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Just in case anyone was confused: sarah palin isnt hillary clinton

I'm suprised McSame didn't chose Pawlenty as VP...

GOP-"We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."

Wonkette: everybody knows John Edwards is the mother of that baby.

i find myself amazed

You know what else Alaska shares a border with?

Will McCain claim credit for Gustav's Surge?

Palin's husband is known up in Alaska as "first dude"

I'll tell you the Palin baby issue that I am concerned about

Does Anyone Know If This Is True?

Palin: "What is it exactly that the VP does every day?" The video that will end McCain run

BUSH applauds Palin as McCain's Vice-Presidential pick.

Overheard in a restaurant this evening.

More evidence he's not fit to lead

Another McCain lie about Obama and Palin.

Obama Modifies 'Yes We Can' Message To Exclude Area Loser

Why are only the Repukes in New Orleans?

the truth on palin and mccain

60 minutes Obama/Biden interview link

The video that will end Palin's run for office:

So, what happens if a Republican nominee has a massive

GRIEGO: Palin pick brings with it a boatload of assumptions

What does Rove really have up his sleeve with the Palin pick?

What does Rove really have up his sleeve with the Palin pick?

Here's why McCain did not vet Palin

Let's face it, the GOP has jumped the shark

Let's face it, the GOP has jumped the shark

Didn't pass google images vetting passed over for Palin

Interesting photos of Palin.... very pregnant with earlier child & smiling near dead bloody Moose

Anyone have video of Barack and Joe's Battle Creek, MI rally tonight? (Palin is boring)

Something else about Sarah Palin's position on abortion.

Sarah Palin - Feminist

WaPo: McCain suffers from political incoherence

McCain is hitting the wall (physically and mentally)

Well, since McCain insists on talking about Palin's PTA experience... lets vet that too!

John McCain running mate Sarah Palin misled Republican supporters

You Know - Those 2 Million People That They Got Out Of Harm's Way.......

Hurricane Palin- When do you think it will reach the Mainland and destroy

I think we certainly can't deny the fact that there are a few red flags that have gone up...

am i getting this right?palin screwed a moose?

Great Palin editorial cartoon...can someone actually post it instead of the link?

Caption Palin and her pals

a Gustav tragedy will not rescue McSame & Token - We are stupid, but not that stupid.

I'm starting to think that the real Baby-gate trolls...


Worth 1,000 Words At Least: Picture Of Wasilla City Hall

McCain, Palin, and Freepers pray for APOCALYPSE NO, but...

Has Palin done any interviews, answered any questions from reporters

I can just hear Biden saying, "Sarah Palin, you are NO Hillary Clinton!"

I can just hear Biden saying, "Sarah Palin, you are NO Hillary Clinton!"

The "Vetted" Argument: Palin, The Governor of Alaska, received 49% of the vote in 2006

What I have Been Struggling With Since Friday regarding Palin

Had Palin ever endorsed or even talked up McCain before being picked

(true) McCain Campaign Phone Number - press #6 to leave a message. Here's the Number...

Interesting question: Are the Republicans 'owed' 4 hours of prime-time coverage?

Palin worked at Area 51 with frozen alien embryos

McCain would never drop Palin as his VP. He's not stooo... oh. Never mind

Axelrod on Hillary: "We want her to do as much as she is willing to do."

Will Gustav benefit McCain or Obama?

Storm sucks air out of GOP's sails

Klein (Time) weighs in on McCain/Palin - "Gunslinger"

Fear And Retribution: Palin’s Pattern Of Governance

Harriet Myers redux?

Do you remember when Obama was talking to his supporters praised Hillary and his supporters booed?

Sarah Palin: Politics stinks. But you can pull your children out of the swamp.

What the Whole Baby Thing Demonstrates

When in Wasilla, don't forget to visit Stuffed Togo the Wonder Dog.

Mccain orders convention curtailed for Gustav

>>>>>VIDEO: McCain calls Palin "...his soulmate....." Wow. Does Cindy know?

Records detail Biden’s draft deferment

Breaking: McCain Campaign's Exhaustive Evaluation Methodology for VP Pick

Good Extensive Coverage of Sarah Palin Issues

NYT: Clinton said to be "galled" by Palin; advisers see greater role for her

Experience? Never Mind

I know the REAL reason 'She' was chosen...

Focus group of undecideds gives big THUMBS DOWN to Palin. Negative impressions by 2-1 margin.

Not To Minimalize Gustav, But IT Appears Damage Will Be As Low AS Possible

I know I got involved in the baby gig

Gramps' POW bio convention theme won't play well with Gustav as a backdrop

I must say, I am confused by the Sarah Palin thing.

What the Obama presidency is up against - two fronts - Evil Empire (Neocon), plus Crusades (fundies)

CNN POLL: Biden Crushes Palin in Head-to-Head: 54-41.

Bridget McCain is not in the picture - WHY - I KNOW

McCain vs. Gustav -- not good news for McCain, according to Wolfson.

Palin has no public events set for today. Has she even given an interview since being selected?

Palin claimed polar bears could adapt to living on land

Rasmussen, 9/1: Obama 47%, McCain 44% (with leaners, 49-46), same as yesterday

Palin; The Iraq war is a war for oil

Mommy? Can I be president?

Palin has gained at least one Alabama voter for Obama/Biden

NO "Secessionist" Palin bounce on reTHUG RAssmussen

The Secretive Right-Wing Cabal That Met In Minneapolis To Vet Palin

McCain's gift to Dems: MSM focus shifts to Palin (& McCain)

In Honor of Labor Day, I'm going to sit my 8 year old son

Palin and supporter

Photo of the Palin family in 2006 from the Anchorage Daily News...

I'm inviting folks

I'm not living in the Twilight Zone, it's the Bizarro World...

Does Palin's Troopergate remind anyone else of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre?

Troopergate could dog Palin on campaign (AP)

Curious about "independents" reaction to Palin...

"Dobson has yearned for a conservative female leader like Margaret Thatcher to emerge "

So... what was this whole thing about Palin and her baby...?

Errant GOP smear proposal email goes to Chi. Tribune.

I can understand how some have no qualms about shooting a moose or shredding the landscape w/ATV's

Rove urges GOP money to outside attack groups

Permaculture Education Bus Seized by Twin Cities Police at RNC

Manifest Hope Show in Denver

Obama beer-averse? 'Come on, man'

***C-Span 2 Has a Focus Group

McCain: A Matter of Character

Why Palin? Because she is probably the most divisive figure they could find since George W Bush

ENOUGH! About 'baby-gate' and the daughter!

Drudge now has a link to the Palin story, or "baby-gate"

Remember how we laughed at the freepers/pumas for wasting weeks/months on the Obama birth certificat

NY Times today on Palin and Earmarks (w/ odd new photo of the happy couple)

Sarah Palin on Inauguration Day

Sarah Palin (Audio)

OMG! McCain eats at Olive Garden with Lieberman! Photos:

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 47, McCaint 44. No Change. No Palin bounce.

Carly Fiorina: Women don't really care if Roe v. Wade is overturned

A Clintonite in Denver by Howard Wolfson

I wonder if Monica Goodling did the vetting for mchouses choice of VP

I wonder if Monica Goodling did the vetting for mchouses choice of VP

Touching Obama Photo...

Sarah Palin and the Closed Door Energy Forum where Her Water Broke

Palin play no role in national defense activities, even when they involve the Alaska National Guard.

Palin v. Putin: Is the United States Falling Behind in a Hunting Arms Race?

obama is not ready to lead

The Road to Nowhere

Democrats Say Palin Initially Backed Bridge - WaPo

Has Lierman made a public statement about the choice of Palin?

Good article on the Family Feud.

It's the ground game stupid

A Clintonite in Denver

The More I hear about Palin, the more ANTI - AMERICAN She Appears..

Am I The Only One Who Thinks the Vogue/palin Cover Is Fake?

My submission for Best. Palin. Line. Ever.

Oops, dupe. 'Puter told me 1st was not successful. It lied. nt

I'm Sure As Hell Not Watching That RNC Thingie, Whatever That Is

OMG! Is she a devil or a dunce?!

Politico: Bush's decision to forgo GOP Convention "saves Republicans an awkward moment"

Regarding a Death Penalty ? Palin says she'd support "death penalty on adults who murder children"

Murdoch Media Meme: PALIN = CLINTON IN '92

Laura Bush is the first to play the gender card...nobody is up in arms yet?

a visual oxymoron...

a visual oxymoron...

a visual oxymoron...

WP editorial: Continuing Deception; Mr. McCain's ads on taxes are just plain false.

My nights are going to be ruined in one week.....Olbermann and Maddow!!!

Palin Fired Old Friend Apparently For Who He Dated

McCain will get a pass for overreacting to Gustav; the MSM would already be panning Obama

Was Palin Vetted?

Gov. Palin & "ethics" -- She really does look like Cruella

Someone made a good point this morning re: curtailing the GOP convention

I think we have a convert - reluctant though she may be.

Hey! Yup Yup! (Palin) Has a Bio Book on Amazon! Let's REVIEW IT! :)

In Case you did not know, when they talk about Taxes

Sarah Palin: world's perkiest wingnut.

What is Sarah Palin's relationship with the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP)?

Hey Rick Davis

Volunteer oppo research on Palin - Dems have a real advantage

Former Clinton Aide Howard Wolfson Endorses Obama

On the lighter side of the whole baby thing...

Palin probably is the mother of that baby (Photo 5 days before giving birth)

Laura Bush warning to Dems

Comparison of Obama and McCain on science issues

I really can't stand Fox. They are now laughing at Hillary

McCain’s Pick May Foster Bigger Campaign Role for Clinton

Coincidental juxtaposition

Babygate aside: What the Palin/McCain, Obama/Biden picks say about the two parties:

Right-wing blog saying convention may be back on. McLame wants toned down anti-Obama rhetoric.

McCain Voted Against All Katrina Aid in 2005

Wasilla City Hall

Does Mr. Palin work on the North Shore?

Here's an idea for an ad - or at least a cartoon

Interesting Alaskan blog....

She forgot to mention this at her speech on Friday???

Republicans humiliate Bush and Cheney

Letters to the Editor of San Francisco Chronicle re: Palin selection

Well Britney Spear's sister also got pregnant during her teens out of wedlock

"Palin 'bridge to nowhere' line angers many Alaskans"

Laura Bush warns Dems away from anti-Palin sexism

WashPost has detailed story on Palin's vetting process

Will Sarah Palin Energize The Liberal Base, The Same Way She Energized The Conservative Base?

Will Sarah Palin Energize The Liberal Base, The Same Way She Energized The Conservative Base?

George and Laura's reaction to Babygate news

Did Palin want Trig Born in Alaska Because of Her Secessionist Views?

The First Crack

I've got to say it; whack me if you must: Where the heck did that disabled baby came from???

I've got to say it; whack me if you must: Where the heck did that disabled baby came from???

What if it had been an 17 yoa Obama daughter?

The "it was her 5th baby, her water broke, but she still gave a speech then flew from TX to AK?"

In all my years at DU, I've never seen as many newbies come to the defense of a repub candidate.

VIDEO: Scarlborough, Buchanan Praise Obama, Diss Palin

Search Palin's local paper, 'The Valley Frontiersman' - online. Link here.

CSPAN 1 on-screen info says it's covering the rep convention, but they are

Full Reuters article on Bristols pregnancy

Full Reuters article on Bristols pregnancy

Stay away from pregnant kid story and concentrate on her inexperience and extremism

Stay away from pregnant kid story and concentrate on her inexperience and extremism

After watching the McCain/Palin videos,

I believed Palin's story from the get-go. Now it's all about her LOUSY judgment

Democratic "truth squads" head to GOP convention.

Palin Doesn't Think About Iraq

Very serious question re Palin's willful ignorance......

Oops..duplicate..delete, mods.

Some female Repub on Faux - "This is vintage McCain"

Obama Earns More Votes since 1996 than McCain since 1982!

Petty mean spirited sh*t about Palin's kids is not going to win over any swing voters. n/t

McCain knew of Bristol's pregnancy

So now we have McGrandpa and MCGRANDMA!

McCain says he supports minimum wage after voting against it 19 times

Forgive me, but........Downs Syndrome is extremely unusual in babies born to teens.

So now that Gustav is more hype than harm, will Johnny Mac still

Exekyoo-tive or Exekah-tive?

Wasilla - pop. 5469 ... Disneyland - pop. 20,000 - 80,000 daily

Obama clears Tuesday schedule

The seemingly never asked question regarding the abortion debate...

self delete; dupe

OMG, Republicans have sex!

Poll when does Sarah Palin drop out?

Sarah Palin can't parent her own kids but wants to tell us how to parent ours

Obama Tax Cut

Yep. Lieberman or Ridge would have been terrible choices for VP. Just awful.

Do you think the McLame camp knew about this and planed to use it against us?

Palin misled GOP supporters

Well, the baby is definitely Sarah Palin's...

The bottom line is Palin was not vetted, I thought the "baby" threads were beneath us. . .

I'm just thinking...remember when FOX called Michelle Obama Barack's BABY MAMA?

Will Palin resign from the VP slot to "spend more time with her family"?

Sarah Palin's opposition to teaching teens about birth control is crazy!

Sarah Palin against sex education programs in schools

McCain aide tries to tie Obama to Baby-gate rumors:

These are the (underlying) reasons I think they picked Palin.

McCain/Palin or As The Campaign Turns.

Cue "Dueling Banjos"

The Emperor has no clothes. The Empress even less. Let's vote for the naked people! Yay!

The Emperor has no clothes. The Empress even less. Let's vote for the naked people! Yay!

Self delete DUPE

Gallup: Obama/Biden 49%, McCain/Palin 43%

Oh, the irony -- check this out!

She was for it ,before she was against it.

Gallup 9/1/08: Obama/Biden 49, McLame/Palin 43

BREAKING: Michelle Obama spontaneously gives birth to Triplets!

Cindy McCain's ties to the MAFIA. Please K&R till everyone reads

OK I took one for the DU team and went to the land of Nutjobs

OK I took one for the DU team and went to the land of Nutjobs

WAS this Rove's plan all along?

Statutory Rape? Palin's daughter is 17. If the father is over 18

Cool!!! Out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy is now a good thing! I better get busy!

Cool!!! Out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy is now a good thing! I better get busy!

This Palin is an Onion...Keep peeling DU !!

Those kids aren't all right

McCain explains in greater detail why he picked Palin

Alaska State Senate President (R): "(Palin's) not prepared to be governor! How can she be VP?"

Is this the bigger part of the Palin baby story...

I will have to say this for *. At least Harriet Miers didn't have a

Did Track Palin get the military's "quick ship" bonus

I love the egg on Rush Limpbutts Face!

Palin and "Feminists for Life" - Do Birth Control Pills = Abortion? Are They An Abortifacient?

Hey DU!! I'm pissed. We're not included on the McCain spam page.

The Most Democratic VP Selection Process Ever!!

Sarah & Todd Palin Apparently Were Never Home To PARENT Their Children

I DO have sympathy for Sarah Palin. It must be awful to be so scrutinized in public.

Breaking: McCain announces plan to convert Oval Office to day care center.

Two words that sum up McCain's choice for Vice President



Disgusting: McCain may BENEFIT from Gustav - Where is Obama rapid response?

Is the McCain campaign officially in meltdown?

Sarah Palin is a Complete Idiot, Waiting Over 24 hours for Medical Care

Sarah Palin is a Complete Idiot, Waiting Over 24 hours for Medical Care

I Hear If It's A Boy They Are Going To Name Him Gustav.......

Gallup - Obama -49% McCane 43%

Is Sarah Palin stupid or selfish?

My prediction: Palin will fuck up. badly.

Anyone see the McSame interview with Brian Williams?

JESUS!!!!!! did PAPA check her out

Thom Hartmann said he broke the story on Friday

Obama needs to say that it does not matter and that......

Chelsea Clinton, the Obama daughters, the Gore girls unwed and pregnant at 17. . .

When will John McCain drop out of the race?

The story is now about JUDGMENT.

McCain official to Stephanopoulos: Dem Attack on Pregnancy Will "Backfire Spectacularly"

GOP spinning it against the bloggers...successfully with MSM

McCain campaign manager: We will TRY not to OVERLY politicize Gustav.

McCain campaign: Bristol had a CHOICE! A choice S. Palin doesn't want

See, the "librul Babygate smear campaign" worked.

Maybe If Palin Wasn't Against Sex Education, Her Daughter Wouldn't Be Pregnant

"Shoot first and ask questions later."

It's the VETTING stupid!!!

What the NEW baby controversy says

FWIW, McCain did know about Bristol Palin's pregnancy when he selected Palin.

Don't blame us, blame the blind ambition of her politician mom!

The choice in a nutshell:

Time's Joe Klein: Frank Luntz/AARP focus group does not like McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for VP

Palin lied to an Anchorage reporter about Bristol's pregnancy rumors

Palin lied to an Anchorage reporter about Bristol's pregnancy rumors

Sarah Palin on Abstinence Misinformation

So, the Repukes wait until the media is consumed with Gustav ..

Hurricane Barack scares GOP into canceling their convention

Is it time to start a DU pool?

So does Sarah Palin move from being a MILF to a GILF?

Obama, Biden and other prominent Democrats should take the high road

Someone just fixed DU.

The story is now about JUDGMENT.

The story is now about JUDGMENT.

See people??? Abstinence-only education works!

Why do you think he picked her?

Palin's Questionnaire On Abstinence-Only Education And Other Things!

McCain To Katrina Victims In 2005: You're On Your Own

I don't blame Sarah Palin, I blame Todd.

What is Sarah Palin's husband's role in all this?

Oppo Dump Day - Todd Palin DUI

Discussion of the baby mysteries is about RW hypocrisy and Palin's poor judgment.

Do Sarah and Todd own Shotguns?

Soooooo, the morality mother has a pregnant teen daughter.....

"McCain's Poor Judgment" and "Obama's Presidential Temperament"

CNN Solodad Just Reported That McCain Knew About Palin's Daughters Baby......


Moscow-Juneau: 4574m -- Moscow-Washington, DC: 4890m

Obama: Let's hope Katrina lessons learned

Let's name Bristol's baby

Imagine how cabal "news" and hate radio would sound if the Dem candidate

Palin's kids are homeschooled, right? With abstinence only sex-ed?

How exactly does Bristol Palin's pregnancy help Obama?

Report: Palin's Spokesperson Didn't Know About Pregnancy Two Days Ago.

Report: Palin's Spokesperson Didn't Know About Pregnancy Two Days Ago.

Sarah Palin is a walking destroyer of Republican Talking Points.

Well its looking more and more like the GOP plan for the Huricane

Gramps and Sarah both have trouble with addition: "How many houses/children do I have?"

The McCain campaign has morphed into an episode of the Jerry Springer Show!

Even mother nature is pissed with GOP

What did the bettors know...

So if they dump Palin and then throw the nomination to the Convention-----


When were they planning to announce this? Or were they? Palin had

Now What

I'm not against the baby - I'm against Repuke hypocrisy

I'm not against the baby - I'm against Repuke hypocrisy

If the election is about [????] We Win...

The tabloids must already be rolling out editions

Great Jay-Sus! Talk About Milking A Hurricane.

Judgement - McCain camp using this sad situation for Political Gain

Are the fundies still thrilled with Palin?

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's

Can another Republican challenge the McCain nomination at the convention?

Hmmm, maybe the title of that movie should have been changed from "Juno"...

The site is at Level 3. Please fill me in on what I missed! Please!!!

The chemistry between OUR guys (great editorial)

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 9/1/08 - Obama 47, McCain 44 (unchanged)

When does Dobson announce the latest Family Value includes...

Did McCain exercise guile by accepting a damaged VP in order to blackmail Dobson?

Hello, Puritan Democrat here. I mean really, this baby ballyhoo...

Who is the Father...Thier Hand was Forced on This Issue.

Palin: " I'd Oppose Abortion Even If My Own Daughter Was Raped"

BOINK! What did I tell you? McCain Ticket DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

Wasn't Bristol missing school because of "Mono" around the time she got pregnant?

Next Task for DU: Out a Gay/Lesbian relative of Palin

Welcome To The PalinDrome: Sarah Palin's Blog

Now We Know That McCain is Wile E. Coyote.

Do y'all think the fact that Palin's daughter is preggers will

THIS MATTERS because of her 100% support of Abstinence Only Sex Education

Talk about a SHOTGUN Wedding......

Real Reason MSM Wants to Cover Gustav All Day

I just googled Palin Abramoff - yes, there is a connection.

Oh...and Sarah's Husband Todd was arrested for a DUI in 1986.


Huff Post: Palin's pattern of cronyism and vengeance firings = abuse of power

Age of consent in Alaska-16. Age to marry-18

Thom Hartmann: Palin today, Romney tomorrow? (AUDIO)

If Palin Drops Out Will LIEberman Be McInsane's Next Pick?

Let's all stop talking about Palin and her daughter's baby!

According to this clip, Palin was supposed to deliver a Pro-Life speech at the Repug's Convention

Did Palin pick today to acknowledge her daughter's pregnancy

Palin's press secretary didnt know two days ago that Bristol was pregnant

As Grandpa Turns: McCain's Presidential Soap Opera

OK, let's imagine the Obamas have a 16-year-old daughter who is discovered to be pregnant...

Allowing McCain to vet her now is allowing Rove to sanitize all records.

Funny how the Kerry-is-a-wuss crowd is getting all persnickety about "decency."

My Wife got preganant at 18 and wasn't married

"The despicable rumors that have been spread by liberal blogs,

Sarah Palin had no business throwing her daughter into the lion's den, VP slot or no.

So .... did Sarah and Todd Palin LIE to the school? Did an MD LIE to the school?

Politico: Palin opposed sex-ed programs

McCain can NOT choose a new running mate without a backlash...

ABout Joe and Jill Biden - I watched them watching the speeches at the convention

I hope the guy marrying Palin's daughter read about Trooper-gate.

Happy Labor Day Troll Festival!

2 Questions about baby Trig

Gallup 9/01 - Obama 49% McCain 43%

Has a VP choice ever been dropped or exit before election?

The Palins

Message from Barack: Help Gulf Coast residents and first responders

Colbert: "John McCain could be the guy next door!"

Repub delegates relieved that Bush won't visit convention

McCain Campaign preparing Palin's exit (prediction)

Palin led 527 for (indicted) Sen. Stevens

Palin trying to hide her involvemnt with Ted Stevens (ran a 527 for him)!

Palin's Husband, Todd Palin, has a DUI Arrest

A newbie is confused

McCain Misspoke

I'm a little surprised that Bristol and her bf

OH the FUCK OH! Palin's spokesperson may have lied to the press re: pregnancy

How do you think all this baby stuff is playing with the undecided voters we need to win?

Barack Obama, not only talking the talk, but WALKING THE WALK- MAJOR UPDATE!!: How you can help!

Annals of Tight Vetting

OK, folks- it just got weirder: "First Dude" has a DWI arrest

Why isn't the father of Bristol's baby in jail for statutory rape?

Obama Campaign Gustav Text Message

Oh! to be a fly on the wall at Mccain's hdqtrs

Is Palin nothing more than a BLUFF? Was she a bluff from day one?

So Palin's daughter is pregnant at 17... Obama's mom was 18 when she gave birth to him...

Nobody Needs to Touch the Palin Daughter Story Now.

Country First...

How soon does Palin drop out to--you guessed it--spend more time with the family?!

One thing's for certain: I bet McCain won't be airing any more...

If you were Sarah Palin... would you put your daughter though this?

Damn you, proud patriot!

Palin's nomination was a publicity stunt

Conservative Correspondent Tucker Carlson calls mini-Convention embarrassing, ludircrous, overkill

The Associated Press fun continues, via Fox "News," as they play the surrender monkey card

Looks like McCain fended off the hurricane!

McShame Should Be Ashamed Of Himself If He Knew

WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF IS that the GOP does not care at all about girls like Bristol!!!

10 reasons why the pregnancy issues are legitimate

Is this pregnancy story just a story???

Dem Talking Points -- Please counter the BS!

I underwent more 'vetting' for jobs then Palin did. Most full time jobs have two call backs....

I underwent more 'vetting' for jobs then Palin did. Most full time jobs have two call backs....

AP sinks lower and lower

This Photo Deserves a Post of it's Own.

Ultra-Secretive Right-Wing Group Met In Minn. To Vet Palin

We need to lay off Palin for awhile.

And they said the Clintons were a continual soap opera.

Words fail me ... a perfect example of the kind of person the Republican party's

Any chance Sarah will withdraw her name as VP --- only to set up a different VP pick?

Sarah Palin is a fucking liar.

This Palin thing is just another glaring example of how McLame is unfit to lead


I'm at work, what is the media talking heads saying about her Palin's daughter pregnancy?

Obama "I Am Offended" By Claim about Palin rumors

John McCain and the Telecoms - Making a Killing in Iraq

I remember some here were pissed that Obama selected Biden as his Veep...

If Democrats try to attack, it will backfire spectacularly-Bristol Palin pregnancy

Welcome to General Discussion: Palin. So, what does this mean for Democratic Underground?

How involved is the hubby, Mr. Palin in the Governing of Alaska?

McCain has made the Harriet Miers SC nomination look well thought out.

sarah on the issues

Obama/Biden on CSPAN Live right now 8:36 PDT

Am I the only one here who thinks it's fucked up that

Non-white delegates arriving at the RNC

We're over-analyzing this, people

I think a 527 should come out with an add that questions if Palin was vetted

McCain Camp reaction to Obama's Press Conference on Palin

Gallup tracking poll: O: 49% M: 43% Obama got bigger bump than McCain over VP

Miss Wasilla 1984

Any body visited freeperville since the statement?

Yep. That's right... I'm "concerned"

Photographic evidence against Palin builds

Great BBC page w/polls right here....

The Palin baby story has taken on a life of its own.

Sarah Palin. Soft bigotry of low expectations.

Just got an email from the BO Campaign

If you're tired of "those other threads" here's an idea....

IMO, leave the daughter alone

Senator John McLiar yesterday: "I've watched her for many, many years."


Steven's 527 Head: FAIL!

WE really need to listen to the Alaskans' evaluation of Gov Palin

WHAT is going on here?

How Long Can The MSM Milk Gustav To Avoid Reporting

May I have your attention? Lose the Palin Baby story. It's a setup. I smell Rove.

Is the Palin pick a scam?

FOX's Doocy: Anyone who can raise 5 kids can be vice-president

One Down! Next! Bring out the Morman, the one with the Fire in his Eyes!!

Palin On Abortion: I'd Oppose Even If My Own Daughter Was Raped

Good job, mods!

Pics: Convention cops get ready for day one; paddy wagons by Penske?

The first page in the GOP playbook--Dirty trick yourself and then blame the other side.

Democratic Underground is not affiliated with the Democratic Party or the Obama/Biden campaign.

Did anyone hear me on Thom Hartmann?

$10 Million Woman: Palin a Hit with GOP Donors

Were they going to wait after the election to tell us she was pregnant and engaged?

What kind of mother raises her daughter to be a fornicator?

Between McCain and Palin, It's the Economy Stupid!

$10 Million Woman: Palin a Hit with GOP Donors

Ok, I'm ready to drop this pregnancy issue...I don't even think McCain will drop her from the ticket

President Obama tells Media and Politicos to back off Palin Pregnancy

Sarah's Mother in Law donated once to Republicans, and it wasnt to help Sarah.

This Palin Picture Makes More Sense Now

why does this feel like an episode of "jerry springer"?

Is it just me or has Obama not asked for much money this month.....

She's not going anywhere, anytime soon

Breaking news : Sarah Palin's 16 year old daughter Bristol is pregnant

OH! the Humanity, OH! the outrage. Sarah Palin

Responsible Education About Life (REAL) Act and McCain/ Palin position

Todd Palin having "Private Fisherman Thoughts" on His Wife Becoming Mayor.

OH! the humanity. OH! the outrage-Sarah McPalingate

For Bristol Palin

The insane conspiracy theory has just been disproven

The age of consent in Alaska is 16

"Bristol Palin made the decision to keep the baby on her own, McCain aides said"

So -- maybe I was wrong. Did McCain/Palin actually plan this??

Laura Bush with CNN's John Roberts on Sarah Palin

It doesn't matter what you think, this is a damning story for McCain, the RW is in damage control

Palin on God in Pledge: "Good enough for founding fathers!"

I still have my doubts about Palin

I still have my doubts about Palin

I'll bet you almost anything that Palin drops out "on her own accord."

Today's Gallup Tracking poll: Obama back up to 49%-McCain up 1 to 43%

Thankfully, Gustav now dropped to Cat 1 --- will McCain now actually show at the puke convention?

The Public's and Our Reactions.

Sarah Palin, Web Invention: How a college sophomore put Alaska's governor on the map.

Freepers say "still a MODEL Christian family"

Now look what you've gone and done!

I, for one, am going to listen to Obama

AP changes "We will act as Americans, not Republicans" to "We will act as Americans, not partisans"


Obama Road Blog 8/31 - Toledo, Ohio - with photos and video

Obama Road Blog 8/31 - Toledo, Ohio - with photos and video

The Republicans have always beat us by making us look like unacceptable freaks

Bristol's Confirmed Pregnancy; Believe it or Not.....

Poll at GOP website: who is a better VP pick? The results may surprise you

Obama site RoadBlog - OH & MI pictures 8/31

McCain never intended to actually have his VP do any actual work, you see...

If the sympathy expressed by DUers is indicative, the GOP may have a winner with Bristol

The Democratic warrior

Huge Props to those who wouldn't give up on the Pregnancy story...

Sarah Palin: Average Hockey Mom or Spawn of Satan?

I do recall a certain joke about Chelsea...

The Christian right won't be upset by Palin's daughter's pregnancy.

Secessionist Sarah?

Secessionist Sarah?

An official announcement by their campaign... and a transparently theatrical one.

An official announcement by their campaign... and a transparently theatrical one.

GOP pulled Obama attack ad featuring deceased Stephanie Tubb Jones

Romney, Huckabee, and Pawlenty, how does it feel?

Why the pregnancy story matters.

BREAKING NEWS-Sarah's teenage daughter pregnant NOW!

This has got to be one the most surreal campaign seasons ever.

Calling Bert the Turtle. !..Bert the Turtle. !...come in Bert !!!

20 months ago, Obama started running and Palin was elected gov.

Over 400,000 You Tube hits on Obama's acceptance speech

Christians believe a girl should be pregnant at 16

Palin threw her daughter under the bus

C-Span Caller from Eagle River arkansas (former alaskan) says everything here.

C-Span Caller from Eagle River arkansas (former alaskan) says everything here.

All McCain needs for this circus is a Chicken with a Hat


Didn't the GOP go after McCain about his daughter...?

Newsweek, masquerading as Tiger Beat: "The Hidden Side of John McCain" worship piece

Sooie! Pigs gather in St. Paul. Cronies engorged on government money enter hog pen.

Lies: McCain claims he knew, Palin's spokesperson had no idea

McCain's impetuous nature revealed and no one is watching

Er uh it has to be said, the pregnancy is unimportant but THE CRIME IS IN THE COVER-UP

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA spoke at Labor Day rallies today in Detroit and Monroe, Michigan

BREAKING: Senator Obama would like a word with all of you

Anchorage newspaper picks up baby-gate

Video: Sarah Palin, Sportscaster!

Do you really think McCain knew in advance?

New Obama text message (Donate to Red Cross)

These threads/comments are indicative of WHY WE ALWAYS LOSE ELECTIONS!!!!!!!

Alaskan Legislature only in Session 3 months a year.

Has the MSM made it clear that Palin is anti-choice in every circumstance?

Palin Was a Director of Embattled Sen. Stevens's 527 Group

The Politics of Hurricanes

What's the over/under on nude photos of Palin?

Palin the International executive

the right bloggers started back in january trying to get sarah in the spotlight

If Palin's dubious conduct *does* force her off the ticket, who will accept the berth?


The only thing I care about with this pregnancy story--would Palin be an effective VP right now?

GET READY TO RAPTURE!!!!! aka convincing a former Hillary supporter

RNC Report #1

Will the McCain campaign send Palin back to AK to spend time w/ her family?

And we're off! Miss Minnesota currently butchering the Star Spangled Banner at the RNC...

Why the FUCK are we making such a huge deal about this idiotic baby issue but not Trooper Gate?

Boo Fricken Hoo! The GOP is upset that Liberal bloggers are tearing down their VP candidate!

McCain campaign tells Palin Wassila Inner Sanctum not to talk

Seems Palin is going to get chewed up in the Debate after lying about her record

Obama just sent out a text asking everyone to give $ 5 to the American Red Cross

Oops, god doesn't love the Republicans after all...

Obama denounces coverage of Palin’s daughter: ‘Families are off-limits’

My only thought on Palin

Lieberman, Pawlenty, Huckabee, Romney learn a lesson in the new GOP etiquette

The Bridge to Nowhere lie is going to come home to roost. Expect

The wires are picking up the Bridge to Nowhere story today... what are most of these threads about?

Palin Likely to Testify Soon, Under Oath, in Trooper-Gate Probe

Comebacks needed for RW Christian bigots...

DOBSON PRAISES PALINS: "not just talking... their pro-life and pro-family values, but living them"

Palin Says No Truth to Teen Daughter Being Pregnant Out of Wedlock Last Year

Palin backed abstinence-only education...

Does Obama have a position on making Election Day a national holiday?

Good gawd, did anyone just watch that woman at the RNC butcher the National Anthem?

New CBS News Poll: Obama/Biden Up 48-40!!!

Freeper compares Palin's daughter to Mary, mother of Jesus


Laura Bush warns Dems away from anti-Palin sexism

BTW, I canvassed this weekend and one independent said that he chose Obama because of...

anyone seen this (hospital where trig born)

Obama would have you all FIRED!

LIVE: Audio feed from RNC Protests

BREAKING: MSNBC - Palin daughter (16) is pregnant

Funny how McCain's used to be the underexposed campaign, huh?

Funny how McCain's used to be the underexposed campaign, huh?

So... you're saying I could never be

Conservatives Speak Out on Bristol Palin Pregnancy

Happy LABOR DAY, let's not Forget All who fought and died to create UNIONS and gave us so Much!

Does Obama have the charisma of these two men ?

Senator Kerry nailed it for all of us yesterday

Senator Obama builds up MASSIVE favorabilty ratings and solid poll lead post convention!!

I said last week if McCain and Palin didn't get a huge boost early, they'd be in trouble.

Cheney To Speak At Republican Convention From Section 109, Row 56, Seat 3

I can't believe Palin allowed her name to be put in nomination KNOWING

Palin told McCain about baby last week

NYT: Campaign operative suspected of heavily padding Palin's "Wikipedia" entry

Jack Cafferty Commentary: Republican land of make believe

This may be the father's myspace (the father of Bristol's baby)

This may be the father's myspace (the father of Bristol's baby)

Sarah Palin and children conceived out of wedlock - an uncomfortable question needs to be posed

Candidates' kids are OFF LIMITS

MSNBC: Sarah Palin just hired a lawyer for trooper-gate

Obama up 57 EV according to

Palin and the Pledge...You can't make this stuff up...!!!

Sounds like the spin is WE impregnated Bristol Palin with our vile Internets rumors

McCain raises $47 million in August

Did Palin LIE or conceal the truth about her unmarried teen's pregnancy?

Bush is to Katrina as Mc Same is to the 2008 RNC. The same sort of screw-up.

Abrams just announced Sarah Palin has hired a lawyer for Troopergate

Obama up 57 EV according to

Live video from the RNC with Chris Cilizza and John Meacham.

Mr. McCain - Goldie Hawn Called... She wants her movie script back!

Wasilla Meth Haven

It's 5:00 and the winger Christian psycho killers are congregating ... vampires

It's 5:00 and the winger Christian psycho killers are congregating ... vampires

GOP: Palin's teen daughter's pregnancy is a personal, not political, matter (lol)

self delete dupe

So, which voters does the pregnancy thing hurt McCain with? If any?

So, which voters does the pregnancy thing hurt McCain with? If any?

palin just hired a lawyer

can you imagine

So... when Sarah Palin says "Country First," which country does she mean?

My Palin Conspracy Theory - But it's not my fault!

What did Palin actually say about getting on a plane after her water broke?

What did Palin actually say about getting on a plane after her water broke?

Here are my VP credentials - what are yours?

Here are my VP credentials - what are yours?

Maybe it was a different daughter

Mccain/Palin campaign seems on the verge of collapse XD-N/T

Someone send HuffPo links about Palin's AIP (Alaska Independence Party) connection. This has legs.

Who will McCain's VP be by the time November rolls around?

"Uh, Mitt; Uh, Tom; Uh, Kay Bailey!

RNC Poll: Who would be the better VP?

What post would you like to see Clinton have in Obama cabinet?

The Repugnant National Convention is a JOKE! One big blue screen and everybody sounds like Rhett

Hurricane Histrionics: they still don't get it. Plus a dilemma.

CBS News: Obama/Biden got bounce from convention up by 8 (here are the demos)

Who cares if she's not qualified. She's America's

Does anyone have unbiased links to Palin scandals?

Sarah Palin's judgement is a serious issue!

CBS Poll: Obama/Biden 48, McCain/Palin 40 (Bounce!)

MSNBC reporting Palin just hired a lawyer RE: troopergate

BTW the official population of Wasilla is 5,469. Population of the district Obama represented.....

The Religious Right is the GOP's Achilles Heel

The Repugnant National Convention is a JOKE! One big blue screen and everybody sounds like Rhett

Just because...

To put all this in prospective, Obama never hired a lawyer ONCE for the whole Rezko brouhaha...

"New And Improved!" - "You Can Win Big!" - "Now Without Rat Feces!" - And Other Gimmicks

I still don't buy it.

Step right up. Get yer FREE Mcpalin parody photos...

Palin Encourages the AIP

Palin Encourages the AIP

Obama: "Stand in the corner and don't think of Pink Elephants."

why the Palin selection really worries me . . .

So now Palin has more lawyers and more pregnant unwed teenage daughters...

LAT: Palin relied on earmark system she now opposes

Who wants to DU a poll just for fun? Poll ends at 5:00 est. Biden already winning 93-7

Who wants to DU a poll just for fun? Poll ends at 5:00 est. Biden already winning 93-7

Great piece in TIME about Obama and Biden (remember them?)


If Sarah Palin Would Have Told The Airline About Her Water

McCain is in Ohio???

CNN just reported on the Palin baby story.....and is burying it

Jewish Voters Anxious About Palin. Is a tiny flag of Israel enough?

Andrea Mitchell: this gives the GOP a chance to "re-brand themselves"


CNN referring to scandal non-chalantly as "trooper-gate"

The difference between US and the GOP Idiots......

The difference between US and the GOP Idiots......

RNC Report #2

Question: why are the GOP having their convention set against a backdrop of NEON BLUE?

Live Video Feed from RNC Protests

Obama and Biden on question re blue collar guys and beer

CNN reports that Palin has hired a lawyer to "help" her on the troopergate issue

RNC Report #3

Here is the REAL question:

Here is the REAL question:

Even My non-Political Husband...

*NEWS* Palins daughters b/f father to BOTH of thier kids!

pickles is speaking at the rnc right now....ohhh she's bad

On C-Span: Arianna Huffington just said "We didn't run with the Palin grandmother story because we

A music recomendation for the RNC

Randy: Can you amagine having these two BITCHES(Palin and sister) talking about firing this trooper

RNC Report #4

Does Biden have any Grandkids?

McCain has shown a total disregard for the welfare of this country and a complete lack of respect

Dish Network Convention Feed: DNC v. RNC (Dems Win Again!)

Does Palin really oppose birth control between married couples?

Cheney's Lesbian Daughter - Remember Kerry's Reference In A Debate?

McCain adviser fumbles vetting question: "It doesn't matter when I became aware."

Palin's daughter

I am watching the RNC and a Telethon broke out

With all the controversy over Palin

With all the controversy over Palin

legal question: if they decide to prosecute in Troopergate, does she have to step down? Can you be

BREAKING ON CNN: A Levy is breaking in N.O.

TPM: Palin deposition being scheduled. Likely to be deposed **under oath**

Pickles and Cindy McCain on stage now, you must see the Yellow/gold dress.

Goooold Fin-ger!

It's the Economy STUPIDS...Lay off the lady's daughter!

McCain wanted Lieberman right up until Thursday night, his advisors said "no"

The thread through all of the known facts (leave the rumors aside) stunning lack of self awareness

They gave websites for TX, AL, MS and LA. Bet 90% of any donations from

Averaging a Scandal every 6-7 hours by my count

ok come on in and read something interesting

What is 21st century communism? Secession from U.S. and Palin supports this?

Botox twins on CNN right now.

Some good news: Several of my GOP relatives are NOT happy about the Palin pick!

Some good news: Several of my GOP relatives are NOT happy about the Palin pick!

The less we talk, blog & analyze on Palin's daughter the more it weakens them.

For your viewing pleasure: Bugs Obama vs. Yosemite McCain

She's done, kids - Palin lawyers up over Troopergate.

GET BUSY! Talking Points - Send them out ASAP to everyone you know, and then some

"Palin never got big with this pregnancy." - Quote, Anchorage Daily News

"Palin never got big with this pregnancy." - Quote, Anchorage Daily News

Second McCain Adviser Sidesteps Question About When McCain Camp Knew About Pregnancy

Rethuglican "Help" - Too little too late.

Palin rumored to be preparing for RNC speech in Minnesota

Is anyone going to buy this Gustav Aid business at the RNC?

RNC Report #5

palin's latest movie...

Kyra Phillips is my least favorite CNN reporter BUT,,,,

So when Palin leaves the McCain ticket

RNC After Action Report: Day one

Well, Pickles was brief. Are they saving time for Michele Bachman (R-Deranged) of Minnesota?

In Wasilla, Pregnancy Was No Secret


Dad just checked in...

Ok back to our wonderful ticket: Biden Arrives back home in Scranton

Ok back to our wonderful ticket: Biden Arrives back home in Scranton

Faux News Blogger notices Obama drawing big crowds and big cheers on tax cuts

Palin Blames Daughter's Pregnancy on Media

McCain's campaign manager on Obama: "So he attacks us while there's a hurricane going on..."

If McCain had chosen RON PAUL??

Sarah Palin, Oh How I Love Thee for VP... special props go out to the McCain Campaign

Would anyone else like to go back to a daily post limit???

Lawyered up......Ready to go

Tweety is getting me sick right now

National Catholic Reporter on Palin's fundie leanings:

OP quoting Obama is called a freep. Right here, right now!

Heads Up - Obama in Milwaukee soon

On C-SPAN, interviewees and callers are all comparing this situation to Katrina

I'm sorry I don't usually do this....But wtf is Cindy wearing???!!!!

Have you ever thrown a party only to have nobody show up?

You all are watching the Repuke convention right??

vote on daily post limit

It appears there is some concern about Palin on the floor of the Republican convention.

McSame's GOP convention has to be the most perfunctory political convention in US history. zzzzzzzz.

DU is schizo. 50% say: "Hit 'em hard, hit 'em with everything! Kill them before they kill us!"...

An Open Message to John McCain

This Party is no more. It has ceased to be.

The GOP/RNC picked Sarah Palin because...? (fill in the blank question)

US Magazine is on the case. Palin's going down.

Gimme an "H". Gimme a "Y". Gimme a "P". Gimme an "O". Gimme a "C".

ABC news: "Palin Pregnancy Rocks Political World"

Now McCain is backing away from saying that he knew about the pregnancy

Thinking it over, if Trig had been born on the plane, would Palin have

Well, Cindy sure had a "makeover". The eyes, the hair style, I think she looks more "glamorous".

Ed Schultz to have Town Hall meeting in Alaska?

Police in St. Paul pepper spraying, arresting protestors.

Police in St. Paul pepper spraying, arresting protestors.

Which is it? Is McCain a Fool or Palin a Liar?

This pic sums up McCain's campaign

Okay, who had 22 minutes in the "Breaking their Promises" pool?

Jack Sex Club Ryan is home cursing the luck of Barack Obama

You know, condoms are a good thing.

What kind of parent would subject her pregnant teenage daughter to the national media?

Dear DU and other blogs' dirt-digging agitprop heartless nebnose unscrupulous bastards

Did Bristol Palin ever really have mono?

Did Bristol Palin ever really have mono?

The Only answer is: THEY WANT to lose!

Obama Asks That We Donate $5.00 to Red Cross

MSNBC teleprompter reads "Failin" instead of "Palin"

I've changed my mind about Palin. Seriously.

Twin Peaks?

Sarah & Fredo, separated at birth? (Parallel drawn between U.S. Attorney Scandal & "Troopergate")

What if it were Obama's teenage daughter pregnant and unmarried?

Palin's daughter should not be a part of our political discussion, but

The Pledge of Allegiance was good enough for the Founders!

I SUPPORT McCain's Decision To Have Sarah Palin As His Veep

BREAKING: Palin's Husband has DWI Arrest

Your opinion: DId McCain Know about Bristol's pregnancy when he selected Palin?

Rep Nat Conv adjourned with no scheduled reconvening time/date. To Be Announcedd

Predict Palin to "pull out" and be replaced by Jindal.

Prepare: Palin will withdraw within the next 24-48 hours. The spin?

Did the Dad have Mono, if she got pregnant 5 months ago, you know the kissing disease.


Obama DID Confront Palin Yesterday... She's Against Equal Pay For Women.

Palin Received Millions In Earmarks, Clouding Reformer Image

Sarah Palin served one purpose

Sorry to do this - another babygate photo...

Palin will not be pulled off ticket unless the MSM demands it

keep bashing Palin and she'll get the sypathy vote, like Hill in NH



Forget Troopergate !!! AIP Support is Sedition !!!

McCain signs! Get yer FREE McCain signs!!!

The RNC convention is going to be hilarious. Anyone see the piece of shit on Fox saying

Pic from the Governor's convention-can we end this now?

I will not be able to sleep at night until...

To "Swift Boat" or not to "Swift Boat." That is the Question

Do you think Palin will continue on as McCain's running mate?

Obama speaking now

Obama wants us to donate to the Red Cross. McCain wants us to

Sen. Barack Obama talks on the phone with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff - pics

See Barack singing to Aretha Franklin at Hart Plaza today! He's good!

Hey, there are these two dudes named Obama and Biden, and I

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Obama leads McCain by 7, 50-43.

I think Cindy's RNC outfit was missing something.

Libertarian PALIN starts political career with a crime? = hacking a computer

Palin has more Executive Experience than JFK did when he ran

Palin Was a Director of Embattled Sen. Stevens's 527 Group

When's the last time a sitting Pres and VP have not spoken at a Party convention?

Assuming the hurricane is a dud

Assuming the hurricane is a dud

Ok, say Palin drops you think pawlenty, romney, or ridge will take it?

MrScorpio goes to see Obama! (Dial up alert)

Sarah Palin graphic

Do they really think we're that stupid? (1000th post)

If McCain dumps Palin then he will enrage the Religious Right

GOP platform breaks with McCain on abortion rights- want no exceptions. None

Palin is a veritable PINATA of unvetted, damaging baggage. Jon Stewart is probably ecstatic

Obama: 'Back Off, Families Are Off Limits'. He Mentions His Own Mother Pregnant At 18

The Wonderful thing is that it is a "DUD" The sad thing is:

Repubs, Corpos, being called out on ABC Evening News right now!

Foot back in- Assistance to those who might need it

I just listened live to The Rally for America's Workers with Barack Obama

The group McCain called “agents of intolerance” in 2000 picked The Maverick's running mate

What kind of sex ed should be taught in school?

Governor Palin is the DemocRATS’ worst nightmare.

Palin Spokesman: She is older than JFK and more experienced than John McCain.

I GUARANTEE Palin will not resign!! The GOP is loving this!!!

Kick this open letter to Sarah Palin. I, for one, support her!!

The first Presidential Election with the issue of a woman's pregnancy front and center

Need help with a link: re Palin

Obama Milwaukee appearance video up

If McCain really knew about Bristol's pregnancy, he would have

It doesn't seem like InSane vetted Palin--what does that say about him?

If McCain Is Doing This Intentionally To Discredit the Right Nutjobs Who Forced This Choice

CBS: Jeff Greenfield: Would the Family Research Council approve of a pregnant 17 year old Chelsea?

What does it mean to be a small town mayor of 8500

No details yet, but Dan Abrams just announced on MSNBC that Sarah Palin has just hired a lawyer...

Ooohh. From myspace.. Bristol's boyfriend's sister calls Trig "little brother"

Ooohh. From myspace.. Bristol's boyfriend's sister calls Trig "little brother"

Why Palin was REALLY chosen:

Palin pic my wife took January 25th 2008

Palin pic my wife took January 25th 2008

Campbell Brown asks for one decision Palin has made as head of the Alaska National Guard

OMG - Campbell Brown is REAMING the McCain spokestwerp NOW on CNN

OMG - Campbell Brown is REAMING the McCain spokestwerp NOW on CNN

LOL let me get this straight. The GOP is going to start vetting Palin? HUH? Wasn't she vetted?

McCain spokesperson says Palin has experience in Commanding the Military.

I'm getting to think that Obama should produce an ad like Humphrey did re: Agnew in '68

Obama protects Families, even Republicans': Palin family "off limits".

What will be the NEXT Palin relevation

So when is Palin going to appear on any TV interview show? Any scheduled?

So Republicans aren't Americans?

Heads up: Bristol story on CNN now! 7:19 eastern

Doesn't McLame HAVE to spend the $10 million raised this weekend before Wednesday??

Will Palin eventually be forced to resign?

Did someone here post a picture of Palin supposedly 34 days from giving birth

Sarah Hartman, Sarah Hartman.

Did anyone record all the stupid things Republicans said YESTERDAY about Palin?

Do you want Sarah Palin to stay on or leave the ticket?

Biden: Difference Between Me And Palin -- "She's Good-Looking"

McCain clinched the nomination 3 months before Obama

Democracy Now Sept. 1 discusses the rise of Palin with Anchorage Daily News.

A priori: is there another site to which we can go if we can't

Apologetico says new Palin details make her even more "authentic"

Palin: "Iraq war was fought over oil"

Its about McCain Period

turned to CSPAN to watch the repig convention and am treated to an anti war

Worst pick for a running mate

USA Today/Gallup: Obama 50%-43%

O.M.G. Hurricane BRISTOL Takes Over the News Cycle

Oh my...Campbell Brown just destroyed Tucker Bounds re: Palin

Palin vs Wright..the match up of the delusional

"She borders Canada AND Russia. That's a BIG responsibility to take on!"

LIVE NOW ON C-SPAN: Anti-War Rally at RNC convention

Candidate selector test: My results.. what are yours? (Apparently, I am a "hard-core liberal")

How many Dem talking heads will be asked to comment on the Rep. convention this week?

At what age can a girl have sex and it not statutory rape?

A Visual Summary Of McPOW/Palin's Worst Possible Weekend...

Tucker Bounds getting PWNED on CNN right now.

It's NOT the ISSUES, "Stupid"!

Teen Daughter of Republican Vice Presidential Candidate is Pregnant

Media is in full Coordination with the RNC - Remember Wolf, "Gustav could be a game changer!"

I just have to share a Labor Day parade story.

Let's change the subject. How awesome is OUR ticket right now?

Time to address this far out possibility... a second RNC Convention may need to be convened

Palin wants Alaska to secede from the Union. Isn't this treasonous?

Palin had never been out of the country before she went to visit troops in Kuwait?

McCain's favorite Song from His Puerto Rican rapper endorser: is about Sperm

GOP-style smearing on family matters doesn't work for us. At least, not very well

It must be like an Easter Egg Hunt up in Alaska right now. Can you imagine how much $ a pix of Palin

Is it *ODD* to keep a baby?

Geez, and they thought OUR convention was gonna turn into a disaster...

Arianna Spars With Tucker Carlson Over The Media, Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly, The Right/Left Prism

Sunburned and Tired but Happy....

Soooo... at what point do McCain supporters admit they feel hideously betrayed...

Luntz's focus group calls Palin a "gimmick!"

Framing Sarah Palin by Chris Weigant

TPM: Face It: They Didn't Vet Her

Republicans: Once again, a day late and a dollar short.

Today's Political Lesson: Even Republicans with scandals are fit to run for office

"The woman is not a historian, or a PoliSci major, she's an executive."

To everyone I chastised about the babygate thing...

HALPERIN’S TAKE: The Unanswered Questions About Sarah Palin

Biden heading for Broward County this week.

Biden heading for Broward County this week.

The picture emerging of Palin: inexperienced extremist

palin endorsed-ron paul and wanted Alaska to succeed

OK I am one of those people that like to watch train wrecks at Freeperland

Anyone have a list of all the countries Biden has visited representing the USA as a Senator?

If a politician wants to send our kids to war I have the right to scrutinize their military exp.....

Dick(less) Morris says BabyGate is good news for McLame.

ROVE to RNC: Biden is a "big, blowhard doofus." (BAM! ZOOM! MOON!)

David Brooks on the Newshour

AP: Day of stunning Palin disclosures

Reaganism is finally imploding...

McCain is having a BAD DAY, Campbell Brown, yes Campbell Brown BEAT DOWN his spokesperson

Mcpow's Campaign: If Palin Stays, She Sinks It. If She Goes, She Kills It.

Oh SNAP! Campbell Brown is rocking! Asks Tucker Bounds to name one decision Palin has made

Here's how I think the Palin thing will play out..

Here's how I think the Palin thing will play out..

A convincing counter-argument to the "Palin is radioactive" narrative.

WTF happened to this place?

To: All MSM. From: Central Control. RE: Change of Course

The real issue here is that abstinence doesn't work

Ive noticed lots of protesting video from the RNC

Andrea Mitchell just said Repub lawyers currently doing vet of Palin in Alaska

Any word from Joe Scarborough on the Palin choice?

What if the Russians in the future send a beauty queen to negotiate with McCain?!

"Reformer"?? Reform schooler, maybe

Bill Bennett is becoming unhinged on CNN.

What's the hold up Bristol? Marry your baby's daddy now!!!!!!

McCain Slights MIssouri?

Code Pink having a wedding for George and Miss John McCain on C-SPAN right now!

Code Pink having a wedding for George and Miss John McCain on C-SPAN right now!

People Mag: John McCain & Sarah Palin on Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Did y'all see Cambell Brown open up a can ??

Founder of Palin's first political party: Don't bury me under the American Flag

Stephenopolis: 'What else don't we know about Sarah Palin?'

Can I leave the computer and do something else now?

Palin = Train Wreck.

It's the vetting, stupid. THAT, ladies and gentleman, is the story.

WHY the hell should Joe go easy on Sarah? I sure don't remember anyone

My Friends, it just shows she's an independent thinker.

Tell me this cartoon is not about the Republican VP Choice...

“Biden: Israel should accept 'nuclear' Iran “ Does Obama approve?

TPM: The Palin Meltdown in Slo-Mo

Obama bin Biden Shirts Sold at Republican National Convention

Using Obama's admonishment to the press, to control discourse on DU, is BULLSHIT!

John McCain is truly fucked, and here's why (not so much to do with his Token Veep pick)

Campbell Brown vs. Tucker Bounds....NOW. rerun...don't miss it

Is the Alaskan Independence Party infiltrating the federal government??

Am I out of line to finally say where this is heading

CBS Obama/Biden takes 8 point lead. 48-40

Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr. needs to find a new line of work

How dirty will Obama/Biden have to get to win this election ?

the palin daughter pregnancy story is fake......

Sarah Palin tied to AIP - a group that advocated Alaska's secession from the US

Never thought I'd say this: I LOVE Campbell

Any new poll numbers since VP gate?

What's crazy is the amount of TIME McCain had and took to select a V.P.

Sarah Palin - Troopergate (Video)


Maybe the GOP should have hired the MN cops to vet Palin.

Palin's Pregnancy Problem, by Sally Quinn

McCain's Holiday News Dump

So Palin is not the official GOP pick yet right?

And remember kiddies...when Palin drops out for "personal reasons".

Obama interview on Larry King tonite - now -

Does the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) advocate violence against the U.S. Gov't?

Obama interview on Larry King to be played soon. He excoriates Palin.

Imagine being a prominent Republican woman . . .

CNN lowering the bar for Palin the VP debate again.

Can someone explain this image to me.

Can someone explain this image to me.

I wish KO would get off of Gustav and begin talking about Palin

Obama on C-Span now! From Today in Detroit!

lets lay off the whole secede thing...

video of Sarah Palin addressing secessionist AIP group this year

Something stinks here... I am just not sure where the stench is coming from.


Sarah Palin’s ideas about sex education policy — and the red flag it raises

So what about her being for the bridge to nowhere before she was agianst it...

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was arrested & pepper-sprayed while handcuffed in Minneapolis

Did You Guys Just See Wolf Take that Guy to The Mat Over Abstinence Only Sex Education???

McCain's Train Wreck : Give the credit to Barack Obama

Chris Matthews was gushing over how the Repubs. are handling their convention-NOT like Bush

Sarah Palin - "Does this shotgun make my ass look big?"

What has gone wrong with Blitzer?

Republicans: Choose first, vet second...

VOA: Republican Delegates Concerned About Storm, Excited About Palin

VOA: Republican Delegates Concerned About Storm, Excited About Palin

Stephanie Miller on CNN Larry King now!!

Youtube video: Amy Goodman arrested at the RNC

BOSSHOG: Where you at?

What indication does ANYONE have that any of these scandals will hurt McCain?

My biggest fear right now: Palin withdraws from the ticket...

Details on McCain's vote against The Violence Against Women Act of 1994

Campbell brown ripping McCain spokesperson a new on on Palin on You Tube now

Michelle Bachman won't call Palin "the most qualified" candidate for VP

Sarah 'attaboy Brownie' Palin


Alaska Republican Party spokesperson: "McCain's people are coming to do their investigation

HAve you ever been out driving around and had to slow down to look at one of these?

Intrade bargain: VP nominee Romney at 1%

Let Me Put It This Way, Say You Are Applying To Join the FBI

Have Obama or Biden ever sold a plane on e-bay? Palin did and according

Amanda Carpenter on CNN: "Palin was thoroughly vetted."

Happy Labor Day from the Republican Party!

What's wrong with this picture? (warning: Palin baby related)

FWIW Larry King covering Sarah Palin Pregnant Daughter Story

If Palin's pregnant unwed teenage daughter

Bridge to Nowhere and Obama qualifications. Can Obama's surrogates start answering

Mark this post! NO WAY she ever resigns! GOP idiots do not admit mistakes!

McCain's Veep pick supports a party that wants to secede from the Union? That's treason, right?

My kind of article about Joe - Joe Biden: Ten Times More Boneable than Sarah Palin

Rove calls Biden a "doofus".

Palin's Boondoggle: Where that $20 Deficit Came From

On CNN I wish James Carville would throw the AIP story into the McCain spokeswoman's smiling face

Are the Republicans admitting that they can't do hurricanes AND regular business at the same time?

This was the actual reaction of everyone here in Alaska when Sarah was chosen

Stupid Question for DUers: How does McCain get rid of Palin if he wants

WWL guy on MSNBC calls Gustav a "massive storm." Bullcrap.

I'll say it again - the Nazifest will NOT be appearing on my TV screen this week!

PDF Files regarding Troopergate

OK... the A.I.P issue has surely got to sink Palin.

Todd has a DUI?

WE FORCED THEIR HAND. The Palin/Baby Rumor was EFFECTIVE. See worry worts...

McCain probably isn't getting much sleep now

The National Enquirer and/or Larry Flynt will handle all this for us.

MSNBC reporting that Bush may address the RNC convention tomorrow night.

Friday, 9/12/2008 - The Day Palin Withdraws and Joe Lieberman Is Added to the Ticket

Let me just ask you--between a pregnant 17-year-old daughter and a Down Syndrome baby...

General: Sarah Palin "Plays No Role" in Alaska National Guard

Giuliani: "I used to be a mayor and I look good in a dress"

This Is Really Quite The Spectacular Implosion Of The McCain Campaign, I Must Say!!!!!

Here is the real question!

Here is the real question!

If Larry King and Campbell Brown are throwing haymakers at GOP surrogates re: Palin

Telling friends and family: The Presidency is a "Job", not an "Award".

Jerry Springer is laughing his ass off....

Help DU Family I can't keep up and need a list

So, as near as I can figure out, today was all Gustav, all the time on every channel.

We should not be overconfident on this election. Remember the media is NOT our friend

Top Republican Governor Has Heard No Talk Of Removing Palin From The Ticket

In retrospect it's good that the media is focusing on the teen daughter today because...

Sarh Polin- The gift that keeps on giving

Shotgun Wedding At the White House?????

McCain communications director wouldn't fully answer NPR's questions on Palin's world travel.

McCain communications director wouldn't fully answer NPR's questions on Palin's world travel.

Palin lets drug bill become law

Lets get phriggy with it! Tribute to phrigndumass

Obama said drop the daughter baby issue. Families are off-limits!!

Is MSNBC all Gustav all the time now?? Why are they muzzling Olbermann on this day of days?!?

Michelle Bachman should be locked down in a Physc Ward.

McCain Campaign Sends A Dozen Communications Operatives, Lawyers To Alaska

McCain Campaign Sends A Dozen Communications Operatives, Lawyers To Alaska

Obama's Blue Print for Change...

I hate that Minnesota congresswoman

So I ran the "What celebrity do you look like?" page on Sarah Palin's face, and

OMG, Pulling on Tinfoil..... McCain is destroying the Republican Party on purpose....

The last secessionist presidential candidate? Maybe John Breckenridge, 1860?

Democrats risk playing into McCain’s Palin ploy

Republicans are having at least two reactions to Gov Palin:

WTF is wrong with Michelle Bachman?

Alaska Independence Party Website LINK

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

Alaska Governor Hickel was an AIP member and endorsed Palin in 2006

You know what I think? I think Bush/Cheney avoided the Rep.neo convention

TROOPERGATE: Audio of Palin's Aide Frank Bailey Trying to Get Wooten Fired (Recorded Phone Call)

TROOPERGATE: Audio of Palin's Aide Frank Bailey Trying to Get Wooten Fired (Recorded Phone Call)

ROFL - Key To Palin's Alaskan Budget Surplus - An Oil Windfall Profits Tax Like Obama's Proposal

Rovian my butt.... Pure incompetence - read this

Alaska Independence Party platform (doesn't include secession, but it's bad enough)

... and behold, a pantsuit (this cartoon sums it up!)

MSNBC: Bush to campaign from White House

I Was At a Dinner Party Tonight .. Got Two Opinions on Palin

Did mcsame really raise 7million after vp pick?

Question. Are medical records of candidates ever released

2008 Democratic Convention photos

Palin Has Just Hired A Lawyer For Troopergate

Cherry on top....she may have lied about being Miss Congeniality!

McClatchy Newspapers: No evidence McCain camp did any thorough vetting of Palin

Even Alan Colmes has a set tonight!

James Carville is owning his keep tonight!

Remember the old days, when we just thought Palin was a bland McToken?

TPM: The Palin Meltdown in Slo-Mo

BREAKING: Hurricane Sarah Poised to Strike Twin Cities; Landfall Imminent

OMG! I Just Realized Why Palin Wasn't Vetted!!!!

PROJECT: "Obama was right on..."

Our next convention should be in the suerdome!

Ok, I may get yelled at... but... they need to prove Bristol is preggers...

Off the Rails: Sarah Palin's Very Bad Day

Is anyone else having trouble logging onto DU?

There's Definitely More To Babygate Than We've Heard

There's Definitely More To Babygate Than We've Heard

Palin too busy for interviews.

CNN talking about a Hurricane that is 10 days away that doesn't have a name

I've never seen a meltdown like this before...

Some people who vote Republican do so because they are very competitive people.

I'd bet Ted Stevens wishes those internet tubes broke!!

Our next convention should be in the suerdome!

Anderson Cooper is talking to Obama on CNN re. hurricane

The freakshow from alaska doesn't stop giving - AIP now on ABC

I really don't think Palin can survive this.

Palin had Piper at night and was back to work the next day

Republicans are ALL afraid of catching cooties at the convention!

At least she hasn't shot anybody in the face yet.

Anybody search for Sarah Palin in Facebook?

"what is he gonna do? Accuse Barack Obama of fathering two black children?"

Uh, why have we not heard anything about the FATHER of young Miss Palin's baby?

Have we lost all sense of decency here?

So this is the shotgun groom-to-be?

the dominion org.... start with infiltrating pta, then council, then mayor....

Lyndon Johnson once said "When I Lost Walter Cronkite" I was knew I was toast

Most hilarious repug talking point stating Palin's qualification to be VP

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

So...McCain surrogates have been destroyed by Campbell Brown & Larry King re: Palin

"Palin Sold a Plane on eBay, that qualifies her to be a VP"

Obama “Offended” By Claim About Palin Rumors

James Carville just DESTROYED the Republicans on Larry King Live

McCain and Palin should be crucified for putting Bristol through media hell

my son 10 yr old MADE me watch this video and i thought it was cute.

Palin Hires Lawyer For Troopergate

Is anyone seeing anything about the "Alaskan Independence Party" on the MSM?

And the Vetting Goes On

Priceless Experience

Priceless Experience

McCain was asked what he would do if his daughter was pregnant.

"Hey Republican Teens, go for it, get knocked up. It's normal, all families go through it..."

CNN playing the sexism card! No one asks Barack

The Palin Meltdown in Slo-Mo

The Palin Meltdown in Slo-Mo

It's About Choice - McCain/Palin Would Take it Away - CBS

17 year olds, even with good and involved parents, sometimes get pregnant

Will the overbearing police actions during the RNC push Pawlenty out as a Palin replacement?

Will the overbearing police actions during the RNC push Pawlenty out as a Palin replacement?

Where's the site that dispels all the rightwing racist emails

Palin refused to publically release her emails: "executive privilege."

Do these photos tell a story about maternity fraud?

The Alaska State Senate Judiciary Committee is DEF going after Palin

Does troopergate include Palin wanting her traffic tickets fixed??

The RW will try to use Obama to cover for Palin

Biden to Rove: “You Can Call Me Anything You Want”

My GOP-voting-since-Nixon, 61 year old father's take on Palin:

My prediction on Palin in a week or two (as seen on Drudge Report)


McCain sending a Rapid Response Team to Alaska

Palin, Gender, Family, Framing - It's Still the Ethos, not-so-stupid!

Alaskans Puzzle Over Whom McCain "Vetters" Talked To About Palin

Are we sure the boys name is Levi? Or is it Wrangler?

Just a Heartbeat Away

CBS now covering the Palin thing

17 days

17 days

17 days

Republicans take off their Republican hats because they can't respond to disaster

Republicans take off their Republican hats because they can't respond to disaster

"She's a rock star."

More Obama/Cooper interview on CNN NOW

I was on the high school student council, and lived abroad for four years - can I be VP?

Read the Alaskan Independence Party platform and tell me what you think...

RNC Nomination: Bristol, Goddess of Fertility.

NyDailyNews: Bristol Palin's pregnancy was an open secret back home - Father revealed

“We are going to flush the toilet" on Labor Day - revealing Palin's daughter pregnancy & husband DUI

McCain CAMPAIGN IS LYING. They Said McCain KNEW Bristol Was Pregnant

Can someone tell me the whole, cited, Palin story about her water breaking and the flight back to AK

Can someone tell me the whole, cited, Palin story about her water breaking and the flight back to AK

NY TIMES: McCain Staff arrived in Alaska ONE DAY ...... ***Dupe and other thread is better -nt

So when do Obama and Biden reclaim the spotlight? And how?

Who Will Replace Palin

Great Christian info on Obama to counteract right wingers

Fabulous new GOP meme: teenage pregnancies are now to be called...

I've been out of the loop since Saturday. Enlighten me. Is all this Palin scandal crap getting play?

A Re-enactment of "THE Call" John McCain Made to Sarah Palin

So I'm Guessing That McCain Has to Show Up at The Convention--

Self delete,, nothing to see here

But... but...

Given McCain's notorious temper, just what do you think is going

Given McCain's notorious temper, just what do you think is going

Joe Biden's net worth is only 100-150K at age 65, with a good income... where'd all the money go?

CUT IT OUT! Stop posting Palin/baby posts!

Focus Group - 2 to 1 against McCain/Palin

The Bridge to Nowhere

Palin will be gone by the end of day tomorrow

BP-Oil-Gate aka Palins husband 50k job he doesn't show up for

BP-Oil-Gate aka Palins husband 50k job he doesn't show up for

I know who the boy is - but I'm not sure I want to post his name

To HELL With False "Decency"

Yup, kids are off limits. How old was Chelsea when McCain told that joke again?

Memo to Sarah Palin: Focus On the Family (Isn't time to throw that title back in their faces?)

McCain licks Ron Paul's Boots and begs for his support after snubbing him.

Lincoln's Secretary of State who Purchased Alaska almost died with Lincoln that night

Joe Biden: Homecoming in Scranton, PA (Obama RoadBlog site)

Anyone ever watch BBC America's nightly news program?

One mistake that I've read in here all evening HAS TO STOP! [Miss Congeniality]

What are the chances the GOP must start with a clean slate? No Palin and No McCain?

Palin was offered VP-ship the day before giving birth (April '08)

After Michelle Bachman Suggested That Carville Was Sexist For Criticizing Palin, Is Hillary Next?

Any other pregnant Republicans I should know about?

Here it is folks - This is where John found her!

For a local Alaskan perspective on Palin

Why Does Sarah Palin Hate America????

** Pics from this evening's Barack Obama Rally in Milwaukee **

Stephanopoulos: “The Big Question… What Else Don’t We Know About Governor Palin”

WP:Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds

WaPo: Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds

The perfect out

72 Hours After the Pick and We Have FOUR Major Scandals

Choosing Sarah Palin: Judgment, Age, or Something Worse?

The Palin family is a family in crisis.

ABC Koppel replacement show to cover the baby thing, coming up next..10:50 PM CDT:

Remember when McCain said CHELSEA CLINTON was Janet Reno's daughter? Ugly? Remember?

WaPo: No Surprises From Palin, McCain Team Says

How long before Sarah Palin pulls a Harriet Miers?

sarah palin will NOT be the republican vice-presidential nominee

To all mothers, I'm asking this question......

New York Times article on Palin & Alaska Independence Party!

So when McCain said "we will act as Americans, not as Republicans"`

Palin troopergate lawyer asserts AK legisture does not have authority over AK Executive Branch

Palin's nomination will be withdrawn by Wed, but it will have done its intended job

Will Sarah Palin be on the ballot in November as the Repug VP candidate?

How will the GOP defend Palin's membership in the AIP??

How will the GOP defend Palin's membership in the AIP??

NYT: "Rather than run away from the hurricane, McCain ran toward it with semi-presidential bearing"

NYT: "Rather than run away from the hurricane, McCain ran toward it with semi-presidential bearing"

Should McCain cut Palin loose?

"The reaction to Palin among Republicans is very complicated."

Sarah Palin wants to take a star off our flag!

Sarah Palin wants to take a star off our flag!

You all see this?

You all see this?

Schuster just stated the FBI did NOT vet Palin

I have to call some folks DUMB FUCKS. . .I personally think MySpace/Facebook photos are off limits

Is the Justice Department involved with the AIP thing yet ?

QUIET STORMS: "If there’s a senior that’s having trouble, that’s my grandparent"Thats OUR President

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

Obama: "We have a budget of about three times {the Wacilla annual budget} just for the month"

Obama: "We have a budget of about three times {the Wacilla annual budget} just for the month"

McCain, It's time to put your country first and raise the flag

McCain: "Joe, Tom, Mitt, Mike, they’re wonderful people, but look..."

Rumors are swirling that Tim Pawlenty is furious

QUIET STORMS: "If there’s a guy who’s lost his job, that’s my brother" Thats OUR President

Anchorage TV Station: Sarah Palin Was "Definitely Pregnant" With Trig

4 more years

OFFICIAL Who Will The McClown Replacement VP Pick Be? Thread

Who did pick Palin?

Does anyone have up to date state-by-state polls numbers?

Poll: Obama gets post-convention 'bounce' Updated

Poll: Obama gets post-convention 'bounce' Updated

OK, here goes:

I am waiting for the photoshop of the trailer on the whitehouse lawn......

LEAKED - Vetting checklist found in a GOP Convention back room!!

LEAKED - Vetting checklist found in a GOP Convention back room!!

Country First? Not so much.

Palin's daughter IS off-limits

How come the AIP story hasn't hit the cable news stations yet?

ABC News Confirms Palin's Membership in Secessionist AIP - this is huge

DU this poll (US Magazine)

Bush speaking tomorrow night at convention!

Digby Has The TRUTH: Palin Was Vetted - By A Religious Nutbag Group!!!

Bridge to Nowhere lie is worse than is being reported

Has anyone heard from the young man?

My non-Political wife just said

My non-Political wife just said

Will the October surprise be a Palin family wedding? Ask yourself how that will play out....

Florida DUers - Biden scheduled to be there tomorrow

Bill Bennett & Bill Kristol praise Obama and become his mouthpiece!!

The single question some journalist needs to ask McCain regarding Palin:

All this concern...

Absolutely devastating: "Reckless Judgment Puts Nation at Risk"

AIP Scandal Means HORRIBLE Week for the McCain camp and GOP

Obama: 'Back Off'

With the Republican replaying Eagleton in slow motion does DUer Bill Wetzill have a chance for VP

I hate to post this.........

Are You Still Holding Your Noses?

I think the McCain communications director really stretched the truth about Palin on NPR tonite

Why would someone enjoy shooting a moose FOR FUN?

OMG! McCain Is NO LONGER GIVING SPEECHES. Palin is Doing All the Talking!

I CANNOT wait for the first Saturday Night Live on 9/13.....

Ambinder: Palin part of AIP "infiltration"? Has tape instructing members to infiltrate main parties

McCain isn't oficially the nominee until the delegates vote

"Too much drama? Vote Obama."

Olbermann Pulled From Republican Convention Coverage

I'd like to propose a toast to the best Vice Presidential nominee ever!

PPCD...Political Party Collapse Disorder has hit the GOP..Murphy was Right

Gustav is not the reason the convention was all but canceled, Sarah Palin is

McCain/Palin want to issue "rapist bill of rights" where every rapist can choose the mother of his

McCain/Palin want to issue "rapist bill of rights" where every rapist can choose the mother of his

I know, we're all tired of pregnancy threads, but this thread justifies it all.... please read

I know, we're all tired of pregnancy threads, but this thread justifies it all.... please read

I know, we're all tired of pregnancy threads, but this thread justifies it all.... please read

Does Bristol Palin Matter?

All Joe Biden has to get out in a debate vs Palin is....

Chick on CNN giving MCcain spokesman crap about

Boom. CNN just covered the pregnancy story relative to abstinence-only education. (5:35pm EDT)

Palin tried to censor books at the Wasilla library

I hate to say it...but I was sort of worried about the Palin choice last Friday.

OMG you have to see this... Buchanan didn't want Palin

If what is said at the 6:00 Mark in This Video Is True - Palin Is GONE

Safe Staters who want to join Ohio team to go blue PM me ....

Todd Palin: Shadow Governor?

Bristol Palin's Boyfriend Demands Paternity Test!

Eugene Robinson: Would You Do That To Your Daughter?

The Palin Appointment Plays Right Into Obama's Hands.

The Woman in The Iron Ski Mask - if she's not on next Sunday talks - she's not up to it. Period.

Why the GOP can't dump Palin

Sarah Palin humiliating John McCain...

We apologize for the poor website performance today.

We apologize for the poor website performance today.

Today I am PROUD of DU and the Internet . We struck a blow for TRUTH that HAD to be TOLD! Agree?

Can we please stop acting like Rove is a political mastermind?

Don't have SEX and you won't get pregnant!!!

Don't have SEX and you won't get pregnant!!!

Do you plan to object next time right-wingers launch personal attacks on a Democrats' family

Babygate: Warren Stupidity Declares This STOOPID


I just feel very sad for Bristol Palin...

Anita Bryant Gets Her Gun

Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process (AIP) - NYTimes

So much for this election being a referendum on Barack Obama

OMG- Carville just showed a photo of Wasilla City Hall on "Larry King"!

Photo off the presses....Barack in Detroit

So if Palin doesn't drop out, can she NOT be nominated at the convention?

The lawyer Palin hired is a local yokel, not even a partner in his firm

The lawyer Palin hired is a local yokel, not even a partner in his firm

Statuatory Rape Law in Alaska & Bristol Palin's age

Here's Obama's fucking Resume! I'm getting Frustrated here now!

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis busted in bald face lie re: FBI vetting of Palin

Went to freeperville so you don't have too...

Woohoo Cover of ABC News has Palin AIP story!

Say nice things about Alaska. No snark if that's ok.

McCain Hires GOP Operative Who Helped Smear Him in South Carolina in 2000

I Read It In a Want Ad

Just in case anyone missed it, the video Sarah Palin sent to the 2008 AIP convention:

Just in case anyone missed it, the video Sarah Palin sent to the 2008 AIP convention:

Joe Klein: What Bush Taught McCain

Here's what Obama thinks of "Babygate"

The Ultimate Vetting Guide on Palin: 50 (none on grandma/baby gate) great articles exposing Palin

Keep your damn eyes on the damn target, re: violence @ RNC

Can we talk about John McCain and Ambien?

Today, the Republican Party adopted a platform to outlaw abortion even in rape and incest.

George Lakoff: The Palin Choice and the Reality of the Political Mind

George Lakoff: The Palin Choice and the Reality of the Political Mind

ABC Evening News (Brian Ross) exposing partying by corporate lobbyists on GOP delegation

Running Scared McCain refuses opportunity to speak on CNN about the hurricanes

Running Scared McCain refuses opportunity to speak on CNN about the hurricanes

QUIET STORMS: "If there’s a poor child out there, that’s my child"Thats OUR President

George McGovern, 1972: "I am 1,000 percent for Tom Eagleton and I have no intention of

"It’s The Corruption, Stupid" = Abramoff, McCain, Palin & the GOP

Cliff Schecter is relaunching his book The Real McCain this week

GOP Governors Politicize Hurricane Gustav (VIDEO)

McCain's age is no joke

An Observation: "We have met the enemy and it is us"...

Palin Troopergate preceeded by another firing scandal (almost recalled as mayor!!)

James Dobson PERSONALLY VETTED Sarah Palin

what reporters did at the DNC

DUers with DirecTV Hurricane Gustav special channel

Anyone got the link handy to Jon Stewart carving new you-know-whats

Anyone got the link handy to Jon Stewart carving new you-know-whats

My friend thinks political parties should be funded by taxpayers

Police Detain Journalists-Amy Goodman Jumps Fence To Question Cops

BAD feeling about Gustav. Looks like it's headed slightly more EAST than they've projected.

Got to see/hear Obama/Biden in Battle Creek, MI tonight!

Situation getting a bit worse - listening to the radio feed out of NO -

We're #53! We're #53! And it shows.

Palin: Iraq Is A War For Oil

Links to LA Statee Police scanners, if anyone is interested

Gustav tracker:

What Part of Leave the Children Alone do some of you people not understand?

So Obama is jumping in on the pretending to care about Louisiana

LOL... Drudge's reference on the Palin scandal...

If Bush were a real man

It is not attacking Bristol to ask why McCain and his campaign didnt bring this up on Friday?

Gustav heads to Louisiana; Bush heads to TEXAS


mcCain has picked his cabinet (not sexist!)

Nancy Pelosi and the 18 Million Cracks in the Ceiling.

LOL! Palin Lied About Winning Miss Congeniality.

In praise of George W. Bush. No, really. Well, kind of.

Conversation I'd love to see on camera from the reporters in New Orleans

The "Juno" movie poster photoshop of McGramps and "Ma"


Josh Marshall: Sadly Nuts



Arctic becomes an island as ice melts (North Pole is now an island)

HEADLINE: McCain's 'soul mate' Sarah Palin in 'Bridge to Nowhere' flip-flop

How long will the Palin surge last?

How much oil can cost?

Palin on a spritely urban hike in heels at 6 months pregnant


If You Want to Fact-Check or Compare Katrina History w/ Gustav . . .

A big thank you

Gustav: They are on Curfew.. If you aren't on your own property

Anyone Up For A Live DU Chat???

I love knowing my rights

Palin tried to fire police chief & librarian in 97 because they supported mayoral opponent,

Bush's wearing his light blue work shirt - you know he means business!

I could never date or be attracted to any woman that hunts and enjoys killing animals

WIll those levies South and West of NOLA survive today

Americans working past retirement

This is a sensible plan for when disaster causes evacuations

So Bush is going to a disaster zone which is not the WH

The politics of the wind, how the repubs will blame the Democrats for Gustav

Nearly 2 Million Evacuate La. As Gustav Closes In

Palin "bridge to nowhere" line angers many Alaskans

Jon Stewart will be on DemocracyNow today

How can McCain use the aftermath to demonstrate his superior leadership?

Washington Journal -Gustav -what's at stake for McWar

George McGovern;n documentary;y;

MA Rescue Team Heads South To Help After Gustav

found this interesting commentary regarding "TROOPERgate'

5 somewhat controversial positions that Palin holds, & their standing in the American electorate

Gustav or not, RNC partiers party on

Bush Appoints W. Michael Moore to Save New Orleans?

Car Hits First Lady (WV)

CBS Radio fails to report lowered predicted storm surge..

Here's another local incident that really pissed me off about Sarah Palin..

Here's another local incident that really pissed me off about Sarah Palin..

Ann Telnaes flashtoon on W and Dick watching Obama's speech

McClatchy Newspapers: Even without Bush in St. Paul, GOP can't escape his record

Japan PM in surprise resignation

why doesnt the Obama campaign have a tv spot like this?

Hurricane GUSTAV Forecast Discussion & Links...Organized by state

The Latest Economic Indicator Might Be that Pile of Garbage at the Curb

I will miss you!

So the chimp is going to Texas to evaulate the hurricane

What the GOP can do with their purple heart band-aid...stick it...

WTF? Michael Brown in exclusive interview on NBC right now!!!

GOP vetting Palin (after the fact), group has gone to Alaska

I stopped a McCain supporter in her tracks today. I said.....

Another aspect of the Palin "baby story" that doesn't add up (from article)

Another aspect of the Palin "baby story" that doesn't add up (from article)

Another aspect of the Palin "baby story" that doesn't add up (from article)

Another aspect of the Palin "baby story" that doesn't add up (from article)


How do I find the numbers for the deficit from 2005-2007

GOP and Labor Day

Did you *ever* think there could be a national leader in whom you would have LESS confidence than ..

The Dangerous Consequences of Recruiting Nazis to Serve in Iraq

So August has now tied June in being the months with the most losses in Afghanistan.

Gustav report - far eastern edge

So if Gustav isn't as big as thought, will McCain still curtail convention and deliver his speech in

Some Republicans Happy to Be at Arm’s Length from Bush, Party (RNC/Gustav)

never talk policies with a potential repub voter for Obama

Sept. 1 Top Story: Obama not ready to name running mate just yet (AP)

Who here still believes Trig is Bristol's? I do.

BREAKING: Increasingly common phenomenon to be televised today:

John McCain and the Telecoms Making a Killing in Iraq

The Weather Underground still shows Gustav as a Cat 3 but advises it's a Cat 2

MSNBC: Mayor Nagin reporting three vessels loos on the Industrial Canal...

So .... yesterday the Simian Motherfucker spoke on live teevee about Gustav. I was struck by ..... .

NO, CARLEY, Women cannot believe the Supreme Court will move to tear the country apart

Recommend this post if you're smart enough to understand this statement by Obama:

Recommend this post if you're smart enough to understand this statement by Obama:

It's 3 a.m.

McCain different from Bush? - In McCain's Own Words: NO!

"If this were to be a breach this would be a problem"

Consolidate Stories on RNC Protest-Quashing in a Daily Thread?

ATTENTION!!! "Breaker Morant" TCM 9:30 EDT

For those with broadband connections: Live NOLA television feeds (link)

Obama and Biden in Detroit -- LIVE streaming of Obama's Labor Day address

Body in water in New Orleans!!

Palin,with that screechy, fingernails-on-the-blackboard voice of hers,

ALERT! Propane tank rescued in NO Canal

Can someone please point out that it was the Repukes who kept talking about "experience".

NOLA local channel on Directv 361

Dobson and his extremists met in Minn last week to vet Palin

I don't want to see Anderson Cooper impaled by flying debris!!

Dear RNC (and DNC): Take a page from America by Bicycle

It's Back & It's Bigger & Better Than Ever: Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week 3

Palin fired Public Works Director and replaced him with political Crony w/o engineering background

Mount Kilimanjaro's snow/ice melting so fast causing floods in the dry season

Hurricane smashes through the Gulf of Mexico oil production

Oil Group Joins Alaska in Suing To Overturn Polar Bear Protection

I Have An Idea! Why don't we all sit down and watch the old, 1961 video, Susan Slade!

Bwahahaha: Someone at LexisNexis hates Fox (PIC)

Anyone have Bush pic with red folder?

Levees overtopping

Based upon her own policy stance, S. Palin is unqualified for public office.

Why do you guys think Sarah Palin is more popular among Democrats

Tell Me (Please), Is There ANYTHING Besides politico?

David "Diaper man" Vitter is being interviewed on WDSU


Reporter on CNN said the lower 9th ward is getting flooded

Do NOT MisUnderestimate this

Oops - delete

Tase R Nation

St. Louis has a HAZMAT event

WWL NOLA reporting up to 5 barges now loose on MS river

As much as we laugh and goof on them .......

O and Joe

Thanks Bush: Hard Times Hitting Students and Schools

Thanks Bush: Hard Times Hitting Students and Schools

Banned OSHA Films. Reagan was so great!?!

safe in Birmingham

Palin flip-flop on 'bridge to nowhere' on MSNBC front page

Repug vetters didn't check Palin's hometown newspaper archives.

Wouldn't you LOVE to be a fly on the wall in the Obama camp about now?

We can't afford a Palin VP

congradulations to Bristol and Levi on the coming birth of their child

link from LBN...Palin's daughter officially preggers!

Nice job vetting your running mate, Johnny.

Interesting comment from an older Republican Woman;

oil and gasoline down coniserably

It's takes a Village to Raise a Family

Questions re: abortion

Thom Hartmann

Not Ready for PrimeTime. Palin

Damn DU DEFCON 1! What's happening?


McCain couldn't have gotten more newstime even if he nominated Dexter for VP


BREAKING: Tropical Storm Hanna Just Upgraded to a Hurricane

BREAKING: Tropical Storm Hanna Just Upgraded to a Hurricane

Need a chuckle? Read this two-liner comment after a Wash Post article:

DU this poll: Will Sarah Palin attract disaffected Clinton supporters to the GOP ticket?

Bobby "Exorcist" Jindal reads a laundry list....

Baby shower for the Palins in St. Paul!!

Mayor Nagin should be Applauded

What is the age of consent in AK? And when is Bristol's birthday?

Jerry Lewis: 10 films on road to fame

Palin plays no role in Ntl defense activities even when they include the AK Ntl Guard

so you CAN hide GD:P from the Latest page!

Alaska liberal talk radio host on with Hartmann now

Editorial: Mr. McCain and Iraq (McCain is the stubborn man out.)

Drum roll please....

So now we know that abstinence only education doesn't work.

Okay folks.. start gathering up those McCain/Palin mementos

Anyone else a weather channel geek like me?

I keep hearing about Downs Syndrome babies

DU Panic Room

The Industrial Canal isn't looking to good right now

Holy Hell, Did Larry King Take Spine-Growing Pills?

Thank god for Gustav!

London Calling! Tune in now!!!

Perhaps the book title will be: "Revenge or Insane: McCain's Unbridled Destruction of the GOP"

Hey... anyone remember a guy named John McCain?

Bristol Palin had the "right to choose" according to Sarah Palin's statement

Who paid for Palin's baby?

Bush: "Response to Gustav better than Katrina... Because of the Governors"

oh fucking great. there aren't enough shelters for people

Are (some) of us walking into a trap?

How are you holding up Gulf Coast Du'ers? ****No Palin post****


So Jindal's update has nothing about what is going on with the storm. Just him bragging about how

Iraq: U.S. Hands Back a Quieter Anbar

I wonder if this pregnancy is really genuine & if she'll have a "miscarriage"?

Hey Sarah,About that abstinence thing

Toll in China Quake Is Worse Than Feared

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: I Have a Dream - Dr. King Tribute

FL House Races: Charlie Cook giveth and taketh away

Is there a hurricane going on in the South? Is there still a war in Iraq???

Why is Palin's VP nomination "historic", Ferrarro was the first, was she not?

Rodney has a great song...Just cleaning this gun. Hubby loves it in context with our daughter datin

If Palin opposes birth control, she could have another baby or two while serving as VP

Non thinkers....why ?

As McCain shores up his base with Palin, he loses the middle (link)

BREAKING: The RNC them song (humor break)

I guess the Palins are like a bad country song.

BREAKING: Republican Party disbanding due to lack of interest

I Wonder Who Told Bush He Could Not Attend The Republican Convention?

Sarah Palin is a piece of crap

Democrats risk playing into McCain’s Palin ploy

Todd Pain's 1986 DUI arrest revealed

Nuclear Weapons Safety Concerns Raised At Pantex

AP issues talking points memo over Fournier

current CNN poll: Are you worse off financially than you were in recent years? 57% saying 'yes'

This Palin thing is growing legs

CNN: Palin backed abstinence education

WHY Sarah Palin's Teenage Daughter's Pregnancy Is Relevant :

Obama says back off the kids, that's good enough for me

Palin 2012?

An Open Letter to God by Michael Moore

Palin is a gift. It's bad form if the Republicans take her back.

Man, CNN is just unbearable to watch....

FR in disarray

FR in disarray

Where is John and Cindy McCain's adopted daughter?

For those interested in FR fun a couple threads for comparison

So Palin's kid is pregnant? Big deal. The economy still stinks...

Mudflats Blog weighs in on baby-gate.....

I think I am about to be on Thom Hartmann!

Another Mom facing Sarah Palin's dilemma.

If I knew my new baby would be branded with scandal due to the public nature of a job I accepted

Surprise, drudge doesn't have anything about palin's daughter? /nt

3 storms to make land within 8 days of each other. Gustav and Hanna and a third

Republican convention set to open

Does anyone else think this Palin thing is a ruse? The Karl Rove republicans aren't this stupid.

AlterNet's article on RNC attacks on video bloggers...

My heart goes out to Palin's daughter

WaPo: Assessing the Political Impact of Bristol Palin's Pregnancy

dan abrams back on as news anchor?

How many women go back to work 3 days after giving birth?

Look what I got when I tried to go to iCasualties.... 'Reported Attack Site!'

This video with a McCain comment on Katrina should be sent everywhere.

When was the last time a President OR Vice President entered the WH with a newborn?

Donations sought for Gustav victims in Haiti... 8,000 people lost homes and 94 dead, no potable H2O

I would like comments on this cover of People Magazine

Quick, before it's scrubbed

We are at DEFCON 3, which means I can't hide all the Palin threads

Organized labor serves the nation (here is how)

Remember the objective is not to make McCain and Palin wish they had never run

Oil Prices Fall Sharply as Gustav Weakens ... down $4.70 to $110.76 a barrel

National Anthem At the RNC Convention

If Palin becomes President - we will have a theocratic state

Palin - Worst Judgment Ever!

St Paul St. Joes Hospital on lockdown, denying water

Countdown until Palin replaced by Jeb.

Hanna Is Now A Hurricane (Official)

RNC UPDATE: Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Used on Protesters and Journalists in Minnesota

Isn't it true that every Alaskan gets money from oil companies?

Wait. Waitasec. McCain used a Van Halen song without permission?

"Pregnancy hypocrisy" is a losing issue

Didn't I see an article of Palin denying her daughers pregnancy yesterday?

The Peace Tree's Post of the Problems with Palin

Obama Asks That We Donate $5.00 to Red Cross

Did a Mississippi Raid Protect Rightwing Politicians?

DeLay: ‘It’s Unfortunate That We’re Not Going To Be Able To Have The Convention That They Planned’

Do you think the Republicans will try to delay the election

Sarah Palin is a LIAR.

Palin will be gone by Friday

An open message to the people who want to play nice and not bring up anything tawdry or mean....

I formally offer Sarah Palin my apologies..

Seems Palin is going to get chewed up in the Debate after lying about her record

VEEP POOL CONTEST --How long till Sarah's out. Enter your best guess

"Country First" ... the McCain campaign poster

F'ing idiot on CNN just said no electricty in 6 counties in Louisiana

Say hello to Tropical Storm Ike

Laura & Cindy Take Over Speechifyin' Duty from GWB Tonight, whoa...


Maury Povitch to moderate first Palin debate.

CNN AP: Palin hires lawyer for Troopergate

Did your parents teach you about birth control?

Let's be clear: John McCain has failed his first presidential test in SPECTACULAR FASHION

Out of school for 5 to 8 months due to mono. Now 5 months

BREAKING: Palin hires an attorney to defend against Troopergate

wolf blitzer on now about Palin pregnancies!

Hopefully a serious discussion of teen pregnancy & health care can come of this

Caption the CIC

Bill Bennett has spoken.. CNN is NOT allowed" to talk about the teen pregnant thing

vote for ''Grandma and Grandpa '08''

The visuals are a lot better on the Jerry Lewis Telethon than the repug show.

A darn good question that y'all may not have thought about

The Palin pick has gained 3 more votes for Obama

Please delete, thanks mods.

Will Bristol Palin be married before baby is born?

Palin hires a lawyer for trooper-gate investigation

MeThinks DU's Levees Have Been Topped By Hurricane Palin !!!

Palin: Yes, the explicit sex-ed programs will not find my support

Palin looks too swamped with her family to focus the attention she needs on her job

Just a suggestion for any St Paul residents

Just a suggestion for any St Paul residents

C-Span announcing they will be showing footage from a large Protest later this evening

James Dobson prayed for bad weather for the DNC but instead got bad weather for the RNC

Juneau * A Republican Failure*

Mitt Romney just informed about Babygate

Videos from today: Obama in Michigan

Disorder in the House

Something I've been thinking about

First levee is breached and Laura Bush comes out to speak....

Here's what just happened on CNN (Gustav, the RNC, Laura Bush)

Fellow POW Questions McCain's Readiness In New Ad (Cue Questions Re: McCain's Temperament)

who owns the fundraising sites the rethugs are pushing?

Telegraph UK: Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of 'impending US attack'

I feel sorry...

What a cheesy looking backdrop

With all this stuff about Palin coming out.....

Rumor: Amy Goodman arrested in St Paul

Rumor: Amy Goodman arrested in St Paul

National Guard called in to St. Paul - check out Pioneer Press home page

So the family value Republicans

Dismal Turnout For Missing Caylee Search

down to Cat 2

Elderly man forced to divorce 82 of his wives

Is Palin essentially another Hillary Clinton?

Northern Discomfort: Caption Laura Bush and Cindy McCain in Minneapolis

Lawyers: Gonzales mishandled classified data

If Sarah has so much more experience than Obama maybe

Media being ordered to leave - "Police" preparing to...

Unionize. Unite. (on solidarity)

How long until Pawlenty regrows the mullet?

"Her story is so compelling"

Obama 'offended' by Palin rumor claims

hee hee (and a repeat)

Are Gas Prices Up Where You Are?

Palin thinks Pledge written by Founding Fathers

OK,DU-Take that energy and DU my 154th ltte re:McCain's health plan

I have seen the Mnpls-St. Paul situation before.

What in the WORLD

Palins shit has hit the fan!

Palins shit has hit the fan!

THE 2008 GOP Platform Plank on Sexual Abstinence

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Milwaukee, Wisconsin****

Jindal is actually doing a good job but...

The Pukes need a Dem prez to make the country strong and rich enough

Guess how Yahoo illustrates the term African American?

When does Palin go?

You've Got To Wonder - What Will The Republicans Do When It Quits Raining?

Amy Goodman and many others arrested in St Paul

Amy Goodman and many others arrested in St Paul

Secessionist Sarah and the Alaskan Ind. Party

Secessionist Sarah and the Alaskan Ind. Party

Do you have checkpoints?

Was Dobson consulted by McCain campaign on the handling of BabyGate

Downtown Walissa and commentary of Rep. Mike Doogin

DirecTV is feeding WDSU Channel 6 out of NOLA to out of market customers on Channel 361

The McCain Barbie Bimbo on CNN is really preprogrammed...

I'm gratified to see this anti-war protest rally on c-span instead of the RNC

Gustav's possible economic hit is widespread

Nice to see the media whores grasping for straws for Gustav.

Jim Dobson prayed for rain and the MFer got the wrong number

Bristol Palin's pregnancy is a non-issue.

Over 3.5 hours in line and I couldn't get in to the Obama Rally in Detroit today

OK, serious question about Sarah Palin.

Obama condemns Palin rumors (Regarding baby)

Braithwaite Levees to Fail

RNC delegate: 'We already do a lot for the people of New Orleans'

You know what your not seeing today

To women who think Roe vs Wade doesn't matter

Uh. My Sister and Bro-in-law Are the Heads of AIP. Ask me Anything, but please don't Hurt Me :)

OBAMA vs MCCAIN moment for today

Ford recalls the Maverick

Caption this pic

Laura Bush

Sen. Obama: “Today is the day for all of us to come together as Americans . . ."

"This a copper roof. Remember, copper is not a good conducter of electricity, . .

Mark Crispin Miller: Minneapolis Full Of Belligerent Cops (Breaking Up Groups Of 4 Or More)

The RNC can cover all the signs they want but Gustav reminded everyone of their failure to Katrina!

To Joe Biden and Dems: Don't go there!

If Palin drops out, which GOPher will be chosen to replace her?

On sale ....only $499

I kid you not... Putin saves TV crew from Wild Tiger.....

MSNBC: FEMA Deputy Director says some NO levees likely to be breached

MSNBC: FEMA Deputy Director says some NO levees likely to be breached

Gustav now Cat 2 hurricane

Coast Guard joins the "party" - St. Paul, MN protests

Stephanopoulos: “The Big Question… What Else Don’t We Know About Governor Palin”


The More Things Change ... A Hurricane and a Convention(Bush History, 9/1)

86,000 homes damaged or destroyed in Cuba

86,000 homes damaged or destroyed in Cuba

Please post Gustav updates here so we can see them.

Amy Goodman arrest - raw audio link

A growth industry, in your back yard (cool!)

For those not from Louisiana or from near Louisiana regarding Bobby Jindal

I think that everyone owes the South an apology

What does 7 Months Pregnant Look Like?

Should Democrats show SOlidatiry with Family Values by taking up a collection for Bristol Palin?

Fear And Retribution: Palin’s Pattern Of Governance

"We’re proud of Bristol’s decision to have her baby and even prouder to become grandparents.”

VP debate - questions that won't be asked but should be

If anything, I'm even more bitter about Katrina

Gustav not bad enought to give the Republicans the Katrina Mulligan they needed..

Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

Sarah Palin should pull out of the Campaign right now....

On a lighter note

Weirder and weirder...Mat-Su hospital post pics of babies by date of birth. Guess who is missing?

Gustav downgraded to a Cat 2 storm---- this is very good news.

Waterbreakgate: one scenario of the last 48 hours

And The Survey Says.......Sarah Palin

ATTENTION! Amy Goodman arrested/Call St.Paul Mayor NOW!

Quit calling them the Bridges to Nowhere!

I the Dems are not worried about Palin

For Fuck's sake

Who chose the Jurassic Park theme music for the Republican convention?

Republican Karma - it's about time it kicked in!!

Looking for articles about Christopher Columbus....

Theocracy...just a front, maybe?

Theocracy...just a front, maybe?

HOLY CRAP. CSPAN is running the anti-war rally!! The TV Guide says RNC Convention

Comments/Threads on this board are indicative of why WE ALWAYS LOSE

*** Special Labor Day Show Alert - Jeff Farias ***

ABC Stephanopoulos saying Palin couldn't have been fully vetted and an army of

BREAKING: PALIN Announces 17 year old Daughter is Pregnant!

Hurricane Gustav, Shock Doctrine and "Election" Events

I think something's up with KO at MSNBC and Rachel may suffer

Trig is 4 months old. Bristol is 5 months pregnant.

Does anyone think the repukes really want to lose this election?

Who is watching CSPAN? Bush is marrying McCain!!

Tweety is nailing the Rethugs on Hurricanes versus who governs

Tweety is nailing the Rethugs on Hurricanes versus who governs

St. Paul Police and Govt. Phone Numbers!!! Please post here!

St. Paul Police and Govt. Phone Numbers!!! Please post here!

So Gustav is a bust? But we get to miss a day of the GOP hate fest?

My mother was a nobody..and she had a baby when I was 16

Cindy McCain at RNC just now. Ming the Merciless?

CALL TO FREE AMY GOODMAN Mayor Coleman's office- 651-266-8535 ~ Ramsey County Jail - 651-266-9350

ABC Confirms Palin was a member of AIP (Alaskan Independence Party)

John McCain finally admitted that Republicans aren't Americans first.

Add this research tool to your kit

Downs Syndrome babies are MUCH more susceptible to infectious diseases

I have gills because I live near the Atlantic Ocean

The Palin Baby - Why a birth certificate might not matter

Joementum said this about Obama in 2006

Amy Goodman released - many others still held

Palin and her supporters boasting her 'historic' selection rivals Obama's ascent

I had to resurrect this thread 'cuz it makes me feels so good!

Prisoner Chained & Shackled Jumps From Bus During Evacuation

Where the heck are Jesse Ventura and Al Franken?

Too bad Katrina didn't happen during a RNC!

The AKIP (Alaska Independence Party) even grants interviews to Pravda.

Instant Karma's gonna getcha... John Edwards vs. Sarah Palin..

Code Pink w/ mothers against war - surrounded - Updated

Could I have some recs for the Election Reform news, please....?

Watching Obama on CSpan at the Labor Day Rally

blogs have been trying for a long time to draft sarah palin for vp

My Liberal Heart WEEPS for Bristol's "Partner" that he's Dragged into this Scandal...

Note to Shrub from Mother Nature: You SUCK. of all my creations, you REALLY REALLY suck

Guns Drawn, Cops Bust in on Citizens Who Plan to Protest RNC

Best youtube re McSame's selection of McMoose.

Palin Almost Recalled As Mayor

Where is Contessa

A DU Challenge - I'll match your donation to the Red Cross

Mississippi looked to have been awash again

So when Russia comes to the aid of the breakaway province of Alaska...

Gov. Tim Kaine on Real Time With Bill Maher

I think the Press is pissed about this whole Palin thing too.....

MSNBC'S Contessa Brewer does GOOGLE to find out how to Report Levee Breach!

Is DU s-l-o-w for anybody else today?

Evangelicals "over the moon" for Sarah Palin: "One of our own!!!11"

How about a big chorus of *Whew!* for Louisiana?

How about a big chorus of *Whew!* for Louisiana?

Amy Goodman - "probable cause to riot"

CNN sent Kyra Phillips to Alaska to vet Sarah Palin?

How pissed will the MSM be because McCain has screwed up so badly

In the great words of Cash himself.. Listen to the link.. Our link. Listen..

So will the guy who got Bristol pregnant be charged with statutory rape?

NY Times: Hard Times Hitting Students and Schools in Double Blow

Damn! I really need to get some work done this week after

Breaking! McLame dumps Palin.

Donna Brazile hit with pepper spray at RNC snooze fest.

It's going to be all teen pregnancy for the next day or so

Amy Goodman out of jail

We are so very lucky that Edwards was not choosen to be Obama's VP

Lawyers: Gonzales mishandled classified data

CNN's Anderson Cooper just said "trooper-gate"

I thought only liberals lived in an "ideal fantasyland"?

GOP cannot reclaim Brand name until all PNACers and NEOCONS are removed from their Party

VIDEO: Pepper-Sprayed Protester Discusses Tear-Gas, Barricades (RNC)

The Republicans are making a big deal about things going relatively well in NO.

I cannot believe that Palin has a high approval rating in Alaska

I'm fading fast and I have "real" work to get done - could use help finding

NPR shills for the Repukes

Do you remember last month when my sister was layed off after 23 years? My other sister after 30

Amy Goodman arrested at RNC Convention

What's up with the Palin's kids names? Track?? Bristol???

T. Boone Pickens' motives summed up in one statement.....

Unbelievable. I just saw a mccain spokesperson unable to answer why palin is qualified

Mark Crispin Miller: Minneapolis Cops Run Amok - Jail Lockdown, Arrestees Refused Access To Lawyers

ROVE @ RNC: "Biden is a Big Blowhard Doofus"

Gonzales - guilty of security breach

National Guard marching through downtown

What happened to the term "baby daddy" on Fox News?

Republican hats vs. American Hats

Why Palin's daughter wasn't in school for 5 months - she was Trig's babysitter..

Final update for me for the night

Why Sarah Palin's Daughter's Pregnancy Matters

I officially am blowing my fuse at the MSM over their coverage of Gustav and the RNC!

John McCane says his being a POW makes him fit to be Commander in Chief...

Could Repug vetting of a VP nominee really be THAT bad?

Bill kristol is very mad...HAHAHA

Meanwhile the protests in Minn/St.Paul continue. Amy Goodman detained/arrested...

Candidate volunteering in community

Is everyone named "Tucker" an annoying RW wackjob?

The police did the same thing in NY in '04 as they are now doing in Mpls. Why the surprise?

SoCal DUers: Meeting on how to defeat the religious right's ballot measures coming up on Sept. 20!

I may be unpopular with this Idea but Can't we leave the Palin Kids out of This?!!!

Obama on CNN discussing Gustav

Early Palin jokes,,,,,,,,,,,

Labor unions and Diane Rehm

The Purity Ball

GOP Rocker Ted Nugent on Teenage Pregnancy

DU Twitter Group?

How much longer 'til Vegas starts making odds on Palin withdrawl

My mom says "Obama is only talking to black people."

Glenn Greenwald at Federal Government Involved In Raids On Protesters (Updated)

Katie Couric is a worthless POS

Gots to feel for the unwed father.

Why would Palin want to put her daughter through this much media scrutiny?

Please Post Carville CNN Moment Tonight....

This Modern World Iraq: A brief parable. By Tom Tomorrow

I don't believe I'm saying this, but CNN is a must watch right now...

I don't believe I'm saying this, but CNN is a must watch right now...

Charlie Rose: Halperin, Hunt, DKGoodwin, Cokie, Isaacson, Cook, Rogers - RNC Convention

Antioch College - I just gave my largest single donation to the cause of reviving this school.

Bristol Palin's Baby Registry...

Is this a photoshop photo of Palin?

Sarah Palin, Teen Pregnancy and the Democrats

I was 18 when I got pregnant

Palin even LIED about Miss Congeniality award.

Palin's Secret Service Code Name: NORTHERN EXPOSURE..

Palin's Secret Service Code Name: NORTHERN EXPOSURE..

Anyone listening to Tom Hartmann?

WHY the stupid pregnancy thing matters

A friend just sent me this website. Pentecostals are concerned about America's moral decline!

Let's hope for a huge helping of self aggrandizement (on the part of the media).

In Honor of LABOR DAY: Union Members Past & Present Check In!

Secessionist Sarah Palin (McCain "soulmate") wants Alaska to SECEDE: Not very patriotic, is she?

Lincoln spinning in his grave: GOP to nominate as VP person who wants to secede from union!

The rw Fundies better walk a fine line over rejoicing about teenage pregnancy.

NOLA’s Levees are Stuffed with Newspaper Instead of Rubber

The National Lawyers Guild

Anchorage Daily News has decided to print a story on babygate! Asks about the birth certificate

Shrinking packages, pricier foods fluster parents

Protesters or Undercover Cops?

here's a fun question: if your name is Bristol,

Spears vs Palin A Conservative Dilemma

Sarah "Twin Peaks" Palin - That way madness lies...

Pick a "Theme Song" for GOP/RNC

Republican Convention Schedule-LOL!

You should read this!

Sarah Palin: Queen of Earmarks!

Why did Palin choose to violate her daughter's privacy rather than release her own medical records?

BWA HA: Both of Jindal's offices are flooding...

Why do students of history blame Europe for colonialism?

Please help me identify a person.


Some potentially interesting stuff on Track Palin, the son shipping off to Iraq on 9/11...

Leave the kid alone!

People, please stop screaming "police state!" (And read the whole post before commenting, please.)

So I went nuts on the local fire department this morning . . . twice.

Look at this! The Atlantic ocean is swarming with storms!

From the Palins: "Bristol Palin *made the decision* to keep the baby . . ."

Watch Sarah Palin Back Away From This Creepy Old Man

My condolences to Bristol Palin.

LAST Wednesday, Palin signed a bill for a gas pipeline.....

delete; don't want to start unsubstantiated rumors

Breaking News: USAToday/Gallup: Obama 50%, McCain 43%.

************Twin Cities Protest and Arrest of Amy Goodman thread #2**********

Anybody see the cover of today's New York Post?

Is it just me or does anyone else think Tina Fey needs to play Palin when they make the MOTW?

What's happened to Mort Kondracke?

RICKY GERVAIS ASKS PRIME MINISTER TO GET RID OF FUR (for ceremonial hats worn by royal guards)


rev. dobson PROVES the pointlessness of prayer

The McCain Spin Cycle: Rinse. Reframe. Repeat.

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds sounds exactly like Nick Swardson's Gay Robot character

Worst President Ever

Hilarious comment from James Wolcott on the Palin pregnancy fustercluck...

Hilarious comment from James Wolcott on the Palin pregnancy fustercluck...

To be captain obvious here. If I had children and one got someone or became pregnant before 25 or

So, all the religious pandering at the DNC didn't do a damn thing to the polls..

Woman with a flower attacks police

100,000 households in Louisiana without electricity -- Pics

Ron Paul - Counter Convention in Minneapolis - Kicking Bush's Ass Right now

When the Levee Breaks

New Fundie eugenics ministry helps lesbians pray the gay away

OMG! A garbage can just blew over!

CNN: Palin's unmarried teen daughter is preggers & hubby has DWI arrest

Debbie Wasserman Schultz undermines FL candidate Taddeo, fails to mention her name.

Independent UK: Book of the Week: Anti-intellectualism in American Life

** Pics from this evening's Barack Obama Rally in Milwaukee **

Is there a substantive difference between "Palin faked her pregnancy" and "Obama is a Muslim"?

Folks, we don't stand a chance!

The Major Reason Why Democratic Politicians Are So Cautious?

Levi Johnston (father of Bristol's baby); On his website "I don't want kids"

Palin an "Out-and-out Liar" - Amazing AJP Article - Best yet, imho.

Best statement yet about Palin:

Geez! The beagle is a little gas machine tonight!

Geez! The beagle is a little gas machine tonight!

Live feed of drunk rednecks riding out Gustav..

Any Poppy Z. Brite fans here? She's going to stay in N.O. for Gustav...

The September 1rst "For Better Or For Worse" strip is on-line...

Catsitting in Chicago - sorry no photos. Cats insisted.

The Flinstones in "Raging Bull"

Is your head on straight?

"My dog's got

Yahoo News Flash: Obama may choose veep today (really!)

I'm catsitting waaaay to many cats - they all hate each other

If I saw a cartoon bunny come up through the floor, I'd freak out.

Facebook: The Movie - West Wing writer plans big screen story

Evie is purring, drooling, and burping. All at the same time.

Palin saves TV crew from wild moose

Some SERIOUS questions about Palin!

Are you on hope? (video)

Help me stay awake 10 more minutes until it's 8am in Paris...

A serious question for the lounge.....

This just in: Firefox 3 is ridiculously fast.

I'm off to the beach today!

McCain and Lieberman eat at Olive Garden

The Lounge Labor Day musical tribute to the Working Life....

If a relative asked you to do something dishonest to save their house,...

A little early morning humor for all of us

I need some dream interpretation

Someone posted a live blog from NOLA earlier

omg - I see yellow Xs everywhere....

Jerry Lewis: 10 films on road to fame

Question for computer gurus...

Say "Hi" to Oliver!

A tabby for Monday...

If it had been Bush and the tiger, the press would have tranked him to give the tiger a chance!

Why are we at level whatever?

I think my husband has finally lost his mind...

The government is criminal.

Bravo Echo Echo Charlie Alpha Tango Alpha

Apparently PM alerts don't show up on level 3.

Hey, Diddy or Piddy or Shitty, whatever you call yourself today: FUCK YOU!


I heard that if DU hits Level 12 and you try to post your head will explode like in "Scanners"...

How many FAA / safety rules were violated?


-cite me.





Level 3 Because Of Hurricane, Palin Daughter Pregnant, both?


TM went back to school today. She's finally well again.


Local nutjob turned down for park board candidate

I know we have global warming but this is ridiculous.

Copying DVDs...

I just got back fro the Obama rally. Why are we at DEFCON 4?

Jebus my family has been through the ringer. I just found out my other sister was layed off

Baggin Hancock or

Why Don't We Just Wake Up And Realize We Live In A POLICE STATE?

Anyone watching the TNG marathon of SciFi?

Not enough Palin baby threads in here...

Google Reader's driving me crazy!

about those anarchist houses raided in Minneapolis

So what are some of your Pet Peeves?

Did Sarah Palin cause the alert on DU?

Baton Rouge Gustav Update....

Am I the only one who really thinks someday one of those weather people...

I'm SpongeBob SquarePants

"The Decider"- great anti-Bush song. Please give it a listen

Man, Sarah Palin is good for America!

Anyone hear from Inchworm???

Guess who ELSE has lice?

DUers, NFers need your help

Being a passenger on a motorcycle

Level 3? Really?

Post a pic of a bad-ass not looking so tough

The Queen Mary is a Democratic incumbent?

I resent the presence of men in my women's gym.

Am I the only one who has to keep using upload.DU today?

Bristol Palin is pregnant with my two headed love child!


Teen Jeopardy is on and I am RULING!!

Has anyone here had experience with saliva?

Seriously...Labor Day fireworks?

Today I read a book about Frank Loesser, and Andy Taylor's (of Duran Duran) autobiography.

What was McCain drinking when he picked Palin?

Gustav has made landfall and Hannah is coming

Vet for Palin

OK tell me you NEVER CRIED

Is Rev-Acts awake yet?

How long will it take the GOP to replace Palin?

On Being Mayor of Wasilla, AK. . .

So we have *another* named storm in the next hour or so

How do you know if you need to water the lawn?

If Sarah Palin has male twins, I think she'll name them Lynyrd and Skynyrd

Outer Banks pics.... dial up warning

we did a Brendan Frasier double feature yesterday: Mummy 3 and Journey to Center of the Earth 3D

Is there a group on DU where one can discuss legal issues?

Saw "Tropic Thunder" today. I know the critics haven't been wowed,

No work AGAIN tonight

Hanging with Hill and Barack

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/1/2008)

A quote from Herman Melville for all of us on DU to consider in this campaign season.

I'm hungry for a doughnut.

Pavement-Transport is Arranged

Quick, before it is gone.

Nothing but helicopters and sirens all day here in St Paul

Just for the next three games - Go TRIBE!

New craigslist furbabies! (Pics!)

Creepy youtube clip thread.

Please, can I stay here for awhile among the sane people?

Ahh the goold old days....Photo

Fun with pic threads!

Damn, I'm lonely.

I found a new drink: vodka and sprite!

I just created the best sandwhich ever: the bacon and peanut butter sandwhich

Not to rehash a lounge flame war...

Since Bi-Baby is visiting her parents...

Monday, September 1st. William Shakespeare's Thought For Labor Day:

Poll - help me decide on a quilt for my mother. She's been diagnosed with cancer again.

I feel so negative..How about a picture thread?

Great time waster here!

Creepy Picture?

Has anyone here had experience with smoking salvia?

Do you ever have this trouble of having a phrase

Group therapy: good idea or waste of time?

If You Were A Right Wing Troll...What Stereotypical User ID Would You Pick For Yourself...

My furnace pipe is really hot for no reason

Cheap fast food fried chicken...what say you?

Congrats to Adrian Beltre of the Seattle Mariners! Just hit for the cycle!

So sad today

Got crabs?

Data's cat (Star Trek)

Pics of the new kittens (and Maggie) *DIALUP WARNING*

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday September 1

T. Boone Pickens' plan "starts with wind"

So imagine you're on a TV game show


Crap. This one looks like it's gonna be Ike....

Post something about yourself, that would surprise other DUers

Tommorrow is my 56th b'day

anybody gearing up to play the RNC drinking game?

Yo Parche... got another unidentified airline for you...

I saw Joe Biden today! (shitty cell phone pics)

Any pro exterior house painters out there? I have some questions...

Advisers Say Conservative Ire Pushed McCain Away From Lieberman; Choice reflects "risky decisions"

'Reagan coalition' called dead on RNC eve

In Colombia, paramilitary gangs control much of Guajira state

Gustav Churns Into New Orleans

Massive police raids on suspected protestors

Huge ice sheet could melt faster than thought: report

Palin "bridge to nowhere" line angers many Alaskans

Hurricane GUSTAV Forecast Discussion

Obama Has Post-Convention Poll Lead; Palin an Unknown

Day After Boos, Palin Skips Nod to Clinton

Ingushetia website owner killed by police

Threshold Question: On Inaguration Day the President is Incapacitated...

Gustav weakens, closes in on Louisiana coastline

Group: Georgia admits to dropping cluster bombs

(Ron Paul) Rally for the Republic to Continue as Planned

Water coming over levee in New Orleans

Mossad scrapped 1960 plan to nab Nazi 'Angel of Death': minister

Report: Workers worse off on pay, employment

Palin says 17-year-old daughter is pregnant

Gustav fears ease; sterling and global stocks fall

Three People Quickly Arrested in the Fourth Sector of St. Paul (for moving trash cans)

Evacuee from New Orleans describes frustrating scene at shelter

LiveWire:NLG lawyers denied entrance to Jail - secret service in force

Edwin Guthman, Pulitzer Prize-winner, dies at 89

Happy Labor Day: Riot Police Defend the Mall of America from Workers

Thai protesters (200,000) take aim at utilities, airline

Burj Dubai becomes the tallest man-made structure on earth

Tropical Storm Ike forms in the Atlantic

Amy Goodman arrested? Call Mayor Coleman at 651-266-8535 per FSTV, just scrolled. n/t

Andrea Mitchell just said Repub lawyers currently doing vet of Palin in Alaska

Russian gas oil, gasoline exports fall in Aug

Poll shows no convention bounce for Obama

Dem (former DNC chair Fowler) apologizes for joking about hurricane


USA Today: St. Paul March Protests Iraq War

Oil down sharply as Gustav seen weakening

Ranbaxy Fine buys US co Mallinckrodt Baker for $340 mn

McCain expected to accept nod in person

Canadians Back Obama in Detroit

Japanese prime minister said to resign Monday

Cindy McCain, Laura Bush To Speak Tonight

Gustav forces Obama to curtail Labor Day politics

BREAKING NEWS: Water overtopping Industrial Canal barrier in New Orleans, NBC reports


McCain raises $47 million in August

Palin hires attorney for public safety controversy today

Three supporting players in an alleged Medicare fraud empire pleaded guilty to defrauding the agency

Amy Goodman and Two Democracy Now Producers Unlawfully Arrested At the RNC

Lawyers: Gonzales mishandled classified data

MSNBC: Palin hires Attorney for Troopergate investigation

Report Card: Workers worse off on pay, employment (for past 8 years)

Report Card: Workers worse off on pay, employment (for past 8 years)

Hanna could become hurricane, hit East Coast

Palin faces scrutiny, Internet rumours as VP pick

McCain Hires GOP Operative Who Helped Smear Him in South Carolina in 2000

Pakistani women buried alive 'for choosing husbands'

John McCain running mate Sarah Palin misled Republican supporters

Putin saves journalists from tiger: report

Members of 'Fringe' Alaskan Independence Party Say Palin Was a Member in 90s

Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process

Lawyers: Gonzales mishandled classified data

Money Trail: What Hurricane? Lobbyists, GOP Party On

Palin Was a Director of Embattled Sen. Stevens's 527 Group

500th U.S. service member dies in Afghanistan

LiveWire: Delegates being blocked - police confrontation imminent

AP's 'Talking Points' Defending Fournier Surface

Study Links Gene Variant in Men to Marital Discord

McCain in talks with Ron Paul for backing

Sun Makes History: First Spotless Month in a Century

Day of Stunning Palin Disclosures (McCain Advisors: "Life Happens" "An American Family")

Amy Goodman Detained

Canada set for October 14 election: report

Obama Tells Press to "Back Off" on Palin

Fellow POW Questions McCain's Readiness In New Ad

Palin daughter pregnant - McCain/Palin admit

Pawlenty's team shaken by missing out on the final roster

Paraguay to reverse support for Taiwan at U.N.

WP: Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds($27 million for town of 6,700)

Evangelicals rally behind Palin after pregnancy news

McCain Criticizes Bush on Torture Of Prisoners

Dutch withdraw spy from Iran because of 'impending US attack'

Poll: Obama gets 'convention bounce'

Thousands gather for RNC protest

Oil Gains Over $1 as Gustav Shuts U.S. Output

Poll: Obama/Biden Take Eight-Point Lead

I Have a Dream - Dr. King Tribute

Barack Obama: Toledo, Ohio

60 Minutes Interview With Obama & Biden Part 1



Bruce Springsteen with The Seeger Sessions Band - Factory

Lieberman 2006: I Will Help Obama

cnn: hurricane gustav water going through; cracks in lower ninth ward levee

Pennsylvania Neighborhood Teams

See Saw - National Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act

Obama on Hurricane Gustav Preparedness

Obama: No Time for 'small' Politics

BREAKING: Floodwaters Overtop New Orleans Levee

Protesters Appear to be Charging Freeway

McCain's VP Sarah Palin--The Negatives---The Young Turks

Samantha Bee Will Vote For McCain

Cindy McCain Claims Palin Has National Security Experience

How Much Does McCain Know about his VP??---The Young Turks


McCain Refuses to meet with Iraq Veterans Against War

TV Press Tear Gassed at RNC March

John Kerry "John McCain is the Prisoner of RW NOT a Maverick" This Week 8-31-08

City Pages Video: RNC protesters hit with pepper spray

John McCain and the Lost Ark

Mitchell: GOP Lawyers in Alaska for 'deeper vet' of Palin

Sorry Palin, Women Aren't Stupid! (Booed For Mentioning Hillary)

John McCain in 2002 Talking About the Keating Five Scandal

UpTake Team Surrounded By Police

RNC Protesters Vs. Police

TYT: Will Gustav Ruin the Republican Convention?

Joel Madden Supports Barack Obama


Sarah Palin Exposed!

Signs of Hope & Change

WCCO-TV4: Republican National Convention Riot

Petraeus Disagrees With McCain

TYT: Fox's Doocy Discovers Foreign Experience For McCain's VP!

Kerry Goes Nutz on McCain & VP (on ABC's This Week) -- Give'em hell John!

Sarah Palin and the Alaska Independence Party. AIP - Part 1

Sarah Palin Supports the Aerial Killing of Wolves

McCain Refuses to Meet with Iraq Veterans Against War

Meatpacker in Brooklyn Challenges a Union Vote (asks US Supreme Court to rule on illegal immigrants)

Explosions at the RNC Protest

Sarah Palin and the Alaska Independence Party2.

Undecided Voters Say Palin Sucks - Luntz Focus Group

Sarah Palin : Alaska Independent Party "Keep up the good work"

Palin: Connecting the Dots - or Bumps If You Will

Humor Break! McLame & Palin

Barack Obama Says Families Are 'Off-Limits'

Full Interview - 60 Minutes Interview With Obama & Biden

Police Raid and Detainment of I-Witness Journalists

Amy Goodman(Democracy Now!) Arrested at RNC

McCain's "Stop Partying" Words Fall on Deaf Ears - GOP PARTIES ON

Sarah Palin Addresses the Alaskan Independence Party - 2008 Convention

RNC Eve: Police Seize Sustainable Living Bus

Campbell Brown smackdown of Tucker Bounds

Tucker Carlson: "embarrassing", "ludicrous", "reckless move" (Palin)

KSN Coverage of Joplin MO Obama Canvass

Report: Israel won't allow a nuclear Iran

Republicans are true time-wasters

Team McCain Takes Lead (?)

Hottentot Morality

Economists look to expand GDP to count 'quality of life'

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Coup de Grace (James Kunstler)

Those who are tasked to police this democracy are blinded by confetti

There Is an Alternative to Corporate Rule

Does McCain's World = Wayne's World?

McCain's Reckless Choice

Episode 21: Wasilla, part 1

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Illusions Of Inclusivity In The Culture Of "Whatever" (Carolyn Baker)

Episode 22: Wasilla, part 2

So much for abstinence education

Bristol Palin, Welcome To Presidential Politics '08

John McCain and the Telecoms ..Making a Killing in Iraq

A few thoughts on the electoral theatre that is upon us.

Palin's Trouble with the Police


The Oil Card

Who Wants To Be CEO of a Red, White and Blue Kakistocracy*?

Pat Lang: Palin, Buchanan and Israel?

Gustav and the GOP Convention: One Disaster Postpones Another

WaPo: Assessing the Political Impact of Bristol Palin's Pregnancy

St. Paul Police Chief: ‘It’s game day, finally’

Another Shocker: Palin Tried to Cover Up Her Dog's Litter

What a McCain Victory Would Mean

A few thoughts on the electoral theatre that is upon us.

The convention PLUS Sarah Palin have dramatically improved Obama/Biden poll numbers

Alternative view on Palin - (National Review) - "Palin has the foreign-policy right stuff."

Guardian UK: Faith schools may be Blair's most damaging legacy

What Would Newt Do? By Ken Silverstein

Support move to universal health care (Good Read)

What McCain Didn't Know About Sarah Palin (Atlantic)

Forget Gustave, After EIGHT YEARS of Disasters, Shouldn't Entire Republican Party Be Cancelled

Evangelicals Applaud Palin Family's Ability To 'Be Fruitful and Multiply'

'Watchdog': McCain Should Release His Navy Records on 3 Accidents

Blumenthal: Why Palin? McCain v. Rove (best explanation of the selection I've seen yet)

Bush Quietly Seeks to make War Powers Permanent.

How Palin Could Help - David Broder

Hugh Calderwood: Palin an exciting choice

Shackling of mentally ill foster kids in Dade, Broward courts in question

Iraq's China Oil deal neuters Bush's thuggery for American big oil

Fear And Retribution: Palin’s Pattern Of Governance by Geoffrey Dunn

Ultra-Secretive Right-Wing Group Met In Minn. To Vet Palin

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 350

Guard out in force as Gustav approaches

Afghan commission: US troops took fire first

Presidential campaigns vie for vets’ vote

Report: Obama gave Petraeus Afghanistan advice

Some find pitfalls in plan for awards database

Pakistan halts offensive for Ramadan

(Navy Times) Editorial: Security before shipyards

Survey: Marines struggling with finances

GIs go from informants to defendants

Troops prep for spike in violence during Ramadan

U.S. seeking more aggressive stance from Pakistan on insurgents

Guard Activated and Ready for the Worst

Faster Rise In Sea Level Predicted From Melting Greenland Ice Sheet, Based On Lessons From Ice Age

New Orleans Levies Hold As Gustav Makes Landfall

Comparing Gustav to Katrina (Jeff Masters)

Wiggling Plastic at River Bottom to Generate Electricity

North Pole becomes an island

Gustav and Hannah

Tropical storm Ike forms in Atlantic

North Pole an Island

Hanna: Always look on the bright side of life.

Army's so-called inquiry into cameraman's killing in Gaza a scandal (Amnesty Intl)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Olympic Follies and Triumphs (Ramzy Baroud)

Hamas popularity among Palestinians declining, poll finds

American Axle to grow outside U.S.

Today's working family cartoon: Benefits

If employers hired legally and...

Today in labor history Sept 1 30,000 women from 26 trades marched in Chicago’s Labor Day parade 1903

Cal/OSHA Targets Areas for Compliance with Heat Illness Prevention Rules as Temperatures Soar

‘Union Boss’ ads, freedom to lie like hell (swiftboated)

An industrial heritage revived (Lawrence honors laborer slain in 1912 textile strike)

Freightliner Lays Off 675 in North Carolina

World's Largest Steel Producer Dodges Strike

How Obama Could Fix Labor Law

Union organizer sees surge of interest

Unions Create Their Own MoveOn

Standing Up: Decades-ago crusade for farmworkers by Chavez contemporary echoes in Valley

Labor Groups Mobilized to Keep Jobs in U.S.

Baltimore Stadium Cleaners Organized by Workers Center Join AFSCME

USW Texarkana Locals Offer Emergency Shelter for Hurricane Gustav Victims

UFCW (US): Tesco main supplier in the US reported to labour tribunal over sackings

Union ramping up Wal-Mart drive

Labor Day message from Senator Obama (video & text)

Obama letter interests McCain

Anybody seen Joe (from the Union Review)?

Venezuela and South Africa to sign energy deal: official

and another FARC terrorist attack from August 14 that killed 7

Car Bomb Explodes in Front of Cali Palace of Justice, Killing 4, Injuring 20

blast from the past: 34 coca farmers massacred by the FARC 2004

Paraguay to reverse support for Taiwan at U.N.

OMFG! U C L A!!!!!!!!

Why does the squib kickoff even exist?

Amelie Mausremo

Nolle's Astro-report for SEPTEMBER

The PLANETS submit their absentee ballots for President!

Our missing cat has returned!

Does anyone here use a Neti Pot on a regular basis?

The Brain Trust Program


I'm a Virgo - Saturday night a friend came rushing up with this question

Rick DiClemente's September Starself Astrology Newsletter

Sex Differences Seen In Response To Common Antidepressant

Older fathers linked with bipolar

Minnesota: Autism statistics in Somali community sparks investigation

Fish oil helps patients with chronic heart failure

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So my wife and I were gun shopping today...

Daydreaming is essential

World's Most Powerful Magnet Under Construction (100 Tesla!)

'Armored' Fish Study Helps Strengthen Darwin's Natural Selection Theory

Extra day off kitchen challenge.

Girl Party Ideas...

An excellent article! Teaching evolution to young Christian skeptics

The BEST spaghetti sauce I've had/made in a LONG time.


lutheran south academy. hey all houston people. a question.

Conspiracy Theories as Examples of Pure Dogma

duh I figured it out Thanks away and I am so glad you guys are here

anybody else picking up nasties?

how do i enlarge the partitions in my second HD.. i use for backup.. i made a

So I finally put a TV card in one of my computers

BSOD and I can't even get into Safe Mode. Or any other mode

i took out the vidio card, put a heat sink on it.. now all i get is th red Compaq page at

Nice "fair and balanced" interview, CBC

So, is Harper calling the election because he's that dumb?

Looks like Oct 14'th is gonna be election day folks

pics from the Veterans for Peace rally at the RNC

Cross post from a Canuck

Amy Goodman arrest video

How bad does Timmy Pawlenty want the national stage? If Palin

Announcing a new JK media archive

Prison break Season 4 predictions

What kind of sex ed should be taught in school?

Question for people who BELIEVE that there are no miracles: is Goldbach's conjecture true?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 09/01/08

Beeb tinfoilhatters eat-yer-heart-out! "Petra the Blue Peter dog was a fake "

UKIP and the Wail with egg on their face shock horror.

Obama streaming on wisn

** Pics from this evening's Barack Obama Rally in Milwaukee **