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Planned Layoffs Rise In July

Murder mystery

Peter Chernin on Charlie Rose. Talking about malaria, AIDS,

Pre-9/11 "we were at battle stations", yet Bush Got in a Lot of Golf & Fishing - Bush History, 8/5

Someone cut another animal in half, this time some little boys' cat, Sylvester.

Cheney role at GOP convention is uncertain

Partners In Grime

Want to put an end to the 4.00 a Gallon Gas Price, Soaring Food Prices then Demand

What makes a terrorist?

Pressure Grows for F.B.I.’s Anthrax Evidence

Fuck me. Or Something along those lines.

Journo Ron Suskind: Bush KNEW perfectly well NO WMD in Iraq

bob novak Announces Immediate Retirement

U.S. accused of hundreds of massacres

"We were not making a point about pornography...

Jim Inhofe

A push for new Iraq strategy — now (xpost from Veterans)

NBC will interview Ron Suskind !!! Exposing TREASON...

I loves me some Tom Toles!

Why does the media keep repeating that Obama is against offshore drilling?

Don't forget it wasn't the Repigs who Swiftboated Kerry it was the media

WJ this morning - US May have Taped Interrogations

John McCain's connection to the "Anthrax was from Iraq" scandal

Is Bartcop Down?

Bush to Eielson airmen: Iraq not hopeless

Letter from Senator Dole regarding ANWR

NY Times: New York Hospitals Create Outcry in Foreign Deal

Anybody know of polls showing which candidate veterans support?

Oilman greases skids for McCain campaign

Who is Lone Star? And why are they buying toxic paper?

CNN: Cheney not expected to attend GOP convention

CNN: Cheney not expected to attend GOP convention

VIDEO: Rep. Dennis Kucinich inspires peace rally in Cleveland

South Koreans fire water cannons at Bush protesters

NY TImes: G.O.P. Drops in Voting Rolls in Many States

Who remembers Kennedy's campaign way back when?

Don’t Tase Me, GOP!

Ivins continued to have security clearance, said that Fort Detrick's security was too lax

Want to find out if Ivins is our guy? Ask ABC!

Stocks of many of largest corps. down 20 to 30% in last 7 months

New book claims bu$h* White House used forged documents in case for Iraq war

John McCain's 'Raisin' Problem

Circuit City Orders All Stores To Destroy Issue Of Mad Magazine Parodying "Sucker City"

Bush sees Chinese President Hu Jintao as a sponge: "He absorbs, he takes in, he listens"

OK, Anthrax Case Theory

Russia pays Solzhenitsyn respects - moving

Hey ! Its the MORAN guy!

The "I" word is brought up in the MSM - NBC's Today Show discussing Suskind's new book

EFF Battles Dangerous Attempts to Circumvent Electronic Privacy Law

Today's leading snooze on MSNBC? Brace yourselves...

Israel Concerned U.S. May Open Interests Section In Iran

Suskind (2004) "The very heart of the Bush presidency"

My Mom was waiting in line at the bank yesterday...

My National Radio Show

Starbucks' Blue Light specials?

George Tenet: "The CIA resisted paint a picture of Iraqi-al Qaeda connections"

Is Aleister Crowley the father of Barbara Bush?

Who cares what the what the white house says about Suskind, I want to know what Congress says

White House Ordered Forged, Back-dated Letter After Invasion To Concoct Saddam/Al Qaeda Link»

It's time to boycott ABC until they answer these three questions

Pakistan demands access to al Qaeda suspect in U.S.

We import 66.19% of our oil. We import 80% of the uranium used for nuclear power plants

Skip this thread unless you're caught up on the Anthrax & the Ron SUSKIND threads

Financially Troubled Freddie Mac Cancels Parties At Conventions

Thank You DU Community

VIDEO: Ron Suskind: White House ordered forgery to link al-Qaeda/Saddam to 9/11 attacks

Bush is Joan's Polaroid camera!

Compare these two stories on * protests in Seoul

AlterNet: Bottled Water's Shocking Impacts and the Growing Opposition

Tropical Storm Edouard update:

when they write the platform at the Convention, #1 should be:

When are the rules NOT the rules?

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Unironically Down a Case of PBR

Congressional Republicans claim magical powers over oil prices

Congressional Republicans claim magical powers over oil prices

Solar Power Breakthrough Stores Energy for Later Use

Baghdad: a city of walls

Who's running the LA Times these days? It's running pro-Big Oil profits ed/ops

Tenet statement on Suskind

Predict the Fed - rate announcement at 11:15 Pacific Time

Police fire water cannon at Bush protesters

MSNBC: As joblessness creeps higher, some employers abuse growing power

What Obama Values in Kansas

Help. Some guy thinks the windfall tax is a terrible idea

2000 GOP Platform ....just cause

Highest Traces of Cocaine Found on U.S. Bills

Question about last Sunday's Book TV with Bugliosi.

First thing...kill all the lawyers *

On July 30, 2008 FRB increased collateral requirements and today

Breaking: The foot found in the shoe is ...wait for it..."human".

Afghanistan: Iraq All Over Again

The Repugs are going to play dirty

Where Karl Rove lives.

Expansion of Pipeline Stirs Concerns Over Safety

Website that collects examples of Republicans going against "family values"?

Bush extends Mexico truck program 2 years despite pending legislation & protests

Bush extends Mexico truck program 2 years despite pending legislation & protests

great ad from nrdc in the Washington Post about drilling

mccain is a racist because he has NOT denounced everyone

Conspicuously absent from Obama's "energy" speech yesterday in Michigan .. or did I miss it?


TVNewser: Milbank Leaves Countdown, Joins CNN

Salon Radio: Rep. Rush Holt and Glen Greenwald on the anthrax case

I think DU's favorite Moran

Single-Payer National Health Insurance

There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act

Ah, all those fresh, pink faces at the Young America's Convention on C-SPAN...

Surreal transcript of Bush speech/Larry King's take

A leak too soon? Ivins-Sorority obsession story beginning to show cracks in it

A leak too soon? Ivins-Sorority obsession story beginning to show cracks in it

TOON: Talk about issues

TOON: Talk about issues

Raffle to support American Cancer Society

Virginia newspaper editor out of a job; 'too staunchly liberal'

America's version of "socialism"

What language uses this spelling: Edouard (the tropical storm)? Thanks (nt)

Mark Leibovich (NYT): "Doesn't matter if McCain is computer-illiterate"

McSame to Congress: Do as I say . . .

bu$h* Protesters Battle Police in Seoul

If the JUST penalty for murdering one person is death

WSJ: "Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit"

Possibility of mistrial raised at Guantanamo court

NYT gets sloppy, dangerous

Suskind (Huffpo): "So, here we go again: the administration full attack mode...calling me names"

Order your free DSCC bumper sticker.

Obama Town Hall 2 p.m eastern (link to live coverage)

"American Torture: The Book" Exposes the secret history of US torture at home and abroad...

who thinks Salim Hamdan will be found innocent by a military jury?

Any Word On Andrew McCain Lately?

Just Curious - How Much Money Will NBC Lose Covering The Olympics?......

O’Reilly Rejects Right-Wing Defense Of Big Oil’s Massive Profits:

I just heard that my University may cancel tuition waivers for Graduate Students working part-time

This morning, it was Jerome Fucking Corsi. This afternoon it is Grover Fucking Norquist

Fla. man dials 911, complains his sub had no sauce

US conservative columnist Novak retiring to battle brain tumour

Republicans Claim Their Protest Has Lowered Gas Prices(Dupe)

In case you missed Colbert last night - send McSame that albino snake

The ultimate TV reality show! The perfect show--at last!

To save your life, who would you help out of a burning building?

New York Times EV projection

FBI not saying whether Ivins' handwriting matched that on the letters he allegedly wrote

Bush Responds To Maliki Withdrawal Endorsement: "That's Not What I Heard"

Greenwald: The FBI's emerging, leaking case against Ivins

What would it take? (a letter to Nancy Pelosi)

FBI fails to convince victims of anthrax mailings that Ivins did it

Obama links energy troubles to Cheney

TEDTalk Tuesday: 5000 Days

What in the world happened to Kelly Ann Conway ?

Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Completes First Press Conference Mission

Obama leads McCain nationally in AP-Ipsos poll - by 6%

How many DUers are going to the Democratic National Convention in Denver?

Is it Safe Now to Admit Jimmy Carter Was Right?

Are Home Mortgage loans coming down now?

401(k) debit cards - that's right, a card that allows easy raiding of retirement benefits

Randi just proffered....

Fatal Hunting Accident, Hiker mistook for Bear

Limping and bleeding! Will we make it across the finish line in 6 months?

So who exactly indicted Ted Stevens? I ask because

Pentagon makes first use of high tech spokesdrone

"Doubts about anthrax story"

Commuters moving closer to work in NC

Suskind's CIA Claim and the Niger Forgeries

I died and went to Democrat hell

I died and went to Democrat hell

If Marx were alive today, he would say,

Micky D's Partnership with FOX: News-vertisement? force-feeding FOX News in Missouri

Letter from an Angry Voter

CNN: Cheney will not attend the Republican Convention

'according to a source close to the investigation that doesn't want to be identified'

Olbermann rant about Bush scapegoating Hillary

McRove TOONs

Why He Fears the Fist: A Response to Jonah Goldberg

To pay for the myriad costs associated with driving, Scientific American reports . . .

Iraqi government expected to have $79 billion surplus.

Anti-Obama books are best sellers

Questions and loose ends: Bruce Ivins, Jane "theripist" Duley, and the antrax case

Questions and loose ends: Bruce Ivins, Jane "theripist" Duley, and the antrax case

Three More Questions for ABC News-Getting to the bottom of the bentonite sourcing story

H. Ross Pickens

H. Ross Pickens

Man heckles Obama about Pledge of Allegiance

The American Health Care System Is in Pieces -- But Some of the Pieces Are Doing Remarkably Well

Now copper thefts are interfering with the elections

How To Protect Yourself From The Coming Financial Crisis (continued)

The war has cost more than 500 billion over the last 5 years: 1/4 of the Social Security Trust Fund

shitt romney says oil prices will drop immediately if we announce we're going to drill offshore

You just can't go around slashing wages and social programs, and firing people.

If they can pre-plan, scheme and lie about going into Iraq, they can send anthrax in the mail to...

These guys take pride in being ignorant

Suskind’s research assistant ‘detained by federal agents’ and ‘interrogated’

How much higher is your electric bill vs. this time last year?

Suskind’s research assistant ‘detained by federal agents’ and ‘interrogated’ in September 2007.»

Words Fail.....Check out this story on Iraq "Yellowcake" from the American Family Assn's news svc.

For sale to highest bidder: Ghost Sock - Haunted by Uncle Who Died Wearing it.

Who thinks of the hurricane names??

Is abortion terminating future Democratic stars?

Wanna be pissed off? Wanna see a non-terrorist?

Wanna be pissed off? Wanna see a non-terrorist?

Barrels of sweet crude oil sold today for less than $120 per barrel.

Typical conservative tax argument

Should the Iraqis be allowed to keep their $79 billion surplus?

Hearing delayed for church shooting suspect

Ivins: Trial by Headlines...

I didn't mean to post flame bait

Can we get rid of the term "flop flipper?"

Judge Rules: "If We Had No Sexual Harassment, We Would Have No Children"!

Army offering six-figure bonuses for Arabic speakers, after kicking out dozens under DADT.»

Yesterday the talking heads were going apes--t about

Did anybody else hear the unfortunate ad placement on KO?

Wal-Mart’s Attempt to Kill Employee Choice Backfires (Keith Olbermann, for example)

Firewood - $25/cord!

Pentagon Spokesman Disputes Mullen’s View Of Afghanistan: Nothing ‘Urgent Or Precarious’ About It»

Who is more zoned out when speechifyin' with her husband?

Paris Hilton responds to McSame ad.....spread this around

The PATRIOT Act's War on Charity

Next time some dittohead yaks about affirmative action, mention 2 words:

Next time some dittohead yaks about affirmative action, mention 2 words:

Everyone watching Keith - he has Ron Suskind on talking about the book

Russian Judge: If we had no sexual harassment we would have no children

McCain points to independence, Obama likens him to Bush

Bad idea in marketing: A Burger King commercial featuring a Mad Cow.

Calvin and Hobbes Weigh in On War

How could demand have caused the rise in gas prices ?

Reverse Mortgage Abuse on the Rise

W must be politically destroyed, run into the ground for 1 big reason:

Idea to the alleviate the nation's transportation woes/high gas prices.

Question - when Bill Clinton stated vehemently that the constitution chooses

Dallas to Denver 94.00 ea way

New Republican Slogan (this video says it all!)

Pentagon: U.S. will still detain Hamdan even if he is acquitted

I am DONE - FINISHED - With television "news"

welcome to the olympics

Follow This Dime: Why Misgovernment Was No Accident in George W. Bush's Washington

How did the anthrax killer choose his first victim?

We need a list of "respectable" MSM outlets that have expressed

New Operation Gets Surprise Support

Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Lopez. Lisa Marie Presley. Julia Roberts.

Check in if you voted today!

Another Dallas County DA prosecuted case overturned by DNA

McCain is Gay-- The Nuclear Option of Negatives (and it will work)

More TOONS: Bushco and other difficulties

Oil's down. Gas is down. Stock prices are up. Could this be the start of the recovery ......?

OK, sports isn't Latest Breaking News. So are all Olympics posts to be relegated by mods to Sports?

DSCC Targets Dole, Smith

Current gas price in Death Valley: $6.119 for regular (pic)

Who wants to start a "Paris for President" business

Bush History, 8/5 - Pre-9/11 "we were at battle stations", so Bush Went Fishing

Elitism: Sometimes its justified

Breaking: Angelina Jolie's father supports John McCain! Anyone see that this morning?

World Uranium Mining, the USA mines less than 5% so we would be even more foreign dependent.

John Lewis at the Campaign for Change office openign today in Atlanta.

FBI used aggressive tactics in anthrax probe

Oh - My - Gawd this is scary.

Oh - My - Gawd this is scary.

Bush will spy on Americans but not on Putin

Postville takes center stage in national immigration debate

The Repulicans set up their campaign office directly across from our Democrats Office

The Suskind-CIA fake letter story has at least made the AP....Wonder how long MSM can ignore it?

Woodward Book Coming on Sept. 8 -- More Iraq Bombshells?

After 911 We've Heard All This Talk About Connecting The Dots.....

FBI offered son of "anthrax killer" $2.5M & choice of car to implicate his father

There was another anthrax suspect...

I wish Obama would say this

G.O.P. Drops in Voting Rolls in Many States (sorry for the dupe)

Check out FWB's gargantuous PEACE signs!

Woman Sought By FBI Reportedly Arrested In Pakistan 4/3/2003

By an Obama pressure gauge.

Gitmo Detainees Subject to Detention Even if Acquitted: Pentagon

"Tiananmen Square Massacre Remembered" Yah-oops: Yahoo! news site in Olympic mix-up

There is nothing in it for Ms. Pelosi to impeach President Bush

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

My candidate won his primary by 3 votes!!

TIME Mag: Anthrax scientist Ivins took two polygraph tests, and passed both times

Neocons Pressured FBI to Blame al-Qaeda for Anthrax Attacks

Hard Times for Whole Foods

I just heard on MSNBC that the Iraqi Gvmnt has a $70?billion surplus and hubby had a great idea!

Alaskans for Obama: A Rare Democratic Push in the Last Frontier

Rachel my darling, those left hooks

Public Relations.

Cindy McCain is having a great time at Sturgis! Picture!!!

Florida man busted for calling 911 over improperly prepared sandwich

$4 Billion Among Friends

Suskind: "Bush committed an impeachable offense"

Vote For Senator Obama in this Online Poll

Obama's crime? Acting too presidential

Female soldier serving in Iraq, about to return home died of gunshot wound over the weekend

The source for the WSJ "Obama is too skinny" article: the Yahoo! message boards

Wife vented to me today. It seems her new job has a couple

Former Alabama Coach Gene Stallings' beloved son John Mark dies at 46

Most rancid of the BushCo freaks......current or former

? related to anthrax suicide - what does alcohol + tylenol w/ codeine do?

Wisdom for dessert......Profound quotes on corporatism....

KFC in Fallujah story more Happy Iraq propaganda

McCain hires new top advisor

My intent in the locked "airport men's room" thread was anti-hypocrisy, not antigay

Johnny loves nuclear power

Washoe County, Nevada: Democrats are registering new voters at a 4-to-1 pace over Republicans

Matthew Rothschild: Bush Proposes Regulatory Change to Ease Spying

Is Nissan on the way out?

I gave the gift of life today (stay with me on this)

Dangerous terrorist busted in the middle east..

The Saudi Arabia of Water?!

I'm not worried in the least about the tire pressure gauge game mcsplode is playing.

Conservatives Go Ballistic: Tyson Allows Workers (Even Muslim Workers) to Choose Day Off

Republicans Claim Their Protest Has Lowered Gas Prices

McCain On Whether Cheney Might Serve In His Administration: "Hell, Yeah!" "Obama-316; McCain-209; Tie-13 (Virginia)"

Breaking on BBC - UN Secretary General says the US must obey ICJ decisions

Please take this poll: Which candidate has the better energy plan?

Pictures from McCain's biker rally

Raw Story nominated for online journalism award

Where is the Obama campaign?

why do the repuke neocon bastards hate us so much?

Security Breached At SFO Due To Stolen Laptop

Attn. ABC media whores. You are being called out for your anthrax lies in the UK press

The "Constitution lays out the requirements for President???" Did he really say that?

Jan Brady finally found himself a crowd!

Can the US wake up and redeem itself and do the right thing - or is it too late?

DNC Launches New Anti-McCain Website:

Obama: "... Help U.S. automakers retool for more fuel-efficient cars......."

How sexist is the GOP's front page photo?

DNC Launches New Anti-McCain Website:

McCain and tire pressure


Great Post about BigDog on Jack and Jill Politics

McCain campaign kicks only black reporter out of media area

rope-a-dope. there. it had to be said.


Romney on McCain.

Obama Energy plan

Presidential vote could help Dems get 'magic' Senate majority

GOP takes credit for lower gas prices. Will they take blame when they go up?..."Silence"

Big oil companies replacing offshore workers with foreigners who make 1/2 minimum wage.

RAS TRACKING POLL: Obama 44, McCain 44. No change. Obama's favorables at 53 (+2 since yesterday)

Report: Anti-gay violence on rise

Elevator speech re: The "drill plan"

Remember the Code Pinker who sat behind Valerie Plame? She's running against Roy Blunt

FBI said to have stalked Ivins' family (AP 8/5/08, MSNBC link)

Badass Biker McCain prefers "the roar of 50,000 Harleys" to "a couple hundred thousand Berliners"

This Modern World: The rise and fall of stupidity in America


The Ivins Anthrax Story is about to get very technical...

Biker John's Final Solution...

SERIOUSLY... Where is Chris Matthews???

Cover Of The Obama Family On The Essence Magazine

It's still "hate the hippies" ...

The Tire Gauge Gimmick Far More Dangerous Than You Might Think--And How to Defeat It

Hillary Clinton will campaign for Barack Obama this Friday in Nevada

a communal prayer. requiem

What Obama Values in Kansas

Alaska Gov. And Longshot McCain VP (Palin) Praises Obama's Energy Plan

Government may be approaching Civil Armegeddon

If you are ever arrested in a foreign country, maybe they will let you talk to the US embassy

Does anyone here watch CNN anymore?

TYT: McCain's Energy Plan - Improved Light Bulbs (Yet He Rips Obama Over Inflated Tires?)

Obama needs someone to reinforce the change, authenticity, not just another politician message.

Young people finding Obama way cooler than McCain

Obama still winning on

7 Things that separate lesser human beings from their betters

McCain @ Sturgis: “I encouraged Cindy to compete" in the Miss Buffalo Chip competition

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Youngstown, Ohio****

Storm Clouds On the Horizon

What new strategic move will the next McCain ads have against Obama?

"Turn off the TV set. Put away the video games"

McCain Offers to Parade His Wife Naked in Front of Bikers for Votes

The Goodling Report: How Aides Took Control of DOJ Hiring (Legal Times)

Obama: McCain "more of same" on energy

PEJ Study: Media more chumsy with McCain - coverage at highest level - "race card" story gone wild

Why isn't Obama using this image in his ads?

DNC Launches New Anti-McCain Website:

Skulduggery is hiding in plain sight-As WH Tries To Refute Suskind "Bombshell"

Obama links energy troubles to unpopular Cheney


To quote Public Enemy, "Don't believe the hype!" Nothing has changed. Obama is ahead in the polls...

Link Please to McCain's video that says Obama forgot about Latinos

Why is JEROME FUCKING CORSI being given air time?????????????

Paris Hilton Gets Even With McCain, Releases ‘Ad’ of Her Own

Can you spot the difference??

New McCain Ad Says He’ll Fix the “Broken” Washington - that he's been a part of for 26 years!

Obama: I'll put Mr. Burgess up against Seanity Hannity, he'll tear him up! LOL

The GOP is SCREWN!!!

Get ready: Saw this today: Ugly bumper sticker #1:

Bayh Buzz

Where is Meyer Lansky when you need him?

Time mag: Tire inflation/tuneups same results as drilling

What pair of people should be the Presidential Debate hosts?

so if we use tax dollars for faith based school vouchers, can we

If you want "Guaranteed health care for all" in the Dem platform, here is what you can do....

Commentary on Naomi Wolf: Dear world, please confront America

Another Clinton Vet Joins Team Obama - as communications director for yet-to-be-picked VP nominee

Debate Schedule and Moderators

Nancy ...... ? How much more do you need? Its all in here. All of it.

One of the MAIN reasons I can not support Hillary as the VP---McCain's Ad with Hillary

A Question Concerning The Viability Of Plug-In Hybrid Cars

Obama speaking LIVE-anyone have a link BESIDES

Bricklayers Endorse Obama and Jake Tapper jump on Obama's ad to cover for McCain

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (GOP) praises Obama's energy plan!

Barack Obama links John McCain to Bush-Cheney oil policies

WP, Eugene Robinson: Who's Raising Race? The Messages Loaded Into a McCain Surrogate's Words

Obama mocks McCain: 'I don't know where he was standing'

New McCain ad: ‘Worse off than we were four years ago’

Good God! The Customs Service can now legally take away your laptop, FOR NO REASON!

All prominent Democrats need to be like Republicans in ONE respect...

Bayh.... VP is not you

Watch McCain Push Bush's WAR Policy October 18, 2001

Did anybody see McCain's Harley "rally" in South Dakota..

TNR: Evan Bayh is Not a Stealth Conservative

Big Media Double Standards - DUers Buy In - Ignore The Ground Game

I really, really, really hope McCain picks Cantor

zOMG new poll Gallup - Obama 47 McCain 43

I'd love to see pics of McCain with some topless biker mamas

Presidential Debate Moderators Set

Debate moderators announced: Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill, Tom Brokaw and Bob Schiefer So much for change!

McCain is demanding that Congress get back to work for the Oil Companies.

I wonder if Big Media would react if Obama went to an event

Why would a lesbian donate money to Bill Frist?

Pray for Rain?

McCain continues to tell the same lie...

WP, E.J. Dionne: The Unavoidable Issue; "Like it or not, Obama's race is an issue."

McCain makes $6M Olympic Ad Buy

The Obama Family On The Cover of Essence Magazine

McCain's new ad says "We're worse off than we were 4 years ago" yet he said opposite during primary.

pardon if this is a dupe... but... John McCain is SO old...

pardon if this is a dupe... but... John McCain is SO old...

McCain drops 4 points, Obama up nearly a point, when 3rd parties entered in...(6 point spread)

Misogynist McBush pimps wife at biker rally

Thom Hartmann/06 --- BINGO!!! ---The inescapable conclusion

If the ticket cannot create a narrative to overwhelm the corp. media and the RNC, Obama will lose

Just One

A small rant about the pledge of allegiance.

A small rant about the pledge of allegiance.

Sen. Bayh's Softball Team Cancels Wednesday Night Game

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA heads to Youngstown, OH, today to talk about his plan for energy independence

Devout Hillary fan may defect to McCain

"Slavery Gets Shit Done." and Republican Jesus holding an M-16

Cindy obviously needs a fix...

The american voters are starting to disgust me

McLoon recasting himself today as the original Maverick

Statement of Obama on the 15th Anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act

Why isn't MSM reporting the electoral college? What are the projections???

Longest serving Senate Repug (Ted "The Criminal" Stevens) won't attend RNC Convention.

Obama spokesperson responds to McCain's "maverick" claim

McCain trying to distance himself from Bush, again

Why can't we have laws against lying?

Press Release: Presidential debate moderators named

There's something comical about demagoguing gas prices at a motorcycle rally

I fly about once a year; and don't particularly

"I approved this message" Do you believe that the candidates

Birth Trauma: Stress Disorder Afflicts Moms

Elway Poll of Washington State: Obama 47% (+3) McCain 35% (-3)

Elway Poll of Washington State: Obama 47% (+3) McCain 35% (-3)

September magazine covers feature the Obamas (Look at this beauty!)

McCain 40% Obama 60% ... well, I might as well not vote

Is It Too Complicated To Point Out That Oil Leases Are Just A Way To Cook The Books?

Pot, meet kettle: Pennsylvania Repub Congressman calls out Congress for going on vacation.

France took part in genocide: Rwandan report

Obama on live (now 3:05 eastern)

Rasmussen, 8/5: Obama, McCain still tied at 44%, with leaners McCain 47%, Obama 46%

Three great books on the Bush admit out today. Which one needs to be read first?

Obama Warhol posters

Did anyone hear T. Boone Pickens discuss this California...

Is there a source that refutes Corsi's "Obamanation"?

Mark Penn offers Obama campaign advice.... oh goody.

After Friday's TRIUMPH, Pelosi tells House members it's okay to vote for offshore drilling...

hypermiling update: now 41.5mpg in my 2001 sentra (epa says 21 city / 27 hwy / 23 combined)

G.O.P. Drops in Voting Rolls in Many States (NYT)

Do you think it will bother right wingers that McCain was in an R-rated nudie flick

Rasmussen aside, I do believe we're seeing the beginnings of a backlash against McCain.

Turning on a dime - Has McCain's "Celebobama" TV attack ad

Kennedy Will Skip Convention

The ad I want to see immediately

"I fear no man when I have truth on my side"

Why Obama Should Name His Cabinet Now

****Heads Up: Obama Live Right Now Holds A Town Hall Meeting In Berea, Ohio****

Obama Rising In Latest Gallup Poll

"The Ripist" Speaks; FBI Coaching is "Duley" noted.

McCain on the stump, berates himself to get back to work.

Lifetime Networks Poll: Obama Beats McCain Among Women 49% - 38%

"Most come for their eyes and their teeth" Newsweek VIDEO R.A.M. in Wise County Va.

Teens falling into debt: Gas surpassed clothes as item most purchased on credit

what's wrong with Tweety?

More racism from the GOP front page!! OMG! I'm series!

The 'Celebrity' ad and the false claim that Obama will raise taxes on electricity.

Reuters: McCain outspends Obama on Olympics ads:source

How to spot a probable election loser...

Bruce Fein-Tells Pelosi What To Do-'If Miers/Rove Do NOT Testify-IMPEACH BUSH IMMEDIATELY!'

Tires vs. light bulbs... McCain "we can turn out the lights five minutes earlier"

NYT Brooks editorial about Obama as hard to place therefore not polling landslide

Watch The Full Interview With Governor Tim Kaine On Charlie Rose

Another poll shows Obama ahead

Just when I thought I couldn't be more pissed over the Ivins/Anthrax thing...

Jon Soltz: McCain, America's Security Is No Joke

Cindy McCain -- "Miss Buffalo Chip"?

Freeper types whining about not being able to spread their filth and lies

Obama handles disrupter VERY WELL!

did an Obama staffer pee in David Shuster's cheerios today?


"You could argue that no one's ready to be president"

Assuming PEAK OIL fundamentals cause the price trend, what is causing the huge dip recently?

Hillary Clinton to campaign for Obama

EDGES OUT?! Are you freaking KIDDING me!

Hardball Electoral Map

Don't attack Schweitzer, pollster tells GOP

Candidates Maneuver for Edge in Debates

Whose anthrax sources was ABC really using?

The Freepers are at it again re Obama's birth certificate

McCain offers Cindy up to bikers for topless porn show

Obama to Shift Event Strategy

Is there a Democrats for McKinney group here?


If Obama chooses Bayh, he will lose a lot of the trust of

Jon Soltz asks McCain why he thinks National Security is so funny

TV Newser: Dana Milbank leaves "Countdown," not on the best of terms

Does McCain sound weak or what?

The pledge in Berea

Hey Republics! Let's Make a Deal...

Are you watching Obama in Ohio?

McCain On Trade

Skinner, the DU needs an avatar with a photo of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

FreeRepublic response to Cindy McCain Strippergate at Sturgis Biker Rally

I'm Glad Obama is not getting his VP advice from GD-P!

Lifetime Networks National Poll Of Women: Obama 49, McCain 38, undecided 10

McCain obviously showed up at the STURGIS RALLY because he thought they said SURGE RALLY

The Dixie Chicks were right;....FTK

Bayh possibly chosen soon ! possibly credible speculation here!

Wolf Blitzer's Great Question

KFC opens in Iraq. Fox News is completely retarded

Just signed up for the Obama Voter Protection Program

Glenn Greenwald asks us to sign a petition asking for a REAL Anthrax Investigation...

And my friends think I'm obsessed with Obama...I have nothing on Tyra Banks.

Chet Edwards (R)?

Imagine if Obama had suggested Michelle participate in a topless "beauty pageant"?

After today's events, can we please withhold freaking out until we really need to freak out?

So, who is Rachel 'taking on' on RFTWH?

So, let me get this straight--1 week after he ties Obama to the sleazy likes of Paris Hilton...

Folks here is your Miss Buffalo chip link page. Forward it to press and remind them that McCain . .

Debate moderators named

John McCain's Energy Plan Revealed at Sturgis...

Poll Dancing-Speculation on Obama’s poll numbers says more about commentators than about Obama

McCain at Sturgess is no different than Obama attending the now defunct FREAKNIK

Obama Porn know you want it.

Oh, MY! Obama is *gasp* Black!

Someone needs to tell these dipshits on David Gregory's show the election is in Nov

Here's the thing about Clark's "insult" of McCain...

Is Tweety back from vacation?

Eugene Robinson is handling Bigot Buchanan very well today.

Is there a site that catalogs McSame's votes against the military & vets?

I don't know who O will pick for VP--I hope it is not Bayh BUT...

Kerry: McCain is 'dangerous' for the country

How Smart Of Obama To Use The McCains Campaign Money.....

Heads up new Obama smackdown ad of grumpy OLD Maverick on Race for the WH

Is There Any Bigger And More Obvious Racist On TV Than......

The "Mitt Romney Phenomenon?"

Lies, Damn Lies, and the McCain Campaign

Israelis still prefer McCain

I don't buy Rachel Maddow's worrying about Obama not being aggressive. Here is why: Pacing

Obama in Ohio: "I Fear No Man When I've Got Truth On My Side"

The most unintentionally uncomfortable 5 minutes of video I've ever experienced; McSame at Sturgis.

Michelle Obama describes duty as mother-in-chief

check in here if you participated in the National Night Out Against Crime

Using news to make "news". McCain will need 1 of those nuke reactors for his 9 houses.

Heads up Rachal Maddow getting ready to debate a reTHUG on Race for the WH

Has anyone seen McCain's Bangladesh child on the

I Heard The Other Day That WalMart Is Trying To Influence Their Employees......

Obama has a new ad coming out tonight hitting back at McCain's Maverick ad

Three new books critical of the Bush admin/GOP hit shelves today. Which one should be read first?

Gauging tires, blood pressure, the economy and war - The Tire Gauge Gaffe

It's crystal clear: John McCain is a misogynist.

Big Media Anti-Dem Spin: The Kerry Dean Box?

McCain caught on tape discussing the old days! Must hear!

NO Debates for Charlie Gibson, ABC shut out

McLame @ Sturgis = Borrow a Crowd

He's the Oldest Celebrity in the World

Obama has politically castrated McCain for good -- Offfshore Drilling

McCain -- Paris Is My Energizer Bunny...

ABC - John McCain offers a topless Cindy?!? ..... Here we Go Viral, here we go!

For about the brazillionth time, while watching a clip of John McCain I thought..

It CAPTION TIME! - Pulp Product Edition

Have MI and OH suffered enough?

OK, this is beyond gross. McCialis:

"Humanizing the Beijing ticket scam" 1000s of $$ and chance to watch loved ones at Olympics lost

Obama fires back at GOP

The tire gauge thing is unfair. That is NOT Obama's entire plan.

21st Century Election! Just Say NO to Wrinkly Old White Haired Guy & Mrs. Buffalo Chips in our WH...

Why do progressive radio stations run energy ads for T. Nose Picker?

Where In The HELL Was John McCain?

The Hurt Behind McCain's Rage at Obama's Tire Gauge Suggestion.

The main stream media is really easy to figure out.

Another long-time Clinton staffer joins Obama's future VP team

SOOOO, when does the unified movement of Democrats start?

Obama should hand out little tricycles with "McCain's Energy Plan" on them

This is going to be a very long bad week for McCain

Obama: Republicans take pride in being ignorant


John McCain's Top Contributors are Possibly Commiting Election Fraud!! I Demand an Investigation!!

Obama takes six-point lead over McCain in new national poll (AP-Ipsos)

"I enjoyed it. I did everything I could to get him elected and reelected president."

How does McCain get away with this s***?

I want to see McCain rap.

Shhh! Paris calls our Nominee Barack, and touts his energy policy

What then do we say to these things?

McCain Wants Cindy To Enter The Ms. Buffalo Shit Contest!

Barack Obama Speaks at Burning Man!

Consider This: Rock Bands have Opened for Obama

Obama should take a bus tour throughout Ohio. Read what Strickland says

Senator John Sidney McCain III in words and pictures…


Wasn't Obama awesome today?

"Paris Hilton might not be as big a celebrity as Obama, but she obviously has a better energy plan."

Link to Paris response ad now on MSNBC site

After the LONG-TIME SMEAR that Obama refuses to say the Pledge is debunked, it gets NO coverage?!

I honestly think that McCain will choose as his VP...

Coutdown with KO looks like a "don't miss" tonight!!

Freepers touting polls that have McCain up; dismiss polls that have Obama ahead

I will gladly donate $25 to Obama for a tire gauge

McCain Ad Buys Drop In OH, PA, IA, NM

Piss off, Howard

What do you think McCain thought of Mama Mia?

god, what's next for McCain???

Hmm if Mcsame picks Romney

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, Aug 5 – Obama 339, McCain 199 – A Polar Shift to the Right

This toon really hits it out of the park!

Here's why Youngstown needs Obama:

Mittens screwed up bad on the Situation Room today

is anyone worried about Bill Clinton ?

Paris Hilton's new attack ad fires back at 'world's oldest celebrity' - McCain

"No cake? Maureen Dowd will write a story about you not eating cake! Don't want to be an elitist now

The New York Times gives McCain on a pass on "Miss Buffalo Chip" I hope they are consistent

McCain. Buffalo Chip. The Senator's wife offered up to appear topless.

Why Not Claire McCaskill?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/5/08 - Obama 44, McCain 44 (unchanged)

BREAKING: 2008 Obama V. Mccain presidential debate moderators and dates set

Anyone remember the West Wing two years ago

Politifact Finds Obama's Tire-Inflation ClaimTrue

Obama kicked some serious ass today. Why aren't the posters who were all over his ass

My god is McCain stupid and worthless.

The idiots are buying up the Anti Obama Books..3 top 20 sellers

Fine, How about Rachel Maddow?

American Cancer Society raffle redux

In Georgia It's Martin vs. Chambliss for U.S. Senate

Obama:Toby Keith "talks, acts, and carries himself as a dumb Okie."

Have you seen the email going around about mccain REFUSING to sing our national anthem?

Harold Ford..... you are one piece of work

Did anyone get a video clip of Howard Dean on with Chuck Todd today?

Obama may have fans, but McCain Voters are Idiots.

McCain Makes $6 Million Olympic Buy

Here's the script for Obama's new ad taking on McCain as "maverick"

Elections ’08: embracing the moment

sturgis leather vender report

AP's AdWatch calls BS on McCain's "Broken"

Hillary sets solo-campaign dates for Obama!

Obama is not Dukakis

Can you just imagine the reaction if Obama went to a hip hop festival

Obama was walking down the street and got mugged by a crazy old hobo last week.

Last night I dreamed that McCain picked Bob Ehrlich as his running mate

OK...Who was that MORAN

Obama's reply to Paris: "Whatever."

I May Be Overly Optimistic, But Paris' Ad May Be The Beginning Of The End For McClame

Does a man have a right to know he fathered a child?

Hardball had a stat today on the net change of Repubs and Democrats

We can't let this filthy topless 'joke' from this titular leader just go away in a few days

A part of me still holds out hope for Mark Warner as VP

Ohio Pledge of Allegiance Protestor, gets owned by Obama, runs to press McSame crybaby style......

McCain is a disgusting lying piece of human filth who wants to make your life worse

Bayh Spins Himself for Vice President

Who wrote Paris Hilton's ad copy?

Handy footage of McCain pimping Cindy mixed w/antics from actual "beauty pageant" LOL!

Re: Miss Buffalo Chip. Is McSame naive or sleazy?

McCain Ad Buys Drop In OH, PA, IA, NM

MoDo: McCain’s Green-Eyed Monster

Birthday bash draws $5m for Obama, party

How many times daily should the Pledge of Allegiance be recited?

Moderators set for debates

Obama and Lincoln--Doesn't Receive Much Discussion

McCain stalls in Gallup poll

Eric Alterman is recommending as "brilliant" David Brooks's NYT op-ed "Where's the Landslide"...

Guess who refuses to put his hand over his heart for The Pledge?

Serious commentary from an pretty disgusted voter here.

For Thos Who Missed Obama`s Town Hall Meeting In Berea, Ohio - Can Watch It Here

Official Buffalo Chip poster advertising- Look Cindy is riding a buffalo

Obama leads McCain nationally in AP-Ipsos poll

I knew Obama had it in him still

To the right-wing "torture works" morans, here's irrefutable proof that it doesn't:

Obama: McCain's Not Running A Campaign To Be Proud Of

Obama Kicks McSAME`s Ass In Latest AP-Ipsos Poll!

Good News! ABC's Stephanopoulos and Gibson will not be any of the Presidential Debate Moderators

There 2 groups I gave the benefit of the doubt.

Be The Tidal Wave

"If the media reported that McCain has 9 homes and wears $500 shoes and

Mrs Buffalo Chip

The more often I watch this McCain/Sturgis video, the more

PHOTO: BARACK OBAMA arrives in South Bend, Indiana

What the massive turnout for a free medical...reveals

TYT: Watch Or Listen---Gore Vidal Joined Cenk Last Night & Rachel Maddow Came On Meet The Bloggers

Sexist McCain Moment of the Day

This Could Actually Work....

Barack Obama Enters to the Sound of Bowie - from newsletter

Hey Ohio: McCain won't send nuclear waste through AZ, but he's totally cool with it going through OH

Paris Hilton responds and calls McSame a wrinkly old white haired guy..LMAO

Past GOP nominees offer up wives as Miss Buffalo Chip. Which is the hottest, from Mamie to Cindy?

Hey talking heads: JIMMY CARTER was right!!!

Should Obama Be Down to Earth?

It was important to me to teach my son, from a very young age,

Obama signs up lawyers

Is McCain's tire-gauge ridicule wrong? (That would be a "yes")

Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg -- Obama's surprise choice.

Another reason Hillary should not be VP pick

Chuck Todd claimed Clinton didn't make choice between candidates; left out saying he would campaign

My Introduction, First Post, and Some Thoughts.

Stephanie Miller : It's going to be an Obama landslide

McCain at Sturgis PICS

OMFG! McCain web site sure does move fast with a new product on web site!!!

Paris Hilton's Response to McCain ad...

Why is Bill Clinton acting like a sore loser? Obama is our nominee!

Pope to China: Open up to Christianity

Quote for the day from John Kerry

Has anyone visited: its not what you think . .

ABC Gets Shut Out Of Presidential Debates

Wow. You know? I think we're not going to know Obama's VP choice until the convention.

Paris Hilton Responds To Mcain!!! Freaking HILLARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy crap! I did not know that these people had gotten this far...

It's official. The presumptive repuke nominee has just been punk'd. By Paris Hilton.

Bruce Ivins: A Dead Scientist and The Great Anthrax Vaccine Monopoly

I believe Obama will win this...

McCain's dilemma: What if Obama picks Hillary?

Which do you like better. Be honest.

Organized letter writing

Obama Pushes Back on GOP Tire Pressure Attack: "It's Like These Guys Take Pride in Being Ignorant"

Rage Against the Machine to play at Target during RNC

OMFG... Obama actually used the L word!!

This is positively perverse

Norway and Sweden and Iceland and Finland and Germany now in one piece!

My neck.. it is cold (poetry)

Anyone want a sherry?

Chuck Norris's cat

Bayh shuts down Bayh buzz -- says he hasn't been asked and doesn't expect Obama to announce tomorrow

Gov Brian Schweitzer for Veep. By default

What the hell does it mean to be "talking out of your head"?


Tunes you can't hear cause the Ex ruined them for you?

Haha, my roomie and her friends from Spain went to Seattle today

Best LOLCAT Ever

Gorillias Found

I always have to laugh when Word tells me how to write my essays

Biden Or Clark?

The power was knocked out in my apartment last night and is still off, how is you day starting

Forbidden Zone... IN COLOR!!!!11 B-Movie Fans Rejoice!

Mountain Top Golf - Not a Good idea

work started again yesterday, and now I'm sick

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday August 5

i'm not as up-to-speed culturally as i used to be

When the judge calls your objections MOOT in all caps, you're pretty well screwed (Snipes)

I don't understand why you kick ass THEN take names

Cake Wrecks . . . BUahahahahaha

Any suggestions where I could buy a portable reel-to-reel tape recorder?

*I had to drive a whole block in reverse because....*

Does anyone else use Skype?

Guess the critter: "Barely a Brain":

Hey plane geeks, if you have 15,000 burning a hole in your pocket

Schlitz is back

I've felt like crap all day--headache from hell, puking, just miserable.

Are you sacred?

You guys wanna see a dead body?

Google earth

Diesel is the same as heating oil?


Congratulations To IntravenousDemilo ON His Jeopardy Semi-Final Win

So, I saw "Swing Vote" last night...

The humorless prudery in GD's extra thick this week.

Dr. Magillicuddy's cherry schnapps makes any pop a cherry flavored pop.

Remind me never to offer to fix somebody's computer ever again, okay?

Remind me never to offer to fix somebody's computer ever again, okay?

Sometimes Life Is A Domino Theory

Where's Oedi??

American Airlines Emergency Landing LAX Smoke In Cabin

we call dave "the scary bad man"

Teens Arrested At New Orleans Airport For Riding Baggage Conveyor Belt

national GO TOPLESS DAY (August 23rd)

Identify this quote: "You are a dyed-in-the-wool, fascist, reactionary, squalid little...

"It's like these guys take pride in being ignorant."

How do you deal with deerhaters?

We need to bring back the Apothecary system

if you're at an automated payment kiosk and a person spends 5 minutes fingerfucking it

UPDATE on Vibes Requested......

Hiphopapotomus v. Rhymenocerous

The GoPsUx 6th! one time only, semi occasional poem thread intermission.

How do you deal with beerhaters?

OK What CAN You Say In The Lounge

The Wingnuts are starting to Cry

3 used urinals for sale for only 100 bucks!!

Poop Hits The Fan With Denver Ordinance

Is Gorn Back From Her Cruise?

Burning legal question...

I See The Light

Room for 3 more for Fantasy Football

How do you deal with queefhaters?

Serious post for people who suffer chronic depression

wow....I got attacked in GDP for asking someone to be

wow....I got attacked in GDP for asking someone to be

I watched "Capricorn One" today, and I think I saw GW Bush in it!

Post Here And I Will Hurt Datasuspect's Feelings

McCain's Mental Impairment: "The Most Important Issue Of the Campaign"

This is a thread for celebrating the small joys of fire

Blast from 1goblue past...

How do you deal with queeghaters?

So, did they ever identify the Hampton 'sea monster?'

Man Calls 911 For Incorrect Subway Order

Somebody brought their new baby into work today.

WOw, Rum and Apple juice is good

Spam email title I just got: "Shocking Video Shows Spongebob And Gay Sex!"

I was going to go get a haircut...

As of LAST Sunday, I am no longer scum and neither are you.

By the time I finish this project, I'll either be dead or 80.

ChavezSpeakstheTruth! Check your pmail!

Please Read... I Just Realized Something Very Ironic (Obama Should Have Pointed This Out)

Germany hails 'bullet-proof bra'

Damn, we are in play!! (North Carolina)

Damn I Love The Hot Weather The Nice Sights

If you could encase one Republican in a tight, impenetrable black vinyl cocoon, who would it be?

whoisalhedges!!! Check your gspot!

Can we stop insulting bikers just because McCain't crashed Sturgis?!

I'm working abroad in England and my boss is a complete and total tyrant asshole

McCain sent my mom a letter in 2003

Describe your perfect lover using corporate buzz words.

A hypothetical question concerning DuStrange.

a GPS-based online traffic system - questions for you

I Just Found A Garage Remote Control

Jonas Brothers Appreciation Thread

How do you deal with queenhaters?

username security

GoPsUx is the Kurt Cobain of poetry!

Row Of Seats Slides In Flight On United Aircraft Crushing Passengers

Forget about the Lounge Police! ITS FOOTBALL SEASON!!1!!

Right now, The Eagles "Long Run" is playing. I just had a Coronado Idiot IPA. Life is good.

I don't care what you think about me for saying this - but I LOVE Clerks II

To all Americns ==> It is spelled "colour" , not "color"

post here after you're done posting in datasuspect's thread and I'l give you a hug

Anyone else feed their dogs with molecuballs or Buster cubes?

what would you rather do?

Is there anyway to get Word or a program that reads word docs on my new laptop,

post here and i will hurt your feelings

That was fast.

Legendary Movies or Pure Crap?

For those who love really GOOD musicals I present to you:

i do hereby proclaim that taterguy post more ass pics

Does anyone else remember this commercial from the 60's? It's the Red Rose tea monkeys.

I hate the fuckin' Eagles,man!

A hypothetical question concerning DUers.

this is the episode where john lennon turned to paul mccartney and said:

I didn't mean to post a flambe....

OK What Is Not Allowed To Be Discussed In Lounge Anymore?

Just curious, how much do you think an actor like Seth Rogen is worth?

I didn't mean to post a flame boat.

It is an important and popular fact that


uncle datasuspect is drunk


Facebook wants me to try "The New Facebook"

What was I thinking - I shaved my entire head!

I'm downloading Open Office. Ask me anything! nt

the man of the middle east, the elvis of akkabah

I received an anonymous message yesterday....

help me out Loungers (since you guys know everything) which DUer has

get some

Fuck me. Or Something along those lines.

i was at the gas station and this dude saw my "Camacho 2008" bumper sticker

It's time for another ghost stories thread

Unicorn Planet

Countdown To Barack Obama Electoral Victory!

What ever happened to Super Dave??2??

Okay...a tabloid TV thread: What do you think happened to Caylee whoever?

I had no idea my 'liquified' photos were so hated and unpopular.

I used the bunny with a pancake on its head in the UCC discussion forums.

Anybody else ever experience this????

SPK, how did it go with spk jr???

Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Lopez. Lisa Marie Presley. Julia Roberts.

Funnier Spoof Movie: Airplane or The Naked Gun?

Anybody Else here Looking Forward To The Return Of "Prison Break"?

Finally just got my class assignments for teaching SpEd HS this year

Millie missed me

So... airline luggage question

So... airline luggage question

Wrong place for a reply....oops.

I woke from a nap in my easy chair to find a vicious tiger on my chest.

in the port of amsterdam

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 8/5/2008)

i just bought a bike for $20 off a crackhead

chicago/midwest DUers

Jonas Brothers - didn't we learn our lessons from the Hansons

It was a dark and stormy night. {1:06 youtube}

Richardo Reviews: Mummy 3: The One About China

I just ate some Grape-Nuts for the first time.

I accidentally washed my hair with invisibility solution, and now no one on DU can see me. :^(

Help - need some pirate names and pirate ship names

Hey SallyMander- A lizard behaviour question please-

gather the kids around for some classic Mr. Rogers.....

ever wonder how those rainbows appear in the sprinkler?

Why are some drunks so fucking stupid? I just got into a fist fight with an idiot...

I figured out why DuStrange doesn't want anyone to tutch the but..

if me and mr coffee lived in compton

Paris Hilton,I like totally apologize!

Ladies: Would you date a guy who looked like this?

OK ... WHO is not allowed to post in the Lounge anymore?

How do you deal with queerhaters?

My cat is missing!!! Please good vibes that Kitty Kat comes home!

So I'm thinking of writing a letter to my Sister...Input needed

So I'm thinking of writing a letter to my Sister...Input needed

Okay, a very freaky thing is happening to me...

Post a video that features someone that just wanted a burrow owl for their 10th birthday

I'm back from FL

Not having a good week.....

Sherri Shephard May Soon be Out at "The View"

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday August 6

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 8/5/08

Good God, angry people.

New tattoo

Michelle Obama to Talk With Military Families Wednesday, in Norfolk, Virginia

Maybe this is more the style for The Lounge...

We are all...sausages...

Life is good!

Kitty came home!!!!! Thank you for all the great vibes.

Any DU'ers here a member of the SIU?

If Obama Picks Hillary as VP that would make him a GENIUS!

Why is Bill Clinton pushing his "I'm not a Racist" story the week after McCain's Race Card Claim?

Please bear with me

I just found out that my 16 year old dog died.

NObody Even Commented On My NEW Avatar

The things I see every day (Warning - disgusting thread. You may gag)

Wasserman Schultz still not doing all she should do for FL Dem candidates.

Am I being too sensitive or is this acceptable behavior?

My past relationships in a nutshell

So, The Fiancee and I went for a walk round our hood and took some pics. 56K, go get a cold brew...

Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos

The safest and best choice for VP probably would be Biden

Funny thing in the elevator

hey Bond fans, looks what I found...

Guys, threads/posts about Republicans being closeted gays are not funny.

Toby Keith Appreciation Thread

Uh-Oh! Close reading of the DU rules spells trouble for many of us

I'm depressed. I'm on anti-depressants, and I'm STILL DEPRESSED! Warning: Long-ass monologue/rant.

Someone stole the garage remote out of TM's car.

So tomorrow we get to tell our son (good vibes please?)

Post some feel-good music!

Bostonians and the Wooster-knowledged...

Valuable resources for the election

Steve McQueen "Bullitt" fans: Which car would you pick: 1968 GT Mustang or 68' Dodge Charger?

Country Singer Toby Keith: Obama Acts White To Win

Just how "important" IS entertainment? This baffles me.

Boy is this gonna kill me....

NYC MEET-UP: August 10th at 12.30pm at Oriental Noodle Shop w. Guest Appearances ..

DUer Galoglas arrested today when he went to vote!!!!

DUer Galoglas arrested today when he went to vote!!!!

"It's weird, we have high speed internet, but the computer takes so long to restart."

Steve Geller, D-FL, said to be dropping DNC lawsuit if Obama seats all FL and MI delegates.

Pakistani woman charged in NY with soldier attack

Cheney role at GOP convention is uncertain

Report: US may have taped Gitmo interviews

Bayh Spins Himself for Vice President

Exclusive: The Purported 'Anthrax Killer' Was a Registered Democrat

Devout Hillary fan may defect to McCain

Kurd president says Iraq vote bill a 'conspiracy' by Abdel Hamid Zebari

Lima police sergeant acquitted in drug-bust shooting death

Mexican police linked to rising kidnappings

Cambodia demands Thai troops pull back

Pakistani woman in court over captain attack

The war on scientists in America

Retired SF 2-star campaigning for Obama

Iraq: Gunmen kill US-allied Sunni group leader

Bruce Ivins Was a Registered Democrat

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Losses May Last Into 2009 as Delinquencies Spread

Water cannon used on Bush protesters in Seoul

Montenegro convicts 4 Americans in uprising plot

Leader of US-allied Sunni group killed in Iraq

McCain ad pushes independence, distance from Bush

DNC protesters, public can use VIP lot at Invesco

Governor Rick Perry Must Halt Medellin Execution Immediately,

Possibility of mistrial raised at Guantanamo court

Colombia: Proposal Threatens ‘Parapolitics’ Investigations (Bush ally Uribe)

Activists, UN want HIV travel restrictions erased

Kyrgyz cops find weapons in US citizen's apartment

A surgeon's guidebook to the horrors of battle (Army tried to censor book)

Two planes in airport collision

Hillary Clinton sets campaign dates for Obama

Quakes Keep Rattling Battered Chinese Area

Clinton: Widen AIDS Effort in U.S.; Ex-President Says His Foundation Will Become More Involved

New fears about Olympic press freedoms

New quake hits Chinese province

S. Koreans fire water cannons at Bush protesters

Waxman presses for more information in wake of court ruling

Iraq eyes six billion dollar Baghdad masterplan

Gun-control groups fear top activist was NRA spy

U.S. charges 11 in theft of TJX customer data (40+ million debit/credit card numbers)

White House responds to Suskind charges

Plane crashes into Oregon house, kills 3 children

Plane crashes into Oregon house, kills 3 children

High Oil Prices Giving Iraq Up to $79 Billion in Surplus Cash

FBI used aggressive tactics in anthrax probe

Favre leaves Lambeau, maybe Packers

Fed leaves funds rate unchanged at 2 percent

Child labor violations (57) announced at Iowa plant (wage violations still under investigation)

US signs Libya compensation deal

Newspaper: Black reporter booted from McCain rally

Siddiqui arrest brings attention to the 'disappeared' issue in Pakistan

Anthrax Suspect's Distress Detailed (Washington Post)

Iraq Banks Billions in Surpluses, GAO Says

Iraqi Troops Say Army Is Willing, but Not Ready, to Fight Alone

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday August 5

Animal rights activists defend firebombing attacks against US researchers

Hillary supporters not giving up

Obama leads McCain nationally in AP-Ipsos poll

Iraq Government has $79 Billion in Unspent Cash

Source: Gotti arrested on murder conspiracy charge

Book says White House ordered forgery

Doubts about anthrax story (Survivors, relatives wonder if dead scientist was truly the culprit)

AA makes emergency landing at JFK

Russian Gang Hijacking PCs in Vast Scheme

Chinese police beat, detain 2 Japanese reporters

Apple Cheats Tech Workers On Overtime Pay, Lawsuit Claims

Man heckles Obama about Pledge of Allegiance

FBI prepares to release evidence in anthrax case

125,000 Western lowland gorillas found in the Congo

Venezuela's top court upholds candidate blacklist

UD student may be disciplined for Obama comments made online

Unmanned spy planes to police Britain

Iran executes journalist convicted of terrorism

ATV/Zogby Poll Toss-Up McCain 42%, Obama 41% as Undecided Voters Increase

McCain Gaffes, Volunteering Wife For Topless Contest

Tyson Plant Drops Labor Day for Muslim Holiday

Schwarzenegger proposes temporary California sales-tax hike to close budget gap

Mexican migrants increase promiscuity in US: study (BS news)

Japan marks Hiroshima anniversary

Forbes Magazine: Cleveland named a 'fastest dying' city

First Video of First Class on New Airbus A380

Frank Zappa, Bob Novak, John Lofton - Crossfire 1986

Kathy Hilton Fires Back At McCain & John's Mom Says Ad is "Stupid"

John McCain featured in Video Professor ad

TheRealNews: 'Surging' McCain

Rep. Waters Speaks About Obama at ACORN

Rep. Dennis Kucinich inspires peace rally in Cleveland

McCain: Americans Are Better off Under Bush

Pressure Schmessure! Let's Drill!

Barack Obama on Energy in Youngstown, OH

TYT: McCain Uses Racist Code Words To Attack Obama As 'Uppity'

An open letter to John Yoo (August 1, 2008)

First Time Dem in '08!

Obama Town Hall Hecklers APNtv Report

This is Kellie Pickler who headline the stage with John McCain at Sturgis.

Alan Taylor of Car & Driver Magazine on Getting Better Gas Mileage (Just like Obama Said)

Gov. Ted Strickland on Barack Obama.

Faces in the Crowd at Barack Obama event, Berea, Ohio

Obama Performs The Pledge of Allegiance

McCain Proposes New First Lady Duty: Cindy for Miss Buffalo Chip!

Poor Some Sugar On Cindy McCain

Romney Can't Name McCain's Accomplishments

Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Gives Press Conference

Nasty Joe Lieberman multitasking - gives a telephone interview while taking a dump

MIR:The 'Have-Oil' and the 'Have-Nots'

John McCain On Letterman Talking About The Iraqi Anthrax Connection

The Republican brand...Dirty Rotten Bastards

TYT: Cops Tase Kid With Broken Back (NINTEEN TIMES)

Bob Beckel smacks Joe Corsi around like a BoBo doll on Faux&Fiends

COUNTDOWN: Worse than Watergate, w/ John Dean

TPMtv: Ted Stevens Biker Force!

Obama's New Ad "Original" - McCain as "more of the same"

McCain Exploits his Wife for Topless Beauty Contest at Biker Rally


Governor Howard Dean's Straight Talk On John McCain

McCain Girl and The Enchanted Republican Forest

Barack: GOP takes "pride in being ignorant"

Grumpy Old Man McCain at the Biker Rally

TYT: New Attack Against Obama - He's a 'Baby Killer'

Paris Hilton RESPONDS to McCain

Howard Dean on MSNBC today with Chuck Todd

Wake Up Call - New World Order Documentary - Part 01 of 16

Pledge of Allegience Heckler -- Footage from the floor.


That offshore drilling snake oil

Mark Steel: Life begins at 40

Joan Baez: Obama Inspires Me

Larsen: Got mail? Don't believe it

Republicans want to fool voters again

How to Survive the Triple Whammy of Energy, Food and Climate Crises

Enron's ex-CEO appeals conviction. (prosecutors' handling of corporate crimes on trial)

Bob Herbert (NY Times) on Energy Conservation..

The war on scientists in America

Obama Proposes 'Tire' Gauge to Monitor McCain's Consciousness

Recovery by increments: El Salvador's memorial marks how long it takes to heal from civil war

Joseph Romm: Obama Delivers a Real Energy Plan for America

Letter to Democrats Abroad: The Weird Presidential Race at Midsummer

Colonel Ann Wright on the many rapes that have been covered up

America, take off your underwear!

Newsweek: Doctors Within Borders - RAM (Remote Area Medical) Visit Rural VA

The REAL 1960s Terrorists Were Named...

US races to meet Dec. 31 deadline to complete controversial steel fence on Mexican border

The Bombs of August: Remembering Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Sea Shepherd Issues Arrest Order for the Japanese Whaling Fleet

The American Prospect: Business Schools (The controversial EdisonLearning company)

11 Indicted For Stealing And Selling Over 40 Million Credit

Guardian UK: Solitary confinement for 35 years: justice, the American way?

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 10

The Adventures of T. Boone Pickens, Episode 11

Chris Hedges: A War of Self-Destruction

Ron Suskind’s Bombshell: White House Covered Up Link Between Bush and Missing Link

Independent UK: Excessively hard-working families

American youth witness ‘greening’ of Cuba

Who's Raising Race?---by Eugene Robinson

India's Essar Group to buy U.S. firm for $250 million

Dick Meyer: Why We Hate Us

Cokie and Steve Roberts: Voters need to decide if Obama is ‘one of us’

McCain, Confused, Tells Biker Crowd to 'Drill' His Wife

Robert Parry--media backing may result in McCain win

We can't let this filthy topless 'joke' from this titular leader just go away in a few days

Bruce Ivins Wasn't the Anthrax Culprit (WSJ)

The Outsourcing Tragedy

The lies of Hiroshima live on, props in the war crimes of the 20th century

Guard unit, families recall 22-month tour (part 1 of 7)

4 Hood soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Marines in court today in Army nurse death

Media access to funerals allegedly discouraged

A push for new Iraq strategy — now

Study: 1 in 4 soldiers at war have hearing loss

65 Iowa guardsmen get sendoff today

45 Eustis soldiers deploy today

2/7 Marines extended in Afghanistan

National security cutter Bertholf joins fleet

Seabee battalion heading overseas

Major growth predicted for Reserve by 2015

Caserma Ederle soldiers warned on water

Coliform detected at Navy housing

Navy OKs E-payment of Death Benefit

Army Opens Prep School at Fort Jackson

Testifying worries gang member

Pentagon spends $300M to study troops' stress, trauma

Donations pour in for Fort Worth veteran

For veterans home from Iraq, sleep is now the enemy

New DDG-51s could get tweaks, upgrades

Satellite Ocean mission delivers first maps

A $150 million effort aims to catalogue species — before it's too late

Clean technology investment leaps 83% in year

Solar Cooking

It's true! Aliens ARE Green!!!

Peak oil review - August 4

tire gauge ... "McCainzoil" oil can?

Titan Wind Project To Produce 5,050 MW (S. Dakota)

Biomass seen as part of path to renewable energy in N.J.

Tide turns for wave power

Renewable Energy to Power Anheuser-Busch

Gorilla "Paradise" Found; May Double World Numbers

Duke halts MOX (plutonium/uranium fuel) testing at Catawba Nuclear Station

Sanyo Projects Its Solar-Power Market Share Will Double by 2020


Arctic warming at faster pace than projected

GM, Ford to Share Engines, ?( and develoopment costs)

New NASA satellite map pinpoints worldwide sea level rise

Nearly Half of All The World’s Primates at Risk of Extinction

D.C. bickering (GOP obstructionists) threatens solar, wind projects

Recycling booming as Americans seek cash

Last Ice Age happened in less than year say scientists

GD thread about a water-selling scheme in Oregon

Untouched forests store 3 times more carbon

Pulp and Paper Industry Poised to Take Center Stage in Global Bioenergy Arena

Dutch study: Oil turbulence and $110 floor price

Oregon To Be Home of 909-MW Wind Farm

Martian soil may contain detrimental substance

James Hansen's trip to Europe

I have a question regarding solar panels

Toyota Develops Lightweight Segway-Like Vehicle

Ecuador gives Mother Nature constitutional rights

Commodities (LIKE CORN, SOY BEANS) plummet on falling crude oil prices

NYC MEET-UP: August 10th at 12.30pm at Oriental Noodle Shop w. Guest Appearances ..

I wore makeup yesterday for the first time !

Calif. legislation would honor Harvey Milk (All GOP state senators oppose)

Oh, By the Way, Crist Backs Florida Anti-Gay Amendment.

Gay HIV+ man faces deportation from U.S.

Evan Bayh - Will this homophobic bigot be Obama's VP choice?

Fundamental Religious Folk and Their Lack of Faith

. . .

I Think This Is Where I Should Get Some Information About 5linx & What

Bailing out the Bad Guys: Dems and W working together

Rear View Mirror Economics

The Punch Bowl Was Left Out Too Long In Florida

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/05/08

Israel's Barak predicts more strikes on Gaza

In Gaza, a Blurry Line Between Enemies and Friends

Hamas warns of uprising against Fatah in West Bank

Vilna'i: Israel won't open Rafah Crossing without Gilad Schalit

Israeli policeman arrested over death of Palestinian boy at Na'alin protest

Settler group planning to reestablish Gaza bloc

U.S. revokes visas of 3 Palestinian Fulbright scholars

Israeli PM Candidate Once Sought Deaths of 70 Palestinians a Day

New steel complex proposed for Mexico

Today in labor history August 5 President Reagan fired 13,000 federal air traffic controllers

Air Traffic Controller Union Wins Court Case On Overtime Pay

Economic Report: More U.S. Workers Forced Into Part-Time Status

Newsweek: Wal-Mart's campaign to influence the election.

Transit pact averts strike during GOP convention

Hawker Beechcraft Strike: Day Two

Unemployment rises, real wages fall, workers pay

Drunk and Cheap. Bad Date? Nope. Chamber of Commerce Staff

Farm labor housing hard to come by

Sun-Times: AFL-CIO executive council meeting in Chicago gets briefings from Obama team

Business fears election (presidency and key Senate contests) will boost labor

Not Sure If I'm Posting At The Correct Topic... Perhaps Someone Can

Workers Urge Democrats to Focus Platform on Employee Choice, Jobs, Health Care, Trade

Proposed Constitutional Changes Harm Accountability, Favor Uribe Allies (Un-****ing-believable!)

Bolivia President Opens Indigenous Universities

Venezuela to help Bolivia boost natural gas production

Chávez ratifies energy cooperation with Argentina and Bolivia

Honduras finds 11th victim in attack by crowd

Recovery by increments: El Salvador's memorial marks how long it takes to heal from civil war

Talk about a turn around.

Curlin to Make Next Start in Woodward

Boxing: August 6-8, 2008

Giants invite Bonds to 50th anniversary celebration

Favre leaves Lambeau, maybe Packers

David Ortiz feels click in 1 for 15 since Manny traded.

Talk about creating your own reality...check out what's happening to one of our DUers!!

How does the Endocrine system play into this eclipse/magnetic thing..?

Anybody get any psychic impressions regarding this report about Mars?

Does going without sex really make you more spiritual?

Is Low-Cost Health Insurance Worth It?

MDs urged to quit prostate screens in elderly men

Millions With Chronic Disease Get Little to No Treatment

Study: Spices may protect against consequences of high blood sugar


Quelling a Killer: The Case For the Meningococcal Vaccine


Wow, did you know that homeopaths can cure Lyme Disease?

Venezuela's Chavez pushes through 26 decrees

12th century chapel in a vineyard

***August Photo Contest THEME***

Raffle to support the American Cancer Society

Raffle to support the American Cancer Society

Don Wright's political cartoon re "Liberal Gun Nuts"

Guilt On Their Hands: Tiny 'Tags' Could Help To Solve And Deter Gun Crime

True color Mars: JPL/NASA database exposed

HIV vaccine 'allows drug breaks'

Estrogen May Have Preventive Role in Women's Schizophrenia

NASA lander may have found toxic substance on Mars

Secrets of Antikythera Mechanism, world's oldest calculating machine, revealed

Study revives six degrees theory

Anyone else into home canning?

The sounds of silent movies

home-made ginger beer?

Stupid is as stupid does

Anyone try making this pizza bianca from current Cooks Illustrated?

Scientists Create Touch-based Illusion: Mind Trick Yields New Insights On Perception

I just ate some of the best

Solar Cooking

"I really like Joe Biden ...... but there's that ........."

Hey, I could use some help!!

Have you all seen this 'timeline' from Biden's Senate site?

New: Poll question Biden or Clark

Hope ya'll have your creative juices flowing...

Should ritual human sacrifices be permitted if subjects are willing adult volunteers?

You guys are hilarious!!

There Is Going To Be An i-9/11 And An i-Patriot Act

Cut and Dry

True color Mars: JPL/NASA database exposed

9/11 Truth: Evidence Of Foreign Government Complicity

Need to learn Flash authoring and ActionScript. What's the best book available?

So, I was contacted to help reduce Clinton's debt

Corsi is back...

There is a new attack on John Kerry. From the Hill deadenders

Diary at Kos about JK

JK needs this tie.

Norm is bashing Franken, discussing how we need to drill more oil (hence Norm's lead)

Minnesota Democrats Exposed's Michael Brodkorb exposed--as a duck

Rep. Mark Olson Accuses Critics of Spreading "misinformation and politically malicious lies "

For Leaders, Colleges Turn to Business

New York Hospitals Create Outcry in Foreign Deal

So, my school district is running a bond election this year.

CP: Rita MacNeil included in RCMP's spy campaign on women's movement in 1970s

Globe and Mail: 'We were duped' by PMO, apology recipients say

When ballot initiatives don't work, bring out the Confederate Flag

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, special Tuesday edition, 8/5/08

Jesse Jackson, Jr. says, "Going To the Polls Does Not Mean You Have The Right To Vote"

Cancel all those pole-vaulting bets, Bob Mugabe has been grounded...

Prescott compares Brown to the captain of the Titanic ..............

Something I Have Noticed About Pro-Favre & Anti-Favre People:

Free membership to the American Humanist Association

'Mere Christianity' makes sense, scientist tells CS Lewis Foundation