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Where is the Press Conference???

can we FINALLY call a spade a spade?

Now McCain has brought up sex education

Really Funny to See The Juxtaposition of The DC Reporters - Megan McCain

Really Funny to See The Juxtaposition of The DC Reporters - Megan McCain

How the rich rolled Barack Obama.

A meaningless poll that still makes me feel good

One more thing Obama needs to add to his pig line.....

Constitutional Biden. Civil liberties' greatest salesman.

Just heard on the radio. That Obama said Palin was a pig and she smelled like fish?

Stop Ignoring Scheunemann's Past.... think Russia

I guess we are learning why Alaska is not a leader in the primary order. It's just not like

From LBN Obama breaks money record in August- more than 55 mil

Polls from a year ago today...

We're watching McCain overplay his hand on the gender issue

So you mean they can dish it out, but they can't take it?

Is the Gibson interview going to be live?

"Yes, Bush's Economic Policies Are a Failure"

Re-Post from 09-04-08 - Lipstick On A Pig

Something I Noticed Tonight

If our convention were next week, we'd all be wearing pig noses at the convention...

Let the ass kicking commence

I just figured out what the sex ed ad was about (well, I have a hunch)

Another take on pigs in lipstick:

It's the Issues, Stupid. The Obama Poll Drop

Since someone in here pointed out that we can't repeat the word "Maverick" in ads without giving

Anyone notice something missing from John McCain's speech

May I have info or a link on the sex education legislation

ahem...did Keith Olberman call Rove...

Good fodder for the 9/26 FP debate: Response to Georgia is more Obama's than McCain's

Don't forget, Special Comment on "Countdown" Wed. night

Hey democrats Karl Rove is running a disgusting, racist campaign

Another new McCain campaign logo

Eventually she'll have to talk, right?

Voter Registration by Students Raises Cloud of Consequences

We need more Palin posts, forget about healthcare, the WAR, Rebuilding the Middle class

time to attack

DU needs a count down clock on their home page and headline

D. Letterman said Barack and Lebron James tomorrow nt for his show

good niters DU....

Something Fishy in Alaska. McCain Squealing about Lipstick

I feel that some kind of intentional baiting is going on with the "lipstick" comment.

McCain has a lot of nerve to falsely attack Obama over the

Discussion with Undecided Step-mom in TX tonight! NEED HELP

Constant attacks from the GOP, and we're trotting out their slogans from 8 years ago....

WP: Dominant themes trump facts

this is a little touchy--

Piggly Wiggly....a day in pictures.

McPain is a weak ass, and Painlin ain't all that.

Sarah? Is that YOU?

I need that YouTube, of McCain speaking AGAINST fed takeover of Fannie Mae.

Obama calls McCain a pig. McCain shields himself with his (female) VP

Palin will try to make energy knowledge into foreign policy expertise

The Republican Candidates are LIGHTWEIGHTS!

Obama campaign should show this video tomorrow...

Anyone remember John McCain?

Believing the Media that sold us the Iraq War .... C'Mon People

Todd Palin may be more dangerous than we think...

Kim Jong-Il: 'McCain Chose WHO?'


Rigging tracking polls: Is this the new RW or Corporate Media plan?

Why the Idiots Always Win

Hmm...Using a common expression vs. accusing someone of wanting to teach 5 year olds how to have sex

Palin accused by judge of Child Abuse toward her niece/nephew (Troopergate)

Waiting for the shoe to drop: A theory regarding the "big" story

The guy has something to say......

Did anyone see Mark Halperin on Anderson Cooper? He was apparently great.

And Rove rules the day again. What Lipstickgate is really code for:

Can 'the surge' be said to have worked when we've *paid* people to not shoot at us...

CBS Eve News: "The record shows she wanted that bridge until the end and kept the money."

Sarah Palin and the Third Wave

Everytime McPalin talk of "small town" values & dis big cities as elitist

Good news: one former Ron Paul supporter/Obama hater has decided to vote against McCain

McCain relies on his image, avoids issues

Larry King needs some letters on this pig thing!

mods--thank you

"you can dress yourselves up and put on aires, you're still just mules in horse's harness....

Barack and Hillary should do a joint press conference on the lipstick/pig thing

Obama opens schools debate with McCain

Here is her real religious views

milwaukee's paper printed som good LTTE, but 1 was extra good.

Who is for Obama/Biden and who is for McLame & the Mz Thang?

It's official. John Mc Cain endorses Sarah Palin for President.



Camille Paglia hearts Sarah Palin

Sounds like Sarah Palin violated the judge's orders to not disparage her bil.

Seriously, is the media really going to go with the pig story

Is McCain afraid to go without his Palin blanket?

BBC News: Obama win preferred in world poll

A word about the Gallup poll that had so many DUers freak out

A few things Obama said today. "About Palin"

8 More Stories About Palin the Public Needs to Know

8 More Stories About Palin the Public Needs to Know

The Palin strategy and how to defeat it

Obama Banks on the Ground Game

Hey Sarah - There's No Crying In Baseball

MCCAIN - bushies and lobbyist list

I'll say it again: NEVER apologize to the Rethug bullies.

Palin's positions: 2006 governor's race

You know that per diem is tax free cash? Like why is the IRS not investigating Sarah?

This will age you but who remembers the Twilight Zone pig nose episode?

McCain camp says Palin is "the only one of the four candidates who wears lipstick."

#131,926 in Books (Amazon): "Lipstick on a Pig" by Torie Clark

#131,926 in Books (Amazon): "Lipstick on a Pig" by Torie Clark

For those who missed Obama campaign in Lebanon, VA - watch it here!

From this point on, refer to the thugs as the "Palin/McCain" campaign.

CNN: Debunking Sarah Palin Myths

"We are winning"

Jane Swift...perfect match for Palin. They are soulmates.

Heads up - GMA talking about the religious aspect

"If she can't take the heat, she should get out of one of John McCain's 7 kitchens"

You want talking points? Let's get together some.

On one hand, we have the right wing saying that Obama called Palin a pig...

Sex, Lies, And Videotape

The List: McCain’s 10 Worst Ideas

No names, but I have a dear friend that is 20+ years retired Naval Eng...

McCain warns Obama not to use the race card, but hides behind the gender card whenever. . .

They dragged a sitting U.S. President through the mud and dirt, over a

This could be the dirtiest campaign ever

Matt Lauer is temporarily off the douchebag list.

Dupe. Sorry.

"I'm a war hero and I'm Sharon Stone's cousin..."

I think this country is irrevocably broken

So Biden takes heat yesterday about his comments on who cares more for

McCain, Palin, and Staff: A campaign of whiners.

More Linda Douglass !!

Send this to the McCain campaign -

Delete: dupe of many other threads!

Drudge/RW media are pushing it as though he called Palin a pig. Obama made a mistake with this one.

Notice what the Republican's tried to do with the pig/lipstick comment?

Palin is the Manchurian Candidate

SARAH PALIN: McCain's "Geritol"......reinvigorating!

Using the "dishonorable" tag is the beginning of a classic Rovian strategy...

9-11 is tomorrow

Anyone find it disturbing watching McCain look at his VP's ass and rub his Ring finger?

Chuck Norris it BATSHIT INSANE!

Overreach much? McCreep just launched an "ad" called "lipstick"

ISSUES ISSUES ISSUES....and read this....

FOR THOSE WHO MISSED IT! McCain/Media/Palin's BIG Problem with PIG-ChangeGATE

Enquirer: Palin Family Shockers (more..)

Enquirer: Palin Family Shockers (more..)

Sexually repressed McCain and Palin want to take us back to the days when people pretended

Waiting for a Palin bombshell is like waiting for a knight in shining armor

Paul Begala is probably very happy this morning

So the central strategy of the McCain campaign is "We're Insulted!"

And, on the Cover of NATIONAL ENQUIRER, pic of Palin with...what, an assault rifle?

The pig line was a brilliant use of "reverse code words"

Horn-dog McCain's tell...he's a perv with designs on Palin

Yahoo uses the "C" word to potect Palin

DU Daily Truthiness Points:


New Obama ad: Obama stares into camera, flips a bird and says

"mother, governor, moose shooter, that's cool"

Your Views on North Korea, Ms. Palin?

Your Views on North Korea, Ms. Palin?

GOP = Grand Ole Pedophile

Women against Palin - Fury and Dread - Participation requested

The books Palin wanted banned (Harry Potter included)

So, is mcPOW the Stinky Fish Wrapped in Paper?

Matt Dowd on GMA said these "bounces" don't last. Feel better now?

I'm tempted to send that POS Palin

Re:Sarah Palin


It's pig stickin' time!

One thing I like hearing today: the MSM is saying statements from McCain are FALSE

John McCain in his OWN WORDS bashing Hillary: "Lipstick on a pig..."

One child left behind

Palin reaps what she sows.

Attack NOW. It will only get worse from here on out. It's 1988 all over again.

A Wolverine with Lipstick or a Buckeye with Lipstick

Matt Lauer on NBC was like a kid at Xmas regarding McCain's gains in poll

I want Obama to deliver the "PIG" line again and bring down the fucking house. . .

Women Say NO - Part 15

Baby Shower at a Shooting Range?

So when is the media going to vet Palin and McCain?

John McCain and Sarah Palin: Liars and Crooks!

Scarborough: "Whatever the McCain campaign wants us to talk about."

****BREAKING****Obama to miss recess x 2 days.

Sarah Palin "look-alike" on Rockefeller Plaza (NBC -"Today Show")

Flag flap sullies candidates' vow to stand together at Ground Zero

Lets use the US Post Office as an arm of the Democratic Party

"Lipstick on a Pig" by Torie Clarke, Rummy's Pentagon spokesman

Hannity: "If McCain had said this...."

Some Freepers might be catching on to what Obama's strategy yesterday was...

A Telling Palin Scandal: Her Environmental Record

Lipstick on "Creative Response Concepts"

Bush Administration Chooses McCain National Finance Chairman To Take Over Fannie Mae

Newsweek: Palin warned by court to stop disparaging sister's ex. Judge called it "child abuse"

Obama campaign shifting some people out of Georgia - deploying to NC

Good grief it's SILLY SEASON! McCain has nothing to run on...

Uh Oh. Bad Thoughts. Fetal Alcohol Syndome?

Limpballs needs to answer this: Can Oxycontin be smoked?



Sex Sex Sex

The GOP Loves the Heartland To Death -- WSJ

Diebold Accidentally Leaks the 2008 Election Results

Obama is closing gap in West Virginia (McCain up by only 5)

Did you ever hear a pit bull whine?

The Bradley Effect?

If anything this Alaska idiot should be flattered.

The palin family has thrown me into an identity crisis

If it wasn't for lipstick, we couldn't tell which end Team MCain was talking out of.

BTW, amidst all the hand-wringing, Dems won some big upsets in primary votes yesterday

BTW, amidst all the hand-wringing, Dems won some big upsets in primary votes yesterday

"Lies work."

So, where is Andrew Sullivan?

Should Obama attack the media?

Silly me ... I thought pit bulls were tough ...

Dem groups launching anti-McCain film, 'Third Term'

"The hottest Gov. from the coldest state" is embraced by the McCain campaign

Palin YouTube Videos Suddenly Unplugged

This isn't a presidential campaign, it's American Idol!

OMG... reach for your meds... new McCrap ad: "Lipstick"

Repeat after me: why would John McCain

Correct political response (sex-ed ad)

Sarah Palin: You are what you eat

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: "The Maverick Steer"

"Lipstick Piggery" -- Joe Klein calls bullshit on the sleazy distractions from the McLame campaign

McCain's lipstick on a pig video

Obama can't ask, but I can. When is she putting on her big girl pants*and facing the nation?

The Angry Right thinks it's Entitled to Deference

John McCain laughed at "how do we beat the bitch?" question from a supporter

MSM Calling Bullshit on the McCain Camp Claim of Sexism

I hate Joe Scab

Can we get back to focusing on marrying GW Bsuh to John McCain?

The liberal 527's need to get to work IMMEDIATELY to redefine Princess Barracuda..

America is getting "Whine Fatigue".

Rasmussen Daily 9/10: Obama 48, McCain 47

Turn the tables, Sen. Obama!

They call us a Nation of Whiners...

Word Association

I'm pretty sure Obama will hit back on the McCain sexism ad

What do you call a woman that teaches abstinence only?

NYT does a good job of explaining McCain's faux "lipstick" outrage


Breaking: Palin Vetting Documents From 2006?

Ad idea: Biggest Celebrity in the World's Sidekick

Is the bounce fading?

An Open Letter to Women Supporting Sarah Palin

Harvard Trained South Side Chicago tested laid back Hawaiian born POL!

Time to get motivated. As Obama said, ENOUGH!!

Rasmussen: Obama 46%, McClown 46%- with leaners, our guy wins by 1%

Ask John McCain why he's pro-pedophile

Forget the media..........

The problem, my friends, is the media - the echo chamber

Does anyone from the Obama campaign

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/10/08 - Obama 46, McCain 46 (unchanged)

Meghan McCain: "No-one knows what war is like, other than my family. Period."


Chicago Sun-Times story: "Biden isn't afraid of Palin"

Martians and Election Day

Martians and Election Day

Will Palin cry sexism every time Putin says something she doesn't like?

When Obama Meets McCane Tomorrow

When Obama Meets McCane Tomorrow

McClatchy Fact Check: Out of Bounds! McCain misstates Obama sex-ed record


The "lipstick on a pig" comment works in Obama's favor

TOON Predictions

TOON Predictions

You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It's still going to stink...

Tell Michigan TV stations this kind of garbage shouldn’t run on the public’s airwaves

I have a nagging feeling that Palin wasn't picked by McCain. McCain

Republicans brains blowing up

Lipstick On A Pig Was About McCain And How He Would "Change" Washington, Not About Palin!!!!

But, But, Sarah Palin Is A Tough Woman!

Fucking Palin, when is this chick going to implode!

Wash Post: "Untrue Accusations And Rumors Have Started To Swirl ... They Become Regarded As Fact"

FauxNews reporting that Obama is expected to address "lipstick controversy" soon.

McCain is not an good man

Sarah Palin =

McLame camp concedes: "Well, maybe she wasn't ALWAYS against the bridge to nowhere" (VIDEO)

Republicans have to lie, smear and distort to get elected.

How long til Rove makes Palin sit on a pin or pinches her to make her cry

Don't forget - Obama on "Letterman" tonight.

Amazing how quickly the media grew a pair!

AP: Obama's lipstick remark "clearly drawing a connection"

Let's be crystal clear here, John McCain called his wife a CUNT.

So if ol Sarah cannot handle being called a pig with lipstick


Obama will be speaking at a library right now; please mention Palin's book banning attempt

The GOP's Human Shield- Palin

Metaphor alert: Anybody here play bridge?

Josh Marshall : Unfit for High Office

So... do you think this whole "lipstick" business will help us, hurt us, or fizzle out?

__she IS a bridge to nowhere__

McCain Has Said "Lipstick On A Pig" At Least Three Times

Radioheads "Paranoid Android" video is appropriate today: "kicking, squealing, gucci little piggy"

New GOP symbol.

Geraldine Ferraro Indicted

Time for an ad that highlights McCain's approval of an ad that repeats a bold face lie...

Palin the GOPAC Parrot. Change? Repeating RW talking points from Tom DeLay, Gingrich, Limbaugh

When in the hell are the Democrats in congress.....

Magic post from the future: Obama, best president ever, or...

If you have a Myspace account, I hope that you'll enjoy what I just posted in my blog

Obama better not apologise for pig comment on Letterman tonight

McCain/Palin: The Pro-Pedophile Ticket

Yesterday's one-two punch bloodied 'em up

Not only should Obama NOT apologize, he should repeat it and stand by what he said.

CNN Poll: Is it fair to raise questions about her (Palin) experience?

----Out of everything Obama just said, I bet.-----

Sarah Palin (and John McCain) are sexist

Meghan McCain: My Dad Says 'Lipstick on a Pig'

"I'm John McCain, and I approved the sleeziest political ad ever created"

Obama, don't you DARE apologize!


palin is a pig with lipstick!!!

Now that they've responded to the lipstick comment, it's time to lob another bomb.

Great Obama photo

Where the candidates are today 9/10/08

Check in if you've donated to the Obama campaign this week!

Obama up on MSNBC, CNN, even fax northfolk /nt

OK let me get this straight. McDouche can steal Obama's campaign theme.

NC POLL: McCreep 48, Obama 44.

Obama called Palin 'Lipstick"

"Spare me the phony outrage"

What are You Waiting For?: 4 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama.

Ron Paul urges third-party vote

Alaska Has Highest Rape/Child Molestation Rates!

I'm Offended! The Culture of Palin.

Geraldine Ferraro's bounce in the polls

John Feehery, Republican strategist:: " these little facts don't really matter."

Correct political response. (lipstick-gate)

We must press them everyday and hold them ACCOUNTABLE

Does anybody have any info on McCain's "present" votes?

This is change?

Am I the only one who thinks that Obama set this "lipstick" thing up?

Palin Invokes Executive Privilege on Emails

Any pics out there of a pit bull with lipstick on?

Palin: Jesus Returning Soon-"During My Lifetime"

For the record: I think ALL PUKES are PIGS!

Psst... Sarah.

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Norfolk, VA****

For the love of all that's good and holy, gimme video!!

CERN LHC - Live Stream

Keep making the Republicans accountable for their lies

WE need to start a movement. Something HUGE to send a message that will get covered

How To Debate a Girl, and Win - Joe Biden can beat Sarah Palin by pretending she's a man.

backlash........i love it

Has anyone else been having trouble streaming AAR?

ARE YOU MAD? Want to play a game?

She sounds like a recording

She is LYING about a lot more than the bridge to nowhere.

Lightweight Palin, all press on plane off the record, no AP allowed

Aww crap,it's the same fucking speech - AGAIN.

COUNT IT! Another Sarah Palin reference to the Bridge to Nowhere Lie


Well lookee here:

This is blowing up in their face!

Sarah Palin: No Friend to Children and Adults with Disabilities

Obama Should Apologize For Pig Comment

If they run crying to their mommies over "lipstick on a pig..."

Did somebody say catnip?????!!!!!

Unabashed Echo Chamber Post: ENOUGH!

Unabashed Echo Chamber Post: ENOUGH!

I think McCain is trying very hard to not look at Palin's @ss right now...

Perhaps trivial, but the voice of Sarah Palin...

Palin vowed to avoid negative campaigning in 2006

German press: Palins Kirche mit Extremisten verstrickt

I have some interesting news to share......

"Catnip for the News Media" LOL

BARACK OBAMA: "Spare me the phony outrage!" BAM!

Are the repukes following Barack around the country?

Sarah Palin: Ready From Day One

McCain and Palin say the exact same thing every speech....

Sen. Obama to John McCain and Sarah Palin: I'm sorry

Rasmussen tracking poll: Obama: 48% McCain: 47% (with leaners)

Quick!!! Somebody write her a new speech for chrissake!!! At this stage

Pig-LipstickGate, Michael Jordan, and Barack Obama


Lipstick--pig--soccer mom--pitbull - The Repubs are really helping us get a great

Wonkette: Lipstick’ Is Sarah Palin’s Word

Foreclosure notice to GOP White House: Time's up GET OUT!

"As a former Democrat/Inpedendant,I will be voting for McCain" is posted all the time on the web.

Is there any site which is tracking the lies of the Change Con Artists?

Will McCain bring Palin with him at 9/11 Ground Zero ceremony?

The Court Has Said: Palin Committed CHILD ABUSE by denigrating their Father

At the end of the day, Americans want a President who looks Presidential.

WP,AP,Nedra Pickler-Obama accuses McCain camp of lies, phony outrage

I'm behind on the bills - but I'm donating $50 in honor of this

So the story is Palin needed to go back to Alaska last weekend to spend time with her son...

Is it just me, or is McSame wearing inflated sportcoat to look more "pumped"

There is NO TIME, the Democrats need to expose the Rove con game.

"The ticket...w/a 17.y.o. pregnant child is... attempting to use sex education as a wedge-issue?"

McCain, Bush and Palin - The Freeloading Riches Of The GOP

Unemploymet is up to 6.1%. You're doing a heck of a job Republicans!

upcoming Nat'l Enquirer: "Palin Family Shocker"...

Oink oink, piggy piggy!

Hey Obama campaign, the 'Palin is a LIAR' message will stick if you pound it to death.

Hey Obama campaign, the 'Palin is a LIAR' message will stick if you pound it to death.

Is anybody watching this pathetic Marsha Blackburn on MSNBC. . .

Lies or Insanity?

McCain/Palin have literally stopped talking policy. I am watching her

McCain/Palin have literally stopped talking policy. I am watching her

I just saw Olbermann's post on Kos about Rachel's great ratings.

When Palin 'used' her son's enlistment/deployment to Iraq for political purposes she okayed comment


Palin on right now--still using "Bridge to Nowhere" lie

Why does she always say "our opponent"

YES Sarah, I want to change also...

UK Telegraph writes absolutely glowing piece about Palin -- fuel for the right-wing noise machine

she just did the thanks but no thanks AGAIN!

He needs to say...McCain and the Republicans have been raising your taxes for 8 years!!!

Palin determined to strike in U.S.

McCain to question.."how do we beat the b*tch"...McCain : "excellent question" link

Obama camp thinks of everything

I am sorry John....but where is the beef?

O'Reilly-Obama interview: I kind of liked O'Reilly

O'Reilly-Obama interview: I kind of liked O'Reilly

You want an apology??...........I WANT AN APOLOGY!!!

George McCain and George Palin = Bush 44 and Bush 45.

Six Minutes with Lincoln Chafee on Bush/Cheney Experiences, The Decline of Bipartisanship

Win or lose, it won't be for lack of fighting the repuke MSM bullshit

Paul rejects McCain's plea for endorsement

I tell you what is great about the lipstick story

PIG: Palin's Pork Requests Confound Reformer Image

Lipstick on a Pig indeed!

Is Obama going to allow 527's

Streaming Obama Video From Today!!

Snake oil sideshow brought to you by that woman and McCain

Is Sarah Palin a pitbull... or a Pomeranian?

Hey: Share these Videos: McCain 'truth squad' videos from The distribute everywhere

should read THIS:

McCain uses "Lipstick on a pig" referring to Hillary link

deleted thread.

Please email this video to every Republican you know

Track and Bristol, kids gone wild!

Why does Palin keep repeating the lies?

John McCain's human shield

"Dick Cheney is a towering statesman by contrast"

So Palin's Father (Chuck Heath) was a Science teacher...Anybody know what kind...Biology?

Bloggers: Had You Enough of the Rovian Con Game?

Who's this guy talking about swine cosmetics?

I am so PROUD of my candidate, future president Barak Obama!!

Thank you Rep. Jim Moran.

Paul Begala: The McCain-Palin Lies and the Neil Armstrong Principle

ZOMG! McLame's Site Got hAx0rd!

My response to LipstickGate - go shopping.

"I have to tell you,because he won't. He fought for this country." Under a rock much?

Sarah Palin's war against information

Palin just said she ELIMINATED personal property taxes.


I hope the Obama campaign is taking ques from the radio talk shows

Big surprise! Pugs still demanding "pig" apology

Meanwhile, educators are passing along Obama's Education Proposal via email.

A case for electing Obama from a disabled veteran's perspective

"Running" mate? Hah! "Trophy" mate is more like it

Well, well, well; everyone thought McCain was the Manchurian Candidate. I think it's Palin...

I shall call her "Mini-me..."

A disabled veterans perspective

McCain's Former Aide Torie Clarke Writes Book-Titled (not kidding) "Lipstick On A Pig"

Hannity baselessly claimed Obama's "lipstick" comment was about Palin -- Huckabee, Wolfson disagree

MSNBC poll, slanted choices for pig-gate

Actor Matt Damon wants to know if Sarah Palin really believes...

McCain on Hillary: "I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig."

McCain: What a family. What a family. What a family. Thank you so much.

The was a link to a Voter Purge Article yesterday...

WV Poll: McCain 44, Obama 39

Important point to be made. McCain wants to deregulate the insurance industry while

McCain isn't even on the ticket anymore

Jane Swift: Almost as Dumb as She is Cynical (TNR)

McCain and Palin are joined at the hip. They are being sold as the reform team.

Marsha Blackburn saying Obama has a PATTERN of saying sexist things, like the "Sweetie" comment

Somewhere on You Tube is a parody featuring the scary voiced announcer

Ari Melber: Obama Blasts “Lies,” “Swiftboat Politics” of McCain

Could we please have 12 more separate threads about Palin & the pig line?

If Palin is so "OFFENDED" why isn't SHE out there defending HERSELF?

Palin Offers $150 For Every Fresh Left Wolf Leg. (just the left leg)

Heather Wilson (R-NM) beating back reports by TPMMuckraker, linking her office to Abramoff

It's out! The Sarah Palin Doll.

Univ. of Vermont Student Fair today... just thought I'd share...

I'm expecting them to get a poll bounce after tomorrow

Does anyone think the media will expose Palin as a fraud?

Argle bargle glooka slobber...

Good Article - "Anti-Obama Anchor Gets Palin Exclusive"

From Deepak Chopra

At 1pm ET Obama camp will hold a conference call from Alaska to set Palin's record straight

STOP IT NOW...stop empowering palin and the rethugs

World wants Obama as president: poll

World wants Obama as president: poll

So,'s okay to prattle on about 'Lipstick on a pig'...but...


Comment on AOL message board. Who are McCain and Palin???

VIDEO - Barack in Norfolk VA - Responds to McCain Accusations

VIDEO - Barack in Norfolk VA - Responds to McCain Accusations

The missing link between Bush and McCain --------> It's the LYING

Linc Chafee: Palin is a "cocky wacko"

Obama hits back -- McCain is a liar, disgraceful, phony and a swift-boater

Obama hits back -- McCain is a liar, disgraceful, phony and a swift-boater

Diageo/Hotline Tracking Poll 9/10/08 - Obama 45 (+1), McCain 45 (unchanged)


Poll Poll

My joke about the Sarah Palin action figure doll

Say, America, Here's the Sarah Palin We Know.

Say, America, Here's the Sarah Palin We Know.

Palin isn't ready for the general press corp/ but she is ready to lead the country?????

Biden getting ready for VP Debate

Biden getting ready for VP Debate

Political donations gurus, will Obama's ties to Fannie, Freddie be made an issue?

Pentagon Eyes Palin Event in Alaska

John McTaint has oficially become WhatsHerName's sidekick. Is that?:

In the next Cold War with Russia, who do we want to stare down their leader?

I hate to admit, but Obama is running a terrible campaign....

Does Russ Feingold still think McCain would be a 'good president' after the campaign he's run?

Worldwatch Institute - Palin On Climate Issues

Gloria Steinem's view of Sarah Palin - EVERYBODY should read this!

The Fix is In, and it's an Inside Job

My 7 year old- "List three safe adults, other then Mom and Dad, who you can go to if someone touches

Hotline Daily Tracking Poll: Obama and McCain tied (Obama gains with men/loses with women)

McCain is the pig. McCain is the opponent. McCain is who we should focus on.

Voter Registration by Students Raises Cloud of Consequences

The New Yorker On McCain's Choice of Palin

Not an exciting post but an important one: PLEASE KICK & RECOMMEND VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE

Can we have a pin thread or forum where DUers can connect for Election day help

This Has Come Down to the Stand of the Fundie Freaks & the Bigots

Palin today repeats dubious line: "thanks but no thanks for that Bridge to Nowhere."

Obama should show up at an Arkansas football game...

Is Bill Clinton Angry, Upset, Concerned about Palin?

A counter to this year's "wolves" ad...

"Forty years ago, John McCain learned a bit about honor, while suffering for his country"

Kerry stuck to the issues and LOST. It's called a two prong attack.

If MCain is using Hillary clips attacking Obama, how about us using Karl Rove

With all of these election day Challengers to Dem voters going down, there is only one thing to do..


A False Reality

A False Reality

Big Media WTF - Now, Obama Is Attacking Too Much According To LA Times!

Big Media WTF - Now, Obama Is Attacking Too Much According To LA Times!

"Speak Out Now or Forever, Perhaps, Be Silenced"

Palin and The Media

How the hell do we get the nation to focus back on KEY Issues?

McCain Enabling "the mindless Rovianism that is now the core feature of his campaign?"

Watch Fox News tonight!

Isn't lying a sin?

Correct Political response (Bridge-to-Nowhere) 7 new state polls show McCain has gained only 15 electoral votes 7 new state polls show McCain has gained only 15 electoral votes

Scary: As Campaign Heats Up, Untruths Can Become Facts Before They're Undone

Brain overload--HELP!--What's good 5 sec. soundbite comeback for this gnat's question on healthcare?

Theocrats to Pray for McCain's Death

Compreshensive Voting Record Information

All DU'ers MUST check in here for their sanity

North Carolina Poll McCain +20 (for reals??)

Why Obama does need to demonstrate some independence from the party

"I can't stand that crazy bitch!" - My Mom on Sarah Palin

My question for Palin...

To all of the "stop the negative campaigning" folks - Republicans have consistently won that way

Robert Scheer: She’s Clueless, He’s Worse

Gallup Daily - McCain 48 (-1) Obama 43 (-1)

This piece by Kim Gandy of NOW is right on target

To Obama Campaign: It's Time For The "Saxophone" Moment

McCain Adviser...: McCain Refuses To Talk About *’s Iraq Policy b/c It’s ‘A Political Death Knell

Jo Anne Davidson with Andrea Mitchell: It's okay for McShame to say "Lipstick on a Pig"

Andrew Sullivan: McCain's Integrity

If you want to see how this is playing out - check this! OMG!


Finally... Someone calls it what it is "resume padding" and "a pattern of embellishment"

Let's get us some new adjectives to describe the McCain ticket and start using them. Like

The right approach on Sarah Palin (a LTTE)

The first media that Obama will face after the "Lipstick" maneuver....

Polls: Latinos favor Obama in 3 important battleground states

Politico: Palin team stocked with Bush veterans

Okay, let's say that it was discovered that McCain takes Alzheimer's medication...

I honestly don't get this big "Boo Hiss" about Read this.

Is something wrong with Sarah Palin's head?

I think most hard righters would GLADLY have McCain removed from the, if lonestarnut's

No disrespect to 9/11 Families...but MSNBC announced that tomorrow

Trooper Of Troopergate Spilling the beans on Palin.

Student GOP leader resigns over Obama remark

Are Pollsters Oversampling Republicans?

What are the odds Palin cries?

Newest McCain Theme: "Obama hasn't gone against his Party, so he's not for change."

MSM gave us the reelection of GWB... Why the surprise this election?

Sarah Palin's acheivements( in proper context ).

Face it, people, it's over.

Face it, people, it's over.

Don't Believe the SUSA NC Poll that Had McJoke Up 20%

FDL: McCain’s Biggest Lies Are About Obama’s Tax Cuts

How about if the Clintons demand a apology from McSame for saying Janet Reno was Chelsea's father?

How about if the Clintons demand a apology from McSame for saying Janet Reno was Chelsea's father?

Are the "Experts" Misreading the Electoral Map?

Uh, do you guys know who Torie Clarke IS?

Jennifer Granholm to substitute as Palin in VP debate preparation.

"Just another of the McCain Campaign lies"

Other Republican Brands that Democrats can't use.

McSame told Hillary her health care is 'Lipstick on a Pig'

Making sexy bacon.

McCain Ad "Lipstick" banned at you tube...

You want to talk about sexism, McCain? Let's talk about it.

The Great 2008 Election - GOP/Big Media v. Grassroots and Alternative Media

Will Osama bin Laden be their October Surprise?

Michelle Obama hosts economic roundtable discussion (video)

See that pink flamingo over there? It`s really a bald eagle.

DNC's Chief Researcher: We Sent "Zero" Oppo-Guys To Alaska

CNN just gave Alaska D- for parental leave.

McCain: still taking money from Keating's cronies

Sarah Palin obviously does not believe in equal rights for women.

MBE Poll: McCain Has Small Lead Over Obama in West Virginia, 44%-39%

Rep Perlmutter (D) clearing up LIPSTICK ON A PIG - LIVE on CSPAN

527s...We don't have a choice...

Torie Clarke *MUST* apologize

Two seniors' remarks about McCain

If Obama Wins...Say Goodbye to Big Media Monopoly

Run that by me one more time.....

We have seen this movie before:

What do you think is the McCain/Palin ticket's biggest talent?

What do you think is the McCain/Palin ticket's biggest talent?

Let's talk about Hillary for a moment...

Palin's lying again today about the Bridge to Nowhere...

McSame repeatedly accuses Obama of treason but demands an apology for "lipstick"?

Why doesn't Obama announce a press conference this afternoon?

George W Palin -- It's deja vu to 2000

Plouffe: "This is about the pursuit of 270 electoral votes." The states Obama, McCain need

Obama has just took mccain and the media out on their phoney outrage

McCain ethics reform: Dept. of Lobbyists

How long does it take to whip out these 527 ads?

Strategic Vision: Pennsylvania: Obama (47) McCain (45)

My new response to any lipstickin' pig complaints:

Sarah Palin Speaks with Forked Tongue

...partially eaten by wolves and polar bears. Lonestarnot

...partially eaten by wolves and polar bears. Lonestarnot

Compare Obama's and McCain's response to real and perceived slights.

Ron Paul Statement to the National Press Club On 2008 Election: Released Today

Bluegrass Legend Ralph Stanley Endorses Obama

Obama Responds to Lipstick-gate: "ENOUGH Is ENOUGH-I don't care what they say about me"

HYPOTHETICALLY (ala book burning), given that Alaska has the nation's highest incest/rape rate, is

Obama Responds to Lipstick-gate: "ENOUGH Is ENOUGH-I don't care what they say about me"

Flashback 2000: October 9 polls have Bush 50%, Gore 42%

Politico,com Good or bad?

Get Hasselbeck FIRED!!

VIDEO: McCain Blames "Bridge to Nowhere" for MN Bridge Collapse

Polls: Latinos favor Obama in 3 important battleground states; Could be crucial to win in November

Again... let's play "where are they today?"

PLEASE DU THIS POLL re: lipstick & pigs

Biden being introduced now on Live.....n/t

Americans with Disabilities Act

Does the mysterious about-to-break news on Palin

If ready to be VP, why do GOP distract to keep Palen under wraps.

why isn't Palin's husband being examined? I've read that he is really

Andrew Sullivan: McCain does not have "the character to be president of the United States"

Sarah Palin's book ban list and Chris Hedges on "American Fascists"

My McCain/Palin bumper sticker idea

What McCain And Palin Don’t Want To Talk About

Sarah Palin calls 'hockey moms' dogs.


New Alaskan Poll: 60% Think Palin A ‘Flipflopper’

I can't go to from work -- can somebody look?

Why all of a sudden are we being Bombarded with McCain ads in NC?

The GOP Divide Deepens: Ron Paul Refuses to Endorse McCain

I think what would be great for the site would be a podcast.

Here's Obama's full quote about the lipstick:

Meghan McCain: My Dad Says "Lipstick On A Pig"

"Flip-Flopping" ultimately ruined Kerry, and it will ruin McFailin

CBS takes down McCain webad, suggests it's 'misleading'

Question about Roe v. Wade

Bill Clinton to campaign for Obama-Biden

Someone needs to demand a poll that asks: "Did McCain go to far in accusing Obama of sexism?"

So for us work cube rats: What is the media saying about the 'pig' comment?

Rec this OP if you want third parties to be part of the presidential debates

haha, I love Stephanie Cutter.

** THAT'S IT !! .... I'VE HAD IT ..... E N O U G H !!!! ***

Palin And McCain Denounce Earmarks, Ignoring Palin's $200 Million Worth Requested This Year

If McPalin court overturns "Roe," then what is the punishment for abortionists?

This Is What Happens When You Let Republicans Run The Goverment

Palin’s Uncivilized Method of Killing Wolves

SC DEM Party chair goes tacky.

There's plenty of time to turn this country around.

Nora O'Donnell just said that the gramps and gidget campaign event

Still no plan to frame Palin as extremist.

Save Democracy. Get Paid.

Anyone noticed the MSM no longer show imPalin speaking?

Making a silk purse out of a sow's that better than lipstick

The Wolves are back! McCain uses wolves in new nasty ad!

At 1pm ET Obama camp will hold a conference call from Alaska to set Palin's record straight

That Pig Is Not Palin, It's The GOP. Let's go to the archives!

That Pig Is Not Palin, It's The GOP. Let's go to the archives!

S.C. Dem chair: Palin primary qualification is she hasn't had an abortion

Palin's Pork!

Palin Record On Environment ‘Abysmal’

The "Lipstick on a Pig" response is VERY telling

The Key To Victory for Barack Obama - path of 7 weeks

Sarah Palin was selected for two reasons and two reasons only.

Smiling Black Couple in McCain RNC intro were "Stock Footage"..Let's WHO they are & Who they Support

McCain Releases New Ad Using Wolves Imagery From 2004

DON'T APOLOGIZE, Barack Obama!!!!

Obama's Lipstick Comment Was About Palin

I always DID hate lipstick


Palin charged rape victims for their own forensic exams!

David Corn: The Campaign Gets Ridiculous--and It's McCain's Fault

CBS Forces Youtube to Yank McCain's Lipstick Web Ad!

Polls Schmolls

"At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt." - McCain

Why does the media do this?

Do we realy want to go near: "she voted for it before she voted against it?"

Don't forget (pics)

A wild theory

Embracing the pig

Palin Quoted Writer Who Once Lamented Failure To Assassinate FDR

Did pro-gay tome earn Palin's ire? (Book Banning news - new)

McCain Once Blamed Palin's Bridge for the MN Collapse (VIDEO)

Palin and Book Banning – Vice President oder Vice Fuhrer ?

Biden onstage now in NH

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaign In Nashua, NH****

CNN: Ron Paul. Ralph Nader. Sucking.

List of questions for Palin interview (Maureen Dowd)

List of questions for Palin interview (Maureen Dowd)

I never thought I'd say this, but Bush ran a higher-brow campaign than McCain is.

What is this mysterious about-to-break palin story?

Women Against Sarah Palin

Obama up in new Michigan and New Hampshire polls down in Missouri and Va

Palin's Porky Bridge Money: McCain was AGAINST IT BEFORE HE WAS FOR IT

What kind of crowds will McCain draw when he's alone again...

Slogans that might work

WaPo: A Lipsticked Pig and the Politics of Perception

More idioms we'd like to see in circulation

Women Against Sarah Palin

Stephanie Cutter of the Obama Campaign just spanked McShame and Palin!!!!

Isn't she sweet.................?

Palin - Did or did she not try to ban books?

Bauer Exposes McCain’s Active Crafting Of GOP Platform

Bauer Exposes McCain’s Active Crafting Of GOP Platform

Has John McCain ever explained why he thinks Ms. Palin

QUESTION/?? Obama Says Americans Aren't So Stupid Regarding Voting For

Obama on the "latest made up controversy." "ENOUGH!" A quick transcription of his comments.

I think Obama needs to start targeting women more and specificially on

Embrace It, says Josh Marshall. "Lipstick on a Pig." It is what it is!

Observations from covering Biden -- First Read impressed with Joey Biden from Scranton, PA.

McCain would rather lose his honor than lose the election

Why isn't the Obama campaign using this Palin aerial wolf shooting video?

Why is Obama camp letting Palin get away with not talking to the press?

What I wish Obama would say over and over again......

Ahem. There's, er, some excitement going on over in General Discussion again.

Can we stop posting these idiotic nationwide polls - THEY MEAN SHIT and they are misleading

Here is what Obama should say about the 'Lipstick' deception...

Constitutional Biden-Civil liberties' greatest salesman.

Keeping our eye on the ball

Biden had a gaffe, but made a good recovery...

If a wingnut mentions "lipstick" to you

If a wingnut mentions "lipstick" to you

Well DU has its "whitey tape" moment

Lipstickgate: Complete failure!

JOINT CHIEFS CHAIRMAN: "I'm not sure we are winning" in Afghanistan Group Exchange

Getting Back To Obama vs. McCain

E. J. Dionne: Does the Truth Matter Anymore?

missed it by THIS much:

"DEMS nervous about Michigan "....Obama needs to spend more time there

Hey, don't forget Salmongate! Politics of the Plate: Salmongate

Hey, don't forget Salmongate! Politics of the Plate: Salmongate

Tom Toles' cartoon that Obama mentioned recently, sums up McCain/Palin quite well

Holy Bush clone Batman-"McCain embraces the staged rally" from Faux news-their headline, not mine.

The infamous "who would you want to have a beer with?" question from 2004 has been reframed for 2008

Wow, Schuster just now with Nancy P. on MSNBC

Tweety is nailing them!

Forget lipstick and pigs: What's taking Obama so long to mention Palin's charging for rape-kits?

Poor Sarah Palin

Chris are NOT the huge asshole you used to be!

If we had a MSM that was fair and professional....

Obama: "Nobody actually believes that these folks are offended...These are the Republicans"

Hogwash! eom!

SC Dem Chair's say Palin's primary qualification is "She hasn't had an abortion"

***Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live At Baptist Convention In Cincinnati, OH***

Speaking of 'lipstick on a pig': A Mike Luckovich cartoon

Please sign this petition - Palin needs to 'meet the press'

WATCH WOLF BLITZER NOW..4:45 EDT.... coming up will be

McCain, Palin Ignore Obama's Jabs at Rally; Round One to Obama!

+++ Anyone watching LONESTARNOT's 'breaking news' +++

I call "PC Police" on McCain/Palin's new lipstick ad!!!

McCain beats Obama to the "wolf" ad

Do low information voters even know what Lobbyists do?

Frame: "John McCain wants to make Americans take a Bridge to Nowhere"

"McCain - Palin Compliance Fund"? What is it?

MSNBC Poll: Do you think Obama went too far with his "lipstick on a pig"

Oh fer God's sake, THIS is why the USA has turned into Dumbfuckistan!!!

Hillary is going to Ohio

Barbara Boxer made a better case to vote against PAPA and Palin than the campaign has

Where can I find full text of Obama's lipstick speech?

CBS take on McCain's Obama Sex Education Ad: PURE SLEAZE

Obama Broke Money Record

Obama has made his case that McCain's Co-opting Change isn't Change......

McCain Spokesperson: You need to be careful what you say.

these rethugs act like we can't do research on a candidate that we know nothing about


Republican operatives know that Dems are more electable.

We need to stop talking about Palin and focus on McCain

It's a great day for John McCain - - he heard he was ahead in the polls.

YouTube video posted..Stephanie Cutter blasting the "Lipstick" crap!!!!

Fucking A!!!!

Fucking A!!!!

Rethug trixie on Tweety: "People are jumping on Governor Palin."

Sarah McCain?

Republicans are sounding like people who've sighted Sasquatch

----Can SOMEONE tell me, WHEN did Obama EVER attack ----

After the crappy poll data on Monday I took some time off.

Rep. Mary Fallin had an affair with an Oklahoma State Trooper

"Phones ringing off the hook" in Michigan since Palin got on the ticket

Anyone have the original of this McCain campaign doctored Obama photo?

debunk this email a coworker sent me. She will check this with me later...

Here's how Rove beat McCain in 2000 at incredible odds

I can't read Sarah McCain's Mind! --- Mary Fallin on Hardball n/t

DU this poll on MSNBC: Did Sen. Barack Obama too far with his 'lipstick on a pig' remark?

-------Tweety's KICKING ASS!!! Turn it on!!------

People for the American Way Zone in on Palin

Some group needs to print a lipsticked pig face on a cloth hood, all put it on when Palin speaks...

"I heard there were 10 people sent to Alaska to investigate Palin" now it's up to "30 people"

The only people voting for Barr or Nadar are going to be disaffected Repubs or Independents

Let me Give you a Hand

POLLS: MI - Obama up 49/45; MO - McLame up 50/45; HN - Obama up 51/45; VA - McLame up 50/46.

will attacking palin ???

You know the Palin people might, just might have a leg to stand on about being mistreated

Simply put, strategy is important. How do we win!!!!!

I would love to find a list of battleground states and their Radio/Print media websites? Anyone?


Hey! I might have a new job!

>>>>>Unofficial Attacks I Would Like To See Thread<<<<<

Call Candace Miller and DEMAND she hold McCain to the same standards!

Palin quoted writer who wanted FDR and Bobby Kennedy dead!

The world's verdict will be harsh if the US rejects the man it yearns for

What if Rove ran the Obama campaign. What would he do to McCain?

New mantra "the absurdity of it all"

*** NB *** Hillary On Message - This is how it's done.

CHARLIE GIBSON "INTERVIEW" What we KNOW we can expect from ABC


Demographics of Michigan poll where Obama is up by four--of some interest.

----Is there a problem with this board??---

Grandpa Fred at the Virginia McPOW/Barracuda rally today..

Science debate 2008..... One more reason McCain wishes he wasn't a Republican

If the whole world sees it, it will happen! Obama win preferred in world poll

Election Reform

He was not calling Palin a Pig....He was calling the policies of the last 8 years a pig.

Palin is not even ready to campaign on day one! Repeat after

Bad economy, war, no health care, McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns, and - lipstick??


Barack Obama says: "Enough is Enough"

Couldn't we - shouldn't we - start a weekly email campaign to news outlets to TALK ABOUT THE ISSUES!

this web poll is good news!

Is it my imagination, or has Tweety been harder on Republicans lately?

Obama yes, McCain no: Esquire's 75

Hey guys, relax, McCain hasn't lost his integrity

McCain - one of FEW Senators to vote against Lobbying and Ethics Reform.

Biden Admits Clinton Would Have Made Better VP!

This is what we're fighting: ignorance

This is what we're fighting: ignorance

This is what we're fighting: ignorance

Is Sarah Palin's husband finally proud of his country?

Question for all straight DU men if you were in a bar and Sarah Palin was ....

Is There Any Recent Empirical Studies That Support McCain's Big Lie Strategy?

What Obama camp should do imho: t.v. spot saying "Where is John McCain?"

Late-night comedians target Palin (Anchorage Daily News)

Republicans to Democrats: You

Did they have to get Katie Couric's permission to use her in the Republican lipstick ad?

Jake Tapper on ABC Evening News just took McCain apart on the lipstick

improving recreational halibut fishing...studying mating habits of crabs and the DNA of harbor seals

McCain whining about the lipstick on a pig thing is going to come back and bite him in the ass.

Latest McBush ad based on LIES promoted by John Fund

Meghan, We Do Not E-Mail You A Memo Of The Day’s Lies Every Morning So That It Can SIT UNOPENED

I saw an Obama button on someone in Toronto today

Sign at McCain rally-Palin is now "Rosie the Riveter"

So with all the false Brouhaha over the lipstick wearing pig stirred up by the GOP...

So big news about McCain and prescription drugs, uh?

Bumper sticker contest at

Brian Gregory is the worst!

October Surprise......Obama's not a US citizen....Hillary will be Dem candidate.

John king on cnn...

CBS Faults McCain Ad Featuring Katie Couric As "Misleading"

Palin's "LEGAL: Expenses for meals, travel for children come under scrutiny."

Any Vegas odds out on Palin crying during the Gibson interview?

It's time to discuss the issues...

"Sarah, Putin says thank you! He now will answer questions only when he is granted proper deference"

BBC Washington Diary: Pigs and Lipstick

Please ask the media to confront McLame and his sweetie lies thru this site:

Maybe the exciting drug news was from the National Enquirer about Track?

McCain lied about


The sad sight that has become John McCain.. flame away


Let's keep an ongoing list of the lies perpetrated by McCain/Palin

If mccain wins Roe V Wade WILL be overturned. /nt

Why do we consistently see posts(every night) stating that Gregory is unwatchable?

Former Employee of Palin's says she's not qualified

Maverick? Bush was a Maverick. In Fact....

"Lipstick on a pig" is the lead story on all three networks.

WLS-AM in Chicago spreading rumor that Biden is going to drop out for Hillary

Angry baby found abandoned on the campaign trail

It's too late this year...but there needs to be a rating icon on political ads all through the ad

Andrea Mitchell is really opening a can of whoop-ass on the McCain Campaign

Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote (or how they plan to steal this GE):

Is it too late to call for international aid?

OMG You have to watch Tweety

Americablog: FOX News criticizes McCain for hiding from the press

MSNBC's PIG POLL. For God's SAKE, Obama called the CAMPAIGN a PIG, not Princess Yep Yep!

Obama on Letterman: Palin is lipstick, McCain policies are pig

Should Obama have said "you can't polish a turd"?

Finance law question, for you legal types here.

Chris Matthews is ripping the whole 'lipstick on a pig'

Text Of Bush's 2000 RNC Convention Speech - Sound Familiar To ...McCain's?

The word PORK taken off the table, WHY? Because Pork Barrel Palin is the WORST OF ALL! A TPM Video

What is great about this Lipstick thing. Is that it makes all their attack ads Fact-checkable

Is it me or all the republican preachers like Joe Watkins and James Dobson are most lying pricks

Working Class Symbolism

Rochester's first wife, excuse me, I meant Sarah Palin , is still locked in the attic.

McPalin McPig - Fun With Photoshop!!!

CBS: McCain nearly drowned out by protesters in Philadelphia


CBS Forces YouTube To Take Down "Misleading" McCain "Pig/Lipstick" Ad (hehehe)

"If John McCain cared about your job, he's be talking about it..."

116 to 1

Obama Blasts McCain on Lipstickgate: Enough of the lies and distractions!

FWIW... I placed some calls to try to confirm the "big" story rumor. calls McCain Lunch in Philly strange event

From the Gut

Do you guys get tired of McCain's constant "My Friend" - "My Friends" shit?

Sign to hold up at Palin events: "Bill here! Bill now!" (Sarah billing Alaska for $17,000) n/t

Word is that Obama is coming to NH either Friday or Saturday

NBC Nightly News ws GREAT... socked it to McCain & Repugs!!! Am I dreaming?

Clinton Supporters fired up and angry.

The GOP and Political Victimhood - Creating Smears Against Oneself

Attention non-cable Rachel fans:

Whew. I just listened to reich-wing radio. You think we're "mean" here?

Has anyone seen an article that reviews the entire Dem convention?

Maybe it's time for a simple "Why can't McCain talk about the issues?" thirty second ad

Reacting to Palin: Should Obama Co-Opt The School Choice Issue?

The networks were slapped in the face by Palin's handlers...

Matthews: "future generation will look this election which set the tone for the century,

"Pork Barrel Palin" starts to take hold, gets neutralized by Lipstick comment in Media

25th Admendment. Section 4 is the killer

It's unfortunate that stupid people are thinking that Obama's "lipstick" quip was directed at Palin

Tell The Media to Call Sarah Palin a Serial Liar

John McCain is a pig.*

Anyone have a good explanation for the shift in election markets?

Objectively, we're right and it's driving me crazy!

McCain crashes and burns in first post-convention rally without Palin at his side

McC/P won't be dictated to on interviews, yet they presume to approve O's language?

tweety steamrolls pug lipsticker: rerun on again. absolute must see. 6PM CDT

James Gardner to sue McCain camp.

I just was invited to a Hillary Clinton event



This election has the potential of being the most surreal in history...

McCain finds it tough without Palin (Obama supporters chant OBAMA OBAMA @ McCain)

Obama on David Letterman TONIGHT Wed. 9.10.2008

Hilary Rosen Crushes McCain Camp's Experience Argument (VIDEO)

David Gregory is a hack. Never forget his "rapping" with Rove embarrassment.

Help DeFreep this local news poll..

When Palin is speaking, McCain looks like a confused and lost old man standing there...

KO's Special Comment 2nite

KO's Special Comment 2nite

Simple Meme: McCain & Palin = LIARS & CROOKS

I don't think McCain should be bringing up sexism...

"He's a war hero!"

Barack Obama Accused of Plagiarizing Washington Post's Cartoonist Tom Toles

Sex for Oil Scandal: Randall Luthi/Sarah Palin Link?

I've changed my opinion about John McCain!

daily lols


Let's have a little faith...

David Shuster doing a great job setting the record straight!

Gregory is Unwatchable

Wasn't there supposed to be some big story breaking on McCain tonight?

538's Nate Silver- Are Pollsters Oversampling Republicans?

Oil officials given sex, gifts, investigators say

As far as I know, this is not a real cover (graphic! warning!)

Offshore Opinions of Our Election and Candidates

Show off your Obama Campaign Photoshops

McCain surrogate on Hardball sucks. Faux outrage over "lipstick on a pig" is going to backfire

WOW! Who was the Dem woman on Hardball!???

Geraldine Ferraro

How did NBC, CBS and ABC handle the lipstick tonight. Reports Please.

OMG! - KO's about to tie the Bridge to Nowhere to the MN collapsed bridge!!!!

John McCain has utterly lost his way...

NYT: McCain on innovation: Give me $ 250,k and you are an Innovator 500k a Super Innovator

Ron Paul endorsements of 3rd parties - Help or Hinder?

John McCain is responsible for his campaign. Otherwise, he is an unfit leader

HEADS UP-Special Comment tonight

So where's the "Swift Boat" for this year?

How "Lipstick Pig Flap" may work to our advantage, (

WCSH (Maine) anchor gets interview with's a doozy!

So, I guess we're not talking about the kids here, but, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER

Let me tell you about my hotel stay with McCain

Did McCain jump the Pig???


Obama campaign's 'Alaska mythbusters' lay bare Palin facts

I want to see a commercial with McCain's voting record on womens' issues!

Phone it in Fred crawls out of his lazy boy to whine about how the media

Princess Yep! Yep!'s spokeswoman: Actor Matt Damon is "threatened by change." GO MATT!

Judgment at Nuremberg STARTING on MoviePlex @ 10pm PST n/t

South Park gay episode called ‘extremist’ by Russian prosecutors

Alaska trooper not contacted by investigator

Brian Ross of ABC going after Palin hard this morning!

How can I respond to the latest McCain ad (the "sex ed" one)?

I need a witty caption for this:

Light a candle for Barack Obama, or whatever! I did. It's fun!

More Than 300 US Rabbis Launch Campaign For Obama

McCain attacked 18 year old Chelsea Clinton in 1998 now says Palin's family & kids are off limits

Andrew Sullivan: McCain Repeatedly Chooses "Evil" Over "Good"

I'm just so confused! McSame wants to reform his reforms?

I'm just so confused! McSame wants to reform his reforms?

American Idiot- Give Me Novacaine

Actual YOUTUBE video on Howard Stern of McCain using the C**T word

So where is the Obama campaign's response on the child molester ad

The Daily Widget – Wed 9/10 – O-281, M-257 – Crosstabs From Bizarro World

Oh, wonderful

McCain finds it tough without Palin

Wipe Out! (McCain still a lousy candidate)

Tom Tomorrow on the pigstick bridgade

I venture to say Chris Kofinis, frequent Dem rep. on m$nbc, will

A Kiss before CAPTIONING

Debate '08: Taft and Bryan Campaign on the Edison Phonograph

Palin Asked To Release E-Mails, Claims Executive Privilege (sound familiar?)

I bought my copy of "Change We Can Believe In" this afternoon and...

Maddow Show-day 2.

Am I snob if I think Palin is not suitable to live in the Naval Observatory

The American Electorate as Battered Housewife:

McCain and Palin castigate the earmarks she seeks

Popular Mechanic Gaffe?

FDR: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". McCain:.....

VA patients in Pa. given inadequate cancer care

Olbermann will be showing the bridge to nowhere/McCain outrage over.

Evening News Roundup - Even-handed coverage of "LipstickOnPigGate"

OK, Lonestartnot...I think we know the surprise.

What the heck is up with you Women?

Obama should address the nation in ad like McCain did after the convention

McCain rally in Fairfax Va today (I'm just saying)

So now would be a good time for Powell to endorse Obama

Gene Burns on KGO really hit it right!

Hey, McCain/Palin...wake me up when September ends.

Did You Know...

Choo-Choo, people!

Rachel - opens with the Nation and Mother Jones

Is it just me, or is the bullshit factor in this year's general election the worst ever?

ABC plans prime-time Palin special

Why Did Comedy Central Move the Daily Show Rerun An Hour Later?

Mayor Bob Weinstein of Ketchikan, Alaska and Maddow - Maddow asks an Alaska mayor about Palin

So, assuming the unthinkable, is the impeachment of Palin off the table?

Okay, I know people think she can be kooky but......

Went canvassing tonight, you will never believe what someone

-----Hey DU, Can we Jangle Some KEYS now? Can we?-----

Baptist Minister Asks McCain: "Did You Call Your Wife A C**t?" (((VIDEO)))

Bush administration officials exchanged sex for oil.

The Large Hadron Collider will not end the world.

DU this poll Obama v. McCain

Large Hadron Collider to fire up in 3Hrs, 12min. eom

Someone here created an Ebay account under Palin's name?

Jonathan Alter Repeats McCain Rape Joke

If we don't have money to donate, can we be our own 527?

Go Rachel Go!

Obama's fight for Ohio: A "giant generational divide," persistent rumors

Gonna zaba her soon! Sarah Palin - AKA Babbette Baboon

A big bright light is coming over the horizon

McCain a maverick? This is the one and the only Maverick

I wonder if McCain knows that a good portion of the idiot voters he is courting...

Obama Blasts McCain on Immigration Reform

Today Show's coverage of "Lipstick" story was VERY good for our side...

Resitance is Futile

Rachel, bringing up the cozy relationship with lobbyists, finally!

Check page 7 in GDP. A thread already created on Palin;'s baby bidding

Alaskan Wolf Pup Asks Tough Questions About John McCain: Can a Man This Cynical Save Our Children?


Open Letter, (Dear John) McCain

Did Obama really say on Letterman Palin was the lipstick, McCain the pig, why ?now I' m pissed

Mc Cain finds it tough without Palin. Cuts and Runs from Philly diner to chants of Obama! Obama!

Did you hear the one about the "Magnificent Ape"? McCain Rape Joke...

OMG! They're claiming trademark on lipstick!

Here's the answer: ATTACK!-It's time to grab our baseball bats & meet them in the center of street

Rachel Maddow just said she is going to discuss that awful ChelseaClinton/McCain joke --

Olbermann just said he will donate $100 to charity every time Palin repeats one of her lies! Finds That McCain's 'Facts' Don't Check Out

Maybe we should set up a cellphone-relay-list, so that thousands of DUers can walk away from their

Todd Palin, Sarah Palin's husband, is Mr. Big Oil.

former McCain press secretary wrote a book: Lipstick on a Pig.

Barack was right about the oil speculators

Hadron Collider last piece of Gay Agenda. Boy are you guys gonna be suprised in a couple of hours.

Did Rachel just show a clip of McBush dissing Obama on nat'l security, then

Fear is normal. Panic disables

Kids recognize bullies

Billie Jean King Clarifies: 'I am Supporting Barack Obama'

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on 9/11 (TM)

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on 9/11 (TM)

"We are going to build a nightmare world"

Is there a thread or a website anywhere keeping track of McCain and Palin's lies?

Is Sarah Palin turning women voters off?

Pig fiasco. "Who will McCain/Palin cry to about their hurt feelings when they face Al Queda?"

McCain's lobbyists - the web of connections

Man, I'm digging the air of Confidence, tonight.

Tech Czar Might Rule Policy Under Obama

Anyone seen this.. Posted as bulletin on myspace.. Spread this

"Lipstick" Ad Doesn't Move Focus Groups

Watching Clooney's Batman.If Oman and Biden are Batman and Robin, what villains r McGoo & MissMoose?

Real Maverick Conservatives vs. Phony Maverick John McCain, In their own words...

9/9 Primary Results Round-up


Should all political pundits be required...

McCain trying to make an issue out of "lipstick on a pig" is seriously backfiring.

What a VP Does All Day

Eugene Robinson on KO brings up good point

Autumn angst as dems fret

Rachel Maddow's new show is a dream come true!

Biden on debate prep: I won't take Palin's bait.

Would Obama tax my profits if I sell my home? Would he tax my IRA? Would he tax my water?

If McCain/Palin wins / steals this election:

I did my first Bumper Sticker for 2008!!! (Proud Parent sorry for all the !'s)

== Evil: It's the new good! = By Mark Morford

LYING IS NOT HONORABLE, and not Christian

Theocrats to Pray for McCain's Death

given palin's persistent lies, i feel the media has been rather restrained

I'll vote for hope, but I wish there was more I could do to save America

For those of you that saw the picture of McCain meeting with the Anne Hathway

Where the HELL are they?

Um, can I marry Keith Olbermann?

Thanks to the RNC for making us stronger

Why is the electoral vote map here fraudulent

I am happy to admit it, Obama is running a great campaign! I am

Lemme get this straight: It's ok to call your wife a C**T, but don't call the last 8 years a pig? !

I started a McCain/Palin lie list in the research forum

Author of new book attacking McCain's Senate investigation of Abramoff posts on DU

Mooseburger Barbie bills state for Thanksgiving

Dick Cheney even said the pig slogan look for yourself

Tweety - "This picture is appealing to 'traditional Americans" - McCain & Palin

McPalin is a Novelty i hope

McPalin is a Novelty i hope

Third-Party Candidates Could Be Spoilers In PA.

‘No. 1 Killer in the United States Is Entrenched Bureaucracies’

PROPOSAL: Limiting Palin stories to One thread PER DAY & calling it the DU Daily Palin Thread

Re: Opposition research on Palin. Somebody had to vet her because obviously McCain didn't.

McCain crashes another airplane without Palin

Rasmussen New Mexico Poll-Obama-47%-Mccain-49%

You CAN put lipstick on a pig

Does the price of oil drop in election years? People keep saying so, but....

Abandon all hope OR Fight like hell to win?

Dishonorable McCain Supporters Go After Biden’s Daughter

Donate NOW to Hold McPalin Accountable

Please kick/rec this thread about-BBC 9/11 Anniversary report. (link inside)

One child left behind

One child left behind

But will MSNBC stand behind KO. They have already showed weakness by removing Tweety and KO from

Lieberman is not welcome at Dem lunches

Any hopes for the Gibson interview of Palin?

Have you seen this bullshit McCain sticker they're selling?

McCain wants YOUR CHILDREN to see PORN!

There hasn't been anything on the news about it, did the Swiss destroy

Is Palin a Fierce Gun totting Barraccuda ready to be a Pit Bull or is she a Victim? Which is It?

McCain is offering free Beer as next ploy...

I'm so pissed off at McCain's lies and distortions

My latest LOL

artists for obama on website

McCain and Palin castigate the earmarks she seeks (AP)

The "Divided Argument" Case - the McCain/Palin campaign's next and final hurrah

I received this forwarded e-mail from a republican friend.


1-20-09 thats all there is to say

Courage and Confidence

I propose DUers practice the new Obama strategy: McCain, McCain, McCain!!! Forget Palin!

McCain/Palin are demagogues

tweety is skewing this rethug on hardballs

I need some help putting together a list of McCain campaign's lies for my blog

Turd Blossom's Game

Warning: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 BETA SUCKS! Install at your own peril

CBS Morning News headline: "Lipstick Gaffe?"

Sarah Palin: The GOP's New Clarence Thomas

Biden: Clinton 'Might Have Been a Better Pick' for Veep

New word (for me): THEOCONSERVATIVE

Letterman asks Obama, "Have you ever actually put Lipstick on a Pig?"

I don't think Bin Laden is wanted Dead or Alive anymore

They Have No Shame. They Know That We Know They Are Lying

Bush Administration Chooses McCain National Finance Chairman To Take Over Fannie Mae»

Anybody See chuckie norris on Larry King?

Listen Up! Keep the families out of it, or else

Putin's America or Why Is Press Acknowledging Palin If She Won't Give Interviews Or Speak On Record?

Do you have any simply reflexive "liberal" issues?

You can put lipstick on Cindy McCain, and John McPIG would still call her a c*nt in public.

As goes Lehman Brothers, so goes America?

I am completely freaking out. I think I need to take a breather...

Lipstick On A Pig

Lipstick On A Pig

Palin is a pig in the poke

"McCain, the BOGUS Maverick"

McCain/Palin would have the opportunity to appoint up to 3 new Supreme Court justices

Waaahhhhhhh! w..w..WAAAAHHHHH!

McCain ad paints Dems as wolfpack hunting Palin

Moran's bumper-sticker at the Home Depot parking lot: "Nobama"

Moran's bumper-sticker at the Home Depot parking lot: "Nobama"

ABC Friday 20/20 Interview Gibson with Palin 10PM

Sarah Palin Even Lies about Lipstick

"Pig" is short for "republican."

I think someone needs to do an ad on the book banning incident...

Does Obama ever speak in front of Dem-only crowds?

For nearly 3 hours, Joe Scab has talked about NOTHING but why no one is talking about anything else.

I decided to cook this morning!

1984... Meet 2008.....

1984... Meet 2008.....

Lehman Next?

Some probable hardball questions Gibson will ask

KO: "Terrorists are not what you, John McCain, fight. Terrorists are what you, John McCain, use."

The REAL Target of the "Lipstick on a Pig" Comment

My 89-year-old Mom just made these comments about Mc/P:

FACT CHECK.ORG!!! McCain-Palin Distorts our Finding(lie in ad)

Bill O'Reilly said today on his radio show: "If you think Obama is stupid, then you are stupid".

Paul and Nader blast dominance of Dems, GOP

What happened to the big news?

Fed to the teeth with the ridiculous things the media clings to, that it

Is there a reason why Obama's ads are so nice while McCain's are vicious? See this

USA Today: States running out of money in jobless funds

POLL!!! There's no denying that McCain is stooping to new lows. What's his lowest low so far?

OPEC Cuts Output In Effort To Halt Drop In Fuel Prices

RW radio caller PROVES Obama was talking about Palin

Obama's Message Is OLD- Economy, Economy, McCain Is Bush, McCain Is Bush, Etc. - We Need SIZZLE!

I miss the days when we could say "Welcome to DU!"

Am I in a bad mood? I think we should stop Palin silly comments......

Whoa Obama Bam A Lam

CNN now. Nader and Paul. Ron Paul said that he and Nader agree on

McPalin not ready for media but ready to run the USA?

Letterman! (central time)

Obama should apologize for his statement...

Pat Buchanan just told us how to deal with Palin. "It's Immigration stupid."

Number-crunching pollster sees decisive Obama win

Note to Republicans: This is what you can do with your lipstick.

Check out the top of the home page of HuffPost

I think this elections is going to be the nastiest one of my life so far..

16 US troops commit suicide in Iraq

CAUTION!!!!! This thread is a trap!

CNN "debunk" book banning and "lizard of satan"

What's up with New Mexico?

In case of poison ingestion, READ THIS!

Third Party Candidates lower Obama's chances of winning in key swing states. TIME/CNN POLL

Friends, compatriots, fellow-lamenters (fury and dread, RE: Palin)

I've seen enough of Sarah Palin to know she is NOT a good person or mother. She is a fucking NUT

Reminder: Obama on Letterman tonight.

McCain speaking to New Orleans promised to deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies

Barack's experience

Barack's experience

Get your very own Lipstick on a Pig T-Shirt

Get your very own Lipstick on a Pig T-Shirt

Get your very own Lipstick on a Pig T-Shirt

Republican Italian soccer player fake penalty gambit

So, did you think, as I did, that it was only a wolf or two, killed occassionally from airplanes?

Reality now: Cars converted to the future - 100 miles per gallon

Don't miss Letterman!

Hey DU. Stronger than ever... What's this about some rumor on McCain's health and WAPO?

Will Biden step aside?

McCain cut short his appearance without Palin.....Obama supporters were there as well.

Palin = celebrity

I hope the Palin 'child abuse' thing has legs.

Kerry: McCain among the last diehards who still refuse to acknowledge that we need a timetable...

They only cheer for Alaska....are these people Americans?

Have you noticed that every time Obama attacks McCain now they say he is attacking Palin?

Cooper is absolutely hyperventilating on the TV

Government Officials Tried To Rewrite Ethics Rules To Accommodate Their Partying

There is a lipsticked anti-immigration..... woman on C-Span who is

Palin’s Bold Campaign To Reform Washington-Staffed ENTIRELY By BushCo Insiders From Washington

Lionel today

I think I get it now.

Connecticut Dems seek censure of Joe Lieberman

McCain criticized Wasilla earmarks…while Palin was mayor.

Where's Biden? nt

So...explain to me why Palin arriving in Alaska is "a story?"

Damn! Obama TV ad big and bold A NAKED LIE

Laura Flanders will discuss Palin on KPFA 's Morning Show today.

---------------It's Official!!!!--------

Oh, fer fucks sake...CNN says Palin supporters in Alaska walking around with big red plastic lips

Highway Fund Shortfall May Halt Road Projects

*****SARAH PALIN DAILY THREAD******* 09/10/08

I thought this Palin creature was supposed to be tough? With all the whining

why is palin getting a free national infomercial from msnbc and cnn?

ACLU: Bloated and Ineffective Watch Lists Should be Scrapped

McCain's budget plan includes the same defense cuts he's attacking Obama for supporting

Should Obama dump Biden for Sanjay?

Here we go again.

“Beyond the Jury-Rigged Bomb: Improvised War”, fighting high-tech super-powers with no-tech weapons

Why The Palin Name Calling?

The Palin Double Standard: "If Obama had appeared in Denver with his unmarried pregnant daughter..."

Who likes Frangela?

Barack Obama has handled "lipstickgate" brilliantly!

Several questions about McCain, after watching Rachel's show

Chicago Tribune refuses to print 'in lieu of flowers, vote Democratic' in a paid obituary

Damn you, William Seward!

Gallup: Shows "Palin Bounce" largely contained to South

diff between Bush & Palin? Lipstick

"My community organizer's smarter than your senile war-monger."

We need more Palin posts, forget about healthcare, the WAR, Rebuilding the Middle class

Americans can be so gullible and stupid..supporting a new personality without questioning substance.

Obama Says Bill Clinton Will Campaign for Him

Update on Maple Leaf products - consumer advisory

Remember this? Obama; 6/24/2008: "Yeah, I don't do cowering."

I've had enough of this Palin woman

I love how the new McCain/Palin tv ad brags about them 'taking on Republicans'

KO has me in tears right now. Thank you Keith!

NYT: In Search of Gov. Palin

NYT: In Search of Gov. Palin

Hey! LynneSin! Check it out... More Cowbell !

This is what I find incredibly weird:

This is what I find incredibly weird:

Anybody else watching Conyer's hearings today?

McCain/Bush: same shit, different asshole. n/t

Wohoo! Obama pulls to within 5 points of McGrumpy in West Virginia!

Will there be a 'Daisy' ad or ads featuring 'holy rollers' & end-time scenarios?

Oprah should show video footage of the aerial hunting practices

Why Has Geraldine Ferraro Been Indicted?

Deflate the celebrity thread...that woman has not earned either the right to the vp or celebrity

Obama on Letterman (CBS) tonight, now... nt

Caught..."And She Knows It" - Palin's earmarks: Not just for the halibut

Who's responsible for bringing down the price of oil?

Freddie Mac Ceo asks "What is the problem?"

Sarah Palin Is "Ann Margaret in 'Kitten With A Whip'"

Can you feel it?

Sarah Palin's long time church preaches some of the most extreme religious views in the nation

Kim Jong-il Had Surgery After Stroke, South Koreans Say

Now THIS is an e-mail to send around or bookmark: lots of good stuff

Barrack Obama needs to

Obama message to McCain: Stop hiding behind Palin's SKIRT!

CNN’s Ware: McCain ‘has no idea what is going on in Iraq.’»

FOX guest derides MSNBC for hiring a lesbian, evidence of "left-wing agenda"

Have you rushed out and bought one of these babies yet?

Mr. Creedy......or Mr. Cheney?


Do you think Obama is fighting back enough?

Pre 9/11, FBI Frustrated by Bush Justice Dept "lack of interest in terrorism"(Bush History, 9/10)

I was a gallup poll taker a few years ago


Anyone putting an Obama sign up here is a way to make sure it is not

Could running a candidate for the Presidency be a trap for Democrats?

The McCain strategy: character assassination

BARACK!!! Live in Norfolk!

When did the - American people - reject Hillary Clinton's health care proposals?

When did the - American people - reject Hillary Clinton's health care proposals?

As the Lies Pile Up, McCain’s Former Fans Increasingly Repulsed by the Cynicism

Kindergardeners CAN READ, JOHN McLAME!!!

CERN and Global Climate Change, two sides of the same coin...

Maher's Religulous Poster Unleashed

Has McCain covered for Republicans who helped Abramoff?

John McCain wants us to think he's like Jack Bauer

"John McCain voted over 99.9% with George Bush"

Circuit Court rules against Florida's ban on gay adoptions

WHy isn't Sarah being called the communist she is?

It appears the "secret weapon" used to kill a million Iraqis was US trained and funded death squads

Wired's suggestion about Woodward and this "secret weapon"

Will McCain Step Aside if it is Proven that McCain Has Alzheimers? THEN WHAT?

Can someone tell me what the deal is with Obama's Columbia transcripts.

It really IS Lipstick on a Pig!

Smear Away! Support the 527s!

Jeff Masters and Ike- A realistic worse-case scenario for Texas

School bans governor's choc treat - because of a drive to promote healthy eating

Lynn Sweet (Chicago Times) considers John Fund a reliable source??

Jesus was a community organizer Pontius Pilate was a Governor

Newsweek Burning Up the Trooper-Gate Case

Palin sounds perfect for the job

"Mooselini About to Enter Palingrad"

We Are Out Here:"Progressives-KNOW-that there are those of us on the right that have been listening"

How does it look in Oregon to defeat Senator Gordon Smith?

McPalin says the same over and over and over

High-tech camera, spotting unpaid registration fees and property taxes

Tokyo bans large knife sales to under 18s

The missing link between Bush and McCain ----> It's the LYING

Bush's Legacy Memo Leaked to Press

23 reasons why Obama must turn the other cheek and not attack McCain

KO: "You blackmail the American electorate!" & "When you shed your crocodile tears tomorrow."

Pentagon cancels tanker competition

What is missing in this Palin pic???

call the WHAAAAAAAAAAmbulance... palin's feelings are hurt

Her twangy snark and repititious riff will soon enough fall flat.

Payback: GOP points to Biden daughter

Greenwald: Anatomy of a Stupidity

Col. Ann Wright: U.S. Military Is Keeping Secrets About Female Soldiers 'Suicides'

Mute is your friend. Jeez. n/t

Yesterday I watched "Fahrenheit 9/11" again

"REPUBLICANS LIE" insert evidence1, "REPUBLICANS LIE," insert evidence2...

My real opinion of the Sears-Big Red One deal

Obama on Letterman..... = Clinton Sax playing on Arsenio?

The critics weigh in on the Rachel Maddow Show (and they like it!)

Deputy Shoots Himself In Leg

Holy shit, he reminds me of Bob Dole.

Huffington Post: Palin Quoted Anti-Semite In Convention Speech

Banks Push Harder On Credit-Card Debt

Tom "Pork Barrel" Davis spoke at the Princess Barracuda/McShame rally today..

I'm Not Mentioning You-Know-Who's Name. she will not be named

A note from Bill Richardson

"Don't be swept away by hype in Palin campaign: media's job to unearth facts, not repeat myths"

Pigs, moose, fish, wolves, polar bears...

Col. Ann Wright: U.S. Military Is Keeping Secrets About Female Soldiers' 'Suicides'

Did Sarah get new glasses?

McCain said today Obama was referring to Palin (lipstick/pig remark)

McCain (2007) quote about pigs and makeup, re: Hillary and Healthcare

Puckhead's hair. Very carefully coiffed .......

why was Bob Graham fear mongering on W.J. this a.m.?

--------OMG this is GREAT!!!-------

My wife recieved this letter from a local woman concerning Palin.

But Obama says...

USA USA USA USA ...... Country First Country First Country First Country First

Marsha Marsha Marsha

Sarah Palin = Bush with tits

I can't figure out why McCain thinks the pig statement was referring to Palin. After all...

The Swift-Moosing begins: Sarah Palin OWNS the dictionary now?

If you think Palin should be sent for a few laps in the LHC, rec this.

"Someone I've gotten to know in the last few weeks ...... and whom we've known for a very long time"

Newsweek Bombshell: Palin & Family Warned of "Emotional Child Abuse" by Judge

OPEC suck my dick

The economy is crushed, people die because of lack of healthcare....

-- COMEDY IS THE BEST STRATEGY -- for a short attention span public

How many of you are obsessed with this race?

Debunking Myths about Palin

Inhofe Again Equates Iraq With 9/11

The world's verdict will be harsh if the US rejects the man it yearns for

"Anti-Intellectualism Enters Canadian Campaign, but Will It Fly?"

"When they steal the election..."

Robert Parry: Commercial Media Let McCain Get Away With Claims That The "Surge" Has Worked

Rachel Maddow Debut Delivers

EuroCERN Disney annouces new attraction is online....

Palin Family Shockers: What Sarah's Really Hiding!

Why aren't women pissed about Palin? -Salon article

I have a great commercial for Obama...or move-on or someone

When the media is focused on pigs and lipstick it must mean there is no real news to concern us

They will still have McCain as Pres.

Too Close for Comfort? (McShame and the Renzi scandal)

The McCain camp is going to have to get McCain and Palin off the same stage together quickly

"John McCain has now put his entire campaign on Sarah Palin's shoulders"

We have met the enemy and they is us.

Todd Palin - "Commercial Fisherman"

DU man your keyboards. Anyone have a link to palins, "hunting practices"?

I can't find my cats...

"The deal is all but done and dealers are already in."


Queen of Pork ! Shrub lives on a pig farm !

EVERYWHERE I go now (I started today) instead of saying goodbye

While everyone is concerned about pig lips, it was announced the US is facing a $400 billion deficit

NPR--top of the hour. Mention made of mcc, palin rally and palin's once more

Maddow’s debut beats Larry King, Glenn Beck.»

More `Chaos' Ahead for U.S. Banks, Investor Jim Rogers Predicts

OBAMA on "pig-gate" - WATCH IT

Hey MSM, stop referring to white women as "Hillary voters"

Check out this Alaskan Blog headline about Obama and Pig-gate: EXACTLY what I would love to hear a politician say:

Iraq's miasma of Grief

Alaskan DUers, how long is the commercial salmon season?

The Reich wing doesn't complain when Joe Scarborough shills for John McSame

Gee thanks Hillary

Impeach McCain/Palin

Israel plotting Ahmadinejad kidnapping? (not a joke)

Is "Earmarks" merely another misleading GOP anti-government meme?

Rs Are Sticking To Rove's Big Tactic: Creating Their Own Reality

PHOTO: Aricept, check.. .ativan, check. ..memantine,check.. .thank you, nurse Sarah!

NC-Sen: Hagan Edges Dole in New Poll

Sarah kind of reminds me of that old Chatty Cathy Doll....

Fantasy line - Obama "I've fought Hillary in the primary's, she's tough. Sara's no Hillary Clinton"

The National Enquirer: Palin Family Shockers: What Sarah's Really Hiding!

The National Enquirer: Palin Family Shockers: What Sarah's Really Hiding!

Did lonestarnot put us at Level 1?

Google is being sucked into a black hole.


I'm sure palin lovers agree with her that MEN make all the final, important decisions

OMG!!! Look at this video a friend just emailed me

ACLU Challenges State Department's Refusal To Issue Passports To U.S. Citizens

Michele Bachmann Watch, 9/10/08: MB is a member of the McCain-Palin "Truth Squad"

Michele Bachmann Watch, 9/10/08: MB is a member of the McCain-Palin "Truth Squad"

EFCA ACT *Must* Get Passed! The retailer I work for is freaking about Obama

How the Hell do you send an email to Rachel?

Democrats question Fannie, Freddie CEO exit pay

Sarah Palin collected travel money from Alaska for 312 nights at home - Ain't that illegal?

Obama right about war on Pakistan (Bush is doing it covertly now)

"This crazy lipstick story"

Our 3 greatest allies in this election: Mark Warner and the Udall Cousins.

The More We Concentrate on Sarah Palin, The Stronger

The GOP will never overturn Roe v Wade

Repug Todd racist nitwit Akin was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

Lying is NOT Christian - Sarah Palin, you should be ashamed.

Lying is NOT Christian - Sarah Palin, you should be ashamed.

Ohhhh, LONESTARNOT.... Is This the Giddy Dance Moment?

Look what comes back to haunt you...

Alvin Ailey dancer: Israeli security me perform for them

WaPo: Federal Shortfall To Double This Year

"See-yo I tee-old them, thinks but ne-yo thinks!

MavReich/Stalin 2008

MavReich/Stalin 2008

More right-wing piggies (video)

Looking at the electoral map this morning...the fraud factor

Maddow’s debut beats Larry King, Glenn Beck

Obama: These are Serious Times which call for Serious Discussion

DIAGRAM: ATTENTION please, if you care to dance along!

No "Maverick" ad

lipstick on a pig = Much Ado About Nothing (or, if the shoe fits...)

Hard Fall: What Happened to NBC? (MSNBC Punked by McCain Camp)

Ron Paul (R-TX) urges Supporters to Back 3rd Party Candidates

Palin in Fairfax, VA

Wanna make $150? Bring Sarah a left hind leg of a wolf.. a FRESH leg

Enough! This Election is NOT About Obama.

Good for Paul - see this from Sept 1 - Obama benefits hugely

Tonight --9PM--Larry King Will his "black belt patriotism" affect the election?

I'm taking a personal day today to put in some more volunteer hours

"Palin tried to ban 'Gay Themed' books" - according to source:

Sen. Kerry attacks McCain and Bush on Afghanistan policies.

Pig Day outrage! NBC bureau chief says media powerless as McCain campaign drives news cycles


Question: Where can I find a record of Obama's and McCain's....

Are there any fundies who are worrying about the Super Collider destroying the earth?

Lonestarnot... Why so cryptic? Throw us a bone, please...

I've noticed something new(?) today. The repugnant camp is now claiming

My mom and Palin supporters.....

I am getting X's on my DU page

I am getting X's on my DU page

I went to Freeperland so you didn't have to

timestamp at WaPo hasn't updated in over 30 minutes - is that normal?

Enquirer: The son is hooked on hillbilly heroin and the daughter is a slut

The sky will fall today. Keep posted to this site until it does.

If Lonestarnot's prophecies turn out to be false, then he/she should be banned

If you put lipstick on a pit bull is it still a bitch?

Sarah Palin: Wonder Woman for the Extreme Right

DU performance question: Every other click on DU takes me to

Anybody get this in the mail? I did.

Obama GREAT on Letterman

Obama GREAT on Letterman

(LHC) Cosmic rays from deep space strike the earth every day (LHC)

Obama on Letterman, he's so damn cute, and smart! I just think he's

Joe Klein: McCain's ad "one of the sleaziest ads I've ever seen in presidential politics"

Reputed Klansman's Conviction Overturned in 1964 Deaths

Highlights from the live broadcast of the LHC this morning - link

WOMEN OF DU - Please! We need you here NOW!

Where can I find out if the collider destroyed the planet?


How come there is so little discussion here of this?...

How come there is so little discussion here of this?...

I want to start a voter reg event in my town...what do I need to know?

This anticipated WaPo surprise reminds me of something...

Gallup Daily Tracking Poll: McCain 48% vs. Obama 43% :(

caption time

For the ones who think that a news item with "prescription drugs"

What's Up with 'Our' 527s?

What should happen to lonestarnot?

Right-Wing Terror Film Delivered To Swing-State NY Times Readers

Look Who Else Used The Lipstick/Pig Saying

Anyone Have A Link To Bush's 2000 Convention Speech?

Does the Post have a latest breaking news sign up?

Check out this vapid talking head.

IT's VIAGRA - Look at her post from the other day



LONESTARNOT...Sorry To Post it Before You....HERE IT IS!!! OMG!!

"Romantic Interludes" = Fucking, right Rick?

Tel Aviv scientist: “If cats and dogs can learn to get along..."

Congratulations, lonestarnot!

Keith is Giving A Special Comment Early Tonite

Halliburton + Cheney + Bush = OIL

I don't know about anyone else, but I come to DU to GET NEWS, not play GUESSING GAMES.

Details about the Interior Department's Misconduct here.

McCain Was On The Grassy Knoll When Kennedy Was Shot!!!!

LONESTARNOT:::How about if you can eliminate some what if's from the list?

Is this the big deal everyone is talking about?


Lonestarnot, This Reeks of Rovian Dirty Tricks


Headline on CNN crawl read "Lewd & Crude" - Big Oil in bed w/Interior Dept.

LONESTARNOT, You Have My Trust. I Believe In You And Will Patiently Await The Breaking News.

At least the British press will talk about Palin lying.

So it's all about Palin, her dysfunctional family and her lipstick.

Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy Drama? Video by a black man who claims to be the father!

The GOP campaign for the presidency is like lipstick on a ...

"Lipstick on a pig" offensive? Let me tell you about offensive, Mr. McCain: (rant)

BREAKING CNN: 13 Interior Dept employees accused of fixing energy contracts.

Sex and oil.

Pit Bulls are the biggest, most oversensitive babies and shouldn't be in the White House

Hit McCain Where It Hurts!

Is racism more important than income?

GE, Time Warner, Walt Disney, News Corp, Viacom...what do they have in common?

What do you think about making McCain "Palin's bitch"?

I was just thinking.

Ignore this thread if you don't care about "brokenwatergate"

You can put lipstick on bush's war but its still a fucking Nazi occupation

Obama doing better than Kerry in 43 States

If mccain does have alzheimers, I'd like to express my condolences

What the hell is wrong with people?

Obama: Spare me all the phony outrage. Spare me all the phony talk about change . . .

Jack "Lipstick on a Lobbyist" Abramoff was sentenced to 4 years in prison ...

Official "We love Tweety just for today" thread

Turn on CNN NOW! n/t

What makes people vote Republican?

TOS Question: What does "Call Out" a DU member mean?

"How long we been standin' watch, Jed?"

Al Franken Wins!

All in all, if it weren't for PIG oil, we'd all be better off. There's no shortage just gouging.nt

Would I be out of line if

My craft room faces the east so when I am scrapbooking I can watch for Lonestarnot

If McCain DOES have early-onset Alzheimer's.... make sure to point out that Palin is against

SEIU & Immigrant Rights Groups Run Ad Denouncing Anti-Immigrant Hate Speech

I just returned from grocery shopping, and on the way home, I heard

An observation on "Patriot Day" from someone's blog

If McCain were to drop out of the race, what would happen to the Republic party?

Michelle Dancing

So if McCain has Alzheimers, here's what my partnerjust said

See why the faked pregnancy mattered?

CNN’s Ware: McCain ‘has no idea what is going on in Iraq.’»

Dear Corporate News Media Drama Queens:

Question: How do I hook up my computer to upload videos from my T.V. to Youtube?

RNC McCain Lead-in Video....(with Stock footage Black Couple)...Need Link...Help Please.

inevitable outcome of right-wing male family leadership: Christian "domestic discipline"

++++ Email a Complaint to CBS News ++++

TORA TORA TORA!!! Attack republicans NOW!!!!!

McCain releases new ad that says Obama called Palin a pig

Folks... there will be no attacking tomorrow by our campaign.... (can't speak for the GOP)

The real, original Mavericks of Texas. Good Democrats.

Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kicks the Democrats ?

This just in! Goodmorning America! Tomorrow morning!

Indian Court Clears Painter

Keep waiting my children. The miracle will happen anytime...

Tomorrow, Washington Post will publish

A restaurant in town that is really hurting for business had one of these stuck on the cash register

We've been played...... the "big story" is nothing more than another "whitey video"

CNN about to explore that story

Graphic illustration of the game that is being played with DU-ers the past two days

Waiting for the MIRACLE in GD

Which GOP corruption scandal are you most interested in seeing brought to trial?

andrew Sullivan says it well Unfit to serve

Ron Paul against Barak Obama

On The Night Before McMas

Praise ye all Saint Sarah (or else!)

Clearly, the memo went out to all female repub spokesmodels for today: Wear BRIGHT RED lipstick.

Speaking of "lipstick on a pig"...

What Bush's "memorable lines?"

Shuster and now Matthews: "Is John McCain saying Barack Obama was calling Sarah Palin a pig?"

Ike now a 4! n/t

McCain wanted to eliminate cap on H1-B visas?

When you cry wolf you destroy your future credibility

I hope this plea for help doesn't get swallowed up, but how would I find the following information?

Hooly shit! Tweety is on fire! Lipstick warning!

Father's miracle rescue of three-year-old daughter from storm drain

Mortgage Rates Plummet, But Borrowers Beware

Indiana High School's Purse/bags Ban Rankles Students

McCain gets nomination; loses soul. Honestly, I feel sorry for him

U.S. teen: 'I felt like there were no dreams for me'

Smoking Bans Crippling Casinos In Certain States


John King is a fucking hack.

McCain Gains Ground in New Mexico

With the lipstick applied to the pig, is he finally ready for his close up?

Unless the boinking at the Interior Dept can be directly used to beat McPalin, it is best left alone

BREAKING!!! Film of oil company execs working with Interior Department employees!

Did Barbara Boxer have a Face lift?

OMFG...atake a look at this storm surge chart

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Rips Michelle Obama at RNC:"Something to Hide"

William Greider: The Silence of Lambs

Waiting for the MIRACLE in GD Part Deux

Fox News & Oliver North Involved With US Afganistan Massacre Coverup

Alaskan Judge Accused Palin of Child Abuse

WashPost has content agreement w/MSNBC - GoodMorningAmerica is ABC show???

McCain Ad Featuring Katie Couric Removed From YouTube

My aunt and Sarah Palin.

So, I guess I missed the big article about McCain in the WaPo.

According the Mayor of her little town . . .

Brian Schweitzer Eyes the Future

CBS News: Palin's repeated zingers seem to be losing some luster

CBS News: Palin's repeated zingers seem to be losing some luster

good god, cnn is live in alaska awaiting miss moose's arrival-msnbc too!

U.S. Oil Program Rife with Conflicts, Favoritism, 'Promiscuity'

DU This Poll (LKL QuickVote)

Why this lifelong Republican may vote for Obama

Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United

Barack used a metaphor about the g.o.p., but I will just call palin a pig

Randi is on FIRE today.

Link to Obama's full quote?

****Photos Of Hillary, Michelle,Joe And Barack!****

Tuesday Rachel Held Almost All KO's Audience

so why is du on those yellow Xs and in emergency mode status?

8-year-old on Terrorist Watchlist appears before Congress


A suggestion for an ad with "lipstick on a pig."

A suggestion for an ad with "lipstick on a pig."

WU forecasts Hurricane Ike to strengthen into a category 4 by Friday

DU this poll

I have just watched Fox News for EIGHT MINUTES!

15000 today in Fairfax, VA

Hell just froze over!..The reddest republican

It was a dumb move for AAR to ever let go on Randi

Dana Perino on following OBL to gates of Hell: "This is not the movies. We don't have super powers"


I'll continue with my basic campaign tasks, but I still hope for an election-altering revelation

CERN experiment fears: Legitimate concern or crackpot hysteria?

Anyone know what the Military Top Brass think about McCain/Palin?

self delete - link to pic was rethug friendly

List of Particular Books Palin Wanted Banned from Wasila Library?

So, like, what was the huge story about McCain and prescription drugs?

Ted Stevens (R/AK/crook) faces setbacks in court

Zinn: US 'In Need of Rebellion'

What's the best way to make sure my vote gets counted?

Is the GOP's latest whine in reaction to the "community organizer comment" backlash? n/t

Giddy Little...Dance?

other phrases PALIN-MCCAIN find "offensive"

So when is the baby daddy going to make an honest woman out of Bristol?

deleted- I didn't see it - sorry!

Last rites for WaMu?

May I make a suggestion...?

@ 6:30pm EST: MH from Newsweek reveals more titillating information on Palin,

Cindy McCain - BUSTED...AGAIN...claiming Rachel Ray's mac & cheese recipe as her own...

John McCain Sexist


Can someone point me to the pic of the guy with the "Road to

Geraldine Ferraro is no Democrat...NO WAY

Can it get any stranger? BushCo "Sex for Oil" Scandal

"Lipstick on a Pig" Rove tactic? McCain Campaign reality check?

"Maverick pig, maverick pig, does whatever a maverick pig can"...

Angry Amateurs - Posted by Joe Klein TIME

Oh Joe, my heart went out for you...

If "Huff Post" can do "Woo Woo" as Mainstream...then can't we?

Russian Strategic Bombers Land In Venezuela

WATCH THIS CLIP! Chris Matthews turns a republican into a stuttering mess!

Charlie's already kvelling about the dogs in Alaska...

Am I the only one here who has trouble listening to Rick Sanchez?

I decided to see if someone had reg'd

"Where you lead, I will follow!" -- excellent ad running in NH for Senate race

Obama: "McCain's The Original Mackeral"

Budowsky Defends Rachel Maddow, Calls Out "FOX Democrats" & Begs Obama to Fight Back

Here's how you handle the scum. Here's how you fight back. FDR, 1936: "I welcome their hatred"

GOP got their wish when Keith Olbermann was demoted

GOP got their wish when Keith Olbermann was demoted

Sarah Palin's pastor believes he is a victim of electromagnetic mind control weaponry...


'Values Voter Summit' Tries To Push Churches Into Illegal Partisan Politicking

It's now past 7pm on the East coast-

N. Korea Has Quietly Built Long-Range Missile Base

Cspan caller: 'Do you really want your president thinking Jesus is black'?

Black Bear launches amphibious attack

How can Post on "Speculative Coming Rumor" get over 500 DU Posts...

Palin Troopergate Defense Attorney PAID WITH ALASKA STATE TAXPAYER MONEY

Tweety has some woman on from the "Palin Truth Squad."

Did anyone else see the Sarah Palin look-alike on Today this morning???

FWIW... I placed some calls to try to confirm the "big" story rumor.

Matt Stoller does reTHUGlicans work for them

13 Bush Officials-Engaged In-Sex+Gifts+Drugs-With Employees Of Energy Companies They Regulated-Wapo

Charlie Rangel live on C-span now talking about his "situation"

I eagerly await LONESTARNOT's hot story but there is a problem

I eagerly await LONESTARNOT's hot story but there is a problem

Obama: Might be fun to try putting lipstick on a pig


Students cut out of Obama/McCain 9/11 appearance at Columbia University.

I think we need to reconsider McCain's role in the Abramhoff scandal

Silence on Palin's real mockery of Obama; faux outrage for Obama's common phrase.

Catch the Hardball replay. First segment.

By tomorrow morning, almost all of Gulf Coast Texas will be fleeing..... Hurricane Ike

Lou Dobbs in Imagration Overdrive.....

I can't stand it anymore!!

Ready for the Big Tear Jerker Tomorrow?

Ike on it's way to Texas

How would you vote in North Korea?

Bush Administration caught by surprise - CBO bombshell - incorporate mortgage bailout into budget

Ike is huge.


Making A YouTube Video

A Few Words From The Boss...

On the defensive. Obama's weak.

Brian Schweitzer kicking ass in latest Montana poll

The BIG story...

"Over Dozen Fall Sick At McCain-Palin Rally"

Anne Barth, Robert Byrd's chief of staff, needs your help!

My favorite old fart of the day: Dr. Peter Higgs.

Barbara Boxer is doing excellent

KO: Who knew with Bush it wasn't "Blood for Oil" but "Oil for Sex"

DVR Alert: Obama on Letterman tonight

This will only get worse

Keith Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT Alert

'Strong' August for McDonald's

OMG! Contessa just chewed up Joe Watkins!

McCain Is Toast - MSM Tosses Their Deference Toward The "Mackerel"

Lipstick doesn't look too bad on some pigs....

Trooper tasered Palin's 11 y.o. nephew, but he asked for it?

Peanut butter & pastrami pangs lead to pot arrest

May I just suggest we don't even mention lipsticks or pigs?

May I just suggest we don't even mention lipsticks or pigs?

White House Claims Bin Laden Was Not The ‘Mastermind’ of Sept. 11 (with VIDEO)

A quick word about Alzheimer's

What could go wrong????????????

Sarah! We know you're being held hostage. Move to the heat register &start whistling Que Sera Sera!

50 FOOT SPIDER!!!! in Liverpool!!!

I know its wrong ...but I had to share

Why do the uninformed and/or undecided feel obligated to vote?

Even the people on the short bus knew enough to stay off

It's a big deal because of Sarah Palin's punch line

most corrupt admin ever? Oil officials given sex, gifts, investigators say

2 questions: What happened to the McCain scandal and what's with Alzheimer's?

The Pig Takes the Cake LOL

I wanna win some moose chunk stew!!!!

KO: Covering Palin and her scandals is like covering an unmanned fireworks factory explosion

Deepak Chopra's accurate assessment of miss sarah

The story of how I became a Democrat (Or: Thank you Keith Olbermann, DU, etc)

Palin Family Shockers: What Sarah's Really Hiding

What the Media Did Not Talk About Today

I don't know what got into some MSNBC people but

Pigs, outraged, protest!

Anthropologists Develop New Approach To Explain Religious Behavior

Anthropologists Develop New Approach To Explain Religious Behavior

WTF... A new Palin exposé on MSNBC

To paraphrase KO....

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

MCain interview on 'lipstick flap" on WCCO4 can anyone send it to Matthews?

Obama Supporters Rally in Wasilla

Summer's Almost Gone

Guys, Obama is on his heels!!! Breaking!!!!

Did you know?

"Lipstick on a Pig" Used by McCain Regarding Hillary

Attention Walmart Shopper! LOL

Was the Large Hadron Collider built to "recreate the Big Bang"?

Lessons from the Amish: We're not doomed to obesity

PSA: Would EVERYONE here stop insulting the Pig species!

I'm watching a live broadcast of the Large Hadron Collider

Did anyone catch the clevage that Cindy was sporting

Blech...this actually makes me sick;

Tomorrow, when the repukes exploit 9/11, our response should be

Cocaine and Oral Sex at the Department of the Interior


TOONS: More Palin (The Cartoonists Get It), McCain, GOP, Etc.

Johnny's excellent adventures in Monetegro

SHOCK! Wide-Ranging Ethics Scandal Emerges at Interior Dept.

There's something happening here. (40 years later...)

Now I understand the process...(Palin)

Couple of toons this afternoon....

McCain finds it tough without Palin, cuts short appearance drowned out by dueling chanters

What the fuck?

Palin needs a history lesson

Past Cautions About The Revolution...

Military expansion - bodes well for Arizona

In Memory of the Victims and Survivors of September 11, 2001

"You Know I'll Often Stop And Think About Them..."

I'm listening to this guy on Ed Schultz's show, re: high prices in Alaska

Wow! Best KO special comment to date!

Exploring The Nuclear Option (2003) - wonder if there are any updates...

Fred " Foghorn Leghorn" Thompson

Alba's Shocking Billboard Ad: bondage-themed billboard to encourage Americans to vote

I Pardon Myself! Classic Bush

Ike intensifying explosively

Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11.....get ready for a day of exploitation.

We used to say Ignorance was the enemy...Now it's Stupidity....

Europe is operating their super collider. USA is arguing about lipstick.

Bill Clinton to hit campaign trail for Obama!

If you lived in Illinois around 1968 or so. and remember a certain Democratic Senate candidate

So, Obama mentions a 'pig with lipstick,' and the repukes immediately think of Palin!

It's Pat's New Lie

Seven years later, where is Osama bin Laden?

SPOILER: Partial transcript of Obama on Letterman tonight

A telling picture

With each special comment KO puts his career on the line. I know Hillary supporters were angry

Thank you all for being here today...

Gina Gershon Strips Down Sarah Palin

Rachel is introducing some great guests

David Sirota: John McCain's brainwatch

Call it Palin Payback.

KO convinced me. Obama's a plagarist! McCAIN owns the lipstick AND the pig

Anyone: what time does Good Morning America start (Eastern time)??

On 7th Anniversary Of Attacks, White House Claims Bin Laden Was Not The ‘Mastermind’ of Sept. 11

Whoever the woman on the bottom left on Larry King right now is....


How does a far-right asshole depict Michael Moore?

I don't know about you guys, But I just love Rachael's new show!

Rachel!!! Fresh, Articulate, Interesting, Original, Bright, Energetic, DELIGHTFUL. . . this from my

Rick Sanchez... "Big Government Shakeup"

I'm Calling Out Husb2Sparkly, AKA "Stink Daddy Supreme"

I don't know what's more ridiculous

So about that pike...

McCain & Alzheimer Rumors: Check Out this Video!

reporters vetting a candidate is repugs definition of a smear....hmmm. n/t

I have to give a BIG thumbs up to Tweety bird tonight

If Obama has the power to change Tweety (and he HAS), he has the power to change the dialog forever

Today's call on the news cycle winner: I'm giving it to Obama....

Dennis Miller has declared war on Obama

Granholm is on MSNBC!

My little experiment at work today..I bought 35 different Obama buttons

what an asshole!!! who was that idiot Rachel just had on??

Can I say it? I'm so tired of $3.95 gall/gas. All we do is pay for this energy that few of us

Matthew Hahahahaha Contin hahahahaha Contineti grows a pathtic 'beard'

I fucking love Keith Olbermann.

(I'm Thinkin' 'Bout Nailin') Sarah Palin

A BIG "Thank You" to the UAW and Sheldon and Anita Drobny.

Oh Schuster just played a clip of Biden saying that Hillary would have been

Lipstick Wearers Unite! - pics

Rachel Rockin' tonight!

Anyone have any idea who created the "Dishonest Dubya Action

We need to phone bank the Washington Journal-

Bush -Secretly Gives Orders Allowing Raids in Pakistan (NYT)

The American Idol Candidate by Roger Ebert



UAW Chief Calls McCain Out On Lie About Daughter's Car

Goddammit! Every Time You Call Sarah A Pig, You Lend Credence To The GOP Argument.

What is the likelihood of high inflation in the future as a result of Iraq War spending?

!!!ON 7th Anniversary of 9/11-BUSHCO CLAIMS BIN LADEN WAS-NOT-MASTERMIND OF 9/11!!!

Can someone explain to me why...

How are they getting away with not bringing Palin out to the media?

We could have been in big trouble if McCain would have picked Tom Ridge for VP

Sarah Palin is a pig.

Give it up for Andrew Sullivan....(epiphamous moment read on Malloy)

Caption the prince and the pig

"Lipstick On A Pig" Author Was McCain Flack Who Defended Him Against Gorilla Rape Joke Charge

Need a Pep Talk

Impeachment Hearings.

Governor Mooselini Asked To Release E-Mails

I wept at KO's special comment tonight.

Can we post presidential related stuff

From Afghanistan to Africa: The Return of U. S. Death Squads

If the only difference between Ma Palin and a pit bull is lipstick

'I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper; and we rise and fall as one nation'

CNN Breaking News...Improper Conduct by 10 US Dept. of Interior Employes with Oil Contracts....Big..

9/11 tm - Was Keith's special comment leaked last night?


Sarah Palin's New Lipstick

Doesn't it bother Sarah Palin that she's being used as political prop by her party? ......

Bill Maher coming up, and I haven't seen one since he started again.

Give O'LOOFAH a grade (need I spell it?!1) here for his "interview" of OBAMA

Palin = Church Lady + Vancome Lady?

Speculators Behind Oil Moves, Study Finds

Biden supports “the second amendment and the right for New Hampshire residents to own guns”

It takes a village . . .

Of all the high powered expert media gurus on Obama's campaign, I wonder if they're...

lipstick on a pig first said by mcsame back in 2007 and michael moore has it on his site

Pink Floyd on PigGate

Lauren Bush, George W. Bush's Niece, Debuts Fashion Line Under Different Name

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Did Sen Gordon Smith's food plant knowingly hire illegal immigrants?

Larry Craig now claiming

The Nation: The Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crisis strips the clothes off the Emperor of Markets

7 mile X .5 mile crack in Greenland glacier (pic)

Anyone else getting the Obama bio on MSNBC instead of Rachel Maddow?

Did anyone besides me see tonight's 20/20 special about privilege?

McCain Slams Palin's Bridge to Nowhere

McCain Slams Palin's Bridge to Nowhere

Ya gotta love it

Just home from an Obama rally downtown!

I swear, this sort of thing ain't my bag, baby.

I swear, this sort of thing ain't my bag, baby.

Freaks must be worried about something! Look at the last sentence! paragragh 2.

Has anyone watched the Rachel Maddow show yet?

SFGate: Sweeter than your average hockey mom - pic

A question for older DU'ers

NAMES in the Oil for sex scandal: OK, DU. Get to work in these names:

They tried to compare Senator Obama....

Sarah Palin does not own the word "lipstick"

Don't even TRY to tell me more than half our popualtion aren't fucking MORONS.

If were gonna name a hurricane after a president, it should be

PLEASE LOCK: Cindy McCain and Drugs: Strange missing video on WaPo's web site

Kent Jones coming up on Rachel. Yay!!!

Map to McCain's lobbyists problem

Bush desperate to find Osama Bin Laden

MAVERICK!!!????? WTF???? hardly - McCain - BIG LIST

Bush History,9/10 - Pre 9/11, FBI Frustrated by Bush Justice Dept "lack of interest in terrorism"

Women: food supply? Tomatoes ...

You know what McCain/Palin are MOST upset about concerning "lipstick on pig"?


‘Street medics’ describe injuries and other hazards at the RNC protests

Amy Goodman: The Party Police

Post what percent chance of winning these states you think we have

I think the RW might have been caught off guard by the media actually DOING ITS JOB

Prescription Drugs-McCain... He'll get away with drugs for pain...hes a POW you know. But drugs for

Hillary Defends Obama on Lipstick Comment.

As always, Tom Tomorrow nails it.

"A Palin presidency may have literal apocalyptic consequences"

"Cat comes back, 9 years later." Just a nice and surprising story.

i just accidentally switched over to the CNN channel with glenn beck.....

Interior Dept., SEX, DRUGS, OIL CONTRACT BIDDING, we got us a live one here folks.

Top U.S. official "I'm not convinced we're winning' in Afghanistan, 7 years later

"We've pretty much won the war in Iraq", repub todd akin on cspan

Ron Suskind; bush blew U.K. Al Qaeda sting to win 06 election, terrorists escape

Please post your sign stealing prevention measures

Great Image/Poster

I remember what you said about Chelsea Clinton mccain so don't give me this 'offended' bullshit

Here is my latest. Tell me what you think.

Palin is on TV as BREAKING NEWS on all Cable Channels..what is going on

Could Venezuela become the next Cuba?

"Willow and Piper, attended school in Juneau for the second semester last year"

Fair and Balanced . . . unmasked!!!! O'Reilly's suit of new clothes.

What's the Difference Between Palin and Muslim Fundamentalists? Lipstick. (Juan COLE)

As a physician, I would not be surprised if John McCain does have early Alzheimer's...

Anne Barth, Robert Byrd's chief of staff, needs your help!

Scientists Prove Evolution Through “Palin Gene”

McSame Slams Palin's Bridge A Second Time!

Taverner has declared war on Dennis Miller

Is the "Bridge to Nowhere" a Trap for Dems and Media?

Christian Reconstructionists - our very own Taliban

Beware the corporate state.........Quotes

Matt Bors: RNC video used stock images of black people...

Matt Bors: RNC video used stock images of black people...

Salon: Zombie Feminists Of The RNC

7 fucking years they have FAILED to find bin Laden, dead or alive or otherwise.

SKINNER!!! I Have a GREAT Idea How DU Can REALLY Make a Difference!!!

Have You Ever Seen The ASPCA Sarah McLaughlin Ads "Angel"?

DU public service announcement

Soldiers sent on evangelistic Christian religious retreat vacations w/government funds

High School bully lines are not going to win the game for us.

Obama starts "Action Wire" group on MySpace

This woman does not like her kids

Ear-Muff The Kids: General Wesley Clark's Son Rants On The Media Treatment Of Palin (Video)

if the selection is really as close as the corporate media is playing it- i almost hope obama loses.

Six-Year-Old News Story Causes United Airlines Stock to Plummet

Does anyone have the "Mavrick" pic? n/t


Ha Ha CBS: "A Lot Of Lipstick, And A Lot Of Pigs"

a toon to bring "Pig Day" to a close.

“Border politics” House passes veto-proof bill to end cross border trucking with Mexico

No storm shelters. What the hell?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/10/08 (warning: graphic language)

WaPo: A Shift to a less U.S.-centric world predicted

"My craft room faces the east so when I am scrapbooking I can watch for Jesus."

The Rude Pundit - Note To Barack Obama: Use the Sex Ad to Destroy These Fuckers

Public Statement From The "Real" Father Of Bristol Palin's Baby

"It is with great sadness that I say to you John McCain is not an honorable man" -By Sgt Major Myers

Lynne & Darth Cheney were using the "pig lipstick" meme on the campaign trail in '04


I found a really cool website.

You want to know how sad things are? I work with a young man

Letterman audience boos Palin

UC Computer scientists show how to hack a Sequoia touch-screen voting machine in seconds...

Please rec if you think Tweety's not so bad after all.

The most disturbing video EVER on YouTube. Really.

Very Alarming Discussion on Charlie Rose Re: Fannie/Freddie

How many of you are former republicans, & why did you become a Democrat?


7 years after 9/11 domestic enemies of The United States still occupy the White House & Congress Y/N

Kucinich to Renew Call for Impeachment Hearing

Maurice Sendak on his 80th Birthday: "I'm gay."

Question: Does Sarah Hold Any Law Degrees?

I assume everyone has seen this?

BBC has exclusive video footage of 101st Airborne in Iraq (this is a must see!)

A Message from Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor)

I am not voting for CHANGE

GOP House Candidate Calls Black NBC Reporter 'Uppity'

Wes Clark Rips Into McCain/Palin, Odds On McCain Living Through His 1st Term & More...

Why she didn't show pregnancy....

From a resident of New Orleans, much luck to DU'ers of South Texas

Olbermann 'Special Comment' - coming up next on MSNNC

John McCain affair rumor swirls - February 21, 2008

Recommend a book for the new DUers!

Okay, Texans, here's your chance: educate us on the Trans-Texas Corridor!

What's with all the "leave it alone" bullshit??

OK, tell me how I can explain "lipstick on a pig" to my foreign ESL student?

Do you want to help Obama get his message across? THEN DO THIS:

Sarah Palin is a Pig

Let's follow Keith's lead.... every time Sarah Palin tells the Bridge to Nowhere lie.....

Hurricane Ike Watch! Currently forecast to hit Texas EARLY Saturday a.m. as a Cat. 4!


Retailers Reprogram Workers In Efficiency Push

How I Overcame my Depression

How I Overcame my Depression

For once I agree with Harold Ickes. Do not underestimate Obama's ground game.

***TOONS: Obama v McCain, Dems v Rethugs, Two-Front v Broke-Back***


music like dirt

Should I take madinmaryland off ignore? Well, for his ....

Dirty Laundry

is not what you earn that make you a man but is what u keep that make you a man

Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir,

The rude boy plane is comin' now

I'll get you, Hare

Those of you who deal with the Big D - how do you cope with those days when...

Wow, I'm going to miss this...

I would kiss the ground she walks on,

I just came back from Fucking, ask me anything

GD took the brown acid

GD is the brown acid.

Until You're Standing Before The Human Being Lawnmower

i remember when i was a kid

The tactful cactus by your window

Don't pick fights with the bullies or the cads

the bewlay brothers

you shouldn't mess with me

wow, i'm abso-damn-lutely horrified now

10 minutes or so until

there are times when an errant thought crosses my mind

I love men who paint their finger nails.

Best Obama video clip EVER

Wow, there are so many kitties for adoption in the Boston area!

Hadron Collider last piece of Gay Agenda. Boy are you guys gonna be suprised in a couple of hours.

well, it's 3:30 did

More marking time! 18.5 down, 19 to go.

Gulf Coasters - check out this interactive Tropical Storm tracking site

I am sorry for the drama tonight

The Large Hadron Collider: Great science, lousy radio...

The Large Hadron Collider: Great science, lousy radio...

You know what this place needs? More Morphine

Oh shit, there's this vortex opening up in my apartment!

My cat Sophia, who never leaves the kitchen,

KG computer question of the week

Basically, yeah

Flowers for the Lounge

I finally discovered something Sarah Palin is good for!

Forget anything this week?

Who should we disperage today, hipsters or hippies?

Okay, so the black spot isn't getting any smaller....

Here's a GREAT Family Movie for you all!

The family:

Funnel cake.

Who should we disperage today, gorn or gornsters?


Guys--there's this strange black spot appearing in the corner of the room as I type this.

I wish they made neti pots for your head.

Ever re-read a book and find you liked it more/less?

Tribute to my late maternal Grandmother Dorothy

what happened? why the high volume?

Songs with bitchin' choruses (Is that a word?) but the rest of it sucks....

Fox Mulder (DUer) Appreciation Thread.

For sale: one electric fan, used only once in whimsical fecal ceremony

flash 'em if you got 'em

Michael Palin for President

For your enjoyment- bad analogies poster

Bike for sale

Why are we at Defcon Level 1??

You know what this place needs? More Morbius...

Maurice Sendak, 80, Officially Comes Out of the Closet

Big Trouble in Little China..

A turtleandsue Welcome Back and Appreciation Thread...

Welcome to Defcon Level Magenta 5.


Okay, I have to go back to work. lonestarnot or whomever, you have 30 seconds

I guess I am the medic here at my office.

Songs with annoying choruses (Is that a word) but the rest of it is alright


Heroic dog remembered after serving 10 years

I must be risible

Quick Poll-pick the one you would prefer to have inflicted on you

"Pay I mean Pray for my pipeline!"

Why doesn't the Weather Underground have a lounge??


How do you tactfully get out of a "friendship"?

why is this place at defcon 3? n/t

I must be divisible.


I must be invisible.

Damn I just inhaled my tea

Did you hear that loud noise this morning?

Whoa! Bush said, "You can put lipstick on a pig but the pig will always have lips."

It's really bad now.


I am such a child, I cannot believe I was allowed to reproduce.

Ever been on a business call where you just want to blow your brains out?

Any corn mazes in your neighborhood?

To go with your Sarah Palin Action Doll--the Sarah Palin Accessory Kit!

Who was the first to sing about Transvestites? Lou Reed or The Kinks?

ooookkkk. I just saw a stretch hummer?

Thanks for NOTHING, backs of cans!

Do you know about TOR?

Palin's Banned Book List. The real one!

Post something from your cache.

Damn,I just inhaled my THC.

Always sad when your finest work is overlooked for a throw away assfuck joke

Ok these are funny

I must be divisible.

A philosophical question...

PIZZA for supper tonight

New Heart Attack Research Results

I must be fo shizzle


Symarip Appreciation Thread

A Drafters/Designers type joke

I hate not having the Hide Thread feature.

How do you apportion closet/drawer space in your household?

well. the Hadron Collider made it to Google's logo and it is quite neat. nt

How to be a bastard on Lesson 1: The comment box


Fuck GD, we're at lvl 1 because batshit crazy posters are getting lemmings riled up

What's the Over/Under for number of emails/posts tomorrow about "Never Forget!!1!"?

Fucking office chairs


Check out JackMN's field trip list for special-ed!


I'm in a bad mood and will be until this election is over, so

Tomatoes, bananas, women, white spots, watermelon, food supply

Anyone heard of sound sensor floodlights?

guys, this is possibly the most amazing video

I must be invincible.

Why are we at Defcon Level Yellow X?

Did you experience some side effect from the LHC test today?

How do I know the fast food window worker is Republic?

Someone please take the can of BBQ Pringles away from me!

New one!

This is a seriously creepy sound.

Verizon technician racks up $220,000 in phone-sex calls.

What is a chair?

What isn't a chair?

lol LHC

I LOVE idiotic Professors!!

Have you ever had one of those nights you aren't sure you slept...

Oh Shit! Major flashback and it's not pretty!!! St. Josephs School...

So, is this a good time to invest in either lipstick or pork rinds?

My mom on Palin, in a letter I got today:

The story of how I became a Democrat (Or: Thank you Keith Olbermann, DU, etc)

Never eat before going out

DEAD HEADS: Wolfgang's Vault: NRPS 08/14/71, Berkeley Community Theatre (Jerry on pedal steel)...

Bridge to Nowhere - Sam Roberts

SP: Who would play her in a Hollywood movie?

Hey, fine. YOU try to get funding

I've seen that Windows ad with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld several times now.

Have you ever actually tried putting lipstick on a pig?

The Big O Says...

Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills fired from ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ before it starts

Just a friendly reminder: Bush first read and learned the enjoyment of reading

"Cialis Daily Use"

Ice T & Body Count

8 Everyday Words With X-Rated Origins

Fellow Catholic POW Camp survivors report in here. Tell us about your Catholic school experiences.

What's the difference between DemocraticUnderground and DailyKos?

I hate the NFL for making me defend Ocho Cinco.

Help please

Let us spare ourselves any details. Poll: Were you required to dissect . . .

Moose Turd Pie

Obama SHOULD apologize..........

Tom Brady forced to pay for leftover jerseys

What's the difference between MidloDemocrat and DailyKos?

South of Scranton.

South of Scranton.

Heh! Some websites even RWize their Image Verification codes

You guys, I just saw this *fantastic* film at the movies: "Man on Wire."

Do you live among rabbits?

Traveler IQ Challenge

Where the FUCK is Parche????

Good ad

Wednesday, September 10th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

The Truth about Elrond Hubbard.

I actually had a date tonight (no not at the OG)

I am so excited. I am going to take a continuing adult

A REAL point of pride: Which NFL fanbase has the sloppiest drunkards?

Trash TV excitement -- Charm School 2 coming to teeveeland next month!

Relax folks! Our friend, Parche isn't TS'ed yet - he's only suspended a week

New nickname for McCain/Palin:

GAAAH - I am being subpoena'd

Hey Florida Du'ers.... Are you happier now?

The Big Hush - Shreikback

Where is the chickenman?


Any Texas gulf coast people here.

CAUTION!!!!! This thread is a trap!

Please, can you help!

What do you do if you think a TSA inspecter stole from a suitcase?

For nerds: Pokemon that sound like the names of drugs.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/10/08 (warning: graphic language)

Open letter to Tom Petty: Please release "Dog On The Run"

I miss Vader.


So I'm Really Scared For All Of Us

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 9/10/2008)


UPDATE: husband has been diagnosed w/ a kidney stone and

This ad makes me want to vote for McCain!

I am a hipster!

Try not to think about a giant penis.

My cat insists that I comb her while she eats.

So... did McCain burp or fart yet?????

just applied for a shelter cat!

Paging turtlensue

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday September 10

Well, Parche....goodbye.

If you have any good thoughts, prayers and vibes, kindly send them northwest

Our cats:

I masturbated to Sarah Palin...

If you ever get tempted to leave your child in jail to teach them a lesson don't

Looking for a dead horse to beat. Please post suggestions.

Do your dogs ever look at nothing and start barking their heads off?

Would EVERYONE here stop insulting teh Pig species!

I need help with a song. I love the song "Simple Man" and I need to know

DU Men: Name something you like physically about women that isn't the typical stuff.

Describe your pet(s) in 3 words

I made a lolPalin. Well, a Palin demotivational poster, anyhow.

Any real connection between stress and gaining weight?

People who have reconnected with old friends: is it a good idea?

LATEST UPDATE: The stone has resolved itself. Looks like things should be ok now. :^)

Posting from my brother's house in Minneapolis - my grandson has arrived!

I'm glad my neighbors know that I live alone.

I just listened to Ravel's Bolero...and it never fails to leave me exhausted.

"firefighter resuscitates cat" yay! the kitty lives!

Husband just went to ER.. need vibes

Ta Dah!!!

Hey GrayWarrior -- I think the baby stole your duck!

My answering machine now has the COOLEST message ever...

Pussy vs Printer - who wins?

My dog has started peeing in the house again.

Anyone else here reading the Twilight books?

Question for you guys.

If you want me to help pay your bills then don't bitch when I work OT on weekends

So, should we just boycott lipstick?

Need a humane mousetrap.

Pringles with chocolate frosting...

Project Runway: Who's out?

Damn bears now they're swimming to attack you

Rush is going on and on and on about the lipstick on a pig thing

I bet HS in the 80s rocked.

What are some "must see" countries in your opinion? I saved up some money, and just got time off

Do we really want people only to live among their own kind?

ha.. ha ha. i just found out why i haven't heard from one of my friends for awhile

Post a Movie Quote, see if we can figure out which Movie

GOP Officials Plotting To Rig Race For Mississippi Senate Seat?

Kryzan wins Democratic primary, defeating Davis and Powers in (NY) 26th Congressional District

Opec reduces oil supply

OPEC agrees to surprise output cut, oil price rises

Budget Deficit Likely Doubled for Fiscal '08

Reports: US still 'dangerously vulnerable'

Former Nation of Islam leader W.D. Mohammed dies

No questions, please; Palin sticks to her script

Alaska National Guard General Changes Story; Palin Promotes

(Repulican) Politician accused of watermelon theft

Obama Banks on the Ground Game

Former KKK Member's Conviction Vacated

Setting The Record: Palin's Earmarks

Petraeus: Iraq Is 'Central Front' for Extremists

Reduced Dominance Is Predicted for U.S.

New McCain Ad Falsely Suggests Obama Wants Kids To Learn "About Sex Before Learning To Read"

Ron Paul Statement to the National Press Club

Indian Court Clears Painter

U.S. shifts tactics in bin Laden hunt

North Korea denies Kim is unwell

Gov. gets candid on GOP, Palin

U.S. to sell $7 bln missile-defense system to UAE

Muslim workers lunch break talks break down

Hostages' relatives to Colombia: You abandoned us

Quiet primary makes NH Senate rematch official

Climate scientist aims to get 1m students to vote on candidates' green energy records

In Hunt for Bin Laden, a New Approach

Palin Family Shockers: What Sarah's Really Hiding

Lieberman to skip Dem lunches

Was Mussolini Misunderstood?

Inflation driving Cambodia garment workers to quit

Proud Japanese tradition of sumo stands at crossroads

Conservatives query Gordon Brown's 'Obama praise'

Global computer network behind the Big Bang probe

Biden taps Granholm as Palin stand-in for debate

Iran quake kills 4, oil terminal unscathed

Palin Quoted Writer Who Once Lamented Failure To Assassinate FDR

Mexico Investors Hurt as Calderon Fails to Loosen Grip on Oil

GOP House Candidate Calls Black NBC Reporter 'Uppity'

Lehman reports $3.9 billion loss, plans changes

Ex-Fed Poole-Nonfinance firms may seek Fed loans (free money for big corporations)

(Sec Defense) Gates: We have entered the endgame in Iraq

Few Arrestees Are Found To Be Illegal Immigrants

Gov't officials probed about illicit sex, gifts

McCain ad paints Dems as wolfpack hunting Palin

Palin’s Alaska travel expenses, per diems under scrutiny

McCain Campaign Fumes Over Paterson's Racism Claim

Pentagon admits Afghan strategy not succeeding

Italy a thorn in Cheney's side over Georgia

Biden on debate prep: I won't take Palin's bait.

Gov't officials probed about illicit sex, gifts

S.C. Dem chair: Palin primary qualification is she hasn't had an abortion

McCain, other lawmakers invested in GSEs: report

Is Palin influencing white women? CNN poll contradicts WP/ABC poll

(Ron) Paul says he turned down appeal to endorse McCain

Warned by the Court A judge repeatedly told Palin and family not to badmouth her sister's ex

Pakistan orders end to foreign incursions

Illicit Sex By Government Officials Probed

Judge refuses to throw out Stevens corruption case

Rep. Cohen Compares Obama to Jesus

Did Palin Try to Ban Books?

(Ron) Paul rejects plea to endorse McCain

Interior Dept. Officials Embroiled in Energy Ethics Scandal

McCain Ad Featuring Katie Couric Removed From YouTube (copyright claim by CBS News)

Democrats Latest Palin Attack, “Palin primary qualification is she hasn’t had an abortion”

President Clinton to hit campaign trail for Obama

Barr asks Ron Paul to be his running mate

"Lipstick on a Pig" Used by McCain Regarding Hillary

Obama accuses Republicans of 'swift boat politics'

Larry Craig returns to court to fight 2007 gay sex sting conviction

Japan to pull air defense troops out of Iraq: source

Wide-Ranging Ethics Scandal Emerges at Interior Dept.

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 10

SC Dem chief says sorry for Palin-abortion comment

Ex-CIA Exec Facing Trial Says He'll Expose Agents, Programs

Audit: FEMA Wasted Millions On No-Bid Katrina Contracts

Squad of Republican aides prepares Palin for interviews

Paul and Nader blast dominance of Dems, GOP

U.S. slaps sanctions on Iranian shipping company

Court: Florida anti-gay adoption ban is unconstitutional

Obama campaign's 'Alaska mythbusters' lay bare Palin facts

Greenpeace protestors cleared over coal protest

President Clinton to hit campaign trail for Obama

McCain Praises Palin’s National Security Record

Meghan McCain: My Dad Says "Lipstick On A Pig"

Saudis Vow to Ignore OPEC Decision to Cut Production

Obama campaign opens HQ in downtown Phoenix

Congress Weighs $25 Billion For Auto Industry

OPEC And Russia Seek Closer Ties

No consensus on who was behind Sept 11-global poll

Obama keeps cool as Democratic fears heat up

Violence Against Union Members Escalates in Colombia

Study links oil prices to investor speculation

US oil officials in sex scandal

Administration, Democrats Clash On Bridge Repairs

Feds probe Interior staff, oil co. impropriety: report

Food Safety's Dirty Little Secret, Increasingly, the government is leaving the job in private hands

Report: Banks helped foreigners escape US taxes

Success for 'Big Bang' experiment

Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts

Squad of G.O.P. Aides Prepares Palin for Interviews

Biden: Hillary a Better Pick Than Me

Papers show Nixon's concerns about Chile

7.2 mag quake Hokkaido, Japan

Clinton defends Obama while attacking GOP ticket

US Bolivia ambassador 'expelled'

Barack Obama accuses McCain camp of 'lies, phony outrage'

Al Franken Wins Primary for Minnesota Senate Seat (NYT/AP)...

Russian strategic bombers land in Venezuela

McCain Ad: Obama Camp Trying To "Destroy" Palin

Palin, McCain to spend more time together than apart: aide

Impeach President Bush now, says Dennis Kucinich

Obama Girl vs McCain Girl Olympics Pt. 1

Obama Girl vs McCain Girl Olympics Pt. 2

Democratic Strategy, 2008

John McCain: "I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig,"

Rep. Virginia Foxx says ANWR is just a frozen desert

myBO: Neighbor to Neighbor

Countdown: Bushed! KO does Dana Perino impersonation

Never Give Up On A Dream

Elizabeth Dole - Utterly Ineffective for North Carolina

Ron Paul rips Bush tool on Georgia: Do you ever think about Americans?

Former Miss Alaska wants Palin to be a runner up again

McCain's daughter: No one knows war other than my family, period.

KBR's Human Trafficking


Barack Obama on COUNTDOWN Day.2 pt.1

Barack Obama on COUNTDOWN Day.2 pt.2

Rachel Maddow on slapping military insignia on Sears sportswear. Branding the war.

Rachel Maddow and Bob Barr discuss the hilarity of McCain posing as a change agent

The RNC in a Minute

John McCain: Lipstick on a pig (short version)

John McCain: Lipstick on a pig (short version)

John McCain likes lipstick on a pig.

McCain Smears Hillary Clinton As Lipstick On A Pig

Kay Hagan: Price

Rachel Maddow reports that McCain's campaign is now interfering in Troopergate investigations

Obama on Letterman: If That's What I'd Meant, Palin Would Be the Lipstick, ‘McCain's Failed Policies

Last Word: Paul Newman/Charleston Heston debate on Nuclear Arms Pt. 2 (1981)

Aron Leigh - Change

Rachel Maddow and KO discuss Karl Rove working as McCain advisor AND on Faux News

A Question of Judgment Part 2

Palin says 'In Alaska if we wanted that bridge we would build it ourselves'

Large Hadron Rap

Dem groups launching anti-McCain film, 'Third Term'

Morning Joe guests rails on about 'islamofascism'

Last Word: Paul Newman/Charleston Heston debate on Nuclear Arms Pt. 1 (1981)

TYT: Is Wes Clark Jr Right? Does Media Neutrality Ignore The Truth?

BUSH: A Stroll Down Memory Lane w/ Rep. Jim McDermott

Palin implies that John McPOW doesn't talk about service/fighting for Americans

Obama Blasts McCain on Lipstickgate: Enough of the lies & distractions!

The Hypocrisy of Lipstick & Pigs.... Fake Outrage!!! McCain Said It About Hillary First!

Colorado Obama Team Leaders

History of the Earth, Redneck version

Carolina Cookouts for Change

The Real Collins Record

Rep. Cohen Compares Obama to Jesus, Palin to Pontius Pilate

Joe Biden: Nashua, New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton in Tampa, FL

8-year-old on Terrorist Watchlist appears before Congress

Republican ad blasts Obama on sex education

myBO: Neighbor to Neighbor Canvassing

Red State Update: Palin and the Media

Lobby Pop

Stephanie Cutter on John McCain's hypocrisy on women

GOP Talking Point: Obama Called McCain A Fish

Matthews: McCain Wouldn't Stoop as Low as His Own Campaign

FauxandFiends Creeps Play Their Lipstick Games

TPMtv: Bridge to Reality

McCain In The Membrane - 9/10/08

Army, Sears clothing deal irks lawmakers

Did U.S. airstrike mostly kill Afghan Civilians?


"Keep It Up!!!": Public Service Ann. on conserving gasoline (1981)

Your New Job

Florida Outlaws Hand Recount Of Ballots


Obama responds to lipstick on a pig

Is Sarah Palin on Welfare?

Hardball: McCain swift-boating Obama

Barack Obama v. DillDo'Reilly - Part 4 of 4 - Sept 10 2008

Govenor Palin aerial hunting WARNING photos of wounded animals

John McCain doesn't think you count

DemRapidReponse: Bush-McCain More of the Same Wolves *PERFECT*

Barack Obama in Norfolk, VA: "Enough"

"Fact Check"?

BBC News: Excellent report on the Super-Collider

Senator Obama owes the Women of Michigan an Apology!

NBC News: Pig Fracas is 'Beyond Stupid'

The many lies of Sara Palin

He Slams Palin's Bridge a Second Time!

Spare me the phony outrage, Part II

Barack Obama in Norfolk, Va

Spare me the phony outrage, Part I

TYT: Interior Dept. Officials, Sex, Drugs and Big Oil.

TYT: Here's The Real Story On Palin's Jet Sale

CNN - Michelle Obama speaks to women

TYT: Matt Damon Speaks Truth on Politics

Keith Olbermann - Special Comment 9/10/08

ABC News Investigation: Palin & The Librarian

EarlG's Republican National Convention

TYT: General Wesley Clark's Son RIPS Palin (Ear-Muff The Kids)

The Politics of Contempt.

The Fundamentalist: This week in the religious right.

9/11 Plus Seven

Temporary Respites from Permanent Decline By Paul Craig Roberts

The world's verdict will be harsh if the US rejects the man it yearns for

Glenn Greenwald: New heights of stupidity

Seven years on, three big 9/11 lies

Seven years on, three big 9/11 lies

In pursuit of Bolivia's secret Nazi

A Palin double standard

Secret Document Details Palin's Per Diem Home Expenses

Fear on U.S. 101

Study blames speculation for oil's rise

Olmert indicted as deputy is accused of war crimes

McCain’s Biggest Lies Are About Obama’s Tax Cuts

Gov. gets candid on GOP, Palin

Seven years after 9/11, John McCain still doesn't get the war on terrorism

EU Businesses Worried by "Economic Nationalism" in China

Don't be swept away by hype in the Palin campaign

The Return of U. S. Death Squads

What Happened to (GOP) Family Values?

Was Mussolini Misunderstood?

The Sarah Palin I Knew By ANNE KILKENNY

Book Describes Bush's " Policy of Deliberate Cruelty"

... And Pigs Fly

Mocking Constitutional Rights

Reduced Dominance Is Predicted for U.S.

Gibson, who is scheduled to interview Palin, let several McCain falsehoods go unchallenged

Across Country, New Challenges to Term Limits

Secrets of the Taliban's success

Why The Fannie-Freddie Bailout Will Fail

How the Media Got "Class" Wrong in the Democratic Primaries

Kevin Drum: Ungovernable?

Gene Lyons: Enter Sarah Palin

Where Does Palin Fit in Alaska's Culture of Corruption?

Dusty Foggo...threatening to play dirty if he's brought to trial in Duke Cunningham corruption probe

Robert Scheer: She’s Clueless, He’s Worse

AlterNet: Pet Food Politics: Why Our Pets Still Aren't Safe

Lipstick On A Pig

"McCain has chosen political strategy over responsibility."

Controversy still plagues Guantanamo's Military Commissions

Ten Ways the McCain/Palin GOP Is Now Stealing the Ohio Vote

Dalton Sherman

USW approves 'best contract in 30 years'

Matt Damon on Palin:

Matt Damon on Palin:

Lose your house, lose your vote

Paulson placates China, Russia - for now


Guardian: A bigger liar than Bush

The US Has 761 Military Bases Across the Planet, and We Simply Never Talk About It

This is what happens when a crime is redefined as war

Sarah Palin's war against information

Guardian: A strange sort of victory--Bush at the National Defence University

Germany: 'Deal on Iraq spies' may end Steinmeier's election hopes

Episode 29: Sarah Witnesses

Capitalism & war in the Caucasus

The GOP Loves the Heartland To Death

Guardian UK: North America's other election

Please DU this story...

Here’s the REAL 'Pig in Lipstick'

Environmentalists, Unions Call For Green-Jobs Plan

Obama: Reduced Exit Packages Urged for Ousted Executives of Mortgage firms

McCain connected 35W bridge collapse to Palin’s pork

On-the-money pollster predicts Obama win

GARRISON KEILLOR: Republicans' rewriting of history could work a treat for all of us

Palin’s Pipeline Is Years From Being a Reality

Gene Lyons: Enter Sarah Palin

Incendiary Article by Camile Paglia On Palin In Salon

Skelton, Reid: Troop pullout plans not enough

Murder-suicide dispute may have been over gear

New effort launched to combat sexual assault

Defense delays fix for household goods moves

Senate aims to wrap up defense bill this week

Judge: Fort Dix plot trial will start Sept. 29

VA: Veteran suicides highest in 2006

(62) Seabee reservists set to return to Point Mugu

Bush visits wounded at Walter Reed

Old GI Bill still pitched to recruits

22nd MEU to start training for deployment

Light loads

Airman killed in motorcycle crash ID’d

Air Force 747 fires laser cannon for first time

Audit: Millions wasted sending mail overseas

Patriot Express to resume weekly flights

Malmstrom officer charged with sexual assault

Iraq looks into buying 36 Fighting Falcons

Fuel card confusion on rental cars leaves many in Germany paying extra

Soldiers warned about prostitution crackdown near Yongsan Garrison

Trial for disbarred JAG postponed again

U.S. Navy now offering death gratuity electronically

Muscle injuries dominate Camp Taji clinic’s cases

DoD Leaders Urge Caution in Troop Cuts

Kadena airman tells court of shame for actions

VA Officials Hit for Dumping Research

Army Honing Conventional War Skills

Charleston Airmen Welcome Home Warriors

US to Replenish Georgia's Military

Corps Makes Change to Tattoo Policy

Woodward: Secret Ops Cut Iraq Violence

Convicted officer might be kicked out of Air Force

Massive fossil forests found in Illinois

Unity’s (College) gardens growing greener, closer to home (Maine)

Truth, baby, truth!: It's time to break the American addiction to oil

Metal thieves steal radio tower

India: Energy sector expansion hit by tight money policy

Cars converted to the future - 100 miles per gallon

Worldwatch Institute - Palin On Climate Issues

And Now For Burma, Bamboo Flowering - i.e. Waves Of Rats Devouring Remaining Crops

W. Apple Growers In Trouble, Ag. Minister Promises Bee Strategy - 50% Loss Of Colonies In N. Ireland

Bees, Trees, Wind and Dynamite

U.S. Offshore Wind Projects Move Closer To Reality

Two Years Ago, Scientists Didn't See Major Arctic Ice Loss Before 2050, However .. . . Guardian

Top US Analyst Sees Steady Decline In US Influence, Rising Tide Of Climate-Fueled System Failures

Good info on candidates energy proposals

Bolivian gas line explodes; protesters blamed

Global warming threatens Asia Pacific security

Saudis Vow to Ignore OPEC Decision to Cut Production

'Extreme waves' worry Australia

University Of Miami Readies Petascale Computer Climate Modeling - AFP

American (Airlines) US capacity reductions permanent

GM releases pictures of the new Chevy Volt

Causing damage to prevent climate change used in defense by Greenpeace UK

Walkabilty: "As Good As It Gets"

Independent UK: Cleared: Jury decides that threat of global warming justifies breaking the law

Gay Republician Playing Cards Take On Homophobia And Hypocrites With Humor

There is so little empirical research on discrimination on sexual orientation at the work place

Court rules against Florida's ban on gay adoptions

Crist ‘won’t actively support’ anti-gay Fla. amendment

Obama pledges ‘equality for all’ -- exclusive gay interview:

Calif. Episcopal bishops oppose gay marriage ban

Top 10 Greatest Gay Movies

Sacramento mayoral candidate to come out against Prop 8

Lesbian star may be new face of Cover Girl

Palestinian woman throws acid on soldier at Hawara checkpoint

Peres to Muslims: We are all one family

B'Tselem: Israel cutting off Gaza from West Bank

Jim Rogers: US 'More Communist Than China'

Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?

A delicate balance in the Freddie and Fannie action “deleveraging hurricane”.

Dr. Housing Bubble 9/10/08

Bank of America says loses shift to commercial loans

Business as usual at Fannie and Freddie

Anywhere Else Besides Florida

Today in labor history Sept 10 gunned down 19 striking miners and wounded 40 during a peaceful prote

EFCA and Secret Ballot Elections for Union Recognition

Labor 2008 Strategy Memo: Our Plan

Chevron, Repsol, 30 Others May Bid to Drill Colombia Oil Blocks

35 years ago, Latin America experienced its own Sept. 11

Proud Japanese tradition of sumo stands at crossroads

Balk Off!

I hate my owner more than the Dallas Cowboys.

What is in store for Hillary Clinton?

So.... Who Wins in November?....(Interesting perspective from an Astrocartographer)

Dizziness Poll

So-o, any plans on cooling Ike as we did with Gustav?

Small garden, great abundance

Oh my gosh, look what I found in my photo collection...

D.C.'s Legal Smackdown May Come This Week

wow, i never thought gun control could get this dumb

Link below to DU thread “Biden supports ‘the second amendment and the right for New Hampshire

Obama would be winning by a country mile...

Need some brainstorming help. Looking for savory protein bar or recipe?

Successful first beam test for LHC!

Anyone here have a Nesco Roaster Oven ?

Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III

Highlights from the live broadcast of the LHC this morning - link

California's top Episcopal bishops oppose gay marriage ban

AFA sponsoring a online get out the vote for the GOP, called "Values Voter Summitt 2008"

Anthropologists Develop New Approach To Explain Religious Behavior

Extraordinary claim? "The luminiferous ether is a medium present throughout space"

Article by David Ray Griffin

Seventeen country opinion poll on who was responsible for Sept. 11 events...

10 more the Bush administration let get away?

Is this now the animal rights dungeon?

White House Claims Bin Laden Was Not The ‘Mastermind’ of Sept. 11 (with VIDEO)

Magnetic forces to blame for 9/11 tower collapse

9/11: Distinguishing The Propaganda From The Smoking Guns

David Ray Griffin on with Jeff Farias tomorrow 9/11 at 4:00pm

Ike might head up I35

Less than Ten Seconds!

5th grader rallies the Dallas ISD:

New Smart Defrag released today

Is my hard drive and/or bios going out?

Bizarre video card crash...

May boosted by debate support

Greens' May invited to join leaders' debate

Harper says 2011 'end date' for Afghanistan mission

North America's other election

David Wellstone asks us to donate to Al Franken

Norm Coleman gets "dishonorable mention" on most corrupt list

‘Street medics’ describe injuries and other hazards at the RNC protests

understand Todd Palin hung out after RNC for 'hay days,' dry snowmobile races...

O'Reilly's brother under internal investigation by the FBI

Rep. Mark Olson Defeated

Anyone have

John Kerry in the Senate - BG endorsement

Obama said "swiftboating" today, and it wasn't hyperbole.

Bachmann to speak at GOP get out the vote for the AFA "Voter Values Summitt 2008"

Greek's second season--nothing like the first :(

Mary Tyler Moore....seasons 5, 6 and 7...on DVD!!! Finally!!!

Palin 'Truth Squad' includes Wisconsin official

Reactions to Sunday Journal "Crossroads" commentary

More training classes for state deputy voter registrars

Schwarzenegger Uses Manufactured Drought to Push Water Bond

Ohio Sec of State's Fraud Lawsuit Against Diebold

Lose your house, lose your vote-Michigan Republicans plan to foreclose African American voters

MT Gov. Schweitzer jokes about rigging 2006 election

Howard Dean's Voter Registration Efforts to Continue to Oregon and Washington

HELP! I want to start a voter reg event.... how????

An argument for International monitoring of America's elections.

Johnson County computer voting machines prone to take a 'time out'