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Patience and Steel

Bush to release Bin Ladin before the election

GWB just an after-thought? These new people scare me even more.

Todd Palin subpoenaed in firing probe

Please, please, does anyone have the clip of Palin's response to the Bush Doctrine...

Cover of The Nation

LA Metrolink Crash

Biden gave average of $369 to charity a year

"Richardson, Lieberman heading to Las Vegas to campaign"

On This Dark Night...

Paul Begala on Real Time...he got my love back...

Begala on Bill Maher: Gibson asked Palin a lot more qestions than the McCain

Reasons to vote for McCain

Palin and McCain - Wrong Big Time on % Energy Alaska Supplies Domestically

---Sarah's just like US!!!----

Where was Biden today? Anyone know?

Sarah Palin will energize and mobilize the base... *The Democratic Base*

Visiting America...a strange homecoming

Obama cancels SNL appearance - I just heard on CNN.

Palin's coded language, in the push for final theocracy: The Mission; Reform of This Country

Palin, She May Have Them Buffaloed, or is it Moosed In Alaska

Palin comment that bothered me the most

Bwwwwwa ha ha ha ha ha. Check out this gem! ROFLMAO


Did Palin really just call stem cells 'skin cells'?

Bob Herbert: She’s Not Ready

Nearly 10 million watched Gibson Interview Palin Thurs Night

If a woman is raped, and Sarah Palin has her way, does the rapist get

Does anybody else think that Obama is pulling his punches right now

Hurricane Ike's destruction will remind people why a dolt like Palin is no good

Joe Biden is one of the best debaters in the party; it's one of the reasons why Obama chose him

So the Coast Guard can save WHITE MORAN Texans ... go figure.

my favorite comment about Charlie Gibson annoyed by Palin

What is Sarah Palin thinking now, post interview?

We've ALL got to be on top of our game now.

Behold as the future leader of the free world......

What is so WRONG with being a liberal?

MORPH: What does Bush look like in drag? Sarah Palin

John McCain is nothing but a creepy old pervert. I'm sorry, but from what I saw

Palin - please, let's get down to are all about T and A....

Sex Scandal and Lobbyist

Texas is a red state what affect will Ike have on the election?

Caption this photo

Why does the party built on sexism get to lecture us about sexism?

Ed Schultz headed for Alaska today to have a town-hall-type meeting.

A Call for Action: What Obama Has to do to Win This Election

DU this POLL please... HELP

If being next to Russia counts as foreign policy experience...

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: McCain's Absentee Ballot Scam NEEDS Killer Deflection ADs

Memo to Obama

LQQK Link for Ohio Voters to Register (by Oct. 6th) or check their registration link.....

Next Up for Palin, Sean Hannity

-Larry King Live!--Reed Dickens, appropriately named, says Obama's resume ---

This past week,McCain spent twice as much in Obama!

I HATE 'em but I can't WAIT for the polls this coming week.

How an intelligent person might have answered the Bush Doctrine question...

I posted the following in General Discussion. It is designed to promote fear this election of David Schuster taking Nancy Pfotenhauer to the woodshed.

if we really lose...

Barack has a better shot at Florida with mcsame/palin ticket

The oil/sex scandal has the potential to take down Palin

"... the most successful voter registration effort in Chicago's history."

We're starting to mean business now.

"The Sorrow and the Pity:' Slate's Fred Kaplan on Sarah Palin's Interview with Charlie Gibson

mcWorthless still has attack ads rather than a mention of Ike

Question: Does Palin's Abstinence Only Policies Apply to Adults?

Resource page on Palin:

now that McCain is being called out on his lies...

Road to 270: Minnesota

Shouldn't YOU be ASHAMED, John?

Joe Biden will handle Sarah Palin with "kid gloves" during the debate. For those wanting red meat...

When Obama says he's taking off the gloves, HE MEANS IT! "Divorced" and "Lobbists" videos are KILLER

New Gingrich on why Palin horrifies liberals--A rant

Alaska's Bullshit Artist Caught Again - Palin lied about Iraq visit to "battle zone"

I'm glad Obama canceled SNL for tomorrow night.

Support Texas Independence!

Shhhh! McCain will raise taxes too-McCain Aide Admits

Sarah Palin's knowledge of energy issues is her strong suit.

What was John McCain doing on a yacht with a conman, a K Street Lobbyist, & a Hollywood Celebrity

It's CAPTION TIME! - Saturday Silly Edition

A woman friend of mine who was going to vote for McCain has

"The Vice Presidency is Not a Pop Quiz"..... American Prospect


Remember the Maverick song? LOL

Pink brands Sarah Palin terrifying

The Republicans kick McDonald's ass

If McCain becomes President, you will stand in a bread line in the freezing cold...

I'm feeling optimistic about Missouri

Veterans of the PONY EXPRESS will join Obama/Biden Presidential Bid

Merry Christmas from the Palin Whitehouse

Which State Will Be Closest In November?

Books, Articles, Cartoons even...

At the end of the day, Palin's impact on the election will be minimal.

Thank God for Barbara Walters?

Why McCain is going so negative, so often

No Expectations

Justice Barracuda? -- Why John McCain should put Sarah Palin on the Supreme Court.


Based on 2004, i don't see how Obama can lose the popular vote

McCain Says Change, Gives us More of the Corporatocracy Same

What did Joe Biden say at the DNC? If you get knocked down...

Planned Parenthood slaps McCain silly

Question about new voter registrations

McCain Runs Pro-Stem Cell Ad, While Campaign Website Criticizes Research Involving ‘Human Embryos’

We are EXACTLY where we were w/ Kerry 4 yrs ago

Commentary: In the past week, McCain has delivered “More of the same”

McCain chose a running mate who doesn't understand

McCain touts Bush healthcare plan

ANALYSIS: McCain: From ‘Straight Talk’ to distortions

AmericaBlog shares an e-mail

Alan Grayson's TV Ad for Congressional District 8 - Grayson's campaign will help Obama campaign win

OK, I know this is nit-picking and kind of silly, but...

Poor little "hockey mom"

Obama May Have Banner August Fundraising Month - Aids Privately Say Better Than $55 million

Out of Control

Obama and Biden to Hold Rally Today at 10:30AM in Manchester, New Hampshire

This little piggy …

Jack Daniels vs Barack Obama

Is this McCombover's Dukakis-in-the-tank moment?

My Neighbors voting habits and the Price of Gas (correlation)

Isn't it touching that, on 9/11, Sarah Palin gave a farewell speech to troops shipping out to Iraq -

Obama should exaggerate his moves to the right, not hide them.

Has anyone seen anything from McSame's campaign in reaction to Obama's attacks yesterday?

John McCain has FLIP FLOPPED 76 times!!!!!!

GOP Contempt: What This Election Is Coming Down To

Paybacks are hell...I wonder if the media isn't have a little revenge..

Since Todd Palin Was Subpoenaed, He Is Now Fair Game

Donate for Truth has been purchased....

In Ike's wake, Obama drops SNL, Biden skips rally

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/13/08 - Obama 45, McCain 48 (unchanged)

The Triune Brain and how it effects this election Or why the GOP thinks with their lizard brains

Did 9/11 change everything?

Sarah Palin’s tough-girl image a tad unsettling

The reason why earmarks matter (it ain't the money)

Mark Penn thinks media is tougher on Palin than the Democrats

Hurricane Ike- Platitudes vs. Action

Obama Campaign: McCain "Would Rather Lose His Integrity Than Lose An Election"

Senate Judiciary Cmte Passes Biden/Durbin Bill - Fugitive Information Networked Database Act of 2008

Holy crap!! Check out Wacky Stephen Baldwin on Cspan!

Settle down folks - the polls indicate the electorals are very close.......

McCain didn't put "Country First" - he put "Palin First" and that shows terrible judgement

A Touch of Candor: Rich Lowery Unimpressed With Palin's "Merely Adequate" Performance on ABC

Charlie Gibson's Gaffe, WAPO's Charles Krauthammer

McCain Camp: Yes, we would rather lose integrity than election.

AP: Matt Damon says he fears a Palin administration

Is It Sexist To Want The Person Flying The Plane To Be A Pilot?

Raped? That'll be $1200 thanks.


Perky is enough criteria to be President

McCain's freeride dot com


Obama's campaign would be over, done, cooked, imploded if (sourced)


Sarah Palin's Wasilla Emails: Did She Violate State Law?

Do the women who like Sarah Palin like her because she's a woman?

Pennsylvania Polls: Obama Leads McCain By 2 % Points

The Epic Fail of the American Polity

Does anybody have a link to, or the exact wording of, that sex predator bill?

The Palin Effect

The Angina/Vagina Ticket

Guess what was delivered with my morning paper today?

They are using the phony Reform ticket to energize their base and attract swing voters.

Told my wife the other day, "Screw Sarah.. go after TODD.."

"a bunch of socialist baby-killing maggots"

I tell you what, When Palin Learns A New Word, She Don't Let It Go, Does She?

Poll: Obama opens up lead in Ohio

Everybody register somebody to vote TODAY, The windows are closing in may states.

Next interview for Palin is:

Local Letter to the Editor: "We're All Republicans." (And it's serious.)

Local Letter to the Editor: "We're All Republicans." (And it's serious.)

Protecting votes at the polls?

Dick Cavett: Every Time I Try To Regain My Liking Of McCain, He Reaches Into His Sleaze Bag" (NYT)

Janeane Garofolo was so awesome on Bill Maher tonight!

Time to sign up to join voter protection effort (link below)

Todd Palin Subponea decided by conservative moose huting Republican from WASILLA,

Crooks & Liars: "Why isn’t McCain in Texas for Hurricane Ike, playing President?"

Patagonia NOT cashing in on Palin fashion bandwagon

I don't think it is clear to voters that McCain is also responsible for the damage

Next UP: Charlie asks Paris Hilton the same questions

Help me come up with a title or caption:

I think the polls are close because...

Please dear god stop calling it racism

"The Nation" 9/12 cover offers counterpart to "The New Yorker".

Anti-Palin group gains momentum in Alaska.

Supporting McCain/Palin = Country Last

John McCain's Ad Team vs. Barack Obama's Ad Team

It's judgement, stupid!

The Palin Doctrine: Lie Lie Lie!

Gallup 9/13/08 - McSame 47 (-1), Obama 45 (unchanged)

Women against Palin like.. me me me Palin lying about energy!

Serial Liar Sarah Palin’s Traveling Lies

Serial Liar Sarah Palin’s Traveling Lies

Why doesn't the Obama camp run adds about..John Mccain running against John Mccain

Obama should put out some "Country First" tv ads

Republicans tried to get Ron Paul rally, Rage Against the Machine concert cancelled during RNC

Crowley: Palin is Ann-Margaret in Kitten With a Whip

Anti-Palin rally organizers receive threats

"Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase."

Sarah Palin: Putting Lipstick on Cynicism

Remember: They are trying to sell the Republican Party as the party of reform.

The undecided.

Palin pressured Wasilla librarian

Palin pressured Wasilla librarian

Great e-mail I got from my Repuke, conservative Catholic aunt who dislikes Palin

Sarah, you shouldn't have put your finger in Charlie's mouth!

McPalin: $2 Million to Kill Polar Bears-While Getting Rich Selling Oil To The Japanese

Unfit to stand so close to the presidency

Why hasn't anyone called John McCain on his arrogant statement we keep hearing from him?

Did Palin consider "rape kits" a form of abortion?

DUers DU my post on this MSM site with recommens before it sinks...

If Alaska Is So Close To Russia Why Would We Put Missle Defense In Poland And Put Them At Risk.....

Can we PLEASE start referring to it as the Crooked Talk Express?

A Presidential "Science Forum" is actually not a bad idea

Maybe Obama is waiting until the debates to call McCain a...

Obama Speaks With Houston Mayor, Offers Help With Ike

Bottom line --

You have to check out this:

You have to check out this:

Another week like this?

The Most Important Thing She Said

The Most Important Thing She Said

What are McCain's ties to terrorists?

Clay Bennett 'toon: on Palin: "Deer in headlghts"

A question for DU

Florida may be falling from Obama's grasp

Republicans have Cognitive Dissonance

Palin admits to being earmark abuser

The Bush Doctrine - Joe Klein Calls BS on the Smokescreen - Palin Is Clueless

GALLUP: McLame 47 (-1), Obama 45

I am getting sick of some DUers who do nothing but whine and whine and whine

NOT THAT STUPID: Erica Jong's Dear John Letter

The McCain Seven on Obama's new website

The McCain Seven on Obama's new website

Palin: The Fake Fiscal Conservative (Alaska Fact Checking)

Bull Shit SUCKs......TRUTH Rocks

Bull Shit SUCKs......TRUTH Rocks

Sorry if this is frivolous, but this pic is pretty great

I think this is what Obama needs to put out there next.

WaPo et al come to Palin's rescue

Wisconsin GOP trying disenfranchise voters

Is Billy the Bus Driver (Straight Talk Express) for real?

Obama Camp: McCain Running "A Campaign Not Worthy Of The Office He's Seeking"

Lifelong Republican Alan Greenspan-country can't afford $3.3 trillion of McCain tax cuts

Obama Campaign Releases New Web Ad!

If you are a Digg member and have friends read this

"Bush squared"

She's Not Ready.

Ask McSenile if he thinks the world is 6,000 years old....then..

Obama Campaign: Is there anything that the McCain camp is not lying about?

For those of you that bought an Obama/Biden shirt on 8/23 from the Obama site---

For those who missed Obama`s speech today in Manchester, NH - watch it here!

Skinner - can we get a link to on the front page?

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Manchester, New Hampshire****

Letter To The San Diego Tribune Re: Palin & Neanderthals

Abstinence didn't work for Palin either

John McCain's ads are LIES. Here's the video proof.

Sarah Palin, God and Abraham Lincoln

I believe Obama's low in the electoral college will be 268.

"Terrorist wink-sign" performed by Palin!

I was arguing with a right-to-lifer last night.

Gov. Palin “Hand Caught in the Power Jar”

A documentary on the threat of Islamic terrorism is being sent to millions of homes in Pennsylvania

McCain-Palin Crowd-Size Estimates Not Backed by Officials

Words which still ring true today and still give me hope

McCains Says he NEVER Flip Flopped: OBAMA RESPOND NOW

What fundraising problem? Obama campaign hints that August may have been his best month to date.

Wasilla rape victims BILLED for exams!

Palin has no clue how entitlements work.

Garrison Keillor: GOP: it's just like high school

It brought tears to my eyes, my mother just donated to Obama.

Refresh my memory: Who won Dixville Notch on the Democratic side this year?

What I’m NOT going to do…

Palin - "Rape Kits" A Form Of Abortion?

What the hell does "efficiencies" mean, when Palin say "looking for efficiencies" in agencies?

Toon: Remedial Republican

From someone who lived under Pinochet...oops, Palin's iron rule..

You can get Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience in just 2 seconds!

Anybody heard this about Obama? Help please

What was happening in here in the fall of 2005? The number of low volume posters

Latest Email from the McCain Campaign...

Does anyone have information or thoughts on the VP debate?

Palin's padded foreign policy resume

With 50 days to go, here is a good question to ask yourself before you post in this forum:

Barack will not be on SNL tonight.

This campaign is about YOU, right?

Obama Dover, New Hampshire Speech Transcript (9-12-08)

Anti-Palin rally organizers receive threats

Palin Never Went To Iraq

Two new articles about McCain camp suggest they don't care about lying as long as they win

Is it now safe to assume that *anything* uttered by either Palin or McPalin is an outright lie,

Palin's track record marked by bitter clashes

* Official THANK YOU! Hope and Change Thread *

"The McCain campaign truly is a bizarre exercise in the suspension of reality."

Regis: Ok, Who wants to be a Vice President? For $50 the question is?

Put Palin on the Supreme Court? delete-duplicate

Feminists should be grateful to Sarah Palin for one thing, at least: she has put the lie

"drawing the scorn of many...Team McCain has been described as dishonorable, disingenuous..."

I think, in light of the "Obama Waffles" we need to come up with

I've been in the military and I've been to Alaska once...

Obama Scraps SNL Appearance Due to Ike

This is the angle those in the south really need to use, if possible

Credit Card Conservatives - McCain/Palin

Sarah Palin is Eddie the Eagle, the Jamaican Bobsled Team and Eric the Eel all rolled into one.

Sarah Palin is Eddie the Eagle, the Jamaican Bobsled Team and Eric the Eel all rolled into one.

Sarah Palin named her sons "Track Enfield Palin" & "Van Palin"

Palin would make a good Pope, too.

Please click this link to get the Palin wolf killing story on the Youtube's Front Page (crosspost)

I we stopped at an Obama campaign office in Clearwater, FL

Where are the women groups on the rape kits issue?

How I know that John McCain is a complete FRAUD

How to portray Palin

John McCain should apologize for the contempt that he's showing the American people

The Next Vice President's Worldview - Contrast to the Wannabe's

Boycott Books-a Million: They are selling the racist waffle mix.

Must Read from Politico: Excerpt from 'Why McCain is Going Negative, So Often'

Must Read from Politico: Excerpt from 'Why McCain is Going Negative, So Often'

Compare 4 polls side-by-side a@BBC !

OMG McCain camp blames Obama and the media for their nasty tactics and lying.

Jasper County MO Clerk denies voter registration applications to Obama volunteers

VIDEO: **PROOF** of McCain's temper! And THIS is the guy who wants to be President?

Palin: Her deadly wolf program disdain for science that alarms wildlife experts

SWEET - Huffington Post's front page today!

Well, that was a disappointment.

Ad Ideas: **Mentally Unfit McCain** ***More of the Same McCain***

"The Vice Presidency is Not a Pop Quiz"..... American Prospect

My 999th post - One stupid ass, dismissive RW talking point I've been seeing a lot on DU lately.

Maverick to MUDSLINGER ***Watch the TIDE Turn!****

I told you: "She" was a Tickle Me Elmo!

i got a letter from john mccain today

Question for Palin in next interview or debate: Do you approve of Emergency Contraception for rape

Put Palin on the Supreme Court?

The Straight Talk Express Has Officially Ended

Conservative political forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype

Obama's 'Change' Slogan Gets a Change: CHANGE WE NEED

This article title says it all: "Palin Denies Denying ..."

Time Is Running Out

Given Palin's New Found Russian Expertise - What are you an expert at using Palin Logic?

Palin Administration Still Pursuing ‘Nowhere’ Project($73 million in earmarked fed funds)

Biden to step aside??

Newsweek Poll: Deadlocked at 46-46 (but HRC supporters still a problem)

Republican Media Consultants: McCain is lying, McCain wants to "go into the mud"

Official Obama/Biden Bumper Stickers are now available.

The generous nature of the McCain Republican party exemplified.

So if McCain and Palin went aerial hunting...

Woot!!! Janean Garafaelo and Roseanne Barr are goddesses and

Sirius left reporting phoney absentee ballots mailed out to democrats in the

Presenting Grampa the Hutt and Princess Palin courtesy of Bob_Weaver

Presenting Grampa the Hutt and Princess Palin courtesy of Bob_Weaver

Janie's Got A Gun

You Can Put Lipstick On A Pitbull, But It Still Lies Like A Dog

Barack Obama Cancels SNL Appearance

O'Reilly Demonstrates Sexist Behavior During Segment About Sexism

The "John McCain is a LIAR" meme and a tool you can use to take it viral.

The "John McCain is a LIAR" meme and a tool you can use to take it viral.

Palin is not a bulldog, not a pig, she's a chicken

Obama Campaign should be pushing all the LYING stories very hard

Gallup Daily: McClown 47%, Obama 45%

Publish your Yahoo E.V. Scenario here!

Obama put a stop to Palins lipstick joke, eh?


Working Class Whites, Suburban Whites lift McCain to slim lead over Obama in poll

'Saturday Night Live' recalls Tina Fey to play Sarah Palin

How did Sarah Palin pronounce Nuclear??

If the real thing don't do the trick, you better make up something quick.

Will we ever get the truth on SongBird Mc Cain ?

I just stopped by my local Obama office and the place was full of people and

New Media Meme "McCain is a Liar" - At this rate they'll need to Reform Each Other -- POW/MIA?

Where's Sarah? Sunday News Talk Show Lineup Sept. 14

So what do you think of the new site


Watch this post get TOTALLY ignored! n/t

Rate this article! It's about McLiar and his lies.

Now On PBS: Dr. Drew Westen's Advice To The Obama Campaign.

I see the repugs are trying to portray mccain as unable to use the

The McCain/Palin Ticket on the Lying Express Train to Nowhere

Here's Palin's Problem - She's Used to Bragging about Earmarks, now she has to LIE on the spot,

After 8 Years of Presidential Lying, Who Wants 4 More?

Is there a noted list of lies from Palin I can access?

McCain Camp confirms Palin did not go beyond Iraqi border - Obama Camp points out pattern of lies.

Does anyone really think the television media will go after McCain?

Wow, Thomas Friedman, NYT: Making America Stupid

for key swing voters, the election is about "who do you want to see on tv for the next 4 years"

Interesting article regarding Ohio and Obama's tax policy

Obama site RoadBlog - Jill Biden with veterans in Marshalltown, Iowa

Obama site RoadBlog - Jill Biden with veterans in Marshalltown, Iowa

Not for those subject to fits of laughing hysterically, Gingrich: Palin redefines feminism

Republicans and Unions... I need info

Vendettas, Fired Officials and cows-oh my

KO: Says if McCain knows how to capture Bin Laden he should tell the President.

An Alaska Native speaks out on Palin, Oil, and Alaska

The Reply of the Day, by LiberalHeart

Could Kay Hagan help Obama in North Carolina?

One positive from Palin's candidacy and now, finally, exposure as the completely corrupt fraud she

link to new Obama ad?

Bloomberg Report:: McCain campaign misrepresenting crowd size estimates

Why does McCain need a $500,000 limit credit card??,,,,,

when is 20/20 on? tonight?

Palin Did Not Visit Iraq (More lies?)

Qualification to lead the Alaska Dept. of Agriculture: love of cows.

Just got home from visiting Obama's new Tulsa, OK Campaign HQ!

Obama cancels SNL appearance

Obama must slice through the campaign’s lipstick jungle and show Americans the real perils

made my official donation to the obama campaign. Now mr obama here is what

I think I want to hear what Mika says about Miss Sarah on Mornin Joe Monday.

Ron Reagan Jr.

Defenders of Wildlife - ad against Palin's aerial hunting of wolves

DU short essay contest .... win Dinner w/ Skinner ... 100 to 250 words

Biden prepares for more prominent role in campaign

Greenspan: No McCain tax cuts without reduction

Choose To Unite - Barack Obama Music Video

Palin's fondness for shooting wolves from airplanes ticks off my Sean Hannity-listening friend

I helped my neighbor register to vote today!


RightWing DVD Insert in Sunday's Philly Inquirer...

Registration Deadline Begins 20 days left until 10/04/08

Palin favorable rating is now under 50% and unfavorable rating climbing (new poll)

A question for our DU Hispanic Friends

A question for our DU Hispanic Friends

American Nurses Association Endorses Barack Obama

READ THIS: She has as much business on the national political stage as Alice from the Brady Bunch.

The difference between how the Obama campaign is portrayed vs the McCain campaign

The difference between how the Obama campaign is portrayed vs the McCain campaign

Because we can all use a laugh right now...

Because we can all use a laugh right now...

It's really starting to look as if Sarah's a Palin' when compared to

Greenspan: Country can't afford McCain's tax cuts

My fear if we don't win this election is

Obama campaign running ads during Ohio State-USC game?

Today's Daily Kos Tracking Poll: Obama 47% McCain 47% Barr 2% Nader 2%

Palin, Krauthammer, Bush and Barry Bonds (an analogy about being clueless)

Another Palin Lie - In "trip of a lifetime" visit to IRAQ, she never ventured beyond KUWAIT border

A question about the Antichrist

McCain and Palin plan joint town halls in battleground states ( CNN website )

The Master Pubs have found a way to make Regular Pubs addicted to pain...

The MSM is showing a bit more guts than it did four years ago

Palin's foreign travel

I rather like Palin

Calling All DUers: Absentee Ballot Alert - PM me if you know anyone with McCain mailers


Obama Call McCain a Liar

Watch this Post Sink like a Friggin Rock !!

Here's a resource to bookmark.

"They busted so many meth labs in Wasilla,I'm surprised she didn't name a child Tweaker.

Sarah Palin: The Ultimate Good Old Boy

The Rain In Spain..... Sprain, Train, Plane

A novel, intelligent method for Electoral Votes.

A neat story about CHANGE and what it means

PHOTOS: Obama in Manchester this morning

Damn! America's Voice calls McCain out for lying about Obama in Spanish. . .

After reading a few posts on caging votes, I wrote this to send around

Bringing back Honor and Dignity to the White House

No coincidence . . .

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund spot on AK aerial hunting

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund spot on AK aerial hunting

So how tough has the corporate media been on McCain/Palin lately?

switch from CHANGE to TRUTH

Perhaps I'm thinking about this wrong, but does "statistical dead heat" in the polls...

Want to feel good - listen to Ray Talafierro's Friday KGO archived radio program

Brad Blog on those Absentee Voter Request Forms the MCain folks sent out

"if they're lying this much now, what makes you think they'll STOP lying once elected?"

Conservatives Call Out Palin

Move has a simple LTTE format. Here's mine - to a local paper:

“Uppity” Democrats Not Treating Mizz Scarlett Palin with “Deference” and “Respect” White Woman Due

EXCELLENT Bob Herbert op-ed - She’s Not Ready

GOP selling waffles with racist caricature of Obama

President Obama.. such a nice ring to it

Zogby: McCain 226, Obama 234 in new EV tally

John McCain picks a New Campaign Spokesman- Toon

How Do Creationists Explain The Existence Of Dinosaurs?

interesting comment from reporter behind the Biden documentary tonight

So-Called Energy Expert Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know How Much Energy Her State Produces

Agree or disagree? It's fine to talk about Palin all you want, for the simple reason that...

Question about DU...?

She (Palin) Lied About Visiting Iraq As Well

"McCain is old, weak, confused and tempermental"....

Anyone see the VW commercial with Brooke Shields (swear I'm on topic)

Round up the usual suspects

Why Troopergate Matters---a lot

Should Obama do Perot-style TV info broadcast?

State Voter Registration Deadline

Barack Special on MSNBC now! (eom)

The Palin action figure...

In direct contrast to Caribou Barbie, Who is the female role model

I Think Palin Is Starting To Scare The Heck Out Of The Media! MSNBC Scroll..Palin Has Sought $200 M

Check this Palin Video..Funny!

I figured out the perfect person to compare Palin to

Obama doesn't believe in equal pay!!1!1!

Rate this MSNBC article highly

WAPO: Report: Palin Did Not Visit Iraq

Just to remind everyone, bios of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden will be on CNN tonight starting at 9pm ET

McCain/Palin campaign lying about crowd sizes!

McCain/Palin campaign lying about crowd sizes!

Implosion of McCain Campaign reflects HRC Campaign vs. Obama

You know, John McCain didn't say "no" when Whoopi asked about a return to slavery.

Change, or just kiss this Country goodbye...

Biden gave average of $369 to charity a year

***Please Bury This Piece Of Trash***

McCain = Bush's 3rd Term

In Ten short days, Obama has discredited the McCain Brand


How long does it generally take to get stuff from the official Obama website store?

To my US-native son: get Republican pimps out now before it's too late

I just saw an McCain/Palin ad claiming that Palin opposed the Bridge to Nowhere

Palin Aides Backtrack On Saying She 'Visited' Iraq

To Counteract Crazy "Obama Office" Threads

Boycott Books-a Million: They are selling the racist waffle mix.

Neo-Nazi Magazine to Feature Obama Assassination Cover

FREE Anti-McCain Bumper Sticker

Palin and her running mate and the rest of the Republicans are, quite simply,

Since McCain is lying about crowd size - could he be lying about money raised?

Sew, I Went To Obama HQ Today AND It Was TERRIBLY Oppressive And I Need A Drink!!!

Today's Gallup tracking poll: McCain 47%-Obama 45%

NYT, pg. 1 tomorrow: In Office, Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics

2nd new MEME............MENTALLY UNFIT MCCAIN.....

ok, i'll take a try at it, since some people think they are clever...

Sarah Palin: A Cunning Stunt

So, I went to Obama HQ today.. AND it was terribly depressing and I'm not sure what to think.

Obama Camp: McCain "cynically running the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern history."

Obama Camp: McCain "cynically running the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern history."

wow..."the view" women doing MSM's job - why are they so fucked up?

McCain campaign systematically targets the news media (McClatchyDC)

Anyone else watching the Palin special on MSNBC?

...."values, authenticity, communication, trust, and identity..... ~ It's not about the issues

A pernicious Right-Wing myth one sees on DU almost every day

How about a POSITIVE thread

I'm watching Obama's story on MSNBC and I can't

I am thrilled that Obama is tied in the polls with McCain, or even winning!

Greenspan maybe endorsing Obama?!

Biden's Great Quote

Straight talk express up on blocks in the yard right next to the bathtub Madonna.

Hey, maybe we should elect Sarah Palin to be "president" of Alaska...

DU This Poll ! Sarah Palin - Smart Choice?

Where is "Pullet the Chicken" Palin?

List of 13 subpoenas authorized in Troopergate so far

Idea for a new Obama slogan - Truth for a Change.

An idea for an ad: "WAKE UP!"

ALERT: Biden & Palin Revealed! On CNN 9pm Eastern, tonight and tomorrow night.

Fear and mistrust plague Iraq's Mosul

Ha! Alaska Secretary of Agriculture appointed because......."I like cows!"

Why McCain is going so negative, so often (Politico)

HuffPo Front Page Screen Shot: "Personal Vendettas.. Censorship... Cronyism... Secrecy And Lying..."

Palin wrapped in American Flag - Literally!?

BIDEN Special on CNN Now! nt

Todd Palin

Todd Palin

Former Mayor of New York Ed Koch backs Obama, calls Palin "scary"

New pitch proposal: America Needs Winners, not Runner-Ups!

E&P: 'Values' Crowd Gobbles Up Obama as Aunt Jemima

Sarah Palin isn't a reformer...she needs everyone out so she can hire her cronys

Sarah Palin isn't a reformer...she needs everyone out so she can hire her cronys

Frank Rich: The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket

McCain camp LIES (surprise!) about Crowd Sizes for Palin

So a post I wrote

McCain, Bush and Palin - The Freeloading Riches Of The GOP

".....and your enemies, closer...." copied from a

Does Sarah Palin and her mother-in-law, Faye Palin get along?

Any one kind of think McCain/Palin are peaking?

McCain's Medical Condition Could Sink his Boat, If Ever Medical Records Released

excellent & very scary article about Palin in the NYTimes today

Values forum sells "Obama Waffles" with racial stereotype

Wheels of that "Striaght Talk Express Falling Off"

The racism of the "Disrespectful" ad

Obvious Bias of CNN Joe Biden Revealed v. Sarah Palin Revealed

Just how stupid or arrogant (or both) do you have to be

McCain found a true partner in Palin: willing to lie anytime

McCain found a true partner in Palin: willing to lie anytime

First time to go to Obama headquarters for me today!

Obama appearance on tonight's SNL (11:30) est.

So I went and saw Obama today...

McCain unfit for office: spokesman admits campaign is going to say anything to win

Levi Johnston quit High School & the hockey team.

Does John McCain Have a "Tax" Problem? Answer: Probably (Fox News, no less.)

Palin's Preacher Problem (she thinks the rapture is going to force all of us to move to Alaska)

It's the lies stupid

LOL. A moment of (ironic) levity

Everyone stop what you are doing and go here: trust me

Link here to provide "Joe Biden Revealed" producer "feedback"

After watching the Fluff-N-Sniff bit on CNN about Palin and the hatchet job with

Palin says she "respects the other side" ...

Obama & Biden should say no more coups against democratically elected gov'ts like Chavez & Morales

"Sleazy and Dishonorable" - Obama Campaign Says McCains Campaign NOT WORTHY!!!

"Sleazy and Dishonorable" - Obama Campaign Says McCains Campaign NOT WORTHY!!!

What objective analysis is there on Pallin's supposed expertise in energy?


How have the attacks been working out?

WARNING for the easily discouraged or nervous...

Palin Administration Still Pursuing ‘Nowhere’ Project

Proof McPALIN is lying about numbers at rally

Ohio GOP Sues to Block Early Voting

My prediction: 15 minutes until SNL skewers Palin

As Mayor of Wasilla, Palin Cut Own Duties, Left Trail of Bad Blood (WaPo)

Man, I can't believe I'm blowing off USC vs. OSU to surf DU!

This video will make you smile

The West Wing.

Here's what I don't believe . . .

Some of you piss me off (part II,Field Office edition)

The biggest thing I always liked and respected about President Bill Clinton

How McCain's case of "Obama Envy" will be McCain's downfall!



Barack Obama: "There are a lot of quiet storms going on all across America"

A counter for the Obama waffles

Palin Keeps On Lying - 'Bridge to Nowhere' line returns

"she's scary".....

A Pentecostal Creationist could end up as President.

I think I had the best day today.

Sarah Palin loves rape and rapists.

Boston is closer to Moscow than Alaska

Boston is closer to Moscow than Alaska

What is the scariest thing about Sarah Palin?

What is the scariest thing about Sarah Palin?

Here's another link to contact CNN about that piece of crap they did on Biden

Palin an "unqualified disaster"

Palin & Hillary stiny on SNL now!

Who here knows how to make videos? I've seen a couple of

Something very odd....

Saturday Morning Data Dump – 9/13

Google news "Palin" & "interview": Mostly negative assessments of Palin's performance

Religious right "Values Voters" summit sells racist waffle kit mocking Obama...

The GOP is working to keep eligible African-Americans from voting in several states.

Tressel announced Wells will NOT play in tomorrow's Ohio State/USC game.

Late Night Woolgathering Thread

"Hurricane Ike or not, Bush/McCain keeps to political fundraising schedule"

Well, folks, in case you haven't noticed, things are really, really fucked up!!!!

Sarah Palin, man magnet: McCain's veep pick is attracting men who backed Hillary & uniting GOP

'Straight Talk Express' has trouble getting it straight? (Babington tosses a bone)

Complete this: "If Sarah Palin were Sammy Palin, ______________________."

Complete this: "If Sarah Palin were Sammy Palin, ______________________."

9 13 - Palin lies about bridge to nowhere AGAIN!!!!

Sarah Palin's preacher believes the rapture is near

Have you EVER seen a candidate get torn apart in the press the way McCain is being right now?

Roseanne Barr rocks!!

Palin's 1st Solo: Less Than 20 Minutes, With Teleprompter, Lies About Bridge.

The Mistake is in OVERestimating Sarah Palin

I do get the feeling that the Obama campaign is planning a major October blitzkrieg.

12:30 - Power out on all of Galveston Island

Help! Trying to find anecdote posted on DU about searching under the light instead of in dark bushes

Galveston hospital taking on water

Cool link to LIVE coverage and streaming cam view of Hurricane Ike hitting shoreline.

Republicans Have Low Standards for their Candidates

Bruce Ivins' ashes (anthrax suspect) ... weird story

BO 49-46 in Washington State (11EV) what's going on?

***More than 2,500 people have donated and over 151,871 views on YouTube***

Obama To Break A New Record For August Fundraising?

Canvassing today in Central Florida

The McCain campaign is really desperate..

Journalists, Debaters and the like: what is the significance of her repetitious "Charlie"

Exploring the Shallows of Loch Reagain

IF you are still up-turn on Fox News

Winds gusting in AUSTIN, TX!

FYI: Hight Tide around Galveston is 4 am ... so there's a few feet of what left.

Post something positive about Barack Obama and/or Joe Biden

Anyone in New Orleans, my cousin said people are saying the levee on the 17th street canal is

Obama Postpones SNL Appearance Due to Hurricane Ike

Now that I really care but where's Bush?

Houston Chronicle - Black Panthers standing guard at some gas stations

CNN Ticker: Venezuela expels US Ambassador

To report price gouging complaints in FL:

I Shut The $hithead Up At Work Today

IKE watch...from California

Local columnist asked me for some direct links on McCain info - need help

Hurricane science:Why does a "mere" Cat 2 hurricane like Ike threaten Katrina-like destruction?

"There should not be a rush to gas stations.There is an ample supply now to meet the current demand!

WTF... When did Faux News co-opt UPI? Check out this "article" on Gibson/Palin...

please answer this question about obama

$100 billion of damage over the next 24 hours.

Lawmakers Vote to Subpoena Palin's Husband

Galveston has fires going on and there is no way to put them out.

here's something interesting about the current hurricane


As far as headlines go

Ooo, some more Darwin Award candidates!

Weather Channel: 40% of Galveston Island Riding out the Hurricane

Lets assume a worst case scenario for a moment and

Great Truman quote posted by Andrew Sullivan - essentially one of the themes of this campaign.

Army Times Gets Into the Act - Criticizes McLame for Lying About Obama's Position

McCain is a Liar!

commercial idea..close up of heart monitor beating then stopping

Political Comeback on Saturday Night Live

What are ya'll doing on the ground this weekend?

Simple Ideas for the OBAMA TEAM...simple Phrases on them Bumper things for one.

McCain’s Economist: We Need Tax Increases

I'm starting to get a lot of phone calls for political donations and surveys.

Stephanie Abrams On The Weather Channel Is In The Eye Of The Hurricane Now

Geez, the seawall is being blown apart by the wave surges

Houston restaurant fire: I keep missing the it Brennan's?

Suzi Parker: Sarah Palin Can Be Your Own Personal Barbie

MA: Local volunteers prepare to assist in Hurricane IKE rescues

Jim Cantore is in his element...

Chicago Tribune Censors Obituary In Lieu of Flowers Vote Democratic

John McCain Unable To Use Pity Potty Due to POW Injuries

Look at this guy! Yikes!

WJ this morning - whatis the 'Bush Doctrine'? n/t

Campaign of fear in battle ground states.

Here are the questions Ifill asked at the Cheney/Edwards VP debate:

Buck up DEMS! I went to Camp Obama in Los Angeles today and there were about 350 people

Okay got someone who is leaning towards Obama until

Embarrassing question about the Electoral votes:

Without spoiling it for the west coast, SNL intro is brilliant. Funny AND deep

Visualize Obama/Biden and to Hell with what's her name...

Video of Ike's Powerful Eyewall

Did Anybody Notice That Bush, McCain & Chertoff Didn't Mug The Camera's For Ike As Much.......

I am finding my new job increasingly disturbing...

reagan, bush 1, bush 2, mccain, palin, ALL totally unqualified to be president.

Shouldn't YOU be ASHAMED, John?

Let me tell you about one experience I had canvassing in rural MO today...

Boooooooooooosh is about to speak on Ike

Chickenhawk War Pundits Are Calmly Telling U.S. Allies to Commit National Suicide

Say something positive about John McCain/Sarah Palin

Sweet Mother of God, what is the hold up?! Sweet jumping MARY AND JOSEPH!!


NYT editorial: Gov. Palin’s Worldview; "We kept wondering what on earth John McCain was thinking."

Ike could stay as a Cat 1 or 2 for the next 6-12 hours!!

Sex-For-Oil Scandal and McCain campaign officials attached at the hip

I'm so sick of the WEATHER CLOWNS

Interview with Axelrod

Why was the highest point in Gavelston used for news media hotel and not a public shelter?

why didn't mr bu$h* speak about gas price gouging going on nationwide?

What does that Palin "WINK" signify during the interview with Gibson? See it...

McCain Can't Use A Computer Because Of Injuries From Being A POW?

McCain Can't Use A Computer Because Of Injuries From Being A POW?

McCain Can't Use A Computer Because Of Injuries From Being A POW?

Looks like I was right: CNN Ticker says Tina Fey to portray Palin on upcoming SNL n/t

Weirder and weirder... McCain's first VP choice was Paris Hilton's sister.

Did NYC Officials Inflate Land Value of New Yankee Stadium to Turn Public Money into Private Profit?

WSJ has Story on Defenders of Wildlife Ad against Palin

Bloomberg News Service: Clueless Palin Peddles Cliches Under Gibson's Glare

What this election means to me (From my good friend Sooz, in Lincoln)

I'm seriously having Fun with McSame's Tax Plan

Karl Rove's Electoral College Map (looks promising)

THEY LIE... clinical definitions, please?

LA Times: Metrolink crash toll rises to 17

FLOW: For Love of Water…New Film Examines Global Water Crisis

GDP resembles the Lounge tonight !

Nearly 3 million people without power as Ike hits

The Pyramid-Scheme's-Almost-Over Update: N.Y. Fed calls meeting to forestall Lehman collapse

Streaker on Weather Channel just now! LOL.

Andover law school convenes Bush War Crimes Conference - WATCH LIVE

PHOTOS: Effects Of Ike (Most Recent and Earlier Today)

the pretzeldent is trying to speak on cnn.....hungover again

Repigs keep getting richer no matter how bad the economy is for the rest of us

McCain new strategy: Run against "One Party Rule"

Last week everyone was trying to claim Palin would deliver McCain to the WH, now

Hurricane Ike irony

The Nation: Heck of a Job, Bernanke

Can somone inform me what prominant Democrats are doing for Obama? And I don't mean the Clintons.

Florida is a battleground state in the polls once again but it IS winnable THIS year with YOUR HELP.

The language of BushCo and the Pentagon...

Next Saturday! Michelle Obama will be on Paula Dean's show Paula's Party.

cspan caller: 'Liberals will never understand the military cause they never serve'

* * * * * * * * List of 76 McCain Flip-Flops * * * * * * * *

Christian Disposal

Bill Moyers - Free Speech or Foul: Rage on the Radio

Bill Moyers - Free Speech or Foul: Rage on the Radio

please DU this poll (Virginian Pilot) Who is more qualified to be VP?

Happy 10th Birthday, Move On !!! Let's Party for Obama !!

The McCain campaign is a total fraud.....

The LIARS Convention!

Meanwhile, in Iraq......

A Shout Out For Joe Biden

Will an economic crash cure "Affluenza"?: An economy based on mindless consumption must die.

the shiny penny is so yesterday...had to readjust my thinking...out of the muck..into the future

SFRC hearings next week on Georgia/Russia, nuclear India - Dodd presiding

18 days without power in Houston...

Lipstick on 9/11 - WH says Osama didn't do it

Big Oil thieves strike again !

Bush Radio: "Our Nation is safer today than it was seven years ago"

Whistleblower Documents McCain Abuse of Power

I hope somebody points out all the "community organizers'

"Anticipatory Self Defense"

Living and working with Repugs

Palin's environment record targeted by polar bears in computer game PolarPalin

I saw Cuba once

Larisa Alexandrovna Is A Half-Lobster (Adventures In The Twilight Zone W/ Palin Zombies & A Baldwin)

Report: Palin Did Not Visit Iraq---yet another lie

WATCH LIVE FEED!!! Andover law school convenes Bush War Crimes Conference

CNN (TV): Gas Prices Spike? Blame Ike!

The Lawnmower

The Veep Goads Russia - " His incredible remarks"

There Is More Than Just Snow In Alaska

Justice Department Moving to Immunize Snooping Telcos

This is why it is important....

The Silence Is Deafening.. MSM not picking up WAPO Story On Cindy McCain's Addiction & McShame's

CNN and now ABC have posted this picture on it's front page....

I have a question about voter registration.

~~~~Obama's Voter registration tool ~~~~~~~~~

So I kind of pulled a Salmon here...

Mukasey Puts COINTELPRO Back On The Table

Will Next Political Prosecution Focus On Mississippi Senate Race?

Pak army ordered to hit back US forces (yes indeed)

My father at 93 is a decorated WWII vet.

Pakistan army pledges to ‘protect territorial integrity' from U.S. incursions

its probably best if women/girls avoided Alaska

Hurricane Ike Batters Texas, 4.5 Million Lose Power

Bill Seeks to Reduce Liquor Stores in Inner Cities

Scientists Prove Evolution Through “Palin Gene”

""I know he's a Democrat, but the mayor is actually doing a good job with this.""

I don't like "24" anymore

AP: Chinese dairy knew milk fault weeks before recall

Dr. Joe Parisi Radio Program

************>>>> Voter Registration Deadlines by State

LIGHTWORKERS for OBAMA - yep, they're VOTING BIG TIME this year!

UPDATE on the two abandoned dogs in Texas...I reached the photographer & rec'd email:

I don't think this election is about "Change" amymore

Sept 13 considered the birthday of the Star Spangled Banner

Would having a pemanant discussion thread called "talking points" be a good idea?

Don't let the polls demoralize you. As long as we get out the vote, we will win

Why is the weather service going to waste tax dollars flying a plane over a storm that is 44 miles

Focusing on Palin: Five questions, two perspectives

Citizens arrest of Karl Rove? Charges?

they know he's too old, and that's she's in over her head....

Faster Pussycat, Drill! Drill! (poster)

Faster Pussycat, Drill! Drill! (poster)

Is anyone in the mood for a fuck FUX "News" project?

Why is there gas rationing in Kentucky? LOL. One person's weather disaster...

Who Knew? I Now Have Citizenship As An American, a Brit and a Frenchie!


McCain Camp Lying Again -- This Time About Size of Their Crowds

Does anybody know where I can get a "In What Respect, Charlie?" bumper sticker?

Remember the Weather Channel series - It can happen tomorrow

Don't Care For projection

I posted this last week about the polls and told I was full of sh#t.


Palin, Evangelical Religion and Enlightened Religion

'Bush War Crimes Conference' convenes (Massachusetts School of Law at Andover)

Today's LTTE about Palin's citation for fishing without a license (Greenville News (SC)).

Stranded Galveston residents call in vain for help

Saudi judge says it's OK to kill some TV execs

Anti-Palin rally draws hundreds in Alaska (USA Today)

If Bin Ladin shows up by the election it will be the biggest fraud ever

There will be FIVE party leaders in the election debates in Canada.

McCain Camp Admits Lie That Palin Visited "Military Outpost" Inside Iraq, and lie about Ireland trip

Palin's responses on radio talk show very unbecoming

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies...

What Were Prices At The Pump When Oil

Has anyone read "The Obama Nation"? I was given this book today


Dick Cavett roasts McCain-Palin in the New York Times - Experience 101

They're going to turn Biden loose on MCain (finally!)

How to tell a lie websites I am sure McCain and Palin viit often.

Why McCain's Lies Work For 99.999% of Rs

Just got "The Audacity of Hope" and "Mike's Election Guide" (Moore)

Put Palin on the Supreme Court

A friend of a friend went on about Obama being connected to Muslims

Difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull - lipstick

Obama table in Madison: September 12 Edition (seventeenth one in 2008)

At least 18 killed in bombings, shootings in Iraq

88 Years Later: A Promise Unfulfilled for Millions of Disenfranchised Women Voters

This Poll needs fixing

"Odds of an October Surprise that could influence the election have risen appreciably."

Why is McCain being "briefed" on Hurricane Ike by Chertoff and Gov. Perry?

Canadian election news?

Please make this TOUGH Obama Town Hall speech given today go VIRAL!!

RE: How can gas stations be out of gas? Gustav, Ike, and the MOL...

As Goes Ohio . . . Election Protection Conference

To Speak the Unspeakable ....

Shit. The Balinese is gone.

One person can make a difference (a true feel good story)

With all the fretting and drama over recent poll numbers.....

With all the fretting and drama over recent poll numbers.....

John McCain's Cousin Speaks Out against John McCain- Tampa Bay Editorial editor shreds neocon Harvey Kushner in a debate at Texas A&M

Obama should create an ad that sums up the Palin lies

"In What Respect Charlie?" For $100

Say Goodbye to HEALTH CARE!

Call for Bolivia.

A person on MSNBC said their name is Contest?!?!?

Palin: We are going to find efficiencies in every department

Bad puts McCain 270, Obama 268

I think that Republicans come in three basic flavors

Congressional Event Perpetuates Myth of Immigrant Criminality

Local Hurricane Ike coverage from Beaumont/Port Arthur

the conservative ratfuckers know that they can express their racism with political impunity

YOUTUBE question

FReepers are OUTRAGED over Matt Damon's remarks!

Democrtatic Underground 's Presidential Cabinet.

In case you missed Bill Maher last night - a Cat 5 Moron

Sarah Palin is a Post Turtle -- oldie but goodie (Obama's new site)

Active Role for Palin’s Husband in Alaska Government ( Who really runs things? scary)

Bush War Crimes Conference this weekend - Massachusetts School of Law

What will be the Republican's next overtly racist stunt?

No Federal disaster funds for Texas

Barack Obama Cancels SNL Appearance

Drive your Repub co-workers crazy with this question: "How would Palin have done in the primary if

McCain Vows to Shake Up Govt Even If He Has to Travel All the Way to DC From His Office in DC

The Bush/GOP/McClaim has reduced America to its knees...10 Tril in Debt and growing


MN-Sen: Franken Closes the Gap in New SUSA Poll

MN-Sen: Franken Closes the Gap in New SUSA Poll

Paint Your Roof White, Save the Planet

New Obama assault on McCain lobbyists

Bumpersticker I Want.

The National Review: Palin "tried to bluff her way through, pretending to know what she obviously

LA train crash death toll rises to 24


Palin's Former CAMPAIGN MANAGER: "She scares the bejeebers out of me"

Obama's Fundraising Machine Still Rolling as Campaign Stays Coy (Obama may be playing possum)

The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT thing needed to bring real change

McCain and Media Lying about Crowd Rally-Sizes?

Thai Prime Minister ousted because of Cooking Show

Mars Petcare US Announces Nationwide Voluntary Recall

I know we are supposed to ignore her, but this is just TOO good not to share

How and when did you find DU?

Palin "In what respect, Charlie?" T Shirts:

Ya know why I make jokes?


DU disaster karaoke....everybody sing!

DU this Biden/Palin poll.

Am I the only one who thinks elections should be decided by popular vote alone?

Wanna have some fun with that McLame image? Here we go:

Nuclear Power Bill, National call in day Sept. 17

MSM covers for Palin..."confusion understandable..."

Saw this, "Work Harder, Millions on Welfare blah blah blah", so I made another

Sarah Pinocchio strikes again!! Latest Lie from Factcheck

Moran lawn sign, "Obama is a half-breed MUSLIN" [sic]

Ooh Boy! I'm watching the Biden "Revealed" and crying.....

"Stock up on food, water and ammo" (clarification)

"Our citizens need to be prepared with food, water, and ammo ....."

Here is a novel experiment: "Global Coherence Project."

Todays McCain/Palin lies 9-13-08

I'z in ur crosshairs...

Tell me I'm wrong, please.

Bin Laden by Election Day? New push

Scarier than four more years?! The impossible is here.

Crummy bumpersticker du jour:

Work harder.

Brad Blog on those Absentee Voter Request Forms

US, Venezuela escalate crisis

Greenspan: We can't afford McCain's tax cuts

McCain refers to 'Democrat Party' on the view.

Gas up .30 cents a gallon (3.87) from yesterday (3.57) at a station in orlando

Calling DU Graphic Artists - What can you do with this?

The best way to overcome poll "jitters".....

I'm in favor of 3rd term abortion

Update on dad

I finally figured out what about Palin that disturbs me so much as a woman.

In those in need of a pep talk, here's one from the very best.

Wheels Come Off 'Straight Talk Express'

Tina Fey `likely' to play Sarah Palin on `SNL'

Conservative Shocked As a Savage Bush Mocks Executed Inmate (Bush History, 9/13)

Where the F are the 527s ???? 53 days left

Obama campaign seizes on Greenspan's tax comments

Fair and Balanced

Whatever happened to the 4 paragraph rule for

Obama Will Campaign In Colorado This Monday And Tuesday

Les Misbarack

gas price gouging in Illinois...How is it in your area?

gas price gouging in Illinois...How is it in your area?

I'm sorry for all those affected by Ike,

Cindy McCain drug addict who, Phoenix Dr.s claim at least 3X sought medical attention for injuries

Priest accused of dealing coke from rectory

McPalin Even Lied About How Much Energy Her State Produces

Greenspan: Country can't afford McCain's tax cuts

Palin Offers $150.00 Bounty On Alaska Liberals

Roll Call: Ridge Files Very Late for Albania

For "Women Against Palin" please DU this poll

Toon: IIIIII'm Republican and I'm OK, I work all night and I sleep all day.

Fusion Centers... Have you read this? What you should be concerned about also.

Speaking of Moosilini...

I hope the campaign doesn't use the Palin rewarded friends as governor stuff too much, because

McPOW 's hurricane statement

Should stupid people be allowed to have pets?

Awesome toon!

Markey to Bush: Keep Our Oil At Home ~ U.S. Exporting 9 Times More than Potential Offshore Resources

That's some real change Palin's going to bring

Who are the tenants in JP Morgan Chase Tower?

Spokesman On McCain Strategy of Campaign Lies

Palin is doin it wrong...deferance my ass..

Mr. "Independent" Dobbs with his Obama Waffle Mix "My wife will love this!"

They just had a presser on teevee about the California train crash

Please sign the pledge to be a Constitution Voter

Please sign the pledge to be a Constitution Voter

Obama Camp Memo: Unraveling the myth of the Straight Talk Express

Did the head of FEMA just say that the storm is still as dangerous and powerful?

Wealthy rancher charged in deaths of 32 bison

Teacher Accidentally Screens Porno to Classroom

Independent UK: The world needs Britain to step out of the US shadow

Wow the surge is such a BS success:U.S. plotting to oust Maliki, report says.

YAY!! The doorway to Hell has been located. McCain can run right over now and get Bin Laden.

To my US native son: Defear Republican Pimps now or it's too late!

Why is Sarah Palin for killing wolves and what is the push back answer?

Is the McCain-Palin Campaign Violating Operational Security? (Did I miss this on DU?)

Anti-Palin rally draws hundreds in Alaska

The Centerpiece of John McCain's Economic Plan

I Just Looked At Zogby's New Polls

Give it up, we are now losing

Colonel Lang says get ready for a McCain/Palin Adminstration..

Biden prepares for more prominent role in campaign

Some Good News. (perhaps).On Hurricane Ike...

Palin's solution for filling gov't jobs?

See how it's done - Perry restricts airspace

So-Called Energy Expert Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know How Much Energy Her State Produces

Has anyone got a full list or link of FLIP FLOPS for McCAIN

CNN just read the Wikipedia on Joe Biden and made a special

Eeby Geeby Gooby

Alaska women against Palin threatened before rally (RW radio host)

This is on the front page and in video forum, but it's toooo good to miss! So I'm posting it here

So, in Palin's world, it would be like 4,000 years?

Ths. Paine's Corner: Considered Reflections On Sarah Palin's Qualifications To Be Vice President

What's the deal with Ike? Information blackout?

Florida a battleground state again this year but it IS winnable THIS time with YOUR help

Palin: "So Sambo beat the bitch?" ,,,, Obama "Waffles",,,. not even trying to hide it anymore.

Swift Boat Liars Ready to Produce More Smears for the McCain/Palin Shit Talk Express

RIP Peter Camejo!

stupid question..anyone considering a commune?

Galveston's historic "Balinese Room" is no more. :(

How do you feel about the way McCain's smears have been answered lately?

CNN Had On Screen Over 37,000 People Will Need To Be Rescued

Question..Are Hunters offended by aerial hunting?

What I just saw on MSNBC really pissed me off. The Coast Guard

So, Palin's just going to keep repeating her lies . . .

OK, I don't have a very good feeling either.

Jim Cantore just mentioned rumors of "missing" people in Galveston

I haven't looked at any polls...

Sarah Palin's Church tied to Jesus Camp Armageddon Dogma


New season of SNL coming up in one minute

You know what I wish people would STOP doing? Accusing anybody with a low post count...

Residents fight developer (Swiftboater sugar-daddy) to save Saugatuck dunes

Guardian (UK): How A Satirist Became America's Most Influential T.V. Personality (Guess Who)

I don't know Texas well but is that Crawford pig sty

Khan nuclear ring was more advanced than thought (Wapo)

Army officer takes Chuck Norris to task for saying he did two tours in Iraq

David Corn: The MSM Weighs In - McCain Is The Liar In The Race

The Palin Doll

Mark Morford: Are you an elitist?

Photo evidence of Georgian peacekeepers’ sabotage training

From the NY Times; This is one scary woman.

Attacks in Pakistan. Here's Why: Bush Puts New Focus On Bin Laden, Wants Him by Nov.4

Fundies get back to hate crimes bill bashing

Did Joe Lieberman convert?

Read a book, Sarah Palin!

Are DUers watching the flooding in Louisiana

James Fallows on The Palin interview

How much Alaskan oil is actually consumed in the US?

Forward this email = From: "Barack Obama"



Make no bones about it. Using a person's name repeatedly in a conversation with them is patronizing

Coast Guard video shows Galveston flooding

Who donates to the candidates? Nice chart from BBC !

John McCain and his fellow republicans hate us old veterans.

Jesus vs JEESUS

WTH? Newspapers Deliver Millions of 'Terror' DVDs to Subscribers -- In 'Swing States'

Gotta love those conservatives! They are so entertaining!!

For Babylonsister and all of our other Houston-Galveston area DUers, a thread for peace and safety..

Another Student Loan Crisis?

"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." -E Roosevelt

Jill Greenberg's Bizzare McCain Photo

"Values Voters" Summit.....Apparently one of those values is racism

What would McCain or Palin have to do to LOSE...

I'm impressed, they ARE doing something, about voter registration

In Office, Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics - NY Times

Solution for all the Freepers whining about "unfair editing" of Mooselini

David Gregory of MSNBC and Karl Rove are good friends.

Florida Republican Mailer (absentee ballot request)

McCain campaign over latest lies: ""We’re running a campaign to win"

BREAKING NEWS (11 PM) -- CNN reporting two oil platforms are loose in the Gulf

Just wanna say: I LOVE DU!!!! Without all of you, I would surely have lost whatever marbles

Did you know they didn't evacuate the jail in Galveston, TX for security reasons

Remember the Orange Revolution??

Two boys get 25 years in beating death of elderly man - “Want to have some fun?”

What's the purpose for A. Cooper to be standing in the water?

AlterNet: Marijuana Could Be a Gusher of Cash If We Treated It Like a Crop, Not a Crime

The Trolls are out in Force Today

Bullet analysis (Texas A&M) casts doubt on lone gunman in JFK assassination

Why white women favor Palin (my take)

Just wonderful, John McCain says he is unable to use a keyboard due to POW injuries

babylonsister has checked in!

Obama's campaign would be over, done, cooked, imploded if (sourced)

How Ollie North/Fux News helped US military cover up latest Afghanistan war atrocity.

CNN: Palin never in Iraq, campaign now admits

How would you like the police coming to your neighborhood to look for bad guys like this?

Found a live video link for Bush War Crimes Conference, (Bugliosi on now)

Caption this pic

On the ground in Florida

Sarah Palin is every Amway distributor's wife....

Any one in Texas City?

Palin, Wahhabism and Hate Talk radio - how are they different?

Circulate this photo far and wide....(Warning: Extremely Graphic)

Webb: Bush Administration on verge of "constitutional coup d'etat"

Report from the Street Fair today...

Would we accept Bill Maher's behavior from a right leaning comedian?

What You Can Do to Defend Election '08

My "I made it to 1000" post.....

Isnt price gouging during a disaster a pretty serious crime?

Troll repellant, anyone?

Urgent, white power (not Christianity) is the GOP base...

I guess I'm being ultra-dense, but I don't see the "racist stereotype" in the Waffles.

Meet the man behind the WAFFLES: W. Mark Whitlock

The Army Wants You...Again! (Yes, Really.)

In New Hampshire, Obama finally calls the McCain ads "lies"!

Alaskans gather to protest Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin - pic

I am all for government grants to study seals and crabs in Alaska

Conservatives Stoop to Blatant Racism in Support of McCain with Sale of 'Obama Waffles'

Talking point du jour -

I went to the Obama Rally in NH -- Photos Inside

LOL Someone JUST sent me this cartoon via email......

The Hurricane Ike photo of the guy balanced on the pole is very irresponsible journalism.

A brave man, a wonderful father, a real patriot...and he's HERE on DU!

Geez..salaries of oil execs in Houston

Pics post-Ike (pic heavy) of Galveston

Sarah Palin, 1996: "I want to be president."

"Environmentally compliant" Florida company dumps asbestos in wetlands..43 times

Maybe those critical of New Orleans during Katrina..


McCaveIn - GOP Bait and Switch

Any word yet on where Swamp Rat is?

yesterday $3.64, today $4.19

Year Two of the New Depression

Here Is What A Repug Snitch-Bitch Looks Like - Disgusting

Did I just hear what I thought I heard on SNL?

Deepak Chopra article "Obama and the Palin Effect"

Please tell Michael Abromowitz that you don't like his changing Palin's words to suit her.

John McCain's Shocking Admission on his lack of love for his country

Please read, & then go hug your children tight -- "The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket" by Frank Rich

I'm so confused. Are DUers surprised at the BLATANT racism....

Support for Sarah Palin Says More About the American Voter Than it Says About her

Lou Dobbs said wife will love "obama waffles". He found it amusing! Phone/write CNN

Palin Had DIRECT ROLE in Charging Rape Victims for Evidence-Collecting Exams

Hot Damn, I'm Fired Up! What I Saw Today Was Amazing....

Palin's 'Heretical' Church: Censored Video the McCain Campaign Doesn't Want you to See:


Sorry to say this folks...but what the heck are you planning to do when

-----PEOPLE, Listen UP, I Had a GREAT Idea today-----

This is what happens when you start using public airwaves to call people "maggots" and "cockroaches"

Why are we showing so much deference to the GOP lying?

i have a couple questions about the 'pickens' plan...

Tina Fey and Amy Peohler on SNL!!!!!

I am heartened. Get out there tomorrow and be part of it.

I am heartened. Get out there tomorrow and be part of it.

I am heartened. Get out there tomorrow and be part of it.

Veterans organizations don't care....

POSITIVE PEOPLE - Please enlist here!

Woodward: Stability in Iraq Is Due to New Top Secret U.S. Weapon

White Privilege and the 2008 Election

a challenge to you all as i battle sobriety and a failed relationship

My State by State Election Projection update:McCain wins popular vote, Obama wins election

My State by State Election Projection update:McCain wins popular vote, Obama wins election

My latest med pot mission: Testifying for New Mexico's mmj production/distribution regulations

Religious Extremists are taking over the United States - this is not a joke

Florida "values" ...the disabled "have become homeless or bankrupt while waiting for rulings"

New pet food recall.

A feminist's view of Sarah Palin

Well, it looks like it comes down to CO or OH.

Should poor people be allowed to have pets?

"More info comes out on Palin and dominionism, Armageddon, and book bans"

------->>> Cheers to GRANTCART, an appreciation thread that is long overdue and well-deserved!

Folks, Keep A Close Eye on The Lehman Bros. Negotiations -- May Impact the Elections

Books-a-Million is selling "Obama Waffles". Time to let them know that you'll be shopping elsewhere.

For all your Friends...the *List w/ Links of McCain Flip-Flops and Lies*:

I thought Gov Palin had good hand gestures in the debate with Charlie Gibson.

Y'all wanna know where Palin got the name 'Trig' from? I know where.

For my money the greatest jazz guitarist who ever lived is this guy.


Thank you Skinner, thank you, thank you so so much....

Stay glued to your TV set

The beagle is bored and she's driving me crazy!!

Her nose is getting longer when she lies.What's her name?

Earlier someone mentioned how much Ebay sucks... is there an alternative?

This is not like me, but can I ask a serious question?

Someone gave me crabs...

Anyone own a Kia Sorento?

How do we benefit from watching these news people defying evacuation orders

Being alone, it can be quite romantic

I'm starting to get a lot of phone calls for political donations and surveys.


I know I am going to hell for posting this but dammit I laughed

So, my fellow American (Nikki) and I decided Canadians are EXTRA hot

Happy fapping with Elmo

Football fans- I have a question about American Football rules...

Why am I up at 5:24 on a Saturday morning?

Animal Shelter Breakin -- HSUS offering $2500 reward for information

No, this was not photoshopped

So as I watch these weather people reporting on Ike... I am reminded of this video

Something "questionable" on my mothers MRI from yesterday...


It's Saturday, ye bastids

Computer Question (2)

With the number of hate threads lately, should I demand to be banned?

thus spake KG:

Bike stolen in Columbus, OH, found on Craigslist in Austin, TX.

this weeekend's lol... bunnie?

Disapproval thread

Someone needs a pizza.

@#$@#$@#$ little bastards!!!

Two things annoying about online feedback forms

An LOLcat watches the Palin interview:

The Lawnmower

Zogby Poll Question...Wtf?

Wow! The Houston paper's site says it is -9999° right now

Imagine seeing this in the bathroom:

if you could eat anybody right now...

Ike knocked over MommaCoffee's pecan tree

A man started whistling bird calls at me at the gym today

We're back from the Shelter...No kitteh yet

Hey flvegan . . . .

Matt Damon? More like Matt Demon! (From Sarah's parody blog)

First look at President Palin's pick for Secretary of Transportation

Got the new box for the TV for the upcoming change.

Gas prices in Milwaukee just jumped to $4.09 gallon

I want the old Headline News back

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday September 13

Well, I went and did it.

OMG! Four posts ago, Ava had 12345 posts!

Important GD:P thread needs your attention.

YOUTUBE Views question

MTV reality show filming leaves rainforest "riddled with trash, unstruck sets, discarded scripts"

There's more locked threads on the first two pages of The Lounge than GD-P.

Is there a good, free software to convert flv files to wmv or mov?

Geraldo vs Ike!

How smart do you have to be

Craigslist robberies

PHOTOS: Barack Obama in "Viva Manch Vegas"

Get Fuzzy: For Oedi!

playing around with bumper stickers

Fucking KU.

billyoc is Stalin.

I am so Nerdy that discovering Mathematica gives me an orgasm

I hadn't had Doritos in decades, and they are "overproduced like a Paris HILTON 'hit' "

Jamastiene is Satan.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"...

Shit, just found a great pic of my hood

Man do my teeth hurt

Remember the Steve Bartman incident?

Last week,I had a double ice cream cone. Banana and cappuccino ice cream.

Wow, who'd of guess the rap-dudes I met were good.

Project Runway at Fashion Week (bizarrely, not really a spoiler)

McCain is rich Corinthian leather.

Notre Dame scored 21 points in the first 11 minutes of the game,

I brewed 10 gallons of oatmeal stout last night

WOOHOO! Getting tickets to next week's Pats game!

One-Shot Poetry Post

what to do in toronto?

What is one of your worst memories of school.

I was recently indecently proposed at the bus stop. Think: What to do?

Techno Cat Does Computer Repair

Welcome back Temeah

Now, THIS is great baseball mascot stuff!

CUTM is making a Latino version of “American Graffiti”

To all Michigan fans

Michigan v Notre Dame has begun

What is your favorite SNL election parody?

Watch this post get TOTALLY ignored! n/t

CNN Reporter Walked Through A Destroyed House In Texas

Was bologna first made in Bologna?

Tomorrow - I will be a Detroit Tigers fan!

Was cologne first made in Cologne?

anyone heard when the power will be back on- Houston?

The Pac-10 is hurting

Anyone watching the "telethon" by PBS of '60's music?

Champagne is made in Champagne region of France.

What are you listening to right now?

Baby Bunny has a whole slew of friends who are boys.

Lounge Science Experiment: Complete.

In Parche's Memory..

Predict the first name of BlueIris's next boyfriend. (Semi-serious post.)

Was scotch first made in Scotchland?

Saturday Night Earworm!

Why have I only just discovered Google Calendar?

Go Buckeyes!

My mom can't tell me and Ava apart!

Hi Anal Rasp

Is Sting a Policeman?

I have to celebrate just a little bit! Got my first Biology exam grade back!

What country would you move to if the US became a fascist state?

In memory of our dearly tombstoned friend...

I went to "Obamarama" today! The rain kept attendance down,

Were roastnears first grown in Roastnearsissippi?

A couple of gems from one of the darkest hell-holes on the internet.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 9/13/2008)

The humor impaired GD-P ignored this thread so I'm reposting here

Wow. Are the Twins this good or the O's this bad?

A little review of Metallica's new album

Fess up... who else "blots" the top of their pizza?

So I am going to order my Obama shirts today

I will vote for any candidate who says 'hermaphrodite' in a nationally televised debate

Someone didn't tell them not to tutch the but.

List a couple of things you like about Prussia.

Was masturbation first started in Bangkok?

Underwater photography makes me feel like a prune.

I am weird. I track the NFL stats on the web

Dracula paid Renfield in flies & spiders. Frugal boss or cheap-assed fanged bastard?

Obama is Muslin

Was beer first made in Beersylvania?

"Don't taze me, bro!"

Hey, the Twins had a Dairy Queen Inning!

Is there a todd online now?

Just a reminder: No wobbily junction threads.

"Bare" appreciation thread

Online pornography makes me feel like a prude.

Do you bow down at the altar of Lionness?

Welp, Halloween is a month and a half away but I got my costume.

If You are a fan of the band Rush

I just ate 100 pistachios.

"Gwar"appreciation thread.

Bi_Baby as a baby...A retrospective: (Pic thread! Dialup Warning!)

Boor appreciation thread!

Need your guys unbiased opinion. Am I wrong? Or right?

I wonder

Anyone planning on watching SNL?

Into Temptation - Crowded House.

So, my fellow Canadian (Jon) and I decided white Americans are EXTRA square

XPost from the Computer help forum... Weird Firefox 3 Theme problem

"Ask her what she thinks about dinosaurs!"

Face book funny passage

Look at my craigslist ad

I've turned on "porn mode" on my browser. What sites should I visit?

"Bear" appreciation thread

Something Awful Photoshop Phriday - Election 2008 'Tasty Surprises'

List a couple of things you like about Rush Hour.

If you don't know much about computers, follow my instructions...

Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb

"Michael Clayton" worth watching?

Sarah Palin Action Figure

So I took my dog to an outdoor cafe for lunch and he chewed through his leash...

Right now I am missing...

i've been out of town for over a week and i come back and !!!!

Well my mother is home from the hospital

Is there a clod online now?

In honor of my new haircut...A PhotoThread!

Lionesspriyanka is Satin

Post a couple of things you like about Rush.

Holy crap Tina Fey looks like Sarah Palin!!

Were Bananas first grown in a Banana Republic?

Should people feed deer in their yards?

Hey flvegan, Midlo and anyone else that was in THAT thread last night!

Have you ever smeared sour cream on top of a pizza?

Why are commercials so loud?

Help! Need advice from voter registration veterans

For Temeah and Dust Range

Post a music video by an artist that surprisingly you liked.

DId anybody watch Coco on the Lifetime Channel?

Today's College Football Thread

Is there a god online now?

THE BIG LEWBOSKI is now playing on one of the movie channels!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a good day today (some pictures)

I'm being admitted into the hospital

"Beer" appreciation thread

I just gave my son $30K

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/13/08 (graphic language, but I dare you to read it)

Ok, Explain your avatar - 2008 edition! (With 2006 and 2007 explain your avatar links!)

Ok, Explain your avatar - 2008 edition! (With 2006 and 2007 explain your avatar links!)

2008 DU security poll - which AV (anti-virus) are you using?

List a couple of things you like about Rush Limbaugh.

For my 30,000th post. "In what respect,Charlie?"

Report: Obama may skip 'SNL'

GOP protests 50-miller buffer in Democrats’ offshore drilling proposal

Texans Endure Sleepless Night as Ike Roars Ashore (Eye Reaching Galveston Now)

Hurricane Ike or not, President Bush keeps to political fundraising schedule

Bomb kills Afghan governor, 3 others

Two Chevron Lawyers Indicted in Ecuador

Bolivian government holds talks with opposition

Energetically Wrong(Palin % Domestic Energy Alaska Supplies)

Russian troops withdraw from Poti

State Officials: Galveston Getting Inundated from All Sides (Infrastructure Heavily Damaged)

MarsPetcare US Vol. Limited Food Recall Dry Pet Food Product Potential Salmonella

Another Twist in Case of Dead Anthrax Suspect (demands cremation, no urn)

Wasilla rape victims billed when Palin was the mayor

Newspapers Deliver Millions of 'Terror' DVDs to Subscribers -- In 'Swing States'

McCain stem cell ad doesn't mention Palin's opposition; her position on "back burner" for campaign

Democrats: GOP should support drilling compromise (radio address)

Saudi judge favours killing TV-channel owners for obscenity

Palin could rob McCain of Jewish vote

Palin Administration Still Pursuing ‘Nowhere’ Project($73 million in earmarked fed funds)

Hurricane Ike expected to pump up gas prices

Fannie, Freddie to Be Kept Off Federal Budget

Wasilla Rape Victims Billed when Palin was Mayor

Merrill now in shorts' sights as Lehman crumbles

Days Before Scandal, Interior Got Ethics Award

Lehman rescue talks adjourned

Palin named in abuse-of-power inquiry

Fed's options limited if Lehman talks fail

Forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype

McCain-Palin Crowd-Size Estimates Not Backed by Officials

Peter Camejo Passes Away

Hurricane Ike destroys some homes, leaves others unscathed

Writer David Foster Wallace found dead

In Office, Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics

Chinese baby milk scare 'severe'

Greenspan: Country can't afford McCain's tax cuts

Commuter train in fatal wreck ran red light

Palin Claims Right to See All State Files

Farmer stands out amid Bush protesters

Active Role for Palin’s Husband in Alaska Government

Democrats back off on demand for new taxes to balance California budget

Democrats back off on demand for new taxes to balance California budget

Newsweek Poll: Race a Tie, McCain Gains on Some Issues

Terror trial blown away - and it's all George Bush's fault

Forum sells ‘Obama Waffles’ with racial stereotype

Serial blasts rock Delhi; 30 dead, 90 injured

Palin camp clarifies extent of Iraq trip: Says she never ventured beyond Kuwait border

Bolivian government appeals for calm after soldiers retake airport

Group With Swift Boat Alumni Readies Ads Attacking Obama

Gallup Daily: McCain 47%, Obama 45% (".. race now statistically tied.")

U.S. Gives Banks Urgent Warning to Solve Crisis

The preachers’ revolt: Dobson-affiliated church group encourages breaking the law, endorsing candid

Hundreds in Anchorage rally against Palin spot on GOP ticket

Gloves come off :Barack Obama has ripped into 72-year-old John McCain

Passenger plane crashes in Russia : 82 feared dead

McCain gets grilled on "The View"; "She sold the airplane at a loss."

Why Does Sarah Palin Hate Polar Bears?

Ike caused "a few deaths," surges: Chertoff

AP Raw Video: Fire Burns at Houston Landmark

Barack on Change in Concord, NH

New Rules - 9/12/08

Sarah Palin on entitlements

Scott Bateman - Palin ABC Interview

Venezuelan military holds anti-invasion exercises

Edwin Newman and David Letterman discuss presidential debates (1980)

Funny (web?)ad from Annette Taddeo

John McCain - Katrina to Ike - He Keeps Focused!

Obama Yard Sign Stirs Up Neighbors

SLEEPY John McCain

Sarah Palin 20/20 ABC Interview With Charlie Gibson (09/12/08)

Dr Drew Westen on How Democrats should frame their Positions

Green Party activist Peter Camejo dies at 67

The Palin Doctrine

New McCain ad blatantly rips off Obama slogan calling OBAMA "more of the same"

Obama Ad Slamming McCain on Lobbyists

U.S. Shed Blood in Iraq for Money and Oil (Mad World)

Mrs. Palin, just tell us the truth.

Barack Obama`s Full Speech In Manchester, NH

The McCain Gamble

President Bush on Sen. John McCain

Democracy Now: Illegal People: persecuting undocumented workers

Obama Remarks on Hurricane Ike, in Manchester, NH

McCain/Palin: A Bridge to Nowhere Campaign

TheRealNews: Bolivia expels US ambassador

John McCain: No End in Sight

Vicente Fox Favors a North American Union with a Common Currency and Criticizes U.S. Immigration

McCain '08

The 'Terror' DVDs being Delivered In 'Swing States' this weekend

Isn't it Ironic

McCain Bush


Steal Back Your Vote!

Coast Guard Hurricane Ike southeastern Texas Overflight

Obama on Hurricane Ike: During difficult times, Americans come together

Did you hear about McCain's houses?

John McCains Lies Exposed

Outrageous Olbermann Coverage of Sarah Palin

What Would Judge Karen Do to Clarence Thomas?---The Young Turks

wow...over the top, but creative video

Real Time w/ Bill Maher: Paul Begala (Maher: 'I wrote Obama a check when I saw that snarling woman')

Anti Palin Rally Alaska

Dr. Jill Biden Speaks In Dubuque, Iowa

Lisa Nova: The Palin Interview

US troops in Iraq speak out about the war

Howard Dean at University of Iowa this month. Well done video montage.

Alaska Women against Palin threatened before rally

Headzup GoLeft Week In Cartoons


The ultimate reason why you shouldn't vote for Palin.

TYT: John McCain Accidentally Slams Sarah Palin(!)

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Talks About Air America: "The Left Are Just Soreheads"

Temperament and John McCain - My Web Ad

Does John McCain Really Support Our Vets?

Greenspan says country can't afford McCain's tax cuts

If I had a 527 ... John McCain's dishonor

CNN: John McCain Computer "Illiterate"

Controversial film on Islam delivered nationwide

Stranded Galveston residents call in vain for rescues

Writer David Foster Wallace found dead

McCain's Fannie & Freddie Connections (MoJo)

John McCain hates veterans.

Palin Asserts She'll Do Better Than McCain with Whoopi and Barbara

Question: Does Palin's Abstinence Only Policies Apply to Adults?

A Man of Peace Pushed Too Far (HuffPo)

NYT Editorial: Gov. Palin’s Worldview

Sex Drugs and Oil

Free Trade for Golfers

Hate Groups Lobby Congress

Woodward: McCain Privately Pessimistic About Iraq in 2007

Waxman letter to Issa and Davis: Serious abuses at MMS occurred between 2002 and 2006, when you were

Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter?

Michigan Voters being challenged by GOP

The Plan Post-Kim: No Plan

Christian Fundamentalism Permeats the Republican Party: Sarah Palin’s links to the Christian Right

George Soros: A Danish Solution to America's Housing Mess

Palin could rob McCain of Jewish vote

From 2004 but still relevant: Bush's Cult (gross cognitive dissonance)

John McCain Hires Jon Lovitz as His New Ad Man

Economists Warn Anti-Bush Merchandise Market Close To Collapse

Destiny's Child (From Rolling Stone, Feb 2007)

Riddle: When's the Only Time McCain DOESN'T Lie?

TPM reader: She introduced herself to the world by delivering a speech that she knew was a lie.

Independent UK: Violence is down – but not because of America's 'surge'

Carib Chief: 'Marry the same race or risk extinction'

Gov. Palin’s Worldview

McCain Backs Up Story Blaming His Computer Illiteracy on Vietnam

Independent UK: Scramble to save Wall Street

Bush's non-treaty treaty with Iraq "would clearly contravene the US Constitution"

The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket

Fractured Fairy Tales Obama wants to tax water!

Hey guys, I'm begging you. Don't vote for Palen's good looks!

Are we Queen Palins devoted subjects?

Why rednecks may rule the world (Joe Bageant)

'Holy Laughter Annointing' Theology at Palin's Juneau Church

McCAIN: President Run For 'Ambition' NOT Patriotism - Admits ON TAPE!!

McCain ad slams Obama, Senate Democrats on immigration

Army adding 4,200 soldiers in the Pacific

Ex-colonel guilty in paternity case tampering

Bill would let troops appeal to Supreme Court

McCain on FCS: Flip-flop or fib?

House to cover pay gaps for reservist workers

Hearing set in stabbing of basic trainee

Report: 3 reprimanded in pregnant death

Woman charged with theft from military fund

Plant worker pleads guilty in Chinook damage

2008 now most lethal year in Afghanistan

Mo. Guard pay lags for in-state missions

So long, SAW?

Shoulder-fired rocket launcher being developed

Extradition OK’d in lance cpl. slaying

Senate OKs receipt of both survivor benefits

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: The least we can offer

Corpsman says Purple Heart legit

GW set to arrive in Japan on Sept. 25

4th Fleet: Russian bombers not a threat

VA allows voter registration drives

Judge: Disbarred JAG can’t be punished

Okla. Guard fighter wing sent off to Iraq

House lawmakers approve veterans COLA

Mosul faces flourishing insurgency

Iraq: Detainee death cases headed to trial

Mayor says yes to more troops, no to Dal Molin

Army captain in South Korea to face trial in wife’s killing

Congress seeks military language training

Feds sink New Hampshire’s special brew

Advisers: Consolidate Air Force nuke command

Gates to send troops to Afghanistan, not Iraq

Chavez Says US Trying to Topple Him

Conn. monitors for gas price gouging after Ike

Drivers feel Ike's ill winds as gas prices skyrocket (GA)

Gas prices prompt state of emergency declaration from Beshear (KY)

Local Gas Prices Spike in Wake of Ike (FL)

Hurricane Ike expected to pump up gas prices (NY)

Nuclear Power Bill

Canada's gas prices expected to soar

DNC Gay Discrimination Case Heading To Trial

National Geographic: 4,000+ Japan Whale Harvest Not Justified, Experts Say

Palin: U.S. shouldn't 'second guess' defensive military steps taken by Israel

Round Two in Gaza

Jews attacking Jews

Give Livni a chance

Court Quashes Seattle Ballot Initiative on Israel Divestment

Infiltrator stabs boy, 9, in West Bank settlement

Banking Collapse Is Getting Worse, Not Better

No banks closed this week? first Friday since August 15.

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/13/08

A stunning house value plummet (at least to me)

Today in labor history Sept 13 strike resulted in the deaths of three workers

Rescuer says workers crushed by heavy soil (Deadliest involving road construction workers in Ne.)


Custom Obama-Biden bumper stickers for sale

Two Chevron Lawyers Indicted in Ecuador

Bolivian government holds talks with opposition

Georgia v. S. Carolina

Youi have got to be f**ing kidding me. BYU 59 - UCLA 0

Tonight's OSU/USC Game Proves How Deeply Flawed The BCS Is


Just watched "The Hail Mary Game" on ESPN-Classic.

Jack Rabbit Chess Report (September 13): Kosteniuk, Hou to play for women's title

Predict the (first) name of BlueIris's next significant other.

Broccoli 'may help protect lungs' (BBC)

FDA ALERT: Baby Formula from China Contaminated with Melamine

Study Shows Mad Cow Disease Can be Genetic

Eggs Enhance Dieters' Weight Loss

The NRA adds "Iraq was involved with 9/11" bullshit to Wikipedia 9/11 article

Sept 13, 2004: The AWB expired.

grilled flank steak advice needed....

Question: Recipe calls for German chocolate cake mix with pudding.....I have

any uses for old dry yeast?

The Origins of the Universe: A Crash Course

Large Hadron Collider: Scientists launch competition for a funkier name

Peter Fonda Is An Atheist

Natural pest control in the kitchen? LOL

If Copernicus made extraordinary claims...

The Unspeakable Truth of 9/11

Northeast Texas

Anybody in the Galveston area

Twitter report from someone traveling through Houston into Galveston:

I can't help but blame Perry and his adminstration

Galveston residents and officials assess Ike's wrath

Are any of you guys going to CO to campaign before the election?

storm check in

Do not buy an HP 2133 Mini

Weird Firefox 3 theme problem

DU is the font of all knowledge, which is why I am posting this.

Grits, NDP pulling even?

Michele Bachmann at the Values Voters Summit - "comfortable in her skin" and Obama Waffles

Republicans tried to get Ron Paul rally, Rage Against the Machine concert cancelled during RNC

Relax is out of business! Go to Evergreen 1 block north

I'm disappointed. "Flash Gordon" won't have a second season.

Sean Penn is a Great Actor

JOHN LENNON fantasised about having sex with his mother Julia

Scam alert for south central Wisconsin

Obamas not exactly's

Jesse Ventura BODY SLAMS "911 Conspiracy Debunkers", for 30 Minutes!

Time to sign up for voter protection

CaseOhio: Post-Election Audits of the Ohio November 2008 General Election