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Archives: August 30, 2008

The new gameshow..."Who Actually HAS Met Sarah Palin?"

McCain's Palin pick bring unwanted attention to his age and fragility (and to her inexperience)?

McCain's Palin pick bring unwanted attention to his age and fragility (and to her inexperience)?

It's not about Palin--she was picked. It is ALL ABOUT MCCAIN.

So McCain steps down for health reasons. A mysterious accident (they happen

More Info on Palin from Alaskan journalists and Alaskan State Senator (D)

Damn...we raised over 5000 dollars today for the campaign as DU'ers.

Ever see that Goldie Hawn movie, Protocol?

'An insane choice'

Ron Paul ad campaign targets Minneapolis, Mall of America

Responsible Pres. candidates would view an active ethics investigation an immediate disqalifier

I certainly hope the election results are like the Johnson/Goldwater election

GOP talking points 2008

do they need to re-make this commercial?

Would it be unfair to post my initial impression of Palin? Probably, but here it is anyway:

I find it hillarious that the Right Wingers accuse Obama of playing the Race card.

The question the MSM is starting to explore: If McCain croaks in February 2009, what happens?

I'm fucking frightened by John McCain!

Palin: Is this really about 2012 and Beyond

John Aravosis: "I, a blogger, have met more world leaders than McCain's VP.* Chew on that."

Can we stop referring to politics and public office as though it were just another "career choice"?

It just hit me. Sara Palin is Alaska's Katherine Harris.

Paris, Britney, and now Sarah Palin, Miss Alaska runner-up 1984. McCain just wants to be popular!

Dem Talking Point : PALIN VP = BROWNIE FEMA

Hillary needs to protect he 18 million votes

Speculation on Twitter that, like Thomas Eagleton in 1972, Palin will

With Big Oil Bush and Cheney in the WH, why would we want Palin. Isn't she a Big Oil tool?

Own up to your mistakes!

Palin issue = political Christmas for Democrats.

Heaven forbid we should lose Nov. 4, there will still be two things to celebrate

How creepy and lecherous is 72 year old McCain going to look

How creepy and lecherous is 72 year old McCain going to look

What exactly has Palin said in regards to Iraq & when did she say it?

Self delete

Off to bed....But remember, Obama's Speech and Gallup has us up 8 points today!!! I love this place!

Idea: Palin as sacrifice in VP debate

Idea: Palin as sacrifice in VP debate

Has this been answered yet?

THE Number ONE benefit with the Palin choice: McCain's age now on the table...

I ran into a PUMAturd at my dog park

I think I will get to go to the VP debate

This whole Palin selection has been surreal. Anyone else thinking they're just dreaming this??

Media Matters not comfortable with "Down syndrome" line of attack against Palin

Congratulations Governor Palin

Palin advocates creationism, opposes abortion for rape and incest victims, and hates polar bears.

I may get spanked for saying this but......can you imagine the uproar if some pictures......

Let’s focus, people. Don’t drop Thursday night’s ball for McCain’s diversion.

What knocked Obama's triumphant Thursday night off Friday's news cycle?

DU this Politico poll: Will Clinton voters will be more likely to vote GOP now?

PALIN IS the fundie/fascist TAKEOVER of the GOP

PALIN IS the fundie/fascist TAKEOVER of the GOP

"...that's not why a ship is built." ??? - is she serious?

Now that it's over ...

Meet Palin's Children

Did Sarah Palin pose nude?

Harriet Palin? Sarah Miers?

In the end, I find Senator McCain guilty of destroying Sarah Palin's life....

What happens if one of the presidential candidates doesn't make it to the election?

No one will be talking, thinking or voting about Sarah Palin in November

Why was Sarah Palin almost recalled as mayor of Wasilla (pop. 6700)?

Mcbush Is A Dick --------Cheney Lover..

OK. So why Sarah Palin? Why not Mitt the Schitt, Poultery and Lie-Man?

Can anyone say with a straight face that Palin would have gotten picked if she were a man?"- Ponnuru

Why didn't McCain pick a mayor?

David Frum is not happy about the Palin selection.

Skinner need to update his Presumptive nominee to our Nominee Post

36 years! THIRTY SIX YEARS!!!

Palin Loves Chachi

Palin Loves Chachi

I can't wait to hear what Frank Rich has to say about this pick

Dallas Morning News- Backers say Palin will lure conservative, women voters

Palin was made in heaven...

Money: How much of an advantage for Obama?

Regardless of the "other story of the day," I am still celebrating Obama's incredible speech.



Palin is McCain's revenge against his own party

The ATTACK OF THE AIRHEADS...them GOP Smart asses are attacking America with AirHeads ..2 at a Time

Palin on Hillary -- the 'perceived whine'

Palin used subjective criteria to award huge state grant....

according to abc news, mccain made his choice LAST NIGHT

Is Tina Fey still on SNL?

The most ridiculous comparison: Joe Biden with Little Ricky Lazio

Do you feel Obama giving Hillary Secretary of state would help.

You know whats worrying me?

Gail Collins Op-Ed: "McCain's Baked Alaska"...

Why would McCain pick a woman?

Why would McCain pick a woman?

MyDD: Palin wouldn't even endorse McCain

McCain is willing to put America into the hands of someone he's only met one time?????

Palin is another Brownie

Palin could be in control of the Senate

McCain’s Baked Alaska

I got more foreign policy experience this past week than the current Repug VP has

Ok, I figured the whole "Palin" thing out.

If you had a 6 month old with Downs Syndrome

All this use of the name "Palin" makes DU look like a Monty Python board

What are people you know saying about the Palin pick?

a history of ms palin

An update proof the pregnant story is a lie (and why it's our business)

Omaha World Herald - Social conservatives cheer choice of Palin

What did Palin "reform" exactly?

The weirdest thing about Wootengate...

CIA: McCain Would Be An Absolute Disaster" (Laura Rosen)

Palin has only traveled to THREE countries: Germany, Kuwait, and Ireland

So people in Palin's town tried to get her recalled as mayor??

Hillary Clinton should challenge Palin to a debate over women's issues.

Where did this Desperate Housewives/Palin pretended to have her daughter's baby story come from?

Time for Palin's Checkup From the Neck Up on World Leaders & Geography....

Want to know what really turns Sarah Palin on?

So much scrubbing going on

interesting MP3s from Alaska journalists, other on Palin - NYTimes

Staunch Hillary Supporters: How do you feel about the Palin selection?

My impressions of the Palin Pick (late to the party).

Palin is not a Surprise

Palin is not a Surprise

Palin admitted to inhaling marijuana

Pssst: Just 2 years ago, was the mayor of a town of less than 8,000 people.

Democrats ecstatic, Republicans ecstatic

I hope you are writing LTTEs raving about our Democratic Convention! Here's mine.....

In this thread we come up with good Sarah Palin jokes

Sarah Palin == glass ceiling?

No takers here? Every official reference to the guy who takes over for Palin has disappeared.

Palin's random thoughts on energy and the war

If fundraising and betting companies are anything to go by...

Pardon the Interruption, I'm Mike Wilbon..

So, how many people showed up at McSame's veep-a-thon in Dayton?

60 Days To Judge a Commander in Chief?

Legitimate Political Dirt on Palin

McCain-Palin Announcement: Lapel Pin, Musical Theme

Palin intended to energize "values voters"?

just let the Obama/Biden camp do what they do...

The top 11 things you should know about Sarah Palin:

So, Sarah Palin endorses the consequences of violence against women (?)

Palin sued Bush to get polar bears off the endangered species list

" I don't even know what a Vice president does."

A wise comment from a guest on Bill Maher: Palin has been a governor as long as Tim Kaine

Sarah Palin: UNFIT

How will McCain react the first time Palin disses him...

I think I've figured out the Palin choice

Obama Never Cheated on Michelle (his first and only wife)...

John McCain: UNFIT

Is the Right Hoping Obama Camp Attacks Palin on Experience?

Krauthammer scratches his neocon head and says McCain's choice seems "near suicidal"

What does Palin in Alaska have to do with Russiaand this Election??

Is John McCain's Years In Captivity A "Get Out Of Jail Free Card"?

Dan Quayle with a pony tail

The time has come. I'm fully behind Obama/Biden.

What's wrong with a squeaky, trembly-voiced neophyte being a heartbeat away from the presidency?

A Virginia republican's view...

Obama and Biden interview will appear Sunday on CBS “60 Minutes.”

What Would McCain Do for Cheney?

Michael Moore on McCain's VP

What to read about John McCain and the future of the GOP.

The Freepers' delusions about Palin are absolutely stunning!

Maybe photoshopped, but in this pic of Palin, she is supposed to be 5 mos. pregnant.

Where should Obama and Biden be during the hurricane?

Ferraro Praises Palin Nomination

I'm leaving...

This is what bothers me

Exclusive: Chief Fired by Palin Speaks Out

Repuke line of defense/attack: Palin has more excutive experience

"She's old enough," Harris said. "She's a U.S. citizen." John Harris (R) Alaska House speaker when

"A bold move by Mcain. Going after the elusive Eskimo vote"

GOTV, people. Whatever happens next,

The only thing that can make us lose this is fear.

Was Palin an emergency 2nd choice? What does the rumor mill say?

Sarah Palin selection = GOP-style Affirmative Action

"Palin's responses on radio talk show very unbecoming"

Help! My friend does a radio talk show in Canton Ohio

McCain/Palin: They need to expose this ticket as a reform fraud.

MSNBC: GOP convention slogan WAS "Not Ready to Lead" (re: Obama)....

Bullshit fest on WJ

UGH. My mom (Registered Dem, usually votes Repug) has drunk the Kool Aid.

McCain to be stung by WASP?

Palin: A guess, a prediction, and observation

Please Read This: Palin '08 = Bush '00 + $4M in one day!

Criticism Of McCain For Palin Pick Is Unseemly

Barack Obama was chosen by millions of American people. Sarah Palin

Is there a pattern here?

REFORM is not in itself a good thing

With McCain chosing Palin

What was Exxon John looking for ????

Chicago has 2.8 million people, Alaska has 680 thousand.

Let's create a big anti-Palin FaceBook group...

Creation Care Evangelists will HATE Palin. The Democrats just shored up their Left flank

Creation Care Evangelists will HATE Palin. The Democrats just shored up their Left flank

Let's start putting pressure on the media now for VP debate question !

You have to admit, the RW noise machine might not be smart, but they are good.

Palin Has Much to Prove(McCain Put His Political Interests Ahead of the Nation’s)

Breaking News: Sarah Palin scrubs her own Wikipedia entry?

ism's: a visual thought

Well, one things for sure.

Palin - "Career Politician" ???

McCondo's Homes Gaffe May Have Knocked Mittens Out of VP Spot.

Steve Jobs on John McCain's Choice of Sarah Palin

Rasmussen, 8/30: Obama 47%, McCain 43% (with leaners, Obama 49%, Mcain 45%)

Choice of Palin is a GOP move to reduce Government spending.

GOP Campaign Increasingly Resembling Unproduced Goldie Hawn Film

Thank you, Hillary

Palin would be better suited getting hired by Fox News

Sarah Palin and Wasilla Sports Complex land deal

Rasmussen's 1st poll on Palin: "Good First Impression" but only 29% think she's ready to be prez

From Quayle to Clarence Thomas to Dubya to Palin, This Is What The Repub. Elite Think of You

Palin rescheduled Alaska's "State of the State" speech to attend son Track's graduation...


6 things the Palin pick says about McCain

Michelle's favorability ratings reach highest levels ever

The Presidency ages people EXPONENTIALLY

When the MSM Says Palin is FEMINIST - This is What They Mean. Do NOT Let this Stand !

Palin LAUGHS when a Repub cancer survivor is called "a cancer" (dkos- w/audio)

Palin has never been on the national stage

Palin has never been on the national stage

How could Gustav (or any hurricane) affect the GOP convention?

"He looked into her eyes and saw her soul..."

The Palin pick! - An extremist appeasement and a Rove move

I really hope that Hillary comes out strong against Palin on the issues /nt

DU this Larry King Poll re: Palin

Defend Sarah Palin all you want, but I say she's Phyllis Schlafly Jr. edits out all pre "pregnancy" photo pages of Palin

Hurricane Gustav = Major Disaster During RNC Convention

The Dems need to continue to make this about the issues, and in the

Sarah Palin Awesome Blog

Nightmare Scenario

John McCain has been running for President longer than Sarah Palin has been governing.

VP Picks: Karl Rove Swings and Misses Big Time

NYT's Bob Herbert: Champagne and Tears (Great column on Obama's nomination - it will make you cry)

Anybody feel bad for Mitt Romney being used by McCain?

Anyone see a number on how many attended McCain's rally yesterday in Dayton?

My thoughts re Palin

Hey McCain, why not Olympia Snow or even Elizabeth Dole? What an insult to Republican women.

"...Sensitive blood -filled tissue called the

Repub Co-workers opinions on Palin pick.

Today's Gallup Daily: did the Palin-pick stop McCain's slide down?

Palin’s hubby and son not Republicans

Palin’s hubby and son not Republicans

Let's tell it like it is--They're not pro-life; they're just

On their first big decision as potential Presidents. Obama passed. McCain Failed

WP: Democratic Candidates Begin Rust Belt Tour

KOS: Palin scrubs her own Wiki Page

"The only compasionate folks are not on the left"

Is this a coincidence or a pattern? Some insight into McCain's view of women, and his VP choice.

BRAVO Obama! Looks like his media machine got the message and changed their ad structure.

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/29/08 - Obama 46, McCain 43 (O up 1, M down 1)

Her own Alaskan Republican colleagues admit she’s not ready for the Veep slot

GOP talking point is that Palin has more executive decision experience than McCain

Palin: a vindictive and undemocratic despot

Here's my real worry: assassination attempts on Obama


Keeping attacking McCain

Palin approval 67% DOWN from 90% since scandal MEDIA NEEDS TO CORRECT the reTHUG spin

Palin = ZERO Foreign Policy experience

Palin's Scandal from an Alaskan

Here's what Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has to say about Palin.

I've heard Palin's "18 million cracks" in the glass ceiling comment..

Palin did not agree with McCain in June of this year

Why the Democrats are not more successful- Lack of unity

Rasmussen would like us to think that Palin is viewed more favorably than Biden!

Palin is the anti-Hillary

Sarah Palin Love Lobbyist As Well

Choosing Palin is actually causing me to fall back in love with Hillary

Listen to Hillary

Alaskan Dems have a Blog on Sarah Palin's scandals - lots of info! (see link)

Palin wasn’t ‘really focused much’ on the Iraq war, wanted ‘an exit plan in place

Palin wasn’t ‘really focused much’ on the Iraq war, wanted ‘an exit plan in place

Palin candidacy isn't a game-changer, but it isn't senseless either

Will the Republican Convention nominate John McCain and Sarah Palin?

Prairie Home Companion tonight skewers the McCain/Palin ticket.

How does Sara Palin help McCain with "conservative democrats"

McCain, a continuation of personal narcissism

Why I hate Sarah Palin, a personal story (Video included)

Sarah Palin has only been Governor for 20 Months - NOT 3 years

Meanwhile 8,000 turned out for Obama/Biden in Beaver, PA (here's the local newspaper account)

McCain-Palin; A Heartbeat Away

Palin VP Pick is Just another Example of Bad Decision Making and McCain Shooting From the Hip

25 things you might not know about the Republican candidate

I think Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for VP candidate

Soccer Moms

Wait just a second...Palin is Assembly of God?

palin shouldn't be attacked for working away from her family.

Jon Stewart fans - please explain to me

East African Saturday Nation: Obama policies give hope to the world

Is Lieberman going to support a ticket with a buchanan supporter on it?

POLL: Only 29% of voters say Palin is ready to be president.

Palin in September: "I always looked at Senator McCain just as a Joe Blow public member"

Is Palin antisemitic?

Who here would like to be aligned with Gary Bauer and Tony Perkins?

I am feeling really preachy about the whole "aerial bear hunting" thing

"No Change"Obama ad portrays McCain as clueless

As a woman, Sarah Palin makes me angry.

Repeat after me; Obama is going to win, Obama is going to win, Obama is going to win

One Heartbeat Away

Why CIA Veterans Are Scared of McCain

WP article: Most important thing unknown about McSame: Gambling

Convention bumps (1964-2004)

Longstanding Berkeley Community Center Raided by FBI 8-27-Police raid 8-29 of RNC protesters in MN

Longstanding Berkeley Community Center Raided by FBI 8-27-Police raid 8-29 of RNC protesters in MN

More people watched Obama acceptance speech than the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Be calm, next Saturday the polls will tell us which way the population is going. I think we'll see

The BlueOasis files on Sarah Palin's scandalls

The next week will define this race.

And who missed the most Senate votes?

In case anyone missed this in the video area. Proof a lot of PUMA's are Republicans

Alaska State Senate Pres. Lyda Green (R): “She’s not prepared to be governor. How can she be VP?"

Veep Nominee Palin and the Exxon Valdez Case

Picking Palin demonstrates that McCain has no respect for this country

Sarah Palin Queen of the Taliban


Palin is just Bush with a prettier face

If Obama/Biden can't beat McCain/Palin,

Google cache, Alaska State website: "Palin Pleased With Obama's Energy Plan"- Aug 4, 2008

Obamatoons, extra edition!

Cue Lloyd Bentsen (Mary Lyon)

I think McCain picked Palin to take all the hits and be his human shield.

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Cue Lloyd Bentsen (Mary Lyon)

Will we see Palin interviewed??

** General Reacton to Palin thread ** what are you hearing around the water cooler?

Has Lieberman issued a statement on his buddy McCain's VP pick?

Karl Rove Steps in it Big Time.

Sarah Palin: Alaska’s Michele Bachmann

Does Sarah Palin watch "Desperate Housewives"?

John McCain is a typical testosterone poisoned pig

My husband says to me " OK, so she was a member of the PTA,

Palin baksetball star? What does the GOP think about women's basketball?

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 8/30/08 - Obama 47, McCain 43 (O up 1)

Opposition Research--How Democrats Are Likely to Bungle This Year

Excuse me! Which side has the "risky" ticket?

Is McCain's speech opposite NFL opening game?

"Timeline of Gov. Palin's life and career"

Top 10 phrases sure to be heard at the Republican convention.

If Palin was such a fighter of corruption, I wonder what she thinks of the Keating five?

TPM: Ted Stevens Ad for Palin -"the kind of people to take our places"

I think the Democrats should stop attacking the Republicans

Biden has been sidelined to the dustbin of history. In our American Idol culture, Palin is the "new

Did Sarah Palin edit her own Wikipedia article?

What I think is weird is that Palin is actually much more use in Alaska, than

the OIL BARONS picked Palin

It's becoming damn apparent that they really didn't vet this lady at all.


Plan is to ignore her

John McCain has no thunder! He can only steal it.

The proposed tax increase McCain doesn’t want to talk about

The proposed tax increase McCain doesn’t want to talk about

My new title for McCain

That's IT!! I'm running for the presidency in 2016!!

McCain's speech to be about 20 minutes, not the usual 35 minutes!!

Gunslinger, by Joe Klein - pick reflects the most dangerous tendencies in McCain's foreign policy...

Okay Admit It DU. McCain did what a lot of people here were wanting

Let's spread this nickname: The VP from BP

You could put the whole town of Wasila, Alaska in Mile High Stadium

Here is what the Palin pick has done for one voter

Okay DU'ers. Back to work on Grampy McBombBomb

I wonder is Palin has ever been out of the country? Even owns a passport?

I wonder is Palin has ever been out of the country? Even owns a passport?

Palintology ... list of Qualifications(Weaknesses) with links.. from Firedoglake

Florida definitely in play

Palin and Creationism

Cheney in Georgia

This is a job for Hillary

I GUARANTEE the GOP will pressure these troopers to shut the hell up and we will hear nothing more!!

McCain backer Kissenger supported Argentinian "Dirty War"

George Carlin on "Guys named Todd"

Paul Begala: McCain's pick for VP "astonishingly reckless"

Dems need to stop attacking Palins inexperience

Who Is Sarah Palin?

Today's Mort Zuckerman-owned, Pubbie-leaning NY Daily News cover

MSNBC - Obama Now!

Heard something really interesting on Progressive radio this morning

Young? Pretty? I feel like I'm in the twilight zone...

This kills him on National Security too.

New Republican talking point about Palin: Don't be "dismissive"

The Palin pick was designed for Dems to jump on her to make women mad

What a DIFFERENCE one WEEK makes!

LilBush to speak at convention Mon.nite at the "sleepy time of 10:40 p.m. EDT".

How do we drill for fossil fuels if the earth is only 6000 years old?

The Worst Vice-Presidential Nominee in U.S. History

Steve Branchflower, appointed to investigate Palin firing of Monegan, opens up TIP LINE

Comment on Daily KOS - "I'm a working Mommy" will become the new

Joke Line is right, for once:

I think McCain and Palin looked odd together

I think McCain and Palin looked odd together

"Hockey Mom" or "Hockey Puck"?

Van Halen pissed at McCain for using their song yesterday

McLame is Rush Limbaugh's bitch

538: Women View Palin More Skeptically than Men (according to new Rasmussen data)

What is noteworthy about this Florida high school?

IGNORE PALIN !!!!!!!!!

Who is the stronger VP Choice? Poll

Palin: A 'reform minded' politician?!

The attacks against people attacking need to STOP!

Don't tell me that McCain's age isn't relevant and open for discussion

I think I've heard this Sarah Palin story before.

Obama STRETCHES LEAD to 8 pts on Gallup...YES****

RoadBlog - Obamas and Bidens Tour Biodiesel Plant

Ron Paul Fans Gather for Own Convention

Baracks acceptance speech up on convention site

Excellent Comparison on McCain v Obama Health Care Reform Plans (hint McCain=DE-REGULATION)

Mr. McCain, there is a fine line between maverick

Obama-Biden hit campaign trail with an 8-point lead (McClatchy)

Not sure if this has been posted. But interesting picture

Saturday Night Live needs a skit with Palin jumping out of a birthday cake holding a hockey stick

Was Palin's basketball scholarship a result of liberal policies?

Is Palin being used to increase turnout for congressional elections?

Let's Help McCain vet Governor Palin - the man has so much else on his mind

New Obama Ad - "Revitalize"

She is Fully Qualified.....

Holy Shit, after this I wonder how many DU will keep defending Palin

Alaska's Leading Newspapers Question Palin's Readiness

Alaska blog: Shannyn Moore's Take on Gov. Palin's Judgement

So, besides a trip to Kuwait, has Palin ever left the country?

Gov. Sarah Palin has put womens liberation back!

Let's get back on focus with Obama/Biden vs. McCain

I would love be a fly on the wall in the McCain war room this weekend

The Smell Test

Just went into IE, which defaults to the Dell site

Sarah Palin's Star Wars Defense Plan

Hey Guys McLame Thought It Was Take Your Daughter To Work Day

Interesting Bill Moyers discussion last night with political analysts Merle and Earl Black

Palin's Post-Scandal Appointee Served Just Two Weeks

Re the DU topics claiming David Sirota mentioned Palin's "fake pregnancy" to Thom Hartmann

NYT, Gail Collins: McCain’s Baked Alaska; "Governor, you’re no Hillary Clinton.”

Can McCain Still Claim To Put The "Country First" After Selecting Palin As His VP?

Road Blog: Day in Pictures, Pennsylvania

People Magazine Asks "Why Palin"

Have you taken a real look at the Republican ticket????

"It's not rocket science. It's $6 million and 53 employees." Sarah Palin on her job as mayor of

Forget About the Alaska Investigation.

Who else is NOT watching the Rethuglican Convention?

Hillary supporters voting because of Palin is a woman?

Americans view Michelle Obama more favorable than Cindy

Art thou tired of shit like this?

First runner up.

If Hillary is ready to campaign fully for Obama...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Sarah Palin

Gallup - Obama -49% McWalkingCane 41%

Vapid fucking narcissist

50,000 expected to protest RNC

If god truly favors America....

There is a huge difference between calling out bigotry and "defending" Sarah Palin

Did Obama's pick of Biden lead directly to McCain - Palin?

Romney might have been a better nom than McCain

This election on Nov 4 is about one thing, Why you won? Nothing else matters

Thanks Johnny Mac !

After Palin's student council speech on Friday, methinks Americans won't even tune in...

A male/female duo threatens to wreak havok on our nation next week

There can be so swap now, either.

How to attack Palin: Tie Her to CHENEY

Review of 2008 DNC suggests conspicuous misuse of patriotic symbols and no love of country

So, which Sunday Talk Show will Palin be on?

Why John McCain Just Lost Florida [PLEASE DIGG]

The Executive Experience Issue

Why John McCain Just Lost Florida [PLEASE DIGG]

Why John McCain Just Lost Florida [PLEASE DIGG]

A prediction about the Republican Convention

McCain could try, "I was only kidding! Where's your sense of humor!"

McCain could try, "I was only kidding! Where's your sense of humor!"

OK DUers how does the Palin thing roll out...

TROOPERGATE! Monegan to Palin: 'Ma'am, I Need to Keep You At Arm's Length'.

Obama and Biden will be at Tubbs Jones' memorial - on c-span now. nt

If the GOP Scandal Ticket of McCain/Palin blows up in their face

Hahaha, DU this poll!

"Doesn't the pick of Palin show McCain's a maverick? Not even a little?"

HOW could anyone want to kill POLAR BEARS????

Creationism and Palin

Creationism and Palin

This is what she was mayor of...

pushing the palin story to the MSM is a bad idea


McCain official: "I think we're going to have to examine our tag line, 'dangerously inexperienced.'"

Good Alaska blogger rundown on Palin....

Sarah Palin says she and John McCain are practically strangers

Sarah Palin says she and John McCain are practically strangers

BREAKING; **************Gustav now a CAT 4

When did politics jump the shark?

Mrs. WCGreen is heading out to canvass for Obama...

Do we have any reputable links on Palin's abortion views

Alaskan Paper: Palin Unqualified to Serve as Vice President

Palin Could Hurt McCain With Jewish Community

My 11-year-old On Thurs. After Watching The Amazing Dem Convention : I'll Bet McCain

Being mayor of Wasilla is like being president

CNN brings you the GOP convention compliments of...

Something is wrong? Rove pled with Lieberman to turn down VP Slot so McCain could choose Palin?

The Dems should leave Palin's pregnancy alone.

The replay of The Daily show is on now, eviscerating the Palin pick.

Palin is like a Dan Quayle light with Ethics Issues

"Ken and Barbie" are not amused......

Newsweek: Why Palin is set up for failure

Another Palin theory: What if none of the major candidates passed vetting or moved polls?

Gov. Sarah Palin - The most qualified person to ever run for any office in the history of the world

Sarah Palin: George W. Bush

38 million nationally, How many GLOBALLY saw the speech??

McPast and his ALL IN Veep Pick....The gamble with stunningly Low odds

Place your bets -- the LLoyd Benson smakdown -- She is no Hillary

Place your bets -- the LLoyd Benson smakdown -- She is no Hillary

"It's Not Your Night, Johnny"

$1000 dollars that Palin drops out due to medical reasons for her child and someone more

There's No Need To Even Attack Palin. Just Ignore Her

So how many people said "no" to McCain before Palin said "yes"?

The GOP knows it's going to lose.

Question for PA or NY Obama volunteers

Question for PA or NY Obama volunteers

I was just polled by Election Research Group by phone! Yeahhhhhh!

Samantha B on the Daily show last night really broke me up

Give her a break. Wasilla,AK is actually bigger than 8500 in population

Sarah isn't competing against Obama,


Palin's Power Play : Troopergate in Alaska

Ok I have to ask

Does Sarah Palin Speak in Tongues?

'Celebrity,' eh?' Who rushed to get themselves and their VP on the cover of PEOPLE magazine?

41 Palin Threads on Front Page of GD:P

McCain Considering Curtailing, Suspending Convention Due to Gustav

Palin is just like Obama

Palin is a shrewd move against Kamchatka.

The Weekly Standard is worried.. Was Sarah Palin a Buchananite?

Barack Obama: High reviews for speech

In you guts, you know she's nuts...

In you guts, you know she's nuts...

In you guts, you know she's nuts...

Remember a week ago when it was all OBAMA / BIDEN

Wasilla 1/20th of Obama's old state senate district.

BREAKING;**************** RNC will go on as scheduled!!!

ok I feel kind of sorry for Palin and her family

Obama and Biden react to McCain's VP Pick

The amount of time and thought that Obama put into his choice for VP is in direct proportion to

Palin Not the Mother = Obama Not Citizen

We should push the "McCain Only Met Her Once" story...

New Obama ad responds to Palin choice

Can we please leave the Palin children out of this?

Palin Pleased with Obama's Energy Plan

McCain Advisors: " able to be educated quickly" Before He Keels Over

Talking Polin: "Choice of Palin Exposes McCain as a Beggar, not a Maverick"

Top McCain Adviser: Palin Will Learn National Security From McCain Before He Keels Over

So she's ONLY a big, fat liar?

The Republican Way: Make a religion of ignorance.

Barack Obama: High reviews for speech even after GOP VP named!

Alert! - Misleading Web addresses lead to anti-Obama site (GOP Attack!)

Unfreep this Poll - "Are you happy with McCain's choice of Palin"

A Hillary Supporter Decides

What happened to Mr. "I don't base my decisions on political calculations,"

Here's one I didn't know about PALIN

Soooo..why is Sarah H Palin listed on criminalsearch website

i just heard that obama had nothing when he decided to run for president

So she chooses to not abort, only to almost kill it just prior to delivery??

McCain's New Science Advisor... Creationist kook Palin

The McCain Campaign's Biggest Achievement

McCain advisor helped big oil thugs in Colombia

Here's a list of the Palin's problems, so far--and it's only day one!

Why I'm still seeing McCain ads of Obama's "lack of experience" & "Celebrity" on TV.

McCain's Puts Country Second

Just Think About It. The Republicans accused Obama of not vetting

Can somebody film in Palin's church? Since Obama's was fair game

Geraldine Ferraro on Faux phoneline now: "Are you thrilled?"

A gamble but I hope Team Obama doesn't underestimate a McCain/Palin ticket.

This is what bugs me - 20 years ago I had mono.

Reformer? What The Heck Did She Reform?

Reformer? What The Heck Did She Reform?

The question that must be asked; will you watch the GOP Convention

Palin=Boring...I wanna know how the bus tour's going

How long before Obama/Biden folks go after Palin big time?

Either they were lying then or they are lying now.

Sarah Palin - unethical, inexperienced, and fascist. The GOP poster girl

Let's drop the word "experience"

Sarah Palin and Big Oil (WaPo)

My response when local organizations call me asking for donations

Same-sex benefits ban gets Palin veto

Sarah "Yup! Yup!" Palin is "absolutely" ready to be "a heartbeat away from the presidency"

Sarah "Yup! Yup!" Palin is "absolutely" ready to be "a heartbeat away from the presidency"

**NOLA Mayor Nagin: Residents, tourists should leave N. O.**

RNC email calls Limbaugh abortion joke "good Youtube potential"

Palin on foreign policy!

And so the AP-induced spin for Palin is underway...

Sarah Palin opposes birth control pills and condoms even among married couples?

Joe Lieberman as McCain's Secretary of State?


If John McCain wins, we are one heartbeat away from a crazy fundie with no clue on foreign policy.

Questions that if answered might give us clues as to whether Trig is Palin's son

No Cuban Cigars this year for the wealthy class... Gustav hits tobacco fields packing 140mph Winds

New Theft Proof: Obama/Biden Full Size Bumper Magnet

McCain's Palin pick is the epitome of tokenism - By Joe Conason

Scholars question Palin credentials

It's not the just the PUMAs that McCain is going after, it's the fundies too

** 6 THINGS ... the Palin pick says about McCain .... Great article!

Laura "Murphy Brown-I don't need no man" Ingraham and Palin

Politico: Palin pick shows McCain is Desperate

2006 AK election results

Hypocrite Republicans. Sarah Palin raised taxes....

Palin comparing herself to Hillary Clinton is like Dan Quayle comparing himself to Kennedy

Post here to send a virtual hug to Sarah Palin.

ADN: There was no true vetting

Joining my library this week:

Obama/Biden is still going to win.

It's hard to believe that Gov. Palin was the McCain team 's first choice.

Not in the threads but in the replies..the bed bugs are loose

John McCain Does Not Have The Judgment To Be President

John McCain's roommate.

Obama: 'Revitalize - latest ad - Video

If Palin is a part of the "Joel's Army" or "Phineas Priesthood" movement

Sarah Palin- one theory

Why Would They Vet Her Properly? McBush Has The Incompetent Wing Of The Con Party Working For Him

ABCNews: "Does Biden Need to Watch His Language?"

What does the Palin pick say about John McCain?

Palin Apologist just said on MSNBC

People Mag, "She uses a breast pump"

RIP McCain the Maverick. Say hello to the TOOL of Rove, the religious right and the Neocons.

WARNING - Attack McCain for his choice. Talk up Barack's speech. Don't make it so much about Palin

Am I in a Coma Dreaming this Shit ?

The 'Palin Drops Out' Theory, and its implicit dopeyness

Congratulations to Sarah Pakin for singlehandely reviving the Alaska Forum.

John McCain: eyes fixed on VPs ass(Video).

A proposal....

Wow!... Check out Sarah & Todd Palin's shady deals before they get scrubbed

Should McCain/Palin "win" the election over Obama/Biden it will prove one thing to me.

A Feb 2008 Alaska State website with a not so pregnant looking Palin was scrubbed.

Someone should ask Brian Shweitzer if he thought Palin was pregnant.

DU has reached $30,000!!

Palin on Obama


Donate to Obama and get the new Obama/Biden sticker!!!

Why do we think Karl Rove was behind Palin Selection?

****PHOTOS FOR U*****

"Republicans are casting wary eyes on Ron Paul"

Damn, Palin is up there talking about being elected to the PTA and trying to lower property tax

MSNBC just ran the video - Palin wants to know

As an Alaskan who had time to sleep on this Palin thing....

McCain/Duggar would be a more difficult ticket to beat than McCain/Palin

McCain: Politics before Country.

Palin IS Good For The Country!

Donate to Obama and get the new Obama/Biden sticker!!!

How do you feel about Obama's chances, now that McCain has selected Palin - better, worse, same?

Palin Investigation Continues - Will Conclude Four Days Prior to General Election

Media scrubs and sterilization of Palin stories. Report in here when found.

A heck of a job, Johnnie!

JUNEAU, Alaska: Residents gather for Obama (read the comments!)

Cindy McCain “Offended” By Obama Speech

John McCain's Presidential Decisionmaking - The Third Term Of The Blink (Bush) Presidency? TIME Mag

Palin Laughs as Radio Host calls Alaska Senator a "bitch" and "cancer

Here's to all the strong, smart, independent DU women who don't feel the need to defend Palin

Will Palin's far-right views cost McCain some independents?

Where is Bridget?

My wife is a genius

Scholars question Palin credentials ??? Good Read .

Blackwater Issues Mercenary Call For Hurricane Gustav

McCain is just not the man he was in 2000

Do NOT get complacent

Anybody have a Video of Obama and Biden AFTER the Acceptance Speech?

My New Name for The Hand Wringing DUers - You Are Now Called, "Hudson" DUers

Is campaign finance cap for McCain contingent on his official nomination?

Obama speech is replaying on C-Span now.....

I'm Tanned, Rested, Ready and Running... Vote for me!

Anchorage Daily News: Choice stuns state politicians

Let's play a game. Sarah Palin is...

Sarah Palin isn’t Hillary Clinton.

If This Picture Is Real

How can the republicans actually take McCain's VP pick seriously?

LOL! Repug idiot Ponnuru falsely claims Wassila has a larger population than Delaware.

11 Year old daughter wrote a poem about the Election- LOVE IT

Steve Kroft interviews Barack Obama and Joseph Biden Sunday night!

Scholars question Palin credentials

Palin didn't even have a passport until 2007.

Palin Took Heat For Giggling After Radio Show Host Attacked Opponent As "Bitch"

READ THIS: Warrant for Minneapolis Raid

Presidential scholars say Palin appears to be the least experienced, least credentialed person ever

Any election funding exports know? If McCain postpones convention can he raise money longer??

McCain Gets $7 Million Bounce from Palin Pick

Why don't the Dems. just run an ad playing Palin video calling Hillary a whiner?

Fight back!

McCain may cancel RNC due to Gustav

I heard there was some guy named Obama who gave a speech the other night.

Grandpa McSame checks out the Vice-Presidential rack.

Get that nasty taste outta your mouth, Democrats!

A friend just emailed me this. Sorry if this is a dupe or old news.

I have to think a sizeable percentage of Republican women are pro-choice....

It's all a part of getting Americans to lower their expectations.

Why would a Governor's husband sit in on private meetings and receive classified emails?

Slew of Info on Palin from MoveOn - Tons of talking points with links/references

Where can I get pictures of Thursday night's convention?

I was sitting next to some asshole at a wedding rehearsal dinner

49% TO 41% - woohoo! (Gallup Tracker)

OK, Palin just said Again that her son would be deployed to Iraq on 9-11-08

Does McCain want to cancel RNC so Palin can bow out??

McLame considering turning Convention into a massive telethon to raise money for hurricane victims.

Will Rev. Wright be brought up at the GOP Convention?

Women View Palin More Skeptically than Men

Does anyone think that Obama/Biden..

Anyway to check the date someone enlisted in the Army?

Breaking: Senator Obama said to be joining the PTA.

I think Palin is meant to siphon votes from Bob Barr, not to get disaffected Clinton votes

Same speech, word for word, for the next 66 days?

Here's a cheerful projection

After reading DU tonight, I offered congratulations to my Republican coworkers on their victory.

Its Official: The Republican Party are a dividing group

will the media point out the hypocrisy of selecting a completely inexperienced vice president?

McCain/Palin rally starting on msnbc/cnn

Wooo Hooo... My Obama / Biden bumper stickers have landed!

Do you think that we DUers have any impact on the Media and these elections?

McSame: "She knows WHO she works for"

My goodness, at McCain/Palin rally apparently big sis and her little 'brother' are back on the bus

New York Times Magazine: Hillary Voters going for Palin?

Scholars question Palin credentials

Lynn Sweet is an IDIOT saying it was great speech

Can I haz cheezburgrz wid McCan?

The Rethugs must WANT to lose.

McPass has no ASS...its all gone...things have returned to bite him no end

Palin: Typical mean Republican

Did y'all BELIEVE that analysis of the Palin speech?

Will Palin say what George Herbert Walker Bush said about himself and Reagan?

Self Delete -- nt

We need international election observers invited into this country this November

I cannot wait for Ron Paul's comments on the selection of Sarah Palin as running mate.

Hey, Sarah Palin, you forgot THESE women.

Hey, Sarah Palin, you forgot THESE women.

Figured out who Gov. Palin reminds me of-


At this very moment, Hillary is working out the most complete smackdown in human history.....

What Clinton needs to say now

Palin's giving the exact same speech as yesterday...

Ew - she invokes 9/11 as the day her son

Hillary did the work, and Palin wants to take credit for "shattering the glass ceiling?"

"She was a high school point guard". He actually said that. n/t

Should Obama/Biden schedule a nice big rally in St. Paul during the RNC?

I didn't see McCain's rally--looks like Barack has a big crowd in Ohio--how was gramps crowd?

Police raid RNC protest sites in Twin Cities

My Dad called me, he wants to know if McCain is running for city council.

Why is nobody in the media bring up the creationist stuff...

GOP to have its share of stars, too (check out THIS list)

GOP to have its share of stars, too (check out THIS list)

McCain is...

Palin tries to make nice to Hillary and Ferraro fans

Cindy McCain's Sister: "I'm Voting for Barack Obama"

Who else thinks of this woman when that woman speaks?

Obama is in trouble now....

Palin's poor judgement -Risking baby's life & traveled 11 hrs while in labor - Anchorage Daily News

Alaska Republicans are underwhelmed with Palin...

I know why McNutso picked Palin.

Any scheduled Palin interviews, press conferences, quizzes, application forms, postcards?

The Veep: A Short Play in One Act

Out here on the west coast if you switch to MSNBC the title of the program has

The bar for Palin is already being set way too low.

Palin's responses on radio talk show very unbecoming

PHOTOS: Obama with Clintons at Stephanie Tubbs Jones' memorial service. Plus bonus baby photo later.

I seriously think McCain intends on running a fifth grade campaign.

NBC Nightly News just aired the "Somebody needs to tell

BREAKING: McCain selects Caitlin Upton for Secretary of Education

Trigger the bat signal for Chris Lehane!

Trigger the bat signal for Chris Lehane!

We need a women's march in the tradition of Alice Paul and Lucy Burns BEFORE

Here is one really big thing I disagree with Obama on (and maybe most of DU):

Palin was selected because she is a woman.


DU Predicts: Next Week's Biggest Disaster

ha-ha!! Barack pledges to go to Alaska!

Not Right Here or Right Now either-McCain needs to find *another* song

"Trig... and Willow... Are On The Bus...."

Is Wolf Blitzer high?

Consider: RNC Welcoming Commitee raids in St Paul were advertising

would palin have been picked were she a man? i'll call the male palin "michael" for argument's sake

would palin have been picked were she a man? i'll call the male palin "michael" for argument's sake

John Glenn at Obama rally!

Track, Trig, Bristol, Willow, Piper.

Baked Alaska, or Ten Reasons why Sarah Palin shouldn't be Veep

Can we NOW have a minimum requirement to be prez?

What was the topic of the half hour speech Gov. Palin gave after her "water broke"?

Can someone find us a pic of Palin's photos in Vogue?

I consulted our resident Republican neighbor about .....Ms Palin

"Power over Principle" why does McCain keep repeating that?

I will say I think the way McCain picked VP pick kept Obama's speech from being a KO.

Palin lied about the "bridge to nowhere' again today, that is twice now

Now Video of "pregnant" Palin walking to work mid February

They just BOOED when Pahlin mentioned Hillary HOW YA LIKE THAT PUMA'S?

We need a consistent and effective ad campaign. I have an idea...

Joe Biden is glowing.

Redskins and Giants Will Be Playing on the Night of McCain's Acceptance Speech

"The LIPSTICK VP pick"??

Sarah Palin Joins a Distinguished Group Including Dan Quayle, Michael Brown, and Harriet Miers

DU This Poll

Rove quote on Obama VP selection

All I have to say is that we have reached a sad, very sad, day in this country when one of our

New Biden Ad For Pennsylvania

What was the reaction of the RW to the Gulf War POWs who wanted

What was the reaction of the RW to the Gulf War POWs who wanted

Obama's Eighteen Comes Alive!

"Democrats Closed Ranks Behind Obama, Biden at Impressive Denver Convention"

Speaking of preparation: DUers on the Gulf Coast - can we plan to help them?

**Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Drilling Shuts Down Ahead of Gustav**

CNN: "It was a bold, gutzy move" selecting Palin

Did I miss something? CNN & MSNBC both showing Obama rally live!!

Attacking Palin on experience is a losing proposition

John McCain's kitchen table while he was POW....

John McCain's kitchen table while he was POW....

Little known fact about Sarah Palin...

Sick Of Her Talking About The Glass Ceiling

Scholars question Palin credentials: "least experienced, least credentialed" in modern history

Watch out, Robot Barbie! Caribou Barbie is stealing your spotlight!

RNC Convention delay? What do you want to bet if they do delay it

If John McCain picked a Loaf of Bread, what would the media say?

George and Gracie Or Fred and Ethel?

Top 2 Alaskan newspapers question Palin's fitness

Let Sarah Palin stay on the ticket. Let's not try to find personal scandal to get her off.

Hmm. I wonder whether the National Enquirer has already dispatched

delete, sorrry!

I believe Sarah is no Hillary!

Palin pick GOP.. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Palin praises Hillary - GOP crowd boos

This is amazing, and a way to turn their own words around on them!!. Here

McCain Gets $7 Million Bounce from Palin Pick

I wonder if LIEberman is still going to follow McSame around like a lost puppy dog now?

Proof Gallup and other Daily Tracking Pollsa are BULLSHIT

Must read article! Made Man: How Cindy Hensley invented John McCain

Gustav: I hope Obama/DNC are staying alert

MSM (i.e. Politico) notices the "Sarah = Hillary" gimmick isn't working. Backlash in effect!

Would Repubs use a Gustav fundraiser to build their mailing list

The Politics of Porn, or the thinking behind the choice of Governor Palin

I recall some talk in 2005 about holding 2008 RNC in N.O.

Christian News Wire. "Take that feminists"

McCain Hates (Other People's) Property

Mudflats: Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaskan Politics

Sen. Obama, the Clintons, Remember Tubbs Jones

Who would Bjork endorse?

As Someone Originally From Ohio... Akron Ohio... Living in Florida Now...

The really frightening thing about Palin

Please pray that no one will get hurt due to this weather front coming!


It's Sunday, September 7th 2008 and this is Meet The Press. Today's guest, Sarah Palin.

What the hell does "mother of five" mean

Palin + fake PUMA hype = plausible excuse for exit polls not matching vote tally

Damn, GUSTAV might HELP the GOP because........(map attached)

US election: It's the most vicious election campaign ever ...

Why in the HELL can't "FOCUS ON THE FAMILY" stop this Hurricane???

Why in the HELL can't "FOCUS ON THE FAMILY" stop this Hurricane???

Is Palin going to resign as Governor of Alaska now?

Anyone have credible links to Palin against birth control for

Obama losing...

Surprise? First Two National Polls Find Palin Gains LESS Support from Women

The audio of the radio program where Palin laughs when they called her political foe a bitch

McCain reacts to news of *his* VP pick (CAPTION)

True or false?

Obama: "We owe McCain our Gratitude" for serving this country, "but we don't owe him our Vote"!

Is that really Sarah Palin’s baby?

Overheard: Palin's surprising new base?

Palin was picked for oil.

Joke of the Day: "(Sarah Palin is) going to learn national security..."

Word Cloud from all of the DU posts the last few hours......

how many showed up for McCains vp pick


Maybe the mods should make a Palin forum

McCain and Republicans Distance themselves from Bush Legacy as Convention Begins Tomorrow

Palin Primer

Obama Campaign Plays the Alaska Card Against Palin

I Love Cindy

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary

Exciting news from the reddest most repuke county in Texas

I think the Biden vs Palin debate will be great.

Daily Kos: AUDIO: Palin laughs as host calls cancer surviving colleague a "cancer" and a "b****"

The "concern troll" defense--

Americans will tire of Palin's irritating voice

She's 100% manufactured.

The GOP's entertainment list is the future of Rock & Roll....

The GOP's entertainment list is the future of Rock & Roll....

Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama

Friend of Sarah's names her childhood pastors...

Regarding the "She pretended to be pregnant to hide her daughter's baby" rumors

So, was Palin trying to have an abortion?

Palin would be a "10" in Alaska, during the Pipeline construction we defined that as...

McCain: I may postpone convention (Politico)

Bob Barr: The "Out" for Republicans Embarrassed by McCain's Pick.

BBQ'd with my 2nd family who happen to be conservatives. Here's the report on Palin

Obama just cracked up Joe Biden

Why wasn't Lindsey Graham considered/talked about as a McCain VP pick?

Who the F is Sean Parnell? Every official link to Alaska's Lt. Governor shows an error message.

Sarah Palin - Bad News for McCain, Good News for Alaska’s GOP

Hey, look on the bright side. The choice of Palin proves the old claim that *anyone* can be POTUS.

Damn it Dems, laughing at Gustav is not Fn funny

Christian blog comment on Palin.. "We have our Daniel"

Palin claims the population of polar bears has been increasing

Ready On Day One? (check out the tops features on RNC site)

Hillary Booed at McCain-Palin Event. Looks like the freaks don't want to play along.

After 8 years of "dumbing down America" they figure Palin is the right woman for our times

DU This Poll on Palin as a running mate.

Animal lover? Palin's "Wolf Bounty" is sickening and outrageous.

McCain/Palin in PA: 5,000 in attendance. Obama/Biden in OH: 19,000

McCain/Palin in PA: 5,000 in attendance. Obama/Biden in OH: 19,000

Anyone else deeply troubled by this picture of McSame's new "team" in People?

Question: Who doesn't think that during the debate that Gov. Moosburger won't have an earpiece?

Check in here if you are part of the Sarah = Bree Van de Kamp crowd

To those people who are upset about Palin threads on DU

Progressive Blogger in AK: An Open Letter to Rachel Maddow--Let me help you update your Sarah Palin

19,000!!!!! at Obama, Biden Dublin, OH rally

Who picked Palin? Rove or McCain. I say McCain. Why am I wrong?

Possible sign of party unity

Coming to Raptor you away...

This is NOT about Sarah Palin.......It's about John McCain's Reckless Judgment, Cynicism & Ego.....

Any word from Lieberman?



Hehe, compare, contrast and comment on Iconography

Hehe, compare, contrast and comment on Iconography

Can we please start saying "because of her gender" or "her sex" instead of "her genitalia"

****Heads Up: Obama/Biden Now Live Campaigns In Dublin, Ohio****

Sarah Palin poses 'Troopergate' risk to John McCain's US election bid

"She's not prepared to be governor. How can she be prepared to be vice president or president?"

Palin comparing herself to Hillary Clinton enrages me.

We have work to do! We need to deluge MTP with Emails......

'his photogenic but almost comically inexperienced running mate, Sarah Palin' did I get on this list, seriously...

VIDEO of Sarah Palin At The VP Debate!

"Now you can hold on steady / and try to get ready /

Politico: 6 things the Palin pick says about McCain

Bill Maher: I don't care who sticks their woo-woo into which hoo-hoo...

Hometown backs Sarah Palin, but mother-in-law backs Obama?

Obama Press Release Nails Palin: “How’s It Playing?" Alaskans respond with a groan.

I am TERRIFIED of Palin on policy

Wow. A Christain Conservative I know is VERY disappointed in Palin.

For those who think Bristol Palin 'looks' pregnant, I remind you of the wise words of Dave Barry:

For those who think Bristol Palin 'looks' pregnant, I remind you of the wise words of Dave Barry:

Obama better get down to Gustav Hurricane ASAP if he gets there after Bush/McCain/Palin

VP pick Palin laughs as radio host calls cancer-survivor colleague a 'b*tch' and 'cancer'

Remember when Republicans said Katrina was sent by God to punish Gays?

Biden, Biden, Biden, Biden......

Funeral of Stephanie Tubbs Jones Today.... Picture of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton Together

My fantasy for the upcoming VP Debate:

BREAKING: McCain/Palin Family Going to Gulf Coast Sunday

Palin supports censorship

What an Obama surrogate SHOULD say about Palin as VP:

Who were you most afraid McCain would pick for VP?

***HEADS UP** Obama special on CNN now!

Will they be hiding the wires for Palin's earpiece in her BeeHive?

Will they be hiding the wires for Palin's earpiece in her BeeHive?

Can I get a huge LOVE YA SPOILERS! for Bob Barr and Ron Paul!

Ultra Irony Alert on the RNC Website

According to the official McCain campaign website John McCain has less experience than Sarah Palin

How should the moderator handle the V.P. debate?

If this is any indication of how Palin handles political pressure and inquiry,

Another Dubious Firing. Palin was almost recalled as mayor of Wasilla as a result.

Link to Palin interview from Business Week

Obama, Biden 60 Minutes Interview: Obama Explains Biden Pick, Reacts To Palin (VIDEO)

My wife thinks Palin may swing the election for McCain.

USA TODAY/Gallup poll gives Palin "lowest vote of confidence in a running mate" since Quayle

USA TODAY/Gallup poll gives Palin "lowest vote of confidence in a running mate" since Quayle

Name one thing you admire about Sarah Palin!

Baked Alaska

Sarah Palin. Criminal?

Vice in Go-Go Boots? - - A good one from MoDo.

Do not be afraid of Palin...that's what McCain, in his desperation, was hoping for.

Let 's remember what the president did right during the last hurricane

People Who Would Be Better VP Picks than Sarah Palin

Hillary's secret plan to steal the nomination from Obama

Ferraro on NPR -- "When I go into the booth, I'll make my decision"

Aha! Here's how Palin happened:

Scorched Earth against Palin is a Rove Trap - I am dead serious.

Uh Oh....First blowup with Obama and Biden......They disagree on Corn

Uh Oh....First blowup with Obama and Biden......They disagree on Corn

The Future vs. The Past.

"Obama-Biden Post-Nomination Ticket Debuts in Pa."

Cindy offended by Obama's speech!!?!!!111

People pushing the stupid Palin/daughter/baby story

WP: Cindy McCain played a key role throughout the process of picking a vice president

They played my pro Obama/Biden call on Sirius Convention Radio today.

Sarah Palin in a nutshell

I think we should give Palin all the attention she deserves...

What's the song they played at Invesco the other night?

Don't polls including Nader & Barr end up with Obama having a larger lead?

This election will show once and for all where people stand on abortion

Sciencedebate 2008 - please check this out!

AK republican state senator: "She's not prepared to be GOVERNOR."...

Long-Standing Feud in Alaska Embroils Palin (WaPo)

John,... Call me!

OK, Time to lighten up

What is it with this, "baby"?

In football, it's called a punt. In politics, It's a Palin.

No room at the table for black republicans

The REAL Meaining of "PUMA"

Some interesting finds about Sarah Palin..

High Risk, High Yield Gamble by McCain

Is there any LOGICAL reason for McLame to go to the gulf?? We need to call them out on it!

ZOGBY interactive survey: McCain/Palin leads Obama/Biden 47-45

Tina Fey or Mariska Hargitay?

Help the PUMAs Find A New Name

VIDEO: Jon Stewart: "She's the mild-mannered yet troubled librarian from every Cinemax movie"

Remember when McCain visited the disaster zone in Iowa?

Remember when McCain visited the disaster zone in Iowa?

McCain is a reckless now as he was the day he was shot down

Palin was the mayor of the 2nd largest city in Alaska... according to Karl Rove

Working on Palin Ad

Curious...anybody from the Twin Cities?

Is anyone SICK of Sarah Palin yet.

Wild Oats Palin Rewrites Her Resume

Palin's already got a really important job, much more important than president:

OMG--Daily Show's Samantha Bee is voting for McCain/Palin!

Looks like McCain's camp is reacting to the "birthday photo"

Looks like McCain's camp is reacting to the "birthday photo"

I knew a woman who was a runner, and who ran every day while she was pregnant.

mccleese/palin '08. who says republicans don't have a sense of humor!

Palin outsources Alaskan work to Canada and the Alaskans ain't too happy about it.

Modo: Vice in Go-Go Boots?

Modo: Vice in Go-Go Boots?

it's not the father, it's the BROTHER!

McCain's VP -- Miss Alaska Runner-up (PICS)

has anyone heard any comments from Romeny on the VP pick?

BS in Black Studies from Occidental College = BS in Journalism from U of Idaho

The Moderate Voice questions Palin's pregnancy story...

Canvassing today their was universal scorn for Palin

When Biden was selected other Democrats in the running knew and acknowledged he was . . .

When Biden was selected other Democrats in the running knew and acknowledged he was . . .

Did Juneau Who Would Be President If McCain Dies

Just A Question Why All of Sudden After Our Excellent Convention

McCain campaign trying to create distance between Palin and Buchanan, what about Ron Paul?

Swing voter/ Oprah fan

Who saw Palin's appearance today w/McKetaing5? Your thoughts?

McCAIN's ONLY OPTION....Concede the Election to the Obvious winner and

Obama: 'I feel confident about my choice', doesn't take bait on Palin.

Just saw a clip of McCain / Palin and I have a question

All the MSM will be shocked at how well Palin does in the VP debate.

What are the Ron Paul supporters going to do in November --

Back in college, I was on my Dorm Council. Why was I passed over for VP???

President Palin Is What Is At Stake

Does anyone have a real link for the leaving Wasilla $24 M in debt claim?

For those of you who say "Don't pick on Sarah Polin for the choices she made" I say BULLSHIT

Home Court Advantage = ZERO (Alaska's top 2 newspapers say Palin's not ready)

North Carolina will be Won by the Indie Vote...Democrats have MAJOR Registration Advantage

Full R friend of mine- TURNED! Thank you McCain, for choosing Palin (story inside)

I'm watching this freaking rally and its soooo freaking awkward.. she's doing

Hillary delivers Sat radio address

Ben Stein: Obama is a "black angry man." Now just wait and think about this for a second...

Brilliant feminist perspective on Palin

McCain desperately looking for a BullHorn Moment! He will manufacture it if he can!

8PM Gustav landfall models move closer to New Orleans. MANDATORY evacuation ordered.

** 3 a.m. PHONE CALL **

Sarah Palin in 20 years....

I'll see you guys when Palin is no longer "owning" our forum.

This pregnancy rumor is ABSURD and a trap. Occam's razor, people...

Ooops, McCain's camp forgot to brief Palin on Iraq

PHOTOS: Obama and Clintons at the Tubbs ceremony

Guys, who cares whose baby it was?

It makes NO sense. Born 2 months pre-maturely after water broke in TX and she

Hate to kill the drama, but

Palin Asks: "What is it exactly that the VP does"?

Fox Says it First: Barack Obama is an ANGRY Black Man

Sarah Palin may be more of a threat to Obama than Democrats are recognizing.

BREAKING: McCain Campaign heading to Alaska to investigate

BREAKING: McCain Campaign heading to Alaska to investigate

The Obamas and Bidens visit the Yankee Kitchen

headsup - Obama Biden in Dublin OH, tonight, Battle Creek MI Sunday

Biden to return to Scranton roots Monday

Cindy McCain “Offended” By Obama Speech


Palin's "Bridge to Nowhere" LIE

Palin's "Bridge to Nowhere" LIE

What kind of woman volunteers for a job that, guaranteed, will consume her every waking minute for

Gallup: No change for Obama, still leads 49-41.

Gallup: No change for Obama, still leads 49-41.

What do you think is the most likely reason for the Palin choice?

Fresh Data Out On Sarah Palin: Women View Palin More Skeptically Than Men

GAG ME! My female professor friend said two of her female friends, who are professors, like Palin

Fresh Data Out On Sarah Palin: Women View Palin More Skeptically Than Men

PM me with your email addy if you would like to join DUers SW Ohio Rapid

I love this "we are too good to discuss this" crap.

As a woman, can anbody tell me what a Pailin candidacy has to offer me?

Bush and McCain unlikely to appear at GOP convention, McCain may deliver acceptance speech from Gulf

Okay guys, could this mean that Palin will have the questions before the debate with Biden?

Conversation with my wife

Advisers Say Conservative Ire Pushed McCain From Selecting Lieberman (What Pick Says About mcpow)

Get Up! Stand Up!

My mom was SHOCKED than a parent with a very young special needs child would do this right now...

My mom was SHOCKED than a parent with a very young special needs child would do this right now...

I'm not afraid of Palin..... We have a winning ticket with Obama and Biden..

DU invaded by repuke trolls?

If Chris Matthews is Tweety and John McCain is Lumpy, Palin is...

The world is watching and is inspired (photos)

The world is watching and is inspired (photos)

McCain puts his own political ambition ahead of the safety and security of the country

Palin and other defendants in a "reopened" case (AK Superior Court)

"Country First": McCain's ironic campaign slogan; was he putting his country first when

McPAIN / AILING in 08! (that's the ticket) ------->

Hey, I spent four years incarcerated in Dental School...

Just got back from registering voters at our local grocery store, and here's who I met

The crowd in Invesco for Obama's speech was 1/7 the size of the entire population

10 Reasons Not to Vote for the Alaskan Abomination Sarah Palin - by Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

The obvious political stunt for women is more insulting than any DU post

Sarah Palin, the Rashly Chosen Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

Palin 'could face impeachment'... from WSJ

i do not say it lightly when i say that part of me feels palin should be ashamed of herself

Next time someone plays the "University of Idaho" card...

Is it really THAT necessary to keep giving props to McCain?

OMG- Palin SUPPORTED Obama! (The New Yorker)

Sarah Palin supported the "Bridge to Nowhere" before flip-flopping

Sarah Palin left her town of 5,400 with $20 million in debt!

Alaska Newspapers List

I think I know McCain's motivation for picking Palin.

Ron Paul followers gathering for own convention

a convention story from (my) chicago alderman, joe moore.

So Palin Is Anti-Abortion. She could not only be POTUS. She could be a pregnant POTUS

One cent might ensure that McCain doesn't become President, but are you willing to spend it?

Nobody criticizes Obama for being away from his daughters while campaigning

Nobody criticizes Obama for being away from his daughters while campaigning

It really is all about that baby. This isn't petty to ask these questions!

My BIL just threw a wall-eyed fit after initiating a conversation

how do you counteract racism?

If the GOP *does* decide to turn their convention into a Gustav-a-thon

A quick DU poll to assess the perceptions of our group wrt Palin's 5th child

GOP upholds its delegate penalties for FL and other states that moved primaries too early.

Why women should care very much whether the baby is Palin's:

Some of these anti Palin threads are stupid

Time's Joe Klein: GUNSLINGER

"I cannot vote for these guys." (my only 'pub friend)

Funny story to make ya'll laugh.

PHOTOS: OBAMA/BIDEN rally in Dublin, Ohio

"Leave Palin Alone!!!"

Hurricane Gustav - Comparing McCain and Obama's Response to Katrina

Voter Fraud Reminder: Please Make Sure To Verify You Are Currently Registered To Vote

McCain's campaign is in danger of fracturing (Crowley / The Observer)

Obama Explains His Choice, Reacts To Palin on 60 Minutes (VIDEO)

As an Alaskan, this is my theory about the baby rumors

HEY PALIN....How do you sleep at night?

DU this Poll! -- "Who is the stronger VP choice?"

LOL welcome to Bizarro world

Scholars:Palin is least experienced, least credentialed person on major-party ticket in modern era

Another Hillary supporter chimes in ....

The most important fact about Palin: he helps balance the ticket. Unlike McCain, he's not a Muslim!

First polls regarding McSame's pick of Sarah 'Plain', they ain't good

Sarah "Plain" video from back in the day, I mean back in the day. 1989

I've Heard A Lot of Theories About Why McCain Picked Palin...

The Political Cartoon Dig at McSame/Palin

I'm getting sick of all the uncalled for Palin attacks from woman

I can see you are all so AFRAID of Palin that you are ignoring the Democratic ticket!

45 Problems With Palin....

Hey Rove, Wasilla AK is not Richmond VA

And I thought Biden was horrible Veep choice. Never underestimate the Republicans to lower the bar

A wealth of dazzlingly gorgeous pix from the DNC on Kos

Remember that NIST report? NIST officials involved with nano-thermites (Dial-up Warning)

From a concept by mehr: FOOL TIME (debuts Monday at 8 Eastern!)

I can’t believe anyone could honestly think “grandma-gate” is not a huge deal.

A chorus of denunciations from Alaskans & Republicans.

Frank Rich: Obama Outwits the Bloviators

Criticize Palin all you want, but it would be nice to see no more posts snarking on the following:

You know those signs at amusement parks - you have to be this tall to go on this ride

Do any of you know Palin's religion?

Guys even if McCain had picked a mushroom and how to attack Sara Palin

PICTURES!! from today's Obama/Biden Rally in Dublin, Ohio. (Dial-up Super Warning!!)

DONATE to get an OBAMA/BIDEN Coffee Mug!!!

With one foot out of the door, This is what I will say.......

Pennsylvania's voting system mainly touch screen, no paper ballots?

And now . . . a little levity

Sarah Palin's Fifth Child rumored to be Daughter's Child.

How many states (countries) has Sarah Palin visited?


Did McCaiin lock down the south with Palin?

Rove flashback: Obama Will Make Political Veep Pick

The lowdown on McCain's camp and the Georgia conflcit courtesy of The Real News

THE “DUMB CLUCK” in the Oval Office (and other quackers)

Missing the most important factor within the lurid Palin pregnancy story

To many of my fellow DUers who have said hateful things about

Senator Hillary Clinton's response to Governor Palin...

Support the Republican Party...

Just talked to my bigoted Republican sister in a deep South state about Palin.

Do you get the feeling that after the holiday, John McCain

Matt Tiabbi rocks

It's looking like Palin is backfiring on them. Major blunder for McCain.

Can someone please get Sarah Palin on the record with an answer to this question:

LOL! Oh, this RICH!...

Religious Group Now Protesting Online Porn in the Sky

Shit, McCain.....!!!

Sarah Palin, Republican VP Nominee, Plugs Romney, Paul — But Not McCain — In MTV Interview

House Speaker Pelosi’s daughter making a McCain Film

The Candidates Are Monitoring Your Mouse

The State of New Orleans: An Update

Effective Camouflage - You find them! My eyes gave out.

Anderson Cooper has a good sense of humor

I cannot wait for the VP debate!

PHOTO: IS it?!?!?!

Regarding Palin: The words of Ellen R. Malcom

The Most Viewed Video on YouTube!

The artist who brought you LOVE now brings you HOPE: proceeds go to Obama campaign

Rachel Maddow, just a hint

Fixing Problems That Do Not Exist

Why is ANYBODY treating this Palin pick as "serious"?

Did Sarah Palin murder a monkey? She seems to have killed at least an ark's worth

Doesn't this Palin selection have all the gravitas of a Lifetime Movie...

Obama is the real deal...

Is there any low the Republicans won't sink to?

Bayer on defensive in [its pesticide's link to world] bee deaths

The whole Sarah Palin as the GOP VP thing is totally absurd.

Ok folks ISSUES not gossip

If McCain had picked a moose with one antler, there would be Republicans to happy talk it

Re: Sarah Palin's phony praise of Hillary Clinton yesterday......

ahhhhh........ General Discussion: Presidential forum is moving to fast.

IVAW at the DNC in Denver (pics)

Palin - issue is abuse of power

Ms. Opton's 'Soldier Billboard Project' FREE-SPEECH RIGHTS in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Zoom and bust: Airline collapses but 'worse is to come'

A proposal: Can we, progressive, stop using the term "pro-life?"

Sarah Palin: Who cares about political savvy and know how when you have this:

AlterNet: John McCain is Older Than Alaska

AlterNet: John McCain is Older Than Alaska

sarah,her big dead bear,and a stuffed crab....

McCain should have nominated Paris Hilton - at least he'd have


Obama ad: Despite Palin, McCain isn't change agent

Gustav swells to dangerous Cat 3 storm off Cuba

Has anyone else noticed that the "thumper," craziest right-wing...

And another one's gone, another one's gone, another Bank bites the dust.......

wapo~With Pick, McCain Reclaims His Maverick Image

Did the McCain campaign just totally jump the shark?

An excellent article by Jane Smiley - RE:Sarah Palin

Predictions: How long until Sarah and Cindy have an honest to god cloths ripping cat fight?

John McLame is a chauvanist pig. He thinks all American women are the same.

Hurricane Gustav headed toward New Orleans

Does John McLame really think women are that stupid?

Fixed Noise commentator just made a shocking statement about Palin's Foreign Policy experience

Guardian UK: Economy at 60-year low, says Darling. And it will get worse

Palin scrubbed her own wikipedia entry before the nomination was leaked?

JACK: Alaska, a state that has 13 people and some caribou ...

Conan says a hockey mom is a soccer mom with fewer teeth.

Putting. Country. Last.

I got punched in the gut today...

Katrina 3rd Anniversary N.O. Heckuva Job Photo Op: Hand-shakin', hard hat-wearin', kick-ass Bush

the best sarah palin youtube ........

The Reason Behind Palin

Need a Favor


C-Span Caller Ask, What is McCain and Palin's IQ?

Gallup: Obama gets 8-point bounce

Dear America, Please consider that John McCain is more likely to die in office than .....

What do you think emboldens the terrorists more

Check out what the republican president of the state senate in AK thinks of a VP Palin!

Republican Filibustering

Why didn't he just pick Cindy Lou?

Diana DeGette: GOP made insulting assumption about women

self delete

Wow, Police raid Protest HQTRS in St Paul

Guardian UK: In its severity and fury, this was Obama at his most powerful and moving

A STRONG Paragraph from the Democratic Platform


My question for Gov. Palin...

Palin Says She's in Favor of Teaching Creationism In Public Schools

Watch Joe Biden for a few minutes explain why he is the MAN

Photo of Sarah Palin with an AK-47?

This Election is a National IQ Test

Republicans’ Mixed Emotions About Bush

Clinton to be attack dog on Palin?

Shadow Governor Palin.... Todd Palin

A Trophy wife and, now, a Trophy VP.

On Third Anniversary Of Katrina, Officials Aren’t Confident New Orleans’ Levees Can ‘Handle’ Gustav

Gustav is now listed as a Category 3 hurricane... time to GO!

BBC News - "She usually deferred a lot of the policy questions to her staff "

I just spent a few hours interviewing a homeless Vietnam vet...

Bush: The Presidency Was a 'Cool Time'

Rasmussen: Palin Makes Good First Impression: Is Viewed More Favorably than Biden

KKKarl Rove, flip-flopping a**hole.....

check this out!

Palin is against abortion rights even in the case of incest and rape

"Integrity" Bank goes under

Beware of indicted senators bearing gifts: Ted Stevens endorses Palin

Roe WILL be overturned if we lose the whitehouse. Women will determine the outcome of this election

Governor Of Alaska's And VP Hopeful's Environmental Footprint

My thoughts on Palin

Chalabi aide arrested on suspicion of Baghdad bombings

In memoriam John Rujevcic Gerlach 1915-2008 (Spain International Brigades)

I think we just saw the Repukes tactic regarding the Palin choice on MSNBC.

The Katrina Myth; the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster. Everyone should watch this.

Why is Todd Palin exchanging emails with the Governor's staff about abortion bills, etc?

Do the Obama ads that show McCain hugging Bush help?

Assemblies of God pastor admitted faking terminal cancer to hide an addiction to porn

Assemblies of God pastor admitted faking terminal cancer to hide an addiction to porn

"Maine artist creates HOPE image decades after LOVE" (He's from my state. woohoo!)

Alaska's "checkbook"..anyone wanna tackle it??

Palin is governor of a state with about the same population as Charlotte, North Carolina

The SPEECH of the Century or Pretty girl Sarah Palin, you decide

A ? on Obama's tax proposals.....

Luck is his companion. Gamblin' is his name.

YIPPEE I am back

Green Party gets first Canadian MP (Member of Parliament)

Sarah Palin is a pawn....

Nothing but, What the F**K?!!!!!

GOP nightmare in an AP headline: "Iraq signs $3 billion oil deal with China"

6 things the Palin pick says about McCain

Palin supported "The bridge to nowhere?" I think McCain is trying to lose this election

If rove was behind the palin decision, the irony would be so sweet

The Veep: A Short Play in One Act claimed Palin "oppos[es]" earmarks -- but her administration "request[ed] 31 earmarks,

So When Does Hillary Clinton Come Out......

Barack Obama's Acceptance in HD full screen = the other speeches too on demand

The Woman Who Beat McCain's VP

American Airlines seeks to delay launch of Chicago-Beijing route

Nancy Pelosi and Ole' Harry Reid better be ready to call Congresscritters back into session

It all goes back to the Bridge to Nowhere! The Straight Talk Express Bus will bail right over the

A good question to ask...

Great news for CA 50 - Al Gore coming to help Nick Leibham

MSM: "Maverick" McCain & His "Bold" VP Choice

Communications backup for Gustav.....

Will Gustav be karma for the fundies praying for rain on Obama's speech?

Is the Palin selection more evidence that McCain isn't in control of his own campaign?

Citing social issues, local GOP officials are abandoning their party in droves

Marketing to the ambigious shoppers.

Reactions from Hillary supporters in NC

Watched Bill Moyer's Journal last night with Merle and Earl Black

Was Lieberman banking on the VP pick?

FWIW, Gustav projections keep changing, beware ALL gulf coasters

Bush sacrifices American money and military lives to prop up a government allied with Iran in the...

Anyone know how the New World Order changed targets so easily?

Wonkette: Da first dude has an EDWARDS problem. Uh, haircuts?!1

Gustav now a category 4 hurricane

Stopped in a a buddy's antiques store ........

Tubbs Jones memorial service is ongoing on C-SPAN

Sarah Palin radio rant is the perfect situation to call for the return of the Fairness Doctrin

Torture In Cook County Illinois Jail: A Prisoner's Tale of Abuse

Palin's the most popular Gov. in Amercia because 500 people said so?

So Gustav was not even a hurricane yesterday AM -- now category 4

Oil Rig Bowling

Sarah Palin.. NOT popular with the Alaska National Guard..

Michele Bachmann Watch, 8/30/08: MB ranks 2nd......on the list of most clueless US reps

Oxfam: FEMA’s Latest Excuse, “No one asked us for the supplies.”

Gill Scott-Heron says:

You want the vice-presidential debate? Here it is.

You want the vice-presidential debate? Here it is.

Gallup has Barack at 49% he's almost to 50.

New cold war... organized for you by the folks at BushCo

Group headed by dobson asks "christians" to pray for rain at Obama speech, and God's answer to them

Gustav and Hanna are looking more than fierce, they're looking downright nightmarish.

I'm 41 and for the first time in my life I've donated to a campaign.

Dubai gets first monorail system in the Middle East

Sarah Palin - An American Thatcher (right wing website)

Was anyone here stationed in the Pacific in the 90s?

We Need New Name for Republican Think Tanks, How About

The Joan of Arc of Alaska politics

White House Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel on Legal Options?

Freepers In Fascist Heaven with Palin Pick...

From a Katrina survivor

What is Sarah's husbands job in the north slopes in the oil fields? Anyone know?

FEMA says Gustav now a Cat 5. MSNBC. omg n/t

** Palin limerick or haiku thread **

Hurricane Gustav predicted to intensify to category 4 by Sunday

Sarah Palin will be the “plausible excuse” for another stolen election

Time to leave New Orleans

Why is Firefox blocking

Sarah Palin fails to impress in Hillary Clinton's heartland

Gustav, Hanna & friends are coming...not the company we want!

Just bet my wife a tank of gas that Palin is off the ticket within three weeks.

How to make your own bumper stickers..

Bush Radio 8/30/08: "There are families across our country struggling to make ends meet"

v-8 moment regarding gustav-Gop convention

Palin Prediction on DU

I never realized how traumatized this country has been by the politics

Former U.S. Senator Gary Hart urges Dems to soften stance on Russia

As far as illegal immigration goes:

will the media pay as much attention to the Ron Paul convention

"Scholars question Palin credentials"

FEMA will perform brilliantly, no matter where Gustav and/or Hanna hit.

First National Poll Finds Palin Gains LESS Support from Women

New York Times Best Sellers Hardcover Nonfiction

Even if you do not live right along the coast,

Dupe - please delete

NOLA: Parish by Parish what to expect (GUSTAV--WWLTV)

6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes China's southwestern Sichuan province... again!

Gulf coasters waiting for Gustav, please let us know if we can help & stay in touch

Straw poll on AOL that needs DU'ing...

Question about hurricanes

USA Today: Palin garners lowest vote of confidence in a running mate since Dan Quayle

I finally got it. McGrumpy has all those houses so God can come back to earth and choose one

Sarah Palin is (insert fellow male Rethug here) in a dress.

This sudden collapse of the Republican image disturbs me

Is it true? Since Palin became Gov, there has been few Peguin sightings in the Artic?

Palin = Stolen Election 2008!

Lights out? Experts fear fireflies are dwindling (a recent inquiry on DU)

Palin's REAL qualifications

HEADS UP! HBO will be repeating "Thank You, Mr. President"

Palin is an Inspired Choice!

Bank of China flees Fannie-Freddie

NeoCon Monopoly

Best John McCain Jokes,


So here we are again, only this time the hurricane is a #4 catagory

Scholars question Palin credentials

Sarah Palin's daughter had a polar bear's baby and Palin pumped its breasts on an airplane!

CNN Poll on Palin...the nays slightly ahead.

What's in the water in the Gulf of Mexico?

Fundies kick girl off football team for being girl

BS in Journalism from Idaho University - Class of 1984

Johnny, all joking aside .... just admit it ........

Anyone else going to the rally on Monday? (Hart Plaza Detroit)

Palin qualifications:

....can they postpone the Repuke CONvention?

Sarah Palin embodies family values.

Boxer re Palin

McCain Campaign Announces He Has Only a Few Years Left to Live

My thoughts on the evacuation from NOLA and the preparations for Gustav....

Remember the Alamo and Remember George W Bush !


To all the women insulted by McDim's VP pick... Listen to this!

Afghan President pardons men convicted of bayonet gang rape

Latest Gustav satellite pic.

Sarah Palin on Iraq

A touch of madness may be the key to greatness

A Public Service Announcement concerning the Republican Convention:

Palin pick makes Alaska blog a must-read

Gas pumps running dry in New Orleans

McCain: I may postpone convention

Take a break - totally off topic - fun, bizzare, and cool before cool was cool.

"Vinegar & Oil" Campaign Appearance Live on Cable, now --

: ( ...on second thought, David Frum is quite unhappy,.. : (

Comcast sets usage cap for Internet users

So, heaven forbid McCain is elected and has a heart attack (Like old men do)

Gustav may bring on "The Ownership Society"

Governor of Alaska = Mayor of Memphis?

Is this a better Palin question?

Please stop screaming Sarah, I can hear you. Oh my God, please

Lindsey Graham Lowers The Bar For Palin: ‘Don’t Think It Matters’ That She Hasn’t Traveled Abroad

Hey grownups ..... do you remember going for that first job ...... ?

Wikipedia mystery: Who was improving Palin’s entry?

GOP to replace convention speeches with hurricane “service program”?

Maverick McCain to Give Convention Acceptance Speech In His Underwear (satire)

Miss Alaska 1984 - Maryline Blackburn is a European-born African American singer and won over Palin!

Pakistani lawmaker defends honor killings

Iraq signs $3 billion oil deal with China

Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Drilling Shuts Down Ahead of Gustav

Obama Has Post-Convention Lead; Palin Largely Unknown (Update1)

Is Palin another Monica Goodling?

for those of you who read the mad cow thread last night...

is america going to offer aid to cuba? looks like a direct hit

Diebold's election division "Premier Election Systems"

Stephanie Tubbs Jones' memorial service: Wellstone Funeral II?

"God" is not sending a message through Gustav.

*** Caption this Photo***

Brownie, Miers, Palin.. who else??

Some Reactions From Alaskan Newspapers

McCain's choice of Palin. How do you feel about it?

Independent UK: Summer is cancelled as leisure and food sector feels credit crunch chill

make a donation, get free stuff!

Can Joe still attack? AT&T Party Thanking Dems for Immunity

I'm gleeful about McCain's pick of Palin

2 Top Alaska Newspapers Question Palin's Fitness

hee hee

Out of the blue prediction:

Are the Republicans ready for split screen coverage of their convention and Gustav?

VP Picks: Karl Rove Swings and Misses Big Time

You know, I look at this Palin pick as a ploy to attract Hillary voters

Call me a Sexist, but I don't think this woman can hack it hurricane coverage

Pakistani lawmaker defends honor killings: 5 women buried alive for wanting to choose husbands

Hurricane Gustav passing over Cuba at Cat. 4, expected to reach Cat 5 by tomorrow afternoon....

The August Reporting Deadline is tomorrow. Donate if you can!

"Time to leave New Orleans" ...Dr. Jeff Masters of "Weather Underground!"

Better stock up on Tabasco.

My suggestion for an ad. A photo montage of McSame and

"Integrity" Bank goes under

Bono fans fill Obama coffers

(X-post) What was the reaction of the RW to the Gulf War POWs who wanted

In New Orleans, no shelter for those who stay

my ReThug brother.. has a hard-on for McSame's VP, need some help with info on her, he says she got


CNN: Mandatory evacuations begin as Gustav draws near

Whichever party wins, either a Pres or VP will have admitted to knowingly violating drug laws..

***HEADS UP*** Obama special on CNN now

GOP Asks 'Chicago Tribune' Not to Publish Errant 'Rush Limbaugh' Email -- Doesn't Stop Paper

Hurricane Tracking Software Links Here:

If you're in NOLA or Gulf Coast area, my husband just got activated to come help you!

GOP protesters vow to March Monday

Mystery substance baffles city workers

New Orleans & Gulf Coast DU'ers....Can you share your experience?

Glen Beck Makes Rational Statement

DU This Vice President Poll!

I saw John Dean speak this afternoon

Instant Karma: Fundamentalists Pray for Rain at DNC, Get Hurricane at RNC

Gustav growing into ‘monster Category 5 storm'

If you are in Gustav's path, move

The Republican National Convention will be safely tucked away in Minnesota.

Northeast and Northwest Passages Both Free of Ice

Where do we start donating for the Hurricane Victims again?

“The Republicans can’t seem to get a break with regards to August, when it comes to the weather,”

Anyone know what Joe Wingnut thinks of Palin?

Gustav threatening New Orleans, conventions going on, Fox News current story: Where's Caylee?

Seriously - Think about this.

Does Anyone Here Know Why Churchill Bombed Berlin in WWII?

Don't you get it folks?

Any word from Swampie yet?

Geraldo calls Palin pick "brilliant"

In 1743 Ben Franklin Describes Bush’s 2004 GOP Nomination Acceptance(Bush History, 8/30)

In 1743 Ben Franklin Describes Bush’s 2004 GOP Nomination Acceptance(Bush History, 8/30)

Gustav reportedly CAT 4 - 145 mph winds, expecting a 5 Get out now!

My dumbfuck Sister-in-law

Did global warming contribute to Gustav?

I'm sorry maybe I missed it?

The spin begins.

Iraqi troops replace US troops taking over responsibility for protecting terrorist group

The Gustav/Palin ticket

Who would you want to see as DNC head after this election?

DU This Palin Poll!

Looks like Gustav may hit land as a Cat 4. Send your good thoughts.

so we have someone with new alzeheimers and a soceer mom but they have better attack ads -

Prospect of a bigger Dem majority and a return of the Fairness Doctrine has Fundie panties in knots

Police break down doors in night-time raid on anarchist meeting

Police break down doors in night-time raid on anarchist meeting

I wonder what happened, or will happen, to Nelson Washington, who I met in New Orleans last year.

NYT Book Review of a novel based on Laura Bush: "All I did is marry him. You...gave him power."

caption this pic of palin

How to handle Governor Palin in discussions with our friends

I just realized the RNC coincides with the first NFL Football game. ...

John McCain met running mate Sarah Palin just once

Story on protester crackdown coming up on CNN. Wonder what propaganda they intend to throw out

Phyllis Schlafly loves Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is MISSING !

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...(Pakistan) Benazir Bhutto's legacy has fallen in the well...

McCain's campaign is in danger of fracturing

Grateful Dead Back Together for Obama

Teachers unwittingly put through lockdown drill that includes actor with blanks-filled gun.

A few minutes ago, I heard...

The Odd Couple

McCains, Palin going to region threatened by storm

Anyone know who Joel is?

Some poor lady had to leave her birds when she got on the plane.

Assembly of God women are taught to obey their husbands.

Obama's on SNL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N/T

Tina Fey hosting SNL on Sept 6th

Gestapo tactics in the Twin Cities (and my daughter is there)

Caption time:

The Thinnest Of Wisps Of Sarah Palin's Foreign Policy Views Emerge

The Thinnest Of Wisps Of Sarah Palin's Foreign Policy Views Emerge

One last word about baby-gate...

A request for mods and admins re: Gustav, et. al.

Jane Smiley At HuffPost: Right-Wing Offers Woman Who Reinforces Patriarchy Rather Than Challenges It

Post your favorite Obama/Biden Photos here!

Any word if they are evacuating all the NO hospitals???

Before I leave New Orleans, I donated to Obama/Biden through DU

Mother Earth please spare New Orleans

Palin = Quail...

so, I'm taking a break from stacking wood, and our neighbor

Gustav track nudged a little to the east...

How Strong Can a Hurricane Get?

McCain Admits His Behavior While Katrina Hit New Orleans Was "Inappropriate"

Barack Offended Cindy

Help Wanted: Science instructor. Teaching a Christian, biblical view to Life and Earth Science

Some Gustav maps: Now predicting landfall as cat 4

So will the Rethug coastal politicians

Braintree, MA. Offers Veterans (NG & Reserves) Property Tax Break Exemption!

'Get out of New Orleans NOW'!!! -- updated 4 mins ago - "You need to be scared," Nagin said

Fundy Family Email....THE END OF NEW ORLEANS?

I'm in New Orleans now - will have to leave, I guess - see my earlier post

Palin gave up her son's MOS during her acceptance speech! And she wants to be VP?

First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up

Hurricane Preparedness

For everyone in the path of Gustav


If you don't want to read anothor thread about sexism, don't click here.

BushCo is trying to pull a fast one while no one is looking.

The issue isn't that Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant. It's that her mother opposes

Will Gustav go over Crawford?

Pretty sure my professor is a winger.

Larry Craig bathroom now a tourist attraction

A Dem relative from AK weighs in on Sarah.

According to the freepers on my veterans' board, Biden doesn't stand a chance in

The Blink Presidency and John McCain- The Power Of Thinking Without Thinking - Good or Bad?

McCain's Double Standard: Hawk In The Drug War, Yet His Wife Got No Penalty

This will be the only political statement I have to say about Gustav....

Palin Colleagues Speek of her Experience Achievements and Legislative Co-operation

Women: Vengeful, Stupid and Petty

Bush Library Themes Announced

Top 11 Things to Know About Palin

DUer checking in from the Gulf Coast!

"Get Out Of Denver, Baby"

It was good to see the Navajo Code Talkers honored at the DNC convention.


Here are some of the fundamental beliefs of Palin's religious sect...

Here are some of the fundamental beliefs of Palin's religious sect...

C-Span running reels of Nixon

Palin Gushed When Obama Pulled Ahead of McCain in Alaska

Are we not allowed to talk about Palin baby rumor?

Mole on a plane catches Dems Fowler and Spratt laughing about Gustav Timing

There are a shitload of unneeded aiplanes on the ground around the country

Palin wasn't a McCain desperation move. He did it on purpose.

What's really behind "baby-gate"?

Link to New Orleans news coverage of Hurricane Gustav

This has to be said - the sexual obsession that some here have with Sarah Palin is downright creepy

Jesus Christ, the Dread Champion

Time to leave New Orleans (Jeff Masters' blog on weather underground)

No less than the official newsletter of the Assemblies of God of Alaska

Hunting for sport.

Massive police raids on suspected protestors

McCain has picked his cabinet! Picture here

Separated at birth??

Some interesting finds about Sarah Palin..

You might want to gas up in the next 48 hours or so.

For Those Who Thought the DNC was a Success, Please Kick and Rec

Frederick News Post: If Ivins Didn't Do It, Who Did?

Was the ABC reporter/producer arrest in Denver a set-up?

"Gustav" Scott McClellan thinks this may be good for the Republican Party. Seriously:

Take a gander at Palin's parents living room and all their pets

Alaska State Senate President (R) "thought it was a joke" when someone told her about Palin

Suggested DU Group topic: Hope!

Dobson on Palin: "I've not been so excited about a political candidate since Ronald Reagan."

Does Sarah actually hear Gods voice giving her advice? This is kind of important

Which ball player dove into stands yest. to get his cap back froma a fan? I saw

So, did Lee Mercer Jr flip out at this morning's news (all three)?

Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple

OMG!!! "Chap Joins Animal Ranch" is an anagram of "John McCain Sarah Palin"

I Just Watched Rev Get "Decent" (spoilers)

Glenn Campbell and Stevie Wonder "Blowin' in the Wind"

Band on the Run... by the FOO FIGHTERS

TIny Dancer... FOO-ish

I just had two rum and cokes at Chili's.

Nobody in Houston seems to be getting ready for a possible hurricane.


Delete. Fucked it up.

I am totally repulsed by people saying they're totally repulsed with DU, today.

I just watched "The Descent." (Spoilers?)

Good night, sweet lizards.


Tutching the but finally went viral

It's hard to believe that this song is almost 10 years old.

Jack Beck appreciation thread!!


The Night Watch

Someone's been taking lessons at my School of Driving!

I know we're hitting hard times, back also in the UK too...

Make my Day! My coolest birthday present from 45 years ago (from JFK!!!) rediscovered

I like this ENTERPRISE marathon on Sci-Fi, but that "theme" grates on my nerves

So we get a frickin hockey Mom from McShit!!!

Stairway to Heaven.....FOO, as it should be

I have whooping cough


I once posted something and there were 4 views when it showed up here.

What an outrage O'reilly "It's not on tape."

I recently had some medical tests done and I can't afford to pay the bill.

Please Caption this photo:

anybody done the or thing?

The BBQ Song


To Recent Parents Of Newborns - A Question...

So just wondering...this being the lounge..what the extreme make over for Palin will look like?


Friday Morning Ask Me anything thread!

Robert Tilton Does the Cha Cha Slide


This is The Lounge, right?

Here's a job that can only be done by the Lounge:

DU rocks!

"She's the commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard"!

Ever feel guilty for taking time off of work?


I had to move over cuz the sun was getting in my eyes

I once looked at a hedge.

An 'Ohio voter' just said on 'Nightline' re Palin:

I'm goin' to the store.

The five second rule does not work now that we have kittehs.

The True Wheel

Seven reasons I love college football

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday August 30

"Before I die" Website, pretty cool - what do you want to do before you die?

Introduction: I bring fur bearing animals

I'm getting sick of all the uncalled for McCain attacks from man

Gustav is one BIG mofo of a storm.

A Great Song by Brooks and Dunn, and I Don't Like Country

My 1000th post... a poem for perspective

You are old when..

My life was EMPTY until I found out that Reverend Ike is selling RINGTONES on his Web Site.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book-A-Minute

New Pictures of McCain & Palin ........ what a ticket!

ONE YEAR after buying it, Kelsey Grammer hopes to "flip that house" and pocket $6 million

The Grateful Dead's 1978 trek to Cairo arrives on a 2-CD, 1-DVD set

Tropic Thunder: well, I saw it and you know, it was a terrific satire

canned tuna: oil or water.

Engrish Funny

This is upsetting and the MODS will hate it

72 and 44. Too big a difference?

HELP! Am I paranoid? What is happening?

David Letterman's "Top Ten Surprises in Barack Obama's Democratic National Convention Address"

I like her!

I had to set some people straight.

I warning you right now lounge: In a couple hours I'm going to be drinking cheap whiskey...

High Voltage Top Gear

MATCOM sighting in GDP!!!!!

A psychologist I saw violated confidentiality after I specifically told her not to.

Hey Lounge, I have a question for you

Love this gif!

Here's a heartwarming letter

DU'ers who talk to plants--a word.

Faux is making me scared

ok, Michigans new Freshman quarterback...

sugar anyone?


I am relatively repulsed and appalled at DU today.

The official thread wishing WannaBeGrumpy GOOD LUCK starting kollidge!!

GO UTES! YEAH!!!!!!!!


Has this been a great week, or what! Every speech at the Dem convention hit it out of the ballpark!

I know this is a terrible thing to say but

If you don't want to read another thread about sex, don't click here.

"Do not touch penis stuck"

What I don't get about Repbulicans....

McCain / MILF 2008! Now that's a 'stratergy you can believe in, my friends'

19 Things That It Took Me 50 Years To Learn

Today we bought a bushel of beans, and I miss my sisters.

she reminds me of Tina Fey ....

DU moms..

400-450 pages a week of reading.

Oops - wrong forum - sorry

Beckish Tonight

wow, I made the DU home page for the first time

Welcome to yet another episode of "MrScorpio Says Nice Things About Republicans"

We're watching Oceans 11--- George Clooney or Brad Pitt?


How Are You Spending Your Labour Day Holiday?

Ha ha... I just realized the girl I'm dating has a name VERY similar to Sarah Palin.

college football season starts tomorrow!

Whichever one of you mofos suggested Evan Williams as a good whiskey owes me $9.68!!!


mmm drop

Minnesota hats off to thee

I Feel Comfortably Numb Tonight

I Am Having Beverages And Remembering The Year Gone By

Best Johnny Cash song?

What's for dinner, people?

Try the Birthday Calculator! -- To Start; Enter your birthdate:

I think the owner of the garage has a problem...

This Must Be Love I'm Feeling

Check out my pictures from today's Obama/Biden rally in Dublin, Ohio!!

A buddy of mine has a small political discussion forum on proboards.

I think my mp3 player has a boner for Nirvana.

Don't ask for much here...Please rec this thread

My prediction about Palin:

NYCers...have you read this guy?



Ladies and gentlemen of the lounge: I look hairy.

The Best MiniSeries Of All Times

Something rather remarkable is happening to me

I am overwhelmed.

Wrestling Fans: RIP Killer Kowalski.

Two cute young Mormon youths just...

I'm listening to Master of Puppets right now.

LostInAnomie appreciation thread.

Duck Rabbit Milk Stout.....

KIDS>>>GRRRRRRRrr I went out of town at 6 am asked daughter to pick up perscription


Ladies and gentlemen of the lounge: I look scary.

Don't Laugh at Me: I present to you my fire-escape 'garden'

I just got called about seeing Joe Biden in my hometown!

I am considering changing my user name.

my two top friends on

I feel overwhelmed. There's too much violence in the world.

ronnykmarshall appreciation thread

What Is Sexism

What Is Life?

Some people really should not have kids

What will life be like in 2008 A 1968 article

Manny bein' Manny

Van Morrison Tribute Thread

My LONGHORNS are kicking ass

Tell me something about yourself that will make me not want to slap you.

Celebrity lookalikes freak me the fuck out. ((DIAL UP WARNING))

To all you DUers in the path of Gustav

Alcohol question for the Lounge:

The person I welcomed to DU was TS'd within about an hour, I think.

I just loaded up my mp3 player with classic Monkees tunes.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 8/30/2008)

I lost a beloved aunt tonight.

Did you ever drink anything out of a Mason Jar?

I am beat, spent the day cutting plywood for windows.

So Long, Thanks For the Fish.

in the immortal words of asthmaticeog, holy shit! i'm playing records! at a bar!

Look at the Pretty Bugs

Eeeee! I was on CNN today shaking Obama's hand!!!

Sarah Palin: Dominionist Stalking Horse



Today's College Football and Tailgate Thread

Momma Sed - post a youtube version of the music you're listening to right now

Cute: Guy sings his puppies to beddy-bye

Today is my birthday

I think I may have lost a friend. One more bad thing I don't need.

DU'ers who find women attractive--a word.

So has anyone been able to dig up any dirt on Palin yet?

Whats The Best Concert You Have Seen

I have the best lap kitteh

35 and 24. Too big a difference?

So has anybody been able to dig up some nude pictures of Palin yet?

College starts for me on Tuesday..eek


omg, you guys.

Palin Colleagues Speek of her Experience Achievements and Legislative Co-operation

Dearborn cops cleared in 2004 bar fight case

Police shoot family in horrible ordeal

Why CIA Veterans are Scared of McCain

Republicans’ Mixed Emotions About Bush

Republicans’ Mixed Emotions About Bush

Human rights: Ex-generals jailed for life in Argentina

Army opens virtual-reality recruiting center

Bush Seeks to Affirm a Continuing War on Terror

Lebanon Hopes to Agree on Discounted Iraqi Oil Deal in 2 Months

Bush won't attack Obama in speech

Obama to attend Ohio congresswoman's service

Wife of MS-13 Leader Given 3 Years in Jail

Joint Afghan-US-UN probe launched into deadly raid

Obama: Let's hope lessons of Katrina were learned

Bush calls Jindal to confirm federal help

Court tapes chronicle Palin family dispute

Brazil spending $160M on nuclear propelled submarine

ADN; 'Troopergate' inquiry lurks for Palin

Bush: Gulf Coast govs to have full federal support

Kremlin announces that South Ossetia will join 'one united Russian state'

Russia calls for more observers in Georgia

(McCain's Home State - AZ) Foreclosures hit SW Valley hard

TS Hanna Could Strengthen Into A Hurricane

Hurricane Gustav Strengthens to Category 4

New Orleans evacuation ordered

Gustav Heads Toward Cuba, Now Category 3 Hurricane

US military: More than 11,000 Iraqis freed in 2008 (19,700 remain in detention in Iraq)

NOLA: Gustav could be deadly Katrina-Rita hybrid

Gustav prompts talk of altering RNC agenda

City inspectors board up raided home for “code violations”

New Orleans told to flee Gustav

Hurricane won't alter plans for Republican convention: officials

Bush points to signs that economy is on upswing

Mexico City approves name changes for transsexuals

2 St. Louis hospital emergency rooms on lockdown

Police raid headquarters of RNC protesters

Comcast sets usage cap for Internet users

200+ MPH gusts over Cuba from Gustav

Fired official: Palin talked to me about ex-brother-in-law

Mexicans protest surging crime in mass marches

Crackdown begins: Food Not Bombs house among Saturday raids

Kremlin announces that South Ossetia will join 'one united Russian state'

Zogby Poll: Equilibrium in the POTUS Race

Ecuador asks Colombia to send troops to border to contain rebels

Ramsey County Sheriff issues statement on raid (RNC Welcoming Committee Convergence Center)

Gustav strengthens to a Category 5

Authorities seize weapons, devices to disrupt RNC in raids last night, this morning

Putin warns Europe not to support U.S.

Many buses hired for evacuation did not arrive

Gun, ammo sales are brisk ahead of storm (Gustov)

Iraq signs $3 billion oil deal with China

Industry man contests arrest outside Obama rally(Open Carry Handgun)

McCain: I May Postpone Convention

OSCE report points finger at Georgia for S. Ossetia crisis

Poll: Voters uncertain on Palin

Bill Maher - What I've Learned this Summer

Campbell Brown goes at it with McCain Spinmeister over Palin pick

Real Time: Bill Visits the DNC August 29, 2008

Real Time: Panel Discussion Part 4 August 29, 2008

McCain Picks Palin with Bush's Advice.... HILARIOUS

Real Time: Panel Discussion Part 2 August 29, 2008

Real Time Overtime August 29, 2008

Palin Bombshell in commissioner controversy

Palin says she didn't know about reprimand letter

Real Time: Tim Kaine Interview August 29, 2008

Real Time: Panel Discussion Part 1 August 29, 2008

"Heartbeat Away" Palin laughs at cancer surviving senator being called a "bitch"

Real Time DNC New Rules August 29, 2008

Real Time: Panel Discussion Part 3 August 29, 2008

KO: Michael Moore on McCain's VP pick Sarah Palin

Kucinich: Citizens must demand Congress consider impeachment

Lloyd Bentsen puts down Dan Qualye

The Katrina Myth; the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster

New Obama Ad - "Revitalize"

John McCain has Alzheimer's?

Begala and Gergen on Palin: "I think this is CRAZY & I think it makes McCain look CRAZY"

Sen. Leahy at the DNC = Miers Subpoena

The Week In Cartoons 08-30

Barack Obama and Joe Biden visit Biodiesel Plant

New Obama Ad - "No Change"

Lindsey Graham on Sarah Palin's experience

RON PAUL HIGH TIDE (ya gotta see this)

Play-by-Play of Bill Richardson Speech with Bob Borosage---The Young Turks

Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck

McCain/Palin: Ready to Lead?

McCain's Vetting Process

Preview of McCain and Palin discussing economics

The real reason McCain selected Palin

He did everything he could to help elect bush...

Real Time New Rules August 29, 2008

Doin' the Wave at the DNC at Mile High

New Biden Ad For Pennsylvania - "Scranton"

Sarah Palin: Extremist against Abortion (even in cases of rape and incest)

ahh, THAT explains the Palin Pick....


Police Raid RNC Protesters Home In South Minneapolis

George Carlin Classic: On Conservatives

John McCain is practically a fossil...

Real Time Opening Segment August 29, 2008

Will Palin draw Clinton fans?

Real Time Real Reporter Matt Taibbi August 29, 2008

Getting To Know You ***PRICELESS VIDEO CLIP from JED***

TYT: Democratic Convention Wrap-Up

Minneapolis Raid Of Peace Protesters, Bruce Nestor

They made prayer video asking God for rain on the DNC Convention

Jack Cafferty: McCain VP mistake?

Obama on Biden and Palin -- 60 Minutes

Thousands evacuate New Orleans area in advance of Hurricane Gustav

McCain's Teleprompter Problem

A MUST SEE - The RNC Welcoming Committee - We're Getting Ready!

Clever Campaign Ad - What ya'll think?

The Obamas and Bidens at the Yankee Kitchen Diner

Red State Update on Palin

Pat Buchanan praises Obama's speech

Raw Video: Crowds Watch Obama in NYC

Van Halen -"McCain, Stop Using Our Song Right Now"

Peace Protesters Raided At RNC in Minneapolis

RNC Welcoming Committee Organizers Seek Sanctuary (from Quakers) From Illegal Arrests

Bob Herbert: Champagne and Tears

Excellent essay on Obama, Race and America by Jacob Weisberg in New Newsweek..

Do these candidates deserve our vote??? Please K&R

Bad Playhouse

McCain's Palin pick is the epitome of tokenism

Noam Chomsky: Britain has failed US detainees

One Republican Ticket: Eleven Houses

Guardian UK: A stage and a performance fit for a president

McCain/A Set of Ovaries '08

The Holy Blitz Rolls On

Sarah Palin as McCain’s Running Mate — Disability Issues

The Nation: McCain's Hail Mary Pass

Few things are as they seem in Tehran

Palin Denies That Global Warming Is Man-Made

Sarah Palin is Not a Feminist

When Christianity Is UnAmerican

How the Chicago Boys Wrecked the Economy

Sarah Palin: McCain's inexcusable choice

The Late Iraq

"An Outsider who Charms"

Ron Paul followers gathering for own convention

6 things the Palin pick says about McCain

This is how we will stand up to Russia's naked aggression (Gordon Brown)

Massive police raids on suspected protestors in Minneapolis - -- Glenn Greenwald

Obama’s outsourcing comment worries India Inc

Bridge To Nowhere: John McCain’s Reckless VP Pick

Palin accused of using 'Bridge to Nowhere' to gain national prominence

McCain’s Baked Alaska

Onetime Reagan man now backing Obama

Another Dubious Firing (Andrew Sullivan)

Independent UK: Bring on the pain of a recession and purge our coarsened souls

McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five By Tom Fitzpatrick

Palin and Her Pastors (Harpers)

Dave Lindorff: The Land of the Silent and the Home of the Fearful

Peggy Noonan and the Two-Headed Bowling Ball Child

Actual Search Warrants and Items Seized in Twin Cities raids

RNC Convergence Space Re-Opens, Moving forward with organizing for Sept 1

Prostitution could (or will) spike during RNC

No Dice McCain, My Vagina's Not Voting for Palin

Sarah Palin: The other bridge to nowhere

The Weekend Economist--August 30-September 1, 2008

Obama to McCain and Country: Enough Already

Sarah Palin: Dominionist Stalking Horse

Theocratic Sect Prays for Real Armageddon

'Arming' for Armageddon' Militant Joel's Army Followers Seek Theocracy

McCain Tabs Monty Python's Michael Palin for Attorney General

LCS, DDG 1000s, and LPDs

(Gulf) Oil industry may get first post-Katrina test

Pope's Hope

Gustav intensifies "explosively" to cat-3

VP nominee Sarah Palin - Oil drilling and fossil fuel use not a problem for polar bears

Pirate for the Sea - Sea Shepherd film, Telluride Film Fest, Colorado

Areva warns of soaring reactor costs

Florida as an example of the huge U.S. energy dependency problem causing major economic harm

Swedish researchers confirm Siberian seabead methane leak

Gulf of Mexico Oil Production to Likely Never Reach Pre-Katrina Levels.

Palin and Gay Rights: The Straight Dope

New Zealand school demands gay students sign contract

Egypt opens sealed Gaza crossing as goodwill gesture before Ramadan

Israel 'doubling' illegal settlement growth:

Palestinian police arrest 10 in Hamas mosque raids

Gaza doctors strike against Hamas sackings

'Free Gaza' blockade-busting boats planning a second voyage

Gaza students denied chance to study abroad

Hundreds cross from Gaza into Egypt

speculation & federal policy - Galbraith

Economy is Great! If you do not count Inflation

How big is the banking crisis? - new evidence

Dr. Housing Bubble 08/30/08

Money Is Debt (5 part video)

There goes another one - tenth bank closed 8/29/2008

Sorry, double posting. Accident. n/t

Brazil's capital reserves to double boosted by newly discovered oilfields

Ecuador asks Colombia to send troops to border to contain rebels

Brazil spending $160M on nuclear propelled submarine

Mexico to build port in Baja to serve U.S.

Ecuador's challenge: dislodging Colombian rebels

Yeah!! I get to see my #1 Georgia Bulldogs play today... HOW 'BOUT THEM DAWGS!!

Curlin returns today in the Woodward at Saratoga

Thank Christ football is back.

Anyone else sick of Andy Roddick???

Official NFL 2008 Predictions

Obama's natal Sun/Neptune Square

Shocking photos of Palin, McCain, and more -- Face Reading Articles

Please advise!

Gustav... can we try something here?

Weekly Healing Project #5 | August 31 - September 6: Prosperity & Abundance of All that is Good

This is important, It may save your life! Please read.

Brain dysfunction tied to fibromyalgia

U.S. Health System - Inequality and Ineffective

NY Times Health Blog : Blaming the Media for Gardasil Hype

Hey, Photo friends-lend a hand here?

After the Rain

Look at these precious creatures

On Second Amendment Rights and Violent Felons

Democrats Go After Gun Politics

Shady Chemical Industry Campaign Kills California Ban on BPA in Baby Bottles

Mars Phoenix Heads Into Extra Innings

Heavy boots.

Eggplant Dip with Root Vegetable Chips (for Connonym and anyone else interested)

Theocratic Sect Prays for Real Armageddon

I think Creationsim should be taught in Science class

When God tells you to kick an old woman in the face....

Have Mormons paid for any archaeological digs seeking ancient Hebrew inscriptions in America?

Excerpts from some Assemblies of God position papers

Suppose I start a religion one of whose key tenets is that 2+2 = 4

Sure, office fires destroyed this building....

9/11 March on Ottawa

WTC Core...

Where Was NORAD on 9/11?

Michelle Obama's floral dress worn for Barack's Acceptance Speech was Thakoon

Are there any websites dedicated to free offsite backup?

How do I make a link to a site in General Discussion? I've done it before but I

Problem with new Firefox download

Bad time to be bringing up polar bears, Baird.

Harper determined to "quit his job"!!

"He hadn't lost weight that is what he looks like when his ego has just been deflated."

Police break down doors in night-time raid on anarchist meeting

St Paul area DUer's will you be "inconvenienced "

Coverage of Raids at The Uptake

This is for you.

I am just having a most bizarre thing happening!

More details on The Speech from PolitickerMA: Obama campaign did not vet it.

T. Boone Pickens wants your water

Lindsay Lohan's uncle sentenced for 9/11 loan fraud

Memorial on C-Span 1 now -- Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Voting Rights Hero.

MALFUNCTION! (Yeah, it's about e-vote counting. But not even the COUNTING PART YET!)

BradBlog: 16,632 Votes 'Unaccounted For' in Palm Beach Cty (At least they vote on paper. :eyes:)

Economy at 60-year low, says Darling. And it will get worse

Program Republicans tried to kill saves state $487 million

Barack Obama in Milwaukee on Labor Day (Yes!)

Great news for CA 50 - Al Gore coming to help Nick Leibham