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Have you seen this newspaper article about McCain?

does a man have a right to *not* know whether or not he fathered a child?

A mass of ramblings in a different and dated view of the Anthrax Attacks and more

Barack Obama vs Bob Barr

Jon Stewart: Bush either has a thirst for International knowledge, or is a drug mule

McCain: The courage to lead...

BREAKING NEWS: Packers Trade Brett Favre to New York Jets

BREAKING NEWS: Packers Trade Brett Favre to New York Jets

"He absolutely does have to resolve it. If it's not true,

This thread is too sexy for DU.

I'm so happy tonight. I received TWO responses from my

Brett Farve will be traded to the Jets

Brett Farve will be traded to the Jets

US accused of supporting Pakistani terrorists

somebody help me understand this bit from the anthrax search warrants...

"Bush Impeachment" is most searched for in Oregon

Toby Keith's Pro-Lynching Publicity Tour Hits Colbert, CBS and More

Secret EU report moots sharing personal data with US

The Passive Aggressive attack - (Rove's speciality, a Reagan innovation)

AK-Sen: SSP Moves Race From "Tossup" to "Lean Democratic"

Request for a photo shopper to do a good deed for the party...

The VP betting line

Michelle Obama meets with military spouses

Are pieces or things Cindy Sheehan writes not allowed here currently?

Potential presidential assassin just caught? Report out of Maryland....

Potential presidential assassin just caught? Report out of Maryland....

Freddie Mac's negative net worth raises questions

Police Officers Arrested In Mexico With Firearms, Ammo

Journalist seeking paycheck? Try India

AlterNet: Is Your Organic Food Really Organic?

Today's Congressional dem primary election in Memphis will tell us a lot about race relations

Flashback! Hatfill Denies Visiting Princeton

Speaking of Paris Hilton...Dustin Hoffman

Supermarket Chains Narrow Their Sights

Jerome Corsi's Anti-Obama book filled to the brim with falsehoods

Savior Searching and the U.S. Election

U.K. July Home Values Fall Most Since 1983, HBOS Says

*sniff* that smell coming from Bolivia is the CIA playbook

Highest Unsold Home Supply Since '82 Seen Needing 50% Reduction

In my opinion, **** is making things worse by going to China .

T. Boone Pickens' motives in energy plan questioned

WJ this morning: Anthrax Case -did the FBI Get it Right?

Case Against Religion in VA Care Fails

Was Jim Adkisson insane?

Pakistan coalition to impeach Musharraf

The Networks ARE covering for McCain because they need a story..

One of our friends is now a HuffPo blogger

impeachment procedings have begun!!!!!

Editorial questioning abstinence-only education pulled from school paper

Will bush's wars end if Obama becomes president?

The Prophecies of Asu: To Be or not To Be?

The Prophecies of Asu: To Be or not To Be?

MarketWatch: Initial jobless claims climb to highest since spring of 2002

If a kids' camp existed for agnostic and atheist kids to freely discuss the lack of a God...

Impeachment threat

How many atheist organizations are there at the Vatican?


" Next up before the military commissions: Bin Laden's pastry chef" LAT

Vote McCain or be Eaten!

New Republican slogan

"Ugly, concerning and lackluster" = July retail sales

McCain's Plan: Attach the word "Surge" to EVERYTHING

McCain's Plan: Attach the word "Surge" to EVERYTHING

Pakistan Moves to Impeach Musharraf

Lee Harvey Ivins

Pat Leahy's office points out that Glenn BecKKK is an Idiot

Anthrax Timeline-IMPOSSIBLE To Rectify-Ivins In "Hot Suite" AFTER Stopping Immunizations???

McCain now agrees that inflating your tires saves gasoline

I was asked to be a precinct captain for Obama

Where to look for latest polls on the elections??

Detroit mayor ordered to jail

Off Shore Drilling: has anyone bothered to ask.....

"Bite the Big Won Ton." - China to Commander AWOL Bush

"Ivins Would Still Be Alive If Their Case Against Him Had Been Stronger"

"Ivins Would Still Be Alive If Their Case Against Him Had Been Stronger"

Why Isn't McCain doing better?

Yeah, the Olympics are off to a good start- and they haven't even started yet

Why is offshore oil called "our" oil??

Saw this on Washington Journal: Edwards under growing pressure to confront tabloid reports of love

What does the lack of candidate bumper stickers signify?

Justice For Sale

I have a theory about the Edwards tabloid story

The Rethugs sure know about celebrities!

And They Will Be a Long Time Coming Home: Soldiers Far Away

Americans Want Action on Energy Now

From the "People Who We Don't Miss" files: Rudy 9iu11ni is back, and telling more lies

Right Now..Windfall Profits to Oil Companies.

John Bolton desperately pleading for war with Iran

Always Remember the PNAC

Local newspapers website shows Dr. Ivins defending the movie 'The Da Vinci Code'

Partial transcript of McCain's biker speech, with comments


Clinton slams (military) sex assault prevention efforts

If you ever wonder why Obama isn't crushing MCain in the polls

Anyone else find it hilarious (and analogous) that the lights are off on the GOP and they're still..

Leahy: Bush Is NO Batman-But-Cheney Resembles Lex Luthor

Amy Goodman: Threats, Lies and Audiotape

PETA runs add comparing Manitoba murder to animal cruelty

Senator Leahy, it's time for another hearing with Mukasey & Mueller

The Hamdan War Crimes Trial: An Illusion of Justice

AP: Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave

+++ 4134 +++

Typical for a republican crowd, McCain's biggest applause is when he talks about trying to not

27 Things People from the Future Will Have a Hard Time Believing

Ron Suskind on NPR's Fresh Air this afternoon

John Russell,CD5Dem "Deals" W/ CONFRONTATIONAL "Corporatist" Protectors of "Ginny" @ Hernando Times

...adn we have our *wedge issue* for 2008-Affirmative Action

McCain Bus With an Obama sticker

Greyhound scraps ads after Canada bus beheading

A quick (and interesting) course in military rank.

Guardian: The White House's implausible deniability

The Twisted Morality of War

Naomi Klein: The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0

Tell Congress to Protect the Internet

the traitor Chief Psychologist Col. who thinks torture is OK

Breaking from National Enquirer: John McCain Takes Democrats' Advice

Wal-Mart: The "Recession-Proof" Theory Leaves the Building

Bill Moyers "Capital Crimes"

Can it literally be said that America is NOT really at war?

Dave Lindorff: Extra! Dog Bites Man! Read All About It!

Dave Lindorff: Extra! Dog Bites Man! Read All About It!

Six Republican senators to skip GOP convention (LOL)

borders - have a look at Italy

Another one bites the dust.

Lets just throw-up together...."Bush Admonishes China Not To Act Like Bush Administration"

Posting for seeing my first McCain bumpersticker

Breaking Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick ordered to jail

Why We Don't Shoot Back

ACLU: First Unconstitutional Military Commission Trial Ends In Conviction

Lincoln Group Shills Gifted With a Six Month, $14.3 Million Contract to Tell Afghans Bombs are Bad

I can't STAND this woman on Tom Hartman right now.

I'm not watching C-Span today

War is brewing in Georgia over oil and gas. Our next disaster?

Dan Abrams Verdit video from tonight re: McCain as a celebrity

Chicago Tribune: Traffic congestion's toll is $7.3 billion a year in Chicago area

ActBlue? Should I be donating to them? Just got a video email.

Galloglas on Thom Hartman right now!!

Now China is *going to* drill off the Cuban coast (it's back!!!)

NPR Talk of the Nation about anthrax case on now

'60s songwriter Erik Darling dies at 74

Do people using cell phones get polled?

Report: U.S. and Iraq ‘close to a deal’ on October 2010 withdrawal timeline.»

Olympia lawyer argues people don't have to show ID on demand

Bombing IMPROVED Iraq

Galloglog's arrest for voting on Brad Blog

I'll Bet You Bush Issues Pardons

ALERT: Disturbing Revelations About Senator Clinton

Is this why bush refused to do anything about catastrophic climate change?

'Girls Gone Wild' employee assaulted woman

Do you think that attacking McCains Service Record would be an effective political tactic?

Proposed Bill Could Make Man's Urine Fetish A Crime

The deadline passed 4 days ago. Why ain't we stompin' Iran's guts?

Scott Horton: "Needless & Humiliating Defeat" - Hamden -Revealed Bushco's Fear & Loathing Of Justice

Families of 9/11 victims urge reconsideration of settlement rejection

Help me understand the delegate and convention process.

Isn't oil a commodity that's traded on the international market?


The world is safer now that the dumbshits have bin Laden's driver behind bars.

One too many stupid, BS repeating of the right wing lies in my

McCain's bus crashes in Miami

McCain Giving Rewards Out?

Whole lot of shaking going on - Aleutian Islands

Bin Laden's driver sentenced to 66 months in prison

Ed Schultz spends his 3 hours knocking Hillary and praising Boob Pickens...

Pat Lang: The Suskind book and a possible bill of impeachment.

Pat Lang: The Suskind book and a possible bill of impeachment.

How to feel good about the Olympics. Continue the handshake started by the Dalai Lama

Robots Act Out Guantanamo Waterboarding Torture

Calling my fellow Catholics to comment: Does it make sense to you that

Newsflash! Obama will win in November...........

John Dean Confirms Suskind’s Book Focuses On Impeachable Crimes

Condi Rice says nation would be "fine" with Barack Obama as commander-in-chief

So the FBI checked out all the labs KNOWN to have a matching strain of

Interesting Anthrax details

Some background info on clandestine government labs for the younger folk here

Workers clean the White House while * is out of town - pic

McCain Meets Officials Today to Explain His Role in Job Losses at DHL shipping site in Ohio

Hamdan got 5 years????

Thursday McCain (and more) TOONS

The absolutely true story of how The (Buffalo) BEAST smuggled al Qaeda into the U.S.

Anyone have information about which telecoms in Wisconsin

PHOTO: Bush lands in his type of place: no protests allowed

ACLU Reminds "America's Toughest Sheriff" That He's Not Above The Law

Pvt. Johnson Murdered: Army Report Said Suicide

Thursday TOON Roundup- W and the rest

"The Democrats are denying an up or down vote!"

16 Year Old Boy Figures Out How To Rip Off Sex Offenders, Get Rich

U.S. holding prisoners in crates

BinLaden Group (!) building new Saudi prisons to replace Guantanamo Bay ?!!

Houston: Woman Kidnaps 5 Children (Katrina evacuees)

We win one-Monsanto Looks to Sell Dairy Hormone Business!!

Will this administrations recent willingness to create a timeline for withdrawal hurt McCain.

Suskind is coming onto Hardball in a few minutes

Ivins And His E-Mails.......

Ivins, Sorority Obsessions & The "Editors Of The NYT"

U.S. military puts Iraqi prisoners in wooden boxes

Add Forgery To The List of Bush's Crimes

Draft of the DNC Party platform that is up for a vote on Saturday?

How about this? An innovative way to stop sweatshop labor

Guantanamo Detainee Petitions Rights Panel Over Torture

Tabloid story could push Edwards off convention stage

Tabloid story could push Edwards off convention stage

Seattle Alaska Airlines Ramp Workers Union Wins One

Soon you'll need a bodysuit to commit a crime

HA! Shrub had to sit in his plane on the tarmac in Bejing for 2 hrs!

Idiot compares Obama to Jesus, but still won't vote for him --

Its pretty damned amazing ..........

Be prepared to Puke!

Obama Pledge of Allegiance heckler was working for Bloomberg News

So, what are the odds that Dr. Ivins was working late in the lab

Al-Sadr: No time-table for US Troops withdrawal, no more cease-fire.

Who carried out the anthrax attacks?

Israel building up strike capabilities against Iran

Thursday Olympics TOONS

Jim D. Adkisson: Insanity or hate crime?

Hey Andrea Mitchell

The fucking cons finally owned up to their orignal plan to shut Vancouver's Safe injection site

Bank of America subpoenaed

Just classify everybody as effing terorists!

Ala. man (evangelist) pleads not guilty in frozen body death (along with rape, sodomy, and incest)

What makes a person "honorable" ?

If you've lost a furry friend...

Ooooooo, Love to love you, baby

Time Travel Experiments

Was today's "Hardball" taped yesterday??

Who's more evil rove or cheney?

AlterNet: Equality, Progressive Politics, San Francisco ... and the X-Men?

An Intrade market election prediction based real-money contracts.

All those years. The torture. The court fights. The bullshit. And now he'll be out in 6 months.

JackORoses is bad for me

the GOP is calling their protest "the Oil Party"???

White House remains defiant on Miers, Bolten testimony

Bush White House has its own interrogation room.»

Gingrich raises the specter of another government shutdown

Does Hillary Clinton want Obama to lose this thing so she can say I told you so, and run again in 4

Why Wasn't Ivins Declared an Enemy Combatant?

To hear bush dis China about human rights is so hypocritical

Across Canada (6500 km) by electric bicycle..

Limbaugh compares civil rights organizations to al-Sadr: They both ‘disrupt the society.’

Keith just put a pic of Sylvester the Cat over a pic of Rudy G

How many mccains are there?

Kanye West fights homophobia

All the yammering about Obama and The Clintons and fueds and hurt feelings and speeches .......

Olbermann: Bush administration 'urinating on the Constitution'

McCain: I'm running a sleazy campaign because Obama wouldn't agree to town hall meetings

Have you ever known a pothead who had colon cancer?

I just heard Barnacle call bloggers, "nit wits."

Some threads should not only be locked...

A comedy version of the Third Reich.

What's going on in Georgia (the country)

People aren't buying the government's version of the events surrounding the Anthrax attacks.

What is the most compelling reason not to elect any more republicans?

Bill Clinton accepted Obama's invitation to speak at the Convention

Traveling this summer? Kiss your privacy goodbye.

Area devastated by Domestic Drilling; homes taken by eminent domain for private profit

Ann Coulter: "There is no health care crisis!" Well I have news for her.

Dr. Rice talking about her crush on Denzel; "W" cavorting at the Olympics; yes IT MUST BE AUGUST

At Memorial for Dr. Ivins - Co-Workers Praise Ivins as Top Researcher, Mentor to Young Scientists

Prosecute Bush For Murder

Oh Oh Man held in Fla. for threatening Obama's life

My Morning Jacket doing a Flood Relief show in Iowa City.......

Condi Rice: "The United States Government didn’t forge a letter"

Well I'm on the list for Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field

McClatchy: Three key questions still unanswered in anthrax case

For ACLU Supporters: Help rein in travel abuses by the Dept of Homeland Security

Rapture Ready fan says He provided her a wedding gown & trousseau but no spouse.

Mayor's home raided in pot-smuggling probe - Identity theft gone wrong??

"McCain of 2000 wouldn't even consider voting for the John McCain of 2008," Dean said

Look at this NewsMax **Should We Bomb Iran?**

Timetable for Iraq? NEVER! Errrrrrr... Ummmm. ..Uhhhhh

Ha! Breastfeeding En masse!

And the hit pieces keep coming: Despite demons, Ivins stayed at high-security lab

New Pentagon Report Uses Language Kerry Used in 2004 that Bush-Cheney Called "Dangerous" and "Naive"

Another One Bites The Dust....

Going to coin a new term......."McCain moment" instead of senior moment.

Did Dr. Ivins Act ALONE????

Lawyer's Message to Bush: Presidents must Obey the Constitution - Bush History, 8/7

adam corrolla hangs up on ann coulter

Results from Memphis District 9 Congressional Primary ..... 80 % reporting..

Obama, McCain campaigns bust out the brass knuckles

Urine bottles: Another result of high fuel prices?

I just saw the clip of HRC talking to a group of supporters

Fight Bill O'Reilly!

Bad day for 2 sexually deviant MO repub officials

This Week In John Conyers' Pursuit of Karl Rove

Well, it's been a tough day today. To my dear DU friends, it's time for champanyah.

OK, Here's one instance in which I wish the U.S. was more like Pakistan......

Define 'war hero', name one, and tell why the person fits your definition

Bin Laden’s Former Driver Is Sentenced to 5 1/2 Years

I did a search but didn't find anyone talking about the White House jail

02-Top Scientist Went Badly Off Rails-Secret CIA Project To Test Practicalities Of Mailing Anthrax

The Hamdan "Trial"

Is accused 1970s LDS missionary raper today's dog cloner?

Kadie's thread got me to thinking - I used to really hate Poppy Bush

"Is Barack Obama acting too Presidential?"


God, we are just assholes. Can't even take care of our monkeys.

Bill O'Reilly Goes After Robert Wexler and Palm Beach Post But Doesn't Tell Full Story

Muslim Sportswomen Gain Standing in Beijing

Anyone Having A Problem Going On YouTube & Playing A Video?

19 people fit into an SUV?! 9 dead and 10 injured in SUV accident

Ramblings of a Sane Man - Death Lurks In The Shadows

'2 US Aircraft Carriers Headed For Gulf'

I think I figured out the reason for the "liberal media" and "activist judge" RW lies

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Working Poor Unready to Revolt

the tom feeley thread got me thinking about gangstalking

How Big Is PUMA Now?

The Booking Shot

My introduction to DU

Republicans never change.

Newest DUer poster....... think we can trust him?

In Flyover Country, two funerals and a waiting

does anyone have video of cindy mccain on the view.......


Feds' Terror Watch List Can Ruin Credit Report

Bush History, 8/7 - Lawyer's Message to Bush: Presidents must Obey the Constitution

The Age of Bush, Part V: Walker, Texas Rangers

Profanity greater on liberal blogs

shameless self promotion: Here is a link to an interview on TCM blog re: my book on Fred MacMurray

A Grumpy Rant

Local Fox affiliate covers galloglas's arrest for voting!!

Pentagon verifies over one million Iraqis have committed suicide.

New evidence proves JFK committed suicide, Oswald exonerated.

Stimulus spent, retailers face tough rest of year

A Librarian Pwnd a Parent Who Objects to "Uncle Bobby's Wedding" (about 2 gay men)

PUMA radio... UNREAL!!! They are broadcasting their plans for Denver!

Three Bush v Gore Supreme Court Justices Tied To "The Family"

Rep. Steve Cohen declares victory in TN contested primary!

One of the most damning bits of information that I heard that disproves Ivins as the guilty one is

Re: Ivins's "suicide": Questions: How much Tylenol with Codeine must one take to do the job?

Re: Ivins's "suicide": Questions: How much Tylenol with Codeine must one take to do the job?

Russian Judge Rules Sexual Harassment Is Okay As It Ensures Survival Of Human Race

David Gregory is on The Daily Show tonight

We've got Osama NOW!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Rachel is hosting today

This war came from a think tank {PNAC}

Caption our Idiot Prince in Asia

It is Rumsfeld who was involved with Anthrax and vaccines . . ..

In light of Suskind's book, something else to remember:

Talking to my freeper father on off-shore drilling

Mukasey presents Dr. Bruce Ivins: America's Christofascist Bioterrorist

Regardless of Bruce Ivins' innocene or guilt - for the moment

Ivins and Ambien

New source of retirement income.

Tom Feeley who runs threatened!

White House confirms bin Laden suicide.

My 21 yr old son said today that a vote for McCain is a vote for whomever his VP is...

These people on PUMA radio are making open threats against the convention. How do you report them?

The new GOP logo. I threw this together to help them out. ;)

Feingold To Homeland Security: Laptop Searches-"THE EXACT OPPOSITE" Of What You Say Is True Is True

Official Announcement! The US is Changing The Seal!!!

Here it is in all its glory....the nasty Nikki Tinker ad against Steve Cohen.

Has anyone ever head of a wingnut theory that oil is still being produced

Mission accomplished...most commented article in the paper...feel free to add yours!

Bin Laden's former shoe shine man on the run

* and Poppy in Beijing - pics


Galloglas on Hartmna RIGHT NOW

Who'd have thought the Bush Admin could eff up our national bioterrorism lab?!!

Anthrax Bruce Ivins wins highest civilian award from Defense Dept. in March, 2003

The Age of the Blogger

They are the men who made Bush's America possible. Without men like them, he could have done nothing

D. Rep. Jane Harman's "jaw dropped" at 4 of 10 sexually assaulted

The difference between the Fundamentalists and the Truly "Religious."

What's for lunch today in Beijing today? - **Octapus Balls**

Someone Tried To Frame Dr. Assaad For A "Bioterror Attack" That Had NOT Happened Yet....

Did anyone notice the Dow was down 224.64 today

I love Rachel Maddow, but she is bringing me down.

Anthrax Mailings Have Always Been About Facilitating an Illegal Biologic Weapons Program

Is this too subtle? McCain's "straight talk express."

Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act of 2008 - filibustered

The tragic last moments of Margaret Hassan

Republicans trying to lure voters with new and improved image

Catch 222-22-2222

A health care pro-life nightmare story for Ann Coulter

abcnews just showed the hillary soundbite that we all knew would make a comeback...

Ohio sues Diebold over screwed up elections

For the last week, I’ve been relentlessly targeted by ultra-conservative radio and television hosts

Check the DUE DATE on all your bills! Today, I received my AT&T

Leno: The Republicans call this on shore drilling

Another side of New Orleans

US EXPORTING Record Amount Of Oil

Freeper: "... in Bosnia, EVERY single patrol that went out had a native Bosnian interpreter."

Non-gay, Republican Family Values Hypocrites.

"dark and dank and horrific"-Bush White House has its own interrogation room.

Mike Barnicle: If True, Bush Is Guilty of Murdering 4,000 Americans

5 Scientific Theories That Will Make Your Head Explode

Obama's new slogan: Something So Bad Its Gotta Be Good!

Celebrate the new Day of the Dead. Not much longer now...

So what's the big deal about Hill putting her name in nomination?

Drill here! Drill now! Drill here! Drill now!!! DRILL HERE! DRILL NOWWWW!!!!!!!

Just curious....Is there a GOP version of the DU?

Obama Hits Back, Too Softly For Some

Hey Bikers, if your really feeling like being someones bit_h .. just let me know.

Arianna took Ben Stein apart like a cheap suit

On trashing Bikers: My experience at a Biker's Funeral changed my view

Democratic VP nominees since 1960--who do you think actually helped the ticket the most?

Tim Pawlenty, Possible McCain Running Mate, Says GOP Needs Obama's Positive Message

"Pivoting to Populism" - Barack Obama is cranking up the populist rhetoric. (WaPo)

Three cheers for the mods!

So how is smearing the Clintons going to create unity, and help Obama?

What about US?

Psychologists say conservatism is a mental illness

Clinton shot back, "I am not a racist. I never made a racist comment."

Who would McCain pick for the Supreme Court? Why, Fred Thompson, of course.

I'm a Virginian and I think Tim Kaine should not be VP

Potential McCain VP (Cantor) pick has ties to Abramoff

Evan Bayh is no stealth Republican

The Candidates on Faith

Okay...I can't hold back any longer! I've never been an Edwards Fan but This Stuff Reeks!

The CANDIDATES on POLARITY....Positive or Negative????

Please, fellow DUers, stop making OP's w/links to the Scandal Du Jour without substantial proof.

Let's start a McCain Flip-flop betting pool!

heres one for you about drill

Bush/Cheney Or Bruce Ivins?

Obama related to 18th century Dublin businessman

Is this true? If so what the H have we been talking about, if we drill we don't get the oil?

Looking for first-timers

Without any convention drama, very little/any M$M coverage, let Hillary delegates have their moment.

Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty Praises Obama`s Positive Message

Will we ever know the whole truth about the 9/11-Anthrax-Afghanistan-Iraq War nexus?

Michelle Obama Weighs In on “Celebrity” Ads

Could people please quit posting that Hillary got more votes than Obama?

WARNING: McBush to play the "Age Card" soon.

Obama's running mate will be....

Hillary/Bill pissed at Obama, Hillary still thinks he will lose

Is Malloy pissing anyone else off tonight? I hate to say it, because I

DNC - Senator McCain Watch: McCain Wants to Put Money in the Pockets of Exxon & Big Oil

Unfit for Publication: Corsi's The Obama Nation filled with falsehoods

McCain to discuss potential job losses in Ohio

ABC News: McCain campaign appears to be on the verge of trademarking The Surge

New Move On Ad: Mr McCain thats not a solution thats a gimic

I am so tired of seeing these Hillary Clinton threads

Video: The straight talk barrels through Miami, literally

when will we see the first color coded election year terror alert?

McCain Won’t Even Feign Concern for Latino Community

Three weeks from today...

Paris Hiltons of Elections Past

There ain't no doubt that I'm am far better informed than John McCain

McCain Calls For 'Economic Surge,' Offers No Explanation

Obama spending money NOW on voter registration - more on ads in the fall

I will be just fine with whomever Obama picks as his Veep, Period.


I'll say one thing for the GOP. Their camel's back can hold a hell of a lot of straw.

I'll say one thing for the GOP. Their camel's back can hold a hell of a lot of straw.

Obama' plan to put ads on gas pumps hits roadblock

Island life in multiracial Hawaii shaped Obama

VP News vs VP Blues

I call Bullshit. This is not Edwards!

Should Obama join the 'Gain of 10' to co-sponser their bill?

Jobless? Who cares! Let's go to the Olympics!!

McCain's latest ad --- Hillary's words come back to bite

Claim: Obama's "birth certificate" forged with sister Maya's original

Democrats: Stop Ignoring McCain's neocon foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann

Phelps' gang, enroute to beheading victims funeral, stopped at Canadian border

Statement by Clinton, Obama Press Offices

We've heard it all before. Obama Took Heat Early On For Being Too Soft On Hillary, Remember?

Screw the high road, we've got to beat McSame (Obama slogans you'd like to see)

The Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act

When will Obama talk about issues he wins on?

WI POLL: Obama 44, McCaint 38

McCain Camp apologized to black reporter

Not just a vacation, it's VP tryouts.

So all of a sudden polls say that people are hearing too much about Obama???

Interesting blog post by Nate from 538 about why Obama should support the energy compromise bill

Latest of the Suskind story, it wasn't the CIA, Cheney asked Feith to do it.

Sasha Obama For President?

Great Column by Bob Beckel: "Obama is the Cable Guy"

Ask Hillary Yourself .....Today at noon EDT

He is Pedigreed Naval Aristocracy, married to an heiress,

Hypocrisy in the media!

Why Isn't Obama Ahead By More?

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...



Obama Muslim Coordinator Resigns

McCain meets Ohio officials on DHL closure

Wisconsin WPRI Poll: Obama (D) 44%, McCain (R) 38%

Detroit's Mayor Kilpatrick Jailed

Chevron kills Mercedes-Benz hybrid car.

20-30 year olds, how's the career going?

“John’s eaten up with envy,” LOL!

Top McCain Bundler Probed Over Possible Overcharging Of U.S. Military?

Hillary will not be the VP....WHy you u ask......One word.....

Obama's Costly Clinton Problem

Clinton Delegates to Short Sheet Obama Delegates Hotel Beds!

American Conservative: CHENEY Behind Forgery 'It Was Feith NOT CIA, That Forged The Habbush Letter'

DUer Galoglas tells his story to Thom Hartmann - podcast link

McCain's bus has crashed in Miami (low tire pressure to blame???)

Tenn. state will have to lay off workers

If I had my fantasy VP guy it would be Howard Dean and then I'd...

Jerome Corsi's new blockbuster expose of Obama is at the top of the NYT best seller list

TYT: Why is No One Calling the Anthrax Suspect a Terrorist?

I Question Hillary As VP Because Her Supporters May Be Correct About Her Campaign Strengths

Edwards' convention speaking slot at risk (Dems calling for the former Senator to address rumors)

Mystery Deepens Around McCain Bundler. Major Scandle Brewing? FORGET HILLARY

Can you believe the overwhelming amount of media coverage on Hillary trying to usurp Obama's role!

Obama was born and raised in Hawaii, his grandmother lives there, but he will pay politically

"In a period of a year or two, significant increases in domestic oil from drilling right here"

Clinton supporters strom Denver Wendy's!

Obama ready to unwind in Hawaii

McCain Dogged by Another Member of the Hollywood Blonde Posse

McCain Dogged by Another Member of the Hollywood Blonde Posse

Lanny Dick Head Davis is now on the Ed Schultz show

Bruce Lunsford takes it to Mitch McConnell, Republicans in a new ad for the senate race in Kentucky!

McCain finds a major flip flop on Obama

Hillary has started SMOKING!!

Rice: US would be safe under Obama

Welcome, McCain Bloggers! Glad you're here!

McCain Encouraging Supporters To Spam DU? Maybe. McCain Offers Prizes for Spam Comments

"The Age Issue" - Andrew Sullivan tosses it out there.

Slow day, guys?

Rapists Gone Wild

Top former Clinton supporter clogged terlit at Obama HQ!

McCain Bundler: Sweetheart Pentagon Contractor, Controversy in Jordan

At some point we need to tell the Clinton's and their die hard holdouts to "GET IN LINE"

Chelsea Clinton did not watch "The View" with Michelle Obama.

Despite massive efforts McCaine still trails Obama...Not making headway, uses wife as bait to Bike

Queens Couple Makes Questionable $61,600 Donation to McCain, RNC

Barack and Michelle Interview in Ladies Home Journal - Seven Page Cover Story

The Lies Of Hiroshima Are The Lies Of Today

Could not have been anticipated ... where have we heard that before?

Waiting for the Bell to Ring.

Thursday Morning Sock Hop Prom Cotillion come on in and dance

Win Points for McCain!

eye m so dunk tonight

Chuck Todd: Contention at the Convention

I see a lot of snivelposts asking why Obama isn't further ahead in the polls....

I'm Missing It - What Makes Obama the "Better" Candidate?

Clintons used Mircle Whip instead of mayo on their deli sandwich!!!

Obama's running mate announced. How did we not see it all along???

Nice Obama pic

Mystery Deepens Around McCain Bundler Accused Of Defrauding Pentagon

Calm down.

I suggest we ask Republicans to ignore their tire levels and not tune up their cars

The Bush/McCain economy hits another high point

If the have-a-beer-with question still matters…

Tinfoil time, Obama will decide to NOT pick a VP but will request the convention to determine the VP

"Obama Fatigue" now being used on MSNBC.

TIME: Have the Clintons Gotten Over It?


ExxonMobil's NYT ad: "Keep your tires properly inflated"

If Republicans had a record of proud accomplishment they ...

Has Obama vetted any non-DLC VP candidates?

Obama Wades Into Ugly Tennessee House Primary

Man, so much for the workout.....

CBS: Poll Shocker! Obama (45%) In Big Trouble As McCain Drops To 39%

Rice: US would be safe under Obama

The Coming Months Of Crap: Willie Horton 2.0

When does it become too late to replace McCain?

Damn phone company!

Brett Favre is traded to teh NY Jets.

Hillary: ‘Let My People Nominate Me’ at Convention

Republican 2008 campaign focus: distract

Hillary Clinton Brings Drama, the Media Loves Drama

NEW on Wolfgang's Vault: "one hellacious jam" on "The Other One" (The Dead, Winterland, 4/15/70)

Hit me with your rhythm stick

Political cartoonists Tony Auth's take on McNasty's campaign...

hey-does john mcsh*t

I am performing a Gutmann Wipe.

I'm surprised Obamas cigarette smoking hasn't hurt him

We've got a serious problem

MSNBC: In spite of National polls being close, State Polls look good for Obama

There's a riot in the GDP prison

Hillary and Bill pop up & distract just when a major shitstorm is forming around McCain's $ bundler

I just bought some beer at the grocery store and the checker asked me if I was James Hetfield

Promoting Potential PUMA Problems? Positively Pointless.


Clinton to supporters: 'Yell and scream,' then back Obama

I'm watching "Shear Torture" er... "Shear Pleasure"

Do you expect to be disappointed with Obama's VP pick?

TIME asks Pelosi: "Why have you taken impeachment off the table as an option for President Bush?"

The stuff floating around in e-mails...Obama shunning soldiers??

3 rubber cheeseburgers and a fake bottle of ketchup

Have you seen this site?!

How late in the campaign before we start hitting McCain on the Keating 5?

Wanna see what WalMart is up to now?

"This Is Madness"- The Last Poets/Pharoah Sanders

Obama weighs in on racially-charged contest

Randi Rhodes goes off on McSame in her blog today!!!

The VP Selection: Are There Any Independent VPs Worth Consideration?

I hid the PUMA, Clinton, and Veep threads and there is almost nothing left to GDP!

leaked McCain memo: Paint Obama as "Job Killing Machine"

The perils of polling

Why don't we flex our policitcal muscle? Let's start with something simple

Has anyone considered the possibility of reverse coattails in VA?

Gallup tracking shows Obama having stable lead

OK, I got two threads locked and removed from DU-P tonite. Should I just

It's Been A Great Week! Can I Get a GoBama?

How are you going to defend yourself against Midlo's Ped Egg clone army?

Obama has huge lead in New York!

Obama up by ten in New Jersey

McCain Officials Were Paid Lobbyists For Hess Oil Corporation

Say something positive about the movie Pootie Tang.

self delete - dupe

When Obama is Elected President, should we strip Lieberman of his Committee

Happy by Natasha Bedingfield

Pls. delete; dupe. nt

MSNBC breaking news: FL man charged with Obama assassination threat

one hour left to ask hillary a question

McNotecard : "Senator Obama’s words, for all their eloquence and passion, don’t mean all that much.”

My MY How the tables have turned! giggle giggle

Obama Defends Clinton

Sen. Brown: McCain helped DHL but won't help save 8200 Ohio DHL jobs

Do you have one arm which is longer than the other?

Do you think Obama is going to use the Keating 5 against McCain?

HEY OVER HERE--It's McCain vs. Obama, not Hillary vs. Obama

Please Ignore Hillary Threads, They Are Intentionally Distracting From McCain Scandals

MSNBC: McCain campaign just announced they will review donations from 'bundler'

Well I thought about the Army

8/8/8 Day of Destiny or Cosmic April Fool?

What's wrong with Joe Watkins? Despicable attack dog for McLame

Favorite cartoons when you were a kid?

Bill Press states this AM that Hillary is considering putting her name in for nomination in Denver!


can you make it to 18 seconds?

Obama: Paris Hilton and McCain spat is of no consequence for the American People. LOL!!

I could really use some diabetes-inducing cute animal pictures. Got any?

FOX News Still Trying To Portray Obama As A Muslim

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/7/08 (warning: extremely graphic language)

High-Ranking McCain Campaign Officials Were Paid Lobbyists For Hess

Does anyone know what happened to MonkeyFunk?

Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail for Barack Obama on Friday,

McCain Memo: Paint Obama As "Job Killing Machine"

Breaking: McCain campaign will review questionable donations

Two things a shit about which I do not give: improperly cooked french fries and rubbing linseed oil

Fruit is just not filling

Now they are using Obama's airplane as evidence

McCain is really pissed off that Bush went to the Olympics.

Does a man have a right to know whether he has a feathered child?

Exclusive: McCain Economic Strategy Memo's Margin Notes

My Apologies...

My Apologies...

What's Your Ranking Of The Networks In Terms Of Anti-Democratic Bias?

Here's why monkeyfunk was banned.

Michelle Obama on Good Morning America

Seen at the Pharmacy today - Ped Egg for Men!

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA makes stop in St. Paul, then flies home to Chicago to pack for Hawaii vacation

New republican slogan

Why did ad company nix Obama's gas pump campaign?

Joe Conason: His Drilling Plan Full of Holes

As these meds ease off.... I become old me again.

Wow! Mike Malloy is on a rant against...liberals

Police raid Md. mayor's home and kill his dogs

US close to deal to pull troops from Iraq in 21 months

I can pose in the mirror.

ALL RIGHT!!! "Rockford Files" (3rd and 4th seasons) now available on DVD!!!

What If Everyone Worked Together?

McCain's New Trick: Paint Obama as a Job-Killing Machine (memo leaked)

McNuts is claiming HE voted against Shrub's tax breaks for the oil

a moment of Wwweeeee!!!

Leaked McCain Memo: Paint Obama As A "Job Killing Machine"

A Good bye to MonkeyFunk thread. Mods please don't lock, this is just for goodbyes.

Postmodern John McCain: the presidential candidate some Arizonans know — and loathe

Frequent and regular sexual intercourse is so tiring.

OOOOPS! Faisal Abdullah gets smoked by false promise of "tax-deductible" donations to Grampy McBush

Holy sweet jesus I just had an irate customer here, screaming at me!

If We Lose In November, It Will Be Because Of Stuff Like This

VP Announcement isn't going to happen till the convention....

I wanted a chance to answer a question on previous post.

How many days to the convention?

THE DU PSYCHIC: McCain's next attack ad: "Brave US soldiers die as uppity Obama unwinds in Hawaii."

Obama, lower gas prices and apple pie

Rasmussen and Gallup Still Lagging Behind Other Polls

Brit article: How Obama can win over poor whites

PSA: Flat tires are being accepted at the nearest Republican branch office. That is all.

Man held in Fla. on charge of threatening Obama


How does that happen?

The New Southern Strategy: Once unthinkable, "Great Reversal" may be reversed

Non Airliner fans need to shut the eff up about Parche's name

Non Bunco fans need to shut the eff up about Midlos name

I'll send $50 to the first DUer who lets the air out of all of the Straight Talk Express tires!!

Yeah right, McCain's favorite fictional Prez, David Palmer???

McGaffe and the 1 term Presidency.. Should/Could we push that he would be a Lame Duck from Day One?

Non sports fans need to shut the eff up about Favre's name

Crazy Polls In Crucial Ohio, Where McCain Aide Sold Jobs to Germany

How would you like it if at the convention: Obama introduces his running mate and in a surprise it's

Did I Hear This Or Did I Just Make This Up?........

BREAKING: Brett Favor Traded To Boston Redsox

Flashback: McCain in 07: ‘Paris Hilton is the kind of issue that gets more attention’ than it deserv

Kaine: Virginia could go blue for Obama

At Current Pace, Obama Headed for Landslide

Gorn Appreciation Thread

Has Anyone Else Noticed The Shift Lately?

"Why McCain May Well Win"

McCain campaign to return $50K in disputed donations (Sargeant's partner)

Massachusetts: Obama up by 16-points in new poll

Making a collage of creative/handmade Obama signs...need pictures

Making a collage of creative/handmade Obama signs...need pictures

This is for primate1. Because I'm such a giver and all that.

Denver Post tells Obama to pick Bill Richardson for VP

Would Kerry be a "slam dunk" to be VP nominee if he had not been the "losing" nominee in 2004?

Technical security experts: DNC vulnerable to cyber attacks

Bayh's hometown excited about VP prospects

The Republican effort to depict Obama as a pompous, out-of-touch snob.

I Am Not Going To Name Names, But Goodbye

What's a... scro, Walter?

Favorite cartoons when you were an adult

Kerry Rips Former Pal McCain for Ad Citing Praise from Dems

LaraMN Will You Get Your Favorite Congresswoman In Line

DU Seems Slow Today

FL, OH, CO, VA, IN. Win Just One, President Obama. McLiar Needs Them ALL.

I am disappointed. I just found out that there isn't just one Shamu.

I Really Hope This is The End of John Edwards

Proud mama here......

McCain calls for probe of company he once aided

Senator Obama has led in 44 of the past 45 national polls

If They IM'd: Paris Hilton and John McCain

OMG someone please tell me how to hook up a network on two computers using Vista!

Bogus Name?

Schumer urges Obama to hit back harder

How the Hell Old is Tom Harkin? Why Isn't He 10x Better than Bayh?

Coloradans to get preference on tickets for Obama's speech at Invesco

Why McCain would be a mediocre president

did you ever cypher?

the clintons are going to lose this election for barack

'60s songwriter Erik Darling dies at 74

There is no way Hillary can be the Veep

I joined DU on Aug 06th 2003.

McBush and Paris Texting Each Other! ROLF

Yo Loungers, get in on this conference call

What's the tradition of former presidents speaking at conventions?

bill wants his black pass back

I supported Hillary will all my heart this primary season but Obama is the nominee.

Serious but stupid question about August 6 being the anniversary of when the A-Bomb was dropped

Textbooks are such a racket...

DNC Response Ad: Maverick No More

The Tracey Fragments -- Spoilers wanted

Bwahaha! "Powder Dry!"...Ho. Ho. Ho.

Man held for Obama death threat.

Oooo, OOO, oooo, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Hi. Can someone help me out of this box?

I Am Hosting A Conference Wall

Who should Obama pick for a VP? How bout a scientist?

Tinfoil hat super ultra sexy funtime post of the day

Rub me down in some hot oils, baby, yeah... And I'll do the same thing to you

Your love is like a mountain... I'd love to slide down into your canyons

Shooting ourselves in the foot

I'm hosting a message board

I think that was Obama's plan: announce Bill speaking to drop a hint that Hillary is the VP

Damned galactica!

Do your dogs and cats get along?

If Obama names his VP before the convention, we could give Hillary a celebration - without a protest

Make it last as long as you can... When your through it's up to you to try it again

OH SHIT! Joe Watkins on Abrams' show...almost as bad as Braaaaad Blakeman!

omg this dog will not shut up.

Obama Invites McCain to Celebfest

Pivoting to Populism: Obama talks about his brand of populism with WP reporter

Obama heckler was on assignment for Bloomberg News

computer help

Hey Midlo, is our future still secure?


too scared to post this question in GD:P but what is PUMA

He donated $9,200 to McCain, but won't vote for him??

Alice in Wonderland Goodness

I really hope this the end of John McCain.

omg this kid will not shut up.

Who wants to bet Rice votes for Obama?

Oooooh...was Morgan Freeman getting a little sumpin-sumpin in that car?

I have a great idea for a PhD dissertation.

John McCain Almost Perfect In Dennis Miller's Eyes But Obama Is Another Story

Big Ed Schultz is going off on the DU topic du jour

Sing it, guy!

Seriously: best thread ever.

Rachel Maddow Guest-Hosting for Race to the White House. It's SUCH a good show with HER at the helm

I'm naughty and want to do something boring.

Seriously: Best Thread Ever

Most important thing about VP selection!

I'm bored and want to do something nasty.

Am I alone in having confidence that Obama and his team will pick a dandy Veep without my help?

Let's get the cameras rollin', let's get the action goin'

Bill Clinton fav/unfav rating from 2001-2008 (at

Are We\They\All Of Us... Kidding Ourselves About These Conventions ???

Con Ed called not 15 minutes ago

I'm bored and want to do something naughty.

Epiphany time; Ain't this supposed to be fun?

Going mostly just on instinct here but I think it might be Richardson

Clinton to speak at Convention on Wed Night, just before VEEP speech

Morgan Freeman....UPDATE...Having a Conference Call

Freaking out and need to vent

Listening to JFK's 1960 Acceptance Speech

FOX: Obama's lead and popularity a bad thing

Best Thread Lock of the day...

Kerry Rips Former Pal McCain for Ad Citing Praise from Dems

Any One Interested In A Conference Call?

BREAKING: Bill Clinton offered speaking role at convention?

Threats to Obama - Big Media Silence Re Right Wing Terrorism


Bonus KPOD.... mo goes to vet

The collective media say JUMP! And DU jumps.

So I've always been a nice guy...

Veeps.... Would it be better for the person who came in second in the primaries in terms of

Want Obama to win? Hold the media accountable. Now.

MonkeyFunk called me a cunt once

Life Imitates Art

John McCain - Maverick Or Just Another Cowboy? ......

Kerry Statement on Troop Withdrawal by 2010

Bill Clinton speaking before the VP at the convention indicates three things to me

With people speculating that Bill Clinton might announce the VP candidate --

"You can argue that nobody is ready to be President" v "Ready on Day One"

Beatles all day until 1:00 AM EST....

Attn: Ctrl+F users

Now *this* textbook looks fascinating....

Question for those whose parents are dead: how old are you, and

For Those That Missed Todays Exciting Threads...

I'm worried ...

Even McCane's Wife and Kids Are Bored ---pix--->>>


To The Flying Public: We're Sorry

Snake Lovers! Picture Thread!

My prediction for Obama's most likely path to victory

Why Obama Must Win - Why Disney (ABC) and News Corp (Fox) Ultimately Will Stop Him - Media Diversity

Hey Midlo, Did You Ever Find Your Garage Remote?

Can someone clue me in via PM?

Does anyone seriously think that Bill Clinton knows who the VP is going to be?

Is this the reason Barack is not responding to McCain???

I really think Obama has a chance in Missouri.

Can Anyone Explain this so that it makes sense?

What Surge?

Is it true the Jonas Bros are getting a reality show?

Please tell me about bunco.

Bobby Brown: One Hit Wonder?

My Uncle's dog is so goofy

If the rumors about Clinton's speech are true - I actually hope Hillary is the VP

Rep. Cohen retains his seat

Bite me in 15 minutes

Is Ron Klain - Gore's Chief of Staff and star of "Recount" - joining Team Obama?

So a local ad against Tom Udall says there is 300 years worth of Oil

Close your eyes and pretend that it's summer.

Still no word yet for Mr. Writer...

Does the fact that Wednesday's Bill Clinton speech mean that it's Hillary?

You're becoming an even more beautiful woman.

This DHL thing. Should sink McCain in OH. Dems can't let him get away with it.

I have a feeling that Hillary is on the VP shortlist

If was Obama I would surprise everyone and chose Robert E. Rubin as VP

Heebus! Manny B. Manny homers AGAIN!

Gone Baby Gone

What a shitty day at work

Who is Mark Halperin alluding to here for VP >>>>>>

What meal will Bill Clinton eat before his speech at the Democratic Convention?

I need a back rub

Please tell me about Chuggo.

I want to hear "...our next Vice President, ___________" at the convention

I want to hear "...our next Vice President, ___________" at the convention

Island Life In Multiracial Hawaii Shaped Obama(with pics)

You're becoming an even more beautiful man.

Does anyone else have the feeling that these Olympics will be a disaster?

The Wake N' Bacon alarm clock

The real anthrax perps include, but are not limited to...

Jonathan Alter just said on MSNBC Nelson Mandela told Clinton 'not to be bitter.'

photos of painted cats

If there's a better Obama surrogate than John Kerry, I don't know who it is....

BREAKING: I will hold a conference call in 30 minutes.

Trivia: Whats The Only Airline That Flew Scheduled Service To All 50 States At One Time

hillary takes questions from the public

Alarming Rise In Urine Filled Containers Alongside I-84

Andrea Mitchell: It may be Obama's Fault that there are bitter feelings with Hillary's Supporters


HD Bikers so lame even McCain tames them

More kittens coming!!

Is someone that starts shenanigans called a shrenanigator?

Chaotic Sky

Web Developing Gurus!!! SEO Gurus!!! I need some help FAST!'s kitteh?

It is one thing to "hear"...

Go ahead and spank yourselves

Look at how F#$ked up USA/Today Gallup made their Likely voter sample for 18-29 year olds:

The Page: Leon Panetta may be being considered for Obama's VP

Ha! I just took a Zogby survey about...

Based on LostInAnomies thread I need to ask

Look what I found!

The Utah Jazz just beat the Spurs 261-175!!!!

Is it legal to deny housing to college students, and if so, why?

Friends don't let friends loan out their chainsaws

Even weirder weirder - who the hell uses Limbaugh's skidmarked undies for their wallpaper?

And It's Got To Be... Gen. Wesley Clark

Kleeb sighting in the Political Videos Forum

BREAKING: Favre traded to Jets

A Blast from the Past.... Top 10 Things to Know About the Internet

Citing Poor Conditions, China Refuses To Send Delegation To Olympics

Friggin' yuppie neighbors give their black Lab about 1 minute to relieve

Post Some Feel-Sad Music!!

I think I'm a DU misfit

The concept of desitin

So Keith reports Bill C. will speak on Wednesday at the convention pre-VP nominee. It's Hillary.

Ok, has anyone ever had their CO explain their MRE to them?

Rumer has it, she has a lethal weapon

Our brother-in-law is on tv - ask me anything

ladies . .. (or gentlemen as well) . . . do you have one breast larger than the other?

Very very short post that really belongs in the Lounge

Damned sciatica!

Gawd I miss GD:P

Guitar Hero fans! What are your top 5 songs?

Let's Play Celebrity Match Maker

Should I go along with my friend's plan or say no?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 8/7/2008)

What should I do right now?

Trust No One

I wonder what the record is on most locked threads in one day!

Bill O'Reilly's Wife Maureen McPhilmy Reportedly Dated Flavor Flav

Fucking Florida

Name something you like about the night.

From the Republican-English Dictionary (feel free to add your own):

In less than 20 days, everyone will know Obama's VP pick

Four in four Italian Greyhounds indulge in doggystyle.

One in four Italian sausages indulge in pork swabbing

Hillary supporters, how would you feel about Bayh as VP?

What am I doing here?

Where am I?

I got a fish this week. I named him Darwin.

Children's TV characters named after film and/or theater technical references. Discuss.

Rumor has it they're making another Lethal Weapon!

Six words....

On Jeopardy, how does Doug "press the button" with his arms folded?

See what happens when I try to take a break?

McNutz is back to the "my friends" tic again.

So I have this friend (need some advice)

My email, for anyone who wants it.

Obama Weighs in on Tennessee House Race

Oh man..The now-pulled Greyhound Bus Ad:

Drink my beer and die

Laugh of the day: Top Gear's British Leyland challenge.

A question about late credit card payments

They just said on CNN that Bill will get to speak at the

How one journalist manufactured a 'news' story

Obama's team asks you for 4 names, in order,

Lowering gas prices IS NOT what we need!

Sometimes I feel like I have a serious disconnect with people

Let's give it to Obama and Clinton...Media Stuff about Hillary will get record Dem Convention Views!

An EXCELLENT analysis of why the VP should be Schweitzer. I hope Team Obama reads it.

What song lets us know how you are feeling right now.....

Dare to piss off Bill O'Reilly!


Soooo...I'm going to make an Appt. with a Psychologist...

"But He Can't Win! Seriously!"

Any talk among Dems of using McCains abandonment of his crippled disfigured wife for a babe?

Jay Carney : The Election Would Be Over if Obama's VP Choice is:

McCain can't win an argument with Paris Hilton or himself, yet wants to be Leader of the Free World?

did you ever cyber?

Family’s Donations to McCain Raise Questions

McCain is mocking Obama AGAIN today about air in tires

HBO to air a documentary on Helen Thomas

BRAD: Missouri Voter Refuses Illegal Demand to Show Photo ID at Poll, Gets Thrown in Jail

Hey, my son called and told me he's going to propose to his girlfriend.

We've got a rainbow...

I'm Entertained, Someone Bore Me...

GD is out-Lounging the Lounge.

Holy it wasn't just GD:P that was a mess today...

BREAKING-Man arrested for threatening to assassinate Obama!

New pic of McCain

So, anyone here play handbells?

I have been watch a show on History International on cable about the black death in Europe.

Which Monty Python character would McSame be?

'Dark Knight' biggest comic book movie in N. America, passes 'Spiderman'

For the sake of unity, can we on DU not discuss the Clintons at this time?

Getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow...I'm scared :(

If you have 12 minutes to spare, and you like the Grateful Dead...

#9: Are you truly supporting Senator Obama...

Has anyone seen this? First I heard about it. Edwards departure.

Oh noes! Which one of you stole our credit card number???

Edwards' silence on tabloid claims might cost him his DNC role.

Morgan Freeman....UPDATE...Out of the Hospital

'God is punishing Canada'


Why were the Beatles so popular in the mid-60's?

How does a toolbar help raise money?

Conference Call' are for pansies & daffodils. I'm setting up a Conference Brawl. What..................

"I can't connect to my router! I never had this problem with Verizon!"

Question? Why is everyone here so concerned about Hilliary's Supporters approving the VP

Attack of the cutes!!!

Is thread locking a suitable substitute for sex?

I dare you to eat this hot dog. I dare you.

Is the only argument against Richardson as VP that he isn't white?

How come nobody raves about Buffy, Jody, Sissy, Mr. French, and Uncle Bill any more?

A suggestion for DU Admins!

How come "Favre" is pronounced "Farve"?

So the VP race continues.. but I have the HOTTEST INSIDER information on Obama's pick..

WALL•E (spoilers)

Post your own four-line poem. Don't have one? Write one!

I want Hillary to be the President!!!!!!!

A moderator and admin appreciation thread

Early Electoral Map Predictions

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/7/08 - Obama 44, McCain 43 (O down 1)

Inquiring minds want to know....

Today's payday and nothing showed up in my checking account

On A Scale Of 1 To 10... How's Your Sense Of Justice Holding Up ???

On A Scale Of 1 To 10... How's Your Sense Of Justice Holding Up ???

Hammer time!

DNC Platform: Belief We Can Change In

Dear lord, it was quiet for awhile, but it's BURNIN UP AGAIN!

Dear lord, it was quiet for awhile, but it's BURNIN UP AGAIN!

When is the Hillary hating going to stop?

How long should it take to adapt to progressive lens bifocals

I love my country, but I don't love the president.

Today I had my first meeting with the a Hill person.

Evan Bayh, the Do No Harm Veep - Except for the pronounciation of that last name, and ......

The Daily Widget – Thursday, Aug 7 – Obama 353, McCain 185 – National Polls By Month

I'm sorry, but the FBI's case against Dr. Bruce Ivins is airtight!

Is Mitt the Potential Problem I Think He Might Be?

Warrning: Shameless Plug..I've put together a new cafe press site.

One in four Italian couples indulge in wife swapping

Catharsis...not always possible.

The 2008 Democratic National Committee Platform

How old were you the first time you got drunk?

Two things a shit about which I do not give: Favre, and the Olympics.

ABC - Hillary still telling friends in private that she doubts that Obama can win

What is it about the desire to humiliate and crush the Clintons?

I'm Changing My Name! Who's With Me?

Michael Collins (aka autorank) Interviews Vincent Bugliosi - Prosecuting Bush for Murder

"How can this race be so close?" Stop asking! Here's why!

Anti-China Protester Falls From SF Consulate Roof

500: Deadly U.S. Milestone in Afghan War

Musharraf 'to face impeachment'

Clinton wants her deligates heard at convention

Pakistan’s Musharraf faces impeachment

Border Patrol agent held at gunpoint

Judge Sends Detroit Mayor To Jail

Pan American Health Organization Places Cuba as World Leader

Venezuelans protest Chavez's new socialist push

Joel Osteen's Wife Faces Trial For Alleged Assault

Obama doubts Clinton backers will cause trouble

Donations tapped by Crist pal doubted

Senior Sunni politician shot to death in Iraq

U.S. segregates violent Iraqi prisoners in crates

Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave

Morales rallies disrupted ahead of Bolivia recall

Detroit mayor ordered jailed after bond violation

US seeks 30 years for bin Laden driver

N.Y. bank manager admits to $1M theft

Plan to ban 'date-rape' chemicals

Venezuela's Chavez pushes through 26 decrees

Young mother says Swiss diplomat kidnapped son

California firm recalls beef due to E. coli: USDA

Sources: Confession in beating death of woman at Times Square club

Man held in Fla. on charge of threatening Obama

Iraqis: Deal close on plan for US troops to leave

Remote-control warriors suffer war stress

Car-owner gets 4 years for aiding illegals

Peace Activists Use Billboard to Call for Firing of UC Law Professor (John Yoo)

FBI: LA hospitals used homeless in medical fraud

GOP Leaders Request Special Session

US nuclear submarine leaked radiation over 2 years

Tyson recalls chicken breast tenderloins

CBS poll: Obama maintains lead

(Calif. Supreme) Court says employers can't limit a departing worker's job future

Killer gets life sentence plus pizza in plea deal

All U.S. adults could be overweight in 40 years

Obama-ticket demand overwhelms phone lines

Romney urges China to grant Olympics visa to Cheek

McCain campaign donors raise questions

Ex-Olympics sprinter gets 21 years in NY rape case

Man held in Fla. for threatening Obama's life

Bank of America subpoenaed over sale of securities

EPA rejects lower biofuels standards

Colombia sends troops to Afghanistan - first Latin American country

Bush dedicates new massive US embassy in Beijing

Bush dad: China's too important to us

Urine bottles: Another result of high fuel prices?

China on Bush: Don't interfere in our affairs

Musharraf faces impeachment

$3M cash bail for suspect in Wis. border shooting

Clinton pledges to unify party for fall campaign

32 lab monkeys accidentally killed in Nevada

McCain Campaign Examining Controversial Bundler's Fundraising

White House press corps plane detained in China

DPS: At least 9 dead, 10 injured in accident near Florence(AZ)

Bill Clinton offered a speaking role(by Obama at convention)

Man held in Fla. for threatening Obama's life

McCain campaign to return 50K in donations

Americans Want Overhaul Of Health System: Survey

Gitmo jury gives bin Laden driver 5 1/2 years

Rice: US would be safe under Obama

Deutsche Bank to Foreclose on $3.5 Billion Casino

Anti-China activists face federal criminal charges

Bolten, Miers want hold on subpoenas

Judge orders (Mayor Kwame) Kilpatrick to jail

Md. mayor wants probe into raid at his home

Brazil temporarily frees US nun's killers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday August 7

Net address bug worse than feared

McCain Offers Prizes To Bloggers Who Spread Talking Points

Obama's Viroqua campaign office vandalized again

McCain's bus crashes in Miami

White House memo exposes Rove knew of problems with anthrax vaccine

Tenn. Democrat beats lawyer who linked him to KKK

Ex-Bush aide claims 'Swing Vote' stolen from him

Illegal immigrant from Honduras facing execution

U.S. Christian Protesters Detained, Pro-Tibet Activists Deported

Pressure to Donate to Romney Alleged in Complaint (executive loses job)

U.S. Attorney Scandal Probe Enters White House Circle

Tenn. Democrat faces lawyer who linked him to KKK

Study: Pot linked to riskier sex, STDs

Chinese Islamists threaten Olympics: US group

PETA ad compares bus beheading to animal abuse

Countdown: Worst Person August 6, 2008

Iraq to resume oil exploration after 20 year pause

Steelworkers FIGHT Corporate Attacks Globally

Countdown: Bushed! August 6, 2008

Lawrence Lessig quotes Richard Clark on the i-Patriot Act: "Vint Cerf isn't going to like it much"

Canvassing in Colorado

Sen. Barack Obama in Elkhart, Indiana part 1

NBC Obama-Clinton tension?

Barack Obama with media In Elkhart, Indiana

Democrats for Reagan

Volunteer to Help Indiana Flood Victims

Countdown: The Anthrax Case

Send Bill O'Reilly Back to School

National Holiday For Crazy Horse

Green Screen: Headquarters Hotel For The 2008 DNC

Black and latino voters being purged from voter registration

Michele Bachmann Reveals the Democrats' Secret, Scary Urban Agenda!!!

Cindy McCain Topless!?!?!

The High Road

McCain snubs reporter asking about Harry Sargeant's donations to his campaign

Tim Kaine Interview on CNN's Situation Room

Hillary Praises McCain, Attacks Obama In Latest McCain TV Ad

NC-Sen: Majority Action Hits "Big Oil" Elizabeth Dole

Congressman Takes On Military Recruiters

Bill Clinton to speak at Democratic Convention tells McCain, Get out of Sturgis and Get to Work

Brent Bozell's Hack Tells FauxNews the MSM have been biased in coverage of Suskind book.

TYT: Was the Anthrax Killer a Terrorist?

Cybergate: The Stolen Elections

We can give Obama a Filibuster- proof Senate majority in 2008

Scott Kleeb: "Future"

Israel Warns Russia: We'll Neutralize S-300 If Sold To Iran

TYT: Awesome! This Cartoon Explains 'Fiscal Conservative'

Countdown: GOP Power Outage

Countdown: GOP Power Outage

Countdown: Bushed! August 7, 2008

Michelle Obama on ABC's "Good Morning America"

COUNTDOWN on the Hamdan Case

John Quinn, registered Republican,Berea Heckler, fleeing.

The DNC Strikes Back!


John McCain has a problem with women

We did it!

Explosive Allegations About Diebold Voting Machines

TYT: Unbelievable Sexual Harrassment in Russia

Who is Asher Heimermann?

Dazed and Confused

Georgia launches offensive against South Ossetia

Let's Kick Toby Keith in the Balls

WorldNetDaily, Serial Liar

OxyContin Bust Nets 56 Miami-Dade Government Employees

The Irrelevancy of the Gitmo Trials By Jacob G. Hornberger

Why is Habeas Corpus Such a Threat to those in Power? By Maher Osseiran

Life Imitates Art: The Candidates Go to the Movies

Dark Meat

What do Obama and McCain have in common? Candidates for Sale

Medicare Showdown (New Eng Jour Med)

Climate Change Catastrophe by Degrees

Secret EU security draft risks uproar with call to pool policing and give US personal data

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

Threats, Lies and Audiotape by Amy Goodman

The Olympics: Unveiling Police State 2.0 by Naomi Klein

Don’t Let the Games Blind Us to the Plight of China’s Workers

Impeachment hopes and fears (BBC)

An auspicious, bloodstained day

NYT editorial: Hamdan's trial "Guilty as Ordered"

Bin Laden's Driver Sentenced to Making License Plates

Greg Palast: The McCain Plan: Homer Simpson without the Donut

Bacteria Not Flu Killed Most In 1918

Unitary Executive Theory A Recipe For Dictatorship

Hillary Clinton wants the presidency in 2012 and the Clinton's HATE Barack Obama

The Tragic Last Moments of Margaret Hassan

Greed and Panic

U.S. Attorney Scandal Probe Enters White House Circle

Working Poor Unready to Revolt By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Naomi Klein Helping Me UnLearn What I Learned in Business School

Guardian UK: Why TV news in the US is utter rubbish

The Weekend Economist August 8-10, 2008

Part III: A funeral and a birth (3 of 7)

Army closing longtime bases in Germany

Ex-soldier pleads guilty over body in freezer

MarSOC aviation officer killed in Afghanistan

Pentagon tweaks tanker requirements

Washington senator blocks Donley confirmation

Bush visits troops at Yongsan

IED attacks plummet in Iraq; on rise in Afghanistan

GAO: Iraq’s oil revenue could double

Baghdad site offers some water relief

Bases face shortage of Hib vaccine

ID thefts at England Air Force bases total $70G

New sentences tougher for child killers

Army Fields Nonlethal Capability Set

Report: Britain is seeking long-term presence in Iraq

Second mustard gas leak found at Ky. depot

PTSD leads to changes in brain, study finds

Lawmaker Charges Bias On New Tanker Bid

Question about ice from a Californian

Voyage into the Arctic as summer ice vanishes

Guangxi colliery accident death toll at 36

Yucca Mountain cost estimate is increased

Kohl’s goes solar in sixth state

U.S. lawmaker (Howard Berman, D. CA) urges India nuclear deal be delayed

Parents Of 3 Million Unvaccinated Kids To Receive Stark Measles Epidemic Warning From UK Government

Off Shore Drilling: has anyone bothered to ask.....

PG&E renewable power bids see lots of solar

Green jobs boom in weak economy

Babcock & Brown Gulf Coast wind project clears legal hurdle

Nomura Holdings Will Study Shipping Water From Japan To Australia By Supertankers - Bloomberg

Energy Innovations' Sunflower Becomes the First Solar Concentrator (to get) ... UL Listing

Why do Oragutans care about global warming?

Capture solar power with your curtains

Seeking to Halt Output Decline, Pemex Increases Budget, Rigs

Energy Information Administration chief (Guy Caruso) quitting

Iowa State researchers use fungus to improve corn-to-ethanol process- reduce energy use by 1/3rd.

Unpaid bills are causing more utility shut-offs

70% Of Arctic Basin Sea Ice This Spring Was 1-Year Ice - Serreze Projects 70% Loss Of 1-Year Ice

Monsanto Trying To Sell Division That Makes Artificial Growth Hormone For Dairy Cows - NYT

So, What Happened To All Those Dirty Beijing Factories? Hint - They Didn't Shut Down - WP

As Heating Emergency Looms, Maine Searches for Energy Options

A Thread Every Hybrid Owner (+Those Considering) Should Read

'Safety fears' stop river protest (UK)

Nine new plaintiffs added to uranium exploration lawsuit (CO)

EIA Revises Monthly Production Totals Downward Back To 2002 - Range 67,000 - 417,000 B/D Lower

Commodities rush could be over - USA Today

The Daily Show: Indecision 2008 - To Drill or Not to Drill

One Day Before Olympics, Smog So Thick That Pedestrians Fail To Cast Shadows -

The medieval marvel (back to the future for home heating?)

Natural Gas Drilling Sparks Fort Worth Protest

Startup Says It Can Make Ethanol for $1 a Gallon, and Without Corn

EPA denies governor's request to lower ethanol requirement - whew! less chance of depression!

PlanetOut's accumulated loss nears $100 million

Bible does not denounce faithful relationships.....

Here is another reason I don't buy that homophobes are disproportionately Gay

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/06/08

Jobs data point to spending slowdown

Citigroup returning billions to investors

Wall Street issues report, concludes "Oops! Our bad!"

Connecticut Joins Other States in Suing Countrywide

Why is Exxon Mobil's stock price dropping when the company made such huge profits recently?

Israel allows more cargo into Gaza

Israel building up strike capabilities against Iran

Now at Home Center: Discounts for Arabs only

Al-Jazeera admits to 'unethical' behavior over Kuntar party

Settler gang pushes Palestinian boy off roof

Israel okays new West Bank settlement construction

Truth and consequences under the Israeli occupation

Today in labor history Aug 7 Some 675,000 employees struck AT&T Corp, WGA ends a 22-week

AFSCME in San Francisco – Homage to Memphis sanitation workers’ strike & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

United Steel Workers Protect Workers In Paper Company Sale

The Blog-That-Must-Not-Be-Named

Strike brings S. Africa’s economy to standstill

(California Supreme) Court says employers can't limit a departing worker's job future

Cuba elected to UN human rights committee

Hugo Chavez sends diesel shipment to Paraguay

Venezuelan banks say unaffected by takeover

Venezuelans protest Chavez's new socialist push

Morales seen winning Bolivia vote, reforms in air

Bookmark this thread---Favre will flame big time in the Big Apple.

Remembering Murcer, With a Nod to Munson

Do the Jets still suck?

Unofficial over/under: 10 games for Brett Favre with the Jets

How many games must Ohio State Lose to keep them out of the Championship Game?

It's Happening Now

Crystal clue in army brain injury (BBC)

Researchers study diet and autism


All U.S. adults could be overweight in 40 years

An abundance of vitamin C in the diet may help lower a person's risk of developing type 2 diabetes,

Post 'em if you've got 'em.

Green Bay Packers News Conference at Noon

Amendment II Democrats in the news!!!!!!

Draft of the 2008 Democratic platform -- Gun stuff

Date Set for Operation of Large Hadron Collider

Climate change: Prepare for global temperature rise of 4C, warns top scientist

The accelerator of the modern age (BBC) {packet switchng}

Fingerprint Test Shows Not Only Who but What

Monsanto Looks to Sell Dairy Hormone Business

Dandelion Rubber Could Replace Rare Sources

I gotta stay away from craigslist for awhile!

What I'm doing with my apricot crop after I did everything else...

Here, guys --

If a kids' camp existed for agnostic and atheist kids to freely discuss the lack of a God...

Biden op-ed in Delaware paper on foreclosure legislation

Biden clip in new DNC ad:

Is this what Biden will do in an Obama administration?

Some information, link on .45 ACP 1911 pistols for any fans here.

Hidden History of 9-11: Paul Zarembka

Reporting a Child Porn Exploiter in Texas...

Culberson opponent tells MoveOn to get lost

What happened to galloglas -- could it happen here?

Help with copying Youtube videos

Good Morning friends, Olbermann question........

choppy framerates in Flight Simulator X? (An overclocking problem?)

Hillary Drama Planned??

Grace & sorrow on DailyKos. A father of the fallen writes about his son & memoralizing soldiers

interesting thread in GD: define a war hero and name an example

Kerry & Dean respond to new McCain ad. Please rec TomP's diary!

A sadly re-relevant blast from the past, could use some fresh love if only to counteract the...

The he said, he denounced, he said.....

Sen-MA Rasmussen poll 8/7: Kerry 56, Beatty 29. Kerry has 99% chance of winning.

For your pleasure (If Suffolk finds Kerry doing well, who can complain).

Gore and Kerry together at Nantucket promoting Obama

"Nuisance"…"law enforcement another chapter in the book Kerry was right.

I hate No Child Left BEhind. It is a Failure.

Amy Klobuchar wants innocent people to be able to get off Terrorist Watch List.

Since when does Pawlenty care about middle class: people and issues?

Obama surprises breakfast crowd in St. Paul ~ STRIB August 7 - 2008

Michele Bachmann: Minnesota's Ugliest Racist

Couillard's lawyer dismisses federal report

I hate Tony Clement

N.J. appeals court restricts exit polling

Explosive Allegations About Diebold Voting Machines (X)

Explosive Allegations About Diebold Voting Machines (X)

In Kansas, thousands (4,446 ) of ballots uncounted

Playing to Win with A Full Deck of Race Cards

Alabama Secretary Chapman Says Voter Fraud Reports Continue

Warning to Voters: Check out your registration and ID NOW! Vote in a primary.

Ohio Secretary of State Files Counterclaim in Lawsuit with Premier Election Solutions

Plan to ban 'date-rape' chemicals

Now Morgan Hamm has withdrawn from the Olympics

What do y'all know about State Senator Joe Leibham?

Brett Favre traded to NY Jets........

Camp Offers Training Ground For Little Skeptics