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GOP Asks 'Chicago Tribune' Not to Publish Errant 'Rush Limbaugh' Email -- Doesn't Stop Paper

Police raids in Minneapolis for RNC convention protestors

Where can you find Obama's appearance schedule?

Where can you find Obama's appearance schedule?

Where can you find Obama's appearance schedule?

Zogby: McCain/Palin-47% Obama/Biden-45%

Zogby: McCain/Palin-47% Obama/Biden-45%

McCainiac and her are going to Mississippi to 'test' (PHOTO-OP) hurricane preperations

Surprise? First Two National Polls Find Palin Gains LESS Support from Women

She fired the librarian and chief of police as mayor too

I'm DONE with the baby thing

A wonderful tribute to Stephanie Tubbs Jones . . .

Will McCain Use Gustav for Politics?

The Repukes are getting crazier and more desperate

Should Michelle Duggar be VP?

Compare These Images

This is TOO funny!!!! Check out this vid.



The Republicans are praising god for giving them a reason for not having a convention

Anyone else find this quote sort of ironic?

DU this poll (What do you think of Sen. John McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin)

McSame Broadcasting Live From NOLA After Gustav Will Backfire

How many days has Palin worked as Governor?

All of us have it Wrong about 'caring' McCainiac and Her going to meet Gustav


So what is Sarah Palin? Plan E, Plan F? How did McCain got to the decision?

So what is Sarah Palin? Plan E, Plan F? How did McCain got to the decision?

WHAT? She FIRED the Wasilla city police chief and library director? A new revelation of cronyism?

Palin - An early Christmas gift for Democrats

Ok, now I'm 100% sure that McCain/Palin is going down

McCain: Obama 'Absolutely' Qualified to Be President

McCain & Palin Rush To Gulf Coast To...Do Something

Bloomberg: McCain-Palin Ticket Draws $6.8 Million in Record One-Day Haul (or so they say)

Storm scrambles GOP convention

Storm scrambles GOP convention

please people. it's not true. now.....ahem....

Will the mainstream corporate media report on the Ron Paul convention in Twin Cities?

I couldn't care less about Palin's ruptured membranes.

Does Palin agree with Candidate McCain's stance on immigration, or Senator McCain's?

I hope when Obama becomes president

What are the chances that McShame would re-select his VP

Does Josh Marshall know something?

Photographic PROOF: Reuters is focusing EXCLUSIVELY on the TOUGH ISSUES surrounding this campaign

Could McCain be un-Nominated at the convention?

Zogby: Only 32% chance that the sun will rise tomorrow

Staying on message.

Wis. Lt. Gov.: Palin would be 'fragile' president

Just heard someone interviewed on Potus 08 that really sets off my hypocrisy meter.

McCain made a mistake by showing off Palin before the talking points were distributed

So the lame-ass McCain research team vetted Palin and found nothing against her.

Palin believes if a woman is raped, she should NOT be allowed to abort

I understand that Palin not only claimed ONE daughter's baby as her own...

Does Palin get kicked off the ticket help or hurt the ticket?

I am pissed about Palins baby

ENOUGH w/ the"Experience" Garbage from the Right. October 1962 is all we need to say

McCain just got his "obama's problems talking points" list mixed up

McCain just got his "obama's problems talking points" list mixed up

Please list all/any political scandals where people confessed before getting caught.

Barack's birth state is younger than John McExactlytheSame, and

Help please: What was the instrumental song played at the beginning of Obama's acceptance speech?

LAT: Lots of no-shows expected at Republican National Convention

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE : Preview of McCain's Acceptance speech in the Gulf

Dan Quayle moment in time??? "Eagleton" theory.

**Superficial Thread** Our President in waiting is Foine!

**Superficial Thread** Our President in waiting is Foine!

McCain will deliver convention speech from Gulf Coast

I propose a "Sarah Palin's baby" forum

Sheesh, who unleashed the brown shirts on St. Paul?

Big Media Cover-Up - What About Pawlenty and Romney Being Pissed?

McCain is a shameless douchebag!!!!!!!!

The trolls are scurrying out of the woodwork.

Congratulations, McCain. You have just made your age a big issue.

Congratulations, McCain. You have just made your age a big issue.

Estrogen For McCain/Palin!!

Is America going to be ok?

I admire Obama's trust of the Clintons and what the Clintons delivered in response

McCain has turned himself into Jan Brady....

McCain has turned himself into Jan Brady....

The t-shirt says "I may be broke, but I'm not flat busted" (PICS)


Video of Palin when she was a news anchor and pregnant with her first child

We're 2/3 of the way there, what can we add to the mix (A Palin free zone)

4 Reasons Why McPalin Doesn't Suck

Just heard on radio, their first executive decisions were their VP picks, how do they compare?

Why would an anti-choice family have testing done?

Could it be that McCain doesn't actually want to win?

Novice Stands Her Ground on Veterans’ Turf in Alaska

Sarah Palin's mother-in-law may vote Obama.

Why are there so many new extremely low count people pushing Babygate????

If the discourse on this board is representative of what our electorate body is going thru...

Convention kitty now $10 million over its goal

Joan of Arc???

Maybe a President McCain will continue to break new ground appointing

On Verge Of Nomination Speech, Obama The Menace.(Subliminal)

For 2 years I have listen to MSM ask who is Mr. Obama. Will the same question be asked of Sara

"disrespectful to the office of the presidency."

CARTOON: McCain Throws his Hail Mary Pass :

Zogby: McCain/Palin 47%, Obama/Biden 45%

I'm going start calling her "Grandma Palin", try it - it just seems to fit.. :)

President Reactive or President Reflective?

Paul Krugman's Blog: Rudy speaks on "Reform" day at the RNC

Is Cindy's wrist really hurt ?

What VP contender

McCain/Palin -- A Blazing Sign of Strategic Vulnerability

GDP Challenge: Name 100 people more qualified than Sarah for the Vice Presidency!

Bottom line: McCain can't say Obama isn't ready to be president

US election: It's the most vicious election campaign ever - and here's why

Question: If a Extreme 'Pro Life' politican lied about assisting an abortion

On a scale of 1 to 10--how confident are you that Obama/Biden will win in November?

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Is this a real photo of Sarah Palin? It's with some others that are real. n/t

Question for DU moms: When your water breaks

Attack her as an extremist. Make it clear she's out of the mainstream

ZOGBY: McCain/Palin at 47%, compared to 45% support for Obama/Biden

* will be unable to attend the GOP convention on Monday...BREAKING MSNBC

more daily horseshit from the washington post - fellow 'maverick'

Palin selling off a bit on Intrade

When do we get to see Failin Palin in a Press Conference?

When do we get to see Failin Palin in a Press Conference?

Sarah Palin has more executive experience in government than John McCain

The SAME DUers who are bemoaning the Palin/Baby Rumor were fighting the Edwards/Baby rumor.

GOP Asks 'Chicago Tribune' Not to Publish Errant 'Rush Limbaugh' Email -- Doesn't Stop Paper

Half of Americans Expect Obama to Raise Their Taxes

Can Anyone Imagine What the Reaction Would be Had Obama Chosen Someone So Unqualified?

The Edwards Baby ~~ The Palin Baby

CNN Poll: Should the RepubliKlan National Convention be postponed because of Hurricane Gustav?

So, I visited the John F. Kennedy Library yesterday and listened to his speeches,

John Edwards is father of Palin baby!

Day 3 of "Palin-Panic" on DU


Does anything notice anything odd about this photo of Cindy

Lindsey Graham would sell his mother to a butcher for the Republican Party

For anyone who missed it: TERRIFYING AUDIO OF PALIN from the video forum

How pissed off are you?

First Two National Polls Find Palin Gains LESS Support from Women

Palin Made an Impression From the Start

Would you vote for Obama if it turns out he had an affair?

George Steph: Summary on Palin, Obama:

This is a ballgame. The team in first needn't look over its shoulder -

If McCain really was a maverick, he would have picked Leiberman.

Obama is being proven correct by the Palin pick. His "bitter" comment

Obama is being proven correct by the Palin pick. His "bitter" comment

Gary Effing Bauer!!!!!

At first I dismissed the Palin surrogate pregnancy rumors, but wait just a minute

I see a lot of NEGATIVE!!!! post on Palin be very careful on this shes a woman

By choosing Palin, Straight Talk Johnny has sold whatever little remained of his soul

What was wrong with Kay Bailey Hutchinson?

Obama's formula for addressing McCain

Why is this not ever mentioned about McCain

The real victim of the Palin pregnancy story IF true

Will Palin sacrifice son in Iraq to win election?

When the media is done fawning over Palin, they will find she is to the right of Genghis Khan.

What a radio caller said.

What were Bush & McCain doing during Katrina? See photo

How is it possible to be so shameful and so shameless

McCain: Palin a "soulmate"

Rasmussen, 8/31: Obama 47%, McCain 44% (with leaners, Obama 49%, McCain 46%)

Obama on Palin: "A fine mother and an up-and-coming public servant"

Shorter Kelly O'Donnell...Gustav is GOOD for McCone

Palin's mother-in-law unsure who she'll vote for. "Being pro-life is who Sarah is."

Did the Convention open with a muslim prayer?

No, Gov. Polenta ... No, creationism should not be left to the local schools ...

No, Gov. Polenta ... No, creationism should not be left to the local schools ...

Great quotes from ex-husband's co-workers about McCain/Palin:

Do females usually outperform their male counterparts in electoral turnout?

Let the tabloids check out who Palin's 5th child's parents are. We have bigger fish to fry

Is there a way to block threads about Palin?

Next Repug Meme...Andrea Mitchell kicks off :"Palin is *Annie Oakley*"...

Pawlenty, based on his MTP gig, would have been a far superior candidate to Palin.

Obama/Biden in Dublin, OH (pics!)

Picture: Sarah Palin with Rifle

Ha!!! Bush Crawfished the Convention

Palin JUST got her passport in '07 to go to Kuwait to see the AK National Guard

Meet the Press: Maria 'money honey' Bartiromo thinks Sarah Palin was a 'very savvy pick."

Thanks, John: Your "soulmate" believes in creationism, is anti-choice and says global warming is BS

Come on people! Rumors and innuendo do NOT work! Remember how Bush tried it against McShame?

David Gregory is a fecking nitwit!

Palin= True-Believer Fundamentalist in White House. She's On The Ticket For Keeps

Oh big surprise, George Will didn't think much of Obama's speech

Serious Questions About McCain’s Reckless VP Pick

Palin UFO correlation

Breaking - Bush and Cheney to skip RNC

The McSames Had a 'household staff budget' of $273,000 in 2007 for 8 homes

McCain is going to have a party by himself

I loved that TV show Maverick. It was about this risk-loving Western con artist.

Is Palin another Fred Thompson?

Reporting to you from sunny Williamsport, PA...

The "Miss Congeniality" Lie?

LOL--MTP booked Pawlenty, thinking he'd be the VP- now he has to defend Palin!

If repuke Convention Is Moved One Week, And he Accepts On Thursday,

New meme: Obama Biden is now the safe choice and the change choice!

USATODAY/GALLUP POLL: Voters Uncertain on Palin

Palin Left Wasilla 20 Million Dollars In LONG TERM DEBT. She Can't Handle A Federal Budget

If Palin is covering up her daughter's pregnancy I have no problem with that

For those who thought Obama would be better because the press liked him better than Hillary...

Suppose for a second that the baby rumors are true--how many people would know the truth?

We all trust this election isn't a beauty contest

MSM scrutiny: Obama's faith vs. Palin's (Creationism)

Palin may be a godsend.

McCain refers to Palin as his "soul mate."

So the latest rethug talking point (pushed by McCain with Wallace) is

Joe Lieberman: John McCain made a bold choice...

Palin - completely swept obama from the news - repub mission accomplished

Some of you were right: Palin will be replaced

I didn't believe any of the stories about the baby, until I heard the daughter had Mono for 5 months

She faked a pregnancy, but didn't bother the fake the weight gain?

The thing I most dislike about Palin=her treatment towards Polar Bears

Of *course* Big Media love Palin! All they wanted was a story that can sell ads around.

Saturn’s Moon Titan Joins Axis of Evil

No wonder McCain is desperate

We need to undercut the idea that Palin is a reformer because she is a fraud

Is "the surge" the only thing Lindsey Graham aka Deputy Dog knows?

Palin is a social RW extremist and economic opportunist (bridge flip-flop - bad mayoral record))


Mark Halperin says Obama's team is scrambling to send people to Anchorage

I am gone for two days and now this FUCKING PLACE IS INSANE!!!

Ok, it was just said on MSNBC...and it's DEAD ON

The Idea that we shouldn't talk about "IT"....

Comparative timeline of relevant experience between Obama and Palin

Of All the Reasons McCain’s Palin Pick is Awful, Evidence of Her Abuse of Power is the Worst

Only one black speaker on tap for the entire Republican National Convention

Pawlenty of Bullshit on MTP

Uh oh! McGrumpy's temper may be starting to become an issue.

Anyone else find this quote sort of ironic?

Interested in digging into Troopergate? (The Palin scandal) Here's a link to extensive

Grampy's Choice is an Insult

"Morning Joe" on Friday: early AM Scarborough (and panel) SLAMMED Palin

Polar Bears: spreading the message

The 'framing' of Governor Palin

"Palin Pleased with Obama's Energy Plan"- from Palin's own (AK state) web site

Meet the Press-3 Republicans, the objective Doris Kearns Goodwin, Gregory and Brokaw. Set up much?

Is Maria Bartaromos Sarah Palin's Spokeswoman

The OLDEST presidential candidate in history picks the LEAST QUALIFIED Vice President!

Dod-"this is a pick for the Dobson, Robertson, Limbaugh part of their party"

What Is A Question You Want Asked In The First Debate?

Extreme fundie perspective on Palin...

Gustav – A Divine Plague against the Self Proclaimed God Party ?

McCain: Palin a "soulmate"

Is this the latest no-show list?

United States presidential election, 1932

Hopefully Obama/Biden are Producing McSame/Gustav ads..

New Zogby post-Palin poll: McCain/Palin 47%, Obama/Biden 45%

She is not the enemy we should focus on

Gallop poll has Obama at 49% McCain at 41%

McCain's judgment in regard to Palin

McCain's judgment in regard to Palin

Maverick! Maverick! Maverick! Maverick! Maverick! Maverick! Maverick! Maverick! Maverick! Maverick!

Sarah Palin and Why McCain Has Already Lost.

Hillary just upgraded to "OMG, I wouldn't want to be standing in her way"

McCain May Give Convention Speech From Disaster Zone

Chris Dodd with Wolfie re Palin: "John McCain's knees buckled

Suggest an ad for the obama campaign to combat mcsame

Will DU. fail to keep an eye on McCain through Nov. 4th in favor of McPalin?

Does anyone know what Palin's stance on health care is? Does she mimic the

Is Geraldine Ferraro the Grand PUMA?

Friday and Saturday Obama had an 8-point lead in the Gallup Daily Tracking poll

Friday and Saturday Obama had an 8-point lead in the Gallup Daily Tracking poll

McCain Drinking Game/Obama Fundraiser Idea 9-4

Veep Debate: "Biden was mean to Palin; a woman!"

If You Missed Obama/Biden Campaign Yesterday In Dublin, Ohio - watch it here!

"Not a lot of competition for that position" (Mclame's best friend)

Rorschach the RNC Logo - Panicked, startled and physical signs of abuse

Congratulations To DU'ers Obsessing Over Palin's Daughter. You're Creating Sympathy

Two Comments about Palin, Running as a Mother, Whether she is a Mother

Sherrod Brown last night showed the right approach to Palin during his intro. of Obama/Biden

Obama understands the middle class

So Palin's two biggest accomplishments in government appear to be raising taxes twice.

My republican in-laws - Palin.

So Palin is down in the south at Haley Barbour's place. Wonder how many times she's hear'in the

Obama, Biden 60 Minutes Interview: Obama Explains Biden Pick, Reacts To Palin (VIDEO)

Obama, Biden 60 Minutes Interview: Obama Explains Biden Pick, Reacts To Palin (VIDEO)

DU called out

John McPAIN & Sarah AILING - new images for buttons and bumper stickers

John McPAIN & Sarah AILING - new images for buttons and bumper stickers

Check in if you think Palin's voice sounds like this guy's...

Sarah Palin's TrooperGate - The Damning Audio Tape (Audio)

Sarah Palin's TrooperGate - The Damning Audio Tape (Audio)

Mini Obama Caravan in Charlotte

Not all evangelical conservatives are thrilled with Palin (updated with DIGG links)

You know all that Hockey Mom stuff, the bridge to nowhere crap and

McCain may deliver convention speech from disaster zone

The SAFEST place to be in Minn. when Gustav hits:

I dont think the RNC wants to have a convention. Gustav is a gift

Camille Paglia: Palin's speech was "best ever" by an American woman politician

Is Palin's pick as VP a way...

Nevada names delegates to GOP convention

McCain may give convention speech from DISASTER ZONE (Politico)

"If I drop dead tomorrow...."

"If I drop dead tomorrow...."

"Obama Revealed" Is coming up on CNN

Is Senator Obama planning anything for the hurricane zone?

Bush & Cheney will skip the GOP convention due to Gustav (AP & other sources)

MSNBC prez defends convention team's spats, between Scarborough/Olbermann & Shuster

Palin pick makes Alaska blog a must-read

So, John McCain has been playing the POW card since his very first election:

Meet Jill Biden!

Net Detectives & Net Doctors: LEAVE PALIN ALONE!!!

Senator Daschle on Late Edition

The "Sarah Palin is a moron" meme is dangerous

Palin Almost Recalled As Mayor

Barack Obama should blast email his donor list

Oh these bastids are good, but I'm sure people will see

Cindy McCain on Sarash Palin:

McCain's pick of Palin shows he is WEAK.

Sarah Palin wants polar bears off threatened species list

Troopergate is scandal enough.

Gallup, 8/31: Obama 48%, McCain 42%

i am NOT a all....I wanted help countering something I heard sheesh!

Palin is a "ZERO bar" - white on the outside, nuts on the inside

"Alaska IS the closest state to Russia" - Cindy McCain

McCain's Schizophrenic Gamble "An ethics revolution with Palin the real reformer"

If you had any doubts about McCain's Supreme Court nominees

Biden can help Obama bring about the 'change we need' like LBJ helped JFK get legislation passed.

Tom Brokaw is asking the tough questions??

Ron Paul's rally: The other political convention in town

Phone interview w/Palin 2 hours before PA appearance - how was she asked? etc.

It Would Be Perfect Right Now IF Gustav Peters Out!


NY Daily News: Palin's Mother-in-law may vote for Obama

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/31/08 - Obama 47, McCain 44 (M up 1)

Gallup 8/31 - Obama 48% McCain 42%

Sarah Palin As Lara Croft?

Sounds like McCain is changing from running on Experience to a 'so called' Reformer

Will Gustav help or hurt the Republicans?

Another story about VEEP picks

Attacking Palin, '06 edition

With all the Hurricanes and Tropical storms, are Floridians concerned with Global Warming?

Palin is being pitched as "Annie Oakly" . She will jump into the saddle and give birth

MSNBC: Obama/Biden have no change of itinerary so far

Allegorical post: F.D.R. was correct...

Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.

"Ever Imagined Running for Federal Office?" September 07 interview w/Palin just posted 8/29

Theme of 2008 GOP Convention: "We protect people from hurricanes!"

McCain: "She's been Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard!"

Alaska is close to Russia and so Palin has the experience to deal with them. This

Palin's gonna get a lot of votes just from her new book--

never mind - please delete.

GOP Convention: Why don't they just put Miss Mooseburger in charge?

More abuse of power emerges. Anchorage Daily News reposts article from 1997

Has the Obama campaign responded to Bush not speaking at RNC?

Palin: Surge? What Surge?

A thought to the "Focus Our Energy" crowd here today.

William Safire Sounds Kind of Racist

Fun facts about Alaska and Palin's "executive" experience put in perspective

surprised Obama still sizable lead in Gallup +6

Prez and VP skipping their own convention - any precedent?

Gallup: Obama Acceptance Speech Gets High Marks From Public

Pundits on CNN suggesting Republicans turn convention into a telethon/fundraiser for storm victims

After hearing this tape..I'm convinced the baby story is a smoke screen.

She is just not that interesting

Sarah Palin's Mother-in-Law May Vote For Obama

Rev. Wright reappears. Don't worry, it's all good.

Show me the negative headlines about Palin in the news.

Palin's daughter holding the baby

After listening for 5 minutes to Louisiana Gov. Jindal describe preparations

I'm begging again for comments on my ltte re Obama/Biden

Has anyone written Obama/Biden concerning raids in Minn?

the Palin with Patreus photo-op countdown begins ...

The official RNC Convention drinking game (updated!)

I do think it's fair that she should be forced to debate Obama, too.

So - the first time McCain calls Sarah a c***, and she hauls off and floors him

Bohner: McCain- experienced Maverick, Biden- too long in DC, Obama-inexperienced, Palin- fresh

Scaredy-cat, chicken-shit Repubs HIDING behind Gustav's skirts

Sarah Palin. Filler of the REPUBLICAN VOID.

MSNBC: John McCain may not attend republican convention

"* and VP Cheney...not able to attend R convention and McCain may not be able to attend either..."

Map of Gulf Coast Oil Platforms - The Real Reason Bush/Cheney are worried...

The Shock of Palin (Letter from a conservative)

She looks kinda pregnant here

Photographic PROOF That McCain Doesn't Give a DAMN about the People of New Orleans

Transcript of Obama Media Avail on Gustav Sunday

When is Palin's 1st independent press conference or appearance on LIVE TV interview show?

Hurricane Gustav: A timely doctor's note

The Failing Governor of a Small State...

Where is Palin's brother in law?

Pawlenty said on Meet The Press!!

Can ANYONE explain why McLame needs to be in the Gulf???

GDP sucks right now...

Daily Show video clip: Hysterical!

Republicans Determined To Politicize Hurricane Gustav

Word of caution. Do not push unsubstantiated stories.

Pawlenty uses McCain talking point on MTP: "Palin, COMMANDER IN CHIEF of National Guard"

I hear Brokaw was pretty tough on Pawlenty today.

How much money do you think Obama raised this month?

Batman and Robin in Mississippi now. nt

Republicans are copycats!

Here's what the newspaper media is saying about McCain's pick.

Sarah Palin has Pastor Problems

"Governor, I served with Hillary Clinton. I know Hillary Clinton...

PEOPLE...LOOK at the numbers...just a refresher

Why Is No One Hitting McSame Over The Head About The 3B Oil Deal Iraq Just Made With....China?


An Open Letter to God, from Michael Moore

Palin for Bridge to Nowhere Before She Was Against It (ThePage) -- Truth Seeping Out

Palin and the National Guard

Whose right to privacy?

GOP Convention is now a telethon

Indications Palin Wasn't Vetted

The delay / cancellation of the GOP convention...

Honolulu Star Bulletin: Make greater history by electing Obama

Photo of Palin looking pregnant emerges

McSame's acting "Presidential" in MS

McCain blew it not picking Bobby Jindal

Bill Bennett, conservative LIAR, made a statement about McCain that is PROVABLY false:

Gustav Response: Why Obama is The Service Candidate

Obama reaction

Can the self-appointed Holier-than-thous please make a list


Bristol was driving around when she was "sick from Mono" in car accident in front on clinic

I Heard That McCain Is Bringing A Cake To NOLA

How many here have a hidden teen pregnancy in their family?

Has anyone noticed the preponderance of that save the

Has anyone noticed the preponderance of that save the

Let's leave Palin alone. Let's not criticize her at all

McCain 2008: "It wouldn't be appropriate to have a festive occasion"

Palin's doctor was the 2002 American Family Physician of the Year

Palin's doctor was the 2002 American Family Physician of the Year

Gallup: Obama/Biden 48% (-1), McCain/Palin 42% (+1)

Palin Talking Points

So, Sarah Palin's favorite food is "Moose Stew"...

Obama must frame hurricane coverage quickly, destroy McCain

So, how many time has Palin been to Iraq?

So, how many time has Palin been to Iraq?

Let's put the mono misinformation to rest, please.

Palin's children have funny names

What is it with McCain and natural disaster photo ops? Remember Iowa?


By any means necessary.

By any means necessary.

Is Palin a Desperate Housewife?

Your opinion please....

Palin is a Muslim who shot herself to win the Purple Heart !!

Palin is a Muslim who shot herself to win the Purple Heart !!

"We will act as Americans, not as Republicans." McCain.

Careful folks!!! the Palin "baby is the daughter's rumor" is like the RW attempted "Muslim rumor"

Foregin reponse editorial from "The Austrailian": Palin a "Reckless pick"

Cindy McCain - Alaska is close to Russia

It is August 31st, and I have donated, once again, to our O Team!

Obama will mobilize volunteers for Gustav

In the states where Obama has a lead, it is usually by around 5-10 points...

Photo of prior Sarah Palin pregnancy emerges - she doesn't hide it well this time

The Fact that Obama is not polling 60-40 is making me very nervous ...

On Values...

I'll say it too - enough about the mysterious pregnancy rumors that started in her hometown.

Danger, Will Robinson! Um... as long as Obama-Biden don't go there, who cares what we do?

Why The Baby Business May Be Important

Folks, Spending A Couple Of Days Talking About An Unknown, Unqualified Rep. VP Choice Is Fine...

I am more of a lurker than a poster, but I just need to say that I am more energized than ever!

This funny ha ha

How Do You Use Thread Filter? Really Don't Care About Palin

I have strong doubts about the pregnancy thing but a story about sex and reproduction

The Hollow Man by Will Pitt = Great read!

Alaska is close to Russia meme..... Alaska is close to Siberia.. it is a continent away from Moscow

San Jose Mercury editiorial: Palin is clearly unqualified

Palin: Iraq is a war for oil.

With 30 guns drawn, police raid building of RNC protestors

Palin is going to be kept on a very tight leash by the McCain camp

McSame's VP choice gives Democrats opportunity to reveal/revel in their own sexism

DNC cancels media reception because of Gustav

Biden looked like pompous elitist ass.....


The issue of her son should be easily settled.

will palin last? could the convention delay be about finding a different running mate?

OMG -Palin in slut miniskirt outfit

Sarah Palin On The Issues: Pretty scary!

The Truth: By pick Palin McCain has lost all the dirt he had on Obama.

MSNBC reporting RNC will send delegates to LA

Babygate is just the kind of baggage the GOP uses to control its puppets.

I think Palin may end up being the Republican's Thomas Eagleton..

The "Russia is close to Alaska" thing is idiotic. I used to live close to Warren Buffett...

McCain's VP pick shows his reckless, impulsive, narcissism.

Picture from the future: The White House Early Next Spring

So Why DO Natural Disasters Keep Happening On McCain's BDay?

How many of Palin's fundie base support prosecuting pregnant women who endanger their fetuses?

The Sarah Palin Baby Conspiracy Theory

Choice includes the choice you may not understand or agree with.

Andrew Sullivan in Atlantic Monthly: The Shock of Palin

Palin touts stance on 'Bridge to Nowhere,' doesn't note flip-flop

When Democrats denounce Palin, do they AMPLIFY McCain's "Not ready" refrain about Obama?

Zogby interactive: McCain/Palin 47% Obama/Biden 45%

Let me guess, the media is going to play McCain up as a Gustav hero

Palin: not four years, but ANOTHER GENERATION of non-change

My theory: Palin baby story is an Open Secret

Palin thinks she is overqualified to be Vice President.

SCIENCE DEBATE - 14 Questions and the candidates' responses

SCIENCE DEBATE - 14 Questions and the candidates' responses

Gustav isn't a mulligan.

Maybe we should focus on her political record... Or lack thereof.

WOW Obama and Biden talking in Toledo they are a GREAT PAIR

Dear Candidate McCain Gustav is not your Katrina

McCain should donate his federal campaign finance money to Gustav disaster recovery.

Unless Obama gets to storm hit areas, Repubs will again hint that he's "out of touch" and "elitist"

AARP Focus Group on right now at CSPAN-1

Ladies and gentlemen I give you my 1st attack ad of the season-Sarah Palin: A heartbeat away?

McCain is cashing in on hurricane--and it will probably work

Palin on Ron Paul: "Right On!'

Good article from Anchorage paper on several points re Palin

If you feel confident of a big win in November, why don't you come in and


Anyone else starting to get all nostalgic about the key-jangling threads?

Sarah Palin is Marge Gunderson from Fargo

2 different descriptions on these pictures

Those who truly don't care about Gov. Palin's kids or grandkids, please say here.

Its Not Sarah's Baby and It isnt Bristol's!

Does George Will believe what he says?

It Looks Like The First Night Of The GOP Convention Is Rained Out!

Obama: "John McCain's new VP nominee" is against equal pay

The trolls are trying to play DAN RATHER with the pregnancy photos

I'm really starting to get pissed off with the people second guessing Obama..

Ooo...I found a pic of Palin protecting the shores of Alaska from the hordes of invading Russians!

She's already going after Biden. So, when can Biden go after her?

Secret's out: Palin pregnant SEVEN MONTHS ALONG: Even her staff was unaware that the first family

McCain and Palin are starring in a TV show together!

I don't think this hurricane helps anyone.



McCain shamelessly politicizes a national disaster

delete - dupe

A little gallows humor: with the Republican Convention holding

Sunday Talking Heads living in bizzarro world

Will Hurricane Gustav help or hurt the Republicans?

all the obama yard signs were stolen in my neighborhood.....

I just spoke to an elderly lady who once had a dream about Palin's daughter

These are the points they will raise about Palin

Critical thinkers *only* need reply: Will Palin actually gain any serious number of women voters?

The Palin baby story is this year's "Rathergate".

GOP Strikes Out Drilling In ANWR From Platform

Is there a site where you can print your own Obama/Biden yard sign?

What's with all the nonsense posts?

All those worried about Obama's response to Gustav...

Wow, I just got to say

Not sure what bothers me more about Grandma-Gate...

McCain as Gunslinger (from Joe Klein)

Barack Obama wants you... Please help!

Palin Eagle Forum questionnaire

Bush/Cheney skipping the Pub Convention...just announced on FOX

The reason we have to stop the Palin attacks, Notice her first few speeches

Message to John McCain!

Alaskan Trooper Gate - an analysis:

McSame on CNN talking about Gustav. This is just so sad. It's like he's the Prez already.

Did ANYONE mention Palin's abuse of power investigation on any show today?

Breaking News - Obama set to send volunteers to hurricane area!

I think she might possibly maybe look pregnant here:

Fucking MTP is gushing over Palin

McCain considering making acceptance speech from Gulf if Gustav hits

These posting Alaskans are NOT loving Ms. Palin. Read their comments!

These posting Alaskans are NOT loving Ms. Palin. Read their comments!

TrooperGate - The Damning Audio Tape

"Executive Experience"....who knew?

Nice DNC highlights video from Countdown

I wonder if one of McCain's pastors, Hagee or Parsley have anything to say about Gustav?

What do you honestly think the Pubs not having a real convention will

Palin's FIRST son illegitimate?

Palin's FIRST son illegitimate?

LETS GET BACK TO OUR TICKET...Obama, Biden start wooing Ohio

As long as Obama/Biden continues to push the message of change, it will be good.

Our candidates will be working hard on Labor Day

For John McP.O.Dubya, does "POW"= "Politician of War"? Should he be pressed to sign Standard Form 180 just as John Kerry did

Hurricane Gustav: How You Can Help

Palin Eagle Forum Questionairre (yikes)

Is McCain stupid enough to politicize Gustav when he voted against every relief bill for victims

Random pictures of women who are 7 months pregnant.

Someone needs to ask Palin what she thinks of Bush.

Electoral College map

It is my understanding that Palin has given her son's deployment information twice.

Smart move by McCain: Have you noticed that no one is talking about him anymore?

Maybe McCain really doesn't want to be president!

RNC cancels Monday convention speeches

Why the Palin baby story is important-- its about republican shame.

The One Time that John McCain should be more of the Same

Tweety (Chris Matthews) continues man crush on Obama: None about Palin

Big Media - The Race Will Get Close Because We Will See Just How BIased Media Is During RNC

AARP Focus group on CSPAN -- talking about Palin. Tune in n/t

Seriously, can anyone think of a more pathetic outcome than this...

MSM and Cable News ignoring the RNC convention?

Troopergate controversy being blamed on Obama's campaign!

Some of us think it's a STRATEGICALLY STUPID move to keep harping on this baby

Oh-oh..Palin was charged in June of 1993

What if her baby is from an Alien????

Comatose-looking McCain faces his first national crisis as presidential candidate

Former Palin staffer: "She's not qualified...doesn't have the judgment" to be next in line to POTUS.


What are the odds that a young person will have a baby with downs?

Who's watching the Q&A at Toledo, OHIO ?! It's totally Biden/Obama!!

So... knowing their convention is gonna bomb, they've decided to let McCain play Hurricane Hero?

It took a Jackie Robinson...

What if they gave a Republican convention

What if they gave a Republican convention

If it is her daughter's child, so what?

Question: Where Does Sarah Palin Stand On Immigration?

Remember when McCain toured the oil rig to tout his energy plan?

John McCain, Stunt Man

Ok, I've HAD IT with these Palin/baby threads

Ohmigod. Sarah Palin, 1988, sports reporter. Check out the video.

For those of you trying to determine Palin's medical history from video and photographs

Starting to look like the GOP won't get the disaster they were looking for

Obama went to Church today in Republican Territory of Ohio

Statement from Laura Bush:

McCain: “I have every expectation that we will not see the mistakes of Katrina repeated.”

Just a reminder, Obama is running against JOHN MCCAIN for president

Just a reminder, Obama is running against JOHN MCCAIN for president

mudflats Best. Blog. Ever.

WHERE is Sarah Palin?

As a mom who carried a very high risk pregnancy to term (mom and child),

There are a few here turning Hillary fans into Palin bashers.

Palin and CJ J Roberts are the latest stealth interns to emerge from a 20yr old program

mcain on c-span now

mcain on c-span now

A DOD press release about Alaska Guards' 49th Missile Defense Battalion

DUers I want to welcome you to the world modern politics

watch what happens in the Vice Presidential debate Biden will be put on the spot with this question

duplicate post

Did McNuts offer the VP spot to others who turned him down?

Just a reminder that Barack and Joe will be on 60 minutes tonight.

See, I think this will work against us, not for us.

Editorial reaction to Palin selection: Not impressive

An email I just recieved from a fundie

The voice! That should be enough to end the Palin Pander.

The real reason the Republican convention is being cut back:

AP: Palin flipped on Alaska’s ‘Bridge to Nowhere’

The republicans talking points on Plain is she's got Executive experience

The problem with BabyGate is....

Here is what we all should say - McCain has NO RESPECT for America

Oh hell no....just listened to a John McCain message on my voice mail

What if John McCain comes down with the 6 month mono?

I'd like to talk about the Palin thing from a Lakoff "frame" perspective for a minute.

Alaska and Russia

McCain impressed by Palin's courageous work at the PTA (not a joke)

How should we feel now that a story that we, pretty much, started has made it into other media?

'F McCain bumper sticker -

Executive Experience: Not a Deal Breaker For Me / Flip Floppers: A Requirement!

Pregnancy, photographs, and me.

How Soon Does Palin Step Down/Away?

New mod for GD-P now revealed!

****REPLAY Obama/Biden on C-Span (Dublin, OH) ****

John McCain's dick!

John McCain Just called My house here in Ohio

Bill Clinton's FEMA handled disaster after disaster masterfully and never asked for political credit

Anybody know how important Colorado is to Obama?

60 Minutes time!!!!! Biden says in the promo:

Why can't we just call her a Muslim? There is as much evidence she is as Obama is.

Does Joe Biden have the balls to say "Do you mean 'nook-lee-er' weapons, Sarah?" in the VP debate?

At my family BBQ, no love for Mrs. Palin

At my family BBQ, no love for Mrs. Palin

sorry if this ia a repeat...why are there locked Palin pregnancy threads on DU?

I think the McCain VP selection team


Speaking of the Chimp and other Monkey's

Speaking of the Chimp and other Monkey's

McCain on NBC News right now....

What exactly did Palin contribute to the Wasilla PTA???

If I hear Palin being compared to Clinton one more time I'm going to have a meltdown

TX repuke cites being "fisherman, pointguard, runner up in beauty contest"

Advice to the Obama/Biden ticket re: Palin: Business as Usual

Did Anyonce Catch Live Focus Group on C-Span?

Complain about sexism on DU? "Must be that time of the month"

Has Palin ever been to Iraq & Afghanistan and visited the troops? Ridiculous, I know,

The whole pregnancy thang and what it says about Palin;s character.

Is it our business how someone balances family life and career?

Is it our business how someone balances family life and career?

Palin: Anti Choice, Anti Birth Control

Palin "pregnancy" story as worthless as bill getting a bj in white house.

Palin Almost Recalled As Mayor

Let's leave the babygate questions to George Stephanopoulos @ ABC. He loves conspiracy theories!

maybe Palin was brought in to deflect focus from Cindy

"Obama ad on Palin avoids criticism, her name"

Why does Palin's pregnancy swap rumor matter?

What question would you ask Palin if you were the debate moderator?

Palin may prove to be a brilliant move -- let's not get too smug

I've been dissecting this Palin thing today and it stinks to high heavens! How in the hell

Palin: Either A Bully Or Bully Enabler ("Unprofessional, Childish, Inexcusable")

Will any candidate ever be good enough for the Democrats...

An OB/GYN: On Palin's Leaking Amniotic Fluid (TPM)

Knoxville News-Sentinel: That Sarah Palin rumor

This is funny. Turns out Joe and Barack are distantly related.

The ad that the Obama campaign should produce re: Palin

If we leave Palin alone, she'll implode all by herself.

Who checks here FIRST for news about this election??

Our William Rivers Pitt Nails it: ' The Hollow Man' - Complete and unabridged

I'm a female registered Democrat in Virginia and just got robo-called by McCain..

If DU had an auditorium, and we were all called to attend a

Isn't The New Republic a very conservative forum?

Sarah Palin has turned some of us into that which we detest.

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, August 31 – Obama 323, McCain 215 (Link)

Learning about Sarah Palin - Bio, Timeline, Troopergate, Alaskan media

I think this Palin baby story has legs.

Anybody catch that focus group with Frank Luntz on CSPAN?

With Tom Daschle (keep your powder dry) advising Obama...and McCain Seizing the Moment with Gustav..

How Does John McCain Run Against a Black Guy?

Heads-Up! Obama, Biden 60 Minutes Interview at 7 p.m. ET/PT

Okay, all of you who think the pregnancy was not faked...

I'm a bone head

Is this the GOP's 1968?

Palin moved another voter...

Obama shouldn't pull punches with Palin. It's not fair to either of them.

McCain to politicize hurricane

How many millions of dollars are wasted because RNC is not fully attended?

Palin was picked for ONE REASON.

This is going to be a Big Election that cannot be decided by small things.....

Here is why my brother turned from mccain to obama


Hilarious ad juxtaposition on HuffPost Home page:

Hilarious ad juxtaposition on HuffPost Home page:

University of Idaho Journalism/Mass Media Degree

Some talking points re: Palin

DU this NC Poll to rate McCain's choice of Palin as his VP running mate

Re: David Gregory's rediculous comment on Meet the Press this morning

THANK you, Cindy the Beer Queen. Your "Respect The Rich" rant is the 2008 Nixon Checkers Speech.

Sarah Palin, boos for Hillary and The Great Conservative Crack-Up of 2008

LOL @ McCain's VP [Photo]

Palin BOOED for mentioning Hillary to crowd!

For Those Who Missed Obama/Biden Campaign In Toledo, Ohio - watch it here!

What is the one big issue for you that will not compromise on?

What is the one big issue for you that will not compromise on?

McCain says Palin is his "soulmate", festivities during hurricane are inappropriate

So what's this about not filing in time for Texas?

The asshole media is advising Biden to go easy on Palin

The parties should have had their conventions in July before the Olympics

I want to see Palin appear with Lynn Cheney and Laura Bush.

Who's up to watching the trainwreck touted as the RNC tomorrow?

Focused -- The Sequel

Here's what Obama needs to say, if asked about Babygate

Palin strikes!

The Hollow Man (sorry if it's a dupe)

How many interviews will they allow Palin to do???

McCain Camp Didn't Search Palin's Hometown Paper Archives

If Bush conveniently cant appear at the Republican Convention

Sarah's mother-in-law is thinking of voting for Obama!?!

Sarah's mother-in-law is thinking of voting for Obama!?!

John McCain thinks Sarah Palin is the second most qualified person to be President

Helen Thomas at Palin Press Conference

where's the political upside for us if sarah is actually twig's grandma?

I'm waiting for one of these family-first types to take Palin to task.

Clarence Page nailed it: The Palin pick was equivalent to the Alan Keyes pick

what my HRC-supporting bro-in-law said about McCain's VP pick:

Obama and Biden stay focused on what is important...

Talkingpointsmemo Josh Marshall: Getting Real About Palin

Talkingpointsmemo Josh Marshall: Getting Real About Palin

Palin - Welcome to the Terrordome!-Sane has already been eliminated from the power structure.

My 99-year-old neighbor was an avid, rabid Hillary supporter

Forget Harriet Miers or Alan Keyes comparisons: Palin is McCain's "heckuva job Brownie"

Juneau - The Movie

Mudflats -- Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaskan Politics

DIGG THIS PEOPLE: Palin lied. Supported "Bridge to Nowhere"

A (very) partial list of women McCombover passed over

I need debate help!

My Gosh, Thomas Eagleton Was Vetted MORE Than Sarah Palin

Palin doesn't fail on experience; she gets an "incomplete"

A Children’s Treasury of Creepy John McCain Videos

Didn't Obama say something about educating Kids so they don't have to make the choice?

Midnight tonight is the end of third quarter fundraising - please donate if you can!

CNN POLL: 50% think Palin is NOT qualified to serve as POTUS. Political choice by McLame.

McCain needs to weigh in on the Bush-Bolton fallout.

Interesting that many of the people who were spilling Hillary-hate

My suspision is that mccain's choice of palin will now cause women to come out in force for Obama

****Heads Up: Obama/Biden Now Live Campaigns In Toledo, Ohio****

here's who love Sarah.

Video of Sarah Palin while 7 months pregnant.

ROFL Can I haz teh sporty Veepee?

What Republicans are *really* thinking": Thank God we have an excuse to call off the convention

DNC Photo Essay, Part 1: On the Denver Streets (Dial-Up Warning)

DNC Photo Essay, Part 1: On the Denver Streets (Dial-Up Warning)


Sarah Palin's MIL says......

Eureka! I've just figured out who's really running McCain's campaign.

Palin has more experience than Obama

the brilliance of it

Dkosopedia wiki pages with dirt on McCain and Palin

Anyone interested in Troopergate, here's the State Trooper Findings/Report

Here's a joke: Why is McCain giving his convention speech from the Gulf coast?

I really can't get a handle on Wasila Alaska

Why does it take a hurricane to get Republicans to act as Americans?

Bob Barr on CNN right now

my thoughts on the republican vp pick

Okay - I'm just going to say it. -- I have a crush on Obama!

Jindahl looking impressive and on top of things re Gustav

Hannity and his henchmen on FauxNews telling us this isn't the time to play politics.

((sigh)) anyone else tired of hiding threads?

Is it OK to point out that Sarah Palin is a fucking idiot? She went in front of a world-wide TV ...

"to say that is ridiculous on its face" John Kerry (with video)

Sexist Comment? Who's raising the kids? It takes a Village?

Is Sarah Palin to women what Clarence Thomas is to African Americans?

What McCain's Advisors Tried to Accomplish by Choosing Palin -- Why They Will Fail


CSPAN now...McCain in Missouri today

McCain volunteer found shaping Palin's Wikipedia entry hours before announcement

MSNBC's Chuck Todd has officially jumped the shark ("another opportunity to not look like Bush")

MSNBC's Chuck Todd has officially jumped the shark ("another opportunity to not look like Bush")

transcript and video archive of Obama & Biden 60 minutes interview

Any idea which books Palin was trying to force her local librarian in banning?

John McCain's Wandering Eyes!

I like her, I really like her

My mother the staunch Republican on VP pick

Birth complications for babies with Down Syndrome

Play of the Day: Biden is told he's gorgeous

Guys...the MSM won't Trash McCain/Palin the week of their Convention

What the Palin Choice Means: IF OBL Releases Tape Election Eve, Obama Wins Huge

Quiz For All The DU'er Obsessing Over Palin's Daughter (I'd Bet Good Money You Can't Answer)

Looks like we've got abuse of power and a 17-year-old pregnant daughter

Advisers Say Conservative Ire Pushed McCain Away From Lieberman; Choice reflects "risky decisions"

Palin Booed After Praising Hillary At Campaign Event


McCain's choice of Palin is history repeating itself

McCain's choice of Palin is history repeating itself

Why the Hypocrisy?

McSame knows nothing about economics. Nor does Palin.

Mark my words: Baby-gate will decide the outcome of the elections

Obama/Biden Toledo Ohio Pics (dialup warning)

McCain Misunderstood What "The Vetting Process" Meant

Obama table in Madison: August 30 Edition (fifteenth one in 2008)

What are your feelings on the Palin Baby-Gate Story?

Attacking Sarah Palin is Dangerous...

West Coast 60 mins........ Obama and Biden are kicking butt

Palin thinks Pledge written by Founding Fathers

Palin thinks Pledge written by Founding Fathers

Palin thinks Pledge written by Founding Fathers

Ambinder: Wolfson, Hesitant To The End, Finally Saw Some Of The Magic

Can you say "legalist"? Palin is technically anti-abortion, but not in keeping with the spirit of it

Have you ever walked into a Casino, closed your eyes, put your entire bundle on the craps table

Cindy McCain: Palin Has National Security Experience Because Alaska Is Close To Russia

ABC commentators totally STUPID. They are on now.

Preemptive Raids on Protesters at RNC? Could someone explain what's going on?

Can we talk about the RNC Convention coming up?

Can we talk about the RNC Convention coming up?

Did anyone see the Obama/Biden interview on 60 Minutes tonight?


I think that Gustav would have been a better selection for VP instead of Palin

McCain is thanking his lucky ass Bush and Cheney are skipping the convention.

Did Sarah Palin Endanger the Life of Her Fifth Child? Or is the Swirling Rumor True? Read on...

Has there been discussion about Palin's TransCanada problem?

What is the purpose of an amniocentesis?

First Read - Efforts to Pander to Hillary Voters Blows Up - Republicans Keep Booing Hillary

Doesn't she look pregnant in the phot in this news article?

Gustav Will Definitely Help McCain, But Only Temporarily

McCain makes a joke with one of his Staff while at the Hurricane Center in Alabama- Photo

Okay, its Sarah's baby, let's "give" her that because then its more damning.

Here we go...drudge digs into baby-gate

Palin consulted with doctor before delaying labor, and during plane trip

McLame Campaign Manager Uses Gustav To Attack Obama's Patriotism.

C'mon, cough up a donation already!

C'mon, cough up a donation already!

A Heartbeat Away From President Who?

When will McCane pull his VP pick?

Palin has ZERO respect for police officers. She had TWO officers fired, the 1st as Mayor

McCain camp attacks Obama for campaigning! Wahhh! Good thing McCain's camp isn't being political.

Karl Rove says Wasilla "is the second largest city in Alaska"!

Let's not get distracted by Palin's reproductive history

FOX News Can't Wait To Portray Sarah Palin As Victim Of Media


They look like publicity shots for a new sitcom.

Why Palin's daughter appears pregnant, but isn't

I wish Obama would come to my neck of the woods.....

Transcanda - Sarah Palin Research

Has the RNC adopted McCain's technophobia?

I see GOP dirty tricksters are at work here

Sarah Palin's Mother-in-Law: "I'm not sure what she brings to the ticket."

Newsweek: David Plouffe discusses each swing state (Palin Free Zone)

'Reagan coalition' called dead on RNC eve

Sen. Kerry Says Palin In "Flat Earth Caucus", LOL! Kerry Kicked Ass Today.

Meet Joe And Jill Biden!

Whatever personal decisions Palin made re: her pregnancies

Update on Nevada Delegation Fiasco for RNC: WSJ: Could cause state to go to Obama

Politico invites more than 100 "notables" to weigh in on Palin pick.


did y'all see Obama & Biden on 60 minutes?

I'm going to see Barack Obama in Milwaukee tomorrow!

Good Weather Ruins Bush Photo-Op - Ditches Storm Relief Trip....

Thank GOD McCain Didn't Pick Jindal!!!

alaskan problems in funding schip

There are emails from Palin to Monegan. ..and her deposition may be soon.

The Palin nomination insults men as much as women (or more).

The Palin nomination insults men as much as women (or more).

The Palin nomination insults men as much as women (or more).

Palin's father's email about Wooten from 2005

Local Alaskan Radio Talk Host Calls Obama a Marxist, Socialist on Local News Cast

The "convention bounce" narrative

Sarah Palin: half-baked Alaska

I can has teh vice presiduncy?

When Obama was talking about how some American hold onto their religeon &

Tonight, in Battle Creek, Michigan

This Appears To Be A Photo Of Sarah Palin's Daughter Bristol Holding Trig While Still Pregnant.

This week is the one-two punch

Gonna have fun tomorrow. I'm having a picnic get-together with my

Gonna have fun tomorrow. I'm having a picnic get-together with my

Sarah Palin's pregnancy

I have to say that I was EXTREMELY impressed with Michelle Obama the other night

Local Paper on Obama/Biden visit

Seen from the beach at Asbury Park, NJ. An airplane towing a banner saying....

To all you weak kneed crybaby's out there... quit your bitchin... this is war....


It has a name "The Fantasy Ticket"

Here's some great Photoshop fodder.

Palin thinks Pledge written by Founding Fathers

We're running against McCain, not Palin, so the key to the Palin choice is how it proves that McCain

List of Babies born April 18th at hospital where Trig was SAID to be born DON'T include Palins son

we will act as Americans, not as Republicans," McCain

FOX News labels "pro-life" Sarah Palin as "Pro-choice," repeatedly

General of AK National Guard: Palin plays no role in defense activities even when they involve Guard

Are they going to steal it? Listening to Gov. Siegelman on Ring of Fire

Palin is irrelevant. That’s what needs to be brought home.

Local news reporting that McCain may not even show up for the convention

Sarah Palin and the Closed Door Energy Forum where Her Water Broke

Well, if somehow McCain better start praying for his wellbeing every day and night...

The McCain campaign is fueled entirely on suspension of disbelief

John McCain and Women (warning, graphic photo)

Just one more Palin thread, if you please

Lanny Davis praises Obama's speech, pans Palin pick

Wild theory on how "babygate" could work out with Rovians at play

Obama needs to raise money for the Red Cross

Palin's game plan against Biden


Times (UK): "Sarah Palin hit by internet rumors over fifth child"

Can someone explain to me how photos of Palin looking pregnant prove she wasn't faking?

Palin removes acknowledgement of Clinton in her speech after Republicans boo Clinton

Don't forget Media Matters

Is he NUTS? McCain calls Palin his "soul mate"!

How did John McCain choose Sarah Palin as his running mate?

Get your Mac on!

My slightly madcap tinfoil thoughts on the Palin thing.

Just made my first donation to Obama/Biden...

Alaskan Wildlife Issues Statement on Palin Pick the Gustav heading for Crawford and stays there for 5 days?

Anyone running for president who wouldn't take the time to vett his VP pick is a disgrace

Pregnancy Scandal Involving Sarah Palin Daughter? - Post Chronicle

Someone please capture this video of Palin in Feb 2008.

How Grampy was suckered by the media

A thread in honor of the mods. Let's have a party

about Palin - Enough! I'm Still Blown Away by Obama's Acceptance Speech!! - a Great Song that...

Remember My Fundie Mom, The One That Decided To Vote Obama?

CindyMcCain: Palin Has National Security Experience Cuz Alaska is close 2 Russia

AP: Palin accused of using 'Bridge to Nowhere' issue to gain stature

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down

USA Today: Palin backed 'bridge to nowhere' in 2006

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Where is the McCain's 16 yr old adopted daughter in this pic?

Anyone else salivating at how Veep "Yup Yup!" will be skewered on Daily Show/Colbert on Tues?!!

Andrew Sullivan----Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Questions for the McCain-Palin campaign:

So, as Gustav turns out to be a run-of-the-mill major hurricane...

Let's go Tin Foil Hat for a while....

TOO MUCH INVOLVEMENT! Reported by NBC Sarah Palin called Monegan 24 time to get Bro in Law fired

Wolfie: Obama 49, McCain 48

Can we Agree no matter what the truth us Sarah Palin is Good for US!!

Day After Boos, Palin Skips Nod to Clinton

The Jerry Lewis MD telethon should have a surprise guest...Obama/Biden should show up

Sorry about one more Palin pregnancy thread,


Growing Polling Controversy on Daily Tracking Polls Part III: Why phrigndumass is ahead of the game

I know the rules, but I can't stand it, Gray Warrior, I'm calling you out!

Is Sarah Palin Dominionist Pentecostal?

Do you really think McCain will drop Palin?

Let's Revisit Dan Rather and the Letter, Shall We?

McCain Camp Didn't Search Palin's Hometown Paper Archives

Sarah Palin's "baby" was delivered by Cathy Baldwin-Johnson.

Here is why Sarah's 5th pregnancy matters

The Palin-baby nonsense is a non-story

Pic of Palin looking pregnant:

See the blog on Kos. Sarah Palin Is NOT The Mother [Photos+Video]

Concerning Palin, Points to ponder


NOW Statement Regarding Palin

I personally think we should focus on Palin's lack of credentials

After a kick ass DNC the Repugs are having to deal with "enthusiasm gap"

Obama's new ad PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!

You ready for this? McCain considering using Gustav disaster area as prop for convention acceptance

You ready for this? McCain considering using Gustav disaster area as prop for convention acceptance

My wife just talked on the phone to a woman from Palin's town...

Palin's home town paper SLAMS her on bridge to nowhere lie.

Tracking poll addicts -- prepare for some rocky days ahead...

regarding trooper wooten. sorry, but

DNC Photo Essay, Part 2: Inside Invesco (Dial-Up Warning)

Man the Lifeboats - She's Goin' Down

Methinks our "strategery" for dealing with Palin is all wrong

Geraldine Ferraro is undecided in voting for president.

Why Repukes Win and We Continue to Lose.

The Republican National Convention Has Moved To A New Location

Those of you who say we should "leave" Sarah 'Plain' alone, are wrong

TPM: Getting Real About Palin (Why Troopergate Matters with timeline)

Ruh-roh...the daughter AND Palin may have been both pregnant

Palin on Issues - Her responses to October 06 survey in bid for Governor of Alaska posted yesterday

To all you DU Gooders telling us to lay off Palin....

To all you DU Gooders telling us to lay off Palin....

Brother and his wife are voting OBAMA...first time in their voting life they are voting Dem

17 year-old Bristol Palin IS* pregnant ... did McCain know this? Is Bristol married?

************Stills of Obama/Biden from 60 Minutes***********

Word's out that McCain is just now vetting Palin.

Trooper Gate is 1000 times the daughters-baby story!

I was at the Obama-Biden rally in Dublin, Ohio today.

A blog entry and pic of a pregnant Palin from early March.

The quote of the day goes to Sen. Kerry. "he’s not a maverick, he’s erratic"

Kerry Throws Us Red Meat- Rush Limbaugh Vetoed McCain's Choices For VP (Ridge, Lieberman)

WHOA@!! “John McCain is a prisoner of the right wing, not a maverick,” Mr Kerry said.

Raise your hand if you just can't summon a single shit to give about Palin and all this baby blather

Lincoln Chafee coming to Florida for Obama's campaign.

2005: Alaska's DPS interview/questioning of both Palins about the brother in law

Beware of clicking on videos supposedly about Palin's daughter

'I'll Quit US If McCain Gets In'

All of you smart people in NOLA are JUST ABOUT READY TO LEAVE, right?

Has anyone heard the Rawstory clip about the radio show Palin was on?

Fox News Plagiarizes in Palin story..(Gotta love the tooooobs)

Fox News Plagiarizes in Palin story..(Gotta love the tooooobs)


Long-Standing Feud in Alaska Embroils Palin

Despite Rumors, Republican VP Candidate is No Hacker

Who said this quote?

Alaskans weigh in..(more about Wasilla than you may need to know)

Diddy Halts Private Jet Flights Over Fuel Prices

I live in Wisconsin and last week

Local teevee news just reported a job opening -- sandwich maker at Rio Wraps

Hurricane Gustav and Global Warming - Fewer But Stronger Hurricanes?

Take a small break and have a laugh. It's going to be a long week.

I'm Paranoid: Will Blackwater be helping the police in Minneapplepus and st.paul??

Sarah Palin's physical appearance is now far game...

Sept 2005 - National Review plugs NOLA as 2008 RNC site

Massive police raids at GOP convention

Gustav Sunday

DUers don't miss anything

Rethugs are against any oil company windfall profits tax. Alaska already has one for its taxpayers

How likely is it that Gustav will hit Texas?

2 Top Alaska Newspapers Question Palin's Fitness

Is it me or is DU acting all buggy and stuff?

Hometown backs Sarah Palin, but mother-in-law backs Obama?

I am sorry but the way Zogby does polling is bullshit

anti psychotic drugs increase risks of stroke.

Elizabeth Edwards cancels LI event

winged cat in china

Now for your second question

Has anyone gotten the feeling that the real neocon bigwigs don't give a shit about this election?

Current Gustav Storm Surge Graphic

Family values - leaving a young baby with Down's S. to campaign?!

It's all so easy, don't panic

Savannah Morning News Uncovers Palin Secret

This is kinda cool..FCC chief proposes free Internet

25 mile log jam on I10 E. Alabama says don't send anymore - so now NOLA

Bush: Gulf Coast govs to have full federal support. (They're all Rethugs)

So, DUers are getting called out for ...


God doesn't save bank.

Looks like Bush

The Weather Channel people just said

5AM ET UPDDATE: Gustav is now a Cat 3, 125 MPH. It could regain straight.

Are People Being Allowed To Evacuate Their Pets If They Are Using

Streaming live WWL-TV New Orleans:

Gustav back down to a CAT 3.

Rec this on Yahoo! News: 6 things Palin pick says about McCain

The Republican Convention - or not ...

*Walmart convention* in Dallas prevents evacuees from being given shelter

Sweet Lincoln's Mullet! The Sarah Palin Sportscast Video Is Here

That vile little asswipe, Lindsay Graham is demonstrating the repuke defense/attack

So...the top post on Talking Points Memo is 1 word name, really...and a question mark...

WTF is this crap???

WTF is this crap???

It is of small comfort

Sarah Barracuda not vetted by McShame?

Obama Outwits the Bloviators

sara palin


Leaving N.O. ~9:30 AM - probably heading North - political blowback from Gustv

Some observations on George Snuffalopogus' interview today with Cindy McCain:

To RMC Protesters: Please Don't!

Question about levees

Bush runs from the convention

Calling "Bullshit" On Cheney Not Speaking at Republican Convention

Gustav Is The Curse Of The Republicans/McCain

Gustav Is The Curse Of The Republicans/McCain

Bush is ducking the RNC during Gustav 'cause he'll just remind folks what he did during Katrina

Why isn't the war in Iraq a bigger issue around here?

Israel One Step Closer to Striking Iran

Palin a better shot than Cheney - ("If I cared what America thought, I'd live there.")

Sunday Brunch coffee and quotes.....Labor Day Weekend - Workers of the World Unite!

Sunday Brunch coffee and quotes.....Labor Day Weekend - Workers of the World Unite!

So, they're proactively arresting protesters in Saint Paul

Why aren't all the obsessive Palin threads over in GD:P where they belong?

a DU'er wrote as he prepared to evacuate:

Lieberman trying to make himself relevant

John is such a figurehead - they even picked his running mate

NYT: McShame wanted Lieberman

Cancelling the GOP Convention Would Lead to Cancelling the Election?

LOL, OMG, you have to see the look on Obama's face...priceless!!

Bloodsucking contractor stuffs levee holes with newspaper!

Gustav Is Coming...

After Voting Against Them 19 Times, McCain Claims He Supports Minimum Wage Increases

Palin Choice Necessary Because . . .

Payrolls Probably Dropped in U.S., Manufacturing Stalled as Growth Slowed

Struggle to repair New Orleans homes is compounded by fraud

Alaska Residents Get Oil Dividends. Shouldn't Coal Mining State Residents Get Dividends, Too?

Has Anyone Heard How Traffic Out of the Panhandle is?

Sarah Palin's Positions: Let Me Get This Straight...

Okay, Andrew Sullivan just went there with babygate.

Bush & Cheney should go to the RNC and stay the hell out of and away from New Orleans!

Press Conference with Mayor Ray Nagin starting on CNN (11:26 AM)

Link to Rachael's Facebook page with pics and info along with what you

Palin is just plain dangerous for America

It's not the Hurricane! They don't want to have the Convention

Which will the MSM spend more time covering: Gustav or the RNC?

A number of Political images

if you haven't seen this yet

Hurricane Gustav May Hit Oil, Gas Production in Gulf Harder Than Katrina

I bought the best shirt today!


Chertoff press conference on

McCain's Ken Melhman moment - or "How I tanked republican elections from the top of the ticket".

McCain's Ken Melhman moment - or "How I tanked republican elections from the top of the ticket".

Is History Siding With Obama’s Economic Plan? US economy has grown faster under Dems than under GOP

Will W ever.

CBS Censoring Portraits of U.S. Soldiers

Gustav.. Bloodsucking contractor fails to deliver the promised amount of buses!

Heck of a job!!!! New Orleans levees remain worry

Katrina, Gustav, and Baghdad - the matter of neo-con priorities.

She faked a pregnancy, but didn't bother the fake the weight gain?

When was the last time a sitting prez didn't go to his party's convention?

Internet Traffic Begins to Bypass the U.S.

Why can't we impeach a President who isn't even welcome at his own Convention?

Bushit and Dick to skip RNC......why?

Sarah Palin background report

Maria Bartiromo is a PAlin SHILL and IMBECILE

What was Rove's role in the Palin pick?

A left-wing view of the selection of Sarah Palin for VP.

BREAKING: Neither Bush nor Cheney will attend the RNC.

BREAKING: Neither Bush nor Cheney will attend the RNC.

BookTV - Thomas Frank: The Wrecking Crew - on now

Why did he pick Palin? How do we address the choice?

Why did he pick Palin? How do we address the choice?

Yeah, those Rpublicans sure can't want to be seen partying when a hurricane hits

Rove Plants Huge Mislead, and Bush as Enemy of Common Sense(Bush History, 8/31)

Here is the warrant for the St Paul raid on the RNCWC..

Conventional decor...

Obama live on phone WWL-TV NOLA/Dupe. Nevermind

Stephanie Tubbs-Jones memorial service

BREAKING: Obama now speaking on WWL TV New Orleans

Tweezer (dirty- old- geezer / Tweety) caught boob-gazing!1 Where's "my queen Kathleen"?!1

Anybody seen this Bull shit. Vetting Palin after she is on the ticket?

Hurricane Gustav situation far worse than Katrina in '05

So, when is the first raising of the "Threat Level" going to happen?

BREAKING: Barack Obama speaking on WGNO TV26 New Orleans right now!

Tucker Bounds on Gustav v the Convention

If the Permanent Fund pay out is good for Alaskans why isn't good for all of America?

BREAKING: Barack Obama now on WDSU New Orleans

A DU Challenge..I challenge each of you to write this week

does anyone remember the Christic Institute?

Booooooooooosh is on GEMSNBC now

Listening to Boner on CNN, apparently the lesson of Katrina is..

BREAKING: St. Charles Parish to end assisted evacuation by noon today!

Scholars question Palin credentials

Has anyone asked Stuart Shepard for a comment on the hurricane?

Why doesn't DU have a permanent banner post for Gustav? n/t

Here's to our CRACK "journalists" who can think of *real good* questions (not)!1


Hey I have heard that RNC is having trouble filling the convention

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows Interesting.....

How do you post a poll?

Progressive Dem Alan Grayson Surprises Pundits - Wins Big Last Tuesday in Florida 8th District

Alaska is closer to Outer Space than Russia

Remembering Katrina: Scumbag opportunist makes wish-list!

Any Dem who gets TV face time and who can't say the words Governor Palin...

Palin/Pelosi 09

We must not forget…

Sunday morning talking heads. Dare I watch? Will they make me crazy?

Can smart folks answer me these two questions?

Remembering Katrina. Milton Friedman.. "Kill the Schools"

Make Your Prediction Here Of What The Giggling Murderer Will Do After He "Leaves" The WH:

Wikipedia sets up Gustav Central....

Good Pic of McCain and Palin

Karl Rove on Face the Nation. A swing and a miss.

A few words from Bruce Springsteen last night at the Harley-Davidson concert...

Nitwit chimp on telescreen now. He's at FEMA. No cake so far.

Obama|Biden in Dublin

OMG. WSJ: People Who Live in Glass Houses, Pitfalls of living with wall-to-wall windows

B-listers for McBush!

B-listers for McBush!

Can we cut the "concern troll" thing?

Can we cut the "concern troll" thing?

Public Involvement Usually Leads To Better Environmental Decision Making

Remembering Katrina: Vile filthy Republicans use Katrina to bust unions...

Could we please stop attacking Hurricane Gustav for how large it is??


If the focus is gustav, then lets talk about global warming. Incidently

Palin and the Siberian threat assessment! Coming to a Fox station near you

Chicago '68 - St. Paul '08

Water Temps In The Gulf Right Now...

Virginia Plain/Sarah Palin

Instead of a convention, the GOP will be holding a bake sale and car wash for Hurricane victims

What about the lives of these babies Gov. Palin?

Republicans.. The Party That Destroyed America.....

Question for Sarah Palin RE: Government Help for Disabled People

I am sorry.

Bloodsucking Blackwater Gears Up For Gustav

I do this from time to time

I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but...

BREAKING: Two GOP officials confirm substantial changes to Convention due to Hurricane

Is anyone getting an unusual number of hits to their website from Saint Paul, MN?

Bush to Stay Home and Eat Cake

There was more coverage of Katrina prior to landfall

Big Oil Joins Palin's Lawsuit to Overturn Polar Bear Protection on Endangered List

Have the government dispatched Blackwater to NOLA yet?

Lady and the Gramp: The Sinister Diversion of the Palin Selection

NYT blog on McCain's and Obama's Gustav response

Anchorage to Vladivostok -- 3310 airline miles -- not exactly next door

How many questions has Admiral McCombover not answered?

Nobody is immune to natural disasters...

I need a break from GD-P...

The (((buzz))) around Anchorage.....

The Myth of the Clinton Surplus?

When Al Franken had a radio show...

Bobby Jindal: "Look How On Top Of This I Am"

A little funny feed back from canvasing CA 50 for Nick Leibham

Okay, I'll write this slowly so that even Ben Stein can follow it.

God Hates Republicans. All states to be hit have Republican Govenors

How long till Ms. Palin drops out? Poll

How the Republicans win

For those who have never had an Army Corp of Engineers project around them

Vice Presidential Candidate vs Desperate Alaskan Housewife

Sarah Palin was my mayor

So our Louisiana connection says all shelters in

Kicker dismissed by Georgia team for being a girl

Ha ha! Per Faux just now, B*sh will not be going to LA right now, because it would be a

Remember when Rick InSanetorum wanted to privatize the National Weather Service?

what did LIEberman say on face the nation? is he backing Palin?

Officials: Gustav Twice As Large As Katrina

Subliminal message?

Folks, you're missing something about this hurricane

I wish we could concentrate more on her abuse of power rather than the baby

So the bush and his dick will be convention no-shows, huh?

It's not the pregnancy, moose snacks, or troopergate that bothers me, it's her total

Current Satellite Pic of Gustav with Hannah not far behind

Mc* and his Soul Mate tour the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency - pics

The Nation is Unprepared for Gustav

Palin used 'Bridge to Nowhere' for gain

All Models point to NO now. Get ready for a major relief drive. The Money Behind Palin

Message to Geraldine Ferraro: STFU

Why no Obama-Biden signs

One Two Punch - here comes Hanna...

High res photos of Gustav+Hanna

please remove I double posted

Gustav - Obama Tapping Donors To Help and Urging Residents To Evacuate

What if New York City Were Hit By a Hurricane Tomorrow?

MCWar and Palin will hold a press conference on a few minutes

Learning by Placing Books near your Sleeping Head Syndrome

McCain via video link addresses RNC about Gustav -- Bizzare. is your friend! Go there, find an event and volunteer!!!!

Watching McCain right now and I was wondering...

An Open Letter to God, from Michael Moore

BREAKING: Obama to support CAT 5 hurricane protection for Gulf

BREAKING: McDufus speaking on CNN about Gustav right now..

Ok,I'm begging again for comments on my LTTE RE Obama/Biden

Now what is the republican position again on global warming? /nt


Gustav is getting stronger

Bush, Cheney Will Not Attend GOP Convention Due to Hurricane (Fox)

Republicans "We want to be respectful for those along the Gulf." 8/31/08

I sure miss the real hurricane expert Max Mayfield

Houses (or anything else for that matter? POW. Convention?

2PM Sunday computer forecast puts Gustav aiming right over Crawford, TX

Nagin: Looters be warned, going straight to Angola Prison if caught. (eom)

Caption This !!!

Is this the convention or the closing credits to the Carol Burnett Show?


RNC becomes Gustav/Hannah telethon.

The Repub prayers for rain DID work for them

when we see mccain wringing his hands

Gustav Postpones RNC...And Ends Reagan Revolution

Kerry delivers another detailed smack down of "erratic" McCain

Guys - I just got this from a friend with an Alaskan connection - about sarah palin

Who remembers the video of someone from James Dobson's

More RNC Anti-War pics

John McCain -- the permanent captive

Breaking last AMTRAK evac train leaves NOLA by 530PM tonight!

Caption *

"Let New Orleans die"

Will McCain offer his homes to shelter hurricane evacuees?

Oil price up $2 in special early trading ahead of Gustav

Hey everyone - just ignore that blood shooting out of the McCain Camp jugular

"We're taking off our party hats and putting on our American hats."

CNN: Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope

i love seeing palin busy campaigning...less time to cram for debating biden in a month

Bush, Cheney Devastated They Will Have to Miss GOP Convention (Satire)

Lest we forget... Bush and Katrina

Nuclear site tourism

do we have any du'ers having to pay for hotel for storm who are not

Obama's acceptance speech


Close confidante of Dr. David Kelly raises new questions about his supposed "suicide"..

Wrong Side of History. (Part 1)

I have had a violent headache the last 2 days

Nagin: Don't THINK about staying unless you have an axe. Levees: 8-10 feet

Tomorrow we celebrate Labor Day and what eight years of BushCo/republican neocon policies

Lindsey Graham criticizes Obama for missing too many votes, forgets McCain's voting record......

A photo of Sarah Palin & friends wearing wolf pelts

Great McCain cartoon

Republicans just don't want to be around other Republicans and who can blame them?

Republicans just don't want to be around other Republicans and who can blame them?

Today would be a good day to gas up your car, no matter where you live.

I worked in a Chinese restaurant a family member owned. Can I be Secretary of State?

OK ... I admit ... I'm shallow ....

NeoCon Cannibalism Alert: Bush turns on Bolton

Is anyone watching WWL online?

Can i get your attention PLEASE???

The day after tomorrow

Do the Democratic and Republican parties deserve equal accountability for the Iraq war?

Okay, now they're messing with the Nuns. Not nice!!

Hurricane Gustav Latest Satellite Imagery. (NOAA/NHC website)

Did it shock you to discover the GOP's selection was such a fundy?

Police Raid Houses Connected With Planned RNC Protests

I'm glad the Republicans are going to stop acting like Republicans and start acting like Americans

I'm glad the Republicans are going to stop acting like Republicans and start acting like Americans

LOL -- "Palin for VP" Website compares her to the dementia-suffering Margaret Thatcher:

It was conduct unbecoming a human being, never mind a governor (Palin)

Drainage systems to combat flooding?

All gulf coast states now have repug governors/The McSame Gambit:

Gustav down to a "strong category 2 storm" and landfall projections downgraded....

''Out of Gas'' Signs Hit the Upper Midwest!

Calif. farmers use guns, poison to safeguard crops

BREAKING at RNC: A Nun and Eight Others Swept into Unmarked Van by Police in Minnesota

Not Every Woman Supports Women's Rights (NOW statement on Palin)

In honor of Labor Day.....Workers of the World Unite!

W is coming to Huntsville AL this week and for $10K you can have lunch with him.

Does anyone remember Hurricane Gloria?

Dad Accused Of Arranging Sex For Son

Silly Season

CNN is reporting 25% of all U.S. domestic oil production is currently shut down for Gustav..

Hurricane Tracking File for Google Earth

Experiment to unlock secrets of Big Bang could cause end of world; scientists in court to halt it.

Is Palin going to stand by McCain's side for the next few weeks?

Stolen from DKos - Palin's answers to gubernatorial questionaire

Camera Shy

So, if Gustav destroys the South again, should the election be delayed?

2012 republican ticket.. 911 & 901

I knew Sarah Palin reminded me of a song....

60 Minutes: Obama attracted more viewers than the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!

Sarah has pets at the office, too.

VOTE for my Obama T Shirt Design!!!

At least John McCain has admitted a republican hat is not an American hat.

"we will act as Americans and not as Republicans, because America needs us now."

Link to McCain vid from earlier today. Watch and be convinced...

Obama & Biden on 60 minutes starting now n/t

Well, if you want to add to the Palin baby conspiracy, here is some more info :)

Gimme Shelter...

Hey Political Science geeks & majors: I have a question about surveys

NYT: Indians’ Water Rights Give Hope for Better Health

Live TV coverage of New Orleans hurricane impact available online

Here is a link to New Orleans webcams

Calling all angels...

It sounds like they're doing a little bit better this time...

And of course our governor shows no class for his press conference

Palin: If her daughter were raped & became pregnant "I would choose life"

The Republicans take up Obama's message: It's not about Left and right,

Egg-Throwing Prank Likely Led To Fatal Shooting, Police Say

BREAKING: CNN- Gov. Jindal claims levies will "barely hold"

Hanna currently tracking towards Savannah Georgia

You're telling me the GOVERNMENT can DO SOMETHING?!?!

pic to caption

It's not really about who's baby it is

Does DU have a recommended reading list in the Forums somewhere?n/t

Lieberman paraphrase on Palin: "She's great, but I don't know her."

"Mrs. McCain"

Crap. is anyone else watching the Gustav coverage on CNN?

There is one town hall question that could be posed to Palin and which would propel her back home.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear...

Cindy McCain says Palin has foreign policy experience because Alaska is next to Russia. WTF?!?

Do the TV news personalities in New Orleans have to observe the curfew?

My pro-Obama letter to the editor of the WI State Journal was published today!

There are some major evac problems in Mississippi right now

Pooper doing report on homeless now.

As I reflect on what transpired during Katrina...

How many LA and MS National Guardsmen are overseas this year?

Getting a pretty good shower near Mobile.

I guess the 'unseemliness' of looking presidential depends on who's looking


Take a BREAK...come enjoy Sarah Palins Look A Like::: Sarah Brightman

Re: earlier discussion on the long-term viability of NOLA...

Gustav Update: For those following

Gas price is rocketing upward- too greedy to sustain the drop?

CNN: Bush trip to gulf "postponed, may be cancelled"

With this Katrina redux, here's what needs NEVER be forgotten...

Has anyone covered what an insult to Hillary this Palin person is?

One of my cousins painted "Time for Bush to fuck us again" on the plywood before he left

Something nice to tell DUers about riding out Gustav

The Ofiicial Palin SlogoThread

would you think ignoring this is dangerous??

Arghhhh! Anyone have link to Daily Kos page that had excellent timeline on Palin baby questions???

McCain To Katrina Victims in 2005: You're On Your Own

New McCain-Palin bumper sticker.

Obama/Biden should show up tonight on the Telethon and make a donation

We were talking about Palin's experience on my veterans' board -- check this out:

Tweety is on GEM$NBC explaining what the REthugs are

After spending time on message/bulletin boards this weekend..

HAHA - Was on another message board. They are calling her "Sarah Putin"

I Hope Gustav Peters Out And Becomes A Sprinkle


Despite the approaching storm, restaurants keep cooking in the Crescent City


GDP grew 3.3% my ass

Fox "news" hits a new low...

Wonder how much this cost??

Cindy McCain Is PROUD to Peddle (Legal) Drugs

T.S. Hanna now headed up Savannah River - Savannah, Augusta GA

My interpretation of new McCain poster

SCIENCE DEBATE - 14 Questions and the candidates' responses

Somebody call the fashion police.

Do you realize just how incompetent the Republicans have become?

Anybody watching C-Span Luntz has a focus group, And to watch him work or should I say

Why the "is it her son or grandson" matters to me

From looking at the program "Eye of The Storm"...

I think it would be nice if we stopped the silliness of giving these storms names

Saturn’s Moon Titan Joins Axis of Evil

I Can't Stop Thinking That Sarah Palin Reminds Me Of Someone!

People, the Energy Markets are NOT going wild.

British Columbia has put our Urban Search And Rescue team on alert

Look what stupid pugs in AZ are saying about McMoose.

An Open Letter to God, From Michael Moore

RNC Eve: Police Seize Sustainable Living Bus

Burying of women alive defended in Senate

Michael Moore: An Open Letter To God

Dems can be played as fools.

VIDEO: Protester Raid Inside Convergence Space ("Everyone Is To Be Handcuffed; Based On What, Sir?")

The MSM drives everything and people are SUCKERS

Polar bears with 400 miles to swim to the nearest ice

Is the Alaska of Sarah Palin like that of 50's Author of "Peyton Place" Grace Metalious?

An Aussie perspective (on Palin)

How come yesterday offshore drilling was completely safe and today prices are up

"Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope" WHAT?

Is it just me or is CNN's Rick Sanchez kind of a douche?

The Sarah Saga has another twist...Choice

US government outsourcing hurricate Gustav security to Blackwater.

Everyone here is missing the point re: Palin's baby...

Not to toot my own horn, but my letter made it into paper!

FOX News from the movie Idiocracy

Betting pool for when Sarah Palin gets booted from the race, due to scandal?

McRocky and Bullwinkle? McBullwinkle and Rocky?

60 Minutes video of Obama & Biden tonight.

Alternet: Sarah Palin And Feminists For Life

I'm getting annoyed that people actually think they can influence internet board discussions

Okay...I am not liking this pattern.

CNN Quick Vote (About Republika Convention)

Flying into a hurricane sounds like a VERY bad idea. Here's to the Hurricane Hunter pilots...

Obama to ask his donors to help storm victims -- Will deploy e-mail list for Gustav aid

Please post the handy tax comparison chart between Obama and McCain

House Oversight Chair Henry Waxman Calls for Cancellation of Blackwater’s Contract in Iraq

PHOTO: McCain & Palin "checking" on Hurricane preparations

Are there any other fundies elected to public office lurking out there?

I take offense at being called an out of touch effete elitist Democrat

Gustav update

Hurricam (Bizarre Gustav Cam)

Have you heard of Joel's Army, aka a U.S. "Christian" paramilitary movement at least 125,000 strong?

New Orleans Radio Coverage...

CURRENT Hurricane Forecast: GUSTAV to hit just South-West of New Orleans as CAT 4!!!

PHOTOS: Anti-War March In St. Paul/Convention (78-Year-Old Nun Arrest)

Would you people quit comparing Sarah Palin to Dan Quayle?

Nickname for Palin???

More 3rd party connections to Sarah Palin (She's A Former Pat Buchanan supporter)

Blackwater Gearing Up for Hurricane Gustav

Just give me your credit card number.

wow..just love the family values... Palin lying about child

Flashback: John McCain's Birthday: August 29 2005 (graphic)

Andrew Sullivan is devoting a large amount of kb's to babygate.


My thoughts on this vpilf thing

OMFG Contessa is excited

"Alaska is next door to Russia" - It's now a Talking Point

I'm honestly worried.

they are not forgotten during this hurricane......

from vets'newsltr: Soc.Sec good for 75yrs & better than now. Combat medal for Navy.

Listen to Gustav press conference here:

Why can't we airlift people out of New Orleans?

Two oddities from Katrina...Tancredo said to stop aid to LA politicians...

How about a "half-baked" scandal forum?

New Rule: Disasters must only occur during an election cycle.

What global warming? Hurricane production line in full swing in the Atlantic!

From another board re: Palin...

Sarah Palin's pregnancy decision map

Surprise!..."GOP convention to highlight McCain's POW story". McCain:"I don't talk about it enough."


Republicans play politics with hurricanes: No help for Katrina with Dem governor; but now...

Residents of Georgia and the Carolinas. Hanna is heading your way.

Her state of pregnancy was not apparent by observation


Democracy Now! member detained, Amy Goodman jumps fence to question cop.

The Hollow Man (or: "Meet John McCain")

Trig was born there on April 18, 2008 Here is the hospital record

This is not e-z for me to say: Alan Colmes needs our support

I'm getting annoyed at the "hunting is evil" brigade...

Mind-boggling Pre-RNC Police State Action

China Goes The Big Squeeze; Fix Freddie And Fannie … Or Else.

Sarah Palin Pregnancy Decision Map

Sarah Palin Pregnancy Decision Map

Anti-war rally at the Republican National Convention - pics

A Message From RFK Jr. on Election Fraud: Don't Let `Em Steal `08!!!

Late Night DUers...Live Chat Going On...Come On In.

Police hassling protesters in St Paul - videos

Location = Expertise

John F. Kennedy in Detroit, Labor Day 1960: "Give me your help, your hand, your voice. . . "

Sarah Palin Meets Cindy McCain: APJ Exclusive Footage!

Guess where McShit may deliver his acceptance speech from??

How many dead civilians are a dead bad guy worth...

Stumped Repuke Investor with Hypothetical Question

Truth on raids and arrests in MInneapolis and St Paul

Grandmother would go to jail over book with sex won't jail her

Mother and daughter enjoying some fresh kill

We're Going To Win - Here's Why

An afternoon with Helen Thomas

Headers of Freeper Palin threads on front page only!

Chris Floyd on Police State: Minnesota Monster Mash

Charges mounting against FL Republican congressman...Vern Buchanan

According to the linked article, President Bush has apparently...

Restraining Order filed against POLICE from harassing reporters

BREAKING: CNN is reporting homeless being denied access to evac transport

Ford vs Toyota

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning (youtube)

Wow!! I think you will like this (youtube)

I just added Elton John "Mad Man..." and "Goodbye Yellowbrick Road" to my iPod

Link in LBN reports Gustav had gusts of 204 mph over Cuba

Sometimes the TV news tells the truth:

In the beginning, we were ordinary street rats

Was it good for you?

Post your fav McCain/Palin bumper stickers, campaign posters, etc

You wanna know what makes America great?

Geez, I'm old.

80 hrs of 80s music

So, does anybody here like Nellie McKay?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday August 31

check out this picture

Sarah Palin looks like my mom

Hi, remember me?

My cat Sophie is a dingbat.

In case y'all were wondering

Someone tell Primate1 his multiple genre problems w/ iTunes & iPod are gone.

Mallrats - The Stink Palm Scene

Can't take credit but this is kind of funny

WTF am I supposed to do with 90 pounds of freaking salmon?

You must vote for me.

Two photos from today's rally that deserve their own thread.

Was the origin of the Oama/Bayh bumpersticker ever tracked down?

So this is the latest evil bastard in the Republican party

Here's some fine black metal for your Sunday morning

A Visual Metaphor for John McCain

Idiocracy caption.

Help me name some kittens.

I have a ziplock bag full of magic mushrooms

A Sunday challenge for the geeks

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 8/31/2008)

Is anyone else find DU buggy tonight?


It's not really drinking alone

MAAAAARRRRRRXXXXX! (on clothes, sister!)

Please refrain from posting to this thread.

What happens to all the holes in the ground, once all the oil is

I got my medicine...A friend called to ask why I wasn't in church

Palin's children have funny names

for shits and giggles, If the Roman Empire were still around today

My friends all say I was crazy to spend the money, but I bought an aircard,

Could someone hook me up with a link about the "Alabaster Columns or Rome"?

I wish some people could have half an ounce of common courtesy...

Nothing has changed here with my family in Tx.

Ladies and gentlemen! Palin's new campaign slogan!

How big a Packer fan does a person have to be?

Hold the good thought, will you?

My neighbor has 3 pit bulls

"The front fell off!"


I am having a lot of problems with Itunes and I can't seem to find answers anywhere.

It's time to go used car shopping - Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, or Toyota Camry

Pay-per-view-movie - what should I watch tonight?

It's practically impossible to have discussion in GDP...

This commercial makes me cry every time.

Tonight on tap: 21'st Ammendment Brew Free or Die! and Jolly Pumpkin La Roja

My friend Frank Delvy R.I.P. 1950-2008

I haven't spoken to another human all day

I just thought of a way to capitalize on this entire election

One of my car windows was stuck open just before Fay

so the neighbor's new kitten has discovered my cat door...

About to shut down and head for my Aunt's house...

I feel proud......

My reading is forcing me to suffer through an identity crisis...

So someone stole my wallet out of my desk on Friday

Sarah Palin's theme song from 1984...

My dog is still at the boarding kennel, and the cat who LOVES her

It was a beautiful day here today

if you’re in a survival situation,

Girls rock!

Took the boys to see 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Today

The bike tire gods hate me.

Hilarious ad juxtaposition on HuffPost Home page:

Rejected Harrison Ford ad-libs from Star Wars

I am running out of reasons to hope right now.

You know what I think is sexist?

ZZ Top. REAL Tay-hass Blues Shamen or fuckin' bearded posers with drum machines and synths?

Damn. Gustav hasn't even come ashore...

Caption this!

We ended up driving through Watts and Compton today.

Hey hey, I finally get to post a troll alert in the lounge! Go here:

WOOHOO! Finally time for some football!

Hold on, be right back. n/t

This is funny!!!!

kick ass song

just made a cheese steak.....eww

And another troll spotted:

Those Evacuees never had it so good....

A curmudgeonly rant

Adopting a Declawed Cat

I hate Windows (the OS)

Alcohol is the tool of the devil.

Speaking of Led Zeppelin, this is truly inspired

I am tripping...

Who wants a grilled oyster?

Who else is going to miss For Better or Worse?

Watching The Sound of Music...

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

Happy 63rd Birthday, Van Morrison!

Need some advice: Seems I'm the proud Mommy of 3 new kittens

Please don't taunt fat people.

For any DUers in Gustav's path: GET THE FUCK OUT, NOW.! And if you can make it as far as Connecticut

The kitten wants the "mature cat" food and the senior kitty wants the kitten food...

Anyone else watching Mad Men and loving it?

Ben and Jerry's Robbed

Why is it when one is schnokered they feel the need to warn people?

Nazi TV?

This is what strong women look like!

Grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup.

Are you feeling hopeless and a little guilty? ~ Then remember this!

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Rich (The Traitor) Rodrigiuez maintained the two year streak of Michigan losing it's home opener

Anybody Do the Renaissance Faires?

Hello from The Marriot north of Cincinnati... ***Dial Up Warning***

Life imitates Monty Python

I am going to kill the landlord who owns the building next door.

I Love You Guys

A simple meal this evening...What's for dinner at your house?

so date is off for tomorrow

Wanted: Mouse Killer

Dear Gawd, I want to smoke so friggin bad right now.

Goodbye "For Better or For Worse" Last strip was today

Why isn't Stairway To Heaven your favorite Zeppelin tune?

So, there I was sitting on my porch quietly reading when...

Keep this kicked for Gulf Coast DUers - let us know when you get to safety

I'm hiding in Northern Wisconsin from GoPsUx...

My fantasy football roster: how did I do?

Tell me DU hasn't changed

Stanford Quantum Mechanics Lecture on youtube ! YAY !

The kid's got lice

Picture thread of the Renaissance Variety!

I've been trying to find the words to say thank you

Is the word "motherfucker" sexist?

It must be said; "The Fully Monty" is a great movie.

Who is going to watch the RNC next week?

Please Lounge Lizards, I need some love.

we have friends that have 4 boys. They named them after guns

Name Sarah Palin's next child.

Southwest China quake kills 22, injures scores

Obama on Gustav: Preparation 'appears to be good'

India floods strand hundreds of thousands

Clinton, Obama pay tribute to legislator

Austin family says son not part of Russia-Georgia conflict

Stock exchange ahead for Central America

Is Palin's Child Really Her Daughters?

McCain, Palin in PA (Palin hauls fragile infant on campaign bus, through street crowds)

White House says Bush unlikely to attend GOP convention on Monday

Member of Communities Against Police Brutality Victim of Burglary, Hints Someone From Gov't Did It

McCains, Palin going to region threatened by storm

Record numbers of ex-soldiers in UK jails as combat trauma blamed

Police Swarm, Seize Earth Justice Bus in St. Paul (Intimidation Tactic)

Cheney's Georgia trip brings message to Russia

Al Gore to visit San Diego to stump for Nick Leibham

American Petroleum Institute Joins Alaska in Suing To Overturn Polar Bear Protection

McCain orders convention curtailed for Gustav

Russia says sanctions would fail

Albright slams US handling of Georgia crisis

Oil Market Set To React To Gustav; Electronic trading will start early on Sunday...

Pakistan Halts Strikes on Insurgents for Ramadan

Online scammers prep for Gustav, say researchers

U.S. ship to visit Sevastopol naval base

Three die during Gustav evacuation

The Gulf Coast Waits: Will It Be Another Katrina? (90 Percent Population Has Fled Louisiana Coast)

Mayor Nagin To Ride Out Gustav At City Hall

Protest, Art Go Digital (True Blue Minnesota To Use Jumbotrons To Show Protest Footage At RNC)

Zimbabwe doctors' advice: Don't get sick

White Substance Found on Bus was Baby Formula (Minneapolis Bus Evacuated)

National Lawyers Guild seeks to have judge review detentions of six activists by end of day

Gustav Impacts Reching Louisiana (Weakening Trend May Be Over, Signs of Strengthening)

McCain Defends Sarah Palin as Some Alaskans Question His Choice

Democrats Say Palin Initially Backed Bridge (to Nowhere)

Starbucks Rehires Pro-Union Worker

McCain’s Pick May Foster Bigger Campaign Role for Clinton

President Bush, Vice President Cheney to skip Republican convention because of Hurricane Gustav

Flackout: Huge T.V. Booking Operartion for RNC Shut Down Sunday Afternoon

Bush and Cheney Will Skip G.O.P. Convention

U.S. more prepared for Gustav, than Katrina: FEMA

Evangelicals energized by McCain-Palin ticket

Russia warns it will respond to "aggression"

Italy to pay $5 billion to Libya for colonial rule

Past evidence boosts concern for Greenland icesheet: scientists

U.S. Republican Convention in Turmoil

Gallup Daily: Obama - Biden Ticket Leads by 6 Points

Obama to end tax benefits to firms that ship jobs overseas

Springsteen Ends Tour at Harley Celebration (Mostly Silent Audience at Rendition, Wiretaps Mention)

Sarah Palin's mother-in-law uncertain about how she'll vote

GOP drops convention's opening night as Gustav nears

Deputy says Russian police kill Web site owner

BREAKING: Arrests reported at Vets for Peace event in St. Paul (old lady cuffed)

Christians hide in forests as Hindu mobs ransack villages

Banks shift funds out of U.S. to Europe: BIS

Obama Biden Button Palooza (Isley Bros. 'Shout!')

Obama ad: McCain 'sold out' American workers

RNC Eve: The Police Raids Begin

Inside the Raided 'RNC Welcoming Committee' Center

How to address GOP attacks

Northern Exposure

RNC Eve: Let the Raids Begin!

Barack Obama Speaks At Stephanie Tubbs Jones Memorial

Susan Eisenhower DNC speech.

Amy Goodman Jumps Fence to Question Cops at Democracy Now House Raid

Paranoid Republicans

Sarah Palin laughing as Cancer survivor is called a bitch

Hurricane Katrina - Outbursts on Fox News !

Caught on Tape:Sarah Palin Reacts to VP News!

Bill Maher on Republican VP pick Sarah Palin.

DNC at the RNC

Deep Thoughts From Sarah Palin: On Ron Paul and Partisanship

Sarah Palin Remix

McCain thinking about making the RNC a 'service event'????

Dippity Do

New Mexico Office Opening

Sarah Palin: A heartbeat away?

Palin On Ted Stevens: "I have great respect for the Senator. He needs to be heard across America."

National Lawyers Guild: Police Raid

Jon Stewart--Palin Pick

Police Raid Houses Connected With Planned RNC Protests

China quake kills 27, destroys 180,000 homes

Sarah Palin at KTUU-TV in 1988

Gustav moves slightly to the east

RNC Eve: "Police Are Acting Like Nazis"

Real Time Opening Segment: Sarah Palin - Very Funny

Dennis Kucinich - Wake up America, Sign up America!

NM's 1st Congressional District race

Sarah the sportscaster, 20 years ago

The Plastic Bottle

Yes Jack-Ass! It Would Be Wrong To Pray For Rain!

McCain's Brain: Checking Out His VP

LOL home vid shows Palin's husband not happy about pol wife

Barack Obama's Labor Day message

McCain's Soulmate (ext. version)

Sarah Palin laughs at Senator being called a b**ch!

U.S. is almost ready to attack Iran.

John McCain's Wandering Eyes

Cindy McCain on Sarah Palin's "Qualifications".

McCain VP's Pregnancy Hoax

The Colbert Report: Sarah Palin

Ben Stein launches "Angry Black Man" attack on FOX

Scarborough reacts to Palin news

John McCain is buggin' out (Some hard-hitting political analysis from Diddy)

Strapped for cash, some in New Orleans stay and hope

Real Time with Bill Maher - Sarah Palin

John McCain’s a ‘doofus’

Vice in Go-Go Boots? (NYT)

Palin on Obama - The New Yorker

Is History Siding With Obama’s Economic Plan?

McCain's campaign is in danger of fracturing

Palin Explains Her Readiness to be Commander-in-Chief

Union President’s Labor Day Message on Health Care

Undecideds Don't Like The Palin Pick

Of All the Reasons McCain’s Palin Pick is Awful, Evidence of Her Abuse of Power is the Worst

Frank Rich NYT exposes the MSM and the Dem Convention (must read) The Money Behind Palin

Jason Leopold: McCain VP Pick Has History of Clashes

McCain, Palin, and the Important Difference Between Boldness and Riskiness / Robert Reich

Police overreaction continues at Republican gathering (Civil Liberties Examiner)

Cindy McCain's War Profits, Off-Shore Accounts

The Mouse That Roared

Sarah Palin, Lemming Hunter

Waiting for the Bus in New Orleans

The anatomy of a march: Veterans for Peace event ends in arrests

Michigan in backseat at GOP convention

Big Green Bus arrested! (in Minn.) and a family looses a home

Those who are tasked to police this democracy are blinded by confetti

Long-Standing Feud in Alaska Embroils Palin

John McCain's Miserable Record on Hurricane Katrina

Top Ten REAL Reasons McCain Picked Palin

HuffPost:: Brand First, Equivocate Later

A story of a man who slept through storms.

Will McCain's obsession with sex bring him down?

'On the road together,

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, August 31 – Obama 323, McCain 215

Three years ago: Bush and McCain take the cake while Katrina takes New Orleans

Dear, "Recreate 68"......

Sarah Palin says…Let them eat Caribou!

Why are the right wing Old Farts on a Farting Overdrive mode?

What's wrong with this Hurricane? by Moira Whelan

Andrew Halcro's New York Post: Opinion Piece on Palin

How dare them scale down their convention

Federal government involved in raids on protesters (Glenn Greenwald / Salon)

Health Plan Reality: Clinics Firing Patients

Riley brigade awaits improved Iraq

A breakdown in security

Fort Hood soldier gets life for murder plot

Using food stamps now easier at commissaries

Groups decry DoD ‘betrayal’ of vets

US soldier dies in northern Iraq

Cutter Hamilton begins historic Arctic patrol

Nations step up piracy patrols in Gulf of Aden

EOD officers can collect up to $75K

School of Advanced Warfighting applications accepted

Acquittal of ex-Marine sparks debate over law

A dozen countries to share three C-17s

Former Marine recruiter receives the maximum sentence on sex convictions

Budget shortfall delays barracks repairs in Europe

Sikorsky Debuts Fly-by-Wire UH-60M

US Ends Probe of Nuke Sub in Japan

Corps wants its Humvees back

9 U.S. Presidents With the Worst Environmental Records

Even Fay's rain can't ease North Carolina drought

Gotta love Sunday's Non Sequitur TOON:

If I'm reading this map right, New Orleans is going to get a 15ft storm surge

Today : Sunday 31 Aug Calvin and Hobbes (repoint of old one)

Even Fay's rain can't ease North Carolina drought

Lights out? Experts fear fireflies are dwindling

First time in human history:Arctic becomes an island as ice melts

Gays, Others Lead To Earth's Doom!

Report: Israel won't allow a nuclear Iran

Gaza kids 'training to kill Jews'

PA claims Israeli gov't has no objections to Barghouti's release

Bank Failures Announced After 5 pm on Friday.....

Businesses create jobs? WTF??

Is barter of services an example of illegal tax evasion?

The Truth About The Federal Reserve And The Solution

Today in labor August 31 10,000 striking miners began a fight at Blair Mountain, W.Va., 16 deaths

Today in labor history August 30 to oppose “the most unequal and unjustifiable distribution of the $

I visited the Virden Mine War Monument yesterday.

Laboring longer is growing trend for Americans

Soft economy speeds newspaper decline, job cuts

Nationwide Interfaith Worker Justice sponsors Labor In The Pulpits during Labor Day weekend

Unionship numbers bump up in 2008; Los Angeles leads the increase

UFW Unveils / Revelara un Nuevo Sitio de Internet Multilingüe en el Fin de Semana del Día de Trabajo

Eric Lee: Labour photo of the year contest & more


A fractured labor movement is throwing everything into its campaign for Barack Obama

Saturday (8-23) the Obama campaign got a big boost as Hillary & RFK Jr. story & video

Farmworker's family gets $180k from insurance in heat death case

Labor Day and the Election Season

Experts say Barack Obama needs to talk 'jobs, jobs, jobs'

10 Things You Can Do to Celebrate Labor Day

Today's Carol Simpson Productions Working Family Cartoon: Scrabble

What's left of the national guard and union members heading South to help (updated)

Waste Management: Teamster Talks Fail, Union's Deteriorating Pension Fund Remains Primary Issue

Canadian Wal-Mart workers win contract (starting pay goes from $8.40 to $10.89 per hour)

Obama wins union money vote (PAC donations 89.3 percent were from unions)

Pro-union Starbucks barista gets his job back (returned to work TODAY)

Obama adds BBQ in Monroe for Labor Day campaigning

EDITORIAL: Labor Day celebrates workers

Sarah Palin: Fishing, labor, oil money (her husband is a USW member & more)

$5 million in ads promote unionizing legislation

Strike has big risks for Boeing, union

Unearthing Secrets of Colombia's Long War

In Colombia, paramilitary gangs control much of Guajira state

In Colombia, paramilitary gangs control much of Guajira state

Jimmy Carter did NOT endorse Colombia 'free' trade deal! It's a LIE!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (August 30): Chuckie wins the Tal; 11 Players Boycott Women's Chmpship

Reiki and Healing Our Ancestors


Great mother Oya, have mercy on your children.

The Stars This Week: "Back On Track" - September 1 - September 7, 2008

How is everyone doing coming in to the last 2 months of the election?

September 2008 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests....

Around Denver.

I posted some of my DNC week photos in GDP.

Nike "Human Race" 10K in Austin

Palin Electrifies Some Second Amendment Believers

Nemo Sniffs His Way Home

Earth Scientists And Geographers Integrate Maps And Weather Data

California lawsuit questions McCain's Eligibility for Presidency

Cosmic crash unmasks dark matter

Last night we had our annual "Night with John Dobson"...

SCIENCE DEBATE - 14 Questions and the candidates' responses

Could you vote for someone who did not believe in evolution?

Nuclear Decay May Vary With Earth-Sun Distance

For the solar oven.

CJ Korean pear/apple bbq sauce

Do most home ice cream makers just make the soft type ice cream?

Anybody have any.......

Researchers Provide Solution To World’s Worst Mass Poisoning Case

I couldn't resist sharing this here.

Looking for the Jesus of history (Baptist pastor Howard Bess / Wasilla AK Frontiersman)

'The Elephant in the Room' Released

Changing region code in Windows Media Player?

No Sync Input Question

Very general development question regarding polling

Anyone been by the Leamington Municipal Parking Ramp in Mpls this past week?

An interesting bus and some RNC Photos

Pawlenty advocates for giving creationism equal time to evolution in science classes

McCain orders convention curtailed for Gustav

YOU MUST GO TO THE MARCH on MONDAY, get there at 10am

WCCO (Pat Kessler) is reporting that McCain may not show for the convention

Minnesotans: You can send an email to officials objecting to the raids...

If the mayors of Minneapolis or St. Paul seek re-election...

Could the Repubs deprive Al Franken of the DFL nomination on September 9?

when is the JK-EOR debate?

Celia Hodes (From TV show Weeds) was on short list for McCain VP