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Criminal cases die with the defendant. Why is the federal government wasting our money on this dead

Want Universal Healthcare?

Citizen Advisory Council

"Bush laughed at the way Lee phrased that" (smirkin' at thousands of Korean anti-Bush protesters)

This is not a recession

Rush and GOP and drawing entirely the wrong conclusions

China revokes gold medalist Joey Cheek's visa: was to campaign for peace in Darfur

What do you think of Suskind's allegation? POLL

Still think it's about athletics.....

Bringing Down the Great Firewall of China

Mo' spin from the WaHo: FBI to Show How Genetics Led to Anthrax Researcher

OR-Sen: Smith Leads By 12 in New Poll

BRUCE FEIN: Assault on self-government

Fuck, is society still having this argument?

New From Your Federal Government: "The Deport Yourself Program"

Bush thanks troops, Ted Stevens

Holy Controversy: Religulous Reviews Hit Web

Showtime showing "Fall From Grace" (movie about Fred Phelps)

Why are some drunks so fucking stupid? I just got into a fist fight with an idiot...

WJ = Ron Suskind will be on

You think you're better than me!? (Picture heavy-dial-up WARNING!)

Neil Cuvato on ABC Good Morning America

MSNBC says anthrax court info to be released tomorrow

Don't Tase Me, GOP!

I've come to the conclusion that the callers to WJ are, for the most part, not only stupid but

Presidential Debate Schedule Set, Moderators Chosen

China revokes ex-speedskater Joey Cheek's visa

Good God, angry people.

Frederick police launch probe into Duley's claims

Leave it to CNN to make me actually miss Joe Scarborough

Juan Cole: Was Abu Nidal Forgery Aimed at Refuting Joe Wilson?

OMFG Are you watching Gingrich on Washington Journal

BUSH&CHENEY's Secret Mission Before War- "There were NO weapons. And we knew in plenty of time"

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/6/08: MB doesn't know Minneapolis from St. Paul

Robert Scheer: Terror from the Inside

Vote for Bush? Pay up.........

vote in cnn energy poll?

The Strange Death of Republican America

Agents help bust massive ID-theft ring-over 40M credit, debit card numbers stolen

FBI said to have stalked Ivins' family

American Justice = Feds to declare anthrax case solved

Paris Hilton responds to McAins ad

Today is Independence Day in Jamaica

Is ABC ignoring the 3 questions?

Lol, what would happen if Paris Hilton ran for president?

Anti-McCain bumpersticker/caption ideas for Fundyland

A clear and present danger

Happy days are here again .. or .. Check your pot for that proverbial chicken. (CNN.COM)

TDS-Still President Bush - His Not Yet Legacy: Language (VIDEO 5:17)

Powers that be know they can write the script for the Anthrax case

has there been one scintilla of consequence for karl rove ignoring the congressional subpoena?

Nancy Pelosi asked "Where's the evidence?" to impeach......

== Vote for Bush? Pay up = By Mark Morford

ID Theft - Just one more sevice offered by your government

breaking news: jury has reached a verdict at guantanamo

NPR: Paris Hilton shoots down that "wrinkly, white-haired guy" (John McCain)

OMG! Obama removes flag from airplane.

The McCain Dipstick: How Deep Is Your Oil Money?

Guilty of “Driving While Arab?”

Iraq's oil-fueled surplus could hit $80 billion, report says

It must be so frustrating to be a real expert..

Which is more disturbing to you, the Speculative Housing Bubble, or its Subsequent Crash?

Newt Gingrich on C-Span frantically putting scotch tape on the Pukkkes "Energy Protest"

There's a Netroots panel on C-Span right now

NBC News' Pete Williams: Anthrax attacks solved . Case closed...

Liberal Reading Room. What are you reading, recommending, or wanting to read?

'U.S. warns of 'punitive' action on Iran' - here we go again

Before 9/11 Bush WAS Warned 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack' in the US - Bush History, 8/6

"Entertainment" news: Moderators chosen for prez debates

Humana CEO endorses "Universal Health Care". (with video)

Humana CEO endorses "Universal Health Care". (with video)


Bush plans to auction off arrival and departure slots at airports in NY area

Coast Guard brand new base at Point Barrow is one week old and already

Suskind: Anxiety Over Wilson and Plame Led Bush Administration To Pay Iraqi ‘Hush Money’ On WMD

Seven years ago today

Living in Denver need tickets to Obama's Acceptance!!

Do we need to keep OUR oil instead of exporting it?

It's all good now. The AP says, anthrax case is solved!

Water is Beijing's dirty little Olympics secret

Water is Beijing's dirty little Olympics secret

BREAKING NEWS: 30+ Human Right Organizations Ask Obama & McCain...

Pawlenty about to speak at the National Press Club

Explain this to me:

Just a thought..

In rebuttal to Suskinds bombshell - WH releases statements by CIA officers denying allegations

Official: Russian Arms Sales To Set New Record

Bush, "I have deep concerns about human rights in China." 8/5/08

Caught on Radio: Joe Lieberman Flushes Toilet While Doing Phone Interview

Very Very new Democrat Wins Democratic Primary in MO

U.S. military contractor can't sue Air America for defamation

America's first green prison

CNN is now the mouthpiece for the oil industry.....

BooHoo Boehner and Gingrich are holding a press conference

They don't call it WorldNutDaily for nothin'

Check this out - a booklet compiled for Dubya when he visited Canada

Update: Mother of baby boy killed by black lab pup charged with neglect.


Now it's time for some Pearls of Wisdom from John McCain

Ron Suskind coming up on C-SPAN 8:30 am EDT (Wed).

Good News for African wildlife: Scientists find "lost" gorilla population;doubles low land gorillas!

The Irish Vice squad

Iraqi parliament adjourns without passing election law.»

Obama had the BEST line yesterday

How uninformed can we get? 35% of voters don't know what party their congress person belongs to

Christian right apparently not willing to put thier money where

A look into the past (BBC 1998)

A look into the past (BBC 1998)

The hero of New Progressivism - Roy Carter - please read

Obama's ancestry traced back to 18th century Dublin

The other side of Congressional Approval Ratings not mentioned by the media

Broccoli - Spinich- Onion-Garlic-Turmeric SOUP...MMMM

has there been ANY reaction to the suskind book by democrats?

"Brutal Islamist extremist terrorists"

It's a SURPRISE I tell you.

Regnery Press. Google it.

Who's more to blame for the debt/speculation/bubble that's destroyed the dollar and our economy?

Michele Bachmann: Democrats want Americans to live in tenements and take light rail to work

Michele Bachmann: Democrats want Americans to live in tenements and take light rail to work

I try to see what the repugs are up to, because I don't trust the fuckers

Paris Hilton's Energy Policy. Let's get serious about this idea!

Today is August 6 - Hiroshima Day

Oil for Dummies

Newt Gingrich, the "enemy of normal Americans"

Newt Gingrich, the "enemy of normal Americans"

Columbia Journalism Review has three more questions for ABC News

Someone Please come over to my house at stop me from trashing my TV

MUST SEE: Senator McCain Flip Flops on 61 Issues

5 things Paris accomplished that McCain has been unable to do

Feminism is, by definition, sexism.

I smell OxyRush here.

Rachel KOs Gregory et al - video - beautiful!!

I, for one, OPPOSE Ms. Hilton's energy policy

Seven years ago today, Bush received ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.’ memo.

HELP! NEVER MIND -- DELETE. I couldn't wait to respond. nt

HELP! NEVER MIND -- DELETE. I couldn't wait to respond. nt

The "Anthrax was from Iraq" scandal - May have found a clue who was behind it

For those who missed this yesterday: New Republican Slogan (great video)

Victoria Osteen caused Flight Attendant Anxiety and Hemrrhoids

The White House's Weak Denials: Ron Suskind's grave allegations demand a serious response

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) compares Pelosi to Marie Antoinette

Now Wall Street Wants Your Pension, Too

Just in case you weren't quite certain about it...

CINDY SHEEHAN: This is Horseshit

Tragic Toll After Chaos on Mountain (K2 tragedy)

and Today's Secret Word is...

and Today's Secret Word is...

Oh boy, some of the redactions in the Ivins doc dumps aren't complete

I actually think the Paris Hilton spoof ad is well done and on point

Justice Dept just released the document dump on "anthrax killer"

CNN quick poll: Whose energy plan shows the most promise?

Press Member Interrupts Senator Obama's Town Hall Meeting

I Saw A Picture This A.M. From Beijing Of A Blue Sky With Some Puffy Clouds.....

FBI evidence against Ivins: sent email before attacks "Bin Laden terrorists for sure have anthrax"

Thirty years ago, Jimmy Carter warned us that we need to change our oil wallowing ways

Sometimes I wake up and realize that I can't fight the mob.


QUESTION: What Could The Republicans Do To Me?

Should the United States Government have the power to restrict lies told on our public airwaves?

Anthrax Scandal spelled out here...

Troubletown TOON: McCain should avoid having his name near the words "colostomy bag"

Bankruptcies Spike In South Florida

That pollution in China -- think Walmart.

111-year-old reptile finally becoming a father (it's not John McCain)

When You Don't Have Facts On Your Side, Make Some Up!

Horrors...Ivins had direct connections with a Greendale School...

I used to think that the THE PARALLAX VIEW was just a movie...

Lazy, couch potato, cable TV zombies "tired of hearing about Obama."

If clowns scare you, this will mess with your mind:

How many votes will Mark Warner pick up because idiot people don't know he's not John Warner?

Who is Charles Wickersham???

So did Tenant commit a Freudian slip?

Republican Mocks 'Beijing George'

Seven Years Ago Today

Anthrax Killer's Therapist's Restraining Order

Paris Hilton spoof be damned; McCain continues to bombard Obama's celebrity

Justice Department Subpoenas Its Former Lawyers In Civil Rights Probe

Things that president bush jr. will be most remembered for:

Mukasey appoints torture apologist as his chief of staff.»

Need help with Fox News errors: Republicans labeled as Dems

Who is the Riana that Paris referenced in her ad yesterday?

Record number of US voters may cast paper ballots

Could Ivins have "suicided himelf" with help? His line sounds like what Suskind reported from WH.

Flashback: Seven years ago today, Bush received ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.’ memo.»

Imagine this. "President Obama to speak at opening of Bush Library."

I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a CAPTION

*********** SCAPEGOAT **********

Link to Anthrax Docs (they're now online)

Hamden and the Constitution

Headline of the year: Wandering prostitutes prompt 'No Ho Zone' sign

Suskind: Sources of WH forgery claim now under pressure to deny it

Internet censorship.

Judge rules that man cleared by DNA have his record cleared-after 25 years in prison

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's lawyer expects MI AG's office to charge mayor with assault

There’s going to be an i-9/11 event Lawrence Lessig Law Professor from Stanford University

DoJ Presser, re: Ivins ...... "Dr. Ivins vaccinated himself"

"Beijing George" the "WILDLY UNPOPULAR".

Did Dick Cheney give Bush plausible deniability?

LOL McCain's new campaign poster -- features Sturgis!

An inconvenient truth being left out of the "drill here, drill now" debate

Lots of leaks about Ivins, I wonder if they'll bring up his social conservatism

Wed. flat as roadkill, tired as a corpse? Then wake up and CAPTION John McMeltdown.

Funny bumper stickers I saw today........

They who CAPTION shall have generations sing their praises. Let's do John McPain again.

A tale of two germs:

Old as ooze? Stuck as glue? Then come CAPTION John McGoo.

I wouldn't believe the Associated Press if they reported that the sky was blue.

Coney Island has new Waterboard Thrill Ride

Don Young (R-crook) fishes for legal defense funds

Xpost from LBN: Coup in Mauritania!

My Radio Show Starts in Just Minutes

My Radio Show Starts in Just Minutes

David Shuster interviewed the director of the Paris Hilton political ad.

Apple's iPhone-App-Approval Mouse Falls Off Treadmill: Buy The $1000 App That Does Nothing

Exxon/McCain '08

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain - video

The New Republic Debunks Paris Hilton’s Policy Plans!

Anthrax: FBI Now Considers an affiliation with the AFA and a dislike of the ACLU=Terrorist

Help again! (Don't ignore me this time ) Need to refute Repub e-mail point!

Ivins-His most recent statement regarding the attacks came two days ago on Wednesday-he revealed...

Hey Barnfuckle

if you are bored,another of my ltte was printed in another paper

Yanno, one of the biggest mistakes we ever made was granting most favored nation status to China

FBI: Ivins had bullet-proof vest - paperwork for gun - and emails detailing plans to kill co-workers

The word "Communist" doesn't mean anything anymore.

Has anyone ever exploited his military service for political gain more than mccain?

Kansas politician who crusaded against abortion loses big

Anyone doing - Off the Bus - ?

How did Barnicle get his lips stuck to McCain's butt?

Suggestions for the second side wanted - got new cartoons?

Siegelman attorney asks for investigation of USA Canary

CNN presents Dumbest Poll: Who is more "risky"?

The Right Wing has seen a monster, and that monster is itself

Good news about gorillas!

Is there an archive of all the intimidation of scientists in the Bush era?

"There's a reason you've never heard of 'bus rage.

Osama's Driver Found Guilty Next Week They Take His Hair Dresser To Court

Osama's Driver Found Guilty Next Week They Take His Hair Dresser To Court

If bombing Hiroshima was so successful - why haven't we nuked Iraq yet?

Question about pardons

Debate! Military Crash-test Dummy vs. Constitutional Scholar. Who ya got?


I know we stay informed but do you think anyone in the real world is wondering

And Bush goes for the bald head (again)...

surge update - Iraqis Fail to Agree on Provincial Election Law

Guess which political party this joker belongs to.

Um... Newt

McCain says Iraq "surge" is his model for fixing the U.S. economy

GM, Ford Should Receive $25 Billion in Plant Aid, Dingell Says

The Pentagon looks back to four great empires for tips

Caption the pizza dude!

Hey Carly .....

Bush's 'fake letter' linking 9/11, Iraq

“Accountability…is not, in every case, a virtue”

Who can read better?

Archbishop Of Canterbury: Gay Relationships "Comparable To Marriage"

" Oklahoma Lawmaker Claims God Made Her A “Cultural Warrior” "

GM Struggles in America, but Succeeds in China

any one detect a trend? just this week bu$h* solves anthrax crime & convicts an enemy combatant

Great question for an investigative reporter: Where did Ivins get the Tylenol with Codeine

Not enough evidence to press charges, but still able to press their case after the suspect's death

Hagan leaves Dare with ruby red slippers

Fundamental question about e-voting, someone please answer?

'The Simplest of tools' ( 04:45)

Girl finds rocket launcher ammunition in Minneapolis park

Nine firefighters died today as a military helicopter

OpenLeft: Popular Movements Are Not Funded By Billionaires and Oil Companies

Bush History, 8/6 - Before 9/11 Bush WAS Warned 'Bin Laden Determined to Attack' in the US

Stephanie Miller on Larry King tonight!

DoJ Anthrax Press conf starts 3:30pm EST 8/6

Greenwald Aug 6th: The FBI's selective release of documents in the anthrax case

"THE NEW WHIG"-ABC/Anthrax/Iraq-An epic propaganda onslaught of distorted intel-Larisa Alexandrovna

"THE NEW WHIG"-ABC/Anthrax/Iraq-An epic propaganda onslaught of distorted intel-Larisa Alexandrovna

Anthrax Despite Doc Dump-NO Motive-NO Way To Place Ivins At Scene-No Elimination Of Other Suspects

Post office posts $1 billion loss

What is the name for...

From NARAL: Your help is needed!

Heat vs. Eat

gerald posner on KO right now...msnbc

BUSHCO for Dummies! Iraq amasses billions in oil profits while U.S. pays for rebuilding

Bin Laden driver convicted of being Bin Laden's driver

We Fucking Blew it up!!!!

Fired generals lead coup in Mauritania

Sickening. "Nasty Attack Ad Hits Jewish Dem Congressman For Visiting "Our Churches"

Ivins Lone Anthrax Man....Right.

MOTIVE?-Dick Cheney had much stronger motives for sending the anthrax then Dr. Ivins did.

If the off-shore drilling ban sunsets, would states be able to ban drilling on there shores?

Has John McCain ever had a real job?

Marketing Obama to Evangelicals

Remember The National Enquirer and the anthrax deal (GWB pics)?

This misery brought to you by: the Beijing Olympics.

The Waterboard Thrill Ride-"Fun for the whole family” (Coney Island, NY-July 26 to late Aug)

Brian Ross was ordered to disclose his sources for the anthrax story last year

Down the memory hole, mysterious letter blaming an innocent scientist for the anthrax letters

OMFG Dan Abrams has dug up McSame's movie clips

Creator of Paris Hilton's response ad on CNN NOW!

I'm 100 pages into Shock Doctrine and the similarities

Gingrich: GOP ready to shut government down over drilling

Kafkaesque rendition

FBI Identified Source Of Anthrax Years Ago, But Case Remained Unsolved And Ivins Continued Working

Retailers May Flunk Back-to-School as Costs Soar, Sales Stall

Stephanie Miller to "do" Larry King tonight

TYT: Sex, Science, and Stem Cells---The Ring Wing Assault On Reason

TYT: Sex, Science, and Stem Cells---The Ring Wing Assault On Reason

Paris Hilton VIDEO = 3 million views in one day!! McCain is laughable by comparison!

Kanatjan Alibekov, alias "Ken Alibek,"

"Slavery Gets Shit Done" kid gets hard time with the nuns at college!

Locals wanting to see Obama's acceptance speech

Hurry and vote in this poll--and Texans protest at Culberson's office TOMORROW!

Friday's 888 feast in China: Peking Lame Duck Republican President Bush.

What's the law regarding a suspect that dies before being charged? tried?

Flashback: PDB Transcript: Bin Laden determined to strike in US: August 6, 2001

The Anthrax genome was sequenced in 2003

And now, a fee to pay your bill

The fight over equal marriage in CA is bringing out the Fundie kooks en masse...check out this site:

Heads up! -- Ron Suskind ("The Way of The World") is on with Tavis Smiley tonight.

If Iraq had had a nuke, they'd have been fully justified in using it

Wednesday Night Poll Question Designed To Make Your Head Hurt

Vote in WSJ poll - is the anthrax case convincing?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Surprise, Surprise: Ivins Sole Killer in Anthrax Case: Here's the Official Coverup

Homeowners delusional on value of property

An 84 minute reminder

The saddest part of the Anthrax case

Is my humor too dry?

Caption *

Compared with early August 2004, do you see fewer or more presidential bumper stickers?

Car pulling you over -- is that a real cop?

REMINDER: Vote For Barack Obama Online Today!

So how would one smack down a jerk who says EXXON paid more taxes

So how would one smack down a jerk who says EXXON paid more taxes

Daughter of Defense Attorney defending "Germ Boy Scooter" is prosecutor on FBI's Case on IVINS!

Great toon!

The Economy is BOOMING!!!

All of a sudden I see a strong similarity between the 1936 and 2008 Olympics

Yes or No. The death penalty is a deterrent to committing heinous crimes.

Warning While Your Sleeping Bush is.....

Warning While Your Sleeping Bush is.....

Spoof of Superbowl Budweiser ad: "Cindy McCain, Drug-Deal-errr"

Time to place your bets about the anthrax case:

Flashback: Seven years ago today, Bush received ‘Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.’ memo.»

NY Times: Freddie Mac’s Big Loss Dims Hopes of Turnaround

I'm watching Fucklehead speak from Thailand

If eBay is Rethuglican-owned (Also, is there an Paypal alternative?)

RE: Ivins - The FBI only has two pieces of evidence worth spitting at...

Does it matter if there's a coup in an African nation?

Threats, Lies and Audiotape-By Amy Goodman

my 148th ltte...please rate and comment at the site

Are Americans tired of being spoon-fed bullshit yet? ........

The single flask

Enquirer Claims Photos of John Edwards Love Child

Colonel Lang (ret.) says - if Suskind's book is true, House Judiciary Committee should Impeach...

Marching Off Into Tyranny, By Paul Craig Roberts

Local Teevee Nooz reports from Ivins' neighborhood. Broad local consensus: Bullshit


In Bob Schaffer's Defense ... (Colorado US Senate race)

Cross Is Central Symbol Of Christianity And Must Not Be Secularized By Government, Americans United

Galloglas and his arrest at the polls yesterday has brought out the stupidity of our right wingers

Osteen's Wife on Trial for Temper Tantrum

if I take someone's life,

Irony Department: Members of Christian bike gang arrested in raids

Running against GOP, hit first, keep hitting, or be hit & lose!

Obama booth at state fair - my DH got into a verbal fight!

Why was Ivins prescribed Tylenol with Codeine??? (Behind the scenes at the "suicide.")

Tom Foreman, on CNN, keeps referring to the Tax Foundation as 'non partisan.' he's a LIAR. let him

Victoria Osteen, Joel Osteen's Wife, Accused Of Assaulting A Flight Attendant

More about Edwards over on Drudge this morning.

CNN: "Americans say they have seen too much of Obama".

Surprise! Another Republican sex offender!!

for the RNC, $1.9 million in chemical irritant (pepper spray)

Galloglas Update: Out of Jail and ready to answer all questions:

I want to be made love to

Suskind: sources are under "enormous pressure" to change their stories-BUT, I HAVE THE TAPES!!!

This is explosive stuff Suskind has uncovered....

Karadzic demands Holbrooke, Albright appear in court

This "Indianized" Bible will surely cause some fundie meltdown here

“Prisoner Boxes” in Iraq FOIA Request - Pics Of "Wooden Imprisonment Crates"

Just to be precise, Captain Combover was not a jet fighter pilot.

State-by-state list of Voter ID laws (map, too)

Mexico formally protests Texas execution of Mexican naitonal, in violation of International Court

The Downturn: Seniors on fixed incomes face hardships as economy worsens, survey finds

Suskind, Tenet, and Morning Edition

Suskind, Tenet, and Morning Edition

News of the creepy. Man with fake press credentials gets in Obama meeting, heckles him

The Anthrax Cover-Up The Bush Administration, ABC News and the Scare Tactics That Lead the US to War

Bushco's Law: 'ANY Belligerency By "Nonprivileged Persons" Is NOW A War Crime'-Marty Lederman

We are NOT "taxed too much".. do the math..

PART II: Anthrax, Bruce Ivins Case Research-Resource Thread - Update & Rate Please

kpete appreciation thread

Who stood to gain financially from the acknowledged domestic military-industrial anthrax terrorism.

“It Was Ivins, With a Flask, 200 Miles from the Site of the Crime”

Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors -- WaPo looks into McCain's shady fundraising operation

John McCain stood under a banner that read Buffalo Shit and offered ...


It's long wait for Obama tickets


Galoglas' story of being denied his vote make Daily Kos!

Barbara Bush gives McCain a talking to.

Hiroshima, What Would You Have Done If You Did Not Drop The Atomic Bomb

McCain gets third billing at Sturgis...who's Kelly Pickler?


Cost of this debacle called, euphemistically, a recession

I hate Paris Hilton, but I LOVE her sudden foray into the national debate...

I'm waiting for bald headed Brittney's video now

What would happen


Check out this online toon.....

New Report Oil Prices Manipulated Not By Demand

Mark Halperin is a COMPLETE HACK in the tank for McCain (Updated)

what is a better option for president

Do you hate the abuse of your liberties by having Onstar?

thank you schoolhouse rock

Gotta admit....


Ha! Paris Hilton fights back, lampoons McCain in new ad!

Flashback from the Primary- Moment of Greatness

McCain likely to let Obama choose VP first

CIA Agent Allegedly Involved in Forged Iraq Letter Ran Previous Operation to Create Pretext for War

CIA Agent Allegedly Involved in Forged Iraq Letter Ran Previous Operation to Create Pretext for War

Paris Hilton strikes back (Yes it's political :P)

Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors (Most excellent story about McCain's millions in donations)

Regarding the Obama forged birth certificate story being circulated on FR

This tire gauge thing is backfiring me thinks..and more

The more I read, the more I think American economists hate America

Arizona Daily Star: McCain renegs on promised civil campaign

McCain Illegal Campaign Contributions? It Sure Smells Illegal

not to beat a dead horse, but, it was Bill Clinton who said that during the GE you fall in line.

Anyone else notice: McCain doesn't moved his head left or right.

Caroline Morrow - a veteran who endorses Obama

McCain backed by surprise donors

How Many Buffalo Chips Does it Take...

How to Put Rove Behind Bars for Years

The Paris Hilton video is the perfect example of how

“US Frustrated by Taliban Resilience”, will a few more battalions using the same strategy win?

Election aftermath question

So, What Time is Obama's Previously Unscheduled Event in Indiana, Today?

McCain's "Dean Scream"

"FYI- Tax Info"....just got this in my inbox and need some help....

Another false "qualification" McSame is blabbering on the stump:

Behind the scene at the Paris Hilton Political Video Shoot

CNN enabling Freddoso's swiftboating of Obama-

LOL !!! - MeThinks The Voters Are Getting A Tad Restless !!! - CNN Quick Vote:

Rasmussen, shamed by latest Ipsos and Gallup polls... puts Obama back on Top Today

Damn kids - get away from my car!

To the degree that the Ruling Class in the U.S. is finding...

Terry M. Neal: Up From Chicago

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama back in lead. Obama 45 (+1), McSame 43 (-1). W/ leaners it's 47 to 46.

Decision in HAMDAN case is a HUGE loss for BUSH

Does Charlie Crist look reptilian or what?

'Let me be your crazy reverend'

Boston Globe RW Op-Ed shill links Bush to Alfred E. Neuman

Chuck Todd: Obama has expanded his lead over McCain in NBC’s latest electoral map

wndycty, University of Dayton class of '90, thinks Justin Schaffer UD class of '11 is a bigot!

RNC delivers tire gauges to Obama press

Any inside scoop on the July donation numbers? I'm thinking $75 million is not out of the question.

McCain opposes farm policies popular in Midwest

Obama camp circulating McCain's comment that he also agrees with the "tire inflation" idea.

Republicans are on damage control about the Paris video

I want a deflated tire with "McCain's Energy Plan"

What a fantastic idea! Obama to advertise his energy plan on gas pump TVs...

Well it appears the Oprah haters had it wrong, she may have delivered one million votes for Obama

In the coming days its going to be interesting to watch the debate between John McCain and John. . .

So it is really tiresome hearing constantly Barack has to define himself,

Fiscal Conservatives vs. Tax & Spend Liberals: This says it all.

Crist vs. Bayh on Morning Joe, right now: 6:08 AM CDT

Obama, McCain If we don't choose between those two, who should it be.

This Vid Can Accompany Obama's Latest McCain Is Bush Ad

Bayh: I haven't been asked to join Obama on Democratic ticket

Why Senator Angry Old Prick is neither brave or a hero....

why would I, as an individual, worry about tire pressure and tune ups...

I may be wrong but it's looking increasingly likely that Obama will choose VP just before convention

I may be wrong but it's looking increasingly likely that Obama will choose VP just before convention

Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad (hilarious!!)

Insiders suggest Obama pick not coming soon

CS Monitor on Obama's appeal in an "evangelical epicenter" (Nixa, MO)

Morning socialism

Obama shows hints of his year in global finance (Boston Globe story with great photo)

A look at McCain, Obama farm policies

Anyone else see this: Repug registration down 1,400,000; Dems up 200,000

Sturgis Rally 2 years ago

McCain: The Most Reprehensible Of The Keating Five -1989 article

The reason why Bill Clinton couldn't just say, "Yes, Obama is ready to be President."

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Elkhart, Indiana****

Clean Campaign UPDATE: "McCain ad: Obama bad for families"

POLL: Americans say "too much Obama", want more scrutiny of McCain

BBC: US election takes a negative turn - Blames Obama as much as McCain!?

These guys just did not have the experience

Large Heap Of Trash Points Way To Obama Landslide (Garbage Don't Lie)

McCain's web site now offers multi-purpose item for sale

Obama frames the energy / tire inflation debate ::: It's McCain vs. McCain

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

The Obama Campaign needs to start handing out drill bits

Obama Incites Republicans With New North Carolina Black Voters

McCain reverts back to negative, juvenile smears of Obama as celebrity in new attack ad.

CNN Poll of Polls update: Obama leads McCain by five points

Tea Leaves = Blog by Josh Marshall = TPM

Lindorff: Obama is Right: It's Easy to Reduce the Nation's (and Your Own) Fuel Bill Dramatically

Obama Campaign Hits Back Against New McCain "Celeb" Ad

re: Bill Clinton's attitude makes HRC VP less likely

Tabloid's claims threaten Edwards' role at party's convention

Wait! You might not want to eat that...

McCain's New Attack Line: Obama Is Not A Flip-Flopper

McCain Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors. Is McCain Money From Saudis? WaPo

GOP's Pawlenty praises Obama's positive message

Top McCain Bundler Allegedly Bagged Lucrative Pentagon Iraq Contract Through Jordanian Connection

Obama to McCain about Washington being broken: 'No kidding' - It took him 26 years to figure it out

I thought slavery was outlawed. I was wrong.

Return to "The Jungle" another horrible legacy of the Bush years...

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/6/08 - Obama 45, McCain 43 (O up 1, M down 1)

Annoying Anti-Smoker Pushed Onto Commuter Rail Tracks (BBC)

Dowd finally gets it....

John McCain and Women

Pawlenty: Wants Republicans to be the "The Party Of Sam's Club"

Is the bar too high?

Obama, maybe at a gas pump near you

Top McCain Bundler Allegedly Bagged Lucrative Pentagon Iraq Contract Through Jordanian Connection

Do you know people who complain about politics, but don't vote?

if McCain had a 'love child scandal' they'd have to call it "Viagra Falls"

VP announcement will probably be a week before the convention

My Worst Nightmare: Obama/Anyone But Clinton vs. John McCain/Kay Bailey Hutchinson

I have to admit it, I used to feel sorry for McCain

How Bush is Wiping Out McCain:

McCain: Because he served on a nuclear aircraft over a 1/4 of a century ago, we should

Bad Economy Tops Voters' Minds

Obama's Muslim-Outreach Adviser Resigns

Is Obama the End of Black Politics? Is a new generation entering the political mainstream?

I want a tire guage with Obama's name on it

Most Democrats Give Hillary Good Marks So Far, but Only 42% Want Her to Be Obama’s VP

Correction: Great quote on the real state of the election so far.

Suskind: Rumsfeld declared that Iraq would ‘bend’ and ’succumb’

HEADS UP-Michelle Obama at roundtable event in VA

Who pays attention to national polling numbers, and why?

AP on a mission today: " Poll: Nearly half hearing too much about Obama" and related "Could Obama

Gallup: O 46, M 44

If Pelosi had been a speech writer for Great People throughout History

Is McCain going to berate CNN for a story that says programming

Who Is The Real Celebrity?

I think that the Dems will get blind sided again by the repugs and the media

Senator McCain Flip Flops on 61 Issues

"If any Republican can overcome the wretched stain of 8 yrs of George Bush and win the White House,"

So I finally saw the video of McCain at Sturgis. Does he realize he was being dissed?

Everything you wanted to know about lobbyists donating to McCain..

Fluoridated water has changed the political discourse

McCain and Crist attended fundraiser at home of Harry Sargent in March!

CNN: "Obama squeaks by McCain in polls"

Poll: Specter leading narrowly in potential Pennsylvania Senate matchup with Matthews

CBC: PETA ad compares Greyhound bus attack to slaughtering animals

CBC: PETA ad compares Greyhound bus attack to slaughtering animals

Obama's missteps are shown on TV over & over...McCains's once or twice!

Keep asking: "How much oil are we talking about?"

The "Shell"

Harry Sargeant accompanied Crist to Isreal AND JORDAN in May

For prospective bulimics: Newt G. on CSPAN now...6:38 AM CDT

The lunatics are running the RNC’s asylum

"Senator McCain’s energy plan reads like an early Christmas list for oil and gas lobbyists." - Obama

What does a bogus picture of John Edwards in a tabloid have to do w/upcoming Presidential Election?

I need a hug... a furry friend is gone. I'm heartbroken.

I need a hug... a furry friend is gone. I'm heartbroken.

Republicans Report Being Disturbed, Skeptical and Angry after Viewing New John McCain Ad

FAA says firefighter helicopter down in N. California with 9 missing and feared dead

Where is McCain today, and where can I find video?

Damn. The CEO for Gas Station TV has decided not to accept political ads.

"Washington is broken"...John McCain pretender for President. When governors, like Clinton,

The knockout punch in the debates would be this

****Heads Up:DNC general tickets briefing****

Who do I think would make the best ticket?

Have you noticed that the MSM is now talking about the state polls?

Howard Fineman: Tense times remain for Clinton, Obama

The debates will allow the people to see the real candidates and Obama will win in a landslide.

Dear Cindy McCain, Please Pull Up Your Shirt And Tie Back Your Hair: An Open Letter In Pictures

On Obama-McCain polls, it depends on the meaning of ’squeaks by’

Radio caller said it best...

Another Republican Sees The Progressive Light of Obama's Campaign

Outraged Press Ignores McCain's Ties to GOP Race-Baiting Tradition

Poll: Nearly half hearing too much about Obama

Obama Kicks McSAME`s Ass In Latest TIME Poll!

Brian Howey: Reading the Wilting Tea Leaves

Anyone capture the Paris Hilton anti-McCain ad? Great !!!

Garrison Keillor: It's an amazing country where an Arizona millionaire…

No Crisis Is Immune From Exploitation under Bush -HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON

Michelle Obama Avoids Veterans Hit On McCain

Bayh Buzz Soars

Victim in 2001 anthrax (photo editor Bob Stevens)was an enemy of ...

Some "talking points", please.

Will the MSM dare to speak the truth out loud? "McCain Meltdown"

Anyone see the code words in Obama team's response to the new Celeb ad?

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good

Why Has No Democrat Won A Presidential Election By More Than 55% of Popular Vote . . .

Joe Scarborough is right about one, and only one, thing.....

Today's lesson in Republicanese: "Elitist."

POLL: People say Obama's ads are mostly positive, McCain's ads are mostly negative.

Andrea Mitchell: "Race is a drawback for Obama in this Election"

More about the Miss Buffalo Chip Pagent McCain volunteered his wife for (simulated on stage sex)

TPM slams Emily's List for supporting the opponent of a progressive TN Democrat....Steve Cohen.

Something doesn't make sense about poll results on Iraq war and national security

No Bayh yet

What's up with this from CNN, Political observers are wondering why Obama isn't doing better

Can you please help me debunk this nasty e-mail?

Time Poll Quells Notion that Women won't vote for Obama

McCain Walks into Energy Trap

CNN re-airs now Obama town hall meeting in Elkhart, Indiana

Insiders Suggest Obama's Pick Not Coming Soon - Hillary "has made a comeback", may be on short list

Paris Hilton

Dear Hillary:If you & your supporters/delegates want a catharsis, throw 'em a party on your own dime

Obama Fu

POLL: "Fair and Balanced"? 87% of FauxNews viewers are likely to vote McCain. 9% for Obama.

Big Dogs full answer - remember who the enemy is!

This is the only Maverick I know about

"Re-tiresome" -- Joe Klein tries to keep up with McCain's lies and idiotic attacks on Obama

This race for the White House show is getting on my last nerve

Barack in Elkhart, Indiana

The party is unified.

Can We Have Lanny Davis and Lieberman Kicked Out of the Party

Looks like the press has gone negetive on Obama

C'mon Media, You Are Not Even Trying!

Natan Sharansky: Lack of Obama record on Israel makes him a risk

Obama up 5 in new Time poll but it's bad news?

Young people on DU, particularly college students and new voters.... please, please, please

Fiorini: "That's why John McCain took on Jack Abramoff and eliminated

Rasmussen: Voters’ Trust for McCain on Key Issues Growing

McSurge. His Answer for Everything: SURGE! Now, Economic Surge!

Chuck Todd is a moron...

Who would have that he was an Obama fan?

Oh, Jack Cafferty is on fire

For all his experience, what has John McCain done?

Hillary Asks Not To Be Nominated

Tickets to Obama's acceptance speech

Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer`s son apologizes for Obama facebook entry

All this talk about whether Hillary's name should be entered into nomination at the Convention

The Iraq gov't has $10 billion in American Banks????

Hillary offers to smooth some supporter's feathers and increase TV ratings for Obama's nomination

Would You All Get It Through Your Heads that Talking Race Hurts Obama???

Grassroots used to DELIBERATE INACTION/UNACCOUNTABILITY of most heinous crimes against the nation...

The McBush campaign the last two weeks in sports analogy - PIC HEAVY

Another side benifit to Obama hiving his speech in a stadium

Obama Rising In Rasmussen New Jersey Poll!

VA Inaugural Address by Tim Kaine at Williamsburg...Who IS HE? What does his Crew Cut Mean?

The Daily Widget – Wednesday, Aug 6 – Obama 340, McCain 198 – High-Low Update

We are all very clever with our posts on how to impeach & try Bush Co for the crimes

HEY YOU GUYS!! The Bush Legacy Tour is stopping in Fort Worth tomorrow.

48% of Americans are tired of hearing McCain talk about Obama

"Buckle your seat McCain, it's going to get nasty"...

According to Fineman, Hillary has no interest in being VP, she just wants respect

Separated at Birth - John McCain and...

Separated at Birth - John McCain and... the DSCC

David Gregory -- Get the fucking hook!

This is not at all like 2004 or 2000. Obama is holding his own or winning the mockery game.

Obama going on a well deserved vacation

Did Laura Bush Undergo As Much Scrutiny As Michelle Obama Is......

2008 Election Forecast: New Hampshire’s GOP Edge No Longer Written in Granite

Damn Kids

McCain, Get To Work

Every time I see David Gregory, I want to punch him as hard as I can

Post your favorite (or random, even) not well-enough-known McCain awfulness:

Step right up!! Get your's now!!! Limited quantities!!!!

Why I love that McCain bought Olympics ad time

Whoaaa...Ron Suskind is on CSPAN now! 7:32 AM CDT

Let's Be Clear America: The Oil Companies Are Not Profiting From High Oil Prices

DU this poll (freeps are ahead)!

2008 Election Forecast: Minnesota - the ‘Polka-Dot’ State

I just got back from seeing Barack Obama live in Minneapolis, at the Hilton!

Would Any of These VP Pics Affect your Support of Obama?

ExxonMcCain '08! Are you PUMPED!

Obama on why he's running for president-"I got hit in the head with a rock."

Random Thoughts on Party Unity

Boehner Golfing, McCain Absent During GOP Revolt

Pawlenty: 'Republican Idea Factory a Little Stagnant'

First Read: The Rules. Convention.

I hope we can end this soon McCain is just too boring.

You're at a right-wing talkers convention. You're nonviolent, but are granted one punch to throw.

I'm shocked to see THIS....

CBS Poll: Obama Holding Off McCain

Obama's 'Gas Pump TV' ads pre-empted

David Corn: An Obamacon's Advice for Obama

"John Q Public" with press pass - planted at Obama event?

Poll shows people don't like McCain, but the headline reads "Poll: Trouble Signs in Obama's Lead"

The McCain Plan: Homer Simpson without the Donut

OK, I just have to post this link to a kos diary about John Edwards' "love child"

A potentially misleading article about Obama


Hysterical DNC ad - John McCain debating John McCain

I made my Obama contribution "in kind" today at the local office

Obama-Clinton Joint Statement

Just As Predicted, "Boombox" Coulter Flip-Flops And Now Supports McCain

Assuming no shenanigans, what's wrong with allowing Hillary's name on the first roll call?

Obama field offices in Virginia: 28. In Georgia: 9. Ah, Georgia is not in play.

When you hear and see poll numbers, consider this-

I DARE McCrotchity to bring up another 'celebrity' who might turn

Bus Carrying Lieberman Involved In Collision

Campaigning with Bernie ---pix--->>>

OH SHIT! It's "Sensayuma" Brad Blakeman on Abrams' show!

The Page: "oops, he did it again"; Reuters: "McCain takes air out of tire pressure debate"

McCain has approximately 3 weeks left to blow his money on stupid ads and gag gifts like tire gauges

On A Scale Of 1 To 10... How's Your Sense Of Humor Holding Up ???

I thought this Yahoo headline read: GOP Leads Country Off Cliff

Sen. Hillary Clinton Seeks Democratic Convention Voice

Confronted by Brewer over falsehood, Corsi responds with two more

Bill, Hill...

Are Republicans runing a stealth campaign in your area?

This is the kind of biased journalism we are up against...

I am SO sick of hearing pundits ask "Why isn't it CLOSER?" but here's my response

Why isn't anyone mention that domestic offshore drilling doesn't guarantee that oil stays in the US?

If Obama were to select a VP from GA I'd much prefer Max Cleland to Sam Nunn

One thing I think is guaranteed, the Veep won't be a sitting Senator

Obama's VP will be Robert Byrd. You can bet on it.

The Clintons are stepping on history and I resent it.

Sen. Barack Obama at Schoop's diner in Portage, Ind. - pics

Obama's VP Choice Will Be...

McCain and His Wife at Motorcycle Sex-O-Rama Hotlist

So, who's responsible for ABC becoming FOX lite? Anne Sweeney?

I Guess Biden Won't Be the VEEP either....

Any Obama staffers reading DU: PLEASE read this...

Hillary does not have the slighest chance of getting the VP nod

Since McCain defies one sarcastic label, what is the most preferred?

For Bayh, Shot No. 3 at No. 2 Spot

Obama must be anouncing soon

Have the Clintons Gotten Over It?

DNC launches 'ExxonMcCain ’08'

New CBS poll O 45, M 39

Explosive: WAPO raises serious McCain fundraising questions

So I am going to see Hillary on Friday

"I won't vote for John McCain because he's (blank), not because he's (blank)."

Guys - I'm on the radio again - doing an Obama versus mcsame!

Which of these people would make a better debater?

And so Hill and Bill emerge in the News in the worst of ways

McClatchy: Just when you thought it was safe, Nader's coming back

please DU my 148th ltte re:Corsi's book

Darkhorse VP guesses

I'm happy

Obama's VP choice is GOING to be CLARK, You effin' HEAR me?? Clark!!

Why revisit Brideshead?

LOL- Dover's new paper dolls of McCain and Obama

McClatchy: Did New York couple give $61,600 to McCain, GOP?

PPP Florida poll: McCain 47%, Obama 44% (Obama led last month)


Regarding Tire Gauges and Oil Consumption.

Pill Pockets: the greatest invention in the history of cats!!!


My long gone Ex was a great Photographer...before he went insane:

Some crackhead just stole by bike!

If Suskind's revelations don't prompt some serious prosecutions, the Constitution is dead

My past relationship's in a nuthouse

Jeremiah "Jay" Nixon is the Democrat nominee for Governor!

Up before 6:00 am, just to say that I had the weirdest freaking dream.

Who is still up at this gawd awful hour?

My iPod is full...How to I delete songs off of it?

Update on my Kitteh -- vet finally cleared him!

Has everyone seen the video of Paris Hilton totally pwning McCain?

Anybody goin' to OZZFEST this weekend in Dallas???


I Believe It's Going to Be Vice President Hillary Clinton

We need "risky"...

How do you deal with Beefeaters?

111-year-old reptile finally becoming a father

Something to give me hope in my family history

Looks like Brett Favre may be headed for Tampa Bay

This is why the Yosemite area sucks goats

Scarborough questions latest ad

It appear Taylor Marsh has turned full circle

Nothing in life is ever simple: now my two docs disagree....

Mathews Better Get Back Soon Or His Show Will Be Toast

Obama, Clinton, And The Fly On The Wall

Obama Invesco ticket details due today

I Feel Pretty!

We Need To Stop The Pedegg Clones NOW Before They Take Over

Is Daniel Craig the new Steve McQueen?

Dream: Mike Scioscia told me to go away.

If McWhine gives out Obama tire gauges, Obama should give out McWhiney dipsticks

How I wish you could see the potential

What did we learn on DU tonight, Craig?

What did we learn on DU tonight, Craig?

Has McCain Walked Into An Energy Trap?

What will be the Prime Directive of the MidloCloneArmy?

Taking Applications For Our Own Bunco Fight Club>?

Mac Users: Has your hard drive icon ever just moved to the bottom of you screen

I DID mention that Mr. Writer is in the middle of his second interview, didn't I?

Why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor—I just figured it out this morning.

I really wish people would answer their e-mails

What happens if the Hillary supporters nominate her for VP at the convention?

Anyone have LOLcats flipping gang signs?

LaraMN: Queen of the gentle let-down.

I think Gandalf's days are numbered.

Lamest James Bond film title?

Game: you name a one hitter, and something.

SPK Reviews: "The X-Files" Movie

Would you name your child "Regis"?

Shocking new Cindy McCain pic surfaces

Local Idiot To Post Comment On Internet

I am so frustrated with my brother

Someone Please come over to my house at stop me from trashing my TV

Damn neighbors cat!!!!

Anyone know anything about writing business plans/marketing forecasts? NEED ADVICE :*(

Good current rock.

My Repub SIL sends me the false e-mail about Obama blowing off the troops

"If there's a bunny on your stove, get out, man!"

You will all be happy to know that I am an 'Army of One'.

Voting against MccCain is age discrimination.

What Airlines Are The Stingiest With Extra Fees

War profiteering: what WaPo left out of its article on McCain's top bundler Harry Sargeant

Today is the day of the Hiroshima a-bomb

Attention Lounge. The bunco fight club will NOT meet this month.

Do cats see ghost cats, or is this a coincidence?

Broccoli - Spinich- Onion-Garlic-Turmeric SOUP...MMMM

In de stad Amsterdam

I just got the Obama dissed soldier email AGAIN.

So I watched Charlie Wilson's War last night...

It is not humanly possible to tie a knot as good as PC cables get tangled

Will Zantac 150 + 8 Advil + Coffee eventually destroy my stomach?

This Is Why BOSSHOG Rocks

i've seen some crazy birthday cakes, but nothing like these!

well . . .

Dog lovers -- this is a great video. Check it out...

What do you folks think of this nasty story? Damn them for doing this to Elizabeth....

So, I've been left handed for two months now, the endeavor seems to be working

The Scottsburg, Indiana middle school system should revisit the animated gif on their homepage

It's amazing what you can get done when you don't give a rip

Crazy invention of the day

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/6/08

PSA: Don't do two weeks worth of math homework while drunk.

I've read all these - why won't ctrl-d remove them?

An online fundraiser for Lounge Lizards!

Wow....A true Microbiology geek tattoo:

OK, computer vibes needed

Trying to get in to see my dentist today.

Happy Birthday BabyG

Robocop remake: Yes or No?

it is 103 degrees here

Weeds thread - oh my!

Over in GD they're arguing about whether or not atomic bombs should be dropped on smokers

The bulletin's done, and it's only Wednesday. Sometimes, I am a wonder of efficiency!

Critters!!! You have an exegesis to get done!!! Get off the effin' computer!!

Dim Economy Drives Women To Donate Their Eggs For Profit

Please send ElderGreenKid some healing vibes? The doc took a look at the

Went to the JFK birthplace and JFK library today

OK, so one of my sisters is having a mastectomy on Monday

You might need a PedEgg.

i missed my rent payment by 2 hours - ask me anything!!

My mom asked me about "that symbol" on Obama's plane

ZOMD! Someone h4XX0Rd a local high school's Wikipedia page!

Post a picture of yourself as a child

I am going to have to return my cat Caesar....

My poor wife... got any suggestions.

I am on a call right now with two valleygirl twentysomethings with the combined IQ of a watermelon.

Dim Economy Drives Women To Donate Their Ped Eggs For Profit


Need a "bumper-dumper"? Look no further!

Who uses network hubs anymore?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 8/6/2008)

How many jackasses does it take to change a light bulb?

If trends continue, we’ll all be fat in 40 years

Take this test -- are you smart or stoopid?

Am I supposed to be getting "sticker shock"

Office fashion PSA

I wonder if Senator Clinton approves of these Puma protests. One in Pittsburgh Saturday

OK...if you have a warped sense of humor,you'll LOVE Rifftrax

New Lounge Rule:

Finally Vista does not suck for me ! know what it took ?

So I was shopping today with my 4.5 year old son

Electing Obama May Lead To Pollution!

Parents- be wary of saving letters from your children...

99 degrees and the Morning Glories are OUT

Now that it's been some time - Beck "Modern Guilt" - Whaddya think?

Thanks to a suggestion by MrCoffee, I am going to use my Ped Egg

Star Wars: The Clone Wars...okay, I don't get it.

Which Ghostbuster are you?

Proud Mama...also...Vanity Thread... Congrats WannaBe!!

Just got my power back on today after 40-odd hours. Ask me anything!

Beck - Dead Melodies. What do you think?

And so we say goodbye

For my son:

My Grandpa died last nite

Shear Genius *SPOILER ALERT*

If Olbermann made completely baseless accusations against McCain, he needs to admit his mistake.

I found an amazing resource for cult/exploitation flicks on DVD!!!

Something's up.

Squash Wars

Whether or not Hillary is "officially" nominated at the Convention is utterly irrelevant

I hate to say this, but sometimes I feel that this country is too stupid to elect Obama

Holy AMAZING, Batman!

Car doors and Fingers (especially index fingers) don't mix.

VIBES for Mr. Writer THE HUNK.

Why is the television three times louder in the bedroom (where I am)

You're on Notice

How Many Cheerleaders Can Fit In An Elevator?

Now's there a picture of John and the love child

GOP Convention To Be Blood-Soaked Reenactment Of Second Punic War

How contentious was the Reagan-Bush Sr. Republican primary in 1980?

Socialist Perspective on Oil Profits

Is this so awful it's good, now?

Shia LaBeouf is actually David Gahan's son

Tabby kitten!

What is it about Obama that makes his opponents do stupid things?

Here, just cause there isn't enough annoying shit in your life

Nearly two months, and some Hillary supporters are still fighting the primary battle

Hillary: I will not Rule Out my Named Being placed in Nomination

Project Runway

What is old to you?

FREE Obama poster for your use (Bandwidth warning)

Post a picture of your parents

WSJ thinks McCain is giving Dick Cheney the snub...

How did the upper lips become stiff?

So...what are you wearing?

Some scientific instruments boggle my mind.

"Paris Hilton issues tart rebuttal to McCain ad"

***Update on Little MB's Horse Bite***

Activists Demand Investigation of Wal-Mart's Pro-McCain Policy

I'm going to see a Let's Active cover band this weekend!

So, researchers have concluded the dogs "may" have the capacity for empathy


5 Favorite movies about the South....

My aunt Véronique just passed away.

Little MB's summer camp nurse just called.

Tarantino casts Britney as a killer lesbian stripper in his remake of "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!"

I've debated about posting this, but I really need the support

OK I am back from my 1 week vacation. What did I miss?

I saw The Dark Knight again. This time in IMAX.

Match Game Story: "Gonad Gus was so fucking dumb, he sent ___ to his mother."

Booze. Sometimes it takes a half-gallon, sometimes it takes a half-glass

Continental Flight Attendant Suing Joel Osteens Ignorant Wife

Legal Schnauzer is right...our Democrats owe it to Don Siegelman.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday August 7

Disregard this Thread. I am showing Daydreaminhippie something...

I need a hug... a furry friend is gone. I'm heartbroken.

Ok, has anyone ever had their doctor explain their cervical MRI to them?

Can you imagine the media shitstorm if someone with Jim Hensley's rap sheet were Barack...

What's the funniest 'vanity plate' you've ever seen...

Headlines When Obama Wins ...

What should I get engraved in IzaSparrow's wedding ring?

Maureen Dowd says in todays NYT that Obama did not indicate

Sam Stein on HuffPo: "John Kerry, Surrogate In Chief"

And McCain's VP pick will be...

Clinton supporters to stage '18 Million Voices' march

5,928 hits this morning: Youtube: Pour Some Sugar On Cindy McCain

Lynn Johnson's "For Better or for Worse" gives her 2 cents on gay marriage....

What is a Mentor.....ROFL

If Obama picks Empty Suit Bayh

You Won't Believe The New Slogan For The McCain Campaign!

I got my test results.....

can kiko has picture time now?

The concept of destiny

A Pollish Joke

I think I have heard the greatest cover of Hey Joe EVER!!!

I need some life me out.

i'm bored. someone entertain me!

Could John Kerry be VP

Post a line of Republican advice

"So You Think You Can Dance"-I wish.

Why are some people so bad at communicating?

Obama Has Already Chosen Hillary To Be His VP. Get Over It Already. Get Behind It Already.

Obama, the Working Class, and Health Care

What's the most delicious thing you can possibly make out of ground beef?

How old are you?

What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

Vanilla Sky

I just KNOW that some of you are typographers, even if you won't admit it. So you should


Does anyone see Biden as a serious VP choice?

Wow. Rachel just relayed a chilling story about McCain.


for the kitteh people in the cat has a urinary tract infection I think

Maggie's Farm

Even weirder...who the hell uses the AOL browser for their internet connection?

What are you listening to right now?

How odd; there's no mention of Barak Obama

Silver State Bancorp announces management reorganization and curtails expansion plans.

Postville takes center stage in national immigration debate

Moderators set for debates

4 Tibet activists detained after unfurling banner

French politicians accused of assisting Rwandan genocide

China revokes ex-speedskater Joey Cheek's visa

Families to meet with FBI today (Police launch probe into Duley's claims)

Programs are anti-marriage - study

FBI said to have stalked Ivins' family

Soldier may face murder charge in Afghan death

Cambodia stresses peaceful solution with Thailand

Climate protesters set sights on biofuel company

Venezuela Has One of the Fastest Growing Telecom Industries in Latin America

Morgan Stanley Said to Freeze Home-Equity Credit Withdrawals

11 charged in connection with credit card fraud

Documents Released in FBI's anthrax probe

McCain takes air out of tire pressure debate

Iraqi parliament fails to agree on elections law

Washington Times to outsource printing (to Baltimore Sun)

Officials: Anthrax Case Solved, but Still Open

Enquirer Claims Photos of John Edwards Love Child

Clinton urges monogamy Health services key to AIDS fight

Bush To Speak Out Against China Policies On Day He Arrives For Olympics

Zimbabwe deal would give Mugabe amnesty: report

Crude Oil Falls a Third Day as Slowing Economies May Cut Demand

Iran Is "Root Of All Evil": Israel PM Contender

Morgan Stanley Said to Freeze Home-Equity Credit Withdrawals

US officials defend Iraqi budget surplus

Iran blames U.S. for failures in Iraq

Pentagon Aide: To Move Forward With Trials Of 20 Detainees

More Peruvians Favor Socialism Than Capitalism

Motorcade Map Found at House Of Bomb Suspect

FAA: 9 missing, feared dead in fire copter crash (Shasta/Trinity)

Osteen's Wife on Trial for Temper Tantrum

Oil Companies May `Panic' on Tanker-Rate Outlook: Chart of Day

Groups rally against extended smoking ban in Dallas

Fourth Circuit dismisses Abu Ghraib contractor defamation suit (against Randi Rhodes)

Bolivia's Surprising Anti-Drug Success

Beard bares all in first Olympic athlete protest

Israel mulls military option for Iran nukes

Cheeks Kilpatrick triumphs over Waters in close primary race (MI-13)

Masked US cyclists apologize to Olympic organizers

FBI accused of hardball tactics in anthrax case

Justice Department Subpoenas Its Former Lawyers

Israel mulls military option for Iran nukes

(ABC News - Brian) Ross Responds to "Vital Questions" About Anthrax Report

Bundler Collects From Unlikely Donors. (McCain Getting Laundered Money From Americans AND Saudis?)

(Dr. Ivins Lawyers respond to DOJ press conference) Anthrax Case: "Heaps Of Innuendo"

Ohio execs sentenced for $1.9B fraud

U.S. convicts Bin Laden's driver at Guantanamo(split verdict)

Poll: 'Hardball' host on Specter's heels

House Republican leader rips Bush (for going to China - refers to him as "Beijing George")

Key US lawmaker threatens to hold up India nuclear deal

Anti-abortion D.A. loses big in Kansas primary contest

Mistakes doomed Utah mine, reports say

Coup in Mauritania

Colombian police thwart car bombings by FARC rebels

IRS offers deal for companies to end tax shelters

Randy Newman Savages Bush, Mocks Fast Fame on CD: Mark Beech

The dream gets better

Judge Unseals Documents in Anthrax Case

Obama Incites Republicans With New North Carolina Black Voters

UPDATE: Nine firefighters dead in helicopter crash (Shasta/Trinity)

CBS Poll: Obama Holding Off McCain

Russia Asks That Iran Be Given More Time

(Schwarzenegger) vows to not sign bills til budget is resolved

Motorcade Map Found at House Of Bomb Suspect

Big Three Face Bankruptcy Fears

Scientist 'lone anthrax attacker'

Tom Brokaw picked to moderate Belmont's Presidental Debate

As numbers of the uninsured go up, so do ER visits

Saudi Arabia prisons to replace Guantanamo bay

US anthrax probe to close after suspect's death

Bin Laden driver trial 'fair' - White House

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday August 6

Mexican soldiers enter Arizona, hold agent briefly

Shock therapy makes a quiet comeback (100K/year)

Top US regulator asked for evidence of oil market manipulation

Anbar province handover delayed for infrastructure, economy, general says

Ky. weapons depot reports second mustard gas leak

Author (Suskind) stands by his claim of White House forgery (‘It’s all on the record’)

Texas execution sparks international legal debate

Judge: Denver Can Restrict Protests At Convention

John McCain had role in original Wilmington DHL deal (Losing 8,000+ jobs)

RECESSION WATCH-Corporate confidence crumbles, growth risks rise

The High Cost of a ‘Free Credit Report’

McCain Bests Obama With Olympics Buy

Primary Victory Speech

Barack Obama - I Know What You Did This Summer

Barack Obama: "I believe in unions"

Countdown: Ron Suskind Interview

Liar, or Senile? (John McCain: Press Avail 08/01/08)

Romney: Obama > McCain

Countdown: Miss Buffalo Chip...Or Take My Wife Please!!

Local Businesses Take Part in Pepsi Center Construction

TYT: McCain Volunteers His Wife To Suck Pickle

John McCain and his SICK Humor

TYT: Paris Hilton's Presidential Campaign Ad

DNC Ad: Puppetmaster -- who's pulling McCain's strings?

McCain on Oil Prices: Drive Less, Turn Out Lights

John Mccain Owned by Paris Hiltons Mom!

Barack Obama: Elkhart, IN Town Hall Meeting

Obama: McCain no Maverick, in Elkhart, IN


TYT: More Evidence That We Were Lied Into War

Obama Ad: "Changing World"

Barack Obama on McCain versus McCain

BOGO Lights Rock!

N.R.A. S.p.y.

Obama Blasts Iraq Oil Windfall, Demands Responsibility

China revokes visa of gold medalist, Darfur activist Cheek

Another McCain Advisor Can't Name One Energy Accomplishment

Grammys 1972: Performance of Godspell

OBAMA: New "National Priority" Ad

Ralston vs. Obama on the Las Vegas show

Countdown: McMeltdown on the Campaign Trail

DIEBOLD: The Results of the 2008 Election Are In!

Broccoli may undo diabetes damage

Tire Gauge: Pushback against McCain campaign nonsense

Puppet Masters

ABC News: Campagin 1976

McCain IS "en fuego" today! And the crowd goes wild!

TYT: Obama Slams McCain And Cenk LOVES It

TYT: Is John McCain Dumb?

Cafferty File: GOP Voter Registration Declining Since 2005?

ABC News: New Yorkers mourn JFK/reaction to Oswald's death (1963)

Hillary Clinton Talks About VP Selection Process

Randi Rhodes: Paris Hilton is smarter + Court rules in favor of Randi

I'll see you at the debates, bitches!

Should Killing Liberals Be a Hate Crime?

TYT: Why Is MSNBC Covering For McCain? Ridiculous.

Obama: McCain "Doesn't Meet My Definition Of A Maverick"

Barack Obama wants to kill babies!

TheRealNews: "There's gonna be other wars" McCain on Iraq

MoveOn AD ::: McCain: Get to Work **EXCELLENT**

McCain: "I don't disagree" with Obama on inflating tires

COUNTDOWN: McCain's Meltdown at Sturgis and Obama on Repug Ignorance

Cafferty Shredding McCain

Study links prostate cancer, Agent Orange

Illegal wildlife bust: 14 tons of pangolin seized

Post office posts $1 billion loss

Republican Congresswoman says we're not in a recession

McCain’s Green-Eyed Monster---By MAUREEN DOWD

E-Mail Hacking Case Could Redefine Online Privacy

Lawrence Lessig: The upcoming "i-Patriot Act"

How Washington's Right-Wing Wrecking Crew Robbed Us Blind

Shoot Your Friends First: The Cheney Doctrine By Dave Lindorff

The Serpent's Egg: Solzhenitsyn and the Origins of America's Gulag (Chris Floyd)

The Trials Minority Women Face Serving in the Military

Crude Reporting

Arianna Huffington: John McCain, Paris Hilton, and the Politics of Nothing

Ivins is the THIRD Scientist the FBI has Tried to Pin the Anthrax Attacks On

Faith-Based Flight Pattern: White House Staffers Earn Their Wings, Thanks To Religious Right Cash

Will Paris Hilton’s energy plan work?

McCain Distorts Obama on Nuclear Power

We Tried Offshore Drilling

Gene Lyons just made me cry: Layla, the Charolais wonder calf

Outrage as US military convicts Bin Laden's driver of war crimes

Bin Laden’s Driver Convicted, of 'Doing 60' in a Madrassa Zone

Justice For Sale

Kim Sengupta: Why Bush's 'dead or alive' posse haven't got their man

Privatisation and the World Bank

Eric Boehlert: Trust me, John McCain doesn't know what bad press looks like

Secret EU security draft risks uproar with call to pool policing and give US personal data

Did Dick Cheney give Bush plausible deniability?

'Triple A' Recommends Putting a Muffler on John McCain

John McCain to Pick Surpise VP: Brett Favre

Bolivia's Surprising Anti-Drug Success

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON: No Crisis Is Immune From Exploitation Under Bush

Ron Suskind: The Forged Iraqi Letter: What Just Happened?

McCain and the Bikers

'Hardball' host a possible Specter challenger

Guardian UK: Capitalism lies in shambles, and the left has gone awol

Part II: Welcome to Iraq, and long separation (part 2 of 7)

DoD working on new human intelligence policy

Midshipman gets 5 years in child porn case

Barksdale chaplain gets 10 years for sex abuse

Petraeus Weighs in on Shock Deaths

DoD study urges sweeping retirement overhaul

A record July for planes over Afghanistan

Navy tries to ease worry over sub nuke leak

Could you vote and comment on my latest ltte?

Arctic Boundary Map

Computers pile up in Ghana dump

Unique fossil discovery shows Antarctic was once much warmer

Uh-oh, ultra-liberal rag Washington Times, in 1990, supported George H.W. Bush's public

Thinking eco-logically and the food web of a bluebird

Obama's Energy/Environment Plan

Nissan shows test models of electric car, hybrid

Platts news feature on wave energy

The North Face (outdoor gear Co.) to Host 1 Megawatt Solar Energy System (Calif.)

Vast, previously unknown gorilla population discovered; doubles pop. estimates!

Ventura County hot spot puzzles experts / 2 acre patch of land has heated up to 812 degrees

Head Of FERC Helped Solicit Industry Participation In 2001 In Cheney Energy Group

NSIDC Update - "Race Between Waning Sunlight And Thin Ice" In The Arctic Basin

Norway's Petroleum Directorate Finishes Arctic Ocean Seismic Survey Near Lofoten Islands

Electrasol banned in Washington state

Michio Kaku is discussing nuclear energy on wbai

24-7 Fuel Cell Power Pack to Be Offered in Select Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile Stores

Inflation Hits Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump (cost now $96.2 billion)

Jamie Lee Curtis gets Honda (hydrogen) fuel-cell car, likes it

Company advances on plan for West Texas nuclear dump

Madcap Ice-Cap Fun in Greenland

Cheney Developing Nuclear Energy Plan

SDG&E Lied? Utility Charged With Violating CPUC's First Commandment

Learning to Speak Climate

Fascinating Spiegel Article On The Knife-Edge China Is Walking

Colorado State Researchers Bump Up Estimates For 2008 Hurricane Season - 17 Named, 9 Hurricanes

Northwest Passage (Melville Sound ) Likely Open In Next Weeks - Southern Route Already Open - G&M

Study Finds 50% Reduction In Central Arctic Ocean Ice Thickness Between 2001 And 2007

Nearly One Year After VA Announces Mercury Advisories On Fish, Signs Up On 1 Of 2 Rivers Listed

Greenland Caribou Calf Mortality Spikes - Plant Growth Rate Moves Far Ahead Of Gestation Calendar

Hundreds Of SW Chinese Villagers Fight With Cement Plant Workers Over Pollution - Reuters

Hundreds Of Dead Magellenic Penguins Washing Up In Brazil Closer To Equator Than Ever Recorded

22 Evacuated From Baffin Island Park After "Land That Never Melts" Melts, Floods, Cuts Road - BBC

ScienceNOW - Younger Dryas Cooling May Have Happened In 1 Year - Study Challenges Halocline Collapse

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics

Across Sierra Nevadas, Trees Die, Glaciers Melt, Visitors Confront Transformed World - SacBee

Guardian UK: Climate change: Prepare for global temperature rise of 4C, warns top scientist

Christie Todd Whitman: McCain's grand vision is a "nice idea" but it's "not going to happen"

The Guardian: Indian farmers shun GM for organic solutions

South Carolina Corn Crop "Virtually Wiped Out" By Early Heat, Continuing Drought

Pope Urges Catholics To Adopt "A Way Of Life That Is Respectful Of The Environment" - AFP

USOC Scolds Cyclists For Arriving In Beijing Wearing Masks - NYT

For First Time Ever, Leatherback Turtles Tagged Off Cape Cod - Drawn By Abundance Of Jellyfish - AFP

6 Years After Deregulation, N. Texans Pay Some Of Nation's Highest Power Bills - $600+/Month

Today at a 1.5 MW wind turbine in Solano county. (picture)

IOC's Chief Medical Officer Dismisses Beijing's Continual Yellow-Gray Haze As "Mist" - Guardian

18% of New Cars Cost Over $100 to Fill

Oblivion Becomes The Oblivious - America's Precious Bodily Fluid - The Age

In rural Alaska, fuel costs now matter of survival

Dangerous weapons and boardgames seized at Climate Camp

The cost of securing oil from the mideast - International Center for Technology Assessment

'Major Discovery' Primed To Unleash Solar Revolution


Oh shit, we're made.

US Olympic Swim Team Members Report Visible Haze Inside Aquatic Center

A neat experience getting my tires today

GM debt protection costs hit record (Reuters) {after near-record loss 2nd qrtr}

Boscov's in bankruptcy (Balto Sun)

Homeowners fight back. File lawsuit against WaMu (for refusing to modify their loan)

Why You Should Be Thrilled the WTO Doha Talks Collapsed

Hamas says it released Fatah prisoners in Gaza

Regiment commander to be dismissed over Naalin incident

Barak orders demolition of yeshiva terrorist's home

Iran Is "Root Of All Evil": Israel PM Contender

Israel mulls military option for Iran nukes

Today in labor history August 06 IWW a leader in the effort against World War I

McCain and the DHL Deal

New Decrees From Chávez Mirror Spurned Measures

Bolivia protest leaves two dead

More Peruvians Favor Socialism Than Capitalism

Venezuelans protest Chavez's new socialist push

More Peruvians Favor Socialism Than Capitalism

Colombia: Interview with Antonio Navarro Wolf

Latest decrees by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

What I Re-Discovered in Mexico

Red Cross probes emblem 'misuse' - Colombia

Venezuelans protest Chavez's new socialist push

The Media's FARCed

Trash talking in horse racing? I love it.

Anyone here having trouble CARING about the Olympics?

Former Toledo player charged with point - shaving : Jamie Farr, say it ain't so!

Isn't the Indianapolis Colts news stadium great? BaRF

This just in from ESPN via Text Message: Brett Favre Traded

The SEC has 152 athletes in the Beijing Olympics.....

need input on Pluto transit into my 8th house...

Just a mind-flash

Has anybody looked at Obama's chart lately?

Study says harm from prescription drugs growing(fatal flaws in drug testing, approval and marketing)

Broccoli 'stops' prostate cancer (BBC)

Study Reveals Use of Cleaning Products During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Asthma in Young Children

Affordable Vision for All / Self-correcting glasses allow wearers to correct vision on their own

Broccoli may undo diabetes damage (BBC)

Hope for end to rejection drugs (BBC)

Why just one cigarette can hook some smokers

Some perspective on the VAERS database.

less than 24 hours till 8-8-08

Happy Japanese Memories (dial up warnings)

Rainier Dawn (or "Is it REALLY worth getting up at 2:45 A.M.???")


I'll Take That Gun Sir, oh here are your cigarettes

Amateur astronomer spots gassy ‘cosmic ghost’

SpaceX launch fails a third time (BBC)

Intel unveils graphics chip line (BBC)

Do they really think the earth is flat? (BBC) {Yes. Yes, they do.}

Somebody without a star posted this in GD

Soy noodles...

I committed BROWNIES tonight...(muhahaha)

Refresher Course on Boiling an Egg

Self delete - I'm over it already.

Interesting reading about the debates.

Vote for Joe

Blogger video - Biden for Veep!!

Here we go again....

Fund manager sues son and brother of U.S. Senator Biden

Oh my GOD!

Just for the hell of it cuz it is so cute

Lawrence Lessig: The upcoming "i-Patriot Act"

There’s going to be an i-9/11 event Lawrence Lessig Law Professor from Stanford University

So, the bush administration is incompetent

HEY YOU GUYS!! The Bush Legacy Tour is stopping in Fort Worth tomorrow.

Big Oil Protest in Houston Thursday, August 7

When a website doesn't display and instead you get a....

Help with Windows Updates on a Boot Camp-enabled iMac?

Just managing expectations from my neck of the woods .....


(I just posted this in GD-P...) Sam Stein on HuffPo: "John Kerry, Surrogate In Chief"

JK or Al Gore need to get on the air...

Sen Kerry posts on Daily Kos to support Jon Powers for Congress

Sen. Kerry visits Quincy, MA on Tuesday (great video)

a little JK love from the Carpetbagger:

Okay, so call me shallow. But when "mloutre" made his 1000th DU post...

Diaries to rec on Kos & BMG (por favor)


And so it begins..... road signs are going up

National Post: Tory news dump shows the PMO still paranoid

Canadian Wheat Board: Federal government calling for unlimited third party spending

Help Watch Over Florida's November 2008 Election

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday 8//6/08

Z: A thinly fictionalized account of how democracy was destroyed in Greece

Galloglas Update: Out of Jail and ready to answer all questions:

Question: do other UK DUers get a '404 - not found' error for this page?

Keep reading: your first guess is probably correct

ONE day in San Francisco... Where to eat dinner?

Sex, Science, and Stem Cells---The Ring Wing Assault On Reason