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The Palin/McCain Doctrine...

Jonny: "The view is so much better from here, Sarah!" Sarah: "I see Russian people."

I realized tonight that John McCain is not a true patriot.

The gimmicky nature of the Palin nomination is wearing thin.

Palin Drops “Bridge to Nowhere” Reference in Speech - NYTimes

No wonder why the BO campaign are no longer going after her!!

Bush Doctrine = Post 9/11 National Security Strategy

Nothing to see here! LOL Drudge pushing hurricane, burying Palin interview

Okay, this "executive experience" thing is not rocket science. Why not

All Things Considered, I Say We Won the Day !

This Bush Doctrine shit needs to be an ad, and soon.

This Bush Doctrine shit needs to be an ad, and soon.


She can pronounce Saakashvili and Ahmadinejad perfectly

She can pronounce Saakashvili and Ahmadinejad perfectly

Do you feel better today than you did a week ago?

Palin Hand Signals for the Fubar Fundie Xtians. Watch the hands during her interview & on the stump

Sarah Moosilini Palin Threw Jesus Under the Bus

National Enquirer: Track Palin is a Junkie

Republico says McCain won day because Palin "seemed to avoid catastrophe in her interview"

New Campaign Slogan: MCCAIN...HEALTHY AS F***ING HORSE!

We, the people, are going to make history this year

Obama had an excellent interview on service tonight

Deer. In. Headlights

Here's Sarah Palin in a nutshell: She is a fucking dilettante!

Sarah Palin on Global Warming (Part 2 of Gibson Interview, boiled down)

GREAT PHOTO: Sarah Palin explains the Bush Doctrine

How? - The answer to every question

Oops, she did it again: Palin Links Iraq to Sept. 11 In Talk to Troops in Alaska...WaPo, pg. 1

++++++ Best Quote from Forum on Service ++++++

Can someone explain to me the mechanics of how McCain voter caging is supposed to happen?

Palin Choice Lets McCain Bypass Evangelicals in Shift to Center

Phalin did not sit down for interview for CNN Revealed specials this weekend but Joe did


Xmas Letter to Obama: How You Could Have Won

Rec this thread if you think the naysayers owe LoneStarNot an apology

Another lying shitty ad by McCain. Another Palin is the victim ad

Wasilla, Alaska resident Anne Kilkenny's letter re.Palin,


Would you describe McCain's running mate as "Bush in a Skirt, but slightly more dangerous"?

*giddy dance giddy dance giddy dance* BIG news coming down the pike!

Ugh, five minutes of my life I'll never get back...Sean Hannity is such an ass...

As mayor of Wasilla, Palin required rape victims to pay $1200 for their exam

How do we make sure that Palin and for that matter McCain to not wear

So, the daughter engages in unprotected pre-marital sex...

Okay...when I hear "Sarah Palin" this is what I think of.....

People I know tell me I don't really have a stake in this election...

Palin challenged Gibson to show where she says global warming isn't man-made

McCain Taps Lobbyist for Transition


IMO. Palin is a lot more of an insider and for a lot longer than we realize.

DU this AOL poll. We can nail Palin !!!!

The GOP thinks the Vice Presidency = Oil and Gas Hustler in Chief

Some Excerpts from Gibson's Second Interview With Palin - Tries to Flip Flop on Global Warming

Who the hell set up the goodbye ceremony for Palin's kid's outfit for today?

Sarah Palin: A sellout and a typical RW woman...

McCain names self-described head of "Washington's premiere lobbying firm" to head transition team

Jimmy Kimmel does the experiment -- what if you put lipstick on a pig? (video)

After watching a nervous, kinda weird Sarah being interviewed - how can anyone fathom Pres Palin?!

Pam Anderson gets all intellectul and "stuff"

"not quite up to speed, but she'll be fine" and "all he was

"not quite up to speed, but she'll be fine" and "all he was

The Ferraro Effect (redux)

14 days to the first debate....

My favorite line from the Palin/Gibson interview

Palin Doesn't Matter, Numbers Do

How dare the librul media attack this poor defenseless hockey mom

How will Palin's interview with ABC impact the race?

Oh, SNAP! (Sorry, I'm on the West Coast)

Governor Failin "bounce" has ZERO effect on electoral college.

The Republicans are "Know-Nothings"

"Damon Condemns Palin" posted yesterday already has over 700K views and about 14K comments

Tomorrow SNL will include Obama appearance

Climate Change Palin advises: We gotta do something about it (AP)

They scrubbed the original Palin interview thread over at

I don't know about you. But, I want to see more Palin interviews

Cindy McCain's glazed eyes

How many here use AOL?

Joe is going to have to walk a careful line, cause the woman is a walking "kick me" sign

Will our ruling elite step in to save us from McSame/Moosellni?


No more GOP Weapons of Mass Destraction!!!! /nt

Remember what it was like before the GOP always nominated dipshits for prez and VP?

HANNITY'S HEAD IMPLODES (spews all over the set) VIDEO

MSNBC/NYT: Obama Plans Forceful Attacks, Sharper Tone w/Speech & New Ads Tomorrow

John McCain explains Gov. Palin what the Bush Doctrine is

Um' Obama was on TV today for the civil service forum and did a GREAT job

Knockdown Palin and the ballgame is over--It's that simple.

The Palin Interviews - Many DUers Don't Realize There Are 2 More Coming!

She's a total zero, who do they think they're fooling?

Well Folks....this was their Pit Bull

So I couldn't watch TV tonight -- was Keith on?

Failed beauty queen smites old letch congressman, leading to election distraction and chaos...

Viral emails-- Fighting back but I need your help

TOONS! (Sorry just can't wipe this lipstick off)

McChange and Paling Palin...OMG...2 weeks of its McWHO

Palin really would have been better off if she'd boned up with these:

Imagining the debates

Well, Charlie, I wrote the answers on the inside of my palm but

If they win they will have stolen it and our work will just be beginning I am afraid...

It was my worst nightmare:

Bum bum bee dum bum bum bee dum dum-

The Lies of John Sidney McCain III

Holy Crap!!! She said Nukular, not once, but twice!!!!

I know what's missing... A viable counter-culture movement

McCain Still Struggling With The Basics

Flash: McCain Campaign says the Gov. Palin is ugly

Obama Needs to Release a Sarah Palin 'Daisy Ad'

Showing a Confidence, in Prepared Answers

Chuck Todd said the Palin selection will

Obama to Pressure McCain on Openness

The Palin interview was a thing of beauty.

Should Obama publicly address the danger of the election being stolen

McCain and Palin's Top 20 Lies, Myths and Flip-Flops

Lipstick, mooseburgers... where's beef?

Is it my imagination, or has CNN turned into a news organization?

Okay everyone time to attack

"If it isn't broken then no need to fix it" (The UnOfficial Dem Platitude spot)

Who is the guy on GMA?? He is really attacking Palin saying that she

Why do Republican WJ callers only speak in Talking-Pointese?

I can see the moon from my house, so that makes me an aeropace engineer.

Note: Palin *never* was able to comprehend the Bush Doctrine in ABC interview

AOL poll result may surprise you.

just tuned in.. Joe S. looks depressed... his dream girl turned out to be a dud?

Does McLame agree with the "Bush Doctrine" or Palin's Rambling "Imminent Threat" Standard?

So Obama won't do the "town halls" with McCain.

so MSNBC only plays McCrap's ads?

CNN: Candidates on the Issues segment is MISLEADING people about Obama's positions on the issues.

TOONS: Believe It Or Not, More Pig/Lipstick Cartoons!

A $40 Billion dollar pipeline that will soon bring Gas to

Palin's Revealing Red-Neck

She should have blinked. Caribou Barbie is not ready. Now, it can't be denied.

Analysis: McCain's claims skirt facts, test voters

David Sirota: GOP Ticket Puts Zealotry First

Was last night Sarah Palin's "Potatoe" moment?

Bush Doctrine = Sovereignty

Take the 'L' out of Palin...

Anyone else notice Palin's spoken with Randy Scheunemann's former client, Georgia's Saakashvili.

McLame Camp: Palin's Book-Banning Inquiries Were Only Hypothetical

With Iran and others starting to use national gas powered cars

The differences in the language between Obama & McCain.

Barack Obama Spotted at the Parker Meridien (NYC)

The pundit roundup - keeping the race as close as possible. After

Teaser/Advance video of tonight's Palin (on 20/20) interview leaked from ABC NEWS

If Palin and a Moose where thrown out of a plane who would hit the ground first?

Watching Sarah Palin Think Is Like Watching A Sea Turtle Lay Its Eggs

McCain unsteady on feet?

At troop deployment ceremony, Palin links 9/11 to Iraq.»

On CNN, the stupid talking head is telling Koch the book banning is a lie.

Can someone fill me in? what am I missing?

America, save me from four more years of this:

Direct Link to Anti-Sarah Palin petition: Here is what I wrote in the comments

Wasn't that downright painful?

Just saw Obama's "Lobbyist" ad on CNN.... AWESOME

Next question for Palin: "What is the Powell Doctrine...

Obama STRIKES Back: IT IS ON...NYT announces Obama's new AGGRESSIVE campaign

Uber-idiot Palin links Iraq with 9/11..

GOP campaign downplays Palin book-banning inquiry

Obama wrote his acceptance speech?

Sarah Palin job interview tips

Here are some bumper stickers with magnetic backs I have ordered

Ever increasing violent hurricanes, but off-shore drilling baby, off-shore drilling.

Why the hell wouldn't we "second-guess" Israel? WTF?

Why was Cindy McCain at the 9/11 memorial event?

Gingrich: Palin Bush Doctrine Answer Reflects Lessons Learned - depends on definition of "imminent"

Palin on World Affairs: Just not Ready for Prime Time (Juan Cole)

A great rant about Palin on the Moderate Independent

Last night McCain said "Reform Washington." Obama said, "TRANSFORM"

Sarah Palin vis-ŕ-vis football:

This time its personal.

So you don't believe in the end of times prophecy?

So you don't believe in the end of times prophecy?

McCain: Mr. Straight Talk? Common theme is press calling BS on McLame's smears and distortions.

Obama mocks McCain as computer illiterate

Obama mocks McCain as computer illiterate

Joe Biden was the far superior pick to Hillary Clinton, and it's

McCain up 3 in Rasmussen today (McCain 49, Obama 46 with leaners)

Two new Obama ads

PLOUFFE MEMO: Heading into the Final Stretch

for us workers who work at home

Morning Joe got one thing right this morning -Americans like to WIN

Has anyone noticed that McPalin is trying to equate economy with energy

When McCain's lies collide! The "C" word and Cindy drug use story.

Is it true Obama will be on SNL tomorrow? Hurrican Ike will have just devastated Texas

On CNN, the stupid talking head is telling Koch the book banning is a lie.

Disturbing: "you have to be wired in a way of being so committed to the mission..."

How can you change something you know nothing about?

"Well, look at 1992. Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas, and look where he is now."

Obama, have you hired this guy yet?

The "soft bigotry of low expectations" and the "Bush Doctrine" question.

Gibson: "Do you support the Monroe Doctrine?" Palin: "In what sense, Charlie?"

The Better Obama does, the more he drops in the polls, the worse Palin performs

The New Obama ad, a thought:

I just saw 2 new Obama ads: "Change" and "1982"

New poll reflects how assholes, dopes, & other personality types may vote in the upcoming election

Palin certainly isn't the smartest person possible for VP/POTUS

McMansion is now showing senility

The "Maverick" Neocon

Sarah Palin pushed to remove Pastor's book from bookstores (confirmed)

I'm volunteering for Obama today in Concord, NH

Sarah Palin is a fool who needs to be poked in the eye....

"I have not [met any heads of state]. I think if you go back in history and if you ask that question

Why they chose Palin & what to do about it

Question I wish someone would ask Palin

It's may 2009 and Palin is POTUS McCain falls ill

We need to take McCain's advantage (Palin) and make it a

I believe I know what happened...

McCain Aide: Whoever is President Will Have to Raise Taxes

Obama: don't be like this. There are times to get mad.

New nickname for Palin "Neo-con Parrot Barbie"

Will CorpMedia Stand Up about McCain?

Blizzard of LIES-By Paul Krugman

How the HELL can someone say the "Bush Doctrine question was crap?"

I have met 3 foreign leaders....I can haz be VP?

Palin Flip-Flops on Whether Global Warming Man-Made; Falsely Claims She Never Suggested Otherwise

The saddest thing about McCain

GWB: "The man we need is John McCain."

I am not qualified to be President or Vice why would I vote for somebody LIKE ME?

maybe a stretch, but how chummy was McCain and Phil Gramm in the 90s?

Short video - "John Mccain - Lost in Space" - - devastating - he contradicts himself over and over

Sarah Palin: God's gift to Women? What do you think............

Tell the truth: Palin is a VERY CLOSE heartbeat away from the Presidency.

McCain is running for president! Can we concentrate on him

Obama Maintains Lead in Battleground Michigan

Vote for Obama, or McCain will draft your children.

There is a lot of negativity here because of the media attention on Palin and the polls.

So this morning, I don't see any Palin 'worship trolls' in the usual haunts..

"The Palin interview"--James Fallows

Charlie Gibson's horrible sexist interview

The "Disrespectful" ad isn't really about sexism. That's the surface message only.

FACT CHECK says McCain broke 9/11 pledge not to air ads (AP)

Battle for Congress now competitive?

Exposed ... Palin and how she did in ABC interview


Exposed....Palin and How she did in ABC interview

the only polls that matter are the first tuesday in november

Is McCain planning to switch Romney for Palin?

There's only ONE WAY that the Gov. of Alaska is "like me" (as the pundits say)...

The Palin nomination: "To see the ridiculous is comic; to be ridiculous is tragic."

Palin Casually Speaks of War with a Nuclear Armed Russia

Sarah Palin

Palin so cheapens our venerable political traditions, we might as well choose our leaders by lotto

My friend is in NY and called to tell me she saw Obama tonight

Obama's strategy needs to include the following:

Today's ads are a start, but we need the BOMB, BOMB IRAN/WAR with RUSSIA/LOOSE CANNONS AD asap

Memo From Obama`s Campaign Manager David Plouffe: Heading into the Final Stretch

Memo From Obama`s Campaign Manager David Plouffe: Heading into the Final Stretch

Pittsburgh P-G opinion article on McCain (Tony Norman): "Where have you gone, John McCain?

Palin youtube idea: compare Paris and Britney's comments

Okay everyone, here's the deal... we just had two VERY good days in a row.

What I've learned since the Palin interview:

McCain's sad pathetic story comes full circle...

.AP: "Palin tries to defend qualifications in interview" (Good one!)

Is Bert thinking of dropping Ernie for Grover?

What's up with Washington?

Have you read Mike Malloy's "questions" by Gibson for Palin?

NY Observer: Clintons being asked to do very little by Obama campaign

UPDATE: AP Destroys McCain Today! If He's Lost the AP.......

The person who got Sarah ready for ABC

The 2008 Patriot Corps Have Taken The Field (Feingold/Progressive Patriots Fund)

To Obama: PLEASE make an ad about Palin making rape victims pay $1200 for exam. Only in Wasilla.

McCain/Palin graded on a "curve" by the MSM

You won't believe how this newspaper poll is worded.

Public Service Announcement to All Trolls and Lurking Freepers:

Gallup: White women are not shifting more than others because of Palin

Sarah "Moosehunter" Palin...

Naming Palin VP is like naming Brownie Head of FEMA

Sarah Palin does belong in the white house.

McCain exposed in his new smear ad: how disrespectful that uppity negro is doesn't he know his place

The best thing about DU's spell check

McCain Broke 9/11 Truce

John and Cindy McCain on "the View" this

Will all the "sexism" talk actually hold up all the way until November?

Palin is the Political Conversation the GOP wants

WTF, Chuck? DO YOUR JOB!!! Ask her what she means by "legitimate & enough" intelligence!

It's the economy....

McCain adviser says next president must raise taxes

How much $ would it take to provide earmarks for all Americans at the same rate that Palin bagged?

You're fools if you think that Mr. McCain & Ms. Palin can't win...

"The first thing I will say to (her) is thank you, thank you for showing what women are able to do"

McCain seems to have pulled slightly ahead in the Electoral Vote but has he really??

if you haven't see this you absolutely have to-Its AWESOME

Thoughts on John F. Harris's "Bill Clinton's Advice to Barack Obama"

Why is Sarah Palin allowed to wear an Alaska Flag Pin? Does she still think Alaska comes first??

Alaskans for Obama

Evidently the talking points today are

"Let's start, because we are near Russia, let's start with Russia". ~ Charlie Gibson

For the naysayers and panic-ers: Debate Schedule

More than anything else that Caribou Barbie said yesterday....

I think they secretly HATE EACH OTHER (((PICS)))

We all already know this but it bears repeating: Lord, Mika is an idiot!

Panic panic!

Scarborough: Media will talk about "[w]hatever the McCain campaign wants us to talk about, because

WP: McCain Camp are "seriously considering" having McCain and Palin campaign together on the road

When is someone going to point out that it is McCain's defense of Palin that is sexist...

Yes, It's the economy stupid--and don't forget health care!!

LA Times chimes in: "New election low: distorting the fact-checking"

Honesty and Honor

If the Dems lose this election, this is what they need to do

Local ABC News just did a great ad for Palin.

McCain Taps Lobbyist For Transition Help

Too Casual About a Potential Cataclysmic War by Steven Clemons

Sarah Palin’s tough-girl image a tad unsettling

So, when is ABC going to have a multi-day interview with Biden?

Real Clear Politics sais we are STILL WINNING.

Obama Ads + 527 Ads = Total Strategy

Great point on Morning Joe (I think Scarborough was a McCain supporter in 2000)

"VoteForChange" please distribute for Easy Voter Registration!!!

Anyone else notice that Palin repeated RW radio jock memes just like a Freeper?


Palin and Obama are both in favor of taxing windfall profits by big oil companies, McCain is against

Barack Obama's One-Stop Voter Registration Site!

Prediction for the weekend

Palin's next tough interview? Sean Hannity. Maybe she can do Rush after that.

2 New Obama Ads--Verdict: THEY SUCK

This Push Poll info will SURELY piss you off...and you can do something about it.

TIME: 'Palin Meets the Mainstream Media' (positively spinning the Palin/Gibson interview)


After a very good night for our side.... I see the "concern" bots are logging in....

I borrowed this photo from one of FrenchieCat's threads.

The hunting video will be shown at our Hunting club tonight

I think we ought to trust "No Drama Obama" more...So far his instincts have been right

Polls are like movie reviews, they don't really move people like they used to

"In what respect, Charlie? '


Lets Stay Focused Folks

Defenders of Wildlife vs. Palin: 'Brutal' - new commercial on aerial wolf hunting - gruesome

"Eight years of the Truth, not four more years of lies"

Is McCain running a "lipstick on a pig" ad? I thought I heard on the View

Ohio Poll: McCain up by four, but quarter of voters have not made definite pick

Paul Krugman: Blizzard of Lies

Hey, Obama, That's More Like It! Good Line!

President Bill Clinton's military experience

I had a very bad dream. I was voting and the choices were Palin/Cheney and Clinton/Obama.


If you don't trust Obama to run his own campaign, how will you EVER trust him

Rodger Schlickeisen, Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

Only Bloodthirsty, Lazy, ELITISTS Hunt From Helicopters

Palin: No Laughing Matter?

McCain Camp concede Palin asked on 3 occasions how library would react to attempts at banning books

Has anyone in the media pointed out the fact that McPalin rushed

Palin's Dangerous Sabre Rattling on Russia:

McSame's getting testy with the View ladies

NATO & Nuclear War sound-byte

The simple rule that the Obama commercial makers forget

The "Likely Voter" Models for These Polls Need To Be Adjusted

Palin's intervew must be a bigger disaster than even I thought it was,

I have been wondering if McLame is wearing elevated shoes. He is 5'7", but he walks uncomfortably as

Maybe I missed something - WHY is ROVE still running around FREE???

Obama should agree to the townhalls but insist that

This thread gave me Rovian thoughts


Campaign Realpolitik: "Fair" Doesn't Really Matter-Effective & Persuasive Do

Looks like I was right yesterday. Palin's next interview is with...

"I fear for my country"-Gov Tony Knowles & other Alaska Dems-warn NOT to underestimate Sarah Palin

Russia and Alaska neighbors? Not so fast.

McLame Surrogate: "while not yet totally prepared on the issues, she clearly is getting there."

McLame Surrogate: "while not yet totally prepared on the issues, she clearly is getting there."

If one tenth of one percent of the people registered here are actually

Has Sarah Palin Motivated the Very Voters That Obama Needs to Win?

Joe, Mika, Pat, and Willie

Paul Reiser rant

I think McCain is peaking early

Obama should do ads on energy, the economy, and health care.

So having a computer these days equals elitism?

Have you notice that no matter what BO's campaign does

Ohio Poll (University of Cincinnati) has McCain up -- 48% to 44%

What if Palin had admitted to Charles Gibson that she did not know what the Bush Doctrine was?

Help a non hunter out here would you? Wolves, is hunting them just for sport?

NPR on Pennsylvania voters and racial bias

So why is lipstick on a pig so much worse than lipstick on a pit bull?

So why is lipstick on a pig so much worse than lipstick on a pit bull?

Sarah & Teddy - BFFs, huh......?

Considering the total lack of coverage of certain facts from InSane's past, why doesn't the

I just got this e-mail from a friend and episcopalian rector

It's The Friday News Cycle. Do You People Want Obama to Waste His Best Commercials

Anybody know the demographics if the "undecided" in the polls???

Let's have some fun! I'm going as Sarah Palin for Halloween! Share your costume/personae ideas!

"Bush in a dress."

Sarah Palin Knew About Rape Kit Billing Policy

Guess who isn't attending this weekend's "Values Voters Summit"?

Photo of the Day

I Find Media Stories Praising Palin's "Femininity" Offensive. Slam On Other Female Politicians?

Good interview with Joe Biden on Saturday on CNN, interviewer very positive and sympathetic to him

The better question is...Is Palin thinking of dropping McCain?

"Obama 268 McCain 270"

I can't get the Washington Post story to load. Does anyone have the whole article?

$50 says that someone will strap a Blackberry to McCain in the next two days.

Why Not Knowing The Bush Doctrine Matters A Lot

Today, I am not thinking about McCain or Palin

Rasmussen Poll of Missouri: McCain 51% (+1) Obama 46% (+2)

lots of animals in this election

Wanna see Hannity get his ass handed to him on a plate? (Robert Kutner)

Local paper on-line poll

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund comes out with strong ad against Palin

HEY Obama and DNC - How about putting out a TV public

Clueless Palin Peddles Cliches Under Gibson's Glare: Commentary - Bloomberg

Sarah Palin. What a weasel. A born bullshitter.

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Dover, NH****

McCain and Palin... "It's yesterday forever" with them.

The Defenders of Wildlife ad will sway lots of middle ground women AWAY from the republican ticket--

Media suppressing new McCain Gaffe?

Gallup Tracking Poll: McCain 48% (no change) Obama 45% (+1)

Just watched some clips of McPain's interview with the View ladies.

Will the Obama campaign run ass during the OSU-USC game

Palin tried to send a stand-in to an Alaska gubernatorial debate!

Palin tried to send a stand-in to an Alaska gubernatorial debate!

Rec this thread if you can do without all the 'Concern' being espoused here

McSame deserves to be branded a Liar. But will he be?

The CNN dumb talking head just said the book banning is a lie.

Whatever Obama does, will they let him back into the game?

Obama will be asked NATO question within 24 hours:

Ad idea: "me, too, McCain": elitist, out of touch, scornful of the middle class

Say what you will, but I agree with McCain here:

Palin to deny she is in favor of aerial Wolf Blitzer hunting

Which campaign has the more effective ad agency?

Barak Obama is going to raise taxes on everyone...!!!

Obama's "Computer" Ad - One Step Forward, Two Back!

McCain/Palin button-- What WILL we tell the children?

But of Course........Hannity next in line for Palin interview.

"Fair and balanced' on deck: Hannity next in line for Palin interview.»

Emory University political scientist says: Barack Obama by 54 percent

I think McCain's appearance on 'The View' will hurt him with women.

Obama's two new ads are shit, but...and it's a big BUT...

ABC milking Palin for all she's worth (graphic)

Was there an explanation for the huge airline charges for Palin's kids?

Question: Is the "McLame is computer illiterate" ad running on teevee anywhere or is it a web ad?

Palin's Lies, Ctd

Guess who's on deck for Palin's next interview....

Hand wringers: Obama's new ad

TNR: How Obama should frame McCain


Did you all hear McCain admit he is "out of touch" with regular people at the forum last night?

Sarah Palin: Low Information Candidate

Rove mischaracterized Obama's, Palin's records on earmarks

MSNBC Says McCain's Distored Ads/slash & burn campaign is backfiring

Palin in Carson City NV on Saturday at 5.00 pm

Bookmark this post - this is how Sarah Palin is gonna possible best Biden in a debate....

Obama Camp release Biden's tax returns for the last 10 years - Call on McCain to release Palin's

If McCain and Palin win, this country has doomed itself

McCain Issues Challenge-Think Progress Takes Him On & Gives Us The Ammo

Lying McCain - It's Become Pathological (Josh Marshall)

Palin: Republican Messiah?

An ad I'd like to see (but don't have the "technical prowess" to do)

Will Palin's interview with Charlie Gibson help or hurt the McCain-Palin campaign?

Proximity: Palin on Alaska and Russia!

Sarah Palin the 750 Mile Foreign Policy Expert

GOP campaign signs at a prospective employer

What are the current McCain talking points?

Study: Charges of biased Palin coverage don't hold water

What Gibson Missed Entirely?

New McCain Lie: Palin Took No Earmarks as Governor


I wish the Obama campaign would release the August fundraising numbers

The new Obama ad: "Lobbyists"

The new Obama ad: "Lobbyists"

I do have one complaint with the Obama campaign

Diageo/Hotline 9/12/08 - Obama 45 (+1), McCain 44 (-2)

James Fallows: The Palin interview

Oh, please, please - let Joe Biden go on the Charlie Rose show. Can you imagine

Nailin’ Palin

Obama has a really important message for everyone.

GALLUP: McLame 48, Obama 45 (+1) - Race moves closer

Sarah Palin Denies Global Warming, Says Polar Bears Not Endangered

Is It Just Me or Does The Tide Feel Like Its Turning Today?

Biden should answer the first debate question, "In What Respect , (first name of questioner)?

Sarah Palin and Princess Diana

Who is this lightweight filling in for Ed Shultz today?

Clean-up in aisle three (McCain on Palin Earmark history(

Please excuse the cattiness...but Tucker Bounds has GOT to be the biggest weenie...

Does anyone think "Perhaps so." (in response to war with Russia question) might

Democrat Vs Democratic

Does John McCain Hate America?

DU This Poll On Larry King`s Site: Who will make a better VP?

"In what respect, Charlie?"

The problem with DRILL BABY DRILL: gas rationing in Charlotte NC

What Is This Plan of God Sarah Palin Keeps Talking About?

Barak Obama is going to raise taxes on everyone...!!!

Caption not necessary?

Best political ad of the year - and not by either of the prez candidates

More Track Palin and Levi Johnston Dysfunction

Question for DU hunters: What do your hunting friends think of aerial hunting?

Palin is not Hillary Clinton

Question re: elction/voter fraud shenanigans: Didn't Obama set up

Sarah Palin: Not Ready For Prime Time

No Further Caption Required

Here is a list of the latest batteground polls, Quinnipiac is a good poll


Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama 45% (+1) McCain 44% (-2)

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/12/08 - Obama 45, McCain 48 (O down 1, M up 2)

New McGutter talking point . . .

Palin NeanderDoll

“A Tool of Satan”: Gov. Palin, Evangelicals, Big Oil and Global Warming

So when is Palin going to go on The View?

Obama Campaign: We are going to respond with greater ferocity and speed to McCain's lies

OMG McCain can't quit talking about Palin.

Truce Over, Obama Comes Out Swinging. Biden Unleashed.

George Bush in a dress.

This Pig Can't Fly

Palin: U.S. Must Be Prepared to Fight Russia

Do-It-Yourself Campaign Ads - great idea from Chris Bowers

Could somebody edit Palin's Q&"A" about the Bush doctrine into this video?

Ouestion: Which Countries would NOT want Obama to be Pres?

Nasty Anti-Obama Push Poll Launched In Ohio

Josh Marshall: McCain's lie of the day (video)

Lame Post Alert - but - Our guys are so handsome

Town Halls

Sarah Palin's Foreign Policy Experience in Two Seconds!

McCain/ Palin: For funding stem-cell research.

Give me a f-ing break - McCain defends Palin on book-banning, says questions were 'hypothetical'

Beauty Pageant Answers In the Crucible of Democracy.

Palin Friday Frivolity!

Palin's next inteviewer? FOXnews's Hannity

People I am honestly confused. Can ANYONE think of one DAMN GOOD reason to vote McCain/Palin???

I'm going to sue McCain and Palin for causing me to mess up my diet.

He got away with it again on "The View"

The Daily Widget – Fri 9/12 – O-264, M-274 – Twenty New Polls: Is This the Best McCain Can Do?

Top Eight Reasons to Vote for McStrange

I can't help but think of this video whenever I hear Palin's "in what respect, Charlie" quote.

We're winning a aol news poll.. lol

Pamela Anderson Does Not Like Sarah Palin One Bit

Barack Obama is smarter than you.

Question, are the posters who are complaining about the new

Question, are the posters who are complaining about the new

Charging rape victims for rape kits started under Mayor Sarah Palin...

Wingnuts Twist Themselves In Knots

McBoring to go underground this weekend while Sarahbelle flies solo

I think Obama's campaign is actually chipping away at McCain's honor.


So we'e got a geriatric who can't send an email and a sociopathic creationist and some how they

The McCain-Palin Culture War Armageddon: It's headed our way.

What if it's not the media? What if it'

PHOTOSHOP: John McCain: maverick image vs. corporate toady reality

Palin-tology (Unearthing What She Means)

VOTE EARLY, vote by mail, absentee voting links for ALL 50 STATES here:

Anyone on the Texas Coast - please see the videos in this thread

"I'm just like you."

"I'm just like you."

Scathing NYT Editorial today: A Message From John McCain

McCain fumbles Palin’s record on earmark requests - during feisty grilling on ABC’s "The View" (AP)

New Poll: Biden has a better fav/unfavorable rating than Palin

I think Obama should start calling himself a "Maverick"

U.S. firm ambushed again in Afghan south, 23 dead

More conservative bloggers panic over Palin interview ... link

Phone number for Opinion Access Corp: 888.489.DATA (anti-Obama push-pollers)

In defense of Obama's new "McCain doesn't do email" ad

WTF ALERT: McLame-Phalin just released a radio ad promoting... Stem Cell Research.

DU this poll about Palin's interview

I Am Getting A Lot Of Negative Energy From This Site

John McCain: Putting Country choosing a former

McCain and Palin's Top 20 Lies, Myths and Flip-Flops

In what respect, Charlie Gibson?

Daily Kos/Research 2000 tracking Poll: Obama 47 McCain 46 (complete crosstabs here)

Hey, if it'll help...script your own Obama ad right in this here thread.

A great gauge on how bad Palin did with ABC's Gibson:

Here it is, the big breaking story, Lonestar was right!!

Anyone see Karl Rove on Faux?

Naomi klein on MSNBC RIGHT NOW!!!

So THAT'S what Paul Reiser's been doing since Mad About You ...

Wow, the AP is actually practicing journalism (re: earmarks)

STOP THE PRESSES - McCain Did NOT Wear A Lapel Pin On 9/11!!!!!

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

McSame/PaiLIEn's Horrible Terrible No-Good Very Bad Day

A little info on CNN's upcoming biographies of Biden and Palin

Is the Obama campaign even using the McCain supporter HRC slur?

Whoever Is Creating Campaign Ads for Obama Needs To Be Fired Today

I think Palin has defined vamping in two different ways.

This "Lipstick" bull may end up being one of the greatest things to happen to Obama's campaign!

Greasy slob Mark Penn offers his take on the election so far (and it's decent)

Interesting on NPR yesterday: Does Race Matter In '08? The View From York, Pa.

Tim Johnson: Palin's Experience Claims "Laughable," McCain "Hard To Work With"

So it looks as if ABC had to agree to no questions on TrooperGate

Here's a crazy idea: The M$M is only in it for the DRAMA and RATINGS

What's the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom?

Why won't Obama run the ad with Karl Rove mocking Kaine's experience?

Interesting - Discussed the ABC Palin Interview With A Real Independent

RE: Service Forum - McLame said several times that he wants to

So when is Sarah Palin going on "The View"?

Palin wants to offer $150 bounty for shooting wolves!

If youre like me and dont watch the View...Wolf on CNN is highlighting...

NOW: Alaska Legislature Considers Voting on Subpoenas in Trooper-Gate

When it comes to foreign policy, Sarah Palin doesn't know what she's talking about.

If you agree with this, forward to Barack

If YOU Don't Like The Campaign Ads, CALL The Obama Campaign!

"It's clear John McCain would rather lose his integrity, then lose an election."

AP quotes Palin---War with Russia: "Perhaps so" Purest Definition of batshit crazy

msnbc just reported that Todd Palin was subpoenaed & more!

Remember the primaries?

---WOW, Just WOW---another Palin SNAFU over Troopergate---

Is there anything MORE SEXIST than charging Rape Victims for rape kits they need?

I think the 1982 Out of Touch ad is going to resonate...

Borowitz: Palin Uses Magic 8-Ball in ABC Interview


I'm afraid my inner totalitarian is being brought out


When John McStrange picked Palin, did he pick "a pig in a poke"?

When John McStrange picked Palin, did he pick "a pig in a poke"?

McCain Issues A Challenge: ‘Nobody Can Name’ An Issue I Have Flip-Flopped On

Gibson on Palin: Too Bad Russert Isn't Around

Rush Limbaugh: A Vote For John McCain is a Vote Against John McCain

Please rate this! THANKS!

A Palin Theocracy

So is McCain dismissive and dickish to all women or just the women on The View?

Why Isn't Hillary Taking on Palin?

Obama camp lays a BIG SMACKDOWN on warmonger McPALIN's "View" appearance

Hotline Poll-Presidential Race Remains Close-Obama-45% McWalkingCane 44%

Why Doesn't Somebody Call McCain Out When He Says The Campaign Needn't Be Negative If Barack .....

Tonight's ABC tidbit: Palin still insists she never supported Bridge to Nowhere

Wash Post's E. J. Dionne: McCain "running a disgraceful, dishonorable campaign"

The reason for McCain gains in Polls...Bob Barr losing support

I called the Obama campaign and I told them to ignore Sarah Palin and focus on McCain.

John Dean: Palin Does NOT Meet Constitutional Qualifications For Vice Presidents


Obama should agree to weekly town halls with McCain

I Can't Deal with Sarah Palin's Ignorance

ABC: Dear Senator McCain-Please Stop Lying

Rimjob is in love...

Can any of you political brainiacs please explain to me why the Dem Party...

She is wired that way? To be decisive?

She is wired that way? To be decisive?

How do I know that Palin's interview last night was a total disaster for her?

We are not "Fretting", Obama is not "Struggling", That's a Rovian tactic.

Palin in Retreat: The Official Facebook Sarah Palin VP fan page taken down after ABC Interview.

Strategy for the debates: do not be afraid of offending fundies

Obama contact number: "A valid attendant number has not been specified. Goodbye."

At the '84 Olympics I shook hands with Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali.

Howard Schweber (Huffington Post): "Message to Obama: SAY SOMETHING"

PRES CLINTON: Sen. Obama will win & win handily," Good article & PLEASE DU THIS POLL !!!!

Wow, what does this CNN screenshot tell you?

American Conservative: Palin is a liar

British finally getting into US Presidential ads. Here's one...

can you say 'uncomfortable'? ~ mccain't

Vote for Change

Even Imus said this morning that Palin was "drowning" in the ABC interview....

McCain broke truce, aired negative ad on 9/11, dishonored 3000 American dead

Poll: What should be the focus of the Obama campaign?

"Change is Coming!"

The obsession with Palin continues.

No one talked much about the "Bush Doctrine"

McCain out of touch ad: I get it now. ITS A GOOD IDEA!!!

Sick gender politics. Sick and cynical. There are just no words

Negative campaigning works

Obama: When workers hear McLame talk about 'Country First', it's fair to ask "which country?"

What percentage of Democrats voted for Kerry in 2004?

John McCain divorces John McCain

Tony Auth said it best today

Joe Conason: The two faces of John McCain

"The Bridge of Embarrassment" Yahoo title Sarah and Charlie

BTW just because Palin says she "is ready" doesn't mean she

Should someone that wants the world to end have control of nuclear weapons?

Excellent article..must read for women

Hate to say it - but I am now voting for McCain

This election is like 1960 -- Obama CAN Win

50-State Strategy in action - Obama opening HQ in central Arkansas tomorrow:

Interesting Article on Debates

Les Misbarack

Where is this video?

Palin: I was wearing a T-Shirt with the zipcode but not everyone in that community wanted the bridge

What Are The Most Obvious Questions Big Media Is Not Asking John McCain?

The media has been pushing the palin distraction. She is NOT running for president

The Generals

The Generals

Alaska Judiciary committe subpoenas Todd Palin and 12 others

For Disgruntled Hillary Supporters Who Switch To The McCain Revolution

McCain, pre-Palin, October 2007: Mayors And Governors Can't Handle National Security

Sarah Palin is rapidly turning into the best asset Barack Obama has!

Next President to Reshape Supreme Court

Big Media - Political Coverage Is Like Access Hollywood - Its A Popularity Contest

Luckovich on Palin and the "Bridge to Nowhere."

Van Hollen's lawsuit will muck up election, voting officials say

First she rattles war with Russia, then bosses Arnold,

Not sure where to post this: Can you tell me about canvassing?

Any psychologists have an opinion on Palin's performance?

It's the "Goofenator Palin's" chances against Joe Biden Poll!

Palin husband among 13 subpoenad in Troopergate probe

> Carol McCain -- the first Mrs. John McCain

Are The Netroots Being Played By Rove?

This is why I love DU, and Obama.

I remember watching Dubya in debates and interviews in 2000 and say----

Why isn't anyone asking Mc lier or Palin about her charging rape victims for rape kits

Bumper Sticker Ideas

"Fox & Friends" hosts want to know if Obama has "traveled outside the United States"

ABC: Palin thinks Obama regrets not choosing Clinton

You know, I think we owe a debt of thanks to Gov. Palin

Has Sarah Palin ever been to St. Lawrence or Little Diomede?

Palin on ABC: My earmarks were ok because the requests came through our "research divisions"...

Our Kids Education under Obama/Insane

And I thought the PUMAS were dead here on DU?

Did Palin illegally campaign from Wasilla mayor's office?


Foppish never did a days work in his life Orrin Hatch wanders off the reservation-

McClatchy: Biden tax returns prove he's not wealthy by Senate standards

Fox Noise is lying again

Wouldn't Russia be justified under the Bush

"Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War !"

Anyone have a close-up blow up of McCain's eyes from the service forum last night?

McCain 2007 statement disqualifies Palin

"OMG Teh Cub Scouts!!!" (McCain 'Sex-Ed' Ass-hattery). Go GET them!

Yeah--You and Whose Army?

Are We That Shallow, Which Is Why Big Media Political Coverage Sucks?

Palin reverses position on climate change

Alaska Under Sarah Palin Has - The Highest Rape Rate Of Any State

Is our PTSD from having two elections stolen from us causing us to give up? It shouldn't.

Rovian trick: Energize the Repuke base, demoralize ours!

For my 1000th post I have but ONE WORD TO SAY!!!

Obama: McCain wrong on tanker

The crazy lady from the movie Jesus Camp was at the GOP convention?



Good article about Palin's wolf hunts

Who was getting the money for the bridge to nowhere?

Two High-Ranking McCain Campaign Officials Lobbied For Companies At Center of Sex-For-Oil Scandal

BREAKING: Palins Husband & Others To Be Subpoenaed In Troopergate

Other Charlies Interview Sarah Palin

McClatchy: McCain-Palin Out Of Line-now lying in their immigration ads too

Why isn't Obama running ad's like these?

Will Democrats Be Conned Into Blaming Their Candidate Again?

So Insanity will interview Palin next week!! Hey Sarah, how about a press conference?

Alaska's Family Violence record

Vetting Palin .... Can you see Russia from Alaska? Yes you can from ....

Youtube Comments a focus of McCain Campaign? If so, we need to fight back!

An ad idea.

"Women Against Sarah Palin"

California senator: 'Extremist' Palin not qualified to be VP

Will America Choose The Stupid?

And let the games begin; Planned Parenthood releases tough new ad against McCain and sex-ed

---Some ASSHAT former AK GUB Candidate on Tweety was just trying to bolster---

The best Obama ad of the day

What would you call this person?

"Palin Defends Earmark Requests; McCain Denies She

Republicans are VERY scared!!

Just a piece of advice: When pigs fly,

I hope that I am in line behind Sarah Palin .....

Besides oversampling Repubs, is there any other explanation for McCain's poll numbers? Also, explain

Good grief, a "McCain can't use a computer" ad?

McCAIN And Torture - The Most Frightening Flip-Flop Of Them All

Great Advice:

Equality means Equal Rights, not Special Rights

Help boost America's immune system:

"It's clear that John McCain would rather lose his integrity than lose an election."

Haley Barbour, and its secretary of state have come up with a particularly cynical dirty trick for

Missouri Poll: "ready to be president?" Palin, 43% - 42%. Biden 51%-30.

I Don't Know About You, But I LOVE This Pic:

Gibson's 'Bush Doctrine' Question Was Crap

Grand Theft Motto

"Wingnuts At Play" -- Joe Klein Eviscerates the Neocon Smear Machine!

Just a piece of advice. When pigs fly...

Thank you Charlie Gibson

A Momentous Disregard for the Country's Well-Being.

The Debates will Make of Break this Election for the Democrats

It's not about the color of our candidate's skin

So the local Republican HQ moved in right next door.......

CHECKMATE: "Two Top McCain Officials Lobbied For Oil-For-Sex Scandal Companies" - TPM/Huff

Dear Track Palin: Stay safe!

Money talks. Donate till it hurts.

The Old Man and the C word

Oops I did it again

SP: Earmarks for requests from Alaskan Research Division which she ignored in re Moose popul

The Obama campaign dispatches Texas supporters to New Mexico

Obama's new ad hit's McCains lobbyist ties link inside

"Bush Doctrine" Wikki edited hundreds of times, then quoted.

Go Figure, The Ladies at "The View" do the job of journalists w/ video.

Reassure me on McCain's computer use and POW injuries

Anyone who does not know what the "Bush Doctrine" is has no buisness

---Palin Links Iraq to Sept. 11 In Talk to Troops in Alaska----

(Xpost from GD) OMG! discovers unedited footage of the Palin inteview!


what is Lou Dobbs doing

Get involved with EDA: What you can do to Defend Election '08

Anybody want a free anti McCain bumper sticker?


If McCain and Palin take the White House the sun will set on America

You have to see today's t-shirt: lipstick on a pig!

Palin Earmark Requests from February 2008

Is it just me or are republicans more hate less fact?

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Concord, NH****

"Lipstick on a Wing Nut" by The Nation's Kathy Pollitt

It seems to me that since McSame lies about a pig, he will lie about a war, our social security,

Divorced from Reality

McCain said on "The View" today that Palin will reform Washington.

Freeper response to Obama computer ad

On KO's McCain In The Membrane: McBush slams Mitt saying "I wasn't a

delete dupe

MSNBC crawler on earmarks

Call Them Out! ***Lies Of The Day*** 9/12/08

I have an announcement to make. If you are a Republican and DO NOT know what the "Bush Doctrine" is

sean insannity was crying about BW and the View today

The Hannity-Limbaugh crowd reaction to Gibson's interview shows how conditioned that audience is.

Who is the hell is defenders of wildlife action fund? Are they brain dead?

Someone needs to make a video morphing this series of things together:

Hillary on the campaign trail

Obama/Biden will have to be 4 times as good as McCain/Palin to win this thing....

Palin Backs Off Bridge To Nowhere Lie,Admits She Supported ‘Infrastructure Being Built In The State’

With global warming all these damn hurricanes are going to interfere with the campaign every 4 years

If Sarah Palin was 20 lbs. heavier or 20 years older, McCondo would not have paid attention to her

Neocon Circle Jerk: Hannity to Interview Palin

An email I received re Palin. Please forward to your Jewish friends or others who may be intersted:


Google strikes again!

Jeff Toobin's the CNN version of Krugman

McCain earlier this yr: "I need no on-the-job training..I wasn't a Gov. for a short period of time."

Are We Being Played By Rove?

"Todd Palin for President" (John Aravosis)

Latest Newsweek Poll: Tied at 46%

Signs of Hope and Change

Colin Powell to endorse Obama ? ....

Anyone listening to Rachel on AAR?

DU this poll concerning Palin's views on war w/ Russia and her readiness to be VP.

Privileging the Lie (Media Matters)

"clearly part of Obama's lifelong attempt to present a nonthreatening persona"

Gibson/Palin Interview Part III: Palin caught in lie denying global warming

John Dean (Findlaw) sheds cold clear light on the job for which Sarah Palin is not qualified.

----OK, who else has wall to wall coverage of Ike on MSNBC??---

Winning Lotto numbers inside!

So Miss. Sarah O"Hara feels that Obama is being "disrespectful"?

Question for those who watch Fox "News"

While Galvseton Was Being Destroyed, Barack Obama Was On SNL Being A Celebrity...

Four words I'd like Obama to say

Giuliani and Hannity Spin Palin’s Ignorance By Falsely Claiming She Understood The Bush Doctrine

What if Obama gave a huge convention type of speech the night before the Election?

PalCheney... Just Give Her 30 Years

How much will Obama cut YOUR taxes?

Well we know one thing for sure now - the only patriots left in this country are Dems.

KEEP IN MIND: Palin Had Access To the Questions BEFORE The Interview

I think Obama is gradually starting to touch some Republican nerves.

1 in 5 chance, 20% historical probability.....

So how was Day Two of Palin's Suicide-by-Interview?

Isikoff to Rachel "Todd is a central character in Troopergate"

I just scored another vote for Obama! (Thanks in big part to Caribou Barbie)

For all those who asked how - re: Women Against Sarah Palin Speak Out -

Sign up here for invitations to Barack Obama Campaign Events in your town:

------------------------KEITH IS ON!!!! --------------------------

RACHEL'S BACK!!!!!!!!!

Late Night Snark Hits the Campaign Trail

Sarah Palin gender card. Check this out..

Sean Hannity may finally be in an Iron Maiden of his own making.

It would be a serious mistake to underestimate Palin

2 High Ranking McCain Campaign Officials At Center Of Sex-Drugs-Oil Scandal

My 16-year-old daughter wants to get pregant so she can be just like the Palins.

McCain Crowds Dwindle Without Palin

You think eight years of Bush is bad

Meet John McCain and one of his handlers

This Palin poll is being freeped, yet they are still loosing. Bwahahaha!

Palin Links Iraq to 9/11, A View Discarded by Bush

Remember Emmett Till? That's the voter McCain is trying to appeal to with his

Joan Walsh just demolished PIGPALIN on RAchel

ADDITIONAL: Sarah Palin also kills defeneseless puppies. I wish I were joking.

scary creep who vetted Palin


Bush ripped off the "tire, falter, fail" remark from Churchill.

Matt Damon: Sarah Palin pick is "absurd" and a "disaster".

McCain Grilled on the View (Videos)

Anyone else think Obama should attack the GOP brand while its in its death throes?

ABC News Match-o-Matic

You can put lipstick on a cocky whacko, but...

Would we be able to "swift boat" McCain

Cindy McCain in 1987 MOVIE!

Palin - Foreign Policy: clueless D. Domestic Policy: clueless D.

It's Friday, You Know What That Means - Bank Failure Watch

The Buckinghams - Foreign Policy (they used to write them like this!)

Strange Portrait of Cindy McCain in New Yorker

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Bin Laden by Election Day? New push

WTF! Sex Offender Poses As Child, Attends School

Oh Yeah. He's A Maverick, All Right (McCain taps Nixonite to study transition)

MSNBC is replaying it's 9-11 coverage tonight

The Pet Goat, Seven Years Later

McCain's had a gay relationship

Coleman cheats in Minnesota and will probably get away with it.

Obama needs to tout the return of "Benevolent" Govt as Opposed to the Repig "Hostile" one now

Never Forget...Cindy McCain should be locked up in Prison

What Sarah Palin doesn't tell you about gas taxes

Since some people believe not smearing the Repubs makes us "weak."

Bridge to Nowhere: "Embarrassment" or crime?

WOW! Sarah Palin is stupid enough to Bring up the Bridge to Nowhere ON HER OWN!

"Mayors have the toughest jobs."

Todd Palin emails something is fishy

Which states have republican Sec. of State?? We need to keep an eye on them.

My smackdown of a freeper.

Palin Interview: Like Trying To Fake A Foreign Language

What do you want to see Obama do on SNL this weekend?

Tropical Cyclone Page US Navy ~ Hurricane Resource

This Year's Stakes -- Peace with Obama or a New Cold War with McCain/Palin

New soap opera

"Who Are You? (VP MIX)"

McCain bungee jumps from bridge tied to 500Lb Barracuda anchored on bridge

Self delete.

Chris Matthews: Palin "Off the Reservation"

Glad I've only got Comcast cable and not internet/phone service here in Denver

New Nat'l Enquirer story details family scandals.

Russian bear could kick Palin's a** from Washington to Wasilla

The Bush Doctrine

-----I Fucking HATE HER----

-----I Fucking HATE HER----

For wealthy DUers....

My cousin told me about this web site called the Real McCain.

What the heck is going on in Washington?

FYI There is an Canadian election campaign going on right now too...

I'm digging the Trooper Story about Palin, i think it's gonna blow up.

This just out from "The Republican Majority Campaign"/Newsmax

This is too much. I saw the 'Aerial Hunting' ad about Palin. I despise her now.

So now has McCain ahead in the EV

Video from young black man who claims to be the father of...

With threat of stolen elections hanging over us still....

Together we can help the victims of Hurricane Ike

I would like to change YES WE CAN to YES WE WILL! All those opposed say nay all in favor aye!


9.11 as it happened... yes quite graphical

HEY! Palin Didn't BLINK! She Didn't BLINK! LOL

Campaign websites: which would YOU choose?

Sorry, folks, but I don't think I can support the AHSA

"Raise your hand if you've never been insulted by John McCain' Johnson noted "And no one did."

Fascinating - Russia and the Axis Of Evil: Money, Ambition and U.S. Interests

Robert C. Koehler - An Embedded Prayer

Holy Smokes...ABC intro is really laying it out there on the P woman.

Something humorous from the deaf community about Palin

Advice for "DU this poll" threads.

houston galvaston area in single family dwelling 2 story "face certain death" OMG

"Making a Sacrifice. Will giving up golf help the troops?"

Here's a poll for DU. Better VP: Biden or Palin?

Ladies and Gentlemen We Have a Winner

So Palin Hired a lobbyist to get fed. money because she is .....

Put the Cindy Did drugs & McCain covered it up story on Huff, Keith, CNN, Wonkette

Secret McCain Strategy Memo Leaked (Joke)

If I call her a rank amateur,does that mean I called her stinky?


Palin - the Latest Pawn in the Neocon "Divide & Conquer" America" project...

NBC's Chuck Todd needs a nickname

Palin you MORON !! Its "NUC - LE - AR" not "NUC - EL - AR" !!!

My interpretation of Sarah Palin and Charly

SURPRISE!!! (not) Report: GOP ad misleads on immigration

Why cant I get a straight an honest answer from any republican

Lisa Lubner

Is is sexist to suggest to McCain

Who finds Palin's accent to be absolutely nauseating?

The Biden's release 10 years of tax returns...and what did they find?

Rate Charlie Gibson's Performance

The Queen of Pork is ready to go bear hunting with a switch.

McCain-Palin are so bad ...

7 years later, contemplating that the gov't cover story might not be true is as taboo as ever...

I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button



What was the worst part of the Palin interview?

President Palin??? Biden is fit to serve if...

The bridge to nowhere might take Obama to the White House.

He's baaaaaaaaack!

McCain/Palin - a wild-eyed and dangerous duo for America

Late Night Thought:

Remedial geography from SCTV to sara: Put the longhorn anti-leninists in their place!

Remedial geography from SCTV to sara: Put the longhorn anti-leninists in their place!

Sarah Palin...If VP doesn't work out, our local used car dealerships are hiring

Mark Shields: "We may be seeing her highest point now."

Obama made a new ad while in NH today.

McCain needs Sun-Tzu's words tattooed on his forehead!

I can sum up Palin interview with one word...

Teacher called 6th grader a terrorist

Where can I find the donation tool..

Any one else want to contact this "writer?"

We apparently need a substitute for that old "lipstick on a pig" epigram

please comment at 156th ltte

get your obama buttons here!!

Bolivia orders U.S. ambassador expelled

Dear Osama (Cheney here)...

Hey Scarborough Who are we fighting in Iraq

Instead of obsessing about Palin we should be helping Barr...

Bay Buchanan is dancing as fast as she can...and it just ain't that fast.

OBAMA Should go on SNL and pitch Relief efforts and donations to Red Cross

No McCain Bumper Stickers in "Fundyville North Florida"

VIDEO: McCain Gets Ripped Apart On--of all shows--THE VIEW

Palin Admits To Her Bridge To Nowhere & Earmark Lies; Flip-Flops On Clinton & Global Warming

DU this AOL Poll.... Palin Defends Nearly $200M in Earmarks

Venezuela/Chavez Poll


What, no SNL?? Damn you Ike!!!

Jesus Christ, a lot of you, or maybe just some of you, are pissing me off

Palin - OK's War with Russia...

It just occurred to me that Palin is like a green horse...

"Charlie, the Bush Doctrine is just as

Today showed clearer than ever that Obama wins

Once again, Contessa eats a Republican hack! What has gotten into her?

You probably didn't know that CNN censored Putin for being just too darn sensible

This election is about issues.

Fearing Ike, some stations ask for 10-gallon gas limit

Washington Post: Palin Should Address Disturbing Religious Connections

It should be your morning routine to Google Bomb LORI KLAUSUTIS

Slate: Sarah Palin Hyperbole Watch

Do you agree that the only possible "game changers" are the debates?

Palin has effectively neutered McCain. Perhaps BO should...

OK DUers, Time for some ritual cleansing...

Alright Spielberg, where the hell are you?

Cloud Making Ships to Help Curb Global Climate Change...An interesting Approach

Big picture: Professor O has done it again!

It isn't so much that she didn't know what the Bush "doctrine"

The claim that 3000 met Palin in Fairbanks is False - they "bussed' people in on her plane

Anderson Cooper just made the most telling Freudian slip...

Russian strategic bombers land in Venezuela

So The Republicans Have ONCE AGAIN Managed To Get Expectations SO LOW

OMFG - make sure you watch Palin's comments re Climate

In This Thread: We List Issues That Are More Important Than Lipstick on Pigs and Earmarks!!!

Why is **anyone** beleiving Peggy Noonan with ANYTHING she says about Palin?

Palin links Iraq to 9/11

New WPost Repub Spin - Palin confused cause there are many Bush Doctrines

Now we know why the McCain/Palin campaign wants to keep Palin away from interviews and reporters

George Washington on McCain

Where is Elizabeth Dole and why isn't the media asking the same question?

It appears Mikas job is to squeal, YES, and pump her fist when Scaboro repeats a right wing lie

What is Biden's best strategy for the debate?

What was John McCain doing on a yacht with a conman, a K Street Lobbyist, & a Hollywood Celebrity

With apologies to all the lovely Florida DU'ers...

HeHe David Gergen on Palin tonight "Dodgy and incoherent".

"In what respect Charlie"

My mom received one of McCain's "vote by mail" applications and the McCain literature it's attached

Schadenfreude..... and the vice presidential debates

New Ad shows how HORRIBLE a person PALIN is...WOW this is brutal

Sister Sarah Elephant?

Some where, in some state, something is wrong. Should Obama still go on SNL.

Dangerous Intersections

Palin is not qualified to be POTUS. So says John McCain.

National Service joint meeting last night was a welcome change

Palin is a mean spirited woman hater

Ed Koch is on CNN...right now. He's going after palin. n/t

Palin says Obama regrets bypassing Clinton

----Rachel People????---- What's up with her set tonight???-----

The Repugs will do ANYTHING to win in Mississippi

== Are you an elitist? = By Mark Morford

Obama wants kids to learn about sex before they can read! mccain ad I just saw

It is no wonder McCain is desperate for Obama to have town hall meetings with him

A September 11 text message I received...

Dole compares Kay Hagan to a dog

Storm surge prediction. Looks very scary to me.

Scarborough you and MSM are what's wrong with THIS country

When Palin makes Bush look sane you know we are in trouble

Randi Rhodes' "top-of-my-head" list of McCain flip flops

Palin Won't Rule Out War With Nuclear Armed Russia Which Indicates She Is An Insane End Timer

Palin " I thought he asked about Bush's DOCTORING. And he's not a Doctor."

OMG! Did anyone else see the "How Disrepectful!" McCain ad just played on Scarborough?!

SCOTUS Questions.

I just discovered a great new comedy show on ABC!

From 86+% to 30% : What dropped GWB?

Please fix this poll

In defense of Sarah Palin

Does John McCain still have the mental capacity to distinguish between the truth and a lie?

Whining ads - call the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAmbulance

Palin Wrong on Former VP Credentials (Fact Check)

-------Obama Canceled SNL-------

Obama is a leader....for you (pic's dial up warning)


Has anyone debunked Sept 4 IBD editorial hit piece "Michelle's Boot Camps for Radicals?"

Favorite Obama's mine.

Didn't some military couple have a 9/11 wedding yesterday?

Thanks DeeDee, for keeping our politics DumbDumb

Attacks of 9/11 Make Clear Bush's Saddam Obsession (Bush History, 9/12)

Democrats Tap Fudge To Replace Tubbs Jones

Democrats Tap Fudge To Replace Tubbs Jones

Freighter stranded off Galveston in path of Hurricane Ike

World leaders were thrilled with Obama's choice of VP. Especially in the area of climate change.

Complete This Sentence

Council Bans Mayor’s Wife

There's always a slave somewhere to exploit. If not in China, then India or Vietnam.

The Obama Campaign has put up a voter registration web site.


Washington Journal on Palin's interview

The Thom Hartmann Show yesterday discussed Voter Caging.

Rule Changes Would Give FBI Agents Extensive New Powers

I hope everyone on our side gets this one specific point: There is no penalty for lying.

U.S. Foreclosures Hit Record in August as Housing Prices Fell

Oh. My. God.

Want to see how Powerful Ike is? Alabama coastline hundreds of miles from the eye....

BIDEN Tax Returns Revealed!

Were the 911 hijackers using stolen identities?

Want to see how Powerful Ike is? Alabama coastline hundreds of miles from the eye....

Another Student Loan Crisis?

Think you are going to have a bad day??

I am so F'ing sick of supposed Democrats getting on tv and giving ammo to the media &the other side

No Jobs Make Mean Streets: As urban economies collapse, gun violence rises

Ike : DHS would have to haul away 151 million lbs of unwieldy pipe filled with concrete in 24 hours.

Tomorrow. Teevee and Radio. Junk Yard Dogs. Democratic 527 Junk Yard Dogs

Has any US politician ever said war with Russia would be acceptable before?

How About If Obama Shows Up At A mccane event Unannounced, And . . .

Anybody hearing about this? Minimum Operating Level (MOL) Oil shortages coming?

Friday morning quarterbacking: Who knew Charlie Gibson was a left wing tool?

Barf Alert! Today, The View is going to have McCrash and Cindy on. Do you think

Live coverage feed from Texas:

Amy Goodman: As Bush touts Withdrawal of 8,000 Troops from Iraq, Leaked Draft Agreement ......

Girl's Dad Whacks Naked Boy Found In Home

Details about McCains first wife Carol

Bahrain charges US lecturer with insulting Prophet Muhammad

Lakoff - How Obama is missing the boat

Went to Oakland for 9/11Truth Film Festival

YouTube Bans Violence-Inciting Videos

NOW McCain on the View

Why would UN peace keepers use razor wire


Obama ad rips McCain on his lobbyist ties. Targets Charlie Black, Rick Davis, Phil Gramm, others.

McCain admits he's out-of-touch . . . Obama camp agrees

DirecTV running hurricane info on channel 363.

McCain Exploits Loopholes in His Own Campaign Finance Law to Raise Lump Sums

Palin Clueless on Pakistan

Palin Clueless on Pakistan

Obama Fights Back Against Voter Suppression! READ & FORWARD!

I changed my mind about the new Obama ad.... I like it!

Where does John McCain stand on the issues?

Where does John McCain stand on the issues?

McCaskill: Russia war would mean draft

Palin's conflicing statement

Lets recap the last decade of changes

September 12th - A Day and a Nation Later

Thom Hartman Guest Host now talking about the absentee ballots

DeeDee Meyers: John McCain needs Palin to "Prop Him Up"

"Quasi gov't agencies like Freddie and Fannie" Sarah imPalin on 20/20

GOP Fundies setting America Up for "Bait and Switch"

If Palin is forced off the ticket,

Think you are going to have a bad day??


My very first Hurricane experience was Alicia in 1983

This whole 'Obama should have picked Hillary' bs is a rw talking point

She's been hiding for two weeks and this is the best she can do?

She's been hiding for two weeks and this is the best she can do?

Andrew Sullivan, on the madness over the past 24 hours:

The Rude Pundit ...

If McCain can't fill out his term and Palin takes over and completes his first term. Does that

ACLU Calls on Congress to End the Sentencing of Children to Life Imprisonment without Parole

DNC Gay Discrimination Case Heading To Trial

Hillary comment shows the arrogance of Palin.

Run Forrest (uh make that Texas) Run!! Here Comes Ike!!

Proudly continuing the great tradition of illiteratenessism, Rick Perry (TX Gov.)

Where is Rachel???

Finally Fast OT

In his own words...John McCain is out of touch

Addict Cindy McCain on the View now.

NOW IN PAPERBACK: American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America


The Progressive: 35 Years Ago, Latin America Experienced Its Own September 11

Ike: People don't know what they're dealing with

Please stop calling it aerial "hunting". It's slaughter.

Cheney Lauds Palin as ‘Cold-Blooded Gal of My Dreams’

Alaska outlawed charging victims for their own rape-kits because of one town: WASILLA

Could the Contrast Between Candidates be Any Clearer?

"Showing a Confidence, in Prepared Answers" (NY Times)

Virginity for Sale

“Drill, Baby, Drill” and “Ethical Failure”

OJ Trial Verdict set to coincide with end of October, near election day

McCains "How Disrespectful!" ad contains a racist dog whistle

Watch this video..

Obama is losing Ohio-by Paul Hackett

Jesse Owens - a man who overcame racism.

Please distribute this "VoteForChange" Obama Easy Registration Website!!!

Retail analyst Davidowitz: Consumers are broke

Dude, yer fucking kidding me, right? You've always been an asshole, but you were sorta serious .....

Fear for American democracy

McHERO...its always about HIM....listen to the Hero Talk...he is the HERO

Good interview with Joe Biden on Saturday on CNN, interviewer very positive and sympathetic to him

Gas stations running out of gas..


OH-11: Cuyahoga Dems Pick Marcia Fudge

Marjorie Cohn: A Palin Theocracy

Wow! Just wow! 60s era cheerleader plays hurricane expert on teevee

I am thinking the Putin thought Bush was getting ready to invade Venezuela

Were the View hosts told Cindy McCain's drug addiction story as per WaPo was off limits?

Who slipped what into Scarborough's Joe?

Matthews: “It is impossible to fail as much as this President has.”

Alaska highest sexual assault rate ("steeped in sexual violence") and highest HS dropout rate in USA

The thing that really scares me now about Ike

I shook his hand tonight.

CNN HLN wants comments on Palin interview

MarketWatch: Moody's cuts WaMu's credit rating to below investment grade

I heard gas will be $4.90 by monday....Upper Midwest

What does the future look like with a McCain presidency?

Given a choice of ANYBODY to interview Palin.....

The difference between a neocon and the rest of us.

Our Polar Bears, Ourselves

Our Polar Bears, Ourselves

Palin didn't get the questions ahead of time.

"Marissa" on CNN, after being rescued on a jet ski: "It's fine!"....dope.


Obama mocks McCain on computer illiteracy

Paul Krugman:Blizzard of Lies (makes Bush-Cheney 2000 look like something out of a civics class)

PHOTOS: Lean on me, when you're not strong...

Police say Deltona man chased naked teen from daughter's room with pipe

a letter to the Obama campaign


Disappearing ice shelf shocks northern researcher

I thought I was dreaming. McCAIN AD:Obama is more of the same

Do voters have a right to know about McCain's explosive temper?

Obama camp seizes on 'divorced' comment

Meet "K" & "L"

?. Did the passengers on UA Flight 93 fight hijackers and take the plane down?

Ike vs Katrina satellite pics

A $75 trillion fright fest: Eight megahorror debts chilling America

Obama's resume.......

N.O. is going to get beat up again

Remember the War?

Has a campaign ad ever swayed your vote/view/position or whatever?

Foreclosures won't hinder voters. ... That's what the Macomb GOP chief says.

Foreclosures won't hinder voters. ... That's what the Macomb GOP chief says.

Cars have wheels..

NEW OBAMA commercial... (not the computer one) WOOT! WOOT!

Hey Barack Obama...Get on the phone and accept the town hall

Looking Back, to Look Forward

Libertarian candidate: McCain, Obama should not appear on ballot

Side stepping caging lists.

Can anyone at DU make bumper stickers that say "In What Respect Charlie?"

Tow Truck humor on Galveston

Why Don't Americans Want Smart People Governing Them?

Not one of the major cable networks are covering the gas insanity.

Obama, just now, quoted Ailes - media covers 4 things - 1. Polls 2. Scandals 3. Gaffes 4. Attacks

In what respect, Charlie?

BREAKING: Helicopter rescue on going on CNN live..nt

Obama has a message for DU....

another guaranteed crowd-pleaser True or False question from leftofthedial

Galveston firefighter being interviewed on Ch 13 saying devastation is unbelievable already.

OMG!!! The Horror!..... What will my Republican neighbors think?

Oil - Peak Oil at that - Drops Below $100

Is this the bad movie Matt Damon was referring too?

You know maybe Obama shouldn't have used the lipstick on a pig reference but...

It does not seem like much of Galveston is going to be left

ReThuglicans will deny any voter who is on a "Foreclosure List", because they don't live there.??

Kathleen Reardon said - Is It Sexist To Want The Person Flying The Plane To Be A Pilot?

Get it together, DU! Re: the computer ad.

A question I wish somebody would as mccain and/or palin

Check these out: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952 - present

Ike hurricane signs on boarded up homes - the lighter side

Afghanistan is a mess and getting worse. Listen to these BBC reports.

How a Palin dilemma is manufactured, and Obama "loses" either way

Stogie's back with The Citrus Taliban....good Christian Baxley calls Obama a socialist.

Is biased?

Is biased?

How well does milk freeze?

Is anyone worried about all those deadly chemicals

Great Charlie Rose last night - Schieffer, Alter, Begala

I'm convinced Putin is a Bond villain now

As long as we are talking about Ike, let's see a quote from DailyKos

It's Friday Ya Bastids!!!

This is surreal. Ike smacks So. Louisiana.

I don't think there's any need at all to worry

What happened to all the perky newscasters telling us how many days in a row the price of gas fell?

Assuming we had the power (which we don't) would it help to push the Cindy drug addict story?


my friends...I constantly contradict myself and my mission


Obama vs. the American Red Cross?


I need news articles

Regarding the "Service Forum" last night....

Despite evacuation order, 1,000 remain in Galveston jail

McCain and his goons are lying pieces of shit

To my many old friends between Galveston & College Station, Before the power goes out....

Bill Clinton said: "I predict that Sen. Obama will win and win handily."


Did anyone just see MSNBC breakaway from presidential discussions for a SNAKE?

Bill Moyers is worth his weight in gold

Bush Doctrine. Formerly known as Wolfowitz Doctrine.

Yikes! It's Ike!

Can You Read This?

Katrina: Waves on the surge...

Jeff Master's Latest Blog at Weather Underground:

What is up with the MSM?

Stupid Sarah doesn't even have a command of the English language...

Gas in SE Kentucky - yesterday, $3.63.... today, $4.39.

Gas in SE Kentucky - yesterday, $3.63.... today, $4.39.

We must never forget those that died on Sept. 11, 2001.

72 Cents

"Sarah Palin is the distilled essence of wingnut."

Turn on C-Span2 NOW, if you want to be ill...

The morans return:

The morans return:

Perhaps they need geckos or cavemen? AIG in trouble....

McCain campaign downplays Palin book-banning inquiry as "hypothetical"

LOL.... "I think that's a rat...."

What's The Diff Between a Lying POTUS Candidate & A Lying VP Candidate?

Suicide Attempts for Vets Jump 500% in Five Years, and Government Ignores It

CHECKMATE: "Two Top McCain Officials Lobbied For Oil-For-Sex Scandal Companies" - TPM/Huff

Gas just went up from $3.55 to $4.15 here in Arkansas. Stations have shut down.

Big Media's Big Palin Push


I can haz pancake, Charlie?

Evangelical Pick-up lines

Breaking: Todd Palin (and 12 others) Subpoenaed!

Skeletor now giving hurricane advice on M$NBC...

Isn't this AP Headline Racist?

I think we can pull it out

This is what a negative ad against McPalin should look like:

Palin called Biden fat!!!!11

Alt-A Mortgages Next Risk for Housing Market as Defaults Surge

Might Ike change the entire calculus of the election in ways we can't imagine?

I wish you people would stop mocking the importance of Alaska when it comes to Russian threats!!!

Video: Native Americans neglected after Gustav - 12 Sep 08

The Art of Projection: Rove wants us to question Obama's judgment with regards to Biden

Webcam of the Bolivar Ferry on the Galveston Peninsula.....water's rising.....

Palin for President! Sorry, but this is where MY vote is going.

Palin on Global Warming

Bush Secret Order To Send Special Forces Into Pakistan

And now a word from Creepy Crowley...

Is Obama planning to switch Hillary for Biden?

The Illinois Renegade vs. the Arizona Phoenix

Why are these idiots waiting for the last minute and need need the coast guard

Geraldo Rivera Takes a Spill!!

Is anyone willing to bet that after the election; oil prices will go up?

DU call to action – check in HERE

McCain Flat-Out Lies about Palin's Earmarks

Galveston Island opens a shelter of last resort....

McCain Attacks Palin's Experience as Mayor and Governor

What YOU can do to prevent another stolen election-by Mark Crispin Miller

What YOU can do to prevent another stolen election-by Mark Crispin Miller

Have at her right here boys and girls - come up with your favorite nickname for Mooselips.

Tweety “It is impossible to fail as much as this President has.”

"John McCain or a head of lettuce - it makes no difference

Why is the "war hero" McCain hiding behind a woman?

Naomi Klein is on MSNBC right now talking about the Hurricane and

The real reason for the gas price spike: Next week's House vote on drilling

I'm 7 posts from 1000 and I have something critically important to say:

Ike's Eyewall Reforming before landfall (FOX)

What should we call the Interior Department mess?

Obama to Eliminate Income Taxes for Seniors Making Less than $50,000. & other great points

MSNBC: Consequences of Cindy McCain's drug abuse "more complex than she's portrayed"

ACLU: New FBI Guidelines Open Door to Further Abuse

As well as it should be, all news coverage will be focused on Ike not on Sarah Palin's interviews.

Obama overwhelms John McCain in global opinion by a four-to-one margin.

Tweety on the Palin interview

Tweety on the Palin interview

Adrift Freighter Rescue Abandoned - they're on their own

I remember when I was a little girl

Great analysis of Palin interview...

Geraldo gets knocked on his butt by a wave

Gov. Palin said she doesn’t intend to hire African Americans on her staff

Nora is tearing this Rethug a new one

General Ripper (Dr. Strangelove) or Sarah Palin - who's more batshit crazy? You decide..

Check out the comments on this Knoxville, TN story - RE: Gas Prices

Here comes Ike

"in what respect, charlie" is becoming an internet phenomenon

New Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams

Can't wait for the debates

Can't wait for the debates

Dear Wasillans ......

It's got electrolytes

It's got electrolytes

Cillizza: 10 states most likely to switch Presidential party preference (Michigan is the new Ohio?)

Holy shit look at this ad against Palin (graphic)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Lipschtick and Pigs (Mary Lyon)

LMAO at Galveston officials at press conference

CNN Reporting: Fire in storage area on Galveston Island...

Steve LeBlanc - Galveston City Manager - "40% of residents still on island"...

MS-Sen-B: Judge Orders Ballot Redo

Bill Clinton's advice to Barack Obama ~ Politico

Senator Biden to Quit, Hillary to Become Obama’s VP?.......... Developing

The D.o.W.'s ad is aimed directly at the brain stems of suburban white women

Mayor Lyda Thomas of Galveston: "The seawall is holding! I'm not sure how much water we'll have."

Palm Beach ballots appear to have been found. Video and article.

take a moment to look at this

Debate Governor Palin!

Reports from around the Southeast tell of...

Wonder Woman Linda Carter on the Sarah Palin Comparison...

Time for Hillary to take out Palin by telling her to get over herself!

You People Are Living In The Twilight Zone

Damn! We almost were rid of Geraldo Rivera.

Freeps talked about voting against Kerry in Mass primary Tuesday. Can they?

Gov. Welcomes Int'l Whaling Commission

How big is IKE? Takes up almost ALL of the Gulf of Mexico - ALL OF IT

A Campaign Without Ideas (Eugene Robinson)

CNN runs lengthy Republican Campaign Commercial

BREAKING: CNN can't even use declaratory sentences!!!

Could you stand to read just one more thing about 9/11? "Just this."

Rep. Wasserman Schultz goes after Palin for her suggestion that Obama should have picked Hillary


The Fear Factor; US voters.

Republican led City Council and Mayor sever the Sea Wall for Development -July 24, 2007

We are being set up. RE: Osama Bin Laden and the October Surprise

So was it Rick Perry's job to fuel the oil price panic

It's obvious that we have underestimated Sarah Palin.

So Insulting People Who Can't Use Computers Is Good Political Strategy?

Lastest Quinnipac Poll shows Obama leading in PA and OHIO - i.e. WINNING THE GE.

Gibson's interview

Humor in the face of destruction

Sarah Palin's pipeline

High Res Ike Storm Photo - Run Forrest Run!

New Meme:

Palin's pre-interview worksheet

Women of "The View" throw John McSame under the bus...

If She's a Fucking Moron, It's the Media's Job to Call Her a Fucking Moron.

CNN gets my message changes theirs: FLEE OR FACE CERTAIN DEATH

As I drove back to the office, today,...

Tonight's ABC Palin interview live thread?

i donated to DU today.

How Come Gas Prices Are Not Dropping?

DirecTV showing local Houston TV coverage on 361, hurricane info on 363, weather chan on 362

The ‘Oil Storm’ scenario comes down to 25 miles one way or the other

"Women Against Sarah Palin"

Countering the “Obama is the Boogieman” Campaign.

Ike has Cat 4 Pressures....Cat 2 Winds....

So be it? ..... So **be** it????

Obama Finally Questions McCain's Patriotism

Shocking report about US troops in Iraq -- on BBC America later today

I want to get back to what has worked and worked well

Maybe it's time to move the refineries to South Dakota

The GOP's candidate for VP says she can see Russia from where she is ...

Wonder Woman: Palin Unfit for my Tiara and Lasso

Another Alabama Political Prosecution Fails? Mistrial.

Palin - as Ready to be President as Dan Quayle is or was..

Wow, the local right-wing nutjobs really have their knickers in a twist today!

Hey Skinner!

Sarah Palin and "Pigs Fly with Pork!" ...Keeping Sarah Honest...You Tube!

God's answer to "4 more years of Bush policies and crimes"

Hurricane McCain

If Roe v. Wade were reversed...

Whites fortify McCain lead...

Whites fortify McCain lead...

People who are staying on the islands facing Ike:

36% Turks, 30% Mexicans, 27% Palestinians, 23% Germans, 15% Italians blame U.S. government for 9/11

Despair in Texas

Another freaking storm heading for Florida

send emails to to ask them to save dogs left to drown

Ted Stevens' "Trial By Ambush"

women against sarah palin - blogspot

Women against Palin (sent to me by a friend)

IN 2000 It Was Florida, In 2004 It Was Ohio, In 2008 It Will Be Wisconsin

Widespread power outages reported in Houston...already.

ACLU challenges FISA update with first legal brief

"I personally believe uh, that, such as and, in what respect Charlie?"

amazing video: Coast Guard rescues man and dog

We are being hit with tornados in the KC area

McCain opposed Biden's legislation to stop charging rape

McCain opposed Biden's legislation to stop charging rape

Family Council spends most of the public's contributions on employees, not programs

PHOTOS: Lame Duck, South Lawn, 129 Days Left

The wingnut doesn't fall far from the tree

Can we straighten out DU please?

Hunting from Airplanes and 9/11

3 people trapped on roof --- Crystal Bay, TX

I 'm Jon McCain(LIAR) and I approve this message.

The Surge is's WORKING!!!

Joe Madison: Hillary was more hard on Obama in the primary than she is on Palin

Be Safe - Duers in Houston/Galveston Area

Off The BusNew Evidence: Palin Had Direct Role In Charging Rape Victims For Exams

Naomi Klein up next on AAR (with Ron Reagan). 8:15pm Eastern.

Obama: How much of the Bush/McCain tax cuts has trickled down to you?

McCain's VEEP, Sarah Palin, and how she promotes KILL! VIDEO!

In Wot Respek Chaaarlie

Destined for eternal ensrhinement in the cultural hall of fame

Obama needs new advisors and fast

Hurricane evacuation tip

Hurricane evacuation tip

Rule Changes Would Give FBI Agents Extensive New Powers

We're on the side of the angels

Come on guys, don't fall for the bullshit... Osama bin Laden is DEAD, dammit!!!

Ike is Hugh

Here's my scary observation about Ike - it's flooding badly and the winds really aren't started yet!

I'm going to be pissed if KO and Rachel are dropped

"High Ranking" DOJ Officials BLOCKED Whistleblower Cases Against Oil Industry

I caught something watching 9/11 coverage...

I caught something watching 9/11 coverage...

Tonight - Gibson hammers Palin on earmarks (excerpt)

Republican CNN commentator says McCain is "pure" on earmark issue, no pork....

KO points out use of interviewer first name "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie"...

Obama Campaign: McCain "Would Rather Lose His Integrity Than Lose An Election"

Palin didn't lie about the Bridge to Nowhere.....She just had a creative interpretation of the truth

Anybody have the link to the multi-station Ike coverage?

Anyone aware of this?

Bin Laden by Election Day? New push (warning/graphic)

Security question

Live Houston Feeds for Ike Coverage - here:

The entire island of Galveston has now gone dark. Still 3 hours from landfall.

Palin's husband subpoenaed

Entire Galveston Island loses power

Hurricane Ike live coverage from Houston's KHOU

Study links oil prices to investor speculation

The smirking woman on's front page right now

Hunker down NOW! First Big band of Ike about to clobber Galveston!

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Biden called McCain's health plan a Bridge to Nowhere; time to make that the new Pub ticket brand

Final score: Obama wins the day

Galveston is under water already

Robert Kagan: Knowledge Is Elitist

Palin says Obama regrets bypassing Clinton

Guardian UK: European anger at 'social scourge' of excessive executive pay

Oregon: Dem. Merkeley pulls ahead of Rethug Gordon Smith

Is Bush using illegals to sandbag his crawford ranch.

Help! Need an "E-Mailable Photo" of Palin with Daughter and Killed Caribou...

"Category 5 Moron"

Sarah Palin plagiarizes herself

Fire Burns At Galveston Warehouse (video). Firefighters can't get to it

Rachel looks really good tonight.. The jacket and the lighting and her

BREAKING: Palin's HUSBAND to be subpoenaed in trooper firing

KHOU Ike segement. No comment. Loss for words.

ACLU challenges FISA update with first legal brief

Independent UK: Warning: 30 airlines will go bust this year

In The End Of It All, Those Who Don't Smoke, Drink AND Don't Eat Meat, Don't Help The Environment.

Did anyone hear Tom Delay discussing looting on GEMSNBC

How many of those in Houston tonight were in New Orleans for Katrina?

Tonight in Texas, Perhaps Thousands Will Die, Where is Texas Leadership???

Question about the Troopergate

It's amazing how many people don't know what the Bush Doctrine is

Teacher Used Muslim Student As Terrorist Example

Keith is on FIRE tonight I can't wait for the follow up MISS MADDOW

Montana AG rejects baseless inquiry of Gov Schweitzer by local lunatic

Important: Urgent action required. Please reply if you can

A thread to offer prayers for the people in the path of Ike

US mercenaries ambushed again in Afghan south, 23 dead

The DEATH of OPEC?? Finally Saudi Arabia Stands their ground on the fleecing of America....

Why are we in Afghanistan?

Ohhh..Anyone watching Bill Moyers tonight?

Ike... and this thing has just started... for the U.S.

Anyone else notice Rachel's audio is screwed up?

Opps, on Air America Radio?

8/29/08 Palin interview with Bartiromo - excerpt

Johnson City, Tennessee -$3.49/gal yesterday, flash forward to 12:00 today - $5.49/gal

Trivial detail about that Hilton hotel in Clear Lake City the weather channel

Keith is just a plain mess!!!

BBC America "Iraq : Through a Soldiers Eyes" on right now...

What more wingnuttiness do Freepers WANT than Charlie GIBSON?!1

From Senator Edward M. Kennedy

McCain's left cheek

Is the sound on Rachel's show cutting in and out for you?

David Shuster telling the reporter to keep taking one more step back. Just one more. OK another step

Sarah Palin dolls go on sale in the UK

Why the FReeps will vote for Sarah Palin for VP of the U.S.

Bush History,9/12 - Attacks of 9/11 Make Clear Bush's Saddam Obsession

Brace yourself. Up to $6.00 per gallon gasoline.

Gas goes up 40 cents in one hour...Surprising Story From Gas Pumps

Bill Moyers Journal PBS - "Rage on the Radio" (A MUST SEE!)

The Sarah Palin Action Figure

Note to OBAMA - Dem campaign: It's BUSH-CHEENEE, ----------- stoopid!1

Excerpt from a message to a loved one

OMG! Now Palin ADMITS she wanted the bridge $$ but she decided NOT to spend it on a bridge!

GI Bill Plan Headed for ‘Disaster’-VA Committee Chair Blasts Outsourcing

Media Chimes in on McCain Lies


Obama versus Palin

The End of Mindless Consumerism? ...... Some food for thought.

surge update - Dozens killed in Iraq suicide blast

Dershowitz Says Leave Poor Bush and Cheney Alone

Okay, what is the gas price by you?

Is it true that Gov. Perry urged Houston residents NOT to evacuate?

McCain, Torture Supporter

Huge Train Wreck in Chatsworth, CA

Mary Cheney and Log Cabin Repugs oppose Prop. 8 but support McCain....who backs Prop. 8

IKE..Downtown Houston.... 80 MPH+ sustained winds for hours and hours....

The Domestic Hurricane Center

What is wrong with MSNBC Crazy Janet with her husband and 5 children in Galveston.....

The Sarah Palin Action Figure

Per-capita, Palin has requested more than 10 times the amount of earmarks per year than Obama

When is banning books EVER "entirely appropriate"?

Obama cancels appearance on SNL because of hurricane Ike. msnbc n/t

Man rescued from home in surge zone earlier in the afternoon - "It was unbelievable"

An interesting comparison

"The people" have to get their shit together and ask themselves a fundamental question!!!!

Obama cancels SNL

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Overtime with Bill Maher

Houstonians try to pray away Ike

Who's watching Palin on 20/20?

My report from houston

When McCain releases his financial records, it will be for his OWN income...

I'm SURPRISED! Charlie Gibson is actually doing a pretty good job!

Bill Maher? Any other thread? nt

Bilingual Liar

Anyone wanna point me to where I can find more pictures of more illiterate Republicans like this?

TWCs Cantori goes inside as eye wall approaches n/t

Report: Obama may skip 'SNL'

She IS insulting me!!!

Geraldo gets DECKED by a wave (YouTube link)

Obama Hustle - Dance. This is a riot

Republican coworker's statements...

DU Vegan parents: Some advice, please?

Jon Stewart's book one of 5 books that were "challenged"

How can gas stations be out of gas?

The Anbar Awakening

Supermarkets being cleaned out in Houston

Fascinating pictures from the Houston Chronicle

Gas went up 75 cents just south of KC today

Wow - Pic From Galveston Tonight

We have a winner! CBC news create's dorkiest squarest attempt to "relate" to "the kids"

Analysis: Palin receiving 9x the press coverage of Biden

Palin Denies Denying Human Role in Global Warming

The bloody VOICE!!!

Can we talk? I hate to say this..... but.....

on weather channel, 15 church-praying ppl now trapped on roof of church


The differences between Running as a White Woman "R" vs. Running while a Black "D"

Ike Satellite Image - 10:31 PM EDT - Updated Every 3 Hours

Alt-A Mortgages Next Risk for Housing Market as Defaults Surge

John Fund is a condescending smarmy arrogant asswipe.

New Obama Attack Ad: McCain Is Computer Illiterate

Funny: from

Okay..I get it now....I have found the perfect cop-out when posed with a difficult question

Japan leads the world in broadband speed! America ranks ... [SIGNAL LOST] ...

Gas price gouging - check your state's laws-stop it now.

For those that refuse to leave the Texas Coast please ...

Independent UK: Here's proof of how much the US differs from us

Texas Death from Ike

Simply and Respectfully -- Thank you Lonestarnot. It is a very big deal ...

Some late friday toons....

Obama's ad are perect.

John McCain is a liar.

An undecided friend has asked me for 10 reasons to vote for Obama.

Shut up about the computer ad and watch a snippet of Obama's speech today... he did it!

Obama & Biden put pressure on McC/P to disclose tax returns.

McCain doesn't support veterans

If you want to know how BAD Palin did...check out the WhineFest at FR!

"We've Had A Rough Couple Weeks" A reply to Paul Hackett-From An Obama S-Ohio Organization

TPM: Lying McCain = By Josh Marshall

One of these things is not like the others, one of these things...

New Obama Ad On McCain’s Lobbying Ties

Please Donate To Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

NBC's First Read: Planned Parenthood Fires Back at McCain in New Ad

"If McCain Wins, YOUR CHILD Gets Drafted"

If you don't like Obama's ads, maybe they weren't made for you.

As 9/11 survivor I beg kids to take US from us 60s boomers

I'm praying for the Campbell family in Galveston who are staying behind

If there were real karma in this world, Poppy and Old Babs would find themselves ........

The Real McCain? - a viral e-mail...

Obama's campaign would be over, done, cooked, imploded if

A freeper's attempt at explaining the Palin/Gibson interview.

Obama: When American workers hear McCain talk about 'country first' it’s fair to ask- which country?

Sarah Palin Naked [brilliant HuffPo commentary]

Sarah Palin's Messianic Evil

Sarah Palin is ...

Armed police officers in schools?

Armed police officers in schools?

Please Forward This Website To Your Friends. Very Important!

For John and Sarah the last 8 years are a bit hazy

Guns brought to swordfight

Some people make me ashamed of my race. This is one such person.

Civil Discourse My Ass.

My sister just told me that ever gas station she passed had lines ..

Alaska Democrats re: Palin and the GOP: "They're setting a trap for the country."

Reminder for those not in the path - give if you can.

Pallin`s selection shows GOP arrogance or stupidity?

Headlines from Alaska - she has no shame

This series of poll questions is being FREEPED.... Please, DU what you can.

Goodluck tonight Galveston .... I am thinking of you. video

Animal lovers will defeat Palin.....

Are The Netroots Being Played By Rove?

Looking for info...please help!

Prayer of the Northern Wolves

Blogger removed from evacuee shelter

Cleared: Jury decides that threat of global warming justifies breaking the law

If the reports here about gas shortages in NC are right...

One more for the "Get a Brain MORANS" file

Half-breed Muslin

Not surprising: SNL's Victoria Jackson is a Neo-con Idiot

Look at this Palin-lovin' crap on the *front page* of Saturday's WaPo

Picture of two dogs left in Galveston to drown

I Can't Believe All the Gas Lines Tonight!!

OMG!!!!Asshole standing in the surge with a CHILD!

Where DOES Alaska get it's $

The drug war is a class war

Heard all over my husband's office today: "In what respect Charlie?"

McCain gets no love from Van Halen, Rosanne Cash, Jackson Browne, Nancy Wilson....

McCain/Palin: "Because You Haven't Suffered Enough!"

Yesterday, one year ago,my son hung himself

“I thought one person on (tv) looked ready to assume the presidency,” “It wasn’t Governor Palin.”

Who Ya Talkin' To, "My Friend'?

If *only* there was something... a sign or something


Nowadays when you're sitting in a restaurant or any other public place and you see people

What's your Obama Tax cut? Let's find out!

How the GOP will view Charlie Gibson's interview.

OK, I'm sure you're all wondering the same thing...

Where is the mcCain vote caging story?

My last nerve is now gone.

It's Open Season on McCain's Honor & Integrity

Pro-life/Pro-War folks are at it again...

Please just click on this link to get the Palin wolf killing story on the front page of Youtube

Here's a link on how to check if you are registered to vote.

You think they only want to stop abortion? They even want to stop CONTRACEPTION!

Are the going to give an award to the television station with the most coverage about a hurricane

Missouri Election Board dodges Galloglas' "Voter Arrest Trial"

Many people will die tonight

Predict the headlines for the Bin Laden capture.

ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Voter Disenfranchisement In Mississippi

Help Please--Pet problems.

John McCain is an Honorable Man

OMG! discovers unedited footage of the Palin inteview!


Geraldo Rivera Knocked down in Hurricane...

What if it's really all about race? Are we in a state of denial?

Congress Asks: Who Misled the Anthrax Investigation by Pointing at Iraq?

Bill Moyers is doing an excellent hour on hate radio on PBS. It is frightening.

In what respect, Charlie?

A McCain Temper Tantrum was at the root of the Keating Five Scandal

*** DUzy Awards for week ending September 12, 2008 ***

Painkiller addicts,America's new "problem"

Palm Beach County now has found too many ballots...instead of missing 3500.

US exporting gas at record levals

Why Did McCain/Palin Approve Charging Rape Victims For Medical Exams? (An Email To Share)

Most important news story of the week (ending September 12, 2008)

VOTE EARLY, vote by mail, absentee voting links for ALL 50 STATES here:

How many McCain Bumperstickers are you Seeing?

UPDATE: More on abandoned dogs left to drown story from Houston Chronicle..

Would love to be a fly on the wall when these mandatory evacuations are decided.

Ike's Eye is CONTRACTING!! I said this might happen...

Please say something nice about another DUer.

I want to buy some stock....

Bush's IQ is apparently 125?

In Oregon Howard Dean rips McCain...says hard days ahead.

"storm surge that will probably be higher than anything in recorded history along the Texas coast"

Galloglas tribute thread - he went to court yesterday. (Arrested for voting)

Animal-eating depends on vegetation...

Has anyone heard from SwampRat?

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

"I'd like to say thank you on behalf of the group & ourselves, and I hope we passed the audition..."

Okay, someone is a genius

Rehab is for quitters

Post some late night music

YouTube: Frank Zappa - I Am The Walrus - 1988 Mannheim

Sharia Palin is a blogger!

Duck you, I'm frunk.

Where is Heidi?

Fuck you, I'm drunk.

WHOO-HOOO Knuckledraggers next door are MOVING!!!!!

What would you tape to a freeper's car

Hey PaddyBlueEyes...

Ron Mueck – Australian Hyperrealist Sculptor

Ladies.... are you a WASP??

A kinder, gentler Wehrmacht ...

This LOLCAT made me chuckle this morning;

Computer Question

I was channeling Rabrrrrrr this morning:

Owwww I've strained my calf muscle sitting comfortably in a recliner!

Too much Firefox

I just might be the BEST wife ever!

What song, for you, is forever tied to 9/10/01

I hatw typong in thw dsrk

Anyone here ever heard of a company called GeeksMobileUsa?

Helplessly Hoping

Maybe Palin thought Gibson was asking if she wanted to play "doctor" with Bush.

Who here is KRAYZEE?

I'm going up to volunteer at the elementary school

I think I have a man-crush on Bear Grylls.

Damn these rashes!

Lewd vandal leaves imprints on Nebraska town

Okay, so I am bee-phobic, and I had a wasp land on me the other day.

Hackers break into large Hadron Collider server farm

You know what this place needs? More Soundgarden

Listen to vintage rock concerts free!

Cute black guy.

This is the weirdest, geekiest, coolest thing I have ever made


Post Hurricane Blues.... Lounge vibes request

I need a drink and a nice sponge bath

argh. i have to update my resume. i'm going to new york, gonna get some

Best Guitar Brand

The MIA video for Paper Planes sucks

I just got season one of "The Big Bang Theory" on dvd from ebay.

Gulf Coast/TX Duers - hope you're all safe from Ike

My cat

I'm such a push-over

Our dog and the mailman

Is "Ike" an actual name, or is it short for something?

I love that Gibson used the phrase "existential threat" twice last night.

Post a pic of the scariest creepy crawler (or flier) ever

Who else completely gets butterflies in their stomach when

Cooking & Baking Watch - Forewarned is Forearmed

I was just thinking if the right wingers had their way we would be at war with

Best random spam email this week == Extreme cat rape

"Dire Wolf". In honor of the Governor of the great state of Alaska.

Don't you love it when people make stupid comments, just cos they are itching for a fight?

Interesting internet acronyms.

Friday, September 12th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Who has seen The Fab Faux live?

Beuno poste, Midlo

The creepiest video I have ever seen...

YOY Join me!!! Peace Corps Pride!!!!

Wanna see a total solar eclipse? This site tells you where and when.

"Righteous Kill" with De Niro and Pacino was not prescreened for the critics, not a good sign.

Ryan Trecartin - "I-Be AREA"

I would just like to say, LeftyMom rocks.

I am SO ready to fire my Doctor because of his staff.

"In what respect, Charlie?"

why can I find every piece of paper from the past 3 years in my Apartment except

God dammit, summer is not over. Now! With Edit!

Guster--looking for a tour t shirt. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

They still don't know whats wrong with my mother

List a couple things you like about Estonia.

they took my thumb, Charlie!


Well shit.. I guess we are under a tornado warning....

List a couple things you like about Elbonia.

Sigh. I have no money.

The front fell off - hilarious youtube

The rumored WaPo McCain drug story is now in LBN.

McCain/Palin's New Campaign Button

Do you really think Gas will go up a Dollar tomorrow?

I'm devastated! I've been singing "wrapped up like a douche" since it came out.

The Veterinary Hospital where the kitten died is really great:

Welcome to my party -- now pay up!

Mets Closer Billy Wagner: "I've played my last day as a Met."

I just had a 1 inch shard of plastic go under my toenail. Ask me anything.

In honor of Palin's qualifications as a VP and as a human being, I am renaming the Ron Reagan

It's FRIDAY me little droogies. Welly well it's time for some Moloko Plus and the ol Inout.

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

What are you drinking? alone or with someone?

I kinda want this cat...Orange and White Half-Siamese

God's answer to "4 more years of Bush policies and crimes"

Please Texas Coastians - pay heed and get out.

A bitchkitty imposter! Or is there more than one?

Honestly, why do strangers add you on facebook?

I love you all

Happy Birthday, MadAsHellNewYorker!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Friday September 12

Inappropriate Slide Design

i think i'm in love

I want a Grover Cleveland avatar!

All choked up...

The explosion knocked out the power for a few hours

It's aliiiiive... IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!!!

OK. Who's addicted to PolarPalin?

1 margarita 2 margarita

Sometimes I really hate photobucket

Jeeze, it's about damn time those hurricane winds showed up.

"Sponge bath" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "sponge bath".

Getting ready for your "yearly" is like preparing for a date.

For all of you lying in wait for Ike....

There's something to be said for liking obscure things that nobody wants

Important technical question. What's the difference between "Pwned" and "Fail"?

My new cell phone was "Rachel Ray's recipes on the run" as a feature

Do we really want people only to live among their own kind buds?

Ike is powerful-it took down Geraldo

LaBatt Blue is very tasty.

I'm normally not a conspiracy theorist, but check out these security camera pics.

Galveston - waves crashing over the seawall

Anyone here still in contact with Bikewriter?

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, under Sarah Palin, is protecting Alaskans from killer...

Just got email from McCain!

I hate rain delays.

Snotted my way through a box of tissues. It's Friday, dammit!

I just bought a bag of chips from a vending machine, and it gave me two bags.

I have a peanut M&M with three peanuts in it. It looks a bit like the Pope.

This is my 5000th post!

Funny & perhaps heartening story . . . (WARNING: Language)

No Pawpicker tonight? How dare he socialize outside of DU?

For me, football season begins tomorrow night

wasn't there a movie recently about a hurrican direct hit on Houston?

Shakira - I admit I underestimated her

Anyone else up for a l'il aerial huntin'?

i am the curly hair monster

Anyone have any updog?

How high is the water, Momma?

The West Wing.

Ike is sitting on my lap right now

Just how big is Candice Olson's budget anyway?

it took hours

What is a good wormer for cats? Is this stuff any good?

Ok, this is for the womenfolk....


me and my drunk self fixed both computers and internet access

LBN: Toddler Trapped in Laundry Basket

Know what folks?

Dinner: We ordered out, but not Pizza! How about y'all?

quick laugh ...

Black lipstick is the new black

Black lipstick is the new black

My sister is a Sarah Palin supporter on Facebook.

Help! The power in my house is doing strange things

Would someone please upload "Golden Ribbons" to YouTube!

I'm thinking about posting some graphic pics of things sprouting off my body.

Galveston -- tonight I thought of this song

BAAAAAAH!!!!ELEVENS!! My patented BOOBAYS are on front page of Drudge!!!!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 9/12/2008)

I can't believe that no one has noticed that John McCain's...

Tressel announced Wells will NOT play in tomorrow's OSU/USC game.

Okay, this is for the menfolk

Make up your own folksy campaign saying...

I think the cat totally knows there's a new kitteh coming soon...

Do you like it when pets lick your scabs? I don't.

if you could eat anything right now...

Parche would have opened the Bar by now

*****Happy Birthday, racaulk!*****

What I most want to see, desperately want to see, in the upcoming debates

anyone familiar with dwight yoakum?

When's the last time you went on a date?

Observation on the Mass Pike.

Vibes and hugs please . . .

Time for ritual cleansing with Soapbama

First meeting tonight with a guy who doesn't vote

The Coen Brothers have done it again! . . . NO SPOILERS

Today was my last day of work. I am unemployed. Let the party begin!

My roommate's bike got stolen today

Would it be creepy if someone told you that you have attractive feet?

That's one horny looking pussy.

Has a woman ever been considered as the identity of Jack the Ripper?

A Google Challenge

I'm up to 17,000 posts now. Just sayin'.

So when's the last time you played with a squeezebox?

One year ago,yesterday, my son hung himself

Rolling Stone gives Metallica's new CD Death Magnetic 4 stars, calls it huge, polished and tough...

I try to treat people the way I'd like to be treated -- does that make me a sucker?

Today is my Birthday - Somebody spank me!!!

I just found the greatest drink of all time.

Find your Palin Baby Name!

Please may I have a hug?

High School Football Started Last Night! (pics)

List a couple of things you like about Russia.

How often do you go out for a couple drinks or a movie?

damn i hate my iphone

I am in Houston waiting for Ike with 37 other people, ask me anything.

My weird moment of the day.

Bands with 3 or more guitarists... let's make a list

Okay, I know I'm crazy, but now you can tell me so. (gross)

Lounge Expose: I went undercover as one of DuStrange's math students...

*******Happy Birthday LynzM!!!********

I'm announcing another DUer's birthday, whether that DUer likes it or not.

Why has XP suddenly stop recognizng my 2nd internal hard drive?

It's another "Show your desktop" thread!!

McCain finds it tough without Palin

Palin, the sheltered running mate, is taking small steps out of her campaign bubble

Wis. court: Cops illegally taped nursing home sex

Palin's daughter victim of abstinence-only sex education

President Bush authorises US ground operations inside Pakistan

Obama Plans Sharper Tone as Party Frets

Wa Post pg A01: A Tangled Story of Addiction-Consequences of Cindy McCain's Drug Abuse Were More Com

Costa Rica top court blocks US trade pact approval

Ten said killed in U.S. missile attack in Pakistan

Chavez acts over US-Bolivia row

Two charged with 220 sex offences at 'prayer sessions'

Pelosi Sets Minerals Agency 'Integrity' Plan

Alleging Coup Plot.. Chavez ousts U.S. Envoy

Rosenberg transcripts raise possibility of perjury

No Bike Helmut? Lose Your Wheels

Pain at the pumps for Canadian motorists as gas prices shot up Friday (50c/gal)

Lehman Deal May Come Over Weekend

Freighter stranded near path of Hurricane Ike

Tougher Bankruptcy Laws Bite the Lenders

Ohio Dem Fudge Hits Sweet Spot With Nomination to Succeed Late Rep. Tubbs Jones (OH-11)

ElBaradei to step down as chief of UN nuclear watchdog body

Group says McCain broke 9/11 pledge not to air ads

(UK) Lawyer Jeffrey Tesler 'bribed officials in $6bn Nigerian gas deal' (Halliburton connection)

Retail sales unexpectedly drop in August

August foreclosures hit another record high

US eyes Russia in Latin America amid crisis over Georgia

Egypt accused in killings of African refugees

'Hurricane chaser' ready to film Ike's landfall

Gallup Daily: McCain 48%, Obama 45%

Investigator seeks to subpoena Todd Palin

Health Net to pay fines, bills for rescissions

GOP downplays Palin book-banning inquiry (McCain campaign says it happened!)

Lawmakers vote for subpoenas for Troopergate probe

Obama set to make SNL appearance Saturday

US: Venezuelan officials aided drug traffickers

Palin Endorses Idea McCain Called "Naive"

WRAPUP 5-Hurricane Ike threatens Texas with wall of water

Palin asks Schwarzenegger to veto fees aimed at cutting pollution at California ports

A Tangled Story of Addiction: Consequences of Cindy McCain's Drug Abuse Were More...

Thousands stranded as British holiday firm collapses

Todd Palin subpoenaed in firing probe

Gov. Beshear declares state of emergency to prevent price gouging

Gasoline rises on Ike, but crude dips below $100

Alaska lawmakers decide to subpoena Palin's husband

Reid suggests McCain lacks temperament to be president

Honduras in diplomatic snub to U.S. over Bolivia

Senator Hatch: both sides "ridiculous" in squabbles (defends Obama))

China Tells Businesses to Unionize

McCain Taps Lobbyist for Transition

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday September 12

Fannie, Freddie may cause big ($62 Trillion) credit headache

U.S. OKs departure of some embassy staff from Bolivia

China to punish baby milk makers

Tens of thousands of Iraqis may come to U.S. in '09

Biden releases decade of financial records

Alaska lawmakers vote to subpoena Todd Palin

Justice Department Moving to Immunize Snooping Telcos

Houston Decides to Stare Down Ike Instead of Leave

A Million Flee as Storm Hits Texas Coast

Interior Dept. sloppiness costs U.S. billions

Emergency meeting held (Friday night) to discuss Lehman Brothers

Quinnpaic poll Ohio: Obama 49 McCain 44

Car bomb in Iraq kills at least 32, wounds 43

Mars Petcare recalls some dry pet foods(Salmonella)

ap-gfkpoll McCain 48, Obama 44, DK-Other , 9

'Arrests' after China landslide

Biden’s Son Quits Lobbying Firm

McCain Barbs Stirring Outcry as Distortions

Justice spurned whistleblower, risking millions in oil royalties

McCain fumbles Palin’s record on earmark requests

Judge Rules Against Mississippi GOP, Orders Special Senate Race Moved Up on Ballot

Pak army to retaliate if US conducts raids

Ohio GOP sues to block early voting

Despite evacuation order, 1,000 remain in Galveston jail

Obama Implies McCain Puts Other Countries First (Now we're playing in the big leagues)

Coleman's two-second mistake could cost millions (MN-Senate)

Palin names new head of Public Safety

37,000 may need to be rescued after Ike, military official says

Investigator wants subpoena for Palin's husband

Obama Mocks McCain as Computer Illiterate

Comedian who satirised Pope could face prosecution

(Los Angeles) Metrolink cars crash into freight train; 2 dead, more expected

Bolivian Armed Forces Reject Chavez Intervention

Russia's Medvedev: Armed Action On Iran Unacceptable

9/11 presidential forum with John McCain

Jedreport- McCain explains the Bush Doctrine to Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin On Iraq

TYT: Palin Approved Charging Rape Victims For Medical Exams

I'll Help Sarah Palin Out Here:

9/11 Presidential Forum Barack Obama

myBO Tour

Palin: War may be neccessary (CNN)

Palin Interview - Israel

BARACK OBAMA - 9/11 Columbia University Presidential Forum PART 1 (full interview)

Bear DNA vs. Seal DNA

Bear DNA vs. Seal DNA

ABC News Fact Checks Palin and Finds Several Lies

Sarah Palin: A Heartbeat Away

New McCain Ad Misleading! Chuck Todd & Andrea Mitchell on Morning Joe

TPMtv: Deep Denial

Who does Sen. Norm Coleman work for? (Franken Ad v3.0)

Gina Gershon as Vice President Hopeful Sarah Palin

The face of the McCain base

McCain: Bush is my fault.

Planned Parenthood fights back against McCain lies

Register in Michigan By October 6!

Sarah Palin on 'speaking God's words'

Barack Obama on the disconnect with Washington - how McLame is "divorced" from day-to-day challenges


John McCain Exploits 9/11 Trajedy (Commemorative $20 Remix)

Third Party Candidate Threatens McCain's Base!

The View Ladies Take on McLame: McLame lies about Palin never asking for earmarks

Is Sarah Palin a feminist? Friday Feminist Fuck NO.

McCain was opposed to funding for bridge to nowhere....

Barack Obama on the difference between McCain and Bush

Sarah Palin's Husband Subpoenaed in Palin Investigation

John McCain Sucks.

John McCain 2008!!! Vote No!

The Bush Doctrine - One Heartbeat Away

Exclusive: Unedited Palin Footage!

Video of the McCain campaign in action -- when you spin too much


Obama's "Lobbyist" ad - sorry - this was posted by someone else earlier!

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #11: KANYE!

Palin's Pastor -- God Punishes Jews Who Don't Convert

Ari Melber Of The Nation at the Democratic Convention---The Young Turks

The View: McLame supports overturning Roe v. Wade...and the audience groans.

Other Charlies Interview Sarah Palin

New Obama Ad - "Still"

Planned Parenthood Action Fund - Sexual Abuse

TPM: McCain Fib Watch, Episode 1

Barack Obama in Dover, NH

CC'd for the nuance impaired - Is Sarah Palin qualified to be President?


07-McCain: Mayors, Govs Don't Have Nat'l Security Experience

Barack Obama on the McCain-Palin Plan to Nowhere

Bolivian 'state of siege' declared

On The View: John McLame Lies About His Ads Not Being Lies

McLame's rage starts to bubble over on The View: "I'm the same guy."

Sarah Palin Accepts VP Nomination

New Obama Ad On McCain’s Lobbying Ties - "It's Over"

Sarah Palin Links Iraq War to 9-11 Terrorist Attacks

Sarah Palin Thinks Barack Obama Will Regret Not Picking Hillary Clinton

Markos Moulitsas & Olbermann on the McCain Camp Lies

Palin admits she lied about Bridge to Nowhere

McCain on The View, being grilled

McCain is Prepared- Unlike a Mayor or a Governor

Planned Parenthood Ad

Sarah Palin admits to Affair

Les Misbarack

Obama Hustle

Franken Fishing Ad Making Waves!

Ari Melber rips lying GOP hack

New Obama Ad - "Real Change"

Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive: Dem generic lead slips to 3 points

Canvassing tips - get out the vote!

Joe Biden Speaks to HQ Staff and Volunteers

Palin... ok this is just creepy.

Senator Boxer Opens Up On Sarah Palin (Chris Matthews)

McCain Attacks Obama Over Venezuela

Defenders of Wildlife hits Palin with new ad!

Sarah Palin, A Heartbeat Away from the Presidency (hits AIP ties)

A Message From John McCain

Ditch the lipstick debate

Pretzel logic from the McCain campaign

Cataloguing the RNC’s journalist detainees

Russia and the Axis of Evil: Money, Ambition and U.S. Interests


McCain's Health Care Tax Increase

President Bush authorises US ground operations inside Pakistan

Lies, Damned Lies, and Sarah Palin

Palin adviser warned that firing raised 'grave' concern, calls it an out and out cover-up

Anything Goes, Apparently (NYT editorial on the US Oil for Sex Program)

The Lying Issue

Palin to Charlie Gibson: I'm Not a Risk, Since I've Played 'Risk'

David Sirota: Country First? Hardly

Mark Halperin Goes Off-Message, Tries Journalism

A Pig By Any Other Name

Mommy-War Armageddon: The working mothers' case against Sarah Palin.

Moscow eyes Afghanistan in fear

No Laughing Matter: The Palin Phenomemon

Palin's Dangerous Sabre-Rattling On Russia (HuffPo)

Fact Check: Palin Wrong on Former VP Credentials (ABC)

Beware Those Who Seek the God Vote

Anything Goes, Apparently

Teacher Used Muslim Student As Terrorist Example

Bill Moyers: After 9/11

Behaving Like Adults

McCain Responds to Obama's 'Computer Illiteracy' Ad

E.J. Dionne: Tiptoeing Through the Mud (Obama has lost control of his campaign)

Howard Zinn: American Empire Is 'Crumbling'

Krugman - a Blizzard of lies

Policeman reveals tricks used to hit terror "search" targets

Labour is far too frightened to learn Obama's lesson

McCain: The Old Man is an Old Liar--And Dangerous

Alaska Democrats Fear For The Country

McCain: "You may not be pretty, but you sure keep people distracted!"

Palin a joke, an absurdity (Andrew Sullivan)

Radical Islamization of Pakistan

Texas rancher moves 1,600 cows in advance of Hurricane Ike

Days Before Scandal, Interior Got Ethics Award

Earmark talk is overblown

''The shah's plan was to build bombs'' (New Statesman interviews Akbar Etemad)

McCain to Host SNL, as 'Theodoric of York, Medieval GOP Candidate'

Forget 'Foreign' Policy, Attila from Wasilla Knows 'Far-Out’ Policy'

Wonder Woman: Palin Unfit for my Tiara and Lasso

McCain Admits He's "Divorced" from Reality: Obama Camp Lets Rip

Foreign Policy In Focus: Assessing the Republican Party Platform

Are The Netroots Being Played By Rove?

Vladimir Putin: 'Georgia? We couldn't just let Russia get a bloody nose'

Clueless Palin Peddles Cliches Under Gibson's Glare: Commentary

Why Palin's "Bush Doctrine" Gaffe Matters: Does She Know What Foreign Policy Doctrine Is?

Friday Talking Points (47) -- Our First Anniversary

How the right is playing the "computer" Ad.....

U.S. Should Disclose Its Funding of Opposition Groups in Bolivia and Other Latin American Countries

Palin's daughter victim of abstinence-only sex education

What Makes People Vote Republican?

Weekend Economist, September 12-14, 2008

Michele Bachmann Wants an AR15 Assault Rifle

Proposed Uranium Mining Upsets New Mexicans!!!

Chevron caught up in oil agency scandal

Crosspost: “A Tool of Satan”: Gov. Palin, Evangelicals, Big Oil and Global Warming

Hurricane Ike Slosh Model

Venezuela to expel U.S. ambassador | U.S. plans to expel Venezuelan envoy

Electricity shortage may choke B.C.'s gas patch

Wood shortage hits Boralex

Tree Length Wood Debate

Science - Survey Tracks Widespread Loss Of Oaks, Associated Understory Species Across America

Palin - She Denied Existence Of Anthropogenic Climate Change Before She "Accepted" It - AP

Two Amphibian Species Thought Extinct Rediscovered In Costa Rica, Australia

Ike has an integrated kinetic energy of 149 Terajoules

Geological Society Of America - Gulf Coast Area Of Special Vulnerability As Climate Shifts - AFP

ISS photo of Ike

Bald Eagle Pair Nests In Vermont - First Successful Nesting In State For 30 Years

Interesting project I heard about on NPR....

9/12 22:00 CDT Ike At Cat 3 Threshold 55 SSE Galveston NW 12 Max 110 952 Mb Storm Surge Mapping Here

Oil dips below $100, even as Ike plows toward gulf.

Indonesian Govt. Officially Ends Attempts To Cap Java Mud Volcano - Flowing At 100K M3/Day - AFP

CA "anti gay" group puts more money in pockets than into programs

Candlelight vigil to mark 10th anniversary of Matthew Shepard's murder

Another Gay Bashing incident, this time in D.C.

Why I love Los Angeles Dept of Water and Power:

Charge of 'collective punishment' over Israel's blockade in Gaza

American performer: Israeli security made me dance

Ahmadinejad: Palestinian struggle source of pride for all Muslims

Israeli navy to Gazan fishermen: “When the internationals leave Gaza, you will all be made to pay”

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/12/08

Is the bankruptcy law change under Bush backfiring?

Central bankers saw disaster coming

Fundamental question: Are 401Ks really safe?

Employees at Stanford, Packard Children’s Hosps Vote to Accept New Union Rep

Today in labor history Sept. 12 Jobless workers march on grocery stores and seize food

We are looking for a meeting place for our Local

I had three different managers in my plant compliment me today

Costa Rica top court blocks US trade pact approval

Venezuela insults United States, expels ambassador

US: Venezuelan officials aided drug traffickers

VEN -BOLIVIA articles from Prensa Latina

CEPR PRESS REL: "US Should Disclose Its Funding of Opposition Groups . . ."

VEN INFO OFF Background on Bolivia & Ven Events

Strategy of Chaos in Bolivia

Here is a link to the taped plotting that Mr. Chavez played

Expulsions stoke US-LatAm dispute

Cuban missile crisis II?

ALVARO URIBE Coming to DC-- Ay Dios Mio!!

a blast from the past for Av's fans

Tressel announced Wells will NOT play in tomorrow's Ohio State/USC game.

Show your support with a Garden Gnome

Big Brown Faces 10 in Monmouth Stakes

I'll say it again ... Cubs fans on the road are some of the most

Is this hurricane part of the bad weather the Astro folks projected?

Know what we are dealing with.

Spot Liars Best with + Aura Reading

Checking in re: Ike

"The Light Within" - Karen Bishop - September 12, 2008

October 7, 2008

Anyone know where this came from?

Researchers Look for New Ways to Reduce Heart Damage

The War Between Public Health and Private Interests (Movie Review: “Flow”)

Officials Warn Against Drug-Resistant 'Super Lice'

Telephoto lens question from a n00b!

Experimenting with extension tubes . . .

How Obama will Lower Gun Crime

What do you think of the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund ad about Palin?

I wonder how much *** would hit the fan if the Democratic party

Drug Dealers and a (Former?) Gang Member on Chicago's Finest Hiring List

Next up--incorporation.

Sorry, folks, but I don't think I can support the AHSA

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!!!!!!! Yeah!!!

My first attempt at making freezer strawberry jam turned out wonderful.

The Rosetta Stone For Understanding Evolution

Researchers Beam 'Space' Solar Power in Hawaii

Clinical Trial For New Tuberculosis Vaccine

Nano-sized 'Cargo Ships' To Target And Destroy Tumors Developed

LHC Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment Webcams

Cause of schizophrenia found in underdeveloped brain area

God and Jesus are only as good as your Parent

'Cursed' woman claims exorcism sex abuse

Bias? Or sound life choice?

MSNBC is replaying it's 9-11 coverage tonight

My letter to thank Keith Olberman for comments on 9/11

Lets recap the last decade of changes

Heard this? "Magnetic forces to blame for 9/11 tower collapse"

?. Did the passengers on UA Flight 93 fight hijackers and take the plane down?

WARNING for Office Workers!!!

Link to snopes - hurricane fun facts, some that I didn't know about...

$5 gal gas because of Ike?

Holy Schnikes, Batman! Even *I'm* going to get some of Ike's outer bands!

Just heard from my brother--he's on vacation so he evacuated!

Internet addresses for local TV live streaming Ike news

Here's something you may never see again -- NOBODY on Houston highways

More and more people without power, and Sugarland is out?

SUgar Land checking in . Got a pint of Bluebell so the Hurricane prep is DONE!

Obama mocks McCain as computer illiterate in ad

get your obama buttons here!!

I Don't Like Ike

Why has XP suddenly stoped recognizng my 2nd internal hard drive?

Nik on the Numbers

DU Video: Michele Bachmann Wants an Assault Rifle

U of M considering William McGuire as a business school expert

A couple more endorsements

Sarah Palin=Dolphin at the Walker

Ed O'Reilly - I can win if people do not come and vote!

Kerry campaign hits Beatty for the first time. Plus check out this comment:

My mom received one of McCain's "vote by mail" applications and the McCain literature it's attached

Anyone seen the new Coleman ad about Franken

Wis. court: Cops illegally taped nursing home sex

Los Angeles Grand Opening--Date incorrect

Train crash in Chatsworth Fri 9/12

True Blood

Has there been any sign of the Obama camp reacting to the widespread voter caging?

GOP Efforts To Rig MS Senate Race Hit Snag

American Public Radio Marketplace: Have you changed the way you vote?

Missouri Election Board dodges Galloglas' "Voter Arrest Trial"

Please join me in saluting Galloglas

What YOU can do to prevent another stolen election-by Mark Crispin Miller

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, week ending Friday 9/12/08 (Hurricane Ike Edition)