyone prove to me that we couldn't have "saved the economy" by giving $ to the people instead.

Palin supports Obama position on Pakistan; contradicts McStake

Another Palin moron moment (tm)

Is this a positive or negative for Obama and the Democrats?

Obama now on Face The Nation /nt

The Bush/Pelosi/Reid Bailout of Billionairres will cost us the elections n/t

Barack: Last thoughts before the debate (PHOTO).

Barack Obama Grants MTV First Post-Debate Interview

Impulsive, Impetuous, Impatient: "Suppose John McCain had been in the White House in October 1962.."

McCain wants to "see the details"

Will a Bristol "miscarriage" force Palin to cancel the debate?

Now we know the real reason Pelosi and Reid took Impeachment of the Table...

Guardian UK: When smalltown USA turned on 'Fraud Street'

Is there a web site keeping track of newaper endorsements?

Is there a website collecting POTUS endorsements?

Take this survey at Polling Point: Who is ahead, Palin's choice as VP, etc.

After Attacking Earmarks, Graham Defends His Own Pork: ‘I’m Part Of The Problem’»

I think McCain is intimidated and was trying to control his horrible temper.

Senate Approves $612 Billion for Defense -- Last One Was $696 Billion

Is opposition to unnecessary military warfare an obsolete ideal?

Barney Frank tearing up Cantor on CNN on every single point!

Jimmy Buffett weighs in with his own bailout plan

It really is, essentially, all about abortion

Where in the world is it desirable for ALL non-indigenous people to be excluded from politics?

Steve Schmidt McSames Chief Adv. looks like Mr Clean

"The war in Iraq will pay for itself." Folks, we've been down this road before.

Graham on bailout negotiations: ‘You can’t phone something like this in.’»

Canton Ohio Repository endorses Obama....

What are the Republicans planning to release about Obama in late October/early November?

Why does Obama dislike Medicare Advantage Programs?

comedy idea-Mccain doing "leave Sarah Palin alone"

AP Investigation: Palin got zoning aid, gifts

'Mr. Cool vs. Mr. Hot' - Newsweek Cover - pic

Twit Hume and Bill PNAC Kristol jump the FAUX shark: "Let Palin be Palin"

"Investing" in health care is BS!

So this past tense talk of the bailout on MSM means?

Blame Game Begins on Capitol Hill - Lehman Brothers Execs Tell Congress They Didn't Keep Documents

Deflecting blame to sidestep responsibility or avoid scrutiny.

Biden's voting record

Busting the Fraud of Voter Fraud are all missing the most important question after this debate...

Rasmussen O - 50 M - 44 NO CHANGE

Question about Economic Crisis...

Meanwhile: Greenland: roar of melting glacier sounds climate change alarm

Google "Obama rally" images and then Google "McCain rally" images

NYT: Bailout agreement--in accordance with all of Obama's principles--reached 1230am Sunday

The G-7 Crime Syndicate turns on the G-7 Godfather

Not much talk here about the next McStunt

Palin's parents on Monday's CBS Early Show. LOL

Rhetorical question: What's with the rethug "Fannie and Freddie" meme?

Where is Barney Frank this morning? He wasn't in that

Something so disturbing about this photo...

how much is 700 billion dollars?

DKos - "unsung moment of the debate"

Holy SHIT! Only $3,600 left to go on DU Obama fund

NYT Photo: Bailouts are FUN! Our elected officials savor the flavor of $700B from your bank account

"Change Is NO Longer Just A Slogan" BECAUSE "Now We KNOW What It Looks Like"

When Obama wins will we be able to rest for awhile or will the battle just begin?

John McCain's "Big" Economic Plans

Tina Fey reprises role as Sarah Palin on "SNL"; ''Katie, I'd like to use one of my lifelines."

Cartoon: The Free Marketeers

DOJ Report On U.S. Attorney Firings To Be Issued Monday

Funny TV experience right now - McCain / Obama ads back to back

The Democrats are going to be blamed for this bailout

What's the difference between Sean Hannity and a flaming bag of shit?

The Dumbing Down of America goes global.....

4 out of 5 dentists recommend Palin take Poli-Sci 101 next semester. n/t

McCain on "This Week"

My thoughts on the Bailout agreement.

McCain retracts Palin's Pakistan comments

ACORN getting sued?

What will be Pailn's most over used debate line...

We are officially fucked!

Brokaw Blindsides Axlerod.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Has Anybody Heard Anything About Uranium Being Found In Iraq To Vindicate Bush?......

"If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself" & Picture Fun

INTRADE UPDATE: McCreepy still sinking like a stone. O - 58, M - 41.

I have a question about the bailout and small business loans

Former Governors and Senator Spread Obama's Message in North Florida

I Didnt think a campaign adviser could make my skin crawl more than Wolfson and Penn...found it!

There still has to be a vote.

I'm REALLY looking forward to MSNBC's follow-up piece, "What If McCain Loses?"

Why this bailout is doomed to fail......

WTF Is My Problem?

CNN airs McCain ad attacking Obama over troop funding vote, but ignores McCain's own record

What do Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, and Tom Brokaw have in common?

beautifully symplistic Obama ad.. and commentary, [a letter to a friend ]>>LINK>>

Nevada's Clark County (Las Vegas) Republican Communications Director removed

Laura Flanders just asked: "Who controls the Legislature, the voters or the financiers?"

Lindsey Graham pimps McCain role in bailout: ‘You can’t phone something like this in.’

wow, I guess I should read the local paper more often....

wow, I guess I should read the local paper more often....

wow, I guess I should read the local paper more often....

Main Street?

McCain: "This is the business we're in"

Just made another Obama donation through DU.

Palin Debate Watching

A Troubled 'Ownership Society'

Here is a list of what we pay senators & congressmen: Are they WORTH it?


This is the kind of Drivel that passes for LTTE's where I live.

Media Matters: Norah O'Donnell aired cropped "John is right" clips,

A bone for the atheists amongst us after the debate

I think we can call it the pwnership society now, can't we?

Is There a List of Bills That McCain Voted for That Confirms He Voted with Bush...

Smarter this time around ?

My Idea: Let's give Al Gore 700 BILLION+ for Green Energy & Technology.

Congress better start putting in some financial consumer protection legislation

What companies other than AIG who wrote CDS contracts may be liable?

Asia Times: Breaking free from dollar hegemony

Which is the safest bet, casinos or the stock market?

Credit Crunch Banker Kills Self (link).... (it's 1929, people....)

Pacific time zone: Obama on Face the Nation NOW. Talking about bailout. n/t

If you have not declared your position on the bailout, check in here.

RW Nut Job's LTTE, and my response.

What would you like to say to Speaker Pelosi & our party's 'leaders' this morning?

Congress Has 43,457,362 Reasons to Help Goldman Sachs

Can one of you Photoshop wizards create a bumper sticker....

Is there a forum for the JFK Assassination here?

Fight fight! On Brockaw right now. (Meet the Press)

Attn NYC: Obama on FTN at 2:30 pm.

AP: Palin received gifts, zoning aid questioning her ethics

From now on in any future debates, instead of Obama saying that Senator McCain was right about that

Obama-Biden in Detroit

"You can't say that!" Maybe McCain has a little 'splaining to do for us.

Any Good Liberal Voter Guides Out There?

Sunday numbers, Sept. 28, 2008

Chris Rock on HBO now

David Brooks on Tweety's show; "She'll rise to the level of mediocrity"

Best anti-Palin rant yet from Matt Taibbi (language warning)

Attn: IRS. I found some people who need to pay taxes....Sic 'em

Canada's Harper Joins G-7 Chorus, Pins Crisis on U.S. Policies

John McCain, Sarah Palin depicted as party animals at Pratt Gallery

What I have noticed-watching

At least we are bailing out something else!

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Sept 28 – Obama 339, McCain 199 (Link)

Palin's Debate Hurdle - Chalk Mark on the Floor

McCain's "the economy is fundamentally sound" statement should be his undoing. Obama, USE IT.

Palin's response reminds me of Paul Lynde - the crazy uncle on "Bewitched"

The McCain campaign and Sarah Palin don't want none of this

this sums up what bill is doing now

I would like to hear Obama say

How will the bailout affect the $407 billion federal deficit?

Is it a Repuke Talking point to say Obama left the state senate in 2005 and started a Pres Campaign?

Streaming Video - Real Time With Bill Maher

Obama won the debate, 46%-34% (Gallup)

Freepers and Bigots touting the CRA for the markets demise.

Remember- The only thing better to the media than a horserace, is a disaster.

Obama Live Event in Detroit - now

As Negotiators Struck Bailout Deal, McCain Dined At Opulent DC Hotel

The reality of the Iraq surge, the numbers.

New Talking Point - Sure is a horrible BAILOUT that JOHN McCAIN negotiated!! He wants the credit,

American Conservative's Daniel Larison: McCain won't drop Palin and why

Paul Newman, you were a mensch!

McCain Fatigue and why the gambling makes it even worse

Bush History,9/28 - Warned of Catastrophe, Bush Invades Iraq Anyway: His Folly Costs $2 Billion a We

Asbury Park Press: Democrats extend voter registration edge in N.J.

Just curious: Will personal credit scores of Wall Street execs plummet?

Look what McCain said about the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy that he supports now

Warren Buffet: The Treasury could make a lot of money on the bailout

At the heart of the McCain/Palin "energy independence" plan

“Michelle Obama plans visit for Boulder rally”, Will she visit AHSA skeet event for Obama?

McCain's campaign reminds me of Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons...

Why Obama and McCain have to agree in so many issues?

Obama didn't handle the "surge" matter very well

Are we REALLY under Martial law right now?

My husband wearing a barrel in KTLA news clip protesting the bailout:

Does anyone else find it amusing that some of the loudest rightwingers around here

McClatchy: Bailout would come in stages that Congress could halt

President McCain?

New Vote For Change Ad ..... McCain wins....

The day after Dan Quayle accepted...

Freeps Fightin' & Frettin' On Mooselini

Congress, White House reach financial bailout deal

More Americans are on food stamps but say the aid is not enough

Research 2000/Daily Kos tracking Poll: Obama 50 (+1) McCain 43% (no change)

McCain on This Week - "You can say whatever you want".

AP: Medical helicopter crashes in Md. park, killing 4

DKOS poster: McCain stands up Ohio. The Week's Townhall meeting cancelled with no notice.

on Bailout, who does only the government have to try to renegotiate mortgages they buy?

nt. n/t

Do you know of people who actually want four more years of *?

Self delete - wrong forum

Self delete - wrong forum

Obama answers - McSame does not

McCain: Solutions for after the cat's out of the bag.

Dumb question: will bail out deal ban subprime mortgages and ballooning interest rates on debt?

NBC's having last night's Tina Fey video removed from YouTube...see it on Raw Story

LOL Palin is not ready for prime on This Week McCain confronted with video of man on the street. . .

Palin likely remains on the ticket.

Is Oliver Stone's "W" being pitched as a comedy?

Hey Guys and Gals! Palin's unfavorable rating reaches 50% in new poll

The Freepers are wanting to talk Ministers again

Any numbers yet on how many people watched the debate on Friday?

A 20% tax on golden parachutes

MSNBC: What can $700B buy?

I just don't understand.

Look at everybody freaking out

Think your bail out will work??? Think again, Focus on paragraph 2......

I think I found the right analogy for Palin

Desperately searching for Sarah

pit bull palin: further analysis of her pitiful couric debate...article

Does Anyone Think That *Co Actually Wants A Run On The Banks Before Nov.......

Rasmussen... Obama up by six.

Election Day Doomsday Scenario...

problem w/ LEFT side of McCain's face?

MSM Reports Sarah Palin Protest.

Who will be the biggest obstacle to solving the GOP's latest financial mess?

The human face of economic uncertainty

Anyone notice that lately CNN and MSNBC don't have any poll numbers

is the crisis settled? I haven't seen the plan yet, or heard it.

Oh, my, I was afraid of this. The "Claymates" prove to have a fickle faction because of teh gay!

Seniors being scammed by mail on Social Security fears?

Here's the SNL link from last night. You tube has taken down the other one.

What happened to McCain's Townhall? Cold feet? THIS REQUIRES AN EXPLANATION!

What is this group called Acorn that I keep hearing about?

The Dumbing Down has gone TOO FAR...America has reached a point

what might be "a better bailout" article by Stieglitz, of Columbia U

Bad news. Obama plays fear card in new fundraising ad:

Don't fall for the Repub campaign to blame Fannie and Freddie

Chances Of Obama Landslide Greater Than Chances Of McSick Winning *AT ALL*!

Has the word "maverick" lost all meaning?


Signs of Underground Plumbing Seen on Mars

McClatchy: Bailout would come in stages that Congress could halt

AP Investigation: Palin got zoning aid, gifts

Nearly 140 years ago, another black senator made history

Main Street turns against Wall Street "My Friends' Mess" ad on MSNBC. Well done!

Welcome to Potterville...

Didn't I read that Palin was supposed to be on SNL last night?

For first time in 72 years the Stockton (CA) Record newspaper endorses a Democrat for President

Blacks, whites show prejudices along racial divide

does anyone know if yahoo has a mail reader similar to.....

MarketWatch: Tip of the recession iceberg

The Republican Raptor Rapture : It's a Wrap!

Will there be blowback? If so, against whom?

Cameras Roll, and Faith Hasn’t a Prayer

This isn't a bailout for Main Street.

Hannity promoted text-message poll calling McCain debate winner, but viewers were allowed to vote

If Santa rears his head into Alaska's airspace will Palin shoot him down?

Kevin Phillips on Bill Moyers

Subject: Fwd: Urgent Message from Minister of Treasury....

Trend: Media spin on the election VIA Body Language discussions...

Trend: Media spin on the election VIA Body Language discussions...

Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama 47 (-1), McLame 42 (-1)

Barack Obama on Face The Nation now (CBS, 10:30 a.m. ET)

Glowing Review from Time's Mark Halperin of Bill's Performance on MTP

More on the Anti-Palin rally.

SALON: No Palin trade missions with Russia on record

GOP official removed for racial remarks

GOP official removed for racial remarks

Tell me about Senator Judd Gregg

Between 40 and 50 Rethugs will not vote for this bill

Palin... "Iron Lady"..... Huh?

The Obama people are like the Kennedy people in that they are practicing practical pragmatism...

McCain: "Forcing financial institutions to pay employees at least minimum wage caused this crisis"

McCain is not only going to keep Palin, he is STUCK with her.

Media Matters: Tweety went there again. "Did it surprise you that he was so un-ethnic tonight?"

In memory of my parents in this election year.

Sold down the river. Here is some text of our "savior bill"......

26,000 see Obama in the RAIN! photos

What in the world do Republicans think "Victory" in Iraq looks like?

Bailout goal: move fiscal wreck off the road

The next time people demand "Call Your Representative!", Remember this Bailout...

The wealthy are going to use this "breather" that the bailout will provide to remove their money

Is there an anti-bailout in NYC on Monday? If so, where is it?

Is there an anti-bailout in NYC on Monday? If so, where is it?

Let's all find a way to thank John McCain for his Party's bailout

John Russell For Congress PRESS RELEASE Wall Street Bailout MUST Be Subject To Conditions

Pundits: Debate Even. Viewers: Obama Clearly Won. Why the Disparity?

Pulpit Freedom Sunday

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Have No Fear, Econo-Man Is Here (Dory Hippauf)

they went to the bank and dropped off the keys to the house

McCain fan responds to a YouTube ad I did with very racist comment (warning: contains "n" word)

McCain fan responds to a YouTube ad I did with very racist comment (warning: contains "n" word)

A couple more Hold Palin Accountable rally videos

Main Street turns against Wall Street

How about hundred year mortgages?

Can you help with slogans for Bail-Out protest rally?

Cool! Strike 2!

Obama Road Blog - Fredericksburg VA (fantastic Obama and Biden pics)

We Need Vince Bugliosi, Not Nancy Pelosi

Has Palin gotten back to Couric yet?

We Are Under Martial Law! As Declared By The Speaker Last Night! Rep Burgess

Videos from Hold Palin Accountable rally

Increasing Debt IS Raising Taxes .... talking point du jour

Enough of the Bullshit! You want to know what really caused the financial meltdown?

Barron's: How Did We Get Here? (Politicians' Role In The Bubble Creation)

Alaskans financially supporting Obama more than McCain

Boehner "really pissed" at McCain

How do I respond this the video

What prevents them from taking the $$, selling off the business and being gone 5 years later

Chavez says crisis-hit U.S. needs new constitution

Was John McCain asking Joe Lieberman to replace Sara Palin?

Congress Adresses America Re: Bailout

My Two Cents on McCain/Palin Ticket.......

Media/McCain Missed the "Lipstick" on Obama Friday Night!

Has anyone found the video of Obama's response to McCain's "liberal" jibe?

Time for some LOLpoliticians!

Did Bill Clinton gain weight? He looked like he gained weight on

Send a Postcard to the Whales in Antarctica - Sea Shepherd

CNN: President of Pakistan vs. Blitzer. President snubs Palin.

Oh My God - Saw MTP this a.m. - PLEASE Colorado defeat Schaffer in the Senate

They lost me

New McCain/Palin Campaign Poster

McCain retracts Palin's Pakistan comments

Mudflats report on the Hold Palin Accountable rally

Caption the Mc*'s


Rescue Bill is posted on House of Rep site but I can't make it open

Obama making strides on electoral map

Gee, Bush didn't give a sh*t about the 'Asian markets' the day he....

C-Span Video - Mr speaker I understand we're under martial law

AP: As Mayor, Palin pushed rules to help herself and her allies

Lol! CNN will be repeating their report soon On The Road To Nowhere! A must see!

Thomas Jefferson believed the constitution should be rewritten every 19 years...

Heads up: Henry Paulson coming up on 60 Minutes!

Time for hubby and I to care or food.

'How did Bush go from an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?'

Wile E. Coyote, representing the ACME Insurance Co, at your service

Fox News teaming up on John Kerry

“Hey, Sarah! I can see the end of your political career from my house!”

“Hey, Sarah! I can see the end of your political career from my house!”

Lawyers for China milk victims pressed to quit

Check out these new sneakers that I'm getting!

Okay, I've decided on a bumper sticker magnet.

Anybody out there like politics?

Help Tina Fey!

YouTube Video -Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? -True?

Heckuva surge, McBush: Attacks In Baghdad Kill At Least 25, Wounds 100

President Obama will find Osama in the cave and then send him to hell! Per Biden

Title: The "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008"... or EESA...

Pastors To Preach Politics From The Pulpit

We need a Roosevelt, not a Reagan or a Clinton.

Proof Kerry Won in 2004

Another site about TARP....WP

Ugh...Fox News Airhead desperate to pin blame for need of bailout on the Dems

Rethugs still meeting

Sarah Palin Quote Generator

Sarah Palin Quote Generator

What will Fox's headlines be if Obama wins?

60 Minutes - Paulson and the bailout

McCain doesn't know who Kathleen Parker is?

What I told a racist Democrat

"Freedom is nice, but we still need essential services"

Bank-Rescue Compromise Plan Is Under Review by U.S. Lawmakers - Bloomberg

Did anyone just see that exchange betweent Borger and Toobin?

Interesting - I can't get to the websites of over half of teh IL Reps.

"Akmedijaaaaan" A present from Barack Obama to John McCain

Staunch Republicans don't quite get it...

Aide: "Impossible to know" if McCain will be in DC for bailout vote

Bill Clinton stumping for Hillary 2012 on MTP

They sound all satisfied with their bailout deal, but is the credit market going to be happy?

They sound all satisfied with their bailout deal, but is the credit market going to be happy?

self-delete -- posted seconds after another!

Bailout votes an extraordinary risk for members of Congress

Why $700B

Lobbyists in McCain’s inner circle cashed in on Senate Abramoff investigation.

Is it even technically possible for Palin to drop out? I don't think so...

Is it even technically possible for Palin to drop out? I don't think so...

The world's biggest subprime mortgage

Palin inherited flush coffers, tax revenue and when on to spend it like a drunken sailor

Palin to Appear in Bay Area But Will Not Speak

Palin's Stand on Mining Initiative Leaves Many Feeling Burned - WaPo

IMO, the Palin surprise will be an endorsement of a draft.

The Gavel: The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

Subprime problem. Ugg buys ugly houses!!!

Did this mess start with Main Street ?

Visual summary of McCain's performance in the 1st debate - Warning: graphic!

Damn it feels good to donate to a great cause!

Great moments in Bushie Hiztree: (lifted from craigslist)

Will Palin win Jews - and Florida - over to Obama?

Thank You, Senator Clinton

Here's How Ya' Gotta' Play It, Joe...

SC Mayor 'just curious' if Obama is antichrist

Palin agrees with Obama on pakistan, OOPS!!

Sarah Palin Used NOTECARDS During That Couric Interview. Help Choose Correct Smilie In Response

Rasmussen: Electoral College: Obama 200 McCain 174

Palin is NOT a "true believer" - she is a female "Babbit" as in Sinclair Lewis' novel

How about a foreign policy debate between Sara Palin and Noam Chomsky?

Stephanie Miller on CNN" She's not a Vice President! She's a Vice President Spokesmodel!"

Where can we see the palin/couric last interview - all links are "down"...

Chinese police to respond to the scene of all complaints of domestic violence

Here's why I reluctantly support the bailout: Barack Hussein Obama.

Let's recapitalize the Wall Street jackals so we can get back to what's really important:

Your thoughts about next Thursday and the debate ..... ?

President Bush went to school....

Just for all those worried about PA

Sweetjeebus Obama Is Good!

McCains next distraction attempt: McCain camp prays for Palin wedding

McCains next distraction attempt: McCain camp prays for Palin wedding

Please talk me down from Quaylin "Faking It" in the Charlie/Katie Interviews

Don't miss Down on The Farm: Rhonda Chriss Lokeman NAILS!! it.

Bob Schieffer's Reflections on "Returning to Ole Miss" (VIDEO)

We are about to make history.

Fifteen pastors tell congregation members who to vote for? 1984 comes to life

Move along now, and whatever you do, DON'T listen to Sarah or believe a word she says!

It's a hurricane and it's gonna hit Canada and those doofuses think Global Warming is fake

It's a hurricane and it's gonna hit Canada and those doofuses think Global Warming is fake

Statement of Barack Obama on Financial Plan 'Breakthrough'

Did John Zogby die?

***HEADS UP***: Barack, Michelle, Joe, and Jill Hold "Change We Need" Rally in Detroit. LIVE NOW!

The Three Trillion Dollar Man

House GOP leaders support deal

Don't know if this is true...but...BOA CC gone as of 10/1

Malaise, this is for you!

MIHOP Bailout question, re: Fannie & Freddie ...

WTF !!! - Can Somebody Explain This FDIC Failed Bank List To Me ???

The Human Face Of Economic Uncertainty

The Sarah Palin Miss Alaska Swimsuit Competition footage has gone TOTALLY viral!!

okay, i want to know

Palin McCain Haiku contest

Image - Palin Cookin the Books

Down on the Animal Farm: Rhonda Chriss Lokeman NAILS it!

Help me find the current text of the bailout bill! :(

Did I just see a whole bunch of Rethugs on CNN supporting Bush's bailout plan?

Did I just see a whole bunch of Rethugs on CNN supporting Bush's bailout plan?

KO The gift that keeps on giving

"Fool me once, Shame on You. Fool me twice, Shame on Me."

This is all about moving the Crash out past the Election...Robbing Peter to pay Paul....

No cheering at all when Obama mentions a bailout he can vote yes on.

McCain Calls For Bipartisan Cooperation On Financial Bailout, But Refuses To Talk With Democrats»

If we just reset all default home mortgages to 100yrs/ 5% could we avoid the bailout?

I have a BAD FEELING about this BAILOUT...

61 Nobel Laureates in Science Endorse Obama

I Was Just Listening To Right-Wing Radio Discussing The Bailout Talks

Compare & contrast: the world's second largest bank, Fortis, is being nationalized.

Investigators: Probe on U.S. Attorney Firings Should Continue

I hope they ask the VPs about womens issues

Am I the only one who is apathetic about Bill Clinton (not Hillary)?

GODDAMMIT!!! Warren Buffet puts down a $5 billion bet on the

Sermon on the stump: Pastors to violate IRS law

Has McCain Been Called Out F/Lying About Kissinger's Stance Regarding "Preconditions"?

delete: double post

Oh, look at what points to

FACT: Republicans and Christians are discriminated against more than gays

Russ Feingold was against the bailout plan Friday - any news where he stands now?

Who is the real John McCain?

I wish Americans were smarter so that Palin's dinosaur comments could hurt her

Newsweek: How Obama and McCain See The World

The reason I believe Palin seems to think Putin flies through Alaska to visit the US.

Rescue Bill Revealed (Draft) - CNNMoney

The New Yorker: Where’s the Beef? (Kleeb D-Ne)


Gallup - Obama 50 (+1), McLame 42 (-2)

Has there been a "PALIN WINS DEBATE" print ad released yet?

Comment I heard regarding Obama and race

a "summary" of the bailout bill released by Nancy Pelosi - WaPo

So this financial crisis is somehow ACORN's fault?

Check out the lawn sign I made...

OK, who's doing Veep Debate drinking parties?

Exclusive: Fox 'News' Spikes Story on Conservatives 'Questioning Palin Heft'

Obama Ad - NFL games

For those of you who saw Obama on Face the Nation...

THIS is why we laugh...

Wachovia in talks with citibank & wells fargo...there goes another one

Great news! RCP's "No Toss Up" map has Obama 301 - McLame 237

Pelosi: Summary of Draft Proposal

Bloomberg: Wall Street Executives Made $3 Billion Before Crisis

IMPORTANT! Less than TWO WEEKS to register new voters!

Young voters, homeless targeted in Ohio's election

So the Repukes fought against tha ban on Golden Parachutes and got it reduced to a 20% Tax?

Vague and ominous statements don't cut it, "Trust us, it had to be done" is unacceptable

How to Put the Torturers in Prison

Democratic spouses push Florida voter registration, close drive

We need to keep constant track of Tina Fey's whereabouts

CNN just showed results of a VP debate poll-

Baskin Robbins has Ice Cream flavors for Obama and McCain

Why do they say McCain is good at town halls? Is he really good or are

This is friggin' hillarious....

LOL (Family Guy)

Two GOP articles "disappear' from web news sites

DU ALERT! Link to SNL Palin IV Interview with Couric has been SCRUBBED from You Tube...Check Out...

My Niece will be Joining the Biden Campaign in Debate Preperation........

Let me interject my 2 cents

Listen, snarky people.. I measured the distance between and they're THISCLOSE--

Are We Being Hustled on Palin?

AP investigation: Palin got zoning aid, gifts


Bloomberg: Treasury Gets Broad Power in Bailout Bill to Hire Contractors

CNN Political Ticker: Biden goes home to prep for debate

Neighbor to Neighbor for Obama

Is it possible to "audit" banks ?

AP: Many new Ohio voters are in areas that Kerry won

US elections: Barack Obama's team believes he can win by a landslide WooHoo


Election fraud: What are the Obama campaign and the DNC going to do about it ?

Election fraud: What are the Obama campaign and the DNC going to do about it ?


Debbie Meyer Greenbags: Do they work?

Oops Merkel suffers a serious setback

Oops Merkel suffers a serious setback

Asian Markets doing Great

Wow....does 38 days seem like a long time away!!!

Hillary can run for President in 8 years - she'll only be 68

Breaking News AP Investigation: Palin got zoning aid, gifts

Bloomberg Analyst: $700 Billion Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion

8-point Gallup lead only covers one day after the debate but it covers McCain's 'suspension' stunt

Need help finding a thread.

Need help finding a thread.

A reminder...

Woman Exposed to Rabies by Drinking Coffee?

An impossible standard to which Biden may aspire

I want a Washington bailout, dammit.

FL-13: Buchanan Well Under 50% in New Poll

surge update - Dozens killed in Baghdad's deadliest day this Ramadan

Labels Will Say If Your Beef Was Born In The USA (and many other food products)

Time's Joe Klein: Craps

Nevermind, not worth posting to be accused of being a drug user.

MSNBC showed NINE min. of Obama's rally, NO min. of Biden speaking!

I WANT UTOPIA. Fuck all this back and forth. Fuck the system. anarchists, what do you suggest?

Palin flunks two GED Interviews

Bill O'Reilly Loses It Over Bailout

Quick question... (bailout agreement).

Quick question... (bailout agreement).

Cover of The New Yorker.

Everybody Calm Down. A Government Hand In the Economy Is as Old as the Republic.

McCain on the debate: "I was a little disappointed the media called it a tie, but that means we win"

Stood up: "This Week" cancels Town Hall with McCain and independent voters without notice

State Dept. "Concerned" about Palin being gone from Alaska because of Russia threat!

Ya know what? This is not any stretch of the imagination.

Video: John Kerry on Fox Sunday

Spoonmemore Predicts Another Round of Snuggling!

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward 50th wedding/You tube tribute My thoughts are with her tonight.

The ad to NUKE McCrampy's "Victory in Iraq" meme

watch Obama on CSPAN Now ! AWESOME

Does anyone think to ask, where is all this tax payer money going??

Class warfare anyone?

Romney - October surprise?

look at this pic and tell me which one is 6.3 and which is 5.7???

Gwen, ask Sarah what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mean.


Pull Ronny trickle down off his pedestal. Toon

Palin is how many billion years off on the age of the earth?

Palin is how many billion years off on the age of the earth?

China official in milk crisis hired by ... (EDITED TO CHANGE)

Has anyone here participated in a debate camp? I want to

McNasty on CNN now, talking about energy and the environment

Very Encouraging Internals from the Latest Hotline Poll

Tips for reading long documents

Where did this fear or phobia of socialism come from?

Where did this fear or phobia of socialism come from?

Who was Palin's sponsor?

Who was Palin's sponsor?

I want UTOPIA. I want the after-conflict. We are one.

I want UTOPIA. I want the after-conflict. We are one.

Project Fair Play -- By Americans United

OMG, Palin IS Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

2000, 2004 and 2008.

What's the downside of not being THE superpower?

I haven't seen any polls that called McBush the winner of Friday's debate

How good do you feel about our chances?

it's the perfect rovian world of lowest expectations...beware she's a dangerous polititcian

Any stories from Palin's college classmates??

I'm predicting at least a 12-15 point lead by Obama after all the debates are done.

Will Palin make a big gaffe that finishes her off?

My anti-McCain sign in my car got a "thumbs-up" from a Vietnam Veteran ... however ...

Alliance Defense Fund plans to send copies of Pastor's McCain-endorsing sermons to the IRS

McCain Admits Health Plan Would Increase Taxes»

*Bailout proposal, as it currently stands*

Headlines warn of a public backlash, how would that manifest itself?

Clueless McCain strategists... push for Bristol Palin's wedding

Absent From Hill, Mccain Speaks to Sportsmen(via satellite)--He is hiding, WHY???

Conservatives Begin Questioning Palin’s Heft - FOX NEWS !

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

I'm sooooo excited!!!!

LOL! "Fundie Spice", the 'lost' Spice Girl!

Neil Cavuto - faux news puppet - weighs in on the VP debate -

Has anyone noticed the differences between Obama and McCain’s ads lately?

Do you remember how you felt about B* in Sept 2000

Biden debate strategy - Be cordial, or go for the jugular?

Biden debate strategy - Be cordial, or go for the jugular?

One of my Obama yard signs is gone!

Picked up the local paper this morning....

Picked up the local paper this morning....

Buffett to Congress: Bail out economy or face 'meltdown' - CNN

I listen to the Progressive talk show hosts every day.....

Why is the result of the upcoming election still in question???

What is McCain's history regarding committee meetings and conducting hearings?

An Outsiders View of the First Debate...

Planned Parenthood gets $763K from anti-Palin donations!

Palin and Fey, side-by-side...

Just returned from neighborhood canvassing - Great day

McCain admits health plan increases taxes

Lindsey Graham visibly grumpy after hearing about the good polling numbers for Obama: ‘I’m tired’

G'night, GD. n/t

Urgent! Get skeptical! Get very skeptical!

The "Spoonamore Prediction" says the GOP keeps the White House.

The Money Masters - BEST/MOST INFORMATIVE 3.5 hours you

BIDEN: "John McCain didn't see the light. John McCain saw the polls."

FDA warns of instant coffee in U.S. from China (here we go again)

Brad Blakeman (Repuke on MSRNC) is a delusional idiot.

I, for one, will be looking for signs of an earpiece!

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/28/08 - Obama 50, McCain 44 (unchanged)

NEITHER McCain or Palin can officially speak for the campaign?

Seeking freeware suggestions for educational purposes

Seeking freeware suggestions for educational purposes

I Like The Way The Polls Are Moving Lately, How About You?

Obama topped McCain in debate: Gallup

The most hilarious thing you will read all week. BRAVO PLOUFFE lmao!

Rachel Maddow finds the right formula on MSNBC

You Could See This One Coming... Protesting Pastors Back Candidates (McCain\Palin) From The Pulpit

So what DID the House Republicans and John McCain add to the Bill?

Obama thinks about everything he says before he's about to say it...Joe Biden doesn't.

the Record - Choice is clear: Obama for president

Seen on CNN's board: "»Americans=WAKE UP before its TOO LATE!!"

Is The McCain/Palin ticket like a down market Eisenhower/Nixon ticket?

Is The McCain/Palin ticket like a down market Eisenhower/Nixon ticket?

The first *big* step toward socialism?

How tough do you think Gwen Ifill will be with Sarah Palin?

Bullshit Online Poll by dumbass Pollster: Obama 47.1 (+3.3), McLame 45.9 (+.1)

McSame: " I looked in Putins eyes and saw K G B...I looked in

Anyone have a link to The Hill re: bailout planned for months now? I saw it here

Mixed emotions: Mothers-in-law, Porshes and bailouts

DISREGARD... should have looked at date myself, ooops

Here we go!

SNL Palin interview

McCain retracts Palin's Pakistan comments; link & video of Palin asked the question:

President Obama and the Lunch Counter in Greensboro

Well I guess some DUers are in the "PANIC!" phase.

If I wore this T-Shirt to a McCain rally....

I Get The Feeling that McCain Goes Off On Palin in Private

FWIW: Bailout bill now on Official Senate calendar....

Obama claims stake in new Wall St deal

PFAW needs talented DU'ers

Obama Slams McCain for a 'Katrina Like' Response to the Bailout Bill

Video: British Comedians Rip Into Sarah Palin

Don't Think Palin Will Do That Bad. Look At The Massive Amount of Debate Prep She Is Getting

Reporter: Obama 'truth squad' story got twisted (update to story from MO)

Are Republican Leaders Losing Their Minds Over Sarah Palin? REDDIT

Today's Polls: Obama at high-water mark, McLame has little time left on the clock (Nate Silver)

Freeper Response to Latest Gallup: "Well, now I’m getting worried." Schadenfreude anyone?

Jennifer Granholm going with Biden to DE to play Palin for debate practice

Jennifer Granholm going with Biden to DE to play Palin for debate practice

Newsweek - Has The McCain Explained What The Freddie Mac Payments to Davis Were For? Bribes?

I Went Canvassing For Obama & My Congressman Yesterday

Okay please don't kill me for asking this:

Resko and Ayers

Prediction: When Obama wins, the Republicans will go out of their way to...

Krugman is fairly satisfied with the bailout plan - "sufficiently not-awful"..can be fixed next year

For those worried about this 'bailout' being used against Democrats...

Why am i addicted to DU?

Perma-Chill for America: "Insulated" Bailout Puts America's Keys in Wall Streets Pockets

Perma-Chill for America: "Insulated" Bailout Puts America's Keys in Wall Streets Pockets

I'm so weary of the ignorance of Americans

BREAKING NEWS: McCain set to announce new VP

I just received a phone message from Congressman Robert Wexler

CNN ticker: McCain retracts Palin's Pakistan comments

CNN ticker: McCain retracts Palin's Pakistan comments

Ahem....pic of McCain playing craps in Vegas (2006)

CASE STUDY: Drudge Report Fraudulence (bracelet-gate)

McCain Meltdown on 'This Week' Updated w/ VIDEO!! from daily kos


Here is a Poll that needs NO DU Help! LOL!

“Michael Parenti is a towering prophetic voice in American life. We need him now more than ever.”

Soldier's mother "ecstatic'' about Obama's bracelet (AP)

We underestimate Sarah Palin at our immense peril

I just got polled in battleground MO, they wouldn't tell me who they were

Right now the repugs - rove and his henchmen included are plotting

I am quite disturbed by McCain's unwillingness to acknowledge Barack's presence eye to eye

Great line from Hillary Clinton:

And Bush has already spent the next president's money - Bush Binge

How this Rescue Plan-Bail Out will Play in these Elections, and Why

If voting was compulsory in the USA, would we all be better off?

Let's say 40 million viewers tune in for Thursday's debate...

Full Text Of Bailout Plan (110 pages)

Republican optimists in short supply...

Republican optimists in short supply...

Calls rise among Republicans for Sarah Palin to step down from GOP ticket

The Democrats Response on Bailout Prove that Democrats Love the Country MORE

Just a thought.

When will McCain slip up

The timing of the credit crisis and who it helps

DU less than two thousand away from Obama/Biden fundraising goal.

Hmmm, let's see: Eagles Game vs. Economic Health of the World

Top Ten Reasons McCain wouldn't look Obama in the eye during 1st Debate

We need congressional hearings and congressional investigations NOW...

What would a candidate have to do in order to earn your respect?

How will renters fare in this housing/banking mess?

Murray Waas Exclusive: Bush Appointees Attempted to Thwart US Attorney Probe

Spotted on a protest sign: "Spongebrain Squarespecs". Childish... but funny.

Spotted on a protest sign: "Spongebrain Squarespecs". Childish... but funny.

Brilliant! "McCain Talks About Me, Not About You" 9/29

If we don't think Bill is doing enough, what about Carter or Gore?

I've Got Some News For Some Of The Hard-Headed Here...

Interesting article on Palin ...

Both the speaker's site and the house financial services site have crashed

After listening to these two NPR programs, I'm convinced.....

The Tina Fey SNL skit was hilarious, but my favorite line of the show was from the

So, where was McCain's flag pin?

What Is John McCain's Next Get Rich, Er Elected, Quick Scheme?

For those who don't believe there is a problem read this:

"Impossible to know" if McCain will be in DC for bailout vote

This bailout deal is bad news for us on election day

McConnell in trouble!?!

Earmarks: Pie Chart of Federal Spending

We've once again been stampeded over a cliff

China's Melamine Milk Crisis: How Safe Are "Protein Supplements"?

Imagine republicans applying for welfare & food stamps, oh the pain, the pain.

LAT/Bloomberg POLL: Obama 49 (+1), McCreep 44 (-1). Obama won debate, more "presidential".

Bigger dick foreign policy...

Fiscal Conservative vs. Tax-and-Spend Liberal

Fly On The Wall Narrative of the BIG White House Meeting Thursday

Fox News article keeps the faith...

Fox News article keeps the faith...

Time to give a poll some love

Time to give a poll some love

Why make Palin's life easier? Should the debate be made easy for her just because she's dumb?

Why make Palin's life easier? Should the debate be made easy for her just because she's dumb?

Obama: "You couldn't have written a novel with all crazy stuff that has happened in this election."

Who Is This Dipshit On MTP...He Keeps Interrupting The Democrat Candidate

Bailout toon.

Gallup Poll: Obama has 50%

We Came THIS CLOSE to Universal Health Care

Democrat No. 100,000

McLame/ Palin = Unstable/Unable

AP Investigation: Palin got zoning aid, gifts

Ross Douthat: If Obama Won ...

I can't count the times a woman has said to me, "I just hate her,"

I Had The Opportunity To Spend a Day With Paul Newman

Ron Paul on the bailout.

Read carefully - the Washington Consensus has now been imposed on the US

Liquidity Crises Fact -- WaMu failure the result of the largest bank run in world history

DU this Canton Repository Poll

Paper endorses first Democratic candidate in 75 years...

Denver Cops Get T-Shirts That Mock DNC Protesters - RawStory

"I'm a Teddy Roosevelt Republican" - McCain on Stephanopolis

Another RW columnist comes out against Palin (ouch!)

DU this poll

DUers tell me what you think of my meme "McCain's Viet Nam War Do Over"

Predictions Please: What nutso tactics will desperate right wing try next?

Waiting for the republican bailout response. They will dump this right in our lap.

Waiting for the republican bailout response. They will dump this right in our lap.

I find it suspicious that "end of the world without a bailout" folks fail to say "raise taxes"

I was just watching MSNBC and what happened?

A Toledo Blade editorial states the Obama is the true Pro-Life Candidate...

David Brooks admits he "couldn't watch" the replay of Palin's interview with Couric.

Do You Think Obama Will Win In A Landslide? (ie, by more than 53% and 300 EVs)

McCain is tied to the Gambling Industry. Do you guys know about this??

Dick Morris Longs For A Different Republican Nominee

"Palin is as dumb and disoriented as a cockroach on a crowded dance floor."

From TPM: Wedding of Bristol Palin before election day.

Second Presidential Debate Predictions

Can they do a voice vote on the bailout?

the obama yard sign is finally IN THE YARD!

So did the Republican leadership ever come out of that room and say anything? (MSNBC)

Rahm Emanuel playing hardball politics with the financial meltdown

Tom Brokaw gets on my nerves!

It's amazing how all of this "bad news" for Democrats has ended up with Obama up 8%.

Purged Fox News article HERE: "Conservatives Begin Questioning Palin’s Heft "

Moment of truth approaching for bailout - Politico

OMG. There is a new Faux show - Huckabee.

Lesson of the week for McCain

Stood up! McCain's no-show PISSES OFF a TON of swing voters in Ohio

McCain Admits Health Plan Would Increase Taxes

PRIDE pix from NC (Obama related)

Well... we don't have to worry about Obama looking bad due to the bail out.

The Obamas and The Bidens will be on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow!

LOL! Obama by 17 on Intrade : 58.3% - 41.3%

Has anybody had a worse few weeks than McCain?

Blacks, whites show prejudices along racial divide.

Sarah Heath Palin and 'The Peter Principle'.

Sarah Defined

Someone Who Understands the Economy ... Why Won't This 'Bailout' Create Massive Inflation?

It will be codified into law, the United States Government is Fascist.

Republican coworker.... decided after debate not to vote at all.

Cindy McCain is Hooked on DRUGS! HUGH Story!

A Beautiful Sight To Behold !!!

Home's Upside-Down American Flag To Protest Economy Sparks Outrage

DU this poll.......PLEASE. Obama is Bigtime AHEAD in this AOL poll. Let's keep it that way!!

"You must be one of them Obama supporters!"

An Obama Minute- Oct. 6- Come together again- Register now!

26,000 Virginians in the rain for Barack Obama - FREDERICKSBURG, VA

How things don't happen-Richmond style!!!

McCain Says Obama Didn't "Have Such A Good Night"

What's all this earmark fuss McDramaQueen keeps yammering on about?

Palin got Zoning Aid and Gifts....she is croooooooked as the rest of them

My prediction: McLame's next hail mary pass will be Sarah drops out for family reasons

The bailout will pass tomorrow... and the Dow will rally like you've never seen....

What are you going to do after Obama wins the election? I am going to stay up late

Slashdot: Be Part of the 2008 Presidential Youth Debate (question deadline is Sept. 29)

So now that Palin is doing so poorly, will that suppress the Republican base?

Watching McCain Fall Apart

Here I am, realaxing

Senator Obama needs to pull a Chili Palmer in the next debate...

Congressional Republican Stabbed McCain In The Back Last Week

Obama's debate error: suitcase nukes

All right, this is pissing me off.

Freepers imploding over Palin going on with Couric again


Pure and simple: Do you support the proposed bailout?

nice Obama ad during Bears-Eagles game....

So a small, local farm supply store has closed

Nancy Pfotenhauer's Husband Headed Trade Group Lobbying on Bailout

Swollen, lisping McCain appears on ABC's THIS WEEK

Why are right wingers so supportive of candidates that are blithering ignorant?

When McCain loses, his Palin selection will go down in history as the biggest blunder EVER.

Kucinich: Is this the United States Congress or the board of directors of Goldman Sachs?”

Pelosi/Reid should be demanding unanimous Republican YES votes on the bailout

I think the hardest task for Joe Biden during his debate with Sarah Palin Thursday night will be

How is interviewing Undecided Voters *ad nauseum*about their opinions...

Anti-Palin rally calls for Colberg removal

Which of these two is a more annoying kind of person to debate with?

We have seen this all before

Treasury Confirms Paulson Woozy Spell - WaPo

When Putin rears his head...

The List Of Conservatives Against Palin Is Growing....

Gallup poll makes Freeper worry about being made into soap ... link

Gallup poll makes Freeper worry about being made into soap ... link

My on-the-fence independent friend told me tonight she is voting for Obama

Palin Prepping in Sedona All Week instead of St. Louis - Family Joining Her -

According to Freepers, Obama is only doing well on Gallup because Thursday was irregular.

What the hell is a Gop?

Dude, what's w/the McCain Ad Bombardment?

What John McCain doesn't understand.......


Do you think Sarah Palin's handlers are warning her not to be her usual smartass self in the debate?

This is what Sarah Palin actually believes. (dial-up beware)

The Obamas and The Bidens in Detroit, Michigan, September 28, 2008 (Pictures)

61 Nobel Laureates have officially endorsed Obama - Statement included

61 Nobel Laureates have officially endorsed Obama - Statement included

I got to say I really admire the Republicans.

Is there one more part to the Couric/Palin interview?

Did Chicago Sun Times pull this article? Ebert: John McCain's bad manners

My hometown poll needs some DU Love!!!

McCain Campaign Prepares To Attack Resurgent Obama

MSNBC. gallup 49-44% obama according to gallup.huh??

DOJ Report On U.S. Attorney Firings To Be Issued Monday

New McCain commercial: John Boehner is liberal???

In the next two debates I hope Obama makes it more clear how small earmarks are

Sounds like a bunch of Repubs are going to vote against the bailout bill.

Palin and Putin . Found on Andrew Sullivan's site.

Is there ANY WAY someone could get hold of an Obama aide...

Salon: WHAT trade missions with Russia??

It's the end of the world and I feel fine (or it's supposed to be according to bailout advocates).

A Palin sighting I'm stunned about.....

How about $700 billion for socialized medicine instead?

I just learned that Tina Fey was quoting Palin verbatim last night! Ha Ha Ha!

Quit calling people "Concern Trolls"

For the first time, there is a clear front-runner

Is it practically possible for you to hire an Iraqi woman as a nanny?

A DU Bail-out Poll: Where do you stand?

Foreclosures are key element missing in plan (Homeowners get screwed by bailout!)

McCain-Palin - How Low Will They Go?

SNL Video with Fey as Palin!!

I love the way Obama's campaign is appealing to FL voters...Forest Whitaker, Diedre Hall..

Hey ya bunch of hippie liberal tree-huggers I got somethin to say to y'all..

It's Too Late For McCain To Drop Palin

Kucinich On The Bailout:

Kos:We've got them on the run

ALERT! Mass has a ballot measure to eliminate state income tax! LINK

Who's dumber: Bush or Palin?

Palin in 'debate camp' until Thursday

So, this is the reality...

Candidate Favorable-Unfavorable Ratings (Obama +27)

PHOTOS: First the 'Fist Bump,' now the Obama 'Head Bump' today in Detroit

Founder of RW site admits Obama won debate, slams McCain

I think it's LOVE!

For those displeased with Clinton's support, I'd like to know what you're looking for.

Clinton-haters, get over it, ROSS PEROT DID NOT ELECT BILL CLINTON

I don't like the bailout bill, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good idea to vote for it

Can somebody explain why a Presidential candidate has the right to hide medical records?

Can somebody explain why a Presidential candidate has the right to hide medical records?

If he wins, McCain will be a worse president than Bush.

Kucinich: It's the Congress of the United States, not the board of Goldman Sachs

Bailout Could Deepen Crisis, CBO Chief Says - Asset Sales May Lead to Write-Downs, Insolvencies

Photo: Obama Meditating Before The Debate

Aren't the bailout receipients the same people Bush wanted to entrust with Social Security funds?

McCain camp prays for Palin wedding

What does the lack of bumper stickers mean??

As we go into this stretch run, I just want to thank all the DUers who

37 Days Left

'Thank John McCain' TV AD - Final version going on the air this week

I saw my first McCain/Palin yard sign today here in Clayton, NC.

For the first time in 72 years, The Record is endorsing a Democrat

What are the chances of a Reverse Bradley happening in the polling booths?

I can't believe some of the babyish reactions I've read here today about Bill on MTP

Election software issues again?? Possible Florida 2000 connection

Palin is not going to drop out. She's not scared, either.

You realize - Of Course - that if our Representatives represent us there will be no bailout

North Carolina just flipped to blue on RCP (no toss ups) EC map!!

Bracelet Wars - Jake Tapper ABC saying Obama asked not to wear bracelet by family

The Rick Davis Scandal... (will Mccain's campaign manager have to resign?)

I am hurting and broke

VIDEO By public demand: The 'Babies Love Barack' Video

Free Obama desktop for your enjoyment

VP debates dont change polls. dont worry.

The guy from Gallup just said on MSNBC that Obama will have an 8 point lead today.

How about going through the whole bill before declaring we've been had?

Question: Are Rasmussen and Gallup polls automated or done by a human?

Did you ever sell potato chips door to door?

What song reminds you of the last 8 years?

Loophole added to bailout bill...

Loophole added to bailout bill...

Good article on CNN Money re: the Bailout

Good article on CNN Money re: the Bailout

For all of you worried about Biden on Thursday nite - let me refresh your memory -

Democrats should boycott Fox. Disgusting Chris Wallace talking over John Kerry

I need DU's help. A friend told me he'd vote for Obama under one condition:

Hey, I just made 25 calls on behalf of Sen. Obama

McCain-Palin hit with two corruption scandals

The financial crisis deniers are speaking almost EXACTLY like the climate change deniers.

Just one question before my "Representatives" sell me out AGAIN:

I'm not running for office, so I can say it...

Group that voted 2-to-1 for Bush over Kerry said Obama won debate

What movie(s) reminds you of the last 8 years?

Early External Signs Of McCain v. Palin Infighting Over Handling?

Bernie Sanders speech to Senate opposing bailout

Graham proves he's a hack, Kerry smacks down his spin, plus Obama's statement on bailout

McCain falsely blamed troops for torture during debate

The era of American dominance is over. The global financial crisis will see the US falter

"Holding hands and leaping off a cliff"..what a comforting statement

Obama has my full faith and trust in his judgement on the bailout.

a parallel economy?

She thinks dinosaurs and humans co-existed...

If the Bailout (Rescue) Bill is Inevitable, Why is the Dow Futures Down?

A spokesman for the Bureau of Statistics in Australia

“We are sorry that our president is an idiot, we did not vote for him”

Score another one for Kerry. ZINGER. Ridicules McCain.



Good news in Florida for Obama!

Good news in Florida for Obama!

How the Credit Card Monster Killed Us.

The GOP hates a lot of things.

I'm contemplating early voting

I'm a little worried about Hawaii

Has McCain ever done or said anything to indicate he is racist?

I think it's fair to say that books like "The Obama Nation" haven't worked.

Place your bets - reasons why VP debate will be canceled

Voter Registration Numbers in NC-- Shocking.

Do Major Polls Underestimate Youth and Minority Turnout?

Why is Tibet more peaceful than Iraq?

"Thanks Hank!" TAKE ACTION - Send Your Unpaid Bills To:

Obama is Winning, But Don't Tell Anyone!

Can someone explain to me the big differences in the bailout plans?

OMFG, she's STILL in Philly!!!

They are Stealing the Election! Stop Them Now!

They are Stealing the Election! Stop Them Now!

CAUTION: You'll get fuming mad! (bailout robbery)

Crisis: Day One...what if Nancy & Harry had said:

PeaceTakesCourage Video: 2008 Democratic National Convention

Newsweek cover this week.

TEXT of bailout bill--just released 6:30pm Sun Sept 28th. The "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008"

Breaking WAAS HAS THE GOODS: Bush Appointees Attempted To THWART US ATTORNEY PROBE

Bill Clinton On MTP: He Just Can't Fully Support Obama...

Sarah Palin Quote Generator and Name Generator linked at same place... DIGG IT/kick it

It’s Banned Books Week! The 10 most challenged titles in 2007 were:

Soldier's mother "ecstatic'' about Obama's bracelet (and his mention during debate)

Guardian UK: A shattering moment in America's fall from power

More ethics problems for Mooselini: accepted a free "awesome facial", fish, & zoning exemptions

Global Consciousness Indicator is Red

BREAKING! Sarah Palin meets with Osama Bin Laden

Two weeks after Ike, more than 400 are still missing (1 found Wed)...

Go Roger Ebert!! Mclame "rigid and contemptuous" at debate

Is there a way to stop hating long enough to appreciate that Obama is WINNING?

Just had Aunty over, she tried to enlighten me that Obama is MUSLIM!

Do most socialists in the USA register as Democrats or as Independents?

Just called 911 on an asshole trying to intimidate me on the road

Why are some here against a bail out? Here is why:

Presenting a new bumper sticker that may be prescient.....

Bloomberg Analyst: $700 Billion Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion w/Video

Radical Fringe Toon 9/28 - Econo-Man

Revealed: Democratic blogger talking points for bailout plan

Smaller Banks Thrive Out of the Fray of Crisis (WAPO)

LA Times has it... Palin said that "dinosaurs and humans walked the earth at the same time"

Please... Tell me that warrant less Wire tapping is a BAD thing...

Sarah Palin insists on giving debate answers in Alaskan, Obama/Biden camp considering.

Mark Crispin Miller: Spoonamore Reveals The Plan To Steal The Next Election

You know what time it is?? CAPTION TIME!

Who is going to Barack Obama's inauguration?

What is your opinion of the psychology behind wanting to be a multi-millionaire?

Image - As Putin Rears His Head

Would you like for Dem leadership to take consideration ...

Want to piss me off? Tell me USA is a Christian nation.

Angry/stern pic thread

what is your happy music?

It's not Saturday Night Live, it's Socialism, Not Laughs

How bout them Cowboys....!!

Kitten Picture of the day for Monday September 29

EPIC Math Fail


Anybody traveled and stayed in hostels?

The hug a picture of a hug.

The hug a picture of a hug.

Have you ever known or had to deal with a narcissist personality?

This hangover can only be cured by Burger King

I've got school tomorrow, so I'm going to stay sober and hang with the Lounge pevs.

I've got school tomorrow, so I'm going to stay sober and hang with the Lounge pevs.

How do you decide what book(s) to buy - novels - at a bookstore?

Dear Burger King - 1980 called, they want their concept back

I will be losing a great friend in the next day or so...

hehhe, pic seen elsewhere

Good morning Loungers- I seek some musical suggestions...

Heather Locklear takes a pretty good mug shot.

In the Palace of Saddam Hussein and...


My elderly kitty is driving me nuts!!!

"Jesus called, he wants his religion back"


OMG, I woke up nekked and hurting.

Heather Locklear mugshot (DUI)-Ladies you have my sympathies


I've been in Vancouver, BC since Thursday...did I miss anything?

I've been in Vancouver, BC since Thursday...did I miss anything?

I've been in Vancouver, BC since Thursday...did I miss anything?

Anyone a fan of "True Blood"?

goddamn iggles

Some thoughts on "The Amazing Race" (**spoilers**)

Boojatta is never unclear, Boojatta never takes a wrong step, and Boojatta is always right.

I am sick of Sarah Palin undressing me with her eyes

I don't think I would want House as my doctor.

I don't think I would want House as my doctor.

any of you remember these? . . . and how awful they were???

Miracle at St. Anna

The beagle has made her nest and gone to bed, which means I need to, too.

Good Night DU

This has been the quietest hurricane I have ever seen. If I hadn't known it was coming


Name a celebrity you would NOT want in your house. I'll start: Howard Stern

Today is my 17th wedding anniversary.

Today is my 17th wedding anniversary.

Your Facebook Friends are :

I found Jesus !

Jerk youtubes for the new wall street bailout...

Anyone seen Supersize Me. Was it a good film?

I've been so lonely, baby. I've been so lonely. I've been so lonely, baby... I could die.

Pianist Envy



Dallas TX dog lovers- any room in your home and heart for a rescue?

Cubs fans...

Family Guy: Laura Bush killed a guy, Laura Bush killed a guy etc

I just made 90 gal of Purplesaurus Rex in the bathtub, by hand

Welcome to Duloc, Such a perfect town

I had such a nice weekend

I don't get the Max Payne trailers

Optics people - would these binoculars be good for plane-spotting?

HAHAHA!!! So the Marlins play spoiler for the second yr in a row for the Mets!!

contrary to popular belief..... this is not my daughters wedding dress

So, once again the Mets are out of it (playoff) and Favre throws SIX touchdowns

My first ever screenshot of Ubuntu

What punishment for those commercials that are 2X loud as the show?

*****What are the DUZY Rules?????*******

Latest Nature magazine front and back cover

Some of you may have noticed that I received two DUzy's this week.

So my niece got a new puppy...

No Sunday afternoon NFL Thread??? Come on everyone, the battle for the

So if you light the pilot light on the water heater

So if you light the pilot light on the water heater

So, I have this old PC lying around and am considering putting Linux on it...

Good night everybody !

okay, breastfeeders....what's the current advice?

Tonight's Lullaby - Uneasy Rider

How bout them Falcons....!!

Cowboys are tied now!!

Requesting the 4th off

How bout my Boltz?


I just bathed a 90 lb Puppysaurus Rex in the bathtub, by hand.

Palin was Right! Humans and dinosaurs were on earth together!

My boyfriend bought a new car and I hate it.

Wish me luck

I don't remember ever seeing so many helmets flying off

It's Sunday morning. The Lounge is MINE!

Shouldn't Sarah be running on the Camacho/Palin '08 ticket?

If a cure for cancer is found by someone from my highschool - this is the dude we'll brag about!


I already miss George

Do I have this correct? Is Nomar Garciaparra managing the Dodgers today?

Ole Miss stuns the Florida Gators in The Swamp!! Holy Cow!!

Ole Miss stuns the Florida Gators in The Swamp!! Holy Cow!!

It is as if the Vikings are suffering through the 3rd year of the reincarnation of Les Steckel

Touchdown Redskins! Again!

Who wants to join me in rooting for the Cleveland Indians?

Peacenikki says this video is cool

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/28/08

Who's that spikey blond haired douchebag on the Food Network?

Robert Plant says 'yes' to Led Zeppelin reunion tour in 2009

I hate being in the office on a Sunday night.

I though that I broke my ankle today

Sarah Palin Buzzword Bingo for our VP Debate drinking party

Why am I seeing advertisements?

So, tell us about the time your kid caught head lice at school......

jpgray's DU Almanac

When is the next debate?

Some pictures my uncle took in 1961 {dial up warning }

Mamma Mia! - I loved this movie!

I just posted my first lounge thread

Well, I'm single again... what next?

And from the people, one hero arose.....

My entire fantasy team plays the early games

This is why I love Border Collies

Geez!! That boat has blown its horn 6 times now!

Add a new Freeperism to the lexicon

Rumor I heard regarding Obama and race

So I moved the part in my hair...

Go read Post Secret.

*sigh* woke up feeling sad and frustrated

Saying Hello from Kathmandu

A Presidential Election Haiku

A Presidential Election Haiku

Any chance Skinner will bring back the "Change your username" option soon?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/28/2008)

Does such a thing really exist?

They still haven't cleaned up after the storm here (pics)

anyone heard Maxine Hong Kingston speak/ or fans of her books?

Sunday lunch - a taste of heaven

Good night Lounge

"No one can deny your right to live in your car" (Prairie Home Companion)

The Patriot Of The Year award goes to...

Moran Pic (warning - this is very offensive, but people should know what's out there)...

Anybody into medication?

Okay, wise people. It's 2:11 my time. To call or not to call?

Post here if you're wearing padded underwear

Speaking of narcissism

Licorice and beer...

A sign that things are getting tough

Meet the new face of satire as Hitler web craze goes viral

I am sorry , sorry sorry , I made an ass of myself

OK, so I didn't go out tonight but I am still up at 3:15?!

I'm drinking brandy and listening to Boccherini. Ask me anything.

a McCain campaign question.

a McCain campaign question.

Freedom Fries Are Good.......

Did anyone think after last night's debate that McCain's pen is odd?

A Thinking Man's Drinking Song

Guy duct-tapes two little boys together!

Guy duct-tapes two little boys together!

Guy duct-tapes two little boys together!

Fellow Lounge Lizards, can I get a journal critique?

wooo.. finally finished editing my DNC footage

I noticed something about the republicans tonight

Hey Oeditpus Rex!

How do you embed a video at DU?

Hab' mir's gelobt

wow , I made such a mess of the bathtub

graywarrior.. where the hell are you?

I wish I learned how to live before I die

Sunday's Opus mentions Sarah Palin

I am determined to bring the Friendship Bracelet back

Ron White Is Hilarious

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After "Obsession" DVD Hits Ohio

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After "Obsession" DVD Hits Ohio

Have you had to deal with borderline personalities?

We know the majority of Americans are against the bailout. The majority of Americans are wrong.

Considering the market, we thought it wise to buy some stock

Alley Cats.....Photography Urban Tails

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

I just checked my powerball numbers...I got four out of five and the

Can a complete loner earn a master's degree in psychology?

I haven't posted in a very long time...there are reasons...

Late 70s, Early 80s New Wave/Post-Punk Appreciation Thread!

Well, Hockey season starts soon, meaning the worst in Canadians will be brought out....again

Your best trick . . .

Best 1970s Sitcom

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Since my request for a *singles forum* isn't going to happen . . .

The bug a picture (that you took) of a bug.

Name a Kleeb you would want in your house

How I'll feel on Jan 20, 2009


The tumor that could keep McCain out of the Oval Office

Sarah Palin Interview (Katie Couric) - CHIPMUNK COMEDY GOLD

Barack Obama at the CBC Dinner in DC

Most Original Move On ad

The 1st Debate, Full Video

Anti Sarah Palin Rally Anchorage Alaska sept 27 2008 McCain

Obama Volunteers--Get Ready!

On This Week McCain Lies Again about Rick Davis' Payments from Freddie Mac

Sarah Palin Giving Buyer's Remorse To Republicans -FOX

max keiser's original "Death of the Dollar" from December of 2006; explains current meltdown

Bob Schieffer revisits Ole Miss from James Meredith to Barack Obama

Barack Obama in Detroit: I am able to do this because of Michelle

McCain on This Week: Sarah Palin doesn't speak for the McCain campaign

Lindsay Graham admits to Chris Wallace 'Obama Did Well'

American Tax Payer Lubrication Act Almost Complete: $700B

Buchanan still leading Jennings in FL 13 in spite of huge growing allegations against him.

Send a Postcard to Antarctica for Our Beautiful Whales - Sea Shepherd

CBS Snap Poll: Obama Wins Debate Convincingly

The Week In Cartoons 09/27

SNL Debatable Show


Great Minds think

TYT: Established Conservative Insists Palin Should Pull Out


We Are Under Martial Law! As Declared By The Speaker Last Night! Rep Burgess

Thank John McCain - Final for Broadcast

Debate Highlights In Song And Dance

MADtv-Sarah Palin Takes Questions from the audience

Barack and Joe in Greensboro, NC

Barack Obama on Face the Nation

Everyone Loves Debunking McCain

Lorenzo Alexander and Leigh Torrence for Obama

Obama in the Rain in VA

Pelosi on Bailout: Party is over for Wall Street. Bill to go for vote Monday

25,000+ Attend Virginia Obama Rally Despite Rain

TYT: Conclusion---McCain Does Not Know What He's Doing

McLaughlin Group: CEO Portfolio Blues

Obama-Biden @ Detroit today

Condi Meets Paxo

Saturday Night Live Tina Fay As Sarah Palin Clip 09/28/08

Sounds Like Insider Trading To Me! Rep Kaptur

Irate John McCain Yelling at Makeup Artist

Hannity And Rove Spin Palin Interview Disasters

Bill Clinton On MTP: I will do my very best for Obama

Dear President Obama: DON'T Vote For Bush's $700 billion Bill!

SNL Presidential Debate Parody 09/28/08

'Breakthrough' reported on bailout deal

Iraq Signs Billion - Dollar Power Deals With GE, Siemens

Tonights Palin SNL skit


Congress, White House reach financial bailout deal

26,000 Virginians Show Up In Rain For Obama-Biden Rally

Congress, White House reach financial bailout deal

Dick Morris: Obama won

Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement

UK Treasury to nationalise another bank

Ex Beauty Queen's Got a Gun

Voting begins in Belarus election

Newt Gingrich: Palin A GAMBLE, Not Ready For Interviews but Ready To Lead U.S.

Little action pro or con on Bush sewer measure

Obama told not to wear the bracelet? Is this real?

Lawmakers Reach Accord on Huge Financial Rescue-Vote is Imminent on $700 Billion Bailout Plan

Ecuador votes on new powers for leftist Correa

Sarah Palin SINGS and DANCES with "The Wasilla Singers"! RARE FOOTAGE!

Tina Fey reprises role as Sarah Palin on "SNL"; ''Katie, I'd like to use one of my lifelines."

Pakistan faces financial crisis

Floods, landslides kill 50 in Vietnam, Thailand

Obama gives tentative support to financial bailout

Taliban kill Afghanistan's most high-profile policewoman

Sarah Palin & Tina Fey with Split Screen Comparison

U.S. Navy Tracks Arms-Laden Ship

Sportsmen for Obama

Iraqi Christians protest end to quotas in vote law

GOP pastors preach politics in violation of federal law

Gunman kidnap Polish engineer, kill 3 Pakistanis

Hurricane Kyle moves toward Maine


Anti-Palin rally calls for Colberg removal

CNN laughs it up over Palin interview and SNL skit

Iraqi Gay Leader Gunned Down; Militia Killings Continue

Breakthrough Reached in Negotiations on Bailout

McCain says hopes to support bailout plan

Congressional Leaders Announce Breakthrough in Bailout Bill Negotiations

Sarah Palin CBS Interview saturday night live SNL

AP Investigation: Palin got zoning aids, gifts

Goldman Sachs had up to $20 bln AIG risk-NY Times (Paulson protected GS with $85 B taxpayer bailout)

Obama calls McCain economic ideas 'out of touch'

Heavy Election Losses Likely to End CSU's Lone Rule in Bavaria

Colombian government urged to end 'extra-judicial' executions

Monks March in Myanmar on Anniversary of Crackdown

Brokaw, Olbermann Featured in Obama Ad

US Congress passes 25 bln loan guarantees to automakers

GLOBAL MARKETS WEEKAHEAD-Financial markets paralysed

MI6 seeks recruits on Facebook

Rescue bill revealed

Soldier's mother ``ecstatic'' about Obama's bracelet

Ex-sex slave crusades against forced prostitution

China's stock market dives

Voters head to polls in Ecuador constitutional referendum

Gallup Daily: Obama Moves to 50% to 42% Lead

Investors give $700B rescue plan ho-hum reception

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Obama did better job in first debate

MI6 seeks recruits on Facebook

Treasury to nationalise B&B bank (UK)

Top Afghan policewoman shot dead

Brazil's Lula calls US bailout plan unfair to poor

China performs its first spacewalk

Breakthrough reached in negotiations on bailout

Car bombings kill 12 in Baghdad

McCain, Obama may skip bailout vote

Palin's Stand on Mining Initiative Leaves Many Feeling Burned

Dems Dominate New OHIO Voters

McConnell, Lunsford race a dead heat

Palin Responds to Federal Bail Out

Why do people laugh at creationists? RE: Palin

Corporate Dutch fat cats put on taxed diet amid financial crisis

U.S. destroyer joins pursuit of pirates off Somalia

Rep. Mark Udall says Rangel should step down

U.S. Senate vote Wed. at earliest on bailout-sources

Huge European bank fails

Gore in San Jose speech: Climate change deserves same attention bailout is getting

Read the 106-page bill

Wife's death led Nebraska man to give up 9 of his kids

Venezuela's Chavez meets with Fidel, Raul Castro during surprise visit to Cuba

McCain retracts Palin's Pakistan comments

Far-right gains in Austria vote

Mayor 'just curious' if Obama is antichrist

Pastor challenges IRS regulations on endorsements (with info on how to complain)

Report: No grand jury for Gonzales(Mukasey: No Investigation into Attn'y Firings of 9 USAG's)

It was Bush's Fault

Lynda Carter and Lucy Lawless respond to Sarah Palin comparisons

Palin's Stand on Mining Initiative Leaves Many Feeling Burned (WaPo)

The aw-shucks defense (Milbank / WaPo re: Stevens)

Troy Davis case: The role of witnesses

Their Party Crashed. Ours May Too.

A Dangerous Doctrine: Preventive War (Lawrence Korb / Baltimore Sun)

Palin's Stand on Mining Initiative Leaves Many Feeling Burned

Lobbyists in McCain’s inner circle cashed in on Senate Abramoff investigation.»

AP examines deadly clash on Bolivian jungle road

Debate Polls Show McCain Passed Threshold of Douchebag-in-Chief

Russia: Warnings of another Chechen war

Wall Street: Congress set for the $700bn bank job-The Independent UK

'Germany Will Pay a High Price for US Sins'-Der Spiegel

Viewpoints: Where now for capitalism? Noam Chomsky/BBC

Pirates die strangely after taking Iranian ship

Look Who Got the Most Money

Sarah Palin's Foreign Policy Follies

Marine Dowdy off her meds again.....

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Causes and Cures for our Current Debt Crisis (Richard Backus)

If Palin were a male candidate . . .

Palin To Pull Out Of VP Debate: Refuses to Participate Until Couric Interview Crisis is Averted.

Bush Binges; Obama and McCain will Pay

Green the Bailout

McCain, Invoking Palin Doctrine, Explains How He Saved the Bailout Deal

Buffett Unit Buys Stake In HK Battery Firm BYD

Will Palin win Jews - and Florida - over to Obama?

Even the Native Americans Have Now Turned Tables on the Gambler McCain

Main Street turns against Wall Street

Al-Qaeda's opportunity to hurt the US

I just want to point out one thing about the so-called "taxpayer" bailout...

Who is Putting "Intense Pressure" on Bush and Congress to Pass the Bailout?

Palin doesn't speak for Palin

Obama is Black and I'm Proud

"The politics of envy..."

America has a terrible headache, but it seems like no one wants to cure it

Victimized by Health Insurance Coverage Gaps - Deductibles and Copays Send Many into Debt

The end of voodoo economics!

The Monster That Ate Wall Street

Save Shea Stadium! But Blow up the Mets!


Palin pick invokes American innocence myth

McCain, Obama may skip bailout vote

Kissinger Clarifies His Position: PALIN Should NEVER Meet With Foreign Leaders

Guardian UK: I've watched the economy for 30 years. Now I'm truly scared.

A shattering moment in America's fall from power-The Observer UK

Buy the Mortgages instead of the Mortgage Securities

McCain Cronies Hit Jackpot with Gtech

Sarah Palin thinks the Earth is a Motel 6 she's just passing through on her way to salvation. Duh.

BUSH THE ARROGANT: "Perverse, dishonest leadership used its own crises to expand its own power."

Votes are being stolen, now, by hundreds of thousands

Kucinich Opposes Bailout

Paul Newman-He used his fame to give away his fortune

Home Invader Dies In Struggle With Father Of Intended Victim

'Freedom Is Not Free': No More of That Fortune-Cookie Bunk

McCain blew off massive earmark vote (WaPo)

Calls rise among Republicans for Sarah Palin to step down

"That Look On Her Face"...Don't feel sorry for Sarah Palin

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Sept 28 – Obama 339, McCain 199

The Cab Ride ill Never Forget

Raising the right hand

Electrical review turns up 3,700 fires

Pirates menace fleet oiler off Somalia

California to get Gold Star license plates

Recruiter suicides in Houston worry advocates

No money in defense bill for 11,550 airmen

Complicated tax structure weighing down Iraq’s fledgling government and its citizens

PACAF leader: Large budget cuts unlikely

More servicemembers can now bring families to S. Korea

Airman convicted for porn still on the run in the U.K.

Public diplomacy urged in S. Korea relations

Atheist Soldier Alleges Discrimination

La. shipyard awarded Coast Guard contract

US Destroyer Monitoring Hijacked Ship

Newsom, Paterson Urge New Yorkers To Fight Prop 8

Freepers: Christians and Republicans more persecuted than gays

Google comes out against Proposition 8.»

Is anyone else amazed that a gay man is at the center of the whole Wall Street solution?

muslims attack Gays

Saudi Oil, OPEC's Ire

Buffett backs EV batteries

Few See Nuclear Power as the Answer to Global Warming -

Mark Lynas: the green heretic persecuted for his nuclear conversion

Renewables at 10.6% of US energy production, increase of 5% over last year

BBC investigated after peer says climate change programme was biased 'one-sided polemic'

Chavez says Venezuela will develop nuclear power - Reuters

Mow much solar power would $700 billion buy?

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Marathon for Children: Running for the Right to Play (Ramzy Baroud)

Olmert: 'Jewish underground' behind attack on leftist prof.

U.S. deploys radar system at Israel base to detect Iran missiles

The End of an Era, Even at Goldman

This article explains derivatives ( the next time bomb)

Colonel Ken

The Sphinx is Scared by Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bank Bail Bill Blesses Goddess Of Inflation by Elaine Meinel Supkis

What companies other than AIG who wrote CDS contracts may be liable?

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/28/08

Do I understand this correctly?

The Tale of FrankenPaulson & RumpelstiltBen

The bailout is a blank check for the most crooked president in history.

Help needed: erudite synopsis of the causes of the economic meltdown


When do we find out what the Asian markets are doing?

Can Taxpayers Actually Expect a Profit on the Bailout?

OK. The economic 'crisis' will be solve by the bailout just like the terror crisis was

Why Paulson is Wrong

Hedging their bets -- about exactly WHO owns your Mortgage?

Today in labor history Sept 28 Arrested 165 members of the IWW for protesting World War I

Colombian government urged to end 'extra-judicial' executions

CHAVEZ: FIDEL is Stronger than Hurricane Ike

Colombia: Political prisoner speaks out (Green Left)

Petras REALLY Sets the Record Straight on HRW and Agent Vivanco

Oh my goodness! Take a look at RIGHT NOW! It is BoRev's greatest!

Re-signing Manny Ramirez would be bad deal for Dodgers

I already have no shot at the pool this week thanks to Kurt Warner


Heartfelt congrats to Mike Mussina!

"This is shameful," she called out in a shrieking voice and no one thought to differ with her.

9-28-2008 Browns v Bengals the worst game in the histoy of the NFL


Go Brett Go! C-ya Teddy, You Fucktard!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (September 28): Russia-China Match Ends in Mixed Results

Wow! So this is where my GD sports posts go to die.

Bring on the Dodgers!


Pendulum question

Anyone into meditation? I am thinking of doin a ten day retreat....

Pluto in Capricorn: As it relates to the election and financial crisis

Bailout details hammered out during Mercury retro

Strange happenings the last couple of days


New gallery - Hold Palin Accountable rally

Two from the Blue Ridge Parkway again

Ohio Supreme Court's ruling on guns in parks is full of holes -- Plain Dealer editorial

Police Fatally Shoot Man on South Side

Gun trumps restraining order.

A basic question, no doubt answered many time by now,

Freezing Raw Eggs

The ultimate junk food?

2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge Winners

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

Scientists Eager to See European Spacecraft's Death Dive (

61 Nobel Laureates in Science Endorse Obama

SpaceX rocket launch at 7:15pm EDT (23 minutes from now/video link)

The Ekranoplan

LOL! The 5 second rule explained

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