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McSnake Drilling for OIL....Mr Flim Flam Man selling us his "I CAN.Plan"

Firstread: Obama camp seized on "fundamentals"... and it broke through, today

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Palin comes right out of one of the Grimms' Fairy Tales:

How many of you hate having been right?

Difference between Sarah Palin and John McCain

Three Words: Level Playing Field

I think the Palin fever is about to break

Phil Gramm to be McCain's Treasury Secretary.

Republicans publically on record cutting McCain away, Heres Romney saying he lied and is on his own

20 Million would Lose Employer Based Health Insurance McCain-Study Tuesday

Just Saw a New Sununu Ad. Theme: Downticket Republicans Are Running from the GOP and their Record


Lehman Brothers' bankrupt, Dow drops 500+ points --- swing voters will notice this, right?

That this Election seems to be close is a travesty ...

Hey! There's a new sitcom on NBC this fall that you might be interested in...

Something to keep in mind when looking at polls

Just get ready, folks.

So it's okay to borrow, funnel money to the richest people in the country...

Email I sent to McSame about Sarah's lies

David Brooks: Why Experience Matters (Palin Lacks)

The Republican Candidate for Vice President of the United States has a "First Dude"

I hate Chris Matthews, but when his wet finger hits the wind, he's a master.

"John McCain invented the internet"

Oh my...turns out Governors don't have "veto" power over earmarks.

President Obama meets with his Economic Advisors in a time of crisis

President Obama meets with his Economic Advisors in a time of crisis

Palin's attack dog, lies and troopergate

I am changing my name to Alice, because I must have fallen down a rabbit hole

Manic-depressive? Oops, sorry I hadn't seen the earlier thread!

Palin herself now tells debunked teleprompter lie

Did you ever awaken in the dark, early morning hours, and have a strange thought?

SIMPLE PROOF, that the "maverick"-argument is a lie (no facts or track-records needed, just logic)

Group pushes for more detail on McCain's health

Newsweek: Put Palin on the Supreme Court

Morning Joe Officially Unwatchable

Morning Joe Officially Unwatchable

Richard Cohen tell the truth about McCain (and it is a must read!)

Can we stop speculating on Palin's mental health


McCain can't use a computer because he was a POW


Joe telling it like it is on cnn"Increase regulatory oversite of the people John refuses to regulate

McCain and Biden were just on CNN back to back

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most ignorant of them all.

"The American people are hurting now"--John McCain

Paula Poundstone observing the election

It's the economy stupid, again.

OMG On Hardball just now, the McC campaign was "unable to provide someone" to oppose Schumer

McCain is on Morning Joe, Asking and Answering his own Questions

where did that McCain 9/11 comment come from?

Palin supports $600 million 'other' bridge earmark project

Exposing the GOP lie campaign is Brilliant BEYOND Brilliant

Instead of watching Morning Joe or any other blabfest turn on C-Span now!

look !! picture of Palin sneering JUST LIKE CHENEY!!! Soooo funny.

On Morning Joe McCain just said it again!

Colin Powell: Obama As President Would Be "Electrifying"

Palin supports $600 million 'other' bridge project

Economic Crisis - McCain says everything is Great & Reviewing my Predictions

Anybody sick of Chuck Todd's new Toy?

What if....

The Repuke Candidates Are Incapable of Changing Their Talking Points

The Repuke Candidates Are Incapable of Changing Their Talking Points

"Barack is the Democratic Dogfood, but the dogs aren't buying it"

Joseph Biden (coming up on MSNBC)

The reason John McCain likes Town Hall "meetings" is because he can gloss over

Anyone think Mccain wishes he'd gone with businessman Mittens, now?

October Surprise is coming!

CO, PA, and MN are toss-ups?

Key point for next week's FP debate: Five U.S. state secretaries (Dr. K included) urge Iran talks

McCain guru linked to subprime crisis

If you live in Texas now is the time to be emailing your friends eco U-tubes.

Old Man Winter / Evil Bunny '08

You heard about the Bridge To Nowhere?

". . . the wizened old warrior, obsessed with finding enemies . . . "


Sept. could be a great fundraising month for Obama

New Obama TV Ad Smacks McCain for “Fundamentals” Remark

Tina Fey palin sketch got over 2 million youtube views!

They are trying to run fundamentals of the economy as being the American worker. 9/11 again

MoveON's ad: "My Friends" = "lobbyists"

Biden on NBC was awesome.

I like the new Obama ad. It's tough and frames McCain well, but...

"Morning Joe" shows major new Obama economy ad

If you watch Digg, Republicans are much more excited about Ron Paul

Calling "workers" the "fundamentals" makes McCain look like a dumber

U.S. vs Canadian headlines on Economy's Impact on Presidential election:

Obama and this Wall St. meltdown...advice from me,,,for what it's worth.

Biden on CNBC on AGI, sub prime

Gov. Palin Vetoed a $3.6 million project to keep troubled teens off the street in Alaska

The tone on Morning Joe today tells me that the tide has turned our way....

john roberts on CNN is a fucking asshole . . .

Holy crap. Richard Cohen calls McCain tragedy and farce. Has the worm turned?

Obama has been attacking McCain on his strength all along. Hear me out.

Rasmussen: The Lipstick is off the pig? (M 48 / O 47)

Rasmussen: The Lipstick is off the pig? (M 48 / O 47)

L. Douglas Wilder, Mayor of Richmond, on Palin. "God Help Us"

McCain's motto: "If you're not happy with these first eight years...

Ignoring the phony reformer, the incompetent idiot, the Necon's latest

The Ugly New McCain-By Richard Cohen (Wapo) "Once is tragedy-a second time is farce-McCain Is Both"

Sorry to ask, but, exactly what question was McCain trying to avoid answering

Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a tumultuous day on several fronts

How dare you say such things about the lovely Sarah Palin?

Funny - I Wish I Could Quit You

Funny - I Wish I Could Quit You

NOW to endorse Obama/Biden

Can we call him McHoover now? Or is that too insulting to Hoover?

Son of Republican Candidate Skips Out Of Failed Bank. Will It EVER Be Time To Discuss McCain's Son?

Did anyone see McSame on Morning dead intern Joe?

Gallop Poll- Who can best handle the economy?

Now where's that pig? (pic)

SO we are suppose to believe polls are tied when McCain

Anybody think the latest Obama ad is designed to push McCain over the edge?

So, Palin is pleading the 5th to keep from incriminating herself.

'MAO: the unknown story' by Jung Chang (my book report)

Sarah Palin's Powerful "First Dude"

Mom is asking for more Obama ads in NY...

On the Road: Reno, Nevada

Chuck Todd just said the magic words,Im leary about our polls and predictions because they dont

One thing about McCain...

One thing about McCain...

New Obama economy ad: "Fundamentals"

McCain has already told you what his plans for America are. Why aren't we talking about that?

This is crazy. The McCain/Palin seems to be melting right before our eyes.

When they're laughing at you, instead of with you...

Dow already down by 111.95

Are They Actually Running The Obama Ads In Prime Time?

New Arg polls out tomorrow

Palin's Favorability Numbers Eroding

What was the Gramm-Leach-Bliley legislation?

It's 125 days from now until Bush leaves and Barak Obama is sworn in as President!

"Uh, What I Meant Was The American Workers"

McCain camp: John McCain invented mud

McCain is running against two presidential candidates..... Palin is holding him down.

Moose are-truth be told-Élites. Pigs are the most non-Élite & A Pit Bull can easily kill a Pig.

Lie: The Republicans do not have a jobs program (updated).

Florida - Obama needs to attack McLame on Social Security Privatization.

Everytime I see Palin, I think that she's going to blurt out "Hello, My Pretties"

Has anybody else been watching the Dow? This really IS going to be a bumpy ride.

Seven Crises That Won't Wait

Palin for VP? What about mccain's cabinet choices?

----The Kitchen Sink---

Rasmussen 9/16/08 - McLame 48 (-1), Obama 47, Kos/Research 2000 Poll: Obama 48, McCain 44 (-1)

People should not count on a Democratic Senate\House to stop McCain if he wins

Hey, Calamatiy mcCain! The economic fundamentals are CATASTROPHIC!

More McCain inanity: So what is the remedy when 'capitalism' breaches a social contract with the

ARG Poll has Montana & West Virgina competitive

NORTH CAROLINA: New voter registration numbers favor the Dems by an 8-1 ratio

As he looks over the landscape this morning, John McCain is regretting not picking Mitt Romney

Research 2000 tracking poll: Obama leads in 3 out of the 4 regions of the country by good margins

I don't want somebody in the White House who thinks The Flinstones was a documentary

Could this be a Powerful new ad for Dems & Obama on the economy?

I read what's happening with Merril Lynch etc. and the world impact that is going to have

"If You Like George Bush's Economy,...


Palin's small towns suffering too: for over 4 years, local paper was full of foreclosure notices.

Need a fact check. Did McCain push for regulating Fannie and Freddie in 2005?

You can put lipstick on Sarah Palin, but Lehman Brothers is still bankrupt.

McCain Camp Claim: McSame Invented the Blackberry

----Are you kidding me??---McCain chaired the Commerce Committee??---

To black women who think that trashing white women is a good way to get their votes.

Fletch Wants Palin Decimated on SNL!

John McCain admits he's blackmailing Obama...

Colin Powell "still undecided"

Obama to Lay Out Economic Plan in Wake of Financial Crisis

McCain webpage touts newspaper editorial that called Obama economic plan "lipstick on a pig"

Obama vs. McCain on Gramm-Leach-Bliley

Way to go McQuackberry

a reminder to everybody - there are more women in the US then men

"There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America,

Droopy McPalpatine isn't a traitor.. He's a turncoat

Why is racism in any form tolerated on this board?

WSJ: Obama's Health Care proposal would insure 34 million additional people - McCain's 5 million

Can someone who's good with a computer make a video for me?

Palin nearly flunked her Economics class in college

Think Progress calls out McCain on Blackberry claim

American Research Group, Inc.-Obama-Biden 45% -PALIN-mccain 48%

Dow up now. 90+

Would someone explain to me what town hall meetings

On "Morning Joe" they're saying McCain attacked Mika, and "was not a happy man."

Banker bail-outs emphisizes why Calamity McCain economics is wrong.

Banker bail-outs emphisizes why Calamity McCain economics is wrong.

It is counterproductive

Nothing to see here; move along. No longer necessary. nt

What if ..............

Did anyone talk about Troopergate this morning?

Obama MUST Put Out this Ad NOW in Response to McCain's Phoney Statement about Workers

Help me understand this: Palin asks for $400 million for bridge to nowhere. The project is

Full Video of "CHEAP SHOT" McSame berating Mika the shill

McCain Camp Furiously Backpedals On "Inventing THE Blackberry" Claim

Video of McSame getting NASTY and ANGRY with Mika the shill(UPDATED)**

Calamity McCain: throw lifesavers to the people on deck. Let the American people drown.

No no no...McCain invented the "Dingleberry"... remember the 1st Gore debate...

"W" on IKE

Burton Slaps McQuackberry. (ouch)

Anyone had a lot of success with student voter registration?

McClatchyDC: McCain's campaign Web site contains no proposal outlining regulatory reform for Wall St

McCain explained

Barack streaming audio live in Golden, CO...NOW

Crude under $92 / barrel - we are being so gouged by big oil!

To Alan, Thanks...But No Thanks

THE Question of this election: Where does John McCain plan to lead this country?

With disaster on the horizon, the Republicans will continue to self-destruct

To white women who supposedly dumped Obama because you wanted to make history by voting for a woman:

Where's Lieberman?

The Bush/McCain Economy: A Reality Check

McCain's Economic Brand is Collapse!

What the hell, this is actually real? This isn't a photoshop?


Nixon Dirty Trickster on McCain Team: He Worked to Deport John Lennon

Family Member Writes Newspaper Article Called Cousin John, where did you go?

McCain's confusing bank-deposit talk

Let me get this straight, Sen. McCain: Ronald Reagan was WRONG.

Barack saves Broncos from Bush curse. Broncos bad luck at Mile High ENDS.

IMPACT: Tons of drugs dumped into wastewater

Obama ad: Fundamentals

McCain Campaign: How to be a Lame Obama Poser Wannabee in 5 Easy Steps.

Tuesday McFailin TOONS- Finally saying the unsaid

This shit depresses me -- PPP Poll has Obama down 4 in Ohio

Libertarian presidential candidate stays on Pa. ballot

There is no Game Changer...there is no Sudden Revelation

The Great MSM Taboo - Discussing and Comparing The Economic Proposals Of The Candidates

Conservatives Turn On McCain-Palin - HuffPo

The tide is turning away from Country Club John and Stonewall Sarah

So I'm Posting This From My MacBerry

McNut pretending to be an economic populist on MSNBC

Obama and teleprompter

Get this straight, you senile old coot. I am not your fucking friend!


Obama kicking ass on FOX news right now...

My Gal

Onion: Old, Grizzled Third-Party Candidate May Steal Support From McCain


Another Reason To Vote Against McCain/Palin - No More Bushisms! - Example: "I Will Not Blink!"

Interesting article re: conflict between fundie views of women vs. Palin nominatin.

Lies Of The Day ***9/16/08***

Gallup: McCain 47 (no change), Obama 46 (+1)

Desperation - "Monegan Accused of Insubordination"

Bamboozler Alert-NeoCons Telling More Fibs About Obama

"Brawndo! It's what thirsty plants CRAVE" = "Republicans are fiscally conservative"

Ground control to Captain John

Another Reason To Vote Against McCain/Palin - No More Bushisms! - Example: "I Will Not Blink!"

It's official: he is now MacBerry

If you want to feel optimistic about which way this race could be headed, watch Obama's speech

McCain Campaign Claims Invention of Blackberry

The Republicans Are Playing Edward Lewis From "Pretty Woman"

The Next President Of The United States Speaks On The Economy (Video & Transcript)

Freepers throwing McCain economic advisor under the bus....

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Golden, CO****

5, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 1

Everyone: McCain is Lying About Obama's Tax Proposal

Gallup - McCain 47 (unchanged), Obama 46 (+1)

I hope Mika and Joe learned a hard lesson this morning. All

Stop the presses! John McCain brought us Wifi and cell phones!

Pass It On-"John McCain Invented The Blackberry"


ABC News Political Blog: McCain Economic Adviser Carly Fiorina's Golden Parachute

CNN, then MSNBC has Obama CO rally on

Is it me or is McLame on the verge of losing his mind? Does he seem crazy to anyone this morning?

I, for one, blame McCain for the trouble on Wall Street

Jerome Armstrong of

McCain camp: John McCain invented the Blackberry

McCain camp: John McCain invented the Blackberry

FEMA is dropping the ball again...MSNBC now

Question: Has even ONE person publicly asked John McCain what other countries

Getting addicted to polls. HELP!

Why Obama's Health Plan Is Better

When did Palin smoke dope?

With White Support, McCain Nips At Obama's Heels In NJ (Obama 48-McCain 46)

My LTTE on Palin's media avoidance makes it to print

McCain === the DRAFT and NUCLEAR WAR with RUSSIA

Did you all see the new Move on ad

Explain this

The McCain Economic Council

Good Lord, I think even Freepers can't bring themselves to Freep this...

Please vote in this poll.

I need help on Palin. Does anyone have a link about her saying the earth is only 5 - 7 K old?

Latest Gallup Poll: McCain lead down to 1pt (before latest Economy and Wall Street troubles)

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall on McCain and Wall Street crisis: "Let Me Get This Straight"

Wasserman-Schultz: "He sounds like a hypocrite"

Catholic School Teacher: "McCain is criticizing a program that even Catholic schools mandate"

Anyone who votes for McCain

Don't you have the feeling that once the tide turns for us, it will never go back?

Carly Fiorina: John McCain cannot run a major corporation!

This is NOT 2000 or 2004: Obama Team files suit over alleged voter supression plan

Obama says McCain is 'passing the buck' on economy(Obama is not letting up!)


Damage control McCain “it is a bad economy,” after getting the beat down for yesterday

Once 'in the tank for McCain,' journo now calls McCain 'a farce'

You can put lipstick on a pig. But it's still a pig. (funny funny)

John McCain took pride in calling himself the DeRegulator?

Sammy Hagar Just As Happy If Obama Used "Right Now"

Couric To Interview Palin Next Week

McCain Spokesman Nailed on Campaign's Many Lies On All Cable Networks (with links to videos!)

NY Times - Wall Street Mess - How The Candidates Would Remedy? McCain A Deregulator

Need some help debunking the Biden "plagiarizer" charge

Video: Sen. Clinton On Economy, Palin

NERVOUS DEMS: Screw Your Courage To the Sticking Place

Categorize Candidates by Crankiness.

Hotline Tracking poll: Obama 46% (+2) McCain 42% (-1)

Tracking Poll Average - Obama 47 (+1), McCain 45 (-1)

Adviser says McCain helped create the BlackBerry(LOL!)

MacBerry wants to end "fat cat packages". You know, like the one Carly Fiorina got.

McCain spokesman's Blackberry gaffe all of sudden makes Obama's "1982" ad MUCH more effective

John McCain is the Bob Beamon of mendacity.

The GOP's Politics of Resentment (Tom Tomorrow)

on claiming to know where OBL is:

Explain to me how 47,000 people voted in this MSNBC poll front page: Economy Gives Dems an Opening

Beginning of the end for McCain: The financial nose-dive is going to show the world what Republican

So if you question the economy you're insulting American workers?

McCain Spokeswoman-Fiorina: Palin is not qualified to run a major business.

GOP operative robbed of 120K in Minneapolis. You have to read this. The guy is deserved it.


Have you heard of this disgusting new ad from the Xstianist anti-women fascists?

Have you heard of this disgusting new ad from the Xstianist anti-women fascists?

McCain: "... people like Fannie and Freddie... "

With Caribou Barbies (waning) popularity, if MacBerry were elected...

economy and blame

Raw Story: Once 'in the tank for McCain,' journo now calls McCain 'a farce'

Election 08 Updated for iPhone/iPod Touch

ABC News - Palin's aides scrambling in Alaska: "It's vetting gone haywire"


Punchy Lohan Slams Palin as 'Narrow-Minded Homophobe'

McCain's answer to the crisis on Wall Street? Appoint a 9/11 type Commission. That's not leadership.

I have to ask all the handwringers from a week ago: Are you liking the campaign NOW?

Lawmakers sue to stop 'Troopergate' probe of Palin

Lawmakers sue to stop 'Troopergate' probe of Palin

Barack Obama has Put The McCain Campaign In Check

Unless I'm really missing something, I don't see how the collapse of Wall Street

McCain campaign announces new campaign theme song

Obama on McCain's economic commission: "McCain offered up the oldest Washington stunt in the book"

People in the media who have been pleasantly surprising with their election coverage so far

The terrible 'bridge to nowhere" and "Blackberry" temptation

WSJ: Palin to Meet Foreign Leaders at U.N.

Former FCC Chairman Blasts Claim That McCain Invented The Blackberry: He Is ‘So Out Of Touch’

Gallup: McCain 47% - Obama 46%. Closing the gap! nt

AP Push-polling story

Colorado getting inundated.

AP: Palin's carefully scripted moments can produce puzzlements

Transmissions From a Possible Future: January-April 2012

My Republican coworker

"This isnt 9/11, we know how we got into this mess and we need leadership to get us out of it"

Obama crushes Palin 50%-43%. (But Barbie vs. Biden is demented WTF howler)

Great Email making it's rounds...

Which candidate stands the least chance of reelection if not sent to the White House?

Great Response to Mayor Quimby's (er. . Sen. McCain's) call for a Commission.

Colbert nails McCain's use of the POW card: "How Dare You" (The Word)

Diageo Hotline Poll: Obama 46% McCain 42%

Rally vs. Rally. Do the Math.

I am now starting to meet a lot of Independents and libertarians.

The Nexus of Politics and Python

Someone on another board posted these as "scary" excerpts from

Oops-Palin got it backwards.

Palin Appears Shaky, Jarred and Off Balance

Did some voter registration today!

Mondo Times: Please DU this Poll

McSame, they're not cheering for you, they are cheering for your neocon duped VP Sarah Palin

McCain friendly fire on MSNBC "insults" Mika with "joke" Cant keep track of who to attack

Getting close to the election ... what's everyone doing?

Liberty Legal Institute is representing 4 Repugs in Alaska

ABC: Palin Put Alaskan Women and Kids at Risk in Pursuit of Vendetta

Rush Limbaugh and I live in completely opposite universes

STOP Freaking Out About The Damned SKEWED Polls!

Fiorina: MCCAIN can't run a major corporation

The pastor who clashed with Palin

OH Gross! McCain is FOAMING at the Mouth! on Morning Joe!

Man the barricades

N.O.W. to endorse Obama / Biden today

Perhaps if Sarah Palin had been more contemporary and said "lip gloss"

****I SOOOOOO WANT to take back Florida*******

****I SOOOOOO WANT to take back Florida*******

DU Dedication

Good grief! She's starting to look like Cheney even without any photoshop:

Voter suppression is alive and kicking

My friends

Put Succinctly:

MI Dems/Obama file suit against MI GOP

MI Dems/Obama file suit against MI GOP

He really is McHoover

Interest Groups Step Up Efforts: MoveOn, SEIU, Minutemen, BornAliveTruth, '04 Swiftboaters

You know who teaches a literal translation of a holy book in their public schools...

Sorry, folks, The impending crash really is the fault of the Dems.

McCain wobbles on Wall Street

rightwing kook

Schuster: HP lost 20,000 jobs and they kicked Carly Fiorina Out!!

Palin’s Dominance Dooms McCain

BIDEN: "John is a real Navy man. We ought to stand by the old rule, man --

You know it. I know it. The American people know it...

Alert! Widespread Voter Disenfranchisement Plot Now Underway

At the end of the day, McCain taking a brief "lead" in the polls may be a blessing in disguise.

Fiorina: Palin Doesn't Have Experience To Run A Major Company

So Fioriana says McCain and Obama can't run a major corporation????

Why McCain cannot address golden parachute for Lehman Bros' CEO

Obama Ridicules McCain's Economic Response

the RNC speechwriters have come up with a new set of set speaking points for Palin.

Wait, what was that last part?

Must-see VIDEO: "McCain Gets Testy On Morning Joe"

IMPORTANT: A blurring we cannot allow to happen--reformer=deregulator.

Palin's Favorability Numbers Eroding

The Straight Talk Express...

John McCain invented the blackberry!!!

National Organization for Women PAC Endorses Obama-Biden


If you live in Texas and were evacuated.

McCain voted twice against a commission about Katrina and now wants one...

Both McCain and Palin's favorability ratings are sinking like rocks!

Ed Rollins: McCain peaked too early-Bradley effect is real-BUT-in the end new voters will Vote Obama

sarah palin - NO press conference

Sarah Palin: The Eagleton Has Landed.

McCain strangely boasts of his commerce committee experience

The Election is Beginning to Turn in Our Favor

I am tired of hearing the media say "the straight talk express" its like Fox's "fair & balanced.

Count McCain's Lies

Count McCain's Lies

If you run into any Hillary supporters who like Palin and McCain....

I'm watching her now and she's saying the same thing again.

John McCain Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness!!!...

Inside view of fundies and the next election

"A 'new' Gallup poll found that Obama holds only a 3 point lead on who would handle the economy

Fiorina: Princess Yep Yep lacks the experience to run H.P., but that's not what she's running for

Chevy Chase on Tina Fey and Sarah Palin - WOW!!!

Oh, ye of little faith ...The real transgressors are right here in your midst....

McCain campaign keeps Palin under wraps

Which team would you hire? Obama vs McCain

Tweety intro promises to be a very interrrrrresting show..LOL..n/t

If you are watching cable news, turn off MSRNC and turn on CNN

The fastest flip-flop I've ever seen.

The Politics of Lying: Scathing call-out of McCain campaign, "unique in modern political history"

Obama puts out an ad on McCain being against equal pay for women: "Burden"

In Spanish, McCain Criticizes Obama on Immigration

Wasserman-Schultz:McCain “sounds like a hypocrite”

Palin's Favorability Numbers Eroding

Who is Obama? Atticus Finch.

MSNBC talking about a Newsweek Poll that McCain is winning the women vote 53% to 39%? WTF?

the TWIT is repeating the SAME speech!

Can some clever person mash Palin into Cheney?

Wow what the hell has gotten into CNN?

Nikkei down 565 so far, S&P, Moody's cut AIG rating, threatening rescue

***OBAMA TODAY*** Video of Golden, Colorado Event now at YouTube :-)

Anyone have data showing the stock market comparisons between Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, & Bush II?

Check out comedy central now...

Wow - AOL Poll Results Anti-Palin (DU it to beef it up!)

Palin's vision for habituated, people-trusting bears... Warning Graphic!

McCain mans the Catapult from the safe confines of his glass house

The timing was bad regarding the decision to change the first debate topic

Is there a good link to the SNL/Sarah Palin skit?

GOP lawmakers sue to stop Palin investigation


Sarah Palin and convicted Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. More in common than you'd think.

McCain press pack stages mini-insurrection

"I said 'thanks but no thanks' to the Bridge to Nowhere." - Gotta hand it to them - pretty clever

FYI — Beau Biden is a guest on the Tonight Show this evening.

I wonder if the (R)'s are lamenting Casper McCain not picking Mitt R-money

Survey - Race Is Close B/C Most People May Not Know Difference Between McCain and Obama

The So-called "Open" Presidential Debates are a joke

The So-called "Open" Presidential Debates are a joke

Palin = the payoff from packing PTAs and school boards with evangelicals

This is a must see video and pass to friend and family. McCain lost in space.

Holy Crap !!! - Asian Markets Are Reacting To Today's Bad News...

Over 18,000 employees lost their job while Fiorina was CEO of HP--because of outsourcing....

Who do you think the McCain camp has filling in for Obama in mock debates?

McCain Attacks Washington, Republicans, Old White Men with White Hair

FYI: is advertising a lot here in NC

Note to self: Never piss off CNN...

Scary Video of McCain and Bush!

Compare how Obama's campaign is being run vs how the one in 2004 was run

I heard that, when Carly Fiorino said the SNL sketch about Palin was sexist, Sarah said,

John McCain invented the Tilt-a-Whirl! (nt)

John McCain invented the Tilt-a-Whirl! (nt)

Is McCain's first marriage our best 527 material?

Phil Gramm: "A sorcerer's apprentice of instability and disaster"

I heard that when Sarah Palin was asked what's in store for Morgan Stanley, she said,

Thank you Govenor Palin

I just received a very misleading email to participate in a poll.

Can someone write a few words about the banks/investment firms that were in the WTC,

New voters in Ohio?

Carly Fiorina: the gift that keeps on giving.

Palin doesn't LIE about the bridge and the plane today...yet.

If McCain were elected and got Alzheimers while in office - how would we know?

Ok - now I am clear...this hits the nail on the head...

No power for almost 30 hours here in NE Ohio.

Great email posted on my pug forum...

Rangel Keeping Committee Chairman Post

TPMtv: John McCain: A Chicken in Every Pot


Lehman Employees Use EBay to Offer Memorabilia, Parting Shots

Just looked at RCPs poll numbers. This is my takeaway

The last comment on the Daily Show was priceless

How long have McFraud and The Lyin' Queen been using "Only in America" at the end of their stump

Palin's great, grandfather invented dinosaur saddles...

"do reformers stonewall investigations?"

Obama opens door on the Keating 5 scandal in his speech today!

Ok, which one of you wise asses kidnapped Brooks....

CNN: After Palin spoke people starting leaving...dang

You need to destroy a building to build a new one in its place.

Neoconservatives plan "Project Sarah Palin" to shape future American foreign policy

Ras Poll: New York Obama: 55%; McCain 42%

The New Yorker explains Sarah Palin's Gobbledygook:

CBS NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Obama in interview right now.....

Stem cell research? McCain/Palin? My son and I were driving

John McCain’s P.R. Mistake (McCain: Pathological liar with an uncontrollable temper)

John McCain’s P.R. Mistake (McCain: Pathological liar with an uncontrollable temper)

Unions Protest Outside McCain's Va. Condo

CNN Headline: McSame "Creates" the Blackberry

You know what bothers me the most about Palin?... She does what shes told... she not a strong woman

So, my mortgage is with WAMU, and they look to be on the ropes. Am I at risk?

Prosecute (*) for Murder web site

John McCain Invented Fornication....

Rx for Election Anxiety Disorder

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Media, PA****

John McCain claims he invented the Blackberry!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

McCain: More transparency, more oversight, more everything...

What's this I hear about Puckhead saying shye saw Jesus' footprints in tyranasaurus shit?????

John Kerry has election battle today, right? I wish him the best...n/t

John Kerry has election battle today, right? I wish him the best...n/t

Drill, baby, drill.

John McCain invented the "Cup-String" telephone.

USA Today: Dems jumping all over McCain Camps claim of McCain helped create BlackBerry

Dear Tina Fey (we know you read DU)...

Vice President Palin: One small step for a woman..

"We can't have the hands off, head-in-the-sand attitude that we've had over the last eight years"

In Michigan the GOP is trying to use foreclosure lists to disqualify people from voting

NURGLON In 2008!

Republican "Reform" In Action! - Remember The Enron Loophole?

Gallup Poll: Obama almost wipes out McCain's lead

Terry McAuliffe To Campaign Extensively For Obama In Virginia

mr gregory never let's you down

Begala: "The more Fiorina speaks for McCain the better it is for Obama because she's an Idiot."

Is Nader going to be the joker in this election again?

So, according to Carly Fiorina, John McCain and Sarah Palin are not equipped

Michael Palin for President!!

What the Headline should read:" McCain/Palin Pull ahead..

Bottom Line: John McCain is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE For the Economic Mess We're In

Scotsman-A funny thing happened on the way to the meeting

Mc LIER wants to create a government commission on the economy

"Less Taxes and More War!"

My Letter: Sen. Wonky VERSUS Sen. Vague

Channeling Richard Nixon

why aren't we seeing Michelle on the campaign trail, or is the media just not reporting it

E-mail award.

I think a lot of Republicans won't admit they're voting for Obama

hardball watchers... did you catch those McSame

Obama's brilliant speech on the economy today.

Digg it up!

Rachel Maddow just said Obama has opened 70 offices

My money is on Tim Kaine as Chief of Staff for Obama...

Take A Chunk Outta McSame's Campaign Budget - Reply To His Mailings!

PLEASE Petition & Digg - McCain's Medical Records MUST be Released

McCain and Bush Put Us Here

From McCain fundamentally wrong on economy.

I think I'll get religious and pray

He takes on Pork Barrell spending.. She stopped a bridge to nowhere

John Mc"Change" as in, "spare change?" "spare change?"

I Am Having Sarah Palin NIghtmares

Palin: Who are the real sexists? The Republicans or the Democrats?

Gave 500 bucks to Obama today through DU

Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Kenyan witchhunter

The NYT Turns to the Arsonist to Analyze the Fire: Greenspan on Bank Bailouts

Just updated my driver's license today. Am I gonna get caged?

An Officer and A Gentleman

Alaskan Republicans react to new evidence in Troopergate

Jack Cafferty wants to know if we agree with privatization of Social Security

Nancy Pfotenhauer: why is she always wearing scarves or wide chokers?

When you hear Stupid Sarah refer to her hubby as "First Dude"....

Why is Obama/Biden in PA and CO and not OH, VA, NV, NM, MN

Winkin'- Blinkin'-and -Nod

Bush suddenly scraps comments on financial markets

Two Part Frame to Republican Blame for the Economy

Do you think anybody will buy McCains "Fundementals" bullsh*t?

GOP Jewish group sponsored anti-Obama poll

Flashback: Bush Doing The Cocaine Jaw Grind Again

LIVE OBAMA at barackobama dot com....fuck the MSM:

The "fingerpointing and blame" meme has started, shove it back down their throats!

The End Of The Innocence

McCain Invents Blueberries and Strawberries.

"McCain's Bad Acronym." Also, he doesn't know what his own committee does

McCain's "offense" on the housing/banking crisis

How will McCain strike back?

The Legend of Sarah Palin

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/16 – O-269, M-269 – Delaware Strong; Colorado Weakens

Senator Sanders: "Middle Class Under More Assault Since Great Depression"

Where in the HELL are PALIN's Tax Returns, so we can SEE how "responsible" SHE is?

Sarah Palin, & McCain Revealed

What's With pig sp And The Fargo Talk?

What's With pig sp And The Fargo Talk?

May 18, 2008, Obama appears in Tampa on a weekday, draws

America is not getting the full-story on Palin

Rebuttal to send to people who want to "drill, drill,drill" for oil:

We should say "Dem" vs."Rep" policies not Obama vs. McC

I got a letter from John McCain

Revealed. The real reason Bush invaded Iraq.

Get Sarah Palin's Book FREE

Local ABC news just mentioned push polling and Palin

TODAY'S TRACKING POLL AVERAGE: Obama 46.75, McLame 45.25

Final Score: Obama wins the day (6th in a row)

The Final Distraction: McCain/Palin Worse Than Bush

A chain email I recieved...a good one for a change!

Ok, this is a forwarded email I actually was glad to receive.

Palin's Land Development Scam

Great Article On How MSM/McCain Campaign Made MSM Irrelevant

KO says Palin's approval rating has dropped 10 points in 3 days. Story coming up n/t

KO says Palin's approval rating has dropped 10 points in 3 days. Story coming up n/t

Sarah Palin: A Cinematic Venn Diagram

caption this

WJ this morning - Candidates approach to Wall Street Losses

Brother Can You Spare a Dime?

Emergency Trading Session ????

I want the smartest motherfuckers in the room! nt

It is about you and me.

Hillary, I've got your REAL 2012 campaign slogan here.

Hmmmmm...Who knew? Harry Potter vs Star Wars

Who had the most active GRASSROOTS supporters?

caption this pic of Palin and Cindy McCain

Obama 48 McCain 44 - Daily Kos R2k Tracking poll 09/16

Post-Hurricane Ike Satellite Imagery to view with Google Earth is now available..

Dear MSNBC; will you please just call your morning show "Morning McCain"

Overnight Interest Rate Doubles as Banks Hoard Cash on Failure Speculation

McCain lies about size.

Faced with Palin, women's groups turn to Obama ;NOW endorsement- a first in the 24 yrs since Ferraro

The terrorist won... so far at least

The terrorist won... so far at least

Those who would sacrifice freedom for temporary security deserve neither. - Ben Franklin

Chevy Chase Compliments Tina Fey, Slams Sarah Palin And McCain

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/16/08 - McCain 48, Obama 47 (M down 1)

Asian Markets Plunge on Lehman, Merrill Woes

My 401K lost more this year than I can ever remember paying in taxes.

Hillary, I've got your 2012 campaign slogan right here...

KO says Palin has done the Nearly Impossible, Favorabilty rating dropped 10 points since Saturday!!

Breaking: Karl Rove has been evicted!!!!

Ike is like Katrina all over again. Not exactly I know, but so far

WTF ALERT: "Fiorina's comment called 'Biden-like'"


Can we come up with new "It's the Economy" mantra?

The Saudis actually WALKED OUT of OPEC on the 11th?

Anyone Watching Good Morning America

S. American leaders boost Morales amid Bolivia unrest (Which our govt. doesn't support at all!!!!)

New PAC hitting Obama...let's research these sleazeballs.

I'm VERY VERY Confused & Don't Know What Is Going On!!

My LTTE for today, 9/16 - Just wanted to share.

Cover your keyboard!

Well, well, well. Bob Woodward on WJ: "It's chaos in Iraq"

Gosh, I wish I had let BushCo give all my SS money to Lehman Brothers.

If you wanna laugh (for a change) check out the "Sarah Palin interview-o-tron" LOL!

Michelle Obama on the cover of Ebony.

I think this was a bad day for five reasons

A Tuesday morning observation:

In your mind, has McCain been cemented as a "liar" yet?

In your mind, has McCain been cemented as a "liar" yet?

McCain Releases New Ad Called "Enough Is Enough"

McCain Releases New Ad Called "Enough Is Enough"

McCain: Fundamentals Of Our Economy Are Still Strong

Diageo/Hotline daily tracking Obama 46 McCain 42

no no no.... it was Cindy McCain who invented a Blackberry recipe she saw on The Food Network...

Black Tuesday? Goldman Sachs net plunges (3rd quarter earnings down 70%)

Don't you wish you had more than 1/2 a day, once a year to vote?

Didn't AIG have some problems a few

So Dow closes +141 today...

Tweety just said: McCain bought licenses to play songs in 2007

I didn't realize they also wanted to drown the entire economy in the bathtub as well.

McCain top advisor is PNAC director OMG

So with the economic situation right now, and McCain shooting his own campaign in the foot

Plz to DU this Pole

What are the pros & cons of absentee ballot voting?

Newstalk 1080 KUDO Alaska's Progressive Voice

The oil companies are really raking in the cash now...

Why is "The Keating Five" off limits?

Tweety seemed a bit disappointed in Obama today. He showed

Media Breaks Up With McCain

i've been gritting my teeth

Which poll did Olbermann cite tonight?

Which poll did Olbermann cite tonight?

For over a week now I have been seeing McCain ads on almost every channel

Bob Barr Sues to Remove McCain, Obama from Texas Ballot

Why do you think we haven't heard any more about Rev. Wright?

I'm sure I'll get flamed... but why do we run to DU an internet poll?

I'm going to see Michelle on Thursday!!

AlterNet: The Drug War's Latest Tally: 872,721 Pot Arrests, an All-Time High

Republican by day, Romeo by night, robbed by morning

McCain criticizes Obama for holding a fundraiser with Barbara Streisand while Palin is....

McCain criticizes Obama for holding a fundraiser with Barbara Streisand while Palin is....

McCain criticizes Obama for holding a fundraiser with Barbara Streisand while Palin is....

The "witch fighter" whose incantations Governor Palin believes got her elected returns to Wasilla...

The Biggest Scandal of McCain's Career is Relevant Today

Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Kenyan witchhunter (huh?)

Anyone watching CSPAN/Obama's speech?

Idiot "viewer comment" on cable news this AM: "We don't need more regulation, but accountability!...

Carly Fiorna's golden parachute should be the subject of a campaign ad

Five former U.S. state secretaries urge Iran talks

AB Stoddard: "Unlike Barack Obama and Joe Biden and John McCain and their tassled loafers...

What Will Hannity ask Palin?

Obama Files Suit Over GOP Foreclosure Vote Scheme

The Secrets of the Great Presidents

Do we have any idea what kind of ratings Rachel Maddow pulls in?

Dean Baker: McCain Would Privatize Social Security

Michael Medved tried to play into the 'Obama is a secret Muslim' crap yesterday

The ONE question I would most like Barack to ask McCain in a debate

Help with an email (#2)

Op-ed From McCain's Cousin: "My Cousin John Is Long Gone"

NY Times: On Wall St., a Problem of Denial

Republicans are scum! Disenfranchisement by foreclosure lists???

OK, in all this mess nothing changes HP wants to eliminate 25,000 American jobs where they:


Palin, McCain and War with Russia

This is why rapid and hard-hitting response is important and works....

"He crumbled" Frank Rich: McCain is 'too weak' to be President

"He crumbled" Frank Rich: McCain is 'too weak' to be President

On KO: McBush staffer says "McCain created the Blackberry."

20 minutes to the opening bidding on Wall Street, any speculations

John McCain Invented the Blackberry

John McCain Invented the Blackberry

I need help arguing with a Republican

Michelle and Jill

A smart-ass RW acquaintance forwarded me an ad for John and what's her face

Why would the Obama campaign not want to mention the "Keating Five"?

Photographic proof of McCain inventing the BlackBerry.

As a white young-to-middle-aged professional male, I like "Obama the Professor" the most

Here's a SIMPLE PLAN: Clearly define HOPE & CHANGE for your fence-sitting friends

How much will Bob Barr affect this election?

** So Who's Running the McCain Campaign?

MY senator, Claire McCaskill is real.


TPM: Yet Another Poll Puts McCain Up In Ohio

Wall Street Journal: Why Obama's Health Plan is Better

Cool Obama/McCainTax Cut Charts - Lets make this info viral

Thank you Claire McCaskill!!!

In 2000 the Clinton administration left a solid economy, and bush took that economy

Where's President Barlett when you need him?

Atrios: Hunk O' Cash to Chrysler required an Act of Congress

When McCain says "good ole boy network" and "fat cats"...who is he referring to?

(Navy Times) Backtalk: Our patriotic duty a.k.a. don't vote (xpost from Veterans)

--------BILL MAHR TO BE ON RACHEL!!!!--------

DU the right thing (swing state poll)!

Let's get it right...Canadians invented the Blackberry

I just watched a vid of Obama speaking today, I think in Colorado. He's a God.

Has McCain been sabotaged by his own?

Help With An Email (#1)

Here's to Barack! 18 months campaigning! What power and strength!

The only call you'll hear for change if McCain win is

Excerpts from McCain's campaign - you can't make this stuff up - well you can its just not as funny

Performance pay?

Is the Obama campaign going to run any Palin/rape-kit ads?

Palin for Energy Czar! - Actually no, she's been WAY off...

Beau Biden on The Tonight Show

McCain's new Advertisement to drum up money and support

Please DU this poll

NY Times: NYC and State Brace for Greater Demands on Diminishing Resources

Nevada Dems .... I need your help.


John McCain's New Advertisement.

Republicans sue to block Troopergate Probe

MoDo: ‘Barbies for War!’ - Report from Wasilla

Whose Elitism Problem Now? "All of a sudden, the culture war seems entirely beside the point."

In his own words (not just a spokesman), McCain claims to have invented Wi-Fi

If YOU were elected President, with massive coattails to get your agenda passed, what would YOU do?

I'm not sure if this CNN Biden video was posted here or not...

I'm not sure if this CNN Biden video was posted here or not...

Mortgages Are Harder to Obtain in U.S. Even as Home-Loan Rates Get Cheaper

Barack-Seat Drivers: Barack Obama does not need your two cents.

Did anyone else notice Palin's phraseology in this quote?

Youtube has "SNL / Palin" search fixed so several FOX versions come up


Where can I get a HUGE yard sign

Lecture Hall Packed to the Gills with Fired up Students for Obama at The University of Wisconsin.

I have a credit card with WaMu, can I still use it?

Does anyone else think the T Boone Pickens might be an October surprise?

I'm qualified to be an astronaut!

What happens when there is no more money for the Military Industrial complex ?

Phil Gramm Helped Screw Up Global Financial System-Could End Up As McCain's Treasury Secretary

Tanning bed - gate

Will McCain make Sarah Palin take 20% less salary as VP because she's a woman?

Dupe--Please pull--PBS has a short video on Sarah Palin on their website & Poll

Obama's poll numbers much better than Kerry's in September, 2004 ... link

has anyone heard anything about the alaska a/g telling

has anyone heard anything about the alaska a/g telling

Appoint a Commission??? Appoint a Commission???

Do you think Sarah Palin knows what BTU stands for?

Friends of Joe: Could we get some ads on Joe Biden?

Advice for phone banking this weekend ...

This Modern World-When all else fails, the Republicans can always rely on the politics of resentment

McCain says he's "uniquely qualified to lead" America in technology!

Science questionnaire - Obama & McCain

Uh-oh, Tanning-Gate. Look at Palin's Proclamation on skin cancer

Michael Moore: "How 'Bout A Free Movie?" (Details)

Chuck Todd is a candy ass Tim Russert wanna be

"Vote John McCain - Get More of the Same!" poster

"Vote John McCain - Get More of the Same!" poster

Didn't Palin actually say thanks but no thanks? She WAS initially for the BTN but

From One Disaster To Another

From One Disaster To Another

DU, help me understand Ohio!

Are all the Dem boards overloaded or just DU? Do I hear a landslide? MSM polls be BS?

Are all the Dem boards overloaded or just DU? Do I hear a landslide? MSM polls be BS?

Why does Wall Street/Government feign "surprise"?

Walt Disney Presents: The Sarah Palin Story Last week, actor Matt Damon spoke out against Sarah Pal

Obama and Regulation

Jane Smiley: Monster in a Box

Politico: Obama wins the day (4th straight)

Politico: Obama wins the day (4th straight)

Obama picks up about $9 million in Hollywood

Dave Lindorff: Does Anyone Want to Buy a Private Pension Plan? Going Once...

Hillary and Palin to both be at protest against Ahmadinejad in NY

How 'Bout a Free Movie? ...from Michael Moore

rofl Tweety just called McCain "McHoover" on Hardball.

What happened in the Mc5PLANES attack on Mika? ALL the gory DETAILS, please!1

McCain doesn't understand what his own committee does.

So, with oil down to $95./barrell....

Besides the blackberry, what else did John McCain invent?

The McCain-Follieri Love Boat The Maverick and the Celebrity Con Man

"S&P 1173" Nice call if I do say so myself...(and I do)...

In bizarre news, Nigerian Man has 86 Wives, 107 Children

Big Ten Network will Release Big Ten Battleground Polls during special at 4PM ET on Sep 18th.

McCain’s Political Games Can’t Compete With an Economic Meltdown

activist best known for "The Vagina Monologues", wrote the following about Sarah Palin.

Happening Now: FBI Director Mueller @ House Judiciary Oversight Hearing

Evil Woman

We have a record amout of cash on hand for Obama. Here's an idea:

Like how Anderson tucks the "Palin Probe" into the last 10 minutes of his show

McCain and the light bulb also?? Shit! Maybe the blackberry is not so farfetched!!!

It's caption time...

For the love of God, PLEASE get a rebuttal to the Obama has less experience then Palin

Am I paranoid? I think people are tailgating me very closely due to my 2 Obama stickers

They've finally done it...

do you guys think the dems have given up on florida? not that i'd blame them...

"John McCain, the only POW who was brainwashed after his captivity"

**Pictures from Pueblo Rally Yesterday!!**

CNBC: Private sector deal to rescue AIG is definitely dead

I miss America and sometimes she does too.

Two Failed Parties: The Real Political Narrative of The Past Half-Century

Palin Cancels Washington State Visit Next Week

I'm going to register new citizens to vote tomorrow!

The lesson for today, children, is how to be bad

Oil-Rich Sheikhs Run for Cover

I doubt 40 percent of those living on Crystal Beach actually stayed but . . .

cross posting

What happens as a result of too much tanning bed news exposure:

Family ties: Obama counts rabbi among relatives

"If you're explaining, you're losing" - Karl Rove

Wilbur Ross: Possibly a Thousand Banks Will Close

Iraq Redux: FEMA Blocks Photos of Katrina Dead(September 08, 2005) Fast Forward to Ike??

Crude oil has dropped too far too fast. It's an invitation to "crisis theater."

Where are all those stories about those who decided to rideout Ike? I'm

If McCain was really and truly for the working men and women,

McSame Claims Best Qualified to Cleanup His Own Shit

Amy Goodman is pretty evenhanded sometimes

Amy Goodman is pretty evenhanded sometimes

CEO of Lehman brothers is to receive a $22 million dollar retirement package

Grizzly study derided by McCain may help allow more oil exploration

the 1st Maverick - Samuel Augustus Maverick - slave owner S.C.

So McCain was referring to American workers when he said the "fundamentals" of our economy are

Sarah Palin and the Softer Side of the Death Star

Vincent Bugliosi on with Lionel on AAR

GOP Delegate Robbed Blind By Sexy Hero Gal

GOP Delegate Robbed Blind By Sexy Hero Gal

"Even my Israeli cab driver ... knew more about the Bush Doctrine than Sarah Palin."

A Texas email update from a friend.

"A Woman's Worth" by Goldie Taylor

So, the "fundamentals of the economy"...

Robert Reich schooled Douglas Holtz-Eakin on the Newshour tonight

AIG. A Government Bailout is Back on the Table

John McCain invented the Blackberry

"Tanning Bed to Troopergate: Palin Aides Kept Scrambling" Brian Ross ABC

Biden Gives Bachmann Nightmares

Greenspan---circa 2002.

The coup **was** televised.

Why Has John McCain and the Men Around Him Hidden Away & Muzzled Sarah Palin?

McCain's campaign says he invented the internets

Walt Disney Presents: The Sarah Palin Story


WP: Cheney Iraq assertions "so far beyond the known universe of fact ...simply without foundation."

GOP is NOT selling off NASA!

My 1000th



See This Picture?

See This Picture?

Words to ponder

I'm too tired to outlast another Repuke presidency

McCain’s Record Contrasts With Promises of ‘Reforming’ Wall St.

Which candidate has the best policy for solving America's economic problems? Vote now!

What's up with the economy?

What's YOUR name in Palinese? Mine was PUCK MULE PALIN!

Cheney Misled GOP Leaders, New Book Says

McCain Campaign Claims Invention of Blackberry

Love CNN's headline about Palin. It makes her look like a

This video is the most damaging to John McCain

Lipstick-Wearing Pig Offended by McCain Comments

Anybody having trouble linking in to certain sites...

Glenn BECK: Streisand "the NOSE on that woman" & Hellen KELLER "was a COMMUNIST!1"

Restoring the Rule of Law by Senator RUSSELL FEINGOLD

Heckuva Job, Paulsie

Heckuva Job, Paulsie

AP: Palin statements about Alaska oil production off by 600%

Doddering. Old. Condescending. Patronizing. Shameful. Lying. Sack. Of. $h!t.

Cameras at mcsame rallies still shootin' up his nose. Has ANYONE

Reporting in - FEMA is a royal screw up. arrggghhhh

CNN Video: Two Men "console" eachother in fron of Lehman Bros.

I found my copy of the Obsession DVD in the W-S Journal- and took it to them

Axelrod: "I feel like we're ghostwriting for the McCain campaign right now."

Houston blogger: "I know why the west end (of Galveston) is not being shown...

All throughout the year...

Are all women's issues now being summed up in one word?

This must be stopped!

The last picture in this Aftermath of Hurricane Ike slideshow speaks volumes. (MUST SEE)

Don't make me shoot you!

Don't make me shoot you!

John McCain's health records must be released: Signed by 37,546 people, 1,683 doctors

Anti-science McCain MUST be exposed

Obama or McCain? Look into their eyes, then make your choice.

No food, no water, no ice, no homes, but this is coming....

McCain Campaign: Monegan Fired for Being Pro-Victim of Sexual Assault

Scary news (AAR) from Mark Cripsin Miller: Rove strategy to steal election under way

Let the record show McCain's cheating past

White women are a REPUBLICAN leaning voting block

When bad things happen to bad people

Photoshoppers..... you KNOW you can do something with what I just found

I think I'm going to run for County Clerk.

Thank you, DU moderators, for an often thankless, underappreciated VOLUNTARY service.

New book describes heated Bush admin meeting with Tenet exploding in profanity and Condi crying

New book describes heated Bush admin meeting with Tenet exploding in profanity and Condi crying

Here's a very succinct overview of how we got where we are.. (from 2005)

Large commercial banks absorbing investment banks will be allowed to shore them up w/ your deposits

Yippie-Kay-Yay M. effers -- MASSIVE Crowds in Colorado !!!

Texans, get off the Grid and rebuild with Solar Power

Bush: Govt will pay 100% of debris removal with NO state financial participation

Obama Says McCain’s Keating Five Connection Is Not Off Limits


Obama's Economic Adviser on the Crisis

The Ugly New John McCain

Financial extinction-level event

Tanningbedgate is a no go-

stock market trading 9/11/2001

Secret Financial "Working Group" Meets With Bush This Morning

since so much was being made of the "lipstick on a pig" thing, I thought of a couple more:

Conservatives Turn On McCain-Palin

Cell phones and polls

Freeper hate radio jerk shouted down at Alaska anti-Palin rally

Guardian UK: The US is Stuck in a September 12 mindset

3 - 2 - 1, "The Economic Meltdown is Clinton's Fault"

GM unveils Electric car - Volt

Republicans in House in meltdown mode on C-Span....

Ike survivors may wait weeks for hot meals, baths

Text Message Voters "Elect" Barack Obama at Cellular Telecom. Industry Assoc. Trade Show

'Water Wars' a Bad Sign of Times

Ike survivor (on MSNBC) pleads with Bush...

Why is it so hard to eat a caramel apple on a hot day?

I always wondered

Anybody think people are watching Fox Business News instead of CNBC?

Pakistan's "Shoot to Kill" order on invading US troops.....

Feds are leaving rates unchanged---just in.

Carly "Golden Parachute" Fiorina is on MSNBC now. Get out the barf bag.

Streisand sings for Obama supper (Bev Hills)

Odd pic from West Orange Texas after the flood

'women are flocking to mcbu$h*/palin ticket'

White Privilege - Whte Entitlement - A Critica BuzzFlash Commentary

Boeh-ner speeking drunk as a skunk to Congress

Bush lands in Texas; Residents urged to leave (actual wording by CNN!)

Obama fans! Love cupcakes? Live in (or visiting) Chicago?

Malaysia updates

WTF???? Woodward is on WJ saying that the WH admits Iraq

Why Even Cheaper Oil Is Grim News

McCain's face looks like it has scratch marks on it

Carter is the only president since 1948 to have the Dow Jones industrials fall

Confused? This will clear things up for you!

Why Bush/Cheney, for all their evil, don't scare me nearly as much as McCain/Palin.

I am so excited to get my button & sticker!

The line for food and water in Houston is 4 miles long?????????

The aftermath of Ike on Crystal Beach and the rest of the peninsula, from Port Bolivar to High Is

***** McCain & Palin in Ohio ****

With collapse of Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Fannie & Freddie, still want unregulated capitalism?

Everyone is ignoring the obvious - bodies would have been washed out to sea!

So when Obama says he will put some lipstick on my pig, I am, like, Are you calling me a pig?....

Best book about understanding economics?

Ever wondered why Politics are like driving?

Anne Lamott: A Call To Arms

Barbara Boxer rant "The fundamentals of this economy are STRONG??"...

Thinking of voting McLame/Failin? Don't say you weren't warned!

The Onion - now 100% correct on all predictions!

Z.O.M.F.G. Just watch this video.

I guess you can't really eat Ammo. You think?

Okay, at todays opening bell the market droped 100+ points..

Front page of todays Chicago Sun-Times about 2 inches high: DON'T PANIC!

Question: What is the source for Palin's falling approval ratings?

Shaking my head...

Imagine in Bush and McSame had been allowed to

Where is "nowhere"?

Right-wing nutjob attempts to link bomb scare with a local peace group, SDS, AND Barack Obama.

Anthrax suspect Dr. Ivins last will and testament revealed

FYI: Barton Gellman: " Angler" (Cheney book) on Fresh Air today.

For those of you who've notice the DOW did a u-turn and has gained 200 points,

For those of you who've notice the DOW did a u-turn and has gained 200 points,

Commentary: Dilbert guy's economic poll on McCain, Obama

If Fed EX and UPS can get their goods delivered right into my neighborhood

The Sea Shepherd's Capt. Paul Watson writes a poem about Sarah Palin: "The Abomination from Alaska"

The Sea Shepherd's Capt. Paul Watson writes a poem about Sarah Palin: "The Abomination from Alaska"

The Sea Shepherd's Capt. Paul Watson writes a poem about Sarah Palin: "The Abomination from Alaska"

Fed pumps $70B into nation's financial system

Say what you will about CNBC...

John Cusack on McCain and Right-Wing Shock Docturne (Must Read)

OK progressives Obama is on fire today

Palin Prevarication Pass Around for Tuesday, 9/16/08

Fannie Mae CEO REPUBLICAN ~ contrary to Republican spokesperson claims on MSNBC moments ago.

Wow. Just Wow.

The Facts On the Ground Will Be McSame's Downfall

Health Insurance failure best shot for National Health Care

Does Obama still have the youth voters still excited?

The Palin bubble wasn't sustainable

another day, another shameless baldface lie from Palin.

Hillary Clinton cancels appearance at New York rally

AnotherMcCainLie: I've had great experience on (financial) issues as chairman of the Commerce Comm.

Look what I got in the mail!!!

"The fundamentals of our economy are strong"...The quote has been around...

Seriously this vacuous, vicious

think of the election as a bakery

The next time I hear the phrase "October Surprise"

How the masters of the universe ran amok

Don't watch Palin interviews.

Sarah Pailns Church and The Third Wave video removed by YouTube.

Updated: The economy is in crisis, time to ask McCain about his Social Security privatization scheme

Man Charged With Punching Pit Bull Puppy

Since I have tipped cows, I am qualified to be head of the US Dept. of Agriculture!!1!!

I'm not sure why, but I'm still confident Obama will win. Didn't feel that about Kerry

surge update - Female bomber kills many in Iraq

They can spend tons of money distributing propaganda in our papers...

Breaking - all Americans who want to leave Bolivia

RNC Delegate Took Woman To Hotel Room, Was Robbed.

If people have to take tests for driver's permits then why not issue a quiz before someone can vote?

All I can say about this TOON is "yeah, so?"

Top Economist: Americans should be worried about bank...

someone update me please

Bill Scher: Time For The G-Word

My new slogan for the campaign: "We've tried stupid. It doesn't work. Vote Obama."

Bye-Bye Bounce

Obama Needs to Do this Immediately Right Now.

Palin's husband Todd issued a subpoena, will he comply?

Carly Fiorina self-flushing, DAY TWO.

Attempt to repeal Native American Day in Thurston County fails

Bu$h and $ons, Inc.

Palin Favourability Ratings Drop

Bye lipstick hello economy

CNN Headline of the Decade

Much of what has been going on is nothing less than swindles, frauds, cons and buncos

Texas Struggles to Prevent Health Crisis After Ike Cuts Off Water, Power

NC-Sen: SSP Moves Race to "Tossup"

Sarah Palin: Vice Wrapped in Virtue

Obama: 20 Months In The Hot Seat & Still Going Strong: Palin -20 Days-Not So Much

Tiger loose in Bolivar Peninsula

Tiger loose in Bolivar Peninsula

So which is better~ "Change we can believe in" or "Change we need"

US stirring the shitpot in Bolivia?

Jack Cafferty is really loaded for moose today.

Obama Campaign Joins Lawsuit Against GOP Over 'Lose Your Home, Lose Your Vote' in Michigan

LISTEN UP, (about them markets and the economy)

McCain Claims To Be Common Ancestor of Blacks And Berries

Remember how Bushco wanted to take your SSI and giveit to Wall Street?

Obama Team Files Lawsuit over GOP Voter Supression Plan in Michigan

What is Wrong with McCain's face?

Matthews whining about wanting more passion from Obama . . .

What educational qualifications does John McCain have?

Has anyone else noticed the snappy new uniforms of the TSA security employees at the airport?

Total confusion in Texas

Total confusion in Texas

Former GOP House leader says Cheney misled him on Iraq

Sarah Palin is lying again on

ACLU And MALDEF File Lawsuit To Stop Farmers Branch Newest Anti-Immigrant Ordinance

ACLU And MALDEF File Lawsuit To Stop Farmers Branch Newest Anti-Immigrant Ordinance

I don't care how many boots on the ground we have. RW talk radio rules the day.

New McCain Slogan: "Change My Depends!" n/t

Michael Moore: It's a Slacker's World.....

Biden Labels McCain Attacks As "Republican Garbage"

My Prediction, Polls Will Dramatically Swing to Democrats Over the Next 5 Days

so what kind of golden parachutes did the ceos of fannie/freddy/lehman

Caption Mc*

Help me with another anti-Obama email, please, DU!

I don't know a lot about Phil Gramm.

What is Jeb Bush's role in the Lehman Brothers meltdown?

****Know Your Stuff, Obama Supporters****

McCain in favor of LESS regulation

GOP sues to stop Palin investigation.

a culture of violence against women--more than rape kits

US Senate candidates (Ne. Kleeb vs Johanns) trade political punches during debate

Hmmm....what's happening to crude is interesting!

Re:Sarah Palin: "She scares me," said Bess. "She's Jerry Falwell with a pretty face."

Freeper :Palin will end the war on men

Palinology (or, Proof Dinosaurs and Man once lived together)

John Nichols: Republicans Sue Republicans to Help Palin

Republicans move to stall Troopergate investigation until past the election. What are they hiding?

The movie "W" is set to open 10/17/08 --- how will it play up to the election?

Maybe Hurricanes Hamper Spelling -

Lesson to Pakistan: When you lie down with Neocon dogs, you wake up with fleas (or invading troops)

Humane Society of the United States on the ground after Ike

Breaking Sarah Palin news...

Are we lowering our standards to win?

as heard on CBC News/Business.....

National Dems to put money into Esch (Ne.) effort

What the hell is on W's forehead?

Fiorina: McCain can't run company either

Galvestonites now being turned around on the highway

Please call to fight forced JROTC-

What was Bolivar Peninsula is now three separate islands

Get your personalized Palin baby name (sorry if this has been posted before)

Doctors remove benign lesion from Bush's forehead: Nothing Benign now Remains...

Embryonic Stem Cell Research flourishes in Iran

Keep on the economy. It's working.

Aha! Bush 2002 calls for low down payments & junk loans (Help! Nab this!!)

TOONS: Hurricanes, financial and otherwise

Phyllis Schlaffy. her take on Sexual Harassment

Will the Depression of 2008 - 2012 make a dent in the US Obesity Epidemic?

Galveston officials: Feds blocking generators at jail

Palin claims right to access confidential employee files

McCain is busing in his peeps for rallies to help fill venues - photo

My heart aches for Galveston

HOUSTON: 4 mile long line for FOOD and Water=== Also Running out

A stroll down Hollywood Squares Memory Lane - (those were the days!)

Help for the victims of Hurricane Ike

A very apt Truman quote in these times

Subliminal "message" in a McCain/Palin ad - is it just me?

North Country NH dems are on fire people!

Man Sentenced For Killing Teen Over Straw Bale (4 years)

YES!!! - Obama Team Files Suit Over Alleged (Caging) Voter Suppression Plan!!!

So where is McSame with the hot water for babies?

Is there a media blackout in Galveston?!?

On questioning, FBI's Mueller 'has not heard of' challenges to voting rights of the foreclosed.

New focus for 'Day in the Life' editor (interesting pics)

Trooper-Gate: Palin's Shifting Stories

So Southeast Texas has been declared a disaster area.

PIC - "lipstick republican for parah salin"

McCain reportedly ‘furious’ with Fiorina-“Carly will now disappear,”

Cavuto and O'reilly Faux at its worst

Republican delegate: McCain: "Less taxes, more war". Then gets robbed by a hooker. Must read.

About the town hall meetings McCain proposed....

John McCain: I invented the Blackberry.

Jim Cramer in CNBC just explained why its all Bushco's fault

Fiorina: I Received Only A $21 Million Severance Package — Not $42 Million

The Republickers are pro-CEO, not pro-business.

Hurricanes and the economy

Since we, the people, now own 80% of AIG, I should only have

Paulson and The Fed Are Not Trying To Solve The Financial Crisis. They're Trying to Delay It

You know what I truly fear???? the time between Nov 5th '08 and Jan 20th '09

Neither DU nor You Tube give me Biden Speech where he viscerates McCain

State College Republican exec ousted over racist Obama comments Not the first time!

The most preposterous thing said all week - Bwaah baa blackberry!

GOP delegate's hotel tryst goes bad when he wakes up with $120,000 missing

Martial Law considered in Galveston, Texas

“The party that wrecked America.”

"It seems like John's had an epiphany..... (Biden! strikes again)

Patronage & Ideology Trump Competence in Many Bush Appointees - Bush History, 9/16

About those millions of green jobs

McCain promises to take Sarah on a field trip to the UN

oh shit, Palin's favorable's going down!!

Palin's Field Trip to the UN

"The American Green Card Lottery?" WTF?!?

Links to pictures of Hurricane Ike from many sources.

Searchers fear more grim discoveries in Galveston

A mysterious lawyer has joined the Troopergate coverup, who could it be!?

Okay, okay. Exactly how many Americans don't have electricity as of now?

Senator Byrd's Enough! Speech

Sarah Palin and Pastor Muthee.

Can we count on Obama to contest the election results if they steal it again?

The drilla from wasilla!?

If nothing else the Breaking News on CNN should prove to the American people

Just A Thought: We should gather these ONline Polls in one place,maybe?

Just A Thought: We should gather these ONline Polls in one place,maybe?

If the banks foreclosed on mortgage holders, why should they be bailed out?

Riding Out IKE, My Perspective From Galveston, PART 2...

Bush offers assurances to America re: Ike..."People will feel a 'pinch' at the pump"!

Question: Do non member readers outnumber members by 20-1?

Kerry Bests 1st Primary Opponent In 24 Years

Derivative financial instruments, it seems to me, are the underlying problem

Interesting factoid: The "Penalty For Reading While Canadian" seems to have been repealed.

Ask your burning questions to Palin for the vice presidential debate

What makes us Dems different from repubs? What is the general concensus?

Time to drop a nuke on the GOP

What are we really fighting for?

Oft-repeated GOP meme: Dems in control since 2006.

Can you help me locate a post, please?

Does AIG Bailout equate to dealing with terrorists?

McCain says Obama is 'making up facts'

Financier Soros Warns Crisis Will Only Get Worse

Does McCain have any tricks left short of Bush starting a war to help him

don't know much about Phil Gramm here is how he feels about poor people

"The Living Room Candidate"

"The Living Room Candidate"

Why should the US bail out AIG by itself when it is such a world-wide corporation?

No need to run to the bank, the FDIC will insure your first 100K, but how much does the FDIC have?

Bush disputes Ike relief criticism: "The demand HAS BEEN MET. I am monitoring!"

Coworker's rationale for not taxing the rich

Just what was needed: Obama's "September 15, 2008" ad

Leave the island or "you will be taken out in handcuffs"????

IF AIG can't make it then it shouldn't it be broken up and sold?

The conservative hypocrisy of deregulation

A question to ask your reluctant friend who leans McCain

Creepy hurricane photo.

Considering the alternative energy industry provides my bread and butter, I have to say

Gay frat brothers, sorority sisters to hold convention

Economic Depression: 2008 = 1932?

Jewish voters in FL and PA getting polled by callers tying Obama to the PLO

Freepers are busy FREEPING this poll

John Cusack: The Final Distraction: McCain/Palin Worse Than Bush

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! "Dr. Phil" tells Larry King...Sarah Palin was a *Single Mother!*

The Dems could end the offshore oil drilling debate by requiring

Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Lily Tomlin to honor George Carlin at Kennedy Center

The Federal Reserve says it is taking over crumbling insurance giant AIG in an $85 billion rescue pl

If you get a chance to catch Jimmy Dore:Citizen Jimmy on Comedy Central

Why is the GOP Presidential ticket delaying the Troopergate investigation?

what in the hell is a "mistruth"?

is this woman speaking english on the rachel maddow show?

Our Next Vice-President is a Man of the People

You know what Phil Gramm looks like?

FYI ,Bob Woodward on Charlie Rose at 11:30 PM

Guardian UK: The American way or the highway

AIG Bailout equals 5 years of earmarks

To honor Obama’s support and leadership of RKBA, “Second Amendment” would be a better name for a

Yipee! KO will donate to Alaska Special Olympics.

When we're not all eating out of garbage cans by next week.

$85 billion for AIG, vs. how much to residents of Galveston?

Jon Stewart was sexist

Jon Stewart was sexist

McCain Hires Big-Time NY Lawyer to Put the Lid on Troopergate

Barclays to buy part of Lehamn Brothers, per CNN

The Federal Government Is Now the World’s Largest Housing Company

hardcore Republican vote: 5% the super-rich and 95% the super-stupid

Palin's Dominance Dooms McCain Scoo/Collins (autorank)

"If, however, a government refrains from regulations and allows matters to take their course, ......

I just want to thank all of my fellow DUers for yours & my tax contribution of the 85 bill to AIG.

Cafferty asks viewers who has more credibility Clinton or Palin

TEDTalk Tuesday: DNA Origami and Fifty Billion Smiley Faces

US colleges moving to retire cafeteria trays (might help keep off those unhealthy pounds...)

US colleges moving to retire cafeteria trays (might help keep off those unhealthy pounds...)

Feds have paid in a total of $157 billion to stop the pain in the Stock Market

Feds have paid in a total of $157 billion to stop the pain in the Stock Market

Keith "Kiss Your Surge Goodbye"

ON KO: NRO says that Sarah Palin's tanning bed is for treating depression.

Its easy. Be audacious.

Creators of Racially Provacative ‘Obama Waffles’ Defend Toothsome Satire

Thank You, Barney Frank, For Your Vision And Foresight

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Laura and Hillary stand behind

The difference between Palin and Quayle . . .

BBC: Chinese baby milk toll escalates (22 brands involved. 3 dead, 6,200 ill)

Advocates of torture

BlackBerry users - be sure to update your Autosignatures!

Colbert is wearing Palin's frameless glasses

(Bolivar) "residents who weren't able to find fellow holdouts after the storm"

So, the FED will help companies that fail due to the real Estate Crash

She actually said "we need the rich because THEY create the jobs".

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Why do rural people predominantly vote Republican?

Pakistani Troops Ordered To Fire On U.S. Troops That Cross Their Border

Why does Alaska even GET federal tax money?

If the Fed had bailed out AIG on Friday, we'd only be paying $20 billion.

Why does Alaska even GET federal tax money?

Our entire financial system is crumbling around us, and Republican Women hold up lipstick....

Does anyone here work in finance? I have a question about a car loan.

Evangelical pastor: Straight couples should refuse to sign Calif. licenses

A question about polls

Martial law will be declared on Bolivar. Military helicopters moving in.

Dems didn't cave on offshore drilling- they pulled Repubs

Dems didn't cave on offshore drilling- they pulled Repubs

So, let me get this straight.. the GOP is the party of less government and smaller government

So, let me get this straight.. the GOP is the party of less government and smaller government

DU opinion on why rural voters trend GOP seems a bit wide of the mark to me

A Long Lament -- Once upon a time I was free. Are you?

PHOTOS: "Lion King, yer doin' a heck of a job"...125 Days, 23 Hours, 30 Minutes...

Here is comes...Money market fund breaks the buck!

I'll be honest, Hillary's voice sometimes grated on me. But Sarah Palin ...

First-generation Volt likely to lose money

Listening to Obama now...

A "free market" without regulations is like a "free society" without laws.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a DELUDED vindictive biotch.

Fed Said to Reverse Stance, Consider AIG Loan Package

Be honest: have you met a single non-racist McCain supporter?

I just heard that the feds are going to give AIG an 85 Billion dollar loan

Please DU this poll HARD!! -

Talk about weird weather: an upside down rainbow.

The Naked Truth About American Media

Gorlock knows Senator McCain

Is DU nearly, completely hosed for you too ?

POLITICO: Push polls happening in Florida! (and Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey)

what do you see when you look at Obama's campaign logo?

So, If Some Financial Institutions are 'Too Big' to Fail, Why Do We Let Them Get So Big?

Fall of Wall St. Is to Market Fundamentalism What the Fall of the Berlin Wall Was to Communism

Will Senator Angry Old Prick finally get fed up....

Palin to sit down with Couric next week

Excellent summary of Palin's new accusation that Monegan was insubordinate

"We were told a truck would arrive at 4 p.m. today in Sugar Land. Four o'clock came and no truck."

"...What we've seen in the last few days is nothing less than the final verdict"...

Oh, ladies, have you seen Runway to Change?!

Some vintage sexism

Who approved the $85 billion US taxpayer bailout of AIG?

Looking for a McCain flip-flop from last year where he changed over a commercial break

Looking for a McCain flip-flop from last year where he changed over a commercial break

I just volunteered to sign up voters in Virgina

When Bush Won in 2000, I Changed My 401K

"Well I certainly wouldn't vote for someone who believes in killing babies"

mccain pronounces Washington as WARshington. I wonder why?

LOL! This is great! Howard Dean couldn't write this better himself...

Homunculus Coke Head Furious At Evo. “No More Fronts” He Says

No food, no water, no electricity in Houston area - another FAILURE of the * administration

If the Repukes steal this election

McCain said that we need a "9-11" type commission

NY Times: Married women as swing voters--How do Obama/Biden reach them?

With WHAT money are we bailing AIG out?

Scott Kleeb of Nebraska for Senate

Obama, in Golden, Colo., gives a scathing speech on the financial crisis (transcript)

Do you live in a blue area , red or purple?

Have these photos been posted yet? (Hurricane aftermath)

Should mccain & palin be required to pee in a cup like we're forced to when applying for a job?

While you were sleeping


Bush family cleaning up on transfer of public lands to private hands


Privatize Profits and Socialize Risk

Why AIG and not Lehman Bros? Could political contributions be the difference?

What's the difference between a Christian extremist and an Islamic extremist?

PBS POLL: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP?

I do NOT want to see discussions of race shut down here. They need to be had.

My RW coworker says the subprime mess is all Barney Frank's fault. Is any of this true?


Oil Is Cheaper, But Airline Fees Are Here to Stay

My daughter qualifies to run for V.P in 2012.

Report: NRA-Backed Bill Would Allow Military-Style Weapons On Streets Of Nation's Capital

Should the same descriptive standards be used for white and blacks?

A Question I Pose Again: (Gas Prices vs. Oil Prices):

A Question I Pose Again: (Gas Prices vs. Oil Prices):

Please Explain to me why the "Islam Terror" DVD is racist / fear mongering

Just Biden my time...

"The Circular Talk Express"

Why are there no photos of Joe Biden's shoes (you just have to see this!)

McCain advisor (Gramm) spurred $62 trillion derivatives market that will swamp global markets

McCain advisor (Gramm) spurred $62 trillion derivatives market that will swamp global markets

Wow, What a great post by Sean Penn, over at HuffPo...

GAWD ALMIGHTY! Our government is saving Wall Street and bankrupting "the people"!

There were some threads bemoaning Oprah declining to have Palin on her show

Who asked where the 527's were? HERE! -- Can you chip in to take on John McCain?

Uggghhhhh! A sign seen in Denver (a very liberal area)

My New Video... enjoy


Kick and Rec if you want the Black/White Bullshit off DU.

An Enormous Hoax! - Money Mkt Busts the Dollar: Major Shoe Has Just Fallen Updated (Bloomberg)

If Palin/McCain "wins". I am applying for a job

People PC? Anyone use it? Don't

smug jerk gop delegate robbed by babe he took to room

Bullwinkle Assassinated- Today we mourn-

Karl Rove has 5 days. -John Conyers.

The Sub Prime Primer - A Graphical Explanation of Our Current Financial Crisis

Alaska AG: Troopergate witnesses won't testify

Fuck! Piss! Shit!!!

DU this FREEPED Palin poll at PBS!

I'm in MD and I just heard the Obama radio ad directed at women...

Tiger reported loose on Bolivar Peninsula, judge says

The fucking idjit mayor of Galveston...

The fucking idjit mayor of Galveston...

"Country Club First" what a GREAT frame for McCain! Thanks Contrary1

The cows that survived Ike are being eaten by alligators

McCain Accuses MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski of Being In The Tank For Obama

GOP ex-Congressman gets it -Congress has utterly FAILED to uphold the Constitution & the rule of law

Talking point: The future of Energy is not "alternative" or "renewable" but is "UNLIMITED ENERGY"

In the linked editorial the author opens with the...

No Joke! Six Brazilian politicians officially rename themselves "Barack Obama"

NO Corporate Welfare, please let wall street collapse

You're a better man than I am Jack Cafferty.


How easy is it to evacuate in the event of an emergency?

Fear of God and Darwin


This is Palin's idea of wasteful spending to cut

AP Exclusive: Video shows workers abusing pigs (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Which is the best indicator of how well the economy is doing?

IKE - amazing photos before and after on the peninsula - NOT pic heavy

My Father has died.

Galveston report: I TOLD YOU SO

Anyone else hearing beeps during the Rachel Maddow show?

NYT Op/Ed: To Pelosi - Hold Rove In Contempt ("Vital National Interest Getting to Bottom of This")

"Anti-American filmmaker wants to abolish 4th of July."

It’s time to get serious. It is a lot of fun blogging here on DU. But blogging ain’t nearly enough

Words Fail: Freepers prepare to shoot up the place in post-election race riots.....


Mueller lies his ever loving ass off before Congress today re anthrax.


People from Galveston create their own media networks

The Ugly of War: Dying children in a helicopter

Is John McCain Dying of Cancer?

Update on my daughters wing-nut teacher

Elimination of the Electoral College: Yes or No

Defenders Of Wildlife "Wolves" Ad Against Palin ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Who does Barack have to choose from for SOD? Clark? Maybe Powell? Or Clark w/ Powell @ SOS?

AIG failure could respark racism in America

What impact does the stock market have on the lives of non-investors?

Best places to live for a Democrat?

Disgusting ad campaign just started in Ohio!

A chuckle for you

How many DUers are following the post-hurricane chaos

WTF? Lynn Forester de Rothschild doesn't like or trust Obama & endorsing McCain?

Ike, the emperor and his priorities. (Pix heavy)

Link to new Obama approved radio ad telling 54 million gun-owners he is no threat.

Duke and Yale studies: Truthful information only makes conservatives and Republicans dumber

Is it my computer or the liberal sites I visit? Problems....

Guys - another mcsame encounter story - and I know the chain-of-custody on this one, too.

If we Legalized Pot, we could solve our economic Problems overnight!

Wayback Machine 1989: 'McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five'

Wayback Machine 1989: 'McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five'

McCain: the GIFS that just keep on giving ---->

A friend of mine, who is a film/video composer, has made a great video ad for Obama.

STOP(!): Have You Heard About The New Rules For The FBI To Spy On You Even More?

Question about membership.

Are you sappy?

Strongest drum.

My roomie is entertaining a pretty, sweet young lass in the living room

Is this cool or what? (Voices for a GPS system)

You know you gotta have one!

E-mail award.

DeSean Jackson--the Eagles player who showboated away a TD--did the same thing in college!!

Who's up for a drink?

Help my head is too big

Not even 9am and I'm already sick of madinmaryland.....

Best benefit to working at home

Let's play the Sarah Palin Baby Name Game !!

** A turtlensue COWPIE appreciation thread **

First-Responder Bad Judgment of the Year Candidate: Clive Greedy, U.K.

I really like that Robert Palmer song about having to face it because you're a dickhead in love...

What would you call

The Specials Play First Gig Together in 27 years

The Specials Play First Gig Together in 27 years

$100 today would buy ________ worth of goods in the year you were born. (calculator)

I'd almost be upset about the Eagles Losing but......

Champagne Supernova

Don't Go Away

i posted this some time ago when a thread was joking around..

Ike's Rap II

Can anyone explain fantasy football in 50 words or less?

Remember how I had to stay behind the other week

Queen of All won't let me work on the laptop. (photo)

funny story my boss told me

just saying, part deux

Fuck the Salvation Army.

I need to wear safety gear in my house

I should have said that I was saddened to see that subject treated as a joke on the TV.

I got my star back!

I am sad tonight

Actual CNN Headline: "Bush lands in Texas; Residents urged to leave"

Well I'm leaving for Europe today?


Hmmmmm...Who knew? Harry Potter vs Star Wars

Why do we even have the anthem before sporting events? Who invented that shit?

Goodnight All!!! turtlensue's Cowpies beat the eaglets on Monday Night Football!!

Why is it so hard to eat a caramel apple on a hot day?

Can someone help me with Microsoft Word?

We are approved for the kitty!!

Was supposed to meet this guy today

Headline on CNN: Bush lands in Texas; Residents urged to leave

Porn has been dethroned as the king of the internet, by social networks

I thab a headth coldth.

I am sick.

good grief . . .

I was supposed to have a meeting with some folks from Philadelphia today.

Jackson Browne contributes to Global Warming!

When turkeys attack...

Man, Pabst Blue Ribbon needs to make this a real ad

Could I ask for some vibe-age from Teh Lounge?

Post count help

Any smokers that live Florida?

DU needs to start taking hints from LiveJournal.

What. The. Fuck.

I smell of about thirty different women's perfumes.

What's the strangest small-world experience you've had?

Don't be angry at me if you open this thread. I'm telling you straight up...DON'T OPEN IT.

Why do these people want to be tortured?

My HP computer with Vista won't turn off presenation mode....

Since I have tipped cows, I am qualified to be lead the US Dept. of Agriculture!!1!!


Last night, someone accused Patricia Richardson of being a Repuke. It ain't so:

what's your excuse?

Most ANNOYING fictional chef...Artie Bucco from the Sopranos or Jack Tripper from Three's Company

Should I get the Instinct, A Palm Treo, or a Blackberry?

Why did John McCain invent fire?

*sigh* I have a major crush on GoLeftTV's Lea Morris.

I have msgs in my inbox dating back to '04. Apparently, I have not cleaned it

I've been blindsided and sucker-punched.

Looking for a glow-in-the-dark Obama yard sign. Any ideas?

Kitten Picture of the day Tuesday September 16

Went to Exxon for the first time since Valdez and they tried to rob me!

Honky Cat

Anybody have hypothyroidism?

Is GoPsUx on?

DS1 is for DS-FUN!!

Isn't this a cute boy?

Hey - that Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir is FUCKING AWESOME!!

Anyone else vote today?

Eins, zwei, drei, vier!!!

Volunteers Return Cerne Abbas Giant to His Former Glory (Spoiler - explicit pic)

Suggestions for good song, lyric, poem to send someone..

On the one-year anniversary of his Lounge debut, I'm totally going to Out Temeah (SHOCKING!)

What's the difference between John McCain and a flaming bag of shit?

Conservatives can cry!

I just ate a whole Red Baron's pizza..ask me anything.

This is pathetic...

McCain pick's new campaign song

read somewhere that mccain was rude to mika

Taking Your False Teeth Out and Sitting them on the Kitchen Counter

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

Nothing like the traumas described in the "Worst Medical Procedure" thread, but a funny story IMO

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes

The most inappropriate kid's slide ever made

Tuesday, September 16th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

iPod help??

Kitch! We've got extended ball!


Kat DeLuna- video of her taking the torch for worst Nat'l Anthem from Rosanne Barr on MNF last night

Lounge Lizards: What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

This was a FANTASTIC day, then I got a call reminding me

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/16/08 (graphic language)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/16/08 (graphic language)

Is there anyone else who can't get through the "Worst Medical Procedure" thread

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/16/2008)

My five year old son told me last night that when he gets bigger,

I just spent 5 days in the hospital..

update . . .

Shout Out To Oedi --

So... um, Death Magnetic surprisingly does not suck.

I'm now collecting all the misspelled right-winger signs

Anybody here ever been bitten by a non-poisonous snake?

Um, I'm never cooking again...i'm bleeding to death

What can I get for my cashed-in AIG life insurance policy?

Ninja cat gets closer without moving

Kid Rock doing Elton John?

Call the waaaaambulance - I froze my Hefeweizen

Given Sarah Palin's reasoning why she is qualified, come up with a government position you are

New Campaign To Sink Palin/McCain(!)---Sarah Palin: Give the Money Back

Girl Scouts - any DUers have experience with them?

Jesus Christ, some of the things John McCain has said . . .

What is your DU perv count?

My Son, The Dancing Machine and Home Improvement Specialist! (Cute toddler video links inside!)

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday September 17

What do you usually wear on your feet in your own house?

Why are cats such drama queens?

Why are cats such drama queens?

Contacting Parche!

"The Best Is Yet To Come" .....Agree / Disagree ?

Any auto body repair experts?

One Year Ago Today, Teh Lounge, As We Knew It, Was Forever Changed.

Crap - duplicate post. Let's make this a discussion about the magnificence of Pink Floyd.

DC/NoVa/MD Duers.... I need some advice.

I have schizo-affective disorder. Ask me anything.

Smart beagle escapes large cage.

Are you happy?

Had a hard week, thought I would relax and take a bubble bath...

So, Sarah Palin walks into a bar...

I wanted to introduce the Crunchy Tadpoles. With pics.

Any insect experts around?

Asking for good thoughts and energy

If you got this from prospective employer, would you think you're about to be hired?

My Father has died.

Grammar/spelling pet peeves that you've grudgingly forced yourself to except? I mean accept?

I am super duper excited everyone! Went to Hallmark store today - Palpatine on throne ornament!!

Major Grammar/Spelling Peeves

Thank you all for the love and vibes while I was in the hospital.

Time for a photo thread. Post one if you've got one!

I hate my job

I am NOT old, and your music does suck. Please. Post your favorite

Painting, Smoking, Drinking, Eating, Sleeping.

I propose a new sit-com for the fall season: The Palin Family

Yeah, baby! We're back on track!

Why I appreciate the movie "Idiocracy" more and more every day: A brief rant

A Cold Stare Can Make You Crave Some Heat

After the success of the Blackberry, McCain is now busy with (video)

All this school work and work combo has turned me into

Weeds season finale - did you see that one coming???!!! *** Spoilers ***

This day has sucked - nothing major, but I need a release mechanism


It appears that some foutray and heast has developed on my pagbo (newly purchased).

7th Annual Mothman Festival this weekend in Pt. Pleasant, WVA

Today's Secret Message courtesy of the BBC:


Wachovia To Bolster Evergreen Funds, More Support To Come

OSH is like one of Hitler's death camps for plants

My job hates me

Man Charged With Punching Pit Bull Puppy

Wall Street in Worst Loss Since 2001

NY Governor Allows AIG To Use $20B Of Subsidiary Company Assets To Stay In Business

Palin rehashes nom speech, lashes out at Wall Street

Obama and McCain to speak at Clinton CGI event Sept 23-26

Historic moment for 6,000 excited Obama supporters

Melting Arctic shows 'catastrophic' trend

US faces the F-16s it supplied Pakistan

Costa Rica president ‘tired' on Independence Day

McCain says the fundamentals of U.S. economy remain strong

Obama dominates McCain in 2008 cyber-campaigning

Obama dominates McCain in 2008 cyber-campaigning

Obama dominates McCain in 2008 cyber-campaigning

Republican by day, Romeo by night, robbed by morning

The Ugly New John McCain

Independent ads target Obama on taxes, abortion

NATO chief says body will continue to expand

Asian Markets Plunge on Lehman, Merrill Woes

John McCain campaign tries to quell 'Troopergate'

Pakistan orders troops to open fire if US raids

Lawmakers Are Seeking Answers in Anthrax Case

McCain proposes 9/11 commission to address financial crisis

Barclays (UK) talks to buy Lehman U.S. unit: sources

Neighbours back Bolivian leader (9 Presidents)

Poll: (Schwarzenegger's) ratings down; recall unlikely

Family ties: Obama counts rabbi among relatives

Blast kills three in Mexico

Palin pick pushes US women's group to back Obama

Big fall in energy pushes consumer prices down (aka, nominated for stupidist headline today)

Adviser says McCain helped create the BlackBerry

John McCain’s top economic advisor doesn’t think he can run a corporation

4 years in 30 seconds

Bill Maher On the Maddow Show: Palin is not ready

Article II (part 8): Closing Witness, Bruce Fein

Colbert Report: How Dare You Ask McCain/Palin Questions?

Russia halts trading after 17% drop

Candy Crowley: Not My Role to Determine Who is Bigger Liar. Of course not.

Gov.David Paterson Inteview On The Situation Room

Joe Biden on Morning Joe

Joe Biden on Morning Joe

Joe Biden On CNN American Morning 09/16/08

TPMtv: John McCain Roasted on the Morning Shows: A Chicken in Every Pot

Biden: Need to help middle class

Angry Sarah Palin Supporter - Hilarious - MUST WATCH

Daily Show: Sarah Palin IS the Bush Doctrine

TYT: Was The Palin SNL Skit Sexist?


Fox News Slams Tucker Bounds About McCain Campaign Lies !!! REALLY!!!

McCain attacks MSNBC morning host, claiming she's an Obama supporter

Maddow & Sirota Discuss McCain's Flip Flop on Regulations

Can John McCain Be Trusted: Keating Five Maverick

John McCain's driver talks about how McCain invented the Blackberry

TYT: Palin's Tanning Bed

James Carville: McCain's Chances Have Now Evaporated

SARAH PALIN: IRAQ WAR OVER OIL !!? Not convinced it's about Terrorism!


John McCain Repeats Bridge to Nowhere Lie ... Again

Ashcroft and Grassley on Sibel Edmonds

Obama: McCain's 9/11 Commission Idea An Old DC Trick

Joe Biden: McCain's plans disastrous for the middle class

John McCain Twilight Zone

McCain LettuceGate in context

John McCain doesn't know how to use a computer-or does he?

TYT: Biden Steps Up And Takes On McCain!

New Obama Ad Slams McCain On Equal Pay For Equal Work - "Burden"

Cafferty: Which Candidate Better Equipped To Handle Crisis?

The Boss

John McCain clarifies his position on the Britney Spears Doctrine. (Dangerous Squid)

Is McCain Dying Of Cancer?

Full Speech - Obama On Confronting An Economic Crisis

The Awful Truth Part 1(Election Fraud)

McCain Gaffe: 'Many Americans Are Not Paying Taxes At All'

Economic Fundamentals

New DNC Web Ad - "Fundamentally Strong?"

McBush on the Economy: The Same Old Thing

Matt Damon Rips Sarah Palin

Obama: My priority is the prosperity of the American people

Rachel Maddow discuss McGoo's lies about his 'crowd size'

Paul Krugman on Phil Gramm and the financial meltdown

Senator Norm Coleman (MN) has got to go.....

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: The Palin Factor

Let Our Economy Win! (McCain's Latest Attack Ad)

Obama smacks McCain over the economy

Taste of Polonia 2008

Faux reports new evidence on anthrax case. Interesting

Michelle Obama with Military Spouses

Hardball-Chris M & Stephanie Cutter(Senior Advisor for the Obama camp)-Sept-15-2008

Norm Coleman's Gotta Go

Obama: America is Prosperous when All Americans Can Prosper

John McCain calls for a '9/11 commission' to find out 'what happened' on Wall St.

Obama: McCain's Economic Philosophy has Failed for 8 Years

Rachel Maddow w/ David Corn discusses Palin dodging subpoenas

Rachel Maddow w/ Frank Rich: McCain is too weak to be president

Rachel Maddow discusses bungled Ike aftermath

Full Speech - Barack Obama in Pueblo, CO


MoveOn: My Friends

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #12: CHARLIE PRACTICE!

Countdown: KO interviews Paul Krugman on the disaster which is McGoo/Gramm

What McCain Really Thinks Of American Workers.....(OBAMA RUN THIS NATIONALLY)

New Obama TV Ad Smacks McCain for “Fundamentals” Remark

MoveOn: My Friends

The Whale Foodalogical Institute of Japan Whale Research

Can't Stop Barack!

McCain Flip-Flops On ‘Excessive Regulation’ In Less Than An Hour»

Whaling and Eco-terrorism from the Japanese Media perspective

Liar, Liar Campaign On Fire

Rachel Maddow: Economic Storm (w/ Robert Reich, Obama's Response to McCain)

Commisoner Walt Monegan Speaks Out About TrooperGate

Chris Matthews Drills Nancy Pfotenhauer

“Technical difficulties” shut down damaging McCain interview

McCain/Gunderson 2008


McCain and his Lipstick Campaign

Watch the end of poverty

Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising -- Trailer

GM unveils Volt on company's 100th anniversary

Cuba rejects U.S. supplies, asks for suspension of trade embargo

Alaska AG: State employees won't honor subpoenas

Alaska AG: State employees won't honor subpoenas

Alaska AG: State employees won't honor subpoenas

Pelosi: Dems bear no responsibility for economic crisis

Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Kenyan witchhunter

Common plastics chemical linked to human diseases

Money Market Fund Says Customers Could Lose Money

One Newspaper Refuses to Distribute 'Islam Terror' DVD

One Newspaper Refuses to Distribute 'Islam Terror' DVD

U.S. Lists Bolivia as Nation Failing in Fight Against Drugs

GOP lawmakers sue to stop Palin investigation

US gives green light to food sales to hurricane-hit Cuba

Biden Labels McCain Attacks As "Republican Garbage"

FBI requests review of anthrax case

Police return pot to patient three years later

Rep. Rangel to Keep Chairmanship During Ethics Investigation

GOP lawmakers sue to stop Palin investigation

Palin's Favorability Ratings Begin to Falter

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 16

Blair to appear on US satire show

Federal takeover of AIG planned

Ukraine's government falls apart

Democrats Sue Michigan G.O.P. on Voter Issue

Palin to Meet Foreign Leaders at U.N.

Fed repaid JPMorgan $87 bln for Lehman financing

Kerry faces first Dem. foe since 1984 on Tuesday

Doctors remove benign lesion from Bush's forehead

House Passes Bill To Expand Drilling, Fund Renewables

Couric gets second Palin interview ("clear message" to NBC News?)

GOP group behind negative Obama poll

Ketchikan worries about alienating Governor Palin

Treasury Said to Be Considering AIG Conservatorship

Congress Says Department of Homeland Security Oversaw $15 Billion in Failed Contracts

Barclays seals Lehman deal

Palin says she would lead energy efforts as VP

Jewish voters report calls disparaging Obama (Tucker Eskew)

Cheney Linked Hussein to Al-Qaeda, Ex-GOP House Leader (Dick Armey) Says in Book

McCain says Obama is 'making up facts'

Citigroup is big trustee to Lehman debt

Bush suddenly scraps comments on financial markets

Government announces $85 billion loan to save AIG

Bolivia governor arrested on genocide charges

McCain campaign keeps Palin under wraps

Kerry bests 1st primary opponent in 24 years

McCain Laboring to Hit Right Note on the Economy

Barclays to buy Lehman banking divisions for $250M

GOP mocks Biden 'tax cuts for toasters'

Gallup Daily: Presidential Contest Remains a Dead Heat

North Carolina's Dole Playing Defense in Race Now Rated as Tossup

North Carolina's Dole Playing Defense in Race Now Rated as Tossup

Ga. parole board denies clemency bid

NOW set to endorse Senator Obama TODAY

House gives go-ahead to sue Iraq over torture

Bush heads to Texas as Galvestonians urged to leave

Durbin voices doubt on extending drilling ban

Gen. Petraeus steps aside as top U.S. commander in Iraq

Gen. Petraeus steps aside as top U.S. commander in Iraq

Fiorina: Palin not qualified to run company

McCain: Economic 'strength' is with workers

Adviser claims that McCain, who doesn't use a computer or e-mail, helped create the BlackBerry

Troopergate probe running into new resistance

Why Experience Matters

Iran gives full powers to hard-line Guards in Gulf

AIG hires law firm to draw up bankruptcy papers: report

Alaska Republicsans Sue to Stop Troopergate Probe

Obama ad hammers McCain on economy comment


Palin to field voters' questions for first time; "reporters still trying"

Schwarzenegger says he will veto Calif. budget (despite likely override)

Creamery Case Has Palin Critics Taking Aim at Fiscal-Conservative Claim

Fed to Give 85 Billion Dollar Loan to AIG

Galveston officials: Feds blocking generators at jail

Heart Disease, Diabetes Linked to Chemical in Plastics

Congress Examines Lehman’s 'Excesses'

McCain Says U.S. Should Let AIG Fail to Prevent `Moral Hazard'

McCain Says U.S. Should Let AIG Fail to Prevent `Moral Hazard'

McCain, Republicans Have Twice as Much Cash as Obama

US lawmakers fault F16 plan for Pakistan

Nashville: Obama Waffles not supposed to be racist, Tennessee-based makers say

Goldman Sachs net plunges

In Spanish, McCain Criticizes Obama on Immigration

Obama Calls for Closer Scrutiny of Credit-Ratings Agencies

GOP lawmakers sue to stop Palin investigation ties McCain to lobbyists

GOP delegate's hotel tryst goes bad when he wakes up with $120,000 missing

Asked about McCain's Georgia position, Powell urges caution

Greenberg's CV Starr may try to take over AIG

Fed pumps $50B into nation's financial system

Obama Campaign Pushes Back Against Possible Voter Suppression

Oil plunges to $92 in Asia on US credit fears

Palin supports $600 million 'other' bridge project

Text Message Voters "Elect" Barack Obama at Cellular Telecom. Industry Assoc. Trade Show

US pledges US$1.8 million for Cambodian tribunal

Democrats Eat Into McCain's Lead as Palin's Halo Starts to Slip

GOP lawmakers going to court to stop Troopergate inquiry

GOP lawmakers going to court to stop Troopergate inquiry

Economists take critical view of health plans

US to Sell 1,000 New Bunker Buster Bombs to Israel

McCain’s Record Contrasts With Promises of ‘Reforming’ Wall St.

Jeb Bush, Ileana Ros Lehtinen, and Orlando Bosch...strange companions

McCain Acts Like A Jerk To Mika Brzezinksi

Lou Dobbs bought racist "Obama Waffles" at Values Voters Summit

The neocons' Palin project

Sarah Palin's powerful "First Dude" (He's her Dick Cheney)

Cohen (WaPo): The Ugly New McCain

Class Warfare (Salon)

Sarah Palin's Retrograde Gender Politics

Eugene Robinson: Palin Keeps Lying, and Lying, and …

Dionne: Whose Elitism Problem Now?

This does not compute for vets

AlterNet: A Crash Course in Economic Crashes

McCain’s Radical Agenda (Must Read)

Member of Alaska National Guard Slams Sarah Palin

Inside Rove's Diary: The "Magic" of Presidential Street-Fighting

Sarah Palin's powerful "First Dude"

Bush's disastrous financial rescue strategy

The inscrutable, schizoid Richard Cohen (Raw Story version)

In Candidates, 2 Approaches to Wall Street

US faces the F-16s it supplied Pakistan

Seth Friedman: A great day for making money

I promise you'll be delighted by this from David Brooks!!!!

AP source: Barclays to acquire Lehman assets

Fed Adds Most Reserves Since 9/11 as Banks Hoard Cash

More Trouble for McCain: Claims He Invented the Wheel

Sarah Palin to Put Up McCain for Sale on eBay

"Who Would Lend an American Bank Money These Days?"

What if a candidate pledged a genuinely independent Truth Commission to investigate the Bush Admin?

Carly Fiorina: Palin Not Qualified to Feed McCain Farina

Once again New Yorker adds a third dimension

Obama team files suit over alleged GOP 'caging' plan

Reagan, Deregulation, and the Fruit It Now Bears

What makes people vote Republican?

Conservative Moral Relativism & The Ninth Commandment

Why Experience Matters

Palin & white privilege (must read)

Chinese Baby Formula Scandal Widens as 2nd Death Is Announced

How they just set it up to be Obama's fault when the house of cards

Dems Go For McCain's Jugular

Richard Cohen (WaPo) Abandons McCain!! "The Ugly New McCain"

Obama's Golden Mojo Opportunity

Immigration advocates blast McCain ad

Obama proposes $5-billion fund for Great Lakes

Should We Believe the Polls?

I Masturbated To Sarah Palin (John McCain Ad)

Army to buy thousands more Mk19s, M2s

Faker gets 3-year prison term

Odierno takes over today as Iraq chief

Fort Hood investigates fire that killed soldier

Mold found in barracks being built at Carson

Gates sees US role in Iraq continue to shrink

Helping vets vote should be law, senator says

(Army Times) Editorial: Get with the program

Backtalk: A sacred trust

US officials: Al-Qaida ‘imploding’

Backtalk: Next president must quickly choose efficient staff, advisers

Troubled DDG 1000 faces shipyard problems

Intel ops to expand at Bagram prison

Pakistan orders troops to stop US raids

DoD announces USMC Afghanistan deployment

2 SEALs killed in Afghanistan fighting

McFaul to participate in Black Sea exercises

Today's Navy Times mailbag

Panel cuts Air Force funding for JCA

Brit prince to become a search-and-rescue pilot

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: More JSFs, lower pricetag

(Navy Times) Backtalk: Our patriotic duty a.k.a. don't vote

Petraeus talks Pakistan, Afghanistan

Defense Department names units bound for Afghanistan

Bye-bye, Baghdad; Petraeus Heads to US

War Heating Up in Mosul

Firm Building Man-carrying VTOL Drone

Tats to Keep Some Marines Out of Sight

Excalibur Deemed 'Amazingly Accurate'

Coming soon! Killer Mini-drones

Recruiting Looking Good for Marines

Can US Still Fight a 'Big-battle' War?

Camp Pendleton store hit by armed robbers

AlterNet: What the Chemical Industry Doesn't Want You to Know about Everyday Products

Peak Oil Review - Sept 15, 2008

States Aim to Cut Gases by Making Polluters Pay

Weather History Offers Insight Into Global Warming

Brazil turns down OPEC invitation -- exporting crude is for chumps

GD thread asking about "green jobs"

PNAS Study - Planet Already Committed To 2.4C (4.3F) Mean Temperature Increase As Of 2005

Receding Waters Leave Toxic Mix

When was the last time a Gulf hurricane caused a state of emergency in OHIO?

Clampdown urged on shark finning (BBC)

Grizzly bear rebounds from extinction in Montana (BBC) {highly politicized!}

Credit crisis hurting clean energy sector: bankers

Melting Arctic shows 'catastrophic' trend

Did you know that the U.S. exports, yes, exports oil?

GM debuts the Chevy Volt (

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice At Annual Minimum; Barely Above 2007 Record Levels

Olmert voices sorrow for plight of Palestinian, Jewish refugees

Olmert warns of binational state if no peace deal reached

26 years on, Sabra and Chatila still bear scars

U.S. Jews outraged over phone campaign alleging 'Obama gave money to PLO'

Spanish FM: Olmert, Abbas have 'very good basis for agreement'

Palestinian soap in hot water over PLO plot

11 killed as Hamas forces battle armed clan in Gaza

Troubled DDG 1000 faces shipyard problems (xpost from Veterans)

AIG - something to ponder

Wall Street Casualties

Trickle UP! Give Americans Jobs. That's how you save the bankers.

What happens if your retirement account broker goes bankrupt?

As the UK Receives reports of high inflation, experts say DEFLATION is the worry

A Ripe Moment

How is Ike affecting AIG?

Did Warren Buffett hang up on Lehman phone call?

Nouriel Roubini -- The Perfect Storm of a Global Recession

WSJ: Some pensions in U.K. have Lehman exposure

How Reform Worked in China, Part 9

Liar Nation: Finally Reaping What We Have Sown

Marijuana Could Be a Gusher of Cash If We Treated It Like a Crop, Not a Crime

Help, please! Where should we put the money from our house sale?

HP to cut 24,600 jobs in EDS integration

Today in labor history Sept 16 The rally was one of the largest demonstrations ever held in the stat

Why You Want a Progressive to Be Running the Economy

Cuba rejects U.S. supplies, asks for suspension of trade embargo


Cuba artists ask US to ease sanctions after storms

Who do you want to see play the Cubs in the World Series?

So tomorrow, I, a Red Wings fan, am having drinks with an AVS fan

I do believe it seems that most of the Crystal children look alike.(MG!!Callling you!!)

Another weird dream last night

God(dess) smiles

Pluto Challenges Capital Markets

I'm hurting

Can a person use Bach's Rescue Remedy too often?

When is/was Jupiter at 7 degrees of Aquarius this year?

Equality in Health Care Spending: Give Me a Break

Heart fears over common chemical (BBC) {Bisphenol A}

Chamomile tea 'may ease diabetes' (BBC) {Type 2}

Heart Disease, Diabetes Linked to Chemical in Plastics

E.R. Patients Often Left Confused After Visits

McCain’s Radical Agenda

Redefining Depression as Mere Sadness

A Prescription for Big Pharma

I found this spider web and

Don’t miss DU OP “Link to new Obama approved radio ad telling 54 million gun-owners he's no threat.”

NYPD must release stop and frisk data. Any stats on # criminals convicted & # guns removed?

Is there a forum on emergency preparedness? nm

Has anyone tried making roux in the oven? If not, you should.

Need a word

McCain hates science...

Cleric: Church owes Darwin an apology (AP/CNN)

Association for Women in Science is looking for a writer

AI alert: robot helicopters teach themselves to fly by OBSERVING OTHER HELICOPTERS FLY!

A Dissenting Voice as the Genome Is Sifted to Fight Disease

For some people here swallowing a Fundie Christian talking point about Islam

stock market trading 9/11/2001

Do you support the Republican war criminals' version of what happened on 9-11-01?

Brennan's of Houston destroyed by fire, three severely injured

Wow, y'all, I just gave more to disaster relief than Exxon!

Entergy says Ike power repairs to take 3 weeks

Riding Out IKE, My Perspective From Galveston, PART 2... (X-Post from GD)

Galveston officials restrict media access

" "God help us" "

Anyone with experience writing letters of recommendation for tenure?

What could be the problem when trying to link...

whats a good Audio Card. dont need anything special, piece of crap ASUS proprietary board card wont

My computer is "hanging."

my computer starts flashing if i try to open zip files.. have to shut it down

How about a coalition non-Harper government?

As heard on CBC News/Business.....

Great Radio interview that Kerry gave last night with Dan Rea

DailyKos to rec and comment (Vote for Kerry in Mass. today!)


The Globe projects Kerry winner

Norm Coleman's Gotta Go--devastating new ad from DSCC

Warmongering Colorado delegate Got Rolled at RNC

Bachmann hasn't accepted invitation to debate.

I think Mayor Coleman's "Independent" review of RNC public safety is anything BUT.

Video: Bachmann Goes Berzerk... Again!

"We are Motorhead"

Help finding Colbert Report clip.

My LTTE in Today's Journal Sentinel

DPW: Democratic Party files motion to intervene in lawsuit

Lying, scumbag, Wisconsin GOP bastards - more absentee ballot BS

In Milwaukee, Walker is trying to pull a Van Hollen...

Bryan Kennedy plans to run for DPW Chair!!

Norcal Duer's-Vellanoweth gets 17-plus years for fatal crash