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What they call Reagan Democrats

One thing to make clear! Edwards problems are NO EXCUSE to slam grass roots issues!

So where are all the people who flamed about Edwards yesterday????

- insert name here - will not be mentioned thread

When Edwards quit the race in NO, CNN had to arrange a flight for Suzanne Malveaux.

I hope to god the Dem side has Mitt Romney's

For the first time, I can see a President McCain.

Where's the big to-do over John McCain's affair?

Bush competes at the Olympics

How screwed up is this? British Businessman Decapitates Himself in Sports Car Suicide

Did George Bush learn anything from the opening ceremony?

wow! now this is what I want our Dems to sound like!

Diane Benson needs your help in a tough Alaska primary

I want to say one word to you , are you listening?

Are hit and run accidents on the increase?

Thank God the John Edwards thing broke now...

Olympic Poll #1: Opening Ceremonies Commercials

I think I'd better start learning Chinese...

I'm gonna say it: Fuck YOU John Edwards (but not for why you probably think...)

Olympic Poll #2: Opening Ceremonies Commentary

8/8/08 - Two significant events.

**sigh** When will these politicians learn to stop thinking with their penis

Plan to ban 'date-rape' chemicals

Costas on Iranian team: "Another example of politics and sports colliding"

Costas on Iranian team: "Another example of politics and sports colliding"

Violence Linked to Rapid Rise of AIDS in Women

Does anyone remember the last time the National Enquirer...

Bush gets a "10" in the sleaze factor (photos)

See if you can find the common denominator

What happens if the Senate is supposed to meet and there aren't any senators around?

Olympic Poll #3: The Ceremony

WJ this morning - John Edwards

Real Life 'Hancocks'; Homeless Heroes

Stones: For the holier than thou...

WJ: Zeyno Baran discussing Russia Georgia conflict. Fascinating

It's on TAPE DELAY, and they interrupt with commercials??

The Justice Department’s Truthiness Problem

Here is the latest bull piece on Obama that I just received in an email

We are Educating the RNC in the Twincities. Sept 4th.

OFFICIAL "We Love You John Edwards!" Thread

Edwards is an adulterer, bush is a mass murdering criminal war profiteer, so what?

“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone”

Georgia's president seeks martial law as violence continues

When China displaces entire neighborhoods

Gestopo raid mayor's home

Forged documents & lies, No moral high ground for Bush when it comes to Russia

Currently on Act Blue: #2 Al Franken, #5 Scott Kleeb

If possible, after watching the interview, I like Edwards more. Rec if you agree.

You have to admit - Edward's timing is great! WIth Obama on

Butt Load of McCain Commercials Running in Denver

South Ossetia: Oil and nationalism - a troubled history

Pilots: United Airlines' Maintenance is Slipping

St. Paul, MN: Street Cameras set up to watch over RNC crowds

Doubts Persist Among Anthrax Suspect’s Colleagues

How on earth can Obama EVER overcome distant 3rd-place Edwards' penis?

How the Caucasus Erupted - Der Spiegel

Which are the best John Edwards threads?

CA Senate Bill 840 - Universal Health Care (

Russian troops raid Georgian town; scores dead

And now for something completely different (not an Edwards post): Is McGoo McSame the anti-christ???

Latest Tom Tomorrow - re: 'murcan stupidity. Perfect.

I hope Elizabeth Edwards

OK Huffington Post--enough of the backslapping about John Edwards.

In Memoriam (Nagasaki)

Abkhaz separatists strike disputed Georgia gorge; Opening Second Front

Future Ground Rules for Unfaithful Politicians

Here's Why Edwards Should Have Told the Press To Fuck Off Right From the Start

How screwed up is this? British Businessman Decapitates Himself in Sports Car Suicide

Reality Check about Politics

This post has nothing to do with John Edwards.

Israel supplied Georgia with drones, weapons, military advisors

Does this refer to DU?

Edward's affair makes media address Mccain's

Digby: Media Salivate Over Edwards' Affair; Shrug Shoulders Over McCain's Alleged Infidelity

Subject: Does this refer to DU?

Today the U.S. ceased to be the world's sole superpower....

Another Method to Achieve Universal Health Insurance

Obama's Grandma is only 14 years older than McCain!

Is It True That McCain Had an Affair????? Oh My.....

McCain 's affair is different. He did it because he suffered as a POW.

From American Intercontinental University: Somebody ginning up a constituency against Single Payer?


Newsflash: Flava-flav still sold out to Dr Pepper.

The U.S. and the Olympics

Hard times for Hollywood (Florida)

Woohoo! Norway beats China!

What is this "sovereign nation/territorial integrity must be respected" Shrub speaks of?!1 n/t

Urinating and defecating are as much 'human nature' as the desire to have sex is.

Doesn't anyone remember Gary Hart?

Check out to see how many oil dollars your representative takes

The Edwards Matter

Rumors in the National Peeping Tom are that

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery

Georgia Parliament Approves Martial Law for 15 Days

Can somebody here explain the difference between Ted Haggard and John Edwards?

last nite during the opening ceremonies the NBC camera stopped on

Freedom-lovin' Bush Radio: "Young people who grow up with freedom will ultimately demand freedom"

To all those pitching fits about the attention being given to Edwards' admission

FBI Says It Obtained Reporters' Phone Records

Whenever there's a Dem sex scandal, out pops Cokie Roberts on the talking heads.

*'s Pardons: 3,000 requests and counting

Prince George's Police Chief Clears Mayor, Wife (but offers no apology)

Where's my doomsday homies at this morning?

Speaking of infidelity - Lieberman ‘on McCain short-list’ - Financial Times

For Ages 6 and up - Helping your kid understand Airline Travel

CNN: Python crawls into reporters pants...

The idiocy of comparing affairs. He started it!

The "Little Boss" & how he almost killed ANOTHER 1.25 Million innocent people!!

I think they can take him....

There are reasons beyond morality that make this more than a personal matter

Don't worry: George Bush is on the ball with the Georgia situation.

In the ABC interview with Edwards,

Hmmmmm, I just wonder just how long Elizabeth Edwards really knew....

GM settles lawsuit for $277 million for lying to Investors

I'm leaving to do some errands......

Cripes! Can we just open an Edwards Forum already?

MCCAIN Picks New Campaign Theme Song..."Hindenburg".

How pathetic are these pictures?

How long does it take to get results from a paternity test?

Truthboating--Edwards & McCain

Georgian Athletes Withdraw from Olympics

Obama, McCain On South Ossetia

Man I should be in radio....again

For all of you suffering from paranoia

Top 10 GOP Adulterers

Here's how the media can talk about McCain's adultery

Stupid Republican Immigration Policy Demonstrates Need for a Democrat in the White House

Sometimes I think the simple words, "I'm Sorry" is enough.

Thought Crimes Agenda-Government To Decide Whether Or Not-They Like The Way You Think

Anyone know a good source of news coming out of Georgia?

Holy Schnikies, Energy Slaves!!!

Oh oh. Rielle Hunter's family is challenging Edwards to take the paternity test.

CAPTION THIS! "Your secret's safe with me, Godfather."

Morally repugnant...

List of ships heading to Iran anybody else hear about this

Shrub-a-dub-dub, come CAPTION Numbnuts!!!!

RIP Bernie Mack

oh my my.....

Bush, Once Scornful of UN, Begs them to Help with Iraq Mess - Bush History, 8/9

In memory of Bernie Mac, an old Stand-Up bit of his from Def Comedy Jam. (Warning: Profanity)

Brent Budowsky: Where's Al Gore?

SW OH DUers PM me for a meetup/House Party

On adultery, Edwards cites McCain

Bus in (TX) crash (15 dead) was on road illegally

No Two Countries with McDonald's Have Ever Gone to War!

Losing on the right

Toon: Holding war criminals accountable...

Did the U.S. Prep Georgia for War with Russia?

Yet another Edwards thread....I think Larry Flynt knew about the Edwards affair

38 dead {in Venezuela} after being bitten by vampire bats (CNN)

A CAPTION on Saturday, is worth a Sunday morning BLESSING. Come do W.

Suicide attack at the olympics

The media still disses Howard Dean...take a look at CSPAN's home page

Will any of the Olympic events be televised LIVE on NBC?

The patch for critical Internet flaw may be flawed itself

Wis. voters speak their minds about McCain, Obama

Anyone else appreciate the fine irony of * standing in China and

CIA, 9/11, Iraq, Suskind, Tenet

Caption this pic of the Chimperor enjoying the Olympics

Did John Edwards have a JFK complex?

What is John Edwards doing for a living?

Evangelical critical mass will be reached on 8/16 - Defcon 5

So the McLaughlin Group now has 1 Democrat against 4 Conservatives

So is this Georgia-Russia War...

New Details: Man held for alleged Obama assassination threat

Clinton rallies for Obama in Vegas

Christian Bikers Beat-Up Hell's Angels For God

MISSING from Houston PD property room: $50,000 in Sex Toys

AlterNet: The PTC Thinks TV Will Turn Your Kids Into Sex Freaks

AlterNet: The PTC Thinks TV Will Turn Your Kids Into Sex Freaks

Should Edwards Have a Spot in the Obama Admin..

Case Against Ivins=BOGUS - Unless They Can Turn An "UNKNOWN" Into A Known

Does Maryland have a "Castle law?"

Does Maryland have a "Castle law?"

"If privacy had a gravestone it might read: 'Don't Worry. This Was for Your Own Good.'"

TOON "Further adventures of Brain in a Beaker"

Hey moderators, what about some more Obama avatars?

Bernie Mac dies

all politicians are dishonest, narcissistic egotists to some extent

Stalker, homicidal, threatening, loner, paranoid,obsessed, troubled....

NY Times: No Alimony Payments for McGreevey

Bush Administration Putting Immunity For Blackwater Over The Lives Of Our Troops

Pilots complain that fuel restricted to save costs

American tourist stabbed to death in Beijing, attacker killed after leap from building (DAMN)

mccain : More Tax Deceptions

Gay reaction to Edwards. Ouch!

Edwards - People talking about "privacy" are completely missing the real point of this indiscretion

If your significant other was cheating on you...would you want somone to tell you?

Of Anthrax, Forged Letters to Launch Wars, the Failure to Prevent 9/11, Torture, Murder and Other

Orchestrating Famine - a Must-Read Backgrounder on the Food Crisis

My Take On The John Edwards Scandal

Anagrams of Republican names: contribute yours

Remember when truckers slammed Clinton over $2 diesel? (a trip down memory lane)

Olympic Poll #4: Boycott

Like father like son

See No Hemp, Hear No Hemp, Speak No Hemp, Part I

Lieberman reportedly on McCain’s VP ‘short-list.’

Caught off guard, Britain and US try to broker peace

Reality Check About Extramarital Affairs

Cell phone Dangers. Somethings have to be seen. (video)

If Pope Benedict XVI and Paris Hilton claimed to have had an affair...

Distractions-Why Does Judy Miller's Name Keep Popping Up on My Computer?

What did Christ Lehane and Donnie Fowler Know about Edwards, and when did they know it?

MIA: Java and Roki Tunnel are Next Targets

Bernie Mac Dead.

Just saw Obama ad on Olympics

Dawkins at his best

I'm listening to Scott Ritter on the Peter B. Collins show....He slammed the anti-war movement hard:

Moose Mustard!

Chinese Man Kills Relative Of US Olympic Coach In Beijing

Ford told FBI about panel's doubts on JFK murder

Am I the only one who is angry at John Edwards?

Conflict over South Ossetia intensifies VIDEO

Forgetl the gnashing of teeth, hand wringing, and "me, me" threads about Edwards

Caption this:

BBC Newsnight - interview with Admiral Fallon - very interesting

NASCAR first: Tasmanian driver, African-American car owner win at Watkins Glen, New York .

I DON'T CARE ONE IOTA about John Edwards' affair that he kept secret.

If you knew your friend's spouse was cheating, would you tell your friend?

Miserable Failure, Major Disaster Lil Bush declared 422 major disasters

1,400 are feared killed Georgians shell rebels Russian troops move in IT'S WAR

Azerbaijan halts oil exports via Georgia

BBC News - Moscow saying it has "liberated" Tskhinvali, conflict spreading to Abkhazia

Depending on one entity for information creates an environment of security through ignorance.

Rode in my first all electric car today

Obama: Edwards family indicated that they probably wouldn't be attending the convention

Richer: 'I told Suskind He was Wrong'

Death toll in South Ossetia reaches 2000

Larisa Alexandrovna: "An Open Letter" Glass Houses & Stones

The irony of Bush's warning to Russia concerning Georgia attack!

Edwards could have had an affair with a MAN and it wouldn't matter!

Kevin Rudd witnessed a heated discussion between US President George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin

The Cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror Operations Since 9/11

The FBI wants us to consider the case closed.....

In Georgia Clash, a Lesson on U.S. Need for Russia

Iraq War Resister Robin Long Jailed, Facing Three Years In Army Stockade

I think the Edward's affair speaks volumes

If Hitler had a "D" behind his name would you support him?

DMV license photo won't be required for religious group

Massive U.S. Naval Armada Heads for Iran PLUS some scary stuff!

Georgia hoped US would intervene on their behalf, as a favor for Iraq support

IVINS & FBI's "Utterly Convincing Evidence"-Guilty For Speeding In His 1993 Honda Civic?

Cindy Sheehan on ballot vs. Pelosi

The 2008 Election Lexicon

Ivins Could Not Have Applied High-Tech Coating to the Killer Anthrax

Russia snubs George W Bush's call to pull troops out - 2,000 dead 30,000 refugees

For DUers interested in the real Politics (read business) of the Olympics and global sports

The Russian Conflict In Georgia Could Make War With Iran More Probable

John Edwards' Affair Also Brings John McCain's Marital Split to the Surface

First gold in Olympics goes to Czech Republic's Katerina Emmons.

My sexual issues are NO business of anyone else's except those involved, if all are adult/consensual

I will admit, and I don't give him much credit right now, Edwards did the right thing.

I forget. Isn't China the country that

I forget. Isn't China the country that

Army refining policy on media coverage of Arlington burials

Army refining policy on media coverage of Arlington burials

Analysis: BTC pipeline explosion

Good grief! Remember the woman who cloned her dog?

George W. Bush needs a theme song to reflect his presidency.......

Why we don't inflate our tires.

Russia Is Waging `Full-Scale War' Over S. Ossetia

Russia Is Waging `Full-Scale War' Over S. Ossetia

The Pipeline War: Russian bear goes for West's jugular

The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio

Protester's ropes cut at Chinese consulate in S.F.

Embracing a Free-Form Style, McCain Leads a Camp Divided

Edwards's Ex-Lover Rejects Idea Of DNA Test

Arianna Huffington

If Georgia falls, Europe's hopes of energy independence from Russia fall too.

Where Is the Afghan Female Runner?

As with Clinton, one lie about sex compared to tens of thousands dead

What in all that is holy is Dubya doing in this pic?

The link to the McCain affair in the LA Times

Re: Georgia - West Not Taking The Bait

Plucky Little Georgia? The West Would Be Wise to Stay Out

US faults Russia for rising violence in Georgia

Fannie Mae's 2nd-quarter losses triple what was expected

The Christian Faith in Venn diagram format

I'm glad Obama is on vacation this week.

finally, an email worth receiving 1-800-free-411 for cell users

If Edwards is disqualified from running for office because an affair, isn't McCain as well?"

Japanese-Americans seek redress for imprisonment

Does anybody know where to find out the t.v. replay schedules

Westboro Church didn't have the balls to show at Tim McLean's funeral

Does anyone have video of last nights olympic opening ceremony?

Is it me, or does Misty May sound like a porn name?

Is there a W on this woman's lower back?

25 Different John Edwards Threads in GD!?!?!?!

I think this Edwards thing is absolutely extraordinary.

Our arrested voter Galloglas will be interviewed on air today

Hornary (n.) a politically fatal Hart Attack (warning: this is in PRAISE of Edwards)

Did Edwards draw down the growing populist vote from Kucinich

Ya know, this Edwards thing reminds me why I don't go to church

McCain's Response to Edwards?

Jonathan Alter wrote a pretty good article in Newsweek. Here's a link.

Jonathan Alter wrote a pretty good article in Newsweek. Here's a link.

I just love watching the Men's Swimming Competition!

Is the Media Biased Towards One Party when it comes to Infidelity?

Putting Edwards affair in the proper perspective

Dems and Repigs both have mistresses. Difference is Repigs marry theirs

Draft Democratic party platform commits to ‘affordable, comprehensive health care’ for all

Draft Democratic party platform commits to ‘affordable, comprehensive health care’ for all

Michael Phelps wins first gold!

Tired of tabloid trash in GD? Go kick a story in Environment/Energy!

Why is Hunter refusing the paternity test?

John Edwards Impeachment Statement on Bill Clinton:

The Anatomy Of The Edwards Affair

Father-in law of US Volleyball coach murdered in China

What Kind Of Bomb Would Jesus Use?

McCain campaign censors signs it will sell

Condoleezza Rice was in Georgia on July 10

Georgian troops leaving Iraq occupation to try and prevent Russian occupation of Georgia

Nancy Pelosi MUST reconvene Congress IMMEDIATELY

John Edwards would make an excellent attorney general, and I don't see why he shouldn't get it

Old media dethroned: Edwards story ends traditional media's setting limits on acceptable journalism

Edit. thanks all; answered.

Did you know that Bernie Mac adopted his sister's children after

Two disgusting people doing truly disgusting things.

War has begun on Europe's edge.

CorpRATS/GOP (plutocracy) Prepare for Battle Against Rollback of Assault on Middle Class/Workers

At the risk of being flamed.... re: Edwards affair

Doesn't Hillary generate the most excitement for VP consideration?

Shouldn't McCains wife be described as his former mistress and current wife by the media?

Man goes to jail for killing girlfriend’s dog, stuffing it in ceiling

Care to caption this smirking chimp?

Have you seen the email going around saying mccain is the ANTI-CHRIST?

OK, let's put on our thinking caps. How many standard time zones are in the world?

Who the hell is bush to tell Russia who not to bomb or invade? I mean come on.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

July15: "U.S.-Georgia training begins amid Russia strain"

Is John Edwards infidelity meaningful outside his family & friends?

Sustainable Living/Emergency Preparedness Group

Predict the topics for the Sunday "news" shows!

NATION: Getting Georgia’s War On

Wash Post op-ed by Obama adviser warns of possible Al-Qaeda attack timed for elections

A serious plea to DU about startting Olympic threads

In Olympic spirit, an amazing saga of the first Chinese marathoner, by Ken Kesey:

Denmark is energy independent

Overly clean homes may up bowel disease risk

I be dumb ..... help please

DUH ..."OK,, THROW ME A EASY ONE. OK, OK, I GOT IT!" Dorky Pretznitwit

Nation Building? LOL! "We" want to stay in Iraq so "we" can play rebuild-ripoff.

The Edwards affair goes beyond a personal matter.

No one is to stone ANYONE until I blow this whistle! Do you understand?!

Why Butthead Went to the Olympics

Paul Newman.. Please Don't Leave Us

What happens if Georgia joins NATO?

PETA urges a vegetarian diet for fried chicken killer

Why would narcissism and hubris be an excuse for having an affair?

My son, 12, made this cartoon on some website:

Another Christian outreach group . Do they know Fred?

For those confused about Georgia, I have a map.

Georgia conflict over control of South Ossetia widened beyond the breakaway region

To those who have been cheated on by a spouse: this message is for you

The Pipeline War: Heartbreaking phone call from woman trapped as missiles fall

John Edwards: I don't want a saint. I want a politician.

Those of you boycotting the Olympics, REPORT!!!

John Dean: "Pelosi would rather be loved than respected"

The Death of DC Suburban Mayor's Dogs Should Matter to Every American

I hate the Olympics.

FBI Tells NYTs & WaPo, We Tapped Your Reporters Phones

IT IS TIME - NOW. We won't get another chance.

Mods, please, please create an Adultery Discussion Forum and just dump

A local was just in the Gallery, and her husband was at the Opening Ceremonies last night.

Mr. Fish goes over the stages of Obama support

With all the talk of infidelity and the "nature of man" here is some science

The Conservative Think Tank Battles for the Hearts and Minds of the Legal Establishment

So when did GD turn into CNN/M$M?

How Arnie's (Schwarzenegger) California dreaming turned sour: 'This whole state is in a terrible mes

This is an old Story that needs a second look

Re: Edwards. Thomas Jefferson slept with his Slave, yet we still have a Free Country...

Wasserman Schultz and Kendrick reap what you sow when you don't support your own.

I stand with Elizabeth Edwards and I , too , am proud of how John conducted himself today.

Bush today: "China used to be swarming with bikes. Now it's FILLED WITH CARS!!!!1"

75 years ago GM conspired to kill the streetcar industry - now it's oil, oil,oil

Russia stages raid near key oil pipeline...

Did Edwards commit election fraud? That is, did he accept donations while covering up adultery?

Forget Elizabeth. In running - knowing he would implode - Edwards betrayed every person on earth!

Comcast Tech Accuses 74-Year-Old Man Of Stealing Cable Service

Thoughts on the Role of Private Moral Issues in Public Politics

Obama calls out McCain about his new found concern for jobs helped lose in Ohio

Mistress' Family Challenges Edwards to Take DNA Test

Too bad the Edwards thing is taking attention away from this:

Will Drudge make a big deal about this photo?

Jane Mayer-WH Quiet-But-Insiders Say: “You know, you got it. Thank goodness someone told the story.”

Over seven months ago Sibel Edmonds offered (at great personal risk) to tell her story to any...

Bush 'deeply concerned' about Georgia-Russia conflict **PHOTOS**

"The FBI never asked anyone in Princeton whether or not they had seen Ivins.

NYT: Government's Chilling Kill GAME: Ivins-NOT-Only Suspect To Have Life Destroyed/Commit Suicide

NYT: Government's Chilling Kill GAME: Ivins-NOT-Only Suspect To Have Life Destroyed/Commit Suicide

Canadian Warplanes based in Kabul strike Russian military targets in Georgia!

This Day in History: Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki

Message from the ACLU. Please keep kicked.

Look at this picture, and tell me humanity is NOT in trouble

This is *NOT* a Rick-roll!!!!

Two VERY EASY things you can do to save power and money

Lieberman cuts $100,000 check to Democrats, apparently in effort to save post

Zbigniew Brzezinski on conflict between Russia and Georgia - June 12

Blackmail? or An uncontrollable urge to see her?

Georgia, South Ossetia, Russia and Enriched Uranium Trafficking

OMG! Drug prices up 100% - or higher

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan on the ballot

men have affairs cause... ALL men do it. cant help it. dna. science

The MSM and the World of "If"

Pres. Bush declines to slap Misty May-Treanor's bikinied butt

Cyclists Wilt As Beijing Competitors Feel The Heat

Why religious exemptions to laws are actually discriminatory

I am suddenly incredibly depressed. Is our country dying of stupidity?

Student on Semester st Sea kicked off ship and left alone in foreign country for....................

I'm amazed at how quickly posters here have become "Experts" on South Ossetia...

Attorney: 'DC Madam' left instructions if 'ever found dead of apparent suicide'


I can't sleep.

Cancelling account

Here's Time Bomb by Lake

A dark music video of London.

Youtube Screenshot

She is so misunderstood- - - (Ms Duley resurfaces)

This place is starting to get on my nerves.

Extreme ways are back again.......

The last time I saw her face




We live in a beautiful world

My kitten is sitting on the scanner.

Lightning Crashes.........

In light of today's events, I'm going to change my avatar. I'm open to suggestions.

How come the American announcers get to interject politics into their comments?

I just made a "Fuck you! I'm leaving!" post in the UCC forums.

Share with us your "Notes to self"

Emma - Hot Choclate

I like these Olympics better

Surrogate frame: When asked about Edwards story...


Okay...I can't hold back any longer! I've never been an Edwards Fan but This Stuff Reeks!

Lemons into Lemonade: Edwards

One thing to make clear! Edwards problems are NO EXCUSE to slam grass roots issues!

One thing to make clear! Edwards problems are NO EXCUSE to slam grass roots issues!

So where are all the people who flamed about Edwards yesterday????

Bar update...plenty of hot chicks to be had, but none to my liking

Found Out About You - Gin Blossums

Smartest guy of the week

Saga - Wind him up

The Big Hush - Shriekback.

Il était une fois dans l'Ouest

I'm going to be blunt. I think anyone who says, "it was just sex" is an IDIOT.

**New McCain Ad ... Conveys the GOP American Spirit **

Wall of VooDoo- Far side of crazy

This movie is going to SUCK!!!

PBS: Holbrooke on Obama vs. McGrumpy. Charlie Rose. Smart

I am a bad woman and muxt be stopped

Any big news happen yesterday?

OMG! "DrugDealerCindy" website, with downloadable poster!

lookin for drunk math...

Conventions dates

A cloned dog, a Mormon in mink-lined handcuffs and a tantalising mystery

Some August 9, with help from Wikipedia

Nik Kershaw wouldn't if be good

Did Edwards commit election fraud? That is, did he accept donations while covering up adultery?

Tekken players, who's your favorite fighter?

Has the effort to smear John Edwards succeeded?

Thank God the John Edwards thing broke now...

I can't believe how much crap I had to take around here for criticizing Edwards...

Tomorrow I canvass for the first time this election

Will this controversy affect Obama's numbers?

I think this might be the only time I've ever seen teh chimperor give a non-cynical smile

Well, you can bet the tabloids have been working like crazy to uncover some dirt on Obama...

I think it's becoming apparent that we need to have some sort of Nerd-Off

Obama and the "inexperience" bullshit tag..

'on top of p'sketti, all covered with cheese, i lost my poor meatball,

From one month ago: Edwards opens door wider to veep bid

Do Children have as much fun in Childhood as Adults do in Adultery?

N.C. man accused of threatening Barack Obama

HEADS UP regarding this latest Edwards revelation

Band of Horses

I call Bullshit. This is not Edwards!

Family member of USA volleyball coach killed in Beijing

On adultery, Edwards cites McCain

Clinton says she wants Obama to win White House

PSA: It's almost impossible to smoke, ride a bike and carry an Obama sign

While Excoriating Edwards For Cheating, FOX News Overlooks McCain’s Cheating Past

The Page: link to Senator Barack Obama's radio address

PETA, Dude!!!

During TV Interview, Edwards cites McCain's adulterous past

Have you all noticed that McCain has nothing to say about the outrage of the day

Sunday talk show tip sheet

The Scout in BooScout.....

You have to admit - Edward's timing is great! WIth Obama on

What Undecided voters are saying (cnn "iReporters")

just got in

Re: Edwards. Thomas Jefferson slept with his Slave, yet we still have a Free Country...

How on earth can Obama EVER overcome distant 3rd-place Edwards' penis?

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to...

Hillary vows to "take it to a vote" at the Convention

Obama slams McCain in official Democratic radio address

Comparing Obama, McCain energy plans

ABC's convention plans

New York: ‘Color it Blue and Throw Away the Crayon’

Growing diversity in swing counties favors Obama

John McCain was an adulterer-Cheated on his handicapped wife with an heiress 24 years his junior.

John McCain was an adulterer-Cheated on his handicapped wife with an heiress 24 years his junior.

Whenever there's a Dem sex scandal, out pops Cokie Roberts on the talking heads.

Whenever there's a Dem sex scandal, out pops Cokie Roberts on the talking heads.

The MSM Can't Talk about Edwards 24/7 without bringing Up McCain

****Democratic Platform Drafting Now On C-SPAN Live****

The O Factor: Oprah Gives Obama an Extra Million

Feingold Focusing on Senate Work; Won't Rule out VP Role

So maybe the media's obsession with Edwards is really about McCain?

The "Little Boss" & how he almost killed ANOTHER 1.25 Million innocent people!!

Great pics of Obama in Hawaii!

The First Legislation Obama Will Attempt To Pass Will Be: S-Chip, Stem Cell, & Healthcare

I hate to say it, but I think Edward's affair will cost Obama his lead in the polls.

Actor and comedian Bernie Mac dies at age 50

Obama greets supporters at Keehi Lagoon Park

Why is always "beheading" and not "bebodying"?

Honolulu Advertiser: Presidential Candidate to Spend Time Off Campaign Trail with Family on Oahu

The Worst Repuke Ticket-“[McCain] loves Lieberman"

Lynn Sweet interviews David Wade, Obama's VP Spokesman-in-Waiting (VIDEO)

National Press Gets Little Time from McCain

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/9/08 - Obama 44, McCain 44 (McSlime up 1)

Too Cute?

I am so proud of my daughter.

McCrypt stays classy: Compares Obama to "big, summer blockbuster" - more lies in radio address

if you type: McCain adultery to Google, you'll get 500,000 hits. - LOL

That damn ice cream truck went by playing O Fortuna.

I don't get why people are shocked when someone has an affair

Racism and the Race

Obama must of had a good night up 5 in gallup

Alright, I'm going on a first date tomorrow. Any last minute advice?


Oh go jump in a lake.

Cool electronic band McCain isn't being a jealous ass. He's just trying to raise expectations for Obama's speech.

All fractal artists here- I'm a callin' you out. (Dial-up warning)

First Carlin, now Bernie?

McCain: Obama's too wordy

Worst Judgment Ever

The Mothman Prophecies

Is this a joke?

McCain's new ad touts "renewable energy," but his energy plan offers little to support it.

Todays Rasmussen Poll - McSame up 47-46 among "Likely Voters"

Why is it always "Wife swapping" and not HUSBAND swapping?

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Cindy McCain and her Drug Caper-September 08, 1994

Some things to consider

Obama slams McCain in inaugural radio address

Take a second, and start using the "BUZZ UP" and "DIGG" features on stories you like!

So why is it such a big deal for a politician to have an affair?

Puppiez IZ Wuv

God bless women's beach volleyball

McCain in Baghdad, some please refresh my memory

Screw the Olympics...

USA women's fencers suck...


Local Event Score: Obama: 16 McCain: 2

Saturday morning ramblings...


Yo! The Democratic Party's Platform Committee Meeting is being carried live on CSPAN.

John McCain was 54 years old in 1991 during the Keating 5 debacle-Ruled has having bad judgment!

Tabling today...depressing.

"Obama's celebrity comes from emotional identity with voters, not rock star hysteria."

Just Asking...

The Caucasian Card

John McCain has a lot of past behaviors to explain...

"Good evening, Senator. Our first question of the debate is . . . "

Man, the convention can't get here soon enough for me...

Who won on Jeopardy last night?

Obama Ad Attacks McCain on Yucca Mountain

Comedian Bernie Mac is Dead

Derby Day in Portland

YooHoo!!! DS1!!! I'm starting a new thread to complain about something

I'm tired of listening to Midlo complaining about other people complaining

The Obamapreneur: Johnny Richey makes change with bootleg Barack t-shirts.

Obama Rising In Latest Gallup Poll!

What's with howling by fencers?

John McCain's adultery WAS different from John Edwards. . . . . McCain DID NOT REPENT!

McBush: Trying to be a celebrity, succeeding at hypocrisy = celebripocrisy


Atlantic Scores Internal Clinton Campaign Emails

Help me out here....

US wins first medal in Beijing

I'm holier than thou

If Pope Benedict XVI and Paris Hilton claimed to have had an affair...


I'm cleaning my fish tank. And I made some French Onion Soup earlier.

"Is this another skeleton in the Democratic closet that Barack Obama must struggle to overcome?"

McBush is a wanna-be celebrity hypocrite who is extremely boring!

Forget Elizabeth. In running - knowing he would implode - Edwards betrayed every person on earth!

Ouch! Mom and baby roo napping.

I'm hoping McDidTheSameThing picks LIEberman

Today's Gallup poll: Obama up, McCain down

In honor of Paul Newman's anouncment: the original Slap Shot trailer

The ‘Process’ President-Obama's cool, cerebral style may be just what we need

Gallup O 47 M 42

I just discovered today that politicians have affairs.

McCain: Member of the Lucky-Sperm Club

If McCain's adultery doesn't matter because "it was years ago"

(Spoiler) Men's Beach Volleyball, Bush visits the players beforehand

Who is you favortie tv cartoon monkey?

Doesn't actively requesting combat in Vietnam classify a person as insane?

anyone seen Pineapple Express? (no spoilers please)

When the MSM plays a McCain ad, they just play it. When they play an Obama ad, they pick it apart...


News Correspondent Caught in Lie!!!

funny student stuff.


Now the way is clear for Eliot Spitzer to be the Attorney General.

I am sick of kitten pic threads.

Does anyone else find it funny you can purchase 190 proof Everclear in Utah, but not California?

Feds investigating drug raid on small-town mayor's home (and I just wrote the governor).

(spoilers) After seeing The Dark Knight, Lee Roy Sphits Has this to say:

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama 47 (+1), McCrypt 42 (-1). Edwards must be hurting Barack bigtime...!

Why McCain would be a mediocre president (MarketWatch)

Obama Action Wire: Obama Campaign Needs Our Help!

Homer Simpson on the Spanish Euro Coin

ABC may have ommitted comments about McCain from the Edwards interview

Growing diversity in swing counties favors Obama

"We are holding Jesus ransom til you clean up the poopie from your weiners"

Paging a Mr. GoPsUx... Mr. GoPsUx.

For my 30,000th Post, I admit I cheated on John Edwards...

Is McCain ready or fit to lead? FOX doesn't pursue that angle.

I confess. 10 years ago, I too had an affair. I was found out...

Ebay Question on how to deal with non Payers

New McCain scum-headed ads appear to be affecting some Freeps enough to vocalize their stupidity

I'm HOLLOWER than thou!

So when Al Gore is selected for VP and Energy/Environment Czar

Top surrogates hit the airwaves

Are there any recent numbers on the size of Hillary's remaining campaign debt?

Did I See What I Saw ???????

CHALLENGE- Deconstruct Hillary's Quote & Rework It To Hurt McCain & Help Obama

If Pope Benedict XVI and Paris Hilton claimed to have had an affair...

Goddamned IMBECILIC article about Obama going to Hawaii to see GrandMother

John McCain's missing Technology Policy

Media Salivate Over Edwards' Affair; Shrug Shoulders Over McCain's Alleged Infidelity

Those Wall Street Journal Editorial Board dudes are some creepy looking mofos

Olympics beef

New Order or the Stone roses?

Thanks everyone, I had a great time!

Let's change the subject: Post a pic of your first car and then your current car.

How Obama's Vacation Can Kill Off McCain.

yeah, so i am frustrated and le sad

Why "I" am sure Barack is faithful to Michelle

Hey, Lioness and Peg and ThomCat and the other NYC meetup folks: We might have

Do you have "benefits" all the time--for people in health crises?

Just saw the "Hands" Obama ad on the teevee!

Maybe there is a lesson to be had from this fiasco

It turns out I'm emceeing a fashion show tonight

Is Anyone Watching "Gods Warriors" on CNN right now?

Post pics you took of places where weapons were made

Post pics you took of wastewater treatment facilities

With all that is happening with Russia and Georgia....

This election is totally FARKED (dial-uppers beware)

Stop being stupid

Why McCain should be terrified that Edwards' affair is in the spotlight...

John McCain needs his rest (9 hrs a nite) or he's not "sharp".

If I cut back a tree limb, should I coat the 'wound' with tar or something or...

Jesus Christ! Someone captured the time I was warned by the Mods on video!

Anchor argues with reporter on air - funny shit

I think Edward's affair will cost John McCain points in the polls

Stupid music question....

The Blogs and Liberal Radio need to go ballistic over McCain's infidelity

I'm hollier than thou

Michelle Obama on Cover of Ebony Magazine!

Barack and Michelle Obama Interview with LHJ& Cover

Starve The Beast: Appetite For Distortion

Embracing a Free-Form Style, McCain Leads a Camp Divided

TPMtv: Dazed and Confused (McCain)

Project Runway designer sighting.

Our collective personal* betrayal aside, what is more important right now?

Is there any site that streams Olympic games? I am specifically looking for the swimming stuff

Lapsed Catholics sign in!

My guilty Olympian pleasure: Women's Beach Volleyball

Leaked McCain Memo: Paint Obama As A "Job Killing Machine"

WPost Admits Bungling Obama Quote

RNC aims at Obama's elite education

Everybody wants a star! See JFK, RFK, Reagan, Schwarzenegger, and now Obama

Do they test for performance-enhancing drugs in

some other lies and betrayals

The Chieftains & Alison Krauss - Molly Ban

Call My Travel Agent; There's an Election Coming Up

Media highlight Edwards' Young and Narcissistic could-do-no-Wrong quote as the Subliminal link

I hate rally scoring in volleyball

Obama talks to Rice about Georgia, condemns Russia

My 3 days at Lollapalooza, with PICS

Obama Family on Cover of Essence Magazine! FABULOUS!

Yes! Someone Finally Said It!! Go, Team Go

Womens Beach Volleyball in High Definition

No candidates, no congress, olympics, DU will devolve into personal in-fighting this week.

Breaking "News" : Elitist Obama has a 3 digit I.Q.!

What is Obamas REAL lead in the polls?

I'm new to - any advice?

It's political suicide for the GOP to dwell on Edwards since McCain has had

Has anyone seen the Men's 400m Individual Medley final yet?


The Selection vs Election Process

sfexpat2000 found a major discrepancy in the FBI's newest spin on Ivins - anthrax case

My little back and forth with a Hillary dead ender.

wrong place

McCain to Disabled American Veterans Convention: "Obama Seeks To 'Legislate Failure' In Iraq"

Advanced Carpentry. "Regular" Language vs. "Lounge" Language

How Can McBush Seriously Demand That Russia Withdraw From South Ossetia?

I have owned about eight CD/DVD burners in my life

And now for my next trick, a shot of Tequila for my 1000th post!

Why is McCain's staff cutting off media access?

Awesome Picture Slideshow -- Obama Rally at Keehi Lagoon Beach Park in Honolulu

McCain got us into Iraq carelessly. Obama will get us out carefully.

This Obama fan applauds the Clinton supporters lobbying the DNC Platform committee

Just saw a McCain ad

OK So - After 2 x 22ozers of 10% IPA's - what should finish the evening?

NYT-"McCain and His First Wife"

Why McCain would be a mediocre president - WSJ


Carole King "Tapestry" - Tonight - Whaddya think?

choo ever eat so many octopus

The wife and kids are away - I am drinking until I'm stupider than I usually am

The "silent majority" scares me

Lieberman ‘on McCain short-list’ AKA The asshole that won't go away.

Some informative McLame sites

I've changed my avatar. Just a heads up.

Fred MacMurray just fired Edie Adams.

people should vote for Obama just to see this for 4-8 years...

It just rained a little. How delightful!

I think I've been banned from the UCC website.

My special boy Bailey

Obama's ads fit into the Olympics well.

How about that youth vote?

any Denver DU'ers that can put my mom and I up for the convention week?

This is for all the Republican's who are on DU

I, MrsGrumpy, am addicted to Time Management Games...

Philly/New Jersey: I'll be playing at Trump Plaza Beach Bar in Atlantic City this Sunday (Aug. 10)!

My old man Beau

That USA beach volleyball player looks like a young James Carville

When did "asshats" become "assclowns" and why?

McCain’s DHL problem may cost him Ohio

WTf happened to my HS friends?!

Last DVD you bought?

Hello Dears.

This day in baseball — Aug. 9, 1949

It was me and MrLaraMN's tenth anniversary yesterday.

Anyone else just really not care about the Olympics?

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, August 10 ... (Link)

Aggrieved Clinton fans attack caucuses as Dems meet

I shot a kitten 850 ft....

One year cancer free

Does the Lounge have anti-god bias?

Hmmmm...I guess I will ask a serious question

Smart: Good

I've changed my underwear . Just a heads up.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/9/08

Hillary Clinton's slur unearthed to hurt Obama


Exciting news I can't discuss here

For the first time in probably over 35 years

"Hold, good people! I am the PROTESTANT whore!"

Jane Smiley writing in Huffpo: Hiding the Scumbag

A 260 lb carp

New Obama Ad: 'Backyard' - Obama releases his second, scathing local attack (Nevada this time)

I just called my Mom on the phone so I could yell at her

Something's been bugging me

Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga is a Frickin' Genius

Job-Killing McCain voted to Waive and Weaken Buy American Laws

Remember- McCain's Cheating On His Wife Cost Him The Admiralty. This is why

Bored at the bookstore, ask me anything!

I hope one of you electronic genuises can help me

The Obama Campaign Sets the Record Straight on YouTube...Fact Check: More Tax Deception

The Obama Campaign Sets the Record Straight on YouTube...Fact Check: More Tax Deception


Subliminal Violence Messages Against Obama In McCain Ads?

Funny variations on old sayings:

A dude from Saskatchewan told me "You use a lot of big words" last night

A friend's insurance hassle. Check it out

Slate has a piece on Vince "The ShamWow Guy"

My cat is annoying me right now, how do I annoy him back?

Hannity's just BEGGING for the McCain story to come out by what he keeps saying

Scooter the trucking beagle.

Are You Experienced?

A mycritters2 review of "Mamma Mia!"

Top Ten Reasons to Hate Barack Hussein Obama...

I'm up

Does the Lounge have anti-dog bias?

How do you feel about Riele Hunter?


Do you recognize your dog's "voice"?

PHOTOS: BARACK, MICHELLE OBAMA speak at a welcoming ceremony at Keehi Lagoon Beach, Honolulu

Trouser snake!

The Meaning of Life...

WPost Admits Bungling Obama Quote

Hi, everybody! I am in New York!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday August 9

name some diversified conglomerates

Advice for my attendance at a McCain rally here next Tuesday

The wife U.S. Republican John McCain callously left behind.

Dear ABC News,

67 Million Acres, DU'ers. 67 MILLION. That's The Unused Area Big Oil Is Sitting On Right Now

Former President Ford secretly told FBI about panel's doubts on JFK murder

The 2008 platform draft has stripped out the words "gay and lesbian families"

ENERGY: McCain's proposed 45 Nuclear Plants and why this will work against him in the GE.

Lieberman being vetted as possible McCain Veep

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/9/2008) CAUTION! 'C' Word Warning!!!

Obama Camp - Sit down with T. Boone Pickins and talk energy

Obama Camp: "Does John McCain Have a Woman Problem"

I think it is below us to bring up McCain's affair

Carole King "Tapestry" - Tonight - Whaddya think?

OMGOMGOMGOMG - Women's Gymn Starts at 9:00 Central Time

WAMU: If they didn't have 3.75% I'd would have never opened an account.

McCain's Rove imports are doing a good job at what they do

Why I'm Positive Obama Has Never Had an Affair

Broadcast your voice across the fjords!

Picking a Fight with Russia: Very Presidential

How 'bout this copy from Honolulu?

Word Association Thread

TYT: How is John McCain's Affair Different than John Edwards'?

Married,or in a relationship. Would you cheat if you could?

NPR just put up a comment at the Denver Group ad accusing Dean of unfairness.

ABC Cover-up: Edits Edwards Interview to Delete References To John McCain's Affair!

The FL and MI primaries are still playing out. Accusation of unfair primary continues.

Favorite DU photoshops?

Just found out that the guy who did my tattoo

Is this porn?

McCain: "Wayne Gretzky is one of the all-time best American athletes!"

A quick update for those who have been following my cancer survivorship:

olympic medals - does anyone else finding it embarassing to take so many

john edwards told me they were drinking wine and things just happened!

Why is always "bedwetting" and not "electioneering"?

The AFLAC duck...

does character include being able to fill in forms properly?

I am sick of all this holier-than-thou shit here on DU

A note on how we will be treating Olympics threads going forward

UBS settles over securities

Bus from Houston crashes north of Dallas; 'multiple fatalities' reported

Cleric (al- Sadr) offers to curb militia in exchange for U.S. pullout

Remote-control warriors suffer battle stress at a distance

Relative of US Olympic coach killed in Beijing

Diplomats: Syria turned away IAEA

Russian troops raid Georgian town; scores dead

Nebraska firm recalls (1.2 million pounds - not ground) beef due to E. coli-USDA

Flash floods hit north Vietnam, 80 dead or missing

Death toll rises to 25 from Iraq market bombing

Medvedev tells Bush Russia aims to force Georgia to accept peace

New Orleans shooter gets life for Slidell murder

F.B.I. Says It Obtained Reporters’ Phone Records

FBI to newspapers: Sorry about your phone records

Russian bombs spread panic in Georgia

Bionic breakthrough in sight with an Australian first

Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish in critical condition

Charlotte man accused of threatening Obama

Argentina: Scrapping of Military Code of Justice welcomed (another country terminates death penalty)

Doubts Persist Among Anthrax Suspect’s Colleagues

‘No, no to America. No, no to occupation.’

Iraq resumes exploration of oil reserves after 20-yr break

Olympics Opening Ceremonies Tape Delay by NBC Faces End Run by Online Fans

In Loose Style, McCain Leads a Camp Divided

Report: Explosions rock restive Chinese region

Actor, comedian Bernie Mac, dies at 50

Chinese man kills U.S. tourist in Beijing

Obama slams McCain in official Democratic Radio Address

Kevin Rudd reveals Bush-Putin argument at Opening Ceremony

Lieberman Helps Out Democrats With $100,000 Check

U.S. shifts Arctic foreign policy

Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish dead at 67

Small pro-Tibet protest held in Tiananmen Square

Obama Ad Attacks McCain on Yucca Mountain

Nebraska Beef issues another extensive recall (1.2 million pounds)

Lieberman ‘on McCain VP short-list’; Being vetted, according to McCain adviser

Japanese-Americans seek redress for imprisonment

Georgia declares state of war with Russia

Credit Crisis Triggers Unprecedented U.S. Response

Abkhazia now involved in Georgian battle

Russia bombs Tbilisi airport, says official

Edwards's Ex-Lover Rejects Idea Of DNA Test

3 nuns detained during protest at Air Force base

Russian jets targeted major oil pipeline-Georgia

Countdown: Nate Silver Interview August 8, 2008


Russian troops in Tskhinvali to help stop violence

Colbert on John McCain the Maverick, 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner

History of the National Security State with Gore Vidal

John McCain's Celebripocrisy

Video on Georgian Russian War

John Edwards - Missing Webisode 1 - "Plane Truths"

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons 08/09

When you see this remember - this is the PRESIDENT

Sen. Clinton Urges Her Fans to Support Obama

Vote Obama. McCain is Insane. Just watch...

9/11 Truth: Military Exercises

Job Killing John

Gay Adoption Ad

TYT: Should DB Retire? - He Helped Ruin Our Reputation

Countdown: Bushed! August 8, 2008

Obama in Hawaii: The Power & Strength of Diversity

Obama NV Ad: "Backyard"

How long do we have to site amongst this rabble anyway?? (00:08)

TYT: Edwards' Affair - Does it Matter?

Fact Check: More Tax Deception

Executive Action (1973)

TYT: Are Some Of The New Planned Parenthood Ads Too Racy?

Naomi Klein on China and the Olympics

Protesters greet McCain in Liberty Twp., OH

National Hero-Sam the Cooking guy tells Kathie Lee to be quiet

Unbelievable Treatment of the Flag by Bush!

Red State Update on KCAL 9 News

John Edwards interview on Nightline (ABC TV, 08/08/08)

The War Escalates- Bush & CNN on Russian War

"Stand Up" Highlights McCain's Deep Involvement in Deal with UPS in Ohio

Republicans and military men on John McCain

John Edwards, McCain Did It Too

Was Edwards Affair Worse Than McCains?

Paul Newman says he will die at home

Mocked For Being Fat, Then Stabbed To Death

Georgia, Russia, US and Iran: It's all about Big Oil

5 Minutes to Nuclear Midnight

Obama coverage finds dark lining around silver clouds

Truth or Consequences

Barack Obama's Smoke and Mirrors Fundraising By Joshua Frank

Common Sense 90 Miles Away By James Oliver

FBI Says It Obtained Reporters' Phone Records Improperly

China’s Leaders Try to Impress and Reassure World

Fannie and Freddie: Giving Away the Farm By Ellen Brown

Finding the Upside - Herbert

McCain: A Great Wall of 'Duh'

The Reprehensible Republican Mind By JC Garrett

After two months of discord, finally a handshake (Kenya) - CS Monitor

Republican Sex Offenders August 09, 2008 Exposing the hypocrisy of Republican "Family Values"

West will be where it's won By David Sirota

Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know — and loathe

Forget Paternity Test for Edwards, Just Check the Hair!

South Ossetia At Front Of New East-West Conflict?

Psychological: The GOP adjective for the day.

United States hold little leverage over Russia in Georgia conflict

Bob Herbert: Finding the Upside

No more Nixons! (I'll take a Cheney)

The Sins John Edwards Did Not Commit

Infidelity, Edwards and McCain

Eugene Robinson: Tarnish on a Golden Boy

UK Analyses of South Ossetia conflict

South Ossetia: Inside Georgia but dependent on Russia

US has political, economic stake(US backed pipeline) in far-flung spat between Russia and Georgia

South Ossetia Sinks Into The Spin Zone

Why is No One Calling the Anthrax Suspect a Terrorist? By Cenk Uygur

The Guardian: Plucky little Georgia? No, the cold war reading won't wash

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, August 10 – Obama 344, McCain 194

Michael Moore - extract from "Mike's Election Guide" (coming soon)

A Vote That May Strengthen Bolivian Leader

Part V: Joy over survival, tears at extension (part 5 of 7)

All U.S. trainers in Georgia accounted for

Ark. man indicted in Army depot thefts

Shipment of E-6 exams missing in Pearl Harbor

Corps overhauls MOS system, 6 jobs cut

Corporal to be court-martialed in murder case

2 Marines die in non-combat incident

Aziz had role in Africa training

Alcohol prices on Guam to increase significantly

Marine suspected of stealing car, ditching Humvee

Five civilians dead after coalition engages militants

Guam considers legislation on radiation issue

Former VA officials in Ark. barred from research

Army Creates Team to View Lab Security (Ivins)

Reservist Fired After Assignment

Army Displays 100 Technologies

Georgia launches offensive against breakaway province; Russia sends in tanks

New media policy coming for Arlington burials

Unit bans smoking water pipes

Kitty Hawk arrives in U.S. for final time

MAs court-martialed in corpsman suicide

Pro golfer to enter plea in Orlando hawk case

Wind power firm (Blue H USA) eyes (Gulf of) Maine (for off-shore wind turbine complex)

Wind power gains momentum (in Pennsylvania)

Bottled Water: The Height of Stupidity

Press Release: Akeena Solar Reaches Coast to Coast With Expansion Into Connecticut

Wired: Naval Researchers Organize Cold Fusion Confab

New Biodiesel Plant In Cheshire (CT) On Auction Block

(Lithium-Ion Battery Maker) A123Systems Files Registration Statement for Initial Public Offering

(Upstate NY) Wind power—EZ (Empire Zone) changes limit future benefits


Thieves now hot for used frying oil

Bat bites kill 38 in Venezuela

(Cross-country) Hydrogen-car caravan leaves Monday (Portland, ME to Santa Monica, CA)

General Motors R&D Chief Larry Burns Sees 'Electric Drive' across Product Line

Junk Mail Produces as Much CO2 as 7 States Combined

Postcard From Illulisat - Time

Bush-Appointed Climate Panel States Computer Models Effective, Humans Causing Rapid Warming - N.S/

Oregon installs first highway solar project

Farms turn to falcons to guard berry crops

Scientists ask to plant GM trees (BBC)

Much Cheaper Fuel Cells On The Way With New Prototype (ABC Oz)

MIT Scientists Increase Fuel Cell Efficiency 50% (Gizmodo)

Jerome A Paris On Georgia, Neocons

Canadian Team Begins Biggest Search Ever For HMS Erebus, Terror, Lost In 1847 In Arctic

NSIDC - Warm Winds From Alaska's North Slope May Move Extent Close To 2007 Record

Long-Term Outlook For Western Australia Drier Than First Projected

Algae Blooming "In Huge Patches" Across Chesapeake Bay - Middle River Crabs Suffocating

IOC Finally Admits - Some Events May Face Postponement, Cancellation Because Of Beijing Pollution

Car Exhaust Device Produces Diamonds

Olympic Cyclist - "It Feels Like You Are At 3,000 Meters Because Of The Air. You Cannot Breathe."

Will Obama propose Illinois as the new waste disposal site?

Reno firm makes backyard (VAWT) wind turbines

Kunstler - Drill! Drill! Drill! - Why Larry Kudlow Is Wrong About This

(Shop teachers) Switching over to electric cars

Darling River, Australia's Largest, Now A Series Of LInked Pools - 56% Of Basin's Water Diverted

Polar Bear, Trapped On Land By Rapid Sea Ice Retreat, Chases Away Scientists Trying To Help

Does anyone expect Gazprom's Germany to say a word about the crushing of Georgia?

Couple files for divorce.

Stupid Budget Tricks (NYT) {state budget shortfalls}

Google believes $1B investment in AOL is crumbling

The Fast Disappearing U.S. Middle Class

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/09/08

Israeli settlers storm Ibrahimi mosque; settler aggression on the rise

Is Anyone Watching "Gods Warriors" on CNN right now?

Israel battles Spanish arrest warrants

Foreign Ministry: Halt arms sales to Georgia

An Israeli Strike on Iran, a Plan That Just Doesn't Fly

Israeli army sprays toilet water at Bil'in protesters

Israel's front-line thugs

George McGovern: My Party Should Respect Secret Union Ballots

August 2008 BCTGM REPORT

Today in labor history August 09 Fire destroys 547 buildings in the heart of Boston’s business dist.

Jobs Picture Worsens. We Can Do Something About It

Obama Urges Justice for Beef Northwest Workers (link to the letter too)

Some good news, finally...

UAW facing rough road in unionizing A.C. dealers

Ecuador grants free higher education for police, military officers

Venezuela, Iran to loan Bolivia 225 mln dlrs for cement firm: official

Paraguay, “a devastated country”, says elected president

A Vote That May Strengthen Bolivian Leader

Past Performances for Arlington Million Day stakes races

Anyone know what that black stuff is on Kerri Walsh's shoulder?

DU EXCLUSIVE - Photos Of Brett Favre's First Jets Practice (taken by me)

Why does the US suck at Shooting in the Olympics?

Grounding the Unfoldment from Uriel Heals

Bach Flower Essences?

Minn. baby born 8/8/08 at 8:08; 8 pounds, 8 ounces

very powerful song

Can any body recommend herbal or other naturopathic remedies for

Superbugs: The new generation of resistant infections is almost impossible to treat.

Science according to Freepville: 1) high pollution is good for China because

This sciatica is driving me nuts!

Another Method to Achieve Universal Health Insurance

Why does this happen?

Lurker looking for advice


University Wins Patent Fight Involving Potentially High Financial Stakes

Around Africa in a Phoenician boat (BBC)

Sub to make deep Caribbean dive

Melons Elucidate Evolution Of Sex

Well, screwed that one up...

Orange sherbet on a hot night -- my first post in this forum

Lots of ground cherries at the Greenmarket.

Pesto in Progress

A Tale of Twoferabuck Corn

Dinners from hell?

Should atheism be legally treated as a religion?

The Christian Faith in Venn diagram format

Sisters pray for immigration reform at rally

This is great!

Pirhana - and all - look at this cute smiley:

Dawkins at his best

I read in a thread about Obama's statement regarding Edwards,

I just watched the Edwards interview on Nightline.

Just watch Edwards blink

Why Water-ice Doesn't Fully Conform To Third Law Of Thermodynamics

Big, Bland John

Lawmaker asks auditor to study $1 billion TxDOT error (Update)

Any Octave users here?

Intel Q6600,. running at 3.6GHz (9x400) or an E8400?

Anyone ever try using Petsci with a Mac Pro quad or dual quad?

What to do with an old, non-functioning monitor?

I'm afraid I may be getting a reputation for being "full of it".

video about David Wade

CEO of Bachman Floral killed in Beijing

Labor Day picnic at Harriett Island

Obama's MA campaign manager for the fall election chosen

Is the US Chamber of Commerce a government agency?

(NC) Teacher bonuses sliced by almost 30% for 2009

Party for Change, St Paul 9-2-08

Wrong ballots may prompt revote in Cole County's Eastern District (MO)

You Go to Elections with the Voting System You Have:Stop-Gap Mitigations for Deployed Voting Systems

The Right to Vote

Talk to me about the "numbers"

SB 840 Universal Health Care (

Link to a great thread about Dawkins