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Why are the Democrats not pointing out that the President can't fire the SEC Chair?

Dems Traditionally Better At Economy Than Republicans

McCain's solution for the economy, just .... " MF it "

George Will lashes out against big government, McCain's claims

Can anyone please point me to a fair tax plan comparison between Obama & McCain ?

Weekend at McCains

Let Me See If I Have This Correct

ON PALIN --Dem: "She's instinctively effective," Rep: "She has no credentials." WTF is going on!!

Matchomatic--which candidate do you match up with?

I'd Like To The Obama Campaign To Continue Its Two Part Focus...

thanks, but no thanks... but no thanks... but no thanks

Watching the rerun of KO tonight... and McLame said something

177, And 83.

I've got a slogan that could open this election up for Obama

Alternative explanation for McCain's comments about Spain?

Just saw the world priemier of Michael Moore's new movie "Slacker Uprising"!

Eye on the Prize

We have to elect Obama. I could not STAND to hear THEIR VOICES for 4 more years.

The Orbama - Blue Room

Kick & Rec if you love The Orbama little fluffy clouds rick roll

Adam Nagourney- the NY Times' chief political correspondent

GOP seeks ban on political clothes at polling places

Financial Upheaval Narrows Options of Next U.S. President

Obama: McCain Flits Between Goldwater and Kucinich

LA Times got it right: Palin said yes to a road to nowhere

Obama Gains in Polls as Financial Crisis Shifts Focus

I know I'm stating the obvious.

Election Protection 2008 site - The Nation's Largest Nonpartisan Voter Protection Coalition

Why Does The Republican Party Want To Put Wall Street On Welfare

Mysterious callers ask for Hillary write-in

shhhhh....keep this very, very quiet.

Quandahl or Colbert??

I'm Proud of Democratic Underground

Theories on Swing States

WSJ Editorial Page Skewers McLame: Calls him "un-Presidential"

So, what happens if the crisis is over...?

Republicans say its OK to rescue their CEOs & companies but not the little taxpayers

Michelle Obama said "shouldn't" not "should" on Morning Joe clip.

The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on McCain

Now here's a truly promising Poll Result

I don't see any RED on this chart, do you? (RCP Poll average)

What I want to hear Obama say about the impending mega-bailout:

I pray that Romney replaces Palin

I pray that Romney replaces Palin

Wow.... Talk about your Tin Foil Hat Right-wingers.....

Talkingpointsmemo Explains: "Republicans and the Credit Crisis"

RE: Surge Ad

National Park Service proposes privatizing inauguration route - comment period ends 9/22

Per Obama is BACK!

Palin, a brilliant pick!

Jews should have no part of smearing Obama - by Rabbi Michael P. Sternfield

So, It Looks Like Caribou Barbie Is a Marketing Flop and Has Been Recalled

Poll: When it comes to watching football, more would hang with Obama than McCain - by a nose

Research 2000 Nat'l Poll-Obama-49% McInsane 42%

Professional Money Fund Is Closed by Putnam due to withdrawals from nervous PROFESSIONAL investors

Morning DEAD INTERN Scarborough...NOT playing FULL Michelle Obama clip

I hope the MSM remembers that the McCain bounce was OVER before the economy really went haywire.

VIDEO: Colbert - "Get off the President’s case. He was chosen by God to fight an axis of evil"

It just keeps getting better: Palin uninvited from rally against Iran President Ahmadinejad

So... About the "He's Dropping her" Rumors

Bush: I've Almost Mission Accomplished the Economy

Eugene Robinson: McCain Flunks Economics

Palin backed snowmobiles in parks

Would you object to "democratic dollars" winding up in the hands of Bob Barr in these states?

Great McShit joke on Conan tonight.....

Taxes as Patriotism: Not a Goofy Idea!

John McCain may well have a Dementia

Again, Palin just refered to McSackofCrap as "my running mate"...

You know....... 'we' - you and I, dear average DU'er are just about

*Pssst* Hey, you. Yeah, you--wanna hear a secret? Come, CLOSER. Good--here goes.

The media desperately wants to Reverend Wright Obama again!

Regulations don’t mean larger government, they mean responsible corporations.

¿Dónde está España?

Will the economic crisis shift poll in Ohio and Michigan and other rust belt states?

Does biology explain our political leanings?

The rethug plans to make this election all about the culture wars, has been blown to smithereens

McCain today, "We have to do everything we can...

Does McCain want to lose Orange County, CA?

Send Dog the Bounty Hunter to Pick Up Sarah Palin

This Gov't Bailout Plan is a gift to John McCain

Where Fox News Got It's Start---Brasscheck TV

DU's....Please help me respond to this....

Craig Ferguson just delivered the best line of the day.

BREAKING: Palin Drops an HISTORIC MOVE TO Reverse the Ticket

Palin + Bush, McCain and the Old Iran-Contra Team


Take Your Finger Off the Panic Button..Big Ten Poll

Me Worry: Bush Is Working On Economics And Pelosi

Sarah Palin a disgrace!

Avert your eyes - I will watch for you

Federal officials: No charges likely against Foley (R-Child Predator)

yes, it is witness tampering and yes

What is tawd palin's status in the mcpalin campaign?

College Applicants, Beware: Your Facebook Page Is Showing


When Obama gives policy speeches they do not seem to be as political as the one McCain. . .

Vermont candidate to prosecute Bush for murder if she wins


Obama's new video on economic crisis: Spread it to everyone you know

My wacko conspiracy theroy

SEC Halts Short Selling of Financial Stocks to Protect Investors and Markets (took them long enough)

World markets had/have a banner day

Palin excitement levels off as Democrats regain lead

Question about public transportation

Dems Traditionally Better At Economy Than Republicans

McCain: Jim Johnson of Fannie May

Major Deadline Looms

Obama starting key Florida swing with rally at University of Miami

What we learned this week: The GOP is about corporate power

Decorated Special Forces vet/ GLBT activist Marcus J. Miller Jr. has died

So my daily rag printed my LTTE

September 19, 2008 The Rasmussen Reports...TIED at 48

Terrific Atlas of Every Presidential Race Since 1789

McCain on his watch, what does it look like?

Anyone watching McSame's speech on CNN?


== White women, no way = By Mark Morford

Sara Palin: VPINLF

Spain's leading newspaper, El Pais, covers Spanish reaction to McCain-gaffe.

Obama up by 3 in CNN Poll of Polls.

SEC now requiring stock market to go up only...

Now we're talking trillions? I want to know if anyone responsible for this mess

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 48, McCreep 48. No change.

So scores of refineries were damaged

In anticipation of a federal bailout, I've stopped paying my bills.

WJ - Government's Role in Fixing Financial System

Today is talk like a Pirate Day ..... 9/19 Arggg!

My electricity has been out since Sunday!

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Now that we the people own the mortgages on millions

Obama or 527s Must Tell Keating Five Story

Bush/McCain won: Social Security Trust Fund raided to bail out Wall Street

If We are Fired Up what are We doing to Win in November?

The First Dude Refuses to Testify

Deleted ($1 trillion bailout)

Gotcha politics aren't going to work this time. People are worried,

Bailouts? Why Not Bail Out Credit Card Debt Too, Dammit?!

Anyone ever hear of BNY Mellon Shareholder Services?

Obama needs to make a stronger case for his experience

Obama needs to make a stronger case for his experience

Militarism and corporate welfare have become...

Did Anyone Ever Come Up With A Reason For The Oil Price Drops

After Obama win watch the lazy,complicit, lapdog press turn into snarling attack dogs

The lies have become too numerous to count. And they know they

Another rant about McCain supporters

Give Bush credit

Dear God, is Palin working without a net?

Republicans are against saving the whales, but for saving the fat cats.

Question about Glass-Steagall Act

NSA, Bush Are Sued Over Domestic Surveillance

To Blog A Mockingbird

Can the Republicans who refuse to obey the subpoenas in the Troopergate case be jailed

Where did the money go?

After hurricane Ike, Haiti copes with aid delays -and four hurricanes....

Any idea of what stupid thing Sarah Palin will say next

My Talking Point #3: ELVIS thought Paying taxes was patriotic. Most working people do.

WTF??!?!!! Issikoff on TV basically saying that crimes were committed

Obama now getting Al Gored by the MSM

This bailout is the best deal ever for the federal government.

McLame Camp knows Frank Raines is not Obama's adivisor - he told Fiorina that earlier this week.

McLame Camp knows Frank Raines is not Obama's adivisor - he told Fiorina that earlier this week.

What have they done for you lately? What have they actually done FOR you in the past 8 years?

As many as 50 still missing from the Bolivar Peninsula--still no bodies found

Do bailouts set a bad example?

Some one was missing from the big meeting last night,...And I have to wonder why..

Wal -Mart wrote me back ~ Their pants must be on fire

Bankers and Welfare Cadillacs

"Hang on to your yarbles, if you've got any yarbles." The pain of being right.

McCain's lies on now live

Tent cities rise across the country

Tent cities rise across the country

BWAAHAAHAA Bay Buchanan Still Trying To Spread The Myth

Sarah Palin used the acronym OPM on Hannity....

Woman who had sex with 5 year od boy gets life---Without Parole.

The Iraq Pakistan border is a geography problem. The Spain Texas border is a geography problem.

GOP Theme Song...

Breaking: Paulson plan could cost $1 trillion, Sharks with laser beams will cost extra.

How do other states handle the approval of local taxes?

So the song Jesus is Just All Right With Me....

whats with the secret meeting and Peloci ass kissing W and the ReThugs.. giv'n W credit for the Solu

McLame accused Obama of "gaming the system." Can we please play the Keating 5 card now?!

"The Ownership Society". Remember that one?

LOL! Danziger TOON on Carly and Phil....

The Fed is pushing a $1 trillion bailout of Wall Street and we're supposed to care about earmarks?

Palin Refuses To Say Whether She Would Be Part Of Executive Branch»

Dead cat bounce as Wall Street rallies to Paulson sub-prime slop-bucket?

Bizarre & desperate sounding McP*W ad in so. NH - repeats "stem cell research" over and over again!

I just figured out how short selling works and now I can't short sell.

Are the poor dragging us all down?

WSJ Criticizes McCain (Assault on Cox is False, Deeply Unfair & un-Presidential)

Monkey to throw shit around on TeeVee at 10:45 eastern.

Is Palin Power Winding Down?

Glenn Greenwald: The Bush/McCain/Palin contempt for subpoenas and the rule of law

Democrats in Feminists for Life

OMG......stock market was up over 400......

John McCain's Skeleton Closet

bumper sticker idea.....

So just wondering, do we as a party have a united voice on the coming government backing of

Jon Stewart the greatest journalist in the usa today

Today is the day for Obama to announce the People's bail-out

A law must be passed that automatically imposes jail time upon any individual who

Ack... Bush is speaking now

It is Time for Keating Five: After the First Debate

Bush-"Caught And Persecuted"

Special Announcement - UN Peace Day

**** WAIT till you see these pics with McSame celebrating with Keating in a funky hat***

Biden and Hillary Web Discussion on Women's Issues

Is it me or does McCain's "Sedona 5" as dubbed by The Page, look like a bunch of Blackwater guys?

Wall Street & Corporations Are Like Teenagers. Without Regulation, They Show No Restraint

I just saw REAL WORLD scary proof that McCain is wrong about fundementals

Today, we are all Socialists

Can Obama please put that McCain clip of him dumbfounded over the subprime crisis in an ad?

Let me get this straight re: the Michelle Obama thing.

Are any NC/SC DU ers headed to Charlotte for the rally on Sunday ?

Palin Refuses To Say Whether She Would Be Another Cheney

In hard times, tent cities rise across the country (from RawStory)

Paulson on CNN You Know He Would Like to BLAME IT ON......

Premiere: New Film ‘Third Term’ John McCain’s repeat performance of the Keating 5

Will an amoral person, with no rules or boundaries on behavior, commit immoral acts?

They want to come after Michelle for the "cute" comment? She has more character than Cindy or Todd

The writers on KO, RM, SNL, Leno, Letterman & TDS must feel like

Why is it no one cared about folks losing their homes until the bastards on Wall Street folded?


is "trig" even a name?

We've spent twice the amount of money bailing out Wall Street

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/19/08 - McCain 48, Obama 48 (unchanged)

Oh Noes! Palin favorability rating keeps nosediving

UhOh - Bush will be speaking on the Market Crisis again

I don't recall ever having felt so happy, relaxed and confident about US politics

A Nation of Village Idiots

HRC op-ed: "Health care providers could decide that birth control is the same as abortion."

In addition to the trillion dollar welfare for the rich, every Republican, Reagan Democrat,

Conservatives and Racism!!!!

I don't get this bail-out talk. Can someone explain it in simple terms?

Getting better - only 11 Palin threads to 2 Biden threads.

What to say WHEN GOPERS blame economy on Dems

US citizens after Bush and his goons take over the financial institutions

In the waning weeks of his administration, we have to listen to him speak about how he will forever

110,000 Voters in Cuyahoga County Want To Cast Ballot By Mail

IT SUCKS !!!!!!

"$800 billion fund to purchase so-called failed assets and a separate $400 billion pool "

Sandra Bernhard rips on Palin

Friends Helping Friends: Bush & the bin Laden Family - Bush History, 9/19

There should be a MINIMUM TAX for businesses/wealthy!

Conservative Criticizes McCain (Stephen Bainbridge)

And Let's Not Forget About Petroleum Co. Regulation

BREAKING: McCain calls for the FEC chief to resign

Can a federal bailout even work, given the TRILLIONS of dollars that are being discussed ?

To those Reaganomic, Kool Aide drinking trolls

Eugene Robinson: Flunking Economics; McCain was right -- he's dangerously clueless about economics

House Financial Services Committee Could use some phone calls


"It's surprising how often the McCain campaign operates under the assumption that voters are idiots.

Money Market funds aren't (or weren't) insured?

McCain lies even more than Bush. I cannot stand this man. He is a first-class asshole.

What should the Democrats demand for the bailout of Wall Street?

Mika "this is changing the campaign fom lipstick and lies to the economy"

How much does the CEO of AIG make? How many yachts does he/she have?

This is what happens when the rights of corporations supercede the rights of people.

To Republicans who STEAL our money and DESTROY our country;

nc, nc, nc, NC, NC, NC!!!

If a Wall Street banker loses his shirt, we're here to help! If YOU lose your house, well screw you.

The fundamentals of our economy are strong.

The fundamentals of our economy are strong.

BOOKMARK THIS: US 2008 election state registration/absentee voting deadlines

I have some Lehman Principal Protected Notes, will the government bail me out too? /nt

SOOO We pay for all the BAD Debt?

I want to hear McCain pushing his corporate tax cuts now.

Mostly good, some surprising/interesting stuff from the latest Yahoo composite poll

About being "fair" to the other side


Obama and Biden are so cool.......

Hey, Check it out! Budget Deficit this year will Exceed a Trillion Dollars!

Does anybody know.......

DU these polls

DU these polls

The Palin bounce explianed in a three-sentence parable

"McCain Attacks Obama for Having Ties to Fannie Mae CEO"

Daily Kos/Research 2000 Tracking Poll: Obama: 49% (no change) McCain: 42% (down 1)

BREAKING: OBama to blame for all the world's ills including the Wall Street Meltdown.

Incredible Documentary Footage of Mass Arrest in St. Paul

bu$h* 'inherited a recession, 911, 911, 911...' nothing is his fault

It makes me nervous when I go into a restaurant and it's pretty empty

SEC Head responds to McCain

Fun in Duluth Minnesota: "Bushed" by Barton Sutter with original music

This is why you build a SURPLUS when the economy is good

Is the Palin smilie sexist?


He gets it...

Use your Freedom of Choice: See Battle in Seattle

HAhahaha. Bush" "Anyone found to be breaking my new rules will be caught and PERSECUTED."

So, who is going to be the token Wall Streeter that Bush goes after?

Is this a $trillion dollar increase on the American people??

Is this a $trillion dollar increase on the American people??

Hi, everybody. Who's up for war with Spain? Come on, you know they deserve it!

Three LTTEs to The Stars and Stripes:

This is the S & L scandal all over again and it's the Bush's again. Why isn't the media

Surprisingly moving article from the NYT: Saudi Women Find an Unlikely Role Model: Oprah

Re-post! 10 Reasons Why Your Economic Pain Isn’t ‘Mental’»

So MSNBC goes to commercial during Obama's statement. . .

McCain's Foreign Affairs "CONFUSIONS" (Rachel Maddow 9-18)

Any bailout should be contingent upon

FOLKS...Welcome to the New ERA Depression.....

Democrats complicit in picking taxpayer pockets

Excellent conference by Obama: Well versed in economics, detailed, much better than McSame

In economic policy speech, McCain says ‘chairman of the FEC’ — not SEC — should resign.»

Web proxy firm working with FBI to trace Palin e-mail hacker

I know this site is trivial and trash...

More of the same...

With this bailout, can we kiss universal health care goodbye?

Marist: Ohio Tied, Obama Leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania

Marist: Ohio Tied, Obama Leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania

BOLD Bush calls for BOLD action in financial crisis, demands LESS BOLDNESS from "partisans"

Why did W blink at using the Bush Doctrine on Wall Street

Older and Younger Voters Will Send Protest Vote on Economy

So If Taxpayers Are Bailing Out Irresponsible Corporations

Hey McCain you F'ing weasel Obama's taking questions. . .man the f' up, man up!

McCain calls for RTC revival yesterday, opposes "bailouts" today ...

McCain, Correcting his Demand for Bush to Fire SEC Head, Calls for FEC Chairman to Resign, Instead?

You'll love this one! -- Les Misbarack

Bob Barr Needs To Come Out Hard Against The Bail Out

McCain threw his Goldwater conservative principles under the bus to run as a Reaganite

CEOs know the difference between real money, pretend money and potential money


THE most apt description of palin I have read yet...

cartoon time - Sarah's tutoring session

"This is no time for partisanship" BULLSHIT!!!

Aren't Democrats supposed to be sexier?

Please put the reforms into the package before the bail out...

How Long Has This Country Been Under 'Trickle Down Economics'....

John McInsane Blamed Financial Crisis On Obama

McLame attacks with racist ad!

Should McCain win, I believe we just may have riots in the streets

***Heads Up: Obama Now Live Makes A Statement On The U.S. Economy In Coral Gables, FL***

My LTTE (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Libertarian, Reversing Prior Position, Criticizes Palin

We are printing US Money...

Troopergate: Colberg's subpoena side step

Energy Expertise!

Paulson: "We're Talking Hundreds Of Billions"

For what it's worth here are four more ARG Polls: Indiana, ND, OK, WA

AP baselessly suggested that Michelle Obama's "cute" comment was directed at Palin

Eco-Palin? She Fouls Her Own Nest in Wasilla's Dead Lake

Gellman on Democracy Now! about Cheney Vice Presidency

The new Department created for this money debacle


Check out McBush's expression in this pic posted on CNN today

McCain and the POW Cover-up getting more play.

McCain and the POW Cover-up getting more play.

The Sarah Pailin makeover game! (Toon)

Top 10 Senate seats most likely to switch party (9 of 10 are Republican)

End lobbying by "for-profit" entities, and change election financing rules.

No Taxation Without Representation!

Too much Folic Acid during pregnancy may increase risk of Asthma, (Yet it Decreases Birth Defects)


A guy robs a 7-11 ..steals a few hundred dollars, and he does hard time in prison

If Bush Were True To The Word of God then....

So even though some of us didn't invest in other people's companies by buying their stocks...

I wish the Dems would send out bills to everyone showing the amount

The most (& only?) valuable thing that could result from the Palin e-mail hacking is THIS:

The most (& only?) valuable thing that could result from the Palin e-mail hacking is THIS:

Three Strikes Out Housing Plan

MSNBC's Shuster falsely claimed Social Security "will run out of money

Wasn't it the Republicans who used to say, "You can't solve a problem by throwing money at it?"

Which is the single main reason you think this race is still so close?

NAU? Amero? In OUR lifetime?

In dealing with the financial crisis who looked more presidential today? Obama or McCain?

Poll: Obama Edges Ahead In Three Key Battlegrounds

New Marist College polls: Obama +5 in PA, +2 in OH and +9 in MI

New Marist College polls: Obama +5 in PA, +2 in OH and +9 in MI

Hagel's (R Ne) remarks on Palin irk GOP

SELL That rental Car !! SELL that rented house !!

Condi Rice: Russia Is Buying A One-Way Ticket To Oblivion

Any Details on This Bailout?

Lucky Brazilians! They Have Six Obamas to Choose From

So Palin calls herself a bitch...

Obama polls best in Hawaii, RI, VT, and MA...

Have they succeeded in drowning government in a bathtub yet?

What country will finance our bailout?

What country will finance our bailout?

bush can flout the law, torture and murder, but nothing is done. But if you

Sarah Palin: Daimonizomai & Belief in Powerful Demon Possession

palin & the rape kits - Get Your War ON

pharma Barons are angry, not making enough money

Am I the only one pissed at the Republican's exploitation of Gustav during the RNC Convention

Obama is on MSNBC...yessserree buddy! Talk about mom.

The Dow is up almost 400 points. Who's making money on this bailout?

Hey Sarah Palin! I'm throwing down the gauntlet!

September 19th PHOTOS: The FAB FOUR in the Rose Garden! GEORGE! BEN! HENRY! CHRIS! PLAY FREE BIRD!

"Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last? Have you left no sense of decency?" cover photos - Same titles, different photos. Before and After Obama's press conference.

McCain is REALLY grasping at anything now. You can tell the man is desperate.

Betcha AFTER the election Congress will LOCK IN bad mortgages.

The ultimate expression of Freeper stupidity: Freepers outraged Obama wants to extend help to Main

Quotes on corporations and corporate power

"Give me high profits this quarter and SCREW THE FUTURE."

‘Einstein’ replaces ‘Big Brother’ in Internet surveillance

Michelle takes designer Thakoon from insider favorite to fashion sensation; debuts at Target 12/28

As a DC republican/insider with a millionaire wife &+++++++ homes it is stunning to hear McCain...

Heads up to DUers on Sarah Palin TIES TO JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY:

Andrew Sullivan. Palin Collapse Continues

Palin's newest bridge to nowhere

Comrade Bush Welcomes You to the USSRA (United Socialist State Republic of America)

WHY DID CNN SHOW Obama's Protesters but never shows McCAIN's????

Don't miss out on his words by discussing the protestors right now ; )

Closed Putnam Money Market account used by rich to rob middle class

Dow Jones market activity from today... notice trend line from when Obama starts speaking ~ 11:30...

'Macaca' makes its way to the mouths of white Barons in Bolivia

The rich cannot saddle the middle class with their bad choices....

Some Ike victims may not be allowed to rebuild

What's everybody screaming at the Obama rally on CNN & MSNBC?

Dr. Ravi Batra, economist, visits Thom Hartmann's 2nd hour today

Here's to Richard Shelby...

What is the Fannie Mae-Obama crap?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is decimating McPALIN in Obama rally

Listening to Obama.

Why hurricane Ike demands paper ballots on November 4

Blacks against Obama show up at his rally?

Rice wags finger at ‘Russian isolationism’

So what I'm hearing is "We're screwing the taxpayer . . . to HELP the taxpayer"??

In Statement On Economy, Obama Stresses Need For "Bipartisan Spirit"

Anyone who thinks the US is going to get out of this mess without a TAX INCREASE is

Here's our chance to fix Social Security...

Streaming Movie: Free for All! [election theft]

A message about polls.....

Official: Why weren't managers charged in oil-sex scandal?

What is WITH these Microsoft PEOPLE? Microsoft pitch man Jerry Seinfeld gets kicked to the curb

A Solution To This Financial Mess- A HUGE YARD SALE

Palin Love Can't Save Alaska GOP

Outstanding handling of the protestors! He took control of the

I'm running for President for my momma!

Preparing for graduation at West Point, where your first job is the front line (snippets)

McCain's False Accusations About Raines/Obama

States Accuse Pentagon Of Threats, Retaliation At Polluted Military Sites!

So Obama has no experience because he hasn't been in DC long enough

Government Takeovers: Another Weapon and a Truly Fearsome One - Thank God I bought some liquor today

Here is an idea for McCrash: Just say the crisis is because dems raised minimum wage! nt

Food For The Super-Rich

So if it could be proved Bristol Palin is using drugs would her mother

Todd Palin too busy to testify??


"Moo"- column about Palin's pork

Which person would you want answering the presidential phone at 3:00am??

I Did Warn Everyone That This Collapse Would Happen Way Back When

Coral Gables Speech Obama Says "John McCain sounds Desperate . . .

Lady on MSNBC: A trillion dollars sounds like a lot of money...

But What About Gay Marriage & Immigration???

Anybody else pumped that we played OFFENSE for an entire week?

Sarah Quaylin (Dan Quayle is looking pretty good right now)

NY Times: Pell Grants Said to Face a Shortfall of $6 Billion

Warren Zevon says......

Still Made In The U.S.A. Dot-Com

Another freak'n LA train crash! WTF

U.S. taxpayers (that's us) will pay not only for crappy paper here but also

Does CNN air Senator Obama's entire speeches? Or only John McCain's?

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

I out-argued my boss at work today! "This is all Clinton's fault"

Immunity Issue Snags U.S.-Iraq Agreement

Polls are spreading...I TOLD you people!! Show some love for a process that's pushing John McCain

Some of my Bush/ Palin cartoons

--How long before McCrapinhispants Has a Stomping Hissy Fit??--

Last Kitten Rescued From Wall

Shrub, Mc5PLANES, & PALIN -----all, NOT "up" to being president-- who knew?!1

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Coral Gables, FL****

What kind of accent is that, Sarah?

Obama Cuts McCain Lead to Two in Indiana

So Moose-olini Cant Swing It Alone

The left side of McGaffe's face looks droopy

Conservative columnist George Will lashes out at McCain re: comments about Christopher Cox

I have a confession: I am addicted to foreign heroin.


Poll: GOP brand making comeback

McCain Cries Uncle

Interesting article on

Damn... I really had some good stuff to say on Freerepublic too!

Bush: "We are Going to "Persecute "Them to the Fullest Extent of the Law"

Did everybody hear McLame's comments?

Caption Sarah the Barra-barian

New Scientific Study: Conservatives Are Pussies

In Light Of This Financial Crisrs, The Bankruptcy "Reform" Act of 2001 MUST BE REPEALED!!!

My Mother is delusional. And I know she's not the only one that thinks this way.

So fringe blacks are protesting Obama.

A line at the debate that would insure an Obama victory (McCain would lose it)

I would like to see a reinstatement of our Usury Laws


How much in taxes did AIG pay last year?

Protestors standing up with signs at Obama rally!!! EDITED: NOT KKK.

The "It's all Fannie and Freddie's fault" talking point...

McCain: "Country first or Obama first . . . that's how we see this election"

Naomi on Real Time with Bill Maher Tonight

Some blacks are holding "KKK has endorsed Obama" sings at his FL rally

Please either stop DU censorship or delete my account.

New Website: "YA (authors) For Obama"

The Untouchables

Syd Schanberg Wants to Know Why McCain Covered Up 'Nam MIA Probes!

I have a question and it is not a rehash of the primaries

Fleischer: Bush Is Not Taking Questions From Press Because Doing So ‘Would Hurt John McCain’»

Fear not! There is 2% of Black Folks who won't be voting for Obama.....

Anyone else heard the rumors that the Palins, years ago, were involved in the meth business?


How Much Has Your Salary Increased Since Cheney/Bush Were Appointed?

Yet another poll showing Indiana is "too close to call"

Censorship vs... ?

We're having a debate party

Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits, Over and Over

Two Thirds of Households Watched Conventions

Bush Compares The Financial Crisis He Created To The Terrorist Attacks He Never Saw Coming

the reverse hysterics and media frenzy on Obama

New mandatory grading standards in Dallas. Have they lost their minds??

TomDispatch: The End of a Gilded Age

Charlotte Dennett intends to PROSECUTE BUSH

explain Right to Work like I am illiterate

What's the difference between Bush and Palin?

Love when Obama gives me my props as a military spouse.

$280 for ever man, woman and child...

Dean Baker: The Financial Meltdown Continues

Damn it, I can see just how this is going to play out...

SO...did Sarah Palin cancel her visit to Florida's The Villages? Or not?

OK, people, is there a concise, no jargony way to explain this financial crisis

There is something that really bothers me about this whole bailout deal.

President-elect Barack Obama

"They deserve a president" Stop read speech "Who will put politics aside" stop read speech

Just An Idea about BAILOUTS

The Corporate Welfare Slander Thread!

What do I tell my son?

What do I tell my son?

Marist: Ohio Tied, Obama Leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania

Damn! Obama is ROCKING it!

Stocks are up after gov't bans shorting of 799 financial stocks. Free markets?

Once Again The Military Says "The Iraqi Insurgents are DESPERATE"!

McCain on CNN now saying Obama let crisis happen cause he was in bed with lobbyists!!

CBS4/SurveyUSA Florida Poll: McCain 51%, Obama 45%

New York Times Makes Up Fairy Tale About Politics of Abortion

Black protestors heckle Obama at rally

Oops: McCain says FEC Chairman should resign

Who are you? Where did my friend go?

OK GOP Idiots.....let me get this straight.....

There Must Be....50 Fifty-Two Ways to Vote Obama!

This bailout may cost a trillion dollars of money that does not exist...

I want to see Wall St. crooks frog marched, tried, convicted and their assets seized

so the fed pumps 80 billion in the other day and the dow goes up 400 points...

I know it's probably for the best, but I HATE seeing gov bailouts

They hate you

Todd Palin: Same Shit, Different Asshole

* * * BIDEN on CNN LIVE STREAM now * * *

Bad Debt Plan May Cost Up To Half A Trillion Dollars

Is this common? My bank just called offering me a fixed rate loan at 1%.

Here's My Explanation of the Current Bailout on Wall Street

I'm really concerned about the "blacks against Obama" protesters.

Risk free gambling?

The Bi-Partisan Origins of the Financial Crisis: Shattering the Glass-Steagall Act

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Virginia****

McCain and Palin Protested Across the USA

The confusion: large government and deregulation

Second Clinton backer endorses McSame & admits it's because Obama didn't choose her as VP.

Real Time w Bill Mahre Should Be GREAT Tonight!

Waitaminnit waitaminnit waitaminnit .........

538: Bad Math and the Bradley Effect

Cheap Skate Hershey

How's your sleep these days?

I admit, I'm here on DU when I should be fundamentaling

CNN asks > Todd Palin: 'first dude' or 'shadow governor?'

But I just want to work in peace...

LGBT related hate crimes on the rise in DC


Hey, everyone: Let's make this a LANDSLIDE!

Hard economic times hits the High End Girlfriend Index

What's the website wher eyou can send strategy thoughts to the campaign?

Who's Whining Now? Gramm Slammed By Economists

Who's Whining Now? Gramm Slammed By Economists

Barack Obama on the Emerging Federal Reserve - Treasury Plan

Ahoy! Any of ye scurvy dogs know if Obama be respectin' Speak Like a Pirate Day?

2004 - Bush campaigned on the backs of subprime mortgages - the Ownership Society

Come, Let Us Enjoy These DAVID HORSEY Toons!

New Obama ad responds to "Born Alive" attacks, hits McCain on abortion

This is who you are fighting for!

WTF??? McCain GAINS in Hotline tracker???

Not *, not McSame...only Obama takes questions from reporters on the economy

Blacks againt Obama disrupt event

Ahhhh! The smell of Ann Arbor at Election Time......

Repeat After Me: PUMAS are Meaningless!

Which group is larger? Blacks Against Obama or PUMAs?

NYTimes: McCain received $169k contributions from directors, officers, and lobbyists for Fannie Mae

Grateful Dead to Reunite For Obama Fundraiser..Oct.13 -Penn State

The real lipstick on a pig

For fans of the Alaska blog "Mudflats"

AP baselessly suggested Michelle Obama's "cute" comment was directed at Palin

0.5% Tax on every gallon of oil that reaches our shores and devote the money to renewable research

McCain, Palin en route to Blaine (Mn.)

Palin: We're gonna shake things up in Washington...

This is what Bush said in March 2008

The Truth About EPA Mileage Estimates

The Truth About EPA Mileage Estimates

The Truth About EPA Mileage Estimates

Senator McCain, you've called Social Security "a disgrace"...

Running out of gas...

Things I missed while at work this Spain is in Latin America?

Any Doubt Bush/Cheney Made Sure They Have A "Position" In These Bailouts?

Vegsource website (for vegetarians) supports Obama but promotes book by Sarah Palin's speechwriter

Vegsource website (for vegetarians) supports Obama but promotes book by Sarah Palin's speechwriter

Obama economic recovery efforts

Bad debt as cash? Doesn't that just sound like a bad idea?

The answer - Let Americans Invest In America

Rove says election leaning toward Obama!

So, Do You Think Obama Is Waiting For The Debates To Drop The Keating 5 Bomb...

I keep hearing that Sarah Palin is Commander of the Alaska National Guard..

That explains everything, Bush has "persecution" and "prosecution" confused


Rip van McWinkle- 20 years after the S&L rip-off, it's as if Washington was asleep. nt

A copy of "Obsession - Radical Islam's War Against the West" was in my mail today.

So why won't the government bail out our failing health care system?

Local nutjob DETERMINED to tie recent bomb placement to peace group. (West Chester, PA)

Look at these lines in Texas - press conference on now

Bush: Wall St. evildoers to be 'persecuted'

FactCheck: There He(McCain) Goes Again

John Conyers is a DEMOCRATIC Hero Appreciation Thread

How about a release of Palin's medical records. There has been talk of depression.

Investigator: Palin probe to end before election

***** McCain/Palin on CNN LIVE ****

When GW Bush says "targeted actions", you think ... ?

Guy from Faux had Ferarro on to comment on Michelle Obama's comment

Hey FAIR TAX supporters - let's hear you run your fucking mouths now

Ethnic cleansing, not surge, key to drop in Iraq violence - study

Clinton cannot be blamed for this mess

Al Franken, Mark Begich and Jeff Merkley - 3 Wildcards like 2006's Tester, Whitehouse & Webb

Obama Frames the Economic Debate Perfectly


CBS to interview Palin next

On Hannity, Palin Repeats Lie About Obama Sending “Mini-Army” Of Oppo Research Lawyers To Alaska

Kristof, NYT - The CEO of Lehman "earned" 45 MILLION dollars last year polls in - Obama 63% vs. McCain 37% (sale of the halloween masks)

Rebutting McCain's Lies Today in Green Bay

SUSA --Obama leads in Virginia 50-46

Just a note on the bailout.

Once people understand that the whole aim of conservatives was to destroy gov't and erode trust...

Watching Preznit Fuckstick....

AlterNet: We're Paying the Price Today for Decades of Relentless Dam Building

Another YouTube video - short and sweet!

Obama Camp: 100,000 new donors just this week!

Tinfoil alert: Remember the "super secret" Congressional meeting

Palin to Dump McCain From GOP Ticket (Satire)

Three Republican House Candidates No Longer “Safe”

Obama Supports Bailout

HEY!! My income molecules have moved from here to there.

Senator Obama Statement on the Emerging Federal Reserve - Treasury Plan

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Rasmussen (R) Poll: Obama Cuts McCain Lead to Two in Indiana

peter king credits bu$h* for not getting in the way in financial crisis

Get Your War On: Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits

white privilege

Coming up on MTP on Sunday

Bush taking aim at birth control!!!!!!

Ah the stock market is essentially where it started this week

So Obama has no experience, but the systemic problems in the economy are his fault?

Is There A Website Where One Can Easily Check On Bank Solvency?.......

After the S&L bail out in the eighties was there new regulation

Swing States & Ballot Initiatives

(A sorta minor issue, but) Ya know what frosts my ass ...... ?

650 to be given the boot by DISD

McCain: "I regret and sometimes I'm offended by some of the negative

"Wild Fuckulation" oops.

"We have nothing to fear but fear itself" gains a whole new meaning

Identifying as Conservative instead of Republican - an observation:

We know Rachel and Keith have good ratings...what are Scarborough and Gregory's ratings like?

Looking for Palin's financial statements?

Rachel Maddow is excellent-- and enjoying high ratings, I heard.

WTF? The GOP the party that has politicized every thing in their pursuit of "Getting Gubmint off the

Next time you hear "Party of Lincoln," reply: "Yes, but Lincoln was killed by rightwing southerners"

LIST: ***83*** Wall Street Lobbyists Who Work For McCain.

Damn so now Mc87Lobbyists is claiming Obama is bought by lobbyists.

When the WSJ calls a Republican candidate "un-presidential", we've gone through the rabbit hole.

46 Days Out: "You Probably Know You're Not Winning the 3:00am Phone Call Challenge on the Economy...

Oprah pushes Biden's... FISA?

Grateful Dead (et/al) Benefit Concert for Obama Sells Out in 20 Minutes!

Union Drops Big Mail Blitz Hammering McCain's "Fundamentals" Comment

Paulson Bailout Plan A Historic Swindle - by "The Nation"

Republicans now filing a lawsuit to have the Palin Ethics Probe

California unemployment thru the roof! 7.7%, up 2.2% in year. 25% in Imperial country

California unemployment thru the roof! 7.7%, up 2.2% in year. 25% in Imperial country

Even if Obama wins by a landslide, the media will not

Surprised to see this LTTE in our paper,

Palin's transparency proposal already exists in D.C.

NOTE TO MEDIA: when interviewing "BLACKS AGAINST OBAMA" ask three questions. . .

NOTE TO MEDIA: when interviewing "BLACKS AGAINST OBAMA" ask three questions. . .

Log Cabin Republicans Should Disband

Oh snap! There is a Black woman on stage behind McCain at his rally. . .

If they Bailout the Financials – they must STOP the Foreclosures

Is anyone else worried about the YEMEN Embassy Attack?

Is Sarah Palin a closet John Bircher?

One thought pushes fence-sitters to the left: Palin (Tampa Bay Times)

"Country first or Obama first?" asked John McCain in Minnesota today.

Thank You To DU From LaLaRawRaw Concerning Her Half-Lobster & Wingnut Waffle Adventure

Sarah Palin's influences and RFK

Obama Campaign On Offense on GOP Voter Suppression

Obama Campaign On Offense on GOP Voter Suppression


First Wave — Second Wave — And Then Came Sarah Palin

When Fox News doesn't want to have anything to do with a GOP'er, that's trouble!

Ethnic cleansing, not surge, key to drop in Iraq violence - study

I got 2 preapproved credit card offers in the last two days

Did anyone, Democrat or Republican anticipate this financial mess?

I am liquidating and putting everything in tumbrels and cat food

Daniel Ellsberg says Robert Wexler targeted for support of Impeachment

****Breaking News!Terminator Now Live****

"I view Ben Bernanke as the General Patraes of the financial crisis"

McCain's immigration dilemma

So What Interest Rate Will AIG Be Paying Us

President Bill Clinton Had To Testify in a Civil Suit, But The Palins Don't?

"Vote your Ideology not your Gyneocology"

I Would Vote For Her, You Betcha

Ground hogs and possums almost extinct in Western Bye Gawd!

Urgent call to NC Dems and Blue State Dems - How we can win this!!

Urgent call to NC Dems and Blue State Dems - How we can win this!!

CNN now running 6 articles either favoring Obama or against McCain/Palin none the other way

So What Is Next With Bush Repuke Policy Disasters

Conservatives are Scaredy Cats?

Hank Paulson (Treasury Secty) owns $350 million in Goldman Sachs interests

Poll: People prefer Obama over McCain as teacher; McCain's Ad Not Working

Has Todd Palin Ever Publicly Renounced Being A Member of The Treasonous AIP?

Time: McCain Plays The Race Card

I'm no expert, but isn't the ban on short-selling a BAD idea?

CNN: Todd Palin: 'first dude' or 'shadow governor?'

Lehman Brothers had weapons of mass destruction..

A Ripe Moment

What the media owes America

Welcome to the United States of Argentinica

these state polls are all over the place. it's driving me nuts. I'm swearing off polls from now on.

Coming soon to your town.... The Bush/McCain Bread Lines !!!!

We need the Fairness Doctrine now.

McCain Proposes Sending Troops to South America to Invade Spain

I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered, but where in the hell is Hillary?

Faux is douing a number on Obama

McCain-Palin Response to Troopergate: Call in the Old Boys’ Network

If you've been watching teevee, have you notice that McCain is looking seriously crazy and desperate

Iraqis Protest Civilian Deaths

Follow the $ at your own risk. Defense: FY2009 Authorization and Appropriations (Congressional

Even If McCain Is Never President... He'll Still Be King-- King Of The Flip Flop

Even Michelle Maglalang is disgusted by this bailout!

Even Michelle Maglalang is disgusted by this bailout!

Palin Warns Against 'Second Holocaust' by Ahmadinejad ya Rly.

Pro-McCain writer ("Citizen McCain" 2002) now says, "He's lost me"

Survey USA Poll: Obama up by 11 in Iowa

Hey you fucking rethugs. NOT THIS TIME. NOT AGAIN.

Obama with nice lead in Iowa



Keep Wall Street Out of the Retirement Business

Potential President Palin Doesn’t Know Shit And McCain…Where’s Spain?

404-827-0234 !! Call Now!

Obama protestors are from

Keith should offer a full uninterupted hour to each of the 4 candidates

How many irrelevant polls do we need? (Obama n' football, Obama n' teaching your kids)

Okay - an interesting viewpoint -

What Is This Bold Move Bush Made On This Crisis And Why Is He.......

What Is This Bold Move Bush Made On This Crisis And Why Is He.......

"A letter from Prison" email I got forwarded to me...replies to send are welcome :)

Sarah Palin said yes, thanks, to a road to nowhere in Alaska

Just did a "hide thread" on 14 Palin threads. Whew. Now I can see what's happening. nt

At what point do McCane's lies become libelous?

SUSA IA: Obama 54, McLame 43


On second thought, Palin IS Qualified for the Presidency:

Obama needs to make an ad using old Reagan quotes...

Clinton recruiting her backers to help Obama

Paper That Was Basis For McCain Claim Of Obama-Raines Link Says He's "Exaggerating Wildly"

Revolution, its happening right now

McCain's casting couch

Why does the gop care if palin is found guilty of abusing her power as governor?

WSJ Editorial Comments - Hahaha! You have to see these.

Mr Palin speaks out about Sarah

Mr Palin speaks out about Sarah

I'm GLAD everyone's refusing to testify in "Troopergate." We need to USE this in ads!

MSM is listening: CNN Headline: Obama: 'Help Main Street' as well as Wall Street

A logo or two.

Has anybody set up a website to trak McCain and Palin's lies?

Bailout to cost $1 Trillion. Where's the 3 Trillion missing from

Former Bush adviser on working for Bush: Don’t want to ‘emphasize that on your resume.’

So we are going to War with Russia and Spain, and the Wall Street Crash is Obama's Fault?

I think these lyrics are somewhat appropriate - but let me twist 'em a little:

Nora on MSNBC

"Small businesses getting loans to make payroll"..What am I missing here?

McCain Camp Hits Wrong Guy (Not on Obama's Team) for FannieMae Ties, Ignoring Two of their Own

DU Top Headline Poll in Repug rag

There is nothing Sarah Palin won't tax, and that includes rape. Getting raped costs you $1,200. n/t

In hard times, tent cities rise across the country.


HuffPo: New McCain Attacks Echo Rove Advice (Wednesday advice becomes Thursday attack)

Help the Animals Win on Election Day

Tweety looks older today.

What gets my goat about the "Blacks against Obama" protestors.

Rachel Maddow

Did you know there is an Impeachment in progress?

Breaking!Fox demands McCain camp remove Garrett from ad

Investigator: Palin probe to end before election (AP)

Investigator: Palin probe to end before election (AP)

Todd Palin dissolves the Alaska legislature.

This isn't a political video, but I swear this guy sounds just like a

Gallup Daily

DUers help needed on this article on SW Ohio MSM site!

"... I'd like to get back to the mansion,” Gov. Goodhair of Texas

Crisis? WHAT CRISIS? CNN: "Two-day Dow gain best in six years"....USA! USA! USA! USA!

Crisis? WHAT CRISIS? CNN: "Two-day Dow gain best in six years"....USA! USA! USA! USA!

Breaking the thumb on the "Invisible Hand"...

They get the golden parachute. We get the golden shower.

A special comment about Joe Lieberman and John McCain...

Do you suppose that just before the USSR dissolved the Soviets felt like Bernanke feels?

We Have All Been Scammed

Bankrupt AIG Underwrote McCain's Pet Think Tank, 'Reform Institute'

Sarah Palin : Her Moose is Cooked.

Florida's unemployment rate is the highest in 13 years!

Where's our bailout?

Photo: Rome burns, Nero fiddles with a basketball instead of a Katrina gee-tar or tasty McCain cake

Message from Daniel Ellsberg

Conyers: Note to McCain: You Don't Have to Own a House (or Eight) to Vote

****Three cheers for the Election Office in Vancouver, WA******

American Rights at Work

**** Comeback for those who come across "Obama and Fannie Mae

Fit to Serve? Demand Full Disclosure of McCain Medical and Psychiatric Records Now!

McCain defends retirement accounts amid stock dive

From a forum

McCain just can't say anything real!

McCain just can't say anything real!

Can't wait for the 527 Ad on the Keating 5 Scandal

Veterans Groups Question McCain Voting Record

Palin's favorability trajectory...graph via Kos.... dramatic decline

Sarah Palin's oath of office.

Should Obama take advantage of Admiral McCombover's bad week and ...

Palin requests meeting with Karzai. Wouldn't you love to be a fly on that wall?

Update: Hurricane Ike news blackout on dead bodies Bolivar / Crystal

Man, I'm tired...

Anyone remember the scene in "Bowling for Columbine" ...

I can't wait to see clips from McCain's hilarious failure of a campaign on VH1 in ten years!

BREAKING: McCain accuses Obama of treason for giving information to the Viet Cong.

Anyone heard "Working America" (Ohio)

If Palin were to be Veep, would she get paid the same as a man in that job?

'Topless Midget Oil Wrestling' Costs Bar

Chris Dodd on CNN: Bush's economic policy team hasn't met since March

I think the minority vote is going to be what does it for Obama

What if the bailout doesn't work ?

Folks - today I plunked $10 K into Pennsylvania and Ohio...


So let me get this straight....

Daily Show put's Palin in context. (video)

I had a chance today to listen to Obama live on Potus08 on XM Radio

Time: New McCain Attack Ad Plays Race Card

Ain't this just the perfect ending to the worst 8 yrs. in U.S. history?

"I was a racist"

I've been feeling that more Republicans are moving towards Obama. Today I know why.

Stupid big-ass truck... bwahahahahahaha

I'm sitting here wondering - why aren't all of our banks nationalized?

Kathleen Sebelius Campaigning for Obama in Asheville, NC Today(PICS)

Need proofreading and suggestions...

Wolf B is going to have a report on the First Dud of Alaska coming up...

This was planned.

Sarah Palin Installed Tanning Bed at Gov. Mansion



After all the bullshit, why should we believe this "days from a

Conservative Criticizes McCain (Daniel Larison)

Saturday, 20 September: Obama in Dayton, Jacksonville, FL; Biden in Castlewood, VA

Are Palin’s Per Diem Payments Taxable?

Republicans Take Advice on Energy Policy from Druggies Who Sleep With Oil Execs,

Sludge Spin: "DOW UP 40 POINTS IN PAST MONTH... UP 17% PAST 5 YEARS... UP 43% PAST 10 YEARS..."

McCain Attacks Wall Street Greed—While 83 Wall Street Lobbyists Work for His Campaign

If the taxpayers are paying for the bailout of these financial institutions

Where you can give money to help with the legal fight against Farmer's Branch,TX's racist housing

'worst is yet to come' investment strategist warns

Nervous step from behind the curtain


Never in Bin Laden's wildest dreams...

The new claims about lobbyists in Obama's campaign.

Don't know about you, but I see these "bailouts" as the final step towards fascism

(McSame) "he scares me. I think he's too old to be President"

Norah: Obama is calm, McCain appears panicky

Well I found out where the cons got the Clintons fualt for the Wall st mess

Back to the Crucible with Sarah Palin

McCain and the POW Cover-up

So I read somewhere in here that Republicans have historically asked for more earmarks

We can never go back...

Economic Geniuses - Please Answer Some Questions!

John McCain: "Health Insurance for everybody!!!!!"

You can tell when a campaign is in total chaos.

You can tell when a campaign is in total chaos.

BBC: Spain Puzzled by McCain's Comments! LOL

I'm Back!! (didja miss me????)

The bailout now means we are all socialists.

Free Markets are the answer!!!

Economic Disaster: McCain and Greenspan

AOL Poll on whether First Dud(e) should testify:

An email for our side

Veterans Groups Question McCain Voting Record

McCain - Let's do for Health Care what we did for Banking!

John McCain is a Self-Hating Geezer

Self-delete. Nothing to see here. nt

Their house survived Ike, but it's the only one left

Heard on Radio today: Bailout to total $9,000 per person ON TOP OF existing deficit

A response from HORMEL FOODS..

Shouldn't the taxpayers own AIG now?

RE: How does 2008 compare with 2004?

Focus group shows Florida voters flocking to Obama, thanks to selection of "ideologue" Palin.

I was just speaking to my father, a retired minister.

McInsane calls for the resignation of the head of the FEC

Don't forget today's truth: George Bush and John W. McCain bailed out on the American people.

CNN...Significant changes to Electoral Map - coming up next 4:22PM

I would just like to point out...

Regulation saved the day

People will be boiling their dogs and cats by Tuesday in futile attempts to survive.

Shocking!!! Another Palin Lie!!!!

Marist Polls have Obama ahead in MI, OH, and PA!

McCain's Scapegoat - Wow scathing chewing out of McCain from The WSJ

Imagine if Dimson got his wish to privatize social security?

Can there be any doubt now? GW Bush - Worst President Ever.

We need to pass a NEW Glass-Steagall.

Grampa and Barbie on the Economy

Sarah Palin - history of not wearing wedding ring? infidelity rumors?

McCain Campaign Remixes Racism and Economy

83 Wall Street Lobbyists Work for McCain's Campaign

$500,000,000,000 Bailout? Please Read! We MUST Call!

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

It's Finally Trickling Down

The User Manual for Nationalization

GOP Delegate gets drugged and robbed in Minneapolis hotel tryst

Dems lead voter sign-ups in key states

McCain claims he’ll chase bin Laden to the “gates of Hell,” but he can’t face Rachel Maddow?

Ike/people on dialysis-think about it.

Glenn Beck Wins Marconi Award

YES!!! Rachel showing the nexus between Palin and Cheney!!

A gun to our heads

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden go after Cindy McCain on abortion...

The unprecedented move by the Treasury and the Fed today is

Army releases doctored photos of dead soldiers.»

New Obama Ad Featuring Lilly Ledbetter

NYT: "Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings." Atrios: This sounds familiar.

CAFFERTY: Wall Street Journal blasts John McCain

So the Bush crowd - less Government

How to neutralize the arguments of racialized McCain voters: Use his record

Sarah Palin May Lie, But Numbers Don't

Obama needs to make this an issue.

Randi - and whoever is in the studio with her - are playing Palin clips and

Something I'm not seeing posted here about McSame - in the last day.

April 2008: "I would like for Zapatero to visit U.S."- McCain...., Yesterday, NOT SURE..

Ed Schultz's video about Sarah Palin...a must watch (link posted)

My latest email from friend who for some reason thinks I support repugs

Keating Five member McCain used role in campaign finance reform to cover up similar activities.

What is palin thinking?

Debunk Help Please

My republican friend had some questions about Universeal Health Care that I'm not sure how to answer

Palin: "Democrat partisans put politics first," prevented appearance. Iran wants "second Holocaust."

Ads airing in NH tonight: Palin stopped the bridge to nowhere, & black men will take your money!

DU's....Please help me respond to this....

I have a secret.

My 5 year old is highlighting voter registration cards for an event tomorrow.

Talk me out of this. I am in fairly good health and 61 years old.

What Do Flavor Fav and Rachel Maddow Have In Common?

Dear diary: It's Friday, and McCain has had another awful week.

Dear diary: It's Friday, and McCain has had another awful week.

The Terrorist in our Midst.....BUSH.. The damage done to our Nation is ENORMOUS

Listen Up, Kids

Have you ever seen so many welfare queens begging for handouts?

Palin Under Fire At Home For Trooper-Gate Stone-Walling

will the McCain campaign use Biden's calculus reference against him?

I'm going to work at the polls on election day!

Why must we elect McCain first before he does all this stuf he talks about??!!

**** General Election CONFIDENCE LEVEL POLL Fri. Sep 19 ****

OBAMA Calls On US To: "- FIRE - the Whole Trickle Down, on Your Own, Look the Other Way Crowd"

PAY ATTENTION TO KRUGMA, so you get what some of us have been

Help come up with a slogan for the idea at the link ...

My relatives in La Porte are confused about why they are blacked out.

Michelle Malkin: If your neighbor likes Obama, "double-check your door locks at night"

This is the death of the Reagan era

Hardball - Pundits claiming neither McCain or Obama breaking through with economic message? WTF?

McCain engaging in Big Lie politics (Martin Schram)

McCain plays Chavez card in new FL ad

"As a Very Important Source of Strength and Security, Cherish Public Credit." - Our First President

If the concern is the economic health of a NATION, why not funnel .5 TRILLION to "the people"?

What was/are your thoughts on the war in Afghanistan?

This new Paulson program is much like Hoover's Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

Risk Management and CEO Salaries

Study says Surge had no "observable effect" while "Senate bill touts 'surge' in Iraq" (Lieberman!)

Obama: McCain 'a little panicked' - Willing to say anything, do anything, violate any principle.

I'm bummed - they promised me Sarah and all we getting is Cindy...

Next time you hear some Right wing asshat utter "You want to redistribute wealth!!"

White Privilege

Obama and Satan...

LATimes busts Michelle Malkin for spreading misinfo claiming Palin email hacker is son of Dem Rep

Jonathan Alter Stole My Line from DU

Fox News Demands McCain Campaign Remove Reporter From Campaign Ad

If an institution is "too big to fail".....

The campaign should be over. The Financial Tsunami sweeps McShame away if Obama HANDCUFF'S HIM

O'Reilly Hacked for bashing hackers and those who posted the Palin e-mails.

Anyone hear anything about Bolivar Island near Galveston TX? Mass Ike casualties rumored...

Disabled? In What Respect, Charlie?”

LOL...FX's Broadcast Premier of "V is for Vendetta" just died on Pittsburgh Comcast...

I'm digging Ron Reagan, Jr. on Air America.

Help Get a Thread To The Greatest Page

Obama Jabs McCain Over Private Social Security Accounts

I really hate this likeability shit...

One thought pushes fence-sitters to the left: Palin

The fundie at work.......

I love you all.

My 57 CHEVY came home today!!!

Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5, Keating 5,

Charges Dropped Against DN! Journalists - Investigation Needed

Whats going on with gas prices and availability where you are?

I Found Out Where McCain Got His Info For His Rant On Spain...

Palin blames 'Democrat partisans' for a withdrawal of her invitation to an anti-Iran rally

The financial crisis meme...

Kevin Phillips on Bill Moyer

To honor Sarah Palin in her ascendancy to the Governor's Office.

Financial plans of the giants - no where has anyone addressed (overpriced housing)


Can someone help with some info?

The Rapture Ready Debate UFOs, Angels & Demons

Please DU this poll

Look at this pretty map.

Palin's church teaches that Alaska is a refuge for the Final Days...

Is bush's war dragging down the economy, or is that too simplistic?

Agree or disagree with this statement.... People with money & evolution

--About Voting Day Attire--What To Wear----My Suggestion--

Bad Money - Reckless Finance, Failed Politics And The Global Crisis Of American Capitalism.

Alaska lawmaker in charge of Troopergate says investigation WILL be completed before election

NBC nightly news.. aftermath of Ike, people are praying and holding

Ways to pay for "capitalist welfare" you WON'T hear from the investor class.

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" + $500 billion bailouts.

BushCo's bailout swindle is being challenged by Schumer and Clinton

An assignment for one of you who's good w/Photoshop or whatever -

KKK signs at Obamas speech? holy shit

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Fake Vote-By-Mail Applications in Virginia

Question for the experienced people on here

Did you just get a Feminist for Obama email?

Pew Poll: Obama running better in MW, West, among younger voters and women than Kerry in '04

Don't be surprised when Obama wins Montana...just sayin.

Sheriff: Inmates 'better off than some people'

BIDEN: "These guys have worshipped at the shrine of deregulation." nt

CNN: Todd Palin- the shadow governor?

Obama now leading on Intrade electoral map 298-240

McCain's Facebook page - Newsfeed view. (hysterical!)

Anyone else hear the piece NPR did on voter supression in FL?

Anyone else hear the piece NPR did on voter supression in FL?

I know this may sound radical

Spaniards Vow To Once Again Decimate Population Of New World

George Gerber: Albert Einstein vs. McCain/Palin

I've decided to become a Republican.

Liar's Poker by Jonathan Chait-Why McCain just can't tell the truth.

When are we going to see some attack ads from Obama

"Give me liberty or give me death"

Real Time Starting now, Paul Krugman and Naomi Klein.

So, with all that is going wrong in the world and at home, the

Cancer/Diabetes patients no medicine in donut hole. Where is their bailout?

Invading Iraq and the subsequent spikes in the price of oil and gas ruined our economy

Previously Unknown Hagel Letter Warns Rice of Russia Collision

Peter King on MSNBC: Bush deserves credit for dealing with crisis

'In the "pigs are flying by my window" department'... Geraldine Ferraro: "Obama is there for us."

McCain still supports Social Security privatization

Helen Thomas: Palin + McCain Equals More Bush


American Rainbow Rapid Response to the Rescue !! help !

"O" face or GOP face...

That thing on his face ..... it looks really bad to me.

Reaganomics Is Dead. Making That Case Will Win The Election & Usher In Long Lasting Change {Updated}

Congress Told "We're Literally Maybe Days Away From A Complete Meltdown Of Our Financial System"

Should people who clamor to buy sarah palin glasses even be allowed to vote?

Should people who clamor to buy sarah palin glasses even be allowed to vote?

No Surprise: CHENEY Spied On His Colleagues

Forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype

Republicans and military men on John McCain

Well I got another lesson of why our speaker is worthless, or at least her staff

o.k. folks watch this= a duer made it. i found it in my favorites :):)

Since when can a witness just ignore a subpoena because HE decided the process is unfair?

"" Bill Maher rocks, and Levi, who knows? LOL! nt

Please keep these people in your thoughts.

Get away from that magical thinking many of you are holding

Bumper Sticker from NARAL, I may just have to buy one or two of these:

John McCain: Fed Should Make the Crisis Worse

Two Encounters

Is bin Laden laughing his ass off in his cave?

The obvious confirmed: Sectarian cleansing major reason for drop in violence in Iraq

USA... Ulcered Sphincter of Ass-erica......

CNN: 37 Days since McCain last took questions from the press.

Goolsbee on CNN: McCain's Economic Plan is Obama's Plan, Lady ! It's Ten Lines Long !

Here's the first thing to do to help pay for the gigantic Wall Street bailout!

Sarah Palin is scaring the bejeesus out of Floridians

The relevance of McGriddle

My answer to a racist voter


Cafferty File: Question: Are Sarah Palin's 15 minutes up?

Governor Sebelius of Kansas and Governor Napolitano of Arizona

Before the RNC forced Porkbarrel Palin on the ticket, McCain had the worst favorable/unfavorable

Mark Foley - Not even a slap on his limp wrist

McCain Caught in Another HUGE LIE About Obama: Bush Officials Defend Obama on Iraq Meeting

Fox "News" reaches a new low as it high-fives Vice Presidential candidate Grampy McBush's "fire"...

Today's Polls: Obama Now Better than 2:1 Favorite (Nate Silver)

A Rabbi writes about Obama

What is it that makes a negative ad..a negative ad?

Here's something to put a smile on your face!

How FEMA treats the poor -- San Leon, TX

The McCain campaign is afraid of Rachel Maddow

Witch Hunter that Prayed Palin into Office is Coming Back

Obama Camp Strikes Back!

Clinton recruiting her backers to help Obama

Clinton recruiting her backers to help Obama

The board seems agitated and pissed off....what did I miss

David Brooks, casting his pearls of wisdom on PBS, claims

Republicans Lie, Democrats tell the truth

The Blacks against Obama are funded by the Coral Ridge DOBSON sponsored church

It's John McCain, Stupid

So we're not allowed to point out that repugs caused this crisis?


Ok. Now Palin has commented on Hillary's partisanship directly - get the popcorn.

Caribou Barbie!

A Canadian writer saw Palin for what she was at Convention time

McCain recruits expert Southern lawyer to handle Palin's state trooper fiasco.

How many times can you be late with a mortgage payment...

So sad to learn arendt has stopped posting...

Paul Begala's Top 10 John McCain Blowups...

Time's Michael Scherer still distorting Obama's ads to give McCain a pass

I hope we go back to regular 15 or 30 year fixed mortgages.

Biden Promises End to Cowboy Mentality (MSNBC firstread, about VA rally today)

Palin Blames Dems for Withdrawn Rally Invitation

Need help retorting GOP criticism that current economic woes trace to the Clinton Admin

Biden taps reporter's chest, tells him, 'you need to work on your pecs'... Developing...

TD Waterhouse Money Market "Breaks the Buck"??

Tie Palin around McCain's neck: "The Sarah Fail and Crash"

Palin's Pastor by the Times of London- The story Keith is talking about

House backs *Oil Speculation Bill*. Bush threatens to veto.

DO NOT watch this video clip!

holy shit--Blacks against Obama at his Rally now

Independent UK: The $1 trillion question: Will this gigantic bailout work?

If Hillary can't rally her supporters to Obama, then she has no chance in 2012 or 2016

Former National Review publisher endorses Obama

Hey, Tucker Carlson ISN'T dead!!

Hey, Tucker Carlson ISN'T dead!!

S. America View: After Yrs Of Saying-Do Things OUR Way-"Greedy Bastards Lie In Bed They Made"

'Incurious About The Mechanism Of Government'

Obama should consider sending Biden, Bill & Hillary into West Virginia, I smell upset

HELP PLEASE! Need the Fannie contributions graphic

What do you think is the #1 cause for our economic problems?

Who was that senator on CNN?

Is there any evidence anywhere that John McCain is mentally competent

Sandra Bernhard rips Sarah a new one!

Olbermann's on: McCain gets his federal agencies mixed up!

Bristol (Palin's daughter) caught on video smoking pot

OK, what's the proper gesture to use

McCain's Plan For Health Care Reform: Let's Make It More Like The Financial Industry

Just saw the best damn Obama ad on Teevee

Mandating Fire Sprinklers for the Home

Five-point plan for progressives (to address the collapse

A Week Later, Palin's Disapproval Higher Than Approval

Stupid Friday Night Post

Sarah's Grand Plan

What were/are your thoughts on the war in Afghanistan? (Fixed version)

I just Came back from a Funeral, and the Pastor brought up SARAH PALIN

Did John McCain support or oppose title 9?

Did John McCain support or oppose title 9?

National Enquirer: "Breaking News" about Todd Palin's Family

BushCo Fluumoxed by Econ Crash ....much gnashing of teeth, has to yeild toward sanity, come crawling

DU this AR poll on who's best to solve this economic crisis please!

I think 527s should launch attack ads against Rush and racism

This anti-Obama ad is constantly running on MSNBC. I live in NY:

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Need a quick refutal for a supposed quote in a nastygram

On CNN: Mothers do not support Sarah Palin.

I wonder what it would take for people not to vote for McCain....

Blacks Against Obama - WTF!

McCain: Health care reform like the financial industry

How long before the press attacks McLame's lack of answering press questions?

If being gov of Alaska is such a big job, who's running things while SP campaigns?

"Makes you think of Emmitt Till" RACHAEL Maddow's Show

Disappointing neighbor

HELP...I don't understand the economic crisis at all. I hate to ask stupid

DU this poll!!!

Naomi Klein: Free market ideology is far from finished

Alice Walker: What our country desperately needs is a leader who loves us

Alice Walker: What our country desperately needs is a leader who loves us

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Exclusive: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

So how do you like your Reganomics now - sunshine?

Charlie asks McCain about the Bush Doctrine: (January 2008 Debate)

Hahaha! Rachel doing a report on McSame's bad week, and

McCain Campaign Refuses To Appear On The Rachel Maddow Show»

1.5 Trillion to "fix the economy"; how will we pay for all of Obama's proposals?

Post-Ike illnesses in Galveston?

ABC Nightline's lead story is an explanation of "short selling"

I am going to bed to ponder this: "Why should we trust anyone

Cut John McCain some slack

Cut John McCain some slack

Alter (on Maddow) "We're ALL socialists now..."

I've come to the conclusion race is the only reason

I've come to the conclusion race is the only reason

400 Rabbis for Obama - their duty to fight for the truth and against lashon hara

WTG DU !!...10 days= $12,171.00

Rachel Maddow Continues to Dominate in the Ratings

I just talked to my plumber

Nate Silver analysis: Best ad? Defenders of Wildlife ad

Does anyone have a list of what financial regulations the GOP eliminated in the last 8 years?

What's the fucking deal with Ed Koch?

What's the fucking deal with Ed Koch?

What this country needs is a President with a terminal illness and a VP who's a liar & a dumbass.

Murdoch: Obama's economic policies 'naive' and 'old fashioned'...

Rachel was so animated was great.

Rachel was so animated was great.

WE'RE GONNA TRY AGAIN- now there are 2 videos

Who is this Jill Zuckerman on Hardball? She is saying that

Obama was born in Iraq and Osama bin Laden was in the delivery room.

Obama was born in Iraq and Osama bin Laden was in the delivery room.

Palin and the Separatist Alaska Independence Party

Another AOL Poll On Todd Palin To DU!!! Is 'First Dude' a 'Shadow Governor'?

McCain campaign rejects Fox "cease and desist" request

Incredible Documentary Footage of Mass Arrest in St. Paul

Barack - You have to do something!!!

Palin Under Fire = Trooper-Gate Stonewalling "no witnesses today"

Here's an idea tax wall street transactions & speculation!! Let the market pay for their bailout

Only $163 to go until we reach $65,000 for Obama/Biden! ... DONATE NOW!

"President John McCain" ...

EFF Sues NSA, Bush, And Cheney TO Stop Illegal Surveillance

I'm so disgusted, I wanna just take a hit off a big ass bong

Open ltr To Republicans From Former Religious Right Activist

Pattern forming with McCain-Pain events: after Palin concludes her remarks, some head for their cars

Pattern forming with McCain-Pain events: after Palin concludes her remarks, some head for their cars

Pattern forming with McCain-Pain events: after Palin concludes her remarks, some head for their cars

"Hillary Sent Me,"

White privilege

DU this poll!

A public service announcement

One week from tonight is the first will we feel a week from now?

So Palin is now calling it the "Palin-McCain Administration" - poor old John, eom.

Obama Shines Handling this Economic Crisis. McCain Cries About Firing People.

Hey Everybody! John Aravosis from AMERICABlog posted my whole rant from yesterday! Please read it!

The Dude abides.

McCain: "Americans are, over all, better off than they were four years ago..." (January Debate)

McCain Press Aide Calls Alaska Reporter At Home To Complain About Unfavorable Coverage

If you're going to disrupt a political rally with lame-ass signs, learn to fucking spell!

I used to say that all I ask of Obama is that he win.

McCain for Crypt Keeper

RNC mails Florida senior citizens, Dems, :"We have you registered as a Republican"...

McCain and the economy, the gift that keeps on giving!

HA HA Rush Limbaugh Squealing Like The PIg He Is

DU this AOL Poll.... Should Todd Palin Testify In Troopergate!

Is Your Bank Or Credit Union Safe? Find Out For Free At This Bank Ratings Website

Despite Claim, Palin's Pay As Mayor Of Wasilla Went Up

Blogger watching a horror movie marathon to raise money for Obama.

I have a new slogan for the McCain campaign.

I wish the government would get rid of my "bad debt"

Who's the Boss? Palin bills herself over McCain. (Palin-McCain Administration)

How do Republicans REALLY feel about women?

Stevens says he plans to testify at his trial

For John McCain:

IKE: "Missing & Presumed Dead-Will Become Very, Very Familiar."

Election Day, A National Holiday Is Observing Christ's Birth More Important than a Strong Democracy?

The Palin investigation will be completed on time and will contain depositions from those subpoenaed...

Troopergate Investigation Continues

For Those Who Supported Hillary in the Primary...

Thanks for the new slogan, Sarah!

Thanks for the new slogan, Sarah!

EVERY DUer, go here, do it now! GOTV begins today!

The Daily Widget – Fri 9/19 – O-285, M-253 – Colorado Blue; Virginia Red; New Hampshire Weakens

McCain on banking and health: Let's Make It More Like The Financial Industry

*** Midnight deadline for Matching Contribution to Obama ***

Obama/Sibelius --GREAT OPTICS. What happened to Kathleen lately?

Pretty Soon It Will Be Time For The Keys. LOL

Oh for God's sake, CNN apparently thinks Biden talking in Delaware about beating the Buckeyes...

Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage Gets its Premirere 29 Years On

This should be Obama's next ad

OMG! We're losing North Dakota!

McCain was the only senator who did not vote on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Early voting started today.

ABC: USA-TORTURE ON TAPE-Video Surfaces-WH Tried To Keep Americans From Seeing (Graphic Warning)

Another AOL poll

Talking to my 4 year old about the Presidential campaign...cute

My LTTE about economics, energy policy and McCain...

Peyton And I Are Going To A Move On B-Day Party & Phone Bank Event On Sunday


Thank you my friends


Isn't it funny the MSM stopped talking about how important the women's vote is, just when it became

Picture of Leadership.

UCLA Satellite Images-PROVE: "Surge Had-NO-Observable Effect-Graphic Evidence Of Ethnic Cleansing"

The Palin witchhunter story Olbermann is reporting on is hilarious.

Another "How can repukes be so cold" story

Listening to Palin on Randy Rhodes.....

PAYDAY! $50 more for Obama. Who's in on this nice Friday evening?

How many lobbyist's are on McCain's campaign from Fanny/Freddie? or elsewhere?

What if Obama had a daughter who was pregnant?

My email to NBC Nightly News

Obama is doing great considering the circumstances!

McCain Campaign goes racial yet again - "watch out for the black man around your white babies"

I'm thinking that the only way we can get over the top is via the black vote

What should we call this current economic mess?

Bush History,9/19 - Friends Helping Friends: Bush & the bin Laden Family

Bush History,9/19 - Friends Helping Friends: Bush & the bin Laden Family

DU This POll!

Help me understand this. I think I just got a revelation - disaster capitalism at work?

DUzy Awards will be posted tomorrow night.

I helped make history tonite!

I just love Biden - check out this interview with Katie Couric -

SEATTLE TIMES ENDORSES OBAMA & BIDEN: A smart and steady hand on foreign policy and other matters.

Is McCain Trying To Provoke Obama With All Of These False Claims He's Making.......

`60 Minutes' to give hour to McCain, Obama

DU this Miami poll HARD!!!

Palin does it again and flips the ticket- McCain is 'my running mate'

Biden introduced bill today - Biden Bill Strengthens Our First Line of Defense Against Terrorism

Obama: "We can't only have a plan for Wall Street, we must also have a plan for Main Street"

Nations Leading Manufacturer Coming To A Town Near You...

As much as I hate to do it - this is too interesting

Wall Street Bailout - The party of Richard Nixon and 'poisoned wells'

If they Bailout the Financials – they must STOP the Foreclosures

why don't they rewrite a lot of the bad mortgages and keep the families in homes

Jonathan Alter on Rachel Maddow is scaring me.

McCain says healthcare should be run like the banking industry... REALLY!

Apres les autres, la deluge

2008 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Whenever I see Todd Palin's face I think of only one thing: Punk criminal & petty con-man

Crisis? What crisis? Sorry, I happen to believe taxpayers paying for their profits was in the plan

That fly story with Obama on Rachel's show is probably one of the best

Obama ad fighting back against the "Born Alive" smears and attacking McCain on abortion.

Report from Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising" premiere last night in Ann Arbor.....

So McCain took off his tie and jacket, rolled up his sleeves today......

A Houston/Ike post. "News of my demise

A Houston/Ike post. "News of my demise

100,000 new Obama donors by midnight - Do Your Part!

Ok folks what is going on today may, or may not be shock doctrine

If I ever get a tattoo....

Obama To Sell An Official Soundtrack: Kanye, Sheryl, Will.I.Am And More

"Days away from complete financial meltdown."

Union Drops Big Mail Blitz Hammering McCain's "Fundamentals" Comment

BREAKING - All Charges Dropped Against Amy Goodman and Democracy Now journalists!

Obama's coming to town

Dear Racist,

New UN President calls for change. U.S. gets pissed off.

Just went to the Duval County Dem Headquarters

Creepy Clock to be Unveiled at Cambridge U. by Stephen Hawking

ABC Exclusive: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims = Internal Government Document

My boss the Republican

Evidence shows US adopting China's methods of crowd/population control

Barack Obama is on the ballot.... IN BRAZIL !!!

Palin arrives in Orlando today and guess what she has in her hands?

McCain says all options are on the table including putting Social Security into the stock market...

McCain says all options are on the table including putting Social Security into the stock market...

Trooper-Gate Could "BREAK WIDE OPEN" On October 10 When Branchflower Releases Report (Emptywheel)

Anyone been over to Freepville lately? Are they even acknowledging they have a problem?

Is anybody getting fired over this mess?

People who make $10,000 a year are bailing out millionaires...

Bail out! Bail out!

big list of Sarah Palin late-night television jokes

So now it's down to Blame the Consumer?

This is totally off the wall bizarre

I just want to say for the record that John McCain is a world class liar.

McCain has had a pitiful look on his face since he slipped

Palin, Gothard, and dog-whistles to dominionists

Let's not give Bush too much credit for helping out in Africa…

I have a question on the financial meltdown

Women - have you ever been in a public restroom and seen this #1-800-799-SAFE (7233) on a poster?

Sorry have to repost from a comment in thread

Who Is Funding Distribution Of DVDs About Radical Islam In Campaign Home Stretch?

The lake in Wasilla where Palin lives is classified as "dead" thanks to overdevelopment

Sarah Palin Does Not Wear A Wedding Ring

Corporations Not Paying Income Tax ........

Stephen Colbert Forced To Lie About John McCain

Bill Moyers' Journal tonight: Facing the Financial Fallout

Someone at work told me that Hannity asked Palin"hard questions" and

IKe (Chrystal Beach) Survivors say they were treated like living in Communist Country! (Video )

McCain is now saying that Obama is the one influenced by banking lobbyists.

McCain is now saying that Obama is the one influenced by banking lobbyists.

McCain mistakenly would demand the FEC chair to resign if he was President.

Communisn/Fascism; which one?

Most important news stories of the week (ending September 19, 2008)

Tell every person you meet who mentions the stock market......

-----Dear Joe Biden-----

You know who I trust to solve this financial crisis? Sarah Palin.

Obama for president (Seattle Times)

DU this PBS poll: Who do you trust to fix the nation's economic mess?

Gallup: Obama 49 (+1), McCain 44 (same).

EarlG News: Media Announces Bailout Of McCain Campaign

Girl who was tasered by cops must write letter of apology


McSame-Poison campaign taking on water in Colorado (-10), Michigan (-9), Iowa (-11), New Mexico (-8)

Study says ethnic cleansing, not surge, reason for drop in violence in Iraq

Questions, Crises and Trollops when is he going to blow?

For fuck's sake Palin is mouthing off about stuff she has no experience with!

Ethnic cleansing, not surge, key to drop in Iraq violence

Why Todd is hanging around like a bad smell

Michelle Obama

Is it unethical for parents to buy their children toy guns?

Why is Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaking at an Obama rally?

Anyone else notice how genuinely angry McSame was when he said Obama should, "Spare us the lectures"

There is no such thing as a Free Market

John W. Dean: Vice President Dick Cheney's Incredible and Deadly Lie

Palin, witchcraft, and radical evangelism... This is much worse than a "really bad Disney movie"...

Palin, witchcraft, and radical evangelism... This is much worse than a "really bad Disney movie"...

Inside Advantage: Obama opens double digit lead in Colorado

Ignoring The Issues, the Scary Thing About McCain Is He Makes Big Decisions w/o Thinking

Fannie and Freddie and McSame and Obama...a picture speaks...

Palin probe to end before election

*****Debbie Wasermann Schultz appreciation thread******

Are Palin’s Per Diem Payments Taxable?

So when are we getting our emergency preparedness forum?

Obama leading in Maine, 50-46

Sarah Palin image on piece of toast going for 12,000 on ebay

Obama's '4 basic principles' may contain next wk's Democratic critique of the Bush Bailout plan:

Breaking on Olbermann: Palin's pastor problems are HUGE!

Biden: "I am so sick and tired of this phoniness."

James Carville and Karl Rove lead off health care symposium...stunning.

I had to smack down a Republican today. Had to do it.

Could John McCain have shoved his foot any further into his mouth?

Raise taxes on the very rich and the big corps & let's pay this debt off.

Be careful who you donate clothing to - One group only gives 28% of proceeds away

Just got home from an evening of phone banking for Obama

Just got home from an evening of phone banking for Obama

When I was homeless for a while in the '80s

VIDEO -- Fellow DU-er (theFrankFactor) made a video which includes my rant from 2 days ago

We CAN Afford National Health Care!!!

Sarah Palin: Bush in Drag. Thank you Naomi Klein

The TWIT is leaving the view for Fox? Good fit for TV does NOT get fox by design!!!!

Democracy Now: Barton Gellman, author of Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency.

We got this. (my 1000 post)

Do you believe today's massive, precedent setting U.S. government...

Would someone please come up with a rejoinder for this one. I am so sick of the crazies.

Krugman: McCain wanted to make health care more like the financial industry

bush KNEW this was coming & did NOTHING, just like with 9-11

bush KNEW this was coming & did NOTHING, just like with 9-11

Keating 5 is not an issue we can use - a smart republican can turn that one against us

So, now she isn't speaking to me....

Do you have a Bible question for "Liberty Gospel"? Ask it here..but only if you are male.

The Picture McCain Doesn’t Want You to See (especially NOT today...)

The Photo Every Republican Wants Us to Forget

My front yard Obama sign was replaced with "Another Democrat for McCain" sign last night.

Michigan? We're going to lose MICHIGAN?

I don't think I've seen so many protesting against a VP candidate before?

I don't think I've seen so many protesting against a VP candidate before?

What is it with Senior Citizens and their prejudice? Help pls.

"She had been trying to bring us food and we blew her to pieces."

Freeze all mortgages where they are ...... upside and downside

My week in Florida....a very enlightening trip indeed.

DU this PBS poll: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be V.P.?

St. Pete Times: "Sarah Palin, the she-bear sweetheart of the Republican right"

Disabuse yourself of your notions of what this country is about. Get that frame out of your head.

Red Alert: DU'ers Let's See if We Can Do This

Bush/McCain won: Social Security Trust Fund raided to bail out Wall Street

Well, I spoke too soon -- someone stole my Obama sign

I am wondering if people really understand the fiscal tidal wave coming.

Chronological history of U.S. bailouts:

My favorite economic writer William Greider weighs in: Paulson Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle

poll being freeped! HELP!

financial/economic people, please talk about what middle class needs to do

USA Today: From McCain, an erratic response to crisis

Obama On Need For Financial Regulation BACK IN MARCH 2008!


BOMBSHELL: Rick Davis paid big dollars to lobby for Fannie and Freddie against fed regulation.

BOMBSHELL: Rick Davis paid big dollars to lobby for Fannie and Freddie against fed regulation.

Go Blue! by E.J. Dionne, Jr.-Why Michigan is going to be this year's Florida

Go Blue! by E.J. Dionne, Jr.-Why Michigan is going to be this year's Florida

Ted Nugent reaches out to Sarah "W" Palin...

The First Dude Refuses to Testify-BUT-The Judge May Already Have The Goods "To Really Hurt Palin"

Pentagon ships troops to the US to prepare for civil unrest.

WARNING!!!-How Team McCAIN Intends (With Palin's Help) To STEAL THIS ELECTION!!!!!

help bristol palin name her child.......

help bristol palin name her child.......

Planned Parenthood flooded with donations in Sarah Palin's name!

Obama: "2nd Amendment (is) an individual right"

This is Your Nation on White Privilege

So does this make me evil.....

Lavasoft is sending me on one of those trips where you have to pick

David McGollum

You've got mail

I feel like stripping nude and running down the nature trail behind my house.

Gin and lime Calistoga:

Pictures from work. {dial-up warning}

Okay . . .

I posted yesterday about my new dentist and how kind she was and then she e-mailed me.....

I SO want to go to the Doctor in the morning!!

Why in hell is my beard so itchy?

So...who's gonna tutch my but?

JOKE: So, I was walking down the street and I saw a man

I can haz jellybaby?

OK this one might be better. Can someone direct me to a good free anti-spyware

Uh-oh, a new author will be writing the 6th "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Novel

Is anybody else unable to get on myspace?

Arrrrh, Wicked!


Private Sunshine

I Have Seen

I got somebody new

Una musica brutal


You are the only one

Get Out


A funny for those who hate it when people loose things.

You know you're a total loser......

Pirate joke!

James Brown & Pavarotti

Songs from the Pirate Hit Parade.

Mysterious Ways

Going Down


Sacré Français!

Post pics of where pirates hung out

On Est Ensemble Sans Se Parler -- L.O.V.E.

Your gonna need me

Ceu Distante

My Little Girl

You Are My Starship

Requiem pour un con


The Look of Love


Car sick dog!


Golden Age Of Live

Re Spect

Joyful Girl


life in mono

These Words

Unbelieveable example of engineering I just noticed

Check out Ray Moon! 80 year old body builder

Just saw this... Soccer mom voting against Hockey mom!

For MadinMaryland


Kitten Picture of the Day Friday September 19

What's your favorite font for print, such as a term paper?


Dinner in the sky? No, PULL UPS in the sky.

Other than this one, which season of Project Runway had the worst designers

Kitty Gets Upset Because She Didn't Get Her Printouts

Most Appropriate Founding Father's Quotes For Our Times?


Meditations on Pain

Does she or doesn't she?

O'Malley is on the deck, looking in. Should I let her in?

Today is talk like a Pirate Day ..... 9/19 Arggg!

and for you creative types -- a creativity contest . . . :)

Puppy!!!! (yes, pics)

awwwwwwww! cute overload

Pirates or Ninjas?

Nobody loves me, Everybody hates me. I'm gonn go and eat

Shiver me timbers: Life in Somalia's pirate town

You Wouldn't ave deez 'ere problems if you woulda joined da NAyVEEEEE!

Food porn!

St Kilda pub's 'no undies' drinks promotion banned.

I just ran down the nature trail behind my house...

Post something that shows your fungibility.

Dinner in the sky. Would you do it?

Interviewing today--Important queston! (serious, for once...)

one of the great dead lovers songs ever written...

Help me figure out a good It can be a fun place sometimes.

Wow - even Tyra Banks looks like she has a brain compared to the Phelps family

Why is Connery the best Bond?

You know what really, really attracts bees?

Last Kitten Rescued From Wall

I can't emphasize this enough. If you really want to feel good about yourself

Who's going to the movies this weekend and what will you see?

Life changing decision...from now on its ALL ABOUT ME

Last night I dreamed there was a military coup...

I just ate these

By unanimous decision, I am cross-posting this from GD

Need ideas: Halloween political yard display.

Cindy McCain Nude Photos Revealed!

My racist ex from 12 years ago wrote to me on facebook

Frequent flyers, answer me an airline question, please

Michael Gambon on Top Gear (hilarious interview)

Tennessee Squires check in.

I'm thinking about applying for an internship at a really great politcal website/media company.

I just bought some chocolate with chilli in it.

"In your pants" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "in your pants".

Is there anything more annoying than roommates playing Rockband at 11:30 AM?

You know when you love and care for someone...

Only one hour left here at work and I

i am looking for movies that moved your bowels....

I couldn't find my iPod headphones...

POLL: best actor (of those listed here)


Chuggo Eats

Gov. Sebelius Stumping for Obama in Asheville, NC Today (PICS)

Got a couple of hours to kill before bed.

How often a day do you think about sex

No bull: Police lasso bull on NYC's streets

It's possible "Pleasant Valley Sunday" was the first teen angst tune

Sources Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013

Fuck you, Baltimore!

Betting on the bull in the heather

Did something happen to Parche???

The 2008 Academy Awards, As Of Right Now!

Is Larry Craig a better Tap Dancer than Connery?

My 1,000th Post Mini-Party!

i'm going back to the arcade tonight to beat my own high score

I'm sending out for some down home ribs and BBQ chicken - anybody need anything?

You think you're so pretty

Can your browser see all these characters?

MrsCoffee is so mean, or, Dick Proenneke is the baddest mofo ever

Why are teenagers so impossible?

Onions on hot dogs

Pop quiz: where is this?

Glenn Beck: Great American or The Greatest American?

I am drinking a growler of Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

It's FRIIIIIIIIDAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Post weekend plans here. Working on a house project for me. Bleh

What would you do if the Burger King King stuck his hand in your pants?

YAYNESS! No Homework today!

Family question for the lounge

flvegan You are evil!

Ice cream truck!!!!!1

Friday, September 19th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

DUzys will not be posted until tomorrow night.

I just ate a Juicy Lucy! Ask me anything!

Another Friday, another commuter train crash in greater L.A.

I am looking for moving vans that moved your soul....

Irony Department: Virgin Airlines is fucking with me

What is this I am hearing about "Talk like a Pyrite Day"

Songs that Remind you Of (are about) Where You Grew Up

I'm experimenting in the kitchen!

good morning

My last name is Stafazool.

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Hey KitchenWitch..ESPN(2) is showing Twins vs. Rays ...

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McAfee Question

This song guides me through this life (Warning: VERY cathartic and emotionally powerful)

One of the best scene's ever

I've taken to shouting gangster shit when I kill flies now

All these things make me sad

My first TRUE lolcat

Arrrggh, me's National Talk Like a Pirate Day! How will you celebrate?

MrLaraMN's "concern" for my health is so endearing.

AWESOME JOB KEITH!!!! $3,700 to Alaska speical Olympics

Have you guys seen this Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator?

Primate1, guess what I'm missing......

I love candy corn!

Paul bought us a WII unit and got the WII Fit program...

New haircut! How do I look?

I'm having a NUDE-OUT tonight.

PB and Milk Chan are having their first interaction session

Has anyone used those "Green Bags" that are supposed to keep fruits and veggies fresh?

"Are you fucking kidding me?! There's a guy on the sidewalk with his head bleeding!"

Sing a Happy Working Song

I'm tired of being elshiva's crock puppet

I never thought I would be happy about this...but,

Note to Self: Make sure to include "sarcasm" tag when posting sarcastically in GDP

I'm tired of being temeah's cock puppet.

How many people, do you think, will be drinking (alcohol) this weekend?! lol

I'm thinking of starting a business; need your input!

I'm tired of being elshiva's lock puppet.

The NFC East discussion thread

Sod the baby name generator. How about some anagrams?

Who is going to play the role of Osama bin Laden when Bush stages his capture?

People who deserve to be crushed by a forty ton block of Velveeta cheese:

Yay, it's another international day at my place

DuStrange pays far too much attention to temeah's handle

What the hell happened to the old lounge?

How many temeahs does it take to screw the Lounge?

"Just say no to carbon dating"

I am looking for TV series that moved your soul...

How about a Nudism and Naturism forum

DU newbie experiences his first locked OP, while veteran poster laughs at him.

i'm sick of hearing teenagers bitch and moan about their parents being "strict" or having rules

What tv shows do you like to watch with your kids?

Is it just me, or is temeah TOTALLY screwing up the Lounge

CAMPAIGN 2008: The Movie (you cast the actors)

Brit DU'ers: How easy is it for two well educated professionals to emigrate?

I just drank a fifth of whiskey, on top of smoking all day.

Have you ever noticed that right wingers suck at insults?

I'm in Wisconsin, where the law says you have to go to a Fish Fry on Friday night.

Any other fans of "The Tudors"?

Our siamese cat has a telepathic bond with Jimmy Page -- who is your cat/dog channeling? give proof

D.U. Warnings:

You know what this place needs? More Sonic Youth

Kitten Picture of the day for Saturday September 20

Is there one day that stands out in your life more so than any other?

So which hemisphere are you willing to negotiate with?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 9/19/2008)

I had never, until today, seen catse.

Question for those with wood pellet stoves

The Honeycrisps are here!

My Cat is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I could really use a hug, if you don't mind

So what are your foreign policy credentials?

Being a Pyrate is all fun and games...

I never thought I'd be glad to see MSNBC focusing on OJ Simpson.

Uh oh, Chuggo has some competition!

Metal in the water sprinkler rainbow woman goes for a drive (video)

27 threads on the first page MrS?

27 threads on the first page MrS?

Kittehs Unleashed!

Moe! Larry! The cheese!

OPEN: A bar that will actually serve you! Hop on over right FUCKING now!

What's your favorite song about a losing college football team?

The Vet found a problem with Milk Chan, but I think he's wrong...Opinions?

How to Turn a Page

****Official Talk Like A Pirate Day Thread****

If you could bring back one celebrity from the dead who would it be?

I have the bestest baby sister.

(for the under-40 crowd) BARNABAS COLLINS LIVES

(for the over-60 crowd) BARNABY JONES LIVES!!!

(for the over-40 crowd) BARRABAS LIVES

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/19/08

Contemporary Southern lit?

Typical Friday Night in Asheville.(PIC HEAVY)

Do you DU at work? Have you ever been caught??

Favorite Paula Cole song

I am looking for movies that moved your soul...

I found some old photos of my Dad in Vietnam. I wanted to share them with you.

Just a quick couple of pics

If your ex wrote to you on facebook and wanted to reminisce about your times together

If you could bring one celebrity back from the dark side, who would it be?

Palin Warns Against 'Second Holocaust' by Ahmadinejad

Clinton Unveils New Pro-Obama Effort

Investigator: Palin probe to end before election

New Obama Ad Featuring Lilly Ledbetter

Stocks Surge as U.S. Acts to Shore Up Money Funds and Limits Short Selling

Palin given chance to explain Foreign Policy Credentials

McCain confuses SEC with FEC

Karzai Agrees To Meet With Palin

Karzai Agrees To Meet With Palin

‘Americans out to get our oil’: Brazil frets as US revives Fourth Fleet

IT'S LIKE A FIX FOR A JUNKIE! Ron Paul on Economy Meltdown

Flightless Bird, American Mouth

TYT: John McCain Plays the Race Card in Ad

Venezuela Faces Loss on Lehman

Meet Phil Gramm

Maddow says GOP and McCain camp not coming on her show

Paul Krugman On Real Time

Who's the boss? Palin bills herself over McCain

Senator Dodd: We are moments away from a global economic meltdown

Fox News Reports, McCain Habitual Flip Flopper!

It's been a long long tragic 8 years.....

Sarah Palin Reaction to SNL Skit & Says Verbage Attacks Unfair

Obama Press Conference Q&A on Economic Crisis

Friday Feminist Fuck You: Bill O'Reilly

Sarah "Pitbull" Palin Decries Political Fighting

McCain loves The Little Fishies & They Love the Oil Rigs

max keiser on Al Jazeera slams Bernanke, Bush, Cheney

If you use it, Tim Walberg will tax it (MI-07)

John McCain has no moral compass whatsoever

TYT: Attack on US Embassy -- Will Bush be Held Responsible?

The Contrast: Barack Obama vs. John McCain

New Obama ad responds to "Born Alive" attacks, hits McCain on abortion

A Message from Maya

Rachel Maddow interviews Paul Begala, Begala gives McCain some advice

WW2 Cartoon - Paying Taxes is Patriotic!

Cindy McCain's view of Sarah Palin- Lipstick Sex Lies and Drugs

Obama Endorsed by the KKK???

Tim Wise on White Privilege

Bush Admits Iraq War was a Terrible Mistake

DemRapidResponse: Leadership or Political Attacks?

Shocking video: Sarah Palin calls it the Palin-McCain Administration.

Economists Warn Anti-Bush Product Market Close To Collapse

TYT: Did McCain Cause the Financial Meltdown?

John McCain - Country First?

Barack Obama On Economic Crisis

Barack Obama, Women for Change, Miami, FL

Ohio Jobless Rate Jumps To 7.4 Percent In August

Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings

Corporate Cops...

McCain Leaves GM Plant To Chants Of "OBAMA 08" (!!!)

Bush Compares The Financial Crisis He Created To The Terrorist Attacks He Never Saw Coming

Obama Mocks McCain, Appeals to Floridian Women

"BARACK OBAMA VS JOHN MCCAIN" (This is genius DUers)

Clumsy, Convoluted Sarah Palin fumbles again.

Clumsy, Convoluted Sarah Palin fumbles again.

some perspective

Frog Species going extinct across the planet

Obama Statement on Economic Crisis & Bailouts

Hurricane Ike - Galveston Crystal Beach initial Coast Guard overflight 9/12

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in Iowa

Protests Interrupt McCain, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

part 1; Max Keiser blasts Greenspan, Bush, McCain, Palin on France24

part 2; Max Keiser blasts Greenspan, Bush, McCain, Palin on France24

McCain Palin Policy Failures Part Two 9-18-08

Federal Response to Financial Crisis = SoT Henry Paulson

OBAMA in Espanola, NM = economic problems

John McCain Doesn't Look Well...And he Confuses FEC with SEC

Sarah Palin: "I Killed the Bridge to Nowhere"

Sometimes the System Does Work

Palin: Remember, Troopergate Target Was a Really Mean Guy

TheRealNews: US infringes Pakistani sovereignty

Michael Moore: 'Slacker Uprising' World Premiere in Ann Arbor

McCain tells Minn.: It’s ’Country first or Obama first’

McCain's Green Economy: Drill Baby Drill

TheRealNews: Bolivia's Morales faces opposition governors

Obama Ad: "Who Advises"

John McCain Keating 5

Bail-Outs Will Cost America $1-2 Trillion

U.S. regulators close W. Va bank; 12th to fail

Obama on McCain's Commerce Chairmanship:

SOS - Save Our State - Nicely Done!

Countdown: Palintology (Condensed Version of Hannity Interview)

Leonard Cohen - Democracy [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Don't Know Much

Obama campaign cries foul after Republicans block Iran divestment bill

Obama Calls on New Mexico: 'We're in This Thing Together'

Mccain: America's Greatest Moral Failure

Olbermann (September 18): McCain-Palin Policy Failures

Correa support holds before Ecuador referendum-poll

Radical bailout plan has a jawdropping price tag

Treasury to Guarantee Money Market Funds

Treasury to Guarantee Money Market Funds

O'Reilly Hacked for Comments about Palin Hack

Gallup Daily: Obama Now Leads McCain by 5 Points

Muslim workers (150 union members) fired from JBS Swift plant; Cubans to replace

McCain ad links Obama to Chavez

Honduran leader: US apathy made him turn to Chavez

Conyers Calls Out McCain Over Voter Suppression

Court strikes down Missisissippi governor's effort to manipulate Senate race

New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It

New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It

Poll: People prefer Obama over McCain as teacher

Starbucks stops serving milk as China crisis snowballs

Paulson, Bernanke Push Plan to Cleanse Balance Sheets

Bailout Will Cost "Hundreds of Billions"

Detroit welcomes a new mayor, a new era

US Government to secure mortgage market with gold reserves

Satellite images show ethnic cleanout in Iraq

Satellite images show ethnic cleanout in Iraq

McCain says Fed should stop government bailouts (again today)

Some Ike victims may not be allowed to rebuild

Some Ike victims may not be allowed to rebuild

Army Alters Photographs (of dead soldiers), Issues Them To AP

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 19

Nato plan for rapid-reaction force to counter Russian aggression

Where Are Sarah Palin's Tax Returns?

Where Are Sarah Palin's Tax Returns?

Hagel's remarks on Palin irk GOP

New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

Paulson, Bernanke Push Plan to Cleanse Balance Sheets

Paulson, Bernanke Push Plan to Cleanse Balance Sheets

Teamsters: Uribe, Go Home

County judge: Bolivar's missing may never be found

County judge: Bolivar's missing may never be found

Oil Climbs More Than $6 in Biggest Three-Day Rally Since 1998

Exclusive: New Doubts over Palin's Troopergate Claims

Bank of China to buy stake in LCF Rothschild

McCain to Minn.: `Country first or Obama first'

North Korea Preparing to Restart Nuclear Facility (Accuses US of Failing Aid-Agreement Obligations)

Pittsburgh Bishop Is Ousted

Investigator: Palin probe to end before election

Bush draws 25% approval rating

Wall Street Journal editorial board skewers McCain

Senate Ethics Approves Craig's Request To Form Legal Expense Fund

McCain Effort to Tie Obama to Fannie Mae Woes Sets off Political Brawl

Days away from a complete meltdown of our financial system

McCain Effort to Tie Obama to Fannie Mae Woes Sets off Political Brawl

Fox demands McCain camp remove Garrett from ad

'Germany's stupidest bankers' suspended over Lehmans mess-up

Bush: Wall St. evildoers to be 'persecuted'

Tenn. legislator confirms son is at center of Palin hack chatter

Tenn. legislator confirms son is at center of Palin hack chatter

Flights cancelled as Italian carrier hurtles toward bankruptcy


Palin Warns Against 'Second Holocaust' by Ahmadinejad

Obama's Fannie Mae 'Connection' (WaPo fact check finds none)

Light rail train hits bus in LA; at least 13 hurt

AFL-CIO plans economy mailer on McCain's 'strong' remark

Mental-Health Lines Buzz in U.S. Recession Depression

Poll: Obama tops McCain as football-watching buddy

Riot after Africans shot in Italy

Blacks againt Obama disrupt event

China tainted milk scandal widens

Vermont candidate to prosecute Bush if she wins

Mr, & Mrs. Palin, I Serve Subpoenas...

Poll: Americans are Pessimistic about Financial Crisis, Government's Action

Detention extended for KRouge official facing trial: officials

Major powers start talks over new Iran sanctions

Police kill two militants in India's capital

US air raid kills Iraq civilians

No bull: Police lasso bull on NYC's streets

Sydney Schanberg: McCain and the POW Cover-up

McCain Takes Aim At Bush, Fannie, Freddie, And The Fed For Financial Crisis

Venezuela releases recordings of purported plot

Palin Hits Obama: “Not the Politics of Change”

Report faults U.S. move of Cheyenne command center

First Clinton, now Palin out of NYC rally

Rights monitor blasts Venezuela govt for expulsion

Ari Melber: McCain knows the economy as Palin knows the Bush Doctrine

China Paper Urges New Currency Order After "Tsunami"

Exclusive: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

Blueprint for Change: Economy

Full Speech - Barack Obama in Espanola, New Mexico

New McCain Blackberry Ad

Cuba faces food shortage after hurricanes

Sarah Palin's Infomercial vs Fox Sean Hannity Interview

Chalabi: U.S. wants secret bases in Iraq

Brazilian President Makes Fun of Wall Street's Super Brains

One thought pushes fence-sitters to the left: Palin

Two Guys Make Out CNN Lehman Brothers Report

Asian markets soar on possible US rescue package

SNL Like!!!: McCain I Am 100

In Need of A New 'New Deal'?

McCain and the Meltdown

The American way to fail

McCain and the Meltdown

St. Paul dropping all misdemeanor charges for journalists arrested during RNC

In Response to Subpoena, First Dude Palin Proves Unavailin'

Reckless disregard: McCain and Palin's misplaced allegiance

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Iran In The Crosshairs (Jeremy R. Hammond)

McCain to Quit GOP, Continue Campaign as a Socialist

Patriotism & Taxes: The Big Lie

Andy Warhol Would Have Loved Sarah Palin -- the Ultimate Soup Can

U.S. Treasury: Wall Street Branch

Guardian: This week's financial crisis marks the end of an epoch

Bush goes AWOL: "Maybe the president doesn’t care."

WP, pg1: For a Global Generation, Public Health Is a Hot Field

McCain Attacks Ally Once Floated as his Possible VP (Chris Cox)

Yurica Report NEW articles....

Venezuela Says U.S. Uses Anti-Drug List as “Weapon of Domination”

Agreement With Iraq Over Troops Is at Risk over issue of Immunity

The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on McCain

Another McCain Double-Reverse: Claims He Wanted to Fire SEC Football Commissioner

For Obama & McCain, Finance Crisis Is Posing on-the-Fly Tests

Scrambling to Cleanup After a Cat 4 Financial Storm

How Dare They Spend Trillions on Corporate Welfare, Without...?

Time to Pay the "Clown Tax"

Make No Mistake.. Republicans Have Screwed it UP

There is no arguing with conservatives

John McCain, Herbert Hoover, Deregulation, and ... Hooverball!

Republican Deregulation Leads to Financial Disaster

JOHN MCCAIN, a deregulator, believes the economy is strong

Preparing for U.S. Invasion of Venezuela

How's That Deregulation Working Out For You?

Belly-up bankers reveal the bankruptcy of "conservatism"

Another Trillion Dollars in Bush Economic Wounds

Economic Lessons from Mount Olympus

SEC Ban on 'Short-Selling' Ends McCain Campaign

Are You Better Off Now Than You Were 30 Years Ago?

Brent Budowsky: Republican Financial Katrina: Banks, Bankrupts and Bailouts

"It's Time To Shove The Arugula Aside & Talk About The Realities Of Class"

Scientists Explain Why People Vote For Republicans (Gawker)

A Fitting Denouement to Eight Years of Miserable Rule

Sarah Palin IS Dan Quayle

PALiN vs. PALeN -- GREAT video! A star is born!

McCain Goes 'Willie Horton' on Economic Crisis

The Point of No Return by Mike Whitney

A Nation Of Village Idiots

A political dodge (Baltimore Sun re: Palin & the investigation)

And It All Falls Into Place....

Big SEC Step To Ban Short-Selling Of Financial Stocks Could Have Unintended Consequences

Abe Lincoln vs. Reagan/Bush/McCain Republicans

Flunking Economics

Republican pattern of stonewalling continues (Concord Monitor editorial re: Palin)

The Measure of a Maverick, Pt. 2

The Deregulator Saviors, a trillion here a trillion there .....

The Economy Stupid

Pakistan Is the Problem

John McCain, Deregulation Hawk, Criminal

Days away from a complete meltdown of our financial system

McCain and the Meltdown

Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Moguls Steal Home While Companies Strike Out

No time for a minimalist by David Sirota

"Obsession" Stars Have Lectured at U.S. Military Colleges; U.S. Navy Uses Film

Teed Rockwell: Rational “Pandering”

John Dean: Cheney Sent Us to War on False Pretenses and Violated the Separation of Powers

HP lays off 25000 and runs phony job ads

George Gerber: Albert Einstein vs. McCain/Palin

Peter Michaelson: The Meaning of Sarah Palin

Reaganomics: 1981-2008

Blocking Care for Women : NYT editorial by HRC

Todd Palin thumbs his nose at the law

McCain "Run healthcare like financial markets! (Krugman)..

Friday Talking Points (48) -- Throwing Out The Rulebook

Billions for Bailouts! Who Pays?by Bernie Sanders

KABOOM! ABC blows the lid off Troopergate!

Once pro-Obama, but now swoon for McPalin? Who the hell are you? (Mark Morford)

The Weekend Economist September 19-21, 2008

Chip Berlet: "Chairman Lieberman's 'War on Terror'" (Right Web 9-17-2008)

Sydney Schanberg: McCain and the POW Cover-up

John McCain and the Keating 5: Third Term

Revisiting McCain's Keating 5 history

NO ON 8 Needs More Support !

I think i missed a memo

Transgendered Woman Wins Sex Discrimination Case

Obama: Go slower on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Full Moons and birds & bugs

Peak Oil Notes - Sept 18

Green Building Workshops in DC and MD next week

New evidence of Kimberly-Clark’s shocking mismanagement of forest resources

IT at sea: Google to launch a computer navy (CNN) {wave-powered?}

Future Fury: Hurricane Effects Will Only Get Worse

Nissan betting on an electric future for cars

"Missing and Presumed Dead After Ike"

America's oldest ice discovered... then it melts

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Wins 2008 Rubber Dodo Award

USSC = United States Stove Company


What's the difference in cost between installing say, a 115 kv line and a 500 kv line?

Two questions about climate change:

Rights group calls for probe against Hamas

Tutu urges UN body to show concern for Israelis

Ultra-Orthodox party emerging as Israel kingmaker

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/18/08

Wall Street's bad dream

Tennessee Man Receives Government Bailout

Renewing the Social Contract: A Response to the Economic Crisis

Walton Family Dots 10 Richest Americans List

The Dow Jones' Wonderfully Cheesy Addition

A Bid to Curb Profit Gambit as Banks Fall

George Soros on investment bubbles and the price of oil.

I guess thousands of corporate jets are being sold on e-bay today, right?

SEC Halts Short Selling of Financial Stocks to Protect Investors and Markets

So I read somewhere in here that Republicans have historically asked for more earmarks

Economic Geniuses - Please Answer Some Questions!

The Dead Marrying The Dead

McSame just blamed Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for making bad loans

Forget Gold or Silver or Bonds. This is your best investment.

Renewing the Social Contract: A Response to the Economic Crisis

Bad Money

"The administration is asking Congress to give it sweeping new powers to execute the plan."

Today in labor history Sept 19 400,000 union members protest Reagan administration policies in D.C.

Anti-Union flunky Berman challenges David Bonior to debate EFCA


Bolivia Versus the Empire

Facts on the massacre in Peru in which the army forced the people to dig their own graves:

Cuban officials foresee 6-month food crisis

200 children poisoned in Colombia

Peru rebel leader refuses to lay down arms

Venezuela expells rights activist over remarks

Peru - Death threats made against journalist specialising in highly sensitive investigations

Home News News AIDS on the rise in Colombia

Venezuela releases recordings of purported plot

Teamsters: Uribe, Go Home

Rights monitor blasts Venezuela govt for expulsion

Panama supports Bolivian President

Morales: Bolivia will strengthen ties to Russia


I guarantee Michigan WILL NOT lose this weekend

WARRIORS beat Roosters!!!

Red Sox about to lose in the ninth again...

Joey Harrington is now a New Orlean Saint

"Seismic Saturday"! Big day in the SEC!!11!

A bull in NYC. Omen, much??

This is wierd

Mythical axis mundi & geomagnetic auroral configurations

Economic crisis--all part of the plan (Matthew message from July)

l really like Rescue Remedy pastilles.

What's going on with Mercury right now?

Alabama to link premium costs to workers' health (CNN)

Public Needs To Know Vaccines Safe, Docs Say

Fear of personal power/psychic abilites

Blue Ridge Parkway fix

An Ethics Question

{Amendment II Democrats} Change vs. More Of The Same

I have never had a truffle,,,,,,,black or white.......are they that good?

My elitist ice cream scoop comes through again!

Got my first batch of savory protein bars in the oven!

Halfa Neapolitan pie left...

I have pantry moths.

Sharing the catch is good for fishermen -- and fish

John Cleese sums it all up

Titanic Primes Raced to Win $100,000 Research Award (GIMPS)

Pinning down the Milky Way's spin

Galaxy Silhouettes

oops dupe

Blair goes back to school -- as Yale religion prof

An Atheist Meets God

Atheist Attacker May Face New Charges

Vatican Plans Conference to Study Evolution Theory

Sharia law now official in UK

Pittsburgh Bishop Is Ousted

God Only SEEMS Nonexistent!

I don't feel safe around many religious people.

Where did they get the coke?

Help with information regarding all the Wall Street tradings....

This was planned.

Another report on Galveston........from Burnt Orange...1500 or more bodies


Abandoning the 'independent'

Okay who is having the 1st debate party in Austin, TX next Friday?

Obama For America Central Texas (Austin) Grand Opening Saturday, Sept 20th!

Need help with Obama position on choice.

Nice letter in MA paper

New videos at JKMediaSource

Massachusetts media at work. Beating your opponent by more than 40 % is somehow a bad result?

With all the excitement of the past week, I missed one small detail:

Are there any debates scheduled between Al & his OPPONENT?

Pawlenty Won't Attend McCain's Rally Today

Who is worse: Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin?

Why no Emmys for THE WIRE?

'Gordon is like a Damien Hirst sheep trapped in formaldehyde': Labour MP Alan Simpson

Carville just walked past the marathon co. dem headquarters

Barack Obama is coming to Green Bay on Monday!


Woo Hoo ,, Going to Sheryl Crow tomorrow

Lungren wins "Honest Abe" award!