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My sprinkler broke. The local hardware store was closed. How long will the Walmart sprinkler last?

Obama Letter to the Editor: Is John McCain the best candidate to promote bipartisanship? NO

link to other thread

Rs Don't Create Wealth, They Consolidate It

Donate To Planned Parenthood In Palin's Name! Send Acknowledgment To McLiar HQ!

Sarah Palin baby name generator

Detroit sports reporter's peeps tell him Obama's gonna be at the Michigan-Wisconsin game on Saturday

Finish the post card: "No blank checks ..."

Cooking the Insurance Books A Decade of Lax Regulation Lays Groundwork for Scandal

Why I'll be dreaming of the 700 billion figure tonight....

This Election Is More Crucial Than Ever. There Really Is No Coming Back From Defeat On This One.

Question about offshore drilling and whether oil cos. have to sell the oil here.

Something I remember Paulson saying last week on NPR.

Too bad our schools don't have better language depts. We're going to need them

JimRob: The nightmarish raping of the taxpayer is far from over

A simple metaphor for the current financial crisis. Your comments and elaborations are welcome.

FT: Green$pan’s sins return to haunt us

Did Eliot Spitzer destroy AIG and Marsh & McLennan? March 3rd 2008

Sec. 8. Review of the Bailout Plan is the last straw.

Clinton agrees to bone Palin "for the good of the Democratic party

Breaking News: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are now commercial banks!

The web as a safety valve

F*&*! No -- Hell No -- No Way No How No $700 Billion for a pile of Crap

McHoover is even more delusional than we thought

A medley of polls

Taxpayers won't be responsible for the $700 billion!

"Jukebox John Keeps Changing His Tune" (a Comprehensive List of McCain's Flip-Flops)...

So I just heard on BLoomberg that the bailout package also inclues bad car loans

Bill Maher's Religulous looks pretty hilarious.

Folks, if you truly believe economic collapse is inevitable...

Seems to me that Obama's tax plan is the only fair one now.

$1.8 Trillion Bailout: Where **Our** Money Is Going

Who thinks McCain/Palin aren't crazy enough to wage war with Russia?

Why can't our rulers learn from experience? Maybe because they're not the ones paying?

Which one is the elitist again??

I just realized

Tomdispatch: Sarah Palin's Creationism Will Rape The Environment

What's that called again? When an supposedly "ardent: lover" rapes you?

Gov. Palin said Obama wants to raise the death tax...Ohhhhh

Gov. Palin said Obama wants to raise the death tax...Ohhhhh

What Was Mysterious Activity Going on in the Marriott Hotel Islamabad by United States Marines

one thing we can do

If you can't loot the Treasury one way, re-invent yourself

Foreclosure Phil: Who's to blame for the biggest financial catastrophe of our time?

Does anyone have a Cafepress account?

Severe gas shortages in the South

A Sense of Resentment Amid the 'For Sale' Signs

Wall Street - Heads they win. Tails you lose.

AlterNet: Meltdown and Bailout: Why Our Economic System Is on the Verge of Collapse

There's Plenty of Blame to Go Around For the Economic Disaster

Bailing out the wealthy

I want to see a list of Execs to benefit and who they donated too...

CONGRESS - Bend Over Grease Up - Bush Pioneers Want Money!!

Sieg Heil Sa-Rah!

Seriously - no strings attached

I am looking for a video of Tommy Smothers' speech at The Emmys

A caller on Washington Journal

Harvey Pitt on Washington Journal.

Looking for links to best Emmy moments.

If congress caves in to this blank check mentality, the results will be the same.

Shaken Consumers, Banks May Stifle U.S. Growth, Extend Slowdown

Paulson Plan: Can we have a thread that reports on Senator and Representative positions?

Now can we impeach the Bastards?

So, Paulson wants to be Ming the Merciless?

The adventures of Digger the Mole

New York Loses More Jobs, London Homes Drop in Race for Bottom

Why not just pay all the mortgages?? Let the speculators and bundlers

I'm at JFK. The JetBlue Terminal was just evacuated

LAT: Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits; Queries are directed through the McCain campaign...

Good analysis of the economic crisis

Now it all makes sense.....

Crazy idea about the mortgages that I wish would work (but won't)

How far are we under the debt ceiling? Can we afford to do this?

$600 Billion dollars in perspective

Paulson wants us to bail out the company he received hundreds of millions of dollars from

McCain Blasts Wall Street Failure, Neglects To Mention His Adviser Helped Cause It

Not surprisingly, heavy pro-McCain spin from MSNBC this morning.

Middle Eastern Countries think investing in US real estate

The man blamed for bringing world's biggest insurer to brink of ruin

Robert Willumstad refuses to accept severance package

Telephone Congress, in the immediate and carnally referential present

I don't care if the bailout only costs $1.

Did McCain Really Leave Fellow Vietnam & Laos POW's To Die in '92? - Looks Like It...

A buddy of mine just got back from search and rescue on the Texas coast...

Stevens arrives for start of corruption trial

TPM: Taxpayers to bail out Phil Gramm's foreign bank

After reading about credit default swaps - One needed regulation becomes evident

Add the border wall boondoggle to the other Shrub Rethug boondoggles (out of moohlah, they need MORE

Will the Democrats fight for a principled economic bailout ?

Bailout proposed by the Republicans

A Conservative for Obama ( Ex National Review Publisher Endorses Obama)

Some thoughts on CEOs

Everyone with 2 braincells saw this coming as a result of deregulation

McClatchy: Can you trust a Wall Street veteran with a Wall Street bailout?

So Much 4 The Bailout/Payoff Dow Dn -113.02 (0.99%)

A financial lesson learned....

Rasmussen has Kay Hagan up by 6 points on Elizabeth Dole

How can Congress allow itself to get Suckered Again? Mushroom Clouds of Destruction...We Must Act

Consumers Cut Health Spending As Economic Downturn Takes Toll

Unless Schumer, Dodd, et al want to tell us what apocalyptic shit Paulson told them

Want someone to blame for the economic crisis? Here's the individual with the most culpability....

Rate the candidates on Science and Technology:

Glenn Greenwald: Growing right-wing opposition to the Paulson plan

Can I PLEASE have some DU Help on this Southern Ohio Political Blog (RE: Financial Crisis)

Bail this picture out with a caption

Aren't we ALL so relieved that NO rich executives will

Didn't I read somewhere that gov might help those with mortgages on second houses?

The Dems should tell Bush, take it or leave it

House debating bailout now on CSPAN

Barack means...

General Election: The Board Game (dial-up warning)

After this MASSIVE bailout, doesn't it stand to reason that the taxes for

Republicans fighting to protect CEO pay

"Please don't advocate violence, even in jest."

Big Financiers Start Lobbying for Wider Aid

LAT: Europeans on left and right ridicule U.S. money meltdown

Paulson's only job right now is to keep the economy from cratering until after November 4, 2008

"So, honey, I'm going to go out and buy that nifty bailout I saw

Um what? is there no joy in wall street mudville today?

John "Dumber than a Box of Rocks" Cornyn ad on TV this morning

Final cost may push $2 trillion

What ever happened to the "Forfeiture and Seizure Act" and why can't it be used for bailouts?

McCain - who's contributing and from where?

Lets just reset the financial clock for everyone

McCain said poor need not apply.

CNBC: A $1.8 Trillion Bailout: Where the Money's Going

So I'm reading this interview with Charles Murray - a giant weasel - but I do agree with 1 thing

Is anyone else fed up to their EYEBALLS? My God, it's beyond beyond.

Here's an idea for you. Bail out all the American people.

Trickle down economic rescue? Tell them that won't fly. (The JEC meets Wed.--links)

Bailout is worse than the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act

Help me understand the bailout. (who owns the houses now?)

WHY OH WHY is blah blah blah so CLOOOOOSE???!!??

If there was ever a time for Congressional Democrats To Expose The Truth, It Is NOW!

Loan titans paid McCain aide nearly $2 million

China quality chief resigns over milk (BBC)

What a Co-Inky-Dink!

The Palin Doctrine (RJ Matson)

Part of an Email I just got from Obama's Florida Campaign

I really hope that the anger, nay, fury I hear on this board tonight

I thought it was funny

A Billboard, wish there were more like this.

So at the end of the day, what is really going to happen?

What Was Mysterious Activity Going on in the Marriott Hotel Islamabad by United States Marines?

Bush Urges Quick Passage of Bailout Package

If there's a Plunge Protection Team to prevent market crashes...

They have to find some way to wall off the credit swap derivatives

How people get trapped in bad mortgages.

19% "Heck Of A Job" BUSH (ARG)

We stopped the sale of US ports: We can stop this!

E pluribus hokum or When the gamblers bail out the casino: By Spengler

Senators (Kennedy, Hatch, Leahy, Inouye) could testify in Stevens trial

Millions at risk of foreclosure fraud

The Dow has dropped steadily since opening bell. Where will it end the day?

Ah, here it is, folks, THE TRUTH, forwarded to me by my brain-dead Repub. aunt & uncle... sigh...

Bush/Paulson wants $700 billion (just to start) and WITHOUT OVERSIGHT?

GOP Politicians cashing in on Palin's popularity: "Palin Makeovers"

Wow. America wakes up. CNN's poll on the funky federal bailout

I thought the stock market would be up 300 points by now, just

Poll: Which of the following Tuckers do you find most intolerable?

Who else believes that after all the furor....

New prison for women to be built near Aliceville, Ala. 1400 beds

So how bad can this get for us?

Your Comrades on CNBC! Capitalism my ass!

What really happened with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999

BREAKING: President Forced to Resign over Politicized Prosecutions !!!

Can we fight back against this financial slavery?

Ala. GOP pressure ends prisoner registration drive

What is $500 billion? What's a trillion?

Financial terrorism: US taxpayers bail out Wall Street criminals

Has it really come to this???

How this all happened. From This American Life

Bush proud that he's leaving the next president all the powers to prevent future attacks

Early voting begins TODAY in Georgia!

The American Debate: Populism gone wild: Palin latest example of push to mediocrity

Chat with Michael Moore - Tonight

The Government should give every US Citizen 1 million Dollars

The Government should give every US Citizen 1 million Dollars

Ok this is long but read it anyway.

Arizona is planning to divorce McSame on

Anyone who thinks this is a "buying opportunity" in the stock market is a damn fool.

Anyone who thinks this is a "buying opportunity" in the stock market is a damn fool.

Another LTTE got in...

Thoughtful deliberation.

DNC:As Bush, McCain Visit NY, Dinapoli, Thompson Blast Them for Policies

This One Goes Out To Hank Paulson

E pluribus hokum or When the gamblers bail out the casino

Would a Barr-Paul Libertarian ticket be better for us than a Barr-Noname ticket ?

Stupider than Shit ~~Fuck that shit with a rusty saw, baby~~

some of the religiously insane are beating up women they deem unworthy

Regarding the "bailout" -- do people understand how serious this is?

Wonder how the true believers felt watching 60 Minutes when McCain said "Andrew Cuomo"

Former PM Tony Blair heads to Yale to lecture on religion Welcome to the Con of the Century!

Latest rethug meme: McCain tried to warn about this financial disaster in '05

Hooray for the POWER OF PEACE!!!!

I want to give a shout out to my fav people on here!

We are gonna bail out foreign banks also! HOLY MOLY!

From John McCain's plan for the nation's health care system:

Loan Titans Paid McCain Adviser Nearly $2 Million

One way to catch a (Obama sign) thief

New poll: Zero percent of Americans think national economy is improving

Barack's Economic Blueprint Video (DNC)

Lest We Forget that the Dark Ages Were a Faith-Based Initiative:

New ARG polls from CA, IA, MN, and VA

A Challenge to McCain?

It is said that Bill Clinton was the best Republican President we ever had.

A Sense of Resentment Amid the 'For Sale' Signs

Lest it go unremarked (or I missed it) may it be noted that McCain said:

Glenn Greenwald: Growing Right-Wing Opposition to the Paulson Plan

Bailout Plan Shields Lenders From Lawsuits

What is Obama's position on the bailout...

Back to the basics on drugs: Does the CIA have competition?

How much value is the dollar going to lose because of this bailout?

Where was bush when Andy needed a bailout to have life saving surgery?

New Lincoln penny designs unveiled

Alaskan restaurant adds new item to menu: McPalin Grilled Pig Sandwich with side order of lipstick

"The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression"?? Really?

question about the polls, if someone can help me out

Quick note to those on the rw side:

If Bush can take over the banks, why can't Chavez take over the oil fields?

Socialism US-Style and Ronald Reagan

Exclusive! I just found where Karl Rove eats when he's in Beijing!

Will the dems in Congress fold?

After Obama crushes McBush and we have a filibuster proof senate, the Republicans in 2012 will ...

Rep. Bernie Sanders: "surtax on the very wealthy for bailouts" etc --

If this Corporate Welfare Handout is so great, Why is the DOW Down 180 points?

About the debates & "a fraud on the American voter"

There's Plenty of Blame to Go Around For the Economic Disaster

I take it these two does not know AC's preference? :-)

I take it these two does not know AC's preference? :-)

What does McCain really stand for??

Crisis and bailout a la Krugman

My letter to my Senators and Reps re the bail-out

NYT: Loan Titans Paid Off McCain Aid

And on wall street: banks doing badly

How much of the 700+ billion bailout will end up in the RNC coffers?

Democrats remember this ....According to Bush* negotiation means appeasement

CNBC - for a free laugh

That nutty Deutsch woman on with Thom Hartmann said the country's in "deep trouble."

Gore on his way to MN for Franken Fund Raiser

We need to call for a moritorium on any bailout until AFTER the election n/t

We need to call for a moritorium on any bailout until AFTER the election n/t

What did Wall St. demand from Main St. in Bankruptcy & Welfare Reform bills?

Yes, it would completely the incentive for many small business owners to work extra each year...

Meanwhile, the HUD Hope For Homeowners act becomes reality on October 1. Here is info

Did John Lennon turn the word 'Revolution' into a dirty word?

New York Loses More Jobs, London Homes Drop in Race for Bottom

Scarborough just said that McCain has stated in stump speeches he's in charge of the economy.

Are we screwed in the electoral college?

At-Largely: My Obligatory Palin Comparison

WOW, the most un-biased piece I've seen on the Palin event reported on

McCain Lies to the American Worker

Treasury's actions beyond the rule of law

There is nothing more important in this campaign than reminding your neighbors and family and friend

Oil prices rise!

Palin will support Colombian Free Trade Agreement.

700 billion , OR else! (caption)

"If you're getting ready to retire, it just may mean you have to work a few more years"

Well Now. Here's an interesting turn.

Dodd, Senate Democrats issue bailout counterproposal: Pay limits, equity

Did everyone hear conservative George Will praise Obama on This Week yesterday?

FL: Palin draws crowd of 60,000

OK, can we impeach the lousy SOB now? What more does it take?

Concerning Bristol Palin and unwed motherhood, if you are about 30 or younger,

McCain aide: Palin has ‘metaphorical’ foreign policy experience.»

The Importance of Canvassing: Two Stories Worth Reading

Researching to see if I can refute this ..McCain advisor blames Dems for financial crisis....

American economist and Princeton professor, Alan Blinder, calls for Paulson to be fired

Ravi Batra is back on with Thom Hartmann now....He's one of the few economists I believe.

In the debate, Obama needs to draw solid connections between

9/22 Daily Kos R2K Tracking Poll: Obama 49, McCain 43

Hey the government's a bath tub

BG Editorial: McCain's plan to decimate employer based health care

Who was Charles Ponzi? (A timely biography)

New Obama Ad Hits McCain On Health Care - "Article"

3RD Obama Sign STOLEN in last month. DAMN IT.

Obama’s Secret Weapon: Favorable Senate Races

Obama Campaign Sues Michigan Repubican Party Over Proposed "Lose Your Home, Lose Your Vote" Tactic

Obama Ad: McCain A "Prescription For Disaster"

Mushroom Clouds Over Wall Street : "This is our country, not Goldman Sach's"

MN-Sen: Franken Trails by a Single Point

MN-Sen: Franken Trails by a Single Point

OMG, McSame just did another flip-flop on the 'bailout'!!

A truly bitter dose of reality...

Please help finish this post card: "No blank checks ..."

McCain Palin - Prosperity Not Socialism (OMFG!!!)

This is what drives me nuts about our nation's auto industry

Has anyone had to go throught Adult Derversion Services

The gloves are off in Pakistan

Why does the media assist the GOP lies when reporting on Crowd size?

A Reuters story about China and the future of the US dollar that gives one pause...or chills...

What the hell....some Jim Johnson/Barack Obama ad just came on....

What the hell....some Jim Johnson/Barack Obama ad just came on....

Vote NO on Prop8 - Keep Our Ad on TV

It's a silly poll, but please DU it

OPERATION PULPIT WATCH: 2008 Presidential Election Edition

Oil up $26...all-time one-day record advance.

John McCain's Chief of Staff Wins Roy Cohn Award

I have a question for those economists amongst us

McCain advisor paid 2M by Fannie and Freddie

So, you're saying you want 700 billion dollars with no strings attached, by Friday.

I just finished reading Angler (Cheney bio)

After sleeping on it, I've come to a reasoned response. to the economic situation

McCain does NOT Regret his vote to Deregulate Wall St……are you kidding me??????

McCain does NOT Regret his vote to Deregulate Wall St……are you kidding me??????

Jewish grandchildren for Obama needed in FL to win it! Schumer and Clintons, take note

Hey look! Some good news! Don't let it get lost in the shuffle!

Editorial: ‘Friendship’ from Palin is not enough

Obama Camp Moving Out of North Dakota

Beginnings of a Thaw?

Palin's town charged for rape exams

(VIDEO) Must READ!! A week in Review - In case you missed any details from this BUSY WEEK!

Democrats of Wasilla--Unite!

Can you trust a Wall Street veteran with a Wall Street bailout?" (Paulson's Conflict of Interest)

My simple letter to Congress against the bailout

A Nation of Masochists

Welcome to Disturbia

Anyone who is against every form of bailout is simply unaware of the consequences of not acting.

Anyone who is against every form of bailout is simply unaware of the consequences of not acting.

Determining the intrinsic value of your profession

McCain and the AIP?

Bloomberg: Crude Oil Has Biggest Gain Ever as Dollar Drops Against Euro

The Obama ad we know is coming

The Panic of 2008. It all began with cheap money.

I wonder if the True AK Conservatives and Repubs have Palin right where they want Her about now..

I think Obama has a chance now to open up a huge lead. All he has to do is make a simple connection

RasMussen (R - Propagandists) O - 48% M - 47%

DU this NOW poll please

Can you help a Democrat Abroad out?

Cartoon: Hagel talks about Palin

Palin & Speaking in Tongues

***Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll*** Obama 48% McCain 47%

Neither socialism nor capitalism

NC-Sen: Hagan Leads Dole by 6

Be ticked off - but get over it

Please write your Congressperson and Senators about this bailout!

What small-town America thinks of Sarah Palin - a thoroughly depressing article

sp Charging Rape Victims Story On CNN

Human Bailout (poem)

Human Bailout (poem)


Howard Dean Rallies Pennsylvania: "We'll Win On The Ground"

Don't blame Clinton for this financial mess

HR Clinton coming up on CNBC....n/t

Bush: Attempts to limit excecutive compensation could impede critically needed legislation

Everyone has to start writing emails to press calling the AP to task

Notice the more lying mud slinging McCain does, the more its attributed to Obama too by corpmedia?

Bush and McCain need to bail out

Is Wall Street Keeping The Dow Down Today To Pressure Lawmakers.....

60k at Palen rally in "central" Florida. (no city given)

Stealing Money From Taxpayers To Pay For Wall Street Bail-Outs Is Not Socialism

Will John McIsane Have A " I Liberated Eastern Europe" Moment In Friday's Debate?

Write your Senators. My letter to Senator Clinton and Senator Schumer

Makes you wonder what kind of idiots were trying to pump up the market last week doesn't it?

2007 Bonuses to Top Five Investment Banks Totaled $39 Billion

Bloomberg: Obama not McCain shows steady hand!

Bush Backs Unlimited Compensation For Disgraced CEOs: Now Is Not The Time For ‘Punitive Measures’

WP: GOP strategists regarding McCain/Palin: "campaign looks like the Bush campaign on steriods"

Anyone here having trouble acessing BOA?

I had a feeling about oil futures reivestment by the manipulators...

Looking ahead to Friday -- Flashback to 2004

Email for non-constituents wanting to contact Pelosi. Mine to her redirected to:

PBS/NOW online poll -51%say Palin qualified to be VP

A little more poll news, and in a different way -

Ugh! Co-worker is spouting the meme that the Community Reinvestment Act

MN POLL: Obama 52 (+6), McCurmudgeon 44 (+2)

When and where is the "No Blank Check!" protest?!?

Should Ford Motor Be Given a $350 Million Tax Credit?

Deleted by popular demand

NC POLL: McCurmudgeon 50 (+4), Obama 47 (+5)

Knoller headed back to prison for 2001 San Francisco dog mauling death

A late night poll re:bailouts

Another effect of this crash

We are all we've got.

A Dumb Neo-con Prediction, Polluters Writing Pollution Laws, & Bush's Gay Moment - Bush History, 9/2

Youtube Videos

Here's a simple way to reduce the cost of this bailout.

Three plague rats, three plague rats, see how they ruin...

McCain Camp invoke Rezko in new attack ad

McCain Camp invoke Rezko in new attack ad

We can't keep pissing away $12 Billion a month torturing and killing Iraqis either

Here is an interesting thought....

Nice Comparison Graphic on the McCain/Obama Tax Plans...

The problem with Ohio- and probably other midwest states

Bill Moyers: Moguls Steal Home While Companies Strike Out

Why the bailout? Well, this is my somewhat of tinfoil hat answer...

Congress, Bush team agree on bailout terms: Mortgage help, Congressional Oversight

When is Joe going to fork/wipe the lipstick on McSame's pig? Is that Thursday?

Socialism for the Rich

McCain is a joke

"Sarah Palin Action Doll" This should be entertaining this week. "editor at large" offers some unsolicited, Antonin Scalia-style advice on the bailout

Funny Money and how it will effect you

If Jesus walked the earth today...

NM GOP leader under fire for 'Hispanics above blacks' slur

Thom Hartman is talking about the banking industry now

Polls should also publish raw data

Polls should also publish raw data

These are my demands!

NBC News/Mason Dixon Pennsylvania Poll: Obama 46, McCain 44

After this MASSIVE bailout, doesn't it stand to reason that the taxes for

John McCain's Chief of Staff outed as gay closet case, wins Roy Cohn Award

WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration has conceded several changes to its rescue plan for the troubl

Here is the nut the Bush Administration is trying to protect with its 'bailout' plan...LINK

The $700 Billion Welfare Handout

McInsane Just Made A "Drunken Irish" Joke

Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable

TOON: The Adventures Of Digger The Mole -- Thanks, But No Thanks (Dory Hippauf)

THIS man has had more to do with the financial crisis than ANY other single individual

Congress, Bush team agree on bailout terms

Sorry Madame speaker, but I have no interest in "helping that family"

BREAKING NEWS! Oil jumps $25 per barrel! Biggest one day increase!

Live Streaming Options for Friday's PBS debate?

The McBush team

Anybody see McCain praising Fiorona this morning on the TODAY show?

"When stocks, dollar go under pressure, they jump into oil and they don't care who it hurts."

David Corn: Slow Down the Mother of All Bailouts

Obama in Dunedin Wednesday at Knology Park...first come first serve

Sorry Madame speaker, but I have no interest in "protecting people from losing their homes"

WTF? Why is MSNBC broadcasting McAmbien's stuporous diatribe/campaign rally in PA?

Shut the Puck Up!

7 houses and 13 cars! Three of them imports!

History will show.....

What's happening? DJIA is collapsing in the final minutes before the close...

So I'm a homeowner and a DUer suggests we should just say F*** YOU to all of us

Loan Titans Paid McCain Adviser Nearly $2 Million - NYTimes

We can survive without the bailout, it's Wall Street that's scared

2005 Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act

Loan titans paid McCain aide nearly $2 million

Why are we surprised that NC is close? It *IS* winnable...

Obama hits Spain flap

I wrote this exactly one year ago today...

McBush changed his tune again?

What Might Work: Do A Bank Holiday

Colin Powell Disses McCain on Georgia Russia Conflict

Obama to Deliver Major Economic Speech Today - his plan to reform the greed, excesses of Washington.

WH (Perino): "In our experience, the quickest way to get something done is to do it cleanly"

I think the short selling ban was to prevent people who KNEW...

Pakistan troops 'repel US raid'

Palin Email Hacking case: Federal grand jury to convene in Chattanooga

Comrades Bush Paulson & Bernanke Welcome You to the USSRA United Socialist State Republic of America

The Plan: Listening in on Hank the Wank

Sen. Clinton on the Administration's Proposal to Restore Stability to U.S. Financial Markets

McSame is lying. S190 (2005) to reform GSEs didn't make it out of committee.

Obama produces an ad hitting McCain on healthcare. What does McCain do?

Paul Krugman: Cash for Trash

George Will: "McCain Showed His Personality This Week & Made Some Of Us Fearful"

Minus 372 and Dropping Like a Rock....The DWJ

I hope McCain and Palin didn't

White House Opposed 2005 bill to 'reform' Fannie and Freddie in 2005!!

Is The Bailout The Last Shot At Profit-Taking Before The Rs Exit Politics?

I can't tell you this I'll tell you one more time!(the scammers)

This crisis could have been averted early on.

Need help with crazy rightwing mass email...needs refuting...

Just called my two Senator's offices

McCain's Thirteen Cars

Rasmussen: Minnesota Obama 52%- McCain 44%

Anybody ever seen studies which quantify why people are defaulting on their mortgages?

What next when the SPLURGE doesn't work?

Palin is making the Washington Post "queasier"

Tina Fey wants to “be done” with Palin after November

John McCain And GOP Say Most Americans Are Cowards

Sarah Palin draws a crowd of 1,110,000 and turn away 550,000 (another damn lie!)

The shadow banking system is unravelling

Friday's debate will be critical--what themes do you want Obama to hit?

McCain believes in the American Dream™: He has thirteen cars...

Intrade has Obama winning VA right now: EV-Obama 311, McCain 225

I don't usually ask for help with rw emails, but

The next time someone tosses the 'Christian card' at you, respond with this.

Palin Campaign Dominated by Old Bush Advisors

Bait and Switch...Paulson really wants to bail out Bad Consumer Debt...

McCain tries to change the subject with a new "Hey, look over here" ad

Necessity: Mother of invention (great Obama sticker posted at BartCop)

Dog Owner Gets 15-Years-to-Life in 2001 Fatal Mauling

So why was the first debate topic changed from domestic to foreign issues?

Tony Hall endorses Obama. The Dayton Ohio congressman who went on a Hunger Strike

On the whole bailout thing, something I was thinking about today

Everytime I get excited about our voter registration drive

UBS foreign bank part of bailout. Phil Gramm lobbyist for UBS and part of US division.

UBS foreign bank part of bailout. Phil Gramm lobbyist for UBS and part of US division.

Congressman Mike "Baghdad like Indiana market" Pence brakes rank speaks out against bailout

There has to be consequences for action and a couple of words we need to get rid of.

My Letter to K. Couric-Palin interview & Rape Kits

Solution to the Financial Crisis: Have Big Oil Use Profits To Bail Out Wall Street

AP: Obama campaign pulling staffers from North Dakota

Equinox message from Grandfather Commanda

Rick Davis' ties to Freddie/Fannie v. Jim Johnson! M$M, do your fucking job!!

The End-Times And Sarah Palin

Where's the article about our "some" of military coming home to "protect us"

Pigs at The Trough / Economic Terrorists. Post your favorite phrase for the Wall Street Wankers

DU this poll

"Are You a McCain Republican?"

So does anyone believe that Congress will reverse the damage done by

The Dow is currently down more than 200 points

"This is donkey-hunting from a helicopter"

Who's Pulling Strings for UBS?

Who's Pulling Strings for UBS?

Remember the volunteer edge, when you hear the fund raising figures

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaigns In Madison, WI****

Bush Brings WMD Line to Wall Street

Let the fuckers fail they have stolen everything from me and my kids

***Heads up Biden Live at National Guard Live 8:46 PDT***

***Heads up Biden Live at National Guard Live 8:46 PDT***

In an economy that's 70% based on consumerism

With this bailout being demanded


Since Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends doesn't know how to Fact Check I'll do it for him

When hitting "reply all" to debunk all the right wing garbage, sometimes

Meredith Vieira exposed McDishonest re: having viper Carly Fiorina as Economic Advisor

Reaganomics is the French Revolution in Reverse and Bush is its Robespierre

It's not going to be 700 B. It is going to be trillions. Over many years.

Caption this * pic...

FINALLY. CNBC..Clinton plus others foreclosure remedies

"clean and quick" does not sound good.

How the F can you poll 534 people

Does anybody have a clue as to why Colin Powell may be a witness at the trial of Ted Boeing Stevens?

KEATING 5: Remind me, Why Not Use This Against McCain?

The Christian Right and the IRS (Clash of the Titans)

who can draw a cartoon of the bankers

Has anyone heard if the gov't is planning on buying these Wall Street assets at "fair market value"?

Gov. Kaine canvassed *door-to-door* for Obama yesterday in South Richmond

Beat Karl Rove - DU this poll at PBS

Inspired by Ioo's thread: How about a DU group for those of us looking for jobs?

Members of "Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs" in 2005?

Who's responsible for the meltdown? Ask any Republican, it's the Democrat's fault!

Palin reportedly drew crowd of 60,000 in FL yesterday

Palin reportedly drew crowd of 60,000 in FL yesterday

and in other freakshow news....

I voted for Obama today in Georgia

After volunteering for MoveOn.Org yesterday and calling people in swing states, I've come to the

What is your favorite take on "McCain/Palin 2008"?

What is your favorite take on "McCain/Palin 2008"?

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live In Baltimore, Maryland****

Un Fucking Believable how repubs are running from bush and linking him to ...... DEMOCRATS

Un Fucking Believable how repubs are running from bush and linking him to ...... DEMOCRATS

The claim regarding 60,000 showing up for Palin in Florida....

Despite the war dead and the devastated economy, here is some bright news for Repubicans:

Grace Under Pressure

Buy MY shitpile, Henry!

Obama's Seven Principles To Manage Economic Crisis~

Official 2008 Obama/McCain Presidential Debate Schedule

Chris Hedges: Fleecing What’s Left of the Treasury

Obama Hits McCain Over Zapatero Gaffe, Compares Him To Cheney

Obama, Not McCain, Shows Steady Hand in Crisis

Police Org to Back Obama-Biden Ticket

Where can I find Joe Biden's voting record on banking deregulation?

Even I found Bill Clinton's advocacy on the VIEW under-whelming

Is there anything else going on Friday evening, other than the debate?

MarketWatch: Dollar buckles under bailout's fiscal weight

Bob Barr Files Suit in Texas to Remove McCain, Obama from Ballot

Rep. Brad Sherman's alternative Bailout plan

New poll: Zero percent of Americans think national economy is improving.»

In case you get this email from the "reputable" Dr. John Tisdale...

So yahoo posts a misleading headline, "McCain closes huge gap on key question for women "

Deat Heat In Nevada!

Remember: Greenspan's Low Prime Rate Fueled Sub Prime Which Fueled bush Economy

Steve Schmidt declares all out war against New York Times, David Axerod and Hunter Biden

What is White Privilege?

My Brother's BAILOUT plan... pick it apart

McCain's Camp Head, Rick Davis, Scrambles to Spin the $2mil He Got to Help Fannie/Freddie Duck Regs

DU this CNN POLL - vote on the bailout

Tucker Bounds is at it again...

"A single sentence of 32 words"..."significant consolidation of power, abdication of oversight"

The "60,000 that came to see Palin in Florida"? More like 25,000

The American Enterprise Institute opposed McCain's 2005 Reform of Fannie/Freddie.

Attention California Dems: Please Vote Yes on Prop 2! Prevention of Farm Cruelty Act

Bill Clinton Coming Up On 'The View' Today

Tucker Bounds is at it again...

CNN Poll of Polls: Obama ahead in crucial battlegrounds

I'm Baaaaack! Who's doing what for the cause???

$300,000 "Financial Incentive" To Keep Troopergate Key Witness QUIET (Emptywheel)

"Rape kit" story makes it on TV and CNNs website.

Palin, dominionist intimidation, and *actual* witch-hunters (talk2action

Get on the phone and CALL CALL CALL Section 8 of Bailout

Early voting starts today in many states. They've managed to hide Palin and will most likely keep

Is there any way the Bush* Cabal could get nine billion in cold hard cash

Would you support the bailout in exchange for repealing the 2005 bankruptcy law?

Response to that "Voted For Change" idiocy

My only advice for the Obama team entering debate #1 - short can be good!

What time does the debate start Friday?

New ARG Polls:Obama leads In NJ and WI.

Would McCain be willing to meet with Julius Caesar?

Local right-wing rag published my LTTE on Palin today

McSame on Rachael Ray Show

Imagine if Candidates starting doing Product Placement in their campaigns for money?

Great Video about past, present and future Recessions and Depressions

Article: People don't change their minds about their candidate

I voted for Obama today in Georgia

Dwight Shrute for VP???

OpEd: I Can't Believe It's Not Human Rights Watch!

Dilemma: Which channel to watch the debate *analysis* on?

It occurred to me as I filed for unemployment today that just

So do Republicans want to keep the tax cuts for the wealthy and the bail out as well?

"I'm a Maverick"

Mark 16:17-18 "... and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them

Singles declaring they're 'middle of the road' or 'non-political' - NOW? STILL? :^)

Obama, Not McCain, Shows Steady Hand in Crisis: Albert R. Hunt; Bloomberg

I suggest a moratorium on the bailout until AFTER the election

Congress, Bush team agree on bailout terms

You can cry all you want but Bill Clinton DID NOT hurt Obama at all on The View

What would $700 billion buy?

CNN actually did a story on the Wasilla rape kits

The Dow is down 260 today, even with the bailout talk and shortselling ban....What happens....

I have a stupid question about the bailout.

Lines Drawn In Bailout Battle: Consensus Shifts Against White House

Is David Gregory really hosting the first debate?

Theory: If the press is setting up McCain to be the "foreign policy expert" in the first debate,

Thank you greensboro.

John's Pet Shoat can fly...lipstick and all.

John's Pet Shoat can fly...lipstick and all.

Using DU to understand how much a trillion dollars is.

Accuse me of "disunity" ... but the McCain campaign is high-fiving over WJC's View appearance

Watching Bill Clinton on the View is so dissappointing. Flame me if you must but if it wasn't for

Does ANYONE Know If Bruce (The Boss) Or ANY OTHER Celebrity

Please clue in a newbie to this forum!


NV POLL: Obama 46, McCurmudgeon 46. Repugs rightly blamed for financial meltdown.

PLEASE DU This Poll... It's Slipping BADLY!!!

Oil spikes $25 a barrel on anxiety over US bailout (AP)

The McCain "absentee voter" scam

Yes, I say I want A Revolution. But it does not have to involve bloodshed.

We really have a high opinion of ourselves and our "legacy"

"I noticed that John McCain, lately, has been trying to steal my signs..."

The commercial Obama should run, how much has the Bush Administration charged in your name

North Carolina Shock Pundits and Polls now pointing to Obama, Dole behind

Lobbyists running his campaign, Keating, Gramm, How the goodness can this man say

Senator Obama Is On

Barack to the GOP: Enough is Enough!

DU this poll - 55% say Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President?

Remember when voting was something we took for granted?

Republican Conservative Philosophy: "We're too big to fail.. you're too small to matter"

FOX reporting that there is a small crowd....

Yo Terrorists, y'all need to calm down...

Current USA Today headline: "Bush: Pass bailout bill now". Um, does he know he's at 19% approval?

Current USA Today headline: "Bush: Pass bailout bill now". Um, does he know he's at 19% approval?

If American foreign policy had a gift shop, what would it sell??

Give up on Bill Clinton already.

Give up on Bill Clinton already.

Bail Out the Bankers, but Let New Orleans Drown

Had a good Obama day yesterday.

Congrats, DU. It's Primary REHASH day!!

Fox Says “The View” Is Unfair. Liz Trotta Says They’re “Harpies” (except for the conservative one)

My friend used to have all her insurance with AIG

Thanks Mods.


Postcards for Obama. Here's mine...

Postcards for Obama. Here's mine...

Gallup - Obama 48 (-1), McCain 44 (-1)

Gallup - Obama 48 (-1), McCain 44 (-1)

Woman whose dogs mauled neighbor gets 15 to life

Nobody should be voting early! Pleassssssssse.

Chat With Michael Moore - Monday, September 22nd at 11 PM ET

Had McCain ever mentioned his alcoholic father before?

A Very Fine BLUE Day To You, Dear Friends

Charlie(FAT BOY)Cook: Obama has so much DISADVANTAGES in Florida

How is this for a foreign relations topic/question base for the Friday debate

Dog mauling - woman gets 15 to life

SurveyUSA - Virginia - Obama 51% McCain 45%

Yes Virginia Obama now has the lead. O 51% M 45%

Yes Virginia Obama now has the lead. O 51% M 45%

Uh oh! The McCurmudgeon Campaign is whining about the "librul media" again. The NYT red herring.

Bill Clinton The Jackass

Where to watch the presidental debates?

WSJ: Crisis Draws Attention to McCain Social Security Plan

It seems to me that a lot of people who don't want to bail out individuals

In reference to Poll Reporting, I Have an IDEA! Why don't we..........

Quote like this from Democrats just make me mad,

Whaaa! McCain camp attacks New York Times

Anyone notice McLame saying he could absolutely see Palin as Prez on 60 Min.?

It's the Liberals' fault after all...

Obama Campaign Hits McCain Adviser's Ties To Mortgage Giants

This song and this speech go together like hand and glove.

Jesus had plenty to say about money and moneychangers, greed and wealth, and the root of all evil.

McCain campaign shuts down Trooper-Gate investigation?

Hillary will be on CNBC at 1:50 EST discussing bail-out. OBAMA to speak on bail-out this afternoon

I HATE how McCain is constantly blaming his own party and saying he'll name Dems. to his cabinet

Women voters must send a message: Palin isn't qualified

MSNBC showed about 20 min. of Obama's speech. They showed about 30 min. of McCain's speech...

Eye on the Senate: Udall Widens Lead in New Mexico (and other races)


The End-Times And Sarah Palin

FEMA is playing hardball this time around.

Bush's approval falls from 30% to 19% in one month....

EPA Delays Experiments Exposing Children to Chemicals

The bailout issue will balance the racist vote loss

So Obama is in Green Bay today. Will they hold it against him that he is a Bears fan?

Delete dupe error.-

How come I get the feeling that Grover Norquist is sizing up a bath tub? nt

Friendliest Interview I've Seen Since Keith Olbermann Sat Down With Obama"

want to tie the bailout package to something?

Delete - wrong forum nt.

Oil trading suspended. (Actually a good thing)

Drudge posts his first poll in a week- chooses one showing McCain with rural lead

Watch Out For This Nugget To Be Included In The Govt Bailout Plan...

It's funny that McCain's using a black stand-in for his debate prep

I say we take "fuck" amd "shit" off the ........

Local RW radio - Dems fault of course (but kinda funny).

**** it. n/t

Always look on the bright side of life.

Dude, you got to IBTL this - but it's the truth - DLC needs to be shut down

Puppet show & Spinal Tap? Crowds chant "Sarah, Sarah" for "adorable" Palin, leave before McCain's up

and the hits keep on comin......think this is inflationary???

24 Photos of Biggest Rally in Alaska's history! (ANTI McCain-Palin)

Sarah Palin is a Post Turtle

McCain camp is trying to do ANYTHING to change the subject

I know who we need to solve this financial fuckup: Who's got Bono's phone number?

Holy shit! Oil prices rise 21% today... from $105 to $127.....

Debate Prep: John McCain To Practice With One Black Guy He Knows (Wonkette)

McCain's internals must show NC slipping away...... (link)

The Gallup Poll.

If Obama Had Been Our President on 9/11

Palin draws "tens of thousands" in Central Florida.

Rep. Mike Pence: Workers should allow portion of paycheck to

"John McCain is energy illiterate," Simmons is saying. "He's just witless about this stuff."

Puzzling article in about yard signs. Is the Obama camapign really not interested

PPP New Mexico poll - Obama 53 McCain 42

U.S. Regulator `Closely Monitoring' Nymex Oil Prices

Best description of a wingnut ever ?

Best description of a wingnut ever ?

Rick Sanchez just said CNN has aired twice as many stories critical of Obama than of Palin.

Only 28% Of Americans Support Bush Bailout Plan

It turns out Sarah Palin is a reformer...

So China has more accountability than we do

Priceless quotes from the Emmys. This is why Fox and company hate Hollywood

How Far Will Rove & The Repugs Go To Maintain Power?......

Rich Sanchez on CNN about bridge to nowhere "Do facts even matter?"

Caption this pic

Uganda may pass miniskirt ban

Ford To Launch Car That Gets 65mpg --- Only In Europe.......

Obama vows to tackle government contracting

Say NO to Bush Bail Out Bill

Stock Market tanking as it nears closing bell... down 370 and falling fast

I Like Bush* Better Than McInsane

On a lighter note...Marin County resident renames her town, "OBAMA".

Just Overheard On MSNBC:

New SurveyUSA Virginia Poll: Obama 51 (+1) McCain 45 (-1)

Bill Clinton on The View: 'I like both of them', 'they are both qualified'!!! n/t

Bill Clinton on The View: 'I like both of them', 'they are both qualified'!!! n/t

Gondoliers in Venice for Obama (video)

McCain leads Obama by just one in Nevada.

As someone who would have loved to go after Bill Clinton

What was the house just voting on?

How do you deal with people with irritating sounding voices?

How do you deal with people with irritating sounding voices?

Evan Bayh just said McCain had a DEATHBED conversion on the economy

Is this the Shock Docturne in action?

Time: "How We Became The United States of France" - Thanks to the GOP

Troopergate's Strange Bedfellows (Mudflats)

Troopergate's Strange Bedfellows (Mudflats)

McCain pledges amnesty for 50,000 illegal Irish immigrants.»

Troopergate's Strange Bedfellows (Mudflats)

Exclusive: McCain closes huge gap on key question for women

McCain Campaign Lying Again About the Size of Their Crowds - Media Helping

Evan Bayh: McCain is a hypocrite!

The Dow Is Giving Back All Friday's Gains

Diageo/Hotline Tracking 9/23: Obama 47%, McCain 42%

Vote "No on Palin" in PBS poll

PPP (D) New Mexico Poll: Obama 53%, McCain 42%

SC-Sen: Huh?

Googlebombing Wasilla Rapekit Scandal (not gate, lol)

Kudos to The Seattle Times - already out with an Obama for President endorsement!

Financial Times: Lehman bondholders could lose $120bn

Why are McCain and Palin still campaigning together?

Hey Dems on Capitol Hill---Listen up--It doesn't matter what regulations

The "rape victim pays for the rape kit" story is getting front page coverage now

The "rape victim pays for the rape kit" story is getting front page coverage now

More anxiety on Wall St.: Stocks dive, oil soars

TOP STORY on CNN.Com - Palin town charged victims for Rape Exams

Did McCain Really Leave Fellow Vietnam & Laos POW's To Die in '92? - Looks Like It...

Bombshell: GOP Congressmen accuse McCain of collaboration with N. Viets and betrayal of POWs/MIAs

With McCain's One Week Old Populism & Love For Regulations, Is He Planning On Switching Parties?

I'm so exhausted from knocking on doors 5/7 days a week for Grassroots DNC...

What is your favorite McCain name?

Dead heat in Nevada

Dead heat in Nevada

Ah, ah, ahhhhbleeee... CAPTION!

Did you ever consider that there might be no good solution to this mess?

So what if Obama pulled out of ND; McCain should pull out of:

I Think We're Witnessing "The Dance"...

The RW BASE Hates John McCain - Check out this Car (photo)

Mike Pence may be a Bible massaging fetus worshiper from the Indiana backwater

National Association of Police Organizations endorse Obama\Biden's that 'cut taxes' thing working out for the McFailins?

PPP - Obama Extends Lead in Colorado as Palin's Numbers Decline

PPP - Obama Extends Lead in Colorado as Palin's Numbers Decline

McCain Owns a Honda Sedan and a VW Convertible -- Despite Having Claimed to Always Buy American Cars

Randi just likened the bailout -

Will a tanking economy affect Obama's fundraising?

PBS is conducting a poll, RIGHT NOW!!! ...

I'm on my way to vote (Virginia) and help turn it BLUE

Transgender vet wins suit against Library Of Congress

Wow, Randi just said we are being charged for our own rape kit

BBC: Russian navy sails to Venezuela

Rachel Maddow Beat Hannity & colmes Friday in Key Demo 25-54

We Win: NM, IA, VA

New Anti-Bail Out Site: Sign and email to friends - Plus, call Obama and tell him to LEAD

"The disaster is far from over," (Naomi)Klein said

Politico: McCain Camp Criticism Rife with Errors

I have an idea for a "web question" for the second presidential debate, could use opinions

Treasury Disputes Democrat On Changes in Bailout

Lou Dobbs is Ripping Paulson's Plan to Bail out "Foreign Banks!"

How come my 'My Posts' goes back to the 17th?

did i miss something re: Biden & health, bowing out?

yaaaaay!!!!! WV 4 pts.

If the Democrats WANTED to SUCCEED ...

So let me see if I have this straight.. I wouldn't want to upset the Primary Lovers,

You know what? you're right. You win.

We should ask McCain and Palin to get health insurance on their own, as a test.

Keating, Muething and Klekamp, as well as family members, contributed $50,200 to McCain's campaign

Palin to meet with Kissinger, Saakashvili and Alvaro Uribe? Instant gravitas!

Palin to meet with Kissinger, Saakashvili and Alvaro Uribe? Instant gravitas!

I hope Gwen Ifill asks Palin about the Rape Kits......

Anybody posting a link to the discredited "PBS poll" is suspect....


I'm John McCain, and I approved this sale....

Question about supreme court, abortion, and Catholic church

Karl Rove, Deepak Chopra and RFK Jr.? No Kidding.

'Christian' store treats story on female pastors the same as porn

Some interesting Wall Street tidbits, a peek behind the curtains -

Road to 270: 9/22/08 - Obama 286, McCain 252

Thom Hartmann. If there is ANY way to listen to his show this

Challenge For DU'ers- Define The Bush Administration's Definition Of The Word "Cleanly"

More evidence the surge may not be all ...

"Help me be done playing this lady November 5th. That would be good for me."

Earmarks again brought up on MSNBC. Help me with this, please.

Shelby, DeMint oppose Wall Street bailout

ABC News/WaPo Virginia Poll: Obama 49, McCain 46.

If Bin Ladin releases another tape before the election, what would be the reaction?

McCain Camp Sues Ohio Secretary of State---Whaaaa? Project much republicans?


Two questions for those of you foolish enough to support the Afghan war...


I did phone bank this weekend and one undecided voter who was angry told me

Should we throw "in the tank"

Obama/Biden WILL win in a landslide...

McCain camp criticism rife with errors

Michael Steele (black former Lt. Gov of MD) to play Obama in debate prep for McCain

Conflict Of Interest? Report Says Goldman Sachs ‘Among Biggest Beneficiaries’ Of Paulson’s Bailout

Kucinich puts forth different bailout plan

CNN LIVE .. Bert the Turtle standing behind bullshitter Palin

Fear and loathing in Northeast Philadelphia

A Simple Question I've Been Asking My RW Friends Since Our Economy Has Started To Tank

Battlefield Alaska: The White House

CNN's John King puts out what seems Biased report on Florida Opti-Scan Voting Count Machines.

Bullwinkle Assassinated!

Is the McCain camp trying to embarass the media into submission?

hey Democrats - no "bailout" voting until after the election - a rationale on dailykos that

hey Democrats - no "bailout" voting until after the election - a rationale on dailykos that

WTF - Someone moved my Obama car magnet from my bumper

Happy National Race Day everybody!!!

McCain's Running Two Ads Tying Obama To Financial Crisis - During *Soap Operas*

Anyone know what Obama and Biden are up to tomorrow?

The Obama Campaign Mentions the "K" Word

CNN Poll: GOP takes brunt of blame for economy, Obama gains

Sorry, Wingnuts: McCain's Campaign Manager Pushed For Boost In Minority Homeownership

Paul Krugman: The Chinese send us poisonous toys which we pay for with fraudulent securities.

NC SENATE POLL: Hagan 51 (+10), Dole 45 (-8). Liddy is tanking!

Politico: Biden aide says McCain aide lied about Biden's son

"No Blank Check" or "No %$#!*@ Check"

Europeans on left and right ridicule U.S. money meltdown

Naomi Klein on Randi now!

Serious flooding in Puerto Rico - Carolinas get ready model Obama 311.5-McMonotone 226.5..

I get the sense that the Repubs are getting very very nervous

McCain, Obama wary of gay marriage debate

Thanks For Nothing Bill Clinton

It's decided. "I'M VOTING REPUBLICAN" - Look and listen and you will, too! Wanna bet?

(NY, UPI) Sarah Palin, the republican Vice Presidential candidate, is flying out

The Art Of Scapegoats - Bush Had Ken Lay for Enron and Eggers for Worldcom, McCain has Chris Cox

McCain Camp regarding Keating 5 scandal: "a story that is very old, almost two decades"

McCain Camp regarding Keating 5 scandal: "a story that is very old, almost two decades"

Obama declares Palin's family "OFF LIMITS." Palin, in response, enjoys whine with her cheese.

Quad City Times/Lee Enterprises Iowa Poll: Obama 53, McCain 39

Trying to take away someone's vote should be considered an act of Treason.

Does any one have the Images of PALIN that I saw on the National Enquirer?

Bill Clinton is doing a fundraiser tomorrow to turn out the vote in OH and PA...

The PBS Poll is an ex poll

jeebus, david gregory bringing out mitt the shitt....reminding us that mcbu$h* is a maverick

Parents can not even afford 3 bucks to buy a picture packet for their kids

McCain camp now says that even POLITICO is "in the tank" for Obama

R'uh R'oh, Scooby: "Evangelical leader smacks McCain for lack of ‘principle’"

Obama pulls out of North Dakota. Smart move or not?

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaigns In West Allis, WI****

Philippines Newspaper Re McCain - "Memo to Arroyo: Let McCain know you’re from Asia"

Palin's favorability trajectory - What a beautiful swan dive

Buy my SHITPILE, Henry... or, what happens on Main Street affects Wall Street

Does Bill Clinton still feel our pain?

John McCain's Chief of Staff is gay (just outed by Signorile & Rogers)

Obama Wants More Congressional Openness

DUers!!! Call the Wall St Journal & shame them into retracting this lie!!!!

The GOP's Bottomless Crack Pipe

Big time "D'oh" moment for CNN with their headline...

So, now, instead of GD:P having a Palin obsession...

Sorry, Wingnuts: McCain's Campaign Manager PUSHED For Boost In Minority Homeownership

This is fixed now. I posted this yesterday and caught some flak:

Sludge's page never looked so good! Rachel graces the page, above the fold. She beats Larry King!

FOX/Rasmussen Swing State Polling - September 21, 2008

I Just Got Called by the Obama Campaign!

Republican Pollster: The Race is tied in North Carolina

Palin Is Being Groomed For 2012

Palin as VP doesn't matter (says email)

McCain Campaign: Lies, Lies, Lies, and MORE LIES

Bartlet and Obama chat (an op-ed)

Let's cut to the chase on the bailout plan

John McCain often seems relegated to the background at campaign ralies - pics

A great essay about racism on this blog:

Candidates likely to skip bailout vote

Some nice resources if you want to travel to a swing state

Has anyone seen the documentary "I.O.U.S.A?"

Faux "News"/Rasmussen PA Poll: Obama 48 (+1), McCain 45 (-2)

Ohio poll just mind blowing, what the hell

Ohio poll just mind blowing, what the hell

If Palin is so damned great...

Why vote DEM? Must read new book...

McCain is right about deregulating health insurance. It's the ONLY way we'll get single payer

The Triple Whammy of Bigotry in the 2008 Election

The Triple Whammy of Bigotry in the 2008 Election


C.H.A.N.G.E., anyone else get this on their cell phone...?

The Daily Widget – Mon 9/22 – O-278, M-260 – Weakening: Maine and Minnesota?

Palin warns supporters: we must stop the "Obama-Biden Democrats"

McCain needs to Fire the Campaign Aide who Let this HUGE Gaffe Happen!

McCain needs to Fire the Campaign Aide who Let this HUGE Gaffe Happen!

Are there any video snippets of Tommy Smothers and S. Colbert

Want to read the insane speech Palin was going to give in NY?

Now here's the pot calling the kettle black

Get ready to despise Palin some more ----->

McClatchy: Democrats battling to add restrictions to $700 billion bailout

Atlanta gas crunch: 'We've got no gas here'

The real and true frame for this whole economic meltdown

What to say when someone says the Democrats are to blame

Another Fine Jackpine Aphorism (on the difference between socialism & fascism):

"Frankly I'm confused...."

Remarks of Senator Barack Obama—as prepared for delivery

Thank you, DU!

Behind The Financial Debacle: Conservative Misrule

A Question

deleted by poster as duplicate post:

So, did John McCain flip flop or is the American Family Association lying?

You will be awarded points through the McCain Online Action Center'- for posting on liberal sites

LIVE WEBCAST at Noon: Barack Obama in Green Bay

Here is an interview you won't likely see before the election ....

Humane Society Legislative Fund ---- FIRST EVER endorsement for President

I walked the streets for Obama today...

US judge 'reluctantly' delays Guantanamo appeals

If Chimp won't give on outrageous exec. compensation there is no emergency.

McCain Campaign Has Strong Ties To Corporate Lobbyists At Center Of Bailout

Question for those of you who have a land line:

Really cool new facebook App. Pledge your vote to Obama

Troopergate: Palin trying to block Wooten's workers’ compensation injury benefits

CNN poll: Americans blame repukes for the financial crisis by a 2 to 1 margin

That thing on his face

See/hear for yourself. And stop trashing Clinton.

CNN showing Palin speaking in Media Pa......guess who's standing right behing her?????

43% of Americans trust the media (all time low, Gallup reports)

McCain advisers: No to Syria talks, little interest in peace process

Sarah Palin's Utter Stupidity: How Smirky Sarah's email was hacked

Need link to a poll

How many congressional republicans candidates will support total compensation, parachutes, et al...

Talk me down. Are we borrowing $700 billion from the Chinese?

New CNN National Poll: Obama leaps ahead 51-46 (RV) 51-47 (LV)

PBS Poll- Palin vote

tweety calls out carly fiorino

The media has drawn the wrath of the McCain Campaign.

Grampy McBush owns 13 cars, many of them IMPORTS, because he "supports the industry." NURSE!!!

Neil Cavuto is KO's worst person. Said that Congress should have warned

Joe Klein: Schmidt Jumps the Shark

The MSM Strikes Back Against Hyperventilations of McLame Camp -- "criticism rife with errors"

McCain told another lie: claimed he supported the Northern Ireland peace process

If even David Gregory can't find something negative to say about Bill Clinton, it's all good.

Tired of thieves, Portland woman lets the world watch her Obama sign

They're too big to fail... we're too small to matter...

Big time "D'oh" moment for CNN with their headline...

Media trying to portray financial crisis as the United States turning socialistic.

when WE buy these crappy mortgages- are we paying just the principal cost, or principal + interest?

Pinch I awake? NBC nightly news tells the truth!

LOL -- Alan Colmes (yeah, I know) handles RW hatemail pretty well

Way to go DU!!!

A student was suspended for having boxcutter in his car, violating a weapons policy.

Bad Link

John McCain says Obama has 'failed to act' in this time of crisis.

My Gift to the Corporate Media - I now watch Oprah at 4:00 pacific Time

The Dodd Bill

KO's Countdown is deconstructing the McCain Campaign step by step...

Is itomorrow "take your daughter to work" day at the UN?

McCain Camp gets into it with Politico

Got a $160.00 speeding ticket today - wonder if I should fight it

Gov't Bailouts -a great chart shows costly problems/bailouts by Republicans, especially Bush Family

Gov't Bailouts -a great chart shows costly problems/bailouts by Republicans, especially Bush Family

Gov't Bailouts -a great chart shows costly problems/bailouts by Republicans, especially Bush Family

Joy Beher trashing McPalin on Larry King right now

Joy Beher trashing McPalin on Larry King right now

So in a nut shell, the banks blame John Q. Public for the collapse...

The RW's attempt to blame CRA for the mortgage crisis is despicable

Does the way they're selling this bailout remind anyone else of how they sold the Iraq war?

How I skewered a McCain Droid this weekend while grassrooting

How I skewered a McCain Droid this weekend while grassrooting

Poor baby! Hasselbeck thinking of leaving ABC for Fox....

Ohio: The Land of Jobless Bible Thumping Idiots and Assholes

Obama opens up 8 point lead in Minnesota.

Living in Sarah Palin's America

SurveyUSA: Obama now up in Virginia

Caught on I-5

I hope that I live to see the day when Paul Krugman wins a Nobel Prize in Economics.

Does anyone know if ammunition sales are up, year over year?

Rachel Maddow talking about the dim one's (non)legacy should be

China's ominous warnings on the US dollar.....

** Obama Sign Thief-Cam: Watch for sign thieves LIVE! **

Palin, rape kits and one more reason to vote for Joe Biden.

McCain’s top campaign aides convened a conference call today to complain of being called “liars.”

Executive experience? Uh...

Into the wild of Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin once ruled

Help me think of a good line for the top of this:

Guys and gals, we already know that we are royally screwed if McCain wins.

Another poll has Obama up in Virginia, this time 49-46.

Do senate races ever have coattails for Presidential candidates? I ask because

Remember this Move On Ad?

Another NC poll: Obama 45 McCain 45.... NC is for the taking!

Another NC poll: Obama 45 McCain 45.... NC is for the taking!

"A man with a briefcase can steal more money than any man with a gun" - Don Henley

We're planning a Rock the Vote event in Conway NH

more on McCain's Ties to the Banking Crisis, by Frank Rich:

Campaign materials and hopefulness

Steve Schmidt is a poor man's Karl Rove

PHOTO: McLAME Preparing to show off Sarahcuda to the UN

Humor: Black man introducing McCain at convention (SATIRE)

Great answer to"baby killer" label--pass it on

My MOTHER is voting for Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!

One TRILLION Dolllars!!! That's a lot of Money Austin Powers!!

We always say the American people are "stupid".... but they GET IT this time...

Poll: Most Americans think U.S. is losing war on terrorism

So how many people do you know that really believe all liberals are unemployed and freeloaders?

Obama lol that poses a scary thought:

BIG NEWS: Barney Frank says Treasury has CAVED on equity shares! (We are now officially socialist)

Wall Street Meltdown Theme Song Candidates: Henley and Frey tunes

Rachel Maddow is gonna take on her fake Uncle Pat tonight

PBS Poll - Is Palin Qualified

So now they're saying Obama and the Democrats were against bills that would reform Fannie Mae and

A local financial guru said a "bottom up" solution would be to give $6500.00

McCain will practice for debate with only black republican he can

Scout Tufankjian: Obama Photos

Scout Tufankjian: Obama Photos

Nader: Drawing Votes — From McCain

Break-in at Dan Seals IL-10 Waukegan Office!

Was there any new information provided that would explain an emergency

Profiles - Photos starting with Greenspan We need to recognize and know these people.

Hillary Urges Donors To Contribute To Obama's Efforts In Ohio, Vows Extensive Campaigning

Hillary Urges Donors To Contribute To Obama's Efforts In Ohio, Vows Extensive Campaigning

Will defaulted mortgages get re-worked? Will they get sold in MBSs again? What is going to be done,

Hillary Urges Donors To Contribute To Obama's Efforts In Ohio, Vows Extensive Campaigning...

At some point, it's no longer about "bad luck" for George W. Bush...

Maybe simplistic, but someone tell me why this wouldn't work...

"Senator Obama, I didn't HAVE oversight and advisors for five years"

Russ Feingold introducing Obama on C-SPAN now! nt

Oh shit. Call it for what it is. Bush wants to make 1 HUGE final withdrawal before leaving. He has

I Just Palined All Over Myself

BEST OBAMA LINE- They keep saying they are going to clean things up, but THEY MADE THE MESS!!

Obama is advised by neoliberal Paul Volcker and former Citi CEO Robert Rubin

Will the economy hold out till January 2009?

Raising Expectations: A Scrappy Fighter, McCain Honed His Debating Style in and Out of Politics

Is Wall Street Meltdown the Republican "Jump the Shark" moment we've all been expecting?

Is Wall Street Meltdown the Republican "Jump the Shark" moment we've all been expecting?

Republicans are TERRIFIED of the Lesbian Woman

McCain was presented with (but not really) an "American Chopper"

Right's frame: How the Democrats Created the Financial Crisis: Kevin Hassett

A Modest Proposal for a resolution of the Economic Crisis

McCain & the MSM. According to the economist magazine, in the early

"The Ignorant Little Man".......from a blogger I know.

ROFL: McCain aide: Palin has ‘metaphorical’ foreign policy experience

So how many press conferences will Palin hold with the world leaders? How many questions will she

When this question come up on your SAT, here is the correct answer.

Simple, smart idea for Obama: Bring in Comptroller David Walker

Biden Makes Appeal to National Guard

Ok Exactly what message does McCain think he sends with Lieberman standing behind him?

Did I just hear another mispronunciation of Obama's name on AC 360?

McBush names a Dem he would appoint, should Obama name a rethug?

I am PROUD of my DU friends because they WOULD NOT vote for Obama.....

The GOP & the MSM. The economist magazine did an article a few

If Democrats were Republicans, they would totally run this ad

Once again all you Obama & dog nuts have been fooled by a photoshop job

I just donated just $12 to get another Obama T-shirt

Brett Favre is looking more like the McCain campaign tonight.

VIDEOS from: "if dems were repubs, they'd run these ads...."

Obama's temperament is gonna help win this thing- Convention speech was right on

The shadow banking system is unravelling

Behind The Scenes With Joe Biden

Bush wanted his legacy to be the "Ownership society" well he got it

McCain/Palin LIE about Obama raising taxes for those making $42,000 DEBUNKED

Sarah Palin's executive experience:

Check out and send a letter to your Congressmember

McCain's chief of staff has been outed.....

McCain's chief of staff has been outed.....

Those listening to Mike Malloy. Directive 51

is there a plan?

is there a plan?

That 700 billion bailout - Reid needs to table it until Obama is inaugurated.

Barack Obama will have at least one...

Do you think Sarah Palin is Qualified : No way! Please vote right away at The PBS NOW Web site

Tonight...TONIGHT Hannity leads with Obama --Rezko

McCain's Chief of Staff Outed

Laugh break: Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Topic o'the day:SIGNS. Here's what I did

I hope now that legitimate media is covering the rape kit story

I'm watching "Idiocracy"....

Rachel Maddow describes in children's book example the current Economic Bailout

Women Heavily Favor Obama in Donations

Post Your Dream Line From Friday's Upcoming Debate

HSUS endorses Obama. Palin pick decides issue.

No "Bailout bill" must be brought to the floor *until* McCain and top Repubs endorse it

No "Bailout bill" must be brought to the floor *until* McCain and top Repubs endorse it

Is there a place we can talk about online polls out of the Presidential forum?

Marist College poll (Michigan) Obama 53-McUgly 42

If the $700 billion dollar bailout is so very bad ...

A Superdelegate was in my place of business, today.

McCain's new talking point. How pathetic is this?

New Quinnipiac Battleground Numbers coming out tomorrow morning

Conservatives fail when they are forced


The Dirty Secret of the Bailout That No One Is Talking About

DU this poll - Is Sarah P qualified to be VP?

It's Caption Time! - WTF Edition

Any person who advocates "DU-ing" a PBS poll goes to the ignore list

My Argument With McCain Supporter-Via Internet

Decent state poll numbers from

Warren Buffett IS advising Obama on the Economy. Why don't the Dumbass Pundits know this?

What could Paulson be Covering Up by wanting this Deal Done so Quick? (McClatchy News reports)

This Republican Alaska state senator on Rachel's show

Just got back from phone banking for Obama...went pretty well

Just got back from phone banking for Obama...went pretty well

Wait....Biden has done 84 interviews to Palin's 2 (1 being Hannity)?

Politico on McCain campaign breifing call: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and followed by lots of wrong

Politico on McCain campaign breifing call: wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and followed by lots of wrong

Can we say that the jig is up?

Q: Why Did Bush/Paulson Wait Until Now To Approach Congress With $700Bil Bailout Request?

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz in Oregon, today? Wow!

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz in Oregon, today? Wow!

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz in Oregon, today? Wow!

****Official Bill Clinton Daily Show Thread for Tuesday Night*****

Don't worry, everyone! The Magic of the Marketplace will fix this mess in a jiffy!

Why it'll be very hard for Obama to lose this election.

Just Gotta Say; This Is The Dems Moment To Shine. Do Or Die Time. They Need To Prove They Can Lead

Obama's best day for state polls todate NM/VA/NC/MN./IA/NJ all show jump--RAZ: Best week for Dem

Palin lawyer meets with investigator in probe


Have you ever wanted to win as much as this time?

Head's Up- Bill Clinton on Letterman now.

All women need is a wild cherry steam thing.

May I suggest forwarding this entire statement by Sen. Obama regarding the financial crisis


The GOP should stop the Campaign due to pity. The McCain Guy is making a spectacle of himself...its

I'm begging y'all--someone PLEASE explain what's going on

DU another Arizona poll: McSame or Obama?

I feel sorry for whomever tries to steal my Obama Yard Sign

The NRA is swiftboating Obama

$39 billion: The Wall Street bonuses for the big five investment banks last year.»

The economy and the financial system

NRA Begins Multi-Million-Dollar Television Ad Campaign

A War Criminal in Academia

Panic Grips Tenn. During Gas Shortage

What a difference a day makes...

Mike Malloy going off on Paulson/Bailout scam now

$7000 per year for every man woman and child

Why does McCrypt always read from cue cards?

"We're not sending a blank check to Wall Street"

so - Troy Anthony Davis

Another Jackpine Rant: I didn't live through the Depression, but

Another Jackpine Rant: I didn't live through the Depression, but

We Can Stop Paulson's Plunder

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Color coded National Debt Chart

Animals are Sad Victims of Hard Times

Obama's position on Early Voting..


Naomi Klein: Street Protest this Thursday (Bowling Green)

New post on HuffPo by Naomi Wolf (the End of America Naomi)

Maybe the Dems can put one provision in the bail out bill that would satisfy quite a few Americans:

Brazilian woman finds fame as McCain's old flame

The Mad Money guy says "SELL."

Help wanted in seeding "The Idiot Box." If you can help, please read/respond

Biden says mocking McCain was "terrible"

What exactly makes McCain qualified to be President?

HEADS UP-Obama live in WI at 1pm ET

What is the point of "DU-ing" an online poll anyway?

Will Arizona leave John McCain blue?

Will Arizona leave John McCain blue?

George Will: McCain Loses His Head

Clarification?: Who wins the presidency in a 269-269 tie?

Clarification?: Who wins the presidency in a 269-269 tie?

the greatest heist in the history of the orchestrated & masterminded theft

Democratic insiders poll...list of names included. SO VERY discouraging.

Nat'l Assoc. of Police Organizations ENDORSED OBAMA today!

Remember that fear-mongering anti-Islam DVD? It's not just papers anymore...

----DU Member status poll----

So I got an email from a repuke acquaintance this morning...

Russian navy ships head to Venezuela

Ok, so what's going on with New Hampshire?

Ok, so what's going on with New Hampshire?

Mike Malloy is playing tape of an interview with Paulsen re: the bailout ... He sounds like....

What is the October surprise?

I saw Larry O'Donnell live last night. he had an interesting take on The Clintons

McCain's internals must be showing some seriously bad news for his campaign

Instead of bailing out AIG, why not offer low-interest loans to people who want to buy AIG stock?

Another great Toon on the bailout

Couldn't the US be on the brink of destruction

So Mr. Bush, you'd like us to loan you 1 TRILLION DOLLARS...

Here comes $500 oil


Bill Clinton coming up on Letterman! n/t

How Bailing out Wall St will Destroy America

Knock on doors. 12 to 1. What's your excuse?

Who needs collateral when you've got collateral damage?

US generals planning for resource wars

Buy my shitpile, Henry

Alaska State Senate President to Maddow: "Todd was always there"

New Poll: ZERO PERCENT say economy is getting better

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Is cultural conservatism synonymous with...

When the smart guys are really dumb. Wall Street "Nobel level" mathmeticians miss the obvious.

McCain Defends 'Enron Loophole' - on advice from who else: Phil Gramm the MFr who sponsored the bill

Which one is the elitist again?


Palin isn't JUST anti-choice; she's a clinic-blocker who's also anti-biology and anti-geology

Palin represents assault on reason...

Palin accuses 'Obama-Biden Democrats' of spreading 'lies'

Everybody like Rachel's candy analogy?

HuffPo: Did Economic Crisis Burst Palin's Media Bubble?

What's the difference between these two guys:

I just got done telling you the details, moron !

What do you think about this?

Please cut Senator Obama some slack.

Where's Cheney?.............

McCain Campaign Enters Bat-house Panic Levels!

If Bill's appearance on The View doesn't convince you that he's in the tank for McSame...

TIP OF THE DAY: How to avoid having your Obama signs stolen:

Debate commission lowering the bar for Caribou Barbie?...

PHOTOS: Welfare queens.

PHOTOS: Welfare queens.

Is it foolish or unpatriotic to be ever so slightly alarmed or panicked right about now?

Isn't *this* what this financial disaster is really all about?

Maybe there is hope for America after all.

Capitalism worked pretty well until the greed is good 1980's

Court orders Bush administration to release torture photos.»

The Interview Score: Biden 84 - Palin 2 - Send To Steve Schmidt!

Wall Street Executive says this will end with riots in the street.

Distribute the Debt According to Wealth and 400 people will pay 350 Billion Dollars

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lectures us...

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lectures us...

DOW futures are down 296 another 2.69%...

Ordinary people need the bailout too?

Bill Clinton is a confident, smart, and prophetic man who told the truth today.

Bill Clinton is a confident, smart, and prophetic man who told the truth today.

Is anybody around to help me with a real quick photobucket question.

Senator Leahy says he’s seen this movie before: "if we learned anything from right after 9/11"

Awesome Politico TOON

This Modern World Who could have ever seen this financial mess coming? By Tom Tomorrow

Is anybody here surprised that Rumsfeld made Condi cry?

Where's Nance?

HEADLINE: "Bush seeks to assure world leaders about bailout plan"

Gang symbol concerns prompt high school to ban student from displaying rosary

Naomi Klein was on Bill Maher's show and mentioned the "Debt Time Bomb"

As a Frenchman, I am delighted to read this

give me $700 billion by Friday or I'll kill this kitten....

Please DU this PBS poll re: Caribou Barbee

LOL - Paul Krugman on Paulson: "all your decisions are belong to me"

Former Gallup Pollster Tells How Polls are Used to Manage Public Opinion

Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise (translation; Bush to allow another attack)

How about bailing out the poor?

My God!! Palin's voice drives me crazy!

"Hidden Power - What You Need to Know to Save Our Democracy,"

'First Dude' Todd Palin Illustrates Alaska's Blend of Private and Public

A Primer on the current market crisis

WTF! NFL is pushing Palin!?

We can’t let Bush and McCain start WWIII, we could stop them with the truth.

Let's shut down the government on Wednesday

Why Freepers are fools and should be drop-kicked from the electorate

No Blank Check - sign this petition!!


"V for Vendetta" just started on FX; found it next to Jon Stewart's repeat.

STOP POSTING THE PBS POLL, it does not work, and does not change

I just got a call about California's Prop 8 (Marriage between man & woman)

OK the election is now over

So, say you're married, with a couple of kids, and you

How low will they go? Palin raises cash saying Obama is attacking her family

Reagan is dead. His policies may live on, but we're in process of doing something about that as well

My letter to my Congresscritter--whaddya think?

For those of you wanting to brush up on the financial situation - this is the end all and be all

An October Surprise in Pakistan?

Norm Coleman claims US could make back 10-20 times the cost of the bailout

Ted Stevens' trial started today!

Will you back me in a 5K run for ovarian cancer awareness?

Bill Clinton gives his haters on both sides nothing to really talk about.

Why they're rushing this bailout legislation...

Tax payers on STRIKE

I have a question on the supposedly close PA poll numbers

Bill Clinton's judgment is seriously impaired.

Grim search in Chambers County

DON'T DU these PBS Polls, that's right, there are two different polls that suck.

WTF is WRONG with Bill Clinton?!?!?

A Dismayed George Will: "It Is ArguableThat McCain Is NOT Suited To The Presidency.

What kind of sick, crazy people brainwash children against Obama in Houston?

Street Political Theatre in front of the SF Federal Reserve

I would like to make a point about Philadelphia:

Turkey bans biologist Richard Dawkins' website

Barney Frank: Expects government to recover most if not all bailout costs

Psst: "They Won't Notice They're Drinking Rocket Fuel - The Economy is Collapsing!"

What are the details of Bush moving troops to the US practice putting down civil unrest?

Hate mail and threats to kick my ass from Hannity listeners

Reuters reports today that "The incoming Treasury secretary, Paulson was awarded $18.7 mill bonus

DemocracyNow: System of payments stopped working last week; you'd have to buy groceries with gold

Why do some Dems carry water for big biz even as other Dems work to protect small biz?

Poll Question: Do you think felons should be allowed to vote?

The mortgage backed securities they plan to buy are NOT "worthless junk"

'Obey' Street Artist Churns Out 'Hope' for Obama

'Obey' Street Artist Churns Out 'Hope' for Obama

LOL! McCain/Palin campaign sign 'improved' in uber-red county.

PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Who can do the best tar and feathering of Treasury Sec. Henry Paulson?

Halloween 08, ok

EQUITY, NOT "CASH FOR TRASH" IN BAILOUT Kucinich Announces Plan for Ownership Society

"There's simply no equal to Hank.". The Bi-Partisan Blank Check was written a long time ago.

Can anyone verify an anti-McCain email I just got forwarded?

The local republicans in Carroll County NH are getting scared

OK, fed up with SIGNS being stolen!!! Here's what I did that you can DU too:

Mad Dog Palin "It was like watching Gidget address the Reichstag"-Matt Taibbi hits one out ofthepark

::: ahem ::::

Love Rachel....But the Kent Jones segment should go away IMO!

Love Rachel....But the Kent Jones segment should go away IMO!

Jane Mayer Boosts John McCain as Torture Opponent

Photoshop fun from me to you (low bandwidth warning)

A different pic of the lone yellow beach house standing in Gilchrist, Texas after Hurricane Ike

McCain keeps Crutchley's homo-tainted Manhunt money

Check Out Our Obama Office Grand Opening!!

Gun owners, contact the NRA

The Rude Pundit: The Bailout Con Game

Posted for maximum emotional effect. As it should be.

Miners call for work halt over NRA political filming

Is Virginia even a "Southern" state anymore?

The Dodd Bill

This is the biggest heist in American history.

Palin: The tawdriest, most half-assed fraud imaginable (Matt Taibbi)

Team Obama goes there!!! In response to Steve Schmidt's whining, they mention Charles Keating...

I lost my job today :(

Naomi Wolf: The Battle Plan II: Sarah "Evita" Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State

Claiming media is 150% "in the tank" for Obama, McCain cuts off contact with reporters following him

Atlanta gas crunch: 'We've got no gas here'

"Two Weeks In, Maddow A Hit For MSNBC"

In 1980 the government - the taxpayers - bailed out the Chrysler Corporation.....

Rove’s Katrina Reconstruction Should Warn Us That Paulson's Cash Giveaway Is a Bush/GOP Scam

The New American Boston Tea Party starts NOW! Join in!

800 Billion In Treasury Securities Earmarked For Social Security May Be Used To Bailout Wall Street

10 National Security Myths, from: The Nation

Why the Norwegian Bank Crisis of 1988 is Important!

LIHOP or MIHOP? (not a 9-11 thread)

This Police Brutality Video Will Piss You Off

Wow Kudos Tony Blair

Rachael beat Hannity AND King last Friday night.

And so the Florida primary lawsuit continues against the DNC.

Welcome back SwampRat

No mumbo jumbo, folks. It's REALLY simple. It's YOUR money. Demand ownership.

McCain Commits GIGANTIC F%@# Up(!)

Don't Bail Out the SOBs, Nationalize Them!

What does it mean when a repub says 'this is no time for finger pointing'?


What is the defining issue of this election?

Chris Dodd on The Early Show: "... there's gonna be a riot in this country."

Help wanted: Signs stolen from NH house Democratic Candidate.. DU this:

The one common opinion of DU about which I am the most confused

Hillary Clinton: Bailout necessary

The bailout agreement is not a blank check. Don't let the "dividers" spin this into a negative

Stopping Bush's blank check for Wall Street: CREDO Action: Call Harry Reid TOLL-FREE NOW!

Howard Dean: "When I ran, that's what began the opening up of the Democratic Party"

Obama Promises Open Government

A Note of Appreciation From the Rich

Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Operations

It's Reagan's fault all of it

You say you want a REVOLUTION???

***GRRR!!!! I'm so pissed!!!***

TYT: Amnesty for Wall Street and Questioning Paulson's Motives

I Sense a Disturbance in the Force...

Again, It Takes Jimmy Carter to Speak Out

My brother, Mr. Republican, is voting for Obama

The Bailout - Same song as always -- Tom Paxton: "I'm Changing My Name to Chrysler"

Bailout Cartoon: My wealth will go on

I dropped this note into the collection basket at my Mom's church today:

The Humane Society endorses a President for the first time ever...

Do you believe Congress should demand market reforms such as the ten listed below...

Basic primer on the economy

Bailout Poll

The Money Party (6): "A Cascade of Ruin"

I get so sick of some of you trashing Bill Clinton

I am trying to get a discussion of the Washington (the state) I-1000 re. death with dignity law.

I am trying to get a discussion of the Washington (the state) I-1000 re. death with dignity law.

Those who want an economic collapse are fools.... My observation living through Hurricane Ike

Do you think EX-felons should be allowed to vote?

AIG should stand for what? For example: Amalgamated Imaginative Gambling

Electronic bubble wrap?

Looking for an amusing animation posted here a while back

Is it possible for someone to erase emails between you and them on YOUR account

A live one in GD wants us to pull the gerbils out of our liberal butts and start shooting people.

If they tell me to fucking DU the already freeped PBS poll one more time...

Okay. Just how long is an infatuation supposed to last? And when is it love?

No hits on my craigslist ad

Ok, so I'm watching NatGeo and I hear sex described as

Pitcher Plants, Self Portrait, A Coffee Bus, and A Walk.(PICS)

Now taking nominations for the 2008 "Carrot Top Lifetime Achievement Award"

Man Successfully Used a $200 bill

Could someone cross post for me in the "Pets" forum?

Got bitten by a spider this a.m.!

Helicopter crashed through the roof of home rolled down the staircase and right out the front door

Save energy - eat roast mutt

Save energy - eat roast mutt

Should I get these?

Is there a Midlodemocrat in the house?

Yeah I better whiskey up these cornflakes

Glenn Close beat out three of my favorite actresses, and she deserved it.

...some people's children really suck, you know?

Manhood Fail

I'm going to try to take the hazmat test later today

Dow just keeps dropping...

Does anyone else think that "An American Carol" movie is going to be one big fat Epic Fail?

Here are some podcasts! All new

Moose and Squirrel or Squirrel and Moose

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Four horseman sighted! The apocalypse is nigh! The apocalypse is nigh!

The Beasts of the East= Football's finest

Is Sarah Palin America's Princess Di?

Metallica, Run-DMC, Stooges nominated to RnR Hall of Fame

Any west coasters watching Josh Groban right now on the Emmy Awards?

"Ask me anything" thread?

Now I know just how painful an actress can be.

"I got a song, it ain't got no melody...

Breaking: Perry Logan is still out of his fucking mind

Has anyone heard from MrsGrumpy lately?

My Doorbell and not my door bell

Someone, anyone, please explain to me this Josh Groban phenom

Super-cuddly kitteh!

"Teach Yourself Mick Jagger"- Steve Riks

I hate myself for loving Marion Barber.

So umm, I have to give a background interview for a friend

I KNOW I will be flamed for this, but dammit, this is a funny t-shirt.

The Bible Goes Green for the Prius Age

Josh Groban: I'm a Gangster lyrics

Elaine from "Seinfeld" and Sarah Palin twins? You decide!

Hey! I have electricity again!

Laundry room etiquette

Psychic Fail

As I peruse DU today, I hear this song inside my head.

Your Favorite Non-Fast Food Burger?

Did anyone ever throw a cultural reference at you that gave you a double-take?

Nerdiest fashion accessories ever?

I want to do this SO BADLY!!! (video link - a blob flip)

I was reading a book with the TV on and the trailer for the movie came on; Miracle at St. Anna

shy men?

Stockholm, Sweden part 1 *PIC HEAVY*

We're having a Tea Party over in GD & you're all invited!

Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' ad images made on Macs

You know what this place needs? More Otis Elevator.

I have no idea where to check in if I were unemployed.

Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend takes breastfeeding pics, goes to Wal-Mart for copies, chaos ensues

Nude dancers are.....

Do you think I'm a freeper/troll?

Lounge Challenge: Post a pic of a commercial character more annoying than Flo.

Live one...

ANOTHER Freeper found me


Goddamned biting flies won't leave me alone!

Hot dogs look gross when the ends split open

How do you deal with a recent ex who keeps insisting that the door hasn't been closed?

So I met this country

If you have your own office, and want to sing...

So, DS1, how many of these videos did you make anyway?

You know what this place needs? More Otis Redding

What is the purpose of the three celery sticks with the order of chicken wings?

Cleavage alert!

DU Ladies! Have any of purchased the Venus Vibrance razor?

My printer's about to get schooled on my mad skills of punching it.

The mystery recommender is back!

Stonehenge May Have Healed Sick, Injured. Still no cure for Dwarfism, Dobly

So someone sent me flowers at work...

Wolfgang Puck taps into the lucrative "14 minutes, 58 seconds and counting" realm of 15-minute fame

Check in here if unemployed

Every Autumn, it's the the same thing....

Dear Friend: (A Serious Request)


BREAKING: Clean Courtney Love's toilets, but not if you're a "superfan" or a "pig who steals." OMFG!

When I am President, I will have taterguy sent to the Hague for his hatred of indoor football.


First note this: I am fully clothed. Now: why is Harry the cat sniffing my left boob?

Are there DUzy awards hiding somewhere?

Don't look now, but it's back.

Another one bites the dust.

Midlodem is a shameless indoor football apologist

Aw. 'Fortunate Son' is gone as well.

Yahoo has Emmy Best/Worst dressed list

Economy is a mess...but there is more. DUers must read!!

PBS Poll on Sarah Palin. Please vote.

Checking out the future of the economy and the anticipated

Checking out the future of the economy and the anticipated

Thank you channel 20 in San Francisco

How come i can still see posts from 9/16 in My DU?

Now that the DUzys are back

"Nude dances" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "nude dances".

Lawyer suspended for accepting nude dances

Concerning Halloween: I majorly SCORED at the thrift store today!!!

So, I met this woman

I don't care HOW good it is. I'm not paying Coppola a THIRD time for "Godfather"


This photo cracks me up.

Have you ever considered that you may have possibly eating your twin in the womb?

They Won't Fear, They Won't See

who has that sigline with McLame and Gramp Simpson??

I'm like the Maharishi except with dirty tissues instead of flowers.

Anyone else have problems with Itunes?

found an awesome facebook app for Obama

I swear, if I hear another "I am gonna go mario on someones head," I'm gonna piss in their Cheerios.

Bleagh. Red pop does NOT go well with spicy nachos and bean dip.

I deleted my MySpace page

Mr MB (the STBE) is moving out on Sunday

Women in your 30's... would you ever go back to your 20's?

The Magnificent Noble Minnie the Lounge Cat is making her farewell tour of this world.

Bothering me to no end. LostinVA's wife's screenname?

Bothering me to no end. LostinVA's wife's screenname?

every time you kill a kitten...

I am going back to the hiv clinic

Is it just me?

It's official! It's Paint Your Wagon style!

Funny cat video

Woah! Did you know that Charlie finally got off that MTA train?

Back to square one with PB and Milk Chan...

Hey! Can you help sponsor my 5K run against ovarian cancer?

An image that should strike fear into the very soul of every sane person in the Lounge...

Tammy Grimes turned down Bewitched.

Chicken bans restauranteur Colonel Sanders' website

After 8 days of no electricity, we finally got power!!

Do you have special powers, and if so what are they?

Hmm. The recommend fairy is back...

I was thinking back today about my very first lounge post in August 1981.

I will admit..... I love Josh Groban

Antony and the Johnsons fans!!! Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio fans

Freeze warning for tonight in the NW.

Do people actually piss in someone elses breakfast cereal?

In what respect, Cosmic Charlie?

Note to the TV football idiots who think I am an idiot.

Nietzsche fans: What do you think of this poster for my apartment?

mmmmmmm BEER!

FINALLY! My 1,000th post!

NOM NOM NOM (pics)

Poor, poor mvd. He thinks if he posts enough, it will halt

Besides Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton, who are two celebrities you often confuse for each other?

i imagine doing acid is something like this

Didn't take long. First punk song about Sarah Palin..."Lipstick on a Pig"

DuStrange and Philboy, what is the relationship?


i was proposed to by an 8 year old today

My Pal Walter

Just when you start to lose your faith in humans...I got the nicest compliment today!!

DuStrange is British. And talks to aliens. Through a laser beam in his chest

Cats: A Poll. (Or: Oh, god. Bertha's bored.) *** dial-up warning ***

Couched Woman With Melon.

My 5 year old's kindergarten class was discussing the states today

I will admit..... I love Just Groping

"you'd have to live in a cave to think Senator Obama is a muslin"

Check in here if unemployed

Dane Cook didn't scoop the poop.

i've noticed a few *I'm OLD* posts recently . . .

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/22/2008)

Can I get some DU vibes for my sister? Double mastectomy tomorrow.

*********** __3 HOURS of "Heroes" tonight on NBC__ ************

To my DU friends who have been helping me through this Breast Cancer nightmare

How do you plan to survive the upcoming Depression?

Hey...anyone have the Jungian recurring dream about a house with a secret door?

*sigh* Have you seen the price of cottage cheese lately?

Today is my six month anniversary! What part of me should I paint blue? (Wedding pics included)

Stockholm, Sweden part 2 *PIC HEAVY*

On 'American Experience' tonight: Roberto Clemente

Rolling Stone: Discovered on YouTube, Filipino frontman finds Journey tour "a curse"

Moday Night Football: Tony Kornheiser has jumped the shark!

Gay Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes


Just playing around with photoshop

Did the Patriots actually lose to the DOLPHINS????

We had to put Madeline, the older cat, to sleep today

Lab farts stink!

Every Notice How Your Printer & Computer Lies To You?

BoyMidlo was dissing my music today while I was driving him to school.

What are your top 5 favorite things on TV?


It's official! I'm on the wagon for a while!

Special Needs kitteh is just wearing me out

Why Are Old Posts In "My Posts" Going Back To Last Tuesday?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday September 23

this has to be some bizarro alternate universe

Anybody have a spare cave I can borrow?

Madonna / Whore

A kitten has followed us home, and we are looking for a home for her

It's sad when there are more ads than pages of content in a magazine.

Heroes tonight *SPOILERS*

Pictures from Mr & Mrs Mander-Sparrow's Columbus, Ohio Reception

Anybody hear from texanwitch yet?

I'm leaving in about an hour to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

For all dog lovers


Breaking in a new cat on the old cat.

RESOLVED: Youtube is the greatest invention of the past 500 years.

Treasury Seeks Asset-Buying Power Unchecked by Courts

I swear , if I hear another "who pissed in your cheerios today" I am gonna go mario on someones head

Palin Boosts Democratic Fundraising

Dog owner thread: what breed(s) of dogs do you own?

Steering the McCain Campaign, a Lot of Old Bush Hands

Pakistan leaders' 'narrow escape'

Taliban kidnap over 140 Afghan labourers -governor

Dems seize on McCain's 13 cars

N Korea 'wants nuclear seals off'

Mitsubishi to buy 20% of Morgan Stanley

MUFG says to buy 10-20 percent stake in Morgan Stanley

Europeans on left and right ridicule U.S. money meltdown

U.S. negotiators to return to Iraq for security talks

'Merchant of Death' in Thai court

Top Afghan diplomat abducted in Pakistan ambush

Loan Titans Paid McCain Adviser Nearly $2 Million

AFP: Lebanon reports Syrian troop build-up on border

Early voting starts today in some states

US banks make shock status switch

A Sense of Resentment Amid the 'For Sale' Signs

Palin's town charged for rape exams

Crisis Draws Attention to McCain Social Security Plan

Millions at risk of foreclosure fraud

Wasilla church video back up.

Foreign banks want to be covered by U.S. bailout

Pakistani troops reportedly fire on US helicopters

UN agency: Unsure if Iran hiding nuclear program

Judge to Rule on (Dan) Rather (CBS lawsuit) Case Today

weird Biden-Palin connection

In Newest Crisis, Hedge Funds Face Chaos

Both Candidates Urge Greater Oversight in Bailout Plan

Iraqi's warmth to Israel exacts a heavy price

Barack calls on North Carolina

Kuwait concerned over US arms sales to Iraq

Loan titans paid McCain adviser nearly $2 million

Goldman, Morgan Stanley Bring Down Curtain on Wall Street Era

McCain'$ Million$

McCain Spokesman Refuses to Say Gramm Won't Be Treasury Sec

John McCain's Chief of Staff Wins Roy Cohn Award

Europeans kidnapped in Egyptian desert near Sudan

Bankruptcy judge: Victim must pay back thief

Oil spikes $25 on anxiety over bailout

Gov. Ed Rendell on the candidates

Early Jump: 'Seattle Times' Endorses Obama

Women Protest Sarah Palin in Rochester

Bankruptcy judge: Victim must pay back thief

Afshin Rattansi & Max Keiser on Goldman Sachs & Toilet Paper

Russian navy ships head to maneuvers in Venezuela

Big Financiers Start Lobbying for Wider Aid

Colin Powell Disses McCain on Georgia Russia Conflict

A Brief History of Oil Prices under Bush (updated)

Bush exits with a bang

Kyl and Schumer on Fox News Sunday on the Bailouts

Authorities seize 'drug sub' off Mexican coast

Loan Titans Paid McCain Adviser Nearly $2 Million

Matt Lauer interviews Jon Stewart on The Daily Show's influence

AIG's ex-CEO refuses $22 million severance payout: report

Legal and illegal, Latinos labor to rebuild Texas

Italian tourists seized in Egypt

Microsoft to buy back $40 billion of stock

Ron Paul: You don't need a 401k to be injured by the destruction of the Dollar!

Stocks finish sharply lower on bailout plan


(AP chairman) Singleton: Many MediaNews Papers Leaning Toward Obama

Congress, Bush team OK bailout terms; Stocks sink

McCain’s fleet of foreign cars spells trouble

Palin accuses 'Obama-Biden Democrats' of spreading 'lies'

McCain Clueless When Asked About Fiorina’s $40 Million Golden Parachute: ‘I Do Not Know The Details’

Judge rips Knoller as she sends her to prison for dog-mauling death

Frank, Dodd Seek Changes to Paulson's Plan to Buy Bad Assets

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup on the economic bailout and McCain's bad week

Pakistan leaders due to dine at Marriott (disputed)

Army Unit to Deploy in October for Domestic Operations

Tired of thieves, Portland woman lets the world watch her Obama sign

Brazil's President Lula Approval Rating Hits Record 77.7% -Poll

Cliff Schecter(!) on Washington Journal Part 1, touting his book 'The Real McCain'

Naomi Wolf discusses her new book 'Give me liberty' on Al-Jazeera

Congress, Bush team agree on some bailout terms

UMW plans stoppage over NRA filming

Oil spikes $25 a barrel on anxiety over US bailout

Hillary Urges Donors To Contribute To Obama's Efforts In Ohio, Vows Extensive Campaigning

WaMu Falls on Rescue Plan; TD Said to Mull Making Bid

DNC Protests Bring the War Home

McCain camp suing Ohio over absentee ballots (again)

Atlanta gas crunch: 'We've got no gas here'

Tina Fey's Emmy Night: Humble, Wants To Stop Playing Sarah Palin

Lawmakers slam governor, side with Obama on ethics bill (Ill)

Drunk, Broke and Vomiting... thanks AIG

Naomi Klein on Disaster Capitalism. Al Jazeera, 9/17/07

Fox and Fears: Two grenades found at JFK airport!!!!

McCain's Committee Confusion

Richard Trumka on Obama and Race

(Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid: We will not 'rubber stamp' bailout bill


CNN: Under Palin, Wasilla Charged Rape Victims For Exams

DA: Suspected La. serial killer to plead guilty

Kal Penn Asks Minnesota to Get Registered

Hardball: Erin Burnett & Jim Cramer on Economy 09/19/08

Bill Clinton on The View

Biden calls for stronger voice for National Guard

CNN poll: GOP takes brunt of blame for economy; Obama gains

Barack's Message for Hispanic Heritage Month

Aide Can't Say If McCain Will Support Bailout Plan

Exxon's Cash Hoard Fuels Biggest Stock-Price Drop in 27 Years

McCain still thinks he'll balance the budget by 2013. Even with the bailout. Ha ha.

CountDown: McCains Pattern Of Privatization

TYT: Another Sarah Palin Lie

Senate Boosts Funding for Laser Weapons

McCain pleads ignorance of Fiorina's golden parachute, rails against them

Fed makes it easier to take stakes in banks

International Whaling Commission Secret meeting - covered by Fox news

Gallup Daily: Obama 48%, McCain 44%

Olbermann calls McCain on his LIES about Earmarks!

Will Arizona leave John McCain blue?

Joe 'Dead Intern' Scarborough declares that W has failed conservatism

"Thank John McCain -"

Obama: GOP enabled "era of greed"

Full Speech - Joe Biden speaks to National Guard

Palin lawyer meets with investigator in probe

TYT: Cenk Confronts Frmr Adviser To Bush Dan Bartlett On Plane

Who are the Gay Republicans?

Obama in Green Bay: "No more secrecy!"

TYT: Why 'Drill, Baby, Drill' is Stupid'

Jury Selection Starts In Sen. Stevens's Trial

Michelle on Debate Watch Parties

The Thorons - Don't Eliminate Marriage For Anyone


Rep. McDermott: The people are upset that King George has been deposed by King Henry

Protesters blast Bush at Colts Neck GOP fete

Legal and illegal, Latinos labor to rebuild Texas

A Gal Named Palin

Austan Goolsbee: Master of the One-Liner!

Bliley disputes regulation argument

McCain's Dirtiest Ad yet

US to join Asia-Pacific free trade agreement

McCain advisor flips out on radio!!

Naomi Wolf debates one of the B-52s on Larry King, regarding the war and fascism

George W. Bush's Overall Job Approval Matches ARG Low As 82% Say National Economy is Getting Worse

Powerful Lawmakers on Stevens Trial Witness List

Sources: Palin to Help Investigation She Requested

Austan Goolsbee: McCains - Cracker Jack Box - Economic Plan

Unbelieved SCAM continues: "Mr. Paulson is resisting efforts to limit the pay of executives" (WSJ)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 21

Dozens of bodies found in Iraq mass graves

David Sirota examining Keating 5 on Fox News

Steve Schmidt's conference call today. Must see.

Obama blasts McCain on the economy

Nader: Drawing Votes — From McCain

New Obama Ad Hits McCain On Health Care - "Article"

Ex-Official: $9 Billion in Iraq Reconstruction Funds Lost to Fraud

White House says opposes U.S. House credit card bill

Fury at $2.5bn bonus for Lehman's New York staff

Pakistani troops fire on intruding U.S. choppers

EPA Unlikely to Limit Perchlorate in Tap Water: Pressured by White House, Pentagon

Paulson Waffles On Homeowner Relief

Congress, Bush team agree on bailout terms

Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise

Most Americans think U.S. is losing war on terrorism, poll finds

McCain says economy in crisis

Dismissed employees beat CEO to death (India)

Russia sends ships on exercises in U.S. 'backyard'

NRA ad claims Obama wants to ban (hunting) guns

WaMu loaned millions to California home flippers convicted in fraud scheme

Obama says he would meet with Spanish leader ( "Of course. Spain is a NATO ally")

Palin Will Meet With Kissinger and Foreign Leaders

Rep. McDermott : "Paulson can throw a pass to himself"

McCain campaign savages New York Times

John McCain: Liar

Native Groups Express Solidarity with Bolivian Leader

NRA Ad: Shoot Obama Before He Steals Your Guns

Audio of a sermon by Bishop Muthee:

Rep Kapture rocks the house again!: 'Lets play Wall Street Bailout!!!'

Judge grants U.S. deserter's last-ditch effort to stave off deportation

Gondoliers in Venice for Obama

Hugo Chavez says Latin America needs Russia

Senate Democrats want pay limits, equity in bailout

As Hill Debates Bailout, Wall St. Shifts Continue

"Financial terrorism: US taxpayers bail out Wall Street criminals" by Jerry Mazza

Palin's not ready (Alaska Native)

Wall Street Bailout Faces Lawmakers, Lobbyists

Paulson's bailout is a free-for-all for lobbyists

John McCain: Crisis Enabler

Anatomy of a Frame-up: The Shocking Case of Troy Davis

Fury at $2.5bn bonus for Lehman's New York staff

The gloves are off in Pakistan

DOJ Raises Possibility of Stevens Trial Continuance

E pluribus hokum or When the gamblers bail out the casino

Wall St. Seeks Expanded Bailout, for Hookers and Drugs

It's the economy, McCain!

US at a turning point

In Crisis, Paulson’s Power (and power of next Treasury Secretary) Is Magnified

Democrats say they won’t get fooled again

'Hurricane' Paulson blows away 500 years of jurisprudence for bankers' club

Financial crisis: working people will pay

Thank You, Ladies and Gentlemen by Richard C. Cook

PALIN-DRONES-- It's official: Women are idiots

Foreign banks may get help by Mike Allen

Capitalism on trial

The Road to Ruin

The Paulson-Bernacke Bank Bailout Plan

Chris Hedges: Fleecing What’s Left of the Treasury

ESCALATIONS: You Don’t Help a Drug Addict by Providing More Cheaper Heroin or Crack...

Will International Law Reach Bush?

Beggars can't be Choosers!

Big Financiers Start Lobbying for Wider Aid

AlterNet: Meltdown and Bailout: Why Our Economic System Is on the Verge of Collapse

GOP's Holy War on Nature

Conservatives Try New Tack on Campuses

The Political Legacy of Baaad Boy Atwater

Markets Soar, but New Rules Upset Traders

The Fleecing of America: Where's the support from new foreign centers of wealth and power?

Three Times is Enemy Action

"Nuremberg and Iraq" by Peter Dyer (Scoop 9-22-2008)

McCain Bunglers Invade Alaska!

Fury at $2.5bn bonus for Lehman's New York staff

'Bankrupt` Lehman Brothers on hiring spree!

Sarah Palin: Un-Christian behavior?

In Exchange for Bailout, Government to Receive Free Toasters

A Sense of Resentment Amid the 'For Sale' Signs


CNN poll: GOP takes brunt of blame for economy; Obama gains

McCain’s fleet of foreign cars spells trouble

The US election nightmare scenario (BBC) {Sabato commentary}

How it all ends: "With riots in the streets." - The Street Doesn't Look So Shiny Anymore

History’s Verdict

Watching History Unfold

Economist Asks Why Cindy McCain Can't Bail Out Wall St.

More to Fear in World of Retirees

Save Main Street Not Wall Street!

U.S. Sen. Feingold: Receives perfect score on issues important to women and families

Reflections by Comrade Fidel: What is true and what is false

Krugman - NO to the Paulson "Cash for Trash" Plan

Mac the Knife: Cut the Needy to Feed the Greedy

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 352

Here comes $500 oil

Lines Drawn in Bailout Battle: Consensus Shifts Against White House

Why You Should Hate the Treasury Bailout Proposal

Mean girl - Sarah Palin has a habit of betraying former patrons…

U.S. prepared to do anything to prevent change

Man Succumbs To 7-Year Battle With Health Insurance

Sign BERNIE SANDERS onlne petition: Financial Crisis

Debunk this please! ( Democrats to blame for Meltdown!)

3rd ID unit mourns 2 allegedly shot by soldier

Soldier killed in small-arms fire

US copters said to cross Pakistan border

Casey: Continued Guard deployments essential

Officer charged with killing Iraqi has hearing

For a day, fighting stops in Afghanistan

Raids target al-Qaida in Iraq

Feds: Dix suspects sought other targets

McCain: Guard has risen to post-9/11 challenges

Lt. col. dies in non-combat in Afghanistan

Most-deployed Guard unit in Ohio leaves again

Petraeus team to review CentCom

U.S. officer: Pakistani forces aided Taliban

Green Beret arraigned in desecration of body

Stand by for broadband

Sailor dies after injury aboard submarine

3 sailors killed in motorcycle accidents

Protests planned to meet GW on Thursday

Soldier gets 7 months in blindfold death deal

Lawmakers: Pass VA budget a year in advance

Drunkenness, sexual advances derail 1-star

Man fined $45K over false distress call

Navy accepts first LCS, anti-sub module

Gates: A change of strategy in Afghanistan?

Senate passes bundle of veterans benefits

Senate passes defense bill, pay raise

Joint Navy-Army THAAD test aborted

VA benefits nominee would prep for change

Mullen: We respect Pakistani sovereignty

Corpsman: Purple Heart came through channels

Lawmakers ask Bush to review Navy Cross award

Military: Malfunction likely caused fatal crash

Reservist shot dead in Mexico

Schwartz: Some Guard units may lose flight missions

Generals face discipline over nuclear woes

Air Force, Lockheed: JASSM OK to continue

Grand Forks wraps drug case, no details

You have only 3 days to refuse yearlong tours

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: More JSFs, lower pricetag

New base beefs up Afghanistan presence

COLA likely to drop amid U.S. economy problems

U.K. bases issue ban on 2 emerging drugs

AF, Marine programs aim to battle substance abuse

Stealth bomber is due for upgrade

Is requesting mast career suicide?

Ex-Mormon Gives $1 Million For Same-sex Marriage

I am laughing my ass off! My sons are rabid racists and...

Ellen Degeneres, the "lipstick" lesbian

Phelps Group Driven Off By Pirates? Way To Go, Matie!

Harvey Milk Day email on

Russian Navy ships head to Venezuela

Mexico May Say Oil Output Fell, Pressuring Congress

Russian, Venezuelan oil, gas companies may create consortium - Sechin

Is anyone watching the oil markets right now? Holy $#@%!!!!!

The methane time bomb

India: Train robbers die from poison gas (diesel heist goes bad)

Here Comes $500 Oil

IAEA chief: Iran could be hiding nukes

Soldier attacked with acid may lose eye

Rethinking the Two-State Solution

15 hurt in vehicle terror attack in Jerusalem

Ahmadinejad: Israelis should go back to "countries of origin"

Proposed Bail Out Bill

Wall Street Coup Very Unpopular!

Keeping Food Costs Down - the topic on Weight Watchers

There must be better alternatives to this bail out

HELP... Again!! I Just Heard This AM That Morgan Stanley Will Not


Study: Males with egalitarian attitudes earn substantially less than other males

Stop Bush's Blank Check for Wall St. - Call Harry Reid

Dingell may propose return of banking regulations

Put Main Street Ahead Of Wall Street!

New York tries taming credit default swaps

The Paulson-Bernanke Bank Bailout Plan

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 09/19/2008

Is This Legit?

Simply put - ANY Democrat voting for any kind of bailout of the finance sector thieves should be

Mushroom Clouds Over Wall Street

What is the BEST way to invest in gold?

BCTGM on Strike in New York as Private Equity Owners Seek to Devour Wages, Benefits

Today in labor history Sept 22 Several great items today

Union rejects Farmland proposal at Denison plant

Steve & Barry’s begins closing stores

Steve & Barry’s begins closing stores

Approval ratings for Peru's Garcia hit new low

US Earning Profits on Drug Business in South America

Leftists to Find a Friend at UN General Assembly

LATIN AMERICA: Native Groups Express Solidarity with Bolivian Leader

UN Speakers List for 9/23: Bush, Ortega, Morales,Lula, Fernandez, Torrijos et al.

Ltr. to State Dept. from 90 Bolivia - LatAm Experts to Reveal Bolivia Funding

Who doesn't think the Seahawks are going to run the table now that they've beaten the Rams?

Red Sox fans -- Cleveland is playing .697 ball since the middle of August

Oh Nooooooo's

The Patriots' Rodney Harrison calls Dolphin Ricky Williams dirty

Favre should nave retired

The Handicappers Edge: Curlin posts final work for Gold Cup

Joyful Equinox! Blessed Mabon! Bountiful Harvest moon!

Pluto in Capricorn: the good,the bad,even worse and redemption

Does anyone know where this kitty belongs?

You've gotta try this, pt. 2.

Any vibes on this?

High-dose sublingual B12 shown to help with Alzheimer's and other diseases

EPA Unlikely to Limit Perchlorate (rocket fuel component) in Tap Water

Study: Cervical precancerous test claims 90 % accuracy

Pitcher Plants, Self Portrait, A Coffee Bus, and A Walk.

Library to share 14th-century royal cookbook online

Chili Sauce.

Stonehenge birthdate discovered by archaeologists

New Energy-Efficient Process Turns Sugar into Gasoline

Wasps have a good memory for a face

Roger Ebert is a creationist

some of the religiously insane are beating up women they deem unworthy

Wall Streeters Turn To Religion

Comic Escapes Prosecution For ''Insulting Pope''

When Atheists Attack

1700+ Year-Old Saint's Blood Liquifies, Blood Bank Officials Impressed

Atheism still at 4% of population

Back to the basics on drugs: Does the CIA have competition?

Tarrant Obama Volunteer Training (Organizing)

Federal Judge Barefoot Sanders dies at 83

Have you seen the new and improved Tarrant Obama website?.?.?

I got my power back in SE Houston on Wednesday. I found out

Tories to extend life sentences to juveniles

Nanos Sept 21, CP 35, LP 30, NDP 22, BQ 7, GP 6 /nt

Layton opens coalition door

PM vows to name youth criminals Launches

Kerry bill could save small businesses

WSJ: Independent Jolts Minnesota Senate Race

Two polls of Obama vs. McCain in MN

Bailout Questions

Tee hee hee. I love it when the humorless Right Wing is WAY off base.

Why is the SNL skit a point of debate?

Anyone going to a debate watching party Fri

For Boston Legal Fans - New (and Last) season starts tonight

U.S. Sen. Feingold: Receives perfect score on issues important to women and families

Hey! I need a lil' help @ the Durston- Buchanan table this Sat!

Any debate parites in Stockton Ca?

Judge rips Knoller as she sends her to prison for dog-mauling death